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Market Gave Evidence of Sub
stantial Strength
Threatening Political News of the Day
Did Not Seem to Disturb the Feel
ing That the Worst Effects
Had Been Discounted.
New York, July 25.—The number of
■hares dealt in at the stock exchange?
did not expand greatly over the total of
yesterday. But the market broadened out
in Character and gave evidence of sub
stantial strength. Conditions abroad
eeemed to bo primarily responsible. Opin
ion once more shifted as to the Impor
tance to be attached to the Russian situa
tion at least in its influence on financial
conditions. Threatening political outlook
reported in the day’s news did not seem
to disturb the feeling that the worst ef
fects >n money and stock markets had
been met. There was a marked cessation
of the pressure of liquidation from cen
ters peculiarly affected by Russia's con
^ The London market also enjoyed a brisk
recovery incident to the final stages of the
fortnightly stock market settlement there
which seemed to find a considerable short
interest uncovered in Kaffirs which have
been sharply depressed by the period cf
selling for Paris account. This selling
was discontinued today and sterling ex- j
change moved up at Paris, indicating an
•asy money situation. Discounts also
receded, at Berlin, but moved up at Lon
don, where the stock market settlement
made an extra demand for money. But
these foreign factors were father of pas
sive influence in our own market, and
only served to leave unrestrained the ef
fect of more local Influence. TUese in
fluences were mostly confined to the realm
of conjecture and most of them could be
defined by the formula. Important devel
opments to be believed to be forthcoming.
Rumors as to the nature of developments
showed much variety even where they
concerned single stocks. The recent re
turn or the expected early return of in
fluential capitalists, gave vitality to the
rumors. The trans-continental railroad
etocks led the movement, and the dealings
In that group far overshadowed in impor
tance any other dealings in the market.
The plan of financing the Pacific coast
extension of St. Paul has been a subject
of curious speculation for a long time
past, and the annuoneement of the return
from Europe of William Rockefeller was
made to impart Important results for the
road from his contact with European
No. 9 First National Bank Bldg.
The Odell Stock and Grain Co,
Incorp,orated capital $250,000.
Cotton, Grain, Provisions, Stocks,
-round Floor Woodward Building.
Both Telephones, 1145.
/New York Cotton Exrhange,
New York Coffee exchange.
New Orleans Cotton Exchange,
Liverpool Cotton Association,
Chicago Board of Trade.
New York, Chicago, Cew Orleans.
C. H. COTHRAN. Manager.
119 N. 20th Street.
N. Y & N. O. Cotton Exchanges,
Chicago Board of Trade.
Both Telephones 61.
Ground Floor, First National Bank
Place your mortgage loans direct
win. the United States Mortgage and
Trust Co. of New York. Capital, sur
plus and undevided profits over $5,000,
COO. Interest rate the lowest.
0. GAZZAM, Agent.
$36 First National Bank Building.
I C.G. Abercrombie & Co. I
I Members New York and New B
j|j Orleans Cotton Exchanges and B
1 Chicago Board of Trade. f!
;fe New Orleans Correspondents, ;
Investment securities bought
and sold. Loans negotiated on
real estate at lowest rate of in
Cotton, Stocks, Bonds,
Grain and Provisions.
Members N. Y. Stock exchange
N. Y. and N. 0. Cotton ex
changes and all other leading
1923 1st Ave. W. L. Sims, Mgr
Stocks and Bonds
Citizens Savings Bank
Stock and Bond Department
Both Phones 94.
__ Sales. High. Low. Close.
Adams Express. 240
Amal. Cop.86400 99 974* 9844
Am. Car & F. 1600 35!/* 35 35'*
do pfd. 100 100 100 9944
Am. Cot. Oil. 2944
do pfd. 91
Am. Express .226
A. H. & L., pfd. 28'/a
Am. lee Secur. .. 2900 63'4 621-4 62'.*
Am. Cot. Oil. 300 19'/a 19 19'/a
do pfd. .. 42
Am. Loco. 4600 7044 70 704*
do pfd. 113
Am. Smelt. & R..22600 1464* 1454* 1464*
do pfd. 200 I 17 117 117
Am. Sug. Ref....13900 137 I34',2 1367*
Am. Toll., p. c.... 100 997* 99#* 994*
Ana. Min. Co.19500 248'/4 2451* 248
Atchison .12800 904* 884 s 901/4
do pfd. 300 1 00 997/a 1001/4
At!. C. L. 300 l36'/4 136 135'/*
Balt. & Ohio.12500 I I 77/a 117 -117
do pfd. 92
Brook. R. T.35200 757* 74 7444
Cana. Pacific ....19400 164 I6I»* 16344
Cent, of N. J. 220
Ches. & Ohio.... 1400 564* 554* 56'.*
Chi. G. W. 800 l7'/a 17 17'/*
Chi. & Northw... 900 19644 195 196
Chi., M. & St. P.42900 1811/4 1791/4 181
Chi., T. & T/.... ,. 12
do pfd. 36
C.,C.,C. & St. L.. 600 93 92!* 92'/4
Col. F. & 1. 800 49*4 484* 49»*
Col. & Sou. 3900 343* 34 3434
do 1st pfd. 1200 70 69! a 697*
do 2d pfd. 1900 497 a 4944 497/*
Consol. Gas . 1500 14044 1397* 13944
Corn Pro., ref_ 500 1944 19'* 191*
do pfd. 76'/a
Del. & Hud. 500 2131/4 212'* 2l2'/a
Del., L. * W. 535
Den. & Rio G. .. 6400 43 40'/4 42'/a
do pfd. 84
Distil. Secur. 200 57 67 567/*
Erie . 8200 41** 404*. 414*
do 1st pfd. 300 77'* 77!* 77'/a
do 2d. pfd. 700 69!* 6844 694*
Gen. Electric ... 400 166'* 165 16644
Hock Val. 120
III. Central . 200 179 1 79 178
Inter. Paper . 200 1744 1744 17Ft
do pfd. 83
Inter. Pump .... 1400 45!* 45 4544
do pfd. 80
Iowa Central .... 300 26'/* 2644 26'/4
do pfd. 200 514/4 51'/a 51
Kan. City Sou.... 100 25 25 24'/a
do pfd. 400 5244 52 52
Louis. & Nash... 4100 1411* 13944 1414*
Mex. Central .... 1600 20'/4 20 201*
Minn. & St. L.... 100 64'* 64'.* 60
Minn.. St. P. *
Sault Ste. M.... 800 153'/a 152 152
gales. High. Low. Close.
