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"MTi mo
to subscribers at the following rates: Single copies, one
Tear in advance. J 2 50; within the year f 3 00; at the end
of the yesr ? 1 00. Cloth Of fire and upwards $2 00
j er copy for one je-.tr. Clubs of subscribers .will be re
ceived for six mouths at the foregoiug rates,
he TRI-WEEKLY is published every Tuesday fbursdsy
and Saturday, at $5 per annum in advance; ir nt..paia a
advance, i 6.
DAILY is published at Eight Dollars.
Remittances of subscriptions mat bo uade by mail .i our
.v... r , .,, , order Liac
paper wiu w
companied with the cash.
Of Haiardville, Connecticut,
i. u. miAun, rncs'T. a. docolash, suc'r.
CON'TINOE to funiih Gun Powder of all tlieir well
known brands, Kentucky Rife, American Sporting
Indian Itt fe in kegs, half and mutter kegs and cannisteni
of one iKMlndcach. Also, a full assortment of Powder for
t.unwis,. Tlie reputation or their Gun Powder is too well
known to require comment. All orders promptly filled at
my J'oirdfr.jPq-ot, North-east corner of the Square.
a H. LOOMS, Ag't forthe U. P. Co.,
Kinrtt Nashville, Tenn.
100 inssrs
Hi Coffee,
octl tf
Nashviile, 'Iexx.
Tewssessec Powder.
POWDER Tennessee Rifie, in quarter, half and
whole keg. Tennessee Blasting, in kegs and barrels.
A full supply of the above description of Powder, war
ranted equal to any iu the market, always on hand and for
sale by julylS CHEATHAM, WATSON A CO.
O AFETY FUSE. W.tKM feet genuine Safety Fuse
O br the original manufacturers, lor sale dj
: Cn.'s., Public Square.
at W. ll.Gormov 1
Woco Village, Texas.
"TTTi.L attend to the collection ot debts, and the invcsti
V V gation and perfecting of land titles in Texas;
Hon. O W. O. ToiToy, Hon. Nami as Gheex.
R. O. M'Kinnkv. " E- L Kikwt,
' II. L. CtDCTmR, Ans Ctur-rnERS,
Joilv L. Uries, Governor Wm. H. CAMrssLL.
aug31 twly
An IavolualU lio--k for 25 cn.U. "Every Family
should Aa'f a Copy."
rpWENTV THOUSAND Copies sold inless r&lzfpt
JL than ." months. A new edition, revised .iSlf
and improved, jtut issued t, .Hf WT Xf
AM) HA.ND li!0K lor the AFFLICTED contdping an
outline of the origin, progress treatment and cureuf every
form of disease, contracted by promiscuous sexual inte r
course. by felfabu-vor by ixual eicess, with advice tor
their prevention, uritieuma familiar style, avoiding all
medical leci.uicilmcs, and eiervihing that would ollend tlie
ear of deccicv, from the result of some twenty years success-
ul practice, cxclusivelr devoted to the cure of diseases of a
delicate or private nature.
To which is added I ecoipts for the cure of the above dis-ea-s,
and treatise on the causes, symptoms and cure of the
Fever and Ague.
Testimont of the Phoi of Onsnrrairs iv Pilw. Col-
bok, Piiiladujdia. DR. HUNTER'S MEDICAL MAN
UAL. The auUior of this work unlike the majority ot thoe
works whnadvoniseto cure the diseases of which it treats,
f a graduate of one of the l-st Colleges tn the United
States. It allords ins pleasure to recommend him to the
unfortunate, or to the victim of malpractice, as a successful
and experienced i)rartili..uei. in who.- honor and integrity
her mav place iue irreaio-t confidence.
AtELrniA. It gives me pleasure to add my testimonv to
thenro!cssional ability ot the Author ot the "Medical Man
ual.1' Numerous ci-s of Di-es of the Genital Organs,
foineof them of liri hUudiog, have come under my no
tice, in which bis skill hat been manifest in restoring to per
fect health, iu some instances where the patient has been
considered booud ir.cJieal aid. In tlietreatmentof Semi
nal Wcatuess,'or disarrangement of the funcunus.produced
bv w!f abuse or excevoi enery. 1 do not know his supe-
for in th profession. I havebeen acquainted with the
Autli.rsoine thirtv ears, and dtein it no more than justice
to him, as well as a kindness to the unfortmiate victim ot
tsarlv tudiscietiou, to recommend him as one, in who.-e pro
fessional still and int.vntv, thev mav gafelr condde them
6 elves. ' ALV. WOODUAUD. M I.
"This is, without exception, Uie m-t comprehensive and
ntellfib e w rk pubh-hiHl on the clas of dia-es which
ttreuis. Aroidiusall technical terms, it addresses itself
otbereasom.fitareadeis. It n tree from nil objectiona
ble matwr, and no parent, however fastidious, e
oplacin.it intliehandsofhistsjns. The author has de
voted many veers to the treatment of the various complaints
treated o'.ahd 'with too little breath to puff,' and Uoo lit
tle presumption to impose,' he has offered to the world at
the merely nominal price of 2 j cents, the fru.ts of some
tnentr enr most succos-ful practice" lLrali.
"No te.iLheror parent should be without the knowledge
innirted in this invatmble work. It would save vcars of
pain, mortification ai.d Mirrow to the youth under their
charge." 7'ti""Tt' AJrocut.
A Prtsbi ten in clercman in Ohio, in writing of "Hun
ter's Medical Muiiua',' say: "Thousands upon thousands
,fotir youth, bv evil example and influenced the passions,
tinve hn led liil.i lh habit i f t-elf p llution wiih.ut realiz-
ng the mii and fearful consequences iiiu themselves and
posientr. The const notions of ihonsauds who are raising
I'-milies lure linen euteehled. if nut broken down, and thev
donotV.nmv the c.-use or tlie cure. Anything that can bo
done so to enligl.te'i and inlluence the public mind as to
tSieck and ultir.iatel,-to remove this wide i-ptead soiiiceof i
"human wvet?'iedu. would cinder the gieatest blesdng
next to the reli'ion ot Jeaiis Christ, on the present and
coming generaiioii.. InUimjicranco (or tho uso ot mioxi
catingdnuksjthoii'rli ii has t.lain thousands upon thous- I
ands, is ut a pTcster i-oourge to the human race. Accept j
mvthankson behalf of ibe alUicted, and. your co-worker in
the good wi-rk vou are so actively engaged in." i
Oue copv, (securely envclopeii,) will be forwarded, free of
postage, to any part of the United Statos for 5 cents, or 6 !
copies forl. Address (post paid,)
Publishers. l!ox l!u',, I'hilada.
Bootsellers, Cauvassers aud Hook Ageuts supplied on
tho mot liberal terms. septa; ly
THE above HOTEL is now open for the reception of yL
Ti"s lo.ig ostabhsued and well-known House has under
iTCie a ttiorou'h alteratiim throughout, and furnished with
JWaud tasiuouible FUKNITUUE.
Toe TAULEwn! always be supplied with the BEST the
market altords; and the 'Proprietor trusts, by a systematic
course, Uitli iili senants jid the regulations ol'thehoiisj
generally, he will Iip enabled to give entire satisfaction to
thic that mav fcvoi- hii with their patronaje
rini'1-ntr.v ' -INO. W. SPKRAS
" ni:. j. w. gijav.
OiSce in McCoabs' Nov? Bailding, oa Cierry Street
dnli 12m UrsintjcrK
Sti:a yud.-a uxnii it ay ai.Aiin aiiout
clht vean. ild, tificcn lianil high, heavy inane und
tail, rae .ind foot white, snppo'el to be wilh !ojl. Infor
mation of tte animal will be liberally rewarded by c-ilhpg I
at Price's Livery ptible. Novl? tl. i
SALE. Tin tind.-rfgniil nlTers for sale his residency I
rSprinp or t'bureh Street, with tho furniture if desired. I
Terms made known on atiphciition to
Orln mT absonceto G. M. l'OlKl.
tin 17 tl j
X N 'i.i'.Vl I-.Ti 1 ljustj!. t'i iii.'sr..-nr;
J res.ee fully beg leave to make known to the pubhfl
that weluve d'is.-aided from our tlrg Store all 1 a.eut
Kud Vropnelorv Medicine, and henrrfnrlh will not engage
in the sale of tneiu. Our whole Ht'ention will be den ti-d
b. ..f I irionm MprfiPini's. which I
wo wiu warrant to be ot the pur.st quality.
Particular aucji'.ui given to hlling Dills mid Prescriji- ,
t Ions. Our iirii.es il! bi ljitad tu be a l.itv as the loutst.
us we are deleriniu-I i'..t to bt undersold by any in this
market. We Keep no cleik. m our emjiloy bo: lluueex-
perienced in the biisinc-.
In conlirnutii.u 'iif ilic ab ve facts, nil r.re invited to call
and see for themselves SI KETCH A OKU,
Wholesale and Retail Dturjist.s, con.er College mU
Union streets. Nashville. nnV7
TjjIIIIL'JlATI.S.U. I'll t.l JIAI'I..1
JL Vj be cured, eiiher intlammaiori , .ico'e I or cliromc. No
matter w hat tonu of the disease, lu li.,d or h.iw lo-g
rtanditj, bv the Uvs of that Celebrated igelabie Inter, ml
reme-lv, ibniimore's Rheumatic Con.puui.ti und l'.ivsid
Puriher." For salebv the only Agent, it. rashville,
novt9 " 11 i). SQUVKI..
