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Trading Rose and Fell With
in Circumscribed Limits,
With Seme Gains Pre- .
vailing at the Close
New York, November lS.—Tfb# itocK
market was in a state of suspended ani
mation during the greater part of to
day's session, prices for the most part
rising and falling within circumscribed
limits, although gains prevailed at the
close. Sentiment among the professional
element was strongly influenced by last
week's adverse bank statement, the re
duction of actual reserves giving fresh
point to the need for continued restric
tion of credits.
Labor problems also assumed greater
Western and southwestern sections re
ported mixed general business conditions
arising from the termination of the war.
Movements of foodstuffs were facili
tated, however, by favorable weather.
United States Steel and Marine pre
ferred divided the honors of the day,
the former rallying easily ih the last
hour from Its 1-plont decline in the last
ing at a substantial advance, While Ma
rine held its 4-point rise, despite another
meeting of the directors, at which "no
progress" was reported in the proposed
sale of the company's British tonnage.
Rails made partial recovery from their
extreme setback of 1 to 2 points, motors
and Oils were irregular at best, ana
specialties displayed uncertain tenden
cies, aside from Industrial Alcohol,
which rose 3 points.
Most divisions of the bond market were
disposed to ease, internationals, as well
as Llbesty issues, on a marked falling
off in dealings. Old United States 4s
gained 1-4 per cent on sales, declining
as much on call.
63 Vi
45% 4«
84 Vi 8<%
64 %
Stock List
Sales. High. Low. Close
Amer. Beet S.... 800 63Vi 6348
American. ... 180o 46
Alter. Car & F. 1100 85%
Amer. Loco.500 65
Amer. Linseed..
Amer S. & R. 12100 88% 87
Amer. Sugar. ...* 500 111 111 ...
Amer. T. & T.. . 2500 105 Vi 104 Va 105
Amer. Tob. 1600 Wo 190 190
Aanaconda Cep. 9400 60*4 68% 684
Atchison A. 600 95 Vi 85 Vi 8aVi
65 Vi
All. Coast Line BOO 107% 106% 101%
All. a. & W. 1. 1400 109%* 108
Bald. Loco. 32000 80% ' 78Vs 79%
Balto. & Ohio.. 1000 59 58% 08%
Bethl. Steel “B" 2500 63% 62%
Canadian Pie. 900 165% 163
Central Leath... 700 62^4
Chesa. & Ohio 700 60
Chi. M. & St. P. 300 4SVi
Chi.," R. T. & pae. 7000 28%
Chino Copper.. 1800 40%
Col. Fuel & iron 400 39Vi
Corn Products 11300 4948%
Crucible Steel.. •- 300 50 % if5%
Cuba Cane S.. . 1900 32% 32
Brie . 2300 20% 30
General Electric 4o0 153% 15*% 192%
General Motors 1000 127% 12.% 1-7
Gt. Nor. pfd. . 1 tOl) 101 100% 100%
Gt. Nor. G. C. •• 6000 34%
Gulf States S. .
Illinois Central 200 104
40 Vi
3neplr. Copper.. 2200
Jnt. Mer. M. 9400 28%
77000 117
200 33
2100 38% 38%
do pfd
Inter. Paper .
Kenne. Copper.
Louis. & Nash..
Maxwell Motors 700 37
Mex. Petroleum 18800 166
Miami Copper. .>. 600 27
Midvale Steel.. 1800 43%
Mo. Pacific- 2800
32% 33%
32% 3 2 Vi
28% 27%
N. Y. Central' ’. .1500 80% 80% 80%
Norfolk & W.
Nor. Pacific- 3200 99%
Ohio Cities Gas 2700 43%
Pennsylvania . . 90000 49
Pittsburg Coal.. 200 4S
Rav Con. Cop. 1900 26%
Reading . 5900 88%
Rep. Iron & S... 3000
98% 98%
43% 43%
48% 48
Seaboard Air L 100 10
24 % 24 %
do pfd . 100 -- „ - -
Sinclair Oil & ft. 2000 36% 35% 35%
Steel & Iron.. 300 47% . .. . -
Southern Pacific 30300 104% 102% -OSJi
Southern Ry... 9100 31% sv 31%
do pfd . 700 70 Vi 69%
Stude. Corp... 16400 66% 64
Tenn. Copper.... 300 16 16
Texas Co . 900 187 185% 186
Tobacco Prod... 3600 76% 75% 76
Union Pacific.. 3200 132% 132% 13-%
United Cigar S... 800 102% 101% 101%
United Fruit... 200 143 143 143
U S Ind. Alco. 11700 104% 99% 103%
u! S. Rubber.. 2100 71 70% 70%
.U S steel ... 116000 101 98% 100%
do pfd . 300 112H mH
Utah Copper.... 1600 84% 73%
Va.-Caro. Chem.
