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THU WKKlAUNtON AM) AilKKlfAJf lil'furnished
lo i ubsonbersat the following rates: bmgle copies, one
veifr-iri advance. f2 '50;wi.M.. the year$3 OOj-atthe'end
U1 itfe-year ft 00. Clubs Of lire an J upwards $2' 00
m oopj foronoyrj Clubs of subscribers will be re-,
ceil ed lor six mourns at Uiejloreoingjraws.
be 1 lIl-WKIiX-ipublUlied every Tuesday. rhursdsj
aiid-rfaturdftr,'ttt$5 per annum .in advance; if nutpaia ,o
advance,:.. , ti, . ,
-41A1LY if) published at Eight Dollars., . -
tteuirttances of subwriptions mav ba wade by mail A our
111---. V
cor will ba sent out of tho Stale miless the order is ao
con.pauied with tho cash.
rn"hEoiI(;E Y. COOK,
Y oco Villase. Teiar,
X7 MiLattend to tho collection ot debts, and the invest!
y gatiou and perfecting ot land titles in ieitis.
Hnu.0 W. O.Totton,
lion. N AUIA.N Qbien,
" R. L. UlDLKT,
r Abe Carctdees,
"GoremorWiivB. Cufroiu,
" 11. U. il KlXXEV,
It. U Cjuh-tueh...
Jou I
anf-Hl' twly
An Invaluable Jiook for 25 cents. "Every Family
should .have a Copy."
TWENTY THOUSAND Copicssold inlcss
than 5 months. "A new edition, revised
laid improved, jiit issued. I
AND HAND BOOK for the AFFLICTED containing nn
outln.eof the origin, progress, treatment and cureof every
loim ifdUea--e, contracted by promiscuous t-exual inter
course by ielffabue or by sexual excess, with advice lor
their pi eveutioo, written in a familiar style, avoiding all
medical technicalities, anil everything that would ouena toe
earol decency, from the i-eMiltot some twenty 'years success
ul pi-aeUce,.exchisively devoted to the cure of diseases of a
delicutctpr private uature. ...
To liich is added receipts for the core of the above dis
eases, aiida treatise on the causjs, symptoms and cure of the
t'eter and Acne'. ' '
1 E-.mioxT.ur tus Paoi". -or Odsteteics ik I'esx.Coi.
UAL The author of this work unlike the majority of those
ttoik- it hnadvcrt.se to cure the diseases of which it treats,
ki raduale of one of tlte best Colleges in the United
Stale i. Itallbrdsine pleasure to recommend him to the.
nil.it liinufn fir fn lli-i --.!!,., ..f.tilTi-ai-Ira(i aft fl Ilir..-it?aa,flil
luiilevpcriencedpractitionQr in wliose honor and integrity
hey may place the created confidence.
ADtuuiA. It gives me pleasure to add my testimonvto
Uie pi otessioual ability X the Author of the ".Medical ita
ual. Numerous cases oT Diseases of the Genital Organij
oiiie oCthwu.of louir btaudiuc,,have come under my no
tiw.in vshich !iis.kill.hai been manifest in restoring toper
ect litallh, in son'iQ.'iiiitances.'where the patient has been
consiJcred beyond medical aid. In the treatment of Semi
nal e jknesM, or disarrangement of the functions,produced
y If abuse or excess of venery, 1 do not "know uissupe
ior in the profession. 1 have been acquainted with the
Antli .r some thirty jears, and deem it no more than justice
o him, as well as a,kiiidness to the unfortunate victim of
early indiscretion, to recommend him as one, in whose pro.
esMOiul skill and integrity, they may safely conlide them
telvfc ALP. AVOODWAKB, M. D-
"Tbis is, without exception, the most comprehensive and
ntelligible vrcrk publUhed on the class of diseases w hidi
t tresis. AviHdinjall technical terms, it addresses itself
o Uie reason of its readers. His free from all objectiona
le matter, and no parent, however fastidious, e
o placing it iu the hands of his sons. The author has de
Toted many vears to the treatment of the various complaints
realed of, aild 'with too little breath to puff,' and 'too iiU
e presumption to impose, he hasoli'ered to the world at
he i.iereluouiiual price of 25 cents, the fruita of Koine
wen ty years most successful practice" HtrahL
"Io teacher or parent should be without the knowledge
mpi.rled in this invaluable work. It would save vears of
pain, mortification and sorrow to the youth under their
barge." I'pW Allocate.
A J'restylenan clergyman in Ohio, in writing or "llun
er' Medical Manual, says: "Thousands upon thousands
ot our youth, by evil example and influence ot the passions,
have been led into the habit of fclf-lllution wi!hut realiz
ing the sin and fearful consequences upon themselves and
postcntv. The constitutions of thonsauds who are raising
. . ,. i i i .i
auu'ies uavcoeen eiueeuiea, li noi uroei. uoivu, uuu iuci
do not know tho csuse or the cure. Anything that can be
douc so to enligliten andintluence the public mind as to
check, and "ultimately to remove this wide spread source of
human wrrUheduess, would confer the gieatest blesnug
next to the religion of Jeus Christ, on the present and
coming generations. Intemperance (or the use of intoxi
catijg drinks,) though it has slain thousand upon tlura
and, is ut a greater wxniige to the human race. Accept
my thanks on behalf of the al'Jicled, and,Ti"r co-woikcr m
Uie ood work vou arc so actively entaged in."
(. . copv, securely tuveloiied,) will be forwarded, free of
VfeUe, to any part of the Lnited States tor SO cents, or (i
copies lot Jl. AddieEs (post paid,)
rublisheis, llox 156, l'hilada.
L.iksJ!ers, Canvassers and Hook Agents supplied on
heiuost liberal teims. sept'J7 lv
lus. celebrated McdlciiiB bii for many jearj maintained
Usru'iijrionly allotber rei'iedios, lor lh sre,cerluin,
ieiy,and niianent filro .rAaeaad Frver.or CbllU
urn! I eer,!irthi;r of liortr lonj sUiiJluc; and in no
casavillltfaUto cure,aUiedir;cUousanj ttricll) fulloued
aui carried out.
tTiusremeJy bas l'na otenslvcly uei throughout the
FtaV or Komuiy. Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, I'eutujli-a-uta,
Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois. Missouri, Texas,
Arl iiiis,. Manama, Mississippi, anu Ixiuislaus; and has per
uia leiitly cured over riVE uchuredtmocbixd cases. In all
lu arled forma, main of which had neon ot from one to
tUr.ro years' tlauJln', and mid Msisted all the usual remo
dli knownln thecountrj; and In no caso did thlsMedicine
lal. where the directions were properly lollowed. Such Is
It .utarlable success thai a large uauiber of respectable
ft etitiorersof Medicine, lu vanoas parts of the country,
mo and preseilbe it in preference to quiulno audall other
"?LeJpublic are assured that It Is not only certtin in Its ef
e. ;s ana Tonic, bui beuiR coraposod eutirel) of veftelable
mualcines, is parfectly innocent in allcasesor circam
Uuees, and may be git en to females, Infants, and all per
sons of debilitalud and d.)li:ato constitutions, without the
lea-rt fear whatever of anyuuplcaanl effect.
Vhls Medicine Is eoiuposad of articles of the primest and
purest qualilt, and Is always nude by the propnotor in per
son, after the established lorins or pharmacy (which cannot
be slid or the nuny I'oiilci now floodini; the Western and
Southwestern louuirj ) and In this respect alono is rendered
ri -ally superior tolba Minodies usually prepared and sold
lii iheeountry.
II) us aperient ana foi i,u" 1' ri..n....-,i
d. d to Us Tonic qiialuu", ft is rendered oniinunlly superior
le luinine and other remedies as a general and popular
T. nic In all cases Uater, where Tonics are proper to be
ministered. The proprietor, ihereiore, respectiully ln
viws practltiooors and tho public generally to give it but a
fn.t trial, and they will thou be convinced ot its great supo
ri irity over ad othor remedies now lu use for the purpose
aiuvirled. ..... ,
Vrsoiisl!vli.g In districts of country subject to Ague and
F i or. t hills and Fever, or liilious Fevers, would do well
ti. i-i. a mirmlv of this valuable remedy always on bund.
tho proprietor has now in his poeslou thousands of cer.
tl K-ates ofits valae, given by persons who hare used It, with
nuauy letters Irom mrrchanls who hate sold It largely In
ll.lr country, as woll as from many respectab e Praclioners
t io havo used it in preference lo other remedies, at'esting
It. value. J. P. UKO.MGOOLE,
No 12, College street, tt noieaie auu ueiau .sgeni, itasn.
