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Due to Lack of Confidence
on Part of Speculators
and Investors
New York, May 22.—Business on the
stock exchange today was the smallest
of any day thus far this year, the
total overturn—98,600 shares—comparing
with 98,000 shares on March 2, when the
blizzard interrupted communication. The
low ebb recorded today was due to a lack
of confidence or indifference on the part
of speculators and investors in virtually
all the securities markets of the world.
Opening prices were a mixture of un
important advances and declines, from
which there was little change as the
session progressed. Reports from the
west and northwest were again favorable'
to crop prospects and addresses by the
'executive heads of the United States
Steel corporation held out hopes of trade
London's market was weak, with some
further selling here for that account. A
conservative estimate places the foreign
Belling here since the beginning of the
year at not less than 300,000 shares. An
other gold engagement of $2,000,000 for
Paris was reported.
Local monetary conditions show no
change, chiefly because the demand has
fallen below normal proportions. Clear
ing house banks are expected to show a
cash gain for the week, and bank clear
ings of the country for that same period
show & marked gain over the preceding
There was less pressure against the
' various speculative bonds and that list
was fairly steady. Total sales, $1,460,000.
United States dDonds were unchanged
fin call.
YU. S. 2s registered .. 97
"U. 8. 2s coupon .......a. 97
U. S. 8s registered . 101*4
U. S. 8s coupon ... 101*4
U. S. 4s coupon. 10914
Central of Georgia 6s .104*4
Illinois Central 1st ref. 4s .... 92*4
Louisville A Nashville un. 4s ,...z96*,»
Seaboard Air Line adj. Es .... 7584
Southern Railway Bs.10544
Southern Railway gen. 4s. 73*4
Money on Call
New York, May 22.—Mercantile paper.
( per cent. Sterling exchange steady; 60
days, 84.86.10; demand, $4.88.60. Commer
cial bills. $4.8614. Bar silver, 67*4c; Mex
ican dollars, 46*4c. Government bonds
steady; railroad bonds steady. Call
money steady, 1%®2 per cent; ruling rate.
1% per cent; closing, 174®2 per cent. Time
loans steady; 60 and 90 days, 2*4 Per cent;
■ix months, 3 per cent.
Ixmdon Stocks
London, May 22.—Consols for money,
7414; for account, 74 9-16. Bar silver steady.
£6 7-16d; money, 2>[email protected]* per cent; short
bills, 215-16®3 per cent; three months,
£7408 15-16 per cent.
Bank oE France Statement
Paris, May 22.—Weekly statement
Bank of Franco: Gold, Increased 25,
713,080 francs; silver, Increased 4,104,
000 francs; circulation, decreased 72,
808,000 francs; treasury deposits. In
creased 16,137,000 francrr general de
posits. Increased 36,072,000 francs; bills
discounted, -decreased ff.528.60’0 francs;
advances Increased, 3,178,000 francs,
Metal Market
New York, May 22.—Lead quiet. [email protected]
.8 95; London, £18 12s 6d. Spelter dull, $5.05
496.15; London. £21 7s #d. Copper quiet;
electrolytic, $14.25: lake, nominal; casting,
*14014.12. Tin, steady; spot, $33.15033.30;
July, $33.20083.40. Iron quiet and un
changed. London copper steady; spot. £62
18s 9d; futures, £68 Us 3d. London tin
firm; spot £160; futures, £151 18s. Iron,
-Cleveland warrants, 61s l*4d.
Live Stock
Chicago, May 22.—Hoogs: Receipts, 17,
MO; market lower. Bulk of sales, *8.40®
R.50; light, *8.25®$.50: mixed, *8.200-8.5254;
heavy, *8.1008.50; rough, «[email protected]; pigs,
Cattle: Receipts. 1500: market steady.
Beeves, *7.4009.30; steers. *7.1008.20; Stock
ers, *6.4008.50; cows and heifers, *[email protected]
8.75; calves, *7.60010.50.
Sheep: Receipts, 10,000; market steady.
Bheep, *5.2508.15; yearlings, *6.1007.15;
lambs. *6.2508.35: springs, *6.7609.60.
Kansas City, May 22.—Hogs: Receipts,
4800: market lower. Bulk, *8.2308.35; heavy,
*8.3508.40: packers and butchers. *[email protected]
8.40: light, *8.1508.35; pigs. *7.5008.
Cattle: Receipts 600, Including 400 south
erns; market steady. Prime fed steers,
*8.5009: mixed and butchers, *7.0506.50;
southern steers. *6.5008.25; cows, *4.500
7.75; heifers, *708; Stockers, *6.5008.25.
Sheep: Receipts, 3000; market steady.
Lambs, *709; yearlings, *5.7506.75; weth
ers, *5.6006.60: ewes, *4.2606.76.
St. Louis, May 22.—Hugs: Receipts, 7500;
market lower. Pigs and lights, *708.65:
mixed and butchers, *8.4008.50; good
heavy, *8.5008.56.
