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For Growing Boys
loo many stores say,
“Oh, well! you can't
expect to do any bet
ter; can't expect a per
fect fit on a growing
Poor excuses are
better than none, they
think — but it’s not
good enough for Porter
Coats that hunch
up in the back until
the collar stands away
from the neck all
around; lapels that
strike half way to the
back—NO, SIR; not
for Porter-Neel’s.
T&t Our boys go out
looking as trim and neat as we show them in
the picture here—every time.
Single and double- (£9 TA AA
breasted & Norfolk Suits
1922 First Ave.
Many Selmians in Suspense
Over Disaster
Prof. Mackintosh Will Take Samples
of Twigs and Bugs to Laboratory
and Later Make Exhaust
ive Report.
Selma, April 19.—(Special.)—The con
tinued inability of Selmians to secure any
coifftn unicat ion from relatives in San
Francisco and the increase in the report
of casualties is causing untol suspense.
In addition to those mentioned yesterday
who have relatives in tlie stricken city
Is I. Frolich, who has a brother who was
at work in one of the first buildings re
ported to have been wrecked. His duties
required that he b6 down town at 5 a. m..
and Mr. Frolich greatly fears he was in
the building and is one of the victims.
Ben Boggs, a young Selmian, was in San
Francisco when last heard of, but ex
■ wl <%■ $2.00 PEH LlOTTLE % !
An infallible remedy for the cure of Drug Habits of all kinds. I
Sent postpaid at $2 per bottle. Morphina-Cura is prepared
tor Hypodermic or internal use. Delta Chem. Co . St. Louis
IT'. the cold-cure that docs the
IJIyIK=I I : work in 8 hours, and will
* * * not make you sick. Try it '
1171/a N- Twenty-first Street,
A strictly higli-class Institute for the
scientific treatment of all Chronic,
Nervous, Blood, Skin. Rectal, Female
and Genlto-Urinary diseases. Deform
ities, Tumors. Stiff Joints, Cancer,
Lupus. Malignant Ulcers. Rheuma
tism, and Consumption.
Hemorrhoids, Varicoce e, Hernia
and Venereal Diseases of every
name, nature, form and
character are also treated
and a legal guarantee
of Cure will Be
In every Case.
Our equipment, consisting of well
kept prescription department. X-Ray,
Violet Ray, Static and OalvAno-Far
adlc apparatus, Super-Heated Air,
Electric Light Cabinet, Eureka Nebuli
ser and Osone Inhalations for nose,
throat and lungs, and a thoroughly
equipped Surgical Department, modern
and up-to-date In every particular, give
us a prestige over ail competitors in
Alabama In our special line of practice.
Consultation and examination free.
Terms liberal and confidence held
Inviolate. Office hours 8 a m. to 7
n. m. Sundays, ,8 a. m. to 1 p. m.
The Birmingham Ledger: Drs. Co
sier are without doubt the best
known specialists In the south, and
their fame Is due entirely to their
great skill.
The Birmingham News: Both Drs.
O. T. and Byron Doxler are reliable
and experienced physicians and sur
geons. who deserve the great success
wEleh has been and Is theirs.
The Age-Herald: Drs Dozier's long
standing and approved abilities en
title them to the proud distinction of
standing at the head of their profea
- " ———— I ————»
pec tod to leave about this time. Nothing
from him has been received by his sister
and other relatives here. R. F. Moss has
a brother in the stricken city hut hardly
thinks he was in the downtown district
at that hour. Telegrams have been for
warded but there is little hope of hearing
for many days to come.
Brood of Chickens Taken.
This morning when Justice of the Peace
Billups J. Gayle went out into his yard
and looked in his wired chicken coop un
der his house he found two lonesome little
chicks back In the far corner.
Bast night when the. chickens went to
roost there were seventy-five little
chickens the size of a partridge in the
coop and about a half dozen frying size
chickens. About 2 o’clock Mr. Gayle heard
the chickens running around under the
house and thought that a rat was after
them. He got up and went to the window',
hut could see nothing and the chickens
having quieted down went back to sleep.
This morning three of the frying size
chickens and all of the smaller ones wero
missing. The chickens had been hatched
in an incubator about six weeks ago.
It was not a rat that took the chickens
for the tracks of a human foot were dis
tinctly seen leading from the coop and
evidently some negro took the entire
brood away.
Selma’6 Trees.
