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Come and Profit What We Have Prepared for You
On The First Day of This Burger’s June-July Sale
Great Savings in
White Goods
This has been Birmingham’s foremost Cot
ton Dress Goods Store for nearly half a cen
tury. This department, being one of the foun
dation pillars of this store, enters into the
spirit of the June-July Sale with great enthus
iasm, and in a way that will arouse equal en
thusiasm on the part of our customers—op
portunities for substantial SAVINGS:
40 inch Lykelinen, sheer and fine for
dresses; 19c value, for 12 l-2c yard.
18c Crinkled Crepe, pure white, 28 inches
wide; unusual price to sell for 12 l-2c yard.
da inch white linen finish Indian Head,
soft quality for 9c yard.
30 inch Tan Lineuc Suiting, natural linen
color and washes well; 12 l-2e value; 9c yard.
3G inch Brown Dress Linen, all pure flax,
good shade. Special 19c yard.
90 inch Linen Sheeting 89c yard. Soft,
fine quality for suits and skirts; $1.00 grade.
10c quality Checked Dimity 7c yard. All
small checks, 27 inches wide; extra good for
7c yard.
White Figured Madras; usual 12 l-2e
goods for 8c yard; small figures and stripes,
all white.
Embroidered Mulls to Close at 39c Yard
A few pieces remain of the regular 65c
Embroidered Mulls for summer dresses, 30
inches wide. Clearance price 39c yard.
25c and 30c White Pique 21c Yard
All new goods, plain cords, also fancy welt
Piques for summer skirts and suits. Choice
21c yard.
20c and 25c Small Mull Checks 16c Yard
30 inches wide, for underwear and infants’
clothes, small checks, soft finish; 16c yard.
36 inch sheer Lingerie Cloth; 25c quality;
foy a leader at 18c yard.
$2.50 to $3.50 Un
trimmed Hats $1.95
Nearly one thousand new, white Hemp Hats, in
ten of tlie liest selling shapes of the season, in- '
eluding the new sailors and medium large shapes
I for summer wear—the best values we have had
in tills line this season. [
Misses’ $6.75 Linen
Dresses at $3.95
One-piece Dresses of fine linen. In rose, cadet,
leather-color, lavender ami white. Made with white
linen collar and cuffs, black silk tie and small
vestee ofallovcr embroidery. Slzis 14, 1G and 18
years. !
I Six Hundred $1.25 Middy
Blouses at 75c
I Misses' and girls' Middy Blouses of the famous i
make. Ilf white gulatea. with sailor collar and
cuffs of white, red or navy gulatea, trimmed with
braid: breast pocket, long and short sleeves. Sizes
G to 18. (2,, Floor,, J
Smart Silk Petticoats,
$1.95 to $2.95
Worth Regularly from $2.95 to
i Seven hundred of these Petticoats, all new mod- !
els. fresh ami perfect. Made of satin messaline,
chiffon taffeta und satin, in black and colors; reg
ular and stout sizes—$1.05 to $2.05.
$3.75 to $5.00 Silk Petticoats
p A manufacturer’s clearance of samples and sur
I Plus lots. Made of satin messaline, silk jersey and
taffeta silk. In black and colors. (U<1 Flour.)
Glove and Hose Sale
Prices lower than usual
and quality better than the
ordinary sale goods.
Long Silk Gloves, double
lips, black or white only;
75(i values; 59c pair.
Silk Gloves with em
broidered backs, black on
white and white on black,
double lips, full 16 button
length; $1.25 grade; 89c
I Kayser two clasp Lisle
| Gloves, black or white;
23c values; 21c pair.
Women’s Lisle Hose,
double heels and toer, high
splicing and deep double
garter tops, full fashioned
or seamless. Four pair
for 89c.
i.lBie thread Hose in black, white or tan. Six thread
toes and heels, extra high spliced heels and reinforced
top. Regular or extra size—;t pair for 05c.
./White lisle Hose, gauze weight, double tops and soles;
25c hose,20c pair.
(la Floor.) |
and Children’s
Shoes in
The Sale
Our shoe manufacturers are
to-operating splendidly in our
June-July celebration. We
nave secured about ONE THOU
SAND PAIRS of largo girls'
Dumps and Misses’ and children’s
inkle strap pumps, made be
tween season at substantial price
concessions. Any girl can be
fitted—all sizes and width, front
child's 8 1-2 to large girls’ No. B.
95c for $1.25 and $1.50 values.
$1.23 for $1.50 and $2.00 values.
$1.95 for $2.50 and $3.00 values.
(1st Floor)
Burger’s June-July Sale
Burger’s June-July Sale
Burger’s June-July Sale
Burger’s June-July Sale
Tomorrow Only
Ladles’ and Misses’ House
presses—Made of lawn and ging
ham In many different styles,
priced $1.26 at line. ’
.. Childrens’ White Aprons_
Prettily trimmed in embroidery
from 29c to 35c at 17c.
