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SCOOP reporter Egglebert Kistlebing beuer Not Get Scoop Too Mad By “HOP”
ji ■■ ■ ■ .1 ______— ----—_— ____
chapter of scoops
LOVE affair.
already occupied BY
evening- for His rival
ECrG-LESERT To tango
Street Well Pleased With
Appointments on Federal
/ Revenue Board
New York, May 4.—The forward move
ment in the stock market, w'hich was ir
progress all of last week except durlnj
Saturday's small reaction, was resumec
today. The upturn was leisurely, with n(
attempt at aggressive operations on th«
buying side, but the strength of the mar
ket's position was unmistakable. Quota
tions advanced steadily until the leading
stocks were 1 to 2 points higher, although
these gains were cut down by a reac
tion in the last hour. Extensive covering
on the recent rise apparently relieved the
pressure against the shorts, and today'*
buying seemed to be principally for thf
long account. The movement of the lasl
week resulted in drawing in some outside
business, and commission house orders
while not large, figured more extensively
in today's trading than heretofore.
The best showing of the day was rhade
in the afternoon, following the announce
ment of President Wilson’s appointments
for the federal reserve board. The streei
was well pleased with today s announce
Railroad stocks were most prominent ir
the day’s rise. Shares of the grain carry
ing roads, in particular, were in request
r - benefiting from the report of crop condi
tions. The Improvement in sentiment to
ward railroad stocks caused by the com
paratively good March return was
strengthened also by advices from the
west to the effect that the roads wrert
moving a good volume of business.
Owing to tlie signs of broadening spec
ulation on the long side, considerable Im
portance was attached to the continued
ease in monpv r-itoo - •
- uurxnern, 315®
f . i southern, 315015.50; No. i
Southern, 314-50015. London copper easy
Spot. £03 8s 9d; futures, £S3 13s 9d. Tin
weak; spot, Z163 10s; futures, Z155 10s
Iron. Cleveland warrants, 61s 4V*d
London Stocks
London. May 4.—Consols for money
751-16; for account. 75 3-16 fJuneb Bar
Silver steady. 27 3-16d. Mfoney, lliSlV
Short and three months, 2H®2 9-16.
Butter 25
Elgin, ill., May 4.—Butter eteady, 26c.
Live Stock
Chicago. May 4.—Hogg; Receipts, 26,000.
Bulk of sales. $8.2508.46; lights. 38.2608.60;
mixed, *3.2008.45; heavy, 3808.45; rough’
Cattle: Receipts. 1700; market strong.
Beeves, *7.2508.60; Texas steers, *7.1008.15;
Stockers. *5.6008.30; cows and heifers, *3.70
08.60; calves, *6.2509. -
Sheep: Receipts, 20.000: market strong.
Natives, 3606.75: yearlings. 35.6006.70;
lambs, native, *607.30.
jx Kansas City, May 4.—Hogs: Receipts,
7500; market higher. Bulk, 13.2608.40;
heavy. $8.4008.45; packers and butchers,
38.3008.40; light. $8.2008.40; pigs, 17.4006.
Cattle: Receipts, 8400. including 600
southerns; market higher: calves 25060c
higher. Prime fed steers, $6.5008.25; cows,
54.5007.75; heifers, $6.7509; Stockers, *6.50
Sheep: Receipts, 11,000; market higher.
Lambs. $6.2508.20; yearlings. $5.50017.25;
wethers, *5.2506.50; ewes, *4.5000.25.
