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165,816 Bottles of the Cele
brated Medicine Sold in
Birmingham Alone
Over Eight Million Bottles
\ Sold and Distributed in
< ! the United States in
i Two Years and a Half
' Remarkable though it may seem,
over Eight Million bottles o£ Tanlac
Dave been sold and distributed in the
j'Jnited States since its introduction
.'.wo and a half years ago. Right here
jn Birmingham over 35,376 bottles
oave been sold at retail and 130,440
pottles at wholesale, making a total
pf 165,816 bottles sold, and the figures
•for practically every other large city,
town and hamlet In the entire country
:>re correspondingly large. A little
over four weeks ago Tanlac was intro
duced in Canada and in three of the
principal cities of the provinces of
Ontario over 20,000 bottles have al
ready been sold and druggists and
dealers from all over Canada as well
•is the United States are clamoring for
• At the present rate of sale the grand
•t. Itotal will reach over Nine Million bot
- ;iles before the end of the present
' Vear£ which will establish a record
friever before equaled by the sale of
•l proprietary medicine in the history
bf this country for the same length
j)f time.
Explains Tanlac Superiority
i In discussing the marvelous success
;>f this universally talked of medi
cine, Mr. G. F. Willis, International
Distributor of Tanlac and one of the
most successful business men in the
iouth, said:
• "The immense superiority of Tanlac
*s not such an astonishing thing, aft
tr all, in the light of the amazing
Advances of human progress along all
'ines in recent years. It is only that
'he immense sale and success of Tan
Jae has brought home to the public a
Realization of the fact that modern
jcience has made as great Improve
ment along medical lines as it has in
ither directions.
• “It is not surprising that Tanlac is
iuperior to old remedies when we con
Jider that we enjoy a thousand and
jne other advantages far superior to
'he old styles and manners. We have
Electric lights instead of tallow dips;
typewriters instead of goose quills;
Automobiles and airplanes in place of
lx carts, and, sKyacrsipers instead of
jpg shocks. As a natural sequence, cor
responding advances and improve
ments have been made in preparations
i>r the conservation of health, of
j'hich Tanlac is a striking example.
; "The simplest and most concise ex
planation of the world-wide fame and
uccess of Tanlac is given in just one
rord—Merit. Tanlac is well advertised,
t’s true, but the thousands of grate-?
ul people all over the country who
ave told in enthusiastic statements
he good that Tanlac has done them,
rove its superiority in terms that are
Among the hundreds of thousands of
fell known people throughout the
ountry wpo have been benefited by
'anlac none are more enthusiastic
han the following well known men
nd women of Birmingham who have
.dually taken Tanlac and testified to
he great benefits the?1 derived from
is use:
Train Dispatcher Testifies
W. P. Gould,' train dispatcher for the
iouthern railway, says: "I was subject
j awful spells of headaches that would
ang on for days at a time. My head
elt stopped up so I could hardly breathe.
; didn’t seem to digest my food and was
leatly troubled with constipation. From
he time I had used up half my first bot
|e of Tanlac I never had a headache, and
j find I am not so susceptible to colds
low as I was before. Tanlac has im
Uoved my appetite and toned me up won
erfully. I am much stronger and better
1- every wav and have derived so muci)
bod from this medicine that I am glad
p indorse it,”
J. H. Weaver, superintendent of the
'arley building, says: “I suffered sev
ral years with catarrhal stomach trou
le and had smothering spells so bad that
t times I could hardly breathe. My di*
estion was poor and I became alarmed
t the way my heart acted. My kidneys
nd bladder gave me much trouble and 1
ias badly rundown in every way. I be
an to improve from the first few doses
f Tanlac, my appetite picked up, I eat
ow anything I want and everything
istes good. I gained five pounds and
m still gaining every day. I have more
fe in me than I have had in years and
very pain in my-body has disappeared."
Mrs. Marshall’s Experience
\ Mrs. E. B. Marshall, 2017 Fifteenth ave
ue. North Highlands, says: “I suffered
irribly from indigestion and nothing
" kee.ned to agree with me. I had awful
pains in my stomach after eating and my
left side hurt me so 1 conltln t hardly
sleep lying on it. My food didn't nourish
me and I got to be so weak and nervous
I felt like I couldn't stand it much
longer. Since X began taking Tanlac l
am growing stronger every day and have
a splendid appetite and can eat without
unpleasant results. I can rest well at
’niiht and feel no pain in my side as I did
before. I can do my housework without
inconvenience and feel better than I have
in a long time.”
