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Copyright, 1921, by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate
‘You don t know Paris well? Then ■
perhaps you would enjoy to see j
Montmartre? After the 'Follies* we !
can go there in the car. The cab- i
arets are droll, not so?” He turned !
*o his admiring female friends who :
chorused their assent. “Le Hat Mort ?
—and there is also ‘Heaven’ and j
"Oh, that will suit us beautifully,”
cried Dolly, in an eestacy. (How- !
dreadful if Camille proved difficult!) ;
A gale of laughter followed her
remark. *
‘‘You prefer the devils to the an- ,
gels, eh?”
She nodded gaily.
‘Til visit both places, if 1 may!"
Camille and she went back to their j
hotel at 6:30 to change.
There is electrcity in the -very air |
of Paris that makes one feel extreme- 1
ly festive, and a little of it got into j
Miss Camille. In a gold tissue eve- |
ning frock with a bunch of purple j
grapes at the fashionably “dropped” {
waistline, she looked like a charming i
Bacchante, especially after Dolly had ‘
fastened a spray of vine leaves in her j
gleaming hair.
"You look a dream, my dear! The |
capltaine is certain to propose,” cried j
Dolly generously.
“I hope to goodness he does noth- j
ing of the sort."
Camille prepared to have a cheery .
evening, none the less.
Dinner at the Cafe de Paris was a I
super-gourmets’ feast. The capltaine
enjoyed his food and khetv how to
choose a meal. Twenty-five varieties
of hors-d'oeuvres we|e placed before,
the trio, followed by iried-'sole, with
' champignons” in the sauce. Entree.
Then game; And peche Melba. And a
cheese so ancient that it nearly
walked off the table.
“I-iiqueurs? Ah yes! Garcbn—^rlng
Imperior Mandarin. And cee-grar
ettes.” Le Morny was beautifl(Sally
content. The ladies were delightful,
an 1 seemed to be thoroughly enjoy
ing the occasion.
They left the famous restaurant,
and spent an hour in the “Follies.”
where one or two : musing turns
were on. -
Thereafter they drove to Mont
martre, and visited "Heaven” where
the door was opened by St. Peter with
the keys. Here the waiters were
garbed as angels, with floating drap
eries that would get into the wine or
upset the soup. An air of forced
gaiety hung about the place.
‘“Heaven* is too dull tonight,” said
Neglecting That
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King’s New Discovery. No drugs,
just good medicine that relieves
For over fifty year*, a standard
remedy for coughs, colas and grippe.
Eases croup also. Loosens up the
phlegm, quiets the proupy cough,
stimulates the bowels, thus relieving
the congestion. All druggists, 60c.
New Discovery
For Colds and'Cou.&ns
Wake Up Clew Beaded. That
tired out” feeling mornings, is due to
constipation. Dr. King's Pills act
mildly, stir up the Kver and bring a
healthy bowel action. AD druggists, 25c.
r. Kinffs Pills
Central of Georgia Railway
Arrival and Departure of Train*
11:60 a
Columbua Amerlcua Albany,
Savannah, Augusta, Jacksonville.
7:00 a Columbua-Maoon 10:00 p
8:26 p Columbua-klacon 12:20 p
Joint City Ticket Office
2010 Firet Ave. Phone M. 7572
J. O. LINTON, District Passenger Agent
2008 First Ave., N. Phone A1.296b
4.16 p Seminole Limited
Columbua Amerlcua
OUULUOAft i\aunajr U/BICUl
Arrival and Departure of Passenger Trains
Central Time, Effective Aug. 14, 1921
Leave Arrive
l 12:01 a Anniston-Atlanta 5 :80 a
& :40 a Selma & local stations 6 :40 p
5 :50 a Anniston-Atlanta 10:45 p
6 :50 a Columbus, Miss. 7 :45 p
10 :30 a "B’ham Special," N. Y. 4 :25 p
2 :50 p Anniston local 10:2&a
4 :00 p Columbus, Miss. 11:25 a
3 :40 p Atlanta-J axv-N. Y. 12:10p
4 :00 p Montevallo-Selma 10:00 a
5 :45 a Attalla-Chatt. local 8 :45 p
6 :50 a Meridian-Shreveport ll:40p
7 :00 aChat-Cinci-Wash-N. Y. 10:35 p
10 :40 a Meridian-N. Orleans 7 :05 p
4 :00 p Attalla-Chattanooga 11:55 a
4 :10 p Tuscaloosa-Metsdian 11:10a
7 :15 p Chatta-Cincinnati 10:30 a
10 :50 p Meridian-New Orleans 6:50a
105 N 20th St. Phoiu M. 370-371
their host prosaically, *‘let us visit
‘Hell.* ’* ^
The latter place was most absurd.