Oit ri:xt A uiticic iioi'si5S"itm
SEVEN iiOO.MS, KITCiit'.N, Ac. N'o. U Vine vice,
between Ch-irch and Broad Notes with the most approved
ecurity ns-.uiit.sj Apply at ollice No. Chem st.
; R. W. BROWN.
deed. Red Estate Agent.
MEKICAN SOAI'. iOi'Lsixis Arueiicaii Cream
Soap, in bar., li"i bbls American laundry Soap, in
muss. Wan anted to do the work of the laundry, iu cold
water, either s-ft, hard, or salt. 1'orsilo bv
epu4 W II GOUnON I-CO.
CnV.1I FAUN E. 100 i sfvlls CliAS.
Uudsick A Oi.'i Champsgtie, a dirs importation,
and the best braud evr brought to this market. Justre
selvcd and for sale by
J.cS lOjUUSIlUillU.
j rpiIE great Remedy for Rheuroattsm.Gout, pain In the Sid
L Hin. Hack. Linibs and joints. Scrofula. Nine's Evil
White Swellings, Hard Tumors, Stiff Joints, and;all filed
pains whatever. Where this Plaster is applied I'afn canuot
These Plasters possess the advantage or being put up in
air-tight boxes ; hence they retain their full virtues in all cli
m lies.
This celebrated Pain Extractor has been so extensively
u .ed by Physicians and the people in general, both in this
country and Europe, that it is almost needless to nay any
thing about it Vet there may bo some, who stand in need
of its healing powers who have not yet tried it. For their
s ikes we will simply state what it has done in thousand of
cases, and what it will do for them when ried.
Head the following testimony from a Physician.
GzNTLEMETf. Your Hebrew Plaster has cured me of pains
ol wmcn i iiave suuereu. ior weiveyeurs pasi. iiiruig iuis
tried many remedies that my own medical experience Rug-
tested, but without obtaining relief. At length lused your
PI ister, and am now by its good effects entirely cured,
will recommend the Jew David or Hebrew Plaster to all
Mr 10 are suff.-ring from contraction of the muscles, or perma
n ;nt pains in the bide or back.
The people ofGeorgiahave but to become acquainted with
8 virtues when thev will resort to its use.
Yours, truly,' M. W. WALKER, .M. I).,
Forsyihe, Monroe county, Ga.
To Messrs.Scovil 4 Mead, NewOrleans, La.
Messbs. Scovit & Mr.Aii: 1 have been troubled with the
chronic rheumatism for the last twelve j cars. On tlie 1st ot
-uly lSJy, I was so bad that I could not turn my.self In bed,
and the pain so severe that I had Lot slepta wink for six day;.
At this time my attending Physician prescribed the "Hebrew
Plaster," and it acted like a'charm; the pain left me and I
slept more than half of the night, and in three davs I was
able to rice out. 1 consider the "Hebrew Plaster'' the best
remedy for all sorts of pains now in ue
Hendersonville, X. C, Aug. 16, 1650.
tsr tsr isr !r sr iw tsr
Heware of counterfeits and base imitations!
pgr" The genuine will in future have the signature E.
Taylor on the steel plate engraved label on thu top of each
Purchasers are advised that a mean counterfeit of this ar
icles is in existence.
The genuine is sold only by U3, and our agents appointed
hruughout the South and no pedlar is allowed to sell it
Dealers and purchasers generally are cautioned against buy
ingof but our regular agents, otherwise they will be imjws
ed upon willi a worthless article.
forsaleuy stuviii & jieaij,
111 Chartres street, New Orleans.
General Wholesale Agentsforthe Southern Slates, to whom
all orders must be addressed.
Sold by EW1N, DKOWX A Co., Nashville, Tenn.
AV. W. & J. H. BERRY, do;
J. M. ZIMERMAX & Co., do;
iulyl-dtww U. G. SCOVEL, do.
Till invnluableCordl.il, is extracted from Herbs and Honts,
which have been touud alter) ears of experience, by the moat
tillful Ph sieiam, t be pnsesed of qualities moat bene
ficial In thu diseases for which itls recommended, and hence
h!Ut it is presented to Iho public as an elliciciuus remedy,
it ii alj- known to bo of thai character oil which ruliaiue
may tio placed as to its sifety. In eases of Impoteney, He
morrbages. Disordered Slertility, Menstruation, or-Suppren-sionofthu
Mensns, Flour Albus or hlta, or lor
arising; from snycauso, such as weakneaj from sickness,
where the pslieut has been confined to bed for some time,
for Females after cnnltneni'nt. Abortion or Miscarriage, this
Cordial cannot be excelled in ltssilutary cEcctsiorln lots of
Muscular Energy, Irritability, Physical IiOitiati1n, Semi
nal Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart, Indigestion. Slug
gishness, lteia) of the Procreatlve Functions, Xervouness,
Ac. whore a toric . Medicine Is required, it will bo found
equal, if not superior tn any Compound ever used.
To l""eniale.
Henry's Inilsorating Cordlat, Is oneofthe most valuable
Medicines in the many CoiupHlnts to which Females are
sut.Ject It aaslsta nat-ircto bracethe wtole systsm, check
etcess, and creates renewed health and happiness. Less
stiuorlng. disoasa and unhappiness among Indies would ex
ist, werethey generally to adopt the us of this Cordial.
Ladles who are debilitated by those obstructions whiih fe
males are liable to, are restored by tho use of a bottle or two,
to bloom and to tgor.
Young 3Ieu:
That solitary practice, so fatal to the existence of man and
it Is the oil ix who aro must ap'.to become its viciims, from
an ignorance of the dujer to w hich they subject themselves,
Nervous Debility,
Weakness of the Sistem, and 1'rematnre Decay. Many of
you mav noif Lesufierlng, misled as to tho cause or source
of disease. Tothose,then,whoby excess have brought on
themselves Premature Impoiency, Involuntary e!nlnal
Kmlssions, Weakness au l.-hrivellingof the Genital Organs,
Nervous Affection, or mil otherconseauencesof unrestrain
ed Indulgence of the sensual pisslons occasioning the ue-
cessiiy of renouncing the felicities of
leenlu2 both mental and bodily capacity. Hold I Henry's
luvIgorallngCordial, a .Medicine that is purely Vegetable, j
will aid nature to restore thr,s3 important functions Ma
health) stale, an' will provo of sen ice to you. It pojsoiiei
rare virtues, is a general repiover of disease, and trenglh- '
ener of tbosji'.em.
As a Tonic Zlal!c4llO.
itlsunnrpssed We do not place this Cordial on a footlnir '
Kith quack medicines, and. as Is customary, append a Ions j
ll-t of Keeorameiidationn, Certificates, S-C, begiunlng with I
'Hear what the Preacher sajs," and such like; It is not nec-
piary,for '-Henry's Invlgoratinir Cordiat," only needs a i
trisl to provo that It will accomplish all we say. I
The Genuine "Henry's Invigorating Cordial,"
Is put upin 8oz I'annel Bottles, and is easilj rocosnlzed b
the Mai.ufjcturer'slenature on the label of each Boule, (to i
counterleit which IsfJ.'gcry,) as well as the name blown in I
the glass.
11 P Sold for SJ por Moltle: Six f r SB S16 pr dozen.
Prepared only by S E.COHEN, No.3 Franelin Kow. Vine
street, below higtitb, FluUdelphia, Pa., to whom all OK. j
1IKKS must be aJdrosed. For sale hy all respectable Drug.
gists amt Merchants throuahnut thecDuniry. i
Forfale attlie Patent Medicine Dcp-t,No. 12 College St.,
by J. P. D-onieoole, whole?nle .tgent fortha State, and only '
tgent In Nashsille. I
dacll Oin dAtw. 1
LANDa. NEGROES AND S'lOCK; iu lots to suit
purchasers. On Wl-.DNESDAY, the lsth JANUARY,
1S.VJ. and djvs follonin'r. at 1 Tit LIU AUCTION, at
CooservilIe, near Cheiokee Ford, Hroad River, Union Dis-
trict. South Carolina, will lasitively be sold to the highe.-t
bidder, the following described valuable property, vie
1st. IRON WORKS, at Cherokee t..rd, Uroad river,
with all tlie Mills, Fiirraces, Sliop, Hotel. Slore, and other
building!-; also the Dam across llrosd river, and the privi
lege ot the ch?iter, together with a tract of Land, of from
2, ii-" to 8,om acres, immediately around the t orks, and on
both sidesof the river.
2d. Eight thous.md acres of LAND, in Spartanburg, Un
ion and orfc Districts, inlotsoffrom ISO lo fiOd acres.
X U. plats will befurni?hed atthetimeof sale.
8d. Sixiy-scTen NEGROES, corsisting ot 40 prime, able
bodied Men", many of them mechanics aud expert workers
in iron, and 27 Women and Children.
4th. All the STOCK at the Woiks, consisting of Cattle,
Mules, Wagons und Patterns;
liar Iron, Nails and Castings,
Oats, Corn, Hay and Fodder;
Merchandise, such as is u.-ually kept in a country store;
Hotel and House Furniture.
Tna-us For the Iron Works aud the linds, oue-rourth
cash, balance by bonds payable in one, two and three years,
with intere-t trom da) of sale, and secured by a mortgage
of the proper I v.
For ihe Negroes, one fourth cash, and the balance by
bonds payable in twelve mouths, with intercstfiom day of
oale, aiid'approved personal j-eenrity.
For thefsiock, Ac, cash, orapproved notes, at six months,
witli interest from d.iv of sale, and made payable at the
Hank of Chester, at Chestcrville, S. C.