Cattle: Receipts, 350, including 150 Tex
ans: market steady. Native beef steers,
*7.5009.10; cows and heifers, *4.2509;
etockers, *508: Texas and Indian steers,
*6.7508.40: cows and heifers, *4.5006.65;
native calves, *6010.75.
Sheep: Receipts. 1300; market steady.
Sheared muttons, *1.7505.50; sheared
lambs, *708; spring lambs, *909.60.
Coffee Market
New York, May 22.—The circulating of
few May notices caused liquidation In
the coffee market today and after open
ing quiet, 1 to 2 points higher on steady
cables, the market eased off in the ab
sence of support. The close was steady,
net unchanged to 6 points lower. Sales,
May, 8.43c: July, 8.56c; September, 8.77c;
October, 8.84c; December, 8.99c; January,
9.06c; March, 9.19c; April, 9.24c.
Spot, quiet; Rio No. 7. 87*c; Santos No.
4. ll*4c. Mild, dull; Cordova, 12'[email protected]
nominal. Havre. 54054 franc lower. Ham
burg unchanged to >4 pfennig lower. San
tos cables reported 4’s unchanged.
Cotton Seed Oil
New York, May 22.—Cotton aeed oil waa
higher for October on buying for new
long account, but other deliveries were
easy under liquidation and with the de
cline in lard. Pinal prices were 5 points
lower to 5 points net higher.
The cotton seed oil market closed
steady. Spot, 707.20c; June. 7.0907.15c;
July, 7.2507.26c; August. 7.3807.39c; Sep
tember. 7.4407.46c; October, 7.1807.20c; No
vember, 6.7506.90c; December, 66®7Sc. To
tal sales, 4000. .
Naval Stores
Savannah, May 22.—Turpentine firm,
46c; sales, 189; receipts, 1010; ship
ments, 593; Stock, 18,642. Rosin firm;
sales, 1949; receipts, 2100; shipments,
81; stock. 98,480. Quote: A, B, *3.55; C,
D. *3.90; E. *3.95; F, G, *4.0754; H, (4.10U
I. *4.16; K, *4.35; M, *4.65; N, *5.20;
WO, WW. *5.(5.
_Sales. High. Low. Close.
Amal. Cop. . ...5100 724 77** 774
Amer. Agri., ... 53
Amer. Can .... 700 274 274 27*4
A. C. * F. 200 50 4 50 4 50 4
Amer. Cities pfd. 100 644 64 4 644
Amer. Cot. Oil . 100 42 42 42
Amer. Smelt. ... 600 64 64 64
Amer. Snuff .162
Amer. Sugar.105
Amer. T. & T. . 100 1224 1224 1224
Amer. Tob. 300 228 225 228
Atchison .1000 95 4 95 4 95 4
A. C. L. . 100 122 122 122
B. & 0.900 92 914 914
Can. Par.1600 1934 1924 1934
Cen. Leath. 500 35 4 35 4 85 4
G .& 0.5700 624 514 524
C. . M. & St. P. . 300 100 4 100 4 100 4
Erie . 700 284 284 284
Gen. Elec. 200 147 147 147
G. X. pfd . 700 1234 1234 1234
111. Cen.Ill
Inter-Met. pfd . 100 62 62 62
K. C. S. 100 264 264 264
Lehigh Val.2300 1394 1384 1384
L. * X.136
Liggett & Myers.213
Lprillard Co.170
M. . K. & T.163 4
Mo. Pac.4800 164 154 164
Sales High. Ixnv. Close.
Mfl Pet! . 7777 777. 6T4
X. Y. C. 600 93 923* 93
N. Y.. N. H. &
Hartford .2600 S8 V4 667s 677s
X. & \V. 104‘a
Xor. Pat-. 600 110V4 110 110 4
Pennsylvania ... 800 11 IS Ill’s 111 H
Reading . 1600 166 165 3« 166 ',
R- I. & S. 300 22 74 22 74 22’,
do pfd . 100 87 Vi 87H 87 V$
R. I. Co. 200 3 3 3
do pfd . 100 4H 4N 43*
St. I* & San
2d pfd . 5
S. A. L. 1S 44
do pfd . 100 54 54 54
Sloss-Sheff. S.
and Iron . 2S
Sou. Pac. 3600 92 74 92 6, »2*s
Sou. Ry. 24».
do pfd . 200 79 't 79 U 79V*
Tenn. Cop. 100 3444 34S, 34s,
Tex. Co.139 *-2
T. A p. 1 4 V4
Union Pae. 400 157 156«8 157
U. S. Steel _1S600 62 61 H 62
do pfd . 100 1.19 74 1 0 9 74 1 0 9 7,
Utah Cop. 900 69 V* 56 6b 57 3b
V. -C. Them. 28Vi
West. Union . 61 Ij
Total sales for the day, 93.300 shares.