J. H. O'Neill, 6922 Third avenue, north,
office manager for Tedding Brothers Co.
department store, says: “I had been
troubled with a bad spell of indigestion
and constipation for sometime uetore I
decided to try Tanlac. After taking it a
while I find my appetite greatly im
proved, my digestion is better, and I
have not had any trouble with my stom
ach for sometime. The constipation has
disappeared and I feel that Tanlne Is
building me up, right along. I believe
that Tanlac is a meritorious preparation
and am glad I got hold of it when I
Fight million bottle* sold In two
and a half yearn; 165,»16 bottles
sold in Birmingham.
At prenent rate of sales grand to
tal will reach 0,000.000 bottles by
end of the present year.
Large and modern laboratories at
Dayton, O., occupy 00,000 square
feet of floor space and have ca
pacity of 30,000 bottles daily.
Demand for preparation has
broken all world’s records for same
length of time.
Publicly indorsed through the
daily press by men of prominence
throughout the United States and
Canada, including supreme court
judges, mayors of leading cities,
lawyers, doctors, bankers, state and
government officials, prominent ed
ucators and ministers of the gos
T<nnlac Is purely vegetable and is
composed of the most beneficial
roots and herbs known to science.
Formula complies with all national
and state pure food and health
laws in United States and Canada.
Absolute merit responsible for
unprecedented success.
First of all we want to say that we
are simply agents for Tanlac. We have
nothing to do with its manufacture and
we do not know its formula. Our profits
from the sale, of this remedy is not
so great as on many other remedies
which we sell. We tell you this so you
may know we speak with an open
When we first heard of the wonderful
popularity of Tanlac and of the re
markable results claimed for it in oth
er cities, we confess we were somewhat
dubious about obtaining similar re
sults. However, after nearly two years'
experience with this preparation we
believe that it Is a medicine of merit,
and that its intrinsic value has been
responsible for its large sale here.
We have sold since Its introduction
35,376 bottles at retail, and the de
mand for it still keeps up.
We also wish to add that we know
of many voluntary testimonials from
people in this city and community who
have used Tanlao with satisfactory re
Eugene Jacobs' drug store. Patton
Pope Drug company, Birmingham; D.
W. Morris Drug company, Ensley; Peg
ram-Patton Drug company, Bessemer;
Cale Drug company, Pratt City; Walker
Drug company, North Birmingham;
Wylam Drug company, Wylam.
Birmingham, Ala.,
September 8, 1917.
Mr. G. F. Willis, Atlanta, Ga.:
Dear Sir: Replying to your favor re
garding our sales on Tanlac, would say
that since we began handling Tanlac,
April 24, 1916, we have sold 8355 doz.
(100260 bottles) of same to your deal
ers In our territory. These dealers re
port a continued strong demand for
We find this the largest seller we
have in proprietary medicines. Yours
Engineer’s Recovery
J. T. Gillis, 3015 Sixth avenue, south,
engineer on the Alabama Great Southern
railroad, says: "I suffered intensely
from biliousness, indigestion and nervous
headache and was in a general run-down
condition. X could eat very little, I didn’t
sleep well and woke in the morning with
a coated tongue, bad breath and mean
taste in my mouth. I lost strength and
energy, fed off in weight and my skin
became sallow. I am on my third bottle
of Tanlac and my appetite has picked up
wonderfully, my indigestion has vanished.
I am not bilious any more. I sleep sound
ly, my complexion has cleared up and I
hava gained considerably in weight.”
Foreman’s Testimony
W. W. Wilson, foreman carpenter de
partment of the Republic Iron and Steel
company, at Thompson, says: "I was
badly rundown for three or four years,
I lost my appetite and what little I ate
didn’t seem to give me any nourishment.
