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NO. G2.
to subscribers at the following rates :iSingle cppieivone
rear iudvanee. t-2 50; within the year3 00; at tlte'end t
of the year H 00. Clvbs Of five and upwards $2 ,00 f
per oopv Tor one year. Clubs of subscribers wulbe.ro- i
ceived for six months at the foregoing rates. ,
The TUl-WEEKLY is published ercry Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, at per annum in advance; if not paid in
ad ranee, $6.
DAILY is published at Eight Dollars.
TTi'r mavitv tv Aft. fjr" Trl-Af!nOMPAiY
Sunscmmoxs. jei " : ; '
Keinittanccs of subscriptions may be made Jby-mail at our
risk. J
paper will be sent but of the State unless the order Is ac- '
companied wilh the cash. j
THE creat Remedy for Rheumattsm,Gout, pain in the Side 4
White SWelliugs, Hard Tumors, Stiff Joints, and all fixed
pains whatever. Where this I'laster is applicdl'ain cannot
These Plasters possess the advantage of beinj;put up in
air-light boxes? hence they retain their full virtues in all cli
of its hading poners who have not yet tried it For their
sakes we will simplv state whit it has done In thousand of
i niflT be Some.
cases, and what it will do for them when tried.
Head Uia following testimony from a Physician.
Gextlbmes. Your Ilebrew Piaster has cured me of pains
of which I have buffered for twelve years past Dur.ngtlns
period I labored nnderan affliction of my loins and side, aud
tried many remedies that my own medical experience sug
gested, but n ithout obtaining relief. At length I used your
i'Uter, and am now by its good effects entirely cured. 1
will lecomnnend the Jew David or Hebrew Plaster to til,
who are sufi jing from contraction of the muscles, or perma
nent pains in the side or back.
The people ofGeorgia have but to become acquainted with
its rlrtues when they will resort to its use.
Youis, truly, M. W. WALKER, M. D.,
Foisythe, Monroe county, Oa.
To Messrs. Scovil i Mead, ew Orleans, La. . .
Messrs. Scovil & Mnu: I have been troubled with the
chronic rhcumntism for the last twclre years. On the 1st of
July IStsi, I mis so bad that I could not turn myself In bed,
and the pin so severe that I had l ot slept a wink for sir days.
At this tunc my attending Physician prescribed the "Hebrew
Plaster," and it acted like a charm; the pain left me and I
slept more than hilf of the night, and in three days I was
able to ride out. I" consider the "Hebrew Plaster" the best
remedy for all sorts of pains now in ue
. G. W. McMIXN.
Hendersonvilla, N. C, Aug.JC, 16.0.
Hewarc of counterfeits and bue imitations!
J57"Tbe genuine will in future have the signature E.
Taylor oa tha steel plate engraved label on the top of each
Purchasers are adrisad that a mean counterfeit of this ar
ticles is in existence.
The genuine is sold only by us, and our agents appointed
throughout the South and no pedlar is allowed to sell it
Dealers and purchasers generally are cantioned against buy
ing of hut our regular agents, otherwise they will b3 impos
ed upon with a worthless article.
Forsaleby SCOVIL & MEAD,
111 Chartres street, Xew Orleans.
General Wliole?ale Agents for tho Southern States, to whom
unorders must be addressed.
Sold by EWIX, BK0WN & Co., Nashville, Tenn.
w. W. JJ. Iitltltl, qo;
J. M. ZIMERMAN & Co., do;
julyl-dtww II. G. SCOVEL, do.
For the cure of Painful aud Disordered Menstruation,
Miscarriage or Abortion, and the relief of all thot
Sympathetic Nervous Affections attendant 011
Much f.f the .uffering attendant upon the Inres of females
at the present day may be traced to soitie slight imprudence
or neglect during Mime eritie-d period of their pecultarsea
sn'.is, causing obstructions, ingnlarity, &.cn which, if not
relieved, gradually eakens and dt'nuiges the system, sud by
sympathy induces thoe chronic forms of disease C'on
ifeimptinn, Dnipsy, Dysiepsi., Xa which either hurry them
to an eaily grave or render thtiu invalids for life. Many ot
the hire-. 1 aud liveliest of creation, at thatage when the bud
was just bursting into bloom, have withered and died from
the effects of ob--i ruction, and the want of a remedy to assist
imUireat tliat eventful period.
It is not offered as a cure of all ills that llesh is heir to,
but h:i leG.edy and preventive fr a oirtaiu claas of com
pUiinW, in which it i- v.arrauted to do all that is here set
fiirfh, ir tliat medicine directed with expprTenceand skill cm
Irioim. Sold by SCOVIL A: MEAD,
111 Chartres siioet, New Orleans.
General Wholesale Agents for the Southern Slalms to whom
tit oedeis mut benddievd.
July 1 ly dtwAw.
Dreunon '2"""'i Henry comity, Ivy.
THE first term of the seventh annual session of this f!
College nmences iliew HomUiu in AiJnif H
lM-tirn VJtruurg.
The Faculty consistsnf nine experienced professors. The
nnber of cadets in attendance last session was t!27, of
uhom 15 were from Ti,nne.see. The course of studies e.ri-
braces the Scientific course of the U. S. Military Academy 1
and thorough instructions in History, English Liteiatuie, j
mill tlietireekand Latin languages. Studcnts are admit-
led to a select course, including Civil Engineering, Modern I
Lmiguages, Hook Keeping, with tVimmeicial jiractice and
other branches at theiroptkn. 1
The Militarr feature is not introduced merely to diffuse J
Military knowledge, but to promote discipline, health and ;
plivsicul development. i
Charges for tuition, boarding, rooms, fuel, lights, washing,
servants attendance, aud use of furniture and amis i'j
per term. Sjrgeou's fee er tenn. For further infor
mation addre-J A. 0. Smith, Esq., Louisville, Ky., Smith 4 1
J.ihn.son, 6.' Magazine street. New Oileans, or li. R. John- 1
son, .Superintendent july23 ldniAw4 ,
I.Saey9s Kcaper una j
I REFER the Fanners to the statements below, m-ule by '
Dr. John Shelby and L. F, Bradley. I have reen it in 1
operation several times, I am satisfied ofilsirreat utility. As
tlie season is advancing, I now offer those t have on hand for
,!.. L. P. CHEATHAM.
juiicSO, 135S. Nashville, Tenn.
NAsnviu.r, June 2", 1S5S.
Col. L. P. CuiatHsu: Dear Sir: I hae been using
the " Heaping and MowingMachino" patemeoted by Manney
ol Illinois, which yon are now otfering to the ciliicns of Ten
nessee. Itisa KiksTitATKHBOKSAVixo Machine. It works
KKATi.r and ruriBLV. H:e amount cut per day will depend
principally upon the sjieei of the team. If' the team can
tratel four miles per hour, it ill Reap or Mow, fifteen acres
in ten hours It is entitled to the confidence of the public.
Respectfully J. SHELBY.
I, L.F. Bradley, now managing the farm of Dr. Shelby,
make the following statement: We harehadfor more than
one week, one of Col. t'hcathim's mowing and reaping
machines, we liaretried it in clover and grain blown and tan
gled., and I uow state that it mows and cuts cleaner than the
s'ythe blade, and that it will mow per day as much as 14
lund. and it can reap at least twenty-four acres per dav.
juneaa-tiw. L- I'- BRADLEY.
otn-ppvrinPRr cnTLHRSl:S PANACEA.
A MOST strange and irreconcilable fact meets us at the
j. very threshold, of our remit ks 011 this valuable mcdi-
cine. It is tins: mat no mcuicai preparauuu aujpicu m
the various diseases of children and youth, das ever been
offered to tiie public, while at the same time it is established
Xtf the tnot accurate tables of mortality that tjie-i'.'-s if
mnnfitm)' die before rfxhingilt age of re jvar
We should suppose that to ihis rest cluss of human nif-ferers-this
ooe-'rfilf of tha race the most anxious and ear
nest allenlion would have been given: that modical skill
ivnnl.l l.avn 1ki.i tiTOil In its Hltnnst canucitr tO find OUt a
medicuie to whkh moilicrs and nurses might i-csort under
ilif rtmilanilv recnirinfi- ncce-sshies which Drcent them
selves in this ciMiiieciioii. The woild is l'uerxlly crowded
with medicines for uJ , ', but ton ards tho sufferings of chil
drcu no one has sccinl to torn proper attention. Xo one
has l-egardod their condition. No one has teemed to think
it possible thattheravtijresol disease and death among thfi:
might be staved. It is true th it there arc numerous Ver
mifuges and Cordials of soma value, bu' none of there is
vmfirad pxrlnsirelr to one or two forms ef dicae. The
Grajfenberg Children's Panacea is the only medicine extant 1
liieitlierl,cmiiilirelll I 13 at an wnnnyoi ocmgraneuu
Children's Medicine: or that suppliw the great want alln- .
dedto- . 1
It is invalnnblc and unsurpassed in cisesof infantile imn-
dice, griping and fiatolcncy, diarriirea, cutaneous cr.iuti. j
the (brash, teething, falling ,f the fundament, coiivulsi"ns
rickets, ringwoiin, scald bespl, measles, crouji, worms chol- 1
era inualum, wasting of the body, and all diseases incident J
to the years of childhood. t
Ptii 50 ceuts jr bottle.
