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I ■ - K | h\
ted as Deterrent Influence on
the Demand
— ■
ectio'n of Funds to Meet April Dis
aursements Was Clegrl^ Respon
sible for Tightening of
Money Yesterday.
March 29.—The speculation
market today was under
of the active call money
higher rate asked for call
le: #4 was a deterrent influence on the
drdand for stocks and the fear of flur
ries to stringent rates begot a spirit of
caution lest the programme for the ad
vance in stocks should be upset by
forced liquidation. No such selling was
In the evidence, the pressure on the n*ar
ket at no time becoming acute.
The speculative position assumed yes
terday on the long side of the market
*eemed to be maintained with some con
'Tdence. During the early part of the
day efforts were made to extend the ad
vance and to Ignore the effect of the
higher call money rates. There was a
^considerable accumulation of stocks at
Nome points and prices were bid up with
some aggressiveness.
When it was seen that the money rate
clung to the 6 per cent, level with a ten
dency to go higher, the efforts to get
prices up were desisted from. The ab
sent* of anything like urgent selling In
duced by the rise in money confirmed
the supposition that pools and organized
parties which entered the stock market
on the long side this week were supplied
with resources in the way of time loans
to secure them against the vicissitudes of
the call money situation.
Conjecture points to the same Inter
ests as being concerned in the specula
tive initiative that conducted the cam
No. 9 First National Bank Bldg.
The Odell Stock and Grain Co.,
Incorporated capital $250,000.
Cotton, Grain, Provisions, Stocks,
-round Floor Woodward Building.
Both Telephones, 1145.
New York Cotton Exchange,
New York Coffee Exchange,
New Orleans Cotton Exchange,
Liverpool Cottor. Association,
Chicago Board of Trade.
New York, Chicago, New Orleans.
C. H. COTHRAN, Manager.
119 N. 20th St. Both Telephones 61.
Private Wires to All Exchanges.
New York Cotton Exchange,
New Orleans! Cotton Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade.
Miller & Co., New York and New
Members New York Stock Exchange.
_Correspondence Solicited.
Ground Floor, First National Bank
(Successors to Caldwell & Ward.)
Suite “19 1at National Bank Bldg.
Bell Phone 2244.
ii in. ... i - —■
Place your mortgage loans direct
wi.i, the United States Mortgage and
Trust Co. of New York. Capital, aur
plus and undevided profits over $5,000,
COO. Interest rate the lowest.
C. GAZZAM* Agent.
SS0 First National Bank Building.
C. G. Abercrombie & Co.
Members New York and New
Orleans Cotton Exchanges and
Chicago Board of Trade.
New Orleans Correspondents,
H. & B. Beer
First National Bank Stock.
American Trust A Bav. Bank Stock.
Commercial State Bank Stock.
Oimmick Pipe Stock.
Pratt Consol. C. A I. Bonds.
Sloss Bonds.
See Stock and Bond Dept,
divestment securities bought and
-♦old- Loans negotiated on real
Estate at lowest rate of interest
Cotton, Stocks, Bonds,
Grain and Provisions.
Members of N< Y. Stock Exchange
N- Y. and N- O- Cotton Exchanges
and other Leading Exchanges.
«23UtAve. W.l. Sima, Mgr
Bales. High. Low. Close.
Adams Ex... 247
Amaig. Cop. .. .76200 I OB<4 10714 10714
Am. Cr. & Fdy. '. 7500 44'2 43'z 43'2
do. pfd. 200 102 I0l*s 101*4
Am. Cotton Oil . 900 34'2 34'/4 341/4
do. pfd... 92
Am. Ex. 100 230 230 235
Am. H. A L. pfd. 800 35'/2 35 34'2
Am. Ice Seen. ..21700 5514 64 5374
Am. Llnsd, OH. 21'2
do, pfd..I 2114
do pfd. .. 45
Am. Loco. 1400 69'.4 6814 6B'/4
do. pfd. .. . 11^
Am Smlt & Hfg.33700 160*4 15974 l«0*/4
do. pfd. 400 1221/4 122 122
Am. Sugar Rfg,. 10300 141'/4 !40'/s l40'/4
Am. Tob., p. c. i03'2
Ana. Min. Co. .. 8200 274 272*4 272*4
Atchison.12900 94*4 9314 93*4
do. pfd. 300 104'/* 103'2 IPS
All. Coast Line.. 3900 155'z 154'z 154'/4
B. & 0. 3200 I l2'/s I I 174 4 I l*/4
do. pfd. 95'2
Brk. Rpd. Tran. 18600 8574 85 85*4
Canad. Fae. .. .. 1100 1721/4 1711* I7IH
Cen. of N. J. 2I8
Ches. & Ohio.... 5400 JS9U 58>/4 57*4
Cht. & Alt. 30
do. pfd. . .. 75
Chi. Gt. Wn. .. 500 2I 20*4 20*a
Cht. & Norwn. .. 3300 23714 236 235
Chi.. M. & St. P. 8200 177 175*4 176
Chi. T. & T. . I I
do. pfd.. ...... ...... 30
C C. C. & St. L. 500 102'/4 102 101
Col. F & 1. .. ..70400 671s 657s 66*4
Colo. & Sou. 2500 3474 34', a 34'4
do. 1st pfd. .. 1400 70'/2 70 7034
do. 2nd pfd. .. 200 5l'/4 511/4 50'2
Consol. Gas.22800 148*4 l43'/4 144
Corn Prod. Rfg.. 3900 2574 2414 25
do. pfd. 2900 81 *4 7874 80'4
Dei & Hud. 400 208*4 208 208
Del. L. & W. . 440
Den. & R. G. ... 1700 45*4 45'/4 45'/a
do. pfd. . 87'/4
Distill. Secu. 5000 62>,4 6114 6l'/4
Erie. 9800 4474 44'4 44'4
do. 1st pfd. .. 700 79'/4 78'/* 78*4
do. 2nd pfd. .. 600 7014 70'/4 70
Gen. Elec. 200169 16874 I68I/2
Hock. Val. 115
111. Cen. 600 l72*/4 172 17114
Int. Paper .. .. 1200 23'/4 22'4 22'/s
do. pfd. 100 86'/s 86'4 86
Int. Pump .. .. 300 8474 84'/4 83'4
Imra Cen. 200 3114 31'2 31',4
do. pfd. 400 58 571/4 57
K. C. Sou. 100 28',4 28'/s 28
do. pfd. 100 58'/* 68'/a 58
L. & N. 7600 1513/4 15014 1503/4
Man. I,. 100 1571/4 15714 158
Met. St. Ry. I 12'/a
Mex. Cen. 6100 25'/* 25 26
Sale*. High Row. Cloae.
