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Nashville union and American. [volume] (Nashville, Tenn.) 1853-1862, May 18, 1853, Image 1

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wrr-rar' Vr- ' 11 "P-Vp T--r-rr, , -"-"-""--V;'.
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f am W en
EEKLY UMON--Is -furnished lo ubswibers ai
Jowiu rates: Single copies, cmeye-r inadvanijre.
jritliin the rear $3 00; ait Uia end oytUjrear 41 "
jf ilre and upwards 2 00 per jep"pj"7tma
. aClubs of subscribers will be received for six raa&iUis
t foregoing rates. . .
T-WEEKLY is p3bliaeaiererjjTuesd.ar, Tluirallay
riiruay, ai fco jwr anjium.ui iiuvauce;.!! noi nam
's, eb.
' liY is published at Eight .Dollars.
.a- js of subscriptions marbe . made by mail at ,ol j
A- . ,,-."11 l nr H, C.I.. . 11... r.rrr!'?'fri'
." .1 IU IK ecun WV1 ui me ikuc uuiu U1UM
' tnied with tbe cash.
' T -r. i l m . . r-. T 1
WYES Adder's Wharves even- Saturday djsfc"
l.i titurdav, Ja. Alrcr, ions, vj rrsi
; .-iuson, Comhiander iI:irion, 1,00 tonsil. Berry
; lieSouUicriicr, AV. Foster, Commander, will leave
-"Sternal AVednesdHy. Having been newly coppered
a Tuaras rjiiea, is now in comnieie oraer.
Jt tjy'frcight or iissajje, baring elegant State Boom Acoom'
JWiou, apply at tho office of the Agent, I
ComerEa'st Bay and Adger'a Sou. Wharves.
iXJabbin nassaire -5S. " Stceraee SS.
.B. A new ship will be placed on the Line to connect
oouuienieron vt edneHUays. leulT trw
tLM mux iiutiVUHi.
S'it the Sig
X V" the bign ot the Spread Eagle, College Street
P. BT JHEundersigned is nowpreparcd to clccute" all -ZS
aMWrX I t nJ a 11fm..I.I 1 ' - . T T T Jlil.
KT I ivuiifc nuu va siuu xciiciit.
.every variety of tjates, Funcv Step, Balcony
erandali Railinc. JIv voifc.willlie executed as well
.nv of that biousht from the Eastern t)itie. and at nrices
'low as the same article' can be procured elsewhere.
jui juiiua ui iiiucKNiuui i ork. a me Mionesfcnouce. lae
blic are requested to give me a call and examine inv nat-
rns and prices. I will cudcivor to give the utmost satis-
lion. H ll.lilA.11
College Street, opposite Uie Firemen's Hall, Nashville.
mavl tf
Tin c n v w 1 Ti irrTTLTcmur
FFEU their ncrvices to the citizens of Nashville and vi
ciuitv in practice of Jleilicineanil Sunrerv. ' '
Bee on Clierrv street, near the Bank of Tennessee.
r. J. D. Winston's residence, the house latch- occunied
ilr. Annstead, on Vine street, between Church aud
UST KUCE1VED. A few of those fine Black Satin
ApronStocks. Applv soon. T. J. HOUGH'
tIu'ki"-"l',l corner of the rubuc ijquare,- near Plant
: icrs uanlc, .aslivillc, tenn.
'We are drawing Siirht Checks on all the nrincinal
h of the Eat, iiouth and West at the lowest rates, "in
csto suit purchasers."
e bnv all kinds of cuircnt and uncurrent Banc
tSotes at moderate ratrs.
JttCtF"We buy South Carolina, Georgia and'North Carbliua
J I3nk Notes, at a very small discount
it! We will purchase New Oilcans and Kentucky rnuc
jS at a fair premium.
rp$rT We have Gold and Silver for sale will attend to
ft ""-lions--remitting on any jioint requested at Bank rates,
ke but X. nor cent, commissions.
v" AVe are lakmcr Bank of East Tennesee the same as
Purseahcee Bank Notes. janlT
4 n. Factors and General Commission Merchants
' 'They keep an Oilice in Tuscumbia, Ala.
, T 12ia
J15?'H. S. FRENCn, Agent, Nashville, is authorized to
'alie CASH advunces ujiou shipments of Produce to th
ove (inn.
nvardiug unit Commission 3Iercliants,
S.U'AXXAir, i7A.,
anl with care and disitcli to and from the Eastern
vor to nnv point desired. GOODS. PliODUCK AND
1 7-
.CHANDISL, of all ('escriptions, and sell on comniis
. . 1 1 r 11 . t'l 1 1 . 1 1 ... f. 1 .
v iu inuci 1111111.11111, miiuii uan ue uuviii iki
. i favorabe terms in the Savannah market. They wjKeil
J patroaage, and pledge their utmost exertions to give
jsfac'ion. deW 6m
fAGNOI.il V t'Ol'TO.-N We ire araifslfir ine
L salo ortlic celobt-ated JtAUXOUA COTTONSEED,
MM lrti!li cj.ri.ml -tmr-i ovrv.riti'i willi cmna ..P.uii.
thftilantcrs ha"! proven'to be better adapted to JlidiHe Ten-
jQjgjjjthan any that was ever grown. Call soon or thev will
.June. iiuuasu.x iia.iuiu,
Uk Broadwa.
'hS T -p T ATTriTPCT
r.fr: u '.iSi uaxcfacti'kki:
ILflui-' " nnneresarv fur me to say anything in fiii-nr ol
Lki fnioJe ul l.'i-.tinir. tlio constant ini-reao of its imiiu-
rOTgoigllie lat seven years lhit it has been le-sled in nB'r
KjSgs oftlw I'liuin, is the best eridcuo at its nlility
SWecEUii.eou Spruce Street, second door
. r-, . -
jan"wj vmtn ciivkkctiimtt.
tatee'II0N Pres. Hk-nuy 1, IIiu-eh, Sec'r.
jff Capital and Surplus $300,000.
jfSOTtAVCE on lives of white persons on tlm joint stock
rd mutual plan.
'A 3. -Insurance on the lives ofXegroe-, oa reasonable
com S 6m Agent.
".aToVAL. r..U. W. l'lAlilw remove.', to the
i.tlieeaml rcsideoce on Cherry street, opfiositp Judge
s, near Cornelius .t .McCouibs' Cabinet Wutemoms.j
thu IK subscribers hne;issoc)afel5themseIves together far;
le purpose of carrying on a general agenci businoss'
jying aud selling negroes. ( .
c can at all times lie limnd at our oilice. No. Zi, Cyhur
;t, between Cherry and Summer, where we have trebf
ite and comfortable quarters for keeping any rutu1cr"oI
H's, and those wishing losell may be as-aired offsetting
lushest ini let iH-ice.as ve will'eitherbuy onotr own
cuimi or sell on commission for othets. We pledae our-
e to obev insti-uctioir-, and e-pcriallv promise In be Wr
lar in selecting good homes f.ir fiuoiile setranf", witli
sq aratuig (auidu-s. I A tills PORTER."
tis . 1"uutkil liilescountv.
OS. W. Daubs, Nd-sliville. jan2C
TTASn0',"'r,' atnllstock of BRITISH, KEEN CI.,
-T T Dry floods,, " . .
'Jlapted to tlie present and approac'iiugseasoiCaBd towb gh
'.to mill continue to receive additions by erery steamer.
' finsistiiigof - r
JUac-k and colored Silks;
French Muslfnsr"
; niicy J)iess ily,
JJ,.jnbr"d and plain Swiss;
'Juslitis uihI Lawns;
e'd mbixnderies and Lace;
1 rt'bite Goods;
I rHosicn;
i Cravats;
I men -and Silk Hilkfs;
a.;u and isilk Vetings;
, Silk and Satin Ribbons;
Painte4-IaiWBSL .
Primed IVrsiaM "
Chenc Royals .
Black Dress, QeoUs;
French Pnnted Luwns;
Craiie iajSres; f
Dress I nn
i Jji otti tunics, ;itikeens,
Ivreiiiliiis. CIimKht,
Irancy Punts, lilack Prints, Euglishaud Freoi4-4'()hntr,
feaciieil aim 1:11111 n jiuslms, Ulcaclieu and uroim I'rlil
. js, CambiRs, .-silk and Unen Threads, Spool Cottons, Ac
L S O-
."Siiw tstvli' Ilmnuts, Ribbons, Artifieial Fl'ters aI,j
1i Uis, liuiiiiei Tiiiiumiigs Ac. ,
' .Caps. IliHihi, Slioc , and a general flock Bf'Goods,
..1 1 jh u is preaivd to nU'er at tlie, low e.t prii i - upon hbn-
.il. and lesf-rclfiilly invites the atleation 1 1 niei chants
ti " trade veiierallv.
..J. D. ii nuunt for veveral lar;
d will soon be largely Mipplird
nl. ., Nastavillt, V
liictoritf ,
villi thci.
ifijiidiir sL.J
H T O i ?iE.-lii couscnueuceof tlie F.n
It it', tic ate eoniiielktl to su!nil h
,r ,time, l.i 111 ill commence agitn as s&hi-i
y tuitabii- 'i. us,.. u n Inch due nutice will b
i"hUy morn-i-js
for sm-ne-ttfl
procure a
.jawi In the
K&IU, and lo
tin up withnut
nts nromMlv.
"f meantime we tinppourli .i'nds wltre4odi
r J-Jwin, lirown t i d., will wme forvurdai(l
v clay, that we tun n.eii ouroivneaeHg
1 iVecan be found a't N... ',s, outl "Sjfiir.
oH stand.