Wabash pfd “A” 400 39% 39%
West. Union.... 800 92% 91%
West. Electric.. 2000 43% 43% 43%
Willys-Overland 8300 27 26 26%
Total sales for the day, 500,400
U. S. 2s, registered . 98
V. S. 2s, coupon .
Ss, registered
3 s, coupon -
4s, registered
V, s'. 4s’, coupon .•.. 109 W
Central of Georgia con. 6s. 94*.
Illinois Central ref. 4s . »»
Louisville & Nashville un. 4s .... 89Vi
St. Louis & San Fran. adj. 6s. 75%
Seaboard Air Line adj. 5s . 69%
Southern Bell Tel. 5s .. 94
Southern Railway 5e .. 97H,
Southern Railway gen. 4s . 71
U. S. Steel 6s .^99%
Money Market.
New Tork, November 18.—Mercantile
paper, 6 per cent: sterling 60-day hills,\
4.78 %; commefOial %0-day bills on
banks, 4.72%; commercial 60-day bills,
4.72%; cables, 4.76%. Time loads,
strong; 60 and 90 days and 6 months,
6 per cent bid. Call money, strong;
ruling rate. 6 per cent. Bank accept
ances, 4% per cent. 5
Francs: Demand. 6.45; cables, 5.44%.
Guilders: Demand, 41%: cables, 42.
Lire: Demand, 6.3^ cables, 6.35. Ru
bles: Demand, 13%; cables, 14, nominal.
Mexican dollars, 77%c; . government
bonds, easy. Railrqad bonds, easy..
Metal Market , __
New York. November 18.—Mataf ex
change quote lead unchanged: spot,
8.50c; spelter, unsettled; St. Louie de
livery spot ottered at 8.26c. __
Coffee Market .
New York, November 18.—No change
eras noted in the coffee situation today.
.The only official quotations received from
Brazil showed an advance of 100 to 375
rels in Santos futures after the holiday
an Saturday, but the cost and freight
market was unsettled and Irrjgtgar. A
sale of Santos 4s was reported at 18c
and also of Santos 7s less 25 points at
16.80, cost and freight, American credit.
The local spot market was nominal,
with no Arm quotations available. Re
ceipts at the two Brazilian ports were
88,000; Jundiahy receipts, 21,000.
Naval Stores
Savannah, Ga., November 18.—Turpen
tine, firm; 77; sales, 23; receipts, 76;
shipments, 4; Stock, 30,428. .
Rosin, firm; sales, 100; shipments, 138.
Stock, 67,8(7.
Quote: B, 15.23c; D, 15.27c; E. 15.224*;
15.85c; G, 15.4244c; H. 15.4744c; 1.
18.8244c; K. 16.2744c; M, l*.SJ%c; N, 10.40c;
va and WW. 16.50c.
Oats Were in Full Sympathy
While the Provision List
Varied Host of
the Day
Chicago, November 18.—Sharp new ad
vances in the corn market «today resulted
chiefly from attempts to anticipate the
price effects of the necessities of Eu
rope. Quotatif-a-' closed firm, 274c to Z%(
net higher, with December $1.28%<@1.28V»
and January $1.2994^1.30. s Oats finished
IHc to 2V4c up and provisions varied from
unchanged to a rise Of 35c.
Reports from London that arrangement*
were being made for the dispatch of a
number of German vessels to the United
States to convey foodstuffs to Germany,
did a good deal to give fresh impetus to
speculative demand for* corn. Despite ag
gressive selling, which made the mar
ket waver at the outset and the buying
broadened out and was intensified b$
the wet weather, which threatened td
retard the domestic^ crop movements.
Oats strengthened with corn. Hedging
pressure checked the gaihs and besides
export bids were somewhat out of line.
Provisions were lifted by the upturns
in grain and hogs.
Chicago Futures
Fiftute quotations were as follows:
Corn— Open. High. Low. Close
Dec.1.2514 1.28% 1.24% 1.28%
Jan.1.26% 1.30% 1.25% 1.23%
Dec. 72% 74% 72% 73%
Jan. 72% 74% 72 74 Vs
Nov.• . 41.00
Jan. 46.30 45.6u 46.30
Lard— \
Nov.27.20 27.20 27,-12 27.12
Jan. 26.45 20.25 26.45
Nov.. 23.00
Jan. 24.67 ' 24.40 24.62
Cash Grain
Chicago, November 18.—Corn: .No. 2
yellow, nominal; No. 3 yellow', old, $1.40
@1.45; No. 3 yellow, nominal, $1.37; No. 4
yellow, old, $1.53 No. 4 yellow, new, $1.23
Oats: No. 3 white, 73@74%c; standard,
Rye: No. 2, [email protected]; barley, [email protected];
timothy, [email protected]; clover, nominal.
Pork, nominal; lard. $27.12; ribs, nom
St. Louis, November 18.—Corn; No. 5.
new, $1.31 No. 4 white, $1.33.
Oats: No. 2, 70%li71c; No. 3 white, 72%
Rice Market
New Orleans, November 18.—Rough rice
sales; 900 sucks Carolina, [email protected]; 900
Japan, $6.25@7: T720 blue rose, [email protected].
