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bcoop—1 he Cub Reporter
fE***wos&\ f 1ELL0-^T
r ^s^^ssr \wessf)
RATES—One mat ■ wnrfl n diyi no ad.
taken f»»r than 2Jlc for flrat Innor
tfo«. rp<h mint iirrnmnwiiT ord»r
teiiAvtAi, me hi iy^y tm ave. il-29-tf
.WE sharpen safety razor blades better
than new, 25c dozen. Send them parcel
post, Robert Prowell Stove Co., Birming*
bam, Ala. 6-14-tf
WE buy second hand clothes, shoes, for
^ cash. Phono 1581^ 2116 Second. 1-20-tf
FREE dental work, 1 to 4 p. m. Dental
College, Ave. F and 20th st. 10-8-tf
FREE dental work, 1 to 4 p. m Dental
College. Ave. F and 20th st. 10-8-tf
WANTED—Everybody to try my pure
pork sausage. Wilson & Roesel. 413 19th
st., north. Phone Main 5632. 10-27-6t
Cleaning, pressing, repairing, altering,
hats renovated and blocked.
1713 3d Ave, Phone Main 2372.
___ 1-8-tf-we-th-fr-mo
ANTED—Information about H.” F.
Ryan’s estate who died in Birmingham
about 1907. W. E. Ryan, Bomarton^ Tex.
_ 10-31-6t
WANTED—To borrow $2500 on property
in Woodlawn, valued at $6000; moral risk
very good. Address H-84, care Age
Herald. ll-l-2t
WANTED—Brass bell for farm use. Large
bell. W. A. McElhaun, Lincoln, Ala.,
R. F. D, No. 1.
WOULD like a situation as nurse~'or-"gem
erai housework. Clara Colman, 705 12th
617 22d st., N._10-29-4t
WANTED—Position by briglVt young
lady as stenographer or cashier; expe
rienced in both lines. Address W-78.
care Age-Herald. 10-30-tf
W A NT EB—Situation driving truck! by
young man; A-l references. Address
S-83, care Age-Herald. 11-1-31
FRENCHMAN and wife, first class
cooks, want situation; good refer
ences; was chef at Ridgely apart
ments for six months; French cook
ing is very economical; can run ho
tel or restaurant. Christlnet, 127
20th st., S. ll-l-3t
WANTED—Single man of 30 with good
habits, work on farm or stock ranch.
Address X-83, care Age-Herald. ll-l-3t
WORKING housekeeper for hotel, wIcT
ower or batchelor; references. Address
D-S4, care Age-Herald. ll-l-3t
TiT A NT ED—Posi tion as waiter or porter,
7 years’ experience, willing to start on
small wages; best of references. Charlie
Brown, colored. Phone Main 4761.
______ ll-l-3t
EXPERIENCED telephone lineman, who
knows the business from A to Z wants
work in or out of Birmingham. Address
T. E. J., No. 1623 7th ave., N.
___ 10-31-2t-sa-mo
VOUNG lady of refinement wishes work;
will take care arid help with children or
companion or help in general. Address
F-83, care Age-Herald, 10-31-2t-sa-ino
ii\'ANTED-By young lady who is a good
typist; can give references if necessary;
..... must have work at once. Call Main
7329-J. Ask for Miss H. 10-31-2t-sat-nio
TlfANTED—Position at once by compe
tent, reliable young man with best of
references and experience as bookkeeper,
stenographer and office assistant. Phono
Main 4503-J. 10-31-2t-sat-mo
W A NTED— By young lady! position as
stenographer or cashier, or both; am
familiar with general office work. Ref
erences furnished. Call Main 2797, ask
for Miss W. a ll-2-2t
Main 10^ 8-6-tf
WE negotiate loans and sell real estate.
Can handle desirable farm loan*. Ma
lone-MeConneil Co., 2106 1st ave. 10-29-tf
HEAL ESTATE loans to suit you To
amount, term, and Interest; can pay
back monthly or yearly; will take sec
ond mortgage. John VV. Prude. 106 N.
22d st. Bell Phone 240. 10-16-tf
f~PER CENT money to loan. South Hlgh
land. property; 8 per cent other close-in
.lea. Leonard-Rilsy Co., 725 Wood
Bldg. 10 18-tf
oved Birmingham real estate, not
:ed 50 per cent, of its value. Money
No. 118 N. 21st St.
