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NASHyiLIfEypN: WEDNSSDt: JUy .G, 1853.:
to subscribers at the following -rates: Single fcopies, one
rem in advancer (2 50; within" the year$8 00; at thejead
cf the year H DO. CtcwOf five and upwards ?S2 00
Ir copy for one year. Clubs of subsribers will be re
ar! red forsiz months at the foregoing rates.
The TRI-WEEKLY is published every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, at $o per annum in advance; if not paid in
advance, $0.
The DAILY is published at Eight Dollars.
Remittances of tiubscripfions may be made by mail at our
paper will be sent Gut of the Stale unless the order is ac
companied with the cash.
After Home was subjugated by the hoards of northern bar
barians in the fifth ceutury, the luminaries of science that
had shone with such effulgence tipou the Greek and Ro
maaywerealmostextinguished, und forages the world lay
in an inicruuuaoienigtitot mental and mural gloom, lue
human intellect seems to hare laid dormant during the long
and tedious Winter, with no cnliveninr spring to awaken
aud revivify its inactire powers. But ct length tlie (lawn of
a brig iter day begin to appear, and sloirly and majestical
ly arose from that murky chaos, the sun of enlightenment,,
ordered by Providence, to gladden and illuminale the world
with his beams. The advent of PYPEB& CO.
Tha Truly Fortunate and Tar-Suned
In the 19th Century, dispelled like mist before the rising
an the night of mental darkness that has brooded over the
world; and though their gliminering star had risen f lowly
above the horizon, it culminated with the quickness of the
electric spark, and rapidly diffusing its luminous rays
throughout the world, presented to the tranquil gaze of ad
miring millions, the selublance of the
Bead the Treat good bestowed last month.
The feUotrhig Splendid Pritet told OiC lait fuvr u-eekt:
$3S,4S3, in Package Wholes, sent to an old and heretofore
unlucky Coircspondcnt residingin Santa Rosa county,
Florida, wjio has often said his turn most soon come,
end he was cot disappointed. So much for persever
ance. $0,00(, package of Quarters, sent to Tennessee.
$25,000, package of Q carters, scut to Alabama.
lb,000, package of Halves, sent to Mississippi.
lfir,000, package of Wholes, sent to South Carolina.
$12,000, in single Whole Ticket, sent to Pennsylvania.
10,21.4, package of Halves, sent to Virginia.
$3,u0f, package of Wholes, sent to South Carolina.
7,501)0, package of Halves, sent to North Carolina.
i'or brilliant Prizes, altray mail your order
PYFER A CO A'o. 1 Ltgliietreet, lidtlmmt,
jgjT" The mrst successful method to draw a Prize is to
PurcMte a Pjcbt'je! The etperiencs of every day strength
ens this declaration.
"No suck ipord ar Fait' ai 'Prfcr 4" Go's.
Forward ymir orders without delay!
Splendid Schemes (or July, 1853.
X-t5 i he Certificate Prices of packages of quarter tickets
1 v bi-p Hren lxlnw.
ftaw t'nee ct fnceo t
Ballots. Tickets. Packages.
78Nos. 12 drawn $25010 00
75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 4 00
7fi No. 14 drawn 5 18 0Q
75 Nos. 13 drawn 10 35 CO
78 Nos. 13 drawn 5 IS 00
78 Nos. 16 drawn 5 15 00
75 Nos. 11 drawn 10 ii) 00
7S Nos. 15drawu S 25 00
75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 18 00
78 Nos. 16 drawn 10 80 00
75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 IS 00
75 Nos. 14 drawn 4 13 00
78 Nos. 20 drawn 15 75 00
76 Nos. 13 drawn 8 20 00
75 Nos. 15 drawn S 16 00
78 Nos. 12 drawn 10 40 00
75 Nos. 13 drawn 5 13 00
78 Nos. 13 drawn 5 18 00
75 Nos. IS draws 10 85 CO
75 Nos. 11 drawn 8 80 CO
7tiNo3. 13 drawn 5 18 00
75 Nos. 14 drawn 10 33 CO
75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 18 00
78 Nos. 10 drawn 4 12 00
7S Nos. 16 drawn 20 0 00
18 3 of 12,000
' 25 3 of 15,000
65 000
J3jfDrawiDgs forwarded to Correspondents by the first
mails after the lotteries are drawn.
J2fCornupondents will please order a few days before
the lotteries arc drawn.
There Is a large per centage in Csvor of those purchasers
who order by the Package, and the chances of drawing four
of the largest Prizes in the Scheme, are thereby secured.
Wc advise the purcnase of Packages of Tickets in ever)' in
stance. El!snk Drafts or Certificates of Deposit payable in Gold
at sight, will be promptly remitted to tho?e Correspondents
who draw prizes at P1FER 4 CD'S.
jigTRemembcr A Package Gf Tickets, can draw rocs
of the most splendid prizes in a scheme,
jsyln order to secure a Fortune, and the cash immediate
ly afier the result is known, the readers of this paper have
only to remit cash Drafts or prize tickeU, to the Old Estab
lished, for famed and truly fortunate Exchange and Lottery
-Brokers, PYFER 4 CO.,
june2S lm No 1 Light street, Baltimore, 3Id.
Gufflt, GUf, Infacnzj, At&tiui, P.roncUitU, tviitlng of
blood, and all olker Lung Complalntt tending to
READER t have you a Cough, which you are neglecting,
under the idea that it is only a common cold, that it
wilt soon "wear itself out?" Let a friend fell you, in all kind
ness, wliat will soon be the probable reult
la a short tin-.!, if you continue to neglect yourself, you
pill begin to feel a susa of lightness and oppression across
the chest, ascompaaicd with frequent sharp darting pains.
Then a dry, hacking Cough will set in, and when you rais
anything it will be a thick and yellowish, or white, frothy
matter, streaked, perhaps, with blood. If you sttll take no
medicine, the.- unpleasant symptoms williucreasc, andyou
will soon have Hectic Fever, Cold Chills, Night Sweats, Copi
ous Expectoration, and then Great Piostration. If you still
neglect yourself, a lew weeks or months will fee you consign
e 1 to the grave, leaving your friend to mourn how rapidly
CONSUMPTION did its work, and hurried you away.
Friend! hae jouno cause to ue alarmed? In the above
sketch you may see as in a glass, bow every case of Con
Fuinption progicsscs, with more or less rapidity, to a fatal
termination. Of all the Thousands and Millions whom this
geat Destroyer has gsithered to the tomb, ever)-single cose
began with a Cold! ifthi had been attended to, all might
he len well but, being neglected, under the fatal delusion
that it would " wear itself," it transferred its deadly action
to the substance of the Lungs, exciting there the formation
of tubercles. Another, andanother cold added fuel to the
name, untd these tubercles begin to soften and suppurate,
leaving, by their ulceration, great cavities in the Lungs. At
this cnis, thedisense is very difCcult of cure, and oftentimes
sets at defiance all human means.
In the latter or worst Etag?, this mcdicino will oftentimes
errc-'t the disease, or check its progress, and will always
make the jatient more comfortaile, and prolong his life and
is therefore worthy ofa trial; but in its incipient orfoiining
periods, Consumption is as curable as any other disease, and
'Dr. Rogers' Svrup or Liverworlh, Tar, and Cancbalagua,"
if takca at this time, will cure it 3r AS SURELY AS IT
IS TAKES !j2 This is strong language, but yecan refer
you to numberless living witnesses to prove that it is TRUE!
And tberefote, we earnestly exhort every man, woman and
c hild, who has a Cough, or Is subject to Colds, to keep med
icine by you in the house; and whenever you take Cold, do
not "Jet It alone" to work mischicfinyour system, but eradi
cate it thoroughly, at oucc, by this power, fully healing com.
pound and leave your Lungs uninjured, to carry you in full
vigor to a good old age!
Have you dclicala, weakly children, who are always taking
cold, and subject to Croup? Remember! Theie never was
cate of Croup, which did not originate in a Cold! And
when our child goes to bed wheezing and coughing, you
know "not that, bfo:c morning, Croup may not set in, and
ere you can get a Phvsician.-your dear child may be beyond
the reach ot help. We beseech you tbcrcfoie, as you value
the lives of your children, keep this medicine by" you' in the
house, and when your Utile oues take cold and commence
coughing, give it to (hem at once, and rest not until the cugh
i: entirely subdued. We conscientiously aver, alter the
most extended experience, that if tills advice were followed,
no chdd need ever 1
for the cold would be cured; before it could arrive at th:s ag
gravated aud fatal stage. Let every Mother, especially, heed
well the.c remarks, that she may not hereafiervwhen mduru
irigovertheearly blight of some cherished blossom, have
occasion bitterly to reproach herself for her criminal neglect.
It isanoldadagc'lhat '"to be forwarncd, is to be forearmed."
Parsnts! so let it be inyour case.
' Be sure to ask for Dr. A. Rogers' Svrup of LIVERWORT,
TAR aud CANCHALAGUA, aud let no other be palmed on
j-du. SCOV1L & MEAD,
111 Cliarlres Street, Npw Orean,
7hclesalff General Agents fr the Southern Stales to horn
all orders and applications foragencies must beaddressed.
Also sold by BERRY,
juliX Agents.
HAZARD Powder Company of Connecticut :
wlGOO kegs Kentucky ItiUe Powder, S!.t lbs each.