Receipts 3962 sacks; millers, 3116.
Clean rice sales: 26S$ pookets Hondu
ras 6%<&9%c; 666 Japan, 5%@7Vie; 7114 blue
rose,, 6%@7%c.
Produce Market
New York, November 18.—Butter,
creamery, steady; receipts, 5.091 tubs;
creamery, higher than extraiL 64@64%c;
creamery, extras, 92 score, 63@6J%e; lirsts,
Eggs, steady; receipts, 8600; fresh gath
ered extras, 71@72c; fresh gathered regu
lar packed extra lirsts, 68®70c; do firsts,
Cheese, firin; receipts, 259; state fresh
specials, 33®33%c; do average run, 32@
Dressed poultry, unsettled; broilers,
36@45<w chickens, 28@37c; fowls, 32@36c;
old roosters, 26%@27e; turkeys, 42® 44c.
Live poultry, firm; chickens, 2%c;
fowls, 24@27c; old roosters, 20c; turkeys,
Chicago, November 18.—Butter, higher;
creamery, 63@62c.
Eggs, unsettled; receipts, 3250 cases;
firsts, 62V9@63c; ordinary firsts, 54@5Se; at
mark, cases included, 54@56c.
Potatoes, higher; receipts, 71 cars; Min
nesota and Dakota, bulk, 81.50&1.65; do
sacks, [email protected]; Wisconsin, bulk, $1.50@
1.65; do sacks, $1.70® 1.75.
Poultry, alive, higher; fowls, 19@22%c;
springs, 21%c; turkeys, 29c. j
St LoulSr^November 18.—Poultry, hens,
21%c; springs, 20c; turlteys, 30c; ducks,
24c; geese, 19%c.
Butter, creamery, 60c.
Eggs, 56c.
Kansas City. November 18.—Sutter,
cref.mery, 57c; firsts, 55c; seconds, 53c,■
packing, 39c. Eggs: Firsts, 60c: sec
onds, 50c. Poultry: Hens, 21 %c; roost
ers, 17%c; broilers, 29c. Corn: No. 2,
mixed, |[email protected]; No. 2. white. 11.49®
1.51; No. 2. yellow. $1.50#1.53. Oali,
No. 2, white, 71@71%c; No. 2, mixed,
68® 69c.
Live Stock
Kansas City, November 18.—Hogs; Re
ceipts, 15,000; strong to 30c higher; bulk,
$17.10017.50; lights, [email protected]; pigs, $13®
dattle: Receipts, 35,000, Including 200
southerns, steady to strong.
Prime fed steers, $17,50019.50: dressed
beef steers. $12@1S; southern steers, $6®
12; cows, $5®12: heifers, $7013; Stockers,
$650014.60; calves, $7.50013.50.
Sheep: Receipts^ 500; steady; lambs, j
$11.50®15.50; yearlings, $10011.50; wethers*
$9.50010.50; ewes, $809.60; Stockers, $6019.
St. Louis, November 18.-^hogs: Receipts,
13,900, higher; lights, $17.45077.75; pigs, $14
@16.50; mixed and butchers, $17.45017.80;
good heavy. $17.76017.80: bulk. $17.45017.85.
Cattle: Receipts, 9900, higher; native
beet steers. $11.50018.25; yearling steers
and heifers, $9.50015.50: 'bows, $8.50012.50;
Stockers and feeders, $7.50012; fair to
prim® southern beef steers, $10019; beef
cows. helfStB, $7.50015; native calves, $7.75
Sheep: Receipts, 1800 steady; lambs.
$16.50016.74: e«w6s, $11012; canners and
choppers, $5®9. ,
Chicago, November 18.—Hogs; Receipts,
48,000. market opened strong closed to
10c to 15c higher than Saturday's aver
age. B\#hers, $17.65018: lights, $17.50®
17.85:- packing, $16.60017.60: throwouts,
$15.25016.40: pigs, choice, $13.50015.
Cattle: Receipts 36,000; market generally
steady on beef and butcher cattle; slow
on common steers. Calves steady: good
feeders strong: beef eattle, good. $15.75®
19.75; common, $9.65015.75; butcher stock,
cows and heifers, $6.50011.25; canners and
cutters, $5.5006.50; Stockers and feeders,
good. $10012.75; common, $ff@10: * veal
calves, good, $17017.75; western range beef
steers. $14.50017.66;' cows and heifers,$17
Sheep: Receipts 28,006; market mostly 2c
htgher: strictly good selling straight uu
to $15.75; choice wethers, $M.50: lambs,
choice, $15.75016; mediuwrr $14.25015.75;
ewes, choice, tft.2309.50: medium,- $8009.25
\ _
Sugar Market
New York, November 1$.—There wae a
little more activity reported in the raw
sugar market today, with the committee
reporting purchases of £7,100 bags of
Cubas for early December shipment.
Prices were unchanged at 7.28c for cen
trifugal to the refiner.