St. Louis. May 4.—Hogs: Receipts. 7400;
market higher. Pigs and lights. 3708.65;
mixed and butchers, *8.4508.60; good
heavy. 18.4508.69. Cattle: Receipts, 3400,
Including 800 Texans: market strong. Na
f tlve beef steers. 37.5009.25; cows and
... -‘eckers. *508; Texas and
. ‘ ‘ - -■ •
fiV \ /HO
rsmAi hum'
sir \\J 1
> all. /
__Sales. High. Low. Close
Amal. Cop.1*8600 73~% 72*% 73*15
Amer. Agrl. .... 200 62% 62% 62%
Amer. Can ....6400 27s* 26% 27%
A. C. * F. 49% 49% 49%
Amer. Cities . 29
do pfd . 60%
Amer. Cot. Oil . 200 40% 40% 40%
Amer. Smelt. ,. 2200 63% 62% 63
Amer. Snuff.157
Amer. Sugar.. .
Amer. T. & T. . 300 122% 122 122%
Amer. Tob. 200 228% 22S% 228 %
Atchison .3400 95% 94% 95%
A. C. L. 200 120% 120% 120%
B. & O..2200 91% 90% 91
Can. Pac.13000 194% 192% 192%
Cen. Leath.1700 35% 35% 35%
C-. * 0.2400 64% 63 54 %
C. , M. & St. P. .1600 100 98% 99%
: Erie .5800 29% 28% 29
Gen. Elec. 800 147 146% 146%
G. N. pfd . 3300 124% 123% 123%
111- Cen. 200 111 111 ill
Inter.-Met. pfd . 800 62% 62% 62%
K. C. S. 200 25% 25% 26%
Eehlgh Val. 200 1 40 % 138% 140
I* & N. 100 135% 135% 135%
Llgg. & Meyers.210
Eorlllard Co.172
M., K. T. 500 17 16 17
Total sales tor t
_•__Sales. High. Low. Close.
Mo. Pac. 25600 20 4; 194 2O4
Mex. Pet.2800 59 574 58
N. Y. C.4200 944 924 9394
N. Y.. N. H. &
Hartford .2300 704 694 TO
N. & W.300 104 1034 10374
Nor. Pac.4300 11294 1114 111 4
Pennsylvania ...2600 111*4 1104 111
Reading .51000 1B54 1634 164*4
R. I. & S. 700 23 224 224
do pfd .BOO SB 4 S5 85 V,
R. T. Co. 800 34 3 34
do pfd .1700 64 44 64
St. L. & San F.
2d pfd . 100 4 4 4
S. A. L. . 600 204 1994 204
do pfd . 900 55 4 54 4 55
Sloss-Sheff. S.
and Iron . 26
Sou. Pac. 10600 92*4 91 94 92
Sou. Ry.2900 24*4 24*4 24*r
do pfd . 400 7994 794 7994
Tenn. Cop. 700 34*4 34 4 34 4
Tex. Co. 500 144 1434 14391
T- * P. 164
Union Pac.26800 157*4 15591 1564
U. S. Steel ....57100 60*4 59^ 60
do pfd .1000 1084 1084 1084
Utah Cop..2300 B4*4 5494 5494
V. -C. Chem. 100 26*4 26 9; 26*1
West. Union .... 400 624 62 62
oe day. 329.300 shares.'
Rate. Bid. Asker
Ala. F. & 1. 4 49 65~
Amer. C. Rys., pfd.... 6 60 63
Amer. C. Rys. 21 35
Amer. Tr. & Sav. B... 8 165 165
Avondale Mills, com... 8 100 115
Avondale Mills, pfd... 8 100 103
Bessemer C. & 1. 4 5 50
B'ham T. & S. 8 250 260
B'ham Baseball Asso.. 140 170
B'ham Realty Co.4 160 170
Cham, of Com., pfd .... 7 70 80
Com. Bank & T. Co_ 85 95
Corey Land . 66 75
East Lake Land . 50 75
Elmwood Cem. Co. . . 4 75 90
Empire Imp., pfd _ 8 105 108
Empire Imp., com. 6 70 85
Ensley Land . 110 125
First Nat l Bank.12 260 260
Great Sou. Life . 10 13
Interstate Casualty.... 2 5
Jeff. Co. S. Bank.10 150 165
Jefferson Fertilizer ... S 105 120
M. A M. Bank . 6 125 136
North B'harti Land ... 15 22
Protective Life . 10 15
... 6 100 110
..8 100 110
2 5
... 9 160 185
;___Rate. Rid. Asked.