V :lu,Teun. decin dA-tri w.
TTS the most eflectnal remedy for Piles. Sore or Caked
JL Ereast. Cuts. Bruises, &c, uow extant. This medi-
t 'lie is prepared with great cire, and never falls to give re-
Iiel ttlien properly uinniuisieieu, ateiuoiuocr
It Cures Piles - speedily.
Ii Cares Sores or Caked Breast iramediaiely.
it finrfis Cuts. Bruises or Sores on mau or horse.
. Thealllicted are invited to give it a trial. If it dees not
ii.-complish wfnt we claim for it, then pronounce it a hum-
liug ana aeinanu your imuiey.
'1 be ironnetor has in his tosession any number of cer-
nu.-atcs from tbe lir.-t citiieus of Virginia and other Stales;
tavern! of which nccomoaiiT each box. We eire the fol
lowing front Uio herlll' of llottetourt county, Virginia
Fikcastle, Dec 21, 1833.
Mr. IIurciiHON Dtjr Sir 1 had been an almost con-
rlaut MiUerertnnn Tiles forlen or twelve vears previous to
ihe time I heard of j our ointment, 1 have given it a fair
trul, and tor tlie la-t two years have had no symptoms ot
th" dieie. anil cojudermy self entirely cured. 1 think it
diieto you to ma'e tliu staleracut, and to the public at
jarge, tuai ) our inra:u iuic ointment should be more gen-
t.rally Kuoivn. loursiepecitully, li. ITAM.
Sold wholesale and retail, bv
fcbli '51 fimJAinw Agent, College street.
. Prepared bv W. Iliilchisnn. A- Ot., Amsterdtm, Va.
rpllKBl-STSO.N OK Ul.l) PACHC, the breth-
ircth- t
I er ot tiamma.aiid thi Sire of Corset
ncind. Volume, and Seliin, will stand the ensu.
imr season, at my stable, at :.. The cash will J ,nliirt
before the i enioval tif the propei ly. iiai cs kept at 7& cents
per week.
El'SlLON is nearly tixteen hands hih.a rirh 1,, n,l
one of the most beautiful and (wrfecfliorses ever seen, liut
rjte of his colts have been trained; four of that number
have proved most excellent racers. hat horse in Amen-
cabas done bellei? His pojigree is epial t anv in the
United States. .No responsibility lor accident or ecii)-.
t.U T - MS.-Am ir lll,iitvti
IfU. wniut . v. At iiivi Fi.,.
X Sale, by J. r. Dunton, Irom K. T. Andersons Jiu
serr. Hie Bend. Meade Countv. Kt
To auv in want of FRUITTRbES, it is needless to say
anything relative to the quality of the Trees from that
Nursery, for wore it required, I could bring many to testi
fy that mere are none superior, .tiiircesarc warrnnieu,
tind 1 would solicit an im-ix-elion of them at my store, No.
61 Public Square. Call Soon.
feb-J J. F. DUNTOV
USl n-cu.veuLU bulsol. Unlia riour. tut a.le ov
. mar3
I lVuroct Ploun-hs. Nos 1 and S. for sale bv
jaoS' ! " W. U. GORDO
I I umpr v iTiirT t III l 1A. 1T-2 I'flVt fHiCftTlrks- 11
UltEiJJJL 1 IjKI At A ........ ... ji uvlluoillU.I,
This Invaluable Cordial, Is extracted from" Herbs and ' joots,
which have boon found after j ears of experience, bylhe iiiosi
stillful Physicians, to bo possessed of qualities niost bebe
flrial In the diseases for which It is receuimendpd. nn.) l,
whilst It Is presented to tbe public as an efficacious remedr..
tt Ca .l.n tn.BH In la. Allh.t a.l.a. . . . . .. '
I - ...a" tMU-UIa.VII.tl ValaVAbtrr OUWDlCU 11181100
may be placed as to Its safety- in cases ot Impotcncv, He
morrhages, Disordered Slerllllty, Menstruation, orSui'i' res
slon ofthe Menses, Flour Albns or Whiles, orfor
arising from any cause, ach" as 'weakness from sickness,
where the patient Xas been confined to bed for somo time,
for Females after confinement, Abortion or Miscarriage, this
Cordial cannot be excelled. In its salutary effects: orin loss of
-MuseiiUrlaiergy,. Irritability, Ph.sical Hrosliatlon, Semi
Dal weakness. Palnltitlon of n iit tn.n...,in. a ...
glshnes,lecayortbe ProcreaUve Foncllonj, Xervonsnoss,
'i"irerC T0"IC Med,cIno ' required, It will be found
-"t-"- 't uuti.uui tu Buy touijouna over usea.
loacmaies. ' ' . t
ii 7. i "s-'-x ioruiai, is oneoi ine most valuable
Medicines in tbe many Complaints to which Females are
subject It assists nature to brace the whole sjslem, check
excess, and creates renewed health and bappluess. Less
suffering, disease and unhappirif ss amni)gl.sdlcs would ex-.
1st, were they generally to adopt tbe use or this Cordial.
Ladles who are debilitated by those obstructions which re
males are liable to, are restored by the iise of a bottle or two,
Yonntr Men:
.That solitary practice, so fatal to the cxlstenco of man and'
it is the young who are most apt to become lis victims, from
an ignorance of the danger to which they subject themselves.
-Veryon, Debility,
Weakness ot the St item, and Premature Decnv. Manvof
jcu may now oesucenng, misiea asiome causa or source
oroisease. lo those, then, who by excess have brought on
themselves Premature lmnoiencv. Involuntary Seinlni.1
Kmlsslons, Weakness and Shrlvelliiigofthe Genital Orpaus,
iivouus aiueciion. or idv oinerconei uenreiioi unrAi n n.
ed Indulgence of tbe sensual passions, occasioning the ne
essay 01 rcnuuucjng toe leucines 01
' MnrTinze. rtJ
lesienlnff both mortal and bodilv canacitv. Holdl Ilenrv'i
InvlgoratlngCordial, a Medicine that is purely Vegetable,
will aid nature to restore those Imnortant functions to a
ueauuj siaie, ani win prove ooervico to you. it possesses
raruTiriues, ua general remover.oi uiseua,aud slreugui'
oner bftbes)siem. ' "
A a Tonic Illedicinc, J
it Is unsurpassed. We do not place this Cordial on a Tootinsr
with quack medicines, and, as is customary, append a Ions
list ol iEecoinmendations. Certificates, dzcbesinnlnsr with
--near wnat the rreacaer says," auusucn use; ills not nec
essary, lor "Henry's invigorating coruiai," only needs a
trial to prove that itwillacconinlish all we say.
The Genuine "Henry's Invigorating' Cordial,"
Is put upln 8 oz Pannel Bottles, and is easily recognized lit
the Manufactnrer'ssignatureon the label of each liollle, (to
counterfeit which is forgery,) as woll as the name blown iu
the glass.
JLf Bold for 52 per Uottle; Six for S3' SIC per dozen.
Prepared only by t. E.COHEN. Xo.3 Pranxlin Row. Vina
street, below fclghlh, Philadelphia, Pa., to whom all OK
DEKs niuet be addressed. Forsalebvall resnectable Uru?.
gists and Merchants throughout the counlry.
For salo at the Patent Medicine Depot, No. 12 College St.,
by J. P. Dromgooled: Co. wholesale. gcnt for the Slalo.alid
only agent In Nashville
decll biu divtw.
sTitOtNu nova
WITHOUT the least shadow of doubt, the ChiilCM
Khcumiltic Alllidole.is the only reliable reme
dy before the public, for the Immediate and permanent re
lief of long standing cases of
Ulirouic Kheumntistn.
evere andcxcruciatinir Xouralzlc 1'nius. IiiDdieaso.Gont.
all contracted and distorted Limbs, Paralysis, wasting and
decay of the muscles, swelled and enlarged Joints, painful
swellings, acnte Rheumatism, Tic Duloroux, Cramps uud
Spatini, &c.,kc. This medicine is truly tbe
Kin? of Ilheiiiiinlisin.
and from the rapid salo 'and unprecedented satisfaction
which is dally eiven bv it. its astonishin? effects launut Le
Severe lVenraliric rains
are speedily removed by a few anollcatlous of this won.
enui combination, the old aud young need have no fear )
f nerfect reAloratlon. - -r - S.? i
. -
Dead Palsy
s completely cured In an lucredible short time, bvthe use
of this external application. No one need doubt It, for one
single Bottle willnever fall to give complete and unbound
ed satisraction.
