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. —■*-— tnimiiiimn _ _ _ ]
Miss Lamb is Bridge Hostess—Birmingham Girls Attend House
Party at Coden—Miss Harris Plans Party for Visitors.
Swimming Party Enjoyed at East Lake—Notes
A happy event of yesterday was the
picnic supper and swimming party at
East Lake park. The merry party of
young people, with Mr. and Mrs. Robley
Hunger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Estep and
Mrs. T. T. Ashford as chaperons, left
early in the afternoon, returning late
in the evening. Those Included were:
Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Estep, Mr. and Mrs.
Hobley Hunger, Mrs. T. T. Ashford, Miss
Carlotta Smith, Miss Edith Bovvron. Miss
Dorothy Johnson. Miss Jessie Mae Per
kins, Miss Orline Barnett, Mr. Brice
Btreit, Mr. William Housman, Mr. Smith,
Mr. Kenon Boling. Mr. Ray Norris, Mr.
Mason and Mr. Bester Brown.
The Sunday Night Supper club met this
week with Mr. William Wilkerson.
The personnel of the club follows: Miss
Anita Eustis. Miss Gladys Allison, Miss
Elizabeth Wyman. Miss Rachel London,
Mr. Harry White, Mr. Joe Cook, Mr.
Biddle Worthington and Mr. William
A lovely auction bridge party, with
Miss Martha Glover as hostess, was
given yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock for
her guest, Miss Mattie Butler, of Ken
tucky, and Miss Martha Greene, who is 1
visiting Miss Martha Glover.
The reception hall and living room. ;
where six tables were arranged for the
players, were tastefully decorated with
fragrant garden flowers. The game
trophies awarded were dainty hand
painted pictures, the work of the talented ,
hostess. A delicious ice course concluded ,
this delightful affair, about 25 guests *
being invited.
Miss Dorsey Harris will be an informal *
hostess of Thursday afternoon, giving a
bridge party at her home on South Elev
enth avenue for Miss Mattie Butler, of ■
Kentucky, the guest of Miss Rpberta ‘
Lamb. J
Complimenting Miss Alazie McLean, of !
Nashville, Miss Helen Neill will be host
ess at, a five hundred party this morning,
Miss Florence Walker, of this city, is
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. E. R. Moore,
In Anniston, where she is being tendered
many social affairs, among these was a
delightful party last Thursday.
Miss Gabrielia Barrett, of Mobile, is
the attractive hostess at a house party
at the summer home of her parents at
i'Oden. Among the guests arc Miss Bes
sie Evans and Aliss Alice .Tones, of Bir
mingham. Several informal parties have
been planned for the guests during their
stay at Coden.
With Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dohbs as chap
erones, the following merry party of
young people motored to West Lake last
evening and enjoyed a dance and picnic
supper: Miss Lily Nolan, Miss Amelia
Dobbs, Miss Margaret Humble. Miss
S”rr.e,es' Wiss Ma,y Luck, Miss
Millie Wallace, Miss Jessie Moore, Miss
Belle Parkhurst, Miss Nettie Smith, Miss
Annie Kemp, Miss Alice Davis, Air. Tom
Glassgow, Mr. Alvin Ethridge, Mr Rus
sell Eubank, Mr. Emmett Eubank, Mr.
Jake Moore, Air. Marcus Russell, Mr
Kirk Moore, Mr. Alfred Eubanks, Mr
Morris Fornier, Air, Roy Thomas.
An enjoyable event of lust evening
%'as the beautiful dinner given by Aliss
A alia McCool at her home in Avondale
In honor of her two guests. Miss Ruth
Barton and Miss Laura Kyle of Tusca
White roses and ferns made a dainty
centerplence and hand-painted cards
marked the following places: AHsh
Laura Kyle, Aliss Ruth Barton, Aliss
A’iotel Swift, Miss Valla McCool, Air
Charles Culverhouse, Mr. Jerry Nuckols
Air. Fred Martin and Air. Reuben
A delightful meeting of the Onward
•oeiety was held last evening with
Aliss Christine McCrorie as hostess at
her home In Wylam.
