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iivii.i i: i f
-vl. xxiv.
to -subscribers at the followinir. rates: Sinirle. entries, one (
vear in advance. 2 50; watbin the year?? 00; at tha end
. rt! , , ,
the jwSt L Ciros-Of fire and upwards-?2 00
per copyTor onejearl Clubsof subscribers will bere-
'Tie TRI-WEEKLY w published every-Tuesday, Thursday
aDd Saturday, at-$5 per annum in advance; if tot paid-in
advance, $6.
DAILYis published at Eight Dollars.- . -IS"
Remittances of subscriptions may W made by mail at, our
paper will be sent ont of the State unless' theorder is ac
companied with the cash.
MasiKey's Heapcr tiiitl
I REFER the Fanners to the statements-below, mad? by
Dr. John Shelby and L. F. J'radler. I have seen it jn
operation several times, I am satisfied ofiU gi-eit utility. AS
tiie seaKin U advancing, I now oScTthose 1 hare on hand for
jnce29, 1A18.
Nasutilie, June 2, 1S53.
Cou L. P. CnEATnAM: Dear Sir: I have been using
ilie "Reaping andJIowing Machine" paten'ented by JIanney
ot Illinois, which yon are nowolfering to the ciliiens of Ten- )
. . nAsec It is a fjbst eatsxabob savixo JUculse. It works i
JMneatlt and CAPiDLr. The amount cut per day will depend
pnncjpally.upon.jbe-spred ot Uie team. It tue team pat
urincioallr.unon the-8Dced of the team.
travel four mile pcr'hour. if will Reap or Mow, fifleen acres
in ten hours. It is entitled to Iheroundcpcc of ,thc public.
Respectfully k J.SUELRY.
I, L.V. Bradley, now managing tbe farm of Dr. Shelby,
make the following statement: Ve have-had for more than
one week, one of Col. Cliealham's mowing and reaping
machine, we havetried it in clover and grain mown aud tan
fried, and I now state that ittnoAS and cuts cleaner than the
yjlhe blade, and that it will mow per "day as much as H
linnds, anil it can reap at least twenty-four acres per dav.
juue2J-U:w. - , . L,?. BRADLEY,
Drtpnon Sjirings, 'Jlenry connt$f Ky.
"THE flrstlerm of the seventh annual session oTthis
I HrMptrpi fwnmi'iips lhi Atond Ifaitdav'in SpfJrtn-
Irr, ls53,aiidthesecoud term on ikefint Holiday in tie W
braces the Scientific course of the V. S. Militarv Acadercv
and thorough insiniciions in Ilistorj-, English Literature,
and the Greek and Latin Languages, Students are admit
ted to a se'.eel course, including Civil Engineering, Modern
Languages, Hook Keeping, with Commercial practice and
other branches ut theiroptirn.
The Military feature U not introduced merely to diffuse
Military knoivlcilgV, but Jo promote discipline, health and
phyiicil 'development.
Charges Cirtuition, boarding, room., fuel, lights, washing,
sarvanU' attendance, and use of farnitnre -and anas Si'O
per tenn. Sii.igeon's fee $0 per term. For further infor
mitlon address A. 0. Smith, E.-i, Louisville, Ky., Smith &
Johnpcn, 67 ibcazine street, New Orleans, or II. R.Joho'
wi. Superintendent jr.ly23 Idm&w
THE great Rsicedr for Rheuroattsm,Gout, pain in tbe Side
Hip, Hack, Limbs and joints. Scrofula, King's Evil,
White Swellings, Hard Tumors, Stiff Joints, and all fixed
pains whatever. Where this Plaster is applied Pain cannot
TheXe Plasters possess the advantage of lieingput up in
air-tight boxes; hescc they retain their full virtue in -all cli
mates. -
Tnis celebrated Pain Extractor has been so extensively
used ijyPhvsicuns and the people in general both inthU
countiy and Europe, tliat it is almost needless to say any
thingab-nitit Yet there utay be some, nho stand in need
ofiuhciling powcra wlio have not yet tried it For their
sakes we wUI simply tate what it !u.s done in tlouand of
cases, and ' wlut it will do for them when tried.
Read the following testimony from a Physician.
GtSTtuiES. Your Hebrew Plaster has cured me of pains
of which I have mffcred for twelve years past Dur.ngth.s
period I labored under an affliction ofiny loins and side, and
tried many remedies that my own medical ciericuce sug
gested, nit without obtaining relief. At length I ued jour
Plaster, and am now by its good effects entirely cured. I
will recommend the Jew David or Hebrew Plaster to ell,
who are suff :ring from contraction of the muscles, orperma
. nent pains in the side or back.
The people pf Georgia have but to become acquainted with
its virtues when tliey will resort to its ufe.
Yours, truly, M. W. WALKER, M. D
Forsythe, Monroe county, Ga.
To Messra.Scoril A. Head, New' Oilcans, La.
Messes. Scotil A Me.ui: I have been troubled with the
ciimnic rlieumatism for the last twelve years. On tlie 1st of
July 1649, 1 was so bad that 1 could not turn myself In bed,
uutl the pain so severe that I had f.ot slept a wink for six days.
At this time my attending Physician presenbed the "Ilcbiew
Plaster," and it acted lite a charm; the pain left me and I
slept mure than h-lf of the night, and in three divs I -was
otle to ride out, I consider the "Hebrew Plaster" the best
remedy for all sorts of pains now in ue
G. W. McMlNN.
Hendersoavfllc, X. C, Aug. 1C, 1850.
H H i
Beware ot oountorfcits and base imitation
J3J The genuine will in future have, the signature E.
CCS. 1
Purchasers are advised that a mean counterfeit of this ar-
tides is in exigence;
The genuine is sold -only by us, and our agentsappmirted
throughout the South and no pedlar is allowed to sell it,
Dealers and purchasers generally are cautioned agiinst.buy
ingof but out; regular agents, otherwise they will be impos
ed u;k!1 with aMtr.-thlc.?s article.
Forsale by SCOVIL A MEAD,
111 Charires street, New Orleans.
General molewde Agents for the Southern States, toTvhom
all orders must be addressed.
Sold by EWIN; BROWN A Co., Nashville, Tenn.
W. W. & .1. II. 1SKUK1, Uo;
julyl-dtw II. G. SCOVEL. ' do.
Tor the.cure of Painful and I)is6rdeil Menstruation, .
ili-cirriijf or Aborlion.xind the rclud" of all thoae
Sympathetic Xervou Atfeciions atteudant ou
- Pregnancy.
Much of the uOering allendant upon the lives of females I
at tlie present day may be traced to some slight iinprndence f
or neglect duriug some critical period of their peenljarsoa- j
soa3,causing obstructions, irregularity, Ac., which, if not j
relieved, gradually weakens and dcrangcstlre system, and by j
-yinpathv induces those chronic forms of ilUcase Cou- j
sumption. Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Ac -which either hurry them ,
to an early grave or lender them invalids firrlili?. Many of
the fsirest and loveliest of creation, at that ae when the hud (
was just bursting into bloom, have withered and died from
the effects of obsttuction, and tbe want of a remedy to assist
nature at that eventful period. i
It is not offcrci.as a cure of .all ills that flesh is heir to,
but asa remedy and preventive for a certain class of com- i
plaints, in which it is warranted to do all thai is-here set
forth, or that medicine dilected with experience and skill can
pcrlorra. Sold by SCOVIL A MEAD, j
111 Chartrcs street. New Orleans. j
General Wholesale Agents for the Southern States to whom
oil orders must be addressed. I
julyl ly dtwAw. j '
A MOST strange and ineconcibble f.ict meets nsattbo
very threshold of our remarks on this valuable medi-
cine. It is Hits: tiial no ineaicai prcparauon aaapieu 10
the various diseases of children and youth, has ever been
offered to the public; while at the tame time it is established
bv the niot accurate tables of mortality that oii-tialf Utelut
tiviu family JUfofort reaching the ayo'fjee ymr.'
We should suppose that to this great cluss of human Mif
ferers this one-halfof lhsTace tlie most aniioa's and ear
nest attention would have been given: that medical skill
would have been taxed to its utmost capacity to find out a
medicine to which mothers and nurses might resort under
the constantly recuiring necesMties which present them
selves in this onnuectiini. The world is literally crowded
with medicines for aii ltt, but towards the sufferings of chil
dren no one has seemed to turn jpropcr attention. No one
lias regarded their condition. No one ha, seemed to think
it possible thatthe ravages of disoafc and denlli among Hem
might be stayed. It is true that there nre-nuuierons Ver
mifuges and Cordials of some value, but ur.ne of the--e is
confined exclusively to one or two fbnnsof disease, 'l'ho
Grasfcnberg Children's Panacea is the only medicine extant
in either herab-pheic th t is at all worthy of being called a
Children's Medicine: or that supplies the great want allu
ded to.
It is invaluable and uoMtrpaSord in ctscs of infantile jaun
dice, griping aud flatidency, tliarriiu-.i, cutaneous empln'n-',
the thrali, teething, ttliiog of the fuudamciil, convulsions
rickets, ringwomi, scald head, measles, croup, worms, chol
era iufantuui, wasting of the body, ami all disca-ea incident
to the years of childhood.
Price uO cents ir bottle.
