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Nashville union and American. [volume] (Nashville, Tenn.) 1853-1862, October 04, 1853, Image 4

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r, JA.MUS SLOAN, IWrietqr, X ,,
"mBiETsrVBepoMTBJiifnKsOxiuoaxESTDBicco wxuEnorai, i
Mirtie irarduatt 'feu ( r$ Summer and
Spring ytreett.
HAYING nude extensive enlargements in myIarbla
Works, toy facilities ore t?ucb that I can execute all
kimtsof workin the innt tasteful manner and the late.-t style,
us cheap n it can be doi'3 in any of tUe Eastern Cities,.
By tilling at my Ware-rooms, ou the corner f Spring and
Summer streets, specimens may beseen whicli will enable
perso.is tojujge for themselve-, wliicli is tbo bc.-t method.
Hiring on hand all kind of Marble from Eoajt Tennessee.
Also, a tine assortment of Ejjypiiau, Italian and American
Marble, winch I will sell low to the trade, wholesale and re
tail, fioiahecl or in the rough state.
A tarte assortment ot.Moxoscvrs, Tombs, ISaphsmal
Founts, Puns, Vases, TSabdu Funnies, GuaveStoxks, Ac.,
carved and lettered toorder. Fcnxirmin Mauuls executed
to urder and sent to any jiart of the South-We-4 as cheap iws
H can be procured from tlie IiiL Also, Mauble. J1a.t1.s.
if every description, plain or carved. Bunji.vu Sroxic, od
Wholesale, and Itettul.
All orders left at my Ware-Rooms on the corner of Spring
and Summer streets, will meet with prompt attention. My
friends, generally will fiud it 10 their interest to call and ex
amine my .stock .before purchasing elsewhere. Thankful to
tuy old friends and customers for their liberal patronage, 1,
hope liv strict attention to business to merit a continuance
of their fivers. JAMES SI.OAN,
Corner ofSpring and Summer street, Nashrille.
leblu ly
THE undersigned would respectfully in- nSSStSSJl.
forni their friends and tlie public that SSiiSLt.
thev tiavo taken the old stsnd of a T. WfA'n "
Deadcnck St., where they intend to cirry on GOACU JlAb.
1X0 in all iU brandies. Wcwill keep con anyM hand
an assortmeatof Carriages, which we will dispose c. ou
reasonable terms. Carnages of every description md to
,rJer promptly. Repairing doue on reasonable terms, and
th- puttie tnsy rely upon getting their worft when promised.
Work entrusted to us will be warranted to be of 'the best
wot km mshipand materials.
"ilLACKSMlTHING. Every description of BLACK
SMITH'S WOKK executed in the best manner on libera!
.5jTU0R3E SHOEING. Wc have in our emptor expert
encid H0BSESH0ER8, and tlie public may rel von gt-U-'r-jr
ttuir horses shod in the neatest manner. AllVoiVeri vt i
taourcare will be tinder the immediate supericlttd . ti.
tlie Proprietors, and no pains or expense spared to give sat
isfaction to all. We respectfully Solicit from the public a
liberal share of their patronage.
tib 2 ly CRAM A SHEPHERD. '
11 EAT OUTlIi;ilN IA1L. UOUTi:
FrjaiWijhville ta New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
and Washington.
TlVtVO Daily lines of Stages leave Nashville everv moni
1. inj t 4 o'clock for LouisviUe via lheM AMMOTl'I CAVE
Tux Oiisat woxdeb or tuk WokLu. Also via Tyree
Hpnngi, Bowling Greeu, Glasgow and Bardstown, arriving
t lAtaisrillethenexldav, being out only one night.
Tin re Dsily lines of tine Ste-uners leave IaiuisviIIc for Cin
rinu iti ami Wlieeliug connecting at those places with the
tli:leent Railroads to ill of tlie Eastern and horthem Cities.
To New Yorkttarl -1 Ta Washington f 21.--To
Philadelphia $21. To Baltimore $23.
TraviSjng time to New York,SJ-j days. Through passcn-
iiiwnti litt- tin f rirf('..M.ri.
Forll information orseats'applvat flie General Staged
Uitice a-nville. li. 11. SI.tUUUll.li, :
Nasht die, June 23, l5X-lt Agent
N. It. -All Baggage atthe risk orthefiwners.
Fun.viTJinii, cAUPi:riN(; am ciiaius.
(JMeg? uttftt, SXiukrtilf, 71mmw,
HAS lint received n large and sptenilkl assortment tit
Ac., which with his former sUxk, mak one of the largest
und host assortment crer nffi-red in Nashville. Those
wanting good and MibUHtial articJei, woidd do well to call.
All work ild by me wiil be warranted.
Nearly eighteen years experience in this city, together
with it practical knowledge of the bu-iness, gtveshiinadvan.
tages in selecting sudi article as are imexceplioiaiblc in
slle and woikmanship and hiusli,
X'V Also, 011 hand, a largo stock of FUxtr Oil OaVt,
.:vivt m great variety. All 01 wincli will be MMd ery
lnw. uatiaudexamnic. apniii .. 1:
jk OLOVta. w. l. Bovn,Jic
Au. 50, C&trrif sstrwt, 4 door from Deejtriet,
Nashville, Tkn-jt.
WILL attend promptly to Buying, Selling, leasing, and
Keutin r Real Estate Bi'Viso, SiLusc. axo llirxsn Na
caors, (J5f"WeliavecOifol-tablcItoomsand CelUfortaking
care of 100 Negroes. JS.D Negotiating Loans, Buying and
Selling Stocks of everv description, Collecting Debts in auy
part of the United btate. Ac, Ac Uniers lor Acgrocs at-
Steveusou, Gen S R Audersou, Oi'iitr Jlank ;f 'Aimettte
O Ewing, Cdtjiter Winters lUvil; J B White. C .( u (fhin.
ctrii (iiurt, T TSmilev, C'trk Circuit Vvurt, Fit Cheatham
Clrrb CVwwfef Cbr.-, I T Scott, XaAriUe Jhk, S M Scott
-".Jy llii, II Bridges. Si jtantr, D Y Winston, Vnlut- J lull
C II ltachus, IVinfa. feb 88.
oxt'j:oxr, AA'.-iA' r.HOMi sweet.
j, THE Subscriber 1-esjiecitiilU- returns Ins
tVi lhaiiks to Hie public ltr jwilavot., and si
iAlicitSttcontinuaiicc'ofjiainwsgfin the above
jline. also '
Together with every descriiiiioo if Metal; Turuiogs Metal
ic Packings, Ralbit Metal una CHStmfs.
Soda Founts, Genera'itrs, Ale Pumjis, and Punif eve
ry description manufactured to ordi-r, or tepaired at sliort
Cash will be paidat all times for old copperand brar.
jone22 ly B. COLE.
DIRECTED by u Board of Vi.sitorsappuinU.il by the
State, is under tlie So;rindcnde;ice of Col. It.
T. P, ALLEN, a distiugnU-hcd graduate of West Point
und a practical Eugincer, aided by an able faculty.
The course of study is that usually taught i ,1 the best
Colleges, with the addition of an" extended course of
Mathematics National Sciences, audTheorelie and Practical 1
The buildings of the Institute will be entirely refitted, and '
arrangements made for heating them with steam before the
opening of the ensuing fall term, which will render the I11-
Mitule entirely unequalled in regard to health, convenience, j
und agreeableness of residence, as it is already in thorough- !
uoss of instruction and strictness of government. 1
The seveuth annual term will open on the second Monday
in September, 185S. Entire charge ?10( kt seini-aunuiil
essitm, (surgeon's fee ?2extra.) payable in udiance. 1
Addiess tlie Sujierintenueut, at "Military Institute, I
Frankliu county, Kentuckv," or tlie undersigned. '
P. DUDLEY, Preaidentnf ihc Board.
lOiisrille Journal, St Louis Uepublican, Pittsburg Gazet- j
tp, Nashville Republican Banner. Nashville Union, and
Memphis Eagle, will publish in city and country issues, to '
the amount of $20, and send bill to the Superintendent at
the Institute. jnlvS, 1P5S 8m
(OjHtton Chirlr(l,Htr tit Mutual Pnltttitm Ofctt.)
Assets, May 1st, lb52 ?-20,010 51
Premiums forthe yearending, May 1st. '52 .. 185,250 CO
Interest on Loans, "Ac 1,010 00
Guarantee Stock, additional to abore 100,000 00
U10.1S3 20
losses. Emenses. returned Premiums, Ac,
to May 1st. S7.304 55 j
Capital Mav 1st, 1553 $45,51S 70 I
The rapidlyaccumulatitig Capital of this Company isthe 1
best guaruntee of its entire roll bilitv. Risks taken on the
most moderate terms, and losses adjusted and met here. .
Nashville. Mva23.JS5!l tf
PB.l.iVI,VAM.V It.Xtl.tCtl VII. I
atlllS road now complete. It opens a communication he- I
. tween Plttsbnrc an I l'lillaJelphla,orPittbtir and Haiti,
more. Uj which Frt-lcht fram the weatcan reacli an eastern I
market quicker and cheaper than by any of tlie prvs-ut rival
oulbn: thoy connect with the daily packvti at I'ilUburj, ;
from St L-u!j, Louisville, Cincinnati, Wlieclinz, and sllthe ,
uYffareut points on the wctern waters. Also with the Clove- i
land ami Pltlburg Kail HoaJ, and Obloand l'cnnlVah!a
Ball KoaJati'itUburg. Cars run through between Pittsburgh
and Philadelphia wittiouUrjiKhlpmt'nt of freight, an adran- 1
tare that can be appreciated by all shippers.
In cae of obstruction of navigation by Ice or low water 1
froletiti wrsto aril can be forwarded from I'ittsburs to Cln- I
ciull, ortowm In tno unenor oy iiaurnau.
kvtks of rsii:n;ji-r
Between Plttsburpand RliiUdelphiaor l'altmorc.
firt (JI:t. Winter Summer
Hate. Rate.
Pry finods. Books and Stationary Botd, 1 per 100 lb.
Shiwt, Hatt and Carpeting, Fur and Pel 31 'Sets,
tries, Feathers, Saddlery, Vc. )
llrnwn Sheeting A Kbtrti
Sbtrliii); in iialrs,')
leenea, except Cot- 1 85
Wuro, MacMinry, j
I)rurs.Glas5 Ware, Urore
rta. CO rta
Doe, Hardware, uoiiow
Oil cloth. Wool. &c.
Xlilril Clitsw
Uutterin Firkins & Kegs, randle. Cot-')
ton, In winter, Qucensware. Tallow,!
Tobat'CO. in leaf or Maaufactard. I Kant-'
i cli. 50 cts.
Vara, 6ie. c. j
Four Hi Class.
Huenn. Cotton (In lafamer,) fVV-, tnl )
aul lotrdOII, (ikroHgkj Porkta fall rar-V i eta. -tOrta,
load at ownert nit j
Ceo, C. I'rancc.
rrrtftf ,1fHU, rtlttlnrjr.
F'ftff sffrntt, riUnJttplia.
JIoRrjaiW A- Ktin,
x . ..... '" Att,RaHimrt
J J.. illHntt,
.if Jl,m tt..T iretl el ,A'. 1'.