In refined there w&e a moderate busi
ness and prices wets unchanged on the
basis of 9c for fine granulated. Benners
are s*id to be well supplied with granu
lated gad-*r% ablatjp make pramptahip
xpent of all orders. t
General List Closed Barely
Steady at a Net Decline of
105 to 120 Points IJnder
New York, November 1*.—The violent
recoveries of late last week were fol
lowed by a very nervous and irregular
ruling in the cotton market today, with
a final break of more than $5 per bale
from Saturday's closing figures. The gen
eral list closed barely steady at a net
decline of 105 to 120 points.
The market opened steady at an ad
vance of 12 to 30 points on over Sunday
buying orders and in sympathy with
Liverpool, which reported buyers at the
maximum prices. This initial bulge met
a deal of realising as well as considerable
southern selling, however, and the mar
ket soon turned easier, after showing net
j losses of 30 to 45 points prices steadied
up during the early afternoon on renewed
covering, working about 10 to 20 points
net higher, but broke again, touching
the lowest levels of the day in the late
trading. December sold off from 20c to
27.50c and March from 28.10c to 24.S0c.
Supplementary rulings from Washing
ton permitting switching between months
in the market and straddling between
New York and New Orleans, attracted
considerable attention, but did not modi
fy the rule against selling for Liver
pool except in liquidation of old contracts
or against straight selling for specula
tive short account.
Liverpool cables said that the maxi
mum fluctuation rule in that market had
been changed back from 50 to 100 points
in order that there might be uniformity
with the American markets. ’The early
afternoon hulges were encouraged by re
ports that ocean tonnage was being of
fered more freely with the tone slightly
easier, and there was a report from Gal
veston that four Spanish steamers were
expected there and two at New Orleans
for cotton cargoes. The bulges, however,
met liquidation and there was a good
deal of southern selling here ip the late
New York Futures
High. Low. Close
December . 29.00 27.50 27.50
January . 28.45 26.§5 26.$5
March. 27.10 26.50 26.50
May . 27.75 26.25 26.25
July . 27.50 26.20 26.15
New Orleans Cotton
New Orleans, November 18.—While high
er prices were seen around the opening
of the cotton market today, selling pres
sure soon put in appearance and the
market dropped off to a net decline. Real
weakness was not displayed until late in
the session when, under liquidation, the
most active months fell the full dimit
allowed to a level 200 points down from
the highest of the day. The elpse was
at the lowest, a net decline of 105 to
150 points. Selling toward the close ap
peared to come Chiefly from early buyers
who wegfe disappointed over the failure
of the market to acquire strength.
In the first few minutes of trading there
was an advance of 38 to 95 points. Buy
ing orders had accumulated over Sun
day and brokers found only small offer
ings, at first, to meet their wants.
With 4he first demand satisfied the
market gradually eased until around the
middle of the day prices were about half
a cent under Saturday’s close. For a while
after that the market traded near Sat
urday’s finals but it slumped sharply in
the last few minutes of business.
The announcement by the war indus
tries board that straddle trading would
i be permitted under its ruling regarding
I selling was received with a feeling Of
I satisfaction but it was without irtflu
I ence on values.
New Orleans Futures'
High. Low. Close
December .«... 28.35 26.35 26.33
January .. 28.35 26.35 26.35
March. 2S.IJ0 26.00 26.00
May .27.63 25.75 35.75
July .. 26.90 25.60 25.60
Spot Cotton
New Orleans. November 16.—Spot cot
ton steady and unchanged. Sales on the
spot, 609 bales; to arrive, 300. LOW mid
dling, 26.00s; middling, 29.75c; good mid
dling, 30.75. Receipts, 8670; stock, 367,359,
New York, ’ November 18.—Spot cotton
quiet; middling, 28.75c. ^
Liverpool Cotton
Liverpool, November 18.—Cotton spot
firm, prices strong; \ good middling,
22.33d: middling, 21.70d; low middling,
20.65d; good ordinary, 19.13d; ordinary,
lS.61d. Sales, 1000 bales including 900
American; receipts 25,000 bales, Including
14,300 American. . ,
Futures closed at maximum prices.
November 20.63d; December, 19.90d; Jan
uary, 19.1Sd; February, 18.50d; , MarChi,
17 56d.
Liverpool Gom the Limit
Liverpool. ^ November 3S.—The cotton
exchanges opined at noon today, an hour
later than usual. The limit ot fluctua*'
tions was extended to 100 points and all
futures opened at maximum prices.
Port Cotton
New Orleans: Middling. 29.75c; re
ceipts, 8570; exports, 6072; Sales, 909;
stock, 367,359.
Galveston: Middling. 30c: receipts
5382; sale*. 400; stock, 323,670.
Mobile: Middling, 28c; receipts, 430:
stock. 26,447.
Savanah, Middling, 29.50c; receipts,
3213; stock, 273,557. '
Charleston: Receipts, 617; stock, 57,-<
Wilmington: Middling, 28c; stock
43,961. •
Texas City; Receipts, 175; stock, 12,
090. ' '
Norfolk: Middling. 28c; receipts. 1934;
sales, 31; stock, 83,969. „
Baltimore^ Stock, 12,404.