For sftleat all tne Drug stores, in town and ctMintrv. auj
"julyin Na.-hville, Tenn.
""rnO dees not kiioiv tint Lross A- Co., keep alwavp n
' hand the liue-t Cifffti s and Ttibuccr. 10 bo I.! ...
town. All we can say to those who Are ignorunt of tu , .s
to request tlieiotocal! and examine ourt.K-l:. and thei
mil so.w be oonrmcod t'Kit such is the case. Don t foi g!-t
the I.n (Lyons) Den, Nr. In, CeJr street
Tob.1rc1is.-We areiust in receipt of a largn lotot
not.neand chewing Tbarea, coiistmg offonie of the
fmest b?ands, fine cut and iu plug. For .ie. ett.ier whtJe
Mleor retail by 0 ?r
iulvlg No. 19, Cedar St.
iPPTV pink sa aiW teettreiuine SatitJ irme,
5 by tba original cimmfacturers, fpraalokby -
jyl5 tW. H.Gordos i Co.'s Pubhc Square.
This celebrated Pain Extractor has been so extensively i for a term 01 years, or uunng iut aiso, usns. woiea trans
uied by Physicians and the jieople in general, "both in this I milted riiiaiL , .......
coiuitrvand Europe, that it is almost needless to say av ! ,'AU jieroonsliaving their lives or property insured in this
t.inir .Ti....t ;i vm,ofv. nur l. oiiT.c irlm stand iu need i Institution, are entitled to a full Darlicination in all the nrof-
. . Chartered liy the State.
rpIIlS, poinnany having fully or"anized,ij
l now reauy io uikc hk un au ucti
tiotis of projierty.'agamst loss or tlamapes by
ra w uic w muuui'
:. l'rMnnjiiinnc fiw mcpp-iiia will rA r
jjpiUon.J'rorKwiuous lor insurance win be received at tiie
I othce ot the aasnviue insurance ana irusi ua, ivOiiege si.
A. AY. JOHNSON, Resident,
j J. S. DAsniEU, Sec'y. Nashville, Oct 8, 1852.
Capital $250,000: All Paid In.
IILWE been appointed Agentof the above Company at
Nashville, and am fullv prepared to take. Marine, fire,
Hirer Risks,' ra the most favorable terms.
ji, full jslatcruent of the solvency cf the Company can bo
seen at the office of the Nashville Insurance and Trust Com-
ianv, on College street
seplS J0U.V.S. DASIIIELL, Agent
vEFICE on Cedar Street, adjoining the Post Office, and
av.xrv fTrrintion aiamstthi
AJso. the Lives of persons in good health, for a single year,
Us, witluiut any liability to loss beyond the amount of Pre
miums which they may pay.
1L S. PrLCHER, President,
J. B. J01CIS0X, Vice President
C. J. F. Whabtox, Secretary. janl
PANY. CAPITAL 5150,000.
OFFICE on the North side of the Public Square, midway
between the Nashville Inn and the Planters' Rank.
They will make insurance ou Houses and Goods of every de
scription against fire; on Steamboats and Cargo against fire
and the risk .of the river j on the Cargo of Keellioats and
other river crafts, and on sea vessels and other cargoes, on
the usual terms. JOHN M. HILL, President
Joseph Vault, Secretary.
DikkctoeS. Alex. Allison, John M. Hill, F. B. Fogg,. G.
M. Fogg, James Correy, Jno, M. Bass, Joseph Woods, Sam
uel Seay, Matthew Watson, J. J. White, Jacob McGavock.
Xew Yoik Life Insurance Cainpnny,
iYo. 100 Broadway, New York.
Accnniiilutcd Capital $500510.00.
p: rsicxAH, actsaet m. fhanxlih, rxis'T.
TTPTot&lnumbor of Policies Issued by this
Company up to July 1st, 1852 eight thousand
six handrod and eightyone.
TTPDlvidends made annually on all Llfo Po-'
lictesln shape of sfock, bearing interest atthe rate of 6 per
IC?The dUUndsheretoforo have always averaged from
40 to 50 per cent.
jry Pertnns taking out Policies for the whole term of
life can give their note &t 12 months for 4Uper cent of tha
premium, aud payGOparcentincash.
Applications for.riaks, prospectus of the company, or in
formation relating to tho subjoctof Life Insurance may be
made at the ofiice of tho undersigned General Agent for the
, StateofTflinesiec. . JOSEPH ASH.
' Office JT. tV. corneriPubllc Square,
opposite Planters' Bant. Ma4bv!l!8i AuK-1 Is52-
Jau Dtro.v, Pres. Hexey L. MiLjip, Sec'y.
Capital and Surplus S300.000.
lxsrm.ufCK ou lives of white persons pn tbja joint stock
and mutual plsu.
Also. Insurance on the lives of Negroes, on reasonable
terms. S. H. L00MIS,
jan J.i 6m Agent.
.Ktna lnsurnnco Co. of Hartford.
t An unity Fund J15O.OO0.
"TiXCLirsiVULVhsld pledged.and appro priated.W
J-i witiita reairved accumulations, by the ctiartrtrjTKdi
p and rogalatlonsoflhe Company, to the payment of Annu
ttes aud lossatupon Insuranceon Life, and in no eventlla-Uof-ircthar
debts, contracts, liabilities, or engagements of
ho company. ,
' Tiios. K. IlaACi, Ptes't, S. L. .Loo-jis, Socretary;
1 K A. ItPiKLxv, vire J. W. Scrjeoua.Act'y, Presdent.
j Managing Directors for the Life Department.
V.. A. liuLirtcY. John L.BoawxLt.,
KoEtET lincLL, Roland Mat hie,
MilicsA.I'cttlc, Edivin G. Rirtrr
IlesRA Q. Phatv.
Thisbolne a Joint Stock propriety company, an J conduc
ted ontt)Aeash system, the Mcnmrrrs have adopted a table
of ratesofpremium aslovas is cahijteat vitb safsty and
muck iamerlJianthoie or the Mutual Companies.
Applications for iWZs on white persons, received by the
uuueral'ned, who will furnish Jropeclusesof the Comia
an), and any Information relallro thereto.
yPitUksonslavesasalnstdiseasesand accidents causing
death, taken; Polices leaned and losses adjusted at this
Agency. JOS. NASH, Agent,
Office S. W. corner Public Suare,
opposite Planters KanV. -Nantitle, aug. 10, 1852.
.Heilical CxmittiicrN.
.K. Wnnoi, M D.
HniitRT C. FiwTnit, 1. 1).
CHco hours, 3lo5, r.M.
HAVING, at gieat expense, pixcured the most recently
improved liiadiinerv and tools for the constructiou of
tho heaviest work in metals, we solicit from the Western
and SouUiarn public n portion of their patronage. We are
prepared to make to order Itnilroad jllncliiucry, such
as Locomotives, Pas.-nger, Fitight Cars, Frogs, Switch
otauds. Repair Cars, and all work appertaining to Railroads.
Steam Engines. Jtoatand Stationan' Engines, from 5
in ..m linrsd linwer. witn tiouera ot Ine oest lenncssce iron.
Snw mills Fitted up oompleta, with Circular or Sash
Saws, embracing thclatestimprovemeuts. (Jrist .Mills.
Engines and Machinery, complete, for Grist Mills of all sizes.
Snar .Hills of the mostrcccnt construction, with Engines
to correspond, put up iu any part of the Southern country.
Cotton (Jills. Engines to drive Cotton Gins, with all
necessary appurtenance made to order at short notice
Iu all cases where it is desired, we furnish an engineer to.
