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Why All Our Plans
Lead to Your Success
Realizing that our hopes of a still greater future success depend upon the success of our merchant
customers we have given most careful attention to every detail of merchandising and service which
would contribute to this end
Our Spring lines comprise merchandise of the most salable character, styles that leave nothing to v
be desired in attractiveness and artistic beauty and a comprehensive variety in all lines which
will enable our customer to satisfy ALL their trade.
We long ago appreciated that the prompt shipment of every order was of the utmost importance
if our customers are to have the right goods at the right time. We have, therefore, gone to great
expense to ensure prompt handling and prompt shipping for every bill.
We believe that our customers will find it greatly to their advantage to visit the market in person
and make their selections in the house. But when this is impracticable we specially recommend
the very complete sample lines presented by our salesmen on the road. Open orders for immedi
ate goods are handled promptly and accurately by our mail order department If you want the
greatest success for your business give us the opportunity of serving you.
Wm. R. Moore Dry Goods Co.
Exclusively Wholesale Memphis, Tenn.
Permanent Sample Rooms in Birmingham, Little Rock and Jackson, Miss. ^ '
Permanent Birmingham Sample Rooms—303-4-5 Chamber of Commerce Building—W. A. KAY, General Salesman
Can See No Harm in Matter,
He Says
Favors Appointment of Board With
Women Members WTho Would
Have Authority to Throw
Out Any Film
fnder proper censorship Commissioner
A. O. Lane announced yesterday that he
was In favor of moving picture shows
remaining open on Sunday. The an
nouncement of Judge Lane Is expected to
be the cue for the moving picture men.
and that a petition will follow is believed
at the city hall.
Judge lame bases his opinion on the
ground that the poor people of tills city,
whose recreation Is naturally of the mod
est kind, possess the same right to view
pictures on Sunday as the wealthy peo
pile have to take automobile rides. The
•ne removes the persons from the church
Just as effectively as the other, according
to Judge Lane, lie said yesterday that
a board of censorship will probably be
named here soon and that he favors wom
en members of that board. Their duties
will be to Inspect nil pictures before
they are shown here. The growing im
portance of moving picture shows In this
community has not gone unnoticed hy
Judge Lane and his statements in con
nection with the subject will be of wide
Interest In Birmingham.
• There cannot arise any harm from good
pictures shown on Sunday," said Judge
I ane yesterday. "I am aware that we
refused such a privilege last year. How
ever. the people are becoming more rua
^ sonable in such matters. I am told that
January Record of 60,000 Tons Said to Eclipse All Previous
Figures in a “Two High” Mill—168 Tons Rolled in An
Hour and 1450 Tons in 12 Hours
Hy HAM T. KllN \ KIM
The establishment of a new world’s i
record in the amount of steel produced
in one month is the way the Tennessee
Coal. 'Iron and Railroad company began
the year 1913.
The steel rolled in tho blooming mill of
the steel plant for the month of January
is given as 60,000 tons, which is said to
lar eclipse all previous records in a two
ldgh mill. The Ensley mill is conceded
to be the fastest blooming mill in the
world. This applies to the class of mill
known as two-high as distinguished
from the continuous mill, the difference
being that all classes and sizes of steel
are rolled in the two-high mill, while
the continuous mill rolls only uniform
size rails or slabs.
New records wore also made for one
hour and for ono day of 32 hours. For
the hour the figures were 368 tons, and
for 32 hours 3450 tons.
A remarkable showing was made in
the production of steel ingots from the
open hearth furnaces, the authentic fig
ures for the month of January showing
that the actual output of steel from an
average of 6H furnaces for the month
was 68,350' tons. The showing is all the
more remarkable from the fact that the
figures for six (lays to the week, the fur
naces not being in operation Sundays.
A fact not generally known is that
among other orders the Knsley prant. is
producing steel for the Carhegie mill at
Bethlehem, Pa.
At the beginning of the year it was
understood that efforts would be made
at the local plant to reach us near as
possible iho maximum production of
steel. The results are said to be
most gratifying considering the average
operation of Mi- furnaces. While the
lull complement of eight furnaces is
used, it is impossible to keep all in ope
ration the whole time as it is necessary
frequently to shut down one or more for
various reasons at different times.
With the steel plant making new pro
duction records and with all other in
dustrial plants in this section working
full time, the Indications point to a ban
ner year along industrial lines and con
sequently all other business interests of
the city will prosper as never before.
As an indication that this opinion is
generally prevalent is the fact that since
the first of January more than 25 new
business houses have been and are being
erected in Knsley, most of them being
constructed along entirely modern linea
and in such manner as to allow additions
as need arises.
Most assuredly the prospects for the
future are bright for the western di
vision of Greater Birmingham.