Purchasers to pay lor tides, Ac
The sale -i ill commence ai Coopcrville, at 1 1 o'clock, a. m.
on Wediie.sil.iv, the lfcth Jaiman, and nill be contin
ued from day to day until the whole propertr is i-old.
Persons w'l.sbiug to atlend the sale, can be accomodated
with good boaid at Limestone Springs, about six miles from
CoopervUie, where the salo will take place. Coopervillehes
betn cen Yoi I: il!c an t Spartanburg Court House.
For further particulars upplv to
WM. U ' HERI0T, Charleston,
or to A. M. LATHAM, Cooperville, S. V.
decO trwtd.
No. 22 Cedar Stbect.
.1) icsnectfullv inform all who have any use
fur the services of a ltarber, that he has at th'S time
in his employ a number of tho best aud most experienced
operators that ever handled a razor or a pair of shears in
Nashville. 1 lis shop is fitted up iitAtly, and gentlemen may
alwavs conGdeutlr rely upon prompt aticntion and enmfor-
lle hopes io column? in receive imerai
' . r . - ..li: . 1 i: .U
d-ors. of ennmiraireiiieiit from an iutellicent public that
knows how t. discriminate boineen "gilt and gold o'er
duMed." uuglT
oxfzoxt. xzm: bj:oad shikkv.
nil''. CuKjti ilmr resnectfullv returns his
t? thanks to the r-ublic f.r past (avors, and so-
fcJ thanks!
IJt hcitsac
lir.e. .lis
icoritmiianccot pati-onagcin the aUive L
Together w ith evei v Je?cr.puon of .Metal; Turnings Metal
1 ic Pnckii.. l!..'.bit Metal and Castings.
1 Soda r.aints, Gcnerxors. Ale l'miiis, and Pumpsof eve.
i ry de-eiiptioiiiuaiiiit-iolitreil lo order, or repaired ai short
1 u'ot'w. " , , . , .
Casli wdl be paid at all tunes for old copperand brassy
jiinee-.'-isly B. COLE.
The subscriber offers tor side his residence, situ- fejjli
ated about $ miles trem Nashville, on the Murfrees- J-L-,
boro' funipike. It consists of about 00 acres, one-half in a
I hieli state ot cultivation, the balance woodland; three never
tailing pnr.gs; an extensive urcuaru,couuiimui;agieai ni
nety of choice fruit-trees; wilh commodious dwelling and out
houses. A further description is unnecessary, as those de
sirous to purchase can call and examine for themselves.
Terms Oue-third cash, and a credit of one and two years
oa thebalauce. It not sold privately before the 1'jthinst,
the premises will be offered at public sale at the Court-house
on that dav. novtt tt S. J . CARTER.
rooms, Ac, on the Murfree.boro' Pike. 1J miles from
Nashville dcc7 B- A. BALLOWE, General Agent
Stiff Jointed, can tind relief in that External Remedy,
Ciiincso Itlicutiiatic Autcilote !
A world's wonderful external Remedy, for man In tha
read ful dis 'ase Thi'tiheuroatlsin!
"See dying vegetables life sustain,
See l'fo disiolvln; vegetate again;
All served, all s rviug, nothing stands aLne
Where fierce Kheumalism Us antidote must own.
The nerves, tendons, ligaments, fibrous membranes, apn
ciroses,and mus ics, are the soots of Kheumatlc Pains
Tic Doloreux, Neuralgia, Gout, Spasms, Palsy, loss of Mm
eular Power, wasting and djeay of the muscles, Niimbn-si
I nihility to move, Nervous Headache, Crick in the Neck,
Ptln"Joliits,deepeeated Pains and Soreness, habitual Coll
Feet, Pains In tno Side, the hip joints aud small of the hark,
weaknesslof the kl.luejs, spinal irritation, Fomale Irregular
ities, swelled Juinls, nervous organic disorders, cramp c.I
ic, vomiting, dead palsy, contracted limbs,, flic. Now we
appeal to
Jilen of Refiiicinciit
Tiohavea Jutt appreciation of Truth, and ask them In
all candor if th) above Is not trao J That being granted,
we now propose to ast you why Is it that internal remedies
arealways resorted to In tha treatateni ot such diseases 7
Why give a mvn a dozen nauseating doses of medicine for
a swelllcg ortho ancle! Why pnysle a Tan to death fora
few pains? Whvgtveatnan pills tor an affection of the
muscles 7 An, inenns,"i5e sure it eive oue pin every
hour"has slain lis tiiousauus. Mian's stuiuacn was noi ue
signed for the purpose of a drug More.
Seize Upon Truth
wherever you find It. Weonera mdiclae which will not
devour jo.lr stomach, It will not interfere with yourregnlar
Iood.lt will not prevent a healihy asimilailon of your di
gestive apparatus, but it Is a powerful external stimulant,
whlchonens the tores of the skin, excites the a'jsoibeni
system, penetrate, the nerves, muscles, and tendons and
Heamenta ofthepans to whieh It la applied, producing a
a iree circulation oi oioou mroua ia pans, auiuuiiiiiug
the nerves, revivifying and building up the deaioued tls
cues to which itls applied.
The Chinese RhctiuiaticAittldotc
s tho only known remcdylnthe world that will actually
and positively restore loss of power and energy to a palsied
limb, replace the deadened, contracted limb, with llf ami
activity, remove alt nervoua obstructions, muscular con
tracllonsand distortions, loss of leellng in the extremities.
In health, there must ba an equillorlam In the nervous and
circulatory s)stem,and this iuutbo brought about byex
tzrnal applications.
Weknow that our theory Is a neono, ard will have Its
enemiea, jet we appeal to every man's candid Judgment,
and ask him iritis not the most reasonable treatment ever
offered to man 7 Doubtless you will pay, jes. Our plan
has been fairly tested, and given universal tatlsfactlon. Id
the treatment or the dlsoasas lorhichltis recommended,
It Is creating a perfect revolution.
" Throw Physic to the Dogs t
liut man oh, most noblo structure ! you wore deitlnod
to live a longer aud happier life I
Ilhoiimalisin in ail its Fornix,
even ortwenly years standing, jlelds at once to the magic
charms of this truly astoulshin; and wonderful external
combination. All persons effected with Gout, Itheumatlc
Pains, Miff Joln.s, Contracted and Distorted Limbs, Hump
Back cau-c d by muscular contractions, and lo.s of nervous
energy, habitual cramps and Spasms, lots or muscular mo
tions, spinal irritation, weakness lu the small of the back
deep seated pains and so encasin the breast, stomach, side
and loins, wasting awayand shrinking of any of tnoliinbs
and muscles, are all tpaodily and permanently cured by the
use of one bottleorihis mediclue.
Neuralgic Pains,
aslnkingatthsstomach, palp tallon of the hesrt, sick and
nervous hecdach-, cold (ert, pains In the bowels au stom
ach, coin, can all be immediately cured by rubbing the
extern il jiirtjce with a small portion of this b.ghiy codcju
traled ooJIilnal compound.
The External Itemed y for JIau
Is destined to create a new era In medical science. The
wonderfully constructed
3Iachiue ofinti
Is easily deranfld, and the slightest luterferenca at head
quarters (the stomach) Interferes with the tuuctioaal duties
oteltherone of Us organs, producing an unnatural aad un
healthy condition or man throughout.
Then why draff out a mlserabla existence, by goiy'ng
yourself with -a dose of medicine everj hour," Jut because
it is prescribed by one of the -'regular built f" Beware,
young lady, joan,j man, of so much '- pjlsonous mineral
lothersanil I'atheis,
who have In their fatnlliss any longstanding cases of Kheu
matlsm, fiout, .eural;a. contracted limb, femalo weak
ness, weakness all along the back, pain around the kl-Innys,
deep seated BOreness In the breat, a- d f 11 deep seated pains
we advise you tosend toour asentand procure a bottle
oftho new artule, the new inodd of treat, ng such diseases,
and h ill find relief never be I ore known.
Physicittn Ileal Thyself!
If you are sutTering with any oftho above complain' s, resort
to this remedy, and af er you aro cured recommend It.
The two greatest mfdical men ot the nee eay, "that the
External Treatment otdi.casesis destmed to create anow
era In the history of Med.cal Sel-snre " Auotherwritarsays,
"this treatment Is fast commending itself to the Medica
Chronic Itheiitnritisni
Is cured In all cases, by using this medicine.
Ye who are usiugjour crutches, hobbling along through
this troublesome world, wlih a "stitch Iu the sidn" and a
"catch in the back,' will find certain and permanent to
ller tn this External .Medicine. j
If there be an such In the city ot Nashville ant" surrounding J
country, we aitmonish you to o to our Agent and procure
a pamphlet and a bottle or tho Chinese Kheuinatlc AntiJo'e.
Put up in larec Bnttles, with simple and plain directions, I
and told at S3UUpcr Lottie: twobotties for $i00. j
A. S. YOU ATI sV CO ; Proprietor, Maiden Lane, X. V , J
to whom all orders should ba addressed j
For sale in Nashville by J. P. DK0MG00LE,
noi2t d&w Only Acent, No. 12 t'ollcgoslrjet. '
THE undersigned would respectfully in- vSi
form their triends and the public that ff'Ct-
thev havetakenthe old stsnd of C. T. Watson, No.S4,
Deaderick St.. where thev intend to carrv on COACH MAK
ING in all its branches. We will keep constantly on hand i
an assortmeulof Carriaire-s, wlncli sse svill dUp-a nru
rea-souabie terms. Carriages of every description mmla to
order promptly. Ilepairiug done on reasonable terms, and
the public may rely upon getting their work when promised.
Work entrusted to us wiu be warranted to be of tho best
workmanship and materials.