Mr. and Alls, L. F. Taylor of Ingle
nook had the following friends as
quests for dinning last evening at ti
o clock: Dr, and Airs. rW. A. Lavender,
Miss Velina Lavender, Air. W T Tay
lor and Air. Nat Bentley.
announcement club
At the meeting of the Psi Sigma Tsl
Club Saturday afternoon witli Miss Ruth
Moore In East Lake tbe following an
nouncement was read:
Air. and Airs. II. A, Schlmmel an
nounce the engagement of their daugh
ter, Grace, to Rev. W. H. Carson, the
wedding to take piaee in September.
The house was decorated with the
club colors, purple and white, and the
same color scheme prevailed in the
score cards. At the .-lose of an Inter
esting contest, one of the new books
was awarded to Mtss Estelle Hill.
Punch was served by Aliss Lena Moore
and late In the afternoon an ice course
was enjoyed.
The guests were Mrs. J, D. Thompson,
Aliss Christine Norris, Alias Danella
Pierce, Aliss Geraldine Armstrong, Aliss
r -—
We Call You for
Early Morning
; The telephone company stopped j
calling its patrons,
j We assumed the service.
Whether you use our taxicabs or
not, we will call you at any hour |
you request, day or night.
Absolutely reliable.
Just phone us the night before
and leave a call.
Jenkins Taxicab Co.
PHONE 1375
Day or Night
> I I .1 ■ l . m
Evie Burt, Miss Ada Robinson, Mrs.
Manly Moore, Miss Lena Moore, Miss
Lena Hitt, Miss Lucile Hill, Miss Es
telle Hill, Mrs. J. C. Hutto, Miss
Frances Macon, Miss Grace Schlmmel,
Miss Estelle Lamkin and Miss Gertrude
The Ladies’ Aid society of the Wood
Inwn Presbyterian church will give an
ice cream supper at the home of Mrs.
1*'!. L. Wishart this evening for the ben
efit of the church.
• • •
The Ladies' Aid society will hold a
business meeting at the Baptist Qhurch
in Inglennok this afternoon.
• • •
The Ensley High School improvement
association will have a benefit forty
two party this afternoon from 2:30 to 5
o’clock, at the school.
• a a
Tiie Ensley Highland Forty-two club
will meet Wednesday with Mrs. F. E.
t * • *
The Cuninghain chapter, No. 24, O. E.
4.. will entertain Grand Matron Mrs.
Belle Ash this evening at the Ensley
Vlasonic temple.
• • •
Mrs. M. M. Hughes will be hostess to
lie members of the Thursday Afternoon
Forty-two club in Ensley.
• ■* •
The Ladies' auxiliary, No. 117, O. R.
will give a picnic Thursday^ after
loon at East Lake park complimenting
drs. W. A. Shannon of Montgomery and
drs. M. Langsford of Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Guyler Bergh have re
urned from their wedding trip and
ire at borne with her parents, Mr. and
drs. J. E. Russell.
• • *
Mrs. S. P. West and family of Wood
awn are at home after a delightful
isit to her father, Mr. H. F. Latham,
it Montevallo.
• * *
Mifcs Estelle Saul of Atlanta arrived
•esterday to be the guest of her sister,
drs. J. A. Blumberg, on Sixteenth ave
lue, south.
• * *
Mrs. C. M. Lane and her little daugh
er, Mildred Lane, will leave today for
i trip to Memphis, Little Rock and Hot
• as
Mrs. Tom Bowron is expected today
'rom a visit to her father’s country
lome at Aliceville.
• a *
Mrs. B. A. Pepperman is the guest of
drs. Will Orrison In Anniston.
• • *
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Roberts are visit
ng Mrs. Sallie Hester in Tuscaloosa.
• a a
Miss Mary Sessions is at home after
i stay with Miss Florence Hollings
vorth in Gadsden.
• * a
Miss Leona Meadows, Miss Olive Ech
ols, and Miss Blair Taylor have returned
from Cla yton, where they were the guests
Df Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Glasgow.
• • a
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dowas are visiting
in Cartersville and Rome, Oa.