Montgomery has picture shows on Sun
day. They cannot hurt anyone. The poor
man who Is confined to his work closely
during the week Is Just as much en
titled to visit a pletare show on Sunday
as the rich man 1ms lo play golf or
take an automobile ride. I cannot see
any difference. During Sunday after
noons this city affords very little amaze
ment and the picture shows, 1 think,
would do no harm.
I “Of course, the pictures that have the
' faintest hint of immorality should be
haired. A proper censorship should he
1 maintained. If that is done the Sunday
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tion, Sourness, Heartburn, Gas or Dyspepsia
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taste Rood, bul work badly: ferment
into stubborn lumps and cause n sick,
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Mrs. Dyspeptic. Jot tills down: 1'ape's
Dtapepsin digests everything, leaving
nothing to sour and upset you. No dif
ference how badly .your stomach is dis
ordered you Ret happy relief In five
minutes. ' but w hat pleases you most
is that it strengthens and regulates
your stomach so you van eat your fa
vorite foods without fear -
Most remedies give you relief sume
times—they ar« slow, but not sure.
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your stomach in a healthy condition
so the misery won't conic back.
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pepsin comes in contact with the stom
ach distress just vanishes—your stom
ach gets sweet, no gases, no belching,
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Pape's Ida pepsin from any drug store.
You realise in five minutes how need
less it is to suffer from\ indigestion, |
dyspepsia or any stomach disorder.
shows would be nil right In my opinion.
I uni in favor of permitting ladies to
l»e members of a board of censorship.
They know most about such matters. They
would be able to keep down any bad
pictures. They tell me that in the larger
cities such boards throw out many films
daily yet those films are sent down in
tbi* country and sho\Vn to our unsus
pecting citizens. That should be stopped."
Tin* picture show operators in Birming
ham offered last year to donate a larg-:
pa* cent of the gross 'revenue on Sun
day to charity if permitted to operate on
Sunday. It is believed that the removal
of the opposition of Judge Lane will re
sult in the opening of the shows. Mr.
Weatherly lias often intimated that he
could see no wrong in such a step.
'I'he Rhodes memorial committee m« t j
in the directors’ room of the Chamber
of Commerce yesterday morning. Pas- i
dial Shook, chairman, presiding. The
committee discussed informally the
plan for the placing of a memorial tab-'
let to the late Gen. Rufus N. Rhodes.
It was decided to invite sketches
from sculptors on the tablet and the
chairman was instructed to take steps
to that end. A member of the Cham
ber of Commerce who left for New
York last evening on a business trip
volunteered to cull on a few sculptors
and get some sketches for the proposed
tablet for the consideration of the com- j
mittee. The committee will meet again
in a low days to hear reports on the j
progress of the work on the Rhodes
memorial. ____*
Nesbitt Expects Tonnage
for 1913 Will Be Over
Twenty Million
"The coal production in Alabama for
1913 will probably surpass the 20,
000,000 tonnage mark," was the state
ment of C. II. Nesbitt, chief mine in
spector for Alabama, in his office yes
terday. Mr. Nesbitt’s forecast of the
coal tonnage for 1913 came as the cli
max of a general review of the pros
pects for 1913 in coal for Alabama. He
‘‘The 1912 report of the coal pro
duction in Alabama is not quite ready;
there are a few more mines who have
not as yet reported and the figures
will not be ready before next Saturday
at the earliest. The 1912 report in my
opinion will show on enormous increase
over the 1911 report as it will exceed
it by over 3.000,000 tons. The report
in 1911 was 15,011,843 tons, while that
_a _ _
Don’t Fret
About Pimples
fto More Humiliation; the Wonderful
Stuart's Calcium Wafera “Get Right
After** Those Pimples, Holla
and Skin Kmptfona
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ples, blotches, eruptions, bleaekheads,
and liver spots. These are all due to
impurities in the blood. Cleanse the
blood thoroughly and the blemishes
will disappear.
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of Pimples. Now They're All Gone!
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are Intended to accomplish and do
accomplish. Their principal Ingredient
is Calcium Sulphide, the quickest and
most thorough hlood cleanser known.
These wonderful little wafers get
right Into the blood and destroy erup
tive substances present in it. In some
cases a few days Is sufficient to make
a marked improvement. And when the
blood' is pure the whole system is a
hundred per cent belter.
(Jo to any drug store and get a 50
cent box of Stuart's Calcium Wafers.
(Jet them today. “ \
Don't fret any longer about those
blackheads, pimples, boils, tetter, ecze
ma. spots or skin jituptlons; they all so
and "go quick" if you use Stuart's cal
cium Wafers. »
Prohibitionists Do Not
Depend On Extra Session
Prohibition and the plans of the astute
leaders of that political faith, due prob
ably to the passage through Congress of
the Webb anti-shipping bill and the pres
ence in Birmingham of several leading
lights in the battle for so-called “tem
perance,” were the topics of political gos
sip during the week Just closed.