.. n-i-2t
-iDGS for sale; good covey and
> bird dogs; good retrievers and
all-around dogs; English point
f nales. $35; females, $30; Eng
nd Lewellyn setters, males. $40;
?s, $35; we allow five days'
dogs not satisfactory refund
; Pennsylvania. Beagle, black
,n and Redbone hounds, trained
one, 'possums and cate, $17.50
$35 per pair. Allow 10 days'
tn hounds. Good tree, strike
ail dogs. The Southland Ken
iacon. Ga.__10-25-30'.
l willing to pay good Tlrlce for
ird. with comforts of home, hot
irnace heat, large, room, limited
Apply 2177 Highland avt
■ couple or two gentlemen to
private family, South High
ar Five Points; high, beautiful
furnace heat. 1504 S. 20tli st.
1. 10-31-5t
hotels “
2016 5tb Ave.
id brightest rooms in t ty
cold running water. Baths
alriiTsT^Puwest prices, work
1, experienced Workmen; let
' our heaters and ranges In
winter. Phone the Stove
tin 16269-80-1 mo
doped, 10c pelr rollT'prlnt* 3c
web. Prompt, s Ueatlon And
beat CoveU Co. i-ll-tf1
I _ _
RATES—One cent «• norfl n dnyi no ad.
taken for lean than 2Rr for first Inner
♦ ton. CwK wni*t wfpnmpniiy order.
1003 Jeff Co. Bank Bldg. g-S^f
WE will build you a borne. Birming
ham Building and Imp. Co.. 414-16-16
American Truat Bldg. 1.16-lf
h OR SALE—Paying furniture business,
established 20 years. If you want a sub*
stantlal business In a good town, write
for more information; owner wisher to
retire. Address R. L. Gwln. 16 Mltchel
ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 10 3I-8t
Prepare for old age with a comfort
able income by investing in a 10
acre orange and grapefruit grove in
Mobile county, where hay fever is un
known. For further information see
5H N. 20th St. Phone 8030.
FOR SALE—IS-ton Heisler locomotive,
36-inch guage; one to two miles 30-Ib.
steel rails; will take lumber for came.
Lathrop Lumber Company. 10-3l-3t
RATES—One cent a word a dayi no ad.
taken for Icrn than 2Bo for flrnt Inaer
♦too. Coab mint nreompwny nnler.
MOST attractive apartment proposition
in city, at the Richmond, 2030 High
land ave. Phone 7550. 10-27-71
FOR RENT—Large, 3-story store, facing
50 feet; 1805-07 1st ave., extending Pack
to Morris ave. and L. and N. tracks;
large, modern electric elevator. F. L.
Demere, 1917% 1st ave., Potter Bldg.
Phone Main 1779. 10-29-4t
FOR RENT—Large boarding house. 2014
5th ave. Owner, Room 410 First Na
tional,_ 10-30-3t
_jfok kent—kooms
FOR Immediate rent, 4 large, upstairs
rooms, with porch and bathroom, lights,
water and phone furnished; price very
reasonable to right party. 1301 S. 12th
st. Phone M. 4379-J. ll-l-3t
LOOKING FOR ROOMS?—We can supply
your needs; no charge for services; open
9 a. m. to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 2 to 5 p. m.
Call or phone Main 233. Room 510 First
National Bank Bldg. Room Seekers
Rental Bureau. ll-l-2t
FOR RENT—Three connecting rooms fur
nished or unfurnished; very reasonable;