do pfd. ..- 168
Mo. Pacific . 3100 923a 91 92</4
Mo., Kan, & T. .. 4800 3374 331/4 33*4
do pfd. MOO 68'a 67'4 677/a
National Lead . 3900 7634 74 75'/4
National R. R. of
Mex.. pfd. 100 3934 3934 39
N. Y. Central .... 1200 I33'2 132 133' 2
N. Y. O. & W.... S00 4634 46 463 a
Nor & West. 1100 8734 87'2 87 = 4
do pfd. 91
North Am. 800 94'a 93 94
Pacific Mail . 400 347-4 343< 3434
Pann.12600 12834 127'/* l28'/a
People's Gas . 1600 9034 90 90'2
P..C.C. & St. L. 77
Pressed S. C. 400 4612 46 46’ a
do pfd. /.i. . 97
Pull. Pal. Car. 222
Reading.51900 I26L2 l24'/4 l26'/4
do 1st pfd. 90
do. 2nd pfd. 90
Republic Steel ... 1700 27 26'/4 263 4
do pfd.f.... 1200 97 96 96
Rock Island Co.. 6600 24'2 24 2434
do pfd. . 1200 63 62 6234
St. L. & Sah.
Fran. 2d pfd.. 42
St. L. Southw..i. 600 2234 2H/4 22
do pfd. 1700 513 4 50'4 51 >/4
Sou. Pacific .94300 7372 7|3/4 7372
do pfd. 117
Sou. Railway ....14800 3534 3434 3512
do pfd. 300 99 99 99
Tenn. C. * T. 800 152'/4 151'/4 152
Tex. & Pacific.... 1000 32'/a 3134 3134
Tol., St. L. & W. 900 29'2 2734 2834
do pfd. . 300 47'.2 47 47
Union Pacific ... 9600 l49'/4 l47'/4 1483 4
do pfd. 800 941/4 94 93
U. S. Express.....'.. 122
U. S. Realty. 300 79 77 78
U. 8. Rubber .... 600 44 4234 43TS4
do pfd. 106
U S. steel .51000 3634 3514 36'2
do pfd.27200 1043 4 1031/4 l04'/4
Va.-Caro, Chem,. 400 3474 3474 34
do -pfd. .......:. 107
Wabash. 1914
do pfd. 200 46 4574 45',2
Wells Far. Ex. 280
West'll. Elec. 154
West. Union . 9134
W. & L. E. 17' '2
Wls. Central .... 300 2374 2312 2334
do pfd. 200 46' 2 46 46'.'2
Nor Pacific . 5300 202'/i 201 202
Cont. Leather .... 200 3674 3634 36'2
do pfd. 100 10112 1011.2 10112
Sloss-Shef. 400 7 2'/4 7|S» 72
Gf. Nor., pfd. 1900 2927s 292 292'4
Interb. Met. 2100 38'/4 37 37'/2
do pfd. 1000 7 6 7 2 7 6 767/s
Total sales for the day, 747.500 shares. __
financiers. The supposed development con
cerning the Harrlman Pacifica was even
more varied, and ranged from an initial
dividend on Southern Pkclflo to an absorp
tion of St. Paul by Union Pacific. In the
same way the expected arrival in New
York of James J. Hill and J. P. Morgan
gave new life to the Great Northern ore
lands deal rumors. The identity of tho
commission houses which conducted tho
largest transactions in these stocks lent
an appearance of probability to the con
jecture that insiders In the property were
sharing in the market operations. These
stocks furnished the nucleus of the day’s
entire movement which was largely sym
The general market was much slower In
moving upw’ards than these selected
stocks, but their leadership became ef
fective as the day progressed, and It
was seen that some Importance was at
tached to the advance.
Money on call continued easy but the
rate for time loans over the end of tho.
year were maintained. The better feel
ing in foreign market centers resulted in
a decline In sterling exchange rates here.
The demand expanded at the last with the
lack of pressure manifest, and the closing
was active and strong at the top level
and with the leaders up from 2 to 3 points.
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales, par
value. $1,275,000. United States new 4s
declined 44 per cent on call.
U. S. refunding 2s. registered.104
U. 8. refunding 2s, coupon...104
IT. 8. 3s, registered .103
U. S. 3s coupon ...10344
U. 8. old 4s, reg) uered .103
IT. 8. old 4s. r 'Upon .103
U. 8. new -ts, registered.1281 '2
U. S- new 4s, coupon .129 > 2
,ils. & Nash, unified 4s .10044
Southern Railway 5s .\\6V*
Mobile and Ohio ct. 4s. 98
Money on Call.
New York, July 25.—Money on call easy,
2®2% per cent; ruling rate, 2%; closing
bid. 2; offered at 2%; time loans easier on
short maturities; sixty days, 3%®4 per
cent; ninety days, [email protected]%; six months, 5%.
Prime mercantile paper. 5%®594; sterling
exchange weak at 485®48f>.05 for demand
and at [email protected] for sixty-day bills;
posted rates, 482%®4S3 and 48o%®486; com
merelal bills, 4819404*1%. Bar silver. 65%.
Mexican dollars. 50%. Government bonds
weak; railroad bonds irregular.
Treasury Statement.
Washington, July 25.—Today's statement
of the treasury balancp In the general
fund, exclusive of the gold reserve, shows;
Available cash balance, >170.706,666; gold
coin and bullion, $99.9n*,607; gold certifi
cates, >38,535,970.