• * •
Fev. Father O'Grady has returned from
a visit to Norfolk. Va.
a * •
Mrs. G. W. Pastelle of Roebuck is vis
iting Mrs. Aurelia McKenzie in Pratt
• a a
Mrs. Margaret McCain of Fayette Is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Smith.
a a •
Miss Gadie Granger has gone to Ni
agara. Falls, Washington, and New York
ind Canada for an extended time.
• a a
Mrs. K. R. Walker and Miss Louise
Walker have returned from Greensboro.
a * •
Mr. Pat Inman, w'ho has been in Mem
phis for the past two months, is at home
ugain in Pratt City.
a * a
Miss Kate Burke and Miss Ruth Chris
tian of Tuscaloosa are the guests of Mrs.
W. P. Moses in Avondale.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Spencer and Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Jones and Miss Alice El
lis of Wylam spent Sunday in Talladega.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Stowe of Dora are
visiting Mr. arid Mrs. L. G. irwin in
• * •
Mr. A. E. Page, who has been the guest
of his brother, Mr. D. P. Page in Wy
lam, has returned to his home in Mer
idian, Miss.
a a a
Mrs. D. C. 'fTmower of Texas Is visiting
Mrs. R. C. White.
a • a
Mrs. T. B. Bowers has returned from
Tate Springs q/id points in North Caro
lina. whero she has spent the last three
a a •
Miss Alice Roberts will leave soon for a
visit to friends at Pensacola, Fla.
a a a
Mr. Joe Hodges has returned from
Ashville, where he has been the guest of
• a a
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Harris and their sis
ter, Miss Myrta Harris, will leave Fri
day for Philadelphia, New York, Toron
to and Chicago, to be gone several weeks.
• • a
Miss Bessie Ferguson and Miss Onie
Smith have returned from Biloxi.
a a a
Miss Madeline Ward, who has been
visiting in Kentucky and Ohio, lias re
turned to her home in Norwood.
a • *
Miss Ada Blanche Grey Is the guest of
relatives In Jasper.
a a a
Miss Mary Settle of Cupelo, Ark., is the
guest of Mrs. Ira Gorham.
a * *
Mrs. M. J. Birch and Miss Pattie Birch
of Norfolk are visiting Mrs. H. C. Rus
* a a
Mr. James McCormack of Selma is
spending a few days with friends in
• *. a
Miss Annie Sue Pitts is attending a
house party at Russellville..
• a •
Mrs. Myrtle Walker of Mobile is the
guest of Mrs. J. T. Rayfield.
a • a
Mrs. E. S. Cooley and family, 'who have
been visiting relatives in Ninnekah, Okla.,
have returned home.
• • a
Mrs. A. H. Simms left last night to
spend some time with friends in Clanton.
• • a
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Morgan and daugh
ter, Miss Mary Morgan, have returned
from a trip to Nashville.
• * »
Mrs. L. A. Chritslan is the guest of her
mother, Mrs. W. H. Bell in Selma.
• a a
Mrs. W. P. Townsend has returned
from a visit of several weeks to rela-1
tives in Pulaski, Tenn.
a a •
Mrs. J. 13. Findley of Montgomery is
the guest of Mrs. J. K. Bailey.
• * • I
Mrs. T. M. Downey and daughters. Miss
Whose marriage to Mr. J. M. McLaughlin of this city will be an event of
August 12
Regina Downey and Miss May bell® Dow
ney, who have been visiting in Knoxville,
are at home in Inelgnook.
• • m
Mrs. L6na Wilson has returned to her
home in Ingle-nook after a visit to rela
tives in Memphis.
* * •
Mrs. Terry Walker and little daugh
ter have gone to their home in Arkansas, i
. ...
ifter a delightful visit to Mrs. W. P.
Blair in Inglenook.
* * •
Miss May Crenshaw, who has been vis
ting Mrs. Jack Crenshaw, has returned
0 her home in Athens.
* V m
Mrs. Jessie Idles and children have re
urned to their home In Inglenook after
1 visit with relatives in Cullman.
Would Learn Millinery
I should like to take up millinery this
fall and learn to become a trimmer of
li^ts. Would some experienced person
please write me particulars? I hesitate to
start, not knowing any one from whom l
car. get Information. I shall be most
thankful for advice. ELLEN T. M."
