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iimiBw lin-M, n, imMMMj,.,. . . Ma i iBiMimim mi TmmwITiii --'-rtfi-r rriii'i i7t- -
TTATiTA"Vr A TST.TV 1 srir-sT-. -rAt i -.i- ! " r"'l 1n'. ' " ""
" OrFICE N'o. 1 ..TBHAin'mr-rr ct-kppt -..wul 7 vv.gtttf- tBrbfa I ', 'i-ir.
; " 1, i , "'yrJgJ"1" STOKE, i
TUB WEEKLY U.Ib.VAn APmnAvr.'frcW j ' JX.i.. f4i Jl?." ' t
to fmbicrftlertattbefoIiiWlBr' rates-Slnfrl .ii"i on . OlIASoneneiWith nrr,.....n.i'r. - i 8
year m advance. ?l 50; within the year f3 O aJ Uip end
or Hie year M' 00. Curtis Of live and upwards $2 00
per copy fur one year. Clubs of subscribers' will be rc-
ceived for nix months fit the furegoIiig,rafes.
a 1 HI-WEEKLY I Mibliabed rvcrr Tuesday
na.oatarday, t 5 peraunuui in advanc1
advance, M. . u- ' '- .'-..'.'A i'- CCl
DAILY is pubRkhed at Right Dollars.
Remitfinees df subscriptions nu- bo us lie. by mail
'" risk.
our i
' paper will be sent out of the State unless the onW jj ac
companied with the cash.
ran siiEnirr; 4
l&VTe ae authorized to announce U Fcskl. as a
candidate r reflection lo fhe office of .Sheriff oT Davidson
conntr, at tlie nett March election. ' rl '
tff We are authorized to aimounce Jonif Tv. IJomoxdson
a candidate foi- the Sheriffalty of Davidson eountv.
tsyVe are authorized to announce Exoch Cukxixoham,
B a candidate I'orSherif? at theensuing election. , "
STVe are enthoriied to announce WilUAm LcTOy;'as
,ncaodidateforheriirofl)aridsoa countr,at lhfr ensuing
GryWe are authorized to announce E. H. Biater as a
candidate fur sheriff; at (lie ensuing election.
S"V'e are authorized to announce .Iosiaii Fkrhb as a
candidate for County CourtClerkat the ensuing election..
Hf"Ve are authorized to announce Kkux li. Cumiiiau
a candidate for re-election for County Court Clerk at theen-
Eulnjf election.
. Sf"We are authorized to announce Isaac M. Jokes a can
.didue for County Court Cleik,att)ie next .March election.
ron cotiv ntcsTrr.
taSr- Vt'e are au:horized to announce Jonx IUix.s for
re-electionaiCouniyTnislee at the ensuing election;
Ztf We are authorized to annuunca Thokas Scmnke as a
candidate for Trustee or DaTidoon County.
AVe are authorized to announce Gr.or.GE Clare as
n candidate for Trustee of Davidnon, at the March election.
fSfVi'e are authorized to announce the name of AV.'K.
Hctctkr Collector; ec a candidate tor Trustee for Davidson
ora'utv at the next March, elections.
1 t3?" JAmes T. Facusces is a candidate for Register Of
me jana Ulhce lor .Miadle Tcone&xe at tue ensuing sessom
rthe lA-gislatnre.
J'OR OCTOEEIf, 1853.
"Gather tlie ro.e buds while ye may,
i. 014 time ii still a flying ;
And thai tiinie fl3wer tlwt blooms to-day
To-morroiT ehallbedj-ing."
. Persons at a distance are jarticulatly leuested to mail
their oi dens thri'aakjjres or wugle Tickets, in tlies-e Mag
inticeot liOtleries, witlKHit delay. Poverty cannot be cast off
loo soon: mill Hieie is no fact in Philosophy more suscepti
ble or deaxmitrau'eti than that there is at ' odr thily loitu
Hate and far-famed Office
A handsome Prize for every ant J .
But it is i ilally inijoi f ant to the success of the adventure
that he should
By jMwtponiag your Onters, jou may miss Ihe tide
"which taken at tlir flood, leads on to fortu te." The Kioner
one becomes rich the better, and the soouer vou.uuilyour
orders for a '
In thesepoiikrid Lucky 1itterie tour-Woild Re
nowned and Truly Fortunate Agency, the'sootier you will
becoe rich. Ilwncmbcr tint procftitinatiou is ihe tlii'f
or jM-rnne as Wi ti as .i tunc
Xo Abuteiaciit in Selling Prizes !
The "Goddees' in her best 7nood.
Jif rrhetS-Mbtf VYFEUd- CO. fremttemh' tf
J-riiut to thelM of Sfytcmltr. ' ' '
Y.E X T U E it A K E M E It C H A Jf T.S. "
Cujiital Prize St2.,000,' '
Ko"(.12,4?.71. Sold in a Package of Whole Tickets, t"o a
"CUib iu Mis-issippi.
$89,W0 sold to a new Correspondent in X. Carolina
?18,()00sentin Package of Tickets to Ohio.
$15,K0 sold to a merchant ia Philadelphia.
13,000 sold to a Captain of a Staimboat.
5.12,000 sent in P-ckage of Half T.ckets to South . Carolina.
4??,000sold to an old correspondent in Virginia.
S),O0OMnt loTeuncsate -it was the fitt order for a Pack
age of Ticie's.
$5.00") sent in Camden County, Xorth Oaroliua.
!3T" Tlie above Pi izes were h11 sold and paid by the Far
Famed Pi 17.' Seller and Bankers,
l'Yrr.R i CO , A'd. 1 LiyU strett, liMnwie,
B?Tne Certificate Pi ices of packages of quailer tickets
Date. Capital Xo.of Pi ice el Pi ice of
Oct. Priie. Bullois. TickeU. Packages
1 5oU2',ikV 7.'.Xos. 12draflm flO SS.VO0
S a4,WH 7i Xos. 1$ drawn 8 00
4 20,000 75 Xos. 13 drartu fi 13 00
f 8000 72 Sin. IB drawn 10 8"-00
t! SO.OflO 7."Xos- 12 drawn 5 IS 00
7 1,000 75X03. 12drawn .1 Is 00 i
8 4 0,000 76Xos. 18 drawn 12 45 Co !
10 9,WU 75 Xcr-. If. drawn 8 1 2.". 00
11 0,o00 78X03. 13drawn 5. H 00
IS S t.WK) 7SXes. 14 drawn 10 S. 00
18 1,000 75Xo. indrawn 5 18 00
14 U.600 7Xos. 15 drawn 4 14 00
15 60,000 73 Xos. IS drawn 10 rK 00
17 Sa,S00 75Xos. 1" drawn S SO 00
13 80.WK) 78Xo 14 drawn, T. IS 00
19 40,000 TSXos. 12 drawn 10 40 00
50 0,000 7.r. Xo. 15 drawn f. ' 10 00
21 ja,0)0 73Xos. 18 drawn 5 13 00
2 80,0) 75Xm. 12 drawn 10 83 U0
51 8,OA) 78Xos. 1.'. drawn .8 j 00
25 .1,000 75 Sot. 12 drawn f. IS 00
Sd S,X) TSXirt. 13lrawu 10 S. 00
7 2S.O00 7tXo. 18 drawn .r. 18 00
S3 l.i.O'O 75 Xos. 14drawn 4 14 00
9 70 1 KM 7 Xo. 18 drawn 0 75 Ou
SI !?.0i'0 75 Nt. 18 drawn 8 SO 00
l"Drawioars fori-, arded to Correspondents by the first
mail afier Ihe lotteries are drawn.
j:jeCorrespoiideBts will please order a few days before
tDe lolteries aie drawn.
Tliere is a large per centage in favor of those purchasers
whooitler bv thel'ackage, and the chances of drawing four
or the largest Prizes in the Scheme, are thereby secured -We
advise tlie pnrctiae f Packages or Tickets in e cry in
stance. "Bank DraflsorCenincatesofDeposit payable in Gold
at si tit,
it.will ljcpiTO.ip lv reimtte.l tothnsc CorrespoudenUi ,
raw prize at P ij.u & CO s. ,
Remeiiiber-A Package of Ticxets, can draw rotJB I
who draw
or Ihe most splendid prizes in ascheme.
In order to socure a Fortune, and the cash immediate-
rafter the result is known, the readers ofthis paper have i
only to remit cash Drafts or prize tickets, to the 01a Estab- '
ished, far famed and trulv fortunate Excliangeand lottery
Brokers, " PYFEU & CO,
octl Ira Xo 1 Light street, Baltimore, Md.
j. iiT cVituirY;
1 TtulertaUer ami Cotliu-innkcr.
OHnje i-trtel, At. '.'5, opjiofite Semiure Ifuuec. i
BEGS leave to infonfi hisfriends and the puhlicl ,
generally, that he has opened a regular Cof-55 .
lin Room, and having bought the rijrht for manufacturing
aivd soiling in Middle Tennessee, Skilf's Patent Indiatruct- 1
ible Air4ight aud Air-eUiaiuted Bunal Cae, the best
lmwiu u'.' for preserving thv corjis, he will keep a Mipply 1
or them contauily on hand, together with un asKortmenl of
all kinds ot covered aud wood Coffins. He is prepared to
furnish g'od Heaves and any number of Hacks lliat may
be Wanted; also shrouds of every description, made in the
best style, together with everv equipage necessary for fune
rals. All telegraphic deSjiatc&es or orders from Jjteamboats
mid UiilrjaJs, or Horn the suiruuudiug cuuntry will be
promptly attended to. Particular attention jiaid to pic- '
jwriug a'.id "uns'.iig bodies fir transpoitat'on. All orders
left al hi Furniaue and Col'in Rix.ins promptly attended
to, both night and dy Ik-will give his personal attention
to all funerals. Charges moderate.
