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Store Opens at 8:30 a. m.
Saturday 9 p. m.
Subscribe for the Delineator; special
terms. —2d Floor
School Days
Suits of the right sort
for the boys
Blue $ Q> 45, $ jTk.45 Blue
Serge Serge
and up to $20
Just in time for school time selection we place on sale
some downright good suit styles for boys in all sizes up
to 18 years. They are clothes that are tailored with the
utmost care and with the highest regard for durability.
They are fashioned from the best of fabrics and the
models are snappy and new and indicative of fall’s best
They are built to stand Ihe rough wear and tumbling
that is the lot of a suit worn by a school chap.
Boys’ Suits
$12.50 to $15
Many of these suits at these two
prices are shown with an extra
pair of pants. Mothers who are
handy with a needle but who
don’t like to be. They mean one
more suit without the extra price
attachment. These suits are well
made, of extra quality tough as
iron fabric, the models are neat
and attractive, of a character
that will appeal to the boy be
cause they are manly.
Boys’ Suits
at $10
We honestly believe that we have
the best values in boys’ suits at
10.00 in this entire town. We
make this assertion because we
know what boys' clothes are and
shop with the utmost care in se
lecting this price item. Are built
right, are reinforced wherever
wear is most. They are made in
up-to-tha-mtnute models, and
shown in a large range of pat
terns. The colors are gray, tan,
brown and green mixtures. Size
range up to 18 years. At ’his
price too many of the suits are
shown with the extra trousers.
Boys’ Corduroy Suits
We show a real corduroy suit at 8.45. This is real corduroy and
is thoroughly fabricated, and it will not come apart from wear.
It is a suit that will stand more rough usage and look better longer
than any other suit you would put on the lad. Size range up to
18 years.
We have other corduroy suits at 6.45 and 7.45
Boys9 Separate
Pants $1.25
to $4
A. very large assortment of pants
in all materials, serges, cordu
roys, khaki cloth, worsted and
cashmere, in all siaes to 18 years.
These are well made and will give
utmost satisfaction.
A full assortment of all the
nobby style overcoats is now on
display in our Boy’s Section.
Fall Hats and
Caps for boys
\ complete assortment of all sizes
ind checks In capsand hats of
svery description.
Boys’ furnishings,
ties, socks and under
—Boys’ Section, Main Floor
Very special and timely
Linens and Beddings
fo)r the boys and girls who
are off to college
Acknowledging our obligation to the young folks who are about
to enter colleges away from home, whose college equipment
must include blankets and bed linens, we make this timely offering
of exceptional qualities at decidedly low prices.
54x90 seamless sheets,
72x90 Pepperell sheets,
72x90 Pepperell sheets, hemstitched,
72x90 Utica sheets,
plain, each
Crochet bed spreads, single and
three-quarter size, each
Crochet bed spreads, extra heavy
quality, single size
63x90 kriiikled dimity
72x90 crinkled dimity
80x90 crinkled dimity
Army or Military Blankets
$8.50, $12 and $15
Single bed blankets, all cotton,
of extra O QO
quality £t.<30
Single bed half wool
blankets, a pair
Single bed all wool
blankets, per pair
Cotton filled comforts, full
size, 3.50, 4.50,’ n aa
5.00 and O.UU
Wool filled comforts, full
size, 7.50, 8.50 i ft ftft
and 1U.UU
Down filled comforts, full
size, 10.50, 12.50 i o PA
and 13.5U
These splendid military blankets are shown in three qualities and
are especially recommended for boys who attend military colleges
They are regulation equipment.
42x36-inch muslin pillow cases, each
42x36 Pepperell or Wearwell cases, each
45x36-inch Pepperell cases, each
42x36 Fruit of the Loom cases, hemstitched
45x36-inch Pepperell cases, hemstitched
—Main Floor
This sale of
magnificent new
Fall inter Coat
$9Q50 S/1Q.50
We knew that the women of Birmingham would just as
soon buy their coats in September as in November, pro
viding sufficient price, quality inducements were of
fered. We said so when we placed these coats on sale. Our
judgment has been proved correct!
In announcing this sale of coats to the women of Bir
mingham, we heralded it as the event extraordinary—the
event triumphant. We did this because we knew we were
offering the most unusual coat values that we ever placed
before the shopping public at the very beginning of a sea
son. The response has been most gratifying.
Discriminating women came in throngs and bought lib
erally—but don’t think for a moment that this sale con
cerns a small group of both styles that could be exhausted
from one, two or three days selling. It could not. It is a
sale that concerns an immense group and these few days
shopping have little more than shown a trace:
There is still style upon styles in all the wanted fabrics,
shades and colors.
We want every woman in all
Birmingham to come and see
these wonderful coat values
\^—Deposit-holdS-the^oat you want I
Don’t expect to find these splendid values later
m the season at these prices. It will be impossible
—2d Floor
“ ——-—-— -.
Early autumn conceits
in dress accessories
Maribout Neckwear
$7.25 to $32.50
A decidedly captivating style display of all the newest
in maribout neckwear. The colors are natural mole
and black. The assortment is so varied that we could
hardly give you an adequate idea of the various styles.
Instead we ask you to come and see for yourself—you
will find just the neckpiece that will meet your instant
fancy for early autumn wear.
