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Reading Again Most Promi
nent Feature—U. S. Steel
Heavy Also
Xew York, March 18.—Dealings in se*
curities today were broader and far in
excess of the previous day’s total, but
the price movement was more confusing.
Reaching was again the most prominent
feature, making a maximum decline of
1% points, with some recovery in final
dealings. United States Steel also was
heavy, being singled out with Reading by
the short interest.
Canadian Pacific reflected further pres
sure, which may have originated abroad,
and motor shares, with the exception of
WJllys Overland, fell back on a marked
decrease of trading. Bethlehem Steel re
peated its daily performance of attain
ing a new high price at 58%, and the cop
per group rose appreciably. Demand
sterling declined to $4.79%, a fraction
above its low quotations. Announcement
was made of the successful sale of the
$10,000,000 German government nine
months’ notes recently offered here.
Another gold engagement of $500,000
from Jhp&n offered proof of this coun
try’s growing influence in the world’s
money markets.
Local brokers were interested in news
that the London exchange is to post a re
vised list of prices tomorrow. It is ex
pected American stocks will figure promi
nently. London’s markets were quiet,
with underlying firmness. Mixed prices
were registered for Americans today.
Total sales of stock, 219.600 shares.
Bonds heavy, with weakness Jn obscure
issues. Total sales, par value, aggregated
United States bonds unchanged on calL
U. S. 2s registered . 98% ]
U. S. 2s coupon ... 98%
U. S. 3s registered . 101%
U. S. 3s coupon . 101%
U. S. 4s registered. 109%
U. S. 4s coupon. 110 Vi
Panama 3s coupon . 101%
Central of Georgia os...101
Illinois Central ref. 4s. 85%
Louisville & Nashville mi. 4s .... 91%
Seaboard Air Line adj. 6s . 62%
Southern Bell Telephone 5s. 97%
Southern Railway 5s . 98%
Southern Railway gen. 4s . 64
U. S. Steel 5s .. 101
Mercantile Paper
New York, March 18.—Closing: Prime
mercantile paper, 3% per cent; sterling
exchange weak; 60-day bills, $4.77; for
cables, $4.79.75; for demand, $4.79.50. Bar
silver. 60%c. Mexican dollars, 38c. Govern
ment bonds steady; railroad bonds heavy. ,
Time loans steady; 60 days, 2% per cent;
90 days, 2%®2% per cent; six months,
3Vi per cent. Money on call steady; high,
2 per cent; low, 1% per cent; ruling rate,
3% per cent; last loan. 2 per cent; clos
ing bid, 1% per cent; offered at 2 per
Bank of England Statement
London, Mareh 18.—The weekly state
ment of the Bank of England shows the
' creased £181,000.
*sed £231,000.
i £411,704.
creased £11,260,000.
-eased £29,360,000.
eased £20.824,000.
ised £125,000.
♦ increased £2,911,
bank’s reserve to
ES per e«mt; la*t
■ cent.
ekly statement
tvs the follow
lased 20,030,000
sed 82,837,000
led 27,078,000
:ed 93.389,000
*00 franc*.
{,000 franca.
{,000 francs.
firm; 6-ton
nn; electro
14. 25®14.62c.
At London:
P67 10s. Spot
, * Antimony,
firm. $4.06®
firm. Lon
lal. London,
; Receipt*,
and lights,
(, $6.86® 7.10;
kct steady.
[i s and helf
iian steers,
:et steady,
is. I9S9.80;
IF; heavy,
pt weak.
Id heifers,
it strong.
t steady.
Ssed beef
Sar firm;
ler early
lay were
• In the
eady and
lales, 1700
»ly, 4.02c;
tied firm
8 4©4.0Go
1.000 bags
lent was
onlng at
h active
l for the
d easier
to coma
ean fcon
ng for a
_Baies. mgn. low. Close.
