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President Insists He Hopes
Woman Will Never Be Equal
of Man But May Continue
to Be His Superior
Washington Unman Th*
B* D»tW«oh Bnlldlat
Washington, April (Special.)—The
fattunists have stormed the White House
;»•»<! demanded of President Harding that
be support legislation which will make
woman, in reality, the equal of man. ft
is said that the President expressed the
;hope that woman might never be the
.equal of man, but might continue to he
his superior.
The legislation the women demand is
regarded as simple on its face. But it
might work a revolution in its operation.
It generalizes rather than specifies, and
strong and persistent effort will be neces
sary if it is ever to get through Con
gress. At any rate, that seema to he
the judgment of conservative members
of-the legislative department of the gov
One of the ablest and most aggressive
feminists in Washington has to a limited
extent specified. Miss Gertrude Van
Hoesen, in addressing a large gathering
Of working girls at the local Young
Women's Christian association, charac
terized the needle as the invention of
the devil. When that remark came pat
from her lips, newspaper men sough;
to observe whether or not she had sae.ri
Joyful Family Reunion
"Two of my brothers, a sister, as well
as myself have been cbronic sufferers from
gas in stomach, indigestion, pain in riirbt
.tide near appendix and liver trouble for
many years. My sister tried Mayris Won
derful Remedy with such good results
that we all took a course of it and it
helped in each case. Last Sunday we had
a family reunion in celebration of our re
covery and what we all did eat.” It is a
simple, harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
‘ tract and allays the inflammation which 1
causes practically all stomach, liver and in*
testinal ailments. including appendicitis.
‘One dose will convince or money refunded,
(ireene Druj? Co.. Hagan-Dunlap Drug Co.
;,*nd druggists everywhere.—Adv.
ficed Judgment for pungent rhetoric.
But, no. She meant it. She repeated it.
"There is no inspiration in darning
socks," she continued, "or in washing and
ironing one's own shirtwaists—at least,
not for the American business woman.
When Sister Sue comes home from of
fice she must not take a hand at doing
up the dishes or darning Brother Bob'*
socks. ,
"No, indeed! When she pays her
mother her board she has discharged
her domestic obligations. She must not
expend valuable energy in such efficiency
destroying tasks as crumbing the linen
or drying tea cups. For father and
brother never do housework after a hard
day at the office.
"Did you ever see father making over
last season's pants? Then why should
a woman use up her energy in isuch
It is this idea of feminine independence
that the feminists are determined to
write into organic law. And there is
much of divorce and illegitimacy of chil
dren, division of profits, and inheritance
Washington. April 8 - (Special.)—The
National Academy of Sciences, which
will be in session in Washington April
26-2T, announces the coming of "his se
rene highness,” Albert S, Prinoe of
While there seems to be som^ specula
tion as to the degree of his highness'
serenity, and some amusement at the ob
vious fawning of the academy over the
approach of this potentate, there is in
terest In Albert. For he is a student of
the ocean.
The Prince of Monaco comes for the
specific purpose of receiving the Alexan
der Agassis medal awarded him by the
academy in 1919. This, award was found
ed by sir John Murray, who in 1911 gave
to the academy JG.000 to provide a gold
medal to be awarded to “scientific men
In any part of the world for original con
tributions to the science of ocean
ography.” The only previous award of
this prize was to Dr. Johan HJort.
The prince will deliver a lecture on his
oceanic researches, and afterwards will
meet the peopje of the United States who
desire to shake his hand and bask under
the smile of real royalty.
Ixxige Ceremonial
Columbus. Miss., April 9.-n (Special.)—
Members of .Sal ad in Temple No. 142,
Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorassan
»re planning to hold a ceremonial here
in April 21. and a large class will cross
he hot sands. Orders for the ceremonial
ire being sent out over the signatures
if (1 E. Hendley of Artesia. royal vixler.
ind J. H. Watson Of this city, secretary.
Paints that are said to be both fire
ind water proof are made from the oil
>f a Manchurian bean.
Will Be Same In All Essentials
as Measure Vetoed By
President Wilson
, By Amodltad Press
Washington, April 9.—The budget bill
which Chairman Good of the House ap
propriations committee expects to intro
duce Monday when Congress convenes
will be the same in essentials as the
measure passed by the last Congress and
veteoed by former President Wilson, tt
will provide, however, for a budget
bureau with both its directors and assis
tant appointed by the President, Mr.
Good said today, after a conference with
President Harding. The vetoed bill con
tained a provision, inserted by the Sen
ate, that the director should be the
Secretary of Treasury with an assistant
appointed by the President.
The bill as completed today, Mr. Good
said, would stipulate that Congress shall
have authority to remove the comptrol
ler of the currency from office. In veto
ing the old bill Mr. Wilson objected to
this clause on the ground that the power
of removing the comptroller should re
main exclusively in the hands of the
Mr. Good said he expected the Senate
again to insist that the Secretary of the
Treasury direct the activities of the bud
get bureau, ana predicted that a bill
containing such a provision would be
introduced in the Senate.