Boston: Middling, 29.90c; stocX, M,
Philadelphia: Middling, 29c; stock.
New York: Middling, 28.75c; stock.
Minor, ports: Receipts, 4640; exports,
4750; stock, 26,799.
Total today: Receipts, 25,087; exports.
Total for season: Reoeipts, 1,888,39t:
exports, Kl®6,395.
Interior Movement
Houston: Middling:, 29c: receipt*.
10,439: shkHnente, 4912; Ml**. 2014:
stock, 331.134.
Memphis! Middling, 30.50c: receipts,
7 4 0 S: shipments,/ 4503; idles, '4150;
stock, 252,403.\
Augusta: Middling, 27.12c; receipts
7St: sales, 247: stock. 143,044.
St. Louis: Middling. 30c; receipts,
2092; Shipment*, 2967; stock, 13,895.
■Little Rock: Middling,. 30.50c; re
ceipts, 756: shipments. 59d; sales, 593:
stock, 31,607.'
Total today: Receipts, 22,106; ship
ments ,14,395; stock, 771.237.
Dry Rood*
New York, November ll—Cotton good*
and yarn* today wen quiet, with an eas
ier tendency. Dress goods were quiet,
manufacturers making few offers. Raw
silk was quiet and unchanged
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ftO H
Copyright, 1918 , by The Tribune Association, (New York Tribune) ’
Over McReynolds & Julian's Wire
The trend of values in the early hours
was to llighefr levfels in early trading
Owing to cables being much better than
due, but the* edge was taken otY the
market for thes”'time being by hedge
selling against purchases of spots. Trad
ing was broadened to some extent by a
ruling from Washington permitting
straddle operations between months and
between New York and New Orleans,
even allowing sales to be made first
provided purchases were made imme
diately thereafter. In other words trad
ing of all * descriptions are permissible
except for short' speculation which are
prohibited for the present.
The fact that no reduction in the price
of cotton goods was ordered by the gov
ernment, the Old basis figured approxi
mately 40 cents basis of middling for
spot cotton, to remain until January 1,
after which date restrictions are to be
removed so far as regulating the prices
at which the finished product is to be
sold, has had a stimulating effect on the
market as a whole.
The industrial and commercial out
look of the United States was never bet
ter for while there may be some minor
cancellations of government contracts in
the different lines of trade, this will
likely be more than offset by the civilian
demand at home And abroad.
The needs of Europe of cotton and cot
ton goods are gr^at, of food requirements
also, likewise fou material for structural
work. In the United States construc
tion work except for war requirements
have been at a standstill for a Idng :
time. Now the barriers are gradually
being removed and structural work or
all descriptions will Increase from time |
to time, providing that labor with all 1
the work it ca#i possibly care for for
years to come, especially as the dev as
tated portions of Europe, notably Bel*
gium and northern France, have to be
rebuilt, a job America principally will ;
be called upon to do. Every effort is ;
being made by the southern cotton irt- |
dustry to have the government remove
the restrictions on trading and to lift
the restrictions on shipments of cotton
for export to Europe. If. this was ac
complished the market would probably
take care Of itself £nd higher prices
would likSly be witnessed.
Over Campbell & GtCa Wire
New Orleans, La., November IS.—Cot
ton was higher by 38 to 95 points around
the opening today, but this early im
provement was not maintained. Selling/
increased soon after the .first call, con
siderable realizing coming from recent
buyers, and in addition there appeared
to be somewhat more hedge selling than
usual. Under the offerings there was s
fall until the trading mouths were 15
to 50 pdints below level of Saturday's
An important feature of the day, was
the announcement by the war industries
board that, under its ruling against
short selling, straddle trading will be
permitted. , Straddles may tie done be
tween months in the same market and
also straddles between the two American
markets, the only condition being that
when the sale is made first in such op
erations purchases must immediately
follow. -The impression is that this con
cession will lead to a more liberal sup
ply of contracts. ,
Wltlle there is much to be done to pul
this country on a peace footing there are
signs that much progress toward more
normal commercial conditions will be
made in the near future. It Is highly
encouraging that the atfltude of Wash
ington is tq| hasten demobilization of the
army and to •stimulate peace trading.
We think this is the most hopeful fea
ture of the present situation. Any fa
vorable developments will tend to put
prices higher. A
Selling increased late in the day ana
the market fell to new low levels, a de
cline Of 105 to 150 points under Satur
day's final prices. The close was at the
lowest. SHEPARD & GLUCK.
Over Stewaft’g' Wire
New Oi lean*, La., November 18,—Liver*
pool changed the 50 point day limit and
resumed the former limit* of 100 points
That -market this morning showed the
full advance of 100 points. This move
reflects either the expectation of bullish
action on our side or a keen desire to
draw cotton now that safety of the seas
broadens trade competition and goods
distribution. ......