. x .! 11 -I.....1 .1 1. .
.Win Nfijhofs
If 'iMJte.lfir
.uutMffcuds who
It 11 C iniuiu sirsw iimf iiii-iieririHIft 10 e
jf tha1 1 s to those who nave Kindly rarONw
. i j 1 Mith their mtronore 10 tW .fi.
u '.-ei.s. fii who- exeiwus we; m r
! al ul our goods ueresaTed, atloli
use huh us in ourluss.
fit I
I'or t hoppins lorn or 11
ti " i ii i. rt t'uro.
r t.nun
er, frooi llWr to
read orcoarrCiK
iiec, tht any buy
oit, Hisa-Up
Tl r . . .
rrT ill grind, w ith one or two I101 -I
fii,. i.iisliels an hour- either tint t.
w SaiI. and Is so suniJe in its c
...lrc vears old oan k.-"1!) it in ordi .
nTIli e he"- Steam, Water . ll-ifsc Vower.
Having s. .Id Um ewttre rigid of taW.oJteriur ad " selling
xtic above-H 1. m letHMtosee, to .t .Uji. aro a.
C. Howard, NwTilU'. iersons fftl fSt lrcfce can
i,i ii,m nt j -1. swtatHM-i s. ou '-ail -anei. wnere iiwv
will be happj) '"W oraers.
.... - . r- ........ -
ailgS. ,
. ( T' I T
ISM (joid
1 .s"',t-' il.
t 1 WpH
llfUlU I . .' . - I
Chartered liy the State.
h.jusof,nroperty, a?amst loss or damages bv
ire. afeoarainst music r,f
imwic.ii LtJ wijh.IT n.ts nn nil . I . :
igsiion. 1 iTOxiwtions for insurance will Iks received ntrthe
-. ,-, vi IUIBIIU IiaV
O'tice ol.the Aashville Insurance nl Trust Co.. College "Sf.
A. W, JOHNrioy.-J'resiilent
T. S. DAsmrxL, Pec'y.
"ashville, Oct. 8, 1852.
fCOiniSECIAL insubance cousany.
Capital 8250,000: AIT Paid In.
I HAVE been appointed Agent of the above Compan v at
axhville, and am fullv prepareAJo- idee Jlorine, Fire,
Kivr Risks, cn the most favorable terms.
i. -AJ5llt41enientof the solvcncv of the Company can be
! tiheot)ice of the XashriJIe Insurance and Trust Com-
iiaiiipn v.iiiege sireei. , ,
-K-pJg" JOUX S. DASHIELL. Agant.
fi SFFlCE on Ceilar Street, adjoining the Post Office, and
t1 opposite the Verandah, will insure on tho mutual prin
i ichte, Houses, llcrcliandiie. ie. neainst xrsw Bamasrobv
fnr SSeaiaboats on any of the Western waters against the
Jlaaiils jif InVaDf1 Navigation and t'le Cargoes of Veswels of
evey description against tlieTeriis of the Seas and Rivers.
1 fa. ihift Tw V,p i i.iii. v, : i.
ai. ine,iiiTCST)t persons in good Iieattn, tori a single j-car,
fori tereW years, or duringlife. Also, Bank Notes tians-
miuvi per man,
. Alrans Iiaving tbcTr li es cr propertj iusured-fii this1-
instiution, are entitled to a full participation in all
narucinalion in ail ice urot-
itg, Without any liability to loss beyond the amount of Pre-
ramii n iucn uiey may pay
, II. S. PII.ClIEIt, President,
. J. B. JOHNSON, Vice President.
J. F. WnABTON', Secretarr.- r janl
0T7CE on the North side of the Public Square, midway
'1 'tween the Nashville Inn and the Planters' Bank.
Theyki ill make insurance on Houses and Goods of every dc
scriptii i against fire ; ou Steamboats and Cargo against fire
and tlicisk of the river; on the Cargo of Keel Boats and
other fier crafts, and on seaTcssels and other cargoes, on
the usua terms. JOHN 31. HILL, President.
Josepi Vaulx, Sectelary.
Diuiiusj. Alex. Allison, JUin Jl. Hill, F. B. Fogg, G.
M. Fogg, Junes Correy, Juo. 31. B.is, Joseph Woods, Sam
uel tcay, jattliew atson, J. J. M lute, JacoD JlcliavocE.
janl " '
&. J. cillit, see'v. J. b. nuTUEurottU, pres.
Capital S2.10,OO0 !
iOjliceoti Vk'arsth(t,ottr the Mutual ProMion Ins G.)
"V7"lLL tale Urt risks in limited amounts on city or
V countr propertv. Policies issued aud Losses ad-'I
lusted and me at the ofiice in Nashville.
Retekexces-Ii. J. Levy, 1 "
B. Coiiegevs, Cashier of. hit Bank, f
W'X. !ul&r, " Girard" fPhUadcL
,J-AVI), nte i Sons 1
-Rev. A xander Camplicll, Bethanv, Va.
t-,Patrjelv Brand, H-inkers, Pittsburg.
iaWTH. 1 imzli, Irving House,
"GTWTC elcn. Cincinnati..
New York.
Nas!ivn!e?sFehn iry2i i3M6ni
JAM11S .SLOAN. Proprietor.
ITitrlU K'areroonu U tit W.i Airtd Ojtntr of Summer and
HAVING-made intensive enlargemcnU in myllarble
Works myf it. lities me such that I can execute all
kindsorworkinthen -jst tacfi.l manner and the latest style,
a-s cheap a it can be don.- in any of the Eastern Citie-i.
!v calnng w my Wai -rosin?, ou ttic comer ot bpnngand
Summer tlreets, speei lens may be seen uhicliwill euab'
Iiei-soas tojudgc fot tbmiselve.5, which is the best ruetb i
laving da liaifd al! ks Js .f Marble from EeaSt Tennes- e;
Also, a tiiie assortment of Egyptian, Italian and Amei M
31arblc, vrtsiablju-Ulaii )nv to the trade, wholesale a te
Ud, thiisliid or iu lite rvigh stale.
A large assortment riIo:.raKNTS, Tombs, Bi tsmal
Fouxts, CnNS, Vasim, tl-riiLN FiGrius, Giiave St tS, Ac
carredand lettered toon sr.- FiumTLRK .Marbu t-iecuted
to order ami sent loai.,-tsrtof the SiAith-West a- cheap ns
it can be procured fron." "ir East. AUo, 3LnBf 3Iastels,
of every description, plain, i carved. Bctldixc iroxf, sold
Wholesale ami lictatl. ' "
All onlers left at in WaiW'oots on tlie co-ier of Spring
and Summer streeLs, will ncel nifikprompt .ir&ntion. Iy
friends gericrally will findji fo IKr interest to caH and ex
amine my stock liefore pimli..!rig' elsejvbtre. Thankful to
my old fnonds and custoi&i-fo'r their' liberal patronage, I
hope bv strict attention to M;iocssrto mcqt a continuance
Wdfeir&Tortt ' " vja.vss SLOAN; "
Coiner of Spring and Snnu4tr sSfct-jNashville.
fehl-ly 1 . '1 f
r-r-2 -?
M 7"E lui' e just received alurje JaulBueas- cyST?
soriiuent of Trunks, Carpet gs and
Comer of Oollcgr am 1'idon sis..
RfiWAUb.- I villiKivtlieabovf reward
s -v iiersou or tieisons. us a nrciuimn
aLtrrC tltetiiurke'.
lew Uieoiarktf-1 mv. lor cam u niiuJ land Warrants.
oftihe dLiiwniuato lb of ant 40 acres. I will pur?
pHB .sohiiler lus jnt returnifjlrom the
.!' l"(4-j'il is consiatulv receiving .Jl kinds of )
PUUMICRE, CUPEllS'(, Ac. lift stock ut CIs23
frgsem fm juts of almost cwry nilieleiu bis line ot busi
ss, j:is extensive as any in the cit!', PureliAseisi w ould
I, do wel'ICHdill, a he ii delerwroed to ljw for casa or ou
I tiiBei.iJaj.moveil paper. A. PATTERSON',
nwiito voiiege I ewrunurcii street.
ry,VR 1lKroi.gli hied .lacl;, 31ARINUO 3IA3I
1 Jfuill, direct Inmi iventucKv,
his itrtt senHHi iu Tennessee i Ceoe
Yill make
pnngiu "'--'a.
tMa.rfkill couiilv. live miles bekiwtlie Mliinc ford 111 Duck
ftHier, tti thwtv-!ie dollars lnsoranoe id fittv cents groom
. Jonuets eut tioin a drstniioe wil be pastured gratis,
n-ij grain fed, if required, at liftv cent- ptr week. He is
fill lit! een hands two and a halt inche- high, gooil honest
iiioasiire, unusually large bone, and leavi; b'ack, Willi
iicaly nose. He has tho form, size, Co1 ir aiul blood to re.
oommend him highly to these who w a to improve iheir
stock. We consider' linn fbe master 'tilt of TeunesSee.
For further particulars see hand bills.
marolill--'m KN1G IT A WILSON.
u. c. cam hi. wsi.TERiir. j. c.obw
151, Market ,it.n.i MithAattt JH.lvMvti't
pnlj ly.
.-. . . DR. j. W. (.'IUV.
Office in MeCombs' New Building, en-Cherry Street,
Mvttvtrn iJtOitcricL atui .va.
de-M 12m I'1-.sipdrcii SeWame.