For sale at all the Drug Stores, in town and connlrv. and
by ALEX MAClvKN7.il-;
julyl3 Nashville, Tenn.
"TTTIlO'iIoes not know that Ltoxs & Co., keep always on
V V hand ti finest Citais and Tobacco to be liad in
town. All w,can sav to those who are ignorant of this, is
to request them to call and examine our stock, and they
will soon be convinced that such is the case. Don't forget
the Lkhu (Lyons) Den, No. 1, Cedar street
Tobacco. We are just in receipt of a large lot of
smoking and chewing Tobaccos, consist-up of some of the
finest brands fine cut and iu plug, For sale cither whole
sale or retail by LYONS & CO.,
july 18 . No. 19. Cedar St
AFETYPUSE. 5w,iXW teet genuine Saleiy use,
by the original manufacturers, for sale bv
JylS at W. H. Gordox A Ca's Public Square.
Chartered bjr tho Stale.
, rpfllS pomty-havinff Mly ormmred,is
X now ready to take nsks on all desenp
-j ofpny, agalnst loss or damages bv
j jirealsoaeunst penis of theses oruilandnaT-
igation. J'ropositions ibr insurance will be received at the
office ot the Nashville Insurance and Trust Co., College St.
AjW. JOHNSON. President"
J. S-DASHitax, Setfys . Nn3hville, Oct 8, 1852.
CHAELisioy, soora CAEOUXA.
Capital $250,000: All Paid In.
IilAVE been appointed Agent of .ilia above Company at
Nashville, and am fhjlv prepared to take Marine," Fire,
' Eivef Risks, on the most favorable terms."
A full statetnehtof the solvency of the Company can be
seen at theofiice of tlie Nasliville Insurance and Trust Com
pany, on CilUege: street.
xile'mdtual protection instance company
OFFICE on-Cedar -Street, adioinicg the Post Office, -and
opposite (lie Verandah, will insure on th mutual prin
ciple, Houses Merchandize, Ax, ngainst Loss or Damage by
' File; Steamboats on any of thevestern waters against the'
Hazards of Inland Navigation and the Careoes ofvessels of
j evay description against' the Perils of -the Seas and Rivers.
, Also, the'Lives of persons in good health, for a single year,
for a term of years; or during life. Also, Bank. Notes trans-
j milled per maiL
' All persons having their lives or property insured in this
I Institution, are entitled to a full rarticmalion in all the prof
its, without any liability to loss beyond the amount of Pre
miums n hich they may pay.
!. S.- PU.CHER, President,
J. 15. JOHNSON, Vice President
U. J. r. iiactok, becretarvv janl
OFFICE on tlie North side of tbe Public Square, midway
between the Nashville inn aud the Planters Bank.
They will make insurance on Houses and .Goods of ever- de
scription against fire; on Steamboats and Cargo against fire
and thorisk of the river; on the Cargo of Keel Boats aud
other river crafts, and on sea vessels and other cargoes, -en
the usual terms. JOHN JL niLL, President
Joseph Vactjc, Secretary.
DiEKCTora. Alex. Allison, John M. Hill, P.'B. Fogg, G.
M. Fogg, James Coney, Jno. M. Eass, Joseph Woods, Sam
uel Scay, Matthew WaWn, J. J. White, Jacob McGavock.
- Xew York Li fi: IjiMiraricc Company,
iYo. 106 Broadway, Nea York.
Accuiuiilutcd Capital, 6.50flrilO.OO.
ITT Total nnmbor -of Policies issued by tills
P.m.... a. I .. T .t.i. . I .. i SZA
ilxliumlrod and eizhtvono.
jrj"l'i?ideuda made annually on all Life Vo
Ilcloslu shaptf of stock,' bearing interest attlie ra
JTj Thedtvldenda heretofore have alwaya averaged from
40 to 50 per cent. .
Uj Persons taking out Policies for the whole term of
lire can give their note at 12 mouths for 40per cent of the
premium, and r-ayG0prcentlne39h.
AppHcicatlont tor riats, prospectus oftlio company, or In
formation relilingto the subject of Life Insurance may be
uiadeattheoClceofthe undenlgnod General Ajcnt for the
Stale nrTennessec. JOSEl'H NASH.
OiSce N. W. corner Public Square.
oppotlte.Planters' Bank. flahville, Aug. iu, lt52.
James Dixo.v, Pres. ; IlENar L. Millie, Secy,
. Capital and Surplus $300,000.
Lsceaxci! on lives of white persons on the joint stock
and mutual plan.
Also. Insurance on the lives of Negroes, on reasonable
tenus. a.' 1L. LOOMIS,
jan 15 6m - , Agent.
t.it ! msuicvncx..
ilitna Insurance Co. of Hartford.
A-unuity Fund $150,000.
I.XCLUSIVKtYheld pledged, and appro prialed,rtgy
-i with Us reserved accumulations, by the cbartirr$fiM
and regatattons oftho Company, to the payment of Annu
ltcs and ones upon Insuranceon Life, aud In no oventlia
ble fi.r other debla, contracts, llabllhioi, or engagements of
he companr.
Thos. K. Gsacz, Pres't, S. L. Loomu, Secrotary;
it A. Hclklit, V'ico J. W, StrMora.Act'y, Presdent.
Managing Directors for tke lAft Department.
. A. Mri.aLRT, John L.11oswxll,
Kocip.t BrtLL, Rolanp XIatiiih,
Tuisbelng ajolntstock propriety companr, and conduc
ted on tbe cash system, the .Managers have adopted a table
of ratesorpronilum as.lowas is consistent with safety and
unci ievr-than those of the Mutual Companies. -
Applications for risfcs on white persons, received by the
undersigned, who will furnish 1'rnspectuses.of the Compa
any, and any Information relative thereto.
r7'Klsksoa slaves against diseases and aecldont causing
death, taken; Polices issued and losses adjusted at this
Agency. JOS. NASH, Agent,
Office N. W. corner Public Snare,
opposite Planter Bant: KuhvUlo.aKg. IU, 1E52.
medical Uxitmlncri,.
nj?o'jy.. O" "Q",-3to5, r. M.
I A VINO, at meat expense, nrocured the most recently
1I improved machinery and. tools for the construction ol i
the heaviest wnrk in metals, we solicit from tlie Western
and Southern public a portion of their patronajre. We are
prepared to make tq order Railroad Machinery, such
as Locomotives, Passenger, Freight Cars, Frcgs, Switch
Stands, Repair Cars, and all worknpperiainingto Railroads.
Steam Engines. Buatand Stationary Engines', from 5
ta ?oe horse nower. with boilers of the best'Tcuneasee Iron.
inn.r- t-i- x- -r:ii-r. ii r
2?Z'JZjrZ vS
Sugar ftlill of the most recent construction, with Engines
to correpond, put up in any part of the Southern country.
Cottoa IJ ins. Engines to drive Cotton Gins, with all
necessary appurleitauce made to order at short notice
In all eases where it is desired, we furni.sh an engineer to
rrat up the engine and instruct an intelligent negro, so that
he, may continue to operate the, engine, Ac
Brass and Iron Castings of auy size or description, with
Shafting. Mill Gecrii:, Water Wheels, Cast Iron Bank
Vaults, made to order.
Information cheerfully given and orders received by
- J. THOMPSON, President
N. B. The highest prices paid for'pld Brass and Copper.
sept '
CjT AAA KEWAll I). I will pay theabove reward
5DxJUv to aur person or persons, -as ' a premium
above ' the market price, for one" thousand Laud Warrants,
of the deiioininatloi of llto, SO and 40 acres. I will pur
chase single will ranis ul either denomination.
Rtoin over Oak Hall, east side Public Square, 2d door
souli. !- ii i hi Nashville. octl4 m2".
rTlIE' subH.-riber respectfully announces to tbe citi-
I f V.. I Ml. ....1 .!;... Awnl,, 11,-.
i zens of Nashville and surroundiiiir country that
he is still it ceiving large additions to his already im
mense KtOCKOt
Cents I'ushionablc Sprin? and Snmmcr Ready
Made Clothing,
which he is prepared to, and will. sell AS LOW AS ANY
Already in store Fine Broun, Blue, Black and Olive Frock
and Dress Coats of the latest styles, Prench Tweed, Cash
merette. Plush, l)rapd!I"le, Silk Lustre and Gras3 Linen'
Frock, Sack, Box, and l"olka Coats, 4c., Ac, Ac
Pants and Vests of every color, shade, pattern and quality
to suit the moot Fastidious.
LIKEWISE a tine assortment of Gent'afurnishing arti
cles", consisting of Fine Shirts, Under Shirts, Drawers, Cra
vats, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Hats, Caps, Tnuiks, Va
lises, Carpet Bags, Ac, Ac
Also, a variety or Youths'-and Children' Clothing, from
three-years of age upwards. I POWERS,
Tennessi-e Clothing Depot, No. 34 Market St, directly op
posite Union street
ICifNo. connexion with any other hou?e in the city.
N. B. Not to be sold or undersold by any man or combi
nation of men. L. P.
Couutry Merchants inp.irUcu.ararcc-irnestly invited to
call and inspect my stock previous to purchasing elsewhere
TUEabovc HOTEL is now open for the reception of Ai
This long established and well-known House has under
gone a thorough allenitioa throughout,- and lurnished with
new and fishioneblc FURN'ITUilE.