Contracted and Stiff Joints
are perrectly relaxed aud restored to (their natural lire and
activity, oy us use.
l'crsons in High Life
who, from prejudice, or other causes, are unwilling to re-
on toaineuicine wnicn is orougni to notice by being ai-
crtlssu, permuting tncmseivcs toscner ana writhe undor
gonislng and excruciating Pains of Rheumatism and Neu
ralgia, would feel Justly proud, after rubbing their limbs and
Joints with one bottle of this External Remedy.
Ltoss 01 .uusctiiar J'ower,
wasting and decay of the muscles, nutnbnc.s, weak back,
painiuijoints, are all speedily cureu oytneuseoi thismedl-
ine . i
Wo respeatrully lnvitt the citizens ofNashville and vicin
ity, w ho are affected with any form of Rbeumattsin, or other
Ulrl U3 J ttlS.' IttaUUICI tbBU ... It, I V It I Ut:i) k UUU , a.U 1 K
a at phlet and a bottle of our medicine, and tte confidently
promise you sausiaction.
A.S.YOUATT& CO., Proprietors. Maiden Lane, N. Y..
to whom all orders should be addressed
Forsalein Nashville by J. P. DKOMGOOI.K CO.
Sole Wholesale and Retail Agent.
For salo In Franklin, by P. S. WOLDIEHIUK,
junriroes'joro' Dy j. tt. rrj.i,.'SLr,
" Fsjetteville, McEI.IIOY & McKINNEY,
" " Paducah, Kv., by
" " McMlnuvilie.by
j. is. MtUH.
mar '54 dilrw
D w
IATU0L1C0N. for the relief and cure of sullerintr
rt' males, it sianas pre
eminent for its curative
powers in all diseases for
which it is recommended,
I'emule Complaints.
ui these are Prolapsus
Uteri, or Falling of the
Womb; Flour Alius, or
Whites; Chronle Inflam
mation and Ulceration ot
tbe Womb; Incidental He
morrhage, or Flooding;
Painful, huppres-od, and
Irregular -Menstruation,
iSrc, with accouipan)iiig
evils, (Cancer excepted,)
nomatlerhow set ere or of
how long stanalng.
me cainoiicon larcur-
E asses other reiuertes, in
elng more certain, less
xpenstvo, anil leaving th
system in a Driller eonaition. i-el an lutaresleil lu such a
remeoy can ana ODtain a parapulcl (Iree) eoniaining ample
proof, from highly respectable sources, of thu happy r suits
of its use, togetberwith letters from tirst-class experienced
physicians, who have used it in their practice, and speak
irom tneirownouservatioui.
lfi.rtFXKcas.-P B. Pecttbam. M. U.. utlea.A. v., I.. 11.
Flemlnjj, M. D., Cauandaigua, S.V., M. II. Hills, M. D.,
Rochester, N. v., 1) Y. Foote, M. 1)., Syracuse, N. Y., Prof.
Dunbar, M. D., Baltimore. Md , J. C. 6rrict. M. 1)., Balti
more, Md., W. V. Heosc, M. 1)., New'Yort City, V. Pros-
vott, M. D , Concord, N. ii., J. P. Newland,.M. II., Uiica,
Pamphlets had cratlsat J. P. Daonooii: A- Co.'s Patent
Medicine House, College street, Wholesale and Rctal
Agvnr atasnvuio, lennessee.
Ai-u. fror sale by
Dr. F. S. WoLDRinnr, Franklin,
lsntM A. P.rxi.is,S ringtield,
JsmxsT Ii-iiAv, Gallatin,
Cook & Owzn, Lebanon,
CxoratT 1r Riodlk, Murfreesboro'
TMttr ciimtti to Mettrt. Bench i- Brovnrox.JIrtKli at
JftKberrj C. if., S. C, ij Rtv. C. S.-Btard, of tame Mate.
ulekji nraisug, jan.'jta, ic.u.
Messrs. linen & Bsottssos Sirs: 1 send lor unolhe
ottle of vour '-Marchisl's' Uterine Cathollcon." Jly wife
has been afflicted for eleven years, and a variety of means
has been resorted to Tor relief, but none was obtained until
1 recelted this medicine Irom you. us influence seems al
most magical: there was a manifest Improvement f. onl ine
davit was taken.
As there are a groat many females in oor country laboring
under the affliction Tor which jour medicine proposes a
remedy, I feel it a duty to recommend it to all such.
(Mgnea,) ilouoii r. heard.
TTP J. It. .MAKCHISI & CO.. Proprietors, Central De.
pot, 301 Broadway, '. Y. novSf.
tt . r ttii.v l , ytgeni.
DR. DR0MG00LE VC0., has just received at No. 12,
College st., Nashville, a new and complete assortment
of Family Medicines, Perfumes, Toilet and Family loaps.
bhouldtti llraces, hupporters,o;c., which he oilers to the
at prices warranted to salt the limes.
1 he following comprises a part ol nis Mock, viz:
130 dnz Mustang Liniment, 1 43 do Extra Toilet Soaps,
VO ao ttiiuaiu'a ttcout sn uo ratuuy rosps,
KKl do Common Cukes,
74 do Ruslelon, Clark A
Co'. Cod Liver Oil.
CO do Lyon's Katliairou,
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
Farrell'a Arabian Liniment,
Houck's Panacea,
Gray 's Ointment,
House's Medicines,
Dr. D. Jayno's Medicines.
Moffall' and Braudreth's
Arnold's and Houses Pills,
Smith's and Soule's do,
Wright', and Cook's do.
Ja lie'. and Peters' do,
Carter's Spanish -Mixture,
Urbau's Antl-Baclianal.au,
Elixir for Intemperance,
Urbau's Antl-UyapepUe Ex
celsior, Ladies', Children's ct Cents,
Shoulder liruces,
Hebrew Plaster,
Honghton's IVpin,
Marcoise's Utetiuo Catholl
con ,
Spilth's Tonic Syrup,
Graelfenbev Metlltiues,
do Ajer's Cherry Pecto
ral, do Chinese Rheumatic
do Wilhaia'sSarsparilla
do Henri's lutigorat-
do Morse's Invlgorat-i
lug uorulal,
do Hoopland's German
man miters,
do Bull's Sarsaparilla,
do Droragoole's Femalo
do McLane'scV Fahnes
stock's Vermifuge,
do Fine and common
Colognes assort.
do Hair Pomatums,
do do oils.
do Assorted Extracts for
tbe handkerchief.
do Transparent Wash
do Transparent Cakes,
do Hapoaaceous Com
do Fine Honey Soap,
w ho nocd any article in our lino, would Jo well to call and
evannuo,as tne slock Is Iresh and eo-upiele, and the prices
and quality of each article in the Hoase, will ive coinp'ete
For such articles as you have to purchase, which wo have
for sale, it isto bo hoped that jon will cite 11 1 a call, asthis
Isthe riK-TamlosLY House of the ktudoter established in
the State. Country Druggists and .Mercbaals ran purchase
atlnis House, many articles at much lefs prices than they
hateeterbought. Will you give us a call or an order. Vou
can find us at No. 12, College St., Nasht ille. East side.
ml.r,4 J. P. DKOMGOOLE A CO.
JL clieapcst and best SOAP in the world. I have just re-
ceivea 100 cases ot Potah in jKiwder for miking hard or
soli txiap, a receipt for making accompanies each can. At
leaitoO per ceuL is saved iu tbe use of this articleFor sale
tin.. Corner of Broad nnd Market sts,
-W ft I l L l . . 1 -,
H u,tt VIMV' A lot 011 hiont street, Coilege Hill,
. iuv wiiu ui tears auitab e to l.i.ild . nr-.ntnr
sop or Mable on. Apply tu
mar29 'oi
LTI.LI:. I I - . . .v...
. L. BOYD. 'Jr.?.
Gen'l Agent,
- OK. JHOKSK'S , r ,
TNVIGORATIXG CORDIAL, a Pbenomenon,in Medicine.