J3?II LACKS M1THING. Every description of BLACK
SMITH'S WOKK executed in the best manser on liberal
nj"H0RSE SHOEIXG We have in our employ experi
euced HORSE SHOERS, and the public may relvon geti-'r?
their horses shod in thcneatet manner. All workert vittv
toourciirc will be under theimmediato superinti;d. a. il
the Proprietors, and no pains or expense spared to give sat
islaction to all. We respectfully solic ill rom the public a
liberal share of their patronage.
No. 5 Clack Stkjiet, NAsnvuxs, Texx.,
Ariir tu Jf. S. Frensh't ifroe--y Warehovif, and op
poriU Morris it itrJtion's
LL kinds of carriages for sale, with liaruei- 6.
J to suit. All work sold by me is made at SikS&Z
the Clark Street Manufactory, and warranted, and will be
sold on as good Terms, (or Cash or good notes, as any work
made North or East.
Repairing done with promptness and dispatch, and all
persons leaving v.-.irfc to repair mar rely on getting it when
promised. All orders promptly attended to. fm.trl5.
S.-.0 ItEWAUI).
KAXAWAY from tlie subscriber on the night of
the 3rd iii-t., his negro boy AMOS. He is about "n
20 vears of age, 5 feet it or lo inches high aaifweighs J,
about 130 pounds. He is a bright mulatto, hat straight
hair and blue eyes, and will no doubt attempt to pass him
self as a white'man. He was raised by a Mr. Dickey, of
Spartanburg District, and wa3 purchased bv Capt. James
Bonds of Spartanburg C. H. He is probably lurking iu
the vicinity of that town, or may attempt his escape to a
free State. He rode oil' a sorrel horse ten or twelve years
old, which has a scar on both shoulders caused by warts,
and is shod behind, is quick in gaits and stops short, holds
a tine head, is sunk very much above the eves and inclines
to be spiteful. The above reward or FIFTY DOLLARS
will be given forthe apprehension of the boy and horse;
the ooy to ue lougeu in auy jau ui uie -3u.it. Bpc,ieo
for keeping the horse will also be paid.
dewberry, Is. u. Jiuy,
sept I t
Barbora, Ilair-DreSMr?, &c, &C,
A't. IS, Cedar fti-est.
HAVE opened their new es'ab!isliment,and ofJVr to their
customers and the public in gtneial inducements nev
er before offered in this city. Having newly titted up our
house, we feel confident that nil who give us a call will
leave well satisfied. In addition to Baibenng, H.iir-Dresv
ino-, Ac, we bare large, commodious and miuly tuniished
Bath-liooms. These aro the ittiest in the city, and as to
convenience and comfort, cannot bo surpassed ia the coun
try. Whi'iopussing, gentlemen and patrons, just step in
arid see with w hat magic we "make the hair ily," and what
a salutary effect our pure water has upon a wearied and
colli bodv. ang3 If
r AND WARRANTS. We are buying and paying
J the very highest prices for LA-M) UAIlUAMa.
sons at a distance having warrants to sell Dy sending to
by mail or otherwise may depend on getting the highest
prices at which they are selling at the time in Nashvilie and
the cash remitted or paid to order.
X Ink; Arnold's Blue Fluid; Guizut's Carmine; Maynard
A Xoyes's Black, in all Si7ed bottles, Pavson's Indelible Ink
bv the dozen or single ooltle. For sale by
" nov6 CIURLES W. SMITli. College streeL
undersigned hereby gives notice that whereas on Ihe
loth day of December, i81S, there was issued by the Com
monwealth of Virginia, a Military Und Warrant, No- 6,290,
for 400 acres of Land to Peter Booth and Martha Porch the
heirs or legal representatives of Michael Booth, deceased,
late a Sergeant of the Contiuetal lino of Virginia, forer
vices rendered as Sergeant during the War in said Conti
nental line, which said Warrant was lost or mislaid, and
whereas on the 2Sth day of October, 1611, a duplicate War
rant was issued to said minors, wh ch said duplicate has
also been lostor mislaid, jnd whereas on the 7th dav of No
vember, 18&3, anotherdjplicate Warrant was issued tosaid
minors. 1 now therefore publish that I will make applica
tion to the General Land Office at Washington for scrip,
to be issued to me as the only surviving heir of the said
Micheal Booth, deceased, under act of Congress entitled
"An act making further provisions for the satisfaction ot
Virginia Land Warrants'approved Augiist 31et, 1852.
novl 8-tti w3ms. MallTH A POKCII.
Z3? The Washington Union will publish the above
three months, send paperand account to this office.
A large stock in store and for sale by
down Barry'aTrioopberous for the Hair. Just received
aadforeby iV STRTTOH ORB.
- ' - Tfiisf- l C.r "ii? J A f
Justly celebrated Medicine has for many years maintained
ltsauperiority over all oihcr remedies, Mr the t(e, certain,
speedy, and permanent cure ofAgueaud Kerer, or Chills
aud Feer, wbctner of short or long sUnding: and In no
case will It tail to cure,lf the directions are strictly followed
and carried out.
Tolas remedy has been extensively n'ol throughout tho
States of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Peons) Wa
rts, Michigan. Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri. Texas,
Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Lonislaqa: and has per
manently cured uVer riVE ucKDRtbTnocsixir-'eaMS, la all
its varied forms, many of which had been of from one to
three 5 ears' etandinir. and had resisted all Iho usual remo-
j .dies known lu the country; and in no caaa did this .Medicine
, fail where tha directions were properly followed. Such Is
us invariable success, that a lar-e number of respectable
Practitioners of Medicine, In various parts of the country,
use aud prescribe it In preference to quinine andall other
i he public are aured that It lanotonlv certain Inits cf-
ectsasaTonlcbutbelngcompnsed entirely of vegetable
medicines, is perfectly innocent In allcasaaor circura-
stances, andma bezlven to females. Infants, and all ner-
sona of debilitated and dell, ate constitutions, without the,
least iear wnaieeroi any unpleasant ececi.
This Medicine js coinuosed of articles of the nrlmest and
purest quality, and is always mado by the p -optletor In per
son, after tho e. tablished forms of pharuuey (which cannot
ne saiu ni trie many ionics nmv noodlng the u extern and
Southwestern Country) and Iu this rerpect alone is rendered
greatly superior to the remedies usually prepared and sold
In theeoactry.
By Its aperient and powerful diaphoretic properties, ad
ded to Its Tonic qnsltties. Il Is rendered eminently superior
to quinine and other remedies as a general and popular
Tonic In all cases whatever, where Tonics are proper, to be
administered. Tlie proprietor, therefore, respectfully In
vites practitioners and tha public generally to give it but a
falrtrial, and they will then be convinced of its zrexl supe
riority over ail other remedies now In use for the purpose
Prrsonsllvli.g In districts of country subject to Ague and
Fever, hills and Fever.or Bilious Pevers, would do well
to keep a supply of this valuable remedy alwajs on hand.
The proprietor has now In his possession tbonscn'lsor cer
tificates of lis value, given by persons who have used it. with
many loners from merchants who have sld it largely in
their country, as well as from many rej eetab e Practloneri
who have used It iu proferenco to other remedies, at'estlnr
Its value. J P. OKOMGOOLK,
No 13, College street, Wholesale aud Retail Agent, Nash
ville, Tenn. decIO d&tri w.
I.ow'sviUe, Ky.
TR. L T. UNDERWOOD, having met
I 3 with imnfimllel.sd ftitspa in lh triaaf. -.1,':
mcntnl'lhe Ltein numerous casesofiiillama-
lioD, and having succeeded in restoring sieht ''HTr$v
in many others when it was apparently extinct, without the
use of surgical instruments, continues to devote himself to
In addition to the extraordinary success which has at
tended his practice in Diseases of the Eye, he has been no
less successful in treating other d-scases, esncciallr of a
chronic chancer.
A number of patients, residing in Louisville, afflicted
with diseased eyes, whose cases hive been pronounced ia
curable by other physicians, have been restored to siB'ht by
Dr. Underwood, who begs leave to refer to them.
dec2S 3m.
celebrated Peacock Plows, assorted numoers. iust re
10J Plows Tennessee manufacture, in store and for sale
Cone one Como .ill ! This Beck shall fly
From its firm bass as soon cs I !!!
THE subscriber respectfully announces to the denizens of
Nashville and surrounding countrv that he has now on
hand, and receiving additions dailv, a large stock ot Gents
and Winter wear.
Amang which May be found: Fine Black and Illue Cloth
Cloaks, f-panish do, "Opera and Congress Coats, Double do,
Black, Blue, Brown aud Olive Over Coats, Sack, Paletots,
Hot, Frock and Dress Coat, Business do., and other sty lea
and colors too numerous to mention.
Pants and Vests of ever style and color, to suit the most
Likewise, a general assortment of CHILDREXS'
CLOTHING. Fine Shirts, Under-Shirts, Drawers Suspen
ders, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Hats, Caps, Trunks,
Valises, Carpet Bag, Ac, Ac
Country Merchants, iu particular, are requested to call
and examine my stock before purchasingelsewhere
septlS L. TOWERS,
No 31, Market St, opposite Union Street.
X. B. Xottobesold or undersold by any man or com
bniationofraen. " L. P.
