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r' 1. 1 snatnfs, c. iatij, cc. Tomnirr;.aacnnBcu.
I JOHN L.31 ARLING &. ao,.,
- . r .
MA.RCH 1, 185 1.
' "We ire requested to cll'uWting of Uie demo
cratic members or the Legislature, this evening; at
l7 o'clock, in tbe Senate cuauiber. A full attend
anceTs'requested. c . V--
;S3T!'.iferaVfpr die Nashville Union. The ac
count of the great steamboat ojnSagation in this
"city oivthe morning or the 4th" Inst, and the ac
dcount or ''Another cmflagration" on the morning
riof Ike 5th, which appeared in -the Union of the
aith, were copied from Uie "True Delia," There
i3 no fun in preparing the fullest and mo3t correct
Isocounts of local occarrences, if, whencopied from
iibur column", Uie credit is awarded to others. Do
untootbera as yon would they should do unto you.
. Sew Orleans True Delta.
" ; Tlv referent to our files, we find that the articles
in, question were credited to the "iV. 0- Delta.''
. ' At the same time, we published an account of the
1 Vurning.of tlw steamer Georgia, which was pro
' perly credilcil to the " True Delta," and wo incline
to (lib opinion that the failure to give the proper
credit U the oilier articles was the compositor's
1 hulL At least, it was Our intention to " render
nnM Gu'nr the things that are Crcsar's," and our
ootemporary must attribute the failure to one of
those accidents which will occur in the hest regu
lated printing onies. We have ourselves suffered
(always iu sileno. however,) from tlie carelessness
(? ) of those who have appropriated our labors, and
' an appreciate the feelings of our New Orleans co
temporary: t . ... .!'"" ' Tiiu school bill:
' ' V art? greatly gratified to be able to announce
the passage of the j-cliool bill in the House, nearly
Th'ishaie in whii h it passed the Senate. "We
iitfa liPrelbfore pbblu'hed the bi'I, and expressed
' our opinion of it. ISlmy people will regard it as a
sj( poor beginning; but. it is a beginning, and for that
jj( we. rejoice.
We reb't the controversy which has aris
en in "our columns between our Washington corres
pondent and a corrcf pondent in this city, who signs
himself "Mwiy Democrats." The subject is un
.profitalili nud unpleasant. It ii proper that we
should say that our Washington correspondent is a
.gentleman or the highest character, and that, writ
n ' without pay, he writes his own opinions. His
jioliiieal opinions are generally ours also. We do
not always agree with his opinions outside of poli
tics, but we publish his letters without mutilation.
Wasiiixotox Cirr, Feb. 21, 1S54,
Elitori Union and American:
Yesterday began early in the morning a snow,
.which continued through the night of the same day
and i? the deepest I have ever known in ashing
ton. It is, upon an average, about eighteen inches
di-ep. We might almost say with Horace in the
Olh ode of his first book "Sec jam suslineant onus
stlea lutoninUs." "Nor do the laboring woods now
suitain their oppressive load."
The debate still proceeds in the Senate on the
NMiraka and Kansas bill. As I have stated in a
former letter, Mr. Wixlek made a most able speech
in its 'support; and Mr. lUncEn (whig) followed on
the ame side in a speech of distinguished ability.
,ThR"Snn!h is a unit upon this question. ' The
of the North insisted in ISoO that 3G
deg. 30m., the line of the Missouri compromise,
should bo set aiida in favor of the admission of
.Caliiornia with all her boundaries as defined in her
Tonstitution down to the 23d degree of North lat-
'ilmle. We who de?ired that 30 deg. 30m. should
le adopted, despairing in the case of California, to
Vri any ihing better, were utterly discomfited.
llutwheii as good christians and good patriots we
ai-nuiesoed in tho decision ol the Ueneral uovern
meiit. ami in the Compromise, we had a right to
rxpert that they who had used a temporary advan
tage to thwart ns in part of our wishes, would ob
s.-rve the rule of non-intervention which they had
n cognized in the compromise measures as a whole.
Hut with manj- of these men the evident rule has
been "Heads I win. Tales you lose."
" The Union of yesterday makas among others the
wl f.illawing eloquent and pertinent remarks under
shi i he hea I "Nr- necessity for the Nebraska and Kan
fd sas Bilk"
Re "It is urged that llipre is no nccessitj' for the
rel orgaiuVuion of the territories of Nebraska and
Khih That must be a feeble cause which reoofr-
l'n lines such logic as tin? among the staple's of its op
position The tract ot country, now to be lormally
Meiieit to civilization lies between totates ot tlie
Sea-board and the Mississippi, and our vast posses-
ions extending to the Pacific Ocean. Who can
behold the continuous and unbroken wave of emi
gration setting hitherward from the Old World,
with that steadv resistless course which knows no
relit ing ebb, and fail to realize the sublime necessi
ty which commands us to open all our doors to the
enlerprizt of our people, as well as to tlie hunted
and proscribed populations of other lands. Our
own march is westward and in a comparatively
short space of time, teeming Asia, India, and all
the regions for the trade of which a world contend,
will begin to pay kick with its enduring commerce,
the exertions now making by the American people
to redone them from the weight of barbarism which
for unwritten ages has brooded over them. It i3
not only a law of trade, however, that impels us to
reach the Pacific nations by the shortest routes by-
land, and the swiftest routes by sea. It may almost
be called a divine law; for in the track of our flag
and under the shelter oT our constitution, freedom
will follow and relipion will flourish."
.The Gadsden Treaty ha3 been referred in the
"Senate to tlie appropriate committees. By sorau
means unknown it Ins been published. It is ex
pected that the committee will report favorably to
'its latifactioni with the amendments proposed by
tho President, it certainly ought to be ratified. Ic
has. that property of reciprocal advantage which
' makes it fair for both parties. I have no doubt, a1?
