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Letter Made Public Declares
Evidence of Fraud and
Conspiracy Has Been
San Francisco, November 21.—A letter
from Judge Franklin A. Griffin, who
tried and sentenced Thomas J. Mooney
to Governor Stephens, asking that
Mooney be given a new trial because of
evidences of a fraud conspiracy against
him, was made public here today. The
letter was written November 19. Mooney
was convicted of murder in connection
with a bomb explosion here, and is to
be hanged December 13.
Commenting on his previous plea to
U. S. Webb, attorney general of the state,
that Mooney be retried, Judge Griffin
said in the letter:
"I believed then that simple Justice
and fair play demanded such action and
from that position X have never for a
moment receded. On the contrary that
stand has been by later developments
greatly strengthened."
In the letter Judge Griffin character
ized as open to attack the testimony of
Frank C. Oxman, Durkee, Oregon, cat
tleman: Mrs. Mellie Edeau, and her
daughter Sadie, and John McDonald.
Defense attorneys had contended that
the testimony of these witnesses was
subject to impeachment, and in Oxman's
case perjury had been committed.
• The situation of Mooney is that he
stands condemned to death upon evidence
concerning the truth of which, to say
the least, there has arisen a very grave
doubt," the letter said.
"The highest courts in the state and
nation have declared themselves to be
without power to relieve him. Upon the
shoulders of the chief executive there
fore rests this great responsibility."
Norfolk, Va., November 31.—Local
blanches of the International Electrical
Workers, plumbers, plasterers and pipe
fitters, in separate sessions tonight unan
imously voted to strike on December 3
unless Thomas J. Mooney, the Califor
nia labor leader, is granted a stay of
execution or new trial.
Six labor unions in Norfolk and Ports
mouth have already voted to strike in
sympathy with Mooney. Over 5000 mem
bers arc affiliated with these unions.
Washington, Nov. 21. — "Lightless
nights” made necessary to save fuel
for war work will end tomorrow, ex
cept in states where fuel administra
tors may decide to continue the regu
lations. This announcement was made
tonight by Fuel Administrator Gar
field. Removal of other restrictions on
the consumption of coal will follow.
Dr. Garfield said, and voluntary con
servation through requests made of
the public will be substituted.
The ‘'lightless nights” order, which
first was issued last winter, recently
was rescinded in a number of states.
Its enforcement will now be at the
discretion of state fuel administrators,
who have been instructed to be guided
by the fuel situation in their respec
tive states.
Important Notice.
Effective Sunday, Novembe: 24, South
ern railroad will make following changes
in schedules between Birmingham and
Columbus, Miss.:
No. 11 will leave Birmingham at 6:50
a. m., instead of 7 a. m.
No. 15 will leave Birmingham at 4 p. m.,
instead of 4:10 p. m.
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
Stop using dangerous drug be
fore it salivates you!
It’s horrible!
You’re bilious, sluggish, constipated
and believe you need vile, dangerous
calomel to start your liver and clean
your bowels. , . _
Here’s my guarantee! Ask your drttg
gtst for a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone
and take a spoonful tonight. If it
doesn’t start your liver and straighten
you right up better than calomel and
without griping or making you sick I
want you to go back to the store and
get your money.
Take calomel today and tomorrow you
will feel weak and sick and nauseated.
Don't lose a day's work. Take a spoon
ful of harmless, vegetable Dodson's Liv
er Tone tonight and wake up feeling
great. It's perfectly harmless, so give
it to your children any time. It can't
salivate, so let them eat anything
Watch the tongue
Of your young!
Your little pets
Need candy “Cascaretsl”
Sell for a dime—
‘;Work” every time.
When the kiddies’ tongues turn white;
breath feverish; stomach sour. When
your little pets become cross, pale,
bilious, constipated or have a cold, give
Oascareta as directed on each 10 cent
box. Cascarets taste like candy but
work out the nasty bile, sour fermen
tations and poisons better than castor
oil, calomel or pills. Children need
never be coaxed to take this harmless
caudy cathartic. Cascarets are given
to children aged one year and upwards.
They n*r*r gripe. Never disappoint
Day’s Casualty List
Masterson, Robert, corporal, 14U
Thirty-second street, Birmingham,
killed in action.
Means. Willie »■, Decatur, killed in
Moore. William H., Hodges, killed in
Pullen. William D., Tuscaloosa, killed
in action.