Hate. Bid, Asked
Ala. F. & 1. 4 49 65
Amer. C. Rys., pfd..,. 6 60 63
Amer. C. Rys. 21 85
Amer. Tr. & Sav. B... 8 156 165
Avondale Mills, com... 8 100 115
Avondale Mills, pfd... 8 100 103
Bessemer C. & L. 45 50
B’ham T. & S. 8 260 260
B’ham Baseball Asso.. 140 170
B'liam Realty Co.4 160 170
Cham, of Com., pfd .... 7 70 SO
Com. Bank & T. Co.... 85 95
Corey Land . 65 75
East Lake Land ..... 60 75
Elmwood Cem. Co. .. 4 76 90
Empire Imp., pfd .... 8 105 108
Empire Imp.. «Om. 6 70 85
Eneley Land . 110 125
First Nat'l Bank.12 260 260
Great Sou. Life . 10 13
Interstate Casualty.... 2 5
Jeff. Co. S. Bank.10 160 165
Jefferson Fertilizer ... 8 105 120
M. & M. Bank .6 126 135
North B’haTh Land ... 15 22
Protective Life . 10 15
Realty Tr. Co., com... 6 100 110
Realty Tr. Co., pfd ..8 100 110
Sou. States Fire . 2 5
Traders Nat. Bank ... 9 150 185
Rate. Bid. Asked.
ATa~State rer7T9r"0777*4 97 too ~
Ala. State Renew. 1958 3 88 90
Ala. State Renew. 1956 « 99 101
Ala. State Fair . 6 60 76
Amer. C. Rys. 6 89 92
Ala. Cone... 5 75 80
Bessemer C. & 1.6 102 106
B. R.. R. & P. 6 98 101
B. R.. R. & P.4 4 89 91
B’ham Ice Factory ... 6 100 106
B’ham R. & E. 6 100 3 03
B’ham Waterworks.... 6 302 107
City of Birmingham ..6 100 104
City of Birmingham .. 6 106 108
Continental Gin .6 100 105
Jefferson County . 6 101 104
Jefferson County . 6 105 310
JefTerson County . 44 89 101
Jefferson Reatly .8 100 105
Milner Rand Co. 6 95 100
Nashville Railway ... 6 100 3 05
Pratt Consolidated ... 6 80 85
Sloss I. & 8.6 100 102
Sloss I. A 8. 4 4 92 95
T. C. 1. gen, mtg. 5 99 101
T. C. I. Tenn. Div.5 101 108
T. C. I. Ship Bldg. ... « 100 104
T. C. R B’ham Div.... 6 100 3 02
T. C. I. Cahaba Div. .. 6 102 104
Woodward Cons.6 100 105
Selling Stimulated by Better
Weather Conditions and
Small Mill Takings
New Orleans, May 22 —The cotton mar
ket reacted from the advance today under
selling stimulated by better weather con
ditions In the western belt and small mill
takings for the week. At times short sell
ing was heavy, but It was generally con
sidered around the ring that bulk of the
selling was from liquidating longs. At the
lowest of the day the trading months
were 11 to 12 points under yesterday's last
figures. The close was at a net loss of
8 to 11 points.
In the morning the market had a steady
tone, but about noon some weakness was
displayed, after the reporting of mill tak
ings of 162,000 bales, against 217,000 this
week last year and 237,000 this week two
years ago. Bears considered that this
was the result of high prices and in
creased their offerings of short cotton.
New Orleans Cotton Futures
High. Low. Close!
May . 13746 TOi TOj
July .13.24 13.11 13.14
August . 13.00 12.90 12.91
October . 12.36 1 2.23 12.24
December. 1 2.34 12.22 1 2.23
January . 12.35 12.24 12.25
New Orleans, May 22.—Spot cotton quiet,
unchanged; middling 1344c. Sales on the
spot, 666; to arrive, 173. Good ordinary,
117-16c; strict good ordinary, 1115-16C; low
middling, 1213-16c; strict low middling.
1344c; strict middling. 13 13-16c: good mid
dling. 14 3-16c; strict good middling, 14»4C.
Receipts, 2771; stock, 132,402.
(Continued from Page Six)
for the Bummer, and will have as their
guest Mrs. Odelia Logan, Mrs. Luke’s
• • •
Miss Grace HlHhouse, whose photograph
appears on this page. Is a ptiipil of Misa
Lowela Hanlin, who presented a most at
tractive and Interesting piano recital
Thursday evening.
• • •
Miss Lula Maddox is expected home
Wednesday from Agnes Scott college,
where she is a student.
• • •
Miss Helen Eubank, Miss Gillian Good
all, Misa Beverly Leake, Miss Sarah Wil
son are expected home from Sweetbrier
college June &, after the conclusion of their
studies for the year. Miss Elizabeth
Davis, who is also a student at Sweet
briar, will join her mother, Mrs. W. B).