-L Health Restored and Life Langthe'ned, by ' "
For centuries, Medical -science has becn'rahtacxlng the
vegetable and mineral klngdcms,ln search afs1methbiglhat
thould restoreathe loiter decaying 'energies of the nervous
cndonuscular systems, without thedrawbaek of subsequent
prostration, which all stimulants, tonics',' and. narcotics had
horoCofore entailed. That iomething lias, been foun'd. ltls
a vegetable production, brought from the sterile deserts ol
ArabiLthe Stony ,oy tho celebrated Professor M.Morso, well
known as a distinguished member or the leading scientific"
societies or the .Old World, and equally distinguished as s
physician, a cbemlst,a'ud a traveler. The Juices or this herb,
concentrated and combined with other segetabie medicinal
extracts, are now producing results heretofore unheard of,
luthis or any other country. . At first tho properties attribu-
leu lorroi. iUUKSfi'S mviuuKAiiau i-.liaik UK COK
DlAL rwere deemed fabulous.' Tbe public often deceived
could not believe the simple and sublimo trnthsannounced
by the discoverer. But facts, undeniable feels 'attested by
witnesses of hlvliest rls-jt nn.l -ImrtflAr tmnnt. ivf-
lumphlne over, alt doubts. INCREDULITY 'l'OVKR-
Jiinuiv.ny amass or tesuraouy which Is perfectly irre
sistable. r i
The Elixir remedies, la all ses, the deplorable evils
arising from a misuse or abuie if .he various organs which
lnako up tho wonderful ma ul tcalled man. It restores to
Jcll.t Igor every delicate.iuvtion connected wjth that mys-j.
, - a,,vj vi tuattct biiu luiuu, nuceasarj to
iae reproduction ol human life. To persons of feeble must
,uiar irame, or deficient iu'vitaV power, it Is recommended
aslhenuly means of communicating that energy which ia
.necessary to lUu proper enjoyment ofo.ll the natural appe
tites, as well as the higher mental attributes, lis benafielu!
effects are notconSned toollUersoxor to any age. Tbefee
blegirl,tliealllug wire, thelisllessernevated youth, theover
woruman of business, the victim of nervous denression. the
.individual .suffering from general debllltv. or from' lha'
weakness ol a single organ, will all And immediate and peri
ui.uicuticiiviiiuiuiuv use oi tuis lucomparauie renovaior.
To those who have a 'predisposition loparalytis It will prove
acompfeie and uiifailing'saioguard against that terrible mal
ady. 1'bere are many, perhaps, who have 40 trifled with,
their constitutions, that ther think themselves betoudthe
reach Of medicine. Letnot oven these despair. Thd-Kllxir
Deals witn disease as lieilsts, without reference to causes,'
and will not only remove the disorder itself, but
Rebuild Itnvllrokxti CoiiMitution.
The derangements of the system, lchttlig Wiiervons dis
eases, and the forms ,of nervous disease, ilself.are so numer
ous tbat It would require a column to enumerate the mala
dies' for which this 'preparation is a specific. A few, how:
ever, may bo enumerated, -viz: neuralgia, tic dolereauxV
headache, incipient paralysis,- hysteria; palpitation or the;
heart, spinal affections, muscular debility, tremors, flatu
lence, a pricking sensation in the flesh, numbness, torpidity
or the liver, mbutal depression,- weakness or the will, Indis
position to move, raininess after exercise, broken sleepand
terrifying dreams, Inability to remain in one ;plce or posi
tion, weakness of lb procrcative organs, sexual incniupe
toucy, melancholy, monomania, tiuor albus, sinking at tbe,
stomach, femalo liregalaritlcs, a chronic tendency to 'mis.
carriage, emaciation, and all complaints growing out of a
freo indulgence of tho passions, and all barrenness that
does not proceed from organic causes beyond the reach of
Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free from mal
rormaliou or strictural disea.es ills averred- that
Morse's Invigorating Klixir.
will replace wcakuets wilh strength, Incapacity with efficient
cy, irregularity wilh uniform aud natural activity, aud this
1.01 only without hazard of reaction, bat with a happy effect
on the general organization. Jf r- Hear in mind tnat all
malalies, wherever they begin, tlnish with the nervous ays.'
tern, aud that the paralizaliou of tho nerves of motion and
sensation Is physical death. Bear in mind also, that for eve.
ry kind or nervous disease the Elixir Cordial is the only re
liable preparation known.
L.iire 01 enrons Diseases.
No language can convey an adequate idea or the immedi.
ateand almost miraculous change which It occasions in the
diseased, debilitated and shattered nervous system, whether
brokeudowo by excess, weak by uature, or impaired by sick
ness, the unstrung and relaxed orgaulzallonisatocce braced
re-l lulled and built up. The mental andphtsical stmtoms
ol neivousdlseasevauishtngetheriinderltsluflueiicc. Nor
isthe effect temporal); on the contrary, the relief is perma
nent. Tor the coidial properties of tho medicine reach tbe
constitution itseir, and restore it to Its norma" condition.
ell may the preparation bo callodthe
.tlcdiuiual Wonder.
or the nineteenth century. It is, as tbelirstscienliSc manln
tbe world would have admitted, that miracle of medicine
heretofore supposed to have no existanco.
-v Mimitmnt mat jt.utaiis Ao ite-Action.
Its force is nuverexpanded. as is tbnease with ooinm. alco
holic preparations, and all other excitants. The effect ot
theso is brier, and it may well be said ofhlin who take them. .
-4The lastat&jLcof that man Is worse than tbe firsts' But the j
Elixir is an exhlleraAt without aslngledrawback safe Inlts '
operation, perpetual in Its happy Influence upon the nerves
the mind, aud the entire organization; it will also remove de
Sressioiis, excitement, a teudency to blush, sleeplessness
lsliko of society, incapacity lor study or buslnoss. '
I.0M-1 of Jileinory,
Confusion, giddiness, rush ot blood lolhe head, melancholy,
mental debility, hysteria, wretchedness, thoughts of self de
struction, fear orinsanRy,hypochondriais,d)3pepsla gene
ral prostration, lrritanuny, nervousness, mammy 10 sleep,
diseases incident to lemales.decarorihe propogating func
tions, hysteria, monomania, t ague terrors, palpitation or tbe
neart, mi potency, constipaiion, etc., etc, irom wnatever
cause arising it Is, it there is any reliance lobe placed ouhu
laau tcstimou) , absolutely infallible.
A (reat lUediciuc for Females,
The unparalleled effects of tbis great restoraiive, in al
complaints Incident to females, mark anew era in tbe an
nals of modiclne. Thousands of stimulants have been in
vented thousands of int'igorants concocted all purporting
lobe specified lu tbe various diseases and derangements to
which thedelicatu formation of woman render heritable.
The res-It has heretofore been uniform. These nostrums
have Indeed Imparted a momentary vivacity to the nervous
asteui, a transient and delusive vigor 10 the muscles; but
this flash of relief his been succeeded by a depression and
prostration greater than before, and the end has too often
been utterly to paral)ze the recuperative power r the nerves
and the vital organization, and finally to destroy tho uuaappy
patient. Rutin
Alorse'.sliivigorating I.lixir.
is presented as a phenomena in the materia medica hitherto
unheard of a stimulant without a reaction.
The herb which tonus its main ingredient, has been ad
mitted by all the great medical and pharmaceutical InsUlu
tionsof hurope to bein this rctpectsul generis. Dr. Morse,
whose name Is an undisputed authority in sciences, discov
ered thcproduclion iuArabia,wherehis altentiou'was exil
tedby the wonderfully int igorating effects it pr iduced upon
the natives. In fact the wonderful power of endurance, the
exhaustless vigor exhibited by the Arab, of both sexes, in
their desert pilgrimages, isatlributable to the use of this tl
tallzing herb.
An appeal is made to
Every Vfomnn of Scnsc,
who suffers from weakness, derangement, .nervousness, tro
mors, pains In the back, or anyolher disorder, whetberpecu
liar to her sox, or common in both sexes logive the Invlgo
rating Cordial a trial.
-Married Persons,
orotbors, will find this Cordial afterthey have used abottl
or two, a thorongb regenerator of the system. In all direc
liois are tube iouni the happy parents of healthy offspring,
who would not have been so, but for this extraordinary prep
aration. And It Is equally potent for the many diseases for
which It is recommended. Thou-ands of young men have
been itrstored by usiaglt, and uotin a single lustauco has it
ailed to benefit thorn.
rerson-i of 1,'ale Complexion,
or cnnsuinptite habits, are restored b) the use of abottleor
wo 10 bloom aud vigor changing the skin Troni a pale,) el
low, sickly color, to a beautiful florid complexion.