The prohibitionists, it might be stated,
openly aver that they do not put faith in
the charge that on account of the restric
tions of the Webb bill, prohibitionists in
the future will not be so impulsive to vote
the prohibition ticket, But other than
this, they are peculiarly silent, although it
is reasonably certain that they are pre
paring to strike for the throne from which,
by the turn of the tables, they were re
cently deposed.
However, from current gossip, it is rea
sonably certain that the prohibitionists do
not intend intrusting their fate to the un
certain mercies, of present lawmakers in
of 1912 X estimate will be easily over
the 13,000,000 ton mark.
"The first six months of 1912 most
excellent prospects were in evidence—
It looked like all records would l>e
broken. However, in the last si*
months theso prospects slowly dimin
ished as several retarding factors were
noted. The car shortage was one, and
then the Banner mine burned down,
which caused a loss of 35,000 tons. The
Searles mine shut down which meant
another loss of 13,000 tons and several
other things happened which caused
tho last six months of 1912 to appear
at a great disadvantage with the pre
vioussix months. However, these things
are all settled now and the prospects
for 1913 arc exceedingly bright.
"The year 1913 has started off like
a record breaker. Every mine In the
state is in operation. The Banner and
•Searles mines, which wer.e out of com
mission during the latter part or last
year, are now operating in full blast,
it Is a conservative estimate for me to
state that 1 expect the coal produc
tion of Alabama for 1913 will exceed
20.000,000 tons.
"The mines throughout Alabama are
being operated with greater efficiency.
The mine operators are all co-operntlng
with this office and everything Is be
ing done to mine as much coal as pos
sible and yet with the greatest degree
of safety".
F. D. Stevens Secures an Office in
Brown-Marx Building
F. P. Steven*. United States assist
ant agriculturist, who for the past few
months has had desk room in the read
ing room of the Chajnber of Commerce
offices, announced yesterday that he
had secured an office apropriatlon and
would henceforth be located In the
Brown-Marx building, room 11 SO.
Mr. Stevens will use this office to
keep his books and general data of
the work he perforins throughout the
state. His work takes all over the
state and he is out on the»rond five
days of every week. He announces that
lie will be in his office every Saturday
at the service of any seeking farm in
case they are called together in extraor
dinary session. They might make a dem
onstration and retire. But their plan of
battle centers around B. B. Comer and the
legislature which will follow the next gu
bernatorial campaign.
In this speculation it begins to look very
gloomy for the political ambition of Wal
ter D. Seed. For it appears that the pro
hibitionists will rally to the man whom
they believe can be nominated and elect
ed. And thus it may happen for the sec
ond time in the life of the lieutenant
governor that his plans, dreams and ambi
tions will be sacrificed for the sake of ex
pediency or for the "good of the or
The prohibitionists, in other words, are
hopeful, and are planning. The local op
tionists are also hopeful. They realize
that Seed will continue in the race, and
that he will receive a portion of the pro
hibition vote despite whatever urgent calls
to arms might be issued by the leaders
of the cause. And they anticipate that
with the possibility of prohibition pro
hibiting, as a result of the Webb antN
shipping bill, many former "prohibition
ists'* might not become so actively en
gaged in the ensuing broil.
And the week closed with both sides
hopeful and thinking pf the future bat
tle for poor old Alabama's bone.
i Definite Report on Permanent Head
quarters for the Club Will Be
Made—Directors to Meet
As the Tuesday afternpon luncheon ot
the Birmingham Ad club at the Gold
Idon cafe annex will be one of the most
important yet bold by the club, every
member is urged, entreated, implored and
petitioned to attend, as well as any Bir
mingham citizens who feel any Interest
in the club, Its work and Its prospects.
A definite report on permanent head
quarters for the club will be made at tlie
meeting, and as this subject is of par
ticular interest to the members and to
Birmingham generally, it Is desired by the
club officials that every member be on
hand. The directors of the Ad club will
meet tomorrow evening to formulate their
report and an Important and surprising
announcement will be made, it is expected.
The luncheon will begin at 1 o'clock in
the annex of the Gold i-ion cafe. The
usual Dutch luncli idea will prevail.
To Discuss Plan for Social Conference
There will be a fneeting of tiie pro
gramme committee uf the Alabama
Social conference In the offices of the Ae
sociated Charities Monday afternoon at
2:.K) o'clock. Only routine business will
be transacted as it is too early as yet
to decide fully on the programme for the
Alabama Social conference, which will be
held in Birmingham tho latter part ot
“Here’s the Answer”
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