I was nervous, lost much sleep and would
get up feeling as tired as when I went
to bed. I had such splitting headaches
that I would almost fall. My
kirTnevs worried me all the tim«
and I had severe pains in my back and
limbs. X was so weak and listless I
felt like I could never get through the
day. Since I began taking Tanlac I
feel better every way and am gaining
weight rapidly. All my nervousness has
gone, I sleep well and can eat and en
joy my meals. Those headaches have
all disappeared and my work is a pleas
ure instead of drudgery.”
Hull Gained 12 Founds
O. J. Hull, 4113 Tuscaloosa avenue,
construction engineer for the Hardie
Tynes Manufacturing company, ‘says:
"For 55 years X hardly knew a good
night’s rest. I suffered from dizziness
and attacks of blindness and had dull
pains in the small of my back. For the
past year or two my kidneys have
given me much trouble and what little
I ate did not agree with me or give
me any nourishment. I was badly con
stipated, lost considerable weight, and
was so weak and rundown it was hard
to keep going. I took three bottles of
Tanlac and gained 12 .pounds, and I
have been gaining right along. My
sleep is perfect, my digestion sound,
all pains and disagreeable complica
tions gone and I can work as good as
Henry Oland, 824 South Twenty-sec
ond street, with the Goldstein Bottle
and Supply compwiy, says: “I began
taking Tanlac because I had goffered
for years from indigestion. X frequently
became nauseated and had awful head
aches most £ll the time. The least ex
ertion would make me tired and I was
troubled with shortness of breath. I
slept but little and what little I ate
did me hardly any good. I have taken
two bottles of Tanlac and now eat like
a farmer after a hard day’s work.
Everything tastes good and agrees
with me. I sleep fine and have plenty
of energy now and have gained over
22 pounds,”
Dr. William B. Hogan, the well
known special traveling representative
of tho Tanlac company, is in the city
for a short visit to the several deal
ers for this well known remedy.
While Dr. Ix>gan's stay in the city
is limited he will be glad to meet as
many of Tanlac users as possible and
will have headquarters while here at
Eugene Jacobs' drug store and Pat
ton-Pope Drug company.
Two Fine Lists For Tobacco Fund
Sent In to The Age-Herald Yesterday
Carbon Hill and Edgewater carried
off the honors In The Age-Herald’s
tobacco fund campaign yesterday.
Both towns sent in a fine list of con
tributions and Ted Cottrell of Edge
water sent the following interesting
letter along with the gifts from that
“I am enclosing a check for $23;
also a list of the donors and
amounts each donated.
“Each one is an employe of the
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad
company at Edgewater and all are
proud of the work The Age-Herald
is doing and feel that it is merely
a continuance of the kind acts
done in the past.
“We hope ‘our boys* will enjoy
the smokes as much as we have
enjoyed giving them. With best
wishes, I nm, very truly your.s,
Every 25 cents contributed sends a
45-cent kit of smoking tobacco to one
of four soldiers in France. The Red
Cross delivers the kits free and every
kit contains a stamped postal car ad
dressed to the person whose contri
bution made the gift possible. Are you
expecting one of these return cards?
If not, better send in your gift.
The list yesterday stood as follows:
Previously acknowledged .$230.56
Mrs. Elbert Smith, 4550 Avenue E
East Birmingham . .25
D. C. Fuller, Cullman. 1.00
W. G. Hawley, Wind Rock. Tenn 1.00
Dr. G. S. Gilder. Carbon Hill.25
Newt Townley, Carbon Hill '. .. . .25
Ben Dodd. Carbon Hill . .25
W. E. Wright, Carbon Hill . -25
James Nicol, Jr., Carbon Hill ... .25
W. H. Cobb, Carbon Hill.25
W. F. Cobb, Carbon Hill.25
J. W. "Walker, Carbon Hill . -25
Virgil West, Carbon Hill. .25
Travis McCollum, Carbon Hill .. .25
H. T. Peters, Carbon Hill.25
Albert Williams, Carbon Hill ... .25
S. R. Fowler, Carbon Hill . .25
■ H. Hamner, Carbon Hill .