X. B Furniture and Mattrassei or every description
nudetoonleraodof theljest materials, and warrant! d;-also
furniture repaire 1 in the best stj le and witli dispatch.
aug27 J. H. C.
JL MAXUFACMURIXO COMPANY, are now offering i
jIHV splendid assortment of Plain and Fashionable i ur
n mture at t heir Uepo: on MarKet street. Thomas'
Jjg5new building, (between Union Hall and the
Npiarx,) wlncli tuey iaer atprioesto suit purcliasers.
both at whole sale and retail. They intend to give satisfac
lion to purcliasers work warranted.
Call and examine their stock. Orders for Work attended
with despatch. B. H. GROOMS, Pres'l.
"V.Ij.Nate. Sec'v - .scptf-i ;
caskTcash!:" '
YaTSTEi at the Sr.h Xoslirille Furnifure Factory, of
luO.t'O;! ut tf inch Walnut Plank - -wide;
.M,M) tO do do do do; t
W.'OOO do do do do do; ' ;
IOiJ.OOO di Walnut Scanth'tig, S feet long, l, r.Jk 6in.sqrc;
lOO.OOfl do Cherry ilo do do;
10J.000 do 1 J inch Cherry Plank wide;
Z0.VQ6 do do lo do;
5),000 do 2 ilo do do;
M)Xj0 lo Ash, ingingrtxKnlVo5inthick wideplank;
Also, I'Mihir of aH sizes used fur Cabinet purjKoes, for
which CV.i wHl bo v'ri on iMiiferv.
Also, 25 or.lijjjood CABINET MAKERS wanted, to wh.nn
fair prices will be given m caslu Also, l or 2 gixd UI'-'
HOLSTERS. Xone but good workmeu need npply.
i au!7
FuksrroKK! fuenititee
T AM just reie ring a tine assortment of Fur
Uliu.c ... mitt i(.nrri unu Iirjsi. irjMU. tni-jr rr
n trios, which will ls warranted as reromniend-' x
I r i ....... ,.ii
eii, and will be sold as c&Mp us the cheapest; Having- e'n4
siTge.1 my Ware nuai, 1 niiall keep an assortment ol Oil-
berths sujiarior Piftuo, also AVindow Shade, Clocks, Mir-'
rors, Ac. Furniture of all kinds made to order. Articles
sent frev to Ihe Railroad or anrwhere in the city. Remem
. ter4,r. Union street. Cheap Furniture Depot '
p27 I.U.M0RT0X.
ft JIeJicmcs,lilink,Oi1i.,lerrmim-, Ac1., tic'XTX
L on the site formerly nnenrii.) J.ir li,n ,.1.1 flvLJr.LJ
Nft 43. CollSre street, Iliim Innr frmn IIr; . i! i.
wm tejtleased J( wait,upoii his old friends and citizens gen
erally. ' Particular" a'tention is circn to rhritians T'ri?-
in cases or kfparata; Toolli Forcep and Keytrjl
nients, ic.t 1 rric ia ewrr rariety a comblele ussortnient
of everything uimilly kept in this lineinaiTbe found at
auj:? . .. ., J. G.JinOWXH
II K.H I C A IS . A- larRC, stock, -and lrom the best
V manufacturers some eicccilinly .rare, jiever. before
orougnno mis tnaiket. AUention or j;iirgicup. to this
part of mystoek"isrepectftii!r'scliC!ted. ' '
BERMUDA AltKOW ROOT.-Warranted' per
fectlypuieand fcesh; fnl( fujtplt at i i
i " J. O. liROWX.
PERFITjUEIlY In even' tvle, French. German and
Aiuericail Colognes, Hair Oils, romades, Ac, Ac. ,
Tooth PowderandPislPircr'aAijjroat'c Vinegar, (ilenn's
Itose Dear's Oil. Bell Lavender. Iimirii nnd xrh'.tn Wiiu1a.ii-
Soap, llarbers' Soap' irft lb bars, tOQwiher'vnth a general as
sortment of Plain .nd Fancy Soaps, Hair UrtUhelv-AS Ac.
Shell and Buffalo DreNugandMFir.e Comb", Ivorrdo. Pow
der Puffs and Boxes, Lilly White, Alabaster, ScC .' ' '
TEK1N TEA COMPANY.- haveti fdllsupplv of
JL the best qualiticj f.f Teas, put up by fhis . Companv.
! iListhe taillO formeilv keDtbv.Ewiu. Brown A tin whirh
gave such general satisfaction. Tlie Xe Plus yitra". Black
Tea and Plantation Imperial are thought to be superior to
any in this market; also, Teas in small "caddies of 2 lb?
each. . aug7, .TG-JSR0WX.
OOJfGJtESS AVATER. .1 have made urrangements
to keep a constant supply of this water, which I receive
direct from the Spring; 3' gross justreceiveiL
aug? ' " JC. EROVX.
STONE 1VARE Of all dfscriptiousand b'est qualitv;
also, Flower Pots, ai-sortedsiziiv ' " '
augT , JO UROWX.
j: c. browx.
I70R THE HAIR Lvons' Katharion, BogleTilj-pe-
rion Fluid, Barryand Clirclnigh's Tricopherrms at
STARCUi 13 boxes Proctor A: Gamble's Pearl Stat ch
also, sujierior article of country made Starch.
aog7 , J. p, BROWX.
rpURNIP SEED. A large lot of Summer andWin
JL ler, and Summer and Winter mixed.
aug7 ,T. (i. BROWX.
I70R JELLIES. Sparkling Geiatme, Cooper s aneet
Russia Sheet, and Shred Isinglass; also, a fine lot of
Flavoring Extracts. aug7 J. G, BROWN.
LEAIIS BTOX 31 USTARD, in if. Wand 1 ll.Cans;
fresh and just ree'd. aug7 JT.U. BROWX.
rEAST POWDERS and Brown's Ess, Jamaica Uin
.L ger, White Red Lead, Chrome Yellow, Chrome
Green, Ac. I .ard Oil, Linseed Oil. Turpentine, Varnish; Ac
augT J. G. BROWX. 4S. College sf.
pes coiiiPAwy,-
Of Hazard ville, Connecticut.
a. o. mzAcn, rcnsV. a. e. bouolass, sr.q'r.
COXTIXTEto furnUh Gun I'fwder of all their well
known brands, Kentucky Mil, Amrrimn Sjmrtiny
Indian HijU in kegs, half aud quarter kegs and cannisters
or one pound each. Also, a ftill assortment of Powder for
purposes. The reputation of their Gun Powder is too well
known to "ciuiie comment. All orders promptly filled at
my Patcdir Jfjiot, Xorth-e.tst comer of the Square.
S. U. L00M15, Ag't fur the II. V. Co.,
aug2 tf Jfashville, Teun.
ceivod, 2.0--I bolts of thoe
lwwnlifn", Fi-rfni-1. T,.r.m fnr Pnrl.irc iSfASCiNCSl
Halls, Actocether with a snlendid 5SL .SjJ"3
assortuiiiit of Gold and Velret Borders, Fire bcreens, Win
dow Curtains, Ac.
JCgTIJn hand a large assortment of unglazcd Papers, from
10 to 2-.cts jierbolt. f
X'o. 20, College street, next door to the Sewanee House.
. . f Nmirille, Tinneeeee.
and beautiful varietv.
Decorative AVnll Paper, all
the UtetFrcnch designs. - -
uordcis, t ludoiv, A')iiM;rs,ixeaster anil Cen-
tre Pieces, a large assortment.
Cbean. liislnzrtl J'a'uers 12.000 nieces in
from 12 to 25 ck. per Bolt. All for sale, and CaBAP roa
uasu. . . . July 7
Claik Street Coach Factory, ' '' 1
NO. 5,
tT Tate PARTICULAR NOTICE that c-icmv:
Stout's Coach Sliop is on CLARK STREET. ESt
jiilylO JA A. STOUT.
Barbers, Hair-DriESsre, &e.
Ai). 1", Cedar rfrrft.
HAVE opened their new establishment, and offer to their
custnmeis and the public in general inducement nev
er before offered in this city. Having newly fitted up our
house, we feel confident that all vtio give us a call will
leave well satisfied. In addition to limbering, Haii-Diets-ing,
Ac, we , l.ave l:uge, cr mnioi'.ious mill , neatly furnished
Bath-RoomsJ (Tlieso are '.1 finest injhe cUv, ajidjas to
TOnveiilencetindcoiiifiprt, cannot be"mfrIaSed in theeftfin
try. While passing, gentlemen and patron", -just step in
arid see with what magic we "make the hair ny, and what
a salutary effect our pure water' has 'tipon-a Veo.ried and
Ottte body. : , I . Bilg-z-rir
THE Annual Omrsc r Lectures in this Deperlment will
commence (in MONDAY, November 14, and will ter
minate in the ensuing March,
UlIE, Josi8 SI j, Vrvrcr f
j l Ridoull, M I). lTofessor of C
Practice. '
f Chemistiv.
Waiuikx Stoxe. M D, Froftssor of Sitrstry.
A li uiccas, .u jToie-sor o. uostetnes.
A J W.uuEnmKS, M 1 ), Professor of Anatomy. ' '
GibTAVAS A Xorr, M I). Professor of Materia Metlica. ,
Thomas Hcst, M I), Piofessorori'hysiology aud Pathology.