Amal. Cop.10300 i?5"% «4% 55%
Amer. Agricul. 48
Amer. Can.1200 37% 2S% 27%
Amer. C. & F..., 200 41 41 41
Amer. Cities pfd. 61
Amer. Cot Oil... 100 44% 44% 44%
Amer. Smelt. ...1400 *4% S3% 64%
Amer. Snuff. 144
Amer. Sugar .... 500 102 102 102
Amer. T. & T.- 100 120% 120% 120%
Amer. Tob. 300 224% 223 224%
tAchison. 600 95% 95% 95%
Atlantic C. L. ... 100 100% 100% 100%
Balt. & Ohio .... 100 66% 66% 66%
Can. Pacific .1700 168% 157% 168
Cent. Leather ..1000 33% 83% 33%
Ches. & Ohio ... 100 41% 41% 41%
Chi.. M. & St. P.. 300 86% 86 86
Erie .3000 23% 22% 22%
Gen. Elect. 300 139% 139% 139%
Gt. Nor. pfd. 400 116 115% 116
Illinois Cent.103
Interb.-Met. pfd. 500 59% 69% 59%
K. C. Sou. 200 21% 21% 21%
Lehigh Val.2000 135 134% 135
Louis. & Nash.112
Liggett & Myers. .... 215
Lorillard Co. 160
Mo.. K. & T.100 10% 10% 10%
Mo. Pacific. 700 11 10% 10%
Mex. Petroleum. 1500 70% 69% 70%
Tntal «!>• 1
Sales. High. Low. Close.
N. Y. Central ... 400 82% 82% 82%
N. T.. N. H. &
Hartford .2400 52% 60 % 52%
Nor. & West. ... 500 100% inn'. ' '%
Nor. Pacific.600 102% 102% lo2%
Penn. 500 106 10 , luo
Reading .24S00 143% 142 142%
Rep. t & S.100 10% 19% 19%
do pfd. 76%
Rock I. Co. 200 % % %
do pfd . 200 1 % 1% 1 %
St. L. & San F.
3d pfd . 100 3% 3% 3%
Seaboard A. L.. 13
do pfd.. . 33 %
Sloss-Sheff. S &
Iron. 24%
Sou. Pacific .....2500 83% 82% 83
Sou. Railway ... 600 15 14% 14%
do pfd. 47
Tenn. Co.3300 29 28% 28%
Texas Co.100 131% 131% 1SIT4
Texas Pacific. 14
Union Pacific ...6400 120% 1119% 119%
U. & Steel .38200 44% 43% 44%
do pfd.1400 106 104% 104%'