Curtis Wright, Carbon Hill.25
C. P. Fowler, Carbon Hill. .25
S. H. Wood, Carbon Hill.. .25
Ike Johnson, Carbon Hill.25
W. P. Cooper, Carbon Hill.25
D. Myers, Carbon Hill.25
Frank Rose, Carbon Hill.25
Ben Rose, Carbon Hill . 25
Roy Stovall, Carbon Hill . 25
Monroe Townley, Carbon Hill ... .25
George Treadwi#, Carbon Hill. . .25
George W. Shaw. Carbon Hill .. .25
George Spark*. Carbon Hill ... .25
S. A. Threadgill, Carbon Hill ... .25
T. N. Wright, Carbon Hill.25
Hamp Lane, Carbon Hill.25
M. D. Sims, Carbon Hill.25
G. Ij. Wakefield, Carbon Hill ... .25
L. C. Kelly, Carbon Hill ........ .23
I J. L. Webster, Carbon Hill ...... .25
Hill Hopper, Carbon H)ll.25
Dow Pearce, Carbon Hill.23
Miss Grace Tipper, Carbon Hill.. .25
T. J. Fuller, Carbon Hill . .25
Harry Cohen, Carbon Hill.25
George Temerson. Carbon Hill .. .25
Harve Davidson, Carbon Hill ... .25
Dr H E. Baker, Carbon Hill ... .25
L. Jones, Carbon Hill.25
J. H. Karrh. Carbqp Hill.23
Hamp Masters, Carbon Hill.25
A. C. Ramsey, Carbon Hill.25
Ig. a. Kropp. Carbon Hill.25
J. M. Stovall, Carbon Hill . .25
E W Kelly, Carbon Hill.25
Miss Ila Faught, Carbon Hill ... .25
J. F. Johnson, Carbon Hill.25
I H. Hetherington, Carbon Hill.25
Harry Micael, Carbon Hill . .25
J. M. Blackburn, Carbon Hill ... .25
Ben Sides, Carbon Hill.25
J. M. Pearce, Carbon Hill . .25
O. H. Whitney, Carbon Hill.23
Lawrence Sly, Carbon Hill. 25
Gird Atkins, Carbon Hill.25
Dave Dodd. Carbon Hill.25
W. J. Sweatc, Carbon Hill.25
I. A. Dove, Carbon Hill.
Thomas Keith, Carbon Hill.
Duncan McDonald, Carbon Hill..
M. Persinger, Carbon Hill .
B. N. Guttery, Carbon Hill .
H. Sudduth, Carbon Hill .
J. W. Self, Carbon Hill.
B. F. Barrett, Carbon Hill ......
O. P. Salter, Carbon Hill .
M. K. Dacus, Carbon Hill.
Tom Wakefield, Carbon Hill ....
W. C. Laird, Carbon Hill .
William V Dodd, Carbon Hill ...
Dr. J. A. McCollar, Carbon Hill..
J. M. Townley, Carbon Hill.
H. A. Lipscomb, Carbon Hill ...
L. L. Wheeler, Carbon Hill.
Tom Plummer, Carbon Hill.
Charles Bray, Carbon Hill.
Mrs. Grace Grounds, Edgewater.
Miss Rankin, Edgewater .
J. T. Phillips. Edgewater..
R. R. Young, Edgewater .
Ted Cottrell, Edgewater .
.lames Cohill. Edgewater .
Tom Sawls. Edgewateer.
H. M. Mahoney, Edgewater ....
Miss Sampson, Edgewater .
Miss Betty Bunn, Edgewater ....
Miss Holister, Edgewater.
Dr. Compton, Edgewater .
O R. Lockhart, Edgewater.
J. E. Phillips, Edgewater.
T. P. Williams, Edgewater .
O. T. Goadrum, Edgewater.
R. E. Eubank, Edgewater .
Fred Dilger, Edgewater .
C. J. Lightsey. Edgewater.
O. E Lyster, Edgewater.
E. H. Glen, Edgewater .
A. M. Eubanks, Edgewater .
John Moreland, Edgewater.
J. A. Gandy, Edgewater .
Mrs. Daniels. Edgewater.
Robert Hight, Edgewater .
E. H. Vines, Edgewater .
J M. McHugh, Edgewater.
S. I. Wooten, Edgewater .
J. S. Patterson, Edgewater.
J. M. Anderson, Edgewater.
Dave Barton, Edgewater.