500 halt kegs do ito
2 jO qr. kegs do do
5IK1 ke Deer do
lSJi do
6X no
25 do
S5 do
l'2o do
1000 kegs Blasting
S 00 lbs do (5 kegs each) do
nA TnA 1 ' ' ' n fin
tint lftt no
1 pound.
tJJ CilJ ..T It. 1. 1 It. 1 ..." - - I
n. Mirda. Koa intl Seen rrreived H i n-rt fmm fl.a
manufactory of the Hazard Ppwdcr Company the quality
of which is well known throughout the United States. All
orders promptly filled by application at ror Powdor Dapot
North East corner Public Square, Nashville.
ALSO 250,000 feet Safety Fua of bct quality.
' J S.n. LO0MIS, Agent
rnarchsr, for the Hazard Powder Company.
X has just been opened at Normandy, near Duck River
Bndge.br the undersigned, who proposes to entertain Fish
ermcu, Sportsmen and others in a comfortable and hospit
able manner at moderate charges. . -
Bcfsxe to C lias. Berry and Fishing Party, .Nashrdle.
The Bedford Yconun will please copr.
juaei Ctdiw C. C. CARTER, Proprietor.
IJO est
" ifASHYn.ta" "'rY ?"
CS PITA i: "1 tfp , 0 0 0" DOL CATfSXt , .
THIS Company kaving, fi&F ?rnue3, El
ii nir resdv to tatfe' rvstfcwn "all deserio-
nf nmivriK-nifiunat hws or. damages bvt
fire also seamst penis of the ecatrinLind-Qav--t'
igation- -iYojpositions sfor insurance will be receircdat. the
oflics ol the Nash villa Insurance arid Trust Cd- College St.-
A. WOnNSONrpresidenL
J. S. Diannxt, Secy. pashvilleUct: t), 3652.
"O0K3CE2CIAL INSinJA7C2'C0inlAinr
ousiiaTOS, sourir caeolcva. " ' .
Cicital S250.O00': All Psid 'Ii'- ' - , '
' T IIAVD beea appoiated 1 Agent of -the above Cowpanr kt
4 JL Nashville, and anifullv, prepared- ttv takeilarine,jFire
1 Kiver Risks, on the most tavuraole terms;, . . ,,'( .
f Afullstatement.otthesolvonerof the Compa"T.W In
seen atlheomce ot the asnviiie
TMTir tin nnt!i(Ff sbwi.
rt"? -.' tL
"VFFICE on Cedar Sfreet; adjoining tbfeTosf OiBceiindj
J opposite the Vcramlan, wut trranroott uHjmmuaipnn-
ciule, Houses, Merchandize, 4c;agaio;5t Loss orDjupage by.
Hazards of Inland Iiavigauon ami me cargoes oi eseis or
every description cgain?t the Perils of the? Seas and Rivers.
Also, the Lives of persous in good. health; fqra e ingla jesr,.
lor a term oi years, or aunug iue. xjaus;i).w,ca ubcs-
mtueit pcrmaiu
AU persons having their lives or properly Insured'' in this
Insrituticn. ereentilfcd lot full participation in all .the prof
its, without any liability to loss beyond the amount of Pre
miums which they may pay. , t
- 71. IrCER;'Presidcnt,',
3. B.'JOUNSON, VlcePrtsident
C. J. F. Wharto-, SecretmT. janl
P ANY. CAPITAL 2150,000.
SFFICE on the North fide o"lheTublic3quare; midway
between the Naslrrille. Inn nud the Planters' ank.
y will make insurance on. Houses and Goods pf ejery de
scription against fire; on Steamboats and Cargo against fire
and thoriskorthe river; orrthe Cargo of Reel lioats-and
other river crafts, and on sea vessels and other cargoes,, on
the usual terms. JOHN M.. HlLLj-Pjisident. ,
Jostra Yaclx, Secretary. " . " Ti
Drnicroiis. Alex. Allison, .Tdbit M.JfilL-F. B. Fogg, Q
IL Fogg, James Correr, .Tnd. M. IJsas, Joseph "Woods; .-Samuel
Seay, Matthew Watson, J. J- White; Jacob McGsvock.
janl - ..
fiew York Life Insurance Companjri"" '
" A'o. 106 Broadway, New York. "
ON TICK JlITTtTAl 1 L .1 W ,"
Accumulated Capital S50O,51O.00i
i raixxiR, actcact u. rcinittiK, racs'T.
IT? Total number of Pollctej Issuodov this
Company up to Jnly lit, 1P.2 elpht thousand.'
six nucaceu ana etgatvone
irPDivldenda made annually on all Lift Po-'
lletej In fhape of stock, beartcg interest at the rate of 5 per
iLr' The dividend! heretofore have always averscod from
40 to. V) par cent. ' - . -
1fi Persons taking out Policies for the whole tetmol'
life can give their note at li months for 43per cei.1 of the J
premium, anu pay w perceni in casn. .
Appllcicatlons for risks, prorpeciu ofthe compsny, or la
formation relating to the tabjectnf Lifa Insuranco may be
madeattiieolilceoftho underilzced General Agent for the
State nfTecnejjec -JOSEPH NASH.
OScolV, W.c0rnorrPuI5ic Square,
oppoiltaPUnters' Hint. a,hvilla( Aigl.V, 1S52.
LIFE INSUItAJtfOE -. . .. :
Jit Dixos, Pres. Iltvur Ia Mttis,Sec'y.
Capital sad Surplus 300,003.- ' .
I.vsnRAXCK na lives of white persons, on 1 th9;5oict sfoci
aad mutual nlsn. '
Atso Insurance pa the lives of Negroes, on reasonable
fenns. S. H. L00M1S,
jan V 6m Agent.
Lit t. i.si;ii,uJi:. . -, -.E
t ii tt Iiisjurancc Co. of Hartford.
Annuity Fund 150.000.
EXPLUSIVtiLYheid pledged. and appropriated, S?
wlthits reserved eecninulatfors. Iv the charts riiffcL'
and regulations ofthe Company, Mine payment'of Annu-.
ites and loises upon f nsaratictinn UTc, and in no eventlld
bleforother debts, contracts, llablliliss, or CDgagencnts qf
q e coiapanr.
lit iiiUItS. . ,
Tncs. K. Bxacz, Pres't, S. L. Lookis, Secretary;
K A. Bclklet, Vice J. Vf. Sencona.Act'rtPrcsdcnt.
Managing Directors for the. Life, Department.
E. A. HcLKLrv, 3ons iLBoswin;
MlLrs A.TcTTi.r, EnwiM G. Kirtrr
ttsita Q. Fs at v.
TLisbe'DC a joint Slock nroprictr compar.r'.and eondac-
ted ontheccsh ej;!ohi, tie Managers fcsvaadpptol atable
of rates of premium asliras is consistent with safety and
much fecerthan those cf the Mutual CcMPJClej.
Applications for risks on -tiIte persoes. received br the
nndersis;ncd, who will famish Prospectuesof the Compa
cpy, and 37 iafirniatlon relative lhercu. ,-
Ti fisicson!lave3a3a'iistdisasesa3dacciaonts causlnz
death, taken; Polices issued tnd losses ediasted at this
Agency. jus da km, Agent,
usicca. w. corner ruoiisiiuare,
opposite Planters Bank. Nubville, aug. 10, 1852.
Itlcdicnl Cxuiulners,
r.ofJc:"Jtn.. OOeehour,3to5,r.K.
HAVING, at great excuse, proeured tho most recently
improved nuichinerr and tools for the construction of
the heaviest work in metals, we solicit from the Wesfern
and Southern public a portion of their pafronage. We are
prepared to make to order ltailroad illacliinery. such
as Locomotives, Passenger, Freight Car?, Frogs, Switch
Stand, Repair Cars, and all work appertaining Railroads.
Steam liiiginej. Boat and. Stationary .Engines, from 5
to 500 horse power, with boilers r.f the' best Tennessee Iron.
.satr .Mills tinea up compieie, wun trauarw 1
haws, embracing the latest improvements. Urist Jlills. ,
Eugines and Machinery, complete, lor Grist Mills of all sizes.
Sttjtar Mills of tlie most recent construction, with Engines
to correspond, put rp in any part r.f the Southern connlry.
Cotton (Jins. Engines 'to drive Co&on Gins, with' all
necessary appurtenance m&do to order at short notice.
In all cases where it is dosired, we furnish an engineer to
put up the engine and instruct ta intelligent negro, si that
he may continue to operate the engine, AC
Brass and Iron Castings of aur size cr descripf ion,, with
Sliaftiug, Mill Gccric, Water 'Wheels, Cast Iron Bank
Vaults, made lo order. '
Information cheerfully given and orders received br
J. THOMPSON, President
N. B. The highest prices paid for old Brass and Copper.
S1 A fl n HEWAltU. 1 will pay theabove revi ard
X.UUv lo anr person or persons, as a premium
above the market price, for one thousand Land" Warrants,
of tho denominations of 160, 80 and 40 acres. I will pur
chase single warrants ol either denomination.
Room over Oak Hall, east side" Public Square, 2d door
south it tut i ul. Nashville. octll m27.
riuE subicriber respectfully announces to the citi. sj
he is still receiving large additions to his already im-
menso stock ot
Gents Fashionable Spring anil Summer Heady
Made Clothiug.
which he is prepared to. and will sell AS LOW AS ANY I
fvmiFTj tiiittJp TV Till, -r T l!U- 1
Already in store Fine Brown, Blue,"Btekcnd Olivo Frock,
and Dress Coats of the latest Myles, French Tweed, Cash- ,
mcrette. Plush, Drapd'Ete, Silk Lustre' and Grass Linen.
Frock, Sack, Box, and Polka Coats, Aa, Ac, Ac.
Pants and Vests of every color, ehade, pattern end quality
to suit the most Fastidious.
