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furs cold stored
Our cold storage vaults are ready to keep
your furs safely through the summer
months. Mam 4700.
rurs cold stored
Our cold storage vaults are ready to keep
your furs safely through the summer
months. Main 4700.
€ €
the store of guaranteed value
y y
200 of our finest Spring frocks
50 formerly - - 50.00
38 formerly - - 57.50
41 formerly - - 65.00
40 formerly - - 70.00
31 formerly - - 75.00
Since the season began, the beauty of our dresses and the modesty of their prices have been the subjects
of much comment. Our Dress Shop has been one of the busiest sections in the store and in contributing
these 200 dresses in this sale tomorrow it does so in a spirit of competition with other floors in an effort
to aid the second floor in the April Economy competition.
Every dress offered you in this sale is fresh, clean, new, desirable and springlike. Not a one that wasn’t
originally as much as 50.00 and most of them more. Every wanted silk fabric such as taffeta, crepe de
chine, Canton crepe, tricotine, tricolette, georgette and a few high grade woolens included. Every new
shade, every new model—and hardly two of them alike. Sizes for women and misses affording an ample
choice for stout figures. —second floor
have you read these
The Peace Negotiations O AA
by Robert Lansing
Main Street,
by Sinclair Lewis
Star Dust,
by Fannie Hurst (the first novel
by the author of Humoresque)
The Brimming Cup,
by Dorothy Canfield
Sister Sue,
by Eleanor H. Porter
The Mountebank,
by William J. Locke
Find the Woman,
by Arthur Somers Roche
Gun Sight Pass,
by William MacLeod Raine
The Seventh Angel,
by Alexander Black
The Age of Innocence,
■by Edith Wharton
A Poor Wise Man,
by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Spirit of the Time,
by Robert Hichens
The Mysterious Rider,
by Zane Grey
The Valley of Silent Men,
by Janies Oliver Curwood
The Eye Witness,
by Eric Levison
The Top of the World,
by Ethel M. Dell
new books received as soon as issued
buy a book a week
Oneida community silver 1.00
Replenish your collection of Community silver in
this sale tomorrow. You are already firmly convinced
that no plated silver compares in quality with Com
munity and we are going to further convince you to
morrow that no offering of Community silver has ever
compared with this.
Just see what 1.00 will buy in Community silver to
4 Community teaspoons
2 Community dinner knives
2 Community dinner forks
2 Community tablespoons
2 Community salad forks
, 1 sugar shell and butter knife
1 large cold meat fork
1 child’s set, 3 pieces
5.00 silverware 3.95
For tomorrow only we offer choice of any pieca
5.00 Sheffield silver in our stock for 3.9S. That em
braces bonbon dishes, syrup pitchers, butter dishes,
roll baskets, sandwich trays, sugar bowls,
pitchers and any other useful as well as utility pie
500 prs. scissors and shears
Only about 500 pain of those imported steel shears
and scissors remain for this special selling tomorrow.
The scissors are from 3 to SH inch while the shears
are from 6 to tH-inch. Choice of painted and blunt
style scissors for embroidery work, general sewing,
cuticle scissors, etc. Also shears for every purpose.
quality hair goods
in the beauty shop on the balcony
are iateres tad ia hair goods, you will bo omprisod at tho
Braids 2. SO, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00
&00 and 12UK) Transformations now 5.00 and
All Paristyle Cream 53c
Paristyle Shampoo special 21c
Golden Glint special 21c
Box Egyptian Henna 52c
Paristyle Henna 1.66
12 big specials
home linen shop
In the space immediately beneath, we are going to briefly describe our
12 best economies for tomorrow. We want you to compare these offer
ings with similar ones from other stores and see if your experience
doesn’t tell you how worthy they are.
31x90 sheets 1.19
We haive 720 heavy round thread sheets, size
81x90, to be sold at this price tomorrow. Made
of a fine quality of sheeting. Not more than
6 to a customer.
pillow cases 25c
A pillow case for this price may not be un
usual, but pillow cases of this quality are. Size
45x36, of heavy sheeting, no starch, hemmed
ready for use.
Madeira sets 5.79
50 all linen Madeira sets, 13 hand scalloped
pieces, on fine quality pure linen. Complete
Hope or Daisy mnslin
Genuine Hope or Daisy bleached muslin,
known to all housekeepers as the best of its
kind, offered very special, per yard, tomorrow,
15c. Buy this in any reasonable quantity, as
long as several thousand yards lasts.