Minn. & St. I... ‘lOO 74*4 74*4 74
Minn.. St. P. A
Sault. Ste. M... 100 161 ',* 161'/* 160
do. pfd.. 174
Miss. Pac. 5200 957* 94*» 94»*
Miss., Iv. & T. . 1000 35** 35'/* 357/*
do. pfd.(000 72 72 723*
Nat. Read .. .. 5300 82'4 8tP< 80*4
Net. R. R. of
M. pill. 39'/*
N. Y. On.MOO 145*4 145 1445/4
N. Y,, O. & tV. 1*00 5l'/4 50' * 50'*
Nor. A Wes. (00 88 88 8754
do. pfd.. 90'*
North Am. 400 99*4 99'* 99*»
Pac, Mall . 200 45*a 45 43
Penn.10900 139 138*5 138'*
People’s Gas ... 1400 95'.* 94 94*4
P. C. C. A St. R. 79
Prsd. Steel Car.. 700 63'* 52*4 52'e
do. pfd. 300 97'* 95'* 97'/*
Pull. Pal. Car . 237
Reading.54200 135'* I34V4 135
do. 1st pfd. 91'/*
do. 2nd pfd. 96
R»p. Steel . 96
Rep. Steel . 4400 3114 SO'* 30'/*
do. pfd.1400 1027* 1021/4 1015*
R. I. Co.14500 27'/* 267* 27
do. pfd. 6300 67'* 66*4 67
Rubber Goods ... 40
do. pfd.. . .. 100
8t. L. A San t
Fran. 2nd pfd.. 1900 475* 46'* 46*4
St. R. Swn... 23'/*
do. pfd.1100 56',2 54*4 54*4
Sou. Pac.17400 68'* 67*4 68
do. pfd. .. .. 500 118 1177* 1177*
Sou. Rv.17100 412* 405* 403A
do. pfd. 500 102 1017* 1017*
T. C. & 1. 300 148'/* 148 147'/*
Tex. A Pac. 33'*
Tol. St. R. & W. 100 36 36 35*4
do. pfd. 300 55'A 55 54'*
Union Pae.102500 155*4 1545* 1545s
do. pfd. 96
V. S. Eg. I i 8
U. S. Realty . 86
U. S. Rubber .. 5000 56 54'* 54',*
do. pfd.. 1400 1145* 114'/* H4'/«
IT. S. Steel .50400 41** 40*4 40*4
do. pfd. 6200 1062* !06'/a 1065*
Vir.-Caro. Cliem. 400 5M/2 51 50'/*
do. pfd. 200 I 14 VS II4VS II4S.4b
Wabash . 100 23«/a 23'/a 22?/*
do. pfd. 600 Si'/B 503/4 50
Wells-Farg-o Ex. 235
Watng-hse, Elec. 158
Western Union .. 100 92'/4 92'4b 913/4
Whig:. & I*. E..e 200 193* MV**' 19'/*
Wlscon. Cen. ... 400 27Va 2734 254*
do. pfd. 100 56,/4 56'/4 56 V4
Nor. Pac. 5600 221 210's 2)8'/2
Cent. Leather ... 8400 46'/4 45V* 45V4
do. pfd.200 105 105 104'*
Sloss-Slioff.1400 83'/a 82'/* 82'/4
Total sales for the day, 711.200 shares.
paign of the latter part of last year
wheh a similar disregard tvas shown to
exigencies of the call money market. The
April disbursements of dividends and in
terests are estimated as high as $65,00),
000, of which it is believed $40,000,000 will
be required for April 1 in the settlement
at New York.
The collection of funds to meet this re
quirement was clearly enough responsi
ble for the tightening of money today.
Immediate currency movements were i
also against the market. The sub-treas- j
ury had a credit balance again at the
clearing house for the fourth successive i
day this week. $md the withdrawal from i
the money market by that institution j
since last Friday rose today to $2,307,- '
000 compared with a gain by the banks ■
in the corresponding period of last week
of $331,000. Shipments are being made to
some out-of-town points by express to
meet April 1 requirements. An engage
ment of $1,000,000 gold for import was an
nounced over night, but the parties to
the transaction were reticent as to the
source of the supply. Discounts fell in
London, but hardened in Berlin and ster
ling exchange declined at Paris. The
weekly return of the Bank of England
was weak, but that of the Bank of
France showed an improved position.
Foreign exchange here receded to a
slightly lower level. Rates for time
loans were Unaffected b^ ^h^. rjjse Jn ^calJL
loan rates, ‘and this kept up spec\ilatl»,e
confidence in a relaxation of the money
market next week.
Wall street is inclined to accept a bi
tuminous coal strike as a practical cer
tainty, but professions are heard of a ,
belief that the stock market effect on
the strike has been discounted already. |
The principal consequences of the strike 1
is looked for in tHe iron and steel trade,
although the Iron Age reports that it
does not look aH if consumers are very
much frightened, and that the conces
sions which a number of sellers con
tinue to make occasionally indicate that
some manufacturers of pig iron are du
bious us to the future on the present
level of prices.