Cut up the engine and instruct an intelligent negro, so that
e may contiuuo to operate the cngii)-j, &c
Brass and Iron Castings of cuv size or description, with
Shafting, Mill Gecrii;-, Water 'Wheels, Cast Iron Bank
Vaults, mide'to older.
IntonuaOon cheerfully given and orders .received by
X. B. The highest prices paid for old Brass and Copper.
sgpl .
0i A 1 A It U W .V U U . 1 will pay tbpabove reward
t5)J-UUJ 10 aur l,8rs0U or persons, a a premium
above the uutiket price, for one thousaud Laud Warrants,
of the denoiiiiuatioi.s cf 16o, SO aud 40 acres. I will pur
chase single warrants ot either denomination.
Room over Oak Hull, east side Public Square, 2d door
Koutliiiit.ii 1 lU.Kashulle. oct!4 m27.
THE subscriber respectfully announces tp the citir
zcnsol Nashvaieand surrounding country that
he Is still receiving large additions to Lis already im
mense stock of
Gents Fashionable Spring mid Summer Keady
Made Clothing,
which he is prepared to, and will sell AS LOW AS ANY
Already in store Fine Brown, Blue, Black te Olive Frock
and Drass Coats of the latest styles, French Tweed, Casli
merette, Plusli, Drap d'Eto, Silk Lustre and Grass Linen
Frock. Sack, Box, and Polka Coats, Ac., &cr, Ac
Pa iLs and Vests of every color, shade, pattern and quality
to suit the most Fastidious.
LIKEWISE a fine assortment of Gent's furnishing arti
cles, consieting of Fine Shirts Under Shirts, Drawers, Cra
vats Handkerchiefs, Susponders, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Va
lines Canel Bags Ac, Ac
ALSO, a V.inclV 01 iuuuis nuu vpiipu't.p'i
or age upw ards. L POWERS,
Tennessee Clothing Depot, No. 84 Market St., directly op
.,e jjn;
1 j-j;0 ,
inn Rlrept.
v.ni.MYiidi with anv other house in the city.
N. B. Not to be sold or undersold by any man or comoi-
uation of men. . '! 1
Countn- Merchants in particular are earnestly invited to
call and inspect my stock previous" to purchasing elsen hero
TIIEaborc HOTEL is now open for the reception of z
1 J,
This I01.3 established and well-known liouss nas unaer-
coueRtlifiTOUglialteiaticpn throughout, and furnished with
The TABLE ivnl always be supplied with the BES1 the
mnrket affords and the' Proprietor trusts, by a systematic
course, both with servants and the regulations of the house
generally, lie will be enabled to give entire satisfaction to
ttia-se fl.;.t may favor him with their patronage
1r,nv JftVF. IV. Ol l.rtiv.
r UN!
IZARD Powder Company of Connecticut;
ke--- Kentucky Itida Powder, 25 lbs each.
hi.lFl.egs do do do 12V do do;
2.0q- l.sr an
Gk do do:
;".00 kej- Ikst
25 do do;
5 do do;
125 do do;
10vak-fs l'l.-iing
5ihl lbs d t " !--rs each)
339 c misters fine l.'.tte
1 pound.
Hie alvn no der I. u iist been received direct trom tiie
ma.iu.aaic.rj of tho Hoi.nl Powder Companj tr.e quaiii'
()rwliiv5is-ellkii..n thpT.iiSh:.ut His United States. All
ordifiproniptl,- till"l br application at mv Powdor Dapot
North li'i A 1 :u nor Pu'.llc Squire, Nashville.
ALSO 250,000 foe Safety Fu.-e of best qualify.
S. II. LOOMIS, Agent
nnrcii25 for the Hazard Powder uompany.
Tor Choppins Corn or oilier t.rnin,
A " a .V.' m .ch t very Fanner should hi ve.
IT w.llg-.ind, with one or two horse power, from Tour to
tit e bushels an hour- either fine for bread or coarse for
stock and is to simple iu its construction, that any boy
twelve years old can keep it inorder and run it. It is adap
tod to either Stcai.i, Wnter or Horse Power.
IUvinj; sohl the entire right of manufacturing and selling
the above Mill, in Tennessee, to Messrs. J. R. Cowan and A.
C Howard, of Nashville persons wislung, to'f purchase can
find them at J. M. Seabirry'a, on College street, where they
.Mill be happy to take orders. BOSS A ADAMS
ug2S. - '
1 v opposite tne V eranuan, win iuia: uu un umiuai yi w-
' ciple, Houses, Merchandize, &c, against Loss or Damage by
I Fii-e- SteamboaU on any of the A estern waters against the
I Hazards of Inland Navigation and the Cargoes ofvesselsof
I or..rv .!wrintion arainst the Perils of the Seas and Biveis.
T AM just receirinca fine assortment ofFur-,
JL niture of the latest and most approved!
styles, which will be warranted as recommend-'
ed, and will be sold. as cheap as the cheapest Having en
larged my Ware rooms, I shall keep an assortment ot Gil
bert's superior Pianos, also Window Shades, Clocks, Mir
rors, Ac. Furniture of all kinds made to order. Articles
sent free to the Railroad or anywhere in the city. Remem
bers, Union street Cheap Furniture Depot
TTTE have received by recent arrivals nine
VV more of those unrivalled Piasos. made&si
by J. B. Dunham and Adam Stodart t Co.. of Ti
variousetylesand sizes, which will be sold very' low tor
casatir igooa noiesarawmg interest, una warranted to give
satisfaction in every respect
apr23 W. & T. II. GREENFIELD A CO.
Furniture Manufacturer and Dealer.
"TTTOCLDrespectfully inform lnsfneuds
T T ana uie puunc generally mat ue j
keens a full assortment of Furniture on
nana, consisting 01 iureaus, vt aru-roocs, ueusteau?, bide
boards, Chairs, Sofas, Divans, Book Cases,. Shower-Baths,
Ac, Ac
Ordered work and repairing done at the shortest notice,
and on very reasonable terras, with despatch.
Mattrasses of all kinds made to order common shuck
kept constantly on hand.
Undertaking Having just received from New York a
lotoftbs air-light and air exausted Metalia Coffins, a I
orders Sir Coffins can be filled in very short notice, from
the Plain Servants' to the fine Metalic or Covered, and on
very reasonable terms; together with everything necessary
for funerals.
All orders left at my store on College street, No. 25, oppo
site the Sewanee House, will be punctually attended to
both night and day. J. H.' CURREY.
N. B. Shaving, Dressing and Laying out Corps, attend
ed to when desired. Daisy J. IL C.
THE Co-partnership heretofore existing under the style
and firm of Pbillifs & Haiit is this day dissolved by
mutual consent All persons indebtisd to the firm are re
quested to make immediate settlement, and all having
claims against the same will present them for payment.
Either partnerwill use the name of the firm in liquidation
July 1, 1353. HENRY" HART, Jr.
I cheerfully recommend Mr. Henry Hart, my successor
and late partner, to the former friends and customers of the
House, and respectfully solicit for him a continuance of that
patronage so liberally bestowed upon the late firm.
J. , llTTT 1TI lr T1T1II T TTW1
juiyi viApi.iAai .rxiii.Ltirci.
Produce and General Commission Merchant,
PPtOMPraItpntion given to tha salp of COTTON, DRIED
Ac, upon which advances will be made if required.
I3F" Orders promptly filled for Cincinnati Manufactures
Flour, Whisky, Ac, Ac
JSPAgentfor the sale of Star and Tallow Candles, Sale
ratus. Pot and Pearl Ash, and Lard Oil, which will be fur
nished at lowed markft rata without Commission.
july8 dAw2m.
SALE. Thp undersigned offers for sate his residence
on Bpring'or Church Street, with the furniture if desired.
Terms made known on application to
R. C. FOSTER, 3d.
Or in my absence to G. M. FOGG,
june 17 tf.
ceived, 2,000 bolts of those
beautiful French Papers, for Parlors,
Halls. &c together with a solendid
assortment of Goldai4 Velvet Borders, Firescreens, Win-
aow uurtains, &c
J5f"0n hand a large assortment of unglazed Papers, from
10 to 25 cts per bolt.
No. 20, College street, next door to tha Sewanee House.
. W. FINN,
Nuhrille, Tennessee.
ana ueautuui variety. Ajaf "w'fpg4
Decorative u all Papers, all
ine latest r rencn designs.