Hurst, John E., New Brocton, killed
in action.
Brown, Preston, corporal. Coffee
Springs, wounded, degree undeter
Godfrey, Andrew J., Ashford, wound
ed. degree undetermined.
Johnson, Joe H.. Auburn, wounded,
degree undtermined.
Washburn, John A., Sylvania, wound
ed, degree undetermined.
Webster, Murrie M., lieutenant, Eu
reka, wounded slightly in action.
Brown, Ollis O.. Eden, wounded
slightly in action.
Cheney, Prather, corporal, Phoenix,
wounded slightly in action.
Howard, Clarence E., corporal. Bloc
ton, wounded slightly in action.
Brown, Sherman K., Creola, wounded
slightly in action.
Quinn, Cody C., Rembert. wounded
slightly in action.
Knight, William, Dadeville, wounded
slightly in action.
Scarborough, Frank, L.. Centreville,
wounded slightly in action.
Fortenberry, James J., Maylene, died
from wounds received in action.
Smith, James, Athens, died from
wounds received in action.
S’tevens. Harmie H., Camp Hill, died
of disease.
Thomas, Otis L., sergeant, Sycamore, I
wounded severely in action.
Elder. John B., Boaz, wounded, de- \
gree undetermined.
Washington, November 21.—The follow
ing casualties are reported by the com
manding general of the American ex
peditionary forces:
Killed in action .33**
Wounded (degree undtermined) .. 321
Wounded slightly . 324
Total .779 !
Brown, Sanford M., Jr., captain, Kan
sas City, Mo.
Lowry, Keith, Kingfisher, Okla.
□wens, Justus Erwin, Carrollton, Ga.
Baylor, John R., Samson, Tex.
Carver, Lox C., Rutherford ton, N. C.
Mitchell, Thomas A.. Glendale, Tenn.
Cooper, Lawrence L., Kingfisher, Okla.
Cox, Martin V., Lake Victor, Tex.
Teague, Charles L., Knox City, Tex.
VVifliams, Robert C.,-Vernon, Tex.
Bradshaw. George E., Blum, Tex.
Eddings, Noah E., Butler, Okla.
Hill, Lon A., Chickasha, Okla.
Lunsford, Bedford B., Mount Vernon,
Moore, Gilbert, Holdenville, Okla.
Polk, Roland W., Kirkland, Tex.
Brown, Nicholas E., Arkinda, Ark.
Ingle, James A., Fort Smith, Ark.
Moon, Marvin A., Gladys, Va.
Oates, Howard G., Besemer City, N. C.
Baker, Henry, wagoner, West Lake, La.
Powers, Clarence W., cook, Keep Tryst,
Adams, James E., Durant, Okla.
Adamson, Wesley M., Hedley, Tex.
Armstrong, Homer R., Tishomingo, Okla.
Baker, Coy E., Ingleslide, Ark.
Campbell, Hiram W., Stilwell, Okla.
Chitwood, Ttate W., Minco, Okla.
Connevey, Robert L., Berclair, Tex.
Cooper, John C., Lamar, Col.
Craig, Everett'C., Wine Garden, Mo.
Crippon, Felix, Arcadia, Tex.
Baldwin, Charles A., Baltimore, Md.
Brown, Artie E., Oklahoma City, Okla.
Damrel, John B., Newton, Tex.
Dornak, Steve E., Shiner, Tex.
Alexander, Doster, Damascus, Ga.
Antonio, Ares H., San Antonio, Tex.
Arant, Allen B., Dryden, Okla.
Blanks. James L., Lakeview, Tex.
Roetger, Martin J., Oklahoma City,
Carr, Willie, Paul, Zuni, Va.
Colboch, Bruce M., Morristown, Tenr.
Cole, Emmett, Jonesboro, Tenn.
Curtis, William G., Crowley, Tex.
Dalton, Tddie A., Butler, Mo.
Binsmore, Earnest. Kansas City, Mo.
Duncan, Charles T.. Greenville, Tenn. !
Gaston, Lacy, Sanford, N. C.
Graves, Benton. Bryce, Tex.
Green, Joseph I., Waxahaehie, Tex.
Doney, John D., Sparta, Tenn.
Fobb, Edmond, Eagletowm, Okla.
French, Samuel P., Fllmore, Okla.