Seated on coffins, the guest* drank
beer out of vessels shaped like skulls.
It was noisier here.
Camille grew sleepy. She waa glad
when the little party was out on the
pavement once again. There, young
couples danced hilariously, waitsing
down the road to another cabaret
whose doors stood hospitably open.
A band was playing merrily.
Fifteen minutes later, the capl
taine's big car had deposited them at
their hotel. They bade him good
night, and thanked him for a most
amusing evening.
When Camille was undressing In
her room the ’phone bell rang. She
took the receiver off lt8 hook. To
her astonishment, Reggie's voice
drifted across the wires.
"Miss W’estbrook? Oh. that you,
Camille? This is Reggie speaking.
Yes, in Paris." He named of the
cheaper hotel* as his abode. "I came
via Havre. I say, Camille, don’t j
breathe a word to Dolly, but can I
see you privately tomorrow morning?
It’s awfully urgent! Yes—alone! And
make it early. Half past nine—at
the Meurlce? Oh. thanks a thousand
times! Yes. I'll He there—in the
lounge. You won’t fail me? Good
night.” .
And he rang off, leaving Camille
to wonder what on earth had brought
him here, and what trouble he'd got
into to lead to a belated SOS call of
mysterious type?
Tomorrow—In a Fix!
lly Asrociatrd Press
Richmond, Va., January 12.—Roger
D. Eastlake, who was acquitted De- j
cember 20 by the circuit court of j
Westmoreland county of a charge of j
murdering his wife, Mrs. Margaret J
D. Eastlake, at Colonial beach last j
September, will be used as the star
witness against Miss Sarah E. Knox,
who stands indicted for the crime,
when she conies up for trial at Mont
rose, Va., February 27.
According to a statement here, Mr.
Mayo, commonwealth's attorney of:
Westmoreland county, said he had
received recently a letter from East-I
lake's brother, Donald Eastlake, of|
Philadelphia, saying the husband of
the murdered woman is confident the
Baltimore nurse killed his wife,x£nd
that he does not intend to leave any
stone unturned in bringing about her i
Orangeburg, S. C., January 12.—
Claude Rast, who resigned as super
intendent# of education here when
charges were made recently that he
had attempted an attack upon a pu
pil shortly before taking office, was
placed on trial today charged with
official misconduct In office while
township commissioner.
The charges were based on alleged
fraudulent approval and cashing of
county claims. The assault case has
not yet been called up.
Montgomery, January 12.—(Special.)
Dr. J. L. Qaston today became presi
dent of the Exchange National bank
as the successor of Michael Cody, one
of the best known bankers of Ala
bama, who retired to become chair
man of the board of directors and to
give more attention to the presidency
of the Union Bank and Trust com
pany. Mr. Cody organized both banks
and had been their president through
out their existence. A majority of
the stockholders of one bank is in
terested in the other and especial at
tention will be given in the future to
the development of savings accounts.
Dr. Gaston retired as vice president
to become president and was suc
ceeded by Hugh Foster of Union
Springs. No other change was made
in the organization.