The Iron Age Review on the other
hand, roportB increasing sales, and in
quiries for iron and that furnacemen pre
dict that the long-expected buying move
ment will soon start, The extraordinary
comparison of net earnings of railroads
reported for February compared witli
last year kept up a'vfavorable influence
on the stock market. The coincidence of
the sharp fall in Consolidated Gas with
the meeting of the directors aroused
anxiety over the dividend prospect for
tile stock.
Nothing of the early gains remained by
tiie end' of the day, but the appearance
of resistance to tlie depression persisted
The closing was steady.
Bonds were irregular.
Total sales, par value, $2,785,000.
United States bonds were all unchanged
on call.
U. p. refunding 2s, registered.10344
U. S. refunding 2s, coupon.l04>/4
U. 8. 3s, registered .104
U. S. 3s, coupon .l04'/4
U. S. old 4s, registered.10344
U. 8. old 4s, coupon . 10444
U. 8. new 4s, registered! .l32'/4
IT. S. new 4n, coupon .l32'/4
Jiouisville & Nashville mftfied 4's.... 102'/*
Southern Railway 5’s. I17U4
Mobile and vuto ct. 4s. 04'/i
Money on Call.
New York. March 29.— Money on call
strong and higher at 6®7 per cent, ruling
rat© H per cent, cloning l>frl ftV® per cent,
offered at 4 per cent; time loans steady;
sixty, ifinety days und six months, ft per !
ceift; prime mercantile paper. per
cent; sterling exchange easy, witli actual I
business in bankers’ bills at $486.25^485.25
for demand and at 482.Sft4b48S.40 for sixty
day 1>Ills; posted rates, $4836*483i/a and
$486*i 67 487. Commercial bills, $483#482'/b.
Bar silver, H5U. Mexican dollars. Me.
Government bonds steady; railroad bonds
Treasury Statement.
Washington, March 29.—Today's state
ment of the treasury balances In the
general fund, exclusive of the gold re
serve. shows: Available - cash balance.
1158,758,!M!: gold coin and bullion, 177,882.243;
gold certificates, 149,5131,080.
Clearings and Exchange.
Memphis. March 29 —Clearings, 1733,781;
balances. J130.908.
New Orleans, March 29.—Clearings. $3.
3iu,299; New York exohange, *1 per 11000
premium; commercial, *-60o per JUXIO dis
Seaboard Air Line.
Halilmore, March 29 —Seulsiard Air IJne
common and preferred nothing doing.
Metal Market.
New York, March 29.—London tin mur
ket unsettled, spot unchanged at £108 5s;
futures 12s fid lower at £185. Locally,
easv. spot J37.H%63t.25. Copper lower In
London; spot £84. futures £81. Locally
unchanged, lake. 91S.50618.75; electrolytic,,
J18.256is.3t>. easting Jl8.0061S.25. Lead un
changed. IS.3565.54 locally, but advanced
la 3(1 to £15 ISs !kl In I-ondon. Spelter ad
vanced 2s 6d to £21 17s 8d In London;
ensv locally at JS.12%*M.20. Iron lower
abroad, standard foundry. 4*s Id, Cleve
land wail-ants. 4*s 1%<J. Locally unchang
sL kA 1 foundry. northern. *U 315*IS. 33.
No. 2 foundry, northern, $17.75® 18.85; No.
1 foundry, southern, $18.25® 18.75; No. 2
foundry, southern, $17.50#18.28.
Chicago 'Change.
Chicago, March 29.—After a day of list
less trading the local wheal market closed
firm on a fair demand by shorts. Final
quotations on th<p May delivery showed a
net gain of *$c. Corn was up »/4C. Oats
were '/fc®*4C higher, while provisions
were 7'/$® 15c lower.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat— Open. High. L#ow. Close,
May . 76*8 77*8 76*4 77*4
July . 77 77*4 76*» 77*4
Sept.. 77 77*4 76*4 77 *«
May . 44*4 44»® 44</$ 444ft
July . 44** 44* 4 44'/* 44*2
Sept. 45 44*4 44 44* a
May . 30*2 30*4 3(Dft 30® ft
July . 294a 2®&» 29*4 294b
Sept. . 28*t 287ft 28'/* 28'2
Mess Pork
May .I 6.47'/* 16.47'/$ 16 30 16.30
July .16.30 16.30 16 15 16.15
May . 8.45 8 45 8.37'/* 8.40
July . 8.55 8 55 8.47** 8.50
Sept. 8.62*2 8.67*2 8.60 8.62*2
1 Short Rib*—
May . 8.77*2 8.778 65 8.67'2
July . 8.77*2 8.77*2 8.65 8.67'/*
Sept. 8.80 8.82*2 8.67'2 8.70
Cash quotations wrere as follows.
Wheat—No. 2 spring, iov^’79; No. 3, 73®79;
No. 2 red, 82*4®«4'/4.
Corn—No. 2, ft>v4#43'$; No. 2 yellow.
44# 44*4.
Oats—No. 2. 39'/$; No. 2 white, 32'/*; No.
3 white, 30'/2®ji'/*.
Rye—No. 2, 59*2.
Barley—Good feeding, 37*2#36*1; fair to
choice 111aWing, 43#fio.
Flax S»»cd—i\o. 1, $1.06; No. 1 Northwes
tern, $1.12.
Prime timothy seed, $3.17' 2.
Mess Pork—Per barrel. $16.20# 16.25.
T,ard—Per 100 pounds, $8.35.
Shorts Ribs Side*— Loose, $8.5o#8,H0.
Short Clear Sides—Boxed, $8.&0®9.<J0.
Whisky—Basis of high wines, $1.28.