Gill, Willie, Shelbyville, Tenn.
Graves, Thomas J., Wheeler, Tex.
Hill, Charlie P., Hanna. Okla.
[lollingsworth, Percy, Fort Worth, Tex.
May, Neely F.. Dolph, Ark.
Myers, Josie Witcher, Moscow* Mills,
Pjettitt, Mack, Pettitt, Okla.
Phillips, Lewis, Stainville, Tenn.
Poe. Alton C., Brice, Tex.
Ruffin, Jessie J., Seven Springs, N. C
Stipsky, Vincent M., Stuttgart, Ala.
Ferguson, William C., Sulphur, Okla
Godsey, John L., Bristol, Tenn.
Goodhue, James W., Beaumont, Tex.
Jones, Oklahoma, Crowley, Tex.
Jumper, John H., Solumbia, S. C.
Landers, William, Tullahoma, Tenn.
Morris, Harry D., Johnson City, Tenn.
Pyle. Pelham P., Scurry, Tex.
Roark, Hedric, Ashland, N. C.
Schlaudt, Alfred J., Fredericksburg.
Siddons, John D., Atlanta. Ga.
Turney, Ren F.. Stigler, Okla.
Wall, Joseph W., Selma, N. C.
EJouston, Robert A.. Lamesa, Tex.
tddings, Castile, Ferrysport, Va.
McDonald, Richard M., Aranaho, Okla
Mix. Charlie, Luna, Okla.
Ratcliff, Edd T., Kingsman, Md.
Ripley, Emmett V., Graham, Mo.
Roark, Enious I., Alva, Okla.
3caff, Quintus A., Memphis, Tex.
Shipley, Raymond, Cumberland. Md.
Smith. James S., Muskogee, Okla.
Spivey, Sullivan R.. Zulu, Tex.
Sullivan, John H., Staunton, Va.
ranner, Jesse M., Aylor, Va.
Thompson, Delwln A., Walters. Okla.
rhompson, Marenus. Austin, Tex.
rims, Edmond. Hugo. Okla.
W^rie. Herbert E . Granfield. Okla.
Riddle, Eugene. Mount Airy. X. C.
Dunwoodv, Charles G.. Neosho. Mo.
Epperson. Clyde A.. Ector, Tex.
Minnix, Harold. Delaware, Okla.
Rivera, Pedro. Poteet, Tex.
Kelly. John A.. Texarkana, Tex.
resterman, Charles E., Kyles Fori
Barnes, Mike Jr.. Cowen, Okla.
Bailey. Everett D„ Darlington Heights,
Barkley. Walter, Downsville, I.a.
Graven. John Buell. Hamilton. Mo.
Doughty, George Fred, Oakdale. Tenn
Drummond. Henry. Stamford, Tex.
Sentry. Robert L. Smlthville, Miss.
3erlk, Willie L. West. Tex.
3oad. Clyde. Alex, Okla.
Sosnell. Lewis E., Bennington, Okia
Barnes. Sterling O.. Miami. Okla.
Barnhill, Alvin E., Lewisville, Miss.
Bennett. Harrison T., Tuckerman. Ark.
Boone. Herman. Columbus. Ga.
'orrigan, James F„ Norfolk. Va.
Dickerson. JeJptha E.. Winter Garden,
Jallion. Elmer. Rockford, Tenn.
31bhs, John M., Windsor. Mo.
3oolsby, George T., Blossom, Tex.
Toward. Victor Hugo. iaGran^e, N. C.
iudy, Isaac T^ Mansfield, Ark.
3reear, Henry, Herndon. Va.
3regorv. John E.. Whajey. Miss.
Hunt, Charles W., St. Louis. Mo.
Lovelace, John M„ News Ferry, Va.
Miles, Henry F.. Collins, Ark.
Pounds Clarence. Weinert. Tex.
Richardson, Charles L., Portsmouth, Va.
lersggs. Lendsey L.. Sherman, Miss.
Swanson. Leonard. Hayeaviile, N. C.
r*'ri-Or. PftSoW T... MavsC/.’* T<»X.
Recker, Charles, Jr.. St. Louis, Mo.
Reddick, Joseph M.. Perryville. Mo.
Reed, Garnett. Jonesboro, La.
Riddle. Edward T., Spartanburg, S. C.
Rodgers, Keith R.. Marshall. Va.
