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Officers and Privates Make
Notable Addresses Along
the Weary Journey.
Warmly Received
Burlington, N. J., February 15.—Instead
of crossing the Delaware at Trenton and
Invading Pennsylvania the "on to Wash
ington” army of suffragettes under tho
leadership of "General” Rosalie G. Jones,
today hiked down the Jersey shore of the
river and blvouaced in Burlington for
the night. It was a hard, weary grind
of 18 miles over alternately" hard roads
and highways almost ankle deep with
Tired of body but stout, of heart, mem
bers of the army retired early tonight
for the Sabbath tomorrow will bring
them no rest. Under Uje original plan
the “hikers” were to have spent Sunday
in resting at Bristol, Pa., but a change
In arrangements brought them down the
Jersey shore and they'Will march all day
tomorrow and invade Pennsylvania by
way of Philadelphia late Sunday after
Crowds greeted the weary pilgrims at
many places along the roads and one of
the biggest receptions of the march was
at Bordentown, seven miles from Tren
ton. A regiment of students from a mili
tary academy with a brass, band at their
head met the marchers outside the town.
There was a brief conference and then
the women under escort of the students
and with the band at their head crashing
out patriotic airs marched bravely Into
tlie town and to the academy ground*
Montgomery, February 15.—-(Special.)
While scoring the road and revenue
commissioners as inefficient and inex
perienced, the grand Jury in its re
port presented this afternoon, scath
ingly arraign^ County Engineer Charles
Dew, whose charges of bribery and
graft in road work are described as
"unworthy of belief."
Considerable space In the report Is
devoted to comments upon alleged In
temperate habits of the deposed engi
neer, who was last week discharged
by tha. county board for his connection
with the charged corruption as set
forth in his published revelations of
' graft.”
Eighty-four true bills were found out
of 131 cases investigated. Impeachment
proceedings are recommended to be taken
against several Justices of the peace who
are charged with having practiced
The public committee of safety has
already announced its intention of rem
edying alleged evils in county affairs, if
possible, by appealing to Governor
O’Neal in an effort to obtain a new form
of coui-ty government. This campaign, it
is understood, will continue.
Habits Cured By New Painless
' Method at Cedarcroft San
itarium, Lebanon, Tenn.
We recognize a well directed gradual
reduction as being the only humane and
painless method. We never forcibly
withdraw the drug or alcoholic stimu
lants but allow our patients to give
them up of their own accord. This they
find they can do because they have no
physical demand for their use. We do
not use tho Immediate withdrawal, or
so-called "knock-out" method.
Kr.dorsed bv Governors, Congressmen,
College Professors, Physicians, Minis
ters and Hankers.
Licensed under special law of Ten
nessee which gives it same standing as
regular state Institutions. Under direct
management of regularly licensed and
reputable physician.
Sanitarium equipped with every mod
ern convenience, including the latest
electro-therapeutical equipment, baths,
No fee or deposit is required until a
cure is effected to entire satisfaction of
A successful method of Home Treat
ment lias been devised for those who
ennnot visit the Sanitarium.
For full information address Dr.
Power Gribble, Supt., Cedarcloft Sani
tarium, Box 886 Lebanon, Tenn.
Phones 2 Double 2
By doing the best
possible work for our
customers — they
have become our
best advertisement. I
Excelsior Wagons Cover
Creator Birmingham
1805 & 1807 2nd Ave.
Umber Lansdrmes’s
National Association
Seminole Limited
The Train of the Hour to
Florida j
Ask the Ticket Agent
Central of Georgia
Railway |
Convicted of Attempting to
Pass Saws Into the
County Jail
Attorney Travis M. Ramey was found
guilty of having attempted to pass hack
saws Into the county jail by a jury In
the first division of the crtminal court
yesterday before Judge S. E. Greene, and
a fine of *50 Imposed. The Jury were out.
only a few minutes the case being con
cluded about 4 o'clock. The offense for
which Mr. Ramey was convicted is al
leged to have occurred several years ago.
when, it is charged, that he endeavored
to pass six hack saws concealed among
some papers to AV. M. Bailey, who was in
jail on a capital offense. The package
was received from Ramey by Deputy
Sheriff Ed Newman, who opened Jt and
discovered the saws, and immediately put
him under arrest.
