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If you buy the Hat and the trimmings at Marx’s
- this week we will trim the Hat FREE of CHARGE. -
The work will be done by our best milliners.
—. .. .
Standard Fashions, Fashion Plates Free. Kay
ser Fabric Gloves.* W. B., R. & G., Warner’s, the -
Peetz and La Vida Corsets. Experts to fit you.
P7i//3 splendid
In Silk buying never let them pull wool over
your eyes. The other day a store advertised a
Taffeta at $1,25, worth $1.75. We bought a piece,
made comparisons and found the quality identi
cal with the one we are selling at $1! That,
however, is merely ONE case in point. Following
here are FIVE others—shining, brilliant examples
of how we undersell. Our prices for these silks,
which are the same today as they were two months
ago, have never been matched in Birmingham.
75c Oriental Silk, black, at 49c yard.
Persglratlon and water proof, washes thoroughly; for
cool summer waists and dresses.
50c Jap Silk, black, at 29c yard
Rich, beautiful jet black.
36 inch black Taffeta, worth $1 at 69c
Guaranteed, heavy, but without loading.
36 in. black Taffeta, worth $ 1.50 at $ I
Swiss finish, brilliant and lustrous, a wonderful qual
ity for $1.
27 inch Pongee, worth $1, at 59c yard
Rublayat. and Burmah Pongees, worth 75c to $1;
natural rough finish, many colors, including helio,
brown, several blues, natural shades and black; 27
inches wide. Monday at Tuesday at 59c a yard.
H os / e ry—Marx ’s—Th e
Two are Complementary
Women’s and children’s hosiery. Staple—
“first” qualities in refined and exquisite Summer
styles. Prices are reduced—the news is nothing
short of sensational; it is fine indeed to get such
hosiery at savings that amount to a fourth or more.
You must hurry, for the quantities are small:
Silk Stockings—black, white, gray, navy. French
blue, light blue, red, green, brow'n, pink and violet.
These colors, by ...e way, are guaranteed to wash and
not fade; worth $2.00 a pair, at $1.50.
Women's Hosiery,, of lisle, sheer and gauzy, black,
white, sky, navy, pink, red, tan; worth 3oc a pair, at
Misses’ Hosiery, ribbed, of real Maco, reinforced feet,
double knees, worth 19c a pair; special at 15c.
Women’s Vests 39c
Usually, even In the Marx sales Value and Price
are on speaking terms. However, in the case of these
Lisle Vests they are not even in "yelling” distance of
one another. For we know you will admit that it is a
far cry from 60c to 39c.
Ten dozen in the lot—just ten; made of cool and
wash well lisle that is so highly mercerized that it is
like unto silk. Even a novice would know that
these vests are worth 60c. A fortunate incident, a pure
and simple trade accident enables us to sell them at
39c each Monday and Tuesday.
Linen, Pique and Silk Suits—-Lingerie and Silk Waists
The Prices Have Collapsed
Your intelligence is not insulted by a group of im
possible claims. Your good will, good opinion and patron
age are appreciated and esteemed to highly for that.
These things, if nothing else, would prevent us from
decending to the shallow flim-flams of a degenerate fakir.
We do not invite you to a derelict stock of shelf-ridden
trash. The accumulated eyesores and the mucky mis
takes of years have not been dumped in by merchants of
here and everywhere. That these and other things have
been done “under the rose” are actual facts—matters of
common knowledge with those in the trade.
On the other hand contrast this stock. Clean,
wholesome, fresh—and more, it is really truly marked
at half price or near it.
So far as we know Marx’s is the only store in Birm
ingham that can truthfully make such an announce
ment. Because why?—because Marx’s is the only Birm
ingham store that had a buyer in New York City during
May when the great garment makers were holding their
clearance sales.
We bought when they were frantic, itching to sell—
that’s why we can sell at half.