B. Davis, and her sister, Miss Margaret
Davis, who go to Highland Latfe, N. C.,
for the season.
• • •
Mrs. Ross C. .Smith entertained a few
friends informally at tea this week at
her home at Roebuck Springs in honor
of Mrs. Albert Lynn of Pittsburg.
Mrs. D. M. Grant *of*LaGrange, Ga., is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Taylor in
Pratt City.
• • •
Mr. Robert Patrick, who has been the
guest of his mother, Mrs. M. Santmyer,
In Pratt City, has returned to his home
In Maryland.
• • •
Mr. Wharton Bennett of Anniston is vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bennett.
• • •
Mrs. H. T. Webb of West End has as
her gueet Miss Stlckney of Greensboro.
* . .
Mrs. Ben Meriwether of West End Is
visiting relatives In Montgomery.
Little J. D. Rump and Robert Henry
Rump, sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rump
of Little Rock, formerly of West End, who
were seriously Injured in a recent acci
dent, are slowly Improving.
• • *
Miss Lula Hamilton of Selma is the
guest of Mrs. J. A. Hendricks In East
. • ■
Miss Mary Russell and Mias Willie Rus
sell of Fort Payne are the attractive vis
itors of Miss Eugenia Price.
• * a
Mr. and Mrs B. K. Johnson of Nor
wood left yesterday for an extended stay
In the north and east.
Mrs. J. B. Forrester who has besn vis
iting Miss Stella MoConnell In Norwood,
has returned to her home In Canada.
Mr. Jesse Carney has returned to Ingle
noon after a stay In Coden.
Those composing a Ashing party at Mi
ragne from Inglenook are: Mr. C. B.
Harvey. Glenn Harvey, Leroy Holt, Rob
Produce Merchants Well
Stocked With Home
Grown Vegetables
Indications point to a heavy trade in
all lines of produce and meat today in
the wholesale district, while the supply
Is good, prices continuing stationary.
Produce merchants are well stocked,
and there Is a good variety of vegetables,
which are for the most part furnia’ 1
from inside the state. The quality of
the home grown produce Is said to be
excellent.. It is generally agreed among
dealers and consumers that more satis
faction is derived from produce grown
at home than that w'hleti must be shipped
from a distance, as much loss in the way
of transportation and storage charges are
thus eliminated, while the home grown
article is generally fresh when it reaches
the consumer.
local Quotations
The Iron Market
15 .••••■■ *u.so
. 11.00
Gray Forge . 10.00
IS . 11.50
28 .11.00
Local Cotton
Strict good middling .‘I38i
<»ood middling . 3314
Strict middling . KP*
Middling .. la
Strict low middling . 12ft
Poultry and Eggs
Hens, per pound. 15c; fryers, 1»[email protected]
ltt lbs. average, 38c; ducks, 18c lb.
guineas. 30c; roosters, 40o; geese, lb., 10c*
Itva turkeys, 22c: dressed turkeys. 24o;
fresh eggs, candled, 19c; extra graded
candled eggs, 21c.
Fruits and Produce
Wine Bap apples, box. *3; gem apples,
box $2.50; Missouri Pippin apples, box,
$2.76. Limes, per 100, $1.26. LenionB, box’
360, $4. Florida grapefruit, $406. Califor
nia oranges, orate, $3.60. Pineapples, crate
$3. New Irish potatoes, $1.60 per ham
per; tomatoes, [email protected] crate; cabbage, 2V4c
lb; celery, crate, $2.60, squash, crate, $2
bananas, per bunch, $I.50®1.75; peanuts]
No. 1, 7c lb.; new crop red and yellow'
onions. 4c lb.; imported onions, crate, $2.26
cucumbers, per crate, $2; snap beans, $i 50
crate; strawberries, $1.7502.25 crate.
Creamery Products
Country butter, 20Q«6c; fresh creamery
butter, 30c; process butter, 26c; cheese
19%c; imported Swiss cheese. 31c; German
brick cheese, 20c, limburger cheese, i*c
Imported Roquefort, 36c; Neufchatei
cheese, per doxen. Wo; Pimento cheese.
l-ard, 12>«c; compound, 9%c; dry salt
short ribs. 13.07>/ic; bellies, 13.62Hc; ham
butts, 16.60c; Boston butts, 17$ic; pork
loins, 17c; spare ribs, 13c; breakfast bacon,
27028c; smoked bacon, 17c; regular ham’
13c; skinned ham, 188tc.
Fish and Sea Foods
Re* snapper, 10c; gray snapper or
groupers, 606c. Spanish mackerel, 10c In
bbl. lots; fresh water breams, k 1409>*c;
pompano, 28c; blue fish, 8c; roe shad,
$1; red bass, 6c; mixed flsh, 7%c; smali
trout, 8ttc; fresh water cat, dressed, no
12Hc; salt water cat, 8fcc; speckled trout
12V8015C. Shrimp, lOo lb. Perch, 9c.