Professor Mackintosh, state horticultur
ist, who was in Selma yesterday, made
a thorough examination of those trees
which showed any indication of deca>,
and collected bugs, insects, fungi, rotten
wood and twigs and leaves from the
trees. These he will examine at his lab
oratory and probably send some of them
to the experts at Washington for exam
ination. He was unable, until such study
and examination, to give an opinion as
to the trouble wdth the trees. He did
make one suggestion which may well be
noted by all who own trees or having to
do wdth their trimming.
He said that it was a great mistake in
trimming the trees to cut the limbs off
at any distance from the trunk of the
tree. The limbs should be cut close up
to the trunk, the cut being made by saw
ing from below upwards at flrsj and then
down from above. In this wray there wdll
be less breakage and a smoother sur
face left. TMsi surface should then be
painted thickly wdth white lead. In this
way the woupd caused by removing the
limb wdll liave^ an opportunity to heal
over without any decay setting in. If the
limb is cut at a distance from the trunk
the nub or stump left is bound to de
cay anti in doing so will leave a hole Into
the trunk of the tree througlf which in
sects readily make their way and which
generally becomes a point of decay In
the tree.
Professor McIntosh was greatly im
pressed by the beautiful trees of the city
and thought it was a pity that the city
wfas not financially able to have an ex
pert forester looking after them all the
time. He will prepare a full report on
the condition of the trees wdth suggestions
for their preservation and the same wdll
be published by the newspapers of the
city for the information of the people.
Local and Personal.
Mrs. Charles Davidson, who has been
on a visit to Mrs. Clara Davidson on
Church street, has returned to her home
in Cincinnati.
Mr. George Adams of F&unsdale was a
visitor Ui the city yesterday and today.
Drs. Harper, Du Bose, Ward and Furniss
are in Birmingham attending the session
of the state medical society.
This mbrning in Mayor’s court Messrs.
C. W. Parke. Deans Barber and S. H.
Watts were arraigned for the affray of
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Parke stated to
the Mayor that he had been the aggres
sor in tile affair, and that lie did not
think the. two other gentlemen should be
fined. The Mayor thereupon fined Mr.
Parke $5 and discharged Messrs. Watts
and Barber.
Mr. Tom Kelley, baggage agent at the
union passenger station, is confined to
his home with malarial fever. His friends
hope he will soon be out again.
The second night’s performance of the
Selma Minstrel company was witnefsed
by another large house last night and
the performance greatly enjoyed. The
boys were even in better trim last night
than th^ night before and received libera]
$25,000 real estate propo
sition; centrally located, that
will pay 12 per cent, en in-,
Jno. L. Evans
Room 2 Potter Bid.
Grand Japanese Sosintia
at East Lake park, Friday,
April 20tb.
Supreme Court Decision Af
firms the Sentence
Alabama Veterans Begin Movement to
Secure Larger Pension Appropria
tion From the Next Legisla
ture—Other Capital News.
Montgomery, April 18.—(Special.)—Cap
Dixon, convicted of murder in the cir
cuit court of MarCngo county, will hang
for his crime on Friday, Juno 8. The su
premo court today handed down a de
cision affirming the sentence of the lower
| court and fixing the date of the execution
of the sentence. The opinion was writ
ten by Mr. Justice Dowdell. Other de
cisions handed down were as follows:
Supreme Court Decisions.
Weakley, C. J.—Central of Georgia
Railway company vs. the state of Ala
bama, reversed and rendered.
H. C. Walston vs. X. C. Davis, surviv
ing partner, etc., appeal from Monroe
circuit court; reversed and remanded.
Leonard Odom vs. the state of Alabama,
appeal from Clarke circuit court; re
versed and remanded.
Haralson, J.—Steve Tribble vs. the state
of Alabama, appeal from Limestone cir
cuit court; affirmed.
Alex Smith vs. the state of Alabama,
appeal from Bibb circuit court; affirmed.
Janies Coleman vs. the state of Ala
bama, appeal from Hale circuit court;
Dowdell, J.—Cap Dixon vs. the state of
Alabama, appeal from Marengo circuit
court; affirmed. Friday the 8th day of
June is fixed for the execution of the
W. Ii. and M. E. Williams vs. George
Xeal, dt al., appeal from Pike chancery
court; affirmed.
Ben Smith vs. the state of Alabama,
appeal from Bibb circuit court; affirmed.
Denson, J.—Clinton Davis vs. the state
of Alabama, appeal from Wilcox circuit
court; affirmed.