On the produce exchange today the but
ter market whh firm. Creamery. 16® 2*72;
dairy, 1 egg* firm, 14*/$; firsts. 14'/$;
prime firsts, 15*2; extras, 17. Cheese firm,
*U- 2.
Coffee Market.
New York. March 29.—Coffee, spot Rio
quiet; mild, steady.
The market for coffee futures opened
steady at unchanged prices to a decline
of 5 points, under a little selling of
January in absence of prominent demand.
Trading whs very dull, the ohly busi
ness after the call being a little buying
of September and December toward the
close, on which the market closed steady
with prices net unchanged. Sales for
the day, 4650 bags. Including September
7.0C#7.10; December.* 7.30; January 7.4n.
Live Stock Market.
Chicago. March 29.—Cattle—Receipts,
6500. Market based 10 cents higher, others
steady; common to prime steers. $3.85#>
'6.40; cows. $3.40® *5.00; heifer*, $2.75#5.50;
native. $2.7«#6.25; stoekers and feeders,
$2.75® 4.60.
Hogs—Receipts, 23.000. Market strong;
choice to prime heavy, $6.40*W.48; medium :
to good heavy. $6.35476.40; butchers^ 1
weight*. $*».3f»®6.45; good to choice heavy,
n ixed. $6.32V4f>«,40; packers. $5.90®6.37V$.
Sheep— Receipts, 16,000. Ma.rk«t, sheep
strong to 10c higher; lumbs, steady; sheep,
$4.50®6.40; yearlings. $5.75®6.2>; iambs,
$4.75® 6.68.
Naval Stores.
Now Orleans. March 2$.—Naval Htoro* j
fltrady; pitch. $2.25; pi nr* tar, $4.75; coal j
tar, $3.80. Rosin, ppr barrel of 280 pounds; I
A. B, C, D, E. $3.80; E, $3.WVU3.85: G.
$3.95; II, S4.1l! K, $4.«: M. 5.35; N. $5.75;
window glass. $5.85; water white, $6. Tur
pentine firm, Mo.
Savannah-March 28.—Turpentine Arm.
6fic; Males. $3.18; receipts 186; shipments,
140. Rosin firm; sale* $5.43; receipts 1154;
shipments. $4.02; stock 30.022. Quote: A.
B. C, D, E, $3.80; E, 13.85: G. $3.90; H.
$4.20; 1. $4.35; K. $4.70; M, $5.25; N. $5.45;
window glass, $5.60; water white, $5.75.
Wilmington, N. C\, March 29.—Spirits
turpent(nc nothing doing: receipts 7
casks. Rosin nothing doing; receipts 84.
Tar firm. $1.90; receipts 327. Crude tur
pentine Arm, $3.25, [email protected]; receipts 37.
Cotton 8e«d Oil.
New Orleans, March 28.—Cotton seed
oil Irregular, prime crude, f. o. b. mills,
27H©28c; do yellow, 34®34'4c. Petroleum
steady. Rosin firm; strained common to
good, $4,054^4.10. Turpentine steudy, 69'4
New York. March 29—Cotton seed oil
steade, prime refined in barrels, itl^c;
prime crude loose, 29c. /
Memphis. March 29,—Cotton seed oil.
prime crude. 29c; prime summer yellow,
31c; prime meal. $24.25; prims cake, $23.50.
Effective Monday, April 2.
Bessemer freight train on
first trip will use 8outh Line
to Bessemer instead ef Nertb
B’bam* By-. Lt A P. Ce.
Close Was Tasy at a Small
Net Advance
The Market Closed at the Low Point
of the Session and About 19 Points
Down From Tuesday's
Hlflh Level.
New York, March 29,-Thc cotton mar
ket was nervous ami unsettled with the
close easy at a net decline of 1 > points.
Sales of the-day were estimated at 250,
000 liales.
The opening was steady at a decline of
1 to 4 points and the loss was increased
slightly right after the call under liqui
dation and rumor* that the bulls were
trying to unload late yesterday In the
New Orleans market. After selling off
to 11.22 for May and 11.11 for July Lhe
market rallied on steady Liverpool ca
bles, large spot sales reported from the
Liverpool market, private reporta of a
good spot demand in the south urtd the
wet weather In the belt, but after advanc
ing to about the closing prices of yester
day there was a renewal of selling for
both accounts on reports that a coal
strike was well nigh inevitable and a
more favorable weather forecast. This
decline carried May to 11.15 and July to
11.06 when there was another rally on
private wires claiming that Arkansas was
having the heaviest snowstorm of the
season and-rumors that the bull party
would try to run In that scattering short
Interest before the close. Later, however,
the market eased off and us It was
1 found that the hull support did not ma
terialize, and the market in the late
session was rendered' very nervous that
ateamera loading in Savannah and New
Orleans and originally intended for Liver
pool had substitution papers and might
be sent to New York and their cargoes
delivered on May contracts. The mar
ket closed at the low' point of the ses
sion and about 19 points down from the
high level of yesterday.
Receipts of cotton at the ports today.
1,'i.SfiS bales, against 14.629 last week Rnd
| 26,062 last year. For the week 14)0.000 bales
against 109.772 last week and 202,172 last
year. Today's receipts at New Orleans
3)49 bales against 10,599 last year, and at
Houston 2045 bales against 8625 last year.
New York Cotton Futures.
New' York. March 29—Cotton futures
opened steady and closed easy.
' Open. HighTrfiw. Close.
March.. .. . 11.00 10.98 10.97
April. 11.12 I 1.06 10.98
May. 1123 11.28 11.11 I III
June. 11.12 11.12 11.08 11.09
July. 11.14 11.17 I I 03 I 1.03
August . 10.96 1100 10.88 10.88
September .. .. 10.60 10.63 10.63 10.4-9
October. 10.44 10.48 10.36 10.36
November. 10.44 . 10.36
December. 10.46 10.50 10.39 10.39
January. 10.52 10.47 10.41
February . 10 52 10.52 10.44
Daily Cotton Movement.