At the trial yesterday Mr. Ramey de
nied all knowledge of the presence of the
saws In the package and claimed that it
was brought to his office by a brother
of another prisoner who was confined
in the county jail at that time, and that
he took the package to tho jail as a
matter of accommodation. Assistant So
licitor Ed AAMnston represented the state.
The defendant’s attorneys were Gaston &
Decatur, February 15.—(Special.)—Judge
O. Kyle has Just returned from Washing
ton, where with the assistance of Sena
tor Joseph F. Johnston and Congressman
William Richardson, he succeeded In get
ting held up the order consolidating the
New Decatur and the Decatur postof
Judge Kyle stated that the consolidation
of these offices came as a surprise to
both Senator Johnson and Congressman
Richardson, and that both of them will
ingly gave him their assistance and in
fluence in getting the order held up.
Word has Just been received here to
the effect that Dan Ryan shot and killed
a man named Gelss yesterday. The re
port says the son of Gelss seriously cut
Ryan with a knife. The difficulty oc
curred in the eastern end of the county.
For some time Ryan was a deputy sheriff
In Decatur. For a few months past he
has been a constable in the Hartselle
precinct and at the time of the difficulty
he was collecting soma accounts.
Gadsden, February 15.—(Special.)—
Gadsden will get $8000 additional appro
priation for Its postoffice, if the report of
the House committee on public buildings
and grounds Is adopted. This, it Is un
derstood, will be used In furnishing the
building and in beautifying tha lobby on
the first floor. When completed, the new
federal building will represent a cost of
about $250,000, and will be one of ihe
handsomest in the state.
Attorneys for J. Smith, who is sen
tenced to be hanged March 21, today made
application to the supreme court for a re
hearing of tlie case. Petitions in favor of
Smith and against him are being signed.
The Day in Congress
Convened at noon and went into joint
session with the House in memorial
services for the late Vice President
Legislative steering committee se
lected five bills to be passed at this
Recessed at 2:30 p. m. until noon
Met at 11:30 and adjourned to join
the Senate In Sherman exercises.
Public building bill carrying several
millions reported.
Adjourned at 2:55 p. m. until noon
Sunday, for eulogies on late Representa
tives W. W. Wodemeyer of Michigan,
John G. McHenry of Pennsylvania,
Richard E. Connell of New York and
the late Senator George S. Nixon of
4 *
♦ — ♦
4 Washington, February 15.—Ad- 4
4 miral Dewey's dog bit William T. 4
4 Johnson last July, so Johnson to- 4
4 day sued the admiral for 120,000 4
4 The pup was In charge of the ad- 4
4 miral's coachman so Johnson made 4
4 him a defendant, too. 4
♦___ ♦
or value, no residential sec
tion offers more to the home
ieeker than
the beautiful home place of
Birmingham, with its cen
tral location, grand outlook'
ind modern improvements,
'.’ake South Eusley car and
-ee Ensley Highlands before
'ocating elsewhere.
503-4 Title Guarantee
Ryan’s Bargains
$8WM—Modern 8 room house with servant's
house; well located on four large lots:
all street Improvements in and paid; one
block of car line, three blocks of new
school building at Elyton; reasonable
$2300—Nice S room house with hall; well
located at North Birmingham; small
cash payment, balance easy.
$1200—Five room house, well located four
blocks of new radiator plant at North
Birmingham; small cash payment, bal*
ance like rent.
$1880—Neat 4 room cottage, with bath,
front and back porches, on large lot.
Well located at East Lake: terms easy
or will exchange for vacant lot as part
$3100—Neat 8 room cottage on largo lot
fronting car line; near the new Catho
lic Convent at West End; will make
terms or exchange for good six or seven
room cottage well located in Woodlawn
and pay difference.