Troy, January 12.—(Special,)—The
unexpected death of James S. Allred
occurred Wednesday at his home on
Church street. Mr. Allred had been 111
Tuesday night and had medical at- i
tention. Dr. Sanders called about 4 .
o’clock in the morning and found Mr. |
Allred resting easier. When hei re
turned at 6 o’clock he fouiyj thaf he
w-as dead. Mrs. Allred had been at
his bedside all night and had gone to
the'fire to warm whom, death came
to her husband v^ry quietly. Mr. All
red was a native of this county and
was reared at Allreds, a few miles be
low Troy. Hts father was a well
known physician. Mr. Allred had been
ticket agent at the union passenger !
stRtlon here for a number of years. j
Gadsden? January 12.—(Special.)— |
The Etowah county registrars held a j
two days session In Gadsden this week
for the purpose of registering the
voters and there were ISO names
idded to the voting list, notwithstand
ing the rain which fell In torrents all
day. The registrars are making a
round of the various beats In the
county and It Is expected that some
600 or 700 new voters will be regis
tered in the county.
Corona, January 12.—(Special.)-—J.
S. Branyon, assistant to the Walker
county superintendent of education
as supervisor of schools, paid a visit
of Inspection to the white school at
Patton and to the Walker County
Training School for Negroes (Corona
Institute), near here, yesterday. Mr.
Branyon expressed himself as pleased
with both visits, and made favorable
comment on the Industrial work be
ing done at the negro training school.
Gadsden, January 12.—(Special.)—
After many years of the old-fashioned
way of hauling theemail to and from
the post office to the depots in this
city and after a great many requests
on the part of Postmaster Riddle for
better facilities he has seen his re
quest granted on the last month of
his second term and now the malls
are being transported in a large army
truck built especially for the carry
ing of mall. The truck is a new one
and will be driven by W. X. Moore.
Roanoke, January 12.—tSpeclal.) —
The annual meeting of the sharehold
ers of Merchants and Farmers bank
was held In the offices of the bank
Tuesday, the following officers being
chosen for the ensuing year; M.
Schuessler, president; A. Waltpr Bur
ton. active vice president; P. B. Smith,
cashier. Charles G. Adcock is assist
ant cashier and Miss Luvlle Wllfe,
general bookkeeper.
Troy, January 12.—(Special.)—The
Pike county Medical society held Its
regular meet! .g this week and the
'lowing off rers were elected: Dr.
weedon, presldenti Dr. W. H.
..ohener, t' e president; Dr. T, D.
'ow>* trere-ary; Dr. Ford, treasurer,
.,J ;■■■ : Sanders, censor,
Alabama editors are having their para
graphs reproduced on the screens of more
than fifty theatres of the state.
Three paragraphs are placed on three dif
ferent slides.
A chain was formed and the paragraphs
are going the rounds of Alabama theatres.
If your newspaper contains a short crisp
paragraph relating to the candidacy of Judge
Brandon or Senator McDowell, will you
please see that it reaches the desk of the edi
tor of The Tuscaloosa News, under letter
Only one paragraph is thrown on the
theatre screen at one time.
The big chain was started with the follow
ing paragraphs:
W. W. BRAND©*,
Mart ttmmMb
M4utt Lleirt«n*nlb Govtmtr.
If newspaper support oounts for anything. "Oovsrner BUI** will
toon be substituted for "Plain Bill."—Brewton Btandard.
• • • •
Jud(pr« Brandon la ths most popular man In the stats and It will be
u Bless for anyone to oppose him for governor of Alabama—Fayette
Over one hundred newspapers have declared for Bill Brandon- When
the election comes off over one hundred thousand voters Will dealer#
for him with an T* opposite hta name.—Russellville Times.
Judge Bill Brandon, will beyond any doubt, he Alabama’s asst
governor.—Cullman Tribune.
The peopfe of Madison county are glad to support Brandon and Mo
Dowell without opposition. In order to be relieved Sf strife.—Huntsville
Dally Telegram.
S S S s
With the exception ef a tew weekly papers scattered hers and there,
every paper in Alabama has endorsed W7 W. Brandon for governor and
Charles McDowell for lieutenant govern<ft, without opposition.—Hunts
vllls Telegram.
a a a a
Judge Brandon win be the next governor of Alabama.—Athens
Courier. .
a a a a
BUI Brandon has our whols hearted support.—Opp Weekly News
a a a a
"Bill and Charlie"—Judge Brandon and Senator McDowell are lust
the good, old fashioned type whose names require ne frills or fancy
reference.—Atmore Record.
a a a a
We believe Judge Brandon will make Alabama a good governor and
that he will leave the State Treasury in better shape than when he
rceives It.—Chattahooche Valley Timea.