clean, new, cozy and comfortable in
every respect. 709% N. 19th st. ll-l-3t
notTRuarant°«dn8 8Chedule n*ures ar. published only as Information, and are
Southern Railway
No. Arrive Iron— *Nu. liepert to
ll Atlanta 6:20 am 11 Greenville 6 45 nru
12 Crernvllle 7:55 pm 12 Atluute 12:15 am
10 Columbus 11:15 am 15 ('olunilmi 3 -45 nm
20 Mobile 7:90 pm 10 Mobile 7 00 nni
S3 Jarkaonvllle 12:25 pm 24 .lamsoovllle 4 oo uni
29 Selma 11:45 am 27 Selma 4 ;jo nm
89 Charlotte 19.90 pm 40 Atlanta V 39uiu
an S5" *1 ■» 30 New York 5.30 pn,
go New York 5:45 pm SO \>vv York9;0n ;\m
Queen d Creaceut Route
A. a. S. H. H.
pfa. Arrive from— No. Deport to—
1 Clnclnuatl 19:05 pm 1 8hr'pt A N O lO io nm
* Mw Orleans 0 :10 a iu 2 t'in. A N T
8 Cincinnati 19:15 am 8 New Orleans 30 20 Im
I °rlwM 9:00 pro 4 Clnelnnalf0 9 05 nm
•f S?*!**®*** 11:3R an 8 KaekUlh. , £2
*5 MarrirttoS0** iS J!01” oS ‘beftanoota 4:00 pm
.S ?!..?* 0 10:50 am 22 Chattanooee inn*
19 Meridian 11 :9S pm 11 Meridian6'30 am
Frievo Lines
»N«*. Arrive ftom— No n#n.H *.
105 Ranaaa City 3 50 pm i0fl Kihim. r5». —
IKES™ «•».!:{**■ !SSS
Amonr 10 15 am 92(1 Amnrv «
Ceuirul of Uu. Ky.
No. Arrive from— No. Deport to—
1 Macon 10:10 pm £ Macon T :90 am
9 Jacksonville . 12:15 pm IQ JackaoDVllle 4:85 pm
3 Savannah11:01 pm 4 Savannah 8:50 pm
Trains marked thus (•) run dally except 8
FHESH country eggs by parcel post;
five dozen, $1.30; 10 dozen, $2.55; I have
some nice chestnuts free from worms,
50c per gallon; white table peas, 40c
per gallon; fresh country butter, 30c per
pound or four pounds for $1. Send
money or check; 10c extra If sent C.
0. D. W. L. Buckalew, Horton, Ala.
FOK SALE—Oliver typewriter, new, used
but little; sell for half its worth. Jones
Valley Creamery Co., phone 3936. P. O.
Box 288. 10-30-3t
FOR SALE—Four acres near city, in
cluding store, residence and three rental
houses; part cash. Address A., Route
1, West End, Box 210. 10-30-3t
FOR SALE—Some fine mules cheap!
Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Co.,
Ave. E and 22d st. 10-30-4t
First class business; owner wishes to
retire; steam heated, hot and cold run
ning water; bath; best town in middle
Tennessee; population 3000; county seat;
correspondence solicited. Address P. O.
Box 225, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. ll-l-3t
fc'on SALE at a sacrifice, northeast
corner Ave. C and 26th st., Ensley;
lot 150x150, new improved, seven
cottages renting fur $1260 per year;
price $8750; $4000 cash, balance
easy; room for other improvements.
Minge, 924 Jefferson Bank Bldg.
_ ll-l-3t-su-mo-wc
THERE will be sold at public auction to
the highest bidder at different railroad
points in the Choctaw and Chickasaw
Nations in eastern Oklahoma, from No
vember 16, 1914, to December 2. 1914, the
surface of approximately 375.000 acres of
Indian segregated coal and asphalt
lands, at not less than certain minimfim
prices. One person can purchase not
exceeding 160 acres of agricultural or
640 acres of grazing land. Bids may be
submitted in person or by mail or by au
thorised agents. Residence on land not
required. Terms, 25 per cent cash. 25
per cent within one year and the bal
ance within two years, with 5 per cent
interest from date of sale. Where houses
or other Improvements are located on
the lands the same will be sold, with
the land, at appraised value. Improve
ments to be paid for in full at time of
sale. The coal and asphalt underlying
these lands will not be sold with the
surface, except where authorized. Where
the coal and asphalt are to be sold with
the surface descriptive circulars will so
state. For maps and full Information
communicate with the Superintendent
for the Five Civilized Tribes, Muskogee,
Commissio; ' " *
Fort KE>rf—1«4
light and watef
Phone Main 339
ave.; excellent
suitable for r«
ness or office
and Investment
residence, near
bedrooms, two
bnvtlful.Ttowf .
nimiiMumi tkrminai, station
Senhoaril Air Une Hr.
Yl.. A'rlto from- I No. D»ji»rt to—
5 New York 10:00 pro I 0 New York 7:10 am
oo ^.e,w 'orh >!:I5 nm 12 New York 0:00 nm
28 Atlanta 0 >0 rmi | 'it Atlanta D M *m
llliuoiai Ceutral Hr.