Ilortlers, Window Papers, Teaster and Cen.
tfe Pieces, n large assortment
Cheap lnsriazed J'upiiis 12,000 pipces in store,
from 12)5 to '2.5 cts. per Bolt. All for sale, and Cheap i-or
Cash. july7
Clark Street Coach Factory,
NO. 5,
Stout's Coach Shop is on CLARK STREET. SMsH.
julylO IRA A. STOUT.
LV CORNER. 1 have on hand a beautiful assortment of
Ladies' DressGoods, which will be soldat very reduced
pripes, as the seasqu is advancing. Great bargains may be
expected. Call soon.
Mqslin3 and Lawns 'rora Sc. Inc. 12c and 15c, and a fine
assortment of Ilerages of all stylps, Silk Tissue, Evening
Dresses, Ac, Ac Also a good assortment of Musquito Net
jun!7 No. 13, Cor. Square and Market st.
DISSOLUTION. The Copaitnership heretofore ex.
isting tinder the style of McNAIRY A FURMAN, ex
pired on the 1st day of Julyinst. R. C. McXairy will con
tinue the business at the old stand, and will settle the busi
ness of the late firm. Signed R, C. McNAIRY.
Noshvillp, July 8h, 1853, P. FURMAN.
I TAKE pleasure in recommending R. C. McNAIRY, my
late partner, to the friends and customers of the house,
and respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage so
liberally bestowed upon the late firm.
July j Signed F. FURMAX.
Swiss, Plain do. superfine Corded and Checked do,
super fine Mull and Nainsook Muslins, Jaconets, Cambrics,
Rich Jaconet and Swiss Flouncings, Jaconet and Swiss
Trimmings, Dimity Bands, Ac, at McCLELLANIVS,
june23 Xo 20, Public Square.
ANTLES, SCARFS, &.C. We have some very
Rich Mantles on hand, new style, in Silk, Lace. Apli
ca, Ac; Lace Scarfs, Crape do, White Crape Shawls, Muslin
de Lane do, which we will close out very cheap.
juueSS Js'o 2U. Public Square.
ICII DRESS GOODS.-Otihand Rich Snks,Dress
Rich Black Silks, super Black Gro de Rhines, Rich
Printed Bareges and Tissues, White Barages and White
Silk Marqu'Sso, White Glace Silks, White Lace Dresses,
Emb'd Crapes, Rich Barege de Laui3S, Rich French Organ
diez, Muslins, Ginghams, AcAc These Goods are very
rich and will be sold at very low prices, at
june23 No 20, Public Square.
ing the harshest skin delicately smoothe, white and soft,
removing sallowuess, cutaneous eruptions, pimples, tan,
freckles, or redness. Its soothing influence immediately
allays the irritation of mosquito bites, Ac, while its dilating
properties prevents the formation of wrinkles and banishes
them ifalready formed, eliciting on the cheek of age the
clearness and smoothness of youth. Pi epared by Dr. F. F.
Gouraud, 67 Walker St., 1st Store from Broadway. X. York.
Forsaleby febO QEQRGEGREIG.
ouhand, a well assorted variety of foreign Wines and
Liquors, put up in wood and bottles, and for sale by
ceived, a frosh lot of Pine Applos and Peaohos, put up
i 11 glass jars, and fur sale by GEORGE GREIG.
IIEESE. 50 boxes Western Reserve Cheese, re
ceived and forsale by febD UrAJitUK tittbiu.
A PPT.!.: CHEESE. 75 boxes superior
Goshen Pine Apple Cheese, received and for side by
feu9 ULUUUtt UKklli.
IGS. On liand and for sale a small lot of very fine
Figs by feb9
GUM DROPS. A fresh supply of finest quality Hum
" Drons of various flavors, just received and for sale by
CHOCOLATE. A superior article of Chocolate in
small sticks and in half pound cakes put up in tin foil,
and for sale by feb9 GEORGE GREIG.
I7UENCH NEUGA CANDY Jnst received by
v express a small lot of White French Ncaiiga Candy put
up in tinfoil and for sale by GEORGE ORElG.
f REEN TEAS. 50 cans fresh Green Teas, hermet-
T ically sealed, on hand and for sale by
FRESH TEAS. Just received, an extra assortment
of Blaek and Green Teas of the finest qualities import
ed, and warranted Milierior, for sale by
febl GEO. GREIG, Union street.
T70R HIRE. A Xegro Woman with 2 children, one
" 10 years old; apply to R. A. BALLOWE,
juIyH Qen'l Ag't, Xo. 17 Deaderick St
I7OR SALE AT AUCTION I will otter at public
1 Auction at the court house, on Saturday next, theJOth
inst., 8 beautiful building lots, situated in Edgefield, a short
distance from the X. & L. Depot. Terms one half cash
and the balance in one tnd two years, or without interest
with a Ken .retained on the land until the purchase money is
'"The above lots front 50 feet on Short Street and run back
150 feet to a fifteen feet alley, a plot of which can be seen at
my office. A. BALLOWE, Gen'l Ag't.
jnlr 24 Xo. 17, Dciderick Street.
STRAYED. Flow the premises ot the sub-enber, on
Tuesday of last week (2-ith of June.) a pair of BAY
HORSES, about 15 hands 3 inches high, of a strong and
substantial appearance, between the age of 6 and 3 years
old. Xo particular tnark3 now remembered, other than
that one of the Horses had a recent bruise or cut on his left
cheek bone, and had on when he escaped the head-stall cf a
leather halter.
Any information concerning the above Horses will be
thankfully received, as well as suitably rewarded, if com
municated to W.. T. BfcREi, Nashville.
Nashville, July Cth, 1853.
j j
Tm Hemedvorer all liemedia for Vie Dutmsnhf th Tt.-
Ihpemia, Enlargement and IajUimalioa of tie SpUen !
Heartburn, CUie Fiatulence, I'iUs, Uunttirpation, all i
THE inventor of this preparofiwi was for three years s
the Liver that he was freaupantlv Cir weetrs .1;
. t , tin,. n.i.iJ ;.:
raise himself from his bed. lie sought aid from physicians
athomeandmEurorjc butin vninr hisea.seiviisnronftini.
id fmm,h;Z
at nomeana mrairope, out in vain; 111s case was pronou
uupeicssujr iiiuusauua, auu u was Dy acciueni 1 nai lie suo-
11. . . I . I Minnnlitmf.lr T .. 1 . 1 . . . 1... . ,
icinchis success in such cases lias been unrivallel He
I...- u . .1... : ...v. ..! t.r. .. ,
itaB TnTf Ss otr
until the character of the medicine tis full v estul.KsW
by its success, as shown ly the certificates which liarc neen
I subjoin the certifictte of Prof. "M. G arrwrt nf Mfmnt.U
Tenn., with whom I often advised during the time ot "my
Minimis, Tenn Aprill7,l332.
I hereby certify tliat I have been acquainted with Dr. J
N.Bledsoe and some years ago he was reduced I LeLeve
lowerthan I have ever seen anyone that afterwards recover
ed, with what I supposed to be Dyspepsia and Liver aflection.
with apreDarahon of his mm in K..;n t, .1
Physicians : are i requited to try this preparation. We
feelsatiilied it will sustain the character we Vive to it in this
ts , nmrrsyiiLK, January 12, 1S52.
Db. Bletsoe: I take the liberty and fell it to te my duty
to recommend to all persons suflcriug from disease of the
stomacliand bowels your Alterative Compound, as a very
sepenor medicine. My son, aged 15 years , had been under
medical treatment about five years for dyspepsia and dfar
il? . hannP,almof.te3I'airedof his recovery, I con
cluded to try your Alterative, two bottles of which, I believe,
entirely cured him. MICAJAH CAYCE.
HtrsisviLLE, Oct 17 1851
. . Blidsoe Some time has elapsed sincelgaye a ce
tificate that rny wife had been greatly benefited by your
Alterative Compound. I now take pleasure in saying to
the public, that my wife had for three or four years been
subjectto the worst kind of spells of cramp in the stomach
"TUJ"F1 1 iiau uieuui se.erai mm xtlmughttobe
the best physicians in the place and a great manrdifferen
medicines, with momentary relief. Being persuaded to try
i i i . -
iir Imp
liver and dyspepsia. N. B. ROBERTSON.
nr. tt MO.TSVIU.E, Sept 29, 1851.
De. Bledsoe Having seen the publication of your Alter
attve Compound, I think it my duty fe say to the public, that
I had been for years subject to spells of Cramp Colic, in its
worst form; that I had tried almost every thing that is gi
yen by physicians, and never found any thing that would cer
tainly relieve me, until I tried the above medicine, w hicit nas
reheved me in every attack in lesjttjiiaSB hour.
n r. . ,G,IIfs CoB?rir. Ten"-. Dec 23, 1851.