The TABLE will alwavs be supplied with the BEST the
market affords: and-the ' Proprietor trusts, by a systematic
course, both with servants and the regulations or the house
generallr, he will be enabled to give entire satisfaction to
those that may favor hiin with their patronage.
imj-lrtfw JNO. W. SPEAR.
'on dcr Coi
of Connecticut :
1 milt t-wrj Kimtnnkr Ul
RiHe Powder, 25 lbs each.
5t0 hall kegs do do ao uo uu,
S."iO(r.krg3 do do do 6'&a do;
fiOO kegs Duer do do 25 do do,'
lOOOkegi Blasting do 25 do do;
5O0 lbs do t5 kegs each) do- 125 da do;
:UK) canis'crs fine Rule do 1 iOUiid.
The abivc po-vder Ins j-.ist been received direct from the
manufactory of thn Hazard Powder Company the quality
orwhidi is we!! known thnnighirat the United States. All
ordeis promptly tilled bv ajipficatton at my Powdor Dapot
Nortii Sslt c)riier public hiuare, Nxshville.
ALSO 230,000 f.ct Safety Fuse of best qttalitv.
S.H. LOOMIS; Agent
m.irrh?.'; for the Hazard Powder Company.
For Cliopjrtng Corn or other Grain,
An article trhteh t tery Farmer eliould hate.
IT will grind, with one or two horse power, from four to
five bushels an hour either fine for bread or coarse for
stock and is so simple in its construction, that any boy
twelve vears old can keep it in order and run it. It is adap
ted to either Steam, 'Water "or Horse Tower.
Having sold the entire right of manufacturing and selling
the above Mill, in Tennessee, to Messrs. J. K. Cowan and A.
C Howard, of Nashville, persons wishing to purchase can
6nd them at J. M. Seaburv's, on College street, where they
auU be happy to take orders. TJ0SS A ADAMS.
. " J , ...If 1 A
te of C per
T AJI just receivinga tine assortment of Pur-.
stvlea. which will fee warranted HreMniiifiend-t I S? I
ed, and will be sold as cheap as the cheapest Having en
larged.my Ware room3, 1 shall keep an assortment 01 Gil
bert's superior Pianos, also Window Shades, -Clocks, Mir
rors, Ac. Furniture of all kinds' made to order. Articles,
sent free to the Railroad or anvwbere in the city. Remem
ber 45, Union street, Cheap Furniture Depot
ap27 1. H. MORTON.
varioufe styles and sizes which will be sold verj-low-tor
cash or good no!csdrawing.interest, and warrantefl to give
satisiaction in every respect.
i every re?rect.
Furniture Uanu&ctarcr and Dealer.
ir . ,i 1 1 - it i.-. i. .
and the public srenerallr that he
teens a tull assortment ot furniture cu
hand, consisting of E ireaus, Ward-robes, Bedsteads, Side
boards, Chairs, Sofas, Divans, Bookcases, Shower-Baths,
Ac, Ac
Ordered work and renairins; done at the shortest notice.
and on very reasonable terms, wilh despatch. .
MattrnsscS of all k!nd3 nude to order common shuck
kept constantly on hand.
.Untlcrtalunr' Havincr mst received from New Yorkn
lot oftbe air-tight and air cxausfed Metalic Coffins, al
orders for -Coffins can be filled in very short notice, from
the Plain Servants to the fine Mefalie or -Covered, and on
very reasonable terms; together with everything necessary
tur iiuierais.
All orders left at my store on Collece street. No. 25, oppo
site toe frenanee House, will be punctually attended-to
both night and day. ' J. II. CURREY.
N. B. Shavinrr. Dressine and Layioe out Corps, attend
ed to wnen desired. uczx J. it. u.
THECo-parlnership herelofore" existing under ,the stvle
JL nnd finn of PuiLLirs AHAirr !s this day dissolred by
mutual conent All persons indebted to the firm are re
qnnsted to" make immediate, settlement, nnd all having
claims against the same will present them for paymont
Tri.i in .t. c :
jiiuer wruicrwiii use me nauie vi iim iiriu in iiqiiiiiuiiun
only. . UII.LIA..I l-uiiibll-s.
July 1, 1S53. HENRY HART, Jr.
I cheerfully recommend Mr. Henry Hart, mv successor
and late iiartncr, to the formerfriends and customers or the
House, and rcspectiully solicit toe nun a conitnuancc ol mat
patronage so UDeratry ocstowea upon me laie nnn.
Produce and General Commission Herchant,
PROMITatteution given to tlie sale of COTTON. DRIED
Ac, upon which advances will be made if required.
GET" Onleri promptly filled fur Cincinnati Manufactures
Flour, Whisky, Ac, Ac
rST Agent for the" sale ofStar and Tallow Candles, Sale
ratus, Pot and Pearl Ash, and Lard Oil, which will bo fur
nished at haett vuirlet raUstcUhout Onnmusioii.
IjalyS dAw2m. ,
V SALE. The undersigned offers for sale his residence
on Spring or Church Street, with the furniture if desired..
Terms made-known on application to
R. C. FOSTER, 3d.
Or in my absencO to G. M. FOGG,
jnnc 17 tL
ceived. 2.000 bolts or those
beautiful French Papers, fiir Parlors,.
Halls, Ac, together with a splendid C
assortment of Gold and Velvet Borders, Fire Screens, Win
dow uunaius, yc
f"0n hand a large assortment of unglazed Papers, from
10 to 25cts per bolt
No. 20, College street, next door to the Sewanec House.
julyl 4
KaihcUU, Tennessee.
jr PER HANGINGS. A lanre
aud beautiful variety.
Decorative Wall Papere, all
l.-l .. r i. .
llorders, AVindow Papers, Teaster and Ceu
tre Pieces, a large assortment
Cheap Unglazed Papers 12,000 pieces in slore,
from I2)tf to" 25 cts. per Bolt. All for sale, aud Cheap roic
pAsn. - july"
Clark Street Coach Factory,
NO. 5,
tiie latest style buggies, barouches, .
hockaaVays and family carriages.
Stout's Coach Shop Is on CLARK STREET.
julyl9 - IRA A. STOUT.
lj CORNER. I have on hand a beautiful assortment of
Ladies' Dress Goods, which will be sold at very reduced
prices, as the season is advancing. Great bargains may be
expected. Call soon.
Muslins and Lawis(rom 8c. 10c 12c and 15c, and a fine
assortment of Borages of all styles, fiilk Tissues, Evening
Dresses, Ac, Ac Also a good assortment-of Musquito Net
tings. JAMES NICU0L,
junl7 No. 13, Cor. Square and Market st
DISSOLUTION. The Copartnership heretofore ex
isting under the stvle of McNAIRY A FURMAN, ex
pired on'thc 1st day of Julyinst, R. C McNaiiy will con
tinue the "business at the old stand, and will settle the busi
ness of the late firm. Signed It C. McNAIRY.
Nashville, July 8th, 1S5C F. FURMAN.
I TAKE pleasure in recommending R. C. McNAIRY, my
late partner, to the friends and customers of the house,
and respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage so
liberally bestowed upon the late film,
jnly " Signed I FURMAN.
Swiss, Plain do. superfine Corded and Checked do,
super fine Mull and Nainsook Muslins, Jaconets, Cambrics,
Rich Jaconet and Swiss Flouncings, Jaconet and Swiss'
Trimmings, Dimity Bands, Ac, at McCLELLAND'S,
june23 " No 20, lublic Square. -
ANTLES, SCARFS, Aic We have some very
Rich Mantles on hand, new style, in Sillc, Iice. Aph
ca, Ac; Ice Scarfs, Ciape do, White Crape Shawls, Muslin
de Lane do, which we ill close out very cheap.
jnne23 No2o, PublicSquare.
TICH DRESS GilODS. On haud"RTch Sifks,DTesT
i, Rich Black Silks, super Black Gro de Rhioes. Hich
Printed Baieges and Tissues, White liarages and White j-
iiik .uaitu esu, muh. w....-, i...... .-- ... --r ,t
Emb'd Crapes, Rich Barege de Lane'. Rich French Organ
diez. Muslins, Ginghams, Ac, Ac These Goods are vcry
rich and will be sold at very low prices, at
june23 No 2. Public Square.
ing the liarJiest skin delicately smoothe, while nnd soft,
lemovingsaliowness, cutaneous emptions, pimples, tan,
freckles, or redness. Its soothing influence immediately
allays the irritation of mosquito bites, Ac, while its dilaling
irroperties prevents the iormation of wrinkles and banishes
them ifalready formed, eliciting on
the cheek or ace the
clearness and smoothness ot yoiiin
Troivinnl liVllr.F V.
tHMincua ti.i.i ..... ...-i.ii..- i .. . ..j...... j - . -
Gourand, 67 Walker st., 1st Store from Broadway, N. York.
For sale by feb9 GEORGE GRE1G. .
; on hand, a well assorted variety or fiireign Wines and
Liquors, put up in wood and bottles, and fijr sale by
"1)LNE Ai'PLUS ANI PHACJlIiS.-Iust re-
ceived. afresh lot ori'ine Apples and Peaches, put up I
inglassjars,andforsaIeby GEORGE GRHIG. ,
CUE USE. 50 boxes .Western Reserve Cheese, re.