Coknkuus C. Beakd, 31 D, 1 Demonstrators of.
Saul-el P. Chqitin', M D, f Anatomy.
The rooms for dissectmg will be oiien from the third Hon
da v in October to the First ofaprfi.
The Faculty are Visiting Physicians, and Surgeons or the
Charity lio-ii'it.il, and attend thisinstituiion from November
to April. Tlie Sludeuts accompany tha Professors in their
visits, aud thus enjoy extraordinary practical advantages,
free of expeme.
There are one thousand patients prescribed for daily in this
The number of patients are nearlv twenty thousand, iu
the year. THOMAS HUNT, JL D ,
augj w3m Dean.
I REFER the Fanners to the statements below, made by
Dr. John Shelhy and L. F. Bradlev. I have seen it in
operation several times, I am satisfied of its great utility. As
he season is advancing, I now offer those I have on hand for
$200. P. CHEATHAM.
june.29, 1833. Nashville, Tenn.
. NiSimu.n, June 2?, 1S53.
Cot- L. P. GncATrnn: Dttir Sir: I have been U9in
he " Reaping and Mowing Machine!' patcnicnted by Manney
of Illinois, which you arc now offering lo the citizen or Tcn-
nessee. It is a nnsTRATS labor sivixo Maciiikk. Itworku
' NEATi.v and iufidlV. , The amount cut per day-will depend
principally upon the speed of tha team. If the team can.
; ravel four miles per hour, it.vvill Reap or Mow, fificen acres
n ten hours. It is entitled to the confidence of the public
Bereetfullv - J. SHELBY.
I, L. K. llra llev; now mnnagiiu? the farm of Dr. Shelby,'
make the fcillo-.v ing statchtcnt: Wo have hadfor more than
one week, one of Col. Clieatlram's mowing and reaping
i iraclmies.weh ivetned it in clcrrcrand croin blown and tan
gled, and I iio.v siate that Itiumra aud outs cleaner than thej,
. syioe uu.ie, ami that it nl mowi?r day as inuclin.sll
, hinds, and itcau reapa: lositenl-f'our iverps per div.
junet-IAw. . 1.. F. BRADLEY.
VTOTICE. 1 aiiichi-ing iq, i.ir ltisiaess with a view of
X i emia4nll wfilHrti Mmv ix-rsons arc' indebt
ed tome h r.i'e and uccirt. sriI:e f r oars, and 1 hope
thev will csl! and Jiav'u'lAeith.mi fnrtlicr ilelnr or trouble.
, i nave ni-eiinB-,Minn rapers to Mie'room ad
jouiing Moosi-s. W. II. GwJcji ii C. .
, X 14 S.UI SEAY.
WE have rcc-eiveit by recent arrivals nine
more of tho-Kj unrwdled JIiaxon, nodef
oy .i. i.. imnimm antt .Uam toaatt..t Uo.r oil (t t
i m iui m.) ici aim jiks, wmcu win oe soiu vcrv low lor
j c ash or giod notes drawiug interest, and warranted to give
apritf w. A T.ii. 'GREENFIELD & CO.
"YlJS Fit HCKIVEI) -Tliisliar rr
JV uots Uliui Iiisky;. iOi ii !! I
l0 bills crushed Sugar, ' .
, !V : .Loaf, do; u
.'10 ". J'pw'd lo;
i 5, tierces S. Carolina Rice; 1 -i
fiOO cans Baltimore Ovsters,
150 boxes W. R. Cheese;
10 doz Fancv Brooms; and for sale by
mm, mum & co.3
Manufacturers and Dealers in
OWING totheiiicrcasingdemanrtof KeadrMade Clotli
ing' in tliia market, we hare this season; laid in an un
usual hearr stock, a great part of which we have nswin
store, aud which we are enabled to dispose of on the rerv
lowest eastern market prices and very satisfactory terms.
I unoum lufinore rcsiicciiuiiy mme country Jiereuanis,
r.Visiliug this city, and others in'lhe Trade, to make an exaiu-
inhtion or our &Iock before purcliasiny. t
f?'t?pLr LAXOKELSBACH. A :g0.
Kb. A2TortKJdarlttStiitt,XiithcMf, Tennete:
WE have Introduced this week the FALL STYLE
OF SILK HATS, which iu beauty of finish, texture
and quality, are unsurpassed in fhe city.
ALSO. A complete assortment of CAPS, mavfurac hired
or the best material, the attention of one of the firm being
chiefly devoted to this branch.
We flatter ourselvs in being able fo give satisfaction to
"those who may favor us with tlieir patronnge. , , ;
Country Merchants are respectfully solicite,d to examine
ourstock before purchasing.
JUST RECEIVED A large supply of Kossuth,
Magyar and Metropolitan Hats, which are for sale low
at ep2 tf LANDE, E1.SBECK A- CO.-
THE undersigned having just arrived from New York and
Philadelphia, he wishes to inform his friends and for
merpatrons, that he has purchased as large and line assort
ment of Gentlemen's Clothing and Furnishing Goods that
lias ever been brought to Nashville. They are now readytfor
nspection at his store,the "
No. II, Public Square.
Iliavataken particular pains to have made an assortment
or Arfra Sice Cttthing for Gentlemen, weighing from COO
to 350 lbs., aud who lutve always beec paying high prices to
the Jlerchalit Tailors.
ALSO, a splendid assortment or India Rubber Goods, and
.from the age or G years and upwards.
'will take particular notice that I can supply them with Ciolh
ingond iumishing Goods either wuolksalk or iilt-lii, as
low as any one in the city.
ALSO, just received a largo lot of fine Plush and Cloth
Caps, of various sizes, which I can tilttce,i!ifjice jier ccut.
lower titan any other house in the city.
Cumt otic, come all, to 11. POWERS'
World's Clothing Emporium,
aug?0 Cm No. 11 , I'ublie iSquare, Nashville.
Coma one Come all ! This Bock shall fly
From iU firm base as soon a3 I !!!
rrMIE subscriber respectfully announces to the denizens of
JL Nashville and surrounding country that helias now on
hand, ami receiving additions dailv, a large slock-of'Gen'ts
ana v inter wear.
Among which Jlay be found: Fine Black and Blue Cloth
Cloaks, t-panWi do, "Opera and Congress Coafs, Double do,
Black, Blue, Brown and Olive Over Coats, Sack, Paletots,
Box, Frock and Dress Coats, Business do., and other styles
and colors too numerous to mention. c'
Pants and Vests of ever style and color, to suit the most
Likewise, a general assortment of CHILDREN'S'
CLOTHING. Fine Shirts, Under-Shirts, Drawers .Suspen
ders, Oavais, Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Hats, Caps, Truuks,
Valises, Carpet Bags, Ac., Ac
CountryJIerchaiits, in particular, are requested tocall
and examine tnv stock before purchasingclsewbera.
septlS ' ' L. POWERS, ' I
Xo 1, Market St, opposite Union Street.
X. B. Xot to be sold or undersold by any man Or com
bniation of men. Jj. p, )
JUST received at No. 11, Cedar Street, a large and well
selected slock of Cloths, Cassimcrs and vtstings of the
latest stvles.
ALSO A large assortment of gentlemen's Furnishing
Goods. A new and beautilul style of Stocks.
Shirt Collars, Cravats, Suspenders, Gloves, or every dis
criptiun, Under-Shirts and Drawers.
Having made arrangement with one or the best Clothing
Ksusblishmentsin New York to supply me, Wm. T Jen
nings, 231, Broadway, I am preparreil lo offer to mv cus
tomers ami the public, Clothing of a'superior style and qual
it r. Please call and examine for vourttlves.
sept4 c T. J. HOUGH. Agent
"TTEhave just received our assortment or
or New Styles and Varieties.
Also, an assortment orpine Ready-liindc Clothing,
and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
No. 15 Cedar ft.
of gentlemen's
ri:ady-.iiade clothing :
X !
Arcade Clothing Store,
Xo. 20 Jur.-et street, ojyosite tltc Union
THANKFUL for the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed
upon him, legs leave to infonn the citizens of Nash
ville and surrounding country, that he has just l eceived one
or the largest and most complete assortments or Genthmn'a
Fall and Winter (Xotiina and Furniidting GohI ever
brought lo the city, which will be found unsurpassed in
quality aud workmanship, and at such low price' as -annot
Tail lo please. The stock has been selected and made up
under my own inspection, erpree-'ly suited tothj wants or
the city."
Also', a large assortment or
Children's Clothing,
suitable Tor all ages, and warranted to tit.
As my stock is very large, 1 can offer great Inducements
to oouulry .Merchants, either wholesale or retail, at very
little above Eastern prices.
Give me a call, as I shall take great pleasure in showing
the Goods. II. A. J ESSEI,
Arcade Clothing Store, 29 Market st,
oclG Cm Opposite Union Hall.
Tilt-, subset iber liasju.t opened, at his old stand, Ao 53
Market street, next door to T. W. A W. H. Evans, tlie
largest and most elegant stock or READY MADE CLOTH
ING and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, he ever had the
pleasure of exhibiting to his frisnds and customers, which
he is oilering at wholesale and retail, on such terms as will,
lie tonlidently believes, give entire satisractiou.
