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100,000 pairs of eyes see every want ad in The Age-Herald.
If you want a position, the ad is free. Other want or classified ads one cent a word._
RATES—One cent a word a day* no
ad. taken for lean than 25 cents for
11 rut insertion. Cash must accompany
every order._
$50,000 Per Month
to loan by
The Alabama Home
to build homes and to repay mort- ?
gages. The limit, of cost is lower
than in any other company. Apply
W. V. M. F0BERT80N,
General Manager, 2009 First Ave
"The Age-Herald will print
a 11 advertisements of
"Situations Wanted"
If you want a position, ask
for it in this column. Every
body will read your want and
if you be worthy you will
find employment.
B?IAVfNcf~iOc'atrW*T~«th Vv«inueT SOftf
WANTED-Cuatomen for itiowoum, Iron
safes and Carrara paint. Alabama Gro
cery company. l-l-tl
WANTED—A seeonibharid dough-mixer
and gasoline engine. 4 or 5-horse power.
Apply 421 North 19th street._
WANTED—Owners to list their property
with us. We have quick buyers for
homes, timber and mineral lands. W. S.
Terrell & Co., 827 Hood --sliding. Peo
ple’s phone 1634.8-6 tf
WANTED^Position as cashier or office
assistant by a competent old gentleman,
fine referense; at moderate salary. Must
tie employed; please Investigate. Ad
dress N. S. Age-herald. 7-22-2t.
WANTED—Position by young man ns
assistant bookkeeper or shipping clerk.
Address W. S.. care Age-Herald. 7-22-7!
WANTED- Young lady stenographer of
several years’ experience desires either
permanent or temporary position. Ad
dress M. A. 8.. rare general delivery.
Atlanta. (Sn. 7-22-3t
WANTED-A railroad blacksmith and all
round man; wants a position. Address
Blacksmith, 907 23rd street, south. Bir
mingham. 7-22-2t
WANTED—Position by barber; 2<> years’
experience; married and sober; steady
man. Write or call 212 South J9*h street.
M. J. Shat us. 7-32-2t
WANTED—Position, willing to work at
anything; have had ten years’ experi
ence in the grocery business. Address
K., care Age-Herald. 7-22-7t
WANTED^ Nurse. Apply Mrs. Gregory,
1812 11th avenue, south.
WANTED—A refined lady of gentle dis
position as housekeeper and governneas.
Eight work; good home. Alex Hafner.
lx>ck Box 227, Eutaw. Ala. 7-22-4t
family by young married couple. Ad
dress H.-28. care Age-Herald. 7-22-3t
WANTED-Dodging and board In private
family by family of three. Address Mrs.
Gregory, 1912 11th avenue, south.
VvANTED—3 unfurnished rooms by young
couple, not too far out; gentleman works
at night; references; state price and
location. Address location, care Age
Herald. 7-22-2t
FOR RENT—Rooms, furnished or unfur
nished. for light housekeeping; near car
line. 1208 North 2oth street. 7-21-4t
ROOMS to rent at 1014 Central ave.. south,
between 10th and 11th ave., loop line.
7-22-21 |
TWO furnished rooms suitable for light
housekeeping, with use of bath, gas and ,
telephone-; within walking distance to
the city; also convenient to cars. 2012
Avenua G. 7-22-3t |
RATES—One cent a word a day; no
ad. taken for leu* than i!fi cent* for
first Insertion, fash must accompany
every order.
Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair County .
Title Business Exclusively.
Birmingham Title and
Guarantee Company
225 Twenty-first Straet.
J. K. BROCKMAN. General Manager.
fOrga nixed July. !*00.)
Expert accounting In ail tta branches.
Periodical examinations mads. Nsw ay*.
feme installed.
ilO Flrei National Bank. Bell phons 930.
ROOM with hoard. 2209 6th ave. 6-22-35t
ROOMS and board 1903 Fifth avenue,
north. 7-l$-8t.
FRONT ROOM with hoard. 422 16th streef,
north, corner 6th avenue. 7-1-tf j
WANTED—Two young men from 18 to
2U years of age as news agents on rail
road. Call Quick, 1914 Morris avenue.