Ala. State ref. i920... 4 97-100—
Ala. State Renew, 1966 314 88 90
Ala. State Renew, 1956 4 99 ioi
Ala. State Fair . 6 60 75
Amer. C Rys. 5 89 92
Ala- Cons. 5 75 ‘so
Bessemer C. & 1.6 102 105
■B. R., L. A P. 6 98 101
B. R„ L AP. 414 89 91
wham Ice Factory ... 6 100 106
B'ham R. A E.5 100 103
B'ham Waterworks.... 6 103 107
City of Birmingham .. 5 100 104
City of Birmingham . . 6 105 108
Continental Qin . 5 100 105
Jefferson County . 5 jqi 104
Jefferson County . 6 105 110
Jefferson County . 414 89 101
Jefferson Reatly . 8 100 105
Milner Land Co.6 95 100
Nashville Railway ... 5 100 105
Pratt Consolidated ... 5 so 85
Sloss I. A S.. e joo 103
Sloes I.AS. 4 >4 92 9B
I' S' !• £en- mtB. 5 93 101
T. C. I. Tenn. Dlv. 5 101 103
T. I I. Ship Bldg. ... 6 100 104
T. <„ I. B'ham Dlv.... 6 100 103
C. I. Cahaba Dlv. ..6 102 104
Woodward Cons.6 100 105
acts and New
ts Advance
4.—The result of
cts today was an
s prices of 8 to 9
d the new crop
nta on May, June
s again was the
map showed fa
the central and
as. Arkansas and
send reports of
a mage, inducing
mg of new crop
perations today.
v the work of
take moderate
August appears
trading in that
’orcing it more
..- —..w. Futures
High. Low. Close.
May . 11.811 lTT» TtTf7
July . 1274 12.65 12.86
August . 12.88 12.33 12.31
October .11.76 11.71 11.70
December . 11.73 11.70 11.88
New Orleans, May 4 —Spot cotton steady
and unchanged; middling, 13c. Sales on
the spot, K8; to arrive, 814. Oood ordi
nary, 1016-lflc: strict good ordinary,
117-lflc; low middling, 12 8-lflc; strict low
middling, 1284c; strict middling, 13 6-lflc:
good middling. 13 11-lflc; strict good mid
dling, 1884c. Receipts. 4861; stock, 144,463.
Indian steers, 87.2508; cows and heifers,
846006.60; native calves. 1602.76.
Sheep: Receipts, 900; market strong,
sheared muttons, 84.25®6.5d; lambe, 17®
8.16; sheared lambe, 16.2607.26; spring
lambs. 88.6009.26.
Coffee Market
New York. May 4.—The coffee market
was quiet but eteady today on Headier
European and Braktllan cablea and lack
of selling pressure. The opening was
dull, l to 4 points higher and the close
steady, 8 to 10 points higher on scatter
ing demand, which may have Included
some buying as well as covering of
shorts Sales. 14.000. May, 8.1*0; July,
8.89c; Septsmber. 8.88c; Ootober. 1.98c; De
cember, 9.11c; January, 2.17c; March, 2.81c.
Spot quiet; Rio, No. 7. S84c; Santos. No 4.
U8ic. Mild dull; Cordova. Ig*®l5 nom
Havre, 84084 franc higher; Hamburg.
84 Pfg. higher. Rio unchanged. Brasilian
receipts, 12,000; Jundlahy. 7000. Santos
cables re port sd 4s unchanged, futures
unchanged to 25 higher. ^
New York, May
generally higher t -H
by teflners and o
mission houses.
was manifest In f
ness, sales amou < .