$3000—154 acre furm. S room residence, 3
tennnt houses and outbuildings, 75 acres
in cultivation, good orchard amt running
water through farm; 40 miles from Bir
mingham on good public road; near
^aMurches and school; onc-thlrd cash, bal
ance to suit.
$3000—120 acre farm, 80 acres In cultiva
tion. 2 good houses and outbuildings, 2
miles of railroad station, 23 miles from
Birmingham; will make good terms or
exchange for city property.
$1400—Nice 10 acre truck farm 7V» miles
north 6f Birmingham, one and One-quar
ter miles of the new car line to be built
to Mary Lee; this Is a bargain; will
make reasonable terms or trade for tlrst
mortgage paper.
Ryan Real Estate
Company .
2020 3d Ave. Main 833.
Rooms. Price
No. 706 South 20th st. 8 150.00
1114 Sylvan ave.. 5 25.00
819 Woodland ave. 8 32.60
928 South 14th St. 7 30.00
923 Alabama St. 8 35.00
710 South 20th st. 7 SG.00
1915 Alabama st. 8 32.60
712 South . 7 36.00
1706 Avenue K (apartment) .... 6 30.00
8(6 South 20th st. 8 37.60
718 Houth 21st St. 5 26.00
816 South 20th st. (apartment) .. S 70.00
616 South 23d st... 4 17.00
1C01 Eula et. .. 8 45.00
1311 Sylvan ave. 8 26.00
1108 Virginia ave. (bungalow) ,. 6 36.00
2102 Ave. H. 8 32.60
2126 Ave. .. « 27.50
2023 Ave. .. 6 25.00
1210 S. 15th st. (modern) . 8 45.00
1221 Euclid ave. (modern) .... 8 50.0)
902 S. 29th st. (modern) . 9 50.00
623 South 20th st. 7 25.90
1003 Wheeles st. 6 22.60
1016 Cherry st. (modern) .. 8 60.00
821 Bradley st. 7 86.00
2613 Ave. E. 6 17.50
1230 Virginia ave. 12 50.00
820 South 19th st. 5 22.50
LIST your names with us If you desire a
good house April 1. We have ears for
showing and renting houses.
/. L. Yancey Real Estate and
Insurance Company
No. 118 North 21st st. Phone 606.
H. L. FARLEY, Mgr. Rental Dept.
List Your I
With Us
Application* for April
leases are pouring in on us.
List your property here,
and benefit by our service
and facilities for handling
your interests to your best
211 N-20T- ST
We are having many in
quiries for homes to
rent April 1st. List your
property with us at
once. We have every
facility for showing
* property to prospective
Realty Co.
304 Brown Marx Bldg.
Phone 1296
i'Uit JtJEuVX
Location. Rooms. Price.
914—Woodland avenue . 4 120.00
* 7—17tn street . 6 13.00
2131—Avenue H . 5 2aU)
.8245*—11th avenue . 6 23.00
2130— Avenue H . 7 *7.30
6—25th street . 7 20.00
312—20th street —.. 9 70 DO
1230—Glenview avenue . 9 73.00
2030—Humboldt avenue ........ 9 40.00
.812—12th ave. (modern) ...... 20 230.00
Elegant home, furnished or unfurnls.ied
jn Niazuma avenue.
1810—13th avenue . 5 125.00
2)04—5th avenue . 5 32.50
1330—20th street . 6 25.00
1018—24th street . 6 20 HO
1'8-lMh street . 3 45.00
1012 13th street . S 45.00
;611—6th avenue . 14 eo.oO ■
W. 3. LEEDY & CO.
112 N. 21st Street. Phone 42.
Ingram’s Farms
Hale county, 8 miles south of Greens
boro; prairie lime alfalfa land, some
what Improvedi largely in cultiva
sos Acres $20 per ache
Hale county, lime land, lies well, all
In cultivation; Improved with cab
ins, etc.; can be bought on easy
terms; pays 8 per cent on price
Perry county, rolling but very fer
tile; some distance from railroad;
land will make bale of cotton per
Hale county, low creek bottom land;
very fertile: cabins, wells, etc.; lime
land; three miles from railroad.