Flour snd Breadstuff*
Self rising flour, $5.25; Tennessee flour,
$5; pure wheat shorts, $34; pure wheat
bran, 333. C. S. meal, 7*4 per cent, $30; C.
feed meal, per ton, $36; C. S. hulls, *13
ton; No. 1 timothy hay, per ton, 124;
mixed alfalfa and Johnson grass, per ton,’
(22. C. S. hulls, $14 ton; Johnson grass,
per ton. 08; mixed feed, 334; oats, 67c bu.;
com. 98c; commeal, $1.80 per (6 lbs. New
crop alfalfa, 923. |
ert Holt, James Harvey and Brie Downey.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lyles of Inglenook
have named their llttlo son Walter H.
• • •
Miss Alva Lowrey of Carrollton, Ga.,
Is the guest of Miss Lapsley Lanier In
• • •
Miss Mattls Hughes Kennedy will re
turn to Woodlawn Monday from Judson
college at Marlon.
• * •
Mr. Roscoe Brown left yesterday for a
stay In Memphis.
• • •
Mrs. S. J. Bender of Woodlawn is the
guest of relatives In Montgomery.
• • •
Mrs. Rufus Allen of Austelle, Ga., Is vis
iting friends In Boyles.

Heavy Realizing and Scat- !
tered Offerings From
New York, May 22.—-The cotton market
met heavy realizing sale* as well as scat- '
tered offerings from reactionists during \
today's trading, which caused a sharp
break in prices. There was enough de
mand. however, to absorb offerings at I
the decline, and cause final rallies, with
the market closing steady at a net ad- '
vance of 4 points on May. although other
months still showed net losses of from
3 to 14 points.
The opening was easy at a decline of
7 to 16 points on private reports that the
weather was clearing in Texas, and in
response to disappointing cables. Liver
pool was quite a big seller here and there
was a good deal of liquidation, but the
official forecasts for continued clear
weather In the eastern belt and showers
in Texas Inspired a further outside de
mand and prices rallied to within 2 or 3
points of yesterday’s closing during the
middle of the morning.
The detailed weather report for the
Houston district showed rather less gen
eral rainfall than the previous day, how
ever, and offerings became heavier again
during the afternoon. Kather a smaller
decrease in the world's visible supply than
expected may also have contributed to
the selling movement, but new crop
months were relatively weak on the de
cline, which carried the general list some
U to 17 points net lower.
There was covering by early sellers to
ward the close, wrhloh rallied new crop
conditions 4 or 5 points from the lowest,
while a spurt of demand from many
shorts sent that position above last
night's closing figures.
_New York Cotton Futures
High. Low. Close
•'anuary ... . 12.32 12.17 TOT
May . 13.18 13.27 33.2 7
July . 12.70 12.68 12.67
August . 12.60 12.47 12.56
October . 12.36 12.20 12.25
December . 12.48 1 2.28 12.32
Port Movement
New Orleans: Middling, 13\4c: re
ceipt*, 2771: exporta, 7439; aale*. 739;
stock. 1 32.402.
Galveston: Middling. 3314c; receipts,
3090; exports, 6149; sales, 1 660; stock,
Mobile: Middling. 18t»e; receipts, 104;
exports, 1041: stock, 9077.
Savannah: Middling, 13c; receipts,
1901; exports, 1041; sales, 1358; stock,
Charleston: Middling, 13‘4c; receipts.
316; stock, 4666.
Wilmington: Middling, 1314c; re
ceipts, 30: stock, 16,168.
Norfolk: Middling. 13l4o: receipts,
259; exports, 600; stock, 27,834.
Baltimore: Middling, lSSjc: receipts.
1889; exports, 1612: stock. 4206.
Boston: Middling, 13.76c; receipts,
212; slock, 10.640.
Philadelphia: Middling, 13.86c; stock,
New York: Middling, 13.60c; exports,
871; stock, 1 20,174.
Minor ports: Receipts, 2830: exporte.
2309; stock, 10.378.
Total today: Receipts, 13,402; shipments,
28.321; stock, 662.220.
Total for week: Receipts, 63,442; ship
ments. 108,308.
Total for season; Receipts. 10,080,182;
shipments, 8,334,631.
Interior Movement
Houston: Middling, lS^-c; receipts, 751;
shipments. 1822; sales. 36S; stock. 77,026.
Memphis: Middling. 13%c; receipts, 1764;
shipments. 35:?9; sales, 500; stock, 61.443.
Augusta: Middling, 34c; receipts, 295;
shipments. 568: sales, 813; stock, 26,591.
St. Louis: Middling, 13%c; receipts, 167;
shipments, 168; stock, 26,334.
Cincinnati: Receipts, 712; shipments,
209; stock, 19,518.
Little Rock: Middling. 128*c; receipts,
344; shipments, 429; stock, 34,290.
Total today: Receipts, 4033; shipments,
6735; stock, 235,202.