Utah Cop.1800 62% 63% 52%
Va.-Caro. Cham. 100 19 19 19
West. Union ....1400 64% 64% 64%
Beth. Steel .8100 68% 57% 68%
Amer. B. S.4000 41% 41 41
law 4lt ilia _ 1 1 ‘ " V
__ rune, md. AtKM.
Ala. F. «; 1. 4 40 50
Amer. C. Rye., pfd.6 47 4 0
Amer. C. Ry*. II
Amer. T. & Sav. Bk... 8 ISO 110
Avondale Mills, com. .. 8 95 106
Avondale Mills, pfd ... 8 100 108
Bessemer C. & I. . . 45
B’ham T. & S.10 245 265
B'ham Baseball Asso... 140 170
B’ham R„ L. & P„ com 6 70
B'ham R., L. * P., pfd.. 6 77
B'ham Realty Co.4 150 176
Cham, of Com., pfd.... 7 SO 70
Corey Land . 50 76
East Lake Land . .. 76
Elmwood Cem. Co. ... 4 70 80
Empire Im., pfd.8 100 102
Empire lm„ com.S 70 85
Ensley Land . 86 110
First Nat'l Bank .12 235 255
Great Sou. Life . 9 11
Interstate Casualty ... 1 3
Jefferson Fertiliser ... 3 105 120
M. & M. Bank . s 115 125
North B’ham Land ... 15 22
Realty T. Co., com. ... 6 100 110
Realty T. Co., pfd.8 100 110
Sou. States Fire . 1 3
Traders Nat. Bank .... 9 150 160
__ Rate. Bid. Asked.
Ala. State ref., 1920... 4 98 100
Ala. State Renew, 1956 3V4 SO S5
Ala. State Renew. 1956 4 98 100
Amer. C. Rys.S 85 88
Ala. Cons. 5 75 SO
Bessemer C. *. 1.6 100 103
B. R., I* & p. g 94 97
B. K., L. * P.4Vi g7 89
B'ham Ice Factory .... 6 100 106
B'ham R. & E. 5 99 101
B'ham Waterworks ... I 102 105
City of Birmingham... 6 190 104
City of Birmingham... 5 95 101
Continental Gin . 5 100 106
JefTeraon County. 5 101 104
JelTeraon County. • 102 107
Jefferson County.4 Vi «6 101
Milner Band Co. 6 95 1«1
Nashville Railway .... 6 99 101
Pratt Consolidated ... 5 77 S3
Sloss I. & S. 6 99 100
SIosa 1. & S. 4Vi 92 95
T. C. I., gen. mtg. 5 95 100
T. C. I., Tenn. Div. « 99 103
T. C. 1. Ship Bldg. 6 10l 105
T. C. I. B'ham Div. 6 99 103
T. C. I. Cahaba Div..., 6 100 103
Woodward Cons. G 96 103
Question of Acreage Cause
of Much Discussion and
Longs Withdraw
New Orleans, March 18.—The cotton
market was slow and hesitating today.
Profit taking from the long side was
against prices, bullish traders were not
aggressive and bears were encouraged by
reports of a smaller spot Inquiry In the
interior and by the deep of 13 points in
local spot quotations. In spite of all this
the market had very little selllilg power
and made several rather sharp recoveries
fro.m the decline. At the lowest prices
were 5 to 8 points under yesterday's close
and at the highest they were 1 point over.
The close was at the lowest levels.
The question of acreage caused much
discussion during the day, and It was
evident that not a few longs were with
drawing from the market because they
feared a further advance at this time
would result In more extensive planting
than has been advocated. Telegrams from
the Interior said that small spot buyers
were withdrawing from the market be
cause of the difficulty they found In
clearing export shipments.
New Orleans Cotton Market
New Orleans, March 18.—Cotton fu
rtues clbsed steady at a net decline of
5 to 8 politts.
_High. Dow. Close.
March . 8.30~~8.BO 8.45
May . 8.71 8.66 8.65
July . 8.95 S.87 8.87
October . 9.28 9.19 9.19
ei ember . , , .. ».44 9.36 9.36
New Orleans Cotton Market
New Orleans, March 18.—Cotton opened
steady. March, 8.46c; May, 8.‘i6c; July,
8.90c; October, 9.24c; December, 9.49c.
New Orleans, March 18.—Spot cotton
steady, 13 points off. Sales on the spot,
2100 bales; to arrive, 675. Good ordinary,
6.49c; strict gooil ordinary, 7.05c; low mid
dling, 7.55c; strict low middling, 8c; mid
dling, 8.S7c; strict middling, 8.62c; good
middling, 9.0Go; strlot good middling, 9.43c
Receipts, 10,388: stock, 382,828.
Montgomery Market
Montgomery. March 18.—(Special.)—Spot
Cotton was quoted here today as follows:
Middling fair, new, 9.06c; strict good mid
dling. old, not quoted; new, 8.69c; good
middling, old, 8 5-16c: new, 8.51c; strict
middling, old 8 l-16c; new, 8.81c; middling,
old 7 13-16c: new, 9.06c; strict low mid
dling, old. 7 6-16c; new, 7.56c; low mid
dling, old, 6 13-lCc; new, 7.06c; strict good
ordinary, old, 6 l-16c; new, 6.66c; good
ordinary, old, 5 ll-16c; new, 6.19c; market
Private Acquitted
. Denver, Colo., March 18.—Theodore
Frrnk, Francis V. Rudd and Max Dom'd
of Troop F, Fifth United States cavalry,
were acquitted in federal court here to
day of conspiracy to conceal money stolen
from the postoffice at Walsenburg, Colo.
A package containing *15,000 disappeared
from the postofflce last December, during
the military occupation of the coal strike
any aggressive selling, however, and the I
market elosed steady at a net decline of
3 to 6 points. Sales, 27,500. Closing bids:
March, 6.06c; April 6.11c; May, "6.18c; June,
6.22c; July, 6.28c; August, «.86c; Septem
ber, 6.48c; October, 6.47c; November, 6.81c;
December, 6.55c; January, 6.59c; February,
Spot firm: Rio No. 7, *0; Santos No. 4,
10610^0; cost and freight offers were re
ported In the market at 7.4O07.56e for Rio
Ts and 10.40010.90c for Santos 4’s.