7-21-51 '
WANTED—Drug clerk wanted; registered
in Alabama; call or address M. Betaw,
P. O. Bldg., Wood lawn, Ala. 7-23-2t
WANTED—Man to take charge of a new
business (branch) with a small capital;
will pay $200 per month. Ask for Minor
at Gelder's restaurant Monday and
Tuesday. 7-23-2t
WANTED—Carpenters; all-summer job In
mountains near Asheville; house, mill
and Flume construction; wages $1.50,
$3; bring your family and spend the
summer and fall In comfort; nice cot
tages rented $2.50 month; also can give
permanent employment to any number
saw mill hands and common laborers at
$1 to $1.50; men with families preferred;
no liquor allowed. The Champion Fibre
Co., Woods Department, Sunburst, Hay
wood County, N. C. 7-6-tf
OVER 1000 men secured positions through
us last month, I/et us help you to a
high grade position. Write for booklet.
Hapgoods. 533 Williamson Bldg., Cleve
land, Ohio, and 726 Park Bldg., Pitts
burg. Pa.
WANTED—For U. S. army: Able-bodied
unmarried men, between ages of 21 and
36; citizens of United States of good
character and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write English. Apply
to recruiting officer, 712 N. 20th St.,
Birmingham. Ala. 7-1-ly
WANTED—First class furniture sale
and collector. Address Box 536, Besse
mer, Ala. 7-22-3t
rlenced In hardware traveling salesman
for Alabama, with established trade.
None other need apply. Address P. O.
Box 312, New Orleans. Ial., with partlcu- 1
lats. 7-23-3t 1
For SALE—Fine second-hand counters'
with marble base and show cases, suit
able for any business; bargain. Clay.
Bell phone 370. 7-l9-7t
FOR SALE—A fine set of drug store fix
tures; the set we are now us.in.*4. Collier
Drug Co.. 2012 1st avenue. 5-20-tf
FOR SALK-One saw mill with teams
and logging outfit, including 1.500.0(H)
feet of pine timber, and as much more
can be bought miles from S. R. R.;
mill is comparatively new and in op
eration. F. H. Brown, Randolph. Ala.
FOR SALE—100 acres; of land; good
dwelling; barn and outhouses, including
the growing crops: two head of horses,
and all farm tools; Red iron ore can
be shown on this land, which is located
near Vance on the A. <b S. R. R.
Price $25 per acre. P. M. Vance & Co..
2(K18}$ Second ave. 7*22-31
FOR SALE—-Meat market and grocery; 1
profitable business; fine locality; con
vince yourself; good reason for selling.
Address L. T. L., care Age-Herald.
RATES—-Oue (Tot a word n day* no
ad. token for loss Ilian 25 cents for
first Insertion. Cash must accompany
every order.
LOST—On 2nd avenue, between Age-Her
ald office and 19th street, black pocket
book containing $3 or $4 In currency and
owners card; reward if returned to Age
Hcrald office. 7-23-tf
LOST—Diamond sunburst pin between 19th
street and Birmingham hotel, 12 o'clock
Sunday; seven diamonds; $50 reward for
return to J. H. Albes, Metropolitan hotel.
_ 7-23-2t
LOST— At Baseball park Saturday after
noon, umbrella with crooked, gold
mounted horn handle; return to Wil
liamson Iron Co., for reward. 7-2l2-2t
REAL estate loans. 30, 60, 90 days and 12
months. City Loan and Banking Co.,
106 North 21st street, Bell phone 240.
without security; easy payments. Union
Discount Co.. 618 Woodward Bldg. 10-6-tl
WI'ly^.T he famous negro fortune teller,
"Kid Wonder," who was to leave for
Montgomery, is to be in the city only
one more week. He will exercise liis re
markable power in North Birmingham,
Twenty-second avenue and Twenty-sev
enth street, for white people only, with
one day for colored, Wednesday. Be sure
to see him. Office hours 9:30 a. m. to
6:30 p. m. Call Peoples phone 38. He
has always proven himself famous with
great satisfaction. No fake!