Frank McCutcheon, Edge-water.
H. G. Glasgow, Edgewater .
H. E. Hight, Edgewater.
Dan Clarke, Edgewateer .
F. J. Leslie, Edgewater.
Bob Beach, Edgewater .
Blrt Wilson, Edgewater ........
Harry Roper, Edgewater .
Mrs. O. R. Lockhart, Edgewater.
J. H. Harrison, Edgewater .
D. O Carroll, Edgewater .
Joe Lawson, Edgewater .
J. H. Sherman, Edgewater.
W. H. Sharp, Edgewater .
Miss Murphy, Edgewater .
G. V. Ray, Edgewater .
J, W. Honchey, Edgewater.
1 00
At the Lyric
A well balanced and snappy bill made
a decided hit with large audiences at
the Lyric theatre last night. Some of
the most pleasing and entertaining acts
seen here recently are included on the
No one act carried off the lion’s share
of the honors. All were received well.
Billy Kincaid, Scotland's novelty artist,
is a versatile and clever entertained. His
stunts are unusually daring.
Follis Sisters and LeRoy, billed as the
"Ginger Snaps,” certainly do all they
are supposed to and then some. They
sing and dance exceptionally well and
instill the "pep” into their act which
makes - it great. Their danclb are es
pecially pleasing.
The Melody Garden, a spectacular mu
sicale, is an act of fine quality. The
six feminine members are unusually tal
ented. The scenic effects add much to
the final number, w-hich Is completed with
a dash which brought hearty applause.
Burns and Kissen, tne song writer
entertainers, are clever comedians as well
as singers of nifty songs. Their paro
dies are exceptionally amusing. The
Gladiators, in the closing number, pre
sent a series of attractive feats of
strength and skill. Bathe news pictures
open the bill.
At Loew’s Bijou
As the regular season progresses each
new bill at Loew's Bijou gives strong
evidence of the fact that the manage
ment intends nothing but the best for
the Bijou patrons. The bill presented
last night is excellent and has the
"class” that makes vaudeville really en
joyable. And incidentally, for a genuine
patriotic thrill those present last night
will commend Loew’s current events de
picting our soldier boys leaving for
The Watson-Mortlmer Sisters opened
the bill with a song and dance revue
that is decidedly clever and original.
Chase and LaTour, a clever team, drew
a good share of approval with their
chatter and song. Paul Decker and com
pany present a comedy skit, "The Twis
ter,” that is replete with original lines
and situations and gets plenty of laughs
and score first honors. Pepino and Perry,
a duo of talented musicians, rendered
popular airs on the violin and piano-ac
cordion in a very effective manner. The
act took well and they had to respond
to several encoures. The McLinn-Sutton
Trio in an acrobatic and triple bar nov
elty held the audience to the drop of
the curtain.
Franklin Farnum, In "A Stormy
Knight,” has a vehicle that Just suits
him and it is one of his biggest screen
successes. Loew's current events show
war features and other scenes of inter
Girls Will Be Guest of the Civic
Association While in the City
About, 35 girls from different sections
of Jefferson county will be the guests of
the Civic association for the next three
days while attending the agricultural and
canning demonstrations and lectures at
the Central High school. The girls were
invited to visit Birmingham by the as
sociation with a view of giving them the
advantage of the lectures In progress
and while here will be entertained as
well as instructed.
■ They will be escorted to the high school
this morning by Miss Beatrice Shipp,
county demonstrator, who extended the
invitations, where they will be wel
comed by Mrs. Conrad Ohme, member of
the county board of education, and
President Jere Gwln of the board of
"Club Work and Its Benefit,” will be
the subject of a lecture given at 11
o'clock by County Superintendent of
Schools, N. R. Baker. Luncheon will
be given the visitors at 12:30 o’clock at
the Young Woman’s Christian associa
The afternoon programme wll be opened
with an address on the “Care of Meat
and Butter on the Farm," by H. L.
Brown, government demonstrator, and
will be followed by a discussion of fancy
packs for exhimlts. At 4:30 o'clock a re^
ception will be held in the rooms of the
Civic association. The evening will be
spent in visting movng pcture shows.