Rio exchange was Hd higher and prices
showed advances of 126 to 200 rels In the
Brasilian markets. Receipts at the two
Brazilian ports 27.000. Jundlahy receipts
H.oo*:. Rto cleahed 8000 bags for New Or
Cotton Seed Oil
New York, March 18.—Cotton seed oil
was firm despite the bearish census re
port on the crush, owing ltd support front
refiners, light offerings, generally and
Iceal professional buying on the strength
is lard and grain. Closed 2 to 13 points
not higher. Spot, 6.70c bid; March, [email protected]
*.85c; April, 6.8806.85c; May, 4.8806.89c;
June. 6.9406.98c; July, 7.0707.09c; August,
71007.17c; September. 7.2407.27c; October.
>07.05; total sales, 6600.
Navel Stores
Savannah, Ua., March 18.—Turpentine,
firm; 48c; sales, 66; receipts, 46; ship
nents, 116; stocks. 30,912.
Rosin firm; sales, none; receipts. 158;
mlpments, 1306; stock, 111,952. Quite: A,
rc, *2.9003.03; C, D, F. F, O. H, *8.05; 1.
K* *4; N. |t; WO, *5.50;
tV W, *8.90. I
Good Middling Now Quoted
At 8 l-4c—Poultry Sup
plies Are Plentiful
There was a slight reaction yesterday
In the local cotton market, and the quota
tion on spot cotton was reduced %-cent
per pound, which places the good mid
dling quotation at 8>4c at the opening this
morning. The price is expected to hold
firm or. today’s market.
The supply of poultry and eggs is
good, shipments arriving from all parts
of the state. Eggs are especially plenti
ful, as the laying season is now on in
full blast. Many farmers are holding
their hens off the market In order to
reap the ftiil benefit of the laying sea
son. hut there is no hesitancy about put
ting frying chickens on the market.
Spot Cotton
Good middling . 844
Strict middling . 8
Middling . 7%
Strict low middling. 7
The Iron Market
2F . $.i* 1000
8F . 8.0009.60
Gray Forge . 8.5009.00
IS .10.00010.60
2S . 9.60010.00
Poultry and Eggs
Live Tnrkeys—18c; dressed turkey*, 24c.
Fryer*—144-144 lb*; average, 18c.
Duck*—16c lb.
Young Roosters—40c.
Old Roosters—35c.
Fresh country eggs—16c; graded carton
eggs, 18c.
Extra Ribs—10c,
Boston Butts—1044c.
Pork Loins—13c.
Breakfast Bacon—22c.
Spare Ribs—844c.
Regular Hams—16c.
Skinned Hams—1644a.
Fruits and Produce
Florida Oranges—[email protected]
Florida Strawberries—300400 qt.
Apple*—Wlnesaps. |4.60; Baldwin*. 130
1.60; Ben Davli, $2.6003.60; box apples,
Peanut*—6440644c per lb.
Malaga Grape*—$506 per keg.
Tomatoee—$2.7603.26 per crate.
Cocoanuta—$4 per sack.
Cranberries—Per box, $1.7502; per bar
rel, $7.
Celery—Florida, per crate, $2.76; 76o
Walnuta—16000c lb.
Pecans—15020c per lb.
Fllburta—16c per lb.
Almond*—20c per lb.
Chestnuta—9c per lb.
Green Peaa— $3.60
Green Beana—33.50.
Onion*—244c per lb.
Epanlah Onlona—$1.76 per crat*.
Sweet Potatoea—$1 per bushel.
Irish Potatoea—75c per bushel.
Cabbage—2c per lb.
New Cabbage—$2.35 par crat*.
London Layer Raisin*— $1.76.
California Figs—$2 par case.
Heed Potatoes—$101.26 bu.
Onion Set*—*1.7602 bu.
Creamery Products
Creamery Butter—33034c; proceas but
ter, 10c; oleomargarine, 16023c.
Full Cream Chee**—17c; Imported Swlaa,
33c; Pimento, dozen, 31.35.
, Ftah {
Salt Water Trout-U44012c.
Blue Catflah—744c.
Red Snapper—80944c.
Gray Snapper—4®#c.
Spanish Mackerel—1244015c.