LIKEWISE a fine assortment of Gent's furnishing arti
cles, consisting of Fine Shirts, UnderShlrts, Drawers, Cra
vats, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Va
lises, Carpet Bags, Ac., Ac'
Also, a variety of Youtlis' and Cliildrcns Clothing, ft-oni
three years of ago upwards. L. POWEBS,
Tennessee Clothing Depot, No. S4 Jlarket SL, directly op
positc Union street
No connexion with any other house'in thecity.
N. B. Not to bo sold or undersold by anyniau or combi
nation of men. I. P.
Country Merchants in parficit.ar are earnestly invited to
call and inspect my stock previous to purchasipgelsewhere
rnarchpt .
LAND F.OK SALE. The subscriber? living one
mile west frDurhainriire, Lauderdale county, offers
for sale his TRACT OF. LAND, containing 213 ACHES,
about one half cleared and iuCultivation, with good grass
lots, an apple orchard, containing' upwards of 400 bearing
trees, and some 60 different kinds;- a good new Cotfon Gin;
a large and commodious Dwelling House, and out housei
Tlie tract is well watered with stock aqd drinking water.
I will sell on accommodating terms, or I will tike in pay a
part, or all in Negroes at a fair price.
junelS-lm iAFip F1TZPATR1CK.
THEabove HOTEL is now open for the-reception of,sX
Tliis long established and well-known- House has under.
gone a tlionmgli alteration throughout, and furnished with
new and fashioncble FURN ITU RU.
Tlie TAllldCwi.lalwais be supplied with the BEST the
mirket affords- and the'l'iopiietor tniilr, by a systematic
course, both with servants aud the regulations .of the house
generally, he wi!l be enabled to giro entire satisfaction to
thoe that may favor hinr with thir patronage
jau 'tf-lytnv J NO.. W.. SPF.AR.
Maeoi Tebk, li58, or rue Caikcaztr; Court at Siara-r
villc, Tehx. . -i
EzekL-il Bass, ) - ' ' 0
m. across Uill.
John Owin and Catharine, Owin.'j v , ; ,i - ,. "
IT appeared to the satisfaction ofthe Court thatjolih Otrin,
one of the above defendants, was a non-residentof tha
State of Tennessee. It was therefore xwdered by- the Court
that publication be made in the Nashville Union and Amen
ican, a newspaper published in tho city of-Nashrille, for three
successive weeks, requiring said John Owin to appear at tha
Court House in Smithvdle on tlie first Thursday after the 3d
Monday in September next and answer said bill, or. the same
willbe.taken for confessed astohimand set down lor hear
ing z parte. - , ' "
Jane 1-31 tr. T. WHALEY, CML
" "'"'f'f, pboposals. .
1 Natt DzTAtrraEW,
: T .'3 IS. Bureau cf Yards and Decks, 1ft June, 1853.
SEALED PROPOSALS ZwZifllcat for each class separ-.
ately, cEdoracPropostls for Class Nar fprvthe.
navy yard at Memphis, ivillbeereircdat thiacOjce until
12 o'cloctil.fc'nJhe.lStlt day of July neH, for furnishing and
delivetfng, at suchpjace, qrplaccsthin, the navy yard,,
fiforesaid as may be aTrected'by thVc:nmfflidac.Clhereof;the'
tnalerials and tttick3 herein specified,. f
, -. "CLASS No. MV ,k ' " DQlfa"'cts.
130 000 be jthardrbntnt rod bricks per it....
- . CLASS So. 2.
100barrelsunsIatked(St. Genevieve) limepcrpbl.-l . : ' '
CLASS No. 3. MHILLASIos.;:V.f,''- ' '
33lJ5iiheIs clean sharp tind per bushel..
rt u lachVBtIow-ninoflO!rlBS
18,i2n feet, boardtoeisnrec)pre; 20 feet
KMRniit;'; 12b7Ul-...?...W.a.pecil,OO0 feet r
411 the lumber toT)e bf the best quality,- j?
-cieat .of sipwood, ,rot,, kooU, .splits, " .
.inikiSrand all Other defects:- . . a - -
' fcss f'0- 5C " : ."-
' 180 barrels besvLoulsvilla cement, ia hols' .
of300pouuds....,.,...t..,.....-..i'.'perta;rol .
' .- CLAS No. 6. llacstLAKeqcs. - ,r
2JK0 pounds pizjesd ......per.pounUi,
A piueiUbtieeti cupper, M by 60 inches
. " . ' . . .1 ... C II . -
per boond "
per l-or
,ier pound
iiounda block tin, ..k.. ti
s---f- ' - CLASS. No.-". - srjfjj)
100 bushels charecTf.....;.....'"...r-.er bushel
t ZX bar . - . , . - J i
saniyounosr;npusiioiisr-aiei,sori.'u.pirrnouii. ,
Juppuiidactst-stael, assorted per jound
5iimundsh6r4e--shoetron,lbyl Inch.. per pound
206 j.eundsbarlron.S'bjlloch ...per pound
. CLASS Ko. 9. c '
S6t piles, each 30 feet lo' g, Hinches dlim- " V
.tterat mlddl ..'per lineal foor
., ' '. CLASS No. 10.-T-3IisfxiLAsicc3. . , "
is dortn.'H-lnch bastard .files "....per -dozen
. M tloienrlMhch Honnd bsUrdpIes...per.doien
,""'5 ddinn.l4'InehtnLhInsaTlos;......:.'.par.iIoieA.
,A doi'en 10-Inch 3-j;ncTe.les perjloien -
Li dozen" horse rasps.-.-. i....per dozen -'
' nraCC lffn 1 Tiwrftii:trtrf!' '
j..-, . . i-.
16,050 pounds bestjqttalit)- haj -;.per ton
-" ', . . CLASS No..l2 J.sctl.l.ANi.ocs'. , .".
600 bushels corn per bushalca-.r
-400 JiuMielj oats , ir.bushel
e bushels salt:...: per bushel
2,000 pounds thcaf.oats por pound .'.
' CLASS ;NoVU.-ircllAKtors.' - -.-.- -' .
20 pounds torso-shoe nails (No. 0) per pound
1 cast-iron ewe'eblock, (200 pounds,) pat- t
'.tern famished ...'..psr poaud v.'
1 churn mandril.. .r.-. ...eCB
-I pir40-lpch bellows
il moujB-holo anviL (220 pounds)
...pur pounj -inch
.. each
...per pound
...per gallon
...per barrel.
...per poaud
..per pound.
I scruw plate, lo cut irorn 1
to 1
screws. .,...-.. ........
2 raa'johs' squares (steel blades)
2 2-fiKJt folding rules
20 poands borax...
10 eallonslardoil.
vl barrel ceal tar.
pound gloe
ilu pouDCjcr.iiK..,
I rem ticd-nsrjer. asrorted Nos
per ream
11 drizen-5 o Russia brl-tle brushes. ....per dozen
I dozen 3 o itassisbristls brashes.. per' dozen
i dozen sash tools per dozen
i dozen camei's-balr pencils, assorted. .per dozen
i! putty Knives
2 spirit levels
& dozan masons1 lines ..
...per dczen
..per pmnd
..per pound
..per ponnd
..per f nilon
..per gallon
..per dozen
,10 pounds rendered tallow.,...,..
tz poanas sanpcire
1 pound flourcf sulphur..'
2 barrehtar
2 gallons trained......
1 jratlca No. 6...... ...
2 duzen bottles rausUne liniment
dozenbottles nerve and bonslinimeutpi-r dozen
CLASS No. 14. lIlfCKLLANiot's.,
10 rentes best qaality ruled letter paper.. i-er ream
10 reams best qn&uiy ruled rap paer. . .
4 quiics eu'velopsMper.......
1 quira Imperial drawing Jiipe
1 quire a'.Iasdrawlns paper
2 tiuirestradne paper, 4t by 20 inch's
.per reain.-
.per qutie
.per quire
.per quire
per quira -..per
1' 0
.. per gross
...per dozen
COO quills. No. H, best quali y
4 gross best mi-tallc pens -
4 dozen pen-helders...
1 dozen nintbotllesbcstbiactiuk
.per, dozen
1 dozen botues French carmine red ink.. per dozin
2 dozen papers black sand per dozen
3 dozen blank books, evo (So. V) per 'ozen
dczen pleceslndla-rubber par dozen
12 ooze'iiLlaek-lead pencils, best quality,
assorted per dozen
2 dozen boltstaste per dorjr.
4 dozen bolts linen tape (red)... per dozen
4 noundsred seatinz-wax. best quality. ..per ponnd
500 en velopes, assorted sizes per 100
For printed schedules and form of offer, bidders are refer
red to the Navy Agent at Memphis, Tenn.
It is to be provided in the contract, and to be distinctly
understood by the bidders, that the amount and nnmber'cf
articles enumerated in classes headed "Jlisccllancous," arc
specified as thcircijWe quantity which. may be required, as
well as to fix data fir determining the lowest bid; but the
confracf or H to furnish more or le?a of the said enumerated
articles, aud ii mch Cuortitits ond r,t tuch times at iht, bu
reau or coTjrMtd'tiStiVtiireovirManogilic fiscal yearend
ingSOth June, 1851, and, ir so requesfed, until farther con
tracts shsllbemadc for the ensuing fiscal year of IS-Vl-:55;
and, whether the quantities tequirrd be mors or less, than
those specified, the prices t-fcil! remain the same.
All thcarticlesrnust be cfthc best quality, delivered in
good order, free of all and every extra charge or exjense,
and subject to the.inspectjon, coant, weight, cr measurement
Of the said navy yard, and be in all respects satisfactory to
the commandant thereof.