His stock consists or Frock and Dress Coats, or every va
riety of style and pattern; do. do. Pants and Vests, Over
coats, Box Coats, Ac., Ac.; Hats and Caps, a .arge assort
ment; Carpet Bags, Trunks, Shirts, Collars, Stocks, Cravats,
Umbrellas, Ac; a large assortment of Gloves, Hosiery ami
Pocket Hdkfs Ac; all of which are new, and purchased of
the best houses in tlie Eastern cities expressly for this mar
ket. Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed on
him, he invites an examination into his present stock and
prices as he is detet mined to spare no paius to please his
friends aud customers.
sep!33 Cm No. 53 Marketst.
100 Ss5Ss Rio Cofi'ec, !
octl tr Nashville, Tev.
POWDER Tennessee Rifle, in quarter, half and
wholckegs. Tennessee Blasting, in kegs and barrels.
A full supply of the above description of Powder, war
ranted equal to any in the market, always on hand and for
saloby jnlyir." CHEATHAM, WATSON A CO.
Q AFET Y FUSE. 500,000 feet genuine Safety Fuse
O by the Ongitial manulacturers, lorsate oy
at W. II. Gordon- A Co.'a., Public Square.
Woco Village, Texas.
TX7TLL attend lo Ihe collection of debts, and the investi-
V gation and perfecting of land titles in Texas:
Hon. 0 W. O. Tottos, non. Nathan Ghicc,
" R. O, M'Kixsur, " R. L. Ridlkt,
" R. L. Casctulus, ' Aek C.vr.uTHEES,
John L. Urikn, Governor Wh. B. Caiipelll.
augll twly
riHE subscriber, wishing to move to Ihe South, of-S't
JL fors his lands, containing about 800 acres, forJ
sale on good terms. The Iand3 are situated in Hickman
county, Tenn., about three miles west or Centreville,on the
south side of Duck Rive-. About 400 acres of tillable, and
a bout 20) in a good state of cultivation, with tolerable good
log dwellings, and other houses, with four excellent springs,"
and can be arranged so as to make two separate farms.
For further information, apply to thc subscriber on tlie
premises, or lo A. M. Williams, Centreville.
sepli-4twy A. C. DAXSBEE.
THE next term of tlie Tennesaoe Baptist Female Jnstitutj
will commence ou Mondny.Sept. 12, lSTii.
The teachers, i cccntly of tho Nashville Female Institute,
will make every effort to secure to those entrusted to their
charge, a thorough and judicious education and would be
pleased to receive the patronage of their former friends.
Information may be obtained of
Rev. JOS. H. EATON. I). D., Pres't Board Trust's,
JAS. F. FLETCHER, Ilsq., Secretary, 1
july2! 3m e o d or of the Teachers.
BROGANS ! RROGANSI I 5000 pairs Negro
Brvans, consisting of Home made and Eastern Shoes,
which weWer at vcrv low rates. Farmers and all otheis
in wait or good and cheap Shoes, would do well to give us
a call before buying. ...
Also, a large assortment of Kip and "V ater proof and
Negro Boots, suitable for the approaching season; for sale'
lowby oct n tw K S. HOLLINS A CO.
CORN WANTED. 1 wish to purchase 0NETH0U
ctli-lm A, HAMILTON.
i Vie JtemAltjorer all itttrsSmft,- lk Penof, Ihe Liter
Iharthitrw, CtMc Hatalenc, T'iks, GqtUyptton, al'
equal in tlit ulaiU IhiUna iTediot."
THE inventor oflMs nrepara'ion .vm for three, rears s
completely prostratcd'frera Dyspepsia aud jnacti vitv oi
the Liverthat he wssTrcqncfitl v'fhr weeks at a Unie tillable to
raise mmseiiiiomntstjeu. IleknijjKt aid fiom phvsicians
at home and in Europe,' but in -rtihi; his ca.-e was prouounceJ
hoielessby thous.md.sand ffwas bv accident fha be sue
ceeded m curing himself. ffinca.he'lU'stecupractrciugmeJ.
leme, his success in such 'ehJei has lo'eu'iinfivalled. He
has been awareoNheincrcdulitrof tbewiblic-and Jnse
qileiitly said nafliiDg. through the press or his
until the cha!3Vcter.of (he medicine was fully established
by- its snccesi, as Ehdr.-n by the cenifi'rates which 'have oeen
advertised. yB'e
I subjoin the iqerjiflrtle of.ProC jr. Gabbxrt. of-Memphis,
Teun.. r.aUi,whoin roflen, adried during the time of my
suffering. . . fa,,' .
I herebr ceriifr lhalT liav
N. Bledsoe and someyears ago he was reduced V wl eve
fower than I have ever, seen any one tliat aflenrards recover-
eu, wHiiwnai i supposemoiw yysiepsiaanai.iveraileciion.
and aJTcr trying prescr.tions ot manv Phynicians in this
as well as other countries, without relief, 'he tinahY suceeded
with a preparation bf hU own in bino rsthrwl tr. mA
Al. UiUJUKT, il. 1).
Physicians, are .requested fotry this preparation. We
reel satisfied it will sustain the character we give to it in this
IICSTSTILI.E, January 12,1352.
Dr. Bledsoi:-I take the libcrty-and fell it to'be my duty
to recommend lo alt .persons suffering from disease of the
stomach and bowels, your Alterative Compound, as a very
seperior medicine. My son, aged 1 5 rears , had been under
medical Iroatmeut about five years for dyspepsiaand diar
ihea when havingalmost despaired of his recovery I con
cluded to try your Alterative, two bottles of which, I lelieve,
entirely cured him. JIICAJAU CAYG'E.
lta.-rsnt.LE, Oct, 17, 1552.
Dn. Lledsoe: Some time lias eiapsed incel gave a, cei
tificate that my wife had been greatly benefited bv your
Alterative Compound. I nov.- take pleasure in saying to
(be public, that my wife had for lliree or f jur years been
subject to the worst kind or spells of cramp in the; stomach
from dyspepsia. I hatl fried of several whom I thought to bo
the best physicians in the place and a great many differeu
medicines, with momentary relief, Bemg persiuded.to try
your alterative compound, I. did so andUuu happy to say
that it has entirely cured her; and I would conscientiously
recommend it to ail persons suffering from diseatcs of the
liverand dyspepsia. X. B. ROBERTSON.
. ,. ltaTsviiE.Sept.29, 1851.
Dr. Bledsoe Having seen the publication of your Alter
ative Compound, I think it my dtii y tc say to the public, that
I had been for years subject to spells of Cramp Colic, in its
worst form : that I had tried almost every thing that is gi
ven by physicians, aud'ocyer found any thing that would cer
tainly relieve"me, until I tried the above medidue, which has
relieved me in every attack in Iessthan an hour.
Gats Cocj.tr, Tenn., Dec 2S, 1351.
Da. Bledsoe: I feel that! should fall short of ray duty
fo you and to those who are afflicted, were I not to further
recommend your Alterative Compound. It has entirely re
lieved me, to that I have uof had cause fo take anything in
two months. I can eat anything I want v ith impunitr, and
ireiieve my uc&nu is as goou nsu ever is at my aaranceaage.
Should 1 ever suffer from dyspepsia again I shall be sure-to
call on you. I am ven- respectfullv vou'frieod. ,
HoN-rsvtLU', ALt., August 2 1, 1851.
This is to certify, that I had suffered for manv years with
Dyspepsia and Diseases or tlie Liver. Physician aftpr Phy
sician hid prescribd for me without m v I eeeiving an v ben
efit, when I commenced the use of Dr. Bledsoe's Alterative
Compound, which cured me soundly, and I recommend it
because of the same happy effect upon others of m v acquaint
Hpxtsyille, Ahu, March 5, 1852.'
Dr.. Bledsoe Sir. : Judging from tlie certificates you
h'avo already advcrtiseil, it will be almost unnecessary for me
to add further evidence in iegard to the healing virtue of
your Compound; but I mnst sav, that for years I suffered a
great deal from Dyspepsia and enlargement of the spleen,
and thought that I neTer-would recover. I ewmmenced bik
ing yoijrcomj'ouud about nine weeks since, and have gained
25 or 30 pounds, and feci about as well as I ever did.
JfThe above medicine is forsale in ci cry Drug Stoi e in
the city, and most of the towns in the State. G. W. nEX
DERS'UOTT, General Agent, for whoiesaleing the med
icine. ;gTTrice ?1 per pint Bottle. covlti lvd tr
A MR. WINTERS liad Io.it nearly .ill of his hair and
XX,. liad been bald for many yearsj, by the use of Uiritlii- 1
ties vf tfie iTaffnelie OinlmtUt, luhl liU uiir er.cirdy re- I
sfoiw, and now has as beautiful a head cf hair as any man
could wish. His age is about 50yeicrs. i
A sou of Mr. Warren, of this town, 14 years of age, had I
been afllicted with the Asthma from Lis cradle- He had '
the benefit or the .best medical advice tliut a loving and
wealthy father could procure, -without avail. It was one of j
the most aggravated cases I ever sawr he was emaciated al
most to a skeleton. By the use of a few bottlesof the Oint- j
menthe was lioroKjii cured, and Tor seven months past has '
enjoyed robu-.t health. (
This was an extreme case of inflammation, of U,e e-oleen,
of long Standing; had a vai retyoilreatmenl from no less llian
eight different physicians, "without receiving benefit wa3
meut. This was rourmonthsagoand tlie lady laMrs. Dun- I
liatn,) ts still in good health, and able to attend to her usual
household duties. I have treated two cases or Chronic Sjre '
Eve, will, the Ointment, both of the patients so W
UibJ. astnnppd an attpnrtantln Vmt flimn Tr...,, t . !
place. One of them had been afflicted IS years, the other I
iiootit M years, iney naa tned timtiEstT.
irs. Tiieynad tned the best physicians in'.the
btate, without beneut; and one or tbem bad been under the
tron.mn.it tF .1. l. ..1 t ,.- ...1 TV fi,. , ..- fit. T .1 r -
eighteen raonths.aud had expended hundreds or dol'lars'in i
vain efforts to effect a cure. They are now bv use of the '
Magnetic Ointment, nearlv or quite cured; and are able to
read and attend to any ordinary husiuess. I have used the
Omtmentin a number of cases of Piles, and in no cane 7m tit
failnl of airing imrneiliate rtfof 'and generally a permanent
cure. 1 have iilsou-ed it beneficially in eveio cases of Ery
sipelas. Aud last but not least, I have within tha last year
cuied Tour cases of CANCER, by the, use of the Magnetic
Ointment alone!