X-ray pictures for dentists' use may be
quickly made and developed by means
of a cabinet, which performs all the oper
ations almost automatically.
I was badly ruptured while lifting a
trunk several years ago. Doctors said
my only hope of cure was an opera
tion. Trusses did me no good. Finally
I got hold of something that quickly
and completely cured me. Years have
passed and the rupture has never re
turned, although I am doing hard work
as a carpenter. There was no opera
tion, no lost time, no trouble. I have
nothing to sell, but will give full infor
mation about how you may find a com
plete cure without operation, if you
write to me. Kugene M. Pullen, Car
penter, 11-D Marcellus Avenue, Man
asquan, N. J. Better cut out this
notice and show It to any others who
are rupturea—you may save a life or
at least stop the misery of rupture and
the worry and danger of an operation.
J. C. Greene Assumes
Charge of Retail Stores
Announcement Is made that J. C.
Greene, formerly of the Greene Drug
company of First avenue, has acquired an
interest in the W. G. Patterson Cigar
company, and will have charge of the
retail stores of the concern. He has also
been elected vice president of the com
pany. He will take charge this morn
ing and will confer with the salesman
at the several stores and outline the
policy in which the stores will be con
ducted with a view of giving the best
values and best service to the custom
ers. Mr. Greene has been in business
several years in Birmingham and is
known for his energetic, up-to-date busi
ness methods and his interest in the
civic affairs that mean the upbuilding of
the city.
The yolks and whites of eggs may be
beaten simultaneously when placed in
the double beater invented by a resident
of Seattle. The two beaters are held
in place by a U-shaped frame surmount
ed by a handle for holding the beater
steady. The beater is operated by turn
ing a wheel placed at the top.
If you have Catarrhal Deafness or head noises, no
to your druggist and get 1 ounce of Parmint (double
strength!, and add to It 1-4 Dint of hot water and
4 ounces of granulated sugar. Take 1 tablespoonful
four times a day.
This will often bring aulck relief from the dis
tressing head noises. Clogged nostrils should open,
breathing bcome easy and the mucus stop dropping
Into the throat. It is easy to prepare, costs little
and Is pleasant to take. Any one who has Catarrhal
Deafnesa or head noises should giro this prescription
a trial.
S. H. Grimes, Edgewater. .28
I Hurd, Edgewater .. .25
i. C. Bolton. Edgewateer.25
., Newman, Edgewater . .25
i O. Lightser, Edgewater. .25
ties Kuspy, Edgewater.25
Dr. J. A. Miller, Edgewater.25
Frank Harris, Edgewater.25
Ray Capps, Edgewater.25
W.*H. Sawls, Edgewater . 25
Total to days
Just the sort of
clothes for young
college men
The very fine qualities we’re
showing at these three mod
erate prices at once establish
the fact that Porter’s are more
than ever before holding up
the cjuality and keeping down
the price. Young men pre
paring to leave for college will
do well to see these totally dis
tinct clothes.
Single and double breasted
models, with half way or all
round belt and patch pockets,
in the handsomest new weaves
and colors. We’d be delighted
to have a comparison made
with any other clothes shown
at any other place.
Everything Men and Boys Wear
1922-1924 First Ave. In the H£art of Birmingham
Our Display Rooms and Headquarters was thronged to the ut
most at our opening all Monday afternoon with men, women
and children eager to enter their preferred organization in this tre
mendous HOME selling campaign in which
Will be distributed among the churches, unions, chari
table, benevolent and religious organizations in Greater
You CanWin
For your organization; all you need
do is
Save the Labels
Sales slips, receipts, bottles,
Buffalo Rock caps, Donovan
coffee cans and other vote
securing wrappers, etc., of
merch ants participating.
Don’t put this off; start
today. Headquarters
open for display
and information
every day.
“ $1100 Auto-Awafd $750 Cran'dwlno
And other valuable awards, consisting of diamonds,
phonographs, automobile, etc., etc. WIN ONE!
Vote Wednesday
Same special voting values as on
the opening day
20,000 Extra Votes
to each person registering, same to be placed to
Home Protective
Selling Campaign Company
7 4 6 4 40 X AVENUE

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