SUPPLIES—Office Isthmian Canal com
mission, Washington, D. C., July 12,
1906. Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will
be received at the office of the general
purchasing officer, Isthmian Canal Com
mission. Washington, D. C., until 10:30
a. m., July 28. 1906. at which time they
will be opened in public, for furnishing
tool steel, sheet iron, babbitt metal,
bolts, rivets, screws, tacks, soder, brass
condenser tubes, hemp packing, black
smith’s tools, hammers and handles,
picks blacksmith’s forges, anvils, vices,
trowels, wrench jaws, fids, tuyere Irons,
car movers, ball Joints, saws, wheel
barrows, asbestos cement, bending rolls,
flanging clamp, leather belting, hose,
rubber valves, pressure guages and
cocks, guage-glass cutters, locomotive
Injectors and lubricators, locks, pain
ters’ pots, boxwood rules, crayons,
chalk line, grommets, needles, faucets,
clocks, lights, nitric acid. Manila folders
and paper, etc. Blanks and full Infor
mation (Circular No. 318) may he ob
tained from this office or the offices of
the Asistant Purchasing Agent, 24 State
street. New York City; Custom House.
New Orleans, La.: also from Chief Quar
termaster, Department of the Lakes,
Chicago; Depot Quartermaster, St.
lands; Depot Quartermaster, Jefferson
ville. Ind.; Chief Quartermaster. De
partment of the Gulf. Atlanta. Ga.; and
the Commercial Club. Mobile, Ala.—
D. W. Ross, general purchasing agent.
ANY poor girl needing frienasnip .nelp,
advice, etc., will find ready and willing
assistance by applying to the matron of
Salvation Army Rescue Home, 33rd st.
and Ave. E. Birmingham. Ala. 6-14-tf
Lot 50x128—12th ave., north., near 14th st.;
$750; terms easy.
$1250—100 feet; eastern front; on 32d street;
near Lakeview car line.
5-room house, large lot and good well;
near Hagood station, $10.
Phones 465 and 1101. 1826% 3d Ave.
To the man that wants to have his prop
erty rented by October 1 and the tenant
that wants to get a nice place by that
time. I want to say "get busy." Don't wait
until the last minute and then complain
because you did not get what you want
ed. I have all classes of property for rent,
some few houses that can be had right
Bell phone 24. 223 21st street.
HATES—One cent 11 word n day; no
aid. taiken for less than 25 cents for
first Insertion. C ash must accompany
every order.
$750 Cash
Balance $40 month at 6 per cent inter
est, new 8-room furnace-heated mod
ern home, attractive place and worth
the money. Better buy this quick, for
will be rented in few days if not sold,
and your chances gone for another
Brazelton Realty Co.
i.i-3 Hood Building. Bell, 4066.
$100,000—Central business corner; lOOx
140 feet; if interested call, don't
$8500—160x190; on G, between 19th
and 20th sts.
$10,000—Business corner; 50x100: rent
ed for $900 per year; with $100 im
provements can be made to pay
$2500—25 feet on A, between 21st and
22nd sts.
$7500—Corner; 100x150; in depot dis
trict; has some improvements; can.
with small outlay, made to net 12
per cent.
$5000- -Lot 50x100, on Belt railroad;
Rood for warehouse.
$,T3,noo 1-3 cash; central corner; 75x
ioo let
220 N. 22nd Si.
People’s 269. Bell 933.
$6000—190x240, 11th ave., north, and 16th
st.; will sell all or any part of same.
We have several nice lots on loth st.,
between 11th and 12th aves., north, that
we will sell at $16 per front foot.
Gheapuset property in Birmingham. See
2025 Third Avenue. Both Phones 1681
$3600—6-r cottage; 23rd st.. near 12th ave.
$6600—Lovely Norwood home.
$2100—Pretty Norwood lots.
$3750—9-r; N. Highlds res.; big lot.
$6500—50-ftt. cor.; 4th ave., 15th st.; impvd.
$4260—2-story res.; 16th st.. near 7th ave.
$5250—60x190 ; 8th ave.. near 16th; rents $630.
$15,000—240x100; N. Side; cor.; impvd.
$18.000—New 2nd ave. store; 50-ft. front.
$6600—100x140 Ave. C; pays $860.
$50 Pr. Ft.—Ave. E. near 24th st.
$3000—2-stor.v res.; Ave. H, near 21st st.
$8600—2-story res.; superb; Ave. K cor.
At a bargain, superb Higltkl. ave. home.
' $100 Pr. Ft.-Fine cor.; 1 blk. of 5 Points.
$4750—Choice West End 'home; fronts car.
$5600—Ensley brick store; pays over 12
•pr. ct.
Both phones 1523. 2018 Third Ava
For Sale—Ensley Special.
Ensley Highlands.
$800—$300 cash. bal. $26 per month,
corner lot 85x180. fronts Mayor
Scott's residence, faces east, on car
line at station.