Da. Bledsoe : I feel that I should fall short of my duty
to you and to those who are afflicted, were I not to further
recommend your Alterative Compound. It has entirely re
lieved mit so that I have not had cause to take anything in
two months. I can eat anything I want with impunity, and
iH.T' it1lTlT T liDTT.rrtS
... ........ i u . i.ivi. ip uuiy.
mt. HuinsYrtiE, Ala., August ?4, 1851.
1 his is to certify, th.at I had suffered for many years with
Dyspepsia and Diseases of tha Liver. Physician after Phy
sician had prescribed for me without my receiving any ben
efit, when I commenced the use of Dr. Bledsoe's Alterative
Compound, which aired me soundly, and I recommend it
because of the same happy effect upon others of my acquaint
HoKWltXE, Ala., March 3,1852.
Ds. Bledsoe: Sir : Judging from the certificates you
have already advertised, it will be almost unnecessary for me
to add further evidence in regard to the liealing virtues of
your Compound; but I amst say, that for years 1 suffered a
great deal from Dyspepsia and enlargement of the spleen
and thought that 1 never would recover. I commenced tak
ing yourcompound about nine weeks since, and liave gained
25 or 30 pounds and feel about as tyell as I ey did
t t ' IlENRY J. GOFF.
J3r"tha above medicine is forsale in every Drug Store in
the city, and mo3t of the towns in the State. Q. W. HEN
DERSlIOTT, General Agent, for wholesaleing the lned
icuie. g-Price Jl jier pint Bottle. novla lvd tr
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citbrefljof NashviH
and vicinity, that hs l;as returned again after a resi
deuce cf fcurtean roars in the South, and permanentlyla.
cated himself in South Xoshville, at the corner of Wasl
ington and Pearl street?, where he may at all times be fount
by those who may wish to consult him.
"He basin his "possession many certificates from men f
eminent standing certifying to the permanent cure of the
most distressing cases ot the following diseases vis X'er
vous Affections, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsias' Chills'and
Fevers, Pleunag3, Asthmas' Colds Coughs, Incipient Con
sumptions, Rheumatisms Weak Lungs, Fits, Dropsies.
Cancers, Ulcers, Scroffulous, Hcmoptasis of the Lungs and
other Hemorages; Diarrhoea, Diseases of the Kidneys .Mer
curial and Venereal Taiuts of the Blood; Diseases fif Chil
dren, Worms and various other Disas.63 incideut to the hu
man aystf.m.
During his residence in the South, ho attended to over ten
thousand different cases, all of which he treated with more
than ordinary success.
Dc. McLane hopes from his much experience in the Medi
cal Profession and the degree of success that has attended
his efforts heretofore, to obtain the confidence and patronaee
of the sick and afljicted.
Nashville; Feb U ly. DR. WM. Mi-T.avw
ISPAU Letters addressed, post-paid, to South Nashville.
AMR. WINTERS had lost nearly all of his hair and
had been bald for many yearsj by the useoficeeM
ties of the Jifignstip Ointinfiit, 7iaJ lis hair entirely re.
ttored, and now has as beautiful a bead of hair as any man
eould wish. His age is about 50 years.
A son of Mr. Warreu, of this town, 14 years of age, had
been afflicted with the Asthma from his cradle- He had
the benefit of the best medical advice that a loving and
wealthy father could procure, without avail. It was one of
the most aggravated cases I ever saw; he was emaciated al
most to a skeleton. By the use of a few bottles of the Oint?
menthe vrast!iorouMicurtJ, and for seven, njunto3 past has
enioyed robust health. I
This was an extreme case of inflammation of the spleen,
of long standing; has a variety of treatment from no less than
eight different physicians without rereiving lieneEt was
cured by the use of only four bottles of the Magnetic Oint
ment This was fourmonthsagoand the lady (aMrsDun- ,
ham,) is still in good health, and able to attend to her usual i
liousenoid duties. 1 nave treated iwo cases oi oronio xare
Erne with the Ointment, both of tho patients so nearly
LUnJ, as to need an attendant to lead them from place to
place. One of them had been afflicted IS years, the other
about 9 years. They had tried the best physicians in" the
State, without benefit; and one of them had been under the
treatment of the celebrated Dr. Muzzy, of Cincinnati, for
eighteen months, and had expended hundreds of dollars In
vain efforts to effect a cure. They aro now by use of the
Magnetic Ointment, nearly or quite cured; and are able to
read and attend to any ordinary business I have used the
Ointmont in a number of cases of Piles and in no case ltaeit
failed of giving immeliate relief 'and generally a permanent
cure. I have also used it beneficially in severe cases of Ery
sipelas. And last but not least, I have within the last year
cured four cases of CANCER by the use of the Magnetic
Ointment alone!
From a thorough trial of the Ointment in nearly every
disease for which it is recommended, I cau oonfidently re
command it to be ono of the most useful remedies ever of
fered to the public. Respectfully Yours ,
Dated Jan 27, 1950, Amelia, Oldo.
The character of this Ointment, as an efficient remedy, is
established in this city. There are quite a number of indi
viduals who ascribe their restoration to health to the use ot
this extraordinary Ointment
Forsaleby - IL G. SCQYEL,
No.5 Clabc Street, Nasutille, Tens.,
Sixtdoor to II. S. FrencVa Grocery Warehouse, and op-
A petite Morris Stration's
LLkindsofcarriatjea for sale, with hirnesa pCEgy
to suit All work sold by me is made at rgfegy
the Clark Street JIanufaciory, "and warranted, and will bs
sold on as good Terms, for Cash or good notes, as any work
made North or East.
Repairing dona with promptness and dispfdeb, and all
persons leaving work to repair may rely on getting it when
promised. All orders promptly attended to. fmarlo.
I HAVE this day associated with me in the Saddling Bu
siness my son, A. C, MARCH. The business, in future?
will be conducted in the name of J. D. March A Son. All
persons indebted to me, by note or account, will please como
up and make payment J. Ji. MARCH.
Thankful for the liberal share of patronage hereto
fore, a continuance of the same is njspectfully solicited.
jan2 J- D. MARCH A SON.
SITUATION WANTED A lady of long experience
and superior qualifications to instruct on the PIANO
FORTE, desires a sitnation in apublic Seminary or private
family. The best of reference given. Address box 144, Nash
ville P.O. . . july3-lwtw.
rpllROUGII by l'cnnsylvania and Ohio Railroads Phi!
JL adelphia to Pittsburg, Pa., Massillon, Wooster, Cleve
land, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette,
Terra Haute, Cliicago, and Milkaukie. Through by Railroad
Cities to the
rrrrit film-tinrtt
route to N. Orleans. Only $11 to Cincinnati ; $12 to Loois-
. vlStoStVnhV
uailroaif, am the
. ,i"low'Pe5!i1 Steam Packets from Pittsbure: BuckeveState.
' a.
UfP VBeltshoover.leayesFittsburir Sunday ; K'eystone
f 5???i,j l CflT.,h r!!f.TM "'.''y
day: 1'itisburir. PUant Uuzh CamDbell leaves Pitthiii. Prt
f esse,.ger,No. 2, Clpt Jn Klinefelter. leaves Mtsl
! B'fi lioaroing anu louging ou DoardlUe Packets
extra. Pittsburg to Cincmnati, $2; Louisville, $3; St
AiUUlS, $.1.
Fare througli oy Raiiroadfrom Philadelphia to Pittsburg,
t'J 50: Massillon. SIO: Cleveland. 10: Mansfield and Crest
line, 11; Columbus, $12 65; Toledo, 513; Cincinnati, (via
c. i : a.-, rii.: . I : -. : t.- i .
i is -zo. io uiucago, auKegan, ivenosna, iil, lianne, itil
waukie, Sheboygan, AVisconsiu, via Detroit mid Michigan
Central Railroad, $18.
The. Cars will leave the Conncouwealth's Station. N. E
Coniearof Sclmylkill Fifth aud Market Streets, where tickets
anauoiumDiaiUJlroaa ijiiw.
The mornins Exnress Train throufrh to Plttshunr. Cleve
land, Cincinnati and Chicago, will leave at 7 o'clock, A. JL
Through to Cincinnati in 27 hours.