Located In Lowndes county; good lime
land, level; an unimproved place but
good ohe.
Autauga county, 7 miles from Free
rnont on Southern rallrond; unim
proved ae to buildings.
Chilton county 7 miles from Planters
vllle; good sandy loam with clay
subsoil; unimproved.
On pike, 10 miles north of Selma, Dal
las county; improved farm; some roll
ing land'; terms to suit.
850 ACRES $13.50 PER ACRE
Three-quarters mile of Ltmlson on
Southern, Wilcox county; sandy
loam and lime land: all under wire
feneo In pasture: good stock farm.
Lowndes county, good sandy loam with
clay subsoil; well Improved place;
terms to suit.
200 ACRES $7.50 PER ACRE
Lowndes county, 6 miles west of Mln
ter; sandy loam with clay subscjjl.
Farms to suit you In price, terms and
location in any of the north Alabama
counties. Soils for every crop, loca
tions on all railroads; some for ex
change: some on easy terms: some
only for cash; our business Is sell
ing farm lands; tell us your farm
Ingram Really Co.
18th Floor Empire Bid*. Phone 1197.
$7000—Five acres on Avenue F. This prop
erty Is on the Kelley car line survey
and Is an Ideal subdivision proposition;
can make reasonable terms or will ex
change for rental property or farm land.
Ten new houses, three and four rooms
each; will exchange for South Alabama
farm lands. Improved or unimproved;
this property Is located In the best in
dustrial district In the city and a lirst
class rental proposition.
$5600— 2G% acres six miles from courthouse
on good pike road; has 6 room 2 story
house, good dairy barn, good horse lot
and barn; city water, and Is a tip-top
proposition for dairy or fruit farm; see
this If you want a bargain.
$1000 and $1700—Two good 4 room houses
In Woodlawn; city water and street Im
provements In and paid for; alt In good
condition; will mako reasonable terms.
$3000—27 acres 9 miles from town near Tin
son pike; has 4 room houss, some fruit
trees; land In this neighborhood Is worth
$200 per acre.
If Interested in large or small tracts sen
Huifstutler & Riggins
2026 Third Avenue. Phone 836.
This Is The
To Rent The House
You Want
Our list of desirable
homes, and all classes of
business property is large.
Come and look it over
now, and let us show you
what you wish to see.
Satisfactory arrange
ments can’t be made at
the last minute.
2II.N-20T" SX
For Sale
5 rooms
walking distance
well located
Lot 50x125
404 American Trust Bldg.
766 MAIN
A (9000 Home for
This price Is given because this
home must be sold. You will
surely gel your money’s worth In
this, 2 story 10 room home on fine
elevated lot 65 feet from facing
two streets. This home Is modern
to the minute and located near
12th avenue and 13th street,
We Trade, Dell and Bay Real
McDavid, Meyer, Gold
man & Terry
aim First Ave. Phene 3B4S Mala
Ravee Norris, tales Mar.

and Every One
Of these properties are the best
that are offered for sale.
(30,000 Terms
4th avenue near 18th street, 50x140.
Better be quick.
Alley corner near 18th street and
4th avenue.
Corner within one block of Title
Guarantee hulldlng.
40x100, near Brown-Marx building,
renting for $325 per month
(IS.OOO— Extremely
Easy terms. Dili avenue lot, within
two blocks of 20th street.
Near 6th avenue and 20th street,
60x190, renting for $150 per month.
Near 5th avenue and 26th street,
05x100. renting for $65 a month.
Highland Home
.Handsome residence one block
south of Highland avenue In the
cream of the Southslde, on a beau
tiful elevated, level corner lot lOOx
175. Has 10 rooms, every modern
equipment, large finished basement,
servant's house.