II. I. ilr.u.l.,,1,
march 16, 1856 ly '
k-AlitouyK, S.J. wioi. , Jo ArnstiEit
CammimcnandFdxaraing- Uerchants, ans Starers o'
CtZttn and Tobacco.
-ntraf Matt. ld Mnmt -V Xm!nv!lr. T'n.
j'd.v ft, 158.
HAZARD TootlerCominy
ot Connecticut :
lOOO kegs Kentucky Rifle Powder, .- lbs each.
300 half kegs do do- do ,'do do;
2.10 qr. kegs , do do do i: do do;
500 kegs Deer do do 25 do do;
lOOil kegs Blasting do 25 do ri-;
50O lbs do (5 kegs each) do 125 do de;
3fKl canisters lino Rifle do 1 0fmd. ,
Th ubove jiowder lias just been reaired dlreoi from the
manufactory of the Hazard Powder Coedrjv-lho quality
of which is well known thixmclmut the DWeJ! State. All
orderstinimptly filled by application at nir .Po'.yd6r Dnpot
North East corner PublJc Square, Nashville.
ALSO S50.000 feet Safety Fuse of beat quiim
S.n. LOOM LS Agent
mnrchSyi for the Haianl Powder ComtnT. "
W AiMEO. A few tlHiiind bushels Pen Nuts,Xr
whiali will giye the bkrhest market price. ,
to promtly, and instructions tiitlduily obeyed.
Ukfeukxces. Gov W It Cttniiibeli, hx-Uov A Brown,
DrJohti Shelby, Wholes & liooson, Jiiinttr, Uyer Pearl
A Co Haul-aft. W BShenard A Co., tianiere. Col V K
vriioT,ESAL qj: d cers.
Commission autl Forwarding JIiTChnnt?
'fLMf n-i?Ti'1 Tninn Tnofrnrc
Gjrher.'-tf ioll and Vitttrch ttreett, XukeiBe. ,
COFFEE 200 bags Rio; 50 bags Havana; '.
50 do Laguvara; 50 Co 3ava.
CIGARS 2rt,o0n Imp. Havana; 13,iXH) American; ,
ioooorin 1 ,di. r.'j nnA Mlao Olrmne
CANDLES '.MO oox'ea Sperm and Star; .'
il0 lifiTAi Klprinft nil Tallow; c
COTTON' YARNS A lo. of assorted' Nos. Osnubnrs, sn- ,
pcrioi nualitv at manufacturers prices;
FRUITS 100 bxs Raisins, assorted siies; Wldruias iigs;
50 frails Almonds; 20, bbls Pecans;
FISH 50-barrels and h.i'f barrels llaCKercl;
7 j Kits Mackerel;, 12 casjs sardines;
FLOOR 2f) bbls fiall'tgo; 175 CincTuuatf;
75 do St. Ixjuis (Harrison's;) , 'w
GIASS-800"boxe.'i Window, all siies; ' .. ,
1'.'5 do Qt., Ptand Pt. Flaska;
75 do V int Tumb ers and MolMjJ, j
CO do Snuatt and Cop Jars;' ; " y .
yo Demiion fiveand three gaUon'j.- - ,
IRON Tennessee and PitUbute. rdrtI cs, - ,
LIQU0IW-15 cass IndouPorter-quaiU and pmts;
10 caws Scotch Ale ,
73 barrels American and French Brandy; ,
. Sa'do - Ajipleund'I'cach " ,
400 do A liiskv, various brands; ' ' '
.." 60 'do-Holland Ginf S5 do N. E. Rum;
f 100 do Cider Yinegur: 1 '
JI0LAS3HS 150 bbls and $4 bbls relrjiled and'S. House;
75 bbls St Louis and N 0 Golden Syrup; '
,NA1IS 150keg rittsburgb, assorted sizes;
150 do ViTieclmc, " "
PICKliES 15 caM5.c"Boico asserted I'IcMeS;
10 cases Tomatoe Qat-up;
SCG AR-l 00 lihds Louisiana Sugar;
1 00 bb!s bt. Ijoxui and Philadelphia Crushed and
-Pulverised: 25 do Loaf rLortrili'rsiV'
SPICES 10 bags Allspice; 15 do Pepjicr; , '
30 do Ginger, Race and ground; -
SALT 200 bbls Kanan ha; 250 Racks litie and coase;
' 1 10,) sacks Dairv and 7i boses table salt;
SOAP 100 boxes ban ' V do Fancy Soap;
SEEDS 15 barrels Millet Seed; , .
TEAS 20 cases various' brands:
JTOISACCO 50 boxes Chewing, owrted brands;
Painted Buckets. Ac.. Ac
For sale low Croash by , " IERKLNS A CLACIC.,1
eLibend advances on consignments.
WASTED 100,000 lbs of clean washed Wool;
100,000 lbs Bacon and Lanl;
Dried Fruit, Feathers, Beeswax, Tallow and Ginseng.
For which we will nav liberal prices in cash or Groceries.
QUO Alt. ao0. hhds Prime NewSngar;
,0 barrels Clarified Suga
,0 do CriLshed d(
50 "barrels Loaf Sugar;
imrr iiu non e
50 do Crushed do; 10 do I'owdeieddo;
10 do lowdeiedi
Just received and for sale by
uiav 2:
rOLASSlW.SYKUl, VC 150 bbls Prime Mo-
11X lasses;
20 bbls Suagr House Molasses;
10 bbls Golden Svrun:
1 kegs Goiden bvrup, just
eeivcil and for feale by
may 22
-illl.'PHl. 3o0 aas Ureen io iwuet-
J llH) bags Ugnyra ColTee; 60 bags St. Jago Coffee;
25 do
do, just received and for sale by
OAI.T, NAILS, A-c 1,W) bbls Kaulwlia Salt;
5 M0 bag Fine and Coarse Salt;
60O kegs Nails and Brads, forsale br
It! A US. 20,000 Genuine Havana Cigars;
109,iHij Iinitatioa do do;
100 boxes Melee Uigars; lor sale bv
boxes' V. hiteand Fancy Wax Candles;
20 1 "
tlo StKSnn
do Star
For sale bv
do Mould do;
BBLS No 1, 2 and S Mack- 50 chcsU Te, Iinpcnal,
H erel:
liLu x ana uuirpowuen
10'1 kits No 1 and 2 Mackerel;
25 do Salmon;
100 bxs Scotch Herrings;
20 cases Sardines;
,100 bxs M R Raisins;
20 do Layer do,
50 qr bxs do do,
5 tierces ltice,
20 frails S S Almonds,
50 bbls VinKran
' 6 do White Wine Vinegar,
100 boxes Soap;
50 do Starch;
50 bbls Loaf Sugar;
20 do Crushed do
10 do Pow'd do,
o tierces Dried Beef,
'1 00 boxs' Chewing Tobacco,
50 casks Carb. Soda,
.. 10" bags Pepper,
1 bate CloveSj
. 1 do . Cassia, t ' '.
' .5" 'do Alspice,
tf ceroons Indigo,
2 hhds Madder,"
10 bags Qinger,
10 boxes Gr Pepper,
15 bags S S do,
25 sacks Pecans,
20 do Cream Nuts," .;
2 cans Prunes,
5 do Citrons, . . : .
2 casks Currant,
5 hf bbls Cranberries,
Io cases Pie Fruits, i
20 dQ Pickles, ' , ,
20 do Pine Apple 'Cheese,
loo do Bent's ater Crackers,
15 do Pepper Sauce,
23 do Sugar Crackers,
20 do Soda do, . .
2l cases Toughsou's Bit
ters, 25 cafes Tomato Catsup,
. 15 i idiv IiPreon Syrup,
200 reams Wiap Paper,
100,000 Corks, assorted,
10 do Picnic do
50 bbls Water and Butter
Crack ers.
With a jriait varietv of other articles, for sale by '
iiaay-'-' " EDWARDS A HARRIS
AND1J1S, , INiiti,
Arc ;2uurcasks fine
U die.
lohfpiies do do
25 X do do do
5 li casks oil Madeira,
6' do Sherry,
50 do Porl;-
.' S Malap,
5o Baskets Clmmpagne,
Miunm's Fleur de Seller
Anchor, Bonclie, A other
2S cases Cordials.
30 do CUiret V.'iues,
20 d Muskat do.
20 do Biandv Clierries.
2 puncheons Ir'mh Whisky,
2 pipes prre Holland Giu,
1 hhd .lamaicn Rum,
2 do St. Croix do. -100
Bbls Ohio Whisky,' '
5 do D D Country do.
2 do IV1111. Kj e do.
loo do American Brandy,
20 casks lomlnu Porter,
1 00 bbls Walker's Ale,
5o do Wood's Pitts, do.
20 Netraik Cider,
In sloie and for sale by
LAJlDOII.. "5" Bbks No. 1 Lhnl OIL for stile by
Pi-nur nf Pmail.mid CnllpfO Streets. Nas'iiville. Teail.
Ayctittfor Smith's I'ltttlarfh ami H7.J, A'XX, ami '
GMirated Jicnnett'o I
MAVEiiowiuswrethe following, which tliey will sell I
at Pittsburgh prices, (trans;atation added) tolay :
121 Bbls GW Smith's Pitlsbuigh Ale for summertise;
150 " Kennctt Brand equal to the best Scotch Ale;
lmiV do do for family ";
20 Casks Bottled do;
tnay22 ly n. a.
TllC'Vlt ANl) JMOI.ASSIIS 175 hhds Prime New
O Orleans Sugar;
75 bbls !' Crushed, and Pulverized Sugar;
150 do Reboiled MoLisscsJ
100 14 bbls do; "OkegsGoldcu Syrup; in store
and for sale vcrv low, lor Cash or l'roduce, by
may 21 ' McCREA A TERUASS.
j Rio Coliee; 50 dulaguamtlo,
200 bbls Sup Flour, various brands;
160 boxes, j i boxe, and boxes Star Candles;
75 do SitHiuier rnd Toliow Candle:
GO do Dovlea Suoerior Soap; 7o do Starch. For.
tale very low, by Imayil McCRE.V A TERRASS.
jL 130 Tons Rolled Iron, warranted;
10 do Bells liammered IrOn;
9'H) Negs Nails, assoited sizes;
2o Tons PilUbuigh Castings;
SIM i lbs English Blister, Crawley and Cast steel;
2'' Boxes Axes. For sole, bv
L" JtJdOIiS st pipes Brandies, bOme very hue;
1 Ca-k pure Holland Gin, Iigle Brand;
1 Pimclif on Irish Whisky, very fine;
25 Casks Port Wine; 5 Casks Sherry;
lOlf, doTcnnerifre;
25 Baskets Champagne Wine, pints and quarts;
SO lloxes Claret Wine; 10 do Brandy Cherries;
40 Bbls Robertson countv Whisky;
B5 do Sam Davidson's Extra doj "
SO do Conner distilled Wiiskv:
CO do Monongaheta lljcdo) t;o do AmricanJJrandyi
15 do American Gin; 10 do N. E. Rum; '
So do Sweet ilalaga t me; in store, and tor sale ou liu
eral tenns, by nm-21 McCKEA A TERRASS.
rnnitACCO AN1 CliOAJtS.