UST received Platform Scaiesto vo.ilf I60O lts.
ilo do CO
Ifiod lbs
do ' do ()o
' T) Us.
do do . 06
Counter Scale-, Tea Scales. "X 4
Extra sets ot Weights: fol rigll,1
Culdioiis.r-, 50 and GMIoni ' " "
Sugar Kettles of all sij. .
English Pots liont 1 ttl$ Ga!loH3.'j.
Tea Kettles of all sizes. i - 'H
xio., ior cioves. 1
CopK i-Todsiei-s, with -nirecvliniMsii
Euamoled Sauce Pans fH iiwoTit AMtqiu-M-
Turned Sauce Pans and Frtrl 1lri4i'A.
npi-iW SNOW, MAtf .WAH C.-
TUST received a few imt-ems olrinrart I'xnmy iiiintt
r) for w htcli on account f? tlieir beau a aeir.naSirior niiso-
utactuif, lmvc received priies-at lTx'ii'tHti feuuitioOA. 1
Theso.nre llie .li.iinisrtHi.su Urate iftte.iiu l.-en
olTarcd lor sale in Nashville
Hiriii; ' -stNowfiru-KKXifS: CO.
Ladies' and Gentleman's Furui' hirg antl Facs? Ocods.
7 II V. R E may be found at uii tM'i RmertMit-
meut ot 11 inclieier. Uin-iit Je i3iu!ss. .t JJirfs
Patent Shoulder Seam l-lij-fc, f t jiuilia wMi Un
en ISosiinis, (;ingliam,,Kft ii(i ''ljg'i Stondii.;: ami
liuiin Cwllark, UutkriiewC' 'fee -.-j, "Silt. Cash-
nieie, Vima Cotltui an Cuki r'minel, Pr ladias
and gentle i.e'i. Genti Clo" Ctn.-iis, GUin-'-, K;1 and
Silk, Ruek. t'asbuieiv, ("Ii h, ta.w)', Wiwli ."mruia,
Cutf dloves, ami I.nliea, mt liv it irvisi' Gtuinile's, ..:-'rii
and Silk llaiuUereiMeCi, Si ek, Cu, Woterford-, .ili-t.
lie JoiHVille's, plain, Ee Ai ---iti stdfiuljjiliixiill, . . . tc
Svaifs, lilaek. hhiI White 'i.-J- ries Sbodlr itnua-s, Su-
Iieuders, Silk, WikiIoii an -n.-, iglit(lits0il Suk Jfatli
iiur Units lor laUius iuo -t nituuen.
Bas. Vi alk- !
Strengiucniiig RelU, lie v k. ("Ikunliie, UWwttdiiis, Vi'alk'
mg JHH.-S, 1'idivc jr , 7rt-!.laj, Sole lajatber, a!i,
Cwpet Kaafk, SjiAmU, ti,-M:iig CattM, Work Ititi,
lets, (n (il l , him. Hi-ttiajs, Kws,"'riiiiuj irftks
Vigne Umk, FImU. TtlrfH.i'g Co: ijk.oioa Itari ami
Ifotw 5Iiimi, I nm4, Brir-iibk) iJwil -r' den Um.is.
l'orfiiHicrv. Twlet jyt"ts. Pocfct CuWwr- .tn, ariJ!
itmeiit r m-.ssr -urMWi, twll k br FuV-
Webairuo-.c.-i-j,; -pmento-jvitt- mr iipi(d-itVI
North to ! nimi j s.- -,4ii iiHMiid bv tfiwu.
thenHewk ' h;n.. .fa m,. (,(ti,iu li-n flam
fmmitie New irk 1 m y.a ifmis,
MViJltS A ll.riS, '
PwrtdnMwg fAirft i.. ... uteet, 1 door SouiJobf ihe
Sumut, NaAV-av letn
UST K'OHIVKD. T. JT Houx Is ws-reewrine
and orco'-ip liim .-ir--Jgand Summer stisJT, eamwtasg ot
, mi"!'"!, 1 iimmv, lit., iu givtit Tanoiy- arm 01
rtfce,. Ai. iw8tolbtolteuiU:3I.'id!Clot!i-
r.rr-t.! l
ali-cs. (imsisiiii" of sofr'- 11 nt (Tin Jl' V-sS1.'!
lAsaiierTravelin?Traidiiini! Va!ia..:ilsii,.t-S.iiimv lttiis ! .. '"-u-et
iJLs. Wiliouaud comini.iCaniel .iaaii yvlnch e uillsellai i ?Vs:ii o..
low prices. Ls JlQLLlNS A CO.. I , xhz.' " , 1 n
-..,. I i.uuaiiuii. 1 nr
rvieoJP"lj WiriSsussvcXsaBxj. Szr1 w.-iiiuiuihi. . water. jr
. . I . JTWaBW'j 17 B 1 1- 1 I 1 1 1 M ' I ' ' I 1 i at - . f 1 1 " I - 1 P T 1 Tl, . n "lir.
soiiUi.f rjjti .Nashyile, : jfj fctl4 m-7. J0t0 na fi-atnc h6. Kitchen. n2Ti) houses. Ac.
biiis, ml. '.ffLiJemeafi FurnMilnff fhxiit-tn all ofwtrfth
e invite Us .'-SQiiifen of lus friends tsa-.l the public ftener-r-
tmi.i T. J. U0UCH.
5 .
Dealers in. Cotton a3000- Reiving-and For
warding MerchftT' ?'earaooat Agents, &c,
H?. . YftturxriKfi v vioiittit'
v:j- &aoK,. SMITH & Co.v v
:! "WholcfaiOieers and l)ornmission Merchants,
J&SIiVlLLE, TENN.,ss . ,
' TAYIKQ sUifposedpf an interest in the Grocery, depart-
L JLvneriif'H our wismess to .Mr. JIabisox ."-hhattox, ine
Jaa will (roai this date be conducttdtunder tho stvlc ol
IBTR'ATTON, SMITH i Co.atouroldffid;oii the comer
JiarKetaoa feToaa sireeis. ,
.. v . .1- i -it i . i -- .l .:.i. ' -
eryjSi iowfuch wo, ir.ti'ailhe attention; and so
licit a uifl. nun merchants in th&sjuntry as well as city
dialers, be'a'deienn'uel to seujtiwas anyhouse U the
citvT Ourterms cash and cash'rjfilv.'
aprl,l!53. " jF JOHNSON" A S3IITM.
j R All AGE, & CHURCH.
Wholesale and Retail Dejaier? .in Boots, Shoos, Hts,
Caps, Trunks, VsJises and Carpet Bags,
. . College tTBEeTASuvttLE, Tens.
Cottoa and Tobaccossler, Forwardinij and Coainisa'on
.7 e. - KcrchanV
: 7
-tTW..k - '.Xr, . VTr.lrvnn f
'(StXc5JB TO LaxIEII, 3I0ERIS & Co.,)
Commission ais For.r'iiig Mcrciants and Vlot ' le
7TTE havrfnoi
tfEnow iu store a large stock of Groccncr Li
ifWhics, etc- which will be sold at the lo 1 est
maiketjin for cash or barter. fsepi
BENJAMIN IFj. SHIELDS &.CO., having per
ni.TiBdtlv Iiioated themselves atrew.Oileans.oDcrtlieir
Services.fs'Coramission mid I'orwardingJIcrcItaiits
niid finOrnl Agents, and solicit consignments of all
linds Western, Produce, feeling confident that they can
and v& give satisfaction to all nno may entrust tliciPinier
est Urilicir care. Proceeds of sales will be imariably held
sacrfd andproniptly remitted.
ITS. Extensive an-aiigefinntsmadcfi)rthe receiving and
m without delar.
I augl2 ly
BEN. M. NOEL, fir BR0.,
Grocer)" and ('oTtimiioii, Receiving and
Forvrarding Merchants,
And Dealers inForeign and Dsmsstic Liquors,
Li 4WbhIsS.iui Hale's Whisxy; Ktibbls Dran(iWhi-ky;
Stfbbls Old Jf m'ongahela do SO" Brown's I) Ddo;
50.." Aincncan Brandv; 40" " S 31 Wine,
20 " Old Port Wine; " 25 " N 11 Rum;
5 W Pifies Old Brandy, best brands;
1 Pipe InshT-Whiskv 0 Baskets Champaigne;
0 bojjw 'ifliieber's tiinger and Raspberry Brandies;
52 Pipe- Holland Gin; 20 bbls American Gin;
50 bxr igs Jones' Tobacco; 50 " Walker's Ale;
0 V l mg A BirdeweU's do 2obxs Allison's Tobacco;
2i " irjiuiocrz so i oo; so tenners do
go-., rv-
Gold Leaf do
10 " Fcnix's
20 " Missouri
10 " Sam Wools ."'s
5 " Rend A Nash's
10 -h. Daily's do
lu "'BStier's do
.". " S E WJiite's do
In store and for sale by
BEN. 31. NOEL & BR0.
iJO bags iTime Bin Coffee;
50 " " lirii ivra do:
25,000 Imported Cigars;
30.3 bbls Reboileil Jlola-sses;
JJOO halves do do;
50 hhds cho'ce Sugar;
500 bag fine Salt;
300 kegs Oysters;
500 cans do;
300 bbls St Louis .Mills Flour;
100 ' Cincinnati do;
50,000 Melee do;i
10 frails "S S Almonds;
10 tierces Rice; ' '
5 ceitions Indigo;
2 casks Dutch Madder;
20 bbls Copperas;
20 bags Pepper;
13 " Spice; "
Dix) ftimi Wrap. Papcr;
500 lbs Kanawha Salt ;
20 kegs Shot and Ia?ad;
300 Kegs-aiH assorted;
300 boxes GLuwwaie, ass;
jk.i ciot. iirooms;
25 bbls Golden Syrup;
30 bbls and lialf bbls Crackers:
20 bbls Mackerel;
50 bbls Iioaf, Crushed mid Powdered Sugar;
S0n boves andJialf boves-Raisins; .