10-4 sheeting 49c
A double sheeting offer is told about hare.
49c the yard for bleached or brown Premium
sheeting, or 49c the yard for 9-4 bleached
Wearwell sheeting.
wool blankets 4.95
An all-wool army blanket for camp or tourist
use. Brand new, government regulation
quality and sue. Olive drab color.
Indian Head 27c
44 inches wide genuine Indian Head muslin of
fine, smooth weave for pillow cases and f*“c7
work. Buy this in any reasonable quantities
from the bolt. Special, yard 27c.
boudoir pillows 1.49
600 new baby or boudoir pillow., ell bend em
broidered end .celloped, in e .core of pretty
designs. Are eery special et 2.95 eech tomor
Madeira cloths 29.98
20 of our 72-inch scalloped end embroidered,
formerly 39.50 to 59.50, at this price tomor
row. Elaborately embroidered in pretty de
signs. All different.
14 yards muslin 1.00
38%-inch wido See Island brand muslin,
smoot finish, heavy quality for many sewing
purposes. Comes in short lengths, put up in
14-yard bundles. Only one bundle for a cus
linen cloths 7.50
70^70 all pure linen pattern table cloths of
Deryvale quality linen. No designs are pret
tier and no qualities better than those shown
in Deryvale linens.
doz. linen napkins 7.50
A group of napkins we formerly sold at 10.00
the dozen. Choice of 20-inch napkins and
22-inch napkins, all pule Irish linen, a good
heavy quality in wide assortment of designs.
our April silk sale
goes into its second week tomorrow with 8 good
reasons for (mother big week
The big idea in our Silk Store is quality.. The next biggest idea is
economy. If we would ignore the first idea we could sell silks a lot
cheaper than we are, but in our opinion silks that do not serve faith
fully aren’t cheap at any price.
CHIFFON TAFFETA—36 inches wide pure
dyed, full reuse of cdldvs including plenty
of navy and black, 1 QO
special yard iawO
TAFFETA—36 fnebes wide chiffon taffeta
that can be compared with any taffeta on the
markot today at any price *) 7C
special per yard “•*
FANCY TAFFETA—36 inches wide, one of
the season’s most novel weaves for O IP
spring dresses, special yard v
CREPE DE CHINE—A 40-inch wide all silk
crepe de chine sufficiently heavy in weight
for blouses an dundergarments. Good ralfge
of colors .especially flesh and pink.
Special yard
SILK VOILE—Indestructible quality, 40
inches wide in plain and satin stripes, last
year sold up to 4.00, O Q8
this year
PUSSY WILLOW—40-inch wide pussy wil
low, all new designs for dieases, sold spring
of 1921 4.50 and 5.00, our price O QO
now yard CtmtfQ
FOULARD—A 40-inch foulard, new and
dainty designs for spring and summer frocks,
a quality we recommend highly, O IQ
special yard «sJfW
TRICOLETTE—All silk, 36 inches wide and
still high in favor for sweaters J
an dnovelty spring frocks
cotton goods
combining reliability with economy
The continual stream of cotton goods buyers in our Piece Goods Sec
tion isn’t an indication that our prices are the lowest, but that our
qualities are the most reliable. We put reliability and quality before
price, which, after all, is true economy.
DOZEN DIAPERS—Genuine Red Star brand
birdseye diapers, 27 inches square, | QQ
special, per docen tiwiF
MADRAS—32-inch wide woven striped shirt
madrafc, fast colors, also for 4C.
boys' blouses, yard **«*«.
GINGHAM—26-inch wide plaid and striped
gingham for house dresses. 1 Q 1 _
Special, yard »■!»
GINGHAM—Genuine Amoskeag brand apron
gingham, pure dyed, fast color. 1 O 1 _
Special, yard ImgC .
BOX NAINSOOK—40-inch wide Japanese
nainsook, 10 yards to the box, each box con
tains to 5-yard lengths, C QA
special UeUV
PAJAMA CHECKS—36-inch wide pajama
checks, in small checks only, for summer
undergarments and sleeping wear, lOl .
special, yard
CHAMBRAY—32-inch wide chambray ging
ham, in solids and stripes, for house dresses
and bungalow aprons, f O 1 _
yard 142C
Mrs. D. Browne
in an interesting art needle
work demonstration
A cordial invitation ii extended you by Loveman,
Joseph & Loeb to join the Art Needlework Class to
be conducted for the next two weeks by Mrs. Browne.