It would not he upraetlcable to give
SOU advice in full through our small Cor
ner. But we have accomplished milliners
upon our rolls of active members. Will
one or more of them write to me for the
address of "E. T. M." and confer with ,
her by mail or in person?
While waiting to hear from them apply i
at the Young Woman's ChrlEtlan associa- j
tion for counsel. This most worthy or- ,
gantzutlon (rightly named!) maintains ,
i lasses in many branches of women’s I
work and is willing and able to direct any ;
woman dependent upon her own exertions
into the right avenue of useftlTness.
Helpful Twain
"We don't want to bore you with any
more ’items,' although we know a great ^
rrany more. If you care for them you j
might let us know and we will gladly i
send them. I
The housewifely twain who have con- J
iributed useful items, clearly expressed j
ind practical, need not hesitate to send i
is other specimens of similar character
whenever the spirit of helpfulness moves i
:hem. i
Esperanto Helps
The very able communications relative
o Esperanto, which appeared In a recent
ssue of the Corner kftve excited lively c
nterest In intelligent readers. They will i
iall with joy the following letter upon i
he same subject. The particulars here i
set down will be new to most of us, and i
highly instructive to students of philology:
"A vocabulary of Esperanto consists of
'root words,’ to which one must add the
proper grammatical ending to give the
svord its sense as a noun, an adjective,
m adverb, as the case may be. Thus,
suppose we take the root ‘bon’—which
on tains the idea good, and add to it the
idjective ending A. We then have bona,
ho Esperanto work for good. Suppose we
tdd tlie noun ending O to the same root;
he result would be bono, in English,
a good.’ Again, suppose instead of either
>f these endings we added the adverbial
2 to this root; the result would be bone,
\hieh in English would be well. But to
rive further modification of the root idea,
here is provided a series of prefixes and
lufTixes—about 40 in ail—which are used
n conjunction with the grammatical end
ngs. Thus, if we continue to use the
oot bon, we can make its meaning just
he opposite—that is, bad—by adding the
trefix *mal’ to it; ‘malbona.’ (Mai in the
ame way changes the meaning of any
oot to which it is affixed, but does not
ontain in its meaning any sense of bad
tess. For example, alta means in Eng
,lish high, malalta means low.) Out of this
oot we can make a verb by adding the
t;ffix ig to it, thus, bonigi, meaning in
English ‘to make good,’ the suffix ‘ig’
laving tlie property of adding to the root
dea a sense of causing or making, and
he letter T being the ending for the in
initive of the verb. As this is merely
o give you an idea of the construction
f the language, I shall leave the satis
action of your further courtesy to that
oint—if you have any—to your own 1n
tiative. ESPERANTO.”
Curiosity and the desire to go further
pto the examination of the wonderful
method which is to make the whole world
f one speech go without saying.
Early San Francisco
‘‘Can you tell me in what year the city
f San Francisco was laid out and incor
orated? My grandfather was a “forty
'll cr,' and I have always heard that the
arty that went out with him were pio
eers. My neighbor is positive that they
fci n<3 a town already built and that it
was han Francisco. Who is right?
. , “BEN J. A,'
, early ns luG there was n Jesuit
n-iision at wnat Is now- San KVancitL-o.
the original name Was Yerba BueM.
Lood Herb.' A town was laid out md
the settlement "secularised ' In 1335. |„
the place was taken possession ot' by
United States. The gold fever made lit
important in 1819. and it was incorporate
as a city under the name It now bears in
1950. You see the forty-niners found a
town there whei they arrived upon lim
Paoills coast. It was not a city until trie
next year.
Should See Physician
"T should like your advice. I have lid >
blood and a skin disease. I wish to knlw
I' drinking from three to four quats
of pure water will help me. taking it fe
tween meals? - INTERE8TEJI
Physicians are generally agreed tint
copious drafts of water taken with outs
meals is unhealthful. They are almost |n
unanimous in the opinion that, in a laipe
majority of eases, it is wise to 'fluji'
the system freely, drinking much wrahr
between meals. I cannot say, or court,
that the regimen is adapted to your pet|i
liar symptoms. It sounds tike' an eni
mous quantity—that four quarts in tie
24 hours. Consult your family physiciln
and follow Ids advice. Two quarts should >
he sufficient, says a friend at my elboy,
who is a practicing physician, hut he ills
not diagnosed your use.