From a thorough trial of the Ointment in nearly every
disease for which it is recommended, I can confidently re
commend it to be one or the most useful remedies ever of
fered to the public. Respectfully Yours,
Dated Jan 27,1850, Amelia, Ohio.
The characterof this Ointment, as an efficient remedy, is
established iu this city. There are quite a numberor indi
viduals who ascribe their restoration to health to the use.ot
this extraordinary Ointment.
For sale by II. (?. SC0VEL,
. . & A ST0UT
No. 5 Class Struct, Nashvilli!, less.,
Xeztdvtrr to B. S. French's Groe-ery Wareiovte, and or
jtosite Murrie di StratUtn'i
ALL kinds ofcarnages for.saie, with harness
to suit. All woifcsold by me is made at
Ihe Clark Street Manufactory, and warranted, and will be
sold on as good Terms, for Cash or good notes, ci any work j
made North or East,, t
Repairiug done with promptness, and dispatch, and all i
persons leaving work to repair may rely on getting it when j
promised. All orders promptly attended to. marla.
XHAVE this'day associated with me in the Saddling Ba- '
ainessmyson, A C. MARCH. The btisines, in future I
will be, conducted iu the name of J. D. March A Son. All '
persons indebted to me, by note or account, will please come i
up and make payment. " J. D. MARCH. I
JST" Thankful for the liberal share of patronage hereto
fore, a contihuuuee of the same is respectfully solicited. I
LAND WARRANTS. We are buying and paving '
tlie very highest prices for LAND WARRANTS. Per
sons at a distance having warrants to sell by sending to us '
by mail or otherwise may depend on getting the Tiighest i
pricesat which they arc sellingatthetimeiii Nashville and
tlie cash remitted orpaid tooracr.
. on the Gallatiu Tumnike. 3K miles from XashviHiv
containutg about 75 acres, on which thc subscriber nowie- I
. . w. j i ,i:.. i.:.t. 1. ....
siuos. jiucut.eiiuiir, i.incu nuo icteiiuj oeen creciea. w
ol the best materials "and style, and upon a convenient.
plan, emDraungnine rooms ana ueverai halls, with all ne
cessary out bniluingi.
Hie soil is very productive. The water is cool and pure,
flowing iu abundance. . The orchard contains various kinds,
or bearing fruit trees orexcellentquality
In point of hcalth nnd society, the neighborhood is un
surpassed. Thc tract is susceptible of being divided info
three lots, each having a beautiful building site, with lim
ning water. Terms arultimo accommodating. Possession
can be had at any time. A. H. FORD.-
For rurthcr' particulars, apply 1r
iulv27 2awtr tw Agents, College street.
Nasliville. Tlie said housei U about four hundred yards
Trom the Female Academy, and will lie sold on reasonable
For further particulars enquire of R. U Crenshaw, er
aujl J W. D. ROBERTSON, M'Lemore st.
dlsorderd tttilt of the ' SlOiivftTi, Zitxr r 'Hikctle, a$
Scrofula and Soret of anii Hd. Fcr Gepi-rql Debilit,
from ich!e LaAtis freouetitlv mftr. llae is ml lu
TT3 v3fT-4T frs"3SSSSTJS
OUR Goods are selected and loirchasedby ourselves,
with great caie in the. best matkets, which enables us
to sell low for CASH Our Candies are. WARRANTED lo
keep dry; and wc sell as cheap anV house in the coun
try. Toys. Pocket Cutlery; Pislols, Revolvers ami Self
cocking; Spanish Cigars, &c, Ac. july 2C tf.
Stcured by two Distinct Patents.
THESE extraordinary Machines have had numerous di
plomas and medals awarded to them, as the ht slit.
mg Machines ever devised. Thev now firm one of the most
attractive features or the Great'Exhibition at the Crystal
Palace in New- York. '
llie proprietors having perfected tbcif great manufactory
mNewYort, are now able lo produce the Machines at a.
cheaper rate, and have determined to give the benefit to the
public, by reduc jig the price ?25. Hereafter these unri
valjed .Midlines will be sold at either of our regular offices
$100 Cash, without Deduction or Discount,
Of the admirable niralities of these Machines fur1 nil t!i
workof the Clothier, Tailor, Shoe J'anufacturcr, Saddler,'
Cairiage Trimmer. Cap .Maker, and Corset Maker, it ia on.
necessary to speak. The character of the lnacliinesfbrtbcse'
branches of business is established, and lher a limt
and admitted to be tlie most perfect instruments for the pur
pose ever devised. The clear profit on each machine is
from js500 to 1000 a vear. denMidiiw-'nn li.e finpnns nn.l
difficulty cf the work done. We desire to- call Ihe particu-
1..... ir -e L't .... , t. ti a 1
.ur uucuiiuiLoi oiun ana io.iar aianuiucturcrs to our ma
chine for stitching fine linen aud cottou goods. We can
satisfy any person interested tliat no other machine lias ever
done or can dothvskind of stitchiDgpjrfecflv. The priceof
the machine includes the necessai v articles fir iL!nr .
Tien ordered they are packed, complete for immediate Use,
andfull printed inslrucli jns for using are furnished.
Either of the Express Companies, or Merchants visitih'
tho places where our offices aielccatcd, affurd a convenico'r
medium for purchasiog mechines.
I'rincipal Office. No. 828 Broadway, N. Y.
f No. 251 Washington SL, Boston. ,
BaiKcnOrncLS. v-"f?.a4tUsi7,PI'5,-'!c1P,- .
' No. 15.i Baltimore St., Baltimore.
L Xo. 1'J7 Elm St., Cincinnati.
julySO Sm I. M. SINGER A CO.
II. Kurro-tr's I'atcnt Plantation
rpilIS Mill differs from, all others in tha construe ttoa
A. the upper or Running Stone, which Is comooscd or
French lfurr Blocks, enclosed In a cast lmn run. which
formi the back and hoop of the Stone with a Cast Iron Eve, or
Buh,thani3orgreater external diameter at the bottom" that
al the top, which la secured to the back by ibarbolts, so that
eyery block Is in theform of a dove tall, which eirei rreater
strength to aStonothananyolher method which hvrequlred j
in small mills, where the stone is run with great speed, and '
uccuuicsuaucruui 11 doc strongly maae. it aiiogiver any
weight to a stone of small dii-raeterthst i roqulrea withont
hhVinL- It thick or hisrh. that mates it t..nli.-vv.
This mill Is a" square frame mmle of wood or cajllron.ln. i
the form of a bpsx,with Bridge-tree, Spindle Balance, Ring L
urlrer, and Kegolatlns Screw, aud grinds uton the sarae ,
principle as a lane mill, differing only In the Itanner Stone: I
mlllnowtn use. This mill Uportsble.and may beattacied
to steam, water, horse or hand power.
duu, an sizes oi urencn curr aim Moncs, mannractnreu
on the same nriociDle.
I Joseph It. Burrows, of Cluclnnitt, li the InreDtor, tar
I which he obtained Letters Patent in 1S12. For aMnfrinjre.
i mcntj the purchaser will be held responsible for the right
These Mills do not require a Mlllrirhtlo stthcmcD: and
all that Is necessary to pat them iu operation. Is to attach a
hand to the pulley on the i.indle, with a drum eufiiclcntiy f
large to run a tweniy-rour men aim 2t rcvolations per i
' mt..A ...... .1. I n (-i -1 u ii . i . 1
minute, attached to Gin, Steam. or Water Power. Urthe
steady application of two hsrso power the Hill will (rrind six
I to S bushels per hoar of cood meal: and will grind wheat
. - . ... 1 1 . ,. TI . 1 1. 1 .. I 1. ,, . k . ... . .... .
speed, wll' grlndfroci ten toflrtoenbushclsjierhoar.
These mills are warranted to be In every respect as recom- '
mended. .
Dieictioss roa UBiNo-PlacoyonrTalllaboutSOfeetfrom I
the Drivluz Pulley In a level DOflUon: make the belt of
1 . . . 1 t .. 1 .11 1 . -1 1 t r" .. . . , . I
tlons a minute with the sun. Keep the uect and step of i
the 'spindle well oiled, Place the star on the back of the
Running Stone, in thosameway as tho Cross on the Driver. '
that Is, the way they are trimmed to run. j
Kfer to Tims. PattersOD, q..orlIlgliUnd eountv, Ohio, ,
Jesse Beal, Uq.,of Cllntou couuty, Ohio; C. S. Bradbury,
Esq , of Cincinnati, and a number of others. i
All ordersdlrectedto JOHN" K. TiOUMAN, '
X..52 Broadway, Nashville, Agent for iliddletnd East
lenncssee, or J. ti jjukkuv.s,
Ian SC A. tr-w. i w. ly. West I'ront t. Cln.O
earI' "Ppor'amiy or ackr.on ledging tie ffreut omajr'i-
mi paid to their Medrcmes by Ihe
iu theirresoIutionofMay 5tb, "1 hat they shail urce upon
thc Legislature the passaze of a iIaw, requiring the .-km.
