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President Reams Outlines
Plans of Club for the
Coming Year
The annual banquet of the Spanish
American club was held last night In
the private dining: room at the Hill
man hotel with a perfect attendance
recorded. The newly elected officers
for the ensuing year were installed.
The banquet opened with a wel
come address given by E. C. Horton,
the retiring president of the club,
who has several terms in that office.
Mr. Horton bade everyone to “fall
to" and enjoy the evening. Charles
F. Harold, secretary of the Birming
ham Civic Association, was the next
speaker and spoke upon "The Bond
Issue for Good Roads."
J. A. Reams, the new president, de
livered his acceptance address and
spoke enthusiastically upon what the
club has already achieved and upon
what he considered the club would
do in 1R22.
"Although our club is not a large
one, we have representatives here to
night from all parts of tho world,"
stated Mr. Reams. "Russia. France.
*spaln, Babylonia, Cuba. Mexico, and
almost every South American coun
try U represented here tonight. We
are cosmopolitan."
Joee Justo responded to Mr. Reams
address in behalf of Spain, his na
tive country.
R. A. IiOVe spoke upon "Remen*
iscenees of the Club." Other speak
ers were E. F. Gochenour, who spoke
$4.00 to $7.50
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Main 1411
Birmingham Coal & Coke
824 N. 22d St.
upon the “Development of Spanlsh
American Relations," and A. J. Rosen
A musical program was rendered by
members of the club. The affair was
presided over by the new president,
J. A. Reams.
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receive bullets from behind. He can
face the bullets of the enemy, but
he must not receive any from his
own country."
M. Briand called on President Mil
lerand immediately after leaving the
•hamber. He remained with the pres
ident for only a few minutes, then
he informed the press representa
"My resignation is absolutely final.
I could1 not continue to govern under
such conditions. Of course. I shad
not return to Cannes, but 1 hope my
resignation will not cause conclusion
of the Genoa conference."
Entire Cabinet
With M. Briand went his entire
cabinet and. after conferring with
the presidents of the Senate aqd
(’hamber, M. Millerand called upon
M. Poincare to form a new ministry.
M. Poincare tentatively agreed to
this, but asked for a few hours in
which to consult his friends. He
promised to give a final answer to
M. Peret. president of the cham
ber, before proceeding to Elysee pal
ace, said to the Associated Press cor -
respondent and others: “Prance is
facing a situation whloh is as gloomy
as the darkest days of the war. When
the Germans were at Chateau
Thierry M. Jolncare (then President
of the republic) overlooking former
personal differences between himself
and M. I'lemenceaii, called In the man
whom the country demanded. To
day. If. as Is freely said, there are
differences of opinion between the
President of the republic and M.
Poincare, our President is a big
enough man to forget them."
Vlvlnnl’* Statement
Rene Vlviani, former premier, who
was one of the French delegation at
the Washington conference, said,
“under present circumstances the life
of a statesman in France is impos
sible. I fully approve M. Brland’s
attitude, but we shall do our best to
help his successor in the work of
restoring France. The country will
not find us in the way with petty
personal quarrels/'
As is the custom, M. Millemnd has
asked the members of the cabinet to
Idleness in Men and
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The Birmingham
Water Works Co.
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continue to conduct the business of
their departments, until the new min
istry ts formed.
When the Associated Press cor
respondent called at M. Briand’s
modest apartment at six o’clock this
evening he was told by the maid:
“The president (Premier) sleeps; he
is very tired."
Later in the evening, after resting.
M. Briand met the newspapermen and
told them that he was definitely out
of power. Under present conditions
he declined “to row in the republic's
"Any way,” he added, "It would be
indecent to remain longer than a year
| in power. It Is Just a year since
j Leigue’s cabinet fell. One can govern
only w'ith a solid majority; It is not
I enough to have one’s speeches ap
j plauded.”
M. Briand expressed regret that the
j Parliament and the country had not
I appreciated the value of the achieve
! ments at Cannes.
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he voted out or in on a clean cut
Text of Resolution
The text of the resolution by which
Mr. Newberry’s title to his seat was
cleared and which dismissed the
charges made and the contes* filed
against him by Henry Ford follows:
“(1) That the contest of Henry
Ford against Truman II. Newberry be,
and it is hereby, dismissed.
“(2) That Truman H. Newberry is
hereby declared to be & duly elected
senator from the state of Michigan
for the term of six years, commenc
ing on the fourth day of March, 1919,
j and is entitled to hold his seat in
the Senate of the United States.
“(3) That whether the amount ex
| pended In this (Michigan) primary
I was $195,000 as was fully reported or
openly acknowledged or whether
! there were some few thousands In
! excess the amount expended was In
j either case too large, much larger
than ought to have been expended.