- Just received and for sale by BEN. 31. NOEL A BRO.
W.UTEI).-A few thousand bushel Pea Nuts, for
whicli wc "will give the highot market price. -
febltf BEN. 31. NOEL A. BRO.
LOT fronting feet on lower College st.; running hack
lt"o feet. Two houses ou the lot, which reut for- 210
a j; price 'too
on rrankiin turnpite, in I reston Hays addi-
rresofland in Smith ctaintv, ? mile from
trTtilitvthe land cunnot be s:ini.ised. bemir
principally creek bnttiuu, alimt 10" acres cleared and in a
high state of cultivation, the tudaiicc finely timbeiiSLs
The lmpreveineiils consist nt a giMid fiame dwelling,' ife
gro nouses, Irani, stables, Ac., and Saw and Gi-t lllls, and
larding 31achiiic,ceiitruoted to inn 'either by teani or
Al-iO. 4s acres oi land oiiSnrimHield nutL tl miles from
Nashville. - - " ' - ; -.
fALS0,2.acresoflflridai"joimng ihepreperty of W. R.
Lucas. -
ALSO, T acres of land on the Nolensville Turnpike, splen
didly improved
i'iL-sO, 3!5 acres otland, 4 miles from the city, ou the Rail
ALSO, the UrgeBrick AVareliou.; ou College street,
know n as the Port Boval MiHs I)eiot. -
AIO, iiSiaeiesioClaiid in Sumner eonuty, near Castilian
Alsl), a tract of laud in Sumner county, 011 Cumber! unl
river, containing im acres, known as the Summ-r. Pap-y
Mills; the bnil.hngs Were ereeteil forapajier mdl,sud mi
well construcled lor tliat purpose. Price &,oo0. 1
AIJsO,'Sai'ies-ttgriutdin EdgeiMd, oiosilc the prOjK
crty of(en. S. It. Anderson.
AljSll a finely nnpmvoil lut next to Mrs. Polk's, front
ing ssfeSroii Vmektrrct. 140 feel deep.
ALSO, 1 iu.r and !' p..Ies ofgrouud near the State Hospital-
iinpiovc'.nents good.
ALSO,ak.t 00 coiner of Gay and McLemore street-, with
agood brick house cuiifaimiig "i looms.'
Alsll, a er- deirable'fnrin lo miles from Nashville,
tear tlieFinuklinTuni)ike, contain n JisJ, acies, good
twos'iu i brick dwellings and other, immiivemetits 011 the
place. - "
A1-S0, a Urg6 fine brick ho"'ision A'ine street, betweeti
Chiireh add Brtrid streets, the lut fronls 4o feet on Vine
iStrcet. - - ,
AliSO;sr,ijou a etas of bind 011 the old Springfield read, 17
miles from Nnshville.mi 3! insker's Cii-ek, good dw elling and
other netes-ai-v bn'Wmgs, and also Steam Grist and Saw
ALSO, a larj-o bricfc houi-e on Chui cli street, ncor the De
pot, containing IV tn.-, liesiaVj kitchen and otlier necessa
ry Imihlings. Tliebouseis wellc-Nistmctcdfora boaiding
Al-SQj small brick limis, ffimflnsoU Locust alley, near
riiiiijjrncw-y. :
IiSl);'a2jlmiblc tenement, 3 rooms each 011 Crawford St.,
AliSO, 2"? acres of land in Sumner ctrmty, nnemilefrom
Gallntiii. The impioveirents are first rate.
Wc have also1 nnmber ot other lots 111 the city and farms
in the countrv, winch cam bu J oir-Ut 011 good terms.
GLOVER A 110Y1),
oprMlS No. Cherry street.
No. "u. V!?;.Tr sncARi-- .VASlil!t,r.E
iir. riMX'.i;nig -itiu m-w mvuti
their MiKkW.M'RINO
and, iu eiK-Ht and Viri.'v,
it U dflVUIv 1U1 nt alum-live ritev iMte eter openeif.
woold call the aliwit uM pnrchsvr totlic tullowiug,
S dft tBiiir Sht floods not gflMiudrOled :
t RICH IRHs-s- utmilS. '
Plaid India Silkr;
IMicate Suiuni Sillts ;
Plain liicii .idks,- :41 colors;
lterage, "
Chkllei , luy aderes; '. -"
. Fine LiiiwCioatiri, 4 i!!.;
Plait and RordW.1 f4ri)tk';
Rich Organdy Miwliws7 ' -
" Freiieb Ctiiirtz ;
Prenth Jaconcls. fnmrW 56 cnh; -'
' IjiCE o'OOUS.
lftcietiitf'MuHUi Collar.-. CutiVajvl Dimity Uknik. Je-
wictt ainl Linen Fkimcs. iUmmz Robes, Pjh
ami l rav -Mig 1 inwv- ,
trM-i.-vaiM. t -1, .j-.. tia...aJt- v-u. 1 :..... ...i
M' .' ..1,. '
Nankins. Yum Birrt' K . BWr. rl"-i!aU"k il Mlie(oil J
Ttmeln. Lace ami Mns'm thiktaiu. HUwchI u..d DnoaiM 1
mw''S. Il J,,,i't,
lite mtist lirau-ral Sprinr; sua Sunm-er AJsotles ever
opinied 111 ft'aslnille Afo S0k furMaHWos.
u'ltrct.' lUi.nisr
Jui! rJaiiSoi, UajrCoid, SfflrWS""iis, CIHftke.l J.W-
rmt.; Dotted Sa-is Mucins. ' ;
yiuean-1 WiiiteSilk Hose, Turead and KnjrlWi CVJim 1
I'oac, Xias, Silk and Cotton Sleckiiigs, LtfuutHitl Kibbotui, ,-
;i.ieu, Faun, Mitts Kid UIovop.
MOCRM.-it! GOODS. ' y
Allea(!, laialhiye, liUkaiul I'hnd Silks, Bluet Crapes
Ileragv-, Htughnins and Mu-lmir, blue Rcpt SlfkK, wilhout
hrttre, 31ouromg.)lm.r-hd SWrca.. - ,
Cloths, CiWnuHies. Vmtmis,-DnligsSitTRj)ler Osl
"Irvfrs. Lisle Thread Slorls, Lmeo and SiHtSbirfs ; Cravats,
Poit.-t UkUdkercbiefs, striped Lislie aud Cotton Half
Hose, AcAc. .
We will lake jrreat pleasure ifi sliowins our .iot,.Cm!
lngaisuredwe wJlbe able to oiler rush IwlactfC ;, iit
rcgard.styIeandprRaaj,asUUtVanitededliralI. . -
vr -,. .r a w- A- J- - HcOLKIJaAND.
abville, 3iarcli S9;-lS53. " "" -
. .GirE3II(LVi;nTAB
.currey & jiAnns. - - .
. tt2iif$o, S J-ios. STtirtT, srXsnvif.r.E, TB-y.
ODA'WATEK. As wann weather is approachirfg
(live fitted up n rtcw-our Soda Fo'untv Imd are prc-
pareddi'PensRi'' and'aR city Soda Water asimv
other" V,1SC 111 t,ie city. Ours -jhall btithe rnfpltuUratni.
Tlief,nPatt all made ofihe finest:pa.ility and most deli
cat tovor. Wc shall be happy fo receive the jalronage of
ou'itizensandorstrangers'visltingjhe citv.
(S"Our BvdtFuunU vsi&nulUvpm on ttt SaUiQib.
cuuurrv A-XMrtrrv
P"t2 .t,A.s,-5, Union stvbH
ties, uitreccivod and for salalow bv -
np-2 CtJRKEY A3IAIITIN', Na GSUniont.,.
' T 10 doz bari iust receivej bir v-
170R UATIIINCBalh Belt?, Balli Glovesf Bath
l I'..-l.'-. .....1 I . 1 1 . (,'nnn I -. T . . . . . .-..1
S ELECT POWDERS, Or Haskell, MEmucn &
Hcli "Wchave just received an additiimal snpply of
'these pure and fiiuidulier&lal medicine, which are eipecial
ly rccommendoil to the attention ot physicians.. - We are al
so supplied with
Fan's Chemicals;
Powers A-WeightmanV Chemicals;
Tilden A Co's Extrticts;i-. rC s -
Henuing's English Extracts;
Slander, Weaver A ilantlvr'a Chemicals;
Thoira' Extracts, Ac.
All of which are warranted pure ani-gcnuiM. The Pre
scription department of our establishment is supplied ex
clusively willi these pure and unadulterated medicines.
- T-jif 'Xo adulterated prays, Sl&i'wiru, or can
findaplacein ourstoic. OURIiE'i"3;.iIARTIX.
IJ LOWER SEEDS. lCuo jiaimra of ram and select
1 Tlowcr Seed, just ieccivedier exirress from I'hiladel
puia. 3Ianv of thef seeds have jmt been imported from
Europe, and are enti'cly new to our western gardens.
AIo in store, a large and fresh iwarrantod) supply ot
Gan!-i Seeds. CUKItBY A .MARTIN,'
inarch!:! No. 35 Union street.