>0. Arrive from— | No. I>epart to—
9 OilragnI'05 pm J in Chlcngo lt:4n nm
l.Ol i s \ 11.1,1,, A ,\ ASH V 11.1,1*: ST.iTlUX
.. L.. •* a. u. a,
■ Arrive from— No. Depart to—
1 Clnolnhatl 8 52 am 1 New Orleana 0:00 am
a rfWfti°r pID | Cincinnati 11:12 pm
f f 25 p“ * Orleane 6 10 Sm
•t nfT #°r ean* §:2IptD 4 ClnclnnaM 8:4.1pm
v P,eca,,ur I:d9 p® 6 Pecalur C 4.1 am
7 NjncIpiMM 8 60 nm 7 Uonun^rt 4 .#•! ““
in 5v\?or,,BBi W p“ * pwiiiaK Am «m
-1.? i,,f"‘>0,norT ,I:!5 pni 0 Montgomery 0:80
*2 Monigomerr 10:45 am 11 Montgomery 8:50 nm
1.1 Decatur_10:15 rnn 1< TVcwtttr_ 4 -On P*
Uirunugii-iu iliueral
No. Arrive from— No. Depart tw—
89 Draco 6:15 pm A3 Praco a*M ■ m
48 luacRlooaa 11:10 am 41 Hloctoe 7"
OBIorton f ,15 pm 19 Bloct™ t rim
47 4nn » « *,n 44 Anniston 8:40 pm
fftJ<r.nn *i0B ••'SO pin 46 Anniston 8:85 am
in, Tumalooae 8:80 pm ’01 Ttmcnlooae 7:0# am
A„ «. Jfc A. "
No. Arrive from— I No. Decart to
28 Roanoke 11:80 am 120 Manchester 7*40 am
>5 Manchester f 00 pm 7 24 Roanoke 4:15 "m
“dm*-Dther trains run dally Central Urn a.
NICELY furnished rooms, st pain “lie at.
1-12 S. 20th st. Phone Main J 207-.I.
___ ll-l-7t
FOK RENT—One elegantly furnished
lront room with all conveniences, in
cluding table board; one block Five
Points, South Highlands. Apply 1931
11th ave., 8., or telephone Main 2970.
__ U-l-tt
NICELY furnished, furnace heated
rooms; can arrange for light house
keeplng. 2200 7th ave. ll-l-8t
NICELY furnished front rooms; house
screened, hot baths at all hours;
price reasonable. 2212 4th ave., N.
!• OR RENT—Several nicely furnished
rooms, $2.50 to $3.50 per week, hot and
cold water, and all modern convenience;
could arrange for very light housekeep
ing- 2113 5th ave. 10-13-tf
NICELY furnished second floor bedroom
to couple or two men; every conven
ience and close to business district; rent
very reasonable. 211.3 oth ave.. N. 9-22-tf
THE AVALON—Warm, pleasant, outside
rooms; modern conveniences; moderate
prices; baths free. 2HV, 5th uve. 7-12-tf
THREE or lour desirable housekeeping
rooms, unfurnished, for rent In West
End; lights, water and phone furnished;
_cheap. Call West End 805. 10-15-tt
rfATfONAL" H OP8E, "209^4~NT~22d~it^
roomb from 36c up. 10-23-30t
BACHELOR room furnished, fUjT&O",
Richmond apartment. 2030 High
land ave. Phone 7650. 10-27-7t
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms with or
without board, centrally located, new
management. 1920 6th ave., north.
____ 10-28-6t
TWO furnished, connecting rooms for
light housekeeping. 2114 6th ave.
__ 10-30-4t
NICELY furnished front room for rentT
517 22d st., W._ 10-29-4t
FRONT room in best part of Norwood,
half block of car line; terms reasonable.
Phone 2299-J. 10-31-2t
FOR RENT—Elegant 1 y~f urn is h e~d~rooims~
modern conveniences. Phone Main
_ 10-31-3t
TWO connecting furnished rooms" for
light housekeeping. 2020 6th a7e„ N.
_* 10-31-3t
FOR RENT—One room and kitchenette
unfurnished, furnace heat, hot bath,
electric lights; one furnished room also.