Galveston—Firm; middling. 11 5-16; net
receipts, 6861; gross receipts, 6861; sale*,
178; stock, 162,451; continent, 4665.
New' Orleans—Quiet; middling. 11%: net
receipts, 3849; gross receipts, 3849; sales,
5500; stock. 285,606; continent, 5846.
Mobile—Steady; middling. 11%; net re
ceipts, 806; gross receipts, 306; stock, 26,
Savannah—Steady; middling. 11%; net
receipts. 1663; gross receipts, 1658; said,
1915; stock. 54.336: coastwise. 928.
Charleston—Steady; middling, 11; net re
ceipts, 137; gr )ss receipts, 137; stock. JO,
Wilmington—Steady; middling. 11; net
receipts, 32; gross receipts. 32: stock, 4998.
Norfolk—Firm; middling. 11%; net re
ceipts, 258; .gross receipts, 258; sales. 276;
stock. 31.426; exports to Great Britain,
935; coastw-lec, 1002.
Baltimore—Nominal; middling, 11%;
gross receipts, 225; stock. 8701.
N»*w York—Quiet; middling. 11.70; gross
receipts. 1682; sales. 660; stock, 165,152;
continent. 100.
Boston—Quiet; middling, 11.70; net rt
ceipts, 43; gross receipts, 1111; exports to
Great Britain. 465.
Philadelphia- Quiet; middling. 11.96; net
receipts. 10; gross receipts. 30; stock, 4006.
Miscellaneous-rNet receipts, 10®; gross
receipts, 109.
Total today, at all ports—Net receipts.
13.258; exports to Great Britain, 1100;
continent. 5946; stock. 766,445.
Consolidated, at all ports—Net receipts.
89.173: exports to .Great Britain, 30,074;
France, 3182; continent, 36,923; Japan
Total since September 1. at all ports
Net receipts. 6.682.266: exports to Great
Britain, 2.362.584; France. 592.573; continent,
1,926.300; Japan. 91.964: Mexico. 2714.
Interior Movement.
Houston—Steady; middling, 11 5-16; net
receipts, 2045; gross receipts, 2045; ship
ments. 2396; sales, 51; stock. 52,957.
Augusta—Firm; middling. 11 5-16; net re
ceipts, 382; gross receipts. 382; shipments.
(530; sales. 423; stock, 08,400.
Memphis—Nominal; middling, 11%; net
receipts, 367; gross receipts, 822; ship
ments, 2760; sales, 1300; stock. 74.439.
Pt. Louis—Steady; middling. 11 5-10; net
receipts. 484; gross receipts, 1196; ship
ments, 940; stork, 43.178.
Cincinnati—Net receipts. 397; gross re
ceipts. 397; shipments. ITS; stock, 17,774.
Louisville— Firm; middling. 11*#.
Total today—Net receipts. 3«7f>; gross re
ceipts, 4841; shipments. 7104; sales, 1774;
stock, 256,748.
New Orleans Cotton Market.
New Orleans. March 2P. -Spot cotton,
quiet; sales. 3400 bales, including. 800 to
arrive and 2100 f. n. b. Quotations un
changed; middling, 11%.
Futures, notwithstanding the bullish
f« attires, continued heavy rains over large
sections of the belt, improved conditions
In Liverpool and Manchester, opened at
about last evening’s closing figures. After
the first call prices became very w'euk
and continued to ease off to the end of
the session, the market closing nc$r the
bottom with net losses on all pnsitior*
from March to August, inclusive, of 10 to
11 points.
New Orleans Cotton Futures.
New Orleans, March 29.— Cotion futures.
Open. High. Low. Close.
March.woni. 11.15 10.97 10.07
April. Mil M.l I I 1.00 11.01
May. I I 23 11.23 11.12 11.12
June. II.29 I 1.29 11.18 11.18
July. I I 36 11.41 11.20 11.23
August. 11.10 11.10 10.98 10.98
September .. .. 10.52 10.62 10.48 10.49
October. 10.37 10.37 10.31 10.32
December .. .. 10.41 10.46 10.32 10.34
New Orleans, March 29.—Cotton, $pot
closed quiet; sales. 3400. Ordinary, 8%;
good ordinary, 9 13-16; low middling, 10%;
middling. 11%: good middling, 11%; mid
dling fair. 12*#. Receipts, 3840; stock.
Liverpool Cotton Market.
LJvtrpdBl. March 29.— Cotton, spot good
business done. Prices 1 point lower;
Ajutrican middling fair, 6.56; good mid
tiling. 6.25; middling. 6.05; low middling.
,".£9; good ordinary. 5.71; ordinary 5.55.
The sales of the day were 14,600 bales,
of which 3086 were for speculation and
export and included 11.600 American. Re
ceipts 5600 bales, including 4400 American.
Future* opened easy and closed barely
steady; American middling, g o. c. March,
5.S8; March-April, 5.88; April-May. 5.89;
May-June. 5.91; June-July. 5.93; July-Au
gust. 5.94; August-September. 5.90; 8op
tc mber-October, 5.72; October-Novembei,
6.C7; Novcmiier-December. 5.60; Deecmbor
Jnnuary, 5.66; January-February, 5.67.
Dry Goods.
New York. March 29 -Dry goods today
were generally firmer with a satisfactory
trade in progress among jobbers. First
hands asked higher prices and there was
a better demand for all lines of goods
made from print doth yarns, except
narrow print cloths which were slow’
hut firm. The raw silk market showed
more strength. The market on woolen
goods for the day was quiet.
Ware & Leland’s Market Leter.