2S lieinejtoeer ali Hemediti for thr tUtattf the jAvcr
JJuspemta, JMlargement and Jlumnt t the Spin
HearOt'trm. (iite FialaUace, fUt, CbiuUrnatiw: a
diieaseetif the llneet-f, and such lnw an arhe from a
disorder etate uf the Siomuth, Liter nr BnreU, at
Scrofula and JSort of any kind. Fr General JMtUity,
from which Jjtdie 'frequently tyfer, there ti not itr
H)uali Uie.ieMe Materia Medioj.
rj'HE inventor of tliisprepnra'iun was for three yearss
.1. completely prostrated from Dyspepsia and inactivitro'
the Liver that ho was fi cquentlv .for weeks at a time unable to
raisohimself from his bed. Ifc sought aid from physicians
at home and in Europe, but in vain; hiscftsewaspriiiioiinced
hopeless by thousand", and it was by accident t hat he suc
ceeded in curing himself. Since he las boon practicing tnei".
icine, his success iu such cases has been uiiriraHod.. He
has beeu awureof the incredulitv of theDUblic. and con.
quentlv said nothing thitHighthe press of his own case
...:i :i... i. . i..rl... r..ii m.i f .
ilitui inn uiiai rtiii-i ui lar lucuiiiiiic V1113 juuy cnwoilsueu
by its success, asshowilly.the certificates whicii Icircotea
advcrtiseil. - r
JL. I subjoin the certifictle of Prof. 31. GaiiBERT.of ilooiphis,
Tunn., with whom Iuflen advised during tlie time ot mv
3!sMrnu, Tenn., April 1 7, ldMt
. I hereby certify that I luve been acquainted with irf.'J
N Jfledsoe and tome years ago he was reduced 1 .".(.i jre
lower. ban I have ever seen any one that afterwards rouvir
Sl.'Arith wliat I supiiosed to be Dyspepsia and Liveralljca'on,
and after living the prescriptions ot "many PhysuBans m tins
as well as other countries, without relief, he hnally-.'uceedel
with a preparation of Ins own1 in being restored to ifcyod
health. 31. GA LIBERT, 31. p.
Physitians arc requested to try this preparation. We
feel satitfied it lrtll sustain the character wc give tolflii ths
, Hi-yNviLiE, January 12, 188, ;
DilBleiisoe: I take the libertv and fell it to Le my duty,
to rccominend to all persons suffering frcm diseas; of the
stomach and liowels, your Alterative Compounc", .ls a very
seperifir medicine. 31y son, aged 15 vears, bail becnumler
medical treatment about five years tor dTspepw'a and diar
rhea n hen having almost despaired of his recflveW; I eon
eluded to trr vtwr Alterative, two bottles of which, flef"ve,
cntirelcut'cdhim. 3IICAJAH CAYCE
HcvrsviLi.r, Oet 17, 1S."S.
- Dn. Bledsoe: Some time has eiapsed since I gave a.cei
tificate that my wife bad been gieatly bendiled by your
Alterative Compound. I now take plcisiire iu sa"ig to
the public, thatinv wife had for llneo it Crfir A-ars luvn
subject to tlte woi-st kind of sjiells of, craiup in. tiiJbstoziiacli 1
iruiu ui sjiepsia. 1 uau ineuni sevei-u wnum ltnouglit tone
the best physicians in the jilace and a great many difi'eren
meilicines, with inomemari- relief. I"eing persuaded to trv
your nllerative coiipiHmd,I did to- an4 1 am happy fo Kav
that it. has entirely cureil lier ; am! 1 would cooscieiitij Jsly
recommend it to all jiei-soiis siilleimg from diseases of the
livcrand dyspepsia. . N. B. ROBERTSON.
Hl'xtviu.e, Sep-: 21, 1"1.
Da. Blkdsoe Having seen the puh'K-ation of ytir Alter
atite (.oiHpnuiid, I think itmvdutv it- av lo iliepublic, Ulat
x ikiu oeeii ior wurs-tmiiopi iLjri:
.. .1 it t.. , : 1 Yii
1 I . I . ...... -l 1- I.. Ir il I
Untuf Colic, iu its
imrsi ionii ; mai 1 uau inou am
ven "by physician-, amlncverTou;
tnfngtlwt is et
would, eer J
faiuly renevome, lmtilj tn4i
jeuercu mqni ever itucK 111
s-i)it.B(ri)SOnt'-T-frertlrS-nsTSnildf.U vlmrtof 'my duty
toyottnnd toihose who are atflictetl, were 1 mtt to fnrtfier
rveomniendyour Alterative Compoond. 1 ha- e'.itirelv re-
Iieveil me, so t hat I luve not had caii-etntike anlhu'igiu
two moti'th-. I can eat anvlliing I w mil with iminmiti . and
, 1- 1. i.i.i. i . . t . - . , Ji
ix'iicve 111 neuiiu is as goou as 11 ever is ai my aovnnccn age.
Should 1 ever suller from dysjietKia afrain I shall be sure to
tall 011 ion. I am very restieetfuUy vu' likud
HorrrsviLLE, Ala., Aiigtist 24, 1S51.
This is to Crrlify, that I had sufTeied for many je-nsi with
Dyspepsia and Uiseaeus of the Liver. Physician "after Phy
sician h.td prescribed fr me wilhtkit niv rwvivuig anj beu
eKt, when J commenced tlie Use of Dr. Bledsoe's Alteratiie
Cmnjiound, which cured ine soundly, and I recommend it
because of the same liappy effect laien o'Imts of iiiv aeqitiint
ance. JOSEPH . CAR0riIKl!S.
HuxtsVILLe, Ala., 3IarchS, 1S52.
Dil Blehsok Slit : JuJging from tlie certificatis you
have already advcitised, it will be almost unnecessarj' I'or'me
to add furtlier evidence in regaid to the heMh'ng virtues of
your Compound; but I (mist say, that for years 1 suffered a
neat deal from Dvspeiisia and enlaiireineul of the snfuxti
j ami thought that I never would recover. I commcuced tak
ing v iHircoiiipounu aoom nine wccks since, ana nave gamed
.... 1 1 l- .t -V . II . 1 a- , 0
01 tiu tuiunii-, aim leei aooni us w en as 1 ever aio.
QiTTliD above mediciue is forsale in every Drug Store in
the city, mid most of the towns iu the State. G. W. HEN
IlBRSllOlT,' General Agent, for wimlesaleing the med
icine, ""af-price ?1 per pint Bottle. nofrt Ivdir
1)R. A"t'3I. JIcLAN'E,
1) ESPIXTi ULLY announces to the citizens of Nashvilk
V, and vicinity, that he has returned again after, a rosi
deuce of fourteen years m the South, and permanently I a
rated binis elf in Sonth Nashville, at tlie comer uf AVasl
iiigtonand Pearl streets, vihcie he may at all times befounf
by those who may ish to consult him.
He has in his jwHsessioii many certificates from men f
eminent standing certifying to the permanent cure of the
most distressing ca-es o't tlie following diseases, viz: Ner
vous AHeetions, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsias, Chills and
I'eveis, Pleurisies, Asthmas, Colds,' Coughs, Incipient Con
sumptions, Rhcmnat'sms, Weak Lungs, Fits, Dropsies,
Cancers, Ulcers, i-croflulous, Hemoptasis of the Lungs, and
oilier IlouiuragBs; Diarrhtca, Diseusns of the Kidneys, .Mer
curial and Venereal Taints of tho Blood; Diseases of Chil
"ilren, Worms aud various other Diseases incident to the hu
man system.
During his residence in the South, he attended fo over ten
'thousuad diU'erent eases, all of wluchhe treated with mure
lluu ordinary success.
Dr. Mcliine hopes from his niiicli eper!ecciafhe3!edi
cl Prefewion and the degree of success that has attended
MseAorts huotuBire, tooblaiu tlie coolidtmee and patromtge
oTtiie ik awl nW.oled.
NuiUri!!. Fobir-ly. DR. .W3I. 3IoTVNE.
J -i'.''" II Le-:-Mreed, post-jwUl, tojtth Nashville.
I'aiicr and Stuplo ltv (3oo;ls House,'
,V-i. ..1, ', .:ikv, Miittt, At.
"1L"AS now in k!c .1 kir, aid welt MaertM Stuck of the
.3 i soot ueisiriible gixkls ot ihe seasou, brjftciii every
(TiumU, liiwierv of all kiml.-, lUlavt ai! s-$Tt;aauai-. Uai-.l
nai-,etc lamKing ii.iss,a large nuiery o (.arts and I'tt
tohs boittes a (pust sariely of TjBuuingaicl every
tiou ot Goods, to which he unw nibnuU Ihe inspecrkoi of
Slinx-hatiUot'-lliecHrand cnuSfrJ:liid"siiT which stodc ail!
!ahlel daily, iteairable goods ftwu thEast. Vlthaiih
Renei - tllv, arc mvite.1 t.. Kx minv my, ali and
pncei. wh that clutter bousen th I he trad-.