Rowland, George A„ Paris, Tex.
Ruppert, Otto. Wheaton, Mo.
Sanders, John Edward. St. Louis, Mo.
Sexton, Henry, Hodgens, '-Okla.
Sntith. John A., Asheboro, X. C.
Thornton, Zachariah, Benson. X. C.
Tinker, Thomas Jefferson, Skiatook, Okla.
Walls, Joe VV.. Okentah. Okla.
Barbrey, Joseph O.. captain. Clinton,
Xorth Carolina.
James, 1,inton 3.. Douglasville, Ga.
Miller, Charles t, Ousseta. Ga.
Faison, James E., Faison. X. C.
Young, George E , sergeant, Fort Cobb,
Okla homa.
| Ransom. Harry L.. Stillwater. Okla.
Van Meter, John ,!., Tecumseh, Okla.
Criswell, Ernest C.. Cameron, Tex.
Saunders, Coy L.. Buncan. X. c.
Dietze, Herman Leroy, mechanic. Karnes
City, Tex.
Cunningham, Harrison, wagoner, Lan
caster S. C.
At mand. Archauge, Cotton Port. La.
Bryant, William O.. Kathleen. Fla.
Blankenship, Leroy. Oswalt, Okla.
Brown, Louis Elias, San Antonio, Tex.
Ohennault, Ranzy, Oswalt. Okla.
DeLoach, Dougan. San Marcos, Tex,
Dooley, William Charlie, Blue Ridge
Springs. Va.
Drew, Walter B., Celina. Tex.
Harris, Walter O., Houston Heights. Tex. !
Jackson, Ludla W„ May Pearl, Tex.
Johnston, La Voiseur I... Macon, Gu.
Joyner, William X., Murfreesboro, X. c.
Kelley. Herbert, Lebanon, Tenn,
Kimbel. Foster, Big Bend, La.
McCullock, Idabel, Okla,
McKenzie. Ambrose C., Okeene, okla.
Rash. Eartie L., Dundas, Va.
Gibson, Oscar, Wayland. Va.
Grant. Emmlt. Winchester, Tenn.
Green. James .1.. Banks. Aik.
Johnston, Francis M.. Bullard, Ga.
Jones, Albert S:, Ironton, Tex.
Katschor, Carl A., Billings, Okla
Kuhnen, William M., Marietta, Ga.
League, Raymond A., Baltimore, .Md.
Lynch, Raymond, Lebanon, Md.
Micklish, Fred Henry, Jonesboro, Ark.
Reed, William Dennis, Anderson, Mo.
Santhuff, Melton Elbert, Redford, Mo.
Washington, November Si.—The follow
ing casualties are reported bv the com
manding genera* of the American expedi
tionary forces: ,
Killed in action . HO
Died of wounds . HU
Died of accident ami other causes_ 11
Died of disease . 10U
Wounded severely . 00
Wounded (degree undetermined) . 04
Missing in action . 214
Prisoners ..;. 7
Total . 793
Bourlar.d, William F., Rock Spring, Tex.
Pinden, Thomas E., San Antpnio, Tex.
Shook, Everett G., Rockwell. Tex.
Curtis, Thomas A., corporal, Knoxville,
Austin, William S., Union, S. C.
Collins, William N., Humble, Tex.
Cox, Willie Thomas, Shelbyville, Tenn.
Gramley, John J., Crescent, Okla.
Green, James L., Amissville, Va.
Element, Charles E., Alvin, Tex.
Morris, Frank Lawson, Swink, Okla.
Ollre, Joe Emile, Houston, Tex.
Powers, Martin L., Wilson, Tex.
Roper, Leslie M.. Itazca, Tex.
Sharp, Lester W., Chandler, Okla.
Slaven, Jesse, J£lya, Tenn.
Soard, Henry Vcnson, New Tazewell,
White, James H„ Chuckey, Tenn.
Wilborn, George T.t Woodsdale, N. C.
Tune, Sam W., sergeant, Valley View, !
Carter, Preston B., Hartwell, Ga.
Collins, Columbus O., JToscow. Tex.
Cox. Brittain Piez, Lufkin, Tex.
Craft, Oberne H., Kyle, Tex.
Davis, Aaron, Klssemmee. Fla.
Dunn, Ulus E., Stroud, Okla.
Hardy, Albert, Cordele, Ga.