No Longer the Custom
“I come to you in my perplexity, is
it ever proper for a young woman to
take a young man's arm in public places?
if by "public places” you moan the .
street, It is not now the custom for men ’
and women to walk arm in arm as rtir
grandparents thought right and proper.
In entering a ballroom or a hall when a
dinner is served to both sexes, the nan
who is to "take in" a woman offers Sis
arm and conducts her to her place.
|m. W. Searight]_____I Louie Reese |
This Will Be the Best Week
of Our August Sale
“ /
Dressing labies
Appreciated by any woman for its
I convenience. A splendid addition
to any bedroom. Specially priced
for this week:
j $15.00 Mahogany Dressing Table,
$27.50 Circassian Walnut Dressing
Table re- COI QX
$35.00 Mahogany Triple Mirror
Dressing- Table QO'7 XA
reduced to.I .OU
. ■
i Odd Dining Chairs
Assembled on the Dining Floor
about 12 different patterns of
high grade Dining Chairs In lots
of I, 2, 3 and 4 of a kind. Values
'. up to $6.00. Your flj-|
j choice .91.1/0
You are going to get some wonderful bargains if you will
avail yourself of the opportunities we shall offer during
this week of our August Sale.
All the goods offered are regular “Searight-Reese Qual
ity” Furniture, fresh, up-to-date and desirable in every
way. You who are going housekeeping this Fall will do
well in making your selections of home furnishings dur
ing this sale. The goods will be laid aside until ordered
Inspect Our Stocks, Study the Prices,
and Judge for Yourself
$155 Genuine
Dining Suite
Reduced to
Real attractive Co
lonial Mahogany
Dining Suite —
Buffet, China Clos
et, Extension
Table, 5 Side and 1
Arm Chair; an un
usual value. On
display in window.
The policy of this store is to offer the people of
Birmingham the best that this country pro
duces in high class Home Furnishings at mod
erate prices. In this connection we beg to an
nounce that we have secured the agency for, and
we are now showing
The Famous
Whittall’s Rugs
—in all the new patterns
and colorings. The Anglo
Persians and Anglo-In
French Willow
A good time to buy this attractive
and inviting furniture—during ‘
the August Sale. Every piece has
been reduced in price special for
this week.
Bar Harbor Chairs
Large size, qq
$5.00 value..
Rocker $1.00 More
Tea Wagon
A most useful article in any h
household. Splendid for a wed- j,*
i ding present. j:
No. 51. Solid Mahogany Tea
Wagon, value $22.50, KA *
reduced to.vllaull
No. 1672. Reed Tea Wagon, val
ue $17.50, ftlyl OK l
reduced to.d? j*
No. 866. Brown Kaltex Tea
Wagon, value $15.00, A *7C
reduced to. dJAvMO
We have picked at random from our stock those listed below,
which are only a few of the great many we have throughout our
stock. ^
All-Steel Tabouret, 17 inches high,
$1.00 Value... \}VC
Card Table, imitation leather top, <t» -\ a a
$2.25 value. .*pA*4*/
Large Rocker, covered in Pantosote, (p ff A O
$8.50 value .
Desk Set—Solid brass—7 pieces. ri A o
$12.50 value . I *,4:0
Ostermoor Mattress—Covered in Art (Pi 1 Qrr
Tick. $18.50 value .tDAA.Ot)
Hong Kong Swing—Made of genuine (P1 A A A
sea grass, 6 ft. $17.50 value.«pAU*UU
Copper Lamp—Large size; very (PQQ A Q
handsome; value $66.00 .
Sun Parlor suite—4 beautiful
pieces of Reed in silver gray, (P£JO ETA
Value $115. tpOO.OU
| Purchasers Desiring Terms During This Sale Can Arrange Through Our Inviting System of Accommodating Credit
It-J FURNITURE CO. 40? N. 20th St. I- H '
U r. McCarty | The Quality Store ^T^^JPerrick 1 j

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