To the Jlissuided. -s
Theso aresomeof the sad and uielaueholy effects produced
by earlt habits of youth, viz. weakness of the back and
limbs, pains in tbe heul, dimness of sight, loss or muscular
potter, palpilatiou ofthe heart, d)spepsia, nervousirritabil
fly, derangement of the digestive functions, general dblllty,
symptoms of consumption, cvc.
Mentall), tho fearful effects 011 tho mind are much to be
dreaded. Lossof ineinor), confusion ortdeas, depression of
spirits-evil fore-bodings, aversion to society, self distrust,
love of solitude, timidity, d-c, are tome of tbe evils produced
All thu; afflicted '
licfore Contemplating -Marriage,
should reflect that a sound mind and body are the most nee
essarv requisites to promoto connubial happinessfMndeud,
wilhoutthese, the journey through life becomes a weary pll
griu.ago,the prospeit hourly darkens the view; the mind be
conies shadbwed with despair, and tilled with the melancholy
reflection that the happiness ol another becomes 'blighted
wlthynui own.
Parents; and Guardians.
Are ofien misled wilh respect to the causes aud sources o
diseascsiii their sonstnd wards. How olieirdo they ascribe
tootheri-nnsesof wasting of the frame, idiocy, madness, pal
pitation of the heart, Indigestion, derangement of the uur
voussystem, cough and symptoms Indicating consumption,
when the truth is, that they have been iudulglngina perni
cious though alluring practice, destructive both to mind
aud body.
Dr. Morse' Ixvioorshno Cordul has been counter
feited by some unprincipled persons.
In future ail thegemilne Cordial will havethe proprietors
fac-simile pasted over thecerfcor each bottle, and tbe fol
lowing wordsblown In the glass
C. 11. RING, PirOPlilhTOlt. N.Y."
" yp The Cordial is put up highly concentrated, In pint
j bottles.
Prick no per nouio;iwo mr 5a uv, sis. iucjsi. w.
li2 Broadway, New Yolk.
Sold by Druggists throughout the Unitsd Slates, Canada
and West Indies and also by W.P.UIC.IY, successor to
CartwriglilA: AmstrougjCoruer or Market and Broad streets,
Nashtllle.Tennesieo. . toctSC d'wSitn
J. Jl. Zimermin, .Market st, Nashville.
I. W. Nelson, JI11 rfreeshoro'
A, M. Goodloe, Wsiodburv.
Jas. 15. Stone, McMinnvil.e.
Deeo' Majors, Shelbyville.
ft FOKSALE. 1 otfer for sale Dr. Geo. Thompson's de
sirable Farm", containing MS acres, about 23 miles from
Nashville, and " or 4 mites from r-myrna oeitoi,in ivuiner
ford cnunlv. Said families on both" sides of Stone's river
and the Jefferson Pike COO acres in a high state of culti.
vation, balance hnely timbered. A comfortable dwelling
with eveIl rooms, negro cabins, cotton gin, horse mill, Ac;
several excellent springs. Persons wishing to purchase a
desirable farm will do well to examine me above, as a uar
caiu w ill be given. Apply to or address
IS. II r ttl.V 11 tt,
Heal Estate Agent, No. 63 Cherry st.
marSO lmdtwAw
Kauaway litm ourtilanlation near Thibadoux, Louis
J 1 l. I tt, k-l' 1 4 nr a -
n tlnwn
f.ui lnidiind write some and nrobablvhasapass. He
lmiiv-ht from Na.-hville. Tenu". two tears ago, and
u- nnnl several vcars there bv Saml. Watkius. Esq. He
U a hricklavcr. and he may try to get to a free State. The
above reward will be given if caught out ofthe State an
delivered to us, or titty dollars ii caught in thU State
Iodfed in any jail bo tveget hira.
Sj'ot-ff.ai NELSON 4 D0NELS0N,
Near Thibodnux. "
EO. DUBV has returned to this city and canajss.
be found at his -looms, over me btote 01 ty . jsrvfi
1. 1 r'.-.ll.TT'. t-Umfat where hit is rtrenared to
I. It. 1 IVCtU-u. u w...v . . t .
execute his art in PORTltAIT PAINTING. He will also
give instructions to ladies ana uennomen in Amaiicui
Painting a:iu urawmg. "''
mirl'J 1m.
-Tii'iPi' This hii..meKi.i. liereuitore. will De cuu
1N ducted bv the- undersigned. All business entrusted
to me will meet with prompt attention: " Vsivt. t
" mar26 ' W , L. LO I,' Jr.
03 W
P 2
'. -S
E 3
GS -
Hi &. '
eU J
0 c " t a
s 0) a i-t
5"rft 2
Q -a a a S 5 -W r 3 iac
oo;a.ra5jJ;sc;a.Ci:cQ s
s !- S?
3 -" a ' a
r3 ctT? -rn
t-Tl ItM.
rtiJIRKR are so many specifics for so many dleae which
JL 'liesh is heir to," that it Is or the iilnto-t importance
that we should be very particular in making our selertion.
From the remakablo cures which have beeu tlfeclcd by Dr.
Williains' Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cherry and Wood
Naplha,aml from the high order and vast amount of testi
mony whkh Is adduced in its ravor.wo are decidedly Im
pressed w-lib the opinion that the allllcte-l will And in this
new and valuable discovery a moil effectual remedy for all
diseases of tke Lungs. We say toyou who are laboring un
der Coughs, Colds, and all diseases of the Lungs, try it at
once, do not delay a moment, andyou will h; atouislied at
the rapid and favorable results which this'sreat remedy will
secure toyou. Tr)itb) all means, if 11 does not help tou
unihii.g will.
For full descriptions ofits merits, virtues, Ac, sec Pamph
lets to bo had of the Agents.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, and on Agency by J.JI.
ZIM,MHIiM..V, Wholesale Druggist, who is the General
.Agent for thi-riopular and valuable preparation at the city
of Nashville an 1 surrounding country. Itis also for. ale by
the following. Druggists :
11. G. SCOVEL.
J. H.CURREY, Nashville.
F.S. WOL1IRIUG1-, i t'ranklin.T.
HAWKINS &10W1.ER, Columbia.
And by all Druggists in every town In the State of Tennes
see, end all the Southern and Western States.
April 1 '54 lmdtwdiw
FOX A- 1'OLUIa.llUs,
59 Broad Street, Corner Beaver, Near-York.
Offer fur title the following Jkavi Cotton fabrics:
JL numbers, hard and snf; al.-ji nil the various vidths of
Canvass manufactured at this es bibUshment comprising ev
ery vaiiety kuoivn to tlie trade, and ob'ered ut the lowest
Mouut Vernon Extra. A full as ortmeut of this superior
inch, all number.-, bard mid soft. This fahiie tvas awarded
the hitrhest 1'rtmiuui at the Loudon World's Fair, also at
our own, State Fair.
SHIP AND BEAR MAEK DUCE-l'lain and twilled,
manufaclured hy the (jrecuttiKtd's Coinj.auv, a superior ar
ticle for light sails, teuts, awnings. Ac. afso. Mount Ver
non Twilled Ravens, Howard Riiveus, I'ionter and Phmnix
ilills; Light Cotton Ravens, plain 22 to 27 inch; Heavy, do.
COTTON SAIL TWINE A lull assortrcenL
PAPER FELTING BO to li inch, made very heavy,
expix"." for drier felts.
CAE COVERING- Cotlon Canvass, all widlhs, from SO
to.lU inches, uud all numbers, made expressly for cover
ing and roofing railroad cars, is perfectly and perniauenlly
water-proof, and marc enduring than the car ili-ell.
HJAMELLING CANVASS-'., 88, tO, 45 and 50 inch
plain aud twilltd. iu ctery vaiietv.
BAGS AND. BAGGING 01 every description. Seam,
less Bags, woven whole, a!l s.ze, 111 biles' ot lOv, 21H) and
300; coinbit.ing t-trtngth, utility and cheapna-.", lor grain
and meal, are unsuna.-ed.
Also, heavy Cotton Sacking, 40 inch Can t ass, S thiead
Warp and Filling, heavy twilled, do do., 20, 22, 40, and
44 inch.
"WC0L SACKS Woven whole all size ,, a new and desira
ble article. feb'io'5-1 ltd.