Beverly Jackson vs. the state of Ala
bama, appeal from Barbour circuit court;
I reversed and remanded.
| Adam Millender vs. the state of Ala
j bama, appeal from Monroe circuit court;
W. P. Mayers vs. the state of Alabama,
| appeal from Bibb circuit court; appeal
j dismissed.
Want Larger Appropriation.
I The Alabama division of the United
; Sons of Confederate Veterans will in a
| few days begin an active campaign to
| secure a better pension appropriation for
indigent Confederate soldiers . from the
| next legislature. At a meeting of Camp
1 Holtzclaw last night. Adjutant A. C. Sex
ton introduced a resolution memorializing
the legislature to deal more liberally with
the old soldiers. A copy of the resolutions
will be sent to every camp in the state,
and a definite scheme to attain the needs
of the resolution will be formulated and
Anti-Comer Crowd Encouraged.
The anti-Comer contingent around Mont
gomery is feeling greatly encouraged over
the election of three anti-Comer senators
in three of Alabama's most important
senatorial districts. They take this to
mean that Mr. Comer is correspondingly
weak in the three districts. It was known
that Mr. Comer was opposed to Charles
( B. Teasley of Montgomery, Max Ham
burger, Jr. of Mobile and Fred Blackmon
of Calhoun, still these young men won
by handsome majorities. The Comer peo
ple here, and they are not a few, attach
no significance to the nomination of these
three senators.
Incorporation Papers Filed.
Articles of incorporation of the Dallas
Lumber and Manufacturing company of
Selma were filed today in the office of
the secretary of state. The capital is $20,
000 and the incorporators are J. C. Hay
i good, W. R. Jordan, F. W. Stevens and
John E. Tate.
A. R. Forsythe atul Agnes W. Roberts
of Birmingham have been appointed
notaries ^public.
Attalla Parsonage Burns.
Gadsden. April 19.—(Special.)—The Meth
odist parsonage at Attalla was totally de
i stroyed by tire late Wednesday evening,
I together witli most of its contents and
I the library of the pastor, Rev. W. H.
I Rickey. The family was at home, but
the fire burned so rapidly it was impossi
ble to save but little. Rev. Rickey was
I painfully burned while trying to save
j his effects. The origin of the fire is un
“I have suffered terribly with
rheumatism. I took Dr. Miles’
Anti-Pain Pills and they gave me
great relief. I have spells of ter
rible pains in my ribs, and in the
small of my back, and the
Anti-Pain Pills help me right away.
I am now well of the rheumatism
air'd think Anti-Pain Pills done me
more good than all the other medi
cines. I first heard of them
through the following circum
stance that happened at our home
two years ago. A friend, Mrs.
Brown, of Orion, Mich., came to
visit us. She had not been able to
dress herself or comb her own hair
for months. A friend of ours came
in and seeing her suffering offered
her some Dr. Miles’ Anti-Pain
Pills. She laughed at the i lea of
relief from such a source after
doctoring for so long, hut took one
one of the tablets with the remark
that it would at least do her no
harm. She took another that
evening, and the next morning she
was so elated that she went to the
druggist's and got a package and
took them home with her. Re
cently she was here again, and told
us that she continued taking the
pills, and that one box cured her,
and she has not had a symptom of
rheumatism since.”
332 Third St., Detroit, Mich.
Dr. Miles’ Antl-Psln Pills are sold by
your druggist, who will guarantee that
the first package will benefit. If It
falls, he will return your money.
25 doses, 25 cents. Never sold In bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Want Sunday Laws Enforced j
at Ensley
Samuel Maenza, Aged S Years, Loses
a Finger and Is Painfully In
jured By Explosion of
Dynamite Cap.
Ensley. April ' 19.—(Special.)—'The fea
ture of the regular meeting of the City
Council of Ensley which was held at
the city 'hall tonight was a visit from
the ministers of the city, who petitioned
the council for a more strict enforcement
of the laws against Sunday violations
and also asked that the curfew law Vie
carefully and stringently enforced.
The ministers stated that conditions
were better in Ensley than they had
been but believed that there were yet
a few reforms that should be effected and
that the city and the people would be
better for the more stringent enforcement
of some of the laws against immorality.
They commended the Mayor and mem
bers of the council for the good that
'has been done toward making the city
cleaner and in the enforcement of the
laws of the town, but asked that the
saloons be locked tight on Sunday, that
the drug stores be more carefully re
stricted1 as to the nature of goods put
on sale on the Sabbath, and that some,
j action be taken in reference to allow
| ing fruit stands to operate on Sunday.
Want Curfew Law Enforced.