Final prices were
to 1 to I points i
The cotton * ,. 1
steady. Spot. ’
June, 7.5807.KTo:. , . t,
7.70017.71c; Sept ' ir,
7.2807.32c; Not m
ber, 8.74®*.7fe. • 4
Receipts Are Heavy—Bet
ter Demand Anticipated
The demand on Morris avenue yester
day was very good for the beginning of
the week, but was not up to the stand
ard of the last three days of last week.
The receipts were heavy and merchants
anticipate a better demand today. No
price changes were registered but the
Indications point to a general drop In
In the produce market the demand was
fair and the supplies easily sufficient.
Strawberries are now In full season, and
there Is an excellent demand. New Irish
potatoes are more generally to be seen
and the demand In good.
Fish merchants report good trade and
supplies In keeping. No changes In prices
are registered.
The Iron Market
” .. 10.50
Or»y Forge .. |0.qg
18 .11.00
Local Cotton
. Strict good middling . igi^
Good middling . 13
8triet middling . 12-v
Middling. .jn!
Strict low middling . 12
Poultry and Eggs
Hens, per pound. 18o; fryers, lk«
1V4 lbs. average. 86c; ducke. iso lb
guineas. 30c; roosters, 86c; geese, lb., 10o
llve turkeys. 21c; dressed turkeys, ’ Mo*
Tree heggs, candled. l»c; extra graded
candled eggs, 21c. ,
# -
Fruits and Produce
Russet apples, 18.60 bbl.; wastsrn box
apples, 82.2609; Pen Davis. 86.60; llmea,
per 100, 81.60; lemons, box 860. S4; Florida
grapefruit, 3406; Florida orangaa, 84;
Cuban pineapples. 88.26 crate; new Irish
potatoes, 12.76 per hamper; cranberries,
per box. *3; bbl*. 812; strawberries, per
ert, $3.60; tomatoes, 82.6001 crt.; cabbage,
2Hc lb.; rutabaga turnips. 144c lb; new crop
red and yellow onions, 4c lb.; Imported
onions, crate, 11.76, uocoanuts, |6 bas
English walnuts, JI0COc; fllbsrts. 16c;
pecans, 16c; California figs, cate, 82.50
dates, lb., 844c.; sweet potatoes. Dooleya
bushel, 81.26; eweet potatoes, cream
yarns, bushel, 81.10; Florida cabbage, 88.26
crate. Snap beans, 82.60 crate: tomatoes,
I2.160I; strawberries, It to 18.60 crata
Creamery Products
Lard. 1214c; compound. 914«; dry salt
ihort riba, ll.llo; bellies, 19.90c; baiQ
butta 16,00a; Boston butts, 1714a; perk
lsua 27a; spore rib*. 13c; breakfast bacon.
EVMsi smoked bacon, 17c; regular ham,
Uo; skinned ham, Utic.
Imported Roquefort, 86c; NeufchatoJ
tsr » «—■ Runento cheeea !
Flak and San Foods
Red enapper, lOc; in email bbl. lots, llo;
jmappar or groupers. 506c; large
i'*8Pdnlah mackerel, 814c In bbl. lots;
L 'T'-vC ’ N
; v. '
\ f 5T. ir-i t v- ft* — ■ *•! ... , ki’ ■
WAS 2E\N(r
^ ^i 4L4 _ ANALACM
^—-^^“v poroirr
—kuk-kk-kuk-kik. •
Wheat Market in the End Is
E^gy 5-8 to 3-4c Net
Chicago, May 4.—Foreign buying
here had an important bullish influence
today on wheat. In the end, the mar
ket was easy, but %@%c to %@%e
net higher. Corn closed %c to % (Sty %c
up. Oats off a shade to %c, and provis
ions with a gain of 2%#7%c.
In the wheat trade it virtually was
conceded on both sides that the situa
tion was a case of phenomenal harvest
promise In this country for 1914
against fairly bullish conditions
throughout the rest of the world. Con
siderable significance, therefore was at
tached to the fact that purchasing on
foreign account today, especially in
September option, attained large pro
portions. Besides world shipments were
light, the supply afloat was the small
est since 1902, Hungary and France re
ported serious crop damage, and there
was a decided falling off in the do
mestic visible stock.