25u7 6th ave. Phone Main 1224. 10-31-3t
FOR RENT—In Terrace Court, nicely
furniphe*d room; $17.50 per month. Cali
Main 1691.10-31-3t
TWO rooms with private family; house
modern, board If desired, or secured
second door; children taken. Main
2999-W. 10 31-3t
shed, newly papered room3,
joard; also furnished r.oms
usekeeping; furnace heat, i
jnveniences; prices reason- 1
h uve., Norwood. 10-31-21 ;
? furnished rooms; Close ,
reasonable. 618 N. 23d st.,
v your needs; no charge
open 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.;
• 6 p. m. Call or phone
►rn 510 First National bank 1
;rs rental bureau. <
■ ■ 1
RATICS—Onf rent «* word a dapi aa ad.
taken fee lana than 25r for flrat laaer
*«»»><■ i »»i-on t»i w q »■ y ^trilyy,
ment; steam heat. No. 621 23d at., N.
Immediate possession, $.15. .1. B. Dryer
Title Bldg ll-i-71
FOR RENT—lt'urnlshed South Highland?
resldenre, near Five Points, $75; sever
bedrooms, three baths, large grounds,
beautiful view. Phone Main 1819 or 7918
mEn"-^fTeTcmHlotrfh cures uT'and Oi oi
money refunded, $1 at all druggists.
_ 7-28-tl
LADIES—$1000 reward; 1 positively guar
antee my great successful ■ monthly”
remedy; safely relieves some of the long
est, most obstinate, abnormal oases !r
three to five days; no harm, pain or in
terference with work; mall, $1.50; double
strength, $2; booklet free. Dr. South
ington, 14 Long Bldg., Kansas City
FREE denial work7~TTo~4 "pT ith~Dental
College. Ayr. F and 20th si. 10-S-tl
WANTED—Lady cashier, one that can
use typewriter. Apply Little Gem Cafe,
221 N. 19th Ft. Phone 6179.
For Sale by
Empire Bldg. Phone Main 1197.
_» 22-tf
LOST—An Aridale Terrier "dog, ""weight
about 40 pounds; tan head and legs;
black back; name Tango. Return 1715
3d eve. Phone Main 5675, rewurd. R. H.
Matthews._ 10-31-21
home; stamped envelope for reply.
Multi-Copy. 1073 Rayborn, Memphis.
Tenn. _10-30-15t
WE would run commlssai-y for coaPcotrw
pany and pay a discount on giOss s-Ccs.
How much do you want? Address B-S3,
pare Age-Herald10-30-4t
la the District' Court of the 1’nlteil
Slate/ for the Northern District of
Alabnnm, Southern Division.
Continental and Commercial Trust and
Savings Bank, trustee, vs. Lacey-Buek
Iron Co., et al., In equity No. 241.
Public notice is hereby given that under
end In pursuance to a decree entered In
the above entitled cause on October 31,
1914. the undersigned special muster com
missioner appointed by said decree, will
a*. 12 o’clock noon on Saturday, Decem
ber 5. 1914, at the Third avenue front door
of the courthouse of Jefferson county,
Alabama, In Birmingham, Ala., sell at
public auction, for cash, to the highest
bidder and in pursuance to the terms of
said decree those certain Innds Rnd prop
erties described In said decree and gen
erally known HS the Trussvllle furnace
property, and the Labuco und Graves
mines, situated In Jefferson county, Ala
lama. and the Crudup mine properties
situated In Etowah county, Alabama,
and all formerly belonging to the Lacey
Buek Iron company. Reference Is hereby
made to said decree for a specific legal
description of said properties and the
terms and conditions of said sale. Under
the terms of said decree no hid will
be received for said properties from any
bidder who shall not ttrst have deposited
with the undersigned at the time of said
sale $15,000 in cash, or, a certified cheek
for said amount drawn on some hank or
tiust compupy having a capital and sur
plus of not less than $1,000,000. In event
any hid Is accepted the deposit made by
the successful bidder will be applied upon
the purchase price, and the deposit made
by any unsuccessful bidder will he re
turned to him at the time of sale Any
successful bidder may pay In part of
the purchase price with bonds of the
luicey-Buek Iron company, aa provided
In said decree. ,
Dated at Birmingham, Ala., November
2, 1914. A R. FORSYTH,
Speciul Master Commissioner., Brown
Marx Building. Birmingham, Ala
W. CHAMBLISS, Chattanooga. Tenn.,
Attorneys for Continental and Commer
cial Trust and Savings hank, Trustees.