Silk, Linen and Pique Suits, Voile Panama and Duck
Skirts, Silk Petticoats—in the fashions prescribed by the '
dictators and arbiters at prices that are mere bagatelles—
To make it plainer—there is assembled here—
$15,000 worth of Ready-Made gar
ments to be sold for $8,000.
It is a sale worth while.
The details are absorbingly, intensely interesting.
m m ■ Linen Suits,
Pk £ 1 worth $25, white,
IQ «. Eton jacket, elab
orately trimmed in Imitation Irish
point lace and heavy “let in” medal
lions. Short sleeves, edged in point
lace and finished with medallions.:
plain circular effect skirt, with deep
pleat and lace at bottom.
M. £■» Linen S u i,t s,
/M 3 I worth $25, white.
Eton j n r k e t.
edged all round in imitation Irish point
lace, short sleeves, trimmed in large
heavy lace medallions, finished in Val.
lace; full circular effect skirt, with
inverted pleats at front; panels of let
in point lace down sides.
Linen Suits
worth $40, white
of splendid Irish
linen, pony coat, lace at front, should
ers and a wide row of it down the
center of the back, straps, too, at
front; full skirt, circular effect, with
a row of w’ide lace around bottom.
/ft A L,nen Suits,
/a| worth $50, white,
1 ** Eton jacket, half
lace and half linen, three rows of beau
tiful lace at nerk, back and front. The
jacket is of eyelet embroidered ma
terial. Short sleeves, lace trimmed.
Circular effect skirt, row' of lace at
White, Bolero Jacket, that is more lace than linen. Short
sleeves, finished with wide bands of heavy lace. The skirt is
beautiful, full circular style, encircled with wide bands of lace
and finished with medalions, $10.00. Worth $15.00.

White, short Etons, edged all around in heavy lace,
large sleeves, short, trimmed in lace medallions and
edged at cuffs; tailored skirt with wide band of lace insertion
at bottom, $10 00. Worth $15.00.
Beauties all—and there are fifty in the lot—each different from
the other. Of pique that washes like Lonsdale
and of linen that washes equally well. Eton
coats, trimmed bands of blue or pink, rows of em
broidery insertion and large pearl buttons- Skirts
trimmpd in nleats and buttons'.
Of Taffeta, several styles, including the Eton; light pinks,
pinks, navies, light blues, a few Alice blues, several
whites and plenty of blacks; sleeves are large and with
W M M long lace cuffs, or short and without cuffs. There is much
TPfc M W m shirring, tucking and dainty lace scattered with pretty ef
feet at the sleeves, cuffs, front and at yoke and bottom of
the skirts.
Of crisp and strong Taffeta, deep flounce and
dust ruffle. Blue, green and black. Worth $5
at $3.75.
$10.00 Shirts at $6.45
Of Sicilians, Panamas, Mohairs and Voiles. Blacks, greys, grey
mixtures and a few hrosvns. The tailoring is faultless and the manner
in which the skirts lit and hang is superb. There are plenty of the
popular circulars and scores of other equally good styles. Actual $10
values at $6.45
$2 White Ditch Shirts1.19
Tucked prettily around bottom. Made of materials that were shrunk
in the piece. A lot of 500 will be ready tomorrow; worth $2 each at $1.19.
Jap Silk Waists at 2.98
Two are described—there are others:
Of white Jhp Silk, tailor-made ef- Of Jap Silk, open back, trimmed
feet, linch tuck in back and front, in small tucks and embroidery,
long tucked cuffs decorated with cuffs are tucked and are trimmed
neat pearl buttons, at $12.98. in lace, at $2.98.
Drawers 25c, Chemise 29c,
Gowns 60c
Undermuslins—sweet, cool and clean. To
express it forcibly and in the laconic colloquialism
of the one in charge of the department—"these
values beat the band.’’
Nothing sacrificed, except the price- The
sewing is neat and carefully executed, the styles
ate very attractive—just like the ones YOU were
going to make.