The appropriations committee chair
man said later President Harding was
impressed with the importance of In
augurating a budget system. The bud
get bill will be given a place near the j
top of the legislative calendar, with a
view to having it enacted at an early
late, Mr. Good said,
Pioneer Is Bnried
Columbus, Miss., April 9.—(Special.)^~
lohn Wells, 86 years of age, one of the
>idest citizens of this city, died here
Thursday and funeral services were held
>' er his remains yesterday morning, con
lucted by Rev. T. K. Gregory, -pastor
>f Central Methodist church. Interment
took place at Vaughn's cemetery, sev
eral miles east of Columbus.
Sixty-three occupations are represented
r the membership of the New Orleans
federation of Businss and Professional
(V omen.
Columbus, Miss., Astonished at Do
mestic Felicity
Columbus. Miss., April 9.—(Special.)—
Tbs regular spring term of chancery
court will convene here Monday and will
be presided over by T. P. Guyton of
Kosciusko, who is chancellor of this dis
trict. It is often the case that when
chancery court meets here there are an
unusually large number of divorce cases
to be disposed of, but for some reason
or other there is a very light docket for
this term and a much smaller list of di
vorces than at the session last fall. The
term which convenes Monday will prob
ably continue all week.
Aged Woman Dies
Columbus, Mies., ..April (Special.? -
Miss TllUe Bailey, 78 years of age, for
manyJ years In the millinery business in
this city, died early yesterday. Funeral
services were held at 5 o'clock from the
home of H. L*. Bailey, brother of the de
ceased, conducted by Rev. J. C. Rowan
of the First Presbyterian church. In
terment took place in Friendship cem
Principals In Gotham Wedding Were
Former Residents t
Fort 'Payne, April 9.—(Special.)—Fort
Payne people read with a great deal of
interest the annonunccmcnt this week of
the marriage of A. D. Jewett and Miss
Edith Kennedy in New York city re
cently. Both formerly lived in Fort
Payne, Mr. Jewett having been connected
with the Fort Payne Coal and Iron com
pany for a number of years during its
period of great activity in this section
Mias Kennedy la the daughter of F. H
Kennedy, who resided in Fort Payne at
the same time and practiced law. Miss
Kennedy has been for some time a writer
of motion picture scenarios, in which it
la said she ha3 gained a nation-wide rep
Two Stills D^troyed
Anniston, April 9.—(Special.—Fed
eral Revenue Raiders Joe Stanford, Bob
Ferguson and John Dr?yer found and
destroyed two partially completed
whisky making plants in Cleburne
county Friday, returning to their
headquarters here Saturday morning.
To kill potato bugs, cabbage and army worms and
tobacco and tomato worms and many other leaf
eating or chewing insects, use Vaycide “Black
Death.*' It is absolutely dependable.. It is very
effective against melon, cantaloupe, squash and
tomato borers. Very effective against mildew on
climbing roses.
Sifter top boxes, 1 lb., 25c; 3-lb. box, 50c;
5-lb. box, 75c.
Tomato blight a-nd many other blights that attack
vegetables can be stopped and controlled ^dth
Vaycide “Blight and Bug Mixture." This is a very
valuable insecticide and fungicide that performs
double functions. It will prevent blight as well
as kill about all of these leaf-eating or chewing
1-4-lb. box, 25c; 1-2-lb. box, 45c; 1-lb. box,
75c; 3-lb. box, $2.25.
Yellow bean bug or the Mexican bean beetle can
be controlled with Vaycide “Vaporkil." This is a
non-poisonous insecticide of proven merit. If nsed
right it i«# absolutely effective. Also effective
against many other insects.
1-lb. sifter top box, 35c; 3 lb*., $1.00| 5
lbs., $1.50.
tua us
Vaycide insecticides and fungicides are of
proven merit and have been successfully
used in Birmingham and the surrounding
country for the past four years.
Vaycide insecticides can be obtained from all
reliable dealers. Our salesmen travel over the
whole sqpth taking in many of the small towns,
and the live, up-to-date dealers are stocked
with a full line of these wonderful insecticides.
Vaycide Retail Distributor in Birmingham
GEd. B. McVAY, JR.
Wholesale and Retail Seedsman
2121 and 2123 Second Ava.
Buy Now and Protect Your Garden From Insects

Let’s Put the “Kibosh” On Atlanta!
//A .
Let s All Get Together and Capture the Attendance Honors at
Southern Baseball Association
Rickwood Park, Wed., April 13,3 P.M
r Ji £ JT- & M M MM
Help us swell the attendance to the maximum
yet had at any opening game in the Southern
League by closing your place of business and al
lowing your employes to attend. This should ap
peal to the civic pride of all Birmingham citizens
who have an interest in their home town. Help
us wrest the attendance honors from Atlanta,
which holds the record for the south. In 1920,
Atlanta had 13,242 paid admissions at the open
ing game. Birmingham’s highest record is
If you think Birmingham is the best city in the
south, and you feel the just pride in your city
that every good citizen should, help us capture
this honor. It is well worth the effort. We can
do it and we are counting on every man, woman
and child to put this over. Let’s make it neces
sary for a man to explain why he did not attend,
if any are not at the game.
Shut Up Shop and Make It a Holiday!
Rotary Club. American Legion. ' Kiwanis Club. Wholesale Produce Association
Chamber of Commerce Community Club Civitan Club. - Wholesale Grain Dealers’Association
vie Association. f _ Exchange Club. _ Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Wholesale Grocers Association. Birmingham Real Estate Exchange

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