Liverpool Cotton Market
Liverpool, May 22.—Spot cotton un
changed; good middling, 8.21d; middling.
7.o9d; low middling, 7.l1d. Sales, 11,000
speculation and 1000 export. Receipts. 4000.
Futures steady; May, 7.20Vfcd; May-June,
7 30*8d; July-August, 7.02ftd; August-Sep
tember, 6.89d; October-November, 6.H2d;
December-January, 6.53d; January-Febru
»ary, 6.53d
Hester’s Weekly Cotton Statement
Comparisons are to actual dates not to
close of corresponding weeks:
In sight for week, 57,000; same seven
days last year. 60,000; same seven days
year before, 85,000; for the month, 206,000;
same date last year, 222,000; same date
year before, 279,000; for season, 14,000,000;
same date last year, 15,317,000.
Port receipts for season, 30,030,000; same
date last year. 9,569,000; same date year
before last, 11,717,000.
Overland to mills and Canada for sea
son, 1.087.000; same date last year. 1,032,
000; same date year before, 1,186,000.
Southern mill takings for season. 2,662,
000; same date last year, 2,606,000; same
date year before, 2,265,000.
Interior stocks in excess of September
1, 219,000; last year, 250,000; year before,
Foreign exports for week, 76,000; same
seven days last year, 79.000; for season,
8,335,000; same date last year, 7.956.000.
Northern spinners’ takings and Canada
for week, 27,000; same seven days last
year, 4000; for season. 2,349,000; to same
date last year, 2,412,000.
Spinners’ Takings
Statement of spinners’ takings of
American cotton throughout the world:
This week. 162.000; same seven days
last year, 217,000; same seven days year
before, 237,000; total since September
1, 12,166,000; same date last year, 11,
902,000; same date year before, 12,944,
Statement of world's visible supply:
World's Visible Supply
Total visible thin week, 4.925,000; last
week, 4,990,000; same date last year, 4,
356,000; same date year before, 4,332,
000; of this the total American this
week. 2,898,000; last week, 3,008,00;
last year, 2,797,000; year before, 2,164,
000; all other kinds this week, 2,027,000;
last week, 1,982,000; last year, 1,568,000;
year before, 1,168,000; visible In United
States this week, 873,000; tbls date last
year, 269,000; visible in other countries
this week, 4,053,000; this date last year,
Dry Goods Market
New York, May 22.—Cotton goods mar
kets were steadier today. Wide print
clothes were He higher than at the open
ing of the week. More wash goods trad
ing waa reported. Wool markets were firm
and higher. Black silk pleve goods were
In demand for fall. Yarns were steadier.
Hubbard Bros, ft Co.’s Letter
New York, May 22.—(Special.)—'Whlla
predictions were for unsettled weather for
Texas, private advices reported clearing
weather in Liverpool.
The long interests seem to have been
free sellers, supplying the arbitrage brok
ers who were selling here freely during the
The course of prices depends entirely
upon the weather trom now on. Up to
Selling by Interest Conspicu
ous on Buying Side
Chicago, May 22.—Heavy selling: by
an interest that waa conspicuous on
the buying side during the recent ad
vance pulled down prices today in
wheat. The close was unsteady, %®%c
%®c under last night. Corn wound up
%c net higher and oats with a gain
of %c to %®%c. in provisions the
result was f»®10c decline.
Confident opinions that Kansas, not
withstanding the Hessian fly. would
raise a bumper crop formed the chief
new? development with which friends
of higher prices had to struggle. It
was asserted also that Kansas, Ne
braska and Oklahoma would harvest
nearly 4,090,000 acres more than in
Corn climbed to within easy hailing
distance of the often-wished-for 70-cent
mark. Continued wet weather in Ar
gentina was mainly responsible. So far
there has been no such increase from
central markets as had been expected.
Oats advanced with corn and as a
result of dry weather talk. There were
numerous reports of oats being plowed
u*‘ u *•*“*;' to excessive backw ardness.
Provisions eased off in sympathy
with a break in the hog market. Ap
parently the decline would have been
greater but for the strength of coarse
_Future quotations were as follows
Wh«fct Opsn, High Lott ClogI
May . 9$% 98% 97% »T%
. 88 8S% 87% 87%
May . 68% 69% 68% 69%
July . 67% 68 67 % 69%
Oa t a—
May . 40% 41 40% 40%
July . 39 39% 39 39 %
July . 20.15 20.18 20.10 20.10
Sept .10.05 1 9.95 19.90 19.90
July .10.07 10.07 10.05 10.06
Sept . 10.26 10.25 10.20 10.22
July . 11.32 1 1.32 11.27 11.27
Sept .11.40_1 1.40 11.86 1 1.36
Kansas City Grain
Kansas City, May 22— Cash wheat, No.
2 hard. 92®93e; No. 2 red, 92Vi®93c. Cash
corn. No. 2, mixed. 74c; No. 2 white, 76c.