25 boxeslamglioru
I nml Arnnstnsd liold lat: 40 dnfrrciison s do:
SO 1k-xcs Muscodam Tobucco; 25 do Kentucky do;
fiOOOO Ilavanna Cigars, various brands;
50000 Mela Cigars; 20000 Cuba Sixes do;
-i AT!' 14si Hairs line Salt.
1100 Danels Kanawha Salt, for sale Iowbr
SUNURIES. " Hands Ilrimstone; 20 do Copperas,
10 Rags Ginger; 10 do Pepper,
5 do ANpicc; 2 cases Indigo;
COcaissIniiicrialand Gunpowder Tea.-;
1 OaiJc Madder, tlcasks Putty (in Rlad'rs)
460 Bags j?ho!, assorfed; 20 Cusks Soda;
Co Boxes of Jenny Lind and Quart Flasks;
100 do Pint and Half Pint Flasks;
2rt Gross-Mason's Blacking;
1o0,iri Percussion Caps; 2 Ub'.s Alum;
yoo Lbs. Dried Beef; -Joo Demijohns, assorlcd
Tho above will lie sold vry low at the corner of Broad
and College strce!, by McCREA A TERRASS.
maySl no. ' '
" t'itKMl KRIIUIITS,'- -
TmilTE LSAD. 50Ukcjrs.Sclioonmiiknr'itoolbratod
V Pure White Lead, uireci
ctfrom tho Manufaiturer.
ap 3.
-pi.I7lt. 2011 bbls '.Vhlto wneat flour,
J. .Mi do star brands,
ap S3.
JY. a. 93
-50 boxes Fresb iialsens.
OV.S'i"i:(tS 50 boxes Koblnson Oc Weutt's celebrated
untc'd Oistcrs, put nn 1u Glas Jar warranted to
ueop inanyriiaiate.
f A:iltllA COFFIlal. SObaRjIjguriaCoITee-prinie
25 do Jamiiica do
r.p. i3.
QltJ Slzr.ii iiCfiAlt
13bhls Sutar. ' J
-- loobjils Wliisli
. .' ra:
Il.t.tVI- sm;u soobushnls .Mti'.et Semi fresh,
. .-.... ij.-..-.,-.-uoikienUal:er Krou-ii".
i5t:ii t;o!:ii ai i"!,tn;iT
-J,.' si
n.teu sujieiiuriiiioiiea itos andrlou-h Line
an. 23
NIPHllI. A. PHlniwu
ritAtt. 50 bbh
Xorth Carolina Tar. ' - "
lP 23.)
-1 TIEltCK
- Swgar Flcs,tiut received bv
Wliolesalc iGrocctF, lErbduce'tuitl'-i
C O ill Jl I S S I O N 31 li UCU ANTS,
Foreign hutl Domestic I.iquors, , ...
Corner of Clarke and Market atreeu.
WsnntM,Tmi. J
HAVE now in ttore and for sale at very reduced prices
for cash - ''
. 200 Hogsheads choice New Orleans Sugar, -"
100 bbls Loaf Sugar, SO bbls Powdered Stl ar:
Pop tegs very supqrkr Rio. Cottfri. ; ' ;!'(-':
CD0 liairels choice re-boiled Molasses,
lOOkrirS Eastern Nails, best brands,
t00 barrels New York Mills Hour,
150 boxes Star Candles,
50 boxes Pearl Slarch,
200 lican s AVrap Paper,
50 bbls pure Ciile r A inegai
100 do Rosm hoaji,
50d cross Matches,
KO.om) fine Itearolia Cicars.
0 boxes impenal lea,
100 bxs Tobacco, vra brd. U10 bbls Ohio Whiskv,
50 doc lirooiis,
2000 lbs su'ar-cured Beef
100 do Rout bon Rve and
Monongahala Whiskv,
T.'VhlilsnlHll n ?'
10 ccroou.S. F, lDdio,
1 cask best Dutch iladder. 100 bid A Unines American
150 do up carb Sotla, Brandy,. .
50 bags black Pepper, 25 bbls .American Gin,
25 -do '(linger, 23" do N E'Rum,' ' '
1000 bags line & coarse Salt, 25 do Malaga Wine,
1000 bbls No 1 Kanawa do. 80 do Port do
10 bbls Madeira and Tcnneriife Wine,
S'pipesaupo ior Old Cogpac Brandy, ;
2 dfa' do do Champaign do"
50 bantls Walker's Summer Ale.
With a great variety of other articles in the Grocery line.
aug2ij .,." 1 ' M. A S.
HOCi:RlUS,A:c., &c.
A HHDS N. O. Sugar; 20 bags Gov. Java Coffee;
'JJ 200 bags Rio Coilec;
50 ban-els MoUsses: .
So do Laz- do;
- 80 barrels Loaf Sugar;
10 boxes D. R. . do;
10 baiTels,Cruslied do;
10 do Pcwdered Sugar,
120 do. Clarified dO; '
00 boxes Stearinc Candles'
60 lo Star do;
CO do Starch;
60 -do Soap; . 4 ,
5 casks extra cured dried
50 barrels Cider Vinegar;
200 legs Nails, all'sizes; '
CO boxes Chewing Tobacc,
different brands;
10 boxes best Smoking To
bacco;""' CO Chests and boxes Green
and Black Teas;
50 U " do;
100 Packages ofMnckerel
in barrels lulf barrels
quarter and kits;
lu Kits Na 1 Salmon;
20 boxes Scotch Herrings;
100 do Sardines;
200 Cannisters Lobsters;
120 bore's, bxs, and Jf
bxsM. R. Raisins;
4 Tierces Rice;
S Casks Xante Currents;'
10 barrels S S Almonds;
5 do Pecan Nuts;
2 do Cream Nuts;
2 do Eng. Walnuts:
10 Casks h Cor hoda;
20 bags Black Pepper;
o uags ,tspice; - . -
With numerous other articles in the grocery line, and for
sale low for cosh or good paper by
? 20i pipes pure Brandy, different brands;
4' do superior do, old;
5 d6 superior do old; ,
50 baskets Champagne, different brands;
5 quarter casks Madeira Wine, old mid fine;
20 do do do;
4 . do l -"Sherry- do line; . j.3f 5
f 54. ofliiSl'ort,-' do; L i i
20 do good, do do;
10 blils litre S'M Wise
2 pipes Holland G in;
2 casks Jamaica Rum; '
10 boxes assorted CordialsjJ
23 do Claret Wines;
0 dp CuracoaAbsyntheMaraschina;
100,000 Imported Havana Cigars;
50,t00 Domestic Cigars; for sale by, . "
deco E. S. CHEATHAM A CO. .
DOMESTIC tlQUOItS 500 bbls rect'd Whisky;'
100 bbls D. Distilled Whiskv, superior;
10 do old Ryo Whisky, Pare;'
50 do N. 1 . Pale Brandy;
10 do N'E.Rum;
20 do K.M. Wine;
for sale bv, '
OWtlAltS. 150 hhds prime New Orleans Sugar old
O process;
150 bbls refined sugar-Richland Refining;
25 do S. R. Jjoa( Sugar;
20 boxes D R Brcoklin Iioaf Sugar;
20 bbls Crushed do do do;
20 do Powdered do do do;
Just received and for sale low for cash br
17I.OUlt! 1'l.OUIl!: Wo have in. store 500 bbls
. Floilr, fresh ground and w arranted gihid.
Also. 200 bbls St Louis Mills, 700 bbls Ligati Milis,
. 200 do Mason's Red River, 600 do Orendoff's.
All choics brands, which we ofTer to the trade at low
rates.- - janS E S CHEHTHAM A Co. .
GlVSSVAIlE. 200 boxes Qurt, Pint, and Hair Pint
3i boxes quart bottles; 50 boxes ass'd tnmblcrs;
50 boxes jars gallon, haif gallon and quart;
2 casks hne decanters. Forsale by
Ea?s Green Klo CoCee;
10 Hogsheads Sucar:
50 Bbls. licbolled Molasse.;
25 Boxes Palm Soap;
SX) litis. Pikes and Wlshlres Whisky.
30 do Domestic Braady aud Gin;
5 do S. M. Wine;
50 Itazs assorted Cotton Tarns;
2 W Pines Old Co. Krandv:
400 Bags line and Coarse Salt;
llbls. Kanawha
2nd Kezs aHortcd Sails:
25 do Wrought Sptkei.
30 Bbls. So. 1 Jtosiu;
10 do TAB; . -
TOO Bbls. Ohio Flour;
25 do M. Louis, do; .
0 Bales Oukum (Hcoip.)
10 Keels do (Cotton.)
10 llbls Lard Oil;
20 do Loaf, Crushed and Powdered Sugar;
4 Chcsla Jenkins Co. 's Teas; ,
25 CoiIsIaniUaI'ope;
SCO t'a Cotton V.'rappipgTwiuc;
50 Bbbli. Pilot Bread;
25 do Bultcr.Soda and Boston Crack en;
Together with, Indlzo, Madder, Allspice, Ciniror, Elcck
Ing, Mustard, Almonds, Cream Nuts, Star and Tallow Can
dles, Dried Beef, Brooms, Deniiiolina, Starch, Soda, Ground
Spices, &c. In Store and for sale by
ju. 10. It. STEWART & CO.
BIU'ICIVIIKA'I' rl.lHJlt.-SObacs very Due ItttS'
bnrg,Buckwhcat Flour, ro ceived and'foriKilc by
dcc.5. ' K.STKWAKT&CO.
( Irani terriei. 5 bbls received and forsale, by
dec. 5.
RAGS Hio Coffee;
4Q hhds Sugar;
25 llbls Mackrel;
io lilf. io Qr.2 Kite do;
75 libls Molasses; .
K5 Illf. do; .
12.1 llbls St Inis Flour;
Km! do Cincinnati do;
15 Tierces lilec;
25 Boxes, 23 half, 25 dr. K&lsfns; '
2.'.0 lirains I'tes;
130 Keains. . Paper;
3 HMsAlet
ion Uoes Tobarco, various brands; -I.KIUOKS.
, . : -250
KMs rectified WlO-kej; - . '
- ISO do Domestic Jlrands;
ia do do Gin;
125 do do Wine;
125 Kbit Old Honrbon Whltkey;
25 do oldMouonjjehala Jo;
10 do " S. E. Hum.
50 Boxes Claret Wine.
21 do Pale Sherry do.
5 Casks Maderla do.
And for sale low by
lee 11 J. C. FI!K.Vf!H A O
SlJNDJtiES. 10(1 keg3 Nails, assorted sizes;
50 boxes I nghom A Annstead's Tobacco,
very stt-
20 barrels Tan
15 dra boxes Lexinrrlon Mustard:
2000 lbs Bacon, suitable for family use; T
25 gross of box Matches;
A few ban-els of t'xat sanieold Whisky. Also, a few hlnls
of line clarified Suyar, together with a general assortment of
Groceries, at whole-ale or retail, at No. 23, College street,
opposite Sews,nec House. mayll R. F. HELL.