Contractors for classes headed "Miscellaneous," who do
tint reside near the place where the arttcles'arc to be delir.
ered, will be required to name in their proposals an agent at
the city or principal place near the yard Of delivery, who
may be called upon lo deliver articles when tboy shall be
9ire4-. . ... . , '
lne deliveries r4 an uuuaing materials may oa corn-
-menced forthwith, and must be commenced within sixty
jav3 ,rler the datecf the contractand continued froaitime
to time, iiS in the opinion of tb'f commandment of theyar.l
ibe wantsct tne service may require, anu rHH iecomi?ta
ir'.tltint.' tieeal ear cndtntSUtJi Juki. 135-t.
They will be measured, inspected, counted, or weighed,
by the rules adopted by theepvernment, at the navy yard:
for instructions regarding which, and for a more particular
description of all materials, reference is made to the com
. ' . , Tin .11 -n . i ' . i
mandontol uieyaru: vrnen ail uiult uuugs are equal, i
pieference will be given, in awarding the contracts, to ar
ticles of the growth, production, and manufacture cf the t
United states.
Approved sureties, in the full amount ofthe contract, will
be required, and twenty per centum, as additional security,
deducted from each payment untilfhe contract shall hrrve
been completed or cancelled, unless otherwise authorized
br the dcuarinient
On classes besded "Miscellaneous" to be delivered as re-
quired during the fiscal year; tho twenty per centum re- J
taincd mar, at the discretion of the commandment, be paid
quarterly on tlie first of January, April, July, and- October,
when the deliveries have been satisfactory; the balance
(eighty per cent) will be paid by the navy agent at Mem- ;
phis, 'within thirty days after the presentation of bills in
triplicate, duly vouched and approved. No part of the !
per centum reserved is to be paid until all rejected articles
.offered, under the contractshall have been removed from the ,
yard, unless specially authorized by the department
It will be stipulated iii the contract tliat, if default shall
bo made by parties of the first part in delivering all or any I
of the articles mentioned of the quality and at thetimesand i
places above provided, then, and in that case, the said par- ,
ties will forfeit and pay to the United States, as liquidated
- ' .. . . . .
damages, a sum ot money equal 10 twice iuo lunuuni ui me
contraci pn
the articles
iclcsin case of the actual delivery thereof; winch
Suidated damages, may be recovered from time to time as
ley accrue.
The sureties must sign the contract, and make affidavit
lhat they, in the aggregate, are worth over and above their
debts and liabilities the full amount ofthe contract
V.-irh offer must be sicmed by the person or ticrsons mnk
in" it, and by the guarantors, according to the form annex- (
ed; and tueir rcsiaenc,naming me io u m cuhv; miui ue
distinctly stated.
It is to be provided in the contract that the bureau shall
have the power of annulling the contract, without loss or
damage to the government, m case Congress shall not make
sufficient epproprirtions for the articles named, or for the
completion of the works, estimated for, and oa which this
advertisement is bssed.
Persons whose offers shall be accepted will be notified by
letter through the post office, which notice fclicll be consid
ered sufficient; and if they do not enter info contract for the
'supplies specified within fifteen days from the date of notice
from this bureau of tho acceptance of their hid, a contract
willbe made with some other person or persons, and the
guarantors of such defaulting bidder willbe held responsi
ble for all delinquencies". . . " '
All otters not jnaae in frriff onjormuy wnn mis auver
tisement will, at tbcbptioh ofthe bureau, be rejecfed". Those
only whoe offers may be accepted will be notified, and c6n
tractswill be ready for execution without delayb'y the navy
agent at Memphis.
Totte(?iitfoffaBtirtwofYiird and Dock, SUty De
jpirWjit. bcrehy offer to
furnish, undexyouradverliserbeut.datcd day of ,
snd subiecttoall the requirements of the same, all the ar
ticles embraced in class No. ,viz;
(Here insert the articles; with price carried outViunount
ing to'(vyritethff aggregate in words.1 And I propose
(name ihe agent if one is required by the advertisement)
The undersigned, " , 'of , in the State of
'an"d , of j in the State of
,as guarantors, hereby undertake that the
above named will, ir offer be accepted, en-
ter into contract, as before reqnired,-with tho United Stales,
within fifteen days after the date of notice through the post
office ofthe acceptance ot bid, as before mentioned.
I certify that the above named and
are known to me to be good and responsible guarantors in
this case. . . ,. , . . .
(To be simed by a navy agent,- collector, or district at
toroey, orS other person kr.trtothe bureau to be
creditable.) N la y-
jqnel5-lawdlw. Nary AEent.
s Agents for Nashville,
die easts of the BovxU, and ruck ilheafa u arie. frari a,
iixrZerd, Dtf cf iU iifcnfoK Liter or ' Ilrwrrr-- n.
rtipUStrerof-ttrsL .for ffmvol.l?biliv,'
t'J-' wiitM ufvrs 7ftfA'WfleT wzrc tJ n( w
inventor nf this rm.narw.iihn pa fm thin -
A. .completely prostrated from Dyspepsia and inactivitynf
tho T.tror iln.t li rr IrMntin. t . :m.,.a.vr. I.
raise himself from his bed. Ha srmrht aid fromlihrsM.;.
athomeandmEurope,lutinrain; his case was pronounced
hopeless by thousands,Tut.j it was (jjraceiderit that Ire siic-
-until .the choracier of the medicine'was fully established
by its success, as sliowri 1 y the ccrtulcafes which haire oeen
Isubjoui the certifier ic of Prof. M. Gabbcet, of ileai'phis,
TcniiJ with- whom I often advised during tlie time- ct mv
..suffering. ..
iiKKrnu. lenm. April 17.-13-r.
--Lhereby certify Uiat I have been acquainted with -Or.) -
"SleHJoea1n,1 some years ago he ivas reduced l.teheve,
lower tluih I have ever seen any one that afterwards rccor-jr-
eu, iTiuj mioi. i cupposeaioue Dyspepsia und Liver alt:iou,
and after tr-uig thepiescriptionsot many Physicians injliis
as wellas other countries, witlimit Tvifrr'l
iwith a preparatiou of his oTa In being l-estored'to giwd
""" , at. UAiUii.i.r, iu v.
' Physicians arc requested to try this preparatica. We
feel satiilied it will nustaui the character we give to it ia this '
nubliesiton- "
. HusTsviti.E, January 12,1852.
P.n. DtEpioa: I fake the liberty and fell it to Le my dutr
tarcconimeud to all persons suffering from diseas cf tii
stomach and bowels, your Alterative Compound, as a rcry
sepcrior medicine, ily son,ged 15 years, bad been tinder
medical treatment about fire years for dyspepsia and diar
rhea .when bavins- almost desmireH nl Ilia rwnrpw T rnn.
eluded to try your Alterative, two bottlescf which, relieve,
enurelrmredhim. ' MIPAJAH CAYCE.
r t
"C5TSVIU.E, Oi;t. 17,1S!3.
' D6.-Bt.Erporr Some fim'lias
. tlDca)e that piy wrS) h
Alterative Compound.
-ui-.-yumx. iiiai mv vnenaa ior inrt nr fnit-
' I. ' 1. 1 . I . . r
subject to tbeorsl kind cf sbcila pf cramp in -tho. stomach
-Ihe Best physicians irt the place and a great mtin'r oifferca
.lull, VTIFUVU 1 ILIll UlHll-lfaeiemi Vtinm I thm.nht tn ..a
- "---'"-'i y" iwiwuuu; itiu eiag-persuaded to- try
your alterative comjxjuad, I did yo anil am happ- tn say
that it has entirely cured her'; and I would conscientiously
recommend it in el! nersoM snfferinn- (mm .7t.AUAa. r u
liver and dyspepsia. . N'. D, RpitERTSON.
r.--- . Hl5iTJVlI4X.Scpt2?, 1651i
pa. If LrnsoE Having seen the .publication of your Alte
ative Compound, I think it my duty tc ray to thepobiic. that
I njd been for years subject to spells- of Cramp'Cqlic,iu its
worst form: that I had tried almost everv thinn-iht UM
:vcn byphystcians,"andnevcrfouud any thingtbat would cer
,"v -.n.t iit, uuiu x ic;rmuuuTenieuicine,wulcunas
relieved me in vcry attack ia less than an hour."
- - - - Wll. B. LLoro.
Giles Corxrv. Tenn.. TWe 93 msi.
J" - Da. Bledsoe : I feel that I should fall tliort of mr duty
t tATIUT,n.t tAl1i.t.l.. T l . r. . i
j. Hiwaiciuiuwtu, r.erei jlch o limner
rccomaicnd your Alteratire Compound. It has entirely Ve
nerea me, so tnst l have not had cinue to take anvthing jn
two months. I can eat anvthing I waut with impuuitv, aud
believe my health is as good as it ever is at myadVance'dage.
Should 1 ever suffer from dyspepsia apin I shall be sure to
call on you. I am very respectfully vourfiieud.
. . nnvreviLLE, ALl, August 24,,1S51. 1
Tins is to certify, that I had suffered for many years with
Dysjx;psi.-i snd Disease 3 ofthe Liyer. Physician after Thy.
sician lad prescribed for me without mr receiving any ben
efit, when I commenced the use of Dr. lUedsoe's Alterativo
p Compound, which curad me soundly, and I recommend it
uctauje vi uie same nappy euect upon otbersot mr acquaint
HrarrariLLE, Ala, March 3, 1832.