Ample sizes—not a skimp anywhere—except
as we said before—the only abbreviation is in the
Cambric Drawers for women, cut very full, deep hem
stitched ruffle, easily worth 50c. Special at 25c.
Women's Chemise, of muslin that is entirely free of
starch and other ''filling,'' hemstitched ruffle at the
neck, worth 50c. Special at 29c. Only 2 to a customer.
Women’s Gowns, of camhrie, deep square yoke of em
broidery insertion and tucks, neck and sleeves edged
in embroidery to match; the sizes are accurate and the
style is full. Kasuy worth $1; special at 60c.
A Table of 75c sZf)r'
Dress Goods at
Dress Goods—the backbone of a dry goods
store—its very vertebrae- Measure Marx by our
dress goods. Examine tire following matchless
ones at 50c- They make it plain that this store
hasn't a weak backbone!
French Batiste. One of those delightful summer
woolens for skirts and trim, cool suits. The quality
we advertise today is wool, heart and soul, woof and
woof. It Is 40 Inches wide. The patterns are distinct
ive plaids and checks in black and white combinations.
No use telling you it is worth 75o a yard. You would
KNOW that the moment you feel the quality. Special
at. 50c. 4
Panama—all black, black and white combinations lu
checks and the like; 48 inches wide- -a width that lends
itself conveniently and economically to the pur
poses of the tailor. Wool—inside and out—"the very
stuff o' the conscience.” Worth 75c a yard. Special
at. 50c.
Sicilian, one of the Mohair tribe. A fabric par
excellence for street and train wear. Cinders glance
from it and dust, cannot embed in it—think of It—50
inches wide—and 50c a yard; think of It! 50c—worth
Domestics Reduced—
Hurry for Your Share
Lonsdale—36-in. wide, worth
10c yard, special at.
Fruit of the Loom—36-in. wide,
worth 10c yard, special at..
Loom Ends of Domestic.
The name, however, conveys a wrong impression*
Instead of being ends and scraps, they are in i to 20
yard lengths—exactly right for your purposes. It is
splendid domestic, made of fine and soft 8ea Island cot
ton; 2000 pieces are in volved in this sale which starts
1 tomorrow; 36 inches wide—at 6'/2C a yard.
These Linen Aft /
Fabrics are ^AL^L/ L^IltCll
When is linen not linen? When it is mixed with
cotton. But, when is that? When it isn’t bought at
Marx’s! Nothing but pure linen beneath this roof. Fab
rics that are half flax, one-fourth jute and the other fourth
of goodness knows what enter not here!
We are experts—we can detect the adulteration.
We are merchants worthy of the name—we bar the
spurious kind.
It is well that women whose Summer dress ideas
lean linenward should know these facts.
The linen stuffs you buy here will wear forever and
a day—because the fabrics are pure. They wash admi
rably and return from the laundry—not rusty or “streaky”—
but WHITE—because the FABRICS ARE PURE.
Dress Linen, 36 inches wide,
white, light and medium weights,
splendidly adapted for skirts, suits
and waists. Worth 39c a yard.
Special at 29c.
Dress Linen, silk embroidered, a
superb and pure linen suiting—
every thread a round thread; worth
75c a yard. Special at 59c.
Dundee Linen, of cotton, with a
linen-like finish. Medium weight,
washes well. Special at 12/zc.
36inch Costume Linen, in col
ors. For women’s and chil
dren's tub suits. A wide range
of the popular shades—all fast
and firm—25c a yard.
Newport Cloth, for skirts, suits
and jackets—of cotton. Non-shrink
ing, white; worth 25c; special at
Parasols, 3.98, Worth up to 6.50
Constructed with mathematical precision and mechan
ical accuracy. They are parasols that neither “catch”
when you.wish to raise them, or “hang” when you desire
to lower them. The ribs are rigid and they are firmly
lodged in the rods, and therefore, when raised, the parasols
are taut and trim. The covering is silk—heavy all pure
silk stretched carefully over the ribs—it is black as mid
night, will never fade, and the eas? with which it turns
water reminds you of the duck’s back. Handles—my,
what a variety! Some are tall, others are* not. Of rolled
gold, sterling silver, chased, filigreed and inlaid with pearl.