1. A. LANZl'R. ii, LAMER,
liANinn & unoTHEK,
"V It o 1 c i n I c firocciHj
CommisstOH and Foi-icarding ilcrcltants,
And Deaiers iu Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
f epU Market street, Nahville.
LKJUOItS. 100 bbls Tennessee D D Whisky;
'5o barrels Old Monongahcli
50 bbls Old Bourbon Whiskv;80 bbls New England Rum;
50 " Old Rie "" SO " A.M. Gin;
50 " Old Reserve " 20 " Sweet Wine;
10 pipes Old Cog Brendy;10 " Old Pott Wine;
2 " Holland Giu; " 20 boxes Brandv Cherries;
10 bbls old Madcria Wine; 50 " Claret Wine;
20 Indian bbls Sweet Winer 0 " nssoi ted Cordials:
100 bids A.M. Brandy; 15 gals. Old French Brandy;
m siure auiuoi-Niiwuv U..y idt . 1SUU 111 Ivlt.
SUNDIHT-S loobbls bet Flourj 10.) kegs of NaiU;
10(Ki bbls No. 1 Salt; 20 tons assorted IrOn;
ou uoz i aicien uucse'i; o bols immstonc;
20'nesLs of Tnbs; 5 " Alum;-
20 half budiel measuresjlo P!ow9;
5000 Ibs bar Lead; 20 bbls No 2 Mackerel;!' '
200 bags Shot, assorted; f.Oklts No 1 and 2 do;
100 assorted Demijohn; 20 bbls S S Almonds; ' '
su boxes tuba Mxes (.:igars;10 " Ijrge Pecans;
50 doz Bedcords and Lincs;50 boxes Figs;
50 bags Race (linger; 000 " Tobacco, asortCiI;
25 bags Pepper; S tierces Fre-Ji Rice;
50 boxes Dried Herring; 25 bbls English Soda;
1 cask Madder; 50 boxes Fresh Tea;
10 boxes Stonghton BittersjlO " Crome's best Indirro:
O.I it 11 H- tfl '
Together with many other articles, which will be sold
low by !ecl4 LAM Kit A BROTHER, maiket st.
T70R weak and delicate perKins, male or fctnale, and those
IS .i,rt .m;.ta,i ,.-:.!. - .1:,
jt. .1 u. t. uiuibttu nu ii.v iuhumii uieo?e3, viz; -Weakness
of the Breast. Bronchitis. Shortness of Breath.
Pain in the Chest, Weakness and Bleeding of The Lungs,
Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Coslireness and Piles,
Pain In the Back, Spinal Curvatures, and Enlargement of
one Hip and Shoulder, hailing of Ihe Bowels, and aTen-
cency in jiupune. J'roiapsus L'ten, or Jtcanng Gown, Ir-
regular, Painful or Profuse Menstruation, a TendenCr to
Abortion, and Painful Pregnancy, and tho bad shsjie mci
dent to Child Bearing, a Disposition to Droojiing, Ixiunging
and Weariness, common fo clerks, mechanics, students
soamsf resscs, and others who keep inclined positions.
The subscriber ha had the exclusive sale of this ceUbrnt
clJiraee for several years, during which poriod n large
number have been sold to thoe who hare given the highest
'testimonials of their remarkable curat ire powers; Themost
satisfactory references can bo given to persons in the city cf
Nashville and surrounding country; furthermore, therare
recommended by Pome of tlie most'celebrated and extensive
Practitioners of Madicine in Nashville and the adjacent
country For sale by II G SCOVEL
Druggist and Apothecary, North side of the Public Square,
three doors West of the Nashville Inn. auglft tf,
VJI u few dozen of this hne Ugnor. ror sale at a low
price at
No.' 19, Cedartreet,
. FOE TlIEC0UPITK('('i-KO'.'
Jiiwiyiiiuldtt ither Lvn.j 1 ' .,. '. . .;. .' . . '
0 EADER! liave you & Cotigh, which you an- r.t-xlectajg, .
IV under the idea tliat it isimlv a comnion c.di, that it (
wiil soo'rt "wear Itself ont?" IV! a friend tll y,.M. in all kiid
ness, what will soun be tlje prnb:.Sc u.:.it
lu asliott 'lime, if you continue to m.n-t v.mr tli, y.m
wil! begin to feel a sense of titfh:u- os-doi rui'.Miinnp j
. the chest, accompanied - with tkipieiit fh.it p i! utuis?- kl us
luen a ory. iiacKing ixmgtv will set in, ana .:en viai raise (
anything "it will be a thick and el!owish, or nhit mdliv -matter,
streaked, perliaim. with b.d. If . on st.ll ttke no
medicine, these unnlesssht'symph !
1 ' ise, and t m ;
will soon hare Hectic Fever. Uld ChilK N'ijlit Sueais.Cooi-
ous Expcctortitinn, and UienHreatPnistiaVnn, If you will
neglect yourself, a few weeks or bioh'.iw w ill see ymi'coi! .:gii
ed fo th-craTe, leai"S '"f tn.snsi.ri bxiw rapidly "
CONSUMPTION-did its vemi, und' hin ri. 'I via imaj.-"
Friend! have tu uo c.iu.io Oe a!-iM-u? 10 liianbojie ,
Mietcifyoti may sec as in 1 o'- eei 1 .
sumjitUju prujp-essct, witli more or Jos rwtd.'i, ! fatal
tenninatiou. Of nil the Tliousiiiius uid : Sit 1 i oin vhis .
great l)etroyer bss gathered to the toMb, eve.. ;le tv-e,-began
w?tfe a Cold! Ifthisliad been attended to, u'.l tu'iyiit -have
been well bur, beingneglecled, undftljc Dta' liclusiiin .
that it would "Wear iuieif," it transferred its Ieai!y at Cm
, to the substance of the Lungs, cxc:t:ng there tlie fonvatu 11
of tubercles. Another, andanother cold ad'led t'uA lv the
Uarae, until these tubercles began to soften and : ap-nrate
earing, by theirulceralion', great cavitiesrin the Ltii gs. At
his crisis, the disease is very difficult of cure, and i.Iteiitu-ie, ,
sjtd at defiance all human means. '
. In the latter or worst stage, this medicine will oflcptimes .
arrest the disease: or check its nrocTe.'". and will uT.vays-1
make the patient more eomforta ilej and prolong his life, .-jrid ,
is therefotoworthy ofatnah lintin its incipicttortonnii.g'J
periods, Consumption isas cnrrtle as anyotutr disease, anu .
"ur. itogers ovrop oi ijiverwonn, rar, and L-incnauign.;, .
if taken at this time, will enre it AS SURELY AS IT
IS TAKEN This is frronjfbmftnage, but e Can relcr
you to nnmbe'rlstid living witnesses to ptwve that 11 is TiiL'i'! '
And therefbre, we eomesUy oxhon eTin- Bian.voman und
child, who has a Cough, or is subject to Colds, to kcap med
icine by you in the home; and whenever yon bskp Cold, do
not "let it alone" io work mischief in yoar system, buteradi
ctte it thoroughly, at once, by this potter, fully hewing com
pound and leave yrair Lungs uninjured, to calry you iu mU
vigor to a good old age!
Have you delicala, weakly children, wlio arc always takinj;
cold, and sutjeot toCrmii l!eMfienil.! " Tbeie never was
cae of Croup, which dill not originate in at Cold! And
when your child goes to lied wheeling and coughing, yon '
know not that, befiiro morning, Ci imp may rot fret in. iiitd
ere you can get a I'll v. ician, i.ur dear child may be beyond
the reach of help. We beseech you tFieMorp, s yoa veloe
the Iives.of your children, keep this meditiiiebrynn m the
house, aud when )0uf little oue tike ctJd and corinience
coughing, give it to them at once, and rest not until the caop
is cntiitly subdued. We onnseicniio'i'Hy aver, afltsr the
most extended exieritnee, that if this advice wcife followed ,
no .child need ct er ,
DIEOFCROirp, - '
for the cold would bs cured, before it eoitW-arrive at'OABs-
jgr.tvatcd and fatal stagr. Let every Motl.cr, especially, heed
well uiese remaiKS, mat sue may not uereaifer, wtu-a mumm
ing over thecarly blignt of ifc eaTimsr?bisDv
occasion bitterly to renroach lwr?etf fcrfcer eriinrnal
It is an old adage, that'to Ite fura amcd, iato oa fbrearuied.
Parents! so let it be myour case. , .
. Be sure to ask IbrDr. A. KogerVSynipoflJTERWORT,
TAR and CAN CHALAGUA, aud let no-njher bejpalwed on
tyou. suuviA.aifcAU,
1U tjiBtnuBcniew, newureana;
Wholesale General Arts it for the Southern Stnfce. to-Whom
' all orders and atiohcations for agencieffmastceatMiMBed: I
11 1.1 t. . vobiur , J
julyl. Agatits.
AitABTA, July 1868.
- Dit. H'!. ilcLATjil
T ESl'KCTFUUA' atu-oiiuces to tba citijju NaahTtilt
11 and vicinity, that he baa returned again aj
dence of fourteen years in the South, and pifmitfiaiUlyht
cated himself in South NaahrtUe, at the t rr.fcr-ul tfai :
ington and Pearl streets, where he may at ait uinat.be funat
by those whomay wish to consult him.
He has in hi possesion many certificates frvwi QMSi X
eminent stauding ccrtifykig to the pernmueut eomaf tha
most distressing' CAMS oi iht following i:.-Haises, vis 9a
vous Affections, Wver Compiainl, Dyspepsias. Chili and
Fevers, Pleurisies, AsihmaaColdy, Couglia, iacipKOk Con
sumptions, Rl!eumai:Bm, Weak I.trngs", Fifs, rh-opsieg.
Cancers, Ulcers, Scrofct!oji,'lIeicjitos:s of the Irogs;-aj ,
other Hemorages; DiarriMM, PbeaMos of the KidUey?, MH
curial and Venereal Taints of the Bloot!: Diseases ' of CfauV '
-dreu, Worms and various other Disea. incident to U-)tt-
mair system.
llrt-inr. tiw .. " it, tl)S3MWk Tin .1 ... 1.am1m,
tlioi-.sanil iliiiereet eases, all at' which lie t-cated wkaBior .
than ordinary success.
Dr. Meljioe hopes from hi ranch erpcrie.Aeeih1 the Medi
cal Profession and the degree of sneeess that hrjt' ttcnJed"
hiseilbrts heretofore, loobiain t he oouhdence an d pairouaiK
of the sick aud afflicted.
Nashviile, Feb -ly. - DR: WM. McLANt .
SjTAll lttemaddresHed. ot-paid. to South NashviRe.
"TAItKI fblt KaTiK-Aii WiUio etaiMalea
i from U'tancmHud Juiileftn CmcaW Virfr.
llie farm contair.si-Vl rcreWff piod hu.d, i. ofH fnfica.y
Cedar timber, suitable for R&ilioad Ties and other lmWitg
pui-jioses, lflo acit' cleared, und in a gil state cf cultiva
tion, plenty of ncver-failioi; water lorrtrek, and on.- iaf the
finest springs in the State ii.at rever fuK in the dry est ?
son The improvements arc a'l nevi a gid dnuble log
house, and oilier out houses, with b. nis ttud ttab.'ss; also,
j fine young orchard of peaches, apples and rnluM; fwii
.The situation is as healthy as any in tlie State, in a 5ud
neighborhood and convenient to schools &-.d rluirekea,
t 'fhwe wanting a good fajci nill do well io hiok at ihU bo-
lore buying eiscwneie.