Clearing and Exchange.
New Orleans, July 26 — Clearings, >2,261.
125. New York exchange. 50 cents discount;
commercial paper, 6 per cent.
Memphis, July 25.—Clearings, >429,501;
balances, $59,092.
Seaboard Air Line.
Baltimore, July 25.—Seaboard Air Line,
common and preferred, nothing doing.
Chicago 'Change.
Chicago, July 26— Profit-taking sales and
heavy selling against country acceptances
caused a weak close In the wheat market
today. The final quotations on the Sep
tember option were %®% lower than tire
close of yesterday. Corn was up %®%.
Oats were %®% higher. Provisions were
down 5<©t0.
i The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat— Open. High. Low. Close.
July . 7648 76'/2 7542 75' * I
Sept. 7748 775a 7642 784a
Dee. 7948 80 7872 79
July . 5178 5178 51 '/* 8148
Sept. 5172 52 51 '.* 51*8
May . 4942 50 59'/a 494a
Julv . 35 4 8 3 8 3 5 48 35*8
Sept. 334-8 34 '/8 3348 3348
Dec . 3472 3518 34' 2 34* a
May . 3648 37 36'/4 3658
Mess Pork
Sept.17.30 17.30 17.10 17.221/2
Sept. 8.97'/2 8.97'2 8.921/2 8.924*
Oct. 9.02'/* 9.02'/* 8.97'/* 9.00
Nov. 8.95 8 97'* 8.95 8.95
Short Ribs—
Julv . 9.25 9 27' a 9.' 5 9.15
Sept. 9.30 9.32'* 9.12'/* 9.20
Oct. 9.02'/2 9.0742 8.89'/2 9.00
Cash quotation -i>-—
Wheat—No. 2. - I
2 red, 77%®78*40.
Corn—No. 2. 51* F
Oats—No. 2, 35' ; No.
3 white, 35%#37V“
Rye—No. 2. 59®
Barley—Good ft choice
malting, 43®50r\
Flax Seed—No torth
western, 31-09%.
Timothy Seed- ’
Clover—Cont rat
Short Ribs Side
Mess Pork—Pet
Lard—per 100 l
Short Clear Sid <3
On the produce e but
ter market was 4 75#
19%c; dairies, 1 54
Eggs—Steady, luded,,
[email protected]; firsts. 15t c. ex
tras, 18%c.
Cot ¥
New York. Jul; mild,
steady. Futures tn ad
vance of 7 point to the
European tnark< confi
dence in the pot lorlza
tlon plan. At the advance there was
considerable selling by old longs, how
ever. and the market eased off slightly
during the middle session with fresh buy
ing for long account checked to some ex
tent by the fact that the market at Klo
was reported reds lower; that receipts at
primary points were heavy and rumors
that heavy Wall street long lines might
come on the market around 7 cents for
December. The market closed steady at
an advance of 6 points to a decline of 5
points. Sales were reported of 70.760 bags.
Including July at 6.60; September, 0.06®
6.70; Octobebr, 6.7506.80: December, 6.900
7.00- January. 7.10; March, 7.1507.25; May,
Metal Market.
New York, July 25.—There was a re
action in the London tin market today,
spot £170 5s;futures £169 15s. Locally
about unchanged on the average, spot
$37.36®37.40. Copper had a strong ad
vance in London, spot at £82 10s, futures
£81 6s. Locally the market was un
changed; Lake, $18.37^4018.75; electrolytic,
$18.1214018.60; casting. $17.75018.00. Lead
unchanged. $5.75 locally; advanced 2s 6d
to £16 15s In London. Spelter unchanged
In both markers; In London £27; locally
$5.9506 05. Iron higher abroad; standard
foualry 51s: Cleveland warrants 61s 3d.
be, ally unchanged and steady to Arm; No.
i foundry northern, $18.50019.25; No. 2
foundry northern, $18 25® 18.75; No. 1 foun
dry southern. $18.00®,18.50; No. 2 foundry
southern, $17.50018.00.
Live Stock Market,
Chicago, July 26.—Cattle: Receipts. 22.
000; market steady to 10c lower; common
to prime steers, $4.2506.50; cows. $2,75®
4.50; heifers. $2.7505.25; bulls, $2.60®>4.25;
calves, 15.7507.00; stockers and feeders,
Hogs: Receipts, 25,000; market steady;
choice to prime heavy, $6.8606.95; medium
to good heavy. $6.6006.75; butcher weights,
$6.8506.95; good to choice heavy, mixed,
$6.6006.76; packing. $6.0006.66.
Sheep: Receipts. 16.000; dull: sheep, $4.10
06.60; yearlings, $4.2606.00; lambs, $5.75
Naval Stores.
Charleston, July 26,—Turpentine and
rosin nothing doing.
New Orleans, July 25.—Naval stores:
Pitch, $4.W; pine tar. $4.50; coal tar, $3.50;
rosin firm, A, B, C, $3.85; D, $4.05; E,
$4.20; F, $4.25; G. $4.30; H. $4.35; I, $4.40
K. $4.00; M. $4.80: N. $4.90; window glass,
$4.95; water white, $5. Turpentine quiet,
Savannah, July 25.—Turpentine quiet,
57c; sales, 503; receipts, 1102: shipments,
160. Rosin Arm; sales 3225; receipts, 2296;
shipments, 330; stock, 67,596. Quotations:
A, B, C. $3.86; D, $4.06; E, $4.20; F, $1.25;
G. $4.30; H, $4,35; X, $4.40; I\. $4.60; M.
$4,80; N, $4.90; window glass, $4.95; water
white, $5.
Wilmington, July 25,-Spirlts turpentine
Arm. 6644c; receipts 47 casks. Rosin Arm,
$3.60: receipts, 239 barrels Tar Arm. $2:
receipts, 220 barrels. Crude turpentine
Arm, $2.75. Receipts, 65 barrels.
New Orleans, July 26—Cotton seed oil
prime, 34c; crude, 29c.