Worth $4.50, $5.00, $6.00 and $6.50. At $3.98.
Undoubtedly little daughter has been worrying you about
that Parasol you're going to buy for her. Didn’t know where to
find them? Now you do—and now peace will be restored in the
Tomorrow a special display; and mind you, a Sale of Para
sols for children. Prices lean yonr way.
Of cotton, in several colors, all ruffled. Special at 23c. each.
Parasols in blue, pink, white and
red; natural finished cane handles,
plain tops or trimmed in ruffles—
50c, 69c and 75c each.
Of silk, suitable for' children of
4 to 7 years; pink, blue and white;
cane handles. Special at 75c.
Of silk, for children of all ages;
many are plain, others have three
ami four ruffles and, others are
checked and striped with hem
stitched borders—$1.00, $1.25, $1.50
and $1.75. *
Of linen, in white, embroidery or
embroidered borders—69c, 75c and
Beauty Pins—Chased plain or beaded edges—
rolled gold. Three on a card, worth 25c. Special
at 17 cents.
Lingerie Waists, Worth $2 each, at 79c
Of lawn, elbow sleeves, trimmed
in lace and . tucks, collar of lawn
and lace, front is formed of alter
nate rows of tucking, embroidery
and lace insertion and edging, open
at back; worth $2.00, at 79c.
Of lingerie cloth, large sleeves,
long cuffs, with many rows of tucks,
finished in lace edging, wide em
broidery insertion, sheer tucks
down front, with rows of pleats
down either side, pleats down
back; worth $ 1.75; at 79c.
Of crisp lawn, the collar is of
fine, dainty lace, the whole front
of an exquisite embroidery, divid
ed in the center with lace Inser
tion, short sleeves finished in lace,
open at the back; worth $2.00, at i
The Millinery at Half Price
$5.00 Trimmed
Hats at
$ 8 Hats at $ 4.00
$10 Hats at 5.00
$12 Hats at 6.00
$15 Hats at 7.50
$18 Hats at 9.00
$20 Hats at 10.00
$25 Hats at 12.50
$30 Hats at 15.CO
$3.00 Trimmed
Tailored Hats at
Kimonos 29c. Cheaper
Than M a kin g Them
As a rule Kimonos at 29c are things to avoid
But, as with all other rules it has exceptions, and
this is one. To get a fair idea of what they are
like you should think of them as 50c qualities, for
such they really are. If you went about to make
them yourself the material and time consumed
would be worth MORE than 50c.
The reason why we can sell them at 29c is—
oh, well, dash the reason! What do you care about
it? Suffice to say that we WILL sell them at 29c,
and that they ARE worth 50c. Lawns, prettily
figured, silk crochet edges, short styles. Only two
to a customer.
200 Bags at 98c
Ten of that, fifteen of this and twenty of those.
Yes, you have guessed correctly. They are odds and
ends—orphan lots from the makers. That, explains the
queer, curiously low price. Vanity and
shopping shape, more varieties of leather and
shapes than you have time to read about—a jumble, a
rich miscellany—and each one at half or less; worth
$2.50 and $2.00. At 98c.
Stamped Shirt Waists, $2.50
A splendid linen fabric that is 3 1-2 yards long.
Stamped at front, belt, cuffs and collar. The variety
of patterns includes many florals capable of beau
tiful treatment
Stamped corset covers have just arrived. Just
50c each for them—Art Department.
Worth from 25c to 35c * L
The embroidery business at Marx’s continues to break
all records. Last year’s sales, though large and unprece
dented at the time, are insignificant when compared with
what we are doing now. The “reason why” and “cause
of” 3re not far to seek or difficult to find. VALUES—best
values—have made the business grow until it is now
larger than any in Birmingham.