Term?: One third cash, hilance one and two yetQv Sor
reference apply to me. Nashville, or oa iLe pKeaiMa ftr
nicrly occupcil bv T. M. Patton.
tuglS 2mw ' C.E.W001RUy?.
T1" T. J. CO LH11KN -Dentist ,
XJ Take
Takes this method of informin-rtheiib-
lic that he is liiculed tiermanenllv at Trentno,
Tenn ami is preparei to per.omi anv 7eraliou. t hat-be
may De caned upon to di, m tin- siiortesi ottee: plate work
neatly executed, from partial to eutire sei lie win vWt
occas'ionally, Jackson, Teno.. and suiTOunding hurts fur tl:
puqmse of doing plate Wrak principariv. Persons wnOiina
new setsof Tetliuserted, on KIiliLplntl!. in tof- aerrieo
them, are solicited to patronize ana, with tha, awonwa that.
satisfaction slinH liegiven, iTwrnrrLT. or no pav oeTtf ly.
CKANT3. Jiii" tired, one Xurt ,,f Tu'.on, ZI.mj.lit, Xntaentet.
TTAVE on Kind a foil supply of Gr eerie. UagptBg,
1 JL Roie. Itacoii, Mess Pot k, linL Cihilea, Hour, Ac.,
wnieh Ihey will fiunish to their custotnes on the usaal
All CotmnsSliii.ped to t! cm bv water b ill l.e rovered hr
an ojien j'.ilicv mile written across tlu fce of the Bill of
Lading, at the time cf shipping, utt a;rt:v. j
tS? We are preiiared to make (Wi Advances or Cotton '
in store.
Xv. hZ-Cur;iIM Mm!, 2k.it Orleaat..
Any ol onr friends who wish fucilities on Cotton a baltht
pod to ourlioiise in Xew Oileaas can call art ts atMeinpbis'
or address us at N. Oilears. jntvvtf fijn
Eagle A Er.q., Wing, Memphis; Union," NasbvUTe;
W. T. AVlng, Jack.-on, cop5 six montlis, cndseud-iobiU,
The subscribers offer the following eood and SHdeiea
reasons why every family in the South i-hould um the
Wrought inm Cootimj Slon. . ,
Manufactured by them and cdled
. 1st. It is of Southern manufirctnre, being made'by ibe.
wtbcri hers in the city of Nashville. " '.,
2nd. It is of such desirable material Uiat It ir.ost oatlaat
three or four cat irou Stoves. i
3d. It is more complete in it oooking apparaiiw tha arty
cast iron Store. ' ' '. , ,
4th. It is so simple in coosfrocqon. (hat a child out use
5th. Its economy of fuel is such that it itoes no! use half
as much fuel as a cast iron stove of the fame sua.
Cth. In Hie economy of time it iMmpjr'tan4) as it can be 1
heated ready for use in a few mioute. C
7ili. Its un'ifonnregularitr, as every part of te stove. U i
heated at the same time. rtf;. .;. .."J4.
61b. Its pe'iieetreliabilityas'we hare p,i up over four
hundtedohhem inthis State, and n. coo hai ever fiyled
toctvecntue Datbfaclion. '.SNOW. M '.CKENZrkit-fft
Ct ii gn st,"Nahville. 1
rplIIS well known notd situated within .1 few steps 'j
01 lou jav-ceuger cni iauunie.1 trie ivestam alHf 1
Atlantic railroad is nowepen under theupervis:oB oP
J nomas Crutchneld, assied by Mr. J. W. F. UrvKon and
lair. This House while under .!, .trJ.j u 11.
The present proprietor liawng seemed the wrvica.vf Col.
Grifhn's barkeeper, und hatmgpuichcsei! bis wost oAcetleflt
cook and hoiue boy, and harii'furnished the bowe unbieiv
anew .hopes to retain its h,-h rej uta.ion and went public
patronage. Pasbengerscan Ije aeeotnmodated with aemui
bus to and from the boat. , THUS. (.'RHTC4IFIBLD,
feb31 ly ' Proprietor! -.
rrHI.SE Soaps are nresttitcd to the
JU boi-wnngAiticlesoveeu' pcied. Aw eVery wsj
northrof thclullet cowidi.tf, n. They dittheworkofthe
T.ai.mln- tn 1?.at n iTPf it- dilll .e.ui. . . ,
K, T i
dispensing cnt.iely with Lriliug.VninV hA6.'
Ac, consequently a large am.sit of rael, anmaWMMVilr 1
01 eiuuiiiig ihsuteu, aiiu iiui o' .hiuiirtDMeratarantarMoor is
required to do thewa-hirg ..f al'iinilv. JI I " .'
" 'n ..' . 1 ..-.t. . - . . .. .'
-.--i.--11.0 .-oneii ine uotns ami re-
moyeUieditt; andin tbniriu..-. tl,, I,:,:u!, are made soft, tf I
citniplexion clear and wliite. V. asiim is aane;futMtM-f! .
nibbmsr the Soap on fbe-iiaits of CieilieK mealanaleiL ail
them remain a few hotiri-rttien ith i9bl hand rnhhiawr
inuiii ..1 .1.111:1 iwimvui ov'Bover LUI'U- IDP1H ei
uuU;niiiiiiogiurt itm ue jHTi-ciy ciean una oeattntauir
1 t - . 1 1 .... ,, n . . . .x-3
l.lAonhnH nnH i- Ih.nil inm-i. l.i th. i .1..1 . L. . ,
""2 Jt-V ' " " .eo.uric. i
iiio cost ol the-e Soens is no mtii.i tti.oi ihfv- r.i lin-,1 'i..
and spots of dirt, wit h.nit in the least injuring Uieir color or
.Merinos, Silks, Shawls. Ac. intw be washed with nerfert
:afetv. Cotton Good. Priuts ofmiv color thrrt will f-rlir,
im'irnlnii. 1. .1 . -j. .1 '-'. - m. .
us oimiv eomr huh win i.-fte in !
with tbe Snaps according to (lie f '
hut remain Crm. and the rotAm : .
llireclioRSWillnnt rlirfti'm hiilfMMin frm nnA th., ...Tlu.
rendered more permanent. j
For remorinjr (rreasefnHn tlears. or fenm anr artaelnor i
uiouumr 11 is invamawe and roc wosliinjrtiiiain, Mirtttrs t
Maps, Fictui-es, Furniture. Diiiea, LsiOBsSilver S';tt Ac f
Ac. it is f uiierior to anv other Soans. katruar the mmda uu?
and free from any order. The attention af WotSm ManiK
ccturers is particularly called fo those laets.
Let every person gite ourSoap a trial this is all we ask.
For gale by W) W. IL GORDON A CO.
m.eil; and besides this, tlie great we.ir ai.d tearof Clotiuiiir ' V-t.'ai..T -....-. r r-..ir-. " .7
con.-equcnt ujion the old. nh.l of hare! ruhKii orsn. H-t f t, t.i i 7 ".7'"t reroired
a-ard, .Machine, Poundmg. llama", Ac. Ac, is wti !rraVo. i?, : Xl -i'',e . . , l,eucIi.i??a c"n4r P"
ed, and fuel 1'ng enHrely dtsjsed with, an immeL,v- ! 3P-. r." t" an1"r by OEORSe GR&TlG,
intr is thus made. . , tt!-iiO. 'i'f. IS7 Soemw trJl, iiuai 'r'.j h..r..,7.
Bv applying it to l onr Corwts.it wiil restore tail maw . vXiicuily Kaled. cu fcan.l and for Hjlebr '
ras!s!on;hSc CtolhlMfr Iir.iporliiui,
' Xtrltt strut t typostie Jtazeifi A'e Clare A; C.
I f :.Vt. win lorte oftjiejircltiost astorlmetiU of Pash-
I e n.fTere.l i,is inkel,tichigin eutiro "Ji6w stock, havln;
ttu 111,-loiuuiMo have our laatsureiaer'jiMOrk dMIrojedby
IS.- tin-, on I'ldou 1- Thantful fur tile liberal pa'.r&a&ge
' hereloiombatiTed on them. Utej earnestly solicit a cou
' timuiMw oX die svmr, ami proiutao that nothing tfactl- ba
vi f'l.iEon their part to iv entiro talltttctloii to all who
w.it tinor theai wltttaeidl. Oar stock roaU tn part or
lilacti a:H Ftrtoto CMh, Doe and Crape Cassi
jr iv., Drop Dirfe- CaWtmer??, Linen, Alpaca,
Jj,ss, irtct ifhftwtf ua-wimeres, ztttn,
(irtirs, ami Sad Copis
Keit of ::ia'kB.m! Fancv Sttt. Satin. Cashciera Valenceis.
Uu.-ii .1 i.l M..r-eiloi, aeumolltHMU tMautilully f mVfoWere.l.
Aiu a ?wd aworUHenvui
St'cutas :ti:il lxys, OSniliin;;; lints oi
JB-ry ilnscrii-tSoii
if.! s'li'. smorcst taem rocM extra line
together r!.evry artlrc rfafrtd forB-getllemaft'aoutat.
' rli.-..n. iV-.nIiiitiej and Vettacaiu SMortment, wMeh
v ii. 31 lo !) Uiiaterna0rinaiap.toonleilatkeicoitfah
ional'u si.'ic. :ive os a wH pnafloltoen, we think we can
con -. luce 3 u u UiU la It pWbo 16 bT s soMtartMts 1 6W for ca.h .
, K. C.ANilBKSOS,.
mav ' II. TOBKIutKK.
A );;; 1 UriKLIi USt T BMft-saa Tracy CASSiMKHE
JTX f-t . 1ALUU55 Ot
new sKIcs. and made uithebejt
iiau:r.eresiit'S'!y mr our retail Bales m nMiviU.
We Iav al-o a beaotifiil astortraeot of illtcfc and Fancy
colored DRESS, FROCtv stskl SACK COATS, with a full
stock of Gentlemen's Fornisiuiacr Gondsof the finest and most
cost's-articles: such as ttl.QV&L.SlTSPENDERS, CRA
VATS, STOCKS, WHrTB SflflRTS, of superior nuahtv.
Al-i D-oviesand Jonto' SROUjE&EK SE,Jt SHIRTS, b
d.tTerent otu-.'Hies; UNDER fMlRTS and DRAWERS tf
vai ions qualities and maleaiafc. Gentlemen uaii depend up
on b-iiig suppi-.td at any time with good Goods and at rea
sotablc prices, by calling at oor etabiishueiit ou Ced.tr
itrtet, near the Fost Otlloe.
LIBIDrBNT, X". 11, Cftar Slreti,Ht door front the PaRle Square,
T lihKJfc. mav ue lotmd a dunce and well selected sg;.
V stock of Cloths, Casinieres und YeMuavs, all
-ol'wi'.ieh mil be made im to order in the nasi T'ash- Jfl
;i;n:iliie SI vie and at atr-ftboH witice as can bo done in any
c.t iiuie t-cion, and at pmai m sail tne tunes.