* * * e
At anf rats, the voters of Alabama have mads up their minds to
give Bill Brandon a try out In the governor's offlcs.—Abbeville Herald.
Gratifying: to know that the newspapers of Alabama are able to **put
over" a candidate, as they have In the case of Judgre Brandon and Senator
McDowell.—Carbon Hill Journal.
p p p p
We shall announce for Brandon and McDowell.
* * * *
-Grove Hill Democrat.
Plain Bill Brandon Is the choice of the weekly and dally press of
Alabama for governor. Wo doubt If there has ever before boon »uch an
endorsement In behalf of a candiate. It's about unanimous, boys, as It
should be.—Cleburne News.
A campaign ,with only one candidate for governor Is a new departure
in Alabama. We like It. Plain Old Bill Brandon will make us a safe
governor. It looks like everybody Is agreed to give hltne the governor
ship.—Marlon County News
Judge Brandon's raoe for Governor la easily won.—Troy Messenger.
Judge Brandon win bo chosen to sit In the big ehafr In Montgomery.
-Athens Courier.
It looks like Bill Brandon for Governor.—Attalla DeJly News.
It won't be worth while to run against Bill Brandon for governor.
Bill is groomed to be chief executive.—Luverne Journal. ,
There Is little doubt In the mind of any one In this section that
Judge Brandon will be the next governor.—-Blocomb Observer.
Brandon and McDowell seem to have the togas clinched and the
whole people of the state are glad of It.—Ashville Aegis.
We are always glad to say a good word in regard to Judge Bran
don’s candidacy for governor.—Cullman Democrat, by Mrs. J. R. Reason.
Nine-tenths of the newspapers are for' Brandon and about that
proportion of the voters of Alabama. Dot's make It unanimous.—
Greensboro Watchman.
p P P P
It seems now that almost with one aecord. there Is a feeling that
Iirandon of Tuscaloosa, would be a good man for governor.—Cltron
elle Call.
Taking 1*. tor granted that Judge Brandon wlfl be the next gov
trm.r at Alabama. the Centerville Press paints a picture of political
peace !i the elate.—Anniston Star.
♦ ♦ a a
Brando!^ for governor, McDowell fir lieutenant-governor. This
poems to be the con sens os of opinion ef the newspapers of the State.—
Ore will a Advocate.
♦ ♦00
The indications are that Senator Charles McDowell will have so
'•ppoeitloo for lieutenant-governor. He would give in return a seal
and devotion worthy of our best traditions.—Montgomery Journal.
• • • •
Judge Brandon, candidate for governor of Alabama wlthoat op
ysltior.. is %iot a native of Tuscaloosa He is a native of Talladega
He dog bis first fish bait, played his first marbles and bathed in tne
cld wash-hole at White’s Ford.—Talladega Homs
0 0*0
Any man who has aspirations for the governorship and offers
himself against Judge Brandon may as well save his time and money.
—kr^wton Standard.
s a o o
Judge Brandon* Is running mighty fast, considering he has no one
hurry him.—Roanoke Leader.
* a a •
Brandon and McDowell without opposition
going to be elected anyhow.—Lineville Headlight.
/ a * a a
We know they’re
Any way BUI Brandon and Charlie McDowell are getting their
pictures in all the Alabama new epapera.—Tuscaloosa News.
a o a a •
' Plain Old Bill Brandon for Governor by acclamation. He’s made
of the hero stuff.—Troy Messenger. •
Brandon and McDowell
bert County Reporter.
a a
most everybody's candidates—Col
a a
Well, at least wi> Mve dloarmament and political peace In Ala
bama. Brandon and McDowell are to be elected without war and
without a fight.—Montgomery Advertiser.
a a a a
Press work for Brandon and
a a
* a
!■ effeottve.--L.imeetone ;
Bill Brandon's calling and eleotlon^gre both oars.—Dothan Eagle.