Children’s and
misses hand bags
29c to 1.75
Here is a most pleasing group
of hand bags that shows the
very latest ideas in fall hand
bags for misses and smaller
tots. They are reproductions
of the bag idea as affected by
the grown-up folks. In a full
assortment of colors and also
black. —Main Floor
Music '
Extra good quality real long
grain leather, fold-up style,
with top leather handles and
snap backs. Neatly lined and
a very attractive folder.
for women
This is decidedly one of the
best hosiery values we have ever
The£ are hose that will meet
your every requirement and
give thorough satisfaction. The
colors included are bronze,
taupe, also white. All sizes.
—Main Floor
Women’s Umbrellas
Thursday morning we place at your disposal an excep
tional offering in women’s umbrellas that is decidedly
out of the ordinary—covering extra quality Gloria
cloth over paragon steel frames. Paragon steel frames
are known for their durability and exceptionally strong
construction. These are finished in fancy mounted
handles. The lot is limited to 100 and we would advise
your early attendance in order to secure a style that
will please you.
New autumn gloves 1.25
New fabric gloves, made by Perrin, the well known
glovemaker. This style shows a high appreciation.
The colors are gray, tan, khaki, also white and black.
We announce the arrival of a large, well assorted ship- •
ment of the famous Perrin kid gloves, in a full assort
ment of the correct fall colors and styles. They are of
a character that will meet your instant approval.
Come and see them. —Main Floor
School Days
Girls raincoats, 6 to 16
year sizes
Girls’ raincoats, of poplin, in
navy and khaki, guarantee! ab
solutely waterproof. These are
shown in sets with hats and
school bags to match.
Girls’ raincoats and
Hats to match
These splendid raincoats are
made of gray, pepper and salt
mixture cloth, thoroughly rub
berized and absolutely "water
proof. They are shown in sizes
from 6 to 16 years and will
answer for either cloak or rain
coat wear.
Girls’ sweaters, 6 to 12
year sizes
At this price we show two
beautiful styles in all-wool
zephyr sweaters. They are
shown in buff with turquoise
trimming, and also in turquoise
with buff trimming. Also in
colors and emerald, rose and
Copenhagen. These are decid
edly smart effects and show the
tailored belt. One is a plain
knit garment, the other is fancy
Girls’ sweaters, 2 to 6
year sizes
These sweaters are exceptional
ly smart and attractive. Are
made up of all-wool zephyr
yam, in rose, Copenhagen and
white. They show the felt and
sailor collar effect.
—2d Floor
Girls’ hats, 2 to 8-year
A mighty attractive showing of
girls’ school hats in the new fall
felt styles. They are smartly
tailored and finished with rib
bon bands. The colors are red,
brown and navy. Other hat
styles in rose, tan and Copen
hagen, at 3.95.
Girls’ sleeping gar
ments, 2 to 16-year
Good comfortable sleeping gar
ments for girls in these sizes, in
extra quality flannelette. They
are full length with deep pock
ets. The only reason we can
sell them at 1.00 is that we
bought them at old time prices
and are giving you the benefit
of same.
Girls’ and boys’ sleeping
These sleeping garments are
well made and come in sizes 4,
6, 7 and 10 years. They are
well made of gray knitted fab
rics, fleece lined and make a
thoroughly comfortable sleep
ing garment.
Girls’ knit underwear, 2
to 16 years
Girls’ separate shirts and pants,
2 to 8-year sizes. Are all well
made and fleece lined. These
garments are the same as de
scribed above except that they
are shown in from 10 to 14
year sizes. —2d Floor
Jack Tar Middies
Jack Tar Blouses
Jack Tar Dresses
For girls 6 to 22 years of age
It is not at all necessary for us to enter into a long
description to acquaint you with the superiority
of Jack Tar garments. We simply want to say that
we are thoroughly prepared to take care of your
every need. Jack Tar garments are made in the
very height of style; in fact they set the fashion in
middies and middy suits and middy skirts.
Owing to the fact that we were extremely for
tunate in placing early orders, we are today selling
Jack Tar garments at a price that means a distinct
saving to you.
Jack Tar dresses of white galatea, in sizes rang- Q Qf
ing from 6 to 14 years, colored collars
Jack Tar dresses of blue Bates’ cloth,
in sizes 6 to 10 years
Jack Tar dresses of black and white checks,
10-year sizes only
Jack Tar flannel middies, in navy only,
in 14 to 22 size
Jack Tar flannel middies, navy, white and
red, in sizes 14 to 22 years, at
Jack Tar flannel collar and
white galatea middies
Jack Tar navy
Jack Tar blue galatea
middy bloomers
__ _ —2d Floor
5 95
When you Get a silk petticoat
be sure it is an
$5.95 and up
Because Eppo petticoats are made of the finest quality
silk, with more conveniences, style and durability than
most peticoats. *
Eppo petticoats have an elastic waistband that is sewed
through and through so as to maintain its elasticity.
The placket of Eppo petticoats is one continuous piece
to prevent rippung and is reinforced with canvas.
The bottom is Protected with braid and Eppo petti
coats fit smoothly over the hips.
This store has a wonderfully large and varied assort
ment of crisp taffetas, messaline and jersey silk Eppo
petticoats in all the newest shades.
Come and see them. —sa ri—

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