$2800—$1200 cash, balance easy, house
and lot 75x150, with 20-foot alley,
making frontage 95 feet, corner
Fine and Chestnut Sts., 1 % blocks
of car line, fronts south, top of hill,
5 rooms, new cabinet mantels, city
Peoples, 269. 226 N. 22d St. Bell, 933.
i ——■
York, Ala.
A. A. CURL, Proprietor
Rates: $2.00 Per Day
Special Attention to Commercial Mea.
First White Child Was Born
Within Its Walls
All That Remains of Famous Home
stead are Two Gaunt Chimneys.
Home First Burned During
Civil War.
Decatur, July 22.—(Special.) — There
stands near Moulton Heights, a suburb
of Decatur, two tall, rough, moss covered,
old-fashioned, massive stone chimneys
which have interwoven about their past
a story of historic Interest to all North
Alabama. Years ago there stood between
these chimneys an old-fashioned pioneer
house within whose walls was born the
first white chjld that was ever born in
this county, which in those days was
called Cotaeo county.
This child was A. A. Burleson, the son
of Jonathan Burleson, who came to Ala
bama from Kentucky In the year 1818, one
year before Alabama became a state of
the Union. On the night A. A. Burleson
was born there was an alarm of Indians
and the mother and child were taken away
to a place of safely. In those days the
present city of Decatur was but a mere
village, a trading post for the Indians
as it were.
There was a house between those chim
neys as the commencement of the civil
war, but it was burned during the war.
After the war there was another house
built for these chimneys and this ho;se,
too, was burned a few years ago. All
■that remains now' to remind one of the
spot where the first white child was horn
in Morgan county are the tall stone chim
Practice Medicine in Decatur.
A. A. Burleson became a physician and
for many years practiced medicine in De
catur and later on moved to Arkansas.
The years of his early boyhood were try
ing ones, for in those days this entire
country was inhabited with Indians and
there were many Indian uprisings against
the whites.
Jonathan Burleson ,the further of A. A.
Burleson, was a prominent man in his
day. He was a soldier in the war of 1812
and was in many engagements with the
Indians during his life. He held a num
ber of offices of trust in his time! among
these being that of county commissioner
ami justice of, the peace. He became a
wealthy planter.
How Horse Thieves Were Suppressed.
The elder Burleson was a man of iron
nerve and constitution. It is said that
prior to the year 1820 a gang of horse
thieves infested this part of the country
and committed many depredations. A
body of citizens, who desired to be rid
of these thieves, met in convention in
what is known as Salt Peter cave, a few
miles south of Decatur. This convention
passed resolutions which partook of the
nature of laws. That convention has since
been called ‘The First Legislature.' *
Jonathan Burleson was chosen secretary
of this convention and his brother Joe
Burleson was chosen as its president. The
holding of this convention and the pass
ing of the resolutions had a good effect,
for it broke up the gang of horse thieves
for all times.
The cave where the convention was held
is today a popular resort for young people
and picnics, who visit the place frequently
during the long hot summer months little
dreaming that within the chambers of
this cave ‘‘the first legislature” was held
many years ago.
Today the old house site where A. A.
Elegant Modern Steam Heated Offices
In Hood Building, Third Avenue and Twentieth Street.
In new Majestic Theatre Building, 1808 Third Avenue.
Messer - Moore Ins. & Real Estate Co.
222-224 N. 21st St. Phones 819
Burleson was born many years ago is
surrounded by a field of cotton and corn
and the plantation song of the negro field
hand is heard, instead of the war whoop
of the Indian as was the case during the
: trying days when young Burleson first
saw the light of day.
A number of the descendcnts of A. A.
Burleson still reside in this county and
they are numbered among the best and
most substantial citizens of the county.
By Romantic Marriage Young Man Be
comes His Step-father’s Brother-in-law.
Columbus, Ga.. July 22.—(Special.)—By
a romantic marriage just consummated in
Columbus. C. H. Bellingham, a young
man holding a position with the Southern
Bell Telephone company in this city be
comes his stepfather’s brother-in-law. His
fair bride is Miss Emmie Storey, of Bu
ena Vista, Ga. The young people had
planned to marry in the fall, and the
wedding, which was performed at the
residence of the Rev. J. W. Howard, a
Baptist minister of this city, came as a'
surprise to the friends of the couple.