J. II. Burrotvts I'ntent Plantation
mill." .Mllldlffers from all others In the construe tlon of
i- the upper or Runnine Stone, which is composed oi
French liurr Rlocka, enclosed In a cast iron Case, which
forms the back and hoop of the Stone with a Cast Iron Kye.or
Bush, thanisofsroater external diameter at ibe bottom that
at the top, which Is secured to the back by four bolts, so that
every block Is In the form or a dove tail which elves greater
strenzth to aStonetbananyother method which is required
In small mills, where the stone is run with great speed, and
hecomesdangerous If not strongly made. It also gives any
weight to a stone oTsmall diameter that Is required without
having Hthick or high, that makes It topheavy.
This mill is a squaro frame made of wood or cost Iron, in
the form of a busk, with Hridge-tree, Spindle Balanco, King
Driver, and Regulatlns Screw, and grinds unon the same
principle as a Iari,e mill, differing only In the Knnner Mone;
this being of great weiziit enables It to grind nearer the cen
ter a greater qiiantin ofgraln withle-s power than any other
mill now In use. This mill Isportabla,and may beattached
to steam, water, horse or hand power.
AI.SO, all sizes of Erench liurr -Mill btonee, manufactured
on tho same principle.
Joseph H. Burrows, of Cincinnati, Is the Inventor, for
which he obtained Letters Patent In 142. ForalllnfriDge
ments tho purchaser will be held responsible forthe right
These Mills do nn require a Millright to set them np; and
all that Is necessary iu put them in operation. Is to attach a
hand to the pulley on the spindle, with a drum sufficiently
large to run a twenty-four inch Mill S40 revolutions per
mlaute, attached to Gin, Steam, or Water Power. By the
steady application of two herse power the Mill willgrind six
to 8 bushels per hour of good meal' aud will grind wheat
as well as corn. The thirty Inch mill, if put to its fullest
speed, wli' grind from ten to fifteen bushels per hour.
Tlie.se mills are warranted to be In every respect as recom
mended. Direction's roa tigma. Place yourmlllaboutSOfeetfrom
the Driving Pulley in a level position; make the belt of
leather six or elcht Inches wid. Give tho Ktone240 revolu
tions a mluuto with the sun. Keep the neck and step of
the spindle well oiled. Itaco tho slur on the back of the
Running Stone. In the samo way as thu Cross on the Driver,
that Is,theway they are trimmed to rnn.
Kefar to Thos. Patterson, Esq., of Highland county, Ohio,
Jesse Heal, Esq., of Clinton county, Ohio; C. S. Bradbury,
Ksq , of Cincinnati, and a number of others.
All orderadlreetedto JOHN E. BOO.MAX,
N. 52 l.roadway, Nashville, Agent for Mlddleand East
Tenr.ossee, or J. H. BUltltoWS,
JcnSS il. tr-w. & w. ly. West Front st.CIn.O,
Skellon Dcmcss, adm'r, Ac, 1
James Russe'l and other, heirs December Rules, 1853.
r.f Hannah Russell, dee'd. J
BEFORE the Clerk and Master or the County Court of
Davidson County. Oil motion, and it appearing to
the satisfaction ofthe Clerkth.it the following defendants
in the above cause, to wit. Helen Dawson, who resides in
the rtite of Missouri, und Andrew Kusell, Jackson Russell,
and Wesley Rus.scll, the three last being children of Miles
Ru'sell, dec'd, and residents of the State ot Kentucky, are
non residents of ihis State, acd that the usual process of the
Court can not be served upon them, it is, tberetore, order
ed that publication be made in some paper for thirty days, i
requiring said defe "dants to appear at the February term of
said Court, to be held at the Court House in the town of I
Nashville, on the hrst Monday in 1-ebrmiry, 18ol,and plead
answer or demur to the peiitiou, otherwise the same will be
taken for confessed and set for hearing tr parte as to them.
dec23 -tri w until 1st Feb. Clerk.
Pine Apples in glass jars. Just received and for sale
' Peaches in glass and in tin canisters Hermetically
sealed. For sale by nov2!'.J GEORGE GREIO.
JO hand and for sale an assortment of hue Brandies and
Wines, of every variety, which for quality is warranted
equal to any offered in mtrket and sold wholesale or retail
at tho former low price-by nov29. GEO. GREIG.
ldTTourbon WHISKY.-A few HLS.
ol extra quality Bourbon Whisky. Just received and
. foisaleby nov2U. GEORGE GREIG.
J"' a-sfortmcnt of extra tine Black and Green Teas, war
rauted superior by nnv2tt-T GEORGE GREIG.
choice selection Uavanna and Principi Cigars bv
CEIVEOand forsaleby nov28 GEO. GREIG.
Apple Cheese, of extra quality, made ia Uoshen, New
York, in store and tor sale by
SUGAR. 200 lihds Prime New Sugar;
50 barrels Clarified Sugar; 60 barrels Loaf Sugar;
50 do Crashed do; 10 do Powdereddo;
Just received and for sale by EDWARDS A HARRIS.
may 22
IGARS. 20,000 Genuine Havana Cigars;
100,000 Imitation do do;
1QU coxes otaiee vigors; ior sale bv
mmmmm i medicinal, i 'j
Caught, CuUU, Inf.uenza, Atima, JtroncJiitii, tpittinf a
Blood, aiul all other Lung Cmplaints tending to
READER! have you a Cough, which you are neglecting,
under the idea that it is only a common cold, that it
will soon "wear itself out?" Let a friend fell you, in all kind
ness, whit will soon be the probable result.
In a short time, if you continue to neglect yourself, you
will begin to feel a sense of tightness end oppression across
the chest, accompanied with frequent sliarp darting pains.
Then a dry, backing Cough will set in, and when you raise
anything irwill be a thick and yellowish, or white frothy
matter, streaked, nerhans. with blood. If vou still take no
medicine, these unpleasant symptoms will increase, and you
will soon have Hectic Fever, Cold Chills, Night Sweats, Copi
ous Expectoratiou, and then Great Prostration. If you stilt
neglect yourself, a few weeki or months will see you consign
ed to the grave, leaving your friends to mourn how rapidly
CONSUMPTION did its work, aud hurried you awav.
Friend! lave you no cause to te alarmed? In the above
sketch you may see us in a glass, how every case of Con
sumption progresses, with more or less rapidity, to a fatal
termination. Of all the Thousands and Millions whom this
great Destroyer haj gathered to the. tomb, every single case
began with a Cold If this had been attiuded to, all might
have been well but, beingneglected, under the fatal delusion
that it would " wear itself," it transferred its deadly action
to the substance of the Lungs, exciting there the formation
of tubercles. Another, and another cold added fuel to the
dame, until these tubercles began to soften and suppurate
eaving, by their ulceration, great cavities in the Lungs. A
his crisis, the disease is very difficult of cure, and ottentima
sets at defiance all human means.
In the latter or worst stage, this medicine will oftentimes
arrest the disease, or check its progress, and will always
make the patient more comforts -lie, and prolong his life, and
is therefore worthy of a trial; but in its incipient or forming
periods, Consumption is as curable as any other disease, and
"Dr. Rogers' Syrup of Liverworlh, Tar, and Canchalagua,"
if taken at thU time, will cure it pg- AS SUIJELY AS IT
IS TAKEN 1 This is strong language, but we can refer
you to numbeiiSs living witnesses to prove that it is TRUE!
And therefore, we earnestly exhort every man, woman and
child, who has a Cough, or is subject to Colds, to keep med
icine by you in the house; and whenever you take Cold, do
not "let it alone" to work mischief in your system, but eradi
cate it thoroughly, at once, by this power, fiilly healing com
pound and leave ) our I.uiigs uninjured, to carry you in full
vigor to a good old ago!
Have you dclicala, weakly children, who are always taking
cold, and subject to Croup? Kemember! There never was
case of Croup, which did not originate in a Cold! And
wheu your child goes to bed wheezing and coughing, you
know not that, before morning, Croup may not set iu, and
ero you can get a Phvsician, your dear child may be beyond
the reach of help. We beseech vou therefore, as you value
the lives of your children, keep this medicine bv you in the
house, and when your little' ones take cold and commence
coughing, give it to them at once, and rest not until the ougb
is entirely subdued. We conscientiously nver, afler the
most extended experience, that if this advice were followed
no child need ever
for the cold would be cured, before it could arrive at this ag
gravatcd and fatal stage. Let every Mother, especially, heed
well these remarks, that she may not hereafter, when mourn
ing over the early blight of some cherished blossom, have
occasion bitterly to reproach herself for her criminal m-s
It is an old adase, that "to be torwarned, is to tie torearn d.
Parents! so let it be in your case.
Be sure to ask for Dr. A. Rogers' Syrup of LIVERWORT,
TAR and CANCHALAGUA, and let no other be palmed on
111 Chartres Street, New Orleans,
Wholesale General Agents for the Southern States, to whom
all orders and applications foraiencies must beaddressed.
Also sold br BERRY A DEMOVAL,
julyl. Agrots.JB
Atlanta, July 15. 1353.
CATHOLICON, tor the relief and cure ot" suffering
females, it stancs pre
eminent for Its curative
powers in ail diseases for
which it Is recommended,
Female Complaints!.
Of these are Prolapsua
Uteri, or Falling of the
Womb; Flour Albus, or
Whites; Chronic Inflam
mation and Ulceration of
the Womb; Incidental He
morrhage, or Flooding;
Paii-ful, Suppressed, and
Irregular Menstruation,
Ac., with accompanying
evils, (Cancer excepted,)
no matter how severe or of
how ions standing.
The Catholi;on far sur
passes other rematMcs, in
Lein; more certain, less
expensive, andltavinc the
system lu a better condition. Let all Interested in such a
remedy call ana obtain a pamphlet (free) contalnius ample
praof, Irom highly respectable saurces, of thd happy rt suits
of its use, together with letters from first-class experienced
physicians, who have used it In their practice, and speak
from their own observations.