I stated in a former letter, that there are various
firtile valleys in the country ceded by the Treat'.
There is no reasonable doubt that the Nebraska
ijtll will pass. "
The foreign news loses none of its interest Tho
battle of Citato appears to have been highly ad
vantageous to the Turks. If England and France
had stepped in with an efficient force and brought it
a-tively into tlie field, it seems to me that by this
time Russia might have been driven out ot tho
Principalities; and her lLet blockaded up in the
ports of the Black Sea. But the foar of revolution
m Western Eurone is the incubus which has
paralized so far tho exertions of Franco and Eng
laud. The democrats nf 'Riirnn.v organized, awaits
p. . .' it d J
ne train of events with steadfast purpose, aud will
assuredly in Uie end wrest its richts from the mon
archies and aristocracies of the Old World. To
IhearLprd Aherdklx discourse, as by the latest news
;I(aiareporieu vo nave none, on the pacific temper
ofthe'Emperor of Russia, exntes equally our
f laughter and indignation. It discloses to us what
; Jiis Lordship thinks of the characteristics of a pacific
Jjtempor, at least in a royal personage. A temper
quick to collect all the munitions of war to suppress
'the brave Hungarians, struggling for inalienable
- rights and at tlie earliest opportune moment mak
ing demands of Turkey inconsistent with the inde-
pendance of tlie- lattw "wer marching, in viola
tion of interuatioml law and treaties her armies
itcvTvyiiyh territory such a temper is surely, on
no rational ground, entitled to the appellation of
' The news by Uie next -steamer will probably bo
of a decisive character as to the positions assumed
by all the parties who figure in this great and im
portant oriental question. Sulpicius. j
LKGlifclATlJllE. &
m m ? r- m
f ; nOUSa-N'iGHT SfesioN. z ,
, ThnTonseinnt jmriueiit' tojiljouriiment,' and
f !r rfrmvnfr mfirnllliii! Hnue ftdijlird to 'at-
ii.nHfliff nomTner.L-eniuiitrtiTe Medical Depat't-
-mentoi .4jM,Uuiversity.-ofNasiivJle The. Uouser,
in view ol the press ot public business, r. iusou iu
adjourn; and lookup the calendar ot Senatd bills on
Second reading.
was amended so'as to charter Lipdcn Acadi -
mv. anu.iNcw uosion ivcmeniT, n "-" i'""-
'. . . i. - t.l,.. tn winch
A Dill lO ueciare uvo nvci uii"
Mr. Ricliardsou offercd an" amendment, repealing
the act declah'h'g KntHerCSrd's fork of'Obiou river
navisable.betvecn:ccrtain3oints tlie amendment
wa3 aaopteu.
Mr. Wood, or Fentress, offered an amendment,
providing for a survey of tlie Big South lurk ot
Cumberland river to determine how lar it was nav
igable. Mr. Richardson opposed the amendment, and ex
plained why: this very same amendment had
killed his bill for the Obion river in the other House;
he hoped the House would not adopt the amend
ment, and moved to lay it on the table, which was
not agreed to.
Mr. Wood, of Fentress, replied to ,Mr. Richard
son, and referred to the fact of tlie case at some
Mr. Richardson rejoined; he had no objection to
what the gentleman wanted, but he (Mr. W.) was
in error in his statement of the facts of the case
He (Mr. R.) had in hand a petition from hundreds
of citizens asking for the repeal of the declaration
that Rutherford's fork wa3 navigable. After some
further discussion, Mr. Wood's amendment was re-
lected and the bill passed;
The bill to amend the act to suppress private
banking; the bill passed, and was referred to Bank
The bill to procure anew map of the State of
Mr. House moved to strike out all but the enact
ing rlause. and insert an amendment m lieu, ap
pointing a Geographer to prepare the map, &&; the
nmenrlment was adonted. and the bill passed.
The bill to authorize copies of statutes of any
State, certified by the Secretary of State, to be used
as evidence; passed.
The bill to charter Nelson's Creek and Versailles
Tnrnnike Comnanv.
Mr. Richardson an amendment to charter Mid
dle Forked Deer Levee Company: adopted.
Mr. Wood, of Fentress an amendment to repeal
certain acts relative to a road in his county, Scott's
Mr. Wheeler wanted some information on the
Mr. Wood explained.
Mr. Wheeler moved to lav the amendment on
tlie table, which was agreed to. and the bill passed
The bill to authorize the purchase of Bamsey's
annali for distribution; its rejection recommenaea
bv committee on Education: reiected.
Mr. Lamb entered a motion to reconsider the last
vote; and the motion beiicg taken up, the House re
fused to reconsider.
The bill to incorporate McDaniel's Gap and Chat-
tanooea Turnpike.
Mr. Tibbes an amendment to charter George
town Turnpike road: adopted.
Mr. Svkes to charter Westell's Tan Yard and
Santa Fe Turnpike; adopted.
Mr. Clements to charter Red Sulphur and
Turnpike Company; adonted, and the bill passed
The bill for the relief of Henry McKenzie; pass
Mr. Tibbe3 entered a motion to reconsider the
vote on tlie bill to protect private character, and
make it the special order for Saturday night; agreed
to; and the House took up Senate bills on third
The bill to amend tho Revenue Laws, (taxes
dealers in slaves five mills on the dollar, Arc.)
Mr. Smith, of Davidson, offered au amendment,
to allow uorporated towns to exclude traders from
such parts ot the town as they tlunic proper.
Mr. Brown, of Monroe, moved to lay it on the
table, and
Mr. Hart moved to indefinite postpone the bill
and amendments, and
Mr. Smith, of Haywood, made some remarks in
favor of the bill. He thought the sale of negroes
ought to be a taxable privilege, as well as the sale
of goods, &a, by merchants. Jle thought the bill
ou?ht to pass.