Fr**h Pompano—30c.
Gulf Oysters—Standards, $i gallon; se
ed,, $1.26 gallon; plants, $1.60.
Hides and Tallow
Green aalt hides, 14016c; green salt hide*
half cured), 13014ci green hides (fresh),
2013c; dry flint llldos, 27©28c; dry salt
tides, 12013c; damaged hides, half price;
iheep skins, 50060c; horse hides, 3203.60;
iherllngs, 15026c; goat aklns. 30035c; kid
skins, 10c; tallow, 6c; clean, unwashed
wool, 20023c; burry wool, 13015c; ginseng.
Flour and Breadstuffa
Seii'-reslng flour, 37.60: Tennessee flour,
7.30: Michigan flour, $8.75; Idaho flour.
Census Reports On Supply
of Linters Encourages
New York, March 18.—Cotton was less j
active with prices easing off under
liquidation and selling for a reaction
which probably was encouraged by
Liverpool’s easier ruling and talk of
increased southern offerings. Closed
steady at a net decline of 4 to 7 points
Private cables reported realising In
a comparatively narrow market at Liv
erpool. and the opening here was barely
steady at a decline of 4 to 5 points.
Reactionary sentiment was also en
couraged by the census report Indi
cating the Bupply of 1911 linters was
a little over 772,0000 bales compared
with 631,000 last year, but selling was
restricted by continued large spot salees
In Liverpool, and the steady ruling of
southern spot markets late yesterday.
The market showed a fairly steady
tone during early trading and prices
rallied from the opening on spot house
buying of May against sales of later
months, some scattered covering and
a little Wall street buying. Offerings
increased slightly around closing fig
ures of yesterday, howevere, and the
market turned easier again during the
afternoon cm southern selling and re
ports of a lower spot market at New
Orleans. Active months sold about 5
to 8 points net lower in the late trad
Outsldc*business was comparatively
quiet and talk around the ring reflected
more nervousness and hesitation on
shipping uncertainties and conflicting
reports of the new crop outlook.
On the basis of today's report on
linters, some of the local traders were
talking a. census report next Saturday
indicating a total growth of lint and
linters In the neighborhood of 17,000,
000 bales.
New York Cotton Market
New York. March lg.—Cotton futures
closed steady.
_ IlighT Low. Close.
.. ■. *.if« 8.6b sn
“V . 8.95 8.87 8.88
•Tul>' . 9.22 9.16 9 17
October . 9.53 9 43
oecniher . 9.72 9.65 9.56
Port Cotton Market
New Orleans: Middling, 8.37c: re
ceipts. 10,386; exports, 7583; sales, 2675
stock, 382.828.
Galveston: Middling, 8.00c; receipts
.333: exports, 30,002; sales, 1920, stock
398,898. ’
Mobile: Middling, 8.25c; receipts
999: sales, 350; stock. 37,019.
Savannah: Middling. H.3Sc; reccipta
j 6112: exports, 2102; sales, 567; stock’
Charleston: Middling, 844c; re-elpts
3978: stock. 91,247.
44 ilmlngton: Middling, 844c; receipts
2695; exports. 18,111; stock, 67,778
Norfolk: Middling, 8.38c: receipts
2544: exports, 1736; sales, 1418. stock
Baltimore: Middling, 844c; stock,
Boston: Middling, 8.95c; receipts, 141'
stock, 12.400.
Philadelphia: Middling, 9.20c- stock
New York: Middling, 8.96o; receipts,
98: exports, 2647; sales, 1O0: stock,
Minor ports: Stock, 109,624.
Total today: Receipts, 34.282; exports
67.161; stock, 1,4112,901.
Total for week: Receipts, 181,973- ex
ports. 220,044.
Total for season: Receipts, 8,680,148- ex
port!?, 6,112,273. '
Interior Cotton Market
Houston: Middling, 8.90c; receipts, 6676;
shipments, 9123; sales, 4643; stock, 166 091
Memphis: Middling, 8.26c; receipts, 3224
shipments, 3520; sales, 3260; stock, 213,912 ’
Augusta: Middling, 8.26c; receipts, 910;
shipments, 1626: sales, 2679: stock, 137,468.