. ceived andforsaleby reb9 GEORGE GRE1G.
A PPL 15 CHEESE. 75 boxes snt.onor
Goshen Pine Apple Cheese, received and Tor sale by
FIGS. On hand and for sile
Figs, by fcb9
a small lot of vcrv fine
UM DKOPS. Afresh supplsflmst quality Gum
IT Drons ol various flavors, just rjten
Solved and for sale by
UEUKUE (Jlthlli.
CHOCOLATE. A superior article or Chocolate in
small sticks and in half pound cakes put up in tin foil,
and forsale by febO GEORGE GREIG.
IKENCII NEUGA CANDY Just received by
express a small lot of White French Neauga Candy put
up in tin foil and for sale by GEORGE GREIG.
GREEN TEAS. -oO cans fresh Green Teas, hermet
" ically scaled, on hand and fiir sale by
T7JIESII TEVS. Just received, an cttra assortment
or Black and Green Teas of the finest qualities import
ed, and warranted superior, for sale by
febl GEO. GREIG, Union street.
I70R HIRE. A Negro-Woman with 2 children, one
10 years old; applvto .IL A. HALLO WE,
july!7 Gcn'l Ag't, No. 17 Deaderick-.St
I70R SALE AT AUCTION I will ofier at public
Auction at the court house, on Saturday next theJOIh
inst, 8 beautiful building lots, situated in. Edgefield, a phort,
distance from the N. A L. Depot. Terms one half cash
and the balance in one end two years, or without interest
with a lien retained on the land until the purchase money is
llaTne above lots front 50 feet on Short Street aud run back
150 feet to n fifteen feet alley, a plot of w hicii car be -seen at
mv office: A. lULI.OWE, Geu'l vt
Jny24 Jo. 17. Dc-idenck Si V.
TItAYED. From the premises of the subscribe., A
Tuesday of last week (2Sth of June.) a pair of BAY
HORSES, about 15 bands 8 inches high, ofa strong and
substantial appearancCr between the age of 6 a"d8years
old. No particular marks now remembered,.other than
tliat one orthe norses had a recent birase" or cut on his left
cheek bone, and had on when he escaped the head-stall of a
'InynfoSation concerning, the above Horses will be
NashviUe, July 9th, 1853.
Vie JiemeJgocer alt Jleinedits f,rr the JUtaueicf the liver
Dmxptia, -Enlargement and Incarnation tlie fipUtn
Ilearlburnt, Colia FUtalente, Piht, Cbnttlrjution, alt
disease of the Eowd, ami tuchdueases an arise from a
ditnriera, state of the Stomach, Liter w Jicwelg, at
Scrofula 'and &res nf 4ny tiitd. For General Debility,
from which Ladies frequently ,rffer, there ii not Us
eqval in tie tch Jtatcrit Medic-J.
THE inventor of this preparatian tm fin-three -years s.
completely prostrated "from Dyspepsia and inactivity of
tlie Liver thai Ise Was frcqucntl- for weeksat a time unable to
raise himself from-bls bed. Ilesbught aid from physicians
at home and in Europe, but in Tain; his case was p;onounce4
hopeless by thousands, and it was bvaccideat t hat be suc
ceeded in curing himself. SincehabasbeenpraclicingmeiU
lcme, bis success in such cases has beeu nuiivRlled, He
has been aware of iheincrodiditv of the public, 'and conse-
quraiuy xuu noining. tuiKignine press ot bis own-case,
until the character of tbe medicino was fnllv osnWrit,a.i
by its success, assli'owii ly the certificates .which haveoeen
Isubjom flieceiiihVtteorrro:!. GABBErrr.or-Meoiphb,
Tenn., with wbom I,ofIen advised during,the time ot my
snfferiug. "
.,. ' , Meupuh, Tenu., April 17,1 352.
I hereby certify that I have been acquainted with Dr. J
N. Lledsoe and some years agg he was reduced I oel eve
lower than I have ever seen anone that aftenvards recover
ed, with what I supposed to be Dyspepsiaand Ijfcrufteciion.
and atjer trying the prescriptions of nuny Phvsicians in this"
.as ell.-is other countnes, witliout reliefhe" anally suceeded
wilh apreparatiou-oChU own in being restored to "ood
Lcalth- - JLGACBERT.M. !)..
Physicians are requested fo try this preparation. We
leeisaijioieu uwui sustain the character wc give to it in this
Huxtsville, January 12,1852.
sepenor medicine. My son, aged 15 vears, had been under
medicil ti-catmeat about five years for dyspepsia aud diar
rhea nbeu having almost deiairor ot bis recovery I con
cluded to try vour Alterative, two botlles or which, I believe,
entirely cured him. MICAJAH CAYCE.
HcsTsmLE, Oct 17,1852.
DE.ULEDSOK Some time has elapsed since I gave a cet
tificate lhat my wife had been greatly benefited by your
Alterative Compound. I nmv take pleasure in saving to
the public, thatiny wife had for three or four years beep
subject to the worst kind of spells of eramp in fhe stomach
from dyspepsia. I had tried of several whom I thou"ht!o be
the best physicians in the place and a great many- tHfleren
medicines, with momentary rtlieC Being- persuaded to try
your alterative coniiiouud, I did so and I am haoov to sav
that it lnjai.lm.l....r !.,. A T .i ' V
.. muov.iiiii.Ii vuiw aim i uuuiu conscientiously
recommend it to nil persons suffering from diseases of the
hverand dyspepsia. N. B.ROBERTSON.
n . IIcstsvillk, Sept. 20, 1851.
Db.Bled30e navmgseen the publication of vourAlier
atire Compound, I think it my duty te say to the public; that
1 had been for years subject to spells or Cramp Colic, in its"
worst form; that I had tried almost every thiiio-that.is -i
ven by physicians, and never found any thing that would ccr
tainly relieve me. until I tried theRhornmiwtlln. ......
relieved me in every attack in less than an hour.
Giles nnnvTT- TVmi Tl o-t ion
. Dh-BlepSOI!: I feel that I should fall 'short of 'my duty
toyouandtothosewhoareatllictftl u-An. r n,.t .. iuJL
recommend yoar Altcratire Compound. It has entirely re
lieved m so tliat I have not liad cause to take ani-fhme in
two months. I can eat nnvth-no-1 irm.i
v. ,. , . -e, - ..in, 111.111111111-, unu
beheyeiny health is as good asit ever is at my advanced age.
Should I ever suffer from dyspepsia again I siudl be sure to
can ou jvu. x am very respecilully vour friend.
. . HitxTsviLLE, AIa.,August 21, 1851.
This is to certifv. that I liml ntri..-n,i r.- ?,..., -L :.u
. . ........ IC41H II 1 .u
Dyspepsia and Diseases of the Liver. Physician after Phy
sician had presenbed for me without mv receiving any ben
efit, when I commenced the use or Dr. Bledsoe's Alterative
Compound, which cured me soundlv, and I recommend it
because or the same happy effect up6u others or mv acquaint
no ' c. "cxTsmLE, Ala., March 3, 1352.
Da. Bledsoe Sir ' Jui!inn fnim tii -,'.r,,-
. ww -bluUMIU 1UU
have already advertised, it willU almost unnecessary for me
to add further evidence in reeurd to the hxlinr Tlrtn nf
yourComi-Dund; but I ainst sav, that for years I suffered a
great deal from Dyspepsia and enlargement of the spleen
and -thoitght that I never would recover. I commenced tak-
mg juui tuiiqKjuiiu .iwi nine weeiu since, and nave gained
25 or 30 pouuds, and feel about as well as I ever did.
v ... HENRY J. GOFF.
JSTTTke above medicine is lorsale in evcrv rinir St f-
the city, and most of the towns in tho State G. W HEN
DERS1I01T, General Agent, fur wholesaleing the med
icmc "Pncegl per pint Buttle novls lvd tr
INDLiN AND GERMAN "Rn.1T nnrrrm?
RESPECTFULIiY announces to the citiiensof Nashvilk
and vicinitr, that be has returned n-in nftiii.
dence tr fourteen vears in the South.
cated himself in South Nashville, at the eorn-r nf
ingOia and Pearl streets, where he may at all times be fuoa
l.T- llin.n . 1 ....... ! . 1 . . . 1 . 1 '
. ...... huvuuj ii i.ii ui UJUMJ1L Ullllt
He has in his possession manv certificates fmm mm r
eminent standing certifying to' the permanent cure or the I
mosfdistressing cases of the iblloiving diseases, vie Ner- I
uus Auccuuiis, i.iver mniaims. Ilrsnensini I'hilla nn
Pcvcrs, Pleurisies, Asthmas, Colds, Couehs.-Incibient Con-
Cancers, U!ccr3, ScroITulous,,Heinoptas!s of the TatncsTnilT
nfbpr IIiiTrnnnroai nim-lifw, Fl:.. . r.i. i" t I
: , "'"i"'a ui meiuuneys, jier
cunal and enereal Taints of the Blood; Diseases of Chil
dren, Wormsand various other Diseases incident to the hu
maT system.