KfaA'f jttade CtotliBig.--Coats, Jlaute, and Vests of
ill! 1-iihis. A iiue assorttueat of 2Ion's I'tiniishitig
(uudSt Silk and Marino ueder Shirts, Shirts, Stocks,
Gloves, Suspenders. Cravata, Poekt Handkerchiefs, silk
afd iiWn.Shiit enilars-; UrtW-!bVT, ic,
I TGanuoiM civt at th abartrsr nnilee. Please call and
exanuw. nir 5 THOr?. S. HOUGH. Aent.
. S w t W 1
joa;iraTAN ai sons, .
osxvusjsea.es ickrckabts asd a3ents
7Br the Sate ot isitf Tobatsoo, Oattan, Ptovtsqds, aid
' W&tftfl Frodnae Geaerclly,
' V ' Mnlti-tinre, Ml.
RaMik.tyg. IV. rV Rrtertaon, Jmes Walker, Req
Hessrs. Jo?uWnn' A'llorne.NsAhviOe, Tenn. jiine m.
w. tu'coajai, , :. ,o.-b.'iievunT
' ' ' W.H.'S(5B0ir & CD.. t
- For tbe sale of Merehaxdi;, generally,
, . a. r.TwviK, "
JUrma.N, Trsx.
fJcUc-s In Hdim and thouliolninf eOHatlw. nd will
;! i
prompt aitenilOB tc coltectits; and any other hi
hi M prfefaesfoB'.
rb w
6. aUCHBCOOIt. . i..au.iht,
45 Sr.OauaUB 5ftEET, i Ihir.l Stjre aboi eSt. Cluwlea Hotel,)
New Oriintns.
N. K. ALLOWAV A CO.. Nashi tlW. Team..
Jall ti.aevprepaosl to make hberal cash advances im .ship
i'. ."BiSpsosr"'soHs, "
L.; lrOSTUM OF .
Vin, liraMdics, Ciirs, CkKipnignc.,' Ac,
' And Hub u. Haartua, Hoeostiic. mart's Jr.
Nashville CMri Ma-nifaclory
CAHRI.I t!4!f V.ift H.-i A H l'Jil 1 1
iiBB rowriimrasEMuitonteBiod ornrebtrnlnr his most i
. eincere thank tokia frli.land the ptiMierenerallv. for '
the plriHMre huha already. iwcafced, ar.d woohl sa to '
then, that he now has oa-liand the lai tfoht ai:i! Jet.t
ajwortfaeet n WOIIK everaerkl u. o.l. .a,. ru i
2P2?l.n:Sa Sl,i-KY Wha fiat (JAItKIObA OAK
KIAltfc, atiof my own .Manufacture.
Person from a du-anrc-.a rt lcred of alwav findin"-aom-tiinir
that will rait their taste, "1 in the stain- of a
Carriage." 1 tare tae bt-n Workmen ta do iuj-
j 8. 1 itm prepared to bnild 'orS to order asfcorl no-
tiee. I wilt pay yurticultr aUeailon to repalrinc.atid will
i sell or repair a as lew a price a an rood builder.
. .. . Fred, sloan.
! "- Lower Market Street.
,1 M 31 Pt, If ?a C. THk aabacntwr
i-!ber leave t-y atate that ne rtirt rarrv ou (
t Ms olAaSand -o !rt Market st. twodiwri
below H. B. taiurla.iSi Co. Keeos eoiwlanttr unhand
! a largo a&4 K aatumd tak from a Ocht rta." to a Car-
i rMla. ,
1 'iaI,kra, for ''' &vor. he most rcinoclfntly tictt, a
, eontinnatiou, hoplti. by eheauea, .lurabilUj andirood work-
Jaji-i-iv " " run r cm,v
' " OBH- ' SLOAS.
...j- ...o.i.jvv. liiviiaKe
Air:rSTA, OA.
rpnE TWENTY SECQN D Cirse -Itures in this
JL siiinfmn will commeueeorf the FIRST MONDAY 1,V
ti is , , : .. "
Anatomy, GiIN:WTtK..M D. -,:
Snigejy, f. A DtTGAS, H ,D.
Clieuiat: v and lfiarnacv, .UXX MEANS, M D
ITAlM'rr ),etUr3' Jori-prtMleeoe,
.JiYTep uuJ iata of WetnOB and lufWits.
1XR. M D.
- A-Uomy. HYMMIL -
Inslitnlea and I'rnctico oriiedioine, T.D FORD, M D.
Demonsfrator of Acatomr, H F CAMPBELL. M I).
Asswtaat Deflqstrarr. JiOBT GAMPI1KI.I. M D
OUNICAL LECTURES wifl bedeliveii-d regula'rlv at
j! HespihiLand ample opponnnitie; wiH & 7Wi
. ? t Tactical Anauy.
15 rees for the etitire Cuaar
reesior ttoere.Cons ;. ?los
....i a.uuiouu ou.wi (io oe ruKeii once.. ....... 5
. i'et forihcrirfitiIai-, apply to j
ra"-'' 1 G. M. NEWTON, Dean. !
i;Ai,lAI AiSMCLt'rKI W)'Al-l'V"rerittF !
mg the harshest skm delicately smooth, whifeaiid soft I
reei.J ingsaliowiiess, cutaneous eruptions, pimples, tan ;
frtJ4eo. or redness, lis rthmg intJneoeu imediately 1
""il !" ?". wnrte its dilatmg ,
dear, .ess and HtiMnliueiM (tf vomh. Prepared byllr F F
Gonraud, 7 Walker st , 1st Store from fiioadwav N York"
Fwsale.by , n 0tm(ltft:R.-in
on hand, a well B-.sortcd Varietv of foreign WTnea and
Idottors, putap m wood and botoJeand fur sale br
. fe,i9 . . GEORGE GREIG.
Tia ai-plks and- i'K i'vliivsSTrrr
iT, -It1 . u --e "l'l"e aim Peaehes,
HiSrtiis'Mra.andAir stile br
THlt im
rV ce,l feb
( tSiH'f , tS?. re '
D :R AI'S'lJ;: .aiiR
- -onen
p. r t X "i opeTHir'-
fine Apple ' Je, roceivwdaud &H-aalBbv
1 riiif. On h.ind .n.i f..e q.l
V iC. bv
a w tall hit of Verv tiiM
nrtllf!P r-pt'iK
w.uiK.xif.llu ,
M jjfi31 "WJVTf, "A iftrVh sn-iblr ( fBtiest .oalitr liZ
s'nr. .mu j7 t . ..uaiuj uum ,
l'roJ.soTvarionsnavors,ini,!Tt.'Oivod and rr. r. t
. - i . ('EvlRbE (JJU3G .
1 tJlt&l m,A stuierior vrl.cle f nJ7;.,7r
a f-j:.ll - .11. 'i VX '" '-". o
iy i3ii aiiCKS una IO Uli DulttMl nslioj mat tin tn;l
aorl t.r ..1.. liv ..n ,.,.ift5;..r','..'"'
ij K FS 1 1 TE.IS. Josifarved, Mi oxtrn aasortinent
1 of lilaek and Qrecn Teas of the Saost oualitios iauwrt-
i . ' 77 f . "T
f&P Ul(r' f&
. : ' ' -. . "
. GREIG, Union street.
"J3AKK AND IjRAYns. -1 wfch. topurefiose with
O- cailua LirTOoiamtrtr f Cbastnut OsSkBsrk and Slio-
una ves, lor TiHrnar nurMses. ipjxr o j. ir. ainore,
Corner of Cnion anirtn4wt ssreets.
julrSIdAw O. ...
lilSI).- bnSBste Flax Seed wanted,
? for whicli ;th Wirhti i,riwfll be pafd irr casji. by
. - OS do
ay- '- e s
1 mi e- - e
' 1 ... J
FJ 0I e .. 4..
f r. 3 5 4a t- 2
, "1 ft p I i : I ? S"3
1 at mU 1 ' , A
!'- , y WBOltOK GRKfO.
mHE Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad j "J -V
JL Company, and the Tennessee River M. M. iglgg
and Transportation Company, have adopted the f
following rates of Transpoitation 011 Freight between Nash
vills, Tenfi., and the various landings on tho TenaeoJee
5 5
FlKST CLtus-BoctshOM,
llatsBomlets, Dry Oonaa
C9eraIlT, Clgartm boxes
orcase3,Tln Var,Cliaa,
Wooden Ware, Ughtaa
Hollow Ware, Caatkaas,
Wooltl'eathers, Obuwssl
liroom,UranpaiidLm? ,
obs, Ilorae Colbr,Stvea
and Stoe Ware, Teas,
limjsMn kes and boxes.
Saddlery. Iaodle... Coa
fecUonarliM, &C , r tub
liouuds.. ...
SEcnsn CtiM 8aa;ar4 '
Cotfate. Kolaaaet , Kalis,
Tin Plate. Bar and Pj
Lead, Fish, itf . barrkfi, :
fcejs.Kltj). Ac .Wtuaow
Glasi.Cott n Vara, lo
mestlcs, Hetapasd Kasjf
to balaa. Tobarco la box-
es.Kiee, II Wee, Bale Kcpe
erinxotMarfdbis. Hard-!
ware. Glass aad Queen-'
ware in crates awl &,!
Lead and Paiuu in te?.t
Clover Seed. Ca,!
Caudles, Sosp, But'er,
Beeswax, Oils, Braadie.
Wineaaiaatoiaer liitaota.
perl Hi lbs ;
....CO ....GOi.
1 lilKD 1 UAS iioevu.j
Lard and Pork la lUitcs
or banels, liar I on,!
heavv Caalinsa. OrluJf
Humes and aBilreaawj)
Marble per IM) lb.. u .. .
Pig MttallperltOlb...
"Vk hlsky. pe.-bbl oNOgal
t 5T
1 Oi)
si an
SI 9ft- 52 CO-
1 OOf
1 Ut
1 SWt 1KI
Flour, per bbl,and Salt
Porter Ale, and Domes
tic liquors, per bblofii.
.Kii ii
1 00
1 7
1 704
2 IM 2 15
Lanl IiTnteed, or other!
Oils or Tennoaaia MM
faemre.trbblaf4aaale.l i tot i "TM i:nf
lflf 2 15
Powder, seiri:y paek-1
ed In ceus oraoKaaao
l soj
i3M i3t a eo
Carbois. Miaeral Aids.
(at (oinpsu)' conven
ience,; eacn
Piano Porta boxed..
2 WH
2 50
3 no
lu lib,
10 (,
lu out 1- b0'
Cotton filial boxed, and
Portable Barrow' o r
' J
51 8 50
Qa een of the So. h 3MtsJ
R 50 8
0 50
11 oo
Plov.3 (atsorled,) and
Cultivators, eeb...
at) 5(
RKGUMTioxs. coxnrnowr.'. -and-kxceitions.