Cash oats. No. 2 white, OOtyc; No. 2
mixed, 39®40c.
St. Louis Grain
St. Louts, May 22. -Wheat, No. 2 red.
9«®»7e; No. 2 hard, 95>4®rt8c. Corn. No.
-• 72V; No. 2 white, rft'ic. Oats, No. 2,
4(J®4lr; No. 2 white. 41 42c.
New Orleans Rice Market
New Orleans. May 22.—Both grades of
rice are steady. Quute: Rough Honduras,
1.50®4.60u; Japan. 1.50®3.26c: clean Hon
duras, 4>4#«V; Jupau. 20,® SV Polish
rice, per ton, $24®26. Bran, per ton, 117®
18. Receipts: Rough, 2250; millers, 2250;
clean, 1647. Sales: 695 pockets clean Hon
duras at [email protected]%e.
New Crop Deliveries Nearly
$5 a Bale Above Recent
Low Levels
New York. May 22.—There has been a
more active and general demand in the
cotton market during the past week than
has been witnessed for several months,
and new crop deliveries have sold nearly
$5 per bale above recent low levels.
Realizing became active around 12Va
cents for October and December con
tracts and caused reaction of some 20
to 30 points from the best during today's
trading, but tlie market absorbed heavy
offerings, and bullish traders continued
to emphasize unfavorable crop accounts,
while they also maintained that the ab
sence of pressure from old crop supplies
helped to demonstrate the necessity of
favorable growing seasons.
Reports of an Improved demand for cot
ton goods probably contributed to tlie ad
vance, and there have been unconfirmed
rumors of pending shipments from the
j local stock, but the advance has been
led by new crop deliveries, and December
contracts have sold within 23 points of
July compared with recent difference ot
89 poirts.
The upward movement has. consequent
ly, been chiefly attributed to npprehen- ,
slons that the first government crop re
port on June 1, would show a condition !
under the 10-year average, and this view
lias been strengthened by many crop com
plaints from the southwest owing to per- j
■istent wot weather.
There have also been reports of de
layed growth and germination as a re- !
suit of dry w-eather and low tempera- j
tures east of the river, and local com- !
mission houses report that some of thoso j
advices have been accompanied by south- |
ern buying orders.
Old longs are credited with having taken j
profits freely ot) the advance, however,
w-hlle local bears claimed that higher
prices had checked the demand from
trade sources and Liverpool selling hers
w'as accompanied by rumors that con
tinental spinners were liquidating new
crop hedges In the hope of replacing
profitably should the weather become
more favorable.
Florala, May 22.—(Special.)—The Florala
city school closed a most successful ses
sion here yesterday when High school
diplomas were granted to Aubrey David
Price, Tennyson Saxon, Byrd William'
Spears, Vera Ethel Whlddon and Emory
Earles Whlddon.
A feature of yesterday’s prograM| "
was the presentation by Mrs. 8. H. wife,-'
Hants, on behalf of the History club oW
Florala, of two pictures to pupils who <
had won them for writing themes In
competition. The first picture was pre
sented to a member of the class of 19U.
The picture Is an excellent one of Gen.
Robert E. Dee. The second picture was
won by a member of the class just grad
uating, Aubrey Price. His subject was
"Deonardo de Vinci, His Masterpieces."
The picture was a color copy of Mona
fT-U-UTi-- --, |
now Europe has not taken alarm at the
heavy rains In Texas ee have our local
traders, who havs been large buyers dur
ing the past week on the belief that theee
rains foreshadow a very moderate crop,
not enough to supply coneumptlon.
Today our market has felt the weight
of the European selling, and the liquida
tion of some of yesterday’s buysrs.
$250.50 IS PLOWED
CSirurd May 22'.—(Special.)—'Wank Wil
liams. a prosperous farmer of Uchee post
office, this county, while plowing Wednes
day, noticed his plow strike something
unusual, and upon turning to investigate
found that he had turned up an old
leather pouch full of silver. It proved to
be upon counting $250.50, all in silver, and
all in dollars except a lone 50-cent piece.
The latest date shown on any piece
was 1S90. showing that the money was
planted not longer since than that date.
Some of the pieces were very old, run
ning back to the early years of the nine
teenth century. No one seems to have
any idea who could have hidden the coin
or for w hat purpose.
Montgomery Market
Montgomery. May (Special.)—Spot
cotton was quoted here today as follows:
.Strict middling. 13D-lfir; middling, i:U,c;
[strict low middling. l.'-V’: low middling,
West S5th Street
Half Blk. from Herald Sq. & 6th Av.
In midst of leading department stores
and theatres.
Select accommodations for discrim
inating people with personal attention
and service impossible in the larger
hotels. Your pntronago Is earnestly
Room without bath .$1.50
Room without bath for two.$2.00
Room with bath .$2.50
Room with bath for two .$.100
Parlor Bedroom with bath .$5.00
Special attention given to ladles and
families. Resturant at moderate prices.