Dunng his residence in the South, ho attended f o over ten
thousand different cases, all of which he treated with more
than ordinary success.
Dr. McLane hopes from his much experience in the" Mcdi
cal'Profession and the degree of success that has attended
hisefforts heretofore, to obtain the confidence and patronage
oflhesickandafllicled. 1 6
Nashville, Feb 91 v. DR. WM. Mi.t.a.yt;
gyAjl Letters addressed, post-paid, to Sonth Nashville
AMIt WINTERS had last nearly all of his hair and
had been bald for many years; by.the tue ot three M
tUn of the Mjgnetic Ointihtnt, had 'Jiis hair entirety re.
stored, atad pow has as beautiful a bead of hair as any man
could wish. His age is about SO years.
A son of Mr. Warren, of this town, 14 years of age, had
been afflicted with the Asthma from his cradle- lie had
tlie benefit of the best medical advice that a loving and
wealthy father could procure, without avail. It was one of
tlie ifidnl aggravated cases I ever saw; he was emaciated al
most to a skeleton. Vy the use of a few bottles or the Oint
ment he wn.itiorovy7Utcured, and Tor seven mouths past has
enjoyed robust health.
This was an extreme case of inflammation of thejspleen,
oriong standing; has a vaiiely of treatment from no less than
eight nifiereut physicians, without receiving benefit was
cured by the usecir only four bottles of the Magnetic Oint
ment This was fouroiionths agoand the lady (a Mrs. Dun
liam.) is still in good health, and able to attend to her usual
household duties. I have treated two cases or Chronic Sore
Eyes with the Ointment, both or the patients so nearly
' lUml, as io need an attendant to lead them from place to
place One or them had been afflicted 18 years, the other
about 9yc
nnrs Ther had ti-iwl the best ritivsicians irr the
State, without benefit; and ore o'f them bad been under tin.
treatment of the celebrated Dr. Muzzy, of Cincinnati, for
eighteen months, and had exiicnded hundreds of dollars in
vain efforts to eflect a cure They arc now by use of the
Magmtie Ointment, nearly of quilo cured; and are able to
read and attend to any ordinary business., I have used the
Ointment in a number ofcases of Mies, aud in no case luisit
faillof giving immediate relief and generally a permanent
cure. I have tilsoused it beneficially in severe cases orEry
sipclas. And last but not least I have within the last year
cured four cases of CANCER by the use of the Magnetic
Ointment alone!
From a thorough trial of the Ointment in nearly every
disease for which it is recommended, I cm confidently n.
commend it to be one of the most useful remedies ever oP
tered to the public Rcspectfiillv Yours.
Dated Jan 27, 1850, Amelia, Ohio.
. The ehoracterof this Ointment as an efficient remedy, is
established in this city". There are quite a number of indi
viduals who ascribe their lestoration to health to the use ol
tiiis extraordinary Ointment
For sale by IL G. SC0VEL, .
JUbllttl a iimiihij.
may 6
No. 5 Clams: Stkect, NAsaviu.E,.Ti;x.,
Eat eloor to IT. S. French' Grocery lfare7touse, and op
posite Morris & Siratlon's
ALL kinds of carriages Tor sale, with harness kJCK.
to suit- Ainvork sold by me is made at frBfff
the Clark Street Manufactory, and warranted, and will be
sold on as good Terms, for Cash or good note's, as any work
made North or East.
Repairing done with promptness ami. dispatch, and all
persons leaving work to repair may rely on getting it when
promised. All orders promptly attended to. maris.
I HAVE this day associated with me m the Saddling Bu
sines3 my son, A C MARC1L The business, in future
will be conducted in the name of J. D. March A Sou. AU
persons indebted to me, by note or account, will please come
up and make payment J. D. MARC1L
rzft Thankful for the liberal sliare of patronage hereto
fore, a continuance of the same is respectfully solicited.
jan2 J. D. MARCH A SON.
SITUATION WANTED... A lady of long experience
and superior qualifications to instruct on the PIASO
FORTE, desires a situation in a public Seminary or private
family. The best of reference given. Address box 144, Nash
villeP.O. july3-lwtw.
De. BleiSoe.-I fake the liberty and fell it to" be mv duty
In recommend to all persons suffering from disease-'of the
stomach and howils-vnnr Altpmtiro i ..L
11 ysg
rpuROUGH by Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroads. Pbil
1 j aieJPllia to Pittsburg, Vtt, Massillon, Vooster,.CIeve
d, fpleco, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, La&vette,
Terre llante, Chicago, aad Milfcaukie, Tnrough'by lfcu'lroad
froinr Philadelphia to Ciccmrati in 87 hours.
n' "if? ? " u'lu,CKesl roe from the Atlantic Cities to the
day: PitUburg, Capt Hugh Cnmpbell leivves llttsburg i'ri !
day; Messenger, Na 2, Cspt John Khncfeller, leaves Pitts- j
burg Saturday.
extra, f
Pittsburg- to Cincinnati, f2; Louisville, 3; St
Para throueh by Railroad from Philadelphia to Pitlsbitrg,
$9 50; Massillon, Slv, CleveLW, 10r Mansfield and Crest
lino, $11;. Columbus, 12 C3; Toledo, $1S; Cincinnati, (via
Crestline,) $15; Chicago, (via Michigan Shuthcru R. It)
J tS-2.'- To ChicagoN aukegan, Kenosha, 111., Racine, Mil
waukie, Sheboygan, Wisconsjn, via- Detroit; and Michigan
Central Railroad, $18.
1 lia Cars Mill leave the Commonweslfli s Station, N. E.
CorncarofScIiuylliillFifthaitd Market Streets, where tickets
calf be purchased of Bingbam A Dock, Agents ot the State
and Cofumbia Railroad lanes.
Themornimr Exuress Train thronn-b to Pittsburf. C!ev6
land, Cincinnati and Chicago, will leave at 7 o'clock, A. M.
Through to Cincinnatiin 87 hours.
The night Mail Train at 10W, P. M. Through to Cincin-
imn iu 4u uyiira. niciuum? one iiiguus couuonaoie resv a.
. The above lines pass through and stop at Lancaster, Ilar
risburg, Lewistown, Huntingdon, Hollidayshurg, John
stown, Greenburg, and intermediate places.
Notice. In case orioss, the Company will hold themsel
res responsible for personal baggage only, and for an amount
cot exceeding?! 00. THOS. M00RE, Agent.
. -june i it , . .Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
The Columbia Railroad Line for Hunisburg, via Colum
bia and all intermediate places, will leave the above station
at P.M.
rj.HIS road now complete, iropeiu a cninmnnlcatlnn bo
J. tween PitUbnrp and Philadelphia, orPitubUr? end Balti
more. By which Freight from tha wet can reach an eajte rn
martit quieter and cheaper than by any of the pres-nt rival
oatea: they connect wlla thj dally pnetetn at Mtutmrsr,
from St Louis, Lonuville, Cincinuiill, VTieellne, ud all the
different points on lh western waters. AlsowiUi the Cleve
land and Plllfcburg Kail Koad, and Ohio ai:d I'ennjlTai.U
Kail Koidai Pittsburg. Care run through between Pitt&burb
and Philadelphia wmionttrsr.sliipraeni "of freight, an advan
tage that'ean bo appreciated by all shippers.
In caje of obstruction of navijallnn by Ice or low water
frelghu westwrd can be fum-arded from Pitttburz to Cin
cinnati, or towns In tho interior bv ltallroad.
UATts of lit in ; its'
Between PllUbarjand PhtUdelpblaor Baltmore.
i'irst CIil!. irixttr' Summer
Rates. .Hates.
urv uooua. uooKi a-id.statlonirr Hoots, t
per 100 lbs.
Shoes, Hats and Carpellnr, Fun and Pel
tries. Feathers, Saddlery. &c.
Second Claims.
Brown Sheetlb? & Sblrtlnj In Bales,!
urugi.uiaM ware, urocertes, except Cor-
85 eta. 60 ctl
cee, riaruwaro, tiouow y are, iuacniuery,
ism-loin, vooi, occ.
Tliird Class.
Butterjn Firkins & Kegs, Candles, Cot-"!
ton, in winter, Uncen.ware, Tallow,! '
Tobacco. In leaf or ilannfattared. f Uait-r
73 ctl. SO ctl.
ward, Ac. t.
Fourth Class.
Bacon, Cotton (In lammer,) Coffee, Lard.")
and Lard Oil, (through) Port in full car-) 63 ctl.
loans at owners risK. j
Geo, C. Franeikcu.
Freight jtent, Pittslnrj.
C. J. Sneednr,
Frtigkt .1;cnt, PHUdclpkU.
Itlagraw A; Kooim,
' Freight Jlgents , BtMmtrt
J. Ii. Elliott.
Freight fnt,.V.7 West St., A'. Y.
II. II. Houston,
Uen. Freight .1ent, Philadelphia.
march 16, 1853 ly
No. 47, Colxeok Stbect, Nasimu-E, Tenst.