Da. Blepsoc Sir : Judging from the certificates you
have already advertised, it willbe almost unnecessary forme
to add further evidence in regard to the healing virtues of
your Compound; but I mast say, that for years 1 suffered a
great deal from Dyspepsia and enlargement ofthe spleen,
and thought that I r.orcr would recover. I commenced tak
ing your compound about nine weeks since, and have gained
is or 80 pounds, and feel about as well as I ever did.
v7 fhc above medicine is forsale in every Drug Store. IrS
tho ritr, and most of tho towns in the State. G. W. HEN
DLRSIIOTT, (xeser&l Agent, for wnolejaleing tlie med
icine. gg'I'rice ?1 pej- pmt ItotUe. novlS lvd tr
I ESPECTFliLLV anaounceji to the citizens of Nashvilk
I, and vicinity, that be has returned again after aresi
dence of fourteen years in tin South, and pcrrnarienllyla
cated himself in South Nnshrdle, at the corner of Was!
ington and Pear! streets, whers he may at all times be fount
by those who may wish tq consult hita.
He has in his jiossession rrany certificates from men t
eminent standing certifying to the permanent cure of the
ruojt distressing caes ot the f! lowing diseases, viz: Ner-
(Jhills and
ient Con-
Ilemonfasis nf 11-a Inniw ntul
other Hemorages; Diarrli'ea, Diseases ofllicKidnevs, iler
curird and Yeucreal Taiiifs of tlie Blood; Diseases of Chil
dren, Worms and vatious other Diiaases incident to the hu
man system-
During his resideccein the South, he at fended foovertcn
thousand dilEircnt cases, all of which ha treated with more
thin ordinary success.
Dr. licLaiie hopes from his much experieocs in the Medi
cal Profession and the dcrree of success that hn.s nttenilrii
liisefiora heretofore, toobtain the coniidente and patronacc" i
f.rti.o oirt;i..,i " b
Nashville; Feb 0 ly. DR. Wif. McLANE.
Ia? .nitiersad(ircRe.i, post-paid, to South Nashville.
AMR. WINTERS had lost nearly all of his hair and,
liadbeenbaldTlrmany years; by the use off 'irt-Ooi-Vn
cf thi M'jijiia Oi'Uine'd, Jid .'s hair er.tire re
stored, and now haggis beautiful a head of hair as any man;
eould wish. His age is about 50 years.
A son of llr. Warre'i, of this town, 14 years of ace, had'
been afflicted with the Asthma from his cradle He had,
the benefit of the best medical advice that a loving and
wealthy father could proiure, without avail. It was one of
the mo?t aggravated cases I ever saw; he was emaciated al- ,
most to a skeleton. By the use of a few bottles of the Uint- '
mcnt he was L'wovarfycvfed, and for seven mouths past has r
enjoyed robust health i
This was an extreme case of ittjUtmmalUm of tin trlan, ,
rr,, . . j, i 1.. 2 -r . . . , i .i .
"ditt'imvsicians, without receiving" iKrueSt-was
cred by )he uJe-f v.0OCU)e3fcctlie1lagneti3 Oiut- I
ment This was fonrmonlhs ago.-.nd trie lady (a Mrs. Dun
ham,) is still in good health, and able to attend to her usual
household duties.- I lisve treated two cases of Chronic Sore
Eyes with the Ointment, botlt "of tbe' patients so warty
Hind, as to need an attendant to lead them from place to
place. One of them had been afllicled Is ycara,- the other
about 9 years. Ther had tried tho 'best onvsicians in the
State,. withoutbenent; aud one of them had been underthe-
treatment ot vhe celebrated Jyr.
Muzzv. of Cincinnati, for
eighteen months, end had expended hundreds of dollars in
vain efforts to effect a curo. They are now by use of the
l .Magneiis uinimcnt, nearly or quite cured; ana are auie to
"read and attend to any ordinary business. I have used "the
sipetas. Ana lasi but not least, l bare within the last year
cured four cases of CANCER by the use of the Magnetic
?i!fnfalone! " ,
From'a thorough frral of the Ointraint n nearly every
disease for which it Ts recommended, I can confidently re
commend it to bb one ofthe most useful remedies ever of
fered tp thp public Respectfully Yours.
Dated Jan 27, 1RS0, Amelia, Ohio.
The character of this Ointment, as an efficient remedy, is
established in this city. There are qnitea numberof indi
viduals who ascribe their restoration to health to the use ol
this extraordinary Ointment.
For sale by 11. G. SCOYEL,
COACH itf A Jj U F A'fe TCltEB',
Xa 5 CLABt Street, .Nasbvtllb, Tens.,
Xitdeor to II. S. FreiuJC Grocery Warthoute, and op-
A posite Morris Otrattaa't
LL kinds ofcarriages for sale, with harness rTOTp
to suit All work sold by me is made at w&ttf
the Clatk Street Manufactory, and warranted, snd -will bi
sold on as good Terms, for Cash or good notes, as any work
made Nbrth or East
Repairing done withpromptness and dispatch, and all
persons leaving work to repair may rely on getting it when
promised. All orders promptly attended to. fmarlj.
THE thoroughbred Jack, MAKING! MAM
MOTH, direct from Kentucky, wilt make
his first season in Tennessee at Canev Snrimrin
r v ii , ' -1....-tl. 1 - i- . T
.Marsuau couniv, uve mil iav uc usmug ioxu in uuee
River, at thirty-five dollars insurance and fifty cents groom
fee Jennets sent from a distance will be pastured" gratis,
and grain fed, if required, at fifty cents per 'week.- lie is
full fifteen hands two and a -half inches high, good ho"hest
measure, unusually large bone, and hciry; black; with
mealy nose. He has the form, size, color and blood to- re
commend him highly to those who wish to 'improve their
stock. We consider him the master Jack of Tennessee.
For further particulars see band bills,
march 11 Sm KNIGHT A- WILSON.
tccucu m cuiuis uiKiscii. ciuqs ue nos Been pracuacg meo-
icine, nis success in such cases has been unrivalled. He I """J? uruiijan, vp u.n..urcce,jearesj
has been aware or Uie-incredulity of the public, and'eonse- i T: -J?mIE I "S?rtIt ,a!"J"i?, 'Y03
mwnilr !l-JI nntliit.fr !,... v. A.. r i.:-. "f- darj Mes.-cnircr.No. ?.'Cant John K.linafe!tcr
elapsed since f irave c oei I .
aii umi greauy jjeuented byyour ri
-j i -.. . . . -,,-p.. . -
. 1 i- t j ft i -
rii... n 1 mA
uiw jjii.'ii.ioiis, um (.cmpiainis, iyspepsias,
rerers, ricunsics, Astnmas, folds, Coughs, Incip:
sumptions, llheumatisms, teak 'Lunes. Fits.
Cancers, ulcers. ScroQidouA
'aVs ii 3-ri
t npilROUGH b'V Pefin? ( lvauto. and Ohio Railroads. Phil-
iitauKnu;niiiia.v utncmnaii, iuuiaDapoiKSAiOiayeu?.
I aaa Philadalnhli to Ciru-inrnl i in X IionrsL
.ortesi an.ljtuckest raute. from the AtlaattcCities to.
routetorNOr!eaii':.t)6lv'Stt tii niarinnali t"lnTVT;-.
i T"''6!.19 '"iJli-V Vti.Pennsyvania .Railroad, an.the
' fiHlowincT ilail y 5feam"F2aroflnTn P;nai. p i
! VaPl M tr,ireAve3j?ittilmrirSuBjr ? ICerfnn
I e' ?f-Ieavcs P'ft-Sburg Monday; Alle
I 6"enc VaP1t-,Vfc,a',3v;V ,,f!iebr' Icarcs M&borg Tues.
lttsburgThers- i
Pittsburg Fri
lenreis lilt
ourg baturdav. isoaraiTsandtodgineon board the Packets
extra. Pittsburg tt) Ciucinnati, if 2; Louisville, $3; St,
Fare tlironrti br-TLiilroail from PhllaJelnhia in Pitt.hitrr
f9 CO; Massillon,'glO; .Cfevehtnd, flO"; Manslield and Crest- '
ime, cu; uoiummrs,?i3 e-.; ioieno,?l3; t;iiicinnati, (via
Crestline;) $15; Chictgo,' (via Michigati Southern R. It.)
jo iniraro. aiisean. A.enosnn. ill- Kacme. Jiii-
waukie.Slicboygau, Wisconsin, via Detroit and Michigan
-Centwi Railroad, 19;
J L9 tyars wilt leav the (jomtnonweallh s Station, ft. E.
Corneai-cf Schuylkill Fiflll rud Market Streets, where tickets
Can be purchased of liingtiam 4 Dock, Agents ofthe State
, iuju uuiuiuuia uiuroaa j,tnos.
Thomonilnir Eynreis Tmirr thrnnt-ti tn Plf'srutrvr Ptr-a
htridCincinnatr and Chicago, will leave'at 7 o'clock, A. M.
..ii'iiii j iucujuai! iu flours.
The night Mail Train at V. M. Through to Cincin
nati in 45'.hiurs, includingone night's comfortable rest at
r The abarp lines pass Ihrougli and stop at Lancaster, Har-
nsmirg, iewisKiwn, nuntmgacn, liouuiaysburg, John
stown, Greenbnrg, and IntermediatepUces. "
.ivuvK.-iu.tua: hs, lua txiinpiUiy win 1101a memsci
ves responsible for personal baggage only, and for an amount
no. exceeding f ion. TUU.S. ilOORE, Ageof.
JJ?1nei,,f- . - ., , T. Peunivlntnia. Railroad Co.