Brandon and MoDowell without opposition,
history.—Dothan Eagle.
a a a a
First time In State's
Judge Brandon If aory pppulaj In Elmore County aad has a large
following here.—Wetumplta Heri
a a
Judge Brandon is a man of excellent character, *well worthy of tha
ally of his friends.—Brundidge News. r
This secHon is practically unanimous for Brandon and McDowell.
-Abbeville Herald.
Nine-tenths of the newspapers Midi nine-tenth ef the voters ar*
for Brandon end MeD«w«lL—Butler Advocate.
• * * •
Judge Brandon and (Senator McDowell aeed ne mtroouetion tc
the publle.—Baldwin County Time*.
" e * • a
Something new under the sun Is about te happen in Alabama poli
now looks like "Plain Bill'* Brandon will have no opposition
in bis raee for ths governorship.—Ashland Progress.
e e e *
Our good friend Kdward Doty says that BUI Brandon and Charll«
McDowell have It eewed up—tied down—looked up—and wa believe
be Is right-—Doverne Journal.
* * • *
The race for Governor and Uentenant-Ckrremor seems about set
tled—Brandon and McDowell are predestined even If they ars not yel
elected.—Greene County Democrat.
# • * *
If yon know of a Democrat in Blount County who la not for BUI
Brandon for governor, let us know.—Southern Democrat. m'
• * * »
Let's elect Brandon and McDowell without opposition.—Huntsville
Dally Telegram.
* • • e
Judge Brandon Is logically our next governor, because tt will ears
the State from strife and tumult, of which we have seen too much —
Birmingham Weekly Cali.
• • * a
Frank Julian of the Sheffield Standard says: •'Plain Old*’ Bill
Brandon’s campaign is running like a sewing machine". You are right,
Frank—eewlng everything up.—Tuscaloosa News
• o a *
Impression la general that Bill Brandon will have no opposition.—
QuntenrvlHe Advertiser.
We are strong for Brandon and McDowell and will give them oux
hearty support.—Moulton Advertiser.
• • • •
You need not worry about sending ua a check for Brandon-Mc
Dowell advertising. We are for them-—Mobile Ttmes-News.
* * * •
Bill Brandon and Charlie McDowell are elected. Only the form
al* ties remain.—Albertville Banner.
• too
You will find It the same way here everything for Brandon and
McDowell,—Hoenoks Deader.
Everybody here Is for Brandon.—Oneonta Democrat
judge Hmndon is already as good an elected,
race.—Demopolla Time a.
a * a •
There really la no
Judge Brandon and Senator McDowell wIB bare oar eupport*—
Lnnett Tlmea.
a a a a
Everybody la for Brandon and McDowell In Dale County.—Ozark
a a a a
We are for Brandon and McDowell to wtn.—Conecuh Record.
a a a a
BUI Brandon doesn’t need to spend any money In Morgan county.
Send the advertising, but keep the check.—Ilartaelle Enterprise.
a a a a
Tour work for the Brandon-McDowell team has been most sue
easeful Credit where credit Is due—to the press of Alabama—Mobile
a a a a
You are making political history In Alabama that has never been
duplicated before. Brandon and McDowell without opposition.—
Greensboro Watchman.
a a a a
■ Plain Old Bill Brandon has a lead pipe cinch on the governorship
—Abbeville Herald.
a a a a
We are teoth and toenail for Brandon and McDowell.—Tuskegee
a a a a
So far as the state press can foreshadow coming events, BUI Bran
don has the lead on any aspirant for governor. We join the chorus.—
Guntersvllle Democrat.
a a a a
The man bold enough to prepare to spend a quarter of a million
dollars In a probable futile effort to beat Bill Brandon will wake up
with a more serious malady than a headache the morning after the
election.—Hugh Roberts, Washington Correspondent.
a a a a
All that Judge Brandon will have to do to make Charles Mc
Dowell's election as sure for lieutenant-governor as his Is for governor
Is to pass this sentsnoe down the line: "He will do boys; give him
your vote**.—Choctaw Advocate.
Judge Brandon and Senator McDowell seem to have a clear traok.