The night Mail Train at 10,V, P. M. Through to Cincin
nati hi 46 hours, including one night's comfortable rest at
The above lines pass through and stop at Lancaster, Har
risburgi Lewistown, Huntingdon, Hullidaysburg, John
stown, Greenburg, and intermediate places.
Notice. In case of loss, the Company hill hold themsel
ves responsible fbr personal baggage only, and for an amount
not exceeding ?1Q0. THOS. MOORE, Agent
June 4 tf. Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
The Columbia Railroad Line for ilarrisburg, via Colum
bia and all intermediate places, will ltvi the above station
atl5P;M. '
THIS road now complete, it opens a communication be
tween Pittsbure and Philadelphia, orPittsbarc aodBalti
more. By which Prelght from the west can roach an eastern
marketqnlckerand cheaper than by auy of tha pren.ut rival
outes: they connect with the dully backets at PltLsbunr,
from St LooU, Louisville, Cincinnati,- wheelioz, and all the
different points on tin western waters. Also with the Cleve
land and PUtihurg Hall Koad, and Ohio and Penntjlranla
Ralf Kuad at Pittsburg. Cars ran throagh between Pittsburgh
and Philadelphia withouttrsnahlpmenl of freight, an advan.
taze that can be appreciated by all shippers.
In case of obstruction cf navigation by Ice or low water
freights westward can be forwarded from Pittsburg to Cin
cinnati, or towns In the Interior by Railroad.
Betwesn Pittsburg and Philadelphia or Rxltcinre.
Firtit Clnsm, l'ir Siantr
Hatit. Rat it.
nry uooos, Hoots 5nd.smtnary Hoots, )
Shoes, llatj aad Carpotinjr, Fun and Pel
trios, Feathers, Saddlery, Ac. 1
Dry Goods, Books jndStatlanary Boots, ) per 100 lbs.
75 cts.
second muss.
Brown Shaetlng & Shirting In Bales, 1
Drugs.Glass Ware, Oroceries, except Cof-1 85 ets.
ffoa, Hardware, Hollow Ware, Machinery, f
Oilcloth, Wool, &c. J
eo cts
uiira pjiuii.
Butter.in Firkins & Kegs, Candles, OoV
ion, tin wimer, uueenswa.re, 1 allow
75 cU. 50 cts
TntiKi-rn. In In.rnpMannf.1nrfiil f It....
ward, Ac. . J
laurtn uiasii.
Bacon, Cotton (in summer,) Coffee, Laud,
and Lard Oil, (through) Pork in fall car-5- Si cU. 40 cU.
loads at owners risk. J
Oeo, O. Franslscns,
Freight jlgint, Pitttbnrg,
E. J. Sneedcr,
Frtigkt Jlgent, PhiUdttpkia.
Iflagraw Ac Koons,
Freigkt JlgtnU,BiUier$
J. L,. Elliott.
Freigkt ATn'.A".7 rTl St., A: T.
II II. IIoMton,
Qta. frtigkt Jigtnt, Pkiliitlpki.
march, 1G, 1553 ly
Np, 47, Oau-SCE Sthket, Nashville, Tenx.
ARE now in receipt of their entirestock of HARDWARE
and CUTLERY for the Spring Trade, and in calling
the attention of the merchants of Middle and East Tennes
see, Kentucky, and North Alabama, to their large and varied
assortment, they feel confident that it will compare favora
bly with that of any House in any country, and when the
item of Transportation ia considered, it will be found that
self-inlert't should prompt all dealers In this section of the
country to picourage a home market
They also invite the attention of Itlacksmiths, Carpenters,
andFarmers visiting Nashville to their assortment of Tools
Farming Implements, Ac, a large stock of which they always
keen on haad.
l(athtrsl OinMng and ifrejiriix,takeu at the highest mar
ket prices in exchange for goods, or in payment of debts
Feb. 25,1853.
llnrrnwtpi Patent Plantation
THIS Mill differs from all others 1h the construe tlon of
tha upper or Ranninir Stone, which Is composed of
French Burr Blocks, enclosed In a cast iron Case, which
forms the back aud hoop of the Stone with a Cast Iron Eye, or
Bush, than Is of greater external diameter at the bottom that
at the top, whkh is secured to the back by four bolts, so that
every block Is in the form of a dove tail, which gives greater
strength to aStonethaaanyother method which is required
in small mills, where the stone Is ran with great speed, and
beromesdangerons if not strongly made. It alsoglves any
weight to astqne of small dlameterthit is required without
haying It thick or high, that makes it top heavy.
This mill is a square frame made of wood or cast Iron, in
the form of a busk,wlth Bridge-tree, Spindle Balance, King
Driver, and Regulating Screw, and grinds ui.on the same
principle as a larvc mill, differing only in the Rnnner Stone;
this being of great weight enables it to grind nearer the cen
teragreater quantity of grain wl!hles power than any other
mill now in use. This mill is portable, and may be attached
to steam, water, horse or hand power.
ALSO, all sizes ofKrench Burr AIM Stones, manufactured
on the same princlnle.
Joseph II. Burrows, or Cincinnati, Is the inventor, for
Which he obtained Letters Patent in 1813. For al'.lnfrln;e
mcuts the purchaser will bu held responsible for tho right
These Mills do not require a Millright to sat them up; and
all that is necessary to put them in operation, ia to attach
hand to the pulley on the spindle, with a drum suaidently
large to run a twenty-four inch Mill 240 revolutions par
minute, attached to Gin, Steam, or Water Power. By the
steady application oftwo horse powerthe Mill will grind six
to 8 bushels per hour of good meal: and will grind wheat
as well as corn, Tho thirty inch mill, if put to its fullest
speed, wU! grind from ten to fifteen bushels per hour.
T!ioo mills are warranted to be in every respect as recom
mended. DmiecTioKS roa Ustito. Pisco yourmillaboutEOfeetfrom
the Driving Pulley In a level position; make the belt of
leather six or eight inches wld. Give the Stone-240 revolu
tions a minute with the sun. Keep the neck and step of
the spindle well oiled. Place the star on the back of the
RunnlngMoiie.inthosamewayas the Cross on the Driver,
that is.theway they are trimmed to ran.
Refer to Thos. Patterson, Esq., of Highland county, Ohio,
Je,pse Beal, Esq., of Clinton county, Ohio; C. S. Bradbury,
Esq , of Cincinnati, and a number ofothers.
All oruersillrecieaio jvun i. auumtx.i, j
Xo. 52 Broadway, aasnvute, Ageui lor Diiuaieaua no ,
nessee.or J. H. BUKKOWS,
Jan 20 d. tr-w. & w. ly.
West Front st. CIn. O,
RERS. JAMES KENTON, of Newark, New Jersey,
has discovered a process for manufacturing wrought iron
directly from theore, with wood or mineral coal, styled by
him an ore-welding furnace; (an improvement in the manu
facture of iron long sought after, but never sucssfully at-
1 . : 1 . . :P f I ........ .1 ; ,..-.-.- . ,1 ."nil nm.llP.aaal
LiUilPJU UU It. .ill . iKuivu o uwwp s;.j ,iUsu .v.. -
a single heat the best quantity of blooms, at a less cost than
J'Pg .. ........ . u.. - - - -
granted him for his discovery.and we are the appointed agent
tor the sale of rights, and its introduction throughout the
West ; and as the present high price of iron is inducing many
capitalists to invest in its manufacture, without being aware
of the great advantages this new and valuable inven
tion has over any other known mode, we think it but subser
ving their interest to thus early impress upon them the im
portance of an examination of the merit ot this late inven
tion before embarking in any other made far making iron,
assuring them of its entire success and practicability, as de
monstrated by the furnace r,Qv in" successful operation afte
this plan.
It u uflt our purpose in this advertisement to speak par
ticularly of the almost incalculable advantages th s process
possesses over all other modes for making Iron; (as this is
contained in our circular, which we will be pleased to mail
to the addres3ofany one interested in the matter,) but to
call the attention of those about investing in the manufac
ture of Iron, and respectfully invite an examination of the
r,.n..u m arnoiwtincr in this city, and fthidiv.'ill be in
operation by tho 5th June next, orto the furnaces of the
American Iron Company in Newark, New Jersey, now op
erating with complet success.
Cincinnati. June l tsw.
Office on Cedar street, octr the Mutual Protection Offices.)
s c.i.rufWTrt UiV 1st. l.O.Vt 1
(ABSlKAP-r ....... " . . v .
sets, May 1st 1852 2v9,01b 51
-miums "for the year ending, May 1st 52 .. 135,250 66
Premiums for the year
Interest on Loans, sc.