Selma Market
Selma. May 22.—(Special.)—Spot cotton
n the Selma market today was quoted as
’ollowa Ouod middling, 144»c; strict mld
IIItir. 14i,c; middling, 13%c; strict low
tilddllng, 13*4c; low middling, 12H<’.
John Drew, The Premier of Can
ada, Gertrude Atherton, Rex I
Beach, Irvin S. Cobb, Alfred |
Noyes. De Wolf Hopper, The
Bishop of Washington, the
Bishop of Kansas, Ethel Barry
more, Lady Gregory, Winched
Smith. Admiral Marlx, Octave
Thanet, Mrs. T. P. O’Connor,
Adamowski, Douglas Fairbanks,
William Farnum, Commander !
Eva Booth, Lisa Lehman, Dr.
Lyman Abbott, Penrhyn Stan
laws, are but a few of the ex
perienced travellers whose per- !
manent New York home Is
59-65 West 44th St., N. Y.
Itrmirt*—Mlantlc City, X. J.
mammmMummmmmmmmmnimmmmmfmmmMMtwtQ. iiaisiea hi aMii—iiiwi ■ 11 mi—iin^j 11 ■ n—
Make Your Dollar Produce More in
a New York City Hotel
gar* —A pleasant room with private bath,
pZ.OU PER DAY facing large open court.
(Not one room, but one hundred of them.)
An excellent room with private
$3.00 PER DAY po‘surefaCinS Str“'' S0U'hCrn
(Not one room, but eighty-seven of them.)
Also attractive Room without Bath for $1.50 per day. The
Restaurant prices are most moderate.
One minute from 5 of the largest department
Tive minutes’ walk from 19 principal theatres.
Within a block of the Fifth Ave. shopping dis
Every line of transportation passes the door.
Eiflh Avenue Bus lines and principal surface
rhe Hudson Tubes across the street.
Elevated Railroad Station across the street.
Subway Station three minutes away. _
Grand Central Station within seven nilfiofeT"*—
Pennsylvania Railroad Station Just one block
For convenience one could ask no more.
The Hotel
aann ratuq A five million DOLLAR HOTEL.
, All Baggage Transferred Free to
and from Pennsylvania Station
On Broadway, 32nd to 33rd Streets, New York
President General Manager Vice-President
p—p——e—■ me ■■■
.—-- .rr-—■.=*
B«"*wslk, fi° ff,ft wide »nd 7 mllea long. Is an attraction la
ItMlf, with Its rolling chairs, novelty shops, sumptuous bathing rstabtshmeato, ocean piers
etc. Oay and lively by day, brilliantly Illuminated at night, nrean bathing, sailing, flshlae’
j golf, only a few of the many attractions and postlmes. a. nsaiag.
The Leading Houses
will furnish full Information, rates, etc., on application.
®*5,®** The Shelburne Hntel Chelsea
American Plan. European Plan. In the fashionable Chelsea
Y®*r< J. Wtlkel. Mgr. section. Open AU Tear.
♦alter J. Buabj j. B. Thoipam AOo.
Oaten Hall Hotel St. rharlaa
Hotel and Sanatorlnm f'P»o All Year. uS!?. wLIJln
F. L. Young, Mgr. Newiln Haines Co. J^*11** D*rn*11
! The Pennhnrst
I SaS'sSte
Joalah wK'l'teAsonaCompanj IZ&2&. fTSSMEI
(I: Consult local ticket sgents for full InfonnsUon
regarding railroad connections, time tables, etc.
Drs. Dozier
& Dozier
Oi ale and Ornltu
V Joarr Dlaeaaea
Eye, Ear, Non aal
Treats scientifically chronic, ner
vous, blood, skin, genito-urinary and
female diseases; also cancer, scrofula,
rheumatism and morbid conditions of
the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and
pelvic organa of men and women; and
by reaoon of long experience, modern
methods and excellent facilities, ef
fects cures in as short time as possible
and with moderate expense to patients.
Persons who need glasses or who
have any trouble with their eyes, ears,
nose or throat, are cordially Invited
to visit our offices and be examined
without charge. The removal of Ade
noids, Polipl, and the skillful extir
pation of diseased tonsils, and the sci
entific treatment of maladies of the
Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat, la a pro
nounced feature of our most success
ful work.
Established In Birmingham, April, 1880 < nearly 25 years ago) and Is on* ot
the best equipped medical Institutions In Alabuma.
Wi make no charge (or consultation and examination.
We furnish medicines without extra charge, and give our patients the bene*
fits to be derived from X-Rays, Violet Rays, Ruby Light Baths, Medicated Vapop
and Nebulised Inhalations and everything that we can make available for tfcp
speedy cure of our patients.
506-814—-The famous German remedy for Specific Blood Poison—is sclentlfl*
cally administered by us.
Symptom blanks tor mea and nomen aeat free on request.

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