Hulcher, Frank G., Richmond. Va.
Birch, Roman S., Jennings, Fla.
Bordus, Frank, Pheba, Miss.
Bounds, Eddie L., Lemon, Miss.
Bowen, James E.. Pierce City, Mo.
Hasting, Walter R.. Livingston, Tenn.
Long, Hamon, Cottondale. Fla.
Mitchell, William R., Dover, N. C.
Morgan, Ernest, Statesville, N. C.
Liner. Lee L.. Calhoun, Tenn.
Morris, John H. W., Carrboro, N. C.
Neal, James I, Grover, N. C.
Sutphin, Posie E., Willis, Va.
Traue, George J., Baltimore, Md.
Wells, Jess, Dewar, Okla.
V esterman, Waldo A.. San Antonio, Tex. j
Willoughby. James W., Strafford, Mo.
Zeigelt, Emil, Fairbanks, Tex.
Poague, James A., Athens. Tex.
Short, John, Raven Creek, Va.
Sterling Vaughn, Idol, Tenn.
Vestal, Rex B., Columbia, Tenn.
Bradley, Burton P., lieutenant, Adairs
ville, Ga.
Keirn, Eleanor, nurse, Schlater, Miss.
Johnson, Olen, Columbia, S. C.
Fuqua, Iseom H.. McEwen, Tenn.
McCauley, Charles. Asheville, N. C.
Adams, Robert T., Nolina, N. C.
Allbright, Miles C., Buffalo, Tex.
Barrett. Claude A., Humboldt, Tenn.
Blair. Charlie Kansas City, Mo.
Branno;.. Eugene. Cusseta, Ga.
Coney, William, Dublin, Ga.
Conrad, Clifton Harding. Joplin, Mo.
Dertzbaugh, William L., Frederick, Md.'
Dicks, Rolla A., Burlington Junction,
Gay, Rankin D., Englewood, Tenn.
Haggins, Howard H., LaGrange, Ga.
Harden, Joe Henry, Humboldt, Tenn.
Helvey, Don D., Stroud, Okla.
Jones, Ross C., Barnett. Mo.
Jordan, Thomas R., Lancing, Tenn.
Lee, James S., Richman, Tenn.
Metcalf, Thomas C., Caruthersville, Mo.
Mills, John W., Jr., Gordo, Ala.
Owensby, Marcus L., Gaffney, S. C
Paisley. James J.. Galveston, Tex.
Street, Velpo Wright, Clark, Mo.
Turnbaugh, William, J., Ashland, Md.
Wansley, Irby L., Laurel, Miss.
Williams, Lon A., Flavie, Okla.
Yarbrough, Gerald, Boston, Ga.
Evans, Joseph W., Silex, Md.
Turner, Arthur H, LaGrange, N. C.
Charnick. Arthur1’ J., Phoebus, Va.
Duncan, Ed W., Briceville, Tenn.
Everett, Luther. Newhope. Ark.
Gordon, Lester, Brownlee, Tex.
McKinley, William D., Kansas City, Mo.
McKinstry, Robert E., Springfield, Mo.
Mangelsen, Jacob J., Fort Worth, Tex.
Reynolds, Robert O., Whitewater, Mo.
Sylvia, Leonard F., Brunswick, Ga.
Williams,. James F., Annona, Tex.
Johnson, Arthur D., Richmond, Va.
Matocha, John F., Plum, Tex.
Mulkey, Ernest, Monett. Mo.
Zedler, Otto F„ lieutenant, Otline, Tex.
Cost, Arlington B„ Hagerstown, Md.
Williams, Kenneth L, Little Rock, Ark.
Blackiston, Charles A., Weest Plains,
Clark, Jess, Milton, Okla.
Ellis, Nelson, Prineedale, Ark.
Baker. Robert H.. McKavett. Tex.
Boucher. Loren, Cleveland,, Okla.
Brewer, Lyman, Kennedy, Tex.
Davis, Berry S.. Wagner, Okla.
Debo. William IL. Wetumka. Okla.
Down's, Henry Maud, Chalker. Ga.
Lowe. John J.. Knight. Te •«.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lackey
of Holt; enlisted in Birmingham Feb
ruary 22. 191ti. and now serving on
U. S. S. Pennsylvania.
Shcrmer. .Marlon At.. Muldrow. Okla.