The sharp break In New Orleans be
fore the close last night had very litile
Influence on the Tdverpool market dur
ing the trading there and this resulted
in a steady opening in the local mar
As the day w'ore on the general ab
sence of outside business left prices to
be supported by the larger interests and
as a result the undertone-was not as
strong as during the session yesterday.
Considerable attention was devoted to
the new orops today and operations In
these most are now on a larger scale.
Interest In May and July seems to be
on the wane and those who are turning
attention to the cotton situation are In
clined to look to the new crops as the
safest field for operations.
Weather has been extremely bad and
during the last few days rainfall has
been so extensive that the new' crop
months have ruled very steady. There, is
an extensive short interest in the new
crops, many operators having sold July
and May on the advance and Incline to
the bear side have been led to take their
losses in the summer months and trans
fer Into the new crop months.
Loveman & Co.’s Market Letter.
All sorts of ridiculous rumors were cir
culated today with thevobject of under
mining confidence in tne market. Our
market advanced early on favorable Liv
erpool. May contracts selling as high
as 11.30. Later In the day there was
some selling on prospects xof clearing
weather, hut the principal selling was
caused by a report from New York that
cotton, originaly intended for export, was
being shipped to New York to deliver on
May. We promptly Investigated this mat
ter and found that while It was true that
cotton was being shipped to New York
from New Orleans this cotton was simply
being exported via New York, owing to
the inability of exporters to secure the
necessary freight room in the certain con
tinental ports. We are most reliably in
formed that one of the laregst continen
tal agencies here have u 11 their freight
room engaged up to May I. There is
such a demand for freight room for cot
ton that shipments of all character are
being refused, and even the coal bunk
ers are being used to store cotton. Con
tinental spinners seem to have held off
buying as long as possible and are now In 1
urgent need of cotton to replenish their
Abercrombie & Co.'* Cotton Letter.
Another day on unfavorable weather
conditions In the belt served to partially
sustain the market. General rains were i
officially ic ported frbm ail over the south- '
ern country. Mississippi and Alabama suf
fering most. Such weather conditions,
however, are usually experienced at this
seaBon of the year, and we may as well
make up our minds to look for alternat
ing showers throughout the month of
April, which month is noted for such
weather. For the immediate future, how
ever, there is a promise for more favor
able weather eondlions, the government
predicting fair weather for the western
half of the cotton belt tonight and to
morrow, clearing for the Mississippi val
ley and occasional rains for the greater
portion of the South Atlantic status. The
continuous rains during the last half of
March have been principally confined to
the central portion of the hell and Ala
bama. Tin* limited amount of cotton to
come forward from plantations hence
forth offers the assurance that the amount
to be held at counted towns and at the
ports at close of this season will be oom
ph ratlvely very small.
Gibert & Clay’* Market Letter.
Liverpool was decidedly discouraged by
the action of the New Orleans market
on the close yesterday, cables seeming j
to intimate that had anything like nor
mal conditions prevailed, a full response
would have ensued. A more extended
China demand constituted the most en
couraging feature of the day. Sales were
14000 bales, 3 i*>lnt decline.
The dampening influence caused by
yesterday’s manipulative decline on the 1
close of the New Orleans market was :
again manifested in today’s market. Some
scattered buying was observed on the
opening, but it soon stopped and prices j
becoming 'heavy, caused some liquida
tion, which owing to the narrowness of
the market, broke values considerably. 1
New York was reported a heavy seller, |
their operations extending to the New
Orleans market, as well and their efforts
were not without results as support of
any kind appeared momentarily dead.
The local cotton market yesterday wa»
unchanged In its condition from the pre
ceding day. The price on spot cotton is
firm and good middling cloned at 11'4
cent a.
The produce market yesterday was
quiet durim «h<» mnrM,ng but a good
•trade prevailed during the afternoon. The
hare condition ot too market In oranges
has caused another advance of twenty
five cents per box In the price. Lemons
are also scarce and "high. (Tillman sweet
potatoes are considerably cheaper than
they have been for several Weeks. The
market Is almost hare of fancy cahhriRp .
the price of which has gone up to tS.-'Mi
2 75 per crate. Morris avenue Is well i
stocked with eggs at 11 and 14 cents 1
and the supply of poultry Is fairly good.
An active day characterised the gro- j
eery market yesterday. Xll kinds of
groceries are selling rapidly and In larg*'
quantities. CJuotation* were unchanged.
Local Cotton Market.
00(1 middling: . 11 >« j
Strict middling . j.11*
Middling . 11
Strict low middling . ubj j
Low middling . loss j
Local Iron Market.
IF .$14.50#l4.7f
2F . 14.00® 14,25
3F . 13.u0®13,75
Grey Forgo . 13.<10®UL2J
jg ... 14.511® 11.75
•g . . 14.nneu.j5
Mottled . 13.00
Hides and Wool.
O. 8. hides, No. 1, 8>r4e9n.
Dry dint hides, No. 1. 15«1Te.
Dry salt hides, No. 2. 13®15e.
Clear washed wool. .'15®37c.
Unwashed wool. 2St627e.
Burry wool. 15c.
Sheepskins, IMjsWc.
Tallow, 4®41ic.
Local Securities.
(Corrected by J. M. Ca»dw.ll Sc Co.
Beil phone 2244.)
Bids. Asked
Ala. Consolidated, com. 72 74
Ala Consolidated, pfd»...42 45
Am. Trust & Savings Bank.27S 240
Atlanta and B ham Ins. Co..... J U
Avondale Land. Co.1W ...
I Avondal® M1U» .... a.*..lM ... 1
Warrant Warehouse Company
Best Protection. Lowest Insurance /
Storage of cotton and all commodities- Loans negotiated
on our receipts. Concrete, automatic-sprinkled, ware
rooms, 35th St. and Ave- A, Birmingiftm- Both phones 928
W. D, NESBITT, - - 311 Woodward Building
Surplus and Profits. 500,000
Resources. 9,500,000
C. F. KN8I.EN, President.
Vtae President
E. F. K.XSLEN, Cashier.
Assistant Cashier.