SODV 3 VAT E 1 1 'TV I 1 ' A"! t A T US." ",;V tnk
l.rt.g, -irtUMg wJitQlyM), of the LL-it-.;' nfcSsTaar-
pioved i-wn-struufton, hwiumtfCred an; Sbr baIs ei
pTiclipniiUi't dinvii"nsl'-rl-H, by .
coax ec oe bm atK Axvy Ifcrr,
Oswiir'ite BrBevue, '.'." "n" --Htm YoUk
Tuauaiy ; -'"juJ.,eal iolirui-1 tt-e,fianu
LMIKU' 1 M..' . r'UUlll.
fl.m.n!Si!-- A YtVAL1ll'lUSyi t . o. lb-1 a! 7
r. 1.
s,'i.tai.,j i.-. v.' i&mirt)i i :.iniK-i,t,'
urtiiJai aou-at.,rail, ti4utsa.tij ,Jiiiir-Mtri-!A..iJL i
t2 v--.ul-7.?,..;, v-rri
...i.-f a s"-r , H pjj
Porwardisg and Cammlsaisw Ktcchants, and
Xxas Laud AgMtet
'artieiiiarastctr'SajiMd W tHkui-isnterB- 0&cr, over tin
store of W, ? !', Jti A Co, M ii liagwne streec,
Oct. P. 1 4m New Orieans-
TT"llM!EIiI.AS-oO G.lhojn and iVhalebiKij. Urn-
1 I ...Uh r-.a.-a.
VfiiW ARRIVALS -Bucsui3.,Coimtcr, Paint, l'aint
J ers Dusters, Gilders.' Tip Badger Graiuers Jlearlh
Extra Floor, Lamp Brushes, Clamn 'Sfcrubsj Popes' Heads
for Windows:" Bottlesand vial. to!?etLerivit!i.ul! nii.m.
l1 Mil in il
... .....
II ll llllll ! PWIlWII I
lU-'SCripllon aK-J iimiiitv, l-rchrh 'Hx'iU.i..-. ;:-.-itas, Silk A 'r. have jiisl receiied a lull sirpi.lv of. Iheailbo
lirapiijood,.M-mi iHU of all limi-.Itr. a-$ S.ibride- 1 cle, consisting in jrt as lollowa: , '
rietrnei '.laeiwwt, Lawna and tambr-e. i'jireL-s--. i PovtoWTarkey Opaim, eitra; Kxtmct IlOjwi-oxtni;
ilaceukrtri! latium. HryIHecti:;ea: a vuruar ut other in-j. i '' r" Ithmaub: - lamiiTi "
. Rcctired and fur aalebr
"No. il, Cou-Ecir SiEEEf, NisnnLLK, Tncr.'Jv
RE now.in icceipt of their entire stocli of HARDWARiyv
andCUTMni for the Snnng Trade, and iu callinir
ihe attention of the merchants of Middle and East -Tmnn.
seciKcotucty, and North Alabama, to their largt and varied
usooiiuiriii, ineyieei comment Ulat. il wui coiuparc wora-J
iiinimn-aiiy aiouse in any conniry, rau wcetj t;i
item ufCraosporlal ion is considered, ft will bo found thai
'''V-j;hould pioinptell dealers in this tectum of the
coaw'y'trfeu.iragei home market.
lucy &qp invite the attention of J(lacksmitlv, Carpenters,
and Farmers Visiting Nashville to tfceir assortment of Tooli
Farming Implementsr'Ac, a Luge stock of which they always
keeponhaad. ,
r,atiurrs, (Jlnfevy aud Stauxu, taken at the highest mar-
T-Al nllruu In v'nl . . . . f.Jl. ii. ' - . , , ,
w t.. ... iii vAv-uawgu ioi uiius, or iu payuieni Ol ueots.
1 CU. lOUO.
Ltke to the Pontic sea.
"Whose icy current and compulsive course
- e er- ieis retiring cdu, tint keeps due on I
i TtfthoPrbpoutick and the Hellespont." 1
43o.theundyingfauie, briglit as tho "bta?e of sunset halos .
Q er.thc laurel uiw'd," deservRdly accordcil to those Truly
Fortunate and wellkuonn Kxchange and Lottery Brokers, j
: PVl'ER A: CO., Ratimore, Md. I
JVViU "keep due on," until their jiopularity extendi from the
"icy Caij of Labradore,"'to the searching sands of Nubia's
Dcsert,,and minl the;Il6sannasot'" a Universe extol their i
name inoneprolonged'shout that shall frighten the reign of i
chaos, and startle scared echo from hercaverned sleep." "In j
lazy apathy let stoics boast." ... 1
The grateful praise duly received from every section of
the country, from those who havo been snatched from the
brink of despair by the untiring efforts of these far-famed and .
popular Lotiery Agents, is the only reward they covet for
miming meir energies 10 me puoncs service; totlicm 'praises 1
are usages." The immense amotintof good that PYrERA f
A CO. the Truly Lucky aud Far-famed Lottery Agent-, No.
1 LightStrect, ilaltimore, JId. Have aceomphshed bv pre- '
senting to the public monthly a schedule of unsurpasted )
bchemes of Aijai and J.'etponmUe Lottem. f
Inpicseiitiiigtootirnuineniiis.coiTe?"poudentsthrouglioiit j
the countrv our vcrv brilliant ami i-lo.rint uhmx f..r th.
Tnontri of May, we enjoin those, whose expectations were not
faiiy realiied iif April, in tb language oi tlte Poet, to
- "-- "Attempt tlie end, and never stand to doubt : s '
bm- Nothing's so luu-d, but seurch will find it out"- .
In package of Whole Tickets, iheBnIiant Prize of $50,
2I0,n lirand Consul. Littery of MarvLiud, Class Na 1, was
sent per mail to an Old correspondent in Virginia.
i2'j,oyO, in package of Halves sent toSouth Carolina.
fUjirOOmpickugeof Whole Tickets, sent to Pcmisi lvanio
SU.OOU lajwekage ofLWhoIes Tiekels, sent to Georgia. .
?S,"JOV,i pacliage of Halves, sent to South Carolina,
s Sitf.i'NHyin-jiackirge of Quarters; sent to Temiessee.
$l?,0o, in packago of Half Tiikets, sent to Ohio.
.:lri00ia jiacfcigeof purters, sent to North Carolina.
?,0uo, in jsieksgeot. Wholes sent to North Carolina.
-5ff Be sure to address for a luudsome Prize, .
' " V Y V 11 ,i CO.
Xo. I light Ureet, Jiallunore, MartIan J. ,
Splmuliil Schemes for Ulay, 1S."3.
jyThe Ceitl ficafe Prices of packnges of quarter Tiokets
oury, are given below. 1
Dste. Capital No.of " Prieeof Price of
3Iay. I'mes. Biljajts. Tickets: PacJges.
2 ii',000 78 Nes. . 5t draivn SM 00
20,000 7&-aW - S drawn 6 18u0
i 3i.000 7S Nos. 14 drawn 1Q 35 00
5 5,"00 75 Nos. .IS drawn 5 IS 0V
6 - Ht,i0 75 Nos. I'i cfrkwu 5 ' IS 00
7 1 40,W 7S a0i IJdrSwn 12 4VB
. S - 2"vhm) 75 Nos. lidnlw n . .. 8 30 Ou -
, Ip ,lj,i5rt 78Niis. 12drawj:: .5 IV H6 '
'll So.OVO 75 Nos. IS drawn 10 j ot
12 - 5,y0n 78 Nos. 13 drawn' '5 IS Oo
1 1,.'0 78 Nos. 13 drawn- 4 15 C
1 i ,000 7."irNs. 11 drawn 15 KM
a 16 5" of 1S,WW . 7 As. IS drawn tj iW 0
17 2J.000 7Nas. la dmwn , .-5 is W"i
IS '3f,9rt9 TtCNos. ISdrawT ii 40 00
' 10 - 20,060 75 Nos.- 15 drawn- . jj. IS 00
--20' 24,900 TSiNlfis. ' 18drawii'" ' 5 v 18'flO
- 21.. -16,'toO -Tft.Nos. 14ilrarii 18 'it to
23 , ilbOi) . . TSNos. 15dmwu 3t 24 W
24 2o,UuO 73 os. 12 drawn 5
-25 -3,tW 7ffNos. 13 drawn 10 l
26 20,000 75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 18 W
.27 -. lfi.otiO . 76'ns. 14 drawn 4 1$ 00 ,
23 SO.000 7Nos. 18 drawn 32 VMM
SO 23,500 75 Nos. 13 drawn 3 . 30 06
31 18,000 7S Nos. 13 drawn 5 IS 00
Jajf"Dniwings focwanleil to Correspondents by the first
mails aflerthu lotteries are draw n.
llMitWH i'Ulto4i- tlJr" J'l jl-lajSjfcCP
Uie'Iotteries ate drawn.
There is a Urge per centage in famr of those 'porcba-erfi
wb'ooisier by the Package, and 'bechances of drawing-fotir
oftliebBgestL'riiesia the Scheme, aratbereby seHireil.-
We advise the purchase of Packages ef Tiekets in jevery in
stance. . . .
iyBank DrafisorCcrtific itesof Deposit payable' in Gold
at s-ght, will be promptly remhted toltiose Oorresjk,nden
nlio draw prizes at PVFER A CO"S.
jja?" Reuieuiber A PACSMS.of Tickets; can. draw voue
ijtthe uitist sjiltuidid ;atjxi a sclieme.
fiif'fii order to secure a Fiirtime. anil thaOsli itiwudeate-
Iv after the resadt u know 11, Uie rexters Of this Mfper hare
BrtlU,s, v . , -. I-YKBIF As-tlO.; ;
ajril aSrJm NjyJjdjtlrfiet, p
"M"OTI0Bas heteby grtento all diose itwh l.ieil o Kmwe
J. zhk FisE, de;aased,misLittf , to come iiarivwd wid mate
iiuijiit-iit, and toali bavicg 111 pos-essiou any oftbe goods
anil" chattels nrsaid dVceased, 10 deHver tliein ; and all tbose
haring'cfcmis against said Seceaed to present them proper
ly aiiiRentiQrted, by the 10th day of .! next, or thev ivHl
lie forever barred. D. .R CLAIBORNE,
maichll .Jintnv Adminisirator.