The ministerial delegation also insisted
that the curfew law be strictly en
forced and that t'he chief of police be
instructed to see to it that all boys
under 16 years of age be kept off tlie
streets unless accompanied by parents or
guardians after night.
After a lengthy discussion of the Sun
| day laws in general the matter was re
I ferred to the police committee, though
t lie council unanimously endorsed t lie
curfew law proposition of the ministers
and instructed the chief to enforce tho
ordinance strictly. At the suggestion of
City Attorney Boyd the ministers’ union
was presented with a copy of the new
One or two protests being tiled against
the paving of the sidewalks on Twen
tieth street from Avenue I to tltj Finney
and Davis addition the ordinance was
! voted down, but another ordinance pro
viding for the paving of Nineteenth street
from Avenue I to the Finney and Davis
addition was adopted. Most of the prop
erty owners on Nineteenth street in tlie
territory named are Italians and have
I asked repeatedly that the improvements
be made.
Want New Contract.
j The water committee and the Mayor
were instructed by the council to confer
with the Birmingham Water Works com
pany in an effort to secure a new con
tract with the company for tiie water
supplied to consumers In this city. While
the water company has a contract with
| tiie city for a term of about thirty years
j and there remains something like twenty
five years yet of the contract it is be
lieved that a new contract can be secured
wltli the company that will be of mutual
benefit to all parties concerned.
The street and improvement committee
asked for more time to prepare a re
port on tiie ordinance granting a franchise
to tiie Birmingham Railway, Light and
Power company for the laying of gas
mains in the city of Ensley. The request
of the committee was granted.
The auditor’s report on t'he books and
accounts of the city officials for tne
1 ast six months was submitted and or
dered printed. One or two slight dis
crepancies wore pointed out in the re
port, which will be corrected at once
by the derelict officials named in the
On motion of Alderman Brigman an
arc light was ordered placed at the new
Carnegie library building at Avenue H
and Eighteenth street.
All members of the council were present
except Alderman Sherman and Alderman
Injured By Explosion.
Samuel Macnza, tiie 5-ycar-old son of
Louis Macnza. wholesale merchant of this
city lost a linger and suffered painful
mutilation of the hand this morning by
a premature explosion of a dynamite cap.
The little fellow, in some manner unknown
to his parents, got possession of a box
of the caps and had one in his hand
when it was exploded in some way. Tiie
index linger was mutilated and amputa
tion was necessary. The entire hand was
horribly mutilated and tiie little fellow
is suffering great pain.
He was playing on the sidewalk in front
of his father’s store on Avenue E when
the accident occurred and the loud repoit
of tiie explosion created some little ex
citement on the street.
Central Park Property.
The first public sale of lots at Central
park, near FalrvJew, was held today and
great interest was shown in the opening
of this valuable tract. About one-third of
the lots in the property was sold today
and the future sale promises to lie very
The property was recently acquired and
opened for settlement by the Jemison Real
Estate and Insurance company. A num
ber of real estate men attended the sale
of the lots today and their interest in
the buying and the investments made in
Central park by these men of real es
tate experience is considered as a fine,
proof of the value of the investment.
Central park is located on the North
Bessemer car line and not fur from the
South Ensley line. It Is within the 5-cent
car fare to Birmingham and Ensley and
will lie one of the choicest residence sec- j
tions in this section. The county trunk !
sewer runs through the property.
Notes and Personals.
J. O. Brown, representative of the Steel j
City lodge. Junior Order of I'nited Amer
ican Mechanics, has gone to Montgom
ery to attend the state council which con
venes tomorrow. Mr. Brown was accom
panied by his wife and 1*. H. Tyler.
The falrvlew Pythians met in regular
session at their hall at Osceola station
tonight. A number of visitors from other
lodges from the district were present
and assisted in the work of the evening.
The I^adles* Missionary society of the
First Presbyterian church will*meet ire the
Sunday school room of the church to
morrow' afternon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Net
tie Du Bose Jiinktn. a missionary in China,
who Is visiting In the city for a few weeks,
will address the society on the mission
w’ork in China.
The city authorities are placing signs
at street corners as required by the post
office authorities, lodking to the estab
lishment of free mail delivery, and the
work will be extended to all parts of the
cltiy and completed as soon as possible.
The houses in the city are also being
numbered. It is expected that the free
Jacobs' Beef Wine and Iron
Is one of the most agreeable remedies in the entire range of remedies.
