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Store Opens at 8:30 a. m.
Store Closes 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 p. m.
Patronize our W. S. S. booth_
Main Floor
Corsets $2.65
The offering of the Gossard
corsets concerns a special pur
chase of 262 pairs. We se
cured an unusual concession;
we are giving you full advan
tage of ouj* good fortune. Two
styles are included.
Style No. 261, regularly at
3.60; style No. 383, regularly at
4.0&: your choice of either,
today only, for 2.<»3.
—2d Floor
EppoSilk Pet
ticoats $5.95
It goes without saying that
the Eppo’s are the best petti
coats made at their various
selling prices, for we have
chosen the Eppos particularly
for todays selling at 5.05.
They are made up off extra
quality of taffetas, jerseys and
taffeta combinations and ier
scy and messaline, in all the
wanted suit shades, also in
black and white.
—-d Floor
Silk Teddies
These teddies show the cam
isole top and also the regular
styles in the genuine Kayser
splendi quality. In flesh only.
All sizes.
Women’s Tail
ored Waists
This offering of waists for
1.00 permits you to shop from
the most exceptional values in
voile, batiste and madras, sev
eral exceptional styles in white
onlv. These show the new col
lar effect and have real pearl
buttons. —ltd Floor
Sweater Sets
th>se are the three-piece
Defer sweater sets* consisting
of sweater, cap and leggins,
and we might say, by the way,
that these are the same splen
did values that you, could se-\
cure last year at this selling
price. —2<l Floor
• Satin
Choice <pt six unusually clever
styles, extfa quality material,
made in the most fascinating:
manner. Several ,ot the styles
included'show the corset cover
effect. All are shown in fleshy
only. 2d Floor
Crepe de Chine
Gowns $6.95
Here Is an offering of gowns
for today only which you have
a choice of 14 different styles
from which to make selections
fixtra fine quality crepe de
i his mammoth store stands between you and the
vexations of holiday shopping
We especially want to emphasize and impress you with
the fact that this big store has gathered together from
the four corners of the globe everything necessary to
the complete enjoyment of Christmas.
This applies just as thoroughly to its displays of needfuls
in personal attire and the furnishings of the home in
all its departments as it does to the toys and the tittle
bric-a-brac, in short, Loveman, Joseph & Loeb have
everything that your heart could desire for the complete
enjoyment of Christmas.
And probably what is more interesting is the fact that we
have made every preparation to place these items before
you at prices that do mean a saving to you/ We were far
sighted enough to place orders long ago, because we
- knew that conditions would be as they are today.
Our preparedness means that you may shop with the
greatest convenience—and save.
Remember the soldier boy across the sea
We know that you wouldn’t have that boy over there disappointed
in his Christmas expectations for anything that you possess.
But the trouble is that many of us put off today the things that we
FORGET to do tomorrow.
Don’t let this be the case in this instance.
And please bear in mind that the Red Cross Christmas package
headquarters will be completely over-run with the last-mimjte
shoppers, who will expect to have their packages cared for just as
promptly on the last day as though they had done their share in
the beginning.
All packages for boys over the sea must be mailed before Nov. 30.
Duplex vanity cases
Richly embossed silverplated
cases, with leather inside pock
ets for change and cards; a
useful and 1 QP
popular gift. I
ETS—Sterling silver chains,
photo lockets. These show the
very newest effects in the longv
length. t 9
Priced special
Marmalade Sets $3.95
Solid silver spoons, with clear
crystal bowl and solid silver
lid, packed in velvet lined case.
Women’s umbrellas
An exceptionally good umbrel
la value. Waterproof Gloria
covering over a comparatively
strong steel frarrye, large as
sortment of new and novel
bracelet handle effects.
—Main Floor
Morgenthau* s
Of German intrigue in the
Near East
The man and diplomat in
the ante-chamber of
that hot-bed of in
trigue — Constan
Mr. Morgenthau, former
U. S. ambassador to Tur
key, who, living in dra
matic contact with the
henchmen of the arch
criminals of history, met
wile with wit and truth,
faced the “unspeakable
Turk” and drew from him
his secret with an astute
ness which in the telling
reads like Dumas.