SUGAR.- 28" hhds Sugar, now laudiug from steainei
America and fbr sale by MORRIS A STRATTON.
NO. 51, COLLfcOK SrncHn
QPII00L, Law, Med'cal Religious and 3Iisce!!aneoits
Bunks, Also, "Blank Books and Stationery, at lowest
J-Co'.mlry -Mediants, nndfeelMMil TencheRi snpplnxl on
the m.ist favombkteniis. Nashville, Tenu., tub. 2.
Tl'ST RECEIVED. -A Mipermrwirtinerit of sea
rf senable 1'emly ."tladB Clothing, consisting of
Blaek Cloth Frock Coat-; Black Orap d'ttat Sacks;.
Coloted ." " " " " punts;
" " Sacks; Paucy Cussimere do;
Buu white and figured Marseilles Vest.
And a vaiietv of other dothrng, enibraeimr a fine nnd
elegant assorlmer.t. T. J. HOUGH,
mr.! Cedar stieet.
c. UACStreooR, h. auvat, j. iiankiikid.
O O .II .11 I S S I O N 31 E R V II A X T S ,
55 Sr. Charles Stuklt". (third Store above St. Charles Hotel,)
New Orleans.
N. E. ALL0WAY A .CO,, Nasliville, Tenn., are at
all times p -epared to make liberal cosh advances on ship
loents to in. (sepl8
Wholesalij and Rstail Dealers in Boots, Shoc3, Trunks,
Vallises and Carpet Bags.
Ao. 42, Cull. S'tn,t, XaaXcitlr, Ttmunee.
ARE constantly receiving direct from the best Eastern
Jlaimfaetorics, a great variety of Ladies ami Gentle-
neti JUU ami Shot,- ol Hie JMeA Myte, suitable for
either Gtlf' or Votmiry Trade, which are offered very low by
the packatje, dcn, or single pair. (JomUrj Merchant aiul
U miyers are invited to examine our Slock before rHirolias
ng marchre RA3I.GK A CIILTRCII.
No. 5 Clark Sikkit, N.imivillk, Tests.,
XaUdvor Iu Jl. S. Fre.ici't!ruetrg U'ai-fhttutf, ami op-
poiiU Mwritii iiltuUint
1 A . LLJihidsof carriages fer aey iritli laimess n tev,
XX .to suit. AU-woik sold by jae isiuade at jtfjf
the Ckirlt Street Maniifacfory, "and waft-anteil, and nil! be
sold oti iLSigeoil Terrtivlor Ca-sli orgeoM notes, as aa work
made North or East.
Repairing done with promptness 'and dispatch, ai'id all
persons 'earing work to repair may rely on getting it when
promised.- AIT orders promptly atTerrdM lo. 'marl'i.
ve arti-
" " Kiim.
" " 'i iacajrtJi i'J!s'?' -
AltaMtUdBaj-ivt "
" Swlu. Irya,
" TtrtetJIi-rrli.
' CkasiMHtt. tjaleayatb.
" CHbaUt. "estra
" Caialitxa Lurouri
" Hrgoi- - "
' antolrfafrAIWs '
? iOajie "
" V itjfBi Sosutttk aiy " .
. . limatkiiih
. Cit amymiile, extra:
Opterrr "
- HtMharb "
-ataiii ialiiilla, kobd:
Syraf t."alcf Iron;
llBAimt- -'
'reionOM hi bulk en
- " sauul ' ilia;
"sVMii - Clintie .
Cot larr Oc.
(H:!ect:-ooS-ii .
S. A'tenasi;
Btae Massi;
Toirelbar with a eemnleta aaauruuval av. no t.n ika
1 - . . n. ' . . - ' , I . .T
rVT"" " " 1 T". ".""57" -j4 inn 1 fi
- r v -. j-- hi w mrinir m im
MV- HWlry i-axi -irtaaawana M'jrHie ittfil I
"eirua.. Prosormliona jIituit i nm nn ,' i.ill. ilLa...1
oltsl "select iiieiliciues "JifllliJfcl mlf! I
inuggm, cwn- ciuon and iaeny sirtsn. nyvj
"T OPT reefe.ra Tfef a,,. lrt.w .mIi1i? arL-s-HBam
: 7 s -y .t., , - i.n .iA- tisiTxiw or a dent
.wb otJjHreiia braj.- toralart.tlnllv.mar'tii
J. -Ud ?wt ilminifl9rmtriro
, . . Drngulsi aa Ayvtiiccnrr, -t
XortS ixlt -yWe au.V,c i ia,rs WeltW'tht S
- K - Wlioleala and Retails Dsal8r in .'Tfs
rfflitt,, ltaism ' PiatrcKKsr.
-A vZZT'bL -
tlxtS, ' lTESTt-Jhi,
Shot, A Aftxina, '
GLasaivAjin. -Lraui - -
Fancy 'Awioiss,
Gl.iss: r.
srucrcAL" A;nr rtpvrAi. i:Tftr mkntS:
utxko AimmmsiRi'oKTmsaiui mmsEs
t 1kAD Lb'i.WUNTlat'INK-Vmter.Sp
1 JUU incraidFm7New.S.ri-theTnlU!itV'nb I
. rnrIill : vX . . L Ji:J. SCQVEL.
'M, ,tlie,Shakrs, furlji by '
?UESU GAKDEN.SEED3. from Landrethi RiaerViria
.for saJebv
iirhe Hair this article is pog-
as an aumiraDie preparannri. .
and an, edeclual remedy for baldness aud falling qfT, of-the
liir, causing jtito'roiv luxuriantly, rfenderirtgit -soft; gfrj- "j
sv, oeuunmi aiio preventingits tomuiggrcy. tor rate i.y
wanhll 1LU.SCQVEI.
sia. Gout. Rheumatism, Cramp. Cnolera Morbus.
Ac, Ae., which is one of the best preparations of the day a
tmt wilt couvtucoiue locie-Juiott.-, tor sale uy
andTiaterfc for sale by the only agnrit m NssntilTe,
. inarchir ' ' ., . it- G.SCOVBL.-
A-i CO, for sale Wholesale and Retail b
marehll - II. O. SCONEL.
JLV dcr, warranted
march II
th,vt ami
ir. .
for sale by
"EAS- Black, Young U;rsun; Imperial,
-tacit, Xoung U;tson; luapenal. (nsofoWiaTr, an(
CailOB If Lick Tu-" TlMae Tfus are of 'mod
J Eitra
A 7i 'ACTE f ) io,"iKi to 3..80fd-bJilLv-
V Trrta Rink Note-, ftd tsW,0T.dS-tjtarfeNo:es.
wanted ijmiie.lHitelv by apnl.' D. PaUltfi V J.
(JL"-')- AAA A3IERICAN GOLD for Ml-iMlimnwUt
ttff rl,VJUU by aprjla D. Pt-MSLA CO,
J71ASTEICN liXCIIANGE.-Wo are dranfinjr w .
7 New Yurkapii l'hiiWeliihia to tuin -ffj tui, .iilutjt
' apriTj
EXTLTCKY EANli NOTES and CfceUui for sale
D. l'KA81,AWi.
A rOBILB ani-New-Orfeaw. Bank N
Ai , s . ... -v. psa
810,000 tjg
wanted inmedieJeiv b ..
IX iKLAyyt
JT HAZARD Powder CVapsny irf Cuonecticit :
JfKHJ lbqs Keotftety Ib Powder, ei rbs ench.
00 baUktes .)oi v - do
HjO nr. Legs do do do
"5tV0 kwp fW do do
. 1000)ittrtUu: do
504) lbs do 75" eachj do
tJ4 do
." do
25 do
l- do
:00' canisters fine ICiUe ' fl
1 jotmd.
The above jHWdeC )hm yU lse reried djIeci.trotM fic
Bianufaeory ol' the llxtir.l Powder OmvpHaglte qn.:'.iiv
whicli is welt kuonu thridjfcit the Cniteil Sfa'o. -AM
jwerlmoiprl r flMed trr appStaoon at mr Powdur Dautt
?,'rth! tW ewrite Ptbe 8.. Nasritte. ' ,
ALSO i-Vl.OOOfcet SaMrFikreW lv9naaiav.-
- a 11. loomjs; AjpHt
nmefci't for the Bmard IWder Couipuiiy.
- .A - O0AOK "MAEI1W.
rrHR nodersigned would nsMMtfuUtr in
1 , form theii friends and the public that
they bftvotukenthe oid stsnd ef C T. Wsi, .4
Drudeneb st wlnra thev intsadtMarrv ui COACH MAfv-
IXG ill all iis branches. " WewiH keep eonsiantly 011 hand
an - nMDrtmentiil Ubrrngro, wmeh - win ti.-fose of on
reusouabls terms. Carriages of every dr-muttuM HMiiu to
order promptly. llewiiriug done on reisonabV terms, and
He puiiMo may rely upon getting fheir work wben promtawl.
Work eutruMeil to us will be wamnted to be 01 the- beat
workm-inship and materials.
rtriliacKSMITH INC. Every decrrptim if BLACK-
Miiaia uruv
exeeutea 111 Uie be manner w iioesHl
tAonreare will beunder the immednfe supivirt'd fi
U)e:i'ri,riUiii, and no p.tiuf or exjieHce sMst In jn kit-iofai-riiiH
lo dil. We n-ij eclfully solicit frona lh- pubhc a
tftVrsl share oPtfieir paiioimge. "
feb j-iy m CKAalA SHKlIiBilljU
Ueaivjcg t Forwarding KerchMt,
Iiauaii Stkwt, NauMTuu. 7t)at.
i . tdu id u
iiifcrrn hi it muhmil taSTO
lteivSngmi'JttirWr4r. llarMronelfiMra bitstkud
uies.conieDtrt bouse m il ecitj, Uienieil at an inter ated'aie
po'.rtt be.ween the nprkT River lamding and llai!r.i.u! llf-
votesale nad Retail Dealers inEcots and Slices.