, ., iumuK3 "J utii mo mcmoera.
or the said society may be enabled to hare all tlie use aud
beneiii oi mem gratuitously.
'Ilie.?- Co-ut9 !he libe'rty of suggesting to theBakeraof i
as.!T,II. '". petihon the Legislatuic, imt to permit any j
ramilics in Ihe city to make their own bread, without ma
king known the niiduf operandi, as sucli secret proceedings ,
are injurious to the well-doingor Bakers, and ought not to I
be permitted. The grounds ure precisely the same. '
if Doctors were always intallible, there might be some i
;.. ,r.. :.. t.... ...: ...... ... l .!. in. . . .. .
justice, iu iciiuuve mcuj iu iajuijm.-i ui puuiiu m apply to
them universally, but unfortunately we have bcfoteustl.e
Crescent City paper of thc 2d of September, from which we
learn that'
treated scientifically by the faculty have died, and
US cases of every 100
treated by (43 tccmen, thc non-medical members ol the How
ard Association, and by more excessive 'humbugs the Ho
meopathic Doctors, have been cured.
Such statements as the bove are injurious to the profes- !
sion, for people are cosily led cstray, and may be induced ,
toattacluess value to Latin prescriptions and exjxmsive
Uiroglyphics, and occasionally trust lo thc dogmas ut cum-
mou sense, laid down in plain English, to the Urajfenberg 1
Medicine, which are warranted to do no harm, and for .
which no money is exacted if they do not prove beneficial. ;
It is well known that tlie
Dysentery Syrup and the Children' Panacea 1
of the GtiefenbergCompany, have, in two years past saved ;
20,000 lives, from Flux and Dysentery when all other rem- ,
cdies had failed.
But it seems that the objection to these, remedies is that j
"it is an attempt to send lorlh medicines without the pres
ence of the Doctor7 who is thus deprived uf Ihe proner de- '
gree of aid and comfort that ho should receive for furnish
ing the proscription, "Ilinc illav ladiryun" The Doctor
ana tnc
j medicine should go together, the Medical Society
i willed it, let no quaci put them asunder. ,
!0 '
have so
United States Ulattliiiae
Through in 18 to. 10 Hours.
.jflsSlJ.. LEAVES Adger's Wharves? -every Saturday
fjliS? and Wednesday, afterthe arrival or the cars
p5Sj ft-oni the South" and West.
On Saturday, the new and splendid steauierjns. Ad
ger, 1,50a fons, J. Dickinson, Comicandcr Jlarlon,
1,200 tons, "W. Foster, Commander. ,
On Wednesday the Union, l,50tj fons, Richard Adams',
Commander Southerner, 1,000 tons, Tbos. Ewan, Com-1
These steamers are unrivalled on the coast for safety,
speed and conifort. Eipcrienccd antl courteous Comman
ders, and tables supplied wilh every luxury, will Insure'
Travelers bv this line every possible comfort and oceora-
i i' '
r or neigui or tiassage, naving elegant state Room Aeooui-
modations, apply at the office if tlie Agent.
septlo HENRY MISSR00N,
ComerEost Bay and Adger's Sou. Wharves.
Cabin parage $23. Steerage
B virtue of a writ of Vendici ui Expoms lo me di
rected from the Circuit Court of Ihe United States
for the Middle District of Tennessee, which is founded on
a Judgment rendered in said Court ou tlte ftjth day of
March, 1853, wherein Joseph IL Shepherd was Plaintiff
and Hetty Lanier and Felix R. Lanier were Defendants
I will sell to the highest biddcr-for cashattho Court house
door ia tlio city of Nashville, on Monday tlie 7th day of
November next, all the right, title, claim and interest of
the defendants in and to a certain house and lot, lying and
being in the city oT Nashville, on CoUege.street, it being the
same house and lot now occupied by Fall A Cunningham
as a Hardware Store, which has been levied upon and will
be sold as the property of the defendants to satisty said
writ. J. B. CLEMENTS,
jB,Scpt20 tw Ids Marshal Mid. DisU Tsan.
iJu -v. Auvi THYSELF;"
4?5WJ''W? -that Ah-2n cent. "S'-try Fim9tr
shotild Jmrra CVpff.',: ' '
''pWEXTY THOCSAXDCopiessoJdinless WF7
A than 5 months. A new edition, revised i2t
and imnmved. mil wv rir-ts-
Ir ritTvfli.,,u lri'fitntT ir I st. t ' '..lVt.
a .u r?" 00;i for ,Ut' AraLICrrKJonrUnmiian
r Z-?erJt WnP"lKnto.tiitnieut uad cureif ery
ona orrmoate , contracted by promiscupus sexual ioier
iwT; rabtc.or5rralej,.ec.s ith ad.icejor
Drmif.i iiutHrk
J . Sj .STre,tTPta rorlbccnrcof the above .lis
KvTrS hecaBse!.,SmrtHm, ldoah5 rftt
if??' 1 BUSn!JLTl,R- "INTERS liDI ji
UA U-The- a.ir oftlns work ..alike thS UfaWrfir oftriie
jvoiU whoadvertUset6cure thedlsea.es of tW"!to it frw
,in errVfI-one f, lUe t-'olieges-ft, the United
SmiL l?ar?l,rec.aiWnd Wnvtolhe,
mirorninate.er to tlie vMstim .if .....
andexiienencetlpnictilaMier.lnwlHiw fconi.raud inlentv
they may i dace the greatest VorifHencc. " 1
. . JOSal'll JjJNGSIIORE. M. D.
irisiu A. noucinnu 11. 1) nrlw ....... ...
( - " n " ' w..i K-vmif jtiu. )
ADiU'fa..ft gnes me pleasure to. add mv Winmoy. ia
mem-ofessiomtl.tblliiydfthe A'nllivr or the "Medic! Slan- t
ual. Nunaeroiiscasrsi'T Diseases; of thcC.-nitiil 11 1
some of them of lon standinc. have come under mv ho-
u: .....- . ' ... . . . . -
iu! ?skness, or disarrangement or the uciton-sproduced
by selfnbosc or excess-otVeiierr. I-donot know bissnpes'
nor in tb profusion. I lute' been aouainted witli ihe
Author some thirty years, aud deem it no more llian justice
to mm, as well as a kindness to the unfia-tuuat victim oi
eiitlymdiscretinti, to recommend him as one, iu whuse pro- i
tessicnal skill and nilegnty, they war saTely confide tliem- I
sflcf-. . '., ALF. WOODWARD, M. D. j
'llllS IS. Without aXCWttiun thn nuiU auin.l...i. .....l
, intelligible mrk puljiisliol on the class of disMtos which
i.wrr.is. AToiG.iigaii lecoiiicsl tcnns.it udUrees itself '
to tlj rean of its fearfew. 1 f is free from alt obiectioo.
h.e matter, nd no p.iret. however fasltdieo
tophtBingitintiiehtiiid.orhisiietis. Tf!eauthorhaj de-t
voted mauyjearetjtlioueatiwniof tlie vurious complaint j
treated of, add -With too hfle breath to puff,' and 'too lit- t
I e presumption to hoposo. hi hjofleredto the wothUt !
the merely nomhtei priw m'cenK the fi nit of some
twenty ycura in4tuoeifiil MMtioe 1
"NoteacheroriuwiilioHlilio witiw Ihe-inonlcdg
imjhuted in t.iis rrivaluahlewoik. It would ne rears ce !
mm, Dfjitificutioii and siirrnvt to Ihe th under their '
charge.- IWi .1tt.at
ing (lie sin and feorf'il (.urequences npon thenisclvas and
IKXstcritr. The ron'tiluurns 1' ilu.uUUnr. n.;.:.
Cimihes have bum eufjei-lrti, ir m.i UtAen down, and they ,
do uotkiiow he m or the tore. Ai.tlug lluil ctin be '
done so to enhgliten ao.I influence tlie "publ.c mind us to i
.ic, un l ultimately b) remove this wide spread sorce of '
lmmt wrctoliedow, would cBer the -rete-t Hessing i
next to the reh'gieu .of Jesu. Cliriit, on the- present and I
ouming gmratiwiF. IuteBtmaca tor the use- of into .
ealhig dnuU,T though it has slain thousands iipon.thou,- !
amis;! not a grtuter scourge to the huinu race.' Aceeitt 1
inylltaiikstw behiilf of the afoted, and, your co-worker m
the good work jou are tie aetirely engaged in." I
0e cojiy, purely enveloped,) w be forwardeil, fi-ee of
postage, to any p4tt of the. luutedjatotes fer 25 cenfe, or
, , Publishers, Box 1W, Phibwla.
l"Otscllers, Canvassers and Beok Agents supplied on
the most liberal terms. sept L-r ly
THE subscriber would call the attention of these who
wish to embark in the Iron business, ao. those who
wish to own a handsome and fertile farm, to the, following
proiierty whidi he ofiers Sir sale.
1st. Jackson Furnace and Nuds, sy about 2500 ' acres.
Thisfumace is on leaver Dam. Cnaek, Dickson county,
Tennessee, and the stack is the largest In the State, beiug
47 feet high. Thc furmee, except the stack, is now beiag
rebuilt, and will be ready to put in blast by the 1st of No
vember. The routeof the North Western Itaihoad, as tur
ve.vcd, passes immediately by thc Furnuce. The ore is un
surpassed, and the timber and ground atimirably adapted
for coaling.