Mr. Tibbes opposed the bill entirely. Ho thought
it as reasonable to tax the buyer as the seller of a
nesro. He thought the bill bad.
Mr. Sykes combated the objections of Mr. Tibbs,
he (Mr. .) could not see the justness ol that gen
tleman s conclusions: sellin!; nesroes is as much a
privilege. a3 scHiiier coods.
Jilr. Lamb said that if this bill would repeal the
laws proliibitina: the importation of slaves into the
State, he would certainly oppose it It would be
a disgrace to this LeKislature and to the State to
' revive this odious traffic. (Mr. Lamb's remarks on
this part of the subject, were very earnest and
eloquent, and produced a marked effect on the
Mr. House also opposed the bill with equal force.
It was disgraceful to tax what were acknowledged
to be moral evils, such as tippling and slave dealing,
m order to raise revenue. He would support no
such measurers. After some further remarla by
Mr. Tibbs, Mr. llebb called lor the previous ques
tion which was refused, and
Mr. Sykes took the floor in reply to Mr. Lamb.
That centleman seemed to have a holy horror of
the traffic in slaves, but he (Mr. S.) thought that
gentleman was needlessly honihcd. JNegroes were
boutrht and sold every day in this fatate.
(Mr. Lamb rose to explain his remarks referred
to tlie importation ol slaves.)
Mr. Sykes resumed. He contended that this
thing was done week after week, and if tradere
would do it he wa3 in favor of taxing them for the
privilege. He did not consider this legalizing
crime; whether it was crime or not, it was permit
ted m Tennessee.
Mr. House replied to Mr. Sykes. His (Mr. S.'s)
argument was not sound suppose the case of
houses ot lil-lame without saying whether the
practice is criminal or not, the thing is done contin
ually, and why not levy a tax for the privilege? was
the gentleman prepared to bring in a bill to license
these houses for the sake of Revenue? the State
would grow rich upon it. Yet such was the princi
ple of the gentleman s arguments; it they were sound
iu one case, they were equally tound in another, and
murder, adultery, aud seduction inisrht be made a
source of Revenue.
Mr. Smith, of Haywood, and Mr. Smith, of Da
vidson, followed in support ot the bill.
Aud then the bill was indefinitely postponed
ayes. 34; noes, Jo.
( the debate on tins bin spiang up quite unex
pectedly; and elided from gentlemen on both sides
ot the question, some ot me mo3t powenut ana
e oiuent short speeches yet made in the House.)
The bill to continue the constiustion ot the btate
Capitol, (appropriates $200,000.)
iilr. llebb ottered an amendment, and Mr. Harris
moved an indefinite postponement, which was not
agreed to, and
Mr. Uooper moved to lay .Mr. llebb s amend-
on the table; which motion failed, and the amend
ment was adopted; and
Mr. Cook moved the previous question, which
was sustained, and the mam question beni'' put.
the bill passed ayes.o-j; noes, vj.
Mr. demons entered a motion to reconsider tlie
vote on the school bill.
Mr. Cooper moved to adjourn until 9 to-morrow.
Mr. Wheeler moved to adjourn until 59 minutes
past eight, and the House adjourned accordingly.
Tuesday, Feb. 28.
The Senate met pursuant to adjournment, and
the miuutes ot yesterday being read,
Mr. Davis, from the Committee on Education
and Common Schools, reported on House bill for
the relief of purchasers of school lands and for
other purposes, on its second reading, and recom
mended its passage, wmcu was concurred in.
Mr. Dunlap made several other reports.
Mr. Dunlap, of Shelby, from the Commilteo on
the Judiciary, reported on the bill to repeal an act
nassed February 20, 1852, entitled an act to de
clare the powers oi IIIU UUUIltJ UOlll U ill IllO UUUllll-
Jorratlnn of estates. &c, and recommended its pas-
!m rlileh was concurred iu.
jjr Carrier, lrom me dome oeieci uommiuee,
to which wareferred the bill on the subject of the
South-western and North-eastern or W ills Valley
Railroad, and recommended that the Senate recede
from their amendment, which was agreed to.
Mr. Farnnharson. lrora tho belect Uonimittee
of conference, on the bill to regulate tlie fees of
sheriffs, ami recommend that the Senate recede,
which was agreed to.
Also, recommended an amendment providing tliat
no snerm snouui receive more than one hunureu
i - f ... . . .
dollars, which was also adonted.
On motion of Mr. Davis, the Senntn took tin
House resolution to brinir on the oleetion of Attor
ney tieneral tor the Memphis district, which was
The Senate then took up House bills on second
The bill to change the linlwcetfTjia-Siwnties
ofVVayne and Perry, was rend?
.On motion, the Senatc.tookfa,'
rece?s lomnc nur-
xme of Rotuj? into the electioh'jpLSuteGedlogist. J
pr. Safford was elected' Gvbfogist-and MineraloJ
gisi lor me ciaie.
.-Mr.- Richardson was elected AttQrneyGeneranthe,passageciulliebilI,ttpassed Ayes, ia;
till .JICIUJIUIO I.K V.U I t -."l WTT
Tlie Senate jthen returned.to their chamber, andf
Mr. Nixon moved to lay the bill .to change "tho
lin. .M.nif
Titfe betWectr Wayfieand-Terry "fdnntleBohnha'
tab!.', which was agreed t, and the senate then
adjourned until 2 o'clock,, P. M. M ')
HOUSE Monxiso Session
TcEsn.vv, Teb. 23.
The Ilbuse met pursuant to adjournment, and
tho Journal of yesterday having been read,
1 he committee on Judiciary, on Military-Atiairs,
oh iFinance, on Enrolled Bills, and On Banks; made
tneir several reports, which were appropriately dis
posed of.
Mr. Uiambuss, from select committee on Peni
tentiary, reported a bill; placed on tho calendar.