ONE HIS OWN I'HVrilClAN. This is the only
Work treating on PRIVATE DISEASE-5, common to
MALE and FEMALE, and that con'uins UECII'ES for the
cure of Ihe same. It jives the symptoms of the different
diseases, follows them up in their different stages with re
cipe, written in plain English, far their cure. From this
w ik the unfortunate can learn their precise situation, take
their pencil and make out a prescription, (which can be
procured at any Drug Slnrei a.nl by follottiiy implicitly
the instructions, be cured and i.avo exposure. The author
id" this wo'k, a late Professor in one ot the leading Medical
Colleges of Philadelphia, has, perhaps, had uioie practice
in the cure cf I'ri -ate Disease, ni dnl'erent stages of Socie
ty, than any other Physician in the country. It contains a
beautiful Lithographic Figure of a Female, showing fie
foraiat'on of the Generatite Organs, with proper explana
tions, Ac.
Address IIUOHE k CO., Publishers, Post paid, Phila
delphia, Pa. Pi;ee$l per Copy-- Freo of Postage.
marSO 'o4 d AtvSni
ES, of various sizjs and qualities.
Folio Traveling Trunks; extra quality; all Sole Leather.
A great variety of I rn & Wood Framed Leather Trunks,
UI ittl .1I..S UL1U I-piaVlT-,
An Excellent assortment of Leather, anil Caqict Bags and
satchels. J mt re;etveu uy
42 College St.
LAOIES' FIN E (. AlTEll. liOOT.S.- Fine Ital
ian Cloth (heel'd) Gaiters,
ladies hue ltahau Cloth plain, tip 1! and lox d tiailers,
do do co'.or'd Cloth do do do do;
do Elegant Embroidered col'd Glove Kid Slippers,
Ac., Ac. J itst received by RAMAfiK i C1IUBCH,
mtr29 42 Co lege 1st.
A GOOD avortment of "HOE i. CO.," and oUier brands
of CIRCULAR SAWS, from the smallest to the lar
gest sues. Just received and for sale by
FALL & UU.WMtMllA.ll,
marS, No. 47 Colleyestrect.
I71NK RAZORS ANI) 8TRUPS 20 dozen Wade A
; Blutcher's celebrated Razors, amoug which a Gne as
sortment of WARRANTED RAZORS, in cases of one pair
each for private use; also a further additional stoct of Bar
bers Kazors; also, ade & Br.tcber s lta7or .-strops, a new
and very superior article. FALL A CUNNINGHAM.
mar7 II College street.
BOXES ofthe above in eootlordcr
175 boxes Cheese, suitable for the Summer;
200 Cocoa IS uts.just received;
20 boxes assoi ted pickles, fresh;
10 '.' Macaroni,
C bbls Cranberries, "
fi boxes Iinons, "
For sale at J. G. A C. ROBERTSON S,
marchS V4 Broadway.
Late of Tenn. Inte of Nashville. Late of Columbia
aYo. 34 i'yeamore it reft, Suit tide, Ulotc Second,
Will oive snecial attention to Forwarding Goods, Pro
duce, etc.; also to the purchase and sale of all kinds of Pro
duce, aud articles of Cincinnati and Pittsboho -Manufac
Re'erto Nashville Merchants generallr
JAME3 COLLI.VSiCO., PitUbarg, rorward
ing Agents.
,m4 d t w A v Cm.
TTTILL stand the present season nt my stable, $
YY 4 miles uorth cf Nashville, on the White's
Creek Turnpike, at ill', ine insurance mr mares,
and S'2(l for Jennets.
Iirst ratepasturage grails. All care taken to prevent a&
cidents but uo liability forany.
tmrisnsR Uawtpve was sired bv Elliott's imnorterl
Jack Uebi and out of a Jennet by Sherrod's Jack, a son
of old Sir John, who.tvas not inferior to any Jack iu Amer
ica. The dam ol HawKeye was also tue uam ot Uyrus,
Davy Crockeu. and omer une aniuiais.
aprl-w2m . - ' ; M.R.C0CKR1LU
,M r2i 3
1 fe:
- ts le.
f-i " d-e--"S--;S5'sS
7 W.WOTrlPs;S:Kr-'.i
."10JIMLS.SION MKRCIIANTS. for the kil. of Phm--
Grain, Bacon and i'mduce generally, corner of East-.
iiaranu union vuat-es, Ctmrleston, fi. J. ,
KkTsJtiot'cxM-i-John Caldwell, PriMdent . C. R. Ii ; Jl,
Oruie. Wilson. A Ca. Loudon; Joseph Pollon. Chsrlestoa.
Iu presenting the above card, wq would bo loing injus
tice to our fi-eiitigs not to express our eratilude to our nu
merous friends in Georgia, Tennessee, North and South
.Carolina, for their past'-unwavering' patronfige since- our
commencement in ihis business in 1S47. We havs nursed
this business from tU infancy, labored year after ..tarlo
develupe the feurcei; of the back country. Ve. have bat-
tlftil with Hit itifr-nt lino-i ttT nttlro.il t.n.l hint l-ttpnln-
slrumental in reducing the freight of produce to reasonable
rates, tt e uave irieini in J-aroj o ana ine norm, ami are
irefiareu ui inaau auvancea on suipmenis jn.eiiner.uiurKep.
We wujild gay to our friends and the public, that it will
be to their Interest to cuusiiiu'to us. as we'Voiy our .thole
attention 10 the business alone.
t e will make libera advancements on ctmsignnfents.
mchl7 Sm JiEUFFER HEN' Hit IX -A CO,
HI. tesiedduring the oast year, bv manr'of Ihe most re-
....t..l.l :.: ..V -.1 . tit. . j j....
o'vt.tauict;iuaeiaaoi.isasiiviiie- s ne aureriiser is peniiiiieti
to refer fo Mr. Samuel Watkins.' whoee servant was cured
ofa niost iuvcicrate Scrofula. Also, the' Scrranl of Mr. J.
Collins of the same'disease. Five cases of 'Ciuccr hare
been cured; twenty cases of Hone Felon. Mr R. U. Jones's
son was cure il Pf Sorts Eyes, afte- having been under the
i.cawnriuot immi uieuiosi aiatinguisiiea I'liysicmus lor
eight mouths, ulnuul totally bUnd. '
At least one hundred re portable iK-i'Sons In NasIiTille.
and its vicinity, 'an be seen ttlm will v(jcli for the greul
beuefiUof h.s course of treatment, nhhout lho;use i,t the
knife or mercury. , .
CaucertScrofu a. Rliemnafrsni. l'lshili. Merininar Df,
eacsU!cers, olj Chrome Dis-aes, .Sole l-!)esand all im
purities of the blood - -
Twenty years tt constant 1'iaetieei.aililen in Xetr Orleans
ptior to comm..' lis Nusbvl le, 'I nv intenled,, are les
peclfllllv invited to Cull. b hUi.h.. ol .-r.i.j.,11 rils',.r .1,.
charge. '
Ufhce SO 4T Union st., near Clu?rv.
novIO ly, n UJWAUli THOMAS.
I.VST 1'I.OKIUA 1. A N I ( A t! EN 1 Y
i;y -1. g. rut-vrs. "
R eft r en c e ","
nun. A. U. il.Stuari.'.antoii. Va.-'
Dr.Jack'Shackeitoiil, CouilInrtd.iAli.
Hon. J. J. Oruumd, Tu.aaloo-ia, AUbsiroa.-,
Dr. ,1. Pnrice, Mobile, Ala.
J. J. McMahon, H-jj .New Orleaius.
C.J. li. C. HurcelL 1
15. JL Bradford. Ksq , y Alxnleeii
H011.S. Adaiii.-, )
Hon. J.-Ai Wilcox, I ... . - .
Hon. 11. ji F,H..e: 1 M"PP.
, Miss.
Tamja, Florida, Jan.24 'SI ly.
WA1.1. I'AI'ER! WAl.l,
O.t HAM), a t.l.e availtlni'iit'l.f
Fiench mid .nierican P.ir
Hungiilats forl'arh.rs, HalN, Dining
Rooms, Chaihhers, Ac-
AltSO-a large lot of cheap imglazed. 1'i.pei"
vz. . t? .... tt-:. t. ... '...!. ... . . - ..
I ns t-tirt iis, 11 I.IUUM ,lll l-IIIIS, tXtT , III
Nuihtille Wall Pajwr Store; No. ill Collecest.
tj.B. Paper llutiginzprnuiplly attended to, nanaated
done in the best mainiir, aui'.' '.VI j
StQL'OYAIl Jiorsi;.