The expenditure of such excessive
sums In behalf of a candidate either
with or without his knowledge and
consent being contrary to sound pub
lic policy, harmful to the honor and
dignity of the Senate and dangerous
to the perpetuity of a free govern
ment, such excessive expenditures are
hereby severely condemned and dis
The end of the Newberry contro
versy came at 6:28 p. m. and the sen
ators, exhausted from the strain of
the battle which had been waged un
ceasingly on the floor and under the
surface for days, quit work until
The final vote was taken after a
•lay of combat unlike any in recent
months and after the democrats and
the nine republicans had made stren
uous but futile efforts to upset the
program of the Newberry supporters.
Three resolutions, differing in phrase
ology but each declaring the seat
vacant were voted down by exactly
the same line-up which established
Mr. Newberry’s title to his seal. The
ouster resolutions were those or Sen
ators Walsh of Montana and Owen of
Oklahoma, democrats, and Norris of
Nebraska, republican.
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Josses through Its continued produc
It was suggested as probable that
Mr. Ford would ask for time in which
to study the questions before at
tempting to answer them and that
this would necessitate a further delay
in concluding the negotiations. Two
w'eeks, however, was said to be a
reasonable allowance of time for this
purpose and. under ordinary circum
stances, would not result in a post
ponement of final action beyond that
Washington, January 12.—(Spe
cial.)—In a revised offer for Muscle
Shoals to be submitted to the Secre
tary of War Friday afternoon at ?
o’clock, Will Henry Ford, Detroit
manufacturer, meet the requirements
of the government? Opion is sharply
This bureau is now able to present
the objections to the original offer
filed with Ford by,the Secretary of
War, and which, in Ills revised offer,
Ford is expected by the secretary to
meet. In abbreviated form they fol
low :
(1) For $87,000,000 worth of prop
erty $5,000,000 is Inadequate.
<2i Unwillingness to condemn 20.
000 acres of land, including dam site,
for the construction of dam No. 3.
Unwillingness to construct dam No.
when Wilson dam would generate
twice the necessary current for op
eration of nitrate plants.
(3) Cost of complying with stipula
tions of Ford offer would be $60,000,
000, or $82,000,000 in excess of the
sum Ford agrees to pay 6 per cent
interest on.
<4) Unwillingness to exempt Fora
from waterpower statutes which lim
it leases to 50 years and protect con
sumers from excess charges.
»5) Existence of contracts involv
ing options possessed by certain in
terests to purchase an auxiliary
steam plant and nitrate plant No. 2
subject to exercise should the gov
ernment determine to lose title to
sain e.
>6) No known process is yet avail
able by which Muscle Shoals equip
ment can produce fertilizer in quan
tity at a price warranting commer
cial competition.
(7) Unwillingness to accept inade
quate terms which would necessitate
abrogation of leases on two auxil
iary steam plants which produce rev
enue approximating $500,000 per an
num, a sum adequate to maintain
Muscle Shoals properties in standby
Knoxville, Tenn., January 12.—A
meeting of the southern group of state
farm bureaus has been called for
Muscle Shoals January 20 and 21.
Presidents, secretaries and others in
terested in farm bureau work are ex
pected to be present. Henry Ford has
promised to attend the meeting. Noth
ing further as to the import 1st the
meeting is given in the official call
for the meeting, which Is made for
Tennessee by J. F. Porter, president
of this state s bureau.
Mobile, January 12.—Three men
were Indicted here this afternoon by
the grand jury Investigating the
shooting of Deputy Sheriff A. C. Brill
near Calvert a week ago.
Those indicted were Dossy Rivers,
Ed Sullivan and Wash Sullivan. The
Indictment charged murder In the
first degree.
The men were arrested following
the shooting of the deputy, who had
located and seized an illicit still In
the camp. They are held in Jail here
awaiting trial.
Selma, January 12.— (Special.)—A
collision between a street car and an
automobile at the intersection of
Washington and Selma streets at
o’clock this morning resulted in the
street car being knocked completely
off the track and rolling down the
paved street for HO or 40 feet. The
automobile was driven by Jullen
j Smith of Selma. Mr. Smith was ap
j proaching the crossing at very slow
speed and had his curtains in place,
i on account of the extreme cold, which
j obstructed his view of the approach
ing car. Mr. Smith and all five pas
sengers on the car at the time es
caped uninjured. The quickness of
Motorman John Arnold in applying
the brakes is believed to be all that
kept his car from making an un
ceremonious entrance through the
front door of the Selma Steam laun
dry, directly opposite. Considerable
damage was done Mr. Smith’s car, and
the front step was demolished on the
street car.