Cotton Seed Oil.
New York, July 26.—Cotton seed oil
barely steady; prime crude, fob., mills,
2543®26c; new crop; do yellow, 38®3844c.
Petroleum Arm. Rosin firm; strained com
Inton to good. $4. Turpentine Arm.
Memphis, July 26—Cotton seed oil,
prime crude. 80c; prime summer yellow,
33c; prime meal, $27; prime cake, $27.
Loveman & Co.’* Market Letter.
There has been a great deal of ahort
covering today and some new specula
tive buying, partly the result of resis
tence which Liverpool seems disposed to
oppose to further decline and partly
owing to the fear that the next census
bureau report will be bullish. Today, July
25. Is the date set for the returns to be
mailed to the censuR department of agri
culture and the conditions existing today
will be those reflected in the report re
ceived by the department. As showers
have occurred dally at one point or an
other throughout the Atlantic diatrlct
up to and including yesterday, farmers
are. as a result. In a pessimistic frame
of mind, and their reportR to the govern
ment will, therefore, be gloomy. It Is true
that clear skies have again appeared and
R Is possible that a week of fair weather
may brighten up prospects materially,
but the fact remains that conditions as
they exist on July 23 will be reported as
very unfavorable in the Carollnas and
Georgia, as well as point* in Alabama.
Liverpool due 2 to 3 up tomorrow.
Mrs. Winalow’* Soothing 8yrup.
The best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold
by druggists In every part of the world.
Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup,” and take no other kind.
Has been used for over FIFTY TEAKS
all Pain, CURES WIND COLIC, and Is
twenty-five cent* * bottle.
Three lots on 27th street,
Ensley, near new steel mill.
Two of the corners will sell to
gether or separate. For price
and terms address OWNER,
care of Age-Herald.
New Low Level on Active
Months is Reached
Southern Spot Markets Were Gener
ally Unchanged and the Steadier
Liverpool Market Was Re
assuring as to Russia.
New York. July 25.—The cotton market
was steadier today, and reaching a new
low level for the moment on the active
months, rallied several points. The close
was steady at unchanged prices to an ad
vance of 7 points. Sales for the day were
estimated at 175,000 bales.
The market opened steady at a decline
of 1 point to an advance of 1 point, which
was hardly as good as due on the cables,
and shortly afterward sold off to a net
loss of 1 to 5 points under a renewal of
bear pressure and liquidation which was
promoted by the favorable w'eather shown
on the-early map and by expectations that
stop-loss orders on the long side would
be uncovered under 10.15 for October. The
break carried October down to 10.14, but
instead of the expected stop-loss selling
at the decline to this figure and 9.95 for
August, which was under the low point
of July. There was a demand for cover
ing and the market during the latter trad
ing ruled generally steady with the tone
approaching firmness in the afternoon on
the reports of heavy rains in the north
ern part of Texas which were accom
panied by private reports of less favora
ble crop conditions in the sections. The
market closed within a point or two of
the best. Southern spot markets were
generally unchanged and the steadier Liv
erpool market was reassuring as to the
Immediate effect of the Russian sltua
Receipts 'at the ports today. 3831 bales,
against 2811 last week and 17.690 last year.
For the week. 30.000 bales, against 24,000
last week and 102,031 last year. Toda> s
receipts at New Orleans, 1287 bales,
against 3019 last year, and at Houston
162 bales, against 5280 last year.
New York Cotton Futures.
Open. High.JLow._Close.
July... I0.00~I0.00 10.00 10.00
August . 10.00 10.05 9.95 10.04
September . 10.10 10.15 10.07 [0.15
October . 10.17 10.24 10.14 0.23
November . 10.18 .••• jj-J*
December . 10.24 10.34 10.23 0.32
January . 10.30 10.37 10.29^0.36
February . *0.31 . •
March . 10.40 10-47 10.40 10.47
Dally Cotton Movement.
Galveston—Steady; middling, 11c; net
receipts, 426; gross receipts, 426; stock,
New Orleans—Quiet; middling 10%c; net
receipts. 1287; gross receipts. 1287; sales,
1800; stock, 48,263; exports to France, 1795;
exports coastwise, 95.
Mobile—Quiet; middling. 10«ir: net re
ceipts, 120; gross receipts. 120; sales, SO;
stock, 7+49: exports coastwise. 59.
Savannah—Easy; middling. 1011-lBc; net
receipts, 1118: gross receipts, 1118; sales,
570; stock, 36,859.
Charleston—Fomina,!; net receipts, lot;
gross receipts. 104; stock, 5586; exports
•coastwise, 135.
Wilmington—Nominal; net receipts, 11;
gross receipts, 11; stock. 244.
Norfolk—Steady; middling. llVfcc: net re
ceipts, 467; gross receipts. 467; sales, 346;
stock, 11.690; exports coastwise, 321,
Baltimore—Nominal; middling, lH4e: net
receipts none; gross receipts, 15; stock.
Boston—Quiet; middling, 10.90; net re
ceipts. 251: gross receipts, 626; exports to
Great Britain, 95.
Philadelphia—Steady; middling, 11.151
gross receipts, 24; stock. 2127.
in. Townsend—Net receipts 47; gross re
ceipts, 47: exports to Japan, 47.
New York—Quiet; middling. 10.90; gross
receipts. 989; sales, 101: stock, 96.424; ex
ports to Great Britain. 700; exports to
France, 100; exports to the continent,
Total today, at all ports net—3831; ex
ports to Great Britain. 705; exports to
France, 1856; exports to the continent,
1089; exports to Japan. 47; stock. 229,691.
Consolidated, at all ports, net-18.487:
exports to Great Britain. 1569: exports to
France, 1906; exports to the continent.
12.979: exports to Japan, 681.
Total since September 1, at all ports,
net—7,747,973: exports to Great Britain,
2.808.804; exports to France, 715,910; ex
ports to l he continent, 2,636.891: exports
to Japan. 118,288; exports to Mexico, 2764.