"Hie outlook is hopeful.—Opelika Dally News.
a a a a
The political feature In Alabama Is the strong probability that
Judge Brandon for governor and Senator Charles McDowell for lieu
tenant-governor will receive their nomination from the people without
opposing candidates daring to enter the race.—Union Springs Herald.
a a a a
The Eagle understands, and It may be said in perfect sincerity,
that Judge Brandon will have the greatest personal following of any
candidate^ the field.—Jasper Mountain Eagle.
a a a a
Judgs Brandon for governor and Senator McDowell for lloutenant
governor without oppoaltion. praetloallv all of the dally newspapers of
the state are for Brandon and praotlcally all of the weekly newspapers
have been for him*all along.—Evergreen Courant,
Judge W. W. Brandon of Tusoaloosa, will be the next governor of
Alabama, and that very fact ought to cause every oitlsen in the state to
rejoice--Chilton County News.
0 0*0
Wish Judge Brandon all KJnds of good luck In his raoe for gov
ernor.—W. L. Wilkinson, Editor Geneva Reaper.
/ • • • *
Ton need not send any money here for advertising Judge Bran
don'a oandldaoy. We are going to do his advertising without money
and without prloa.—Lamar Democrat.
* * • *
Judge Brandon la In a elasa to hlmaelf. We believe la him.—
Beaaemer Advertiser.
* • • •
Wo aro supporting Brandon and McDowell.—Wedowee Star.
• • • *
Ba aura that wa will oo-operata la any way la the Brandoa-Mo
owell causa—Atmore Record.
• • • *
WojrlU announce for Brandon and McDowell Immediately —Head.
• • « t
Send the advertising and keen, the money. Bill Brandon does not
need to spend any money bore.—AanviUe Aegla.
Wo want Judge Brandon to become eur governor without oppoal
tion.—Russell Register.
Wo are glad Plain Old Bill--Brandon has received such innovation
at the hands of the press of Alabama.—Dadoville Spot Cash.
W<% »r« KOIBB t<* patimil Brandon «tw hi »ro»i »h»p« thta tlmo.
-Alexander City Ontiovk^
a a e a
We are Bore that Blll/Brandon and Charlie MrDoWfll-two worthy
men, will have a walk !<o—Boas Leader.
a a a a
Tear* for Brandom, and MaDewell,— Weed water Wn terprlae.
a a a a
Marengo oounty latl solid for Bill Brandon and Charlie McDowell.
—Linden Reporter.
a a e a
No power on earth nan defeat Bill Brandon for governor.—Birm
ingham Labor Advooawe.
a e e e
judge Brandon will be the newt governors if he lives. —Greene
1 County PtnooMt.
a a e e
It looks like Judge Brandon 1« Burely and eafely headed for the
Alabama Wttiito Itouee.—Florence Times.
a a a ’ a
The fcreea and people are for Brandon and McDowell. They should
be elects* without opposition.—Birmingham AgafTerald
a e e e
Narrowed ta oold fact, It really appears thet woulrl-be candidates
for governor arw afrwad to enter against Oon. W. W Brandon I'nion
Springs Herald.
a a e e
-Just now It looks like Judge W w. Brandon Is the only n
courageous or rash enough to want the governor s chair Fort f’a\n»
Journal. ' 4
a e e *
Judge W. W. Brandon seems certain to be nominated for governo
without opposition, a condition unheard of in Atabama politics befor*
Tuscumbla Reporter.
Any other man In Alabama stands an much chance In def^atim;
"BllT Brandon for governor an a “inowhall in h-" We mlf t * *.
well be plain atcut It.—Pickens County Herald.
• * * *
Those with whom Bill Brandon Is not fhe choice for governor
may as well brace themselves for tho Inevitable. Bill is ‘he long-odd*
favorite. As far as vox popull Is concerned, “the nominations will b
closed”.—Selma Thnes-Journal.
• •no
JtKice W. W. Prandoa was entertained at a dinner' here last oven
lng. Judgro I*. P. Troup made a cordial address, welcoming ‘the gov
ernor-to-be".—Albany-Decatur Dally. ,
• • • •
Brandon and McDowell, governor and lieutenant-governor. . r.«
people could not have made a better selection This Is one time th**
people are going to get what they want.—Centerville Press
• • • • |
Plain Old Bill Brandon seems to have them all buffaloed.—FrankII*
County Times.