Mr. Lamb offered a resolution to e'e;t an Attor
ney General in place of J. L. T. Sneed; amended
by fixing the day for the 28th of February, and
auopieu uuuer suspension oi urn ruie.
Mr. Mabry, of Warren a resolution providing
for compensation to certain lawyers for 'services
rendered to the State. Lies over xme day.
Mr. Patton introduced a bill to charter East Ten
nesseo Land and Mutual Loan Association; passed
first reading.
The House took up Senate messages of yester
Senate's resolution to elect a State Geologist
this day.
Mr. Chamberlain moved its indefinite postpone
Mr. House commented severely on. the course of
the crcntleman from Knox and Sevier. Did that
gentleman wi3h to nullify the will of this House as
expressed by a clear majority, and to resist what
was now a law of the State? He hoped the House
would not so stultify itselr.
Mr. Chamberlain withdrew his motion, which
was renewed by Mr. Morris, of Cocke, who called
lie ayes and noes, and the motion to postpone
failed, ayes 10, noes 53, and the resolution was
Senate resolution for the benefit of public prin
ters, granting further time to complete their work;
Mr. Harris called up the special order, beintr the
bill to re-establish the county of Powell, which was
.i .1.1 .. ... . . . ...
reau uie mira time, with sundry amendments which
had been adopted on second reading.
Mr. Temple offered an amendment relative to
certain territory m the county of Greene, and sup
ported it by some remarks pending which,
A message was received from the Senate, and on
motion of Mr. Thompson, the House look a recess
ot tivo minutes, preparatory to meeting the benate
in uonvenuon.
In Convention.
The two Houses met in convention, Mr. Speaker
Polk, of tlie Senate, presiding; and the resolution
convening the two houses was read.
The election of Geologist was first taken up.
Mr. Dunlap, of S., nominated Dr. John Plunkett;
" Smith, of D.,
R. O. Curry:
" Uooke
" Bullen
" Patton
" Bewley
" Hebb
" demons
" Tibbs
Jno. Caldwell;
D. H. Kelly;
J. M Safford;
Jacob Peck;
John Smith;
II. Simms
S. Hempstead.
Mr. Morris moved that every balloting the hind
most candidate De dropped. Agreed to.
The result of the first ballot was as follows:
Plunkett, 11; Caldwell, 10; Kelly, 4; Safford, 34;
Teck, 0; Smith, 1; Simras, 0; Hempstead, 2: Anll
Carden. 3; Currey, 23.
Messrs. Smith, Simms, and Hempstead dropped.
.Mr. MCKnight moved that alter the second bal
lot all names but those of the foremost two, be
drooped, and Mr. Uunlap, oflienry, strenuously op
posed the resolution, which on motion of Mr. Cook
was laut on the table, and the Uonvention pro
ceeded to a second ballot, which resulted for: bat-
ford, 37; Currey, 25; Plunkett, 11; Caldwell, 9;
Kelly, 8: Peck, 4; and Messrs. Peck, and Kelly,
were withdrawn, and the convention proceeded to
a imru Dauot.
Caldwell. 14: Currev. 25: Plunkett 14: Safford. 39.
Mr. Cook withdrew Dr. Caldwell's name; and on
the 4th ballot, tho vote stood for Currey, 30; Saf-
tord, 4J; i'lunkett, a l.
The name of Dr. Plunkett was withdrawn, and
on the 5th ballot Mr. Satlbrd receved 50 votes; and
ur. lurrey, J; and Mr. batlord was declared duly
Tho Convention then proceeded to elect an At
torney Ueneral lor tho litli judicial circuit.
Mr. Lamb nominated R. B. Richardson; no other
nominations being made, Mr. Kicuardson was de
clared duly elected for the unexpired term of J. T.
n. fjneeu, resigned.
ine convention then rose, and the llouso re
sumed tho unfinished business; being Mr. Temple's
amendment to the .Powell county bill, on which
Mr. Temple continued his remarks.
Mr. Udell replied to Mr. Temple; if the amend
ment were adopted, it would deteat the bill, it the
gentleman was opposed to the bill, let him come
torward, and attack it openly.
Mr. Harris moved to lay the amendment on the
table, which was agreed to.
Mr. Mathis ollered an amendment which was
ruled out of order, and Mr. Chambliss moved the
previous question; and the bill then passed third
And the House "took up Senate bills on third
'1 he bill to amend the charter of the Nashville
and Memphis Railroad Company, zc Passed.
And the House adjourned until 2 o clock, p. n.
Tuesdat, Feb. 28, 1854.
Senate met pursuant to adjournment, and pro
ceeded to the consideratian of House bills on their
second reading, a large number of which were read
and passed without amendment
'1 he bill to incorporate the Bluff City Mills, was
amended on motion of Mr. Nixon by the incorpo
rating a Mining Company, and passed second read
'1 he bill to secure the payment of County debts
m certain cases, was reiected on second readiur.
The bill to refund to Lawson Henrv S14 which
ho had paid for License which had been taken from
him, &c, was reiected on second reading.
The bill for the relief ol the securities of Sheriffs.
Constables,. and others; was rejected on second
Tie bill to charter the Rimrold and Cleveland
Railroad Company, was severally amended by cre-
auug oiuer corporations, anu passou second read
House billj on first readiug were taken up and
passed, wi hout amendment or discussion.
the benate bill to provide for continuing tho
construction oi me atate uapitot, was tauen up and
uie amendments cf the House wir.j severally a-
mended, and then concurred in.
A number of messages from the House wereact-
ed upon; amongst them the school bill, which had
been amended in the House and passed; the amend
ments of the House were concurred in.
The Senate then took up the bill to establish an
Agricultural iiureau; which was leid a third tune.
Mr. JJowles moved to indefinitely pastnone the
bill. '
Mr. Frazjr spoko at length against the motion.
and in support of the bill.