I (r" "" aS-n '" Vs'pi of a large asoted sto-k rf
L Root'; Slim"-, mill Unman, direct fmni the
w-iiwifncmrjiy LMte iltMcs Mill t LiUiic'.i s line 0 alters,
IHts, Esctnlors, Slippers and Paris Ties uf eiery desiTip
tiwn; (rtutw"' iiMperiw t aW Water-I'rnof II. S. Hoots, sw
tine (,'ajf bkitchoil and Pump Sole Ure Uoots; Waiktug
SI iocs, Oxford Ties, Patent Leather and Congress Cloth Gai
ters, BsamfVowtba;' Hi, Saand rMig-aiM: OwrHhties
tiir .Men, Women and Children, awl Cork Soles, Aev-Ae.
We ask iiierduuisand pianlon fii examine unr stoa'k. We
give Imisfsins lor cask. j RAW AUK A CHURCH.
dec-J -w
OA A CANS Holt A Uottly'sfsesh Oyster
Z'UU 4 bbte Cruslied Suftar; 5 Mi I-iilvwiied Sugar:
s- atris besi Cider Vimamc
llki law KinaisWIt
-Jo bxs W. R. Ratsins, fieabj
?K liOfri-svOheeirf
tit Ubla Molai aaic;.
do iliMi-n Bninuis;
half boxes W. K, Balius;
boies Cudta-h-bwao-
HrlM Herntar; .
ueiees Fresh Rice:
5P bugs coiw
95 dnten IWkebs paintrd;
si taues TMhiw Cndlt . alVbtuc Slur CaaoJea.
Al-i-Teas, Matcbe Red. Qvdia, Hf llernnjr, Mackerel,
Ae.. iwWeh will be for Cash-or Barter.
Jiml" JfJ
rplIE subseTfberresrctftilfy anrMHiocps 10 the t-iti-JL
zeprtot Nash rilk aud xtrVouBdiag country ifcat
be is still receiving large addUtouo to has alieady im-
itieri-e stock 01
Gent Fasluonalile Spring and 'Summer Ready
Ulade Clothing,,
which he is prepared to, and will sell AS LOW AS ANY
OTili.lt tlUUMil.X TUB TRADE.
Already in store Pine Drown, LHue, Black and Olive Procfc j
and Drtssa O'ootn of the kileet styles, French Tweed, t.'ash-
mereu, riuso, Eirip d r,t, tlt Lustre and Grass ioen
Frock, Sack, Box, aud Polka Chits, Ao, Ac Ae.
Panti and Jaesxs of every color, shade, patteru and quality
to suit the most Fastidious.
LIKEWISE a hne a-sortinent of Gent's furmshmg arti
cle, consiautig of Fine Shirts, Under Shirls, Drawers, Cm
vats, lluodhercbiefi, tsuspenders. Hats, Caps, Trunks, Va
liski, Carpet Mars, Ae., t.
Also, a vanaty of A oaths' awl CltiUlfane' ClbtftHsp, from
thiee 1 ears of age upward. E POWERS,
Teuaeee C4aifeg feepet; No-. 34 Market St, drree'Jyop
piHv I'nion .. .
i"7No otaiiKxiOB witbany other house in the ait f.
N. It. Not to rHrfU r inMlersorit IjaoyTnun ereombi
naUou of nice. ... 1,1'.
Countrt-.Mercliants in pattieu.ar are earnestly in 1 in-1 to
osHhMl iiHpeet my soclc previous to ;mrchasiag elsen tift
, matabil -t
C o 111 111 i s s i 1, 11 JI c r a It a 11 l,
lsrtrtrT.Miw.1 muITmh..,!. a rVl-pnv r., ,t . I
tuTOTO-Hojop iy rcPresiden
rrdma Kaimaid Onitrpanv
umiiwiij, u. 1. . v'.s.sjl, osq., ricSKlcar, .sjuyttjija. j w
P-sj-Msjar Auarraaai AVmI,
Tmn m- as and jiowh. A hatoma.
ray Geneaal Ageal io
declH imdw
"V -AT K ikHVieeei vims', and w-ifl nti--
V tiuneto receive ibir Hue time. n
large stock of Ft-luiirepk, msi.-ting; ol '
pwwsiu iwameikf Mid Marmgajrr P"rt,r.-etV
baNnislMd to oror.'. to ItMulflkaud Plusk or JiaH- Sulc
al plain aeta; ala. j)teudiit ItoewI and Mdturj
t'tiain!jr n.s. 'ftieerW witli a treat varietT ?86 I
Itoanls. Hi-dsteaits. Hard Kidje--. usii S:.iLs. Tidrs
I. T. 11.. 1
(StiaiMt, Ac, Ac. Whidi wi!r-Ve sohl at the vcrv hmest
rales,. in castta-" mfta Urawiag uitereau
jgai i. . , T- GlilJiiFIEI.D A CO.
J!!UiaES(FOIUSuVLl.-2- Wotuen, witboaeeiilld
i eacn. i wo vi omen witlKmt eluiilrei
ut jlutdxeu. ''our liaji
from a tel.; years U. I. Oue tiirt It yteus old. tWjirl
lA)yeiii8d. . - St
. s. 1
j- tj 1 o c onvrw; :
i IT ' iiVl.t1 -"F
'J -w- X-rtVr, 1, irrlll 1 mliT I
1- I . V- i 111,11 111.1 , 1
1 'JL'i.ular'ih NewiYork citr.
-HORSIHOmNR.-AVVIiaveTBtnir'enf wwniriiim
. . .-v a, 1 ' a-Miniiua niM in m t .... . .av- a,. . f
egKl HOrteESnoEI!S, and the puNicromy lelvw, -rti. w j and now ha, as K . '-. ,f hXr Ti, maxT
theirhnoes shod in the neatest manner. A sntltri ti u H nM J, it- . ...i.. uiir a? jii man
feyS . 15rB-'fd"r.veiiyom;. Womaoffijnr
pWBjh Ikii sand lao.oung men, f,.r widow Ulsiri tna
ewuhy. . . ! ABBS' lUlifIr, .
fbKXauAw :Vn ati i.bftA. ..
1 ,Tt 7T- M. - :'f-'iy""rtT-: j'xijitMi xu raraiiarggatt .'lanas. Yfsmm aajra toi
I - ' l'ls A CO. . JtiiAiy . ,gaS':(HM2su H-jifrtFit, 1 Hft
t UGif-ihi
.cr533'. asiifeir,
Pri'aie Riftt'ofS, iu
iiiATT0t2f, SHffil
LiraMiluii rereiraJ-.
Ss K"nawhii'SjR;
5t.Ori-' ..-no:
.1.. Bt,ri. Jl
. - -W. sw 1111,
. jn store anti.'kjDsalc-.Or. .- - C
' - i j. ;TTliiTtON, SMITH A Ol
X... . U
s - 1 J , r- -v
A. kvu: jWjtoirjiKoSrjdfaii: Iioiu -s-rte.PCsitim-v rra"r-3t.
S """"-3 1"".. uwvt
T 4MJORNn Ar . -noiISTIIAJJ- Ht'S?
J'V? iSi0 rolJ', fa-Jts jmoajjl ancites .
frtr -the sale ortlittPRVe-iastly eebbraiii TiiciSiiii NaEt&-
viUeijrejrciind'onrcoctinutA 5eoan,Uujtlv suiwiried,- -t"'-"- I
, - . stk.t-i'ii liUrfR.rMi '- if I
ougl? ; - BrSawlxsv-
S.T ITT11V CXTTTO l-rtl i
augI4 -
; N.'S"'r' vpi-B.iisTwccj-iuutgo; it;er. Use rt4 AVjitaw .
Dvspcp( Pane; Star and TaBowiOaudlesi fUtrSoan. aaivarfonx stlte-
Choi id 4 article, all of whicli irili lsi sold amtsuallr loWhv SRjSt
limiU 1T1V - - -
j .T7n-roUUtLl'AIJIr-9ri bbrcn'irimtV v--
r-.-.reeeiTea, ami ior sallow ke, by , , .
v Tct-''1- - TRjlTOS'r'SMlTK'jt Cfj-.
, r5jfish Westerie C!e, perSEcamip;. - i
s JL WXeUsuallr teskWaoM. - 5 . n"
. I ST1
. ow-SO v . - . ?6wti;w3
I "fiY"V-Y
r Itsrrei' I.ionfcviifb lfvtiraulic Cc.
u f".t in sfofejq
anu tor afdgxai
STJUT-goN, SMITH A C(?f f .-
w. jg. coupon,
If, OOSBON'! Cfr. 'v
ir Wacta of XKstxxXim, -gwteraHK..
in I V . . , s:
' JW.'SVWTii'r: rsTr. ' T "
nl ""a .MsfMaiUE.'rijix-i
' i imftojs f. r
So Biisi'J Keen A Ctk, Suarmet! l'ub n.1.1; . '
itstr ifn 'SmbbfefeTJ " j
1 ' do Run
1 1I0 ('mtHtH.-4 i!-.
Fur s.--!,!- jan, W. H i,u;- ,s ,t CO.
1- li'- (...H
M d
W.ts asur?"f -jiirv1- - .
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