ham, Ala.. Attorneys for Defendants In
Said Cause. 11-2-9-18-28
Filing Cabinets
Wabash Desks
Wood and
Files Chairs
Iteat Card Indexes and Filing supplies
for all systems
1812 19th hberta Third Av« I
Hubbard Bros. & G
”ottnn Merchants. Hanover Squa
I. Members New York Ootton Exc'
•Jew Orleans Cotton Exchange,
fork Produce Exchange. As
Ifembers Liverpool Cotton Asse 1
Jrders solicited for the purch?
in .e of Cotton and Cotton Seed
'uture delivery. Special atten
Iberal tsrms given for consign
ipot cotton for delivery. Co?
>nce Invited.
Wheeler F ;
EuUiaw, A)
joou Service au /*,
Uate in Every ?.
{Charles G. D. Roberts Sent
to Big Cavalry Camp
at Shrewsburg
Arthur Morrison, as Special Consta
ble, Looking: Out for (ierman Spies.
Baroness Von Hutten Teaching
French to English Soldiers
London, October 10.—(Special.)—"Rooted
and spurred, with a heavy stride," like
Paul Revere, as described by the poet,
and looking Intensely martial In a brand
new khaki uniform, Charles G. D. Rob
erts, whose novels and stories of wild
life are famous on both sides of the At
lantic, strode out of my office, some 15
minutes ago, on his way to play his part,
whatever it may prove to he, in tlie great
world drama of war that is holding the
boards today.
Roberts, who is a Canadian by birth
and, as lie says, "an old backwoodsman,"
Is a member, it appears, of the renowned
Legion of Frontiersmen, whose services
have just been accepted by the British
war office, having joined Its ranks at
the outbreak of the war. Now. with a
score or more of his fellow frontiersmen,
he lias been ordered off to Shrewsbury,
where there is a big cavalry concentra
tion camp, and where they expect to bi
employed, during the next few weeks, In
breaking in the raw mounts. After that,
In all probability, they will be off to
After mail!' years of successful author
ship In America, Roberts, who Is just 6rt,
came over here In 1907, with the Idea,
lie says, of extending ills public. Intend
ing to stay a year, ho has remained ever
since, like a lot of ills fellow countrymen,
and a close friendship exist id between
him and another literary exile, the late
T. VV. Hanshew, author of "Cleek,” who
died last spring. Hanshew's literary
daughter, Hazel Phillips Hanshew, was
married last week, by the way, and both
Roberts and another of Hanshew’s Amer
ican pals, Roy Norton, of "Vanishing
Fleets" fume, attended the ceremony.
Has Lived in France
Roberta has lived In both France and
Germany, as well as in England, having
spent nearly a year In Munich nnd known
intimately many Bavarian officers whom
he descrioes as "line fellows '’ They one
anc' all, he says, stigmatized the Prus
sians us "brutes," a feeling, indeed, which
lie found universal In southern Germany.
1 asked the author of "Wild Lives’’ how
long It was since he had sat a horse and
he remarked, with a rueful tmile, tiiat he
expected to eat this meals from the man
telpiece for sometime to come. He looked
uncommonly serviceable as he sat tapping
his leathern pnttlcH with his cavalry
whip, but was guile modest about his
future actlvties. "t am just going to
do what 1 can,” he said, "with the uni
versal* unboastful spirit of these sons of
the empire, many of them, like him. be
ginning to go grey. His Income from
his writings must be something hand
some. That, needless to say. lie is sacri
ficing, for how long lie has no idea.
We had a laugh, by the by, over his
three Initials, which he says, few peo
ple ever get in their corect order,
The rule for doing so, lie says, is to
remember what a fine swear that
Charles G. D. makes.
Morrison Looks for Spies
Arthur Morrison, who gave us "The
Child of Jingo," "Tales of Menu
Streets" and a lot of other famous nov
els, und who Is almost as distinguished
an a writer and general authority on
Oriental art. Is the latest British au
thor, who being beyond the age limit
for service In the field, has taken on
the by no means light or unhazardous
duties of that new arm of the police
fotce, the speclul constable.