This Is one that you have not had
offered vou. Just one and a half
blocks south of Highland avenue,
and only about 6 blocks east of 20th
street. Has 9 rooms beautifully
finished and arranged Has every
known convenience, garage and
servant’s house. One of the pret
tiest lots you ever saw, 100x200.
Mast of 20th street, In good location.
Was built for a home. Has 8 rooms,
food 40x200 lot. Has hardwood
loots, handsome fixtures, nicely
papered. This Is the only one our
there on a large lot for the above
Has 8 rooms, Just being completed,
on a lot 50x175 and only one block
from Highland avenue. Has hand
some fixtures, beautifully papered,
hardwood floors In every room, In
fact It has every improvement.
$5750—$.150 4'asli
This Is the only new 8 room house
in as good location In the High
lands for the above price, and think
of the terms, they don't amount to
much more than rent, Ineluding ev
ery expense. Living room, dining
room, parlor, breakfast room,
kitchen, latticed back porch, four
bedrooms and tile hath, hardwood
floors, handsome fixtures, nicely
Norwood Homes
$6566—ICasy Terms
New 8 room home, every modern
improvement, hardwood floors,
nicely papered, lot 50x190, located
near the new Boulevard cn one of
the best streets.
$5256—ICasy Terms
New 7 room home, hardwood floors
lit every room, beautifully papered,
fine fixtures, paved street. You
can’t beat It In Norwood, no use
$-1750—$856 Cash
New 6 room bungalow, hardwood
floors, furnace heated, nicely (ta
pered. You can select the fixtures.
Yon Worry Ahont
The terms. I will fix them to suit
you. I have many other good
properties. If not suited, let's get
together and talk things over.
C»r» of
R. E. & I. Co.
2024 Third Ave. Phonon 12.18*1220
17600—Good 2 story 7 room modern resi
dence, In line condition, cast front, fur
nace, etc., south of Highland avenue.
Easy terms. .
17760—A lovely 7 room 2 story modern
home, Madison avenue, near Hanover
990 per foot, choice east front Cliff road
corner lot, one block of Highland ave.
18000—An excellent 9 room 2 story modern
Norwood home, 29th at., less than block
of car, facing cast. Hot 60x190. A desir
able place.
93750-100x100, Avenue F corner, rental 9381
and space for other houses.
17600-Avenue E corner, 100x190, rental 982
per month.
146.000— South 20th st. corner, good build
ing. Hne tenant; rental, 92700.
912,250—Semi-central Northslde corner,
lino tenant paying 9900.
917,500—Close in Northslde corner, white
tenants, rental 91620.
97500- 180x96. North 2'6h st. and 11th ave.;
rental 9900; fine Investment.
920.000— 100x95, Ith ave. corner, west of 20th
street; small Improvement#.
96260-Lot 25x140, 2d ave., near 25th st.
00,000—Large corner, right In line of
business growth, only one-Hfth cash,
balance end of ten years, t’nusual
chance for speculation.
malone - McConnell oo.
2024 Third Avenue. Phone 1238.
For Sale Cheap and On
Good Terms
<4500—Avenue H, between 20th and
21st streets. Modern throughout,
small cash payment, balance 0 per
$2500—1st avenue, 61st street, Wood
lawn, easy terms.
$8501)—40x100. 15th street, 23rd and 4th
avenue. Good terms.
18000—40x100, 14th street, 3rd and 4th
avenues, alley corner.
<8500—50x140, 2nd avenue between 14th
and 16th streets. Excellent terms, U
per cent.
fill.500—60x140. 4th avenue, near 17th
$35.000—50x140, 3rd avenue near 17th
$40.000—60x100, 3rd avenue corner.
I have the best located corner on Bouth
20th street for large garage or stores.
Has large frontage on 20th street.
Price Is right and terms are right,
and sufficient Income to pay good In
terest on price ashed.