St. I,mils: Middling, 8%e; i-ecelpts, 2337:
shipments, 1632; sales, 200; stock, 37,171.
Cincinnati: Receipts, 1032; shipments,
361: stock, 18,482.
Little Rock: Middling, 8.26c; receipts.
918; shipments, 189; sales, 198; stock 46
Dallas: Middling, 8.25c; sales, 2693.
Total today: Receipts, 13,997; shipments
16,369; stock, 618,700.
New York Cotton Futreg
New York, March 18.—Cotton futures
opened steady: March, 8.60c; Mav, 8.89c
July, 9,20c; October, 9.60c; December
New York. March 18.—Spot cotton
quiet; middling uplands, 8.96c; sales.
800 bales,
Liverpool Market
Liverpool. -March 18.—Cotton, spot,
easier; good middling, 6.64d; middling,
r.30d; low middling, 4.90d; sales, 14.
000; speculation and export, 4000; re
ceipts, 767; futures quiet; May and
June, 6.1844d; June and July, 0.23 %<]:
July and August, 5.30d: October and
November, 5.45t4d; January and Feb
ruary, 6.6414'h
Hubbard Bros. & Co.'s Letter
New York. March 18.— (Special.)—As
expected, the Liverpool market react
ed this morning with the net result
that our market closes some 3 point.*
lower than yesterday. While this de
cline Is not great It has, if anything.
Increased the pessimistic view held
yesterday that the advance had cul
minated on tlie active day In Liver
Outside of the foreign advioes there
was only the absence of trading to
encourage this idea, while tlie exports
are now <5,112.000 hales, with our font
months to end of the season. We hear
little of tills contemplative export de
mand, hut we do hear a groat deal
about the prospect of only a small re
duction in acreage and also of a bear
ish estimate of tire total yield of tliis
year's crop to be Issued by the govern
News Association Formed
Jackson, Miss., March 18.—(Special.)
The charter of the “Associated Mississippi
Newspapers.” has been approved by the
governor and filed for record with the
secretary of state. This Is a new enter
prise for Mississippi, and through which
the country editors will be furnished
with ready prints containing the latest
state news, prepared by experienced news
paper men. Thomas E. Kelly, connected
with the Jackson press for several years,
and now secretary of the recently or
ganised Young Men's Business club, ig
the moving spirit.
Steamship Beached
Willemstadt, Curacai, March 18.—Tho
Italian steamship Bologna of 2900 tons net,
was beached today on the Bouth coast of
Curacao after her cargo had been salved.
She probably sustained only slight dam
17 70; Indiana flour. 17.80; spring Wheat
flour. 18.86; hard winter wheat flour, 18-80;
shorts, 133; pure wheat bran, MO; C. H.
meal, 7hi per cent. 130; Cremo meal. 186; C.
8. hulls, HO ton; No. 1 timothy,hay. 136
per ton; mixed alfalfa and Johnson grass,
per ton, 51b; pea green alfalfa, western,
126; blxed feeds, per ton, 136; oats, per
bushel. 73c; corn, per bushel, 98c; corn
meal, 11.80 per 96 pounds.
Steel Corporation Earnings
Show Decrease For Year
Net Income of $46,520,408 Indicates Decrease of $158,800.24.
17,034,981 Tons of Iron Ore Mined in 1914 Against
28,738,451 in 1913—Salaries Higher, However
New York, March 18.—The United States
Steel corporation's report for 1916. Issued
today, offers proof of depressant In the
steel Industry during the last year. Warn
ings of $81.746,.MS show a decrease of $05,
421,000 compared with 1918, while the net
Income of $40.520.408 indicated a decrease
of $58,8(81,284.
Net Income for 1914 snows a deficit of
J16.971.9S4 against a surplus of J30.582.1S4
the previous year. The corporation's ex
penditures of $46,372,694 for maintenance,
repairs and extraordinary replacements
were $14,570,376. or 24.31 per cent unorer
Ill 1914 the uprporatlon mined only 17 -
034.981 tons of iron ore against 35,738,451
tons In 1913. and Its total production of
rolled and other finished products for
sale decreased 3,380.326 tons to 9.014.312
| The average number of employes in
aorvioe last year was 179.063 against 228.