May wheat bulged so suddenly at one
time as to put shorts into a good flurry.
The upturn, however, attracted much
hard winter wheat here from the west,
purchases to arrive being 450,000
bushels. Tightness in regard to the
May delivery was also partially re
lieved by Chicago sales of 650,000
bushels of contract wheat to go to
Delay in Argentine corn shipments, a
condition due to heavy rains starting
afresh, made the corn market hero
strong. Argentine damage estimates
were raised 10 per cent. It was also
half, and were now down to normal,
big stocks had been more than cut in
half, and wer^ now down to normal.
Some of the consequent upturn in
prices though disappeared as a result of
profit taking in the last hour.
Oats at the outset were firm with
other grain, but the good outlook for
the growing crop led to realizing sales
by ilouse brought about a reaction.
Provisions lost much of an early ad
vance. The dullness of the cash trade
offset to some extent the effect of grain
strength and of the lighter run of hogs
Future quotations were as follows:
Wheat— Open. High. ~ Low! CloBe.
May . 93% 94% 93% 93%
July . 85% 86% 85% 86
May . 65% 66% 65% 65%
July ..... 65% 65% 66% 65%
July ...,k 37% 37% 37% 37%
Sept . 35% 36 36% 35%
July . 19.80 19.90 19.80 19.82
Rept .19.92 20.00 19.90 19.92
i Lard—
July .10.07 10.07 10.02 10.07
j Rept .10.20 10.25 10.20 10.25
July .11.07 11.07 11.07 11.10
Sept . 11.20 11.22 11.17 11.22
St. I-oui* Grain
St. Louis, May 4.—No. 2 wheat, red, 94<t?
96%c; No. 2 hard, 92t/94%c. Corn, J$o. 2.
71c; No. 2 white, 72%c. Oats, No. 2, 40c;
No. 2 white, 40%(S41c.
Kansas City Grain
Kansas City. May 4 —No. 2 hard wheat,
87090c; No. 2 red. 87'40884ic. Corn, No. 2
mixed, 7144072c; No. 2 white, 72073c. Oat*,
No. 2 white, 40c; No. 2 mixed, 39c.
New Orleans Rice Market
New Orleans, May 4—The rough rice
market continues In a steady tone, clean
Honduras and Japan also ruling steady.
Quote: Rough Honduras. $1.6004.60;
Japan, $1.60<fi3.2B; clean Honduras. 4^@«c;
Japan, 2>4034*c- Rice, Polish, per ton,
$2627; bran, per ton. $17018. Receipts.
Rought, 2342: millers, 2307; clean.. 1679.
Sales, 36 sacks rough Honduras at $4,250
4.60; 400 pockets clean Honduras at 20
54*c; 400 Japan at 1*i0Sc.
Selma Market
Selma May 4.—(Special.)—Spot cotton In
the 8elma marketo day was quoted ns
follows; Good middling. 13»4c. Strict mid
dling. 13'4c. Middling. 1274c. Strict low mid
dling. 124%c. Low middling, 1144c.
Montgomery Market
Montgomery. May 4.—(Special.)—Spot
cotton was quoted heer today as fol
lows: Strict middling. 18 8-16c; middling,
12 74c; strict low middling, 1244c; low
middling, U44c.
Naval Stores
Savannah, May 4.—Turpentine Arm.
4244c; sales. 724: receipts. 680; shipments.
256; stocks. 11.616. Rosin Arm; sales. 1622;
receipts, 1625 shipments, 126; stocks. 96.580.