Interior Movement.
Houston—Steady; middling. iO%c; net
receipts, 162: gross receipts, 162; ship
ments, 183; sales. 790; stock, 14,580.
Augusta—Quiet; middling. 1l%c; net re
ceipts. 103; gross receipts. 277; shipments,
939; sales. 643; stock. 17.078.
Memphis—Quiet; middling, 10%c; net re
ceipts, 24: gross receipts, 24; sales. 50;
stock. 8329.
fit. Louis—Dull; middling. 10 15-16c; net
receipts. 24; gross receipts, 1066; ship
ments. 1557: sales 1118; stock. 23,895.
Cincinnati—Net receipts, 246; gross re
ceipts, 246: stock. 6450.
Louisville—Firm; middling, 11c.
Total today—Net receipts. 559; gross re
ceipts. 1775; shipments, 2679; sales. 2601;
stock. 70,332.
New Orleans Cotton Market.
New Orleans. July 25—Spot cotton closed
quiet and unchanged; middling, 10%; sales,
225 bales on the spot and 826 to arrive.
Futures opened steady from 1 point low- j
er to 2 higher than yesterday's close. ;
With Liverpool cables good and crop news !
considered favorable. Professionals nt- j
tempted to run the market up in an at- i
tempt to force shorts to buy. and In this j
they were to a certain extent success
ful. The close was steady at about the
highest, and with the exception of July,
which closed 2 points under yesterday,
priees were 2 to 10 points higher through
out the list.
New Orleans Cotton Futures.
Open. High. Low*. Close!
July . »0.89 10 90 10.85 10 88
August . 10.47 10.62 10.45 10.50
September . 10.31 10.37 10.31 10.37
October . 10.17 10.24 10.16 10 23
November . 10.18 10 24 10.18 10.24
December . 10.20 10.26 10.18 10 26
January .' 10.26 10.33 10.26 10.33
February . 10.32 10.38 10.31 10.38
March . 10-38 10.46 10.38 10.46
New Orleans. July 25—Spot cotton closed
quiet; sales. 550; low ordinary. 7% nomi
nal; ordinary, 7% nominal; good ordinary,
9 3-16; low middling, 10; middling. 10%;
good middling, 11%; middling fair. 11%
nominal; fair, 12%; receipts, 1287; stock,
Liverpool Cotton Market.
Liverpool, July 25.—Spot cotton quiet;
prices 2 points lower; American middling
fair, 6.51; good middling, 6.23; middling,
6.01; low middling, 5.83; good ordinary,
5.59; ordinary, 5.39. The sales of the day
w»ere 5000 bales, of whlcto 500 were for
speculation and export and Included 4600
American; receipts. 4400 bales, all Ameri
can. Futures opened easier and closed
Arm; American middling, good ordinary
clause: July, 5,76*83,7^; July:Augusf, 5.73®
5.74; August-September. 5.68®6.68; Beptem
ber-October. [email protected];‘Oetober-Noyember\
5.55(85.56; November-Deeember, 5.55; De
cember-January. 5.55; January-February,
5.56; February-Mareh, .58; arch* April,
5.59#5.06; Aprll-May, 5.80(®6.61; May-Jum*, j
Dry Goods.
New York, July 25.—The dry goods mar
ket today was firmer in domestic print
cloths and dress goods. The volume of
business done is growing larger daily. Bilk
piece goods were very quiet. Ribbons and
neckwear silks are moving a little. Un
derwear and hosiery are well sold for the
spring of 1907.
Abercrombie & Co.’* Market Letter.
As has been customary, correspondents
of the government will forward to Wash
ington today their report on the condition
of the growing crop, the general average
of which reports will be publicly an
nounced on the 3rd of August. As a re
sult of incessant rains, which have last- j
ed for a whole month at some points, it !
being about this time one month ago
when the rains set In, there Is reason to
look for some deterioration, especially in
the South Atlantic states, where the rains
have been almost a dally occurrence since ;
the torrential rains reported from that
section in the middle of June. In advance
of the government bureau report there
was published today a private bulletin
showing a deterioration of 2.8 per cent
for the month, the general average of
condition of crop being placed at 71.3
against 74 last month, indicating an of
ficial report of about 80.5, compared with 1
88.3 last month, 74.9 last year, and 01.6 In
the big crop year of 1904. It seems that
Georgia and the Carolina* are the worst
off this season, being the three states
that saved the spinning industry from a
calamity this season, notwithstanding the
large surplus of more than 1,800,000 bales
carried over in the visible at the close of
last year’s commercial year, the season's
supply of 12,645/WO bales, exclusive of
large mill rpserves. proving none too large
for the requirements of the wold.
Gibert 4 Clay’s Market Letter.
Options in Liverpool again displayed a
tendency to Improve, finally closing at a
loss of 1 point, while 6000 bales changed
hands at 2 points lower quotations. Cable
news whs comparatively scarce, no fur
ther developments having oocurred in
the Russian situation.
The close scrutiny which American mar
kets manifest In ths course of options
abroad, as Indicative of the effect pro
duced by the general political aspect of
the empire of the Czar, Is reflected in
the opening prices of futures. The ap
parent restoration of confidence in the
foreign market today end the steady
covering by the short Interest in local
markets In anticipation of a bullish gov
ernment report next week Imparted a
general steadiness to the market’s under
tone that reduced to a minimum any de
sire to resort to bear pressure. On the
other hand the Improvement in price
levels was hradly commensurate with the
character of Influences at hand, the tide
of public sentiment still remaining un
changed. Ideal weather now exists and
forecasts for tomorrow are for a con
tinuation of the same, with no diminu
tion In the excellent news from the fields.
Ware 4 Leland’s Market Letter.
Cotton was stupid today and the range
of prices was extremely narrow. Pro
fessional sentiment seemed to be more
divided than It has been of late, which
may be a partial explanation of the dull
ness. Some large operators worked for
an advance but the outside public did
not come In, In even 1 a half-hearted
Cables were fairly favorable and pri
vate advices said that there was no
pressure to sell. This gave the local mar
ket a good tone on the opening. The
weather map was favorable, however,
and It was hard to shake the faith of the
raplt and file In the short side as a
money maker.