Mrs. Browne, an expert needlewoman of New York,
is here for the purpose of demonstrating the new ideas
in crochet and embroidery. She was sent to Birming
ham by the manufacturers of Clark’s O. N. T. crochet
and embroidery cotton.
This will prove an unusual opportunity for beginners
as well as advanced needleworkers.
When you see the pretty finished samples you will
want one more than you have ever wanted anything.
Made of a beautiful quality of ratine in blue, lavender,
rose and white and stamped in pretty designs which
you can work quickly. A very smart smock to match
stamped bathing suits 5.95
Stamped on black satin and to be embroidered in wool
and applique work. Only a few of these.
umbrellas 3.19
prepare for April showers
A 26-inch size umbrella for women. Made of Ameri
can cotton taffeta with silk tape edge. Mounted on
7 rib steel Paragon frames and offering a pretty as
sortment of ring loop handles.
all standard makes
April clearance
sewing machines
all prices greatly reduced
No safer investment was ever presented than this op
portunity to buy warranted high grade machines at
prices greatly reduced. This clearance yill prove of
short duration because offerings will assuredly sell
1.00 weekly
is all that you need pay to have the machine of your
choice delivered to you rhome. Then the balance can
be paid in conveniently small sums that you will
never miss.
75.00 Singer for 43.50
Just a* few to be sold at this price. All floor
samples. All in perfect condition.
75.00 Domestic 55.00
A discontinued model, but one capable of rea.
dering good service. All convenient atteoh- J
60.00 cabinet 45.00
This fine Willett cabinet is automatic lift and
all latest attachments.
38.00 Cosmo *24.00
This machine is the famous shuttle type. Comas
to jou in good condition, ready to r.nd.r faith
ful service.
42.00 Lessing 26.50
Drophead model, slightly marred but mechan
ically perfect. A real bargain.
65.00 cabinet 40.00
Just a few of theso Free Cabinets In latest
style, to be sold very special at 40.00 each.
70.00 White 35.75
A few machines, some of which are marred
and others which' have been used for demon
strating. All mechanically perfect.
/ . ' . ’ :i
Billy Burke
had the right idea
Of course we don’t know for
sure that Billy Burke originated
the sleeping garments bearing
her name, but if she did you
owe her your thanks. You owe
us something, too, for buying
such pretty ones of Windsor
and fancy crepes—to sell for’
2.25 and 2.95.
Kayser bloomers
Just the weight to provide that
comfort you want for summer,
the luxury you want always and
that service you expect of
Kayser’s silk undies. Elastic
tops and bottoms—flesh only.
Kayser vests 2.95
Clove silk—Kayser glove silk,
you know what that means.
Flesh only, bodice or regular
tops. Yen'll be needing lots
of fresh ones soon. Here they
tot’s capes
Can you picture anything cuter
than little sister, three, or four,
or five, or six years old Jn a
little wool polo cape? Just bring
her in and try one on. They
come in tan and blue with
checked collars.
6 cakes 10c
toilet soap
This offer is applied to Col.
gates' Cashmere Boquet Toilet
soap, or
Jergen’s Violet Transparent
soap, regularly 10c, or
San Remo Baby Castile soap,
regularly 10c
6 of any for 48c.
toilet articles
These standard high grade
toilet articles are too well
known to necessitate oar quot
ing their regular prices. It is
sufficient that you can choose
from any of the following at
25c tomorrow:
Sanitol Liquid Shampoo
Sanitol Tooth Powder
Sanitol Sharing Foam
Sanitol Teeth and Mouth Wash
Sanitol Hair Tonic
churns 1.90
A lightning churn, mixer and
beater for general household
use. Glass jar, wooden paddles,
metal top.
roaster 1.29
Pare aluminum, Qualtiy brand.
Regular family size for large
fowls and roasts. An ex
traordinary ralue for 1.29.
fireless stoves
A one well fireless stem in
which an entire meal can he
prepared. All metal construc
tion, cocoes complete.
kitchen cabinet base
AH .pv*d , your
s pertinent hr? hop ga low hitch an
convenient. Has porcelain top
with storage space below.
casseroles 3.98
A genuine Pyrex insert in a
pretty pierced nickle frame.
Regular family sine. Makes a
fine useful wedding gift.
shopping baskets
A new line of shopping basket*
has just been pieced in stock on
the fourth floor. 29c to
according to sixe.
k on

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