Quote. A, B. $34608.50; C, D, $3.7003.76;
E, $3.80; F, $3.9603.8744; G, $3.874403.80; H,
$3.86; I. $4.16; K. $4.38; M, $4.70; N, $5.40;
WG and WW, $6.75.
fresh water breams, 9010c; pom
pano, 26c; blus Ash, 9c; roe shad,
tl; red bass. 6c; mixed Ash. 744a; small
trout, 844o: fresh water cat, dreeaed. ii®
12440; ealt water cat. S44c; speckled trout,
1244015c. Shrimp, 10a lb. Perch, 9c.
Flour and Breadstuff*
Salt rising flour, (S.4‘>. Tennessee flour,
16.25; pure wheat shorts. H4; pure wheat
bran, 129; O. B. meal, 744 par cent, 999; C.
8. feed meal, per ton, 129; C. 8. hulls, 914
ton 1 No. 1 tlmotny hay, per ten, lit;
mixed alfalfa and Johnson grass, per ton,
$22. c 8. hulls, $14 ton; Johnson grass,
per ten, $18; mixed feed, $34; oats, 56c bu.;
butter, 29c; process butter, 26c; cheese,
19c; imported Swiss cheese, 31c; German
brick cbeese. 39c; itmburger cheese. i*o;
Country butter, 20®C6c: fresh creamsry
corn, 95c; corn meal* 51.80 par 89 Iba.
V. AW • -
«* "U'. .. ' . \ . .
(g)^r/^ifsn-^ND-Mt>. ^ft|'
_ !
Trading Is Not Particularly
Active, With Offerings
Comparatively Light
New York, May 4.—The cotton market
was firmer today on reports that a re
newal of heavy rain In the southwest
over Sunday had necessitated further re
planting: and caused another delay In
the new crop start. Trading: was not
particularly active, but offerings were
comparatively light and the close was
steady with prices net unchanged on
June but generally 6 to 10 points higher.
The market opened steady at an ad
vance of 1 to 6 points In response to the
higher cables. There were quite a good
many over Sunday selling orders around
the ring, which had evidently been In
spired by the declining tendency of the
market here on Saturday. Many of Satur
day's sellers, however, were disappointed
by the showing of the weather, which
had been expected to indicate generally
favorable conditions for over the week
end. and the ealy offerings were readily
absorbd. A few May notices were cir
culated and caused some scattering liqui
dation of that position which ruled rel
atively easy during the early trading,
while there was enough realizing on the
advance in the latter months to cause
some irregularity. OJenerally speaking,
however, the undertone was very steady
and May generally firmed up with the
active months selling about 7 to 13 point
net higher during the afternoon. Slight
reactions followed In the late trading and
the market closed some 3 or 4 points off
from the best. The May premium over
July was reduced somewhat early, but
was recovered late In the day, ruling
around 28 points at the close.
Private cables reported a very steady
market in Liverpool on the rain news from
teh southwesj and houses with Liverpool
connection were considerable buyers of
both old and w'e crop months during the
early trading. Commission houses W'ere
not active enough to indicate that tlie
unfavorable crop news from the south
west was inspiring any fresh outside In
terest of consequence, however, and trad
ing was less active after the close of
Liverpool. It was rumored that one of
the firm which had stopped some of the
first May notices had Issued notices
against 4000 hales this morning, hut it
was also rumored that another house
which had taken up first May notices to
the extent of 10,000 hales was planning to
receive considerable more cotton before
the end of the month.
_New York Cotton Futures
High. Low. Close.
May 77. . 12.68 1 2.48 ] 2.65
July . 1 2.32 12.24 1 2.27
August . 12.10 12 07 12.12
October.. 11.72 11.62 11.68
December . 11.74 11.67 11.71
Port Movement
New Orleans: Middling, 13r; receipts,
4361; exports, 100; sales, 1588; stock,
Galveston: Middling, 13c; receipts,
1790; exports, 10,694; sales, 28; stock,
Mobile: Middling, 1274c: receipts, 473;
exports, 5039; stock, 21,187.