Voegeli, Claude \V\. Enid, Okla.
Woodward. Joe H.. Fentress. Tex.
Brown, l.awrence C\, sergeant. Lovelady,
Donaldson. John W.. Mountain City, Ga. ’
White, Otis J., Sablnal. Tex.
Whittaker. Charles A., Bristol. Yu.
Zuercher. Louis L.. D’Uanis. Tex
Arnold. Jack. San Marcos, Tex.
Barrow. Pierce, Keisel, Tex:
Davis, John D.. Lockhart, Tex.
Moore, Oscar T.. Vanderpool, Tex.
Phillips, Thomas R., Dallas. Tex.
Rose. James A., Leeville. Term.
Sutherland, Roger A.. Vvaule, Tex.
Van Bevern, Raymond E.. Gonzales. Tex.
Waggoner. Bryan L., bugler. Dover,
Eitze, Henry, mechanic. Thorndale. Tex i
Baird, Clarence A.. Canton. Okla.
Barclay, William R., Saron, Tex.
Barker, George U., Emery, Tex.
Batson, Joseph N., Baron, Okla.
Baynes, Si. Portageville. Mo.
Brewer, Frank J., Winston-Salem. X. C.
Campbell, < lyde, Tuscahoma. okla.
Chandler, Esper F.. Rayton. Tex.
Click, Terrll A.. Marlow, Okla.
Conley, Grover C., Ardmore. Okla.
Deering, Oscar O., Lohn, Tex.
Edwards, George, East Chattanooga. Tenn.
England, Wafford, Katie, Okla.
Fine, Bruce, Newport. Tenn.
Fisher, Lonnie. Sentinel. Mo.
Furlong. Fount, Durant, Okla.
Grill. Hope T., Emery, Tex.
Glisson, Cleburn, Polk, Tenn.
Gore. Austin F., Bethel, N. C.
Green. Hughes P.. Camargo. Okla.
Griggers, Homer W., Spring Creek. Tex.
Guin, Haywood. Dunn. N. C. *
Hamilton. Drew U, Colbert. Okla.
I Hayden, James A.. Fort Worth. Tex.
Haynes. Aaron, Newell. Tex.
Hearn. Forrest E.. Chattanooga. Tenn.
I Heliums. Grover C., Lockhart. Tex.
Hickman, Jesse, Hixson. Tenn.
| Adkins, John W esley, Jearoldstown, Tenn.
Atchison, James K., Queen, Okla.
Atterberry, John E.. Weleetka. Okla.
Beggs, Samuel B.. MacHill, Okla.
Bennett. Howard H.. Holly Creek. Okla
Bigrpond, W illiam, Depew, Okla.
Vernon. Ralph. McCullers. N. c.
Brinkley. John H.. Thomasville. X C
Bryson. Henry L., YVehutty. X. C.
Burrow, Andrew, Hamlet. X. C.
Carter, Guy B.. Milton, Va.
Carter. Ira. Vanndale, Ark.
Chandler. William F.. Pittsburg, Tex.
Dickerson. Farriss. Tullahoma, Tenn.
Doxey. Lawrence YV\, Moyook. X. C.
Dowd, Horace, Carbon ton, X. c.
Evans. James C., Anderson, S. c.
I'ox. Claude Marshall, X. c.
Furi1. Lester T.. Bluemont, Va.
Gaile. Elbert, Elmore City. Okla.
Gardner Mack B.. Angier. X. C.
Geer, Doctor V.. Gllkey. X. C.
Jackson. Charles Luther. Titan. Tenn.
Jones, WTllie T., Youngsville. X. c.
Kesz, Henry J., Fentress, Va.
Koit, Joseph, Jarcell. Tex.
Lesley. Robert H., Fame, Okla.
r.edford. Andrew E., Otto, X. c.
McKelVey. Loyde B.f Raudlett, Okla.
Me Murray, Charles M.. Hollis. Okla.
Nave. Jesse, Elizabethton, Tenn.
Neill, Tom W\. MeCulley. Tex.
Pearson. Jesse. Poteau, Okla.
Perry, James M.. Wynnwobd. Okla.
Roberson. Kary 1»., Henderson. X. C.
W hite, C hester B.. Giiden. N. C.
White, Dan S.. LaFollette. Tenn.
White. Sam. Mulberry, Tenn.