ARE now in receiptor their eutirestock of HARDWARE
andCUTLER for the Spring Trade, and in calling
the attention of themerchants of Middle and East Tennes
see, Kentucky, and North Alabama, to their large and varied
assortment, they feel confident that it will compare ravpra
bly with thatot any House in any country, and when the
item of Transportation is considered, it will be found that
selfinlerest should prompt all dealers in this section of the
country to encourage a borne tnariet
They also invite the attention of Blacksraittis, Carpenters,
and Fanners visiting Nashville to their assortment of Tools,
Farming Implements, Ac, a large stock of which jjrey always
keep on haad.
leathers, G inseng and Btettrax, taken at the highest mar
ket prices in exchange for goods, or in payment of debts.
Feb. 26, 1853.
J. II. llurrow's Patent Plantation
COEV 511
THIS Mill differs from all others tn the construe Hon of
the upper or Banning Stone, which is composed cf
Preach burr Blocts, enclosed In a cast iron Case, which
forms the back and hoop of the Slono with a Cast lion Eye, or
Bnsh, than isofsreater external diameter at the bottom that
at the top, w hich Is secured to the back by four bolts, so that
every block is In the form of a dove tall, which eives creator
strength to aStonethananj other method which Is required
I a small mills, where the stoue.ls run with great speed, 'and
bccoinesdanzerous If not strongly made. It also gives any
weight to a stone of small diameter that is required wltbout
having itthick or high, that mates it lop heavy.
-Ibis mill is a square frame made of wood or castiron.In
the form ofa bust, wilh Hmlse-tree, Spindle Balanre, Ulug
Driver, and liejulatln; Screw, and grinds nronthe same
principle as a lan.-e mill, dineriu? only in the Banner Stone;
this being of jrreat weight enables 11 to grind nearer tbe cen
teracreater quantity ofgrain with les power than any oilier
mill not.-in dm. This mill Is portable, and may be attached
La iteam. water, hnrss or hand nower.
ALSO, all sizes ofErench BnrrAHU Stones, manufactured I
oa the fame principle.
Josnph II. Burrows, of Cincinnati, Is the inventor, far
which he obtained fatten Patent In 1842. For alllnfrlnge
menti the purchaser will be "held responsible for the nght
These Mills do not require a Millrbzbt to stthemnp; and
allthatisneceMary to put them in operation, Is to attach a
hand tothopnlley on tbe ipindle, with a drum sufficiently
large to run a twenty-four Inch Mill 340 revolations per
minute,- attached to Gin, Steam. or Water Power. Bythe
steady application oftwo horse power tho M 'Icrlnd ix
to 8 bushels per hoarof good BBiU and . Ind wheat
as well as corn. The thirty lneWiiHl, if pat tn Its fullest
neeil,wii' grtnairom ten t Eiipiubujaeispernour.
ese mills are warranted to brln every respect as recom- I
j i " y
Dikictions roa Usi.su. Hace yoarmlUabontSOfeetfrom
tbe Driving Pulley In a. level position; make the belt of
leather six or eight Inches wld-j. Give ihe StoneSJO revolu
tions a minute with thu aun. Keeithoii9ct and step of
the splndlo wtll oiled. Place-the star on the back "of tbe
tannin; Mone, in thojamewayas tha Cross on the Driver,
that Is, tha way tliey are'trlmmed to run.
Kefr (oTbos. Patterson, Esq., of Highland county, Ohio,
Jesse B-uI,q.,of Clinton county. Ohio; C. S. Bradbury,
Esq , of Cincinnati, and a number of others.
All orders directed to JOHN E. KOOMAX.
N01 52 tlroadway, NashvIlU, Agent Tor Mlddleaml East
Tennessee, or J. H. I1UKKOWS,
Jau26 d. tr-w.&w.ly. " West Front t. CIn. O,
RERS. JAMES RENTON, of Newark, New Jersey,
has discovered a process for manufacturing wrought iron
directly from the ore, with wood or mineral coal, styled by )
nun an ore-weiuing iurnace ; (an improvement mine manu
facture of iron long sought after, bur never successfully at
tained until Mr. Iteutons discovery,) and which produces at
u single heat the best quantity of blooms, at a less cost than
pig iron is now usually made. Letters Patent have been
granted him forhis discovery,aud we are the appointed agenls
for the sale of rights, and its introduction throughout the
West ; and as the preseut high price or iron is inducing many
capitalists to invest in its manufacture, without beingaware
of the gieat advantages this new and valuable inven
tion Iras ovcrany otherknoivn mode, wethink it butsubser
ving their interest to thus early impress upon them the im
portance or jui examination or the merit ot this late inven
tion before embarking in any other made for making iron,
assuring them of its entire success and practicability, as de
monstrated by the furnaces now in successful operation, affe
Ibis plan.
It is not our purpose in this advertisement to speak par
ticularly ol the almost incalculable advantages th s process
possesses over all other modes Tor making Iron; (as this is
contained in our circular, which we will be pleased to mail
to the addressorauy oue interested in the mutter,) but to
call the attention of those -about investing in the iuanufac
ture of Iron, and respeclfully invite an examination or the
furnace we are erecting in this city, and which will be in
operation by the 5th Jutie next," or to the furnaces of the
American Iron Company in Ne.vurk. New Jersey, now op
erating with complete success. "VV. C. DAVlS A CO.
Cincinnati, Juno 1 sw.
(Otfke on Cedar street, over the Muiuat Protection Offices.)
. . . . . 1 ,079 .
(ABSTRACT or assuaij siaiuiuMs iu n.i 1 isi- koocj
. s.rui ..11?
Assets. Mav 1st 1852
S209.O10 51
Premiums for the yearending. May 1st '02.
Interest on Loans, Ae.
Guarantee Stock, additional to above
185,250 5C
1,916 00
100,000 00
S4i,183 26
." 67.6M66
Losses, Expenses, returned Pre'raiumj, Ac,
to iuay 1st. -
Capital May 1st, 1833 tJ35S,31S 70
The rapidly accumulating Capital or this Company is trie
beat guarantee of its entire rehabUitr. Risks taken on tie
most moderate terms, and losies adjusted i and met uera.
NsAhTille, Hya28, lS53-tf .-'
Great Wrat Passengers will find this U,e most pleasant I
SBl'.$i5;?,t!f"i- -t ?r!1 toCirinnati; 5ltoLoais
Ville; fl'J t6 St Uuis Via Pennswani Hii;im.i n .- .
...j....-.., uisourg: uucsevestate, tlwugn nature sometimes overcomes tiiycv), while
! l" " ."V'-'er,i(ravra-iH3Durg Sunday : Kevslona . dv atone hears off the orateft. Not so wit i the U
! JP1 V5S.Y aiV?fj P;tt8-brg.Monday; Alia ' Syrup. Its irrrrediei.tare the nUural antidotes to
KSi iXr V .? ,"e"'rt "res 'ihurg W , plaints. U changes the nature of tlie fluids, and
I "-'nlTi,:' i;-"iw"'v"ourgyca- exi.ui.smii Ida natural manher. t does not leave
i.t'Mi.i v - ill i j i 1 1 1 . I .)l 'I I .1 (. i.r-uu . m-m I'll.. I'.nn. ..... II I. 1- n... .. . .
4 l 4
rpiiE gilj:fxnberg dlsentkry hyk-
JL EP Isa speedy anil infallible rem-sdv forDIARltHRA
COOLER V INFANTUM, and the Asiatic ChoW '
It iivcr fails to cure the worst possible caes of bowel
cpiiiplaintsiira few hoars. It is piireiyTfKChible,,andtakan
in ahn.ist anvqcr.lita- is perfecilr hannlcss.
Mxteireincdiot in use tor IK.trrhca.li ckujilliepcresof the
infesfinal canal and only for-a time alleriale the dueise hr
preventing tbe expulsion of the acrid fluid,. whTch will ut
most invatiably pour forth again, wilh irrcicased violence.
tlicin to in- I
i l. : '
j thecau-o, il neutralizes them, and tbe disease immedialely
i a u operation ot uiey nip 13 Uircetold. It nn-
course; it insianlly soothes pain and restore the svsfem to
.. ,UB stii tn mo uiseascsnu arrests us
I juianisa snrtaces ot .tlie sionucn and
I mtcstine-iare giiarded against further violence by tbe ncu
tralizalion ot their cend i contents, aui thus the body re-
sume.vt natural heallhv functions.
tins jifclHUlJirJiKVER FAILS.
A complete core
la narrauieu. rnceoniyavceuts per bottle.
i Ci.n,f Wn? Ai.AKin-t fw th Stale
AUergymanof Nashville iBfortned melastsea-mn when tlie
- cases of the premonitory symptoms w"ith,a few bottles ot
this D'rsenterv Syrup. A. il
o--i unvaiciesfi, iuafc in one. weeK.ne cured 21
i i 'lit. tortictn trillion, with Oue'
JL Hundred Engravings showing
Diseases and Mabormations of the
Human Svsicm in every shape and
form. To which bfadded a Treatis
oit the Diseases of Females, beinerof
il,. K;l.r. i . '
uiiiK. luijAiiitiuce mi iiiameu
people, or those contemplating mar
i' no ti tlier be ashamed to pre
sents copy of the ESCCL.VP1U3
to his child. It may sore bun from
an early grare Let no voung man
or woman enter luid tlie secret obli-
g?,f,.i?,rriaS0 )"e without reading- the POCKET
r. iT i. T? A ict naotie snDbriug from a hacknied-
I s,. ' i . . -e .? W,I? n'ghts nervous feelings
and the whole train of De,pecti3Scnsat:oiis, and given up
by their phMioan. be another moment witliout consulting
tl.e.ESuUL.UTOS. Have Iba married, or those about to
be married, ariy impediment, read this truly rueful book, as
it lias been .the mean or faring thousands of unfortnnate
creatures from tbe -ery jaws of death.