Mr. Dunlap, of Shelby, made an abla speech in
support oi me Din.
. . . . . i "ii
Mr. JJewley was opposed to the bill.
Mr. Davis was in favor of the bill, and made
some remarks in its support.
Mr. Jones called tor tlie previous question, which
H'n Q Glial ain Ail nmll.n UTU ........ .1 i.
" "J JuJiuiuuiij 4uu U1U Ulll M453CU aC3, X(, IlayS,
The resolution to furnish the
the reports of the decisions of the Sopreme Court;
nuicau unu auopieu.
The resolution requiring the clerk of the Senat
to make out and procure to be printed .f 000 mium
C !. .....: r.t . , .' .
vi iwc tapuuua oi uiu acts; was reau aud rejected.
u motion uie oenate adjourned until 10 o clock
to-morrow mornihg.
The House met, and took up the bill for the relief
of the Penitentiary as reported hv the snpe!nlm.
mitteo in lieu of the original bill the amendment
in neu was adopted and Mr. llebb moved ihr, in
definite postponement of the bill. Mr. Smith of
TkiTTlilann Annna.,1 f 1, . 1 ! fTI , ... J
"""""I jjuc.-u mi; muiiou. me out as now
reported provides that no money shall he drawn
without the certificate of Inspectors men ivhn
have been appointed by the Executive and con
firmed by the Senate of this General Asiemblv.
.nicy ait. Minuiucu ui ivuuiv tueir uusmess. Air-
Smith further explained tho necessity of giving
some neip 10 uie institution, in view ol the expenses
and labor incurred by it for carrying on the pub
lic works on tlie capitol. He showed that the ac
tual expenditure on the State House works, inde
pendent of the labor of the convicts, was over S18 -
000 per annum and yet 90 out of the whole-No.
of convicts had to support, by thoir labor, the whole
Institution and pay this cnarmous expense for jgb-
jEeivcd a dollar. Mr. jSmfth 3 argaSentvas ctear,
brcible, and to the point? . fj E
"Mr. Harris thouphtElurther disoussionmnnetes-
saryjand he called fbr the previous questionjfthe
callwas' sustained and thffniain "question being
.noes, IV.
Mr Bufo7d' rnova rcMnsieratTon.oias Jo off
fer aa amendment providing that the amounvto be
paidtOthePenitenuarybcpaidout - ofthesum4
appropriated tor ,tne contir u nioni uic,worK 01 tiu
capitol. - . i '
Mr. Harris opposed the reconsideration ot the
vote. ' As did also Mr. Smith, ol Davidson, and un
derlie operation of the prevmijs question, .the vole,
was take'nwn' jhe motion jo .reconsider,,.' which' re
sulted ayes, 30; noes, 37; so the House refused to
recoasRier. . f ,
'ThtfUlouse then'took up benate-s messages m're
lation to amendments to House bills on which
appropriate' action was .had, and cpmraittees.of con
ference appointed.
Mr. Pope reported from committee on Public
Buildings in favor pf accepting the proposition of
the .Mayor ot jNasnvuie to sirrenuer me otate
Hospital, and that the property be sold. There is
also a provision to the same effect in a Senate a
mendment, to a House bill granting appropriations
to several charitable Institutions. The provision
allows the city of Nashville .to surrender the Nash
ville Hospital at any time previous to 1st May, '54,
by resolution of the council, and on giviug duo
notice to the Governor. The bill and amendments,
were ou motion of Mr. Bailey referred to the com
mittee on Ways aud Means.
The House took up Mr. Hebb's bill to lease out
the Penitentiary, which was withdrawn on leave,
and the. House resumed tho calender of Senate bills
on third reading.
The bill to authorizs 'Montgomery county to take
stock in the Memphis and Olarksvillo Company
The bill lo authorize the Memphis, Clarksvillo
and Louisville, and the Nashville and Memphis
Railroad Companies, to consolidate so 83 to make
one company and one road.
Mr. Smith, of Davidson, made some remarks ur-
tlns bilf, which caned up
Mr. Richardson, who offered an amendment pro
viding that the consolidated road pass through the
town of Trenton, in Gibson county, which ho
earnestly advocated as a matter of justice to his con
stituents. Mr. Bailor also made some remarks- He knew
nothing of the controversy between Mr. R. and
o-her gentlemen. He hoped the Vill would be a
lowed to pass without any amendment.
Mr. Richardson again spoke strongly in favor of
his amendment; and atler some luriner uiscussion
by Mr. Bailey and Mr. Smith, of Davidson, the
amendment was adopted, and Mr. Bailey ottered
an amendment, permitting a change of name and
the appointment of additional officerr aloptc',
and bill passed.
The bill to incorprate the Tennessee Association
of Steamboat owners and Captains; passed.
Tho bill to condense the laws in regard to Edu
cation and Common Schools, and publish the same
in pamphlet form, with an amendment. Mr. in
Chester moved its indefinite postponement
Mr. Harris and Mr. Steele made some remarks,
and Mr Winchester's motion failed. After several
crass motions, Mr. Bnllen called the previous ques
tion. and the bill passed. aves40, noes 23.
Mr. Hebb moved a reconsideration, and Mr. Bu.
ford favored the reconsideration; while Mr. Brown,
of Monroe opposed it. Mr. Winchester thought
the measure would be a good one, if we had a well
digested system; as it is, it would bo a useless and
unnecessary expense.
The vote was reconsidered, and after considera.
ble further discussion, the bill finally passed.