Robert Hlckens has been one for some
time and so has Charles Garvlce, nnd
neither is finding anything like n snap.
These special constables, n regular ar
my of whom the blng employed and
" ho. ol’ course, get no pay whatever,
are chiefly used In guarding such vul
nerable points as railroad bridges, etc.,
and whereas the German emissaries
whoso machinations are feared are
likely to be armed, the speclul con
stables are not supposed to carry so
much as a cap-pistol, though I believe
a few of them actually have good,
honest "barkers" concealed somewhere
about their persons. They relieve one
another -11 through the day and night,
S on guard for four hours at,,
id one of them, who has Just
duty when I talked with him.
night—he la a man from Btir
holiday travel—told me that
the most boring and generally
e Job he ever undertook. It
lot for the British nation that
forked business men are willing
.ortake these duties. They work
lira, generally, and another of
had been on duty from mldntglit
four in the morning told me
his companion was a man who
to report for his ordinary work at
irthiir Morrison, who la ngw 51. is '
rgcant In the special constabulary
rvice, his mission being the auperln
ending of the tracking of the Teuton
emissary to his English liar. History
n p rertaln sense, thus repeats itself
for Xlorrlson Is now a resident of
Arabia House, a beautiful, old-worii
place at Enfield that In bygone days i
was the residence of a distinguished
barrister, one Sergeant Arabtn, Thera
vi »-r - tt,- p - Piqurp - r^p qq j
Prince Louis of Battenburg, Who
Resigned as Britain's Sea Lord
I .. "" —- — — ■■ .1.« I .1. ..I- .-I i II
are quit© a number of places around
Enfield way where dynamite Is stored,
and the literary sergeant Morrison is
keeping his weather eye upon them.
His duties, by the bye, must remind
him somewhat of his own tales of
"Martin Hewitt, Investigator," which
were not such a long way behind the
"Sherlock Holmes" stories. Before ho
began writing he was secretary to u
London society whose work lies chief
ly among the submerged tenth and his
duties brought him into close contact
with the shabbiest, darkest side of city
life, so that he writes of those who
dwell therein with intimate knowledge.
Teaching English Soldiers French
Among the literary women who are
"helping," as the phrase goes, with all
their might and main, are Mrs. Flora An
nie Steel, Baroness Von Hutton and
Madame Elsa d’Esterre. Mrs. Steel, in
the intervals of work in the Women’s
Emergency corps, is denouncing the
"slackers" in characteristically vigorous
terms. Women’s work in war times, she
declares, Is the work that some men arte
doing and ought not to do. "Men, today,"
she says, "have no business to be In
-. ■— .... .■ .......—m.w*
drapers’ whops, no bushiest to be selling
lace powder to women. It would be con
sidered a shame for a man abroad to do
these, things, and. moreover, women can
do them much better.”
Baroness von I Intton. who. of conn?..' 1h
the author of "Pam,” with MAiame
d’Esterre as her first lieutenant Hnd a
lot of aalstants. Is meanwhile, engaged
In the highly useful work or teaching
French to the men who a£* going to
| light Hide by aide with tte soldiers of
France. At present their p;T,uH ati. meni
heis of the London Er^|neers and the
Royal Army Medical etyps, and the big
drill hall at the Duke ,,f York s head
quarters, when T looked ln th(.n, yester
day. was full of •koe.v young men. ibout
200 fn all. grouped *n 0b,HS4-.s of eight or
ten around thelrijjffercnt teachers.
They "extremely quick,” said
Baronej^ yon HUtten. “We give oral
lr,8ys&nion only, and no attempt is made
• teach grammar. The Young Men's
( yVistiun association la working with ua.
a*Jd branches are being started. In the
Provinces." Out of 000 men In the bec
V’/nd division London territorials 500 volun
teered to take lessons.
While «.^Very bank must bo
conservative the Jefferson
County Saving Bank lias
made friends by the accom
modating maiijflpr in which
it conducts its af^airg.
It renders all its Viustomers
the many little V services
which are possible V-ithout
sacrificing safety.
Jefferson County^
Savings Bank
Oapital and Surplus ijf
1750,000.00 llli1
-. •- »■ 1 ^
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