KiriRiNcn.-P B. Ptckbam, M. D., Utlca, N. Y-, L.D.
Fleming, M. I)., Canandaljua, S. V., M. II. HilIs,AI.D..
Rochester, X. v.. I) V. Foole, M. I)., Syracuse, N. Y , Prof.
Dunbar, M. I) , Baltimore. Md , J. C. Orrick. M. D., Balti
more. .Md., W. W. Iieeso, M. P., Xdr Vork City, W. Pres
cott, M. D , Concord, rt. II., J. P. Jiewland, .11. D., Ulica,
PamphleU had gratis at John P. Dromooolx's Patent
Mediciae House, College street, WLOIesale and KeUil
Agnt Nashville, Tennessee.
ALSO. For sale by
Da. F. S. Wolskidox, Franklin,
IsntxA. Rcelis, S ringfleld,
JiMtsT IUsuaw, Gallatin,
Cook dr. Ovin, Lebanon,
CaocktT & KiDDLt, Murfreesboro'.
Letter t&drttiti tJ .Vlisrs. Beach S; Broxnttr,Jlgentt at
jYtaberry C. II., S. C, 4y Jiec. C. S. Beard, tf an State.
Glenk Sraisos, Jan.9:h, 1K3.
Mes'rs. Bracii & Browmsos Sirs: I send lor another
bottle or your '-MarcElsi's Uterine Cathollcon." My wifo
has been ataicted for eleven years, and a variety of means
has been resorted to for relief, but none was obtained until
I received this medicine from you. Its influence seems al
most magical: there was a manifest improvement f om the
day It was taken.
As there are a great many females In our country laboring
under the affliction for which your medicine proposes a
remedy, I feel it a duty to recommend It to all such.
fSlfrned.l Clocoh S. BkaBD.
TT7 J. B MAKCHIFI tt CO., Proprietors, Central lle
ot, 304 Broadway, X. V. nuvSl.
I pot, sot I
JL yearsagobyDR-KlXKELIN. The oldest, surest and
' best hand to cure all forms of secret diseases of the skin, and
I soliUrr habit of youth, is DR. KINKELIX, X. W. corner
of Third and Union streets, bet.veen Snnice and Pine, one
and a half squares from Ihe Exchange, ladeiphia.
Tnkc Particular Notice. 1 here is a habit which
boys teach each other at the academy or college a habit in
dulged in when by themselves, in solitude, growing up with
the uoy to manhood, and which, if not abandoned in due
time, not only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial hap
piness, but give-s rise to a series ol protracted, insidious and
devastating affections. Few of those who indulge in this
pernicious practice are aware of the consequences, until they
tind the nervous system is shattered, feel strange and unac
countable feelings', vague fears in the mind. The individual
becomes feeble, he 1 unable to labor with accustomed vir.
or, or Ui apply uu iniuil iu aluuy, uiaepiiaiuy anuweak,
he isdull and iiresolnte, the countenance is doncast, the
cvc3 without natnral lustre, shamefaced ness is apparent.
Jhcte are tymptvm which should uvnktn th attention of
thorn similarly afflicted.
If the victim be conscious of the cause of his decay, and
having relinquished the odious practice, he suffers under
those terrible nocturnal emissions, which weaken and shame
him, producing mental and physical prostration. If he
emancipate himself before tlie practice has done its worst,
and enter matrimony, his marriage is unfruitful, and his
senses tellhim that this is caused by his eatly follies.
Too many think they will hug "the secret lo their own
hearts, and cure themselves. Alas. how often is thus n fatal
delusion, and how many n pnmiisingyouth, who might have
been an ornament to society, has faded from the eartld
Young Men! Let no false modesty deter you from
making your cast known to one who, from education and re
spectability, can alone befriend vou. He who places hitnsc-lf
under DR." KINKi-.LlN'S treatment, may religiously confide
his honor as a reiitlemsn. and in whose bosom will lie for
ever locked the secret of the patient.
rviini'ri- InralidH. Finding it inconvenient to make
personal application, can, by stating their cat explicitly, to
getherwith nil their symptoms, (per lettcrpost-paid,) have
forwarded to them a chest containing Ur. K.'s medicines,
appropriated accordingly, and be cured at home.
Stricture of ihe ureiha, weakness and constilutional de
bility, promptly cured, and full vigor restored. All letters
pvt'pttid. .
A remittance of 23 cents in n letter, past paid, ad
dressed to Dr. Kinkelin. Philadelphia, will secure his book
on the Secret Infirmities of Youth. i-eptl wly
For the cure of Painful and Disordered Menstruation,
Mn-carriage or Abortion, and the relief of all those
Sympathetic Nervous Affections attendant on
Much of the suffering attendant upon the lives of females
at the present day may lie traced to some slight imprudence
or neglect during some ct itical period of their peculiarsea
gons, causing obstructions, irregularity, Ac., which, if not
relieved, gradually weakens and deranges the system, and by
sympathy induces those chronic forms of disease Con
sumption, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Ac which either hurry them
to an early grave or render them invalids for life. Many ol
the fairest and loveliest of creation, at that age when the bud
was just bursting into bloom, have withered and died from
tie effects of obstruction, and the want of a remedy to assist
nature at that eventful period.
It is not offered as a cure of all ill that flesh is heir to,
but as a remedy and preventive for a certain class of com
plaints, in which it is warranted to do all that is here set
forth, or that medicine directed with experience and ski 11 can
perform. Sold by SCO VIL i MEAD,
111 Chartres street, Xew Orleans.
General Wholesale Agents for the Southern States to whom
all orders must beaddressed.
julyl ly dtwAw. .
native of BriesUr. iu the county of Oxford, Old fcug
Und, and some time since residing in Nashville, Tennes
see, will correspond with his friends in England, he will
hear of something to his great jfETT.
deS0-6tw Klngsvilla, Canada Wst
I"N VIGOR VTIXG CORDIAL, a Phenomenon In Medicine.
rtni-iMi .r-,-r. , t . ... I lVItOT,.
i - Health Restored ana Hie Lengthened, by
I For centuries. Madlcal science has been Tiniacaimr th
vegetable and mineral kingdoms, In search of s-imethlug that
I should restore tho lost or decaying, energies of the nervous
and muscular systems, without thedrawback of subsequent
prostration, which alt stimulants, tonics, and narcotics had
. heretofore entailed. That something has been found. Itls
. a vegetable production, brought from the sterile deserts ot
Arab a thoStony.bythe celebrated ProfessorM. Morse, well
I known as a distinguished member of the leading acleatlfl:
soct.nlcj or the Old World, and equally diatlnguUhcd as a
physician, a cnomist.ind a traveler. The Juices .f tkiaherb,
j concentrated and combined with other egetabld medicinal
uiAi. were deemed fabuloua. The public often deceived
could not believe the almplo and sublime truths announced
by the discoverer. But tacts, undeniablo facts attested bv
witnesses of the highest class and character, are now in
uintthlmr over all doubts. INitREUUi.trv ie r.i?n
! THltOWX,by a mass of testimony which Is perfectly Irre
slstable. '
Tha Kliiir remedies. In all ases, the deplorable evils
arising from a misuse or abate li.ho various organs which
make np the wonderful ma ui (called man. It restores to
-11 lixor every delicate miion connected with that mya
'".u. compound agency of matter and mind. neceasar to
lie reproduction of huiuau life. To persons of feeble mu
cuur inine. or draclentln vital power. It Is recommendad
aa the only means ot communicating that energy which it
necessary to thu proper enjoyment ot all the niiurtl appe
tites, as well as the higher mental attributes, lu beneacial
effects are not confined to either sex or to any ace. The fee
ble gi.l,lhe ailing wife, the lisiless,eruevated youth, the over
worn man of bustuess, the victim of nervous depression, the
Individual suffering from general debility, or from the
weakness of a single organ, will all find Immediate aud per
manent relief from the use of this Incomparable renovator.
To those who havo a predisposition to paralj.ls It will prove
a complete and unfailing ae;uardaeaiiut that terrible mal
ady. I here are many, perhaps, waohave so trifled with
thoir constitutions, that they think themselves beyond the
reach of medicine. Lei not even these despair. Tha Elixir
deals with disease as it eilsts, without reference to causes,
and will not only remove the disorder Itself, but
Rebuild thnBrokeu Constitution.
The derangements ol the sy.tem, leading to nervous dis
eases, and the forms oTnervous disease ilself, are so numer
ous that tt would require a column to enumerate, the mala
dies fur which this preparation Is a rpeelfls. A fesr, fauw
ever, may bo enumerated, vii: neuralgia, tic dolereaux,
headache, iucipient paraljsis, hysteria, palpltitlon o toe
heart, spinal affections, raiucular debility, tremors, flatu
lence, c pricklu; sensatiou Iu the flesh, numbness, torpidity
oftho liver, mental depression, weakness of the will, Indis
position to move, fainlnc;s afler exercise, broken sleep and
terrifjine dreams, inability to remalu in one place or posi
tion, weakre.s of th procreatlvs organs, sexual Incompe
tency, melancho'y, monomania, fluor albus, sinking at tho
at jmach, female Irregularities, a chronic tendency to mis
csrrhtee, emaciation, and all comtdalnu zruwlur ont cf a
free indulgence of the pinsious, end alt barreun-.s that
does D"t proceed from orgaaic causes beyond the reach of
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free from mal
formation or stricturat diseases it is averred that
Morse's Invigorating Elixir,
will replaco weakness with strength, Incapacity with edclen
cy, Irreg-jUr.iy with mi form and natural activity, and thu
not only without hazard of reaction, bat with a happy effect
on the geueral orgauizatioo. J r" Bear In mind taat all
maladies, wnerever tbuy begin, finish with the nervous sys
tem, and that thu paralizattiin of the nerves ot motion aud
ensatlon is pMiIcat death. L'ecrin mind also, that for eve
ry kind of nervous disease the Kiixir Cordial Is the only re
liable proparutiou known.