Washington, January 12.—Forecast
for Alabama and Mississippi: Fair
Friday and Saturday; no change in
Georgia: Fair Friday and Satur
day; no change in temperature.
Tennessee: Cloudy Friday and
j probably Saturday; no change in
For the 24 hours ending at 7 p. m.,
Januuary 12, 1922:
Highest temperature . 39
Lowest temperature . 28
.Mean temperature .;. 32
Normal temperature . 46
Excess in temperature since Jan. 1 . 4
Rainfall . 0
I Total rainfall since Jan. 1 . 1.72
I Deficiency in rainfall since Jan. 1 . 0.23
j Relative humidity, 7 a. m. 60
12 m. 52
7 p. m. 4 3
Dry thermometer, 7 a. . 27
12 m. 24
7 p. m. 36
Wet thermometer, 7 a. m. 24
12 m. 28
7 p. m. 29
E. C. HORTON. Observer.
Summary of observations made at f
tions of the United States Weather Bur
during the 24 hours eliding at 7 p. m.. 9
meridian time, January 12. 1922:
CV? 2
Atlanta. Ga.
Birmingham. Ala.
Boston, Mass.
Brownsville, Tex.
Buffalo. N. Y.
Charleston. S. C.
Chicago, III.
Corpus Christ!, Tex...
Denver. Colo.
Des Moines. Ia.
Dodge City. Kan.
Fort Worth. Tex. . ..
Galveston, Tex.
Hat ter as. N. C.
Havre. Mont.
Helena. Mont.
Huron. S. D.
Jacksonville, Fla.
Kansas City. Mo.
Memphis. Tenn.
Miami. Fla.
Mobile. Ala.
Montgomery. Ala. . . .
New Orleans, La. . . .
New York. N. Y.T....
North Platte. Neb. . . .
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Palestine, Tex.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Pittsburg. Pa.
Raleigh. N. O.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
San Antonio. Tex. ...
San Francisco, Cal....
Sheridan. WTyo.
Sh reveport, La. ......
St. Louts. Mo.
Tampa. Fla.
Toledo. Ohio .
Vicksburg. Miss.
Washington. D. C.
Williston, N. L).
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i about the killing of Baird would fol
j low him or that he pointed to him- j
' self as having killed Baird. After
breakfast he returned to town to go j
on his regular guard, at 8 o'clock, :
he testified.
Denies Owning Gloves
He denied ownership of any kid
gloves or that he had ever worn
! them as testified by a state’s wit
! ness named Gewin or that he ever j
i used an amber cigar holder. Gewin \
} vvas an aruent union sympathizer, he
j testified. He also denied that Cap- i
! tain Boiler had told defendant to go
anywhere at midnight as testified to
by a state’s witness named Alvls.
••Ola you and your /atrol or
other Midlers get In Leslie
West’s car and go to the union
Join and from there iu camp and
get the captain’s car and return
and go from there to Jasper
with him that night and accom
pany- him to the Jail an/, wrapped
In overcoats go Into the Jail and
take William Baird out on the
road and shoot him to death and
then return to the barracks and
“No, sir, I did not.”
This w*«a defendant’s answer
to the question by A. H. Car
michael In denial of his alleged
participation in the killing of
Will Baird.
Shown an overcoat by Mr. Car- .
I michael which was previously identl- j
j fied as being found boarded up be- !
hind the barracks walls and which
bore the initials "JR. L,” the de
fendant Identified it as one he had
formerly owned but which he said
he had exchanged for another some
time prior to the date of Baird’s
He denied any knowledge of
clothes being behind (he barracks
wall or putting them there. On cross
examination he testified that sev
eral days before Baird’s death he and
others went to the Jail at Jasper and
saw Baird.
I)ld Not Make Htatfmcati
Kelly Watkins was the first wit
ness called by the defense when court
reconvened this morning, lie testi
fied he was a member of the Town
ley detachment of Company M w'hen
Baird was killed. He testified that
he was in the mess hall at break
fast the morning after the lynching
and contradicted Clyde Springer,
state’s witness, who swore that Lan
caster had said he would put a
notch on his gun and that if anyone
told he would follow Baird. Wit
ness testified neither of these state
ments were made by Lancaster. Wit
ness was on guard duty Crom four to |
eight that morning, being awakened
by Joe Keys, and neither saw nor
heard any automobile enter or leave
the barracks. The witness testified
that Lancaster and Springer had no
conversation with each other in the
mess hall that morning.