The bill for the relief of W. F. Williams; passed
Tho bill to amend tho cnarter oi stone a itiver
and Statesville Turnpike Company, and for other
There were several charters appended lo the bill,
one of which was offered by Mr. Clemons, to char
ter Robertson's Island turnpike; having met with
some opposition, that gentleman took the floor in
its defence, in one of his characteristic speeches,
which created much amusement, but failed to save
his charter, which was stricken out; and Mr. Clem
ons moved to reconsider the vote, and called for
the ayes and noes, but the House refused to recon
sider. Mr. Clemons offered to strike out a part of the
bill increasing tolls on a portion of the Charlotto
turnpike road, which brought about another dis
cussion between the two gentlemen from David
son. The House refused to strike ont, and the hill
as amended passed.
And the House adjourned until 7 o'clock to
merits of this purely vegetable extract for the removal and
cure of physical prostration, genital debility, nervous aflec
lions, Aa, Ac. arefully described in another column ol this
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IhemarKsoi tne gkncink,
all respectable Dru&psU and Merchants throughout the
For sale at the Patent "Jfedicine Depot, No. 12 College
street, by J. 1. DROMfiOOLK. Wholesale Agent foi the
State and only agent iu Nashville.
6m cl. aud tn-w.
And Florence (a Sequel.) by Mary Frazier.
37"Thc obj'ect of ths Author is to show some of tbe evils
resulting from Early Marriage "Engagements." She would
teach tbe lessor, that
"Evil is wrought by want of thouglt,
As well as want of Heart."
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Landreth Extra Early Peas.Early Sugar Corn,
Larre Marrowfat
do, do Cenada
Long Blood Beet,
Early do do,
do York Cc.hbs.
Egg Plant,
Mountain Sprout Water- Mel-
Sugar Loaf, do.
Large Drum head do.
Flat Dutch 1
do Sweet do do.
Ball J'epp cr;
Landreth Silver Skin OnionTomato Pepper,
Sets; Jtaduh, J!C.,iXC.
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ONES AT HOME. Just received b
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Diirlne a practice of moro than twontr Tears, Dr. HeLana
taiiatteadod InamcriWe patients afflicted with every, form'
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Ul 1119 iiuuu ko iuuuicueijr via TCUUIlUgV, ui nuin Ml-
trojer, certain lolueffectj; tlje result of UUJtbom U, tha
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inost'tenderase, or to"thtfared adult: it pnrret mildly and
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marl '54 lm
R. R.R, in Ten Minutes Cured the Gout.
Mr.JI. Edgceoutb,an English gentleman, residing in Wi
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dr weeks. By the adi Ice and consent of Dr. 'Wheeler he
applied it. K. Keller. In ten minutes after the flrst appli
cation, he was free from pain, and has not suffered any furth
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K. Keller acts like a charm; the moment it is applied, the
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The genuine wiU instantly stop the pain. Price, 25 cents,
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KN'T. Pure hlood, rich blood, aud healthy blood, will
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tended to cure tho samaclass of diseases that the Relfef is
recommended to cure. Nor will it Interfere in any manner
wilt the action of the Ready Relief. Each or the R. K. Re
medies are so prepared as to act harmoniously with each
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bottles aud a healthy digestion. Price, 2j cents,
marl VI
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fusing a new and vigorous life through the torpid organtza'
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This Cordial Is put up, hlhly concentrated, In pint bot.
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(VI. RING, Proprietor,
192 Iiroadway, New York
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cessorto Cartwrlght and Armstrong, corner of -Market and
Uroad streets, Nash villa, Tennesse e.
marl '51 lmdtrwiVw
Ugly Wives! Read aud Wonder.
There are. women or tne above stripe throughout our
country. They don't mean any harm by it; for they dan't
know how t. prevent it. Listen tons. The cause f It Is
bad health. When flrst married they were very handsome,
had many admirers, wcro of a lively temper; but, alas! how
changed! She now looks palo and feeble, is cross and crab
bed, eats bullittlo,jiearcoly enjoys a friend's company, cares
for.nothing, her mind Is inactive, her eyes inexpressive,
calling fiir pills or a doctor, is troubled with sick headache,
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Bronchitis, Croup, Hooping Cough, Consumption, and all
ntheraffectionsnf tho Chest and I.uugs. It never fails to af
ford the sufferer prompt and permanent relief. Head ad
vertisement in another column,
marl '51 lm
Delay7 not ; harbor not in your mind that sentence oi
fools' philosophy, that adUeuie will get well of iUelf, or
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Beware how you tamper with your general welfare.
Ye wild and vicious youths, why "will ye persist in dosing
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Ye rakes of every age and condition, why will ye suffer
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Should a personal interview be objectionable, state your
disease in wnttmg enclose hve dollam address Dr. V
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Strictures, Ulests, or any disease whatever of an aggrava
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Medicines pleasant and safe, can be seut per mail to any
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Particular attention given to the treatment of female com
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Flour A!bu or Whites, Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of
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Ollice over Mutual Protection Insurance Office, Cedar at.
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Mrs. Harris the wife of Dr. Hams, formerly
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vicinity. In one of these attacks. Dr. Harris, and one or
two other Doctors, were attending on her, and doing thoir
best, we suppose, but could not afford relief, when an old
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Nashville, January 20, ISM.
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proved itself the great remeJyin the treatment aud cure of
ii i - - r j: . . .j." j: : i i
ail diseases aniiug iniui iit'ityaitujri, a uiaurgantzeu couui
tion of the liver or Impurities of the Ulond. Call and get
n bottle. iTice f i uo per Dome, noiu Dy
II G SCOVIL, Druggist.
janl9 '54 dAwSm J P DROMOOOLB.
Rlicumntism Cured! Tho undersigned hare for
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Call and get a circular and read the evidence. Sold
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Ponnt mSriittsiWal- nr Sian.l 4- t' ?I
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p!e-byJReigBIds. Tl second ,lume offftoUJ
CUKISTOBAL." a. Scqoal to "LordlSajondaJeH;, nS2
roaay. ine nrsi volume ot ims ?pint-9tirrin- Romance
was readVith cantinusJly i&creaslnglnteres
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iebsi , .
riaiu Alroy.a Romance of tbe Twelfth 'Centnry; by H; D'
Israeli. KJontamin Fleming," ari auibbiography, by1 1).'