W’oods, Samuel B;, Oakwood. Okla.
Young, Bennie O.. Aberdeen, Tex.
Lt niga, Antonio B.. San Antonio, Tex.
Kofler, Charles W.. Supbury. X. C.
Holbrook, John I... Often. X. C.
Hull, Harvey, Matoy. Okla.
Johnson. Henry, Cross Plains. Tex.
Johnson, Xels, Taylor. Tex.
Jones, William K. E., Fort Towson, Okla.
Landrum, Willie, Loekhev, Tex.
MeCandless, Edgar M., Waco, Tex.
McFarlane, Harry A.. Role, Okla.
McGetrick. Peter M.. Welt. Okla.
Marks, Talton. Littleton. N. C.
Martin. John. Hutto, Tex.
Massey, Virdel, Boswell. Okla.
Xewman, Albert A., Hondo. Tex.
Oakley, Stephens R., Bintley, Okla.
Palmer, llarvely I.., Red Oak, Okla.
Reddick, John C\. Simmons. Tex.
Reeves. Emmett A., Yowell, Tex.
Reeves. Jim M., Caldwell. Tex.t
Richter. Nixon. Gonzales, Tex.
Riley, Charlie P., Woodson. Tex.
Riley. Thomas M.. San Marcos. Tex.
Roberts, Mousey M.. Yonkers. Okla.
Ross. Joe W ., Rock Springs, Tex.
Snellgrove, Albert, Oloh, Miss.
Steps Bein? Taken to Show
What Can Be Done Under
Federal Control
Washington, November 21.—(Special.)
The government is preparing to give the
public real service on railroads, over
telephone and telegraph wires, and i
through trans-Atlantic cables. This fact
was established November 2, when the j
President took over in the name of the ]
country the cable service—an action |
which was not announced until November ;
18, a week after the signing ol* the arrnis- I
Up to the present time the government |
admits that its chief service has consisted :
in preventing tfhe railroads from “break
ing" down, rather than in giving the
People an adequate return for their
money. Despite increased traffic rates
and freedom front legal supervision, the
government has put the people in an
attitude of patient suffering. The rea
son w said to be war conditions. With
those conditions alleviated the govern
ment is preparing to give a visible dem
onstration of what can really be done
in normal times under government con
trol of public utilities.
Railroad travel, it is promised, will be
made comfortable and pleasant; trains
will be operated on time; ticket agents
and train crews will be deprived of their
autocratic manner. Hereafter one will
be able to obtain a telephone connec
tion within a reasonable time limit, and
secure the transmission of a telegram
ithing the space of at least 1M hours. I
It is believed to be the conclusion of
the administration that prior to the big
battle in Congress for and against gov
ernment control, which means for and
against government ownership, the insti
tution should not be presented unfairly,
before an opportunity has been given for
a fair trial.
Irrespective of the outcome of the strug
gles in Congress, if is certain in the
Stinnett, Clyde It.. Sevierville, Tenn.
Trujillo. Noel. Roy. N. M.
Tucci, Giusseppe, Okmulgee, Okla.
Zueger, Emil, private. Eden. Md.
minds of Washington politicians that
the people will be given opportunity to
express themselves regarding government
ownership. It is said to be positively
established that in the presidential elec
tion of 1920, both parties must go before
the people with their positions respect
ing this question unequivocally declared.
New Instructions for
Writing to Prisoners
Washington. Nov. 21.—betters to
American soldiers who were prisoners
in Germany when the armistice was
signed should be addressed to the com
pany and regiment with which they
served before their capture, the war de
partment announced today. The words,
“formerly prisoners of war in Gci
many" should be written in the left
hand corner of the envelope.
Christmas packages may be sent to
men who were prisoners after coupons
to be attached to the parcels are ob
tained by the nearest relatives of the
men from any local chapter of the
Red Cross.
" hen llabjr i«* Teething
will correct the Stomach and Bowel
troubles. Perfectly harmless. See di
rections on the bottle.
That Makes
Hens Lay
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well satisfied customers
using our perfect bal
anced scratch and mash
feed and a little meat
scraps with wonderful re
It makes the hens lay
more regularly.
Give us a trial order.
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HI 11 li 14 } ft 14 t t r 11111 +41 r4 j ||| j 11 ' |
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m ilia
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cigarette for the lowest pos
sible price, because of the
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int H

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