3028 First Avenue Main 5»8
For Sale Very Cheap
12000.00— Large corner lot with pressed
stone 6 room house, renting for *20
per month, 4th avenue, near Great
Southern Auto plant, *1000 cash.
*4000 00—perfectly beautiful lot on
Rhodes Circle.
14500.00— Modern 2 story house on Lake
v<pw car I'ne South Highlands. paved
street, all modern Improvements, *750
c.»sn w.ll uo.
*10,000—Beautiful borne on Iroquois
street, large lot, eastern front, near
Highland avenue, an unusual chance
to get a splendid home, out In the
Country Club neighborhood.
*30,000 00—200 lots between Woodward
and T. I. properties. Tidewater line
now rusnlng work on car line right to
this property, a great chance to make
a killing, will take Interest If desired.
S. E. Thompson, Agent
Telephone Me. 34 31T If. 31st 9t.
Published Weekly by the Birmingham Realty Co,
Vol. III. Birmingham, Ala., February 16, 1913 No. 45.
Another Prophet
Drops In
“Do you know I have a shrewd suspicion
that there is a big surprise in store for the
average citizen of Birmingham,” said a cal
ler. “Fie is going to NORWOOD PLACE
some fine day hereafter to take a look at
the Boulevard and Parkway with the purpose ot figuring out
for himself when building operations will begin in that locality,
and when he gets there he will find beautiful homes awaiting his
critical approval. In other words, lie will be behind time instead
of ahead of the clock.”
, “That is possible,” we replied. “NORWOOD PLACE,
like time and tide, waits for no man.”
Birmingham Realty Co.
CAPITA! (200,000
Title Guarantee Loan and
Trunt Co.’s Office Bids.
By Naming 1 Ms
Company as l le
Executor of
Your Will
Then your estate will have bus
iness management, backed by a
larger degree of responsibility
than can be expected,, or ex
acted from an individual ex
ecutor. Confer with us on t
most important matter.
Title Guarantee Loan & 1 rust Co. •
Third Avenue and 21st Street, Birmingham
00x190, close In on 7th avenue, north.
Alley corner, north ISth street, close to Roden hotel.
120x190, with 2 houses, north 21th street.
7 room house on Woodland avenue, 1-2 block from ca
Gus A. Pope, Jr.
219 N. 21*4 Street Phone >Ialn 1200
List your property for rent with us. We have two
autos busy showing customers.
E. J. Burns Co.
406 American Trust Bldg. 766 Main
Phone 607 201-4 Clark Building
List Your
Rental Property
Malone-McConnell Co.
Main 1238
see us at
2024 Third Ave.
Real Estate Agency
Have some of the best real estate val^
ucft ever offered In the state of Ala
bama. Consisting of Improved farms,'1
timber and cut over lands, town and
city property Improved and unim
If you are in the market it will pay
you to get In touch with us.
Real Estate Agency
^ P. O. Bom M, rimuton. Alabama.
If You Want to Buy,
Sell or Trade—Let
Me Know It
Norwood Homes
Let we show you tho prettiest bunga
low In Norwood; 6 rooms, furnace
heated. hardwood floors; strictly
modern; elevated level lot, 50x190;
price 96250.
Will buy you a good 2-story, 8-room
home on 31st street, near new boul
evard; haidwood floors throughout;
full sfr.e lot; you can't beat It in
See This One
Two-story, 6-room, furnace heated
home on 25th street, north, Mil good
locution: it looks mighty good to
me for $5000.
Southside Cottage
Five largo rooms, two basement rooms,
pretty lot, 60x160; worth $3500, only
$3150; see this.
Do You Want to Trade?
Your cottage or bungalow for a dandy
Ill-room brick home east of 20lh
street on South Highlands? See me.
Moke your wonts known to us, we
will do our best to please you.
Tarranl Realty Co.
2111 3d avenue. Phone M. 673-.
J. A. Norris, Mgr of Sales
k __ _
1812 "T";', 3rd Ave.
Phuara, Bell Mailt m i!3l> aad ASM

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