Little rain was shown anywhere ever
the cotton belt on the map and the fore
cast predicted very little rain tonight
nnd tomorrow. Fair weather over Texas,
was. of course, favorable to opening and
picking of cotton and gave the bears
courage to stand against the nttempts
of the bull manipulators to put them on
the run,
A sensational news feature was the,
reported discovery of the boll weevil In
Monroe county. Alabama. Samples of the
insects were sent to experts In this city.
Those who know the weevil when they
see them and who had the opportunity
of Inspecting the samples were of the
opinion that they were not boll weevils.
The July position attracted little or no
attention. What little Interest there now
Is In the old crop Is wholly In August,
but the talent on the whole are tired of
the old crop and will soon turn all their
attention to the new.
There was no demand at all for spots
In evidence.
Good middling In the Birmingham spot
cotton market was quoted yesterday at
10V4r. The market Is reported firm and
prices unchanged.
The local produce market Is well storked
with all kinds of green stuff now In sea
aon and these are quoted at comparative
ly reasonable figures. No material
changes In the quotation of prices were
noted yesterday.
Local Cotton Market.
Good middling . 10%
Strict middling. 10%
Middling . KHi
Strict low middling . 10
Low middling . 8%
Local Iron Market.
IF ..
2F . 1* 50
$F . 13.00
Grey Forge . 12.60
IS . 14.00
2S . 13-50
Mottled . 12.50
Local Securities.
(Corrected by Citizens Saving* Bonk.
Stock end Bond Lepartment. Phones 94 )
Bid. Asked.
Ala. Consolidated, com.
Ala. Consolidated, pfd. 90 92
Am Trust Sc Savings Bank.275
Atlanta and B'ham Ins. Co. 3%
Avondale land Co.110 ...
Avondale Mills .105 ...
B'ham Ice Factory .140
B'ham Realty Co., com.145 155
B'ham Realty Co., pfd. 85 60
B'ham I!.. L. Sc P. Co., pfd.9S loo
B'ham R., L. & P. Co., pfd.98 10
B'ham Trust and Saving Co.210 250
Bessemer C. 1. Sc L. Co. 24 24
Citizens Savings Bank .125
Commercial State bank ..100 109
Dlmmick Pipe Co. 90 94
East Lake Land Co.95 too
Ensley Land Co. K 7
First National Bank .265 270
Georgia Ry. Elec. Co., com. in3«
Georgia Ry. Elec. Co., pfd. 90 9m
Hotel Hillman .100
Jefferson County Ravings Bank 226
Little Hock Ry- & Elec. Co. co.. 78
Little Hock Ry- & Elec. Co. co.. 73
Memphis St. Ry. Co., com.... 65 ...
Memphis St. Ry. pfd. 32% ...
Nashville Railway . 46 48
NaBhvIlle Railway, pfd. 82*4 ...
Is'ew Orleans R. & Lt. Co., com. 32 31
New Orleans R. & Lt. Co., pfd... 79 so
B'ham R., L. & P. Co.'s 4Vi». 96
North Birmingham Land Co.... 4* 50
People's Savings Bank..186 150
Traders’ National Bank.100 105
Ala. Consolidated. 5s . >3 w
Ala. Steel & Shipbuilding Co....102 105
Alabama State Bonds—
Class C rene-wal 3*4 .101 io$
Funding Is .105 109
B ham Ry.. E. ft P. Co. 4*»s. 98
B'ham Ry. and Elec. Co.105 log
Little Rock Ry. Sc Elec. Co. pfd. 98 99
Little Rock Ry. & Elec. Co. pfd. 98 99
B’ham Water Works Co.110 113
city of Birmingham 6s.102 105
City of Birmingham 6*.114 11*
Continental Gin Co. 95 100
Warrant Warehouse Company
Best Protection. Lowest Insurance
Storage of cotton and all commodities. Loans negotiated
on our receipts. Concrete, automatic-sprinkled, ware
rooms. 35th St. and Ave-A, Birmingham- Both phones 923
W. D. NESBITT, - - 311 Woodward Building
Statement, ^One 18, 1906.
Loans and discounts...... .*5,198,835.99
Overdrafts. 1,434.44
U. S. bonds and premiums 1,078,500.00
Other stocks and bonds.. 205,892.50
Alabama bond account... 42,500.00
In vault,...* 643,537.16
With banks. 2,590,990.28
With U. S.
Treas.. .. 60,159.00— 3,284,686.44
Capital stock.$1,000,000.04
Surplus and profits. 540,789.34
Circulation. 987,500.00
Individual ...$6,413,662.23
Bank . 819,897.80
U. S. 50,000.00— 7,283,560.03
Country Club 6s .76
Georgia Ry. and Elec. Co.101 103
Jefferson County Bonds
Four and a halfs.104 106
Fives .1% 109
Sixes .117 122
Little Rock Ry. & Elec. Co. 6s.. .. 104
Masonic Temple 5s . 103%
Nashville Railway 6s .101 102
New Orleans R. & Lt. Co. 6a... 110% XU
Sloss I. & S. Co., first mort.109 HO
Sloss I. and St. gen mort.92 M
Tennessee Coal and Iron Co.—
Tennessee division .106% 110
Birmingham division . 107%
Birmingham division .110% 111
C&haba division .100
DeBardeleben division .101
Local Staple Groceries.
Sugar—Granulated, 6%c; Y. C., 4%c.
Flour—Fancy patent. $6.76; standard
patent. $5; straight, $4.90.
Coffee—Green, ll^lSc; Arbuckle’s, $15.56;
Porto Rico, $16.66.
Meat—Dry salted ribs, 8%c; dry salted
rib bellies, 10%c; extra clear, 10c; hams,
fancy. 15%c; medium 14%c; bacon beJliea,
12c; California hams, 10c.
Lard—Leaf, 10c; compound lard, 8o.
Molasses—Centrifugal, 30®35c; sugar
house, 40c; Georgia cane. 34c.
White Peas—Per bushel. $2.
Beans—Navy, $2.26 per bushel; hand
picked Lima, 7c.
Grits—92 pounds, $1.66.
Meal—“Jim Dandy,” $1.26.
Macaroni, 6'/bc.
Food Stuff.
Corn—No. 2 mixed. 72c; white, 74c.
Oats—No. 2 mixed, 43c; No. 2 white, 52c;
white clip, 64c.
Pure wheat bran, 80 or 100, $25.
Cotton seed feed meal. $25; prime. $2L
Corn chops. $1.26.
Corn hearts, $1.25.
Shorts-100 pound sack. $1.15.
Hulls—80-lb c. s., $9 ton; 20-lb. c. a., 40«
sack; 100-lb c. s., $11 ton; 100-lb c. s., 45c
sack; 75-lb sack hulls, 50c.
Hay—Choice timothy. $23; No. 1 timo
thy, $22; Johnson grass. $15; clover mixed,
Fruits and Produce.
Lemons—Per box, extra fancy, $4.5005.
Watermelons—10 to 25c.
Cantaloupes—#1 @1.50 per crate.
Tomatoes—Alabama, 4 basket crates,
Alabama Beans—P*r crate, green, 750#1.
English Peas—#126.
! Corn—12Vfc015c per dozen,
j Limes—Per 100, 50075c.
I Peanuts- Fancy, per pound, 6c; No. Z So.
| Cabbage—New crop. 202Vfcc pound,
i Pineapples—30, 36 and 40 sizes, $2.2502.50
Cucumbers—Per bu., 75c0#l.
Squash—Per bu.. 75r0$1.25.
I Peaches—Per crate, 5Oc0$1.25.
Egg Plant—#1.7502.
Huckleberries, #1.75(02.
Grapes—Per 6-basket crate, #1(^2.
New Apples—60c(£#1 bushel.
Onions—New crop, pound. 2V403e.
New Potatoes—Per bushel, 86090c.
Eggs—Case counts, 13c; candled, 15c.
j Heng—35c; broilers. 15030c.
Bulter— Fresh, [email protected]; renovated, 21c; 1
creamery, 25c.
Cheese—Full cream, per pound, 14015a
Hides and Wool.
Green salt hides, No. 1, lOVfc011a
Dry flint hides, No. 1, 16018a
Dry salt hides, No. 2. 14016c.
Clear washed wool, 35036c.
Unwashed wool, 23026c.
Burry wool, 14016c.
Bheepskins. 15075c.
Tallow. 404V4c.
Beeswax, 25c.
Leave corner 2d avenue and
18th street every evening at 8,
8:12, 8:24 and go through
without stop.. There in time
for the show—Quick traveling
I guar^ptci*
you a p»KTn\a
lent cure
private troublee
and that you
may know my
guarantee is re
liable I refer
you with per
mission, to the
First National
bank, Alabama
National b&A,
Steiner Broth
ers. b unitors.
Jelferson Coun
ty Savings
bAnk and the
Jreopic * cavings utua ana jrum com
pany, as to my honesty for my contracts.
Fully three-fourths ox my patients hava
been treated by some on* else before call
ing on me to be cured. Why not come as
moon as afflicted? You will save money,
distressing pain and valuable time; be
| sides, there Is satisfaction In knowing
l that the very best treatment Is being
given you by an honest, competent phy
sician I have treated private troubles
mm a specialty 1q the city of Birmingham,
▲la., since August 8 1887 1 cure all man
ner of private diseases. I cure many pa
tients by mall treatment. Write for price*
and terms.
I do not use large advertisements and
false statements to attract patients which
merit has failed to secure. If you fall to
be curtd by such methods, give me a call
and get well.
j lfy offices are the most private and
, tauiet In the city, tenth story of the new
First National bank building, corner of
Fecond avenue and Twentieth street.
Booms 1006 and 1607. Take one of the Bag
blevators to tenth floor.
Office hours: 8:30 a. m. M
Binli) m a .m. to U m.
Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad.
Schedule Effective June 10, 1006.
No. 1. Lv. Talladega.7:45 a.m.
No. 3 Lv. Talladega .4:20 p.m.
Lv. Birmingham (Sou. or 9 A.L.)..6:45 a.m.
Lv. Birmingham (Sou. or S.A.L.). .4:05 p.m,
Ar. Birmingham (Sou. Ry.).10:15 a.m.
Ar. Birmingham (Sou. Ry.).7:30 p.m.
Ar. Talladega .10:44 a.m.
Ar. Talladega . 7:08 p.m.
For further information apply to
Talladega, Ala.
W. If. TAHPLEY- A. fl P- A—
Showing the arrival and departure o!
passenger trains at the Union station.
(Kltective June 17. 1907.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad.
Arrive from— (Depart to—
N. Orleans..11:45 am [Cincinnati ..12:05 pm
N. Orleans.. 9:10 pm Cincinnati ..9:18 pm
^flncinnatl .. S:25am N. Orleans.. 8:33 arrt
Cincinnati .. 4:00 pm N. Orleans.. 4:20 pm
•Decatur ... 7:00 pm ‘Decatur ....6:15 ant
1 ‘Decatur ... 9:26 am ‘Decatur ... 4:16 pin
Mont'g'y ... 7:45 pm Montg'y .... 5:25 am'
Montg'y ....10:40 am Montg'y ....8:15pm
Birmingham Mineral Railroad.
Arrive from— Depart to—
Blocton .10:60 am Blocton .6:20 am
Blocton .6:85 pm Blocton .2:00 pm
•Blocton .... 6:00 pm ‘Blocton ...,6:30 am
Anniston via Anniston via
Gadsden ..10:25 am Gadsden ..4:19 pm
Anniston via Anniston via
Gadsden ..6:35 pm Gadsden ..8:35 am
Southern Railway.
Arrive front— Depart to—
Atlanta .10:15 am Atlanta .4:05 pm
Atlanta .6:35 am Atlanta .11:30 pmi
Mobile .5:30 am Gr'vllle .....10:20 pm
Gr'vllle .5:40 nm Wash'n .6:50 pm
Wash'n .12:05 pm Heflin .6:45 am
Heflin .7:30 pm Gr’vllle .12:25 pm
Gr'vllle .6:00 pm Mobile .10:35 pm1
Mobile .10:15 pm Selma .6:00 ami
Wash'n .9:30 pm Wnsh’n .8:40 amr
Corona .9:35 am Corona .3:40 pm
Queen and Crescent Route.
Arrive from— Depart to—
N. Or.6:40 am Clncln.6:45 am.
Clncln.10:20 pm N. Or.10:25 pm
Clncln..10:16 am N. Or. ......10:20 am'
Chatta.12:00 m Chatta.4:00 pm
Meridian ...11:20 pm Meridian _4:30 pn*
Meridian ...12:25 pm Meridian ....5:45 am
N. Or.6:40 pm Clncln.6:45 pn*i
Frisco System.
Arrive from— I Depart to—
Memphis ... 8:55 pmlMemphls ...12:20 pus
Memphis ... 6:40 am Memphis ...10:30pm
Winfield _10:00am,Winfield .... 4-40 pits'
Amory .6:25 pm|Amory .6:30 sirs*
Central of Georgia.
Arrive from— .Depart to—
Savannah ..10:00 pin Macon .7:00 am
Savannah ..12:05 pmjSavannah ...4:00 pm
Seaboard Air Line.
Arrive from— .Depart to—
Richmond ..10:20 pm Richmond ..6:86 am
Richmond ..11:69 ain[Rlchmond ..4:06 pm
All trains run by central time. Trains
marked thus (•) are dally except Sunday.
Schedule In Effect April 29, 1906.
N. B.—Following .schedule figures pub
lished only as Information and are not
6:40 a.m—No. 38, for Atlanta, Washing
ton, Baltimore. Philadelphia,
New York and the East. Pull
man Drawing Room Sleeping
Car, Birmingham to Ness
York. Dining Car, Birming
ham to Atlanta.
6:00 a.m.—No. 19, for Montevallo, Ma
plesville, Selma and way sta
12:26 p.m.—No. 35, for Columbus, tVost
Point, Winona. Greenwood
and Greenville; also Sheffield
and Florence and North Ala
bama points.
8:40 p.m.—No. 16, for Cordova, Oakman,
Corona and way stations; alia
6:45 a.m.—No. 22, for Anniston. Heflin and
way stations; also Rome, Ga,
6:50 p.m.—No 36. for Atlanta, Chariot*,
Richmond, Washington, Nevr
- York and the East. Pullman
Sleeping Car Birmingham ns
Richmond. Va.
4:06 p.m.—No. 24, Anniston, Atlanta -.d
way stations; also for Jack
sonville and all Florida points,
also Talladega. Ala. Pullman
Sleeping Car Birmingham to
10:20 p.m_No. 3", for Columbus, Wes*
Point, Winona. Greenwood
and Greenville. Pullman Draw
ing Room Sleeping Car Bir
mingham to Greenville.
10:35 p.m.—No. 21. for Selma, Mobile and
way stations. Pullman Draw
ing Room Sleeping Car Bir
mingham to Mobile.
11 do p.m.—No 98, for Atlanta, Anniston
and way stations. Pullman
Sleeping Car, Birmingham to
Atlanta. Sleeping Car can be
occupied at Union station 9:39
p m.
For detailed Information and sleeping
car reservations apply passenger office.
Morris Hotel Building, Telephone 3061
Bell and 617 Peoples.
J. N. HARRISON. Diet. Pass. Agt
R. B. CREAGH. Trav. Pass Agt
tombigbee valley railroad
Passenger schedule effective May 2, 180-L
Going North tiding 8outi»
read down. Read up.
No. 2. , No. L
Lv. 716 a m. Calvert ....Ar. 7:40 p.m.
Ar. 7 30 a.m. Falrford ....Lv. 7:25 p.m,
Lv. H:9t a.m.... Falrford —Ar. 6:05 p.pi.
Lv! 0:15 n.m...8irne Chapel..Lv. 6:25 p.m.
Lv. 10:45 a.m. Chaton ....Lv. 3:67 p.m.
I.v 12:40 p m. MUlry Lv. 2:30 p m.
Ar 12:40 p.m. Ileal’s 8prgs..Lv. 2:30 p.m
Train No. 4. Train No t.
Lv 8:10 p.m. Calvert ....Ar. 6:00 a.m.
Arv 8:25 p.m.... Falrford ...Lv. 5:45 a.m.
Trains No. 1 and No. 4 meet No. 22,
northbound on the Southern railway from
Mobile. .
Trains No. 2 and No. 3 meet No. 21 o.a
the Southern railway, southbound, and
No. 116 northbound to and from Mobile.
Connections are close and passenger*
can buy through tickets and can check
baggage through from points on South
ern railway to all points to T. V. Line and
vie© versa.
1 CHARLES P DUKE. President.
Effective July 16, 1306.
No. L No. 1
3.48 p.m_Lv..Reform, Ala. .Ar..12:10 p.m.
4:06 p.m...Lv.... Stanael _Lv..11:50 p.m.
4:28 p.m.. . Ar.. Carrollton . .Lv. .11:36 a.m.
4:43 p.m...Lv.. Carrollton ..Ar..11:20 a.m.
5:06 p.m...Lv.... Dillb-urg ...Lv..U:00 a.m.
5:23 p.m...Ar... Allceville *...Lv.. 10:45 a.m.
For further Information apply to John
T Cochrane, Prest., City Bank Building,
Mobile. Ala.; Alex Jackson, Supt., Alloa*
ville, Alik.

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