• • • •
There Is not a man In the state who can heap Bill Brandon from
gracing/the executive chair next term.—Troy Herald.
• • • •
The Tuflcumbla Alabamian-Dir patch Is for Judge Brandon for gover
nor, and I will help him all I can.—John W. Davis, Editor. £
• • • •
Anyway, Bill,Brandon and Charley McDowell have the best “lock
lnM that two candidates ever had.—Tuscaloosa News
• • • •
Judge Brandon has many friends In Colbert County who will give
him their hearty support in his race for governor.—Trl-Cities Dally.
• • • *
Judge Brandon would mak<* Alabama a splendid chief executive, and
The News would be delighted to see him occupying the governors
chair.—Heflin News. a
• • • •
Judging from newspaper and other reports, BUI Brandon eortainly
has a strong following all over the state, and It now looks like he will
be an easy winner.—Cherokee Harraoniser.
• • • •
We opposed the gentleman from Tuscaloosa In h!s last race for
governor, but we make the prediction now that Judge Brandon w»Il be
Alabama’s next governor.—Goodw&ter Enterprise.
♦ ♦ * •
Judge W. W Brandon of Tuscaloosa, and Senator Charles; Mc
Dowell of Eufaula, have endorsed each other's candidacy.—Birming
ham Post.
• • • •
am convinced that Judge Brandon of Tuscaloosa, Is tbs logical
candidate for governor of Alabama, and that ho will bo eloetod with
hardly rny opposition, as the situation stands now", said Sol Chbeen.
—Birmingham News.
• • • •
Hon. Charles McDowell Is regarded throughout Alabama as a man
with all the nullifications of a leader, well equipped aeetsf^ and
otherwise for the position of lieutenant-governor.—Clayton Record.
• • • •
Little less than a miracle can beep Mf« Brandoa ant of tbo g»»
emor'a chatr.—Sylacauga Newt.
* • • •
Sewed up lonir before the primary—that aeama to bo trwi la Ala
bama In the case of Judge Brandy, and Hon. C. & McDoarotl._A ] Me
ander City Outlook. ■
0 o o o
It appeare to The Register that the Birmingham Age-flomld baa
suggested a nourae that nbould be acceptable to Alabama elBaoaahtp_
Brandon for jnwrner without opnooltloa.—Mobile Register
* o o o o
The Advertalser arlaea to offer the suggestion that Jndge Brandon
of Tuscaloosa and State Senator McDowell of Enfaula he nominated
unanimously without oppoeltlnn. for governor and lleuteneat-govsrnor,
reepeotlwely.—Montgomery Advertiser.
• ••O
The folk! will answer by electing Brandon for governor and Mc
Dowell for 1 leutenant-goveror on the Issue of ooonomy la the State's
business -—Sheffield Strndard.
• 000
Judge Brandon. It appears, wll
tlon for governor. It ' " '
man whom the office
It appeare, will hays a dear field and so
It la a fortunate situation, Judge Brandon
ICO Is seeking-—Lgvlagston Southern Homo
U the
Judge Brandon for governor and Charles MoDows|| for lieutenant
press and the '
governor—so says the
t)i - “
Dally Cltlsen.
•f Alabama.—Eufaula
* 0
dive Judge Brandon tbo nomination on a silver walt<
plo are for him and that settles jl_-—Alabarn
Hon, Charles McDowell, Jr, of Bufaula, a man Of business, a man
with a law trained mind, a Christian gentleman, one who thoroughly
understands business and will do oredlt to Do State.—Hurstboro
0 o
-op, Tbo peo
Alabama Christian Advocate
It would be to the best Inter:
»nd senator MoIloweU npml:
tenant-governor—Sumter Con:
don __ ,
Interest of the State to have Judge Bran
* mated unanimously for governor and
^ ijty Journal
Sentiment of this state Is definitely orystallsed In /aver ef Judge
Brandon and Senator McDowell.— Andalusia 8tar.
Judge Brandon In about to prove that a poor man can be governor.
—Montgomery Advertiser.
tPald political advertisement by Edward Doty, Tuseaii

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