Also, Belleview Furnace, and about 800 acres of land,
includingthe Dickson ore bank. TbisFunuceis ou Jones'
Creek, aoout three miles South cf Charlotte. Thero is a
good water power, and also pood tarmlmj hndsrattaefiedto
this property.
Also. tha'Valler Fortreon Jones' Creek, and about S7.-
00 acres of land, 1 he fall is 2t) feet, and the head of water
There are some very Cue farming lands in this
tract, and it is altogether a most desirable location.
AIso.tieMill Creek preperty and Dnck River ore baDk
!n Hickman county Tmemw Ttms Mill ,.r
for the size of the stream thsi can be fiwnd in auv country,
The Duck River ore bank is the heaviest deposit of ore m
uib oiaie, ana ine ore can oe procured mm lis latxir than
I at any hone in tlie. countrv. It r wttlHn'haif a mile of
Zrt Jf'1. Wi WoaWeflenoTthe
i r. ' itiu ikis "jceu manliest in restoring tt per
fect health, in some instances where Jhe patient has been
Considered beyond niedk-.il aid. In ltiplmni.nl.
tiM .'..n-l.:.!.
i AfVlt.c-7,a,lderf.'TB'n'u OUto. in writing of "Hmi- 1 RndH iiy'K Ready Relief does not Kapain.bin
icr .Ied.ealauiJs:-TUwiBa.i upn thousands it '.bdueita paroxnwiui od rdievts Ihe sulf .-rer frrm sjl
of our youth, by cvp example and inlliwnce of the tiasstons, ! iaintul and uneasy renmtions. Radwai s Ready Relief is
uaie oeeo ICU into II.C IliiHt rl MWr-noIlutinn ir;il..tri;.. imiet in U ni-tlmi a ia.1ntlv rJiu ....
. Duvk" River, and Ihe lands around are ooveied Ki4a thiv. cures or removes all unnatundcaiesof Ilhemuatic, Netirai
best coaling timber. i gie arM Nervoi,orpnfcldmracler.
i Also, the Lower Tuinel. at the Narrotrs of Harpoth. in
uaMuwu v;u.i. , icuucsscr, nmi icu uenrs ui lain, inr
buildings and m-ichmery. It isiHtwewarv to speak bf the
Wafer power at the Xnrrows of Harpeth. it is known t J
cverv-one. and twentv-hve vears of exfei
. J -. . -r . -.. . '
experience enables th
mbscribertospeal; wjth certainty of its great beuehls and
usofulneRS. It U, indeed, rmlv to be seen to be apnreointed.
IjBStly, my Williamson Farm, en which I now reside, anil
much tarbeauty and fertility is second frkcoue ThelHm'Je- (
' largo and airy, aud the out-builduigsof the best ihiacrip-
tion. It is intersected by the Southern Railroad, and ahV i
by the Navshville and I'huikiiu Turnpike. Itisll miles
fmm v...l.T-tllo nA t rm, TVani-iiA r-S. ,i- '
...... - .. ... -. iiimnin
tarni." watered bv Little Hameth. and ltu bst crMwm. nf
its quality is tha hoy produced on it this year, which tdl
who have seen it, pronouoecit the be.st they have eer.3eeu
It w allozetlieroue of the most desirable tarms fur beauty i
amlprofitthatisinthe Sooth-West ltooutains aboitt im 'I
The above property i offered fur sale, not for tlie cumose
I or profit or speculation, but.simply fiocithe ficilliit thc
i subscriber's health, nuke it neecsisarj- to relieve hinueir jif
i me care, uecessnriiy inuiaeiit loso muctireal pniiierl,
, cated at different points, and renders him unable to gh'
, uaieu at umerens poinis. aim renners nun unameto grrc It
Unit personal attentiou trbicli ltreiiuire..
Any one wishing to purvhae any of the above property
will pleasocall cuthe anhscriber at his residtnev, or ad
dress him ut Good Spring P. O, Vrilliaiu-ou county. Teu
ncesee atigKt 4i 31. Iffilil.
Cincinnati Ihiuirrrvill publish tlie nhovc until the 1st
I ofJiUHiary, 1S"I, and send bill to thi olfice.
-jVTEGROE.SrOR SALE. The subscriber has sv
cial families of Negroes that be will sell at private
sale lo jiersons reeidenis in this State, and who intend to
keep them Ihjreui. Residenceon the Nashville antlFrank.
Iin Turnpike, 1 Unites from, Na4irille. il. BKLL.
augtJl 1m.
3 ANA WAY from Hie shcrilr on tltc n:ght of Of.
1. the 3rd in.t.-, hi Ecgro boy AMOS. He is about ftr
20 years of ajfe.6 feet 'i or lOiaches hifli and weighs Ar
ubyu' 15i ioiiiids. He is a bright uHthdto, hsfc stnulit
hair aud blue eyes, and wiH no dwbt atbsuipt to iwm him
self as ii white man. He was raised by ;t Mr. Dickfy, of
Spartanburg Dr-lrict, and wa purchased bv Cajtt. Jarftes
Bonds iff Spartanburg C. If. He is probably linking hi
thc vicinity of that town, or- nny attempt his nseape to x
rite State. He rode off h. jwinvl hone ten or twelve ; eo
old, which has a .scar ou both shoulders caused hr waris,.
and Isr shod berliiKl, is quick in sails and sm; short, hold
a tine head, is stink very much above the eves a Ml ineKnet
lo be npitel'ul. lb above lewerd nf FIFTY DOLLARS
will be given for the pprelieii-:"ti of lite Ik t( iwyrei;
tlie boy to be lodged ia au jaii in tlte Slate. All axpuiires.
for keemhg tlie Imhs ilfalso be paid.
Newb-rrv,S. C. JiV, W. (t. NKEI.
sent4 If"
rrUIIS very iiuportact invenii.si lus been in te about I
X three years. Tlie inventor lws mode itnurovetuetits. l
which !mvc lendoivtl it perfect s a STRAW AND CORN I
uiiniftu JiAWiiiVB. it iiwgivwi emire satisfaction h 1
every ono who has used it, and ts rfec Mvrt Mperier machine '
in use, for the iwirjio-e for whicl. it is desixiwd. It is si m-
pic in all its parts, durable and easily kept in order. It i-t
bolf-teedmir. and easily worked bv abov 14 rmnt tS nn
It will ctit stiaw or com in the shuck Irooi half inch to
three incl.es iu length. Many rertltitntes mijrjit be r
ducetl from Fanners who have use-l them, to prove their
suiieriorily over any other straw and cvrn cutler nnw hi
use. Persons needing gush an article may rest assured
that iu it they will bud a valuable aepiisitlon to their lorm
or stable.
The subscriber ha srreatlv extended his means forman-
ufacluriug these machities. and he now solicit (V them
the attenfam of the public, and the liraiers and planters
particularly, or tlie SouUi and Wast. He will bereaflf r bo
able to till all orders rapidly, and ensures all machine in
uo ine worx lor wmen 1 ncv are aestgaetu
Beicg the inventor and patentee, ami sole proprietor, be
will dispose of rights foreountfea or States mi reasonable
terms, tq any MechaBie-who may wish lo manufacture theuv
and wilt furnish oue set of easting for 'Prwi.
55P7 cm JOILN L. J.I.f
ON the .1th day ot November next, the midershroed wiltr
offerfor sale 4) ncres of river boltom and island Land,
lyiog in Jackson county, Alu., at the point where tlie N. 4,
C.lt. It. crosses the Tennessee River, rutmiujf through tho
same. Thc tract contains S.-t acre, and is divided into 7
lots Of from 100 to W aures eaeli, about 1A acres cleat ed
and iriahig!i.?hife of cu'tiraiion, the remainirtg portion fine-'
ly tilnbsred with choice growth, It is the fractional ISIh.
Section in Township 1 ot Range 'J East. The above place
isagocxlonc, licliasGuanoitseif, rendered valuable by tlie
very maoy and numerous advantages it combines. TlieK.
Road running though it, and Steamboat navigation round
and about it. It can't be beat for Corn no trouble lo raiso
75 bushels jer acre. i
Tu:as.Cre.lit of 1, 2, 8 and 4 rears, equal annual pay
ments, bearing interest from date. &Td Land w81 be actual
ly sold if it goes above a very moderate minimum price
fixed by the Trustee", . coording to Jaw.-
A. HUNTER, )16h.I.lU
Apply to , A.GUNTEIS
t3yiw Jonesville, Jackson couuty, Ala
NO. 128.
rTiiu r..:..v v.. ... "
. .... ..,i.cu, xmuioo, wua Vut, -sr..
the higWt mpwtaBn, , ;Vf
nace. 15r WILLIAM YilLrvi. u t,
let co father be ashaioed to prel '
sent a copy of tlw asCULAPn'S
to his child. It may sard him htm
an early sr-f. Let no .voting man
or wobkui enter into the secret ohli-
.wr'.p?ri', m ,"flM,,, renting the POCKET
Cough. Pain in fbeidti rW MhT. 4rv," fcVl
ni 'r'sj T,0 "-t h.rt c..ultin
b LOb. 1 ,ail"wh'T M tralv wftl boot, a,
awawre Iroei the -j rf
chiA,Dli,TO'Kyrr-FnrE CENTS en-
marchlg ly
r:"r;'r'p,,1.' dr. wjl Toirvre
awo. res spnu PUlaeMpiM.
rrO KILL PAIN reran-t pandTserteDrrves,orinotiwr
irireppKdIUCe UC IMrt"to K01eil t ?