I-. Columbia Rmlrcsd Line tor Uarnsburg; via Cclutr.
( btaund all interme'dlafe pU&s, will leave tho above static!
'it lb road now complete tvopenit a emmunitatIon te-
Krcen r.i'.snurg eiu rnuadtIpt.ia.orPJtLsbunr and BaW.
whieh freight fromtto weitean reach an euiii-rn
ciSisretit points oa the western wafers. Also with the Cleve
land and. PiUsbars Hall HoaJ, end Ohio and Pennsylvania
Hail KoadatP-lttburg. Cars run throuah hetween Fitubnrgh
.RmfcPhUadelphtawlUiouttransiilpmeni of fr'olgfit, anadvan-
mikc ma, cu ue appreciated oy all. snippers.
Iii Casoof r.btroedo-v cf navisatlon by lea or low vritsr
ircicuii wesivaEuan anrtrotti! irntii FiMihtiT9is r n.
cinnau, ortowns in tee lnierior b Kaljroad.
i. it-HTHS OF FitlistJJir
rseiween mtsburgand Polladejphia or Jmltmore.
' First JIa4. iriMttr Sntmrr
Rain.. Rzttt.
-" Pry Qpods, Books and Stationary Bonis;
Pel f
per 1C0 lbs.
.iuucs. uoujuiu .arruu?i rursane. i
tries, Feathers, Sadd!e'rv,fec.
' aeruna uiatv.
Brown Shsetln? & Shirting la Hales,!
Dru2s.Gla! Ware. Groceries.-execnt Hrr-
ft? cts. 60 eta
tree, Hardware, Hollow Ware, Machinery, f
Oilcloth, Wool, vc. "
'a'liird. Class.
Butterin Firkins t- Kegs, randle. Cot-'
ton; In winter, Qutmtoire, Tallow,!
Tobacco, In lesfiir il.-inufoctared, fEast-r
ward, dic.-c- '
- - Fourth Glass.
Faeon.Cotton (in summer,) CctTccrdl
. and Lard Oil, (tnrouga) Pork in rull ear- )
loads at owners risk. i
75 ets. 50 cts.
GScts. 40 ets.
. - Oku. C: FfauolKcim.
- - . yrughtjlrnt,Pittslxrg.
E. J. Snecder,
JIasraw AIvo-ms,
Freight Jfger.U , Baltimm
J. Ia. r.lllntt.
Freight jf-esr.AV.T JTeit tt ,f. T.
. 11. li. Houston,
Ue. Freight Agent, Philadrlpkin.
march 16, 1S53 ly
No. 47, College Smscr, Nashtillk, Tccv.
ARE now in receipt of their enlire stock of HARDWARE
and CUTLERY for tlHSnrin?Trade. and in raltino-
the attention of the merchants of Middle and East Tennes
see, Kentucky, and North Alabama, to their large end Taried
assortment, tlieyfeel confident thot it will compare favora
bly with that ol any House in any country, and when tho
item of Iran'portation Is considered, it willbe found that
-.ievfs should prompt all dealers in f
country lo encouraire a home market.
. .. . ... ... . "WC HiCillC S,
and Farmers visiting Najhrille ito their assortment oi" Tools,
r aruuug implements, &., a targe sKxatct waica Uiey always
leatiere, Olr-tinyawi tnar,ts&n'st tlie highest mar
ket prices in exchange for goods, cr in payment of debts.
Feb. 20,1353.
liurrown I'Hlcnt Vlantatlon
THIS Jlill differs from all others In the coastruc tlon of
the uppor or Itunuins Mcne, which is composed or
French Hrrrr ClOeks, enclosed In a cast lroa Tase, which
rnis the back and hoop c f thq Stone with a Cast Iron Kf e, or
Hush, than lsof areater external diameter at tne bottom that
at the lop, widen. U secured to the by four bolt., so that
every uiocKis in meiorm ot a dove tall wn.cu elves greater
I strength to a Stone than any-other method which Is required
i in email mills, where tba stone Is run with great speed, and
bwomesdsngerocs if no; ftrorgfy marie. It also Kives any
wefaht toaslonecfsroaltdian-itetthftis required without
having itthict or high, that makes it tophesvy.
, Thti mill is a square frame made of wood or ra:lIron,tn
i the form ora buk,with Br-dje-tree. Spindle Balai.ce, Ring
Driver, aud Rezulat nePcreV. an-lfrlnds u- on tha same
prlrelple'aa a lartO mill,din"r'ng only In the Kunner Stone;
tills bein-ofgreatweh-utenafclep Jt togrind nearer the cen
ter a gronter quantity of grain wiih les ivcr t&a any other
lallluowin nse. This nilll trortiMe.nn.lma7 beatiaehed
i to steam, water, hoie or hand power.
ALSO, aHt,es of Crench Borr 41111 Stones, .Manufactured
on-the sainojiTinrir-Ic. -
. Jpioph- II. llurrowsi yt Cincinnati, is the Inventor, for
I which, hepbtained tetter. Patent in 1P42. For tlilnfriuge
' ment. tho purchaser will be held responsible for tha rlht
. TacsoMiHsdonot requiroaMHIriyhtto s-ttthemnp; and
atl.thatisneceiwary to put then ia operation, is to attach a
hand to the pulley on the spindle, with a drum sufficiently
- larger to run a twentf-foar inch iiill 240 revolnttons per1
minute, attached to Gin, Steam, or Water Power. By the
"tesdy application of tuohorse power the Min will grind sx
to 3 bushels perhonrof tro4 meal: and will crlnd wheat
is. well as cora, Tbe thirty Inch mill, if put lo its fullest
speed, wll' erind from ten toSncenbushelsperliour.
"These mills are warranted to bo lnevery respect as recom
mended Dirkctioxs roa I'sino. Place jQurralllabautiMfeetfroin
the Driving Pulley Irt a level po-itlon; make the belt of
If ttherett oreiRht incliis wid. Give the StoneJ-H) revolu
tions a. milium wiia ihosun. Kep the neck and step of
; me spmaie -iveii ouea. riace one star on me oacs. or lae
-RnnntDir Slona.1a thaeame way as tha Cross on tho rriver,
U that 1, tho way they are trimmed to rub.
j Kefer to ThojPat'ersontsq.. of Highland county, Ohio,
' Jesse BeaI,Kq., of Clinton county, Ohio; C. S. Bradbury,
Esq or Cincinnati, aud annmlierofoCiers.
I AH qniersdireitedto. " JOH.V L'. BOOMAN,
Ko.'M l!rosdway,AsshvllIe. Agent for Middlcand East
Tennessee, or . II. ItUKHOWS,
JanC dilr-w.&w.ly. tVestFrontst.Cln.O,
JtUUS. JAMES BENTON j-of Newark, New Jersey,
has discovered a process for manufacturing wrought iron
directly from theoie, with wood or mincraTcoal. stvled br
him an 6re-w'eTding furnace; (an improvement in the rcanu-
S:rCr'bU' tT?ucces,fUy at-
.a.single beat the best quantity ofbionms, at a less cost than
,' TUC irtl- IS HOW llSll.ltlir mnrlc. r atlrra P.lnnf l..r. lun
t granted him for his discovery ,and we are the appointed agents
i mci5 nuis, aim - us imnHiiiciion inroucrnout iue
I West; auda3 thepresenthigh priceof iron isinducingmany
capitalists to invest in its manufacture, without being aware
j of the great, advantage, this new -and valuable inven
l tion lyis. oviir any other known mode, we think it but subser
j vmg their riiterestto thus earlyimprcss upon them the im
i portaBce of an examination of the merit ot this Lite. Inven
i tion before embai king in any other made for making iron,
assuring them of its entire success andnraoticability, aade-
moustrated by the furnaces cow in lucctssful operation afte
It is not our purpos e in this advertisement to speak par
t ticuTjrly" oTfhe almost' incalculable advantages th.s process
possesses over all Other modes for making Iron; (as this is
contained in our circular.-wfaich we will be pleased to mall
to the address of any one interested in the matter,) bat to
" call tHeTatfentinn of those about investing ia the tuanufac
ture of Ifoii, and respectfully invite an examination of the
furnace we ore erecting in this city, and which will be in
operation bythe 3th June nexti'or to the furnaces of the
-American Iron Companyin Newark, New Jersey, now op
erating, with-complete success. W. C. DAVIS A CO.
,', Cinciuuati, June 1 bw.
For Chopping Corn oy oilier Grain,
An artvu vhch rj! Firmer thtmld hue,
IT will grind, with moor two horse power, front four to
live bushels cui hour either fiue for bread or coarse for
stock and is so simple in its construction, that any boy
twelve years old can keep it in order and run it, 1 1 ia adap
led to either Steam, Water or Horse Tower
. Having soldthb entire right of manufacturing and selling
the above Mill, in Tennessee, to Messrs. J, R. Cowan and A.
C. Howard, of Nashville, persons wwbjng to purchase can
"-nnd'tbemat J.M.Saab.urr's,on College street, where they
- -Aiill be happy to take Orders. 1J0SS & ADAM3.
auggjl " - .
WANTED TO 31UY At this office, twestt or
'-rmfsTT negtoea .Tie highest market price will be
given if application is made scoa. miySl lw
-"-TV ftl m A
i j cj Tit err i-.
Druggist and Apothecary,
Xorth iidi qfh Puilie Sniarc, 3 doors irj of CU
Hathmils Inn.
Whali.ola tad Retail Dealer in
Parts, Rarsma, PmrotxST,
Powusat, Otis. Drc STurrs,
Fojvcr Articz-Ss,. Shot, YAitsisrrss,
Glass; Glasswacjc, Lkad,
tha .