Sinjrle ParkageK n eighiug ! than l''lbs., trill be in
variably csWged sat liai IhjL Firat Chuw Hates. ,
: Alt articlKV uata-sbal sumt weufh1, (fgeiyn prpror
tiontn the trnnbie iUexpeBbe of handliogandsfatee occu
pied. J4
Goods in Packajtesnot secure or tnstPlftleBt for Hie pro
tection of contents, wdl he tntitsported only at owner's
All cleiins (or damages moM be eoltreted of'tha.parl v de- J
,f - .1 T . j. i . i. 1
rivenug loegvuus, uiui ciamu Hr ttt or ittiw-o gius
iiHist be made within ,H) dyafhau date of shipment, or they
will not lie allowed.
The above Conianieswill not lie responilile for leakage
of Oils, 1 jaors, or other I on, ait!, ur ilr Am Breakage of
Ju, Demijolius, Tin Cans, or Carboys of Liquids, unless
tbey he Mcorely Packed in Wooden Cava with their tops
ea posed. .
The fcilowiBgArfiele wiH oidr be Trn5por(e.l at 'Own
er's Itfek," an to rtieaksur, ChaiSn$r. Frost, Heat, Storms,
AceidentaV or Unati idable Delays, vir
Motaascs, DieFe4 Marbe, (Jlass and Chinaware. Green
FruitsToHib Stones, llaffs of Shot, hxire, Dcmijawi, Fur
nittire,iiBboxd, lurab)es and Household Goods, Fresh
FWi, Powtry, Live Shiek of everv description. Boxes. Ci
gars not Cased, Carboys, Aeide, Looking (ilases. Mteecal
liistruiNeMls, Books and Stationary. (ilaxedSaeh, Trees and
Shrubbery, Stoves and Slwre Castiago, Light aud Hollow
. Oh FreigUt destined for Chattanooga or Decatur, and all
intermediate iU, uo extra charge will bo made during the
low water seaaon, except that all at UeJeo carried at levj tlian
Tnird Claw Rates, wiil tbea bo ehargrd at Third Class, but
deteationa ariina from hnvwatrraie entirely at the risk of
the owner.
Ob Freight to Konsville, aud all intermetliete points to
Clmttanoopi,Twenly-Sve(25) cents fiir 100 ibs hmv be added
during low water, but in no oae i there any respooailnlity
assBinod for the. detect ion o! Goods during or onaccouut of
tow water.
Good consigned to C. W. Anderson, Agent, N. A C R.
R.U, Nashville, wiHbe lecsrireil oa the wharf, all charges
paid, and sent furiVfwd wiluoat extra charge for Drayageor
No Freight rate i veil on the WharC nor clmrjjes paid, ex
cept ou Goods for TeawMsee river.
Furniture and all other Article no enuoieraled aWovesub
ec! to sjieeial eoDtraeL
EtH)gnint with their families and moveclJes tukHtIiron;h
at law rates.
Persons wfc-iiing to male eontracts or denirin; iHiormtt
tion with regard io r eomtecteil ni'li thiaarranKPatent. will
address C. W. Anderson, ngrtrf, X. A C. R. R. C. NnIi
ville.orJan.WiUinms,l're!..TeuB. Rirer M. M. A T.C.,
II. 1. ANDKRSON, Snpt X. A C. R. R. C.
JAS. WILLIAMS-', Pre?. Teno. KrwM. M. A T. C.
VILLE. RV aoMTPrrment between the South Carolina,
Geargia We. ttre and Atlantic aud NasdmlteS-rt?
and Chattanooga raiiruads, feenVt will ne brotyhl nygg
through to N&Jirilleat the fuUowiBg r !..-
ncsr cL.ts.
lloxes Hats, llOanMa, Furniture, Teas attd utl.rr Incht
goods, pereolnc fiot..... "...
11oxl Shoes DrvCoods, Saddlery, (Uaa UrH.t.'on
feetionavriotvCaiiHiiiene.SniTils'Tiirw Ac, perlOolbs... o
All articUs. not coming under specific rates, as enumer
ated In the tariff of the roads between Chattanooga
-...i in,.Js-a,. i: i t " .
nt the Freight Agent s Ofoee) perlsi lbs l 25
Goods to be delivered at Itafthulle at above rates must
llpt.lainlv.iiul .lUlirtlv nUI l.i tUr...l f ..
Na.-4iville and Cbatlanrntni RailroaJ Ca, at Chattanooga,
and Agent ofSoulh Can.iioa ltailnd Co.. at Charleston.
lersoHS WiiptHngIr.mi-alerii cities can rhip by steam-
i ers at or about I.e., by propeileis at Sc., aud soiling ves-
i BeU at from Sc. hi 7c p.r toot
i When thc.Yaabt ilie ami Chatlaoooga roiul is couiplefed
from Chattanooga to the River. a farther reduction will bo
1 made, ot wiucii due notiee will be given
l II. I. AN DERSON, Supt N. A C. IL R. Co.
I N. B. i lie saoie difference will be made wher good-i are
to be delivered at Deeberd, Shetbyvtlle and Murlreerbom,'
I or other atation on onr road, as is now made beturcti
I I'reights from Nashville to Chattanooga, ami freigbtN frwn
uieaoove poinis io i. nasiauonea, under tue arranffement
with the Tennessee River M. M. A T. Co.
jnne 1 tf II. I. A.
rpHROUGH by l'emwylrooia and Ohio Railroads. Pliit-
X adelphia to I'itt.burg. I'i, Massillwi, Wooster, Cleve- ,
uu, liweiio, oiamoos, iinctnnaii, imiiaua;iolis,lji(aTetle.
TerrelIautivChia.. iwIMilfc.iiViV Tl,nUl, 1. If .tl.t
fitmi l'hiladelihia to t.'incmrati in ST boors. ' !
Shortest and fmickest route from tlie AibnticCitiesfrt the 1
Great West. Puaeo-ers will fiud this the most nWvtiit I
route to . Orleans. Only $11 to Cincinnati; l2tIaMiis-
ville; $lil to St. Louis, Yu Penmwruniu Railroad, an tlie I
followingdViil-StciPacketsfi'oinIiUsb'irg: BuckereState, :
OptM W Beltshoover.iearest'ittsbanrSunilav: Ivevtnns i
I State, Cant Charles Stone, leaves Pittsbur Jliinday ; Alio
I gheney, Capt Chailes W IJatchel.ir, leaves Pittsburg Tues-
r day; Crystal Palace, Capt II Xonotz, leaves lltlsbitrgWed
I de-vlav: Brilb'ant. Cant .1 KCnu iinwiiibliuTi,,.u. I
A J day: lWbo Capt Hugh Campbell leaves lltUburgFri '
i irg&ru'ira
extra, nttsburg to Cmcnnaii, l; Iotrille, JS; St.
Look, f3.
Fare tltrowb. by llailroad from liladIidia to Pitb-burg '
49 .H; Maeailtoo, 10; Cleveland, 0; MaiwtieM and Crest- I
' Cre4tne) "cToc ZizlSZn LSm
T " SSliiS. Jil m jSJlai lfV
line, ii; uoiaiaowa.jir 6.; Toledo,S3; Cincinnati, (via
tvuokie. Shebovfran. WinCim. :n ti Il. tn. l n,..l ut. .;.
Central llnilrninl, !fi.
The Cars wilt leave the ComTnnteuIit.'j ch.i: v f
CornearofSclinylkill Fifth anrf Market Streets where'tieieK
I purchased f Bingham A Dock. AjFeote of the State
I and Columbia. RailroaJ Lines.
I , The inercing Express Ti-aiu through to Pittsburg, Cleve
J5a. Cincinnati and Chicago, will leave at 1 o'clock. A. M.
Through to Cincinnati in 8; hours.
The night Mail Train at lojj, p. M. Tttroturb to Cincin-
Daii hi 4t hours, indoding one night's aimfortable rest at
The above Bnes pass through and stop at Lancaster, liar- 1
, nsbnrg, Leniatown, Htaatingdun, HUlidavsburg, John
i stown, Greenburg, and intennediate places. "
Nonet In euae ofloss, the Companv will Iiold themsel .
I ves responsible for jerwjrial logman ocly, and for an amount )
not exceeding JlCu. TllOS. MOORK, Agent,
june -1 tf. Pennsylvania Itailroad Co. i
The Columbia Railroad Line lor llarrasbnix, via Colnm- i
) bia and all intermediate places, will leave the above station '
! at IK, P. 31.
TTASJ,!s't "coived and otiencd n large and wellaorted ,
XX stock of Fancy Dinner. Tea. Desert, and Tde-a-tele '
- oi i .iuit itaiet juHite, ieoimer, mo uuoicis,
Pitchers, Vases, Cotl'ee Cw, Jewelrv Boxes, Candlesticks,
Card Bnsiels, lnk.SUnds,Mngs, Paper Weight, Toy Setfcr, '
Silvered Howies. Goblets, and Salt t:ubs wiHi a great
varietv of other finer Article; together with gilt and hite
C!jm stooe, Ye.W. Common and Ghw Wares-all of
which ate nuereii at wnoiesare or remit on a reaori.ib;e
i,: ,. v;. in.. ....
wan obeap, as tliey are advancing, awl soon I shall ad-
f ranee tlie pneas. ag21 2mj J. C. PARPEN.
innii fj 1 T T
-A beautiful House awl L t in "c- gzz.
x Whirtersvllfe fix miles from Nashville, on tlie I
' l.ebarwn like. The above lot ceniains 14.' acres of
land, a very neat dwelh'ng-bouse. n gcod neebanios shop,
i tK bensey. a good appde orchard, dr. A far steps t'rooi
f the hoia-e is a ne verrnng spring of the purest water. Any
rerson wishing a pleasant taxuitry residence mold not be
' better Mitfed. Terns: one-tMni cash, the bs lance in one
nod two years, witlimt iotertst, and a hen retained until
thep'areoa.e iuny e nani. Apfitr to
"R. A. HALLOWl)1
GetiS A ;'!, No. IT Deaderick street:
OrDr.J. C.PATTrniSON.tHi the nuamW
angSO o
SI, 000 s
above the market
RE1VAKD. -1 wfltpav tneaboveretranl
' perwiu or persons, as a premium
market imoe. lor one thousand Land Warrants. V Ing
ot tlie denctBinatiiibS of lfft Hit nrvl .to i n-hi
chxso'single warranu ol eitlix denomination. "
x, e t Tt it R.U.BROCKWAY
Room over Oak Hall, east aide i'nblic Square, 2d doer
KOtfivl tity 1.0leI,Na.hTilIe. OCtlll-fflS;,
Druggist aiia.Apothecarr,
Xorth tidt of the ridfoSnartt s tkort JW Ut
Wholesale nd Jctau"ritalcr In
i."' llRwnts, rammer,
1 owdie. Oils, j)T, StomA.
F ; Annexe Sh. v?
- ir"f;' "cincs, Chemicals, Ac
AiwAriaV, Mjrek 11, i85g
-M'Pt2 . - U. O. J5COVEL.
spnt ' 1 '
Lt boll, of which the SHhScriVe7e -.r4'l'-
fusing extraordinary cuialive powers m eMeaaf ol.
ChoKc. I-sti.tery,Ciarrtia-a, NVww, &c Zkl, P'
ffI'i3 H. O.'hCOYKL.