Cure of Nervous Disences.
No language can convey an adequate idea of the Irasiedi
ateand almost miraculous change which It occasions In the
diseased, debilitated and shattered nervous system, whether
broken down by excess, weak by nature, or Impaired by sick
ness, the uu.truiigand relaxed organization Is atonce braced
re-vivified and built up. The mental and ph)sieal ayiutnms
of nervous disease vanish together under its Influence.. Nor
isthe iffect temporary; on the contrary, the reliel Is perma
nent, for the cordial properties of thu mediclue reach the
constitution itself, aud restore It to lu norma) condition.
ell may the preparation be called the
.Medicinal Wonder. "
of the nineteenth centnry. It Is, aa tnoflrstsclentlflc man In
the world would have admitted, that miracle of medicine
heretofore supposed to have no exlstance.
A Stimulaut that Entails No Re-Actiou.
Its force Is never expanded, cats thnease with opium, alco
holic preparations, and all other excitants. Ihe effect of
these is brief, and ltiuaywell be said or him who lakesthem,
"Tho laststateof that man is woisa than the Hrst " But the
Kiixir Is an exhllerant without aslnjledrawback safe lmta
operation, perpetual In its happy influence npon the nerves,
the mind, and the entire organization; it will also remove de
pressions, excitement, a tendency to blush, sleeplessness,
dislike of society, Incapacity lor study or business.
Los of Memory,
Confusion, tlddinesa.rush or blood to the head, melancholy,
mental deollit, , cytleria, w retchedne,, thoughts of self de
struction, tear Of insanity, hypochondria.Is,dyspepsla gene
ral irostration, Irritability, nervousness, tuabill y to sleep,
diseases Incident to lemulea, decay of the prorogating func
tions, hjsleria, monomania, i aue terrors, palpitation of the
Heart, lmjioteucy, constipation, etc., etc., from whatever
rausearising Ills, if there isauy reliance lobe placedonhu
uan icstiuiuuy, absolutely lLfatlible.
A Grunt Medicine for Females,
The unparalleled effects of this (treat restoiadve. In al
complaints incident to females, maik a new era In the an
nals of me. ilcico. Thousands if stimulants have been lu
ventcd fousonds of invlgorantsccncocteu all purporting
tibe specified tn the variuUs olseases and derangement to
which too delicate formation of woman render her liable.
Trio result has hereto ore been uniform. Theso nostrums
hare Indeed Imparted a momentary vivacity to the nervous
) stem, a transient and delusive vigor to the muscles nut
this flssh or relief has been succeeded by a depression and
prostration greater than befare,and the end has loo ofteo
been utter. y to paralj is the recuperative powerof the nerves
and the vital organization, and Anally to uestroy the uaaappy
patient. Butln
Morse's Iii vlgnrntlng Elixir.
Is presented as a phenomena In the materia medica hitherto
uuhearl ol a stimulant without a reaction.
The herb which farms lu main ingredient, has been ad
milted by all the great medical and pnarmacentical ins'itu
tlonsorhoirope to belli this repectui generis. Dr. .Morse,
wbosaname ts an undisputed authority In sciences, discov
ered the production in Arabia, where his attention was eiti
tedby the wonderfully invigorating effects 11 prjdnced upon
the natives. In fact ine wonderful power or enduranct, the
exhaulless vigor exhibited by the Arab, or both sexes, In
theirdesert pilgrimages, la attributable to the use of this vi
talizing herb.
.An appeal is mado to
Every Woman of Sense,
who suffers from weakness, derangement, nervousness, tre
mors, pains In thu back, or any other disorder, whetherpeco
liar to her sex, or common in both sexes lo give the Invigo
rating Cordial a trial.
Mttrried Persons,
or others, will And this CordUl after they have used abottl
or two, a thorough regenerator of the system. Ia all direc
tions are to be luunl the happy parents or healthy offspring,
who would not have been 'O.bat forthis extraordinary prep
aration. Ana It is equally poienl for the many diseases for
which it Is recommended. Thousands of younr men have
been icstored by usiagit, anil notln a tingle Instance has It
failed to benedi them.
l'ersons of I'ale Complexion,
or consumptive habits, are restored by the uso of abottleor
two to bloom and vigor changing tho skin from apale,)el
low, slckl) color, to a beautiful florid complexion.
To the Misguided,
These are some of the sad and melancholy effects produced
by early habits or youth, viz. weakness or the back and
limbs, pains In the head, dimness of tight, loss of muscular
power, palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia, nervous irritabil
ity, derangement of the digestive lauciiuns,guneialdbldty,
avmiitoins of consumption, tve.
Mentally, the fearful effects on the mind are much to be
All thus
Itefore Contemplating Mnrringe.
should reflect that a sound mind and bod are the most nec
essary requisites to promote connubial happiness; indeed,
without these, tho Journey through life becomes a weary pil
grimage, the prospect hourly darkens the view; the mind no
comeashaitowed with despair, and tilled with the melancholy
reflection that the happiness ul another becomes blighted
with your own.
Parents nud Giiiirdians.
Are often milled with respect to Ui causes and sources of
dWasesIn their sons md wards. How nfien do they ascribe
to othercaases of wasting or thu frame, idiocy, madness, pal
pitation of the heart, Indigestion, derangement of the nr
YOUssysleru,cou!Ch and symptoms Indicting consumption,
whenthetrntbls, Ihatlhey have bojn ludulging In a perni
cious though alluring p.-acllcc, destructive both to mind
and body.
Or- Morse's iNviooa&iiNn Cokdul has been counter
feited by some unprincipled person,.
In future all theiceuaine Cordial wilt have the proprietors
facsimile pasted over thecetkor eat-h bottle, and Ihe lol
lowing words blown In thn glass
C. II. K1XG. PI.'Ol'KIhlOu, S.Y."
TTT Tlie Cordial Is pnt up highly cont-O'itrated, In pint
Prick 3 fiOper bottlo: two far i CO: six for?12 00.
O. II MX-:, iMOl'KIKroi!,
l'J Hroadway.riew Vork.
Fold by Druggist throughout the L'aitsd Stales, Canada
and West Indies and also by V. frl 1 tx.l V, successor -to
I artwrighuir Armstrunf, corner of llarketand Broad streets,
Nashville, Tennessee. lnct2G d w&ulm
Arcade Clothing Store,
aVt. 29 farkit street, opposite the Union Hall.
rnplIANKFUL for the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed
J. upon him, begs leave to inform the citizens of Nash
ville and surrounding country, that he lias just received one
of the largest and mint complete assortments of Oeatlemen't
Full and UlnUr (lathing and FurnitMng Goodi ever
brought to the city, which will be found unsurpassed in
?uality aud workmanship, and at such low price as -annot
ail lo plea.se. The stock has been seleted and made up
under my own inspection, erprenlr suited tothj wants of
the city.
Also, a large assortment cf
Children's Clothing,
suitable for all ages, and warranted to tit.
As my stock u very Urge, I can offer great inducements
to country Jlerchenu, either wholesale or retail, at very
little above Eastern prices. ...
Give me a call, aa I shall take great pleasure in showing
the Goods. D. A. JEoSEL,
Arcade Clothing Store, 29 Market st,
octo 3m Opposite Union Hall.
For sale br
20 boxes White and Fancy Wax Candles;
do Sperm do;
do Star do;
do Mould do;
ted to Jail in Hardin County in November last, AT
a negro man who calls his name THOMAS, and says .
that be belongs to James Jones, a negro trader, who bouut
him in Virginia from John Hardy, and that bo got away
from Jones in Alibama. Thomas is about 5 feet 8 or 10
inches high, SO or 35 years old, weighs 165 pounds, dark
color. The owner or owners are noutied to come forward
prove property, pay charges and take said negro away, or
ua will bt dealt with as the law directs.
jan5. vr3t. printers fee $3, Jailor Hardin County.
. Lossoi memory, coniusion oi ideas, depression or ' . , . n f ,T ,
vil fore-bodmgs, aversion to society, teir distrust, ui,hiii.i...it c.s.-. t- - nn
3lltude,tlmidltv,A-c.,aroomeofiheeviIsproduced mantle ces, nnrf, ps'tt;n Lgure. ftl s-y lotrt
afflicted I ItjDtisn 'Ii fount .rns V as. Tombt- tt.i l.tvow
deug store
pureliased tiearoclcr.fCartwright AAtronp DiS .
corner of Broad, ay an.l Market, tt mtdkS
a large and well isorted a'esdeof lirnMedidDmbf
nme: V-re Sta w'iow Glass, ClWre
and 1 allotherarticles usudly kept in Umg SwrZ uZtil
w,.h . stock of variett amublfort) CotmtryTraT
Drugg,,ts, Merchants, Physicians. ManuStnreri! and
rianters. are invited ti. call and examine the stock be
purehasmg elsewhere, as be u determined to seU iVm&
enthl. h?r!??H m the ta,t sinca P"h.-5i0tbe stock, will
oflS krV??1 rtoWe.'n thelouth wesl lie
600 ritor.rr 'VJ.of'oa time t. punctual men
KiIoiTS-Tnner'3 0it
000 lbs Ltharre:
w mwm .useea do
6 bbls L,rJ doc
4 bbls Epsom Salts-
500 msExLogwood-
2CO lbs Madder;
15 tt-sMuriatocTin;
KO IbaAIum:
2) Us Gum L'amnhm-
lOOOlba Venetian Red;
10001taStni.,h Whiting;
lixs Hxn'a Scotch SautT;
0 bx Carrett'i do do;
4 bbUMaeaboy'uSnnJTi
lOOOfta Potty;
5u0 lbs A-iua Amonu;
300 lbs Spirits Nitre?