Intimate portraits >>
Von Wangenheim—“Rep
resenting German diplo
macy in its most ruthless'
and most shameless as
Talaat Pasha — Turkey’s
“political boss.” Former
letter carrier and teleg
Mohammed V.—A “kind
hearted old gentleman,”
helpless and ignorant.
Enver Pasha — Minister
of war. Who “imagines
himself a Turkish combi
nation of Napoleon and
Frederick the Great.”
Epochal events
The closing of the Dadda
nelles.—The expulsion of
the Greeks.—Th'e attempt
to massacre English and
French residents, and the
ambassador’s defeat of
that purpose.—Daily dip
lomatic play between Mr.
Morgenthau and officials,
in which he read the
Ottoman mind and
checked it move for move.
Armenian Atrocities
An account of the depor
tation of these people, at
tended by outrages that
“can never be printed in
an American publication.”
To read it is to “UNDER
Mr. Morgenthau’s quick,
shrewd thinking in oft
occurring emergencies, his
Yankee training and cul
tured mind have been
stressed by experiences
which come to one in a
hundred years, and his
book reflects the fact.
With the indisputable
note of authority, it
breathes of life living,
panting and dying.
Profusely illustrated.
On sale in Bbok Dept,
main floor.
Continuing the season’s most noteworthy
$45, $47.50, $50, $55 values
This ready wonderful selling of suits which started yesterday morning is by far too big an event to
spend itself m one day s seJmg. This is an occasion upon which you can depend to place before you the
season s ultra smart suits m all the wanted materials and fabrics tailored in the most exclusive
The materials included are silvertone, wool velour, serges, broadcloth, oxford mix
tures and other highly desirable fabrics in brown, gray, navy blue and in black.
Many of the models show the plain tailored effect, others are in the belted styles—
many are fur trimmed while others are finished in self materials.
Altogether, we herald this selling event as <jn occasion mbst extraordinary. It offers
ci most substantial reduction at the practical beginning* of the season.
$35 Tailored Suits
There isn’t another group of suits in ail
the southland at 25.00 that can in any way *
compare with this offering. These suits
are tailored with' the utmost care. They '
reflect the most desirable styles, in all the
wanted fabrics, shades and colors.
$35 Coats $25
It certainly will not require expert sales
ability to demonstrate to your entire satisfac
tion that these coats are most exceptional
values at this price. .
Your choice of all the wanted coating fabrics
of all the reigning shades and colors. Many
are elaborately trimmed with fpr, others have ^
the collars of self material. —2d Floor
Toy Town—the Kingdom
of Santa
We have transformed a great portion of our mam
moth fourth floor to Toy Town, wherein dwells Santa
Claus, who welcomes every little tot, his bigger
brother and sister, to see the wonderful array of'toys,
dolls, bobks and games.
Bring the children down and let them see this won
derful assortment of toys, so that they* can tell Santa
Claus what their little hearts desire. It is our en
deavor to hurry up Christmas shopping -and we have
named a special introductory price on toys and games
—therefore, it is really to your interest to shop now,
because you really save money.
1.Z3 toy wagons and
wooden wheels and
pulling strings * 79c
1.50 express auto de
livery, large covered
delivery wagon 1.19
1.25 push horsey,
mounted on stick and
wheels 95c
1.00 character dolls 59c
5.00 character dolls 3.50
This is one of the most unusual
offerings that you will encoun
ter this holiday season. We can
offer you these because we
placed our ord^r for them con
siderably before last Christmas
'and secured the low prices that
obtained then. These are large
size dolls with human hair and
fo-to-sleep eyes, jointed bodies,
isque heads. They are decid
edly exceptional.