Foreign cotton interests plainly real
ise the bullish situation and chances Of
cotton which is one of the few article*
the value of which should enhance with
the cessation of war. Of course the out
look at present Is yet prospective and
realisation will only come when foreign
demand for cotton expands in line with
an Increasing availability of tonnage.
Our market opened ffrom 10 to 100 pdints
up but soon fell back to Saturday's
closing levels. As futures come closer to
spots, more selling and a more two-sided
market follows. During the waiting
period for Increased tonnage and out
lets, reactions for temporary pressure
lets, reactions for temporary pressure oL
supply on Otlf side are not unlikely tf
occur at times, although the trend of
occur >1 mil*®. ‘--—
general tendency towards full value can
not be definitely affected. .
Washington today broadened the trad
ing rules, allowing Straddle exchanges
between months and other America#
markets; In fact all trading Is allowed
except outright short selling.
General and rather heavy rains oc
curred over Sunday in the eastern and
central statss, followed by colder
weather; Indications are for generally
fair and aontlnued cold weather in cen
tral and eastern belt and incwaatng
For Tuesday, November 10* 1018
Retailer Consumer
pays pays
SUGAR— per cvvt, per lb.
Granulated .$ 9.2809.04 lM5®li.Wc
Retailer's profit on sugar must not ex
ceed Ute per pound.
FLOCK— *■ Per lb. 24-lb. sack
Plain .*11.00® 12.60 *1.57®1.78
Self-Rising . [email protected]
Per lb.
15& 18c
1.63® 1.78
Per lb.
30® 36c
• ptc
30® 33c
40® 42 c
S3® 37c
41Va® 43c
50® 57 Vic
Beef (side) .....
Sirloin Steak ..
Round Steak ...
Rib Roast .
Stew ..
Lolns ..
Chops .
Regular (whole)
Skinned (sliced)
Strips (sliced)
Fancy (sliced) ....
Smoked ..
ID. S. (whGe meat)
Tierce ..
DruYns ............
Tubs ...
Tlerce .
DYumi .
Tubs .......
In bulk ..
In bulk ..
Packages . 2.8503.00
BUTTER- Per lb
Creamery (tYes®) _ 82V4®64c
Storage . 63054c
Maximum profit on butter allowed to
retailer 6@7o over actual dost.
EGGS— Pec doz.
Fresh . 59060c
Storage . 465748c
High grade . 30035140
Am. eol . 37038c
28® JOC
.28 6), 02074 c
Per cwt.
. *4.0004.25
Ter lb.
574® «%o
Per lb.
Per doz.
54® otic
Per lb.
Per lb.
Sweet Potatoes—Market glutted; price
Irish potatoes (white) $2.5003.00
Per lb.
Per case.
Cabbage (cwt.)
Onions (sacked) ....
Rutabagas .
Alabama (field run)
Graded .
20-oz. (18s) .
20-oz. (36s) .. 3.8504.0)
FtfO E-Bulk.
Honduras .
Bljje Rose .
Lima (Recleaned)
Pink (Cal.) ....p
Navy .
PEAS—Dried blk
California .
Loaf (12 Oz.) .
Loaf (18 oz.) —
J. Er
Per lb.
Per pkg.
.. 9.5509.00
Per lb.
... io0iivin
Per lb.
8® 9c
KEITH, Chairman.
Main 8826.
cloudiness and warmer Iti the west.
Spots are firm! small offerings as hold
ers are confident of doing better as ship
ping conditions Improve. John F., ClarK
& Co. . ' . ,
Hubbard Bros. $ Co.'i Letter .
New York,November IS.—The market
today wa9 a small affair, but with a
downward tendency owing to eteady
selling from the south. W*" db not
think this selling whs In very large
volume, but under the circumstances,
with no speculative buying in evidence,
it wae more than the market oduld
stand. There is a most uneasy feeling
in the goods trade owing |o the re
sales of speculatively held goods and
goods which It is anticipated the gov
ernment will not need. There was a
little buyirtg for foreign account hare
and we think this will increase on the
decline. The central powers Cannot buy
cotton for export from this country
without the permission of the allies un
til the peace terms ar'6 signed. On the
other hand, we think the demand from
Great Britain and France will Increase
slowly as more ships become’ available.
—Hubbard Bros. & Co.
Washington. * NovamW U.-HSpeclal.)
It is reported that the milUona of quer.-"
tionnalree, through Chew medium oi ‘
which men from IS to 45 years of age
were required very frankly to statt
theU business and domestic secret^
will- not be burned but stored in thl
archives of t'ncle Sam in Washing
ton. .
It is learned that ip respect of the
men who committed themsflfes, it
was first deemed advisable to* dtBtroy
all the papers. It was then remem
bered that nearly 400,000 of them would
be o» incalculable value in connection
with the war risk insurance held by
that many sdldiBrs. Th^‘ task of Bift
ins from the millions these few pa
pers appeared -too appalling to be at
tempted. 8— *•
It was then determined to-order all
questionnaires • to be ®ent to ^Tashing
Business Was Reported a Little
Quiet Among the Retail Stands
Yesterday was a little quiet among the
retailers, the threatening weather keep
ing the buyers at home.