Guarantee Stock, additional to above
1,916 00
100,000 00
$446,183 26
. 87,864 58
lasses, Expenses, returned Premiums, At,
to May 1st...
Canital May 1st, 1833 .
$333,318 TO
Tho mnirllv.Tcciimulatir.ir Coital of this Company is the
best guarantee of it3 entire reliability. Risks taken on the
most moderate terms, and losses adjusted and met herpj.
Nashville, My&23, 1353 tf
jr. it.
-"- .'4oiHii or JJ.
A desrae of mystery Las hnngarow.i the tlcatli
of this lamented jwcteis?. In the year 1838, as our
readers are aware, 3lisa Landon Vas married to
Captain Maclean, the Governor or Capet Coast
Caitli. She had scarcely been two months in Af
rica, when she was fonud uead in her room, -with a
bottle of prnssic acid at her side. This mysterious
and tragic circumstance U fully explained in the
following- extract from a review, in an English pa
per, of a late vork by Captain CnrTc:.ihaiik nr.cn
his rcsmcniv liiciiuiii -iiinir.i
Few passages in the pcisonal bistory of modern
inci-aiurc nave uecu moru uiscusscu iliii ine va -
rions circumstances connected with tho sudden
death of this popular favorite, and, as the pnblic is
nei ther ample iu amount nor unimpeachable, in char-
acter, we avail ourselves of such new light as Mr.
Crmckshank may afford us. UU means of knowv
, ;-o-" s.-f v ursi-raie. jie speaKs oi
himself ' as one who had the happiness of scein- a
jroou ueat o mis accomplished lady.ntwu the coast,
who enjoyed aud keenly felt the fascinations of her
society, who only ten hours before her death had
sat aud listened with a rapt attention to her bril
liant sallies of wit and feeling, who was present at
the investigations consequent unon her smlrTm.
death, whose eyes were the last to rest upon those
rigid features so recently beaming with all the ani
mating glow of a fine- intelligence, and who, with a
sorrowful heart, saw her consigned to her narrow
resting place. I will endeavor to place
in its true light a fchort account of her too brief so
journ in Africa.
"When Airs. Maclean arrived at Cape Coast, there
was no European ladv then at the tettlement. and
lier husband was in very bad' health. Mr. Crnick-
shank was also ill. An invitation to visit the gov
ernor and his wife found him in bed, aud it was
some days before he could venture out to the castle.
"I sent in my name by the servant, and, immediate
ly after, Mrs. Maclean came to the kill, and wel
comed me. I was hurried awav to his bed-room.
that is admitted here.' I took a scat by the side
of his bed, upoirwhick Mrs. Maclean sat down, ar
ranging the clothes about her husband in the most
affectionate manner, and receiving ample compensa
tions for her attentions by a very sweet and ex
pressive smile of thankfulness. We thus sat and
chatted together for some hours, Mrs. Maclean
laughingly recounting her experience of roughing
it in Africa, and commenting, with the greatest
good-humor and delight, upon what struck her as
the oddities in such a stite of society. She pointed
to a temporary bed, which had bceu made lor her
on the floor, and said Mr. Maclean's sufferings had
been so great for some nights, tliat the little sleep
whitdj she had got had been taken there. 1 decli
ned tt occupy auy apartment iu the castle, bat
promised to call daily, during my stay iu Cape
i;oasi, to pass a lew nours witn them.
"We pass over the daily record of social inter
course. Air. UruicksnatiK was about to return to
England for hb health. Mrs. Maclean was em
ployed in writing sKetches or acott s heroines, lor
the Book of Beauty, and 03 she sometimes found it
difficult to fix her thoughts on a particular subject,
"she seemed to hare some alarm that the climate
was affecting her."
.Mr. Cruickshank writes: "As the day drew near
for my-departure, she occupied herself more and
more in writing to her friends in England. It had
b?n arranged that the vessel should sail on the
forenoon of the ltith of October, and I agTeed to
dine and spend the evening of the lath with the
governor and his lady. It was in every respect a
night tojbe remembered. At 11 o'clock
I arose to leave. It was a fine clear night, and she
strolled into the gallery, where we walked for half
an hour. Mr. Maclean joined us for a few minutes,
but not liking the night air, in his weak state, he
returned to the parlor. She was much struck with
the beauty of the heavens in those latitudes at
night, and said it wa3 when looking at the moon
and the stars that her thoughts oftenest reverted to
home. She pleased herself with thinking that the
eyes of some beloved friend might be turned in the
same direction, aud that she had thus established n
medium of communication for all that heart wished
to express. 'But you must not,' fahe said 'think me
a foolish, moon-struck lady. 1 sometimes think of
these things oftener than i should, and your de
parture for England has called up a world of de
lightful associations. You will tell M. P., how
ever, that I am not tired yet. He told mo that I
should return by the vessel that brought me out;
but I knew he would be mistaken.' AVc joined the
governor in the parlor. I bade them good night,
promising to call in the morning to bid them adieu.
I never saw her in life again."
At breakfast, next day, Mr. Crnickshank was
alarmed by a stiiumons: "Vou are wanted at the
castle; Mr. Maclean is dead!'' said the messenger.
Hurrying to the castle he found that it was not
Mr. but Mrs. Macltatn whom he had left the pre
vious night so well was no more. "ISever," he
says, "shall I forget the horror-strickeu expression
of Mr. Maclean's countenance. "We entered the
room where- all that was mortal of poor 'L. E. L.'
was stretched upon the bed. Dr. Cobbold rose np
from a close examination of her face, anu told us
all was over; she was beyond recovery. My heart
would not believe it. It seemed impossible that
she, from whom I had parted not mauy hours ago,
so full of life and energy, could be so suddeidy
struck down. I seized her hand, and gazed upon
her face. The expression was calm ana meaning
less. Her eyes were open, fixed, aud protruding."
An inquest was immediately held. "All that
could be elicited, upon the strictest investigation,
was simply this: It appeared that she had risen,
and left her husband's bedroom about seven o'clock
iu the morning, and proceeded to her own dressing
room, which was up a short flight of stairs, and en
tered by a separate door from that leading to the
bedroom. Before proceeding to dress, she had oc
cupied herself an hour and a half in writing letters.
She then called her servant, Mrs! Bailey, aud sent
her to a store-room to fetch some pomatum. Mrs.
Bailey was absent only a few minutes. "When she
returned, she found difficulty iu opening the door,
ou account of a weight which appeartsl to be pres
sing against it. This she discovered to be the body
of her mistress. She pushed it aside, and found
that she was senseless. She immediately called Mr.
Maclean. Dr. Cobbold was sent for; but from the
first moment of the discovery of the body on the
floor, there had not appeared any symptoms of life.
Mrs. Bailey further asserted that she had found a
small phial in the hand of the deceased which she
removed, ami placed upon the toilet-table. Mrs,
Maclean had appeared well when she sent her to
fetch the pomatum. She had obnerred in her no
appearance of utiliappiness. Mr. Maclean stated
that his wife hat! left him about seven o'clock iu
the morning, and that he had never seen her ugaiu
in life. Wlicu he was called to her dressing-room,
he found her dead upon the floor. After some
time, hp observed a small phial upon the toilet-table,
and asked Mrs. Bailey where it had come from.
She told him that she found it in Mrs. Maclean's
hand. This phial had contained Schecle's prepara
tion of prussic aci.l. His wife had been in the
habit of using it for severe fits or spasms, to which
she was subject. She had made use of it once on
the passage from England, to his knowledge. He
was greatly averse to her having such a dangerous
medicine, and wished to throw it overboard. She
entreated hini not to do so, as she must die without
it. There had been no quarrel nor unkindness be
tween him and his wife.
"Dr. Cobbold, who had been recjnested to make
a post-mortem examination, did not consider it at
all necessary to do so, a.s he felt persuaded she had
died by prussic acid. He was led to thi3 conclusion
from the appearance of the eyes of the deceas
ed; and he believed that he could detect the
smell of the prussic acid about her person. My
own evidence proved that I had parted from Mr.
and Mrs. Maclean at a very late hour on the even
ing before, aud that they appeared then upon the
happiest terms with each other. There was found
nnon her writing-desk a letter not yet folded, which
was scarcely dry at the time of the discovery of her
death. This letter was read at the inquest. It
was for Mrs. Fagan upon whom she had wished me
to call. It was written in a cheerful spirit, and
gave no indication of unhappiuess. In the prost
script the last words she ever wrote she recom
mended me to the kind attentions of her friend.