JVWi is mi titiBatura rendition, arjwn fr.wi xa inhrrr
or disease, which, reiijf tranmittt along- the certes to
the brain, gives ah waut r percrAtn to tfio mind.
Hciuadien recwnrood lo Juu. Paw:, or Paw Killei.
arc cither prod titers ot I'alys. or therure not what ther
are retftremcHdrd for- If tfe sniffcrer of pain is to nndcren
tt aeuaiouofviUIity, or rf the uufonusttJe armorler.or
it the port of the body suffering the tortiirea of pain, to
sn Cer -an at feck efpkinlrsis. we think the the remrdy aicss
be worse than tfcediseuse. An.1, if iVi u ioU iJ.
then the nerves Ami traasatiUed this scrmtion, and the
sense that perci re its mi jieaatBess. nwt be fciSed also.
If, on the other hand, it is not a hOer "it is a n-
uwoivr, ami mi nuaiiu anveruaement claims tor it.
after set about removing the cause cf lie pain, it teUkt
and cure, it relieves and i-unovts the troubling cause, and
hence the joy it inter.
R. R. R. Its Two Actions. The prirsary action
of Radnuy's Reedy Relief is, to allay theetfeti of any pain-,
ful causes that the tinman system atny he virftd with.
IUsecondsTT aclfon ia, to remote the cshm itself; this it
..... imu.oaa .wit(.u, .or iv is in powermi in action
so quick and effectual, thl UieBHiment .t isaptied orUken
; the paiuful paroryis.n4 are relieved, and. the unsound nam
I made whole, siroiy, healthy ami vyrr.mg.
Externitl I'tuni-Rheumatism. Radway'sReaJy
I Relief applied exLemaHy to the parts where the pin is feh
vdl instantly alloy tlie parmywuis, scatter the cause, r tJ
otHetUU aaxMUt, un.cA name Un aad.ia a few mo
j msnUthe Miifererw.il be quite o. v. If the altaokisre
I ceuta feivapjJicari.ms witlcre it.
ii ,nroitic, .taflwaVs KeooraAng- Beeeiveat, trsedia
conneetion Willi the Ready Kefcef, cwWh t ettre Rhett
malbm in its mos aggravated forms, whether Syphilitic
Stiattc nervous, muscular or infhuiatorv tfcr wonderful
cases of Rheumatism, cured by R. K. R. ReiretKrs, Bee
ILi(twa v"s fktoil v Friend lor the month of March, 186
copy will be sent to all who wish it, free of charge, by ad
druMtsg Badway A Co Ntvr. York Citv.i
Pains around the Liver, Kidneys and Heart are relieved
and thc uiinaiural irritatioM instantly subdued by a iudble
application of R. ILReKef. 3
ick licail ACM.-K.li. K. will in aH cases cure this
ditreing cwuplaint. IU ant aud propwtiea when taien
into the stomach, will neutralize the acid, and moke the
stomach clean, and the breath sweet.
IU counter-irriUnt efficacy, wiH prodoee a reaction when
applied to the head, and iimgwate and eotireu, and refresh
Internal Pains. Diarrhea, Dyseatery, Ctiera or
Cholera Morbus.
The unnatural and riolenilrrrtatiww HutWet the svstotn
wh'ifoit is under lbe-inSuei.ee of these iwAidie. wi. In a
moment, yield to the soetiifeg and pxtB-ntfleneg tiSescr ot
tlirU. Ii. Relief. It allays irritatioo, it arreots sposmodie
lictioi, it neutralize tlie poijriiHis niiasrualhat cattsestbesei
painful arid weakening drseharses; it entiretr and mtiror
ute-t wi warmth and Wrength th cold, cramped, and
shrivelled lkubsj and jeia4f,,aid restorea each member and
organ oC the body tea healthful aod v igorwui eenihtioR.
Kadway's Ready Relief, and each of lU K. M. R. Reme
dies, are made from the active Properties of modiem.-s.
, Nothing; inert or inartive enten MieiV eocnposrri.-ia.se
! the sj stem is ma eJepred with worthWs and inert ipattrr
In ooBClusKin we vkvrtiM leuiuil jhe reer that idwar
! Ready Kolief, relieves Ibe surterer from naiu . not kilkLt an.i
itatiway s negators, prepared iremMie aen principle
aleueof Medicisal Ilerbs. Roots. Phuriaaud Guus. will rr
UUUQ IUHI MS rviMtl W1U..HJ1. UK OOWIWS, 11. CT. furlrt.
1. .l...l r . . '
..I t. 1 ... 1 1.1... ..J.. . .-
kidueys, skin, and ll oiher oruis of the body. They will
cure ojnlivueM, irrdigeitivness, indigesrioo, dsps, and
ail IhIIioih oftairtaliitw and feiwst.
l bc laitws wm bad Kadway's itegafeton the very best rep
take them a pleasant and easy discharge of the offids of lh..
system. .
" RadwaysRenovaiingResolveit, is a powerful resclrernf
all diseased ileposits that have heen lying in the syattm fat
years. A purity er of the blood and a renovutor of the whole
r mrther inrormatton of the vrmikhl pain-reletyinv
and. eurat'tTei power of IheK. 11. Rerdis the public wr
rtjicrrmi uiiuruiMuuiy,puuiteieBa, or uuuie totvealto.cu
mof which can be had gratis by addresi-in a ti our
IV. Ik. XTJ l. u.rm C 1, .icn a UT1U
RADWAY A CO.. 12 Ftilfcm st v V-
R. IL It, S.T sale by DrusMtj srenerallT. .
Wboleoale Agent lor TiDnessee.
3f ANDFIEL?)S A CO.TeoipltC
juiy-lfm . Clitttanooga,
And Dntjfgsst and MenibaatM ev?ywl.ri. . 7
While t
paina whatever. Whera titM Vkoler w applied Fain cannoi
These lTaalera yo-et the advantage of beiorwaf'npia
air-tlglit boxen; bene Aev'retarn'tkeirfMll vlrtceSlnairclt
mates. ' ' ' '
Tliw celelwuted.' PainExtractv has bees so extensively
used by Physicians and the people in general, both, jn th.-s
country and Europe, that it is almost needlesw to say . .
thing about it Yet there mar be some, who stand is need
or its heah'nc powers who hare! "nt ret tried It. For their
sake we will simply stele wbt it hug done in thousand of
case, and what it will do for tbem when ned. .
Read the following trsttmcnr from a I'hysiaaa.
(Ja-NTtesias. Ymr Hebretv Plaster has cured mo of pains
of whioli I havesuttVred for tweireyeurs put. Dunegth.s
poriud 1 lafcoied under an arSictioo ot i.iy loins and side, and
IrisdWny rVmedieis that my own mfiWl erperience a?
getet!, but wi4Wt oWairtg relief. At length I used rou t
I'hwter, awl am now br its ppxsl eoVcts entirely eured.
will recemteewl tiie Jew DarM or Hebrew- Phfer to ki;
who arvj infemg fi tustracutti bf the raosc4esv orpermr.
ne.it pain in the side or back.
The rpteofOeerghi have Vmt tobeemme acquainted wfth.
U virtMex nheu they writ resort t its u.
Yours, truly, X. W. WALKER, it. D,
Fofsythe, Monroe eenntr, lis.
To Meeirs.SourilA Xead, New' Orleans, La,
Misses. Scovil A Mbao: I have been troubled with the
clirunic rlieomatl-Bi fo.- Ihe last twelve yean. On the 1st &
r uly 134V, I was so bad that I could not turn mvjelfla be.(,
oad the pain so severe tliat I had rot slept a wink fer six da. -At
thfs time mv attend rnjr PhrstcsM pveieribed the "He b ev
Plaster," arid it aeted like a charm; rbe pain left ice and f
slepttuwe than IwJf of the aifrb. and m three dT,I w
obla to ride out. I oonwder the "ilebfew Hjtsier.thabw
remedy for all smts of pains bow ia im
O. W. MoMlNN.
HetidersonvUie, (t, Anjf. W, I860.
cf- rsr rr xsr
Iio,vare ttC oamitiU and bte initatioiM
j tapTlfe geouioe will in frttwre have the signature F
Taylor eri the stesl pJaleerjgraved label ea the totforeac'.
itarciuwH are adrired that a mean counterfeit of this tr
ioJen is ineixisteece.
The Ranwe in Md only by e, and our agents appoint.!
breughont the South atrd bo Tiedlar is allSwed to Sell
Dealer and puretMsera geeerttHr are cautioned against but -ingbf
but our regntar agente, otherwise they will be impos
ed npon with awunhlaaa article.
Forsale by PC0YIL A 3IEAd,
lit Chartres street. New Orleans.
General'Whelenale Agetsfcrthe Southern Stales, to whom
all orders imut fete mm rass.
Sold by . JIW1N, hKOAYN A Co Naahville, Teon.
v. . x j. ti. nr.i.iti, ao;
J. M. Z1MEBMAN A Co.. do'
julyl-dtww H. O. SCOVKIh do.
THBabove1 H0T8L is bow open fir th reception of J
TU5 long estalilisbed and well-known Hoorehas unu. .
gone a thorough altera twin tfcrmgbeet, and tin-mshed with
: s8wan.l,fashieneble.FCR'ITUllE. ,
j The TABLE will always be supplied with Ihe BEST I -J
market aflbrds? ami the 'Proprietor trusts, by artysteiaatu:
course, both with servants and the regnlalions of the bctis.-
generally, he will be enabled to give entire satisfaction '
I ann Ijtnv
M la
" i
'' ' (fr ,Oti.

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