Some exceptionally nice vegetable dis
plays are to he seen on the stands. Home
gardens have had good tall weather in
which to mature.
The food board revised their list
Quotations were as follows:
» Fryers—; pounds and under, 40c.
Guineas—50c eaciu
Roosters— 1S@20C.
Turkeys—Live, 87*40 lb.
Ducks—30o lb.
Geese—2iic lb.
Hens—32c lb.
ICggs—Wholesale. 30®60o.
Eggs— Retail, SSjj/llo.
Spanish Mackerel—22V4C.
Balt Water Trout—204(330.
Mixed Fish—12c.
Red Snapper—Headles* and drawn, 20
Gray Snapper—Headles* and drawn,
White Trout—12c.
Chesapeake bay Oysters—Extra select,
$2.60 gallon.
Meat and Feedstuff
Hen Feed—$4.00 per 100-lb. sack.
Mixed Horse and Cattle Feed—$70.
C. S. Meal, 7 Per Cent—$38.
Peanut Meals-$83
Kiddo Feed Meal-$45.50.
Velvet Bean Meal—$46.
Old Style Hulls—$31.
Lintless Hulls—$21.
Corn Chops—$3.88.
No. 2 White Oats—$1 per bu.
Choice Pea-Green Alfalfa-$iS per ton.
Southern ^Ifalfa—$46.
No. 1 Timothy—$43.
Clover and Timothy—$42.
Shucks—$16. /
Eggs— Wholesale, 52(853c.
Eggs—Retail. 61®62c.
Live Stock
(Union Stock Yards.)
Fed Steers:
Good to Choice—8@9c.
Medium to Good—[email protected]. i
Common to Medium—6@7c.
Grass cattle according to weight, qual
ity and flesh:
Fat Cows—7©8c.
Medium Cows—6@7c.
Cutters—5© tic.
Heavy Bulls—6Vi@7%c.
ton. Under the protection of Uncle
gam they cannot be made subject of
political discussion In the various sec
tions of the country, but they may
be used, in after years, in inquiring
into facts connected with any Individ
ual who might have offended the gov
Her Record Still Good
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Pa.” said Little Willie, “what's an
“An echo, my son,” answered pa,
canting a mean side fiance at little Wil
lie’s ma, “Is the only thing on earth
that can cheat a woman out of the last
word.” _
' “Another definition of an echo, W 11
lie,” Said ma. “Is a man who goes to
Oft patent medicine almanacs for his
alleged vMt.”
And then nobody said any more
words but Willie, whoso Infant mind
was naturally confused by all this
Laurel leaves In olden times were be
lieved to communicate the spirit of
poetry. Hence the custom of crowning
poets and of putting laurel leaves under
one’s pillow to acquire Inspiration.
The Imports Of typewriters ahd parts
Into Japan have increased from a value
of, >25.027 for 1915 to 9120.796 for 1917, and
practically all were Imported from the
t’nlted States. Consul Robert Frazer of
Kobe reports that Japan is enjoying an
enormous expansion of forelgi) trade, and
the necessity of using typewriters In
their foreign correspondence has become
apparent to most of the Japanese trad
ing Arms. _
Light mils-8V4©6Hc.
Fat Yearlings—6®7c.
Medium Yearlings—5®8c.
Choice Corn Fed Hogs—165 pounds and
up. lBH@18Hc.
Choice Corn Fed Hogs—135 to 105 lbs.,
Choice Corn Fed Hogs—90 to 135 lbs.,
Light Figs—90 lbs. down. 12c.
Best Heavy Rough Hogs-13V4@14V4c.
Halt Fat Rough Hogs-12H®13Vic.
Soft and oily hogs from lc to 2c per
pound less than above pricey.
' Hides and Tallow
No. 1 Green Salt Hides—17®lSci
No. 2 Green Salt Hides—18® 17c.
Half Cured Hidea—l®2c less.
No. 1 Green Hides—14® 15o.
No. 2 Green Hides - 13Si.Ho.
No. 1 Lry Flint Hides—27&28er
No. 2 Dry Flint Hldes-28© 27e.
No. 1 Dry Salt Hides—24®234.
No. 2 Dry Salt Hides—23©24c.
Goat Sklna—80®90c.
Damaged Hides—Half nrlce.
Washed "’ool—75WS0C.
Clear Unwashed Wool—55® c v
Burry Grease Wool—35@37o.
Good middling .
Strict middling .
Middling .
Strict low middling
Pig Iron
(Under Government Basis.)
Coke Iron NO. 1 .$33 uO
MMbno M. O. CntfM CUtrhMB*
Chicago Board of-Trad*
Torreapondeata H. * *. Bo*J. ®'
leana, I.a.. Clement Cartin' A Co.. CM
crnto, J. S. Bnehe * Co., heft Vort,
L. D. Phone RM
S03-4-B-B Empire Bids.