CX) ILs Snli.linnv 7m.
5000U.S Sup Corb SoJa;
50 gross M'Lane's Vennif
w gross M'Lane's Vennirge 50i iU Nitric dcT'
s f, , m . a: 500 His Muriatic dtr
S ra,SLiCamCnt; 10 Sjwplod Iron;
kef Drices?' ar' GiniDS . ! trad, at tmr-
2?-!'. Wle Xenn. Whoicsal, end
. . , ' . .... wruit.iuaj i
rtfint. flmfrnDi. rt : r , . . . . !
r-.... .... , ujkuiws, t,ounirr.siercmuits and Man
ufacturers supplied on -fce most liberal terms.
STI.ETClItt OUR. Wholesalo and Ketaa Dru"3tj.
ragtlgollegeand Union street?. rwrt
Wlorg. supply of superior Coline Water, in large fancr
iH?--,!: '80? ovg STRETCH A OUR.
fXPP A""OW. -SIX lOZjf2?
frtltVit,;, S"i"u, L ux "arrow, a-valnable piepara'iun
for the Hair. For sale by nov9 STRETCH A ORR.
XX. abloprerijsation lortheciiresatdprevenUoncfciants.,!
bands. Jus: received and for aula hr l
' Tw.mvE,f:,rr DTTLES DR. NOli:
X. OOU 1 lecture of eratrum Vmde. for conttolb'ri
Uie Action of the Heart aad Arteries, in all eases where Ihtn
is a preternntural frequency. For sole br
TEIW Dear Sir: This is to certifr that I have us-ed
your Snap Dentifrice, and tun pet'ectly satisfied it is the beet
article ot the kind in Use, and so lorg as you continse to
manufacture it of a pure article, you will find a icady sofa
for it. No person in the travelling community should b
without it. . CUA3. S. RO WELL, Dvuust.
No. 11, Chambers street, N.Y.
Six dozen AVaters Chemical Tooth Soap, just rectit ed
and forsole br STRKTCH A ORK.
"ovD Coner O.llegy and rniot. Sc
THE Fortieth Edition, with Oce
Hundred Engravings shotting
ivisea-ses ana J.aiicrmations 01 tee
Hnman System in every shape and
form. To which is added a Treatise
on the Diseases of Females, being of j
tut; uijjucat importance ui married
people, or inose contemplating mar
Let no lather be ashamed to pre
sent a copy of the .ESCCLAPlUS
to his child. It may save him trom
an early grave. Let no young man
or woman enter into the "secret obli-
of marriage life without reading the FOCKFT
ohsCULAPILS. Let no coo suffering trom a haefcn el
Cough, Pain in the Je, nodosa nights, nervous fnhn,
and the whole trsja of Despecti serusations, and ,uen up
by tteir physician, be anoU.er moment without cjustlLn.;
the aESCULAPIDS. Uavethe married, or tlio about tt.
U) married, any impediment, read this trulvtisefjl bik. a
it has been the means cf saving thousands of unfortuiw:
creatures from tho ery jaws T death.
S?" Any person sending TWE;;TY-FIVE CENTS en
closed ma letter, will receive one copy of this work by mail,
or live copies will be sent for One Dollar.
Address, (post-paid,) DR WX. YOrNG.
marchie ly 152 i'pnjce .St. I'Ailp.MX.
Dlt. HM. McLANE,
EESPECTFULLY anooancvs to the citizenscf NaihtiUrt
and vicinity, that he has returned aoin after a rear,
deuce of fourteen vears in the South, and pem-trent'vla.
cated himself in South NashvihV, at the corner of '.V-iV
ingion and IVorl streets, where ho mav at all tiin-s bo foucj
by those who may wish to consult hiral
He has in his possession many certificates from men f
eminent standing certifying to the permanent core of tho
most distressing case ot the following diseases, vir Ner
vous Affections, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia', Chills and
Fevers, Pleurisies, Asthmas. Colds, Coughs, Inc.pient Con
sumptions, Rheumatisms, Veak Lungs, Fits, Drop ties.
Cancers, Ulcers, ScroffuJoua, Hemoptasi of the Lungs, and
other Uemoragcs; Diarrhcea, Diseases of the Ividneya, Mer
curial and Venereal Taints of the Blood; Diseases cf Chil
dren, Worms and various other Diseases incident to tha hu
man system.
Dunnj his residence in the South, ba attended to over ten
thousand different cases, all of which he treated with more
than ordinary success.
Dr. McLaue hopes from bis much experience in the Medi
cal Profession and the degree of success that has attended
his efforts heretofore, to obtain the confidence and atrcnag
of the sick and afflicted.
Nashville, Feb ! ly. DR. W1I McL-VVB.
Hir All Letters addressed, post-paid, ot &u:h Nashville.
NAsnvrtxE, TEssrasrE.
On the SjiutnXat to Gtirdat't lt"t- W 5.
TJf7"0LTLD inform ther"c;C- . . ij lur-
roundj cv-T'-y tKi.t-iLas ie sutiy ua -oved
and grcul7 .'arged his Marblu Y'art. x d ' ni tv i aared
tonllu'lrd;.s:ntliop:atbi Kssaicc ,Ido' - s and
mU, tisi,
i ich
are of tlr')ureatlial?n A'arble.ani' rTni th ejfit r tha
best Lur r-jan msfr-- Ki" zrfwt- r- m
plete furr-hiDg rV Wnda r r: -I-'?. o;4t. ; tsr '.t- own
manufoc' rr--im''-'J l'-a i - -.gs quantity
of Italian P b'-, i- M :uuj.u state wli.ch lie will sell
very low. i''-dc i-uilure inEgvptian Mar' xof ihe best
quality can be had at bis yard, lie flatters himself that bo
can now serve the public on as aceommodatiug terms as
any similar esUblUhment in the west. A share of public
patronage is solicited- 'kj; 31.
P.S The attention of tins lovers of the Fine Arts is di
rected to my assortment of Statuary. They are cf the rar
ets and Snest quality, and of direct impnrbttions.
Jane Ricliardsos. et al, i
V3. J- December Rule3, 1 ,
Alexander Dilbrd ct ni. j
O.N motion, and it appearing to the Clerk a"d Master
that Alexander Ditlard is a non-resident .f the state
ot Tennessro. It is therefore ordered tha? publicul.ua bo
made fur three successive woeks io th L'nii.j aml"Arjcn
cau, rtquirin the said Alexander DUUrd to a;j ear at the
uonrt House in me lown oi canuage, arntin iv.i-.iy. Jon-.
for hearing t.cjjrtA as to them.
decv:2 wdw
A. VsiORb,
Cteiis A Master,
JL FOR SALE. Consisting uf An,., Vi onn..i. Sjy,i
and Girls, among whom are several superior hr.use
oervant-i. Persons wishing to purchase will do well to
and examine, as we are deiermmed tos;i low lor csish.
novlG DAUBS A PORTER. . S . Cedar sU
N. Ii. Also, a first rate House Cann.cr.
17OR. SALE OR RENT. A iht Frame Hooejuit
; completed with seven rooms, well plosicred and pa
pered. Situated on Church street, in HinrV adc.ititcal
Nashville. Tho said bouse is about four hundred yards
from ths Female Academy, and will be it..u on 1 castjnaEI
For further particulars enquire 1 L. Crenshaw, or
iiela W l KlluJ-aiJ,'. M'Umnre si.
Undertaker and ColEn-niaker.
(XUt'je ttreet, K. 25, Wjsilt Sewamt IJbuu.
BEGS leave to inf-inn hLs friend and the public-oc--j
generally, that he has opened a regular t'of-1'1
tin Room, and liaving bought the right for tua: ufactur at
and selling in Middle Tennessee, SiiiTs I'ltlei.t Indiatrict
ible Air-tight and Air-exhansted Unnil Cases, the teat
now in use Tor preserving the corps, he will keep a supply
of them constantly on baud, together with aa assortment of
all kinds ot covered and wood Cott'is. He ts prepared to
furnish good Hearses and any cumber of llajks that mar
ba wanted; also shrouds of every description, made in tha
best s'yle, together with every equipage- necessary for fene
rals. All telegraphic despatches or orders from fcteambt ats
and Railroads, or from tho surrounding country will ba
promptly attended to. Particular attention paid to 1 re
paring and encasing bodies for 'lanjpcrtat on. AH on. era
left at his Furniture and Cuflin 1-oms pre'tptV attended
to, bothmghtaud day-he wi'J pre his personal anention
to all funerals. Charges moderate. J1LcmKZr.
N.B. Fcrnituro and Mattrasses rsf every description
made to order and of tho best materials, and warranted; to
furniture repaired in the best sty! and with dispatch.
i.ujr27 o EC J-1LC-
AJJ received by- nor!
,liUUJ JI31
, -'V ""' eiiictcea, ratnu, Uti Ore Stuffs.
mdow GIos. PerfuTiery, Fine Toilet Soans. Drual
J nre n ines and Drandi'wi mte.t e" ,
An ihr.-nst favrt-arvr term', lor o srr. 11a r. tlrl n 11
-Atti .tst

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