906 in 1913. and the pay roll decreased
from $807,206,176 to $162,379,907. Average
salaries of employes at the mills were
higher, however, the increase being from
$2.S5 a day to $8,88. In the administrative
and selling departments salaries Increased
from $2.92 to $2.97 a day.
Chairman Gary stated that because of
uncertain trade conditions and for the
reason that a largo number of workers
had been laid off, the corporation decid
ed not to offer employes the usual an
nual privilege of subscribing for stock,
under the plan observed In preceding
years. About 40,700 employes now are
among the corporation's share holders.
Tuscaloosa, March 18.—(Special.)—Hon.
W. B. Oliver returned from Washington
Wednesday night, where ho has been
since he took the oath of office, March 4.
Mr. Oliver "will remain here some time
conferring with his constituents. Ho has
severed his connection with the law Arm
of Oliver, Verner & Rice.
News was received in Tuscaloosa today
of the death of Mrs. E. F. Rogers, the
%mother of J. M. Rogers, a prominent Ri
sen of this city, at her nonie In Alicevlllo.
Mrs. Rogers was well advanced In age
and had been in feeble health for some
time. Mrs. Rogers was a woman of
splendid character, a member of the
Presbyterian church, and had many
friends here, where she has often visited.
She is survived by one son. J. M. Rogers
of this city, and four daughters, Mrs. 8. <
T. Turuipseed, Mrs. M. E. Black, Mrs.
James Black, and Miss Annie Rogers.
The funeral occurred yesterday morning
at Aliceville. I
The death of Mrs. P P. Cannon oc
curred Tuesday night at her home in Coal- 1
ing after a short illness of pneumonia. «
Mrs. Cannon had been a member of the
Methodist church for a number of years j
and was highly esteemed by all who knew
her. She is survived by her husband and
three children, Miss Lucile Cannon, Fred
and Pugh Cannon. '
Fredrick Morck, the Pennsylvania oil
man, who has been In Tuscaloosa county
boring for oil for the past few months,
was in the city today and stated that he
was running two drills night and Pay
near Lock 15 on the Warrior river and 1
had reached a depth of 4oO feet.
Marion, March 18.—(Special.)—The gov- i
ernment report of the entrance examina
tions to the naval academy held in Feb
ruary have Just been received in Marlon.
This report shows that approximately 53
pri cent of the candidates throughout the ‘
United States failed to pass. Marion in
stitute again made perfect record on i
those difficult examinations. And in the
mathematical division a Marion Institute
candidate made a perfect mark.
Cattle Infected
Louisville, Ky., March 18.—Htate and
federal authorities who had believed the
foot and mouth disease in this section i
had been checked discovered today that ■
a herd of 480 cattle and 280 hogs at a 1
Louisville distillery had become infected, i
Eufaula. March 18.—(Special.)—Mrs. .1.
A. Wilson w8s seriously burned nt her
home on Colby street today, when her
lothing caught fire from an open grate,
She was standing there adjusting the pil
lows on the chnlr of her Invalid brother
and her skirts took lire without her
tnowledge. The flumes were rising fust
ind had not help arrived it i proha- >e
hat she would have been burned even
The old Bray residence on .North Kun
iolph street has just been purchased oy
Dr. A. P. Brown, a local dentist, who is
preparing to remodel and make it one of
:he most modern homes In the city.
Mans for the remodeling nre now being
nude by Architect i^ockwood of Mont
gomery, who Is also In charge of the
Images to be made at the Methodist dis
rict parsonage oti Barbour street.
Mrs. Mollie Williams, wife of J. TI. Wil
iams, a well-known farmer of Bnker
1111, this county, died after an illness of
our months from a complication of dis
uses. Mrs. Williams was a member of
he Baptist church and highly respected
n the community. Besides her husoa.. .
die is survived by u daughter. .«ilss Ollle
Williams. Funeral services were held at
he Belcher Bethel church. Rev. R, B. Leo
ondueting the services.
There Is a steady Increase In the postal
luvlngs accounts In Eufaula, the local
station proving ono of the most successful
n the Btate. Postmaster McDowell Is de
Ighted with the results being accom
dlshed and Is looking forward to a con
lnucd increase during the present year,
rhe postal savings of tin* entire surround
ng territory are now being held hire,
it her stations remitting to the govern
nent depository nt this place.