Savannah: Middling, 13>4c: receipts,
1661; exports, 501; sales. 46; stock, 63,
Charleston: Middling, 1376c: receipts,
10; stock, 6912.
Wilmington: Receipts, 242; stock, 19,
Texas City: Receipts, 260.
Norfolk: Middling, 13c; receipts. 90S;
exports. 673; sales. 211; stock, 33,756.
Baltimore: Middling, 13 V; exports,
4029; stock. 2503.
Boston: Middling, 13.00c; stock, 10 -
900. *
Philadelphia: Middling, 13.25c; re
ceipts, 17; B^ock, 1936.
New York: Middling, 13.00c; exports,
3847. stock. 121,746.
Minor ports: Exports. 2619; stock,
Total today: Receipts, 9703; exports.
27.654; stock. 646,462.
Total for week: Receipts, 22,003; ex
ports, 58,501.
Totul lor season: Receipts, 9,845,623;
exports, 8,165,292.
Interior Movement
Houston: Middling, 1244c: receipts.
292(1; shipments, 4643; sales, 2060; stock,
Memphis: Middling, 13 74c; receipts,
478; shipments, 378; sales, 1100; stock,
Augusta: Middling, 13 74c; receipts.
303; shipments, 677; sales, 239: stock,
St. Louis: Middling, 13 74c; receipts.
666: shipments, 1164; stock, 29,588.
Cincinnati: Receltps, 876; shipments,
720; stock, 19,338.
Little Rock: Receipts, 92; shipments.
1412; stock, 42,520.
Total today; Receipts, 5223: ship
ments, 8884; stock, 803,500.
Liverpool Cotton Market
Liverpool, May 4.—Spot cotton Arm;
good mrtldllng, 7.83d; middling, 7.37d;
low middling, 6.85d. Bales, 12,000; specu
lation and export, 1060; receipts, 7000.
Futures very steady; May, 6.888d:
May-June, 6.887|d: July-Auguet, «.7 5 74d;
A uguBt-September, 6.8 2 74d: Ootoher
November, 6.8 3 74d; December-January,
l.25d; January-February, 8.26d.
Dry Goods Market ,
New York, May 4.—The primary eottsn
goods market today was quiet and
steady. Borne nillle declined buslneaa at -
prices which were accepted last Week,
□there took additional at the low Agures.
Keepat ordera of encouruglng else were
received on the cheaper grades of domes
tic women’s wear. Japan raw silk was
advanced. Cotton yarns dull and un
changed as to prices.
Hubbard Broa. ft Co.’a Letter
New York. Ma*. 4.~< Special. ^-Further
heavy rains (ell over Sunday la the
. Vcs.'.if.: uji i '■.
southwest, which led to renewed strength
in the foreign markets this morning and
to an advance here particularly in the
fall months, as July remained under pres
sure from spot Interests through the day.
We havl now reached a time when the
question 6f weather conditions becomes of
Increasing moment, for It Is evident that
If we are to experience a wet May in
the southwest, this in itself will stimu
late the imagination of the trade as to
the probability or higher prices later in
the season on account of the possibility
if allot he moderate crop. Such an event
night also reawaken speculation at pres
ent dormant under the Influence of slack
ening business and the growing disinf
lation to make fresh purchases or enter
nto fresh enterprises because of present
On the other hand, we have already
i scattered long interest in the fall
months, based on the anticipation of a
poor Mai. wherein the situation is exactly
[he reverse of last spring. We have now
i period of clear, warm weather, with a
consequent, nonrevival of either imagi
nation or speculation, the holders of these
contracts might have difficulty in liqui
dating. To our mind, therefore, the im
mediate future of the market depends
primarily upon the weather.