It Tastes Goad and Does Good
It supplies iron for the blood, fibrins and albumen for the nerves and
muscles, and a harmless stimulant to aid digestion.
Full Pint Bottles 50c
Birthplace of Cut Prices
Agents for Vino) 2)9-211 N. 19th St.
mail delivery service will be installed |
about July 1.
Probate Judge Samuel Brown of Mobile .
county is visiting friends in Ensley.
W. E. Pettus and Miss Sophie Peebles
Eaton Are United in Marriage.
Huntsville, April 19.r-(SpeCial.)-W. E.
Pettus. a prominent business man of this
city, and ^liss Sophia Peebles Eaton of
Belle Mina were married yesterday morn
ing in the Presbyterian church at Belle
Mina in the presence of a large gathering
of people from Huntsville, Athens, De
catur and other neighboring towns. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev. R.
M. DuBose. James H. Pride of Huntsville
was best man. J. J. Eaton of Birming
ham and Earle Pettus of Athens were
ushers. There were no other attendants.
Miss Margaret Clarkson of Decatur ren
dered a few vocal selections before the
ceremony, and as the bridal party entered
the church, the wedding march was
played by Miss Lola Coleman of Athens.
The happy couple received many hand
some wedding gifts. Mr. Pettus and bride
left on an afternoon train for a bridal
Journey which will include New Orleans,
Mobile and Montgomery.
The guests at the wedding were enter
tained at dinner after the ceremony by
Mr. and Mrs. George 8. Houston.
Working for Cooperage Plant.
Gadsden. April 19.—(Special.)—The busi
ness men of Attalla are working for the
location of a large cooperage plan In
that place for the manufacture of barrel
staves and headings. They are also work
ing for the location of several smaller in
dustries and are offering as n special in
ducement cheap electric power, which is
generated by water power nearby.
Richardson Is Coming Home.
Washington, April 19.—(Special.)—Repre
sentative Richardson of Alabama leaves
for Ills home in Huntsville next week.
He will be renominated on the 20th for a
lifth term in the House. The seven years
he has spent in Washington have been
characterized by a high order of ability
and devotion to the interests of tin
people of his district and the state.
New Bowling Association Organized.
New York, April 19.—A new bowling
association was organized at a meet
ing in Brooklyn today with the follow
ing cities represented: New' York,
Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore.
Washington, Wilmington, Trenton,
Brunswick, Newark and Paterson. P.
M. Clute was chosen president.
Graud Japanese Sosintia
at East Lake park, Friday,
April 20tb.
The Ingram l.ithia Hotel will be
open at Ohatcliie, Ala-, and ready
for guests May 1. Special prices
will be given to families by the
month or for the summer. The
hotel will he under the management
of the company. Write or phone
the company at
2018 3d Ave. Both Phones 103
Birmingham, Ala.
The State of A labama—Jefferson County.
To the Honorable Mayor and Board of
Aldermen of the City of Birmingham,
Your petitioner, the Birmingham Belt
RallToad company, respectfully states Lo
your honorable body that it is a railroad
corporation owning a belt line of rail
road extending around the city of Bir
mingham, and having as one of its ob
jects the serving of Industries, ware
houses. etc., located within the city of
Your petitioner respectfully prays that
your honorable body grant it permission
to construct a line of railroad and operate
trains thereon from a. point near the
intersection of Fourteenth street with
the southern line of Avenue B. and from
that point on a curve across block 127
and along file alley between Avenue A
and B, from a point about midway be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets
In an easterly direction to Sixteenth
street, together with a spur track lead
ing from the track along the alley as
aforesaid, to turn off from the main line ,
near the intersection of Fifteenth street
and the alleyway between Avenues A and
B. across said Fifteenth street; this track
being desired for the purpose of serving j
the warehouse of W. f*. Hopson & Son. !
located on the corner of Avenue A and j
Sixteenth street.
The tracks, which your petitioner desires I
to build and upon which your petitioner »
desires to operate trains, are shown In 1
yellow upon the blue print, which is here- j
to attached and which is made a part of i
this petition.
As In duty bound, your petitioner will |
ever pray
By A D. L1GHTNKR. Gen. Mgr.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Tiie State of Alabama—Jefferson County.
Probate Court, April l*. 190fi.
Estate of Joseph Boiderman, deceased. |
This day came Alexander A. Printz, ad- j
ministrator of the estate of Joseph Udder- <
man, deceased, and Tiled his account,
vouchers, evidences and statement for a i
final settlement of the same.
ft Is ordered that the K*th day of May, |
HUM. l>e appointed a day for making such
settlement at which time all parties in
interest con appear and contest Urn same |
if they think proper. 8 E. GREENE. |
4-20-3l-fri J udge of Probate.