Israeli. The Young Duke, by D'lsraeli, just received by
feb22'54 6 . 11AOAN.-
"An amusing collection of characteristic talcs and sketch
es, that we think infinitely superior lo many cf Sam
Slicks'a similar efforts-" London Ttmes
"The American School of Humor is Sui generis, and
The Dashes" are very excellent specimens of easy, rat
tling vivacious writing of this class. Benttryy Jfisalliny.
X. UAUdtl.
"THE KYE HOUSE PLOT;" by Reignolds. "John, or,
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THE OLD DOCTOR; Or, Stray Leaves from my Jour
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Xotices of the Press,
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portunity oi studying tne numan mmu, at times wnen ail
false pretensions are thrown aside. lo these fcketches, the
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under various circumstances. In health and in sicWss,
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place. tjan2S '54
Life Scenes iu New York Illustrated.
Including the story of little Katy, Madalina, the Rag
Picker's Daughter, Wild Maggie, Ac, with original de
signs, engraved by N. Orr.
Tbe New York Independence says :
"We would much rather be tbe unostentatious author, of
'hot com' than the brilliant idol of a false aud perverted
taste, who prostituted talent, genius and morality in the
production of Don Juan."
A portion of tlie sales of this work is devoted to the
best objects charity. For sale by
Booksellers, Corner of Union and Cherry streets, opposile
tne Bank ot Tennessee. feb23.
Reports of the cases argued and determined in tho Su
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Steamboat Rooks :
Freight and Passage Books. Cabin Register Ca4h Rooks,
i i i. .. ,ir t T g i t - I .
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Third Vol. Greenleaf on
Evidence :
lor sale by
Swnnn'K Tennessee Reports :
Forsale by .llM.N UKK A UU.
Swann's Second volume wilt be ready in a few tlays.
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Uontainmir an Almanac, lime tables, a btanic space.
or memorandum for any day iu tbe year. Forsale bv
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can ana examine inem.
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City- Hat and Cap Store, 26 North Side the Square, next to
uvnucj am
AND SlfilUIEll,
T AM now prepared to ofler the trade one of the most ex-
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supply mv former customers and.aH others who wi.h in
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lureiiuuunrvourseiecuous. 1 snail continue mr lnt;
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j. r. uu.vruY.
feb26'5 No. 51, Public Square.n
"VfEGROES FOR SALE. Three No! 1 youne Ne"
L pro Men. a
1 Man 33 years old;
1 " 32 t u
1 No. I boy 15 years old;
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1 "40 " " - v e
One of the men is a superior servant, is not sold for anv
ault, and will not be sold to anv nerson living .rr .i.i
Persons wan tin? rood urrnn r.- n,:.
do well to give ns a call. . , .
leoti 04 OT.nvPTl t-nnvr,
oar su i
T. BBRRgfc CO, tawfrut received : ,
ai-bt-ra OMBiii llosiXhu,, Ja3IB Fox. e
Rt. Hon. EAKC-or'CnirBlif, thu Rt. Hoii. RicaaaD IiW
utr.Sm3-!r,Uie RtUeBA-IiOao-EssaxK, xid. tha Rr.
lion. fcDMTOD Ucbk. U ith Birgraphial,Memoirs, and
Introductions and Explanatory Notes. Third. ediiicaTis
vol. London, 1S53. -
W.fTi B'4 ArCO, hare also juU received z, i
AUlumuuiiAI'lIi Or AN ACTRESS, or, EigEt
Tfao pa the Stage; ,By. Anna Cora MowaJL
By Grace Greenwood.
the United States in particular, with two Geological Maps,
Ac.: .
GENESIS AND GEOLOOY; or an Investigation into the
Reconciliation of tbe Modem Doctrines of Geology with the
Declarations of Scripture. By Dennis Crafton, B. A.
Willi an Introduction by Edward Hitchcock.
VINETS'HOMALETIES; Or tbe Theory of Preaching.
THE CONFLICT OF AGES; Or tbe Great Debate on
the Moral Relations of God and Man. By Edward Beecher
JJ W ' marl "54 '
4th Volume Calhoun's Works.
W'.T. BRERY &CO, liavejut teccived :
Edfled by Richard K. Cralfe.
- .-XlieIPl!Hn5.c9n.ta.'n? i I?1, selebrated speeches of, Mr.
Calhoun, from 1S41 to- 1S43, a period embracing the Ore
gon Question, the Questions' connected with the Mexican
War, and the Slavery Question.
From the Xiw Yvrb Commercial AJterliser.
.The fourth volume cf this collection oClhe writings and
speeches of Mr. Calhoun has been published. It contains
reports of that statesman's efforts in the United States
Senate from July" 1851, to March 1S50, during which pe
riod occurred someof the most important debates recorded
in the journals' of Congress, and Mr. Calhoun made a se
ries ofpowerfu! speeches ou tlie loan bill, the distribution
bill, the Tieasury note bill, tho veto power, the taritTsys
t em, the Oregon dispute, tho Mexican war, the proposed
occupation of Yucatan, the Wilmot proviso, and the pow
e.'sT'orfthe Federat Government over the territories. Th
speech on the .Oregon bill, delivered in be .Senate, Jane
27lh 1513, is probably the most able, as it is undoabteJJy
tlie most remarkable argument ever made in assertion of
the right of citizens of the slave hnldingstates to emigrate
with their alive property to the territories of tbe Union.
Now that discussion is rite on Mr. Douglas's Nebraska bill,
this speech of Mr. Calhoun wiU be referred to with great
XV. T. BERRY & CO, have also jmt ree'd :
Richard Lakir Sheil, 31. P., with a Memoir and Notes j
UriSheltonMackenie. 2 vols. 12mo. tcIolh, portraits and
autograph letter.