J"; Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE CENTS en
closed in a letter, will rewire one copvor this work by mail,
or fire copies Will be sent for One Dollar.
Address, (post-pa.d,) DR. WM- YOUNG,
march 1 6 ly Xo. ir,2 Spruce St. Philadelphia..
fTO KILL PAIN we must-paraly:e the nerves, or in other
JL words produce -a pilsyot the part to which theuin
idler is applied.
iJai is an imnatura Jsensation, arising fronr an injury'
or disease which, l-eiug transmitted ulung tue nerves to
the brain, gltesan uneasy psrcebtivn to the mind.
Remedies recommendea to Kill Pact, or Pais Killecs,
are either producers of Paralysis, or tbeyare.not nbat they
are recommended for. If the nutferer ot pain is to undergo,
a suspension of vitality, or if the unfortunate arm or leg, or
if the part of the body suffering the tortures of pain, is to
suffer an attack of paralysis, we think the the remedy must
be wctethan the disease." And, if 1'ain is lahv Killed,
then the nerves that transmitted this sensation, and the
senses tliat perceive its unpleasantness; must be killed aLu.
If, on the other hand, it is not a "pain idler" it is a mis
nomer, and not what its advertisement claims font
Uadway's Heady Relief does ilot Ktu. pain, but
it si.bdues jta paroxysms and relieves the sufferer from all
painful and uneasy sensations. Uadway's Ready Relief is
quick in jjrtion It instantly relieves, and immediately
after sets about renioviug the cause of the pain, it toothes
and cures, it relieves and removes the troubling cause, and
hence lbejoy it infuses.
It. R. it. -Its Two Actions. Tbe primary action
of Rad way's Ready Relief is, to ailay the effects of anv pain
ful causes that tbe human system may be visited nith.
Its secondary action is, to remove the cause itself; this it
will immediately accomplish, fur it is so powerful in action
so quick add etlcctual, that the moment it is applied or taken
the painful yaruxyisms are relieved, and the unsound parts
made whole, strong, healthy and vigorous.
External Pains Rheumatism. Radway's Ready
Relief applied externally to the parts where the pain is felt,
will instantly allay the paroxyisms, scatter the cause, or tht
cungetltd deposits, which cuw the pain, and, in a feW mo
ments the sufferer will.be quite easy. If the attack is re
cent a few applications-wiU cine it.
II Chronic, Uadway's Renovating Resolvent, used in
connection with the Ready Relief. Is certain to cure Rheu
matism in its most aggravated forms, whether Syphilitic
Sciatic nervous, muscular or inflaiuatory (for wuudeiful
cases of Rheumatism, cured by It R. 11. Remedies, see
Rad way's family Friend for the month of March, 1353 a
"copy will be sent to all who wish it, free or charge, by ad
dressing Radway A Co., Ntw York Cifv.)
Painsaround tbe Liver, Kidneys and Heart arc relieved,
and the'unualural irritations instantly subdued by a simple
application ofK. R. Relief.
Sick Heud. Ache. R. R. R. will in all cases cure this
distressing complaint Its ant acid properties when taken
into thestomach, will neutralize the acid, and make tbe
stomach clean, and the breath sweet
Its counter-irritant efficacy, will produce a reaction when
applied to tbe head, and invigorate, and enliven, and refresh
the senses.
Internal Pains. Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera or
Cholera Morbus.
The unnatural and violent irritations that afflict the system
-while it is under rhe influence of thesemalad.es. will, in u
r moment, vield to the soothing and pain-relievincr etlicacr of
I tUf.tr 'iri:-r 1 1 1 :1-:. .5 .-
mjc.i 11. iwuti. ibuiMa iiuwiuuii it arrcsis siasiiuKiic
action, it neutralizes the poisonous miasma that causes these
painful and weakening discharges; it enlivens and invigor
ates with warmth and sirengtn the cold, cramped, and
shrivelled limbs aud joints, and restores each member and
organ of.the body to a healthful and vigorous condition.
Uadway's Ready Relief, and each of ihe R. R. It Reme
dies, are made trom the.active properties of medicines.
Nothing inert or inactive enters their composition, so that
the system is not clogged" with worthless and inert matter.
In conclusion we would remind the reader that Sadway's
Ready Rolief, relieves the sufferer from pain fnot kills,) and
cures or removes all unnatural causes of Rheumatic, Neural
gic aud Nervous .or painful character.
Radway's Regulators, prepared from the active principle
aloncof Medicinal Herbs, Rools, Plants and Gums, will reg
ulate and keep in a healthy condition, the bowels, liver, heart,
kidneys, hkin, and all other organs of the body. They wilt
cure costivness, iudigestivness, indigestion, dyspepsia, and
all billious complaints and levers.
i uiuiuus curuiuaiuis anu , evens.
The ladies will find Radwav's Rcculafors Ihe very best rerr-
! ulatorof the system, in assisting tardy nature in the dis
. cltarge of her monthly duties. No griping pains or sickness
I at stomach follows their operation, buttheyiiisure to all who
i take them a-pleasant and easy discharge of the offals of the
! system.
Hadways Renovating Resolvent, is a powerful resolvcrof
all diseased deposits that have been-lyingin the system Sir
years. Apurilyerof the blood and a renovator of ihewhole
tur further information of tbe wonderful nain-releavins
I and curative powers of the It R. Remedies, ihe public are
referred to our monthly publications, W Guide to health, co-
. . . r .. 1. i . I.. . : . i , i - . , i
pics ui iiiuii ittu uuu grans uv auuressiu iu at our l.
It R. office, 162 Fulton street. New York.
RADWAY A CO., 162 Fulton st. N. Y.
R. R. It, fiir sale by Druggists generally.
Wholesale Agent for Tennuesseel
juiy6-l-2m Chattanooga.
Aud Druggist and Merchants every where.
TTTE take pleasure in announcing to our numerous friends
antr ttalnms. that TTt am nuw rf-Hjl v tn nri-rmnuvl-itn
all whoraay wish to avail themselves of thebenelitsof our L
place extensive preparations nave been maae lor tne corn
tort both ofthe invalid and the man of pleasure. It were
needless for us to attempt to set forth the value of our place,
in a medicinal point of view. Many, alUicted with various
diseases, have visited us, and after a-tew weeks sojourn,
have gone away either entirely cured or greatly relieved
particularly such as have been aUliclcd with Scrofula, di
seases of lite Skin, Stone in IheDladder, and also of the Di
gestive System in generuL Of these facts, there is an abun
dance of proof, and many who have certified to them, and the
same bare gone forth to the afflicted people. And we have
at this time two living specimens of Scrofula cascn, erred
sound and well, with us, to be seen as testimony to our deo
laratiou; oue of which was almost a hopeless case.
We are in Macon county. Middle Tennessee, 12 miles east
ofLafajctte, our county seat, 65 or0 miles from Nashville,
15 miles turnpike, and ihe balance high ridge rood, and
other good countiy rjrads coming from every point from
Lebanon, Wilson county, Hartsville, Carthage, OainsLoro',
Tuiakimrille, Glasgow, Gallatin, Ac
J. A. TAYLOR, ) Proprieiors.
mayl2 tr wSm S.D. PEYTON, J
in a medicinal point of view.
I WISH to sell my tract of land situated inJone's Bend,
Davidson couuty, 25 miles above Nashville by tlie river,
10 miles from it by laud. The land lies about a mile from
the Gallatin turnpike oa tlie opposite side or the river. The
tract contains 37tt acres, 160 cleared, the rest well timbered,
4-5 orthe land river bottom. The place is well improved,
brick dwelling house with a large rooms, passages, portico
and gallery. Brick smoke bouse, carnage house, carnage
houses, barn, cribs, hous built for a gin, overseer's house
Stock water in abundance and as good a spnng as can be
foimd in the State aud a orchard of young iruit trees.
Thr land is unexceptionable; adapted to cotton, om, and
all other irrain. S. W. GOODRICH,
CEDAR- TIMBER -I have constantly on hand, 15
"miles from NashviUe on ihe Railroad, Cedar Sill and
Lintel Timber, Flooring and aU other Cedar Timber, at the
diortest notice. Also, Cedar Stakes, which 1 will load on
cars at 20 per thousand. Orders will be thankfully receiv
ed and promptly attended to by the subscriber,
junels 3 m. JNO. HILL.
-vfECROES! NEGRO EStFour .likely Negroe.
XS Men, middle age, Ibr sale, among whom first-rate
wagoner and sawyer can be bad. Also two good farm hands.