With the evidence before them, it was impossible
for the jury to entertuin for one instant the idea
that the unfortunate lady had wilfully destroyed
herself. On the other hand, considering the evi
dence respecting the phial, her habit of making use
of this dangerous medicine, and the decided opin
ion of the doctor, that her death was caused by it,
it seemed equally clear that they mu3t attribute her
death to this cause. Their verdict, therefore, was,
-urs. jiaciean saying, as she tripped through the
long: gallery, 'You are a privileged person, Mr.
Cruickshank, for I can assure, it is not every one
tuat -she dtciT from art overdose of Scheele'3 prepa
ration of prusic acid, taken inadvertently-.' Mr.
Cra.ckshank, concurred in this verict at tie time,
but s.nce his arrival in England he has fomrf re
sou -to doubt of its correct." He S
tains the opinion that deatl. tvas caned b7ome
sudden affection of the bearf 7
on'mfnn i -I?1 connit or. eitier .-acts" or
opinions, and w,H content ourselves vita a.tdintr a
ptctnre of the last scene of all, from ancye-Sr
m fe!LwIncloff the feelinas.
liV'Z Zz:r . " wa? "nni the same cTenin!r. within
theprecineUof hi .7,' "eran T""Lm
- ; neral service and the whole o( ihe ritoteS
. ra ic solemn ceremony Tl.n a-mr-a - r i
itli walls of brick and mortar with Inn
the coffin. Soon after the conclusion th T
vice, one of those heaw showers, onlr CI t
i tropical climates, suddenly came on. All d.mT,trvi
1 for their houises. I rcmaLned to see thear,m
, jneieu. xne uncKiavers were obliged to eet a co
i erinjr to protect them and their work from ti ir
IVight had come on before the pavingstones were.
an iiutuown over tlie grave, and the workmen finish
ed their business by torchlight. How sadly yet
does tliat night of gloom return to my remem
brance! How sad were then my thoughts, as
wrapped np in mv cloak I stood beside the grave
?V .ft-Wnnder that pitiless torrent of rain!
1 fancied what would be the thoughts of thousands
of that flickering l.ghf, of those busy workmen!
1 thought of yesterday, when, at the same Ume, I
was tingmy-at beside her at dinner?arSv,
oh, how very verysad the change!"
From the Banner of Peace.
African Colonliatlon.
The legislature or Virginia has nobly appropri
ated fifty dollars for each free person of color who
may emigrateto Liberia", without regard ta age
provided the person was freo at the time of the oasl
sage of the Act; satisfactory evidence of which
must be presented to the Colonization Board; for
the organization of which the law provides,' and
which was duly organized in the City of Richmond
on the second day of May. It appears that the sum
of S2.400 has already been paid bv said Board, un
der the operation of this law, for the transportatioa
of forty-eight emigrants ia the ship Banshee
The law appropriates S40.000 per annum, for
five years, to be expended in the transportation cf
Xegroes, nov free, to Liberia, but not more tfcazr
S50 is to be applied to the transportation and 3ab
sistence or each emigrant. Which sum ia to be
paid to the Colonization Society of Tirginia, wfcea
evidence is produced that such emigrant Lu been
embarked for transportation, or has actually beca
transported to Liberia. This ia a noble act, of a
noble State. "Virginia furnishl the first Presi
dent, and many other distinguished citizens of tha
itepublic of Liberia, as well as the father of oar
own country. We hope by the assistance thru af
forded by the State, many other may bo enabled
to emigrate to that young, butfioariiBrerrablfc;
where, by a course of industry, they will not only
prove to the world, that the liberality of the state
has not been misapplied; but that the colored raaa
has a capacity for self-government, when phcid
where he can be free indeed.
Will not our goodly state of Tenneaoec take her
stand nobly by the side of the OKI Dominion iu
this work of Philanthrophy and Christian benevo
lence at the next meeting of our Legislature? We
feel confident every true citizen of Tennessee would
rejoice to see it.
The free person of color, is not, cannot be free
among us. It is impossible. Xo matter what hi3
capacity may be, he cannot be elevated in society.
His color gives him a position in ofety above
which he cannot rise. The law do nt aHow him
to voie. tie cannot hold an office of honor
profit. The laws of social life bar him from
refinements and elevating inffuences of tbc
it: i.- :r
.s... ...... uiuj uaait.-Kiiiiiii.- are nmotts? the s'ave3;
or the ignorant and degraded free person of hin
own color. Xo man can rise and he tree without
the refining influences of social inkwoflr- with
educated christian society. Then to... look at the
corrupting and disquieting- influence the presence
h of such free persons has upon the stave. The slavu
at his toils sees the free man loitering 3bout. Tfeis
he thinks is noble; and not dreamiirj? uf his mise
ries, siglis to be free.
Send tho free man to Liberia. There he is man.
ne is by nature equal He is by color equal.
He is by law equal. In society he is equal. There
is much to encourage hi3 noblest impulses. He i
free his wife is free, and his children are free.
Every thing encourages him to bo a good man.
Fate of the Apostles.
St. Matthew is snpposed to ha re suffered martyr
dom, or was slain with the sword atthe city of
St. Mark was dragged through the streets of
Alexandria, in Egypt, till he expired.
St. Luke was hanged upon an olive tree in Greece.
St. John was put in a cauldron of boiling oil ab
Rome, and escaped death.' He afterwards died
natural death at Ephesns in Asia.
St. James the Great was beheaded at Jernin.
St. James the Less was thrown from a pinacle, tr
wing of the temple, and then beaten to death with
a fuller's club.
St. Philip was hanged up against a pillart
nierapolis, a city of Phrygin.
St. Bartholomew was flayed alive by the commatnl
of a barbarous king.
St. Andrew was bound to a cror, whence he preach
ed to the people till he expired!
St. Thomas wis run through the body with a
lance, at Coromandel, in the East Indies.
St. Jude was shot "to death with arrows.
St. Simon Zealot was crucified in Persia.
St. Matthias was first stoned nnd then beheadid.
DcitiRs ix nut cEsaurno.v or
Iadlei and Gentlemen's rnrnlshinir and Fancy G-Joli,'
On College street, one door Smith of tie Sqwt.
WII E It E may be found at all time;a lares assnrt
ment of Winchester's, Davii A June's, i Myers
Patent Shoulder Seam Shirts, of Linen, Muslin with Lin
en Bosoms, Gingham, and French Chic'z. Standiosr hnd
Byron Cellars, Underwear. Merino, Shaked Sillc; Cash
mere, Vigonia, Cotton and Canton Flannel, for ladits
and gentlemen. Gents Cloth Gatten, Gke Kid and
Silk, Buck. Cashmere, Cloih, Ouun.ii. Waeh Norma,
CiuT Gloves, and Ladies and Gentleman's Ganntleta, linen
and Silk Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Waterfords, Albsrt,
De Joinville's, plain, Emb'd and seir-adjnstwjr. Cravats.
inf. Caps to
CrubrcUajp. Walk
er, Valt7it
Carpet Bog, Satchels, Dressing Casts, Torfc Box!, To
lots. Onera Glasses, Porte Monies. i'an. WrittusrDeJO
Cigar Cases, Flasfa, Travelling Companions, Rszns aail
Razor Strops, Combs, Brushes, Good y air's final Goods.
rcrfumery. Toilet Bottles, Pocket Cutlery, A a, uil
a Urge assortment of other articles, uiunliy kept by For
nishinjr Stores.
WebaTOUMdearrangementswith onr friends at tba
North to forward ui Goods as soon as received by thcci,
therefore we shall hare goods here in Ins than tea dav,
from the New York Custom Mouse.
Furnishing Store, College street, 1 dnor South of the
Square, Nashville. (octU
TWISII to sell the Farm on which 1 now reside, 8 mile
from Nashville, on the middle Franklin Turnpike, xsd
containing 100 acres, about equally divided into timber and
cleared kind. There is everything on it to render it desiri)
ble as a country residence, such as a great variety of fruit,
an abundance of spring and well water, grass, Ac It de
sired it will be divided into small portions.
For terms, Ac., apply to John Kuihax or to R-W.
Baowy, Genl Agent, No. 63J Cherry street, or to
june30 dAwtf. W. D. OALB.
FOR KENT. -A two-story Brick House oa Sprae
street, between Cedar and Unin street, in Moorea
block. Apply to lj'olyl21 GLOTEB A BOTD.
j . iii i tmkm nrr '"liii

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