1.50 dressed character
dolls, with blonde or
dark hair, pretty white
dresses / and every
thing 95c
2.00 character dolls 1.25 ,
1.25 Ouija board 95c
1.00 American flyer
tr&ins and track 75c
1.50 set of trains 1.25
2.00 train and track 1.50
3.00 train and track 2.50
4.00 train and track 3.50
4.50'train and track 3.95
5.00 train end track 4.25
2.50 ball bearing 1 *7Q
roller skates 1 • I
No. 4, 5 and 6, adjust
15c fancy rubber balls 10c
20c fancy rubber balls 15c
35c checkerboard and'
set of checkers 25c
95c educational board
and builders -79c
3.00 mirror scope lan
terns, with electric
light cord, wire and
plug, complete and
ready to attach to any
socket in your home 2.50
1.25 educational hoard
and builders 95c
—4th Floor
character that alw
To be useful every day for years is a virtue very few gifts can boast,
which must, we bejieve, be the reason so many open top and spinet
desks are being chosen as Christmas presehts this season:
Queen Anne mahogany ladies’ desks
Jacobean scroll mahogany ladies’ desks
Colonial scroll mahogany ladies* desks
Adam style open top ladies* desks
Brown mahogany spinet ladies* desks
Queen Anne spinet ladies* desks
Colonial spinet ladies’ desks
Octagon leg spinet ladies* desks
Octagon leg spinet ladies* desks
Octagon leg spinet ladies* desks
Octagon leg spinet ladies* desks
Hosiery $2
tlK“d s,ilk with silk HS1«
-d Eible, sole and heel and
bIack> white, mushroom,
chocolate, mahogany, brown
camel, smoke, Denver and me
dium gray. All sizes.
Women’s handkerchiefs
These make attractive
dainty handkerchiefs are packed
Oiree in a box. They are made
of all pure Irish linen, in dainty
white and colored embroidered
corners, with neatly *7 ■
hemstitched edges, for I DC
h_f.“re lmen> dainty white em
broidered corners and narrow
hemstitched edges. A decided
ly exceptional.
quality, each /Mr
% WV*"
m the solid sport of*
colors. Each COC
table linens
Table cloths $5.95
This is an exceptionally nleax.
aaf&Sff1s “*«<•
"Pf;™ 68-inch sizes de
per d„«„h7.50Pkin‘ t0 mltch>
Pure linen table cloths
^ $7.50
These cloths are two by two
a!d.°v1e‘haif yards and niade of
a”, extra /lne pure linen dam
ask in attractive designs.
Extra fine table cloths
u $8.50
Here, is a cloth of unusually
beautifuldamash that will add
the finishing touch of excel
TK«ev t? • tb*. best appointed
Thanksgiving feast. They are
two by two yards in size.
22x22-inch napkin, to match,
8.50 per dozen.
Linen napkins
$5.95 per dozen
Just 100 dozen of these 22x22
all Unen napkins of an extra
quality of damask, in unusually
attractive patterns, will be
placed on sale today at this re
duced price. Their regular
value is 7.50.
Irish linen napkins
These are 20x20-inch all linen
napkins. They are imported di
!?j*jrro,n ^re'and and are de
cidedly exceptional in quality
and m the pattern, designs.
Odd patterns table
cloths one-fourth off
This morning we place on sale
an exceptional special. Just 50
odd patterns in table cloths in
two and one-half to four-yard
lengths. These are exceptional
fine qualities of pure linen and
of the high character that will
appeal instantly to you.
On these you affect the straight
saving of one-fourth the actual
Madeira tea napkins
5.88 per dozen
By shopping here today you
have the advantage of sharing
in this excep.ional offering of
100 dozen 13-inch hand scal
loped and hand embroidered
Medeira tea napkins, that are
actuajly worth 7.50 per dozen.
At this decidedly reduced price,
your choice of a score of them
of, the more attractively de
Madeira lunch sets
, $4.98 to $20
Unusually attractive hand em
broidered Madeira lunch sets,
consisting of 13 pieces of pure ,
linen, in «a host of attractive
Lace edge lunch cloths
3.50 each
These are 70-inch lunch cloths
with lace insertion in center.
When you see them and ex
amine their splendid quality
you will realize their extreme
value. i
Hand embroidered
' Madeira lunch cloths.
ere is an opportunity to ef
ct a decided saving and at
same time secure an excel
ce of style. We place on
just \ twenty-five regular
DO 64-ihch hand embroid
nlmich cloths, in which you
hav# choice of either a square
or round design, in beautiful
patterns. It is an offer that
will not be repeated again.
% $12.50 each
Asqjpstos table pads
One of*'these genuine asbestos
table p^ls affords your table
absolute' protection. We are
showing them in three sizes,
priced as'Yollows:
48-inch.t size S.SO
5Via«h -else, round 7.80
SO-incji'Usa,. round 8.80
Extra loaves 1.80
' i Floor
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