Why a Steinway?
The Steinway Piano is a work of art. It stands on
the same high plane as the Stradivarlus violin, yet It
Is sold on a commercial basis. What an opportunity
for music lovers. To he able to secure a lifelong
delight, for only the cost of material and making;
for all of the art element for which a violin lover
pays from $10,(MO lo *20,000 in n Stradivarlus, in a
Steinway, Is absolutely gratis.
If this is not entirely clear to you, stop for a nit*
ment and realize what would happen if for some rea
son no more Steinway pianos were to be made after
toclay, and the secret of their production would be
lost. Every Steinway piano In the world would at
once increase enormously In value and many of them
would command a fabulous sum. If Paderewski, for
example, could not obtain another Steimvay piano, at.
what figure do you suppose he would hold the only
Instrument that is capable of materializing his ex
quisite musical moods?
Jesse French Piano & Organ
Sole Representatives .1. H. Holcombe, Mgr.
2018 Second Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
A FreeTripto the Indian Territory
Are you going to the Indian Terri- i
tory this summer?
If so, why not take advantage of our
free transportation offer and be ready
to go with the crowd in August?
Here is an opportunity that may not
be offered you again in a lifetime.
The Indian Territory Land and Im
migration Company, a corporation of
Spiro, I. T„ is a company organized
with a capital stock of $100,000.nn, and
it is their purpose to bring about tho
most, rapid development possible, in
llie vicinity of Spiro and Bokouhe, In
dian Territory. In order to do so the
company Is making a proposition to
the people of Alabama and other states
east of the Mississippi river, whereby
free transportation from Birmingham
and other cities In the east can be se
cured. and it. Is certain that, thousands
are going to take advantage of this
most liberal offer and go to see that
grand and promising country, which
has been rightfully termed
The Indian Territory is today the
richest In resources, and offers to those
who are willing to prosper, the great
est opportunities of any country under
Uncle Sam's flag.
You would never regret a trip to the
little city of Bokoshe. It is situated
on a beautiful sloping prairie in the
Choctaw Nation, at the crossing of the
Midland Valley and Fort Smith and
Western railroads, where the country
is new and undeveloped—where the
land is as rich and productive as the
"Isle of Paradise”—and in the midst,
of the Government Coal I,and Segrega
tion, known as the McCnrtain Massey
District. There are thousands of acres
of this segregation around Bokoshe,
and four new mines have recently
been opened within a mile of the town,
and tho coal is of the very best qual
ity. The tide of immigration from
every state In the union is turning to
wards the Indian Territory, and tho
country is being rapidly developed and
the towns are going to lie of even
more rapid growth than the Oklahoma
towns have been.
There are thousands of people who
invested a few dollars in Oklahoma
City, Guthrie, Shawnee, Lawton an.l
almost hundreds of other towns in
Oklahoma, In many of the Tndian Ter
ritory towns, such as Muskogee, South
McAiester, Wilberton, Tulsa, Snlphur.
J'otean and many other towns, and
many of the lots that sold three years
ago for frora $15.00 to $60.00 are worth
today from $1,000.00 to $30,000.00 each,
and In most all these towns the cheap
est lot that can be found today 1s
worth twenty times its cost, to the
original purchaser.
The little city of Bokoshe has nat
ural advantages over many other
towns, and promises to bb of most
rapid growth. Bvery dollar you in
vest there now is sure to bring you
back two within a very few months.
If you are Interested and want to
see Bokoshe, see
nn<l secure at once a voucher, which
entitles you to free transportation
August 5th, to Bokoshe and return.
This offer is only good until May 10th,
and If you are going to visit that beau
tliul country beyond tne Mississippi,
call on or write to Mr. Dyke today,
and make your arrangements to join
the crowd at Birmingham, August 5th.
Indian Territory Land
& Immigration Co.
New Sleeping Car Line
. —.—TO—--it-—
via Southern Railway
THROUGH SLEEPER leaves Birmingham daily at
6:40 a. m., passes through Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, and arrives in New York L0) (noon;
next day.
This sleeper is handled on No. $8, known as the
“Washington and Southwestern Limited,” which is
composed entirely of elegant Pullman Sleeping Cars.
Dining Car, Library and Observation Car.
For reservation, apply to
District Passenger Agent,
Birmingham, Alabama. .
- -————————■—

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