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Parts of Abdul Hamid’s
Diary Published
Gorman Ruler Has Interesting Con
versation With Sister—Encourag
ing Results From the Treat
ment of Cancer
Berlin, February 15.—(Special.!—“War
with Bulgaria will and must come. We
would have settled with this evil fellow!
seven years ago. but Russia ajid England
held our arm every time we raised it to
strike these Balkan robbers-"
This is one of the reflections contained
in the diary of ex-Sultan Abdul Hamid,
now being given fragmentary publication
for the first time by Professor Stein, the
well known Berlin publicist, who is edi
tor of Nord and Sud.
Tli© diary contains several passage* of
particular interest at the present time,
as for Instance, the following: “It Is
really quite time that we forced German
Influence hack again. We must show the
Grand Seigneur (Marschall von Bieher
stein) that we are distrustful of him and
of German policy. My ambassador In
Berlin reports that It is the plan of the
German Emperor to create a German
sphere of influence in Asia Minor. Well,
3 have nothing against eeonomlo Invlgor
ation of Asia Minor by the Germans, but
the German papers demand German col
onization along the Bagdad railway.
What are these newspaper writers think
ing of? Do they think that we are going
to abandon to German settlers these ^vn
atelian regions which were purchased by
our fathers with such heavy sacrifices.
Unfortunately we have always neglected
to keep foreign peoples at a distance—
that has been the cause of all our mis
fortune. But in Anatelia we must and
will remain alone. Thanks be to Allah
that this last place of refuge still re
mains for our com rad el* in race and
faith, now assailed from every side.”
The date of these observations is not
given. Tn a diatribe against Great Brit
ain for the part she played in Egypt, the
deposed ruler exclaims: “No, for in the
civilization of the Occident is deadly
The religious tendency of the Kaiser
was evidenced recently while he was vis
iting a convent of cloistered nuns. The
Emperor entered into conversation with
one of the sisters.
The woman was 35 years of age, and
his majesty asked her how long she had
been a nun. She replied, "About 20
years.’• The Kaiser remarked that she
must Jiave begun her noviciate very early.
She answered. "At 10.” His majesty then
asked: “What caused you, when so
young, almost a child, to renounce the
world and Its pleasures. Some great mis
fortune?” She answered, “No, only my
love for God. And you have remained in
the world. What pleasures do you find in
it?” The Kaiser, without replying, asked: j
‘’Did it cause you no sorrow to sacrl-,
lice your youth?” She said, “‘What Is
^youth? A dewdrop in the field which na
ture gives in the night and which disap
pears with the first rays of the morning
The Kaiser left her with the remark:
“Sister, you have gained that which the j
world refuses—Peace.”
Encouraging results have been obtained !
bv the treatment of certain rases of can-1
i er with radium at the Berlin institute, !
according to a report just issued. The,
559 cases which were dealt with are sum- j
marized as follows:
Apparently cured 53, cured 28, improved 1
245. not improved 70, abandoned treat-1
inent 88, dead 55.
Many who applied for treatment, the j
report states, had already exhausted all
the known resources of medicine, sur
gery, their condition being almost hope
less. The term apparent cure, when used
in referring to cancer cases, means that
all traces of the disease have disappeared.
In the detailed report of the effects of
the radium treatment on the different
types of cancer the epitheliemata, or skin
cancers, are divided into two classes: (1)
those on the face, l>ody and arms, with
or without extensive ulceration, in which
cures were readily obtained, and (21 those
attacking not. the skin, but the tongue,
lips or inoutty. where the results were
almost universally disappointing.” Tn
the latter group of cancers temporary im
provement was quite frequently seen, but
the radium apepartul to have no effect in
preventing or delaying the appeafance
of secondary growths in the glands of
the tpeck ami elsewhere.
A number of^ases previously declared
to be incurable became so mueh better
under the treatment that an operation for
the complete removal of the growth be
came possible.
The result of the radium treatment of
cancers of the breast is, according to the
report, “on the wholb encouraging.”.
Warning Is given, however, that radium
treatment should never be used to take
the place of an operation if tills is pos
In addition to giving encouraging re
s'alts obtained hi cancer cases, radium
has proved nf the greatest service in the
cure of much widely different complaints
and disfigurements, as rodent nicer, birth
marks, ”p >rt wine stains,” chronic ecze
ma, psoriasis (a skin disease) and Tuber
cular glands in the ne.'k. In rheumatic
gout ‘‘striking benefit” lias been “not in
frequently obtained” by drinking water
in which radium emanations (gases) have
been dissolved.
It is now officially admitted that all
.authoritative quarters have long been
agreed that a number of additional re
-riuiremems of the German army must be
.satisfied and that a new military bill will
be presented to the rekhsi.wg in the
course,of (he present session. On the
other mind, reports that negotiations have
taken place between the government and
the center tarty are denied, it is con
sidered doubtful whether the government
will be able to secure the necessary ap
propriations and -the bill may fall
Herr Randolph Hegemeyer. a well
known lover of landscapes ami tlie fattest
man in Germany, committed suicide re
ceptly because, lie said, he was so stout
J.e could not trawl in comfort to enjoy
the beauties of nature.
He hid himself wheeled in a chair to a
point aboye one of the most picturesque
parts of the Rhine. Then, he dismissed
his servant ami sat and gazed at the
prospect for some time. Having soothe 1
his fancy he drew a revolver from one of
liicfl iiit his *biains. 1 Ce
is said to have weighed 4. > pounds.
——-—-• - - —
Bad Keithcr Way
From the Washington Star.
“Father.” said a small boy. what is
a four Hush?”
“My «*i. i regret to see that your re
searches are assuming unfortunate ten
dencies. If you refer to poker, you are
trying to acquire by mere conversation
wisdom that cap be gained mils by years
of experience if you a»e refering to poll-'
ti< v. yguY question is entirely imperti
louis pizrrz res o in
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