Birmingham,' Ala.
Packed in ice. Can furnish
in any quantity. Ask v for
prices F. 0. B. express of
fice, Gallion.
S. K. Stewart & Co,
401-2 Woodward Bids.
Grain bandied in lota Id On hu.wliela and
upward. AImo fractional lota of atomic.
r«r»ouaI Attention to All Order*
Private \\ Ire* W. I. PHS1T9,
Phone Main u(J7 Alttnagdr
W. E. Campbell
Stocks, grain, provisions ami cotton
seed oil. Correspondents Shepard A
Cluck. New Orleans; K W. Wagner *
Co., New York and Chicago. Continu
ous quotations; private wires to all
lilt; ami <117 \Vooilwar<V llldg
Telephone Main 0141
Hubbard Bros. & Co.
Cotton Merchants, Hanover Square, N,
Y. Members New York Cotton Ex
change. New Orleans Cotton Exchange.
New York Produce Exchange, Associat
ed Members Liverpool Cotton Associa
tion. Orders solicited for the purchase
and sale of Cotton and Cotton Segd Oil
for future delivery. Special attention
and liberal terms given for consign
ments of spot cotton for delivery. Cor
respondence Invited.
Corrected November IT, 1D1S •
Arrival'and’ departure of passenger
trains. Birmingham: The following
schedule figures published as Informa
tion, are not guaranteed.
Southern Hallway System
(Southern Railway Co.)
.No. Arrive from
29 W’s'ngton 7:35 p
11 Atlanta
39 Atlanta
16 Co'bus
12 Qr'ville
28 Selma
20 Selma
23 Jax-N.Y.
5:20 a
11:59 p
11:25 a
7:4 5 p
10:10 a
6:35 p
12:25 p
24 Jax-N.Y,
12 Atlanta
40 Atlanta
30 Ws'ngton
11 Gr'nvllle
19 Selma
27 Selmp
•15 Columbus
Depart to
Southern Hallway System
(A: G. S. ft. R.) »
4:3o p
5:30 a
9:00 a
,7:00 a
a 40 a
6:00 p
4:10 p
No. Arrive from
1 Cin-W't'nll :25 p
2 New O.
3 Cln
4 New O.
5 Ch'n’oga
21 Ch’n'oga
6 Merid’n
12 Merid’n
n. WVn
W Q.
1 N.O.-S’
2 Cin.
3 New
4 Cin.
5 Meridian
22 Ch’n'oga
6 Ch'n’oga
11 Meridian
:45 a
11:15 a
7:50 p
1:10 p
10.00 p
11:10 a
11:40 p |
Frisco Lines
No. Arrive from i No. Depart to
105 K. City 4:20 p I 106 K. City Ytfl5 p
103 K. City 5:35 a j 104 K. City II'OOd
925 Amory* 10:00 a | 926 Amory* 4:00 d
921 Memphis 6:10 p I 922 Memphis 7:00 a
Central of Ga. By.
Depart to
’t 11 40 p
6:00 a
6:05 p
4:10 p
4:00 p
No. Arrive from
1 Macon 10:25 p
9Jax-Sav. ll:50a
3 M’c’n-Col. 12:15 p
No., Depart to
2 Macon • 7:oo a
10 Jax-Sav. 4:25 2
4 Col.-M'otn 3:50 p
Seaboard Air Lime Ry,
No. Arrive from | No. Depart to
5N. Y. 10:40 PI 6 N. Y. «:30a
11 N. T. 1:40 p| 12 N. Y. Mo 2
21 P’mont 11:10 a I 20 P'dmont 6:30 p
Illluois Central Ry.
No. Arrive from | No. Depan to
D Chi'-St L. 6:10 p I 10 Chi’-St.. U 12:15 p
L. ft N. ft. ft.
Arrive from No, Depart to
1 Cin.
2 New O.
3 Cln.
4 New O.
6 Decctur
7 Cln.
10 Mon’g’ry
15 Decatur*
12 Mon'g’V*
9:21 a
12:15 p
3:45 p
3:50 a
7:20 p
9:40 a
1 Jfew o.
2 Cln.
3 New O.
4 Cln.
6 Decatur
8 Cln.
9 Mon’g'ry
14 Decatur*
11 h^pn’g’ry'
Birmingham Mineral
9:31 a
4 00 p
9:03 p
No. Arrive from
35 Praco* 4 :55 p
48 T’loosa 11:1ft a
42 Blocton 7:35 p
45 An’eton 10:40 a
47 An’stdn 6:50 p
102 T’ioosa 5:30 p
- A., ft.
36 Traco*
41 Blocton
49 T’loooa
♦4 An’ston
46 An’ston
101 T’loosa
ft A.
Depart to
6:30 a
5:65 p
2160 p
8:40 p
7:00 a
No. Arrive from | No, __
23 M’ch’ter 11:30 a > 32 M’ch’ter’ 6 AO a
21 M’cT’ter 10:55 p i£4 M'cn’ter 4:\*g
•Daily except Sunday

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