Drugs, Hcdicinei, Chemieals, tc.
XuktiOf, Mivch 11, 185S.
1"AA LRS. PRINTER'S INK Winter, Spring.. Sum
luUU mer and Fall News, ofthe best quality-, for said by
march U
from' Landreth. Rislev and
ttShakers, foe sale by
VRASS SEEDS, ia variety, for sale br
JT m archil
JLi war in New York cttr. as an rJmlr.l,u .l,
and an eSectual remedy for baldness and falling off of the
hair, causing it to crow luxraiatrtlr. retiderino-it
sy, lieautiful and preventing its toirning grey, for sale br
marcnii l.U.3COVEI.
sia. Gout. Rheumatism. Cnann. Cholera Morbus. Chclir
Ac, Ac, which is oue ofthe best preparations of the day a
iruu win convince me increiuious, iot saie oy
msrenu rt. ti.scu LL.
fi ALVANISM Christie's Belts, Bracelets, Fluid, Rings
aria xriasiers, tor sale oy me cnty agent in ratm!ie,
marcan ii. u. HW J.1.
XJ CO, for sale Wholesale and Retail br
marchll u. O. SCONEL.
"13 IFLK POWDEIt Cocnerticutand Tcncesseejiine Pow
J li der, warranted best quality, forsale by
marchll H. G. SCOYEL.
"VTEATS FOOT, Refined Tanner's, Lard, Linseed and
JL castor Vila, tor sale by II. U. suuv U
QllITH'S SUGAR COATED PILLS, just received and
U lor sate, or
r pEAS Black, Young Hyson; Imperial, Gunpowder, and
JL Extra Carious Black Tea. Thes: Teas are of gocd
quality and have giTcn satisfaction, for sale by
tnarcfill li. Q. SCOVEI
"VTOTICE. In consequcnce.cf the Firecn Friday mom
JL iuir. we ere compelled to suspend business for tune-
time, but wi!I ccrmnence again as soon, rs we can procure a
tuitcb!e hresr, of which due notice will be given. lathe
meantime we hope cur friends who are indebted tons, and to
Ewic. Brown & Co.. will ccme forv-ardand settle, up without
delay, thix we may meet our own engagements prcmptlr.
Wecai hefcrudat No. IF. on tie square John Nichols
old stand.
.We would sjsotake this occasion lo express cia- gralciiil
thanks to tlcse who hare kindly favored us and our prede
cessors wan uieir pairrniagc; to trie iirc (Jcmpauiea and
cititecj, to whose eserticcs we are mainly indebted for
what of our goods were saved, aud to those kind friends who
sympathise with us in cur loss.
leos KVi:i UuUlHLKS.
JL UI' I" a speedv and infallible remedy for DIARRH EA.
CHOLERA INFANTUM, and the Asiatic Chclera.
It never Tails to cure, the worst possible cases of bowi-1
complaints in a few hours. It is purely vegetable, and taken
in almost any quantity is perfectly Harmless.
Most remedies in use for Diarrnea.ldcun the ncresof the
intestinal canal and only for a time alleviate the disease br
prercnlingthe expulsion of the acrid fmid, which will al
most inrariaWy pour forth again, with increased violence,
though nature "sometimesorerccmes the evil, while the rem
dv afcne bears off the praise. Not so with tbe Dvsenterr.
Syrup. Its ingredieutare tb natural antidotes to tnese com
plaints. It changes tbe nature of the luids.and causes their
explusion in a natural manner. It dos cot leave them to in
flame tbe surface of the stomach and bowels, but attacking
the cause, it neutralizes them, and the'disejseiinmcdiafely
subsides. The operation of the Syrup is threefold. It im
mediately reaches the seat of the disease and arrests its
course; it instantly soothes pain and restores the system to
perfect quiet The inflamed surfsces of the stomach and
intestines are guarded against further violence br the neu-
tralizaticn ot their acrid contents, and thus the body re
sumes it natural htslthr functions.
is wamurtad- Frice only 50 cents per bottle.
iunelS. ALEX. MACKENZIE, Agent Tor the Stafc
ACIerevmanoi Nashville informed me but season when the
Cholera was threatened, thai in one week be cured 21
cases of the premonitory symptoms with a few bottles of
tms Uyseniery ayrup. A- AL,
At A'o. 9. Union. Street.
JUST received (direct importation) one Case Linen Dress
Goods, containing a ercat variety of Styles and pat
terns, which will be sold 23 per cent less than the usual
Price. Abo. a variety of dress Goods consistingof Berages,
Lawns and Muslins, for styles and prices, arc unsurpassed
by any in the market Gimps, Fringes, and Trimmings of
all kinds omstantly on Land. The attention of the Ladies,
is particularly requested to our Stock of Goods, before pur
chasing. mart.-i THURSTON A BERNARD.
A. WEimZR, !. D. W. A. EPM0.VDS, H. D.
a TAKE pleasure in announcing that they are no.-r ready
. tor the reception or patients at their establishment at
Buena Vista Sprint:. The romantic liealtbful and
pirturesoue character of the locality at Buena Vista Sprines
is so widely and generally known throngh the numerous
visitors wlto annually resort to the place for its medicinal
waters, that the proprietors deem it necessary fo sar but
little on the subject. The country is wild and broken,
abounds in game, is exempt from epidemic invasion, has an
unconfincd and salubrious atmosphere, and the establish
ment is supplied with an abundance of pure runnier free
stone water, equal to any in tbe State
Ur. M ebseb is a pnysician ot torty years experience in
the active practice of his profession, and has just returned
from a tour through the Northern and Eastern States, dur
ing wmcn ne nsitca iue best water-cure cstaplistimrnts in
tho country and enjoyed ample access to all the best sour
ces of information on the subject
Dr. Ensioxra, though a younger practitioner, has several
years' experience, and brmgs with him into the establish
ment the professional devotion and energy incident to the
earlier periods of life The means for amusement and re
creation are ample and free of charge
Teiub. For Board and treatment from 8 to 810 per week.
Patients are expected to bring with them two blankets, two
comforts or a feather bed, six large crash towels, two sheets
and some old linen for bandages, or they will be charged
extra for such in the establishment. Very sick and feeble
persons will furnish an attendant who will pay board, or be
charged for such extra.
This delightful Summer Retreat is now open g2&
forthereeection of Visitors. It is situated on
the Nashville and Louisville (via Mammoth Care)
Turnpike Road, twenty -one miles from Nashville, It is ac
cessible to Nashrii!e byalineof daily stages, and by numer
ousother modes of conveyance Tile great notoriety of its
various mineral Springs, renders it entirely unnecessary to
speak of their invaluable properties. Tbe Hotel is neatly
fitted up; and, for tbe extent cf its scale, and its ailinii able
adaption, it is not equaled by any fashionable resort in the
State. The proprietor most respectfully Folicits the patron
age of the public generally, and confidently hopes, by care
and attention, to satify his visitors.
N. B. A full supply of ICE for tho season en Jiand.
mayS dAw2m. Porprietor
JtkTEtake pleasure in anntnncing to our numerous friends
V and patrons, that we : ra now ready to accommodate
all who may wish- to avail themselves of the benefits of our
place Extensivepreparationi hve been made for the com
fort both ofthe invalid and the man cf pleasure It were
needless fr ua to attempt to set forth tbe value of our place,
in a medicinal point of view. JIany, afflicted with various
diseases, have visited us, and alter a few weeks sojourn,
bavegoneaway either entirely cured or greatlr relieved
particularly such as hare been afflicted with Scrofula, di
seases of the Skin, Stone in the Bladder, and also of the Di
gestive System in generrj. Offbese facts, there is an abun
dance cf proof; and many who have certified to them, rndthe
same have gone forth to the afflicted people And we'have
at this time two living specimens of Sciofula case.3, cured
sound and well, with us. to be seen as testimony to oar dec
laration; one of which was almost a hopeless case.
We are in Macon county, Middle Tennessee, 12 miles cast
of Lafayette, our county scat, 6o or 70 miles from Nashville,
45 miles turnpike, and the balance high ridge road, and
other good country roads coming from every point from
Lebanon, Wilson county, Hartsvdle, Carthage, Gainsboro',
Tomkuxsville, Glasgow, Gallatin, Ac.
J. A, TAYLOR, Proprietors.
mayl2 tr wStn S.B. PEYTON,
Drs. W. & E. further inform the public that the above
justly celebrated and delightful watering place will be ready
for the reception of -visitor on thelst of June The house
will be furnished anew with bedding, toweling, curtaining,
Ac, 4c No pains or labor will be spared to make the place
conform to the rational expectation of those who may visit
iL The places cf amusement are Undergoing thorough re
pairs ana important additions, ami will be free of extra
Buena Vista Springs, Logan county, Ky., April 7, 1S53.
may23 w3t.