On account of the previous marriage of
Mr. Dellingham’s widowed mother to Mr.
Storey, a brother of the bride, his re
lations with the members of the family
become somewhat complex. Mr. Delling
ham is now a brother-in-law of his own
mother, and she is a sister-in-law to her
daughter-in-law. The groom is a brother
in-law of his own stepfather. By reason
of the marriage Mr. Bellingham has two
mothers of the same name—Storey.
Negro Finally Safe in Jail.
Decatur, July 22.—(Special.)—The negro
Henry Howard, who shot and killed -an
other negro, named Daniel Davis, a few
days ago near this city, has been ar
rested at Falkville and is now in jail in
Decatur. Howard is said to be a bad
negro. It is said that he has killed three
negroes during the past few years.
I 1 ---
Excursion Rates Via Atlantic Coast
! Lexington. Ky.—Rate one first-class fare
I plus 35 cents. Dates of sale July 39, 30
! arul August 1. Final limit August 5, 1906.
Knoxville, Tenn.—Rate one first-class
fare plus 25 cents. Dates of sale June 17.
| IS, 19. 23. 24 . 30. July 7. 14. 15. 1906: final
I limit can be secured to September 30,
Asheville. X. C.—Rate one first-class
I fare plus 25 cents. Dates of sale July
! 25. 26. 27; 1906; final limit August 8, 1906.
I Kxtension September 30. 1906.
Monteagle, Tenn.—Rato one first-class
fare plus 25 cents. Dates of sale June
I 29. 30. July 3. 5. 19. 20. 21. 28. 29. 30. 31.
August 16. 17; final limit August 31, 1906.
For rates or any Information see ticket
agent or communicate with
5-6-tf D. P. A.. Savannah, (la.
Leave corner of 2d avenue and
! 18th street every evening at
i 8, 8:12, 8:24, and go through
without stop. There in time
for .the show—Quick travel
ing, this. _
Attractive ads. are illustrated. Ltt
the Gawk make your illustrations.
Age-Herald Building.
Hatchecubbee Man Bought His Casket
in 1904.
Columbus, Ga., July 22.—(Special.)—Dr.
\\ A. Ammons, a prominent citizen of
Hatchechubbee, Ala. who died at his home
there late Friday night, had made be
forehand full arrangements for his burial,
looking after the details in person.
In December. 1904, he went to the un
dertaking firm of C. H. Herring & Co.
In Columbus, selected a casket and made
arrangements for his funeral, after in
quiring the cost of casket and the pro
fessional service of the undertaker. He
remarked that he had to die some day
and lie wiBhed to prepare for his death.
Dr. Ammons was quite aged and realized
that he could not live long. Yesterday
the undertaker was notified to furnish
the casket. The funeral took place yes
terday afternoon at Hatchechubbee. He la
survived by a wife and son.
117'/2 N. Twenty-first Street,
A strictly high-class Institute for the
scientific treatment of all Chronic,
Nervous, Blood, Skin, Rectal, Female
and Genlto-Urlnary diseases. Deform
ities. Tumors, Stiff Joints, Cancer.
Lupus. Malignant Ulcers. Rheuma
tism, and Consumption.
Hemorrhoids, Varicocele, Hernia
and Venereal Diseases of evsry
name, * nature, form and
character are also treated
and a legal guarantee
of Cure will Be
In every Case.
Our equipment, consisting of well
kept prescription department, X-Ray,
Violet Ray, Static and Qulvano-Far
adtc apparatus. Super-Heated Air,
Electric Light Cabinet, Eureka Nebuli
zer and Ozone Inhalations for nose,
throat and lungs, and a thoroughly
equipped Surgical Department, modern
and up-to-date In every particular, give
us a prestige ever all competitor* In
Alabama tn our speoial line of practice.
Consultation and examination free.
Terms liberal and confidence held
Inviolate. Office hour* 8 a. m. to 7
n. m. Sundays, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m.
The Birmingham Ledger: Drs, Do
zier are without doubt the beet
known specialists In the south, and
their fame Is due entirely to their
great skill. j
The Birmingham News: Both Drs.
O. T. and Byron Dozier are reliable
and experienced phyelclans and sur
geons. who deserve the great success
wlTIch has been and Is theirs.
The Age-Herald: Drs. Dozier's long
standing and approved abilities en
tltlis them to the proud distinction of
standing at tha head of their profes
elon. _

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