Assistant Ceet-»er,
E. K. CAMPREI.L, Attorney.
linn,non. on
tl .300,000.00
Accounts of merchants, manufact
urers. and Individuals Invited. Interest
allowed on special time and savings
, deposits.
B'ham Ice Factory .140
B'ham Realty, com.140 145
B'ham Realty Co., pfd.*0 99
B'ham R., I- & F. Co., com. 92 93
B'ham R., L. & P. Co., pfd.102 • 104
B'ham Triiat and Saving Co....210 260
Bessemer C. I. A L. Co...,.. 25 90
Citlsens Savings Bank .126
Commercial State bank.100 102
Dimmlck Pipe Co. 00 1M
Bast Lake Land Co....:.100
Ensley Land Co. I 7
First National Bank .276 280
First National of Bnaley .126 150
Georgia. Ry. Elec. Co., Oom.. 95 100
Georgia Ry. Eiec. Co., pfd. 92 K
Gray & Dudley Hardware Co..106 108
Hotel Hillman ..100
Jefferson County Savings Bank.225
Nashville Railway, com . 47 49
Nashville Railway, pfd . 84 88
North Birmingham Land Co. 47 53
People's Savings Bank .185 160
Traders' National bank.100 106
Ala. Consolidated, as . 91 98
Ala. Steel A Shipbuilding Cb—104 107
Alabama State Bonds
Class A .100 101
Class B .100 181
Class C renewal 314.102 106
Funding 4s .10* 104
B'ham Ry. and Elec. Co.105 101
•B’ham Ry., L. tc P. Co.110
B'ham R., L. A P. Co.'S 414*.. 96 88
B'ham Water Works Co.110 113
City of Birmingham 6s.102 106
City of Birmingham 6s .Ill 111
Continental Gin Co.100
Country Club 6s . 06 71
Georgia Ry. and Elec. Co.101 103
Jefferson County Bonds
Four and a lialfs . 104 107
Fives .107 110
Sixes .117 77*
Nashville Railway 6s.100 102
Bloss I and St. first morl.110 517
Sloes 1. and St. gen. mort.** (
Tennessee Coal and Iron Co.—
General mortgage .100 lid
Tennessee division .lf H*
Birmingham division ...108 111
Cahaba division .10* 1*1
DeBardoleben division .10* 1**
•—Called for redemption July 1
Local Staple Groceries.
Sugar—Granulated, 614c. Y. C., 414c.
Flour—Fancy patent. 35.75; standard
patent. 36.25; straight, 34.90.
Coffee—Green, Il<&18c; Arbuckle'a, 316.66;
Porto Rico, 316.56.
Meat—Dry salted ribs. 8c; dry salted
rib bellies. 10c; extra clear. 9.15c; hams,
fancy, 14c; medium. 1214''; bacon bellies,
1114c; California hams. 9%c.
Lard—Leaf. 9c; compound lard. 7&7>lc.
Molasses—Centrifugal. [email protected]; sugaf
house 49c; Geftrgla cane, 34c.
White Peas—Per bushel, $1.75®2.
Bear.s—Navy J2.25 per bushel: haad
picked Lima, 7c.
Grits—92 pounds. 31.85.
Meal "Jim Dandy.' 31 15.
Macaroni. 7c.
Feed Stuff.
Corn - No. 2 mixed, «3c; white. «4c.
Oat*—No. 2 mixed, 43e; No. 2 whit*, 46e;
white clip. 47c.
Pure wheat bran. or 100, $».
Cotton seed feed meal, $26; prime. $28.60.
Corn chops, $1.10.
Corn hearts, $1.1*.
Shorts, 100 pounds. $24.
Hulls—80-lb c. g., $9 ton; 80-lb. c. a., 40o j
sack; 100-lb. c. a.. $9 ton; 100-lb. c. s.. 46o
sack; 75 lb sgrk bull*. 15e.
jjgy—Cholce timothy, $19.00; No. I timo
thy, $18.50; Johnson grass, $14; clover mix,
Fruit* and Produce.
LemoiiH Per box. extra fancy. $ 1.250 1
Oranges — California navel oranges,
$3.7504; grape fruit, $»i.«»0.
Apples—Northern grown Russet ts, per
barrel, $6.5006.75; Oano apples, in box,
Tomatoes Per crate, $3,6004.00.
Florida Beans-Pm* crate, $4.60.
1.lines—Per 100, $1.
peanuts—Fancy, per pound. 6c; No. 2, 6c.
H«vcel potatoes Cullman. $1.5001.75 per
barrel; yellow yams. 85090c.
Heed Sweets-Dooly’s, per bushel, f 1.3ft;
Queens, $1.
Celery -Per dozen, $1.00; per crate. $4,00.
Cabbage-New crop Florida cabbage,
Egg plant, $303.50 per crate.
Lettuce New crop, per crate, $2.02.30;
dozen, 75o0$l.
Unions 202'/4c.
Onion Bets—Yellow per bushel. $2;
white, per# bushel, $2.25.
Pot a toea— 1 rieh, M»V»t 9V.
Tennessee Second Crop Triumph Seed
potatoes, per bu. 31.ou0i.lo.
Turkeys—On foot, 15016c; dressed# $170
Eggs—Per dozen, fresh, 13014c.
Hens 3591-9tc: chickens, 350We.
Butter—Fn^h, 12^013c; renovated, 23c;
creamery, 33c.
Cheese—Full cream, per pound, ,e>c.
— ■—-■##•——-—
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the Gawk make your illustrations.