Delivers Addresses at Eu<
faula. Clayton, Ixmisville
and Clio Monday
Etifatila. May 4.—(Special.)—B. B. Comer,
candidate for governor, accompanied by
Senator Hill of Montgomery made a cam
paign tour of tIds county for the fourth
time Monday. He spoke at Eufaula thio
morning for several hours, just befora
tile convention of the circuit court, going
from here to Clayton and I.ouisvllle,
where he spoke In the afternoon, and J
then to Clio, where he spoke in the even
mg. yr
IU. C. V. Rates
Reunion at Jacksonville, Fla.
A. B. & A. Railroad “Official
Route” From Central Alabama; '■']
Special Through Trains—Sleeping Cars-Coachesi
Schedule Veterenn Schedule Day light Hound Trln
_ , . Special, May Kth Special. Dally Para li
Lv. Birmingham 4:00 pm ,8 05
Lv. Baiaemer 4:35 pm Tbla train 8^96
Lv. 5:05 pm atarta at 8.95
Lv. £r£wT,,tht «: 17 pm Roanoke. 8.95 ,
Lv. Talladega i:10 pm Through 8 20
Lv Ashland 7:S6pra rone™. 8 60
Lv. Roannke 10:06pm 7:30 am Ban
Lv La Qmnge 10:60 pm 8:35 am ,'«0
Ar Jacksonville 7:55 am 8:60 pm '
Special train will return Irnvlng Jnekaenvllle 7tSO n. m.. a., att.
log Alabama point, before noon the next day. T "• "rr,T"
Aak »»ir friends to Join you In fills most Interesting trip to FLOMDA §
Get further Information In detail from tiearest A., 8. A A. ticket spent
J. V. ARNOLD, IT. T. A., V nlnn Station, nirmlngham, Ala.
I. W. ROl7,KR, General A pent, Illrmlnpham, Ala. 1
U. N. JAMES, Agent, nessemer. Ala.
J. W. WILLIS, Aprut, Talladepa, Ala.
J. R. TIDWELL, Agent, Roanoke, Ala. 1
W. W. II HEED LOVE. Apent, La Graape. Ga. |i
■23EBM—MB111 1 1—B—M
Men, Get Cured^
Rid Yourself of Disease by Quick,
Safe, Scientific Methods
Don t give up. Call and bo
examined by a specialist who
has had many years’ expe
rience in curing men. He will
toll you the truth about your
condition, FREE.
Men who are suffering and cannot
pay the fees charged by most special
ists, should take advantage of this of
fer and GET CURED. Call at once,
have a talk with us and we will ex
I plain to your our treatment We are
curing people dally without cutting,
chloroform or danger. No matter who
has failed or how long you have ■ufc
fered, don’t give up. Call and we will
European methods of cure by vac
cines, serums or wonderful (914) Neo
mlvarsan. No loss of time, no hospi
tal expense, no pain. One-half hour
visit often all required.
Pains In back, swollen limbs and
>ther symptoms of these ailments
lulckly banished.
If weak, nervous, Irritable and lack
ing energy and ambition, caused
hrough excesses—come to us at once
Cases we accept for treatment have
io pain and are not detained a mo
nent from business.
Pllea, Fistula, Fissures and other
tectal Diseases treated without the
Enlarged, Swollen and Stiffened
Joints cured without ruining the stom
ach by harsh medicines.
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Coated
Tongue, Perverted Appetite, Fullness
After Eating, Gasses, Dizziness and
HeRrlhurn quickly ci.red.
Weakening and wasting of partSk 1
Losses of urine.
Discharges, Burning and Itching
loon relieved.
Lost vigor and vitality due to SbUM)
>r excesses.
Hydrocele or swelling, tenderness at
tarts, cured without the knife.
Stricture and its effects.
Prostatlc enlargement reduced. ' (
Ulcers from Infection or Injuries.
BMC Equipped Office Is South—0 Larft Koome, Fully Equipped
Dr. Fleener Co., Specialists
o.™., HR hV'I EUnt^ «flH
1 • EE-Ill), A IuRJi I •. A I* U A.
I - v H v--. . ,-l. '< ij^'^^mLvTr

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