Apply to Jacob McGavock or DABBS PORTER,
july29 Ageit. .t
uauieuiesnrmceoi ina eiomacn anu wnwis. dui a
ALAfixniG smcoag
rod! h?tirC?lbeir '""fe d lamenUUe insrti-
which ry.oinccrm their dearest interest, oad raisic?
the drapery curtain that concealed from mortdTiairS
onncmbered ages, raiu. lor
. ,jUra?r? dbcuBing clearly to the asfonished series of he-
f "uucv oyvna by which, indtvidaais
tic.i awicij auuuesjy become laeprooilt
err gradeof societrsuddealy become the rma!
sessors of r -
through the workings of that most beautiiut system, gwa
roiulr given to the world by the untiring energy, acd rws.
less philantbrojir of those well knowu'bcnefic;ors cf the hti
uian race,
' Ths Truly Fortunate aad Parfsral
-Lottery A?eats nnd Erokeisv
p v i- E-rr. .v nso.
No. tijrmrbTKs4r, RjaTiadAl gj ixt3
Read the wholesale benefits bestownl List -ntoi.n.
?10,OiOsoldr.aVewGorrepr.ode3tiij Alabama.
fia.iH'OsoM trtaClnh in Georgia.
12,ijvO sold to a Farmer in O.iia
$I8,iXHsohl to a planter In Mississipnt
. ,000 sent t a Lady ,n Virginia. '
52i,Odo sold tnaMercliantin Baltimore.
l?Wn$.ia VseXrhtAtstoa. Clnbta Pe,,n.
Fv brilliant Prizes wawniailyourorUers,
raP i CO M, 1 Lightered, JSaUimcr.
The most succeful method to draw a Prize u fo -
"No such tcortTas FaiT al Pyftr & Co'.
J2T" Forward your orders without delay
Splendid Schemes for Aug., 1833.
Zrstf The Certificate Prices of packages of quarter drketa
Pricecf Prieaar
Tickets. Packages.
75 Nus.
75 No.
73 No.
78 Nos.
75 Ncs.
IS drawn
12 drawn
ts jz3 tsi
5 19 eO
1 85 CO
5 13 W
5 ir go
10 35 co
-s 9 00
5 13 00
ly 0 00
5 JS 00
i 13 00
11 58 00
S 11 00
S 13 CO
l- 80 00
la 00
13 00
12 45 0
u 11 CO
S 19 00
U 85 0)
13 0)
4 15 0,)
3 25 "00
10 w
s by the first
day befbra
14 drawn
15 drawn
12 drawn
' 16 drawn
12 dra wu
13 drawn
15 drawn
It drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
14. drawn
15 drawn
13 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
Vt drawn
13 drawn
IS drawn
12 drawn.
6 5of0,00i
12 drawn
maruea I0U01
es are drawn.
te lotteries are drawn.
There is a larm rr no
who order by the Pad
.ni,. i v u :- ":-rr ",o
of drawing four
v7ZZ&;Z 1 .S x5S Jbr 1.-
v upases 01 rickri m n. . ;
rlt.titn a r. .
at.t mi , ra.te,01IJef'oit parable in Gold
whtenAT8 W-iEn'ti
ofthe rnostspIcndidprizeascieiT rfxr
STln order to secure a Fortune, and tbecah- immedint.
lynertbemultiskown.the readers oflS k
only to remit cash Drafts or jirize tickets, totbeWEsTab
le far famed aad truly wrturute Excbengeiu-.d Lottarr
iiroters, 1'YHIIl i CO
iulySO-lm No 1 LiKht street Laltimr.. MtL
WOn OMege street, one door&40f the ?-m. '
U E iK R??. found at all times lanre assort-
Patent Shoulder Seam Shirts, of Linen, Mnshn wUh Lta
en Dosoms Gingham, and French Chintz, Sanding and
Byron Collars, Underwear, Merino, Staked bilkTcash
mere, igonia Cotton and Canton FlanneL fTr ladies
and gentlemen, Gents Goth Gatters, Glovei hid and
rf Ct,?' Cloi Chamois, U tah Norma,
C"? GJ? ?d I-adies and Gentlemen's fHuntlets. Llaea
f,nd ?flk I andkerchief Stocks, Ties, WaierfcnU, Albert.
De JoinvUles, plain, Emb'd and selPadiiistm Cratati
baaf n.J J'Tute Satin Ties, Simdider Bracee, Sua
penders, Silk, V, oolenand Cotton Night Caps, OJ Si.k Eulh
insr Caps for Ladles jind Oontlmon r-.. 1
ri . ... uuwi, 1UU.UK1V11A
Streiigihcrung Relts, Itobe de Chambre, Umbrellas Walk,
mg Canes, Riding V.Tiipff, Trunks, Solo Leather, YxlijM.
Carpet Bags, Satchels. Dressing Cases, lYork Bans, Tou
lets. Opera Glasses, Porta Monies, an, Wriline Desks
Cigar Cases, Flasks, Travelling Compamsns, Rains and
Razor Strops, Combs, llrusbes, Good Jem's Cum bocd;.
Perfumery. Toilet Dottles, Pocket CutJar, Ac, nad
a large assortment of other article, usually kept by Far.
Dishing Stores.
X3T We have made arrangscienLs wilh cur friends at tha
North to forward us Goods as soon as received bv them,
therefore we shall bare goods here in Isssiluui ten darn,
from the New York Custom House.
-t. MYERS A McGILia.
Furnishing Store, College street, 1 door booth of tha
Square, Nashville
WISH to sell the Farm on which I now rejide, S miles
from Nashville; on the middle Frankh'n TornpAe, sod
containing loo acres, about equally divided into timber and
cleared land. There is everything on it 10 rend-rit desira
ble as a country residence, such as a (treat variety of fruit,
an abundance of spring and well water, grass, Ac It da
sired it will be divided into small portipns.
For terms, Ac, apply to Jonx Kxbemax or toB."W.
Beowx, Genl Agent, No. 68Ji Cherry street or to
jnne.10 dAwlt. W. D GALE.
New-York and Charleston Stettn Paeieti.
1 w.iugers riarrcs every saluruar
aiiernoonauaeacn ajtrnnte W ednesdays
, ju.'. Aiijer, jiu ions,
J; Dickinson, Commander Marion, l,2tW tonXE
Tbe SoutJiprner. W. Foster. Cm
each alternate Wanesday. Having been newly coppered
and guards raised, is now in complete onieT.
For freighter passage, harinjclegBDt Stale- P-anAtnora-inodation,.
apply at the office of tbe Amt,
, , . CornerEast Bay and Adsrer'a Son. Wharvss.
Cabbmpassaga25. SteeragjS.
N. B. A new ship will be placed on the Line to connect
Willi the Niutberneronr Wednesdays. fcbir trw
partnership heretofore existing tinder the firm ofSonx.
Hiluiax A Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent
L StHlN,
may23 x n ,. FRANK A CO.
have this day formed a Copartnership, under the firm
or Sohs A Hilluax, and will continue the Dry Gouds Bat,
ness at tlie store heretofore occupied by Sfibn, llflbrum h Co.
IQUORS. 1"0 bWs Tennessee 1) D Whiskv;
50 " Old Monongabla do;
50 " Old Bourbon do;
50 " Old Rye
CO Old Reserve doj
10 pipes Old Cognac Brandy,
2 " Holland Otn;
10 bbls-OId 3Iaderia Wine;
20 Indian bob. Sweet Wine;
100 bbls A. Jf. Brandy,
a) " New Engiaad BBm;
SO AM Gin;
SO " SwetWine.
10 " Old Port Wine;
SO boxes Brandr Chmies;
M " Claret Wine;
10 " Assorfed Cordials;
15 gallons Old French Brandy:
In store and for sale tow by L, H. LANIER.
SUNDRIES. 1PQ bbls best Flour; lodkegs of Naili
lOuO bbls No 1 Salt;50 tons assorted Iron;
80 dpi Painted Iiuckils; 5 bbls BriroMene-.
20 nests ofTnbs; 5 Alum;
!) " half bushel measures;10O Plows;
5000 lbs bar Lead; 20 bbls No C Mactereh
2(?0 bags Shot, assorted; 60 kits No I and 2 do-
uOlmxes Cuba Sixes Cigars; 01 " Large Pecans;
5fl iloz Bedcords and Lines; 60 boxes Figs;
uu mp rmwumger; st;o " Tobacco, assorted;
25 bags Pepper; z tierces Fresh Rice;
50 boxes Dncd Herring; SStvlJsEnglithSoda;
1 cask Madder; 50 boxes Fresh Teas;
10 boxes Stonghton's Bitie;10 Cmme's best Indigo.
20 " B Wheat Flour, ext;
Tbeetbr with many other articles, which will b sold
Jow, by decU L. II. LANI ER. Markat t
A CARD. I beg leave to inform my friends and pat
rons that I have removed to the stnraon tbs corner of
Ceder and Cherry streets, from mrojd stand next door.
Also to inform tbem that I have on haod a choice Jot cf "CV
ears, Snuffs, Tobaccos, and .Pipes ; those tn want of good ar
ticles, would do well to call,' as I keep a.ToBAccomTSroM.
Little Indian, corner Chem- and Cedirts.
Sup. Satin Francaise Gaiterv tip'tr foxed, phua toes.
" Embroidered BronzeJ Kid Sbppers;
" Blacky- " do;
Gents' Eleftant Patent Leather Boots;
" Superior French Calf Dress do;
- ' " .peg dc,
" FixrsT Cloth Coxcsxss Gaitw;
Just ncaired by BAMAGE A CHURCH,
. ,JaBe29 No. 2 College st

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