SOAP Tit grevt.. lmeri..in .s IWv;,,, "
which cleanse Cloth. Ijacu and bbriea of every oe"
taSaaaaatteC S ,', . . . P" WW nibbing. ( n
fatat hand aad for sale by the bsr or in boxes. Haaiilies the
n .1 r . . -- - -
.. a.-uernomen iinii ii gww. ror sale .-,ortli side the rub
he Spiare, 8doors west of the Nashville Ibb. bv
Matches, forsale bv
sept2 tf
LINSEKD OI I, 5 IwrreU lAifced Gil Jostifcen. J
afMria!eby aap7 STRKTC1I A OHJC
T'Sf; Toone.' Oilof the best
JL quality. Received and Sir sale by
T aud on
barrels mini Sum! vv:t..
Xa OiL
Just receired and forsale bv
QPEliJI OIL.-2bBrrtLsbetVintrrSperm Ihl Ke
f O ccivedand tor ale by aug7 STRETCH A OUR.
AKOJ1.VT1C SClINAPl'sAl barrel Sbeidhami
Aromatic Schnapps, (pure Holland Gin. Just rccit,sl
"i forsale by og" STRETCH A OKR.
Pf."li..AVi'',iIi AAU iJKANUY.Ijdon P.-i
J. iu Malaga V inc; bherry Wine-.Sweet Mahin W uie
Jamaica lvum; French Urandv. Kc-etved aodfiiriaJe bv
STRETCH A ORR, Wholesale and Retail IWt, ,
aug, tsinierColiegeandJJBkiB streets NasbTtKe.
11 K3IOVA1..- STRETl'II urtR t. A
fdr" ,JViir,,0tkBf Druggie, h.,be new am large
B.V.JIUTO1 reveuiiv ciecteil on tbo corner ot CoUeee J".
and Untoti streete, (known a Fite'soorBer, i where ihewU
be happy to see all of their customers.
i june2S
BATIlI.Mi SI'OMIK 251U.Ftaeltaibii ,
ReeiVcI and Tor sale bv STRETCH A t'K'i '"
julr 2 1 holesale and Retail DroriM.., (Vrr'. r
CoJtejfa ami Union Sheet-.
t-' 1
I'fiooge for sale by
WYLOJt'S WASH ilALI-.-14 do. T.ei..,
Crystaliied Wash Balls. Receirod and for sale bv
EXiiiASll TOlVrir'ilul'SIIES.-l- cur. I e
English Tooth Brushes, made bum the best Ri,-a
BriiIe which ere wan anted not io eonie nat. For - de lf
H1'?;VT;.Ui,!.P WJXITI-W AA. -t boxtt-e J...a. h
XJ ed H lute ax. Received and fcr sale bv
j"Jr2t STRETCH A OK!;.
YiiilK IIUAAIfT t;i.UK 4i lbs Us! V.
. i i iHinnet owe. Received and Sir Mate bv
. a. oiroiwnti . ...... . . . . -
jut .
STRETCH A ORR, Wholetle al relrni
untggiMs. L'oreer VeHepe A L n:i.n Su.
rjHK subscribers Iiave just receired from "ew Yi ik th .
JL following articles es.-cntiI to coBajt in Uticie Keep
ig, to which they respectfaHy call I he attestien i the La
dies: Plate Jltettit, line with Tin; oral and iirmid,
Kniji RheMr, various niies; '
RoMjme Utpimi SUrtr Aentta, R,
Jxtufe M'Mere;
Plate Utvlert:
Twitting Far it, various naMeraa;
7bilet -Vt, elegant patterua;
Urate Trmte;
lijfie Oreqirt, oral and.reund;
Lifte L'i ne, handsome pattern
JlatmvJ Shtl Fbrbt ami iec
F'ttier JfoMfJere, iu ca.es, lialf and wh-MiiaVi:
Svtjur Sifttrt; &mp Utrmmtn;
iW Shrere; IhrikU Ceetten; '
Pat I 'Me, various ses ami ratt ae
t'bejh.l Melee; ijy Putekert;
AffhOrert; VewUHr LaeHee;
ir?';rJV?f 0" W- fcr a 1. ?. and - cms
of Coffee in three minutes;
die JAwArr. various pattern
Steeeneth se4 F4 iYetmer;
A great variety of other articles wjportattt to HouseK. e p
er- - . SNOW, MeKENZlKACO-
Nashville, Atnt ltfc,353.
Ladie3anl Gentleaea's Juraiihinj and Fancy Goods,
f CSaZay street, otu dvnr SmA ' tie ,vyw-. .
"iTlI K H E may be foaad at all timea Lu -e i-vrl-V
ment of Wineliesler s , Wai & Jnne i s;, ,,n
Pideot Shoulder Setuii SfairU, of Linen , Muhn w.i',! Ijn
cn Bosonus. Gingham, and French Chintz. Siamlm? and
I liyroti uxksrs, limlerwear, jlermo, Shelled Silk, t ., h-
: mere, Yigonia Cotton and Cantos Fbnnel, for Ud es
and gentlemen. Cents Cloth Ga'4eni, Gloves, Kid sml
i SitV. Buck. Cahniere, Cloth, Cbainoi, "Wash , -i.o,-
! CuiV Gloves, and loulies and Gentlemen Gauutleu. j .en
i and Silk Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, AVntcrliirds, ,ti.
! De Joinvillo's, j.Iaio, Emb'd and seKawQustii.,.', C A .'jl
I Scarfs, Black and White Satin Ties, Shoulder Brs.f . v ,
I lenders, Silk, Wooler.aod Cotton NigiilCaps, Oil Sik
ing Cans for loulies and Gentlemen. MoukV, Run
j Strengtheninij Bella. Rote de Chaiabre, UmbrcIUs. V aik
! ing Canes, Riding Ahipi, Trunks, Sole Leather, a! -is.
I Caqiet Bags, Satchels, Dressing Case, Work B..X5-. To-
leU. Orra Glasses. Porte Monird Fu. U". 1 1 v
Cigar Cases, Flasks, Travelling Companions, Rhj.1 - iJ
Razor Strops, Comlr, Bruihcs, Good vear's Cnni Got J-s
rcrfiinifry. Toilet Bottlrf, Pocket Cutlerv. Ac and
1 LnT-J- O JiTlrt 1 11-14 ftf IitllAf naWlalau It.. 1 ... . I f
- ft- v.v. -ttww, mTi ui i u.r-
f . rs- We have made arrangements with onr friends at the
! Vnrtli In rUr.r,t r:.l- i i
r .1 e " 7i.ni. . . " oem.
therefore ue shall hare foods here in lessthan tra ibti
from the New York Custom Hmtne.
; FurniAing Store, College sfreet. 1
, Siuare NasTiville.
uVt South i f tha
JWIStlfofclltheFarmonwlHehl mow reiV, n, !e
rrom Nashville, on the middle Franklin Tnnipik. am
containing 100 acres, about equally ih'.i.led into tir Ik - and
cleared land. There U every thing on it to rrmirri; di ra
hie as a country residence,; such as a great vaiielv of nu.t,
an abundance orspring and well water, grasi, Ac. Ii de
sired it will be divided into small portion.
Pw lerms. Ac, applr to Jons Kiikuax or fo V. W
Baowx, Genl Agent, No. fe Cherry street, or to
junoSO dAwlt. y. j). C.VJ.I,
SUNDUmS. 160 bbk Ust Flour, too kega of a. s,
1000 bbls No 1 Sail; 2 tons artred Inm
) dm Pamted Buefcsb.; 5 bbb Brimstone;
20 nests or Tubs; 5 Alum;
20 " halrtmsbel measures;l Plows;
w0 lbs bar Io?ad; 2 bob N5 Marten-'
2t bags Shot, assorted; 6. kits No 1 and ' d. '
ltK assorfeil Demijohuo; SO bhk S S Abnod-,
5 botes Cuba Sixes Cigars; 01 " Irn Peetm '
f 1 1. 1 TV ... . ..."
"u "o iteuuinia auu Lines; oo boxes rws;
50 bajrs Race Ginirtr:
SOW " Toftevco. aTled:
25 bags Pepper;
50 boxes lined Herring;
nerees rresh Ii:ce:
25 bbb EngKsli ShIo,
1 cask Madder;
I" boxes bfoughfons Bil!ers;lo " Cnnue's bet 1lJ . ,-
20 " B Wheat Flour, exl;
Together with many other articles, wlweh will be J
low, by decU L. H. IAN 1KB, Marke' st
ACAItD.-I begleate teinfimB myfrietuls and ,
t runs that I have removed Io the stole on the con ei of
Ceder ami Cherry streets, from mr old stand i ex: d r
Also toinftimi them that I hav.- CM! Iknalaall SUUm Lit r.t t .
tfe t't , '"'n
1 ' BCU ,0
gars, Snails, Tobaccos, and Pipon ; these in want of n , , f . .
i, as i seep, a roaacroTijiT Sr
J. MiHH:i
Little Indian, comerand Cetiar Cherrv s4
WHO does not know that Lrce A Co., keep alwar- -n
band tlie finest Ciznrs and TobHceo to b i .J .n
fomu All we can say to those who rre jaorant of lUi- u
Io request them to call and examine our stuck, and 'Uv
will soon be convinced that sach fct tic ease. Dot't f. - 'et
the Lumt ( Lyons) Den, No. 1, Cedar street. "
Tobaccos. We arejost in receipt af a larga Tot of
smoking and cliewing Tobaccos. cotMSifrg of son.e. I the
finest bra mN, fine cut and in plug, Fsr sale either whole
sale or retail by LYONS A ( O,
jn!y 1$ No. 19, Cedar St.
JIOJIKKT ill. I'OIITKU law removed 1,.
rwidence ami otfice to Ne.Ws Cedar street, neurlr c,i-
tmite the Catholic Chureli. Julys. - ,'m.
THIS establishment isnow preoare.1
to manufacture alll kinds of Wa.'gors,
Carts and Plows of every lescntition.
ami any other fanning iniplmietits usetl in-5vait
thw country. 'lx
The prices for such things will not I mote th.oi s paid
Cir them brought from other places. AVe are readv to re
ceive orders for Wheel Barrows and Carts, and other ntn-
sits for making roatli.
Tha31annCicturmgof Waggons is under the Supennten
, donee of Wilson ilnllen, who.-c work is well known here.
Wu respctfully solicit orders Iromtho Planters aod Merch
aiitsin IbesurnHuuling counties for oar wort;.
One or twopxid Wngen Makers wantetl immediately.
Good prices will be paid tor first-rate workmen.
JOocL' Lower Msrket Street
Jamum Tiiatfa, vr. r. wniTTiioasi
Attorney a J.utv.
UjWIll praellre their profession In the eooutte of
Maury. Marshall, (tiles, Lawrence, Lewi, and illctman.
' dec!!. tf.
"VTTM. S. PICKfclT lab- of the 8rm of PICKETT. 1FR-
KINS A CO. and J. R. MACMURDO, Banker hav-
associated themselves in basineao, will conduct
llaukins nnd (.encral Commission RninH.
in this Citr, uader firm of Picxrrr, Macxcbbo A Co.
Particular attention paid to the sale o I Cotton, and, to lha
shipment of Supplies and Mercljandwe generally.1

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