IJuliy Cups—Dainty trimmings
“nd materials, slightly soiled
priced 85c to 1)1.25 at 45c.
And odd lot of Corsets in "all
sizes: values up to $2 for 75c.
Boyy’ I’nltee Waists—In large
sizes slightly soiled, regular 69c
values, for 85c.
Sateen Petticoats—Blue, green,
American beauty, regular $1.2£>
values for 70c.
(3d Floor.)
It is possible for us to say on this first Monday of the June
July Clearance Sale that we do not recall any other time in our
history when we could serve you with so much good goods at
such especial values as we can tomorrow. Adjectives do not
strengthen the statement. This store is fairly running over
with good values in good Burger merchandise.
By all means get here early tomorrow; some of the quanti
ties are limited—the early bird will not be disappointed.
Great Clearance of
Women’s Suits
and Dresses
Prices That Should Sweep the State
We have made prices on these thousands Suits and Dress
es that make it worth a woman’s while to come or send from
the remotest part of the state. As for Birmingham, if any
woman within thirty miles of here stays home it must mean
that she has absolutely no use for another suit or dress.
This Clearance Sale is Hitting
Bottom at the First Day!
There aren’t going to be any lower prices.
Because there aren’t going to be any more
W suits to clear, once the story of these gets
If You Are in the City, Come If You
Are Out of the City, Write or Phone
If ordering by mail, don’t specify too
closely; we will do the best we can at the price
you wish to pay.
The reason of the sale is simple: We have
, been dealing in exceptionally large transae
tions and we are taking now our final clear
ance at one tremendous price cutting event,
instead of cutting the price a little bit every
day or month.
Descriptions are needless; there isn’t an
old suit iu the lot.
These are the things you are .wearing now
and paying full price for, and today, instead
of full price, you are going to buy them this
50 Tailor Made Suits at
$7.95; values $13.50 and $15.
25 Silk Dresses at $6.95.
values $10 and $12.
35 Silk Dresses $9.95; val
ues $10.50 and $25
100 Tailor Made Suits at
$9.95; values $25 and $18.75.
10 Dresses of messaline
and foulard at $3.95; value
30 Summer Dresses of
gingham, $1.95; value $3.
25 Summer Dresses of lin
en at $2.95; value $10.
30 pretty Dresses, silks,
crepes and linens, reduced to
$12.75; value $30.
100 Tailor Made Suits at
$14.95; values $22.50 to
Trimmed Hats
ONE-HALF, on two hundred and fifty
fine Trimmed Hats, in styles suitable tor every occasion, in
cluding many Tailored Hats, Plume Trimmed Hats and Mourn
ing Hats:
$6.00 and $8.00 Odd Trimmed Hats—Reduced to $1.00
$8 to $20 Hats $3.95
$15 to $30 Hats $5.95
$12 to $30 Hats $4.95
$15 to $35 Hats $8.95
ance of our spring importation from leading New York Citv
makers, reduced as follows:
$10.00 to $22.00 Hats—$3.95, $4.95 and $7.95
Suitable for the country or seashore, for golfing, auto or
general wear.
Knox Hats reduced. (2d Floor)
Great Cotton Goods
Clearing Sale
Everything (hat can be reduced
is marked low in price. Summer
goods all to be disposed of.
One Case \moNkeag Apron <iing
haniK, M I -He 1 <1.
All size checks, black, brown
and blue colors: usually Oe—un
limited sale at H l-2c yard
AnionkenR 12 1-2e Dress Calng
linms S I-2c Yard
I Choice of 200 pieces best Amos- f
keag Dress Ginghams, usually
12 l-2c; in stripes small checks
and plaids; all kinds of patterns,
for s l-2c yard.
28-inch best cotton Cheviots in
stripes and checks. An excellent
cloth for rompers, dresses, etc.,
10c and 12 l-2c grades s l-2c yd.
10c Renfrew Dress Cinulinmn for
( learaiw'e, 12 I-2c 1 aril i
All colors are “fadeless” and
guaranteed; 32 inches wide, in
new spring patterns—choice
12 t-2c yard. $
Any .Amerlcnn nod Simpson < Hi
ll Icocn for He Ynril.
Eight or dark patterns, usual
8c grade—choice at fle yard.
lOe mid 12 l-2e l.lulit Shirting
MndrnsSe lanl. 1
28-inch wide, neat stripes and
figures for shirts and waists,
etc. 8c yard.
Burger's June-July Sale
Regular $1.50 Values ^
Fine tape edge, piece dyed
Union $ 1.50 Umbrellas, with
fancy handles in several styles—
some of the handles being worth
more than our price for the Um
brella. Kacli Umbrella lias tas
Women’s $1.50
and $2.00 Parasols,
Samples—only one hundred in
the lot; of taffeta silk and pon
gee, sonic plain and bordered. 5
(1st Floor)
Burger’s June-July Sale
From the Art Store
Rennaissance Scarfs and Center
Pieces, drawn work centers; 3
piece scarfs, good braid, all well
made; $1 values, 71U* each.