DR. II. UOUr.UiSO.N haling Icjsedl'ura trrm
ofjeais tins comini.dii'ii-1 ami teiilrJIy lo
cated llbuse, situated on the cirntr of Siitniinr
and Chinch H'.reets, convenient to the Uailrosd Drpor, is
nowpieaieu 10 awmuuxiale ll.e iravelli g public, and
from liliy lu one hundred day bo.iders. He pledges him
self to give eiilire satisfaction to all who may fat or him
with il.riri'ilro!iBir- fe!)2i -triwAwlf
UCttl VitO Vtlli il EA.UER REsCCK:
,1 1 bbls. CloverSecd;
100 bbls Moor.
tin) bay Buck. Wheat Koiir.
Fur sale low lor ea-li bjr teb2 1 CHAS-J, CI-.VCIC
l or Ih.Tl
1 HAVE received a larye slock ifihe above feeds, and
am selling at rate: ret--onable enougli lo please all it ho
are iu tiaut. The Mock lcfl otcr lasty tar ttas very lare,
consequently theieare very few fiesliseeds in the narkci,
but if)ou want u genuine uit.cle cull ut
feb24 '.Vt Hnig Store. Corn. Bread and .Market sts,
OaE TlIOUSANll lyoLIt.UtisiMiWASMlT-
AM) 5o'll.s. of li r T.'t c(:iits, can bo made by pur
cl-asmg one of Ijbbit'n cans of ,Pntali.li blau new
arlicleru this narket, . Oof tttiich have beeu mJJ in the
las; two uteks. For a!e only by W. F. GRVY,
feb24 '.VI " Cor. Itroail mid Market sf
LOOK AT TllLsTHoTingtaketTout Lkeuse un
der the new corporation la w , we are now pi epared lo
seilr.egroetoti Commission, and will nuke libsialcash ad
vancei. on ,tegroe left wilh us for sale, uud pledge ourselves
toohevinstiuciioiis, unless it be to separate families. Ei-ht
orten likely girls wanted. DAiJlW A PORTER,
feb 4V.4 NnSf L'ctlar sf reel
"fi.n goi
1 n ceit ed,
OOtJS. -WAI.I. 1 VI"
cheapes.'1-omuiMi and
line Cold, Silver. Satui, Ac, per
steamer Vta'muii.
3,2ir0 pietvi iiUafi.i.'d Walt Paper t
new pattems.
2.1.V0 pitces g!ad Wall Paper. I.ite-t de-s'g'is.
Beautiful variety if Ilorder and KMiMuig large lot
of Fire Sikcih and Window Pjk.ts, low tor cish, at
Who!o.de and Retail. W. W, Fi.N.N,
No 41 Market street. Let ween V lion and Ihet-iiUjie.
N. It Paper Hanging done iu the best mauner.
AMI AKUA.Vl S. Weaio butuig and paving
the very highest prices forl.A.Vii WAl.RASTS. "Per
sons at a distance hiring warrants instil bv sending to us 1
by mail or otherwise may dejieud uu geinii; the-highest I
prices :il it liiditiiey are .selling at the tuiieiu oaLvi'ie and
tho cish remitted iir paid to older. i
XOl'EEU Pull S.VI.Tr.UY I'Alt.11 LYING
on the Middle Franklin TunipAe Road, lire miles south- I
we-st from Nashville, containing- . ucre, IH o.'7l ut
ttliich isin uooilland, liie Iralaa L-e in a lu'i stale ol culli
vation, with aconi.oitable buck dtttl.ing and oil.er nicts
sary out buildings, with three neivrfuliugsjirirgs of most
excellent water. Any one tii.-hipg to s.? the film can do
so at anytime by calling 011 me, whvre I will always be
ready 10 conduct lueiu over it.
marl2 wlm JOHN JOHNS. I
Girl, I
L.U. Wauled lo hire or but' k likely .Nei;rii
frum nine to twelve rears r.f aee for such, a
good cash price will be given. For particulars, enquire at
u 4 b. KUublireu.vs conieclionarv. So. 21 Droad
street. (mir8'54 2tv
Acoustic Oil. For the cure of Deafness, Pains, and Dis
charges ol Matter from the Ear. Also, all those disagree-
ble noise, like the buzzing of insects, tilling of water, wbiz-
ung of steam, Ac, which are symptoms of approaching
deafness, and also generally atienu-uii witn the litseasi-.
Manr persons who have been deal for ten, lifleeo. and
twenty years, and were obliged to use ear trumpets, have
after us ng two or three bottles, thrown aside their trum
pets, being made peneciiy wen. rut sicians anu surgeons
uglily recommend us Use.
A trenilemon of Ihis city has just received a leiter from a
friend of his, physician ot eminence in Bangor, Me, and
has kindly allowed us to make the fohowiugex'.ract:
"I have obtained a bottle ot acrapas uu lor Dealuess,
and find it so valuable a medicine, that you will much ob
lige mi if jou will try and procure me one dozen bottles."
nave you cvennea 11: 11 not. uo net ueiay anoiner aay,
but send" immediately; if vou have been one of the tt ise
and prudent, and already bought a bottle, the question is
settled; you have lecovered jour hearing. Scrapi's Oil
for Deafness never fails. It is the only medicine that will
cure. Thousands ol deaf persons will give their testimony
in its 'avor The beauty of the thing is, that it cures with
out producing any pain.
SU13 uieuiciue uss Lttieu tuutc fct .tuu, auu i now useu
more extensively than all other medicines combined, for the
cure ol Diseases ofthe Ear. The certificates are irjinerous
aud of the highest authority. Also,
BROCATION. This may be considered a specific, and i'
warranted to cure. It not only immediately' allays pain and
intlamation, stops all bleeding, subdues that intolerate itch
ing; but it etTeciually cures, in a very short time, persons
whose lives have been tendered miserable for years! Its
application produces no pain, but rather an agreeable and
pleasant sensa'ioii. Call, or send lor a list of cures, and
you will be astonished.
Zs8 rorsaie oy tv. iicnuersnou itastiviue; uen,
Robinson A Co., Louisville, and J. D. Park, Cincinnati.
marl 7 - 54, am. d tt w.
VTONE SO EFFECTUAE. Thelcsasonsofeiperi
JV ence are the most reliable, and. if not too costly, are
sought afierby the practical. The following is the volun-
twenty.fi ve
years: iube.-ada, .miss., .May 23, 1833.
.Messrs. ii. A.rAnsESToi;a-.t-.o. uenw 1 amoueol those
individuals backward in giving' certificates, but in the ore-
sent instance consider it due tu humanity to sav that 1 have
ueeuengageu iu tue practice 01 luruicine ior tneniv-nve
years, and have never met with any remedy so effectual for
WORMS as your VERMIFUGE. Inadults, even in cases
of FEVER, I sometimes use it to carry otl" calomel taken
the nrevitrus night, and olten find bilious evacuations mid
worms to follow. 1 use uo other VERMIFUGE iu myprac-
. , ., T . I .H .- T .!-.!!-- 4
lice, auu ucsiic uu wvti. -.cantcitiuiiy.
.Signed) ' W M. HAWKINS.
Sold wholesale and retail by all Ihe principal druggists
and country merchants generally throughout the United
States. raar23. w
offering for galea very Valuable Farm, containing
7A0 Acres, fronting on the Mississippi Riyer, one hundred
miles belowMemphis, Coahoma County, Mifs Any per
son wishing to purchase a first rate Cotton Farm would do
well to call soon and examine for themselves. -A bargain
will be given. I also wish to sell all the Stock 011 the place.
Ac. For further particulars tee adverti.'enien.s, in the
Nashville and Memphis Christian Advocates Ac
mar25 dtw&wim R. A. R0ZEI.U
DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore ex
istiog between the undersigned was dissolved on the
17th day of March. last, by mutual consent. Wm.-Lt Boj d
alone is authorized to settle the business of the firm.
marts W. L. BOYD, Jr.
JUS I' received gross" No.l JIATCUKS'ln vood
boxea. fjin22j - W. P. GBAY, Broadway. '
::k .to.i-
tTt t it a 'a
' T. J.-HOCLTPX, . , jlSO. J. aSECIL. V. V. ltCdSELl,
..'W Jioi ,S,AL2 ' fijlD BE TAJ I.
1 J)K,U(,iMlf,TS .N'i GROCERS,
Nos.o2aiitl 51 Ilrondtmy.
nrrivjsES collkcik a-tp cni.p.uy s'tkeetj'.,
JX7tare,n'w"jt'n receipt of a laitfe andtrell assorted
Vt Stock. if UrtiisJUedicines. .I'unfsi- OiI-l IsmiMau
Dyes, lurpenUne, Piit(y,i;ia. and UIas.sware.