And styles—prettiest styles, plus best valuse. THAT
is the tnagic combination. You are invited, yes, urged to
test the truth of what we say and to prove the utter
matchlessness of the Marx embroidery bargains by the
ones that go on sale tomorrow at 19c. Probably 5000 yards
in the lot—and the charming freshness of the pieces is
only excelled by the dainty and refined beauty of the
By shopping around you will discover that others are
selling qualities that do not equal, but merely approximate
these at from 30c to 50c. Swiss and Nainsook, edges and
insertions in 2£ to 10 inch widths—admirably appropriate
for all sorts of Summer uses.
35c White Chiffon at
35c White Lingerie Cloth 25C
Not a “fortunate purchase that came our way.” No,
such splendid values as these are not so easy to get. We
WORKED for the bargain, hunted the goods up and after
humming, hawing and dickering with the importer for
half a day we succeeded in getting them at our price.
They are rare bargains. The lingerie cloth is un
usually tine, and it is $2 inches wide. The chiffon is soft,
sheer and washable and 45 inches wide. Both worth $5c a
yard. 500 yards for tomorrow at 25c a yard.
“Your white goods aro always prettiest.'' Another said:
“You never try to sell me what I don’t want—it happens that
you always have exactly what 1 do want.’’ Another: “If I
am undecided and puzzled about what to get I come here and
find help and inspiration in your great varieties and wonderful
stocks.” And this one' “Why “soand so’’ asks 85c for this and
your price is i!5c. ” These are merely a few remarks overheard
in a half an hour’s eavesdropping at the White Goods counters.
The least that can be said about the matter is this: You
don’t got the full value of your money unless you buy White
Goods at Marx’s.
Persian Lawn, worth 20c a yard.
Special at 15. 32 inches wide.
Masalia, 40 inches wide, worth
45c to 50c a yard. Special at 25c.
Linen Cambric, 30 inrhes wide,
worth 40c a yard. Special at 30c.
Alpine Muslin—one of the new
white weaves, worth 75c. Special
at 59c.
For the Summer^ Bath
Help to cleanliness—mitts that enliven the skin,
“tune” it up and aid it in the work of elimination.
Soap that eats out every atom of dirt—pure and
wholesome preparations that leave the skin swreet
and pliable. And, since you are not a contortionist or
an acrobat here are long handled brushes that reach
the inaccessible spots. All underpriced.
Five hundred Bath Mitts, In
colors and white; many are of
linen, other are of Terry cloth;
rough surface that ruddles and
stimulates tho skin; 14c each,
reduced from 25c.
12x12 Wash Cloths or "rags”—
of Terry cloth. Serviceable and
easily, quickly dried. Regular
price 10c; reduced to 8c each.
Knitted Wash Cloths, silk
hemmed, very sanitary. Worth
5c; special at 4c.
Bath Mats
Very heavy, in many designs,
all artistic in no small degree.
Fast colors. Sold regularly at
$1.50 each; special at $1.19.
24x48dnch Bath Mats, heavy,
will not wrinkle or "dog ear”
the corners. Fast colors and
score of attractive patterns.
Regular price 98c, reduced to
Nail Brushes, strong bristles,
10c each.
Bath Brushes, long handles,
50c and 75c each.
9-Inch Combs, coarse and
mixed lecth, 25c each; worth
Hair Brushes, rosewood backs,
21c each.
Twenty-Mule-Team Borax—15c
a pound. An American Girl pic
ture free with each purchase.
Turkish Bath Soap, 39c a
dozen cakes.
Perfumed Ammonia. 10c a
Colgate's Pine Tar Soap, also
Colgate’s Rosadora, both splen
did soaps; 3 cakes at 25c tn a
Toilet Water, several odors,
50c a bottle.
75c Bath Slip■
pers at 49c
All colors and sizes, thorough
ly made; woolen soles; keep the
feet warm and prevent contact
with cold linoleum floors. Reg
ular price 75c; reduced to 49c.

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