Hank Case Nolleprossed
Jackson. Miss., March 17.—(Spoctai.)
[Nlegrams were received at the office
>f the attorney general this afternoon
rom Gen. Collins, stating that he had
uttied ami nol prossed the Enterprise
>ank cases, the officers of the hank who
' ere Indicted agreeing to pay depositors
n full. The bank owed them a balance
*f $22,600 and hud assets of $10,000, so that
hey were required to guarantee the pny
nent within a given time of only $12,600,
jutting up property valued at $26,000 to
ieeure payment. This is the second bank
•ase settled by General Collins in the
Merest of depositors within the past
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Corn and Oats Also Show
Rising Tendency On
Chicago, March IS.—Assertions that
immense export sales of flour had
leen made, chiefly for Italy, helped
wheat which closed unsettled
net advance. Corn finished to Va
"f %e up. oats 101 He. and provisions
5c to 20<& 22He.
Improved shipping inquiry in west
ern and southwestern markets put
some firmness into corn.
Importers and shorts lifted oats. Cali \
from the seaboard continued urgent.
Provisions went upward on the ad
vance of grain and hogs. On the bulge,
however, packers who at first had
1 cen buyers seemed to have turngd
to the selling side
Chicago. March 18.—Grain and prd
\ talon*.
Wheat ' 'pen. Higi.. Low. CloiS
Mir77T5sST ~rsT f.MH 1.5*5
July . 1.21 >j 1.24 1.21 % 1.33%
May _ 73% 74->, 73% 74%
July. 76% 77 76% 76%.
Os Is- -
Mny . 69% 60% 59% 60%
Juyl . 54% 55 54% 54%
Mnv .17.65 17.77 17.63 17.7*
July.18.20 IS.25 18.10 18.33
I Bird—
May .10.85 10.70 10.65 10.85
July . 10.90 10.95 10.90 10.92
May .10.10 10.15 10.10 10.12
July -- 10.42 10.47 10.42 10.46
St. Louis Grain
SI. t.ouin, March 18.—Wheat, No. 2
led. 91.64% ® 1.65; No. 2 hard, I
May. 1.52; corn. No. 2, 74%c;
white, nominal: May, 74®74%c;
No. 2, 59® 69 %■ -; No. 2 white
May. 59',4c.
Chicago Grain
Chicago, March 18.—Wheat, c*
2 red. 81.56%® 1.58; No. 2 hurd.
641.62%: corn. No. 2 yellow, 741^
nominal: barley, 73®S4o; tlmotlil
®«; clover, 99® 13.50; pork. 817.3
10.15; riba, [email protected],
New Orleans Hire Marke
New Orloana, March 18. .V qu
etrong tone ruled rice today. Ri
rough, 785; mlllera, 749; olea
sales, 60 sacks rough Hondo
3.45c; 741 pockets clean Hondu
5%®5%c; 550 pockets Japan at
® I 9-18c
Produce Market
New Tork, March 18.—Butter
receipts, 627; creamery extras, 92
29c; creamery, higher scoring, 2
creamery ilrsts, 860S8%O; Secondl
26%c. Eggs firm; receipts. 13,59(1
fresh gathered extras, 21fff22o; extr
*>%c: ilrsts. 19%®20c; eeconds, 1
nearby hennery whites, line to
26c; nearby hennery 'browns, I
Cheese steady; receipts, 1623; sta!
milk, held specials, 16%® 17%0; ;
average fancy, 16*4<h'1«\c. nresaeo
quiet; western froxen roasting <
17®2lo; fresh fowls, 140plHc; lurk
Chicago. March 18.—Butler un
Eggs lower; receipts, 12,435; I
ruses Included, 17%c; ordinary Mil
17c; Ilrsts, I7%c. Potatoes lower;
15 cars; Michigan and Wisconsin
35c; white, 3(l®40c.
Kansas city, March 18.—Butte:
ery, 27c; firsts, 25c; seconds, 23c
17c. Eggs: Firsts, 17%c; sec
Poultry: Hens, 14%c; roosters,
keys, 15c.
St. J.ouis, March 18.—Poi
changed except chickens, 14%i
19c. Butter and eggs iiiichang
V V \

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