Entered No Automobile
Corporal Ernest B. True testified
that on the night of the Baird kill
ing he was on guard from 8 to 18
on Sergeant Lancaster’s patrol in
Tcwnley. Coming off duty at mid
night, the witness said, he and sev •
»*ral others went to the barracks
followed by Lancaster and others.
None of them got in the car of Les
lie West or any other car, n© tes
tified. Witness went Into Lan
caster’s room when he got to the
barracks and Lancaster came jn.
Witness left in a few minutes, he
said, leaving him there, anl slept,
awakening between 4:80 and 5 o'clock
next morning. When witness got up
a» 6:S0 Lancaster was dressing, he
said. The car known as “the Cap
tain’s car,” was in front of the ord
erly room when witness came off
outy, he testified, and during the }
night he neither saw nor heard any i
auto enter or leave camp. He tes
tified that Knox’s drug store, from
which state’s witnesses had testified
Lancaster and oth^r soldiers left
with Leslie West, closed at D o cion*
and all the lights were out when wit
ness came off duty at 12 o'clock.
Drug Store Closed
Robert Ingram, another member of
the Tow’nley detachment, testified
that on the night of the lynching he
went on guard duty at midnight on
Sergeant Cox’s patrol, coming off
duty at 4. He went to the barracks
when he came off duty and went to
bed, he testified. Witness did not see
or hear any automobile leave or en
ter camp during the night. Knox’s
drug store was closed when witness
went on duty at midnight, he testi
Sergt. S. K. Thompson testified he
was on duty at Tow-nley the ntght
of the lynching. He was off duty
he said, and remained In the bar
racks. going to bed at 9:30, being
awakened by a telephone message \
! from Col. Dallas Smith, who asked ;
for Captain Lollar and asked If all ;
rr.en were in quarters and to get
them out and go to the Jasper road
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and stop all cars, then / check all
He then awakened Lieutenant Mc
Bride. he testified, and they awaken
ed the men. This was 4:35 by Mc
Bride's watch, he testified. Witness
testified he saw “the Captain's car”
in front of the orderly room when
he got up at 4:30. Witness was in
the mess hall with Lancaster at
breakfast and no statements about
notching his gun or that whoever
told would follow Baird were made
by Lancaster, he said.
All Men Present
He was followed on the stand by
Lieut. L. B. McBride, who testified
that he was on duty at Townley the
night of the Baird lynching and was
asleep in the company barracks. He
was awakened at 4:35 by Sergeant
Thompson, he said. Witness went
with him to the barracks houses and
awakened the men and sent them to
Sergeant Cox. He and Sergeant
Thompson then checked the men to
gether, all of the men being present.
Witness found Lancaster asleep on
his cot when he awakened the men,
h* said, and awakened him personal
ly. On cross examination h? denied
telling Springer to take Leslie West’s
car out and stick it in the mud and
sending Springer in the Captain’s car
to see West and tell him it was stuck.
Jimmie Carroway was called next,
and testified that on the night of
the lynching he was in bed from 8
to 12 and on duty at the union joint
from 12 to 4 in the morning, with
Evans. He heard Lancaster and
other soldiers pass on foot going
from the town to the barracks. There
were seven or eight of them, he said.
Leslie West did not come to the
Junction in a car with Lancaster and
other soldiers after midnight and
wait while the soldiers went to camp
und returned in the Captain's car,
he testified. No car passed the
Junction point while he was on duty
there between 12 and 4, witness said
toppllM Are Missing
Burrel Quinn, supply sergeant of
Company M, was then called. Wit
ness was at headquarters the night
of Baird’s death. He left Townley
the day following the killing, leav
ing his supplies In the room, return
ing a month later. When he returned
he said half of the supplies were
missing. The rest seateered over the
entire room and had parent iy been l
tampered with. Men fh the many j
were allowed to turn in old My H ig
for new ones, he testified. Prior to j
the Baird killing, he testified, Lan- I
caster exchanged an overcoat.
A large number of witnesses from ;
Tusoaloooa were sworn and testified |
that they had known the defendant ,
for varying periods and that his gen
eral character and reputation in the j
community in which he lived Is good.
Several of defendant’s army associ
ates also testified to his good char
Capt. Matt H. Murphy testified that
he was f>n the border with the de
fendant and later through the war in
the same outfit and that his char
acter was good. Joe Whitson testi
fied he slept in the room with Lan
caster the night of the lynching. H€
was awakened when Searcy came off
post to rebuild the fire, he testified
at 2:30, and some one was in Lan
caster's cot. Witness was awakened
by Lieutenant McBride, he testified
about 4:30 and saw Lancaster in bed
W. C. Lancaster father of the de
fendant, testified Robert is 23 years
of age.
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