2 Stamped and tinted pillow tops
with backs several designs. Reg*
ular 25c and 60c values, l«e each.
Odd lots of Royal Society
stamped goods to close out—un
derwear, shirt waists, center
pieces, pillow tops and other nov
elties, at exactly half price.
ROc values .25c j
75c values .;tsc
$1 values. 50c
y| 30-inch linene Squares, em
broidered in good designs, Hem
stitched all around; regular 50c
values, 35c each. j
30-inch .linen Squares, hem
stitched and embroidered in the
popular backstitch; regular $1
pieces, 65c each.
Stamped Shirt Waists and In
fants’ Dresses and hand embroid
ered pillow’ top**; 29c and 39c
values. 24c each.
( ini. Floor. >
Burger’s June-July Sale
Burger’s June-July Sale
June-July Sale Prices
on Fine Cottons
Flue French Voile. In check,
and .tripe., .old up to 5#c yard.
Ven hi rlped Linen, and i.jnu
ham. .old up to 30c yard. For
quick clearance, your choice, i
| 15c yard
Al.o 20 piece, of fine ao-luch
Shepherd checked mid plaid Sull
lu»», north up to 05c yard, at 13c
tint Floor.)
Burger’s Createst
Rug & Carpet Values
in June-JulySale
\\ c have made large special purchases
Inun -i.K of the greatest rug and carpet man
utaeturei's in the world. These purchases
really amount to an anticipation of every
lliing that may be unusual in floor covering
events for si.v months to come.
Our present assemblage of floor coverings
of all kinds for immediate use is the greatest -
we have ever had at this time. Everything,
whether in vugs, carpets, mattings or linole
ums, is a standard product, in perfect condi
tion and vouched for bv Burger Drv Goods
Mattings are at their best. The vast bulk
ot them are imported direct. The rest are
bought to special advutitage for selling to
your advantage, and their quality also wa
9x12 M a 11ing
Rugs — Beautiful
Persian and floral
designs; regular
$3.50 values at
Osaka, iho Japanese Grass Hug, for porch
or indoor use, with brown, green or blue
borders; regularly $0.50 value, at $6.45.
Colonial Curtain Rods, the curved style;
regular 25c value; two for 25c.
Printed Linoleum—In wood or tile ef
fects; regular 05c values, 49c.
Inlaid Linoleum—In wood or tile effects;
regular $1.25 values, 89c.
Any 25c and 30c Matting—Your selection
at 20c yard.
Matting Rugs—27\5-t inches; regular 35o
values, 25c.
36x72 inch; regular 50e values, 35c.
9x12 Axminster Rugs, Oriental and floral
effects; regular $22.50 values, at $15.75.
9x12 Velvet Rugs, Orientals only, heavy
quality; regular $20.00 values; $13.50.
9x12 Body Brussels Rugs, good for office or
the home, small allover effects; regular $30
values, nt $22.45.
9x12 Royal Wiltons; rich, soft tones; regu
lar $40.00 value, at $32.50,
9x12 French Wilton, dropped patterns only;
worth from $50.00 to *60.00. Special $38.50.
Real Persian Rug(4, size 2-6x3-6; $10.00
values; $6.95.
Bungalow Wool <Rugs, in solid colors, with
neat border or id rover effects; regular $1.00
value; $7.50. (
9x12 Rag Ruts( all solid colors and mixed
effects; regulaij$10.50 values, at $8.50.
(3d Floor)
Women’s Shoes Here
$1.85 Elsewhere $3.50
Only a Few Hundred Pair j
Various styles and leathers. Not all
sizes in every kind, hut all sizes in the »
lot. If a little patience is worth $1.65,
you can get a fine pair of shoes l'or $2
and put the $1.65 in your pocket. I
This is just one of the little outcrop
pings of the tremendously big Shoe store
and the result of its enormous purchase
and sales.
But there are many like it.
(1st Floor.)
5000 Yards of Shimmering SILKS—
Exquisite Quality the Kinds You Want
Price Close to Half.
If ever a woman pined for a silk dress , a
silk coat, a silk waist, a silk unvtbing-what
gratilv that desire. Never more beautiful
silks than these*. Never more absolute relia
bility in ever shimmering inch of glinting
color. Never more tempting prices—Why, at
this price a silk dress is positively the most
economical* kind of tires* a woman could buy.
for 36-inch Imported Foulards.
^M|*for 24-inch Cheney Bros’. Foulards.
1 'Tor 27-inch Brocaded Taffetas.
•V M for 36 inch Pongees,
for 27-inch Poplins.
75c, 85c, $1, $1.25 and $1.50 value for absolute
clearance, 57c.
It Will Pay You to Come 100 Miles to BURGER'S SALE!

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