Age-Herald Building.
esii 1 .. ’-'y " "■
The Financial World
ami Slid out. Itls the paper tliat <oiue* Ilk* a breath
of pure air In tbit atmosphere of frenxlvd flna/H * mid
licensed petty tareeuy. Hexpoeett the vemplroeof hlgk
finance and throws the. light of publicity on the rat*
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fsarlaas paper has acquired a universal reputation for
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160 AtWllsr BaflAlii.Cfclesge
Showing the arrival and departure of
passenger trains at th« Union station, Bir
(Effective February 4. 1904.)
Loulavi:: and Nashville Railroad.
Arrive from— Depart to—
N. Orleans .11:45 am Cincinnati ..12:05 pta
N. Orleans.. 9:10 pm Cincinnati .. 9:19 pm
Cincinnati .. 9:25 amjN. Orleans.. 1:0 am
Cincinnati .. 4:00 pm N. Orleans.. 4:0 pm
'Decatur .... 7:00 pm1 'Decatur ... 9:11 am
•Decatur ....10:00 amj'Decatur .... 1:0 pm
Montgom'y.. 7:15 pmj Montgom'y.. 1:1* am
Montgom'y..10:40 am Montgom'y.. 1:0 pm
Birmingham • Mineral Railroad.
Arrive from— Depart to—
Blocton 10:50 am Blocton .... 1:0 am
Blocton .8:35 pm Blocton . 1:0* pm
•Blocton .... 9:00 pm •Blocton ... 1:0 am
Anniston via Anniston via
Gadsden...10:25 am Gadsden ..9:11pm
Anniston via Anniston via
Gadsden .. 8:35 pm Gadsden .. 1:0 a0
Southern Railway.
Arrive from— Depart to—
Atlanta .....10:16 am Atlanta ..... 4:0V pm
Atlanta ....6:20am Atlanta ....11:0pm
Mobile .6:30 am aFvllls ...,10:0 pm
... . Wash'n .9:9* pm
Wash'n ....12:01pm HoSIn . — ...1:0am
Heflin .10:00 pm OCvIHe .12:0 pm
Gr'villa .6:00 pm Mobile .10-0 pm
Mobile .10:05 pm Mobile .9:0 am
Wash’n .9:16 pm Wash . *:0 am
Corona .1:0 am Corona .. .. 1:0 pm
Uueon and Creaoent Routs.
Arrive from— Depart to—
N. Or. .5:40 am Clndn .6:0 am
Clndn .10:20 pm N. 0f. .10:0 pm
Clndn .10:16 am N. Or. .10:0 am
Chatta.11:0 pm Chatta.4:40 pm
Merld'n ....11:25 pm Meridian ...4:0 pm
Meridian ...11:0 pm Meridian ... 6:0 am
N. Or.4'0 pm Clndn .6:5* pro
Frisco System.
Arrive from— Depart toj*
Memphis ...8:56 pm Memphis ...12:20 pm
Memphis ...l:ltain Memphis ....10:0 pm
Wlnfleld ... .10:00 sen Winfield .... 4:0 pm
Amory . 1:0 pm Amory . *'.0 ««
Central oi ueerg,* Railroad.
Arrive from— Depart to—
Savannah ....1:50 pm Macon .7:00 am
(avamiah ..12:05pm Savannah ..4:00pm
oeaboard Air Una.
Arrive from— , Depart Be—
Richmond .. 9:10 pm! Richmond .. 4:0 am
Richmond ..1:30 pmlRIchmond .. 1:0 pm
All train# run by central tlma. Trains
■narked thus (*) ara dally except Sunday.
Southern Railway Co.
Schedule In tffeot Februar 11, 1909,
Train* leave Birmingham as follows:
6:40 a. m.—No. 38, for Atlanta, Washing
ton, Baltimore, Philadelphia
New York and the East. Pull
man Drawing Room Bleeping
Car, Birmingham to New
York. Dining car, Birming
ham to Atlanta.
«:20 a. m.—No. 19. for Montevalo, Ma
plesvllle, Selma and way sta
12:26 p. m.—No. 35, for Columbus, West
Point, Winona, Greenwood
and Greenville; also Sheffield
and Florence and North Ala
bama points.
1:40 p. m.—No. 16, for Cordova. Oakman.
Corona and way stations; alM
B loss burg.
6:46 a. m.—No. 22 fot Anniston. Heflin and
way station*; also Rome, Go.
6:60 p.m.—No. 36 for Atlanta, Charlotte,
Richmond, Washington. New
York and the East. Pullman
Sleeping Car Birmingham ts
Richmond. *'»•
4:06 p. ns—No. 24. unmeton. Atlanta and
way station*; a'so for Jack
sonville and ah Florida points
also Talladega, via.
10:20 p. m.—No. 97, for Uelumbus. Wait
Point, Winona, Greenwood and
Greenville. Pullman Drawing
Room Sleeping Car Birming
ham to Greenville.
10:25 p. lit.—No. 21, for Selma. Mobile and
way (tattoos. 1’ullmcn Draw
ing ,.oom Sleeping Car Bir
mingham to Mobile.
11:30 p. m.— No. 98, for Atlanta, Anniston
and way stations. Pullman
Sleeping Car, Birmingham to
Atlanta. Sleeping Car can ba
occupied at Union station f:M
p. m.
For detailed Information and sleeping
car reservation* apply paaaenger office,
Morris Hotel Building. Telephone 90(1
Bell and (17 Peoples.
3. N HARRISON Plat. Pass. Agt
R. B CREAG. Trav. Peas. Agt.
Centra! ot Georgia
dle and South Georgia points,
Florida, Cuba, Nassau.
i io Savannah.
Trains lehve Birmingham 7:00
a. m. and 4:00 p. m. \
For further inf irmataton, apply
1921 1st Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
Phonea 976.
The best half-tone cuts are made by
the Gawk Engraving company. Age
Herald Building.

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