' " AIKO
A" liruestoclcnf Groceries Lrl Si in.lt-t.-i . tt.-.
irn 1,1, 1- . : c . . .. . v ."- ,
tv tttiu. t-tiiic ttimar,
150'bags Rio Coffiv.
1"0 boxes. Star Candles;
11 kfjr . Xaih. assorted-
f 100 bbU Milasses; -
lo'),"V.Cigars, common and
LO'i bbls dor . .
20 bblli'Crushed Sifg.ir;
10 3'owdered.uo;
bnxcK"n.a.ware- ,crl
; S.fKlJ gallsr SUmetrtire, ..s-
l.den teir While Leait
20 doi cutis Ojsierc:
,iU0 U Ijuxes, Window G!as:
1.000 lbs Phlty. in Hodden;;
12, fresh Peaches
IOO Bflici Grfirtnd SpiceV
oO.tloz krKvilnslard;
11 boxe?. Lest Chen 111; To
j,ri. ids pan Most indii-o
1.- W lbs UulcJl -iUdder;
2'bbl Clover Seed;
in iimoiny;
lOkfgs Fig Tobicco, very JS-U.buhel.s Blu' Graa;
.TP r?al ...... ta Sl.ll.t aS- 1 '
fire article:
M J illetSeed
UO eioss Matches:
1" casis tine Bntndv;
i50Reamii,Wrap l'apcr;
IU " American Brandy
Tj tlOZBilcsels;
40 doi'Bro-nis,
mar7, t
i-r n m. it me;
11 Ubls WMs'xy. all graret;
siuuittia'.i. iti-i-.iaii tt CO.
Tnx tsot, powerful Kins on tit tare of the slob now
rtigns, lupreme la the American UrpuMie. Ttw power
of the crowned head of Europe tin Ic Into insignificum
vbea compaml to that of oar American Kingv
uropean King emplojr the power vetted in them to
ineretmt the riches of the rich and lerdlr. and to redore
to greater mbery and degradation th poor and depen
dent. Our American Kluggoes fortU with eiaWlwiUin
zwss to the lordly manfwn aud humble cabin, reaJr alike
to admlnhtef- relief and to offer health and happpiacai
tc the lofty and low, the rfeh and the poor.
Is the Texts IVosdxk op thi Would, and the greatest
bles.lo ever offered to afflicted hutnanllyVto tha sufTerin
millions, tbe Doctor can say, relief Is al year coaiman-l,
Vou bare only ,to us this magical rBmcJr- All thona
who still suiter, and will not accept the proffered balm,
deserva col the pity of 'their families.
This wonderful medicine, daring the brief period ainc
Its introduction, has carried happiness to the hearts of
thousands, and mads life a charm to many who heretofore
regarded ie only as 'a painful aad miserable existence.
To Ihe winds with all Liuixaenu, Embrocations, Pala
Killers, and Pain Kxtractora, and iel mlliiont of clad
tonguea proclaim tha merits of the (treat M American
King of Pain-," a preparation composed aolelj of Tejce ta
bled and roots, produced bv America's own rich and
bounteous toil.
ITe wontd ask. the Lamuv.wha are alwaja competent
judges of what is and what ia not avaluable famllj medi
cine to do us a special favor by giriu; tha King of 1'ala
.a sin;! trial, and If satU factory. exert thrir Influence,
in its behalf, recommend it, ppeak well and often of it,
and see that it is used by their afflicted neighbors. Tha
Ladies are al waj a charitable, and when they induce their
suffering friends to uie this really valuable medicine,
they will be doing an act of benevolence that they can
veil be proud of This is a powerful and truly magical
remedy foe all external diseases, fores, swelling, burns,
&c, and for many internal afflictions, it is a certain cure,
jet It is perfectly harmles, and incapable of prodncin;
the least injurious effects In the. most, delicate cases or
tha weal-eat constitutt -n.
It is entirely Civic) to follow the old and worn-out
system of publishing' to the public thousands of renin
tales of wonders performed by this medicine. It costs
but lnenty-Sve cents to try It ; and Dr. Hull state his
well-earned reputation on the King of rain doing alt and
more than he claims fnr it.
IV would ask, hare you the Hheamatism or float:
these are not pleasant companions, and we know that
- you would like to drive them away as soon as possible,
than use
TTooId you be cured almost immediately, of Bowel
Complaint, Dysentery, Saminer Corn plaint, Cholera Mor
bos, Cramp Colic, Head Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
or pain, the remedy is simple and the cure certain.
Would you have jour Sores, Swellings, Cuts, Bums,
Scalds, Uralses, or any other wounds healed, we repeat
It, u the
Would you be cared of Scald Head, Stiff Joints, Sore
Throat, Neuralgia, Sore Breast, Lumbago, Tetter or Ring
Worm, Salt Rheum, Bites of I'oisoaeas Insects, Chapped
Hands, and all other Sores, either dry or running, we
ay again and again, Toca aiKiar is Dr. Johu Ball's
Would jou be cured of King's Evil, Cancer, Tumors,
Eruptions, or any di&e-u of the Skin caUMd by impure
blood, then use I)r. John Bull's Sarsaparilla internally,
aad the King of Fain externally, nothing can be more
certain than a speedy and effectual core.
Firra Caot Suux, 0z Dooa mow Mats,
KWINIJ 11RO'-, Ag nt.
W-J-VCKAV, Agent
' Ult. KELI.OGG,
Offkc CoaMiiilSrMMEi a.vd U.sios Streiis.
RESIDENCE Na SSSummerstreet, ccxtdoor but one to
Odd fellows' Hall.
Cases of Remedies and Books for family use cnnslaatly on
hand. ffanl. 4m
im. j. tv. ciuv,
ii AS removed to Xo. 1 Cl.erry street, next door to Dr. B
XX it. Hall. lwsideuceivane.
jan-ja '-j4 tf
Dlt- P. S. WOOnWAI.D. -Oince-Vo. Cherry street,
three doors north of Church street, has on band Vacine
Matter of the very bent quality, which ho uill supply to the
profession ceno rally. .cl! ly
At;Alt r. T. W- COJtNEIl, I'hysio-fatlne, or
Botanic Physician. Iiav iiiir returned "from a. recent
visit of biuineri to California, ajain olfershis Jlcdical Ser
vices to the AfU.cted PublTc. trusting tile peneral safislae
tion be ba heretofore given will restore hi ut his former
liberal tvilh increased Patrnaie.
Office on tbe corner of Lm.iti and humnier streets; Inci
dence 27 Sumnii-r street, betttcec Bruadand Church.
feb7 St 3m.
v. it. claiuohxi:,
Nashville. Tenn,
. KActu.vi. w. -iut;vot;K,
Nashville, Tenne-see.
coi'nty foritT or iiAvinsOtY.
Jlarch Term, 1831.
Wax. Walker and Ins wife ('atiiariiiiJujiin3t Geo. I. 11am
lett, Adtu'r, and others.
IX appearing tnthe Court at the prtseut lenu of tlie Coun
ty Court ot said county, Troiu jirool in the ahtive cause,
that S. Joluiscn and his witty Pat.-ey Johnson, formerly Pat
fey Karheart, are non-retideiiLt ofthe Slate of Tennesse, si
that the ordinary process of this dun cannot bi sctved on
theui. It is thereft ie ordered bylhe Court tb.it the Clerk
and .Master of this Court nobly the said dsfendants Johnvm
and wife by publication in soir.c netv.-paper published in the
city of Nashville for the space of thirty days, letiitiug
said defendants to uppear at the May term, le."4, of this
Court, to be ho! J-n at the Court-house iuNasliviile on the
first Mouilay iu taid May next, to plead, answer or demur
to the.bill tiled in this caule, or the Said tviil bo taken for
confessed, and set for hearing rpirf eat said term uflhis
Hmiley aud Jlaney, Solicitors for Complainants.
tnarlO 1m. CAM of Davidson County Court
March Perm, 1851.
James Wright and others,
s. l-Order of Publication.
Agnes Starkie'and others. )
TN this cause, it appearing that two of the defendants, to-
X wit: William Jdurl ana Josepu nun, uatc ien lueomt,
and that the usual process oft-ie -oart cannot be served
upon them, it was ordered that publication be made in some
newspaper for thirty days, Ttouiring said defendants tu
appearat theCourt.HU-c in Nashville on the first Monday
iