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!“S & H” Green Trading Stamps With Each Purchase !
Every Department Bubbling With Real Values
This full page ad cannot begin to give an adequate idea of all the inducements that await the bargain hunter at the big Drennen Store. The announcement of the F*
ruary Furniture Sale compels us to place a part of the telling-on another page. There you will find a mention of Ladies’
Waists, Skirts, Coats, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Wash Goods, the great Basement Bargains, Art Goods, Toilet Sup
plies and a straight talk of interest from the Hardware Department. Make this big store your shopping center. You can
actually do better here—and that’s what you’re after.
Why Buster’s
Hosiery Outlives
Its Guarantee
Don’t buy hosiery guaranteed
merely to sell It. There are
real reasons tor the guaran
tee attached to every pair ot
Buster Brown's DARNLES8’’
Hosiery, and furthermore, It's
the only 20 cent silk lisle guar
anteed hosiery made. Not only
is it woven ot the moat dura
ble, long staple Egyptian
gauze, and fast dyed by a new
secret process, but its patent
French garter top prevents
tearing and stretching. Its
double sole, high spliced, 4 ply
heel and "German Hoop," 3 ply
toe distribute the wear even
ly on the foot.
For Men, Women and
Children—All Styles,
Sizes and Colors—Four
Fairs for $1.00 or 25c a
OST «—
Free Delivery
All parcel* weighing 4
ounce* or lex* delivered free
..Heavier parcel*. 1 to II
pound* free according to till*
table of aone* or dlNtancca:
Groceries to the amount of
$5.GO or more will be deliv
ered fpoe within 50 miles of
'■’Binrtirigbam. Hardware and
other items according i«
weight, distance and price.
« 00 g
£ 6 -E Sg c a
35 *a* as „a*
t*“ o3S §2 i
hs nS = |R£ SS5
*=f ■s.sl 5=3
«fS o5k i£5 s53
■"‘.tj O^kj
"*&o xr& o h£o &*£ ©
1 pound ill.OO’j 2.0O(| 2.00j$ 3.00
2 pounds i 2,00! 2.00; S.OPj 2.00
3 pounds j 3,001 2.00; 4.00! 4~ob
4 pounds ::.oQi 4,nnj G.oO; c~0Q
5 pounds I 4,001 5.001 ti.001 7.00
0 pounds | 4.001 e.QQi 7.001 8.00
7 pounds i 6.001 G.OO; 8.001 9.00
8 pounds B.OO; 7.00! D.OO: 10.00
9 pounds 1 6.001 8-001 10.00' 12,00
!0 pounds : 7.00; <n0O| ll.ooi 13.00
J1 pounds 1 7.01)1 ni.QQi 12.IMH 14.0B
Last Call on Ladies’ Suits!
A Saving Chance
for You
Last call to close out a special se
lection of our higher grade suits at a <
price that commands attention. It is-/
not the low price but the high quality / y
that founts in this line. See those we' /
offer on Monday only $7.50^
The values will surprise you. Our
great loss will be your greater gain.
A limited quantity only. Suit values
up to $20.00, on sale Mon
day only, for.
See windows, note sizes, and take
your choice. i
lLtis is
an ex
tra o r d
i nary
mg a real j
bargain. {
We Deliver Free to You
The Parcel Post and our new method
of nerving out-of-town patrons has
won instant approval- It places this
store on your writing desk—no mat
ter where you live. W rite and tell
us ycur needs. We will shop for you
with -the utmost care and guarantee
satisfaction. Avail yourself of this
new department’s service.
and Dress Goods
42 In. Chiffon Cloth, In evening
shades; good value for *1.00. «Q
Monday and Tuesday, yard .. 0«7C
36 in. Silk Messalines, In all the new
spring colors, just received; worth
$1.00. Monday and O'T,,
Tuesday, yard .— OlC
36 in. Black Beau de Soie Silk, guar
anteed good value for *1.00. 70/*
Monday and Tuesday, yard I e/C
36 in. Black Taffeta Silk; our special
leader for 75c. Monday
and Tuesday for. yard.tl«/C
27 in. fancy Brocaded Messaltne, the
newest out; worth $ 1.26.
Monday and Tuesday, yard .. oOC
27 in. fancy Foulard Silks; sell for
39c. For Mondily OAn
and Tuesday, yard . «itC
40 in. Dewdrop Chiffon, in all colors;
98c quality. For Monday
and Tuesday, yard.O-iyC
18 in. Shadow Yoking, In dainty pat
terns; real good good value fc "1c.
Monday and O r* _
Tuesday for, yard . ^OC
Dainty Undertnuslins Offer
ed For Just a Part of
Their Value
Combuations made with all-over em
broidery corset cover, drawers finished
with val lace and tucks, waist line fin
ished with ribbon leading; 8 QQ
I stamps free; $1.50 values. Ot/V
I Drawers made of good muslin, wide em
a broidery flounce or lace; open 1 Q «
and closed; 5 stamps; 75c value.. *Ov
Night gowns made of good nainsook,
embroidery finished with ribbon bead
ing, long and short sleeves; OQ ,,
Princess slips made of good quality
awn or nainsook, panel yoke of cm- :
v broidery,
flounce f i n
ished with 3
tucks and edge
of val lace,
some slightly
soiled from
1 handling. $1.25
Read Our Other Adv. P0ange 23 SsBarSsFuii
We have a full line or W. B.
Nuform Corsets for slim, me
dium and stout figures, mod
eled with prevailing straight
lines. An exceptionally good
value at
Brassiers Special
Just received a new line of
Brassiers. This model opens
in back with buttons and but
tonholes. It is an excellent
bust supporter. Lace and in
sertion lined. Special
!■ mflflBH I
. ’’ ,
20 lbs. best Gran
ulated Sugar with
a purchase of $2
or more.fl.oo
ti lbs. lump starch,
for .25c
10 lb. pail Snow
Drift Lard ..$1.10
10 lb. pail Pure
Lard .91.40
20 lb. pail Pure
Lard _....92.70
2 pkgs. best Spa
ghetti or Maca
roni .25c
2 pkgs. Blue Men
Matches .25c
3 pkgs. Post
Toasties, 10c size,
for .25c
3 pkgs- beat Mince
Meat .25c
3 pkgs. Split Peas,
for .25c
3 pkgs. Farina 25c
3 pkgs. Pearl
Barley .25c
3 pkgs. Pearl
6 pkgs. Arm and
Hammer Soda 25c
7 pkgs. Eagle
Thistle Soda .25c
Pkg. Original Hol
land Rusk . . .25c
Pkg. Anger's Ver
micelli .10c
3 lbs- Best Head
Rice .25c
3 lbs. Lima Beans,
for .25c
10 lbs. Pearl Grits,
for .25c
K v a p o r a t e d
Peaches .10c
2 lbs. large choice
E v a p o r a t e d
Peaches .25c
Apricots .15c
Walter Baker's
Chocolate, per
2 lbs. 40-50 large
Santa Clara
Prunes .... .25c
Dill Pickles, per
doaen .15c
Uuart jaiy Mixed
pickies. regular
30c seller .25c
Bottle imported
Bottle stuffed
Olives, 25c size 20c
2 bottles stuffed
Olives, 10 ’ size 25c
Bottle Blue,, Point
Oyster Ketchup,
25c si7.o..20c
7 bars Octagon
Soap, only 7 bars
lu customer . .2Sc
G *kgs. Star
Naptha Washing
PoWder .25c
3 cans Old Dutch
CleaTiser .25c
7 pkgs. Pear line.
for ..25c
pur Eggs are
fresh from the
country, doz . .2*c
Some of the lead
ing brands of
ham we handle:
Swift Premium,
Dovo Brand,
Morning Glory.
Some of the lead
ing brands of
Flour we handle:
Roller Champion,
Orris Brand.
White Crest.
Gold Medal.
Vpigbt’s Royal.
Snow Flake.
Stv&u?* Down.
The Great Drennen February
Furniture Sale Is In Full Swing
In |dunning this Great Annual Furniture Selling Event we were guided by the knowledge that much was expected
of this big Department Store. We realize fully that its patrons
arid the public generally have grown to look to this store for
the extraordinary in all the big undertakings it announces—
Y so we’ve planned accordingly with the result that this year’s '
! Sale completely overshadows all previous ones.
Every detail has been worked out thoroughly. Everything
you could possibly feel the need of for the complete furnishing
of the home lias been supplied aud is ready for you at a distinct
saving. Values that you will readily recognize as far and
above the puny offerings of the average. It's your Hniiioc to
save and nt the same time buy the best.
Table & 6 Chairs
$30.00 Quality, now.$22.50
$45.00 Quality, now .$33.50
$50.00 Quality, now .$39.50
$75.00 Quality, now ..$56.75
^ Brass Beds H
. si 5.00 Brass Beds .y..$11.75
$22.50 Brass Beds .$15.95 ,
$37.50 Brass Beds .... $28.00
$57.00 Brass Beds .!..$46.00
i »
| Leather Rocker
Luxuriously 'uphols
^ tered in genuine Span
ish leather- scat and
back, large roomy
Rocker, and a regular
ST.... $22.50
$18.00 Cadillac Desk Library Table $12.50 I
A splendid value ,
shown in early V
English. fumed K
oak, golden oak H
and mahogany, I
similar try cm. I
Just the finishing I
touch to your li- I
brary' or music
Swiss and Madras Curtains; regu- (TQ
lar $2.i)0 value, now only.tJt/C
Bed Davenports
$3:1.50 Davenport .$22.50
$40.00 Davenport.$32.00
$40.00 Davenport.$37.00
Many disiinet designs and styles front
\yhieh to make elioiee.
Value for
A oowp.ete snowing in all styles, in all
grades anil in all woods and finishes.
The Person
The Great
est Number
From This
“Why Not
Buy Your
Furniture a t
Drennein ’s
February Fur
niture Sale?”
The rules are
quite simple —
just jot down as
many words as
you can by ar.
ranging the let
ters from the
above sentence.
Don’t use any let
ter oftener In any
word than same
Is used in the
above. For in
stance, you can
use the letter "H”
Inn once and the
“O' twice In any
ONK word, but
they may be used
over and over
again In forming
other words, niton
km “how,” “why,”
“who," etc. Num
ber each word and
write on one side
of paper only.
The one writing
the greatest num
ber will be given
The next greatest
The third great/
Address all re
plies to Advertis
ing Department,
Contest close. Feb.
$23.00 * Dresser .$16.00
.$27.50 Dresser .$18.50
.$32.50 Dresser .$19.98
$35.00 Dresser .....,$26.03
$52.00 Dresser .$43.03
$60.00 Dresser .$45.00
$ 7.50 Chiffonier ... .$ 4.95
$10.00 Chiffonier . .$ 7.50
$15.00 Chiffonier . ...$ 9.98
$22.50 Chiffonier .. . .$17.50
$27,50 Chiffonier ....$19.90
$35.00 Chiffonier ... .$26.00
$25.00 Buffets.$18.50
$30.00 Buffets.$23.00
$35.00 Buffets.$26.00
$42.50 Buffets.$33.50
$50.00 Buffets .$41.00
$75.00 Buffets ..$62.00

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