SIMMS' POKMS Poems Descriptive, Dramatic, Legen
dary and Contemplative By Win. Gifmore Simms. 2
vols, lima cloth, portrait.
THE PARTISAN A Romance of the Revolution-By
AYm. Gilmore Simms', new and revised edition, with illus
trations by Darley, limo. cloth.
OWN TIME New edition,! voL
112 MMsnwcTo.v sr., eosto.v.
At the first announcement ortbesc Reports, the Publish
ers pledged themselves to furnish the profession with com
plete Reports of the cases in allthe English Courts, of the
highest character, in a superior sty le, greatly in advance of
any other series, and at a much cheaper rat. The facts
which they now present show that this pledge has been ful
ly redeemed
Tbis series hus been established three years, and now
amounts to eighteen volumes. It contains two thousand
sir hundred and seventy cases. One thousand, four hun
dred and twenty-seven of these are from the Hjuse of
Lords, Privy Council, Courts of Chancery, and the Admi
rably and Ecclesiastical Courts; and none cX these casos
have yet been published in any other series in this coun.
Of the remaining one thousand two hundred and forty
three cases in the Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, Exche
quer, and Court of Criminal Appeal, only fire hundred and
six have yet been published eUowhere in this country.
More than four-tiflhs of the cases published in this scries
areyet inaccessible to the profession in any other publica
tion. Tbe cheapness ot these Reports will be best seen by a
comparison with others. Tlie Reports cf the Courts l.st
nainb.1, for the three years preceding tbe commencement of
Ibis series, amount to fifteen volumes of tho Philadelphia
reprints, and are sold for about thirty-seven dollars and a
half. Theeighteen volumes of iheLawand Equity Report
embracing the same length of tiniej are sold for thirty-six
dollars, and contain all the cases, not only in the same
Court, but in allthe English Courts. For the last ten
years, thePiiiladrfphia reprints haveaveraged nearly five
volnmei per annum, making tbe price about twelredoltars
a year. For the price, the I air and Equity reports furnish
mure than double the nuaiber of cases; while, for s X da.
larsa year, ihe alternate law volumes can be purchaied,
containing, not only all the matter of the Philadelphia re
prints, but all the cases repot ted from the House of Lord',
Privr Council, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts, togeth
er with many cases from the Common Law Courts not con
tained in the othrrreprints. For it should be remembered
in this co'nncclif.n, thai those publications do not contain
all the cases, even in tbe courts which they profess to report,
while this scries is complete. For example, tlie rlrstvoluine
ofEHis A Blackeurn's Queen's Bench Reports embraces
the period fioruNuv. 1;52, to .April 25, liw3, and
contains only eighty-tieo canes deiidcd within that
. time; while the loiw aud Equity Reports contain i,w hund
red and eight cases fmn the same Court, in the same po
riod. Only three-fourths of Ihe cases contained in !le fat
ter are reported in the former. It thus appears that tbe
Law and Equity ReporU are fuinishild at less than half the
price of any others.
As to the character of these Reports, tbe Publishers invite
tlie most critical comparison between the cases in this ser
ies which may be found in any other.
They also ossnre the profession, that the statement indns
triotfely circulated that these Reports wpl be soon discon
tinued is nnlrue. In the face of a most determined opposi
tion, and against the most unscrupulous detraction and mis
representation, they have gained a circulation which places
tbe enterprise beyond the possibility of failure.
vol. 19, nearly resdv tor delivery. Vol. 0.in presn.
containing cases in the Common Law Courts to Nor. 1853,
inclnding all Ihe cases 2 Ellis and Blackburn, Port 1, not
heretofore published in the Law and Equity Reports.
Forsale by
febiM'il e0t
Agent fur the Pub'ishers.
ITfrequenlly happens thai by neglecting a slight cough the
mn.t alarming and fatal consequences are the Inevlta
bleresulti. Iluudreiliof tbousanus arejearlv Jiurled to a
premature erave by that trrriblo disease CO4NS0MPriOS,
who mUhtliavv becn'snared tuthtlr r.millp. .n l t,;r..i. r
thev had only attended tu the above linpoiUnt admonition
In lime. A veryslizhtcoM andcnnEh rrenum.tlr l.i. ....
rar.lilly too.) to the lnr.st latsl re.nli.- hn ih.rnA -.....-
time before It Is too lain, ir
cine will give you prompt ami etructnsl rellur, we now ear
neatly recommend to yon HR. r. WILLIAMS' rUUIOMC
wnich la a most wonderful ramMy, and Is recommended by
tbousamlsurourinost wealthy and !nte!li?eiteitliem.
i r,,.r'a,ld,':'lj'ti""fIU merits. virtues, Ac, see Pamph
lets to be had or the Agents.
ZIMMKRMAN, W.olesale Uminrist, who is the General
I .. u,,lM,Pularan.i valuable preparation at the city
fh" r n " i '. ,0"o,"idinsr country. Ills aIsofrsaIeby
J. II. CURREY, .Nashville.
a. P. CLOUSTO.Y, r..r.nl r
F.S.WOLllKIDGll, "nklln,T.
IIAWKINM .O rOWI.Hfr. PnlnrnMl.
And brail Drnzarl'ta Iu every town In the SUteof Tennes
see, and all toe Southern and U'astTn States.
marl t Imdtwotw
' Steamboat K Howard. R. Y. North
ern. Jl-Mer. will leave lor the above . ort
on Wednesday, the 1st of March. at 10 A.M. For freight
or passage apply on board, or tr
feb'S ' J- IS. EA r JIA.
JUST received fObbfs 'Branlams' superior family Flour,
an article approved byaflwhane it. t
'1C9 2J uaUIUi'AUi,

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