Ko. 48. on College, near Broai Strett,
THEsnbscribersaremanufctvrins Tobacco from Ten
nessee. Kentucky, tnd Missouri LeaC which they war
rant as good, and will sell as low, as any Tobacco ofthe same
quality manufactured elsewhere We solicit a call from
dealers generally, a3 Tobacco of onr manufacture will be
found to Eire aood satisfaction, and pay the deafer a fair pro
fit; B A.J.MUSSIAIAN4CO,Manuxarturers,
No. 43 College, near Broad streets, Nashville, Tenn.
march !) tlj
I OFFER for sale 850 or 400 acres of Land, lying from
one to two miles from MurfreesbcirV, ca the Nashville
Turnpike road, and on tbe NashrjUe an'd'ChatUnooga Rail
road. The land has n it a 3mall dwelling bouse, and a
sawand grist tpU, as'it as It can be subdivided into several
small farm 3,'it' affords a good opportunity for persons wish
ing a home in a pleasant country, on rich lands, and within
a convenient distance of good schools, churches, Ac Terms
liberal. Title indisputable For further information, ap
ply to W. Spencz, Murfreesboro', or to the subscriber
' Murfreesboro', August 8, 1852 eotf
STATES. - --'-J
IN pursuance of taw, I, FRANKLIN
.P1E?CE. P'esident ofthe United
y "wcut ueciare ana cmte
hottb. that ruW.r .?i-rri-i .w.fi,
which rexnain to th7Un.'tates5 0pf,
; side of the line che S Si Oht'"??
tl.e renods hereinafter designated, to wit: f1
mcgMoy'th8.7 H4
odd .toirsns above referred to . ; 7 . ; w '. ,l3BK
mentioned township towU: Siteatei 10
Xorii cf tU hut Unt and of p. rafL
TQ.vnships ot and cw,pf rang-ost
Towtt.shipsOTe.w.Aiw.andW.cfranm '
Townsb.ps bne, two, Ul?. and rofran
rinrnaWp x Orte, four five, six.and.of rsspkr,
Sevtk ftklats intend vxstcftkt principal meriiKa.
?1s enf' ndrA of range Mi
AttbeLandOnWatliSoPOnn,5?- B.T
tncinir on Mond ,tJ. iTO W ' Lhe "raeSUf. cos.
mencinfr on Xlon.U ,h(: .V,0 ""esameat,
odd nnmhrnkki r wuons. I
sections, bciBgtbe
dermcuticned townships towiu
JntUua tne an Kal
dermentioned lou-om. il,-7. oatel In & as.
-rjfc" v nit.
lowna&ip tvmttm, of range icca.
. -r .T .
ocuermentioned fownshina w 10 m
Xorih. of ti fo hM anient tfs Choctaw tncrtdk.
Aownstips agu, tht,airinHfenJftem.,
teen, seventeen. riThf Ty, . "si
srcrriCT. . ' '"""J vraegw
rJ?'?ft!JL!r?!E;,t' nine- fc"". Mr, tKrteen.fcar
Townships eAt. nine. fn. eW, vj.. n.-... -
JSES? 'nine' and vrfr,,cf range
Attire Land Offlreat AUOrST
for lb disposal of such sections and parts of seiW tT-
Si-rth cf achate line axdavtqf tXc CUccfcte n-ndxn.
Township few, of range rmaTErj.
Touaw tw' J"' lnd ag,
ranrr.ne, U,rer'fcnr' d Wr.of
raST' thr"' Sr . of
Toh'111 onJet'tU' ad of range SErcrrnB.
Township , of range ncsmx.
Xortkofthe but tiHe,vesttfte nuridietn, andcaiiof Pearl
rafiveT UW' 5UCseTea' tiyit, of
Jownihipsr, ,ix, seren, eight, and la, of rang.
Townships rF, eiglt, nine, and ten, of range seven.
Townships egM n, and ten, of ranee eight
'R "designated in roman letters n
wbollrwithmthe limits of "six sections ia width oaeacb.
wde of said road," and those in HuXet are partla within said
-mitS;!:'.?eSig:nated .on,he diagrams, wbico will be fur
nished to tbe respective district land offices bT the Com
missioner of the General Ltud Office.
The lands will be sold tvljeet to tt r.gi of war eranfad
said, for said railroad, not exceeding one hundred Won
which include the road win be sold as containingthe qn
Uhes respectively shown by the cfficiol plats. "
of iTiv "f Va for "-,in!e "Gfficient to admit
of offienng all the lanifs, but not exceeding two weeks, and
applications to male private entries of lh Unds offered
under this proclamation wfll not be received until after tb
Given under mr band at ib -tr- rfn:.i.; .- .t..
twenty-third day of May, anno Domini one tJusaWeirfit
hundred and lifty4hree FRANKLIN PIERGlT
By the President : "-v-JOUN
Otnnmitoioner of at General Land Ofke.
XeUcekact-jclscUlertonhndtofac United States original
ly Kilhdraicnfrom marUt on accent of tit raurood
Under act of Congress, approved 3d March, 1833; eaf ilfed
An act to extend pre-emption rights tocertain laads there
in mentioned, the Pre-emption laws of the United Stat cs as
they now exist are extended over the alternate reserved sec
tions of public lands along the line of the railroad hereinbe
fore mentioned, where the settlement snd improvement
were made prior to tie Snot allotment of the alternate sec
tions to tbe said railroad. Therefore all claims by pre-em-tion
to any of the alternate sections of public iands within
the limits originally lescrvcd will attach, if predicated od
on settlements made prior to the 4th Febrniry, 1858. tfie
date of the final allotment.
Claims within the six miles limifs nvrst be proren CD at
anr Ume brfore the day herein fixed forlbecommencenwat
ofthe public salea, and are tobe paid for at the rale oT two
collars and fiity cents per acre. Claims outside of the sis
tnues, and within the h'mitscf the original reservation. rasi
be proTen up prior to the restoration of said lands to nrlraU
Soldiers' bounty land warranty at a dollar andtwentyra
cents per acre, may be received in payment for either class
of kinds; one warrant onlr, however, can be located breach
pre-emptor. 1
Immediately after the close of the public sale directsd fcy
tee forezomcr Proclamation ofih Pi-;,tnt .i:: .:lt
be received for the purchase at private entry, or location Ir
warrants, ofthe lands reserved to satisfy this grant, outside
of tbe sir miles limits, in such nrr!e in...!
. ....itmjw)uuaiuu
and insure accuracv', in accordance with instructions to be
issued to the registers and receivers.
J'mal2 Cimmutioner of tit General Land Ofict.
New York and Charleston Steam Packets.
TtVV tbAdger's UTiarves every Siturdar
.iiiiwiiMmrjcuaiuiaic tteunesday ,
On Saturday Jas. Adger, l,..00tons, j
. iicsansuu, vHBoisnair .uarion. I,20u tens. 2
The SoHtaerner, W. Foster, Commander, will leave
each alternate Wednesoay. Having been newly coppered
and guards raised, is now in complete orxler.
For freight or passage, having elegantStale Roota Accom
modation, apply at the otEce of the Agent
ComerEast Bar and Adger's Sou. Wham.
CaoblD paf ?e t2. Steerage ii. '
A. - A new ship will be pliced en the Line to coaaeet
withthe Southerner on Wednesdays. feblT trw
DCALcas ix mar cxscsirnox of
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Furnishing and Fancy Cteedf,
On OiUat tirect, on dmr South cfthc Square
WHERE may be found at alf timesa large aaort
t, . llli,f Wnchestert, Davis & June's, i. Myers'
Patent Shoulder Seam Shirts, of Linen, Muslin with Lin
m Bosoms, Gingham, and French Chintz, Standing and
Byron Collars, Underwear, Merino, Shaked SillvUisii
mere, Vigonia Cotton and Canton FlanncL for ladies
and gentlemen, Gents Cloth Gatters, Gloves, Kid and
Silkj, Buck. Cashmere, Cloth, Chamois, Wash Norma,
Culf Gloves, and ladies and Gentlemen's Gauntlets, Liuec
and Silk lUndkerehiefi Stocks, Ties, Waferfcrda,' Albert,
I)e Joinville's, pbin, Emb'd and selCadjustio, Cravats
Scarfs, Black and White Satin Ties, Shoulder Braces, Sus
penders, Silk, Woolen and Cotton Night dips; Oil SilkBttA
mg Caps for Ladies and Gentleman. Monsy, Riding sad
Strengthening Belts, Robe de Cbambre, Umbrellas, Walk
ing Canes, Riding Whips, Tiunks, Sole IatherTvaEaes,
Carpet Bags, Satchels. Dressing Cases, Work Box 93, Toi
lets, Opera GIa-3, Porte ilonies. Fans, Writing Desks
Cigar Cases Flesxi, Trarelling Companions. Razois and
Razor Strops Combs, Brushes, Good year's Gum Goods.
FcrfU5acry.-Toiet Bottles, Pocket Cutlerr, Ac, and
a larg assortment of other articles, nsually kept br Fur
nishing Stores. J r '
.-2!ehaT!,made5Tnu'Cernen,swi,hour friends at Q
orth to forward us Goods as soon as received by tbefn.
thtrefbrew shaU have goods here in leas than tea days?
from the Jiew York Custom House
v v.- o. ,. MYERS & McGlLL'S.
Furnishing Store, College street, 1 door South ot the
Square, Aashville belli
-VT ORTH-WEST corner of the PnbUc Square, new Plaat-
era' Bank, NashTilla, Tenn.
. H?" We are drawing Sight Checks on ell the principal
a ties of the East, South and West at the lowest rates, "is
sunu to rait purchasers.'
5f" We buy all kinds of currant and uaenrreat BnC
Notea at moderate rates.
We buy South Carch'na, Gaorgia and North Caeiica
Bank Notes, at a very smalMj-scount
Ctf We will parchase New Orleans and Kentucky mon
ies at a fair premium.
rarWchars Gold and Silver tor sale will attend to
collections remitting oa any point requested at Baric "nCea.
charge but x per cent, commissions.
tST We are taking Bank of East Tennezsee the sasse u
other Tennesssa Banknotes. O117
LEMONS. 15 b9Eea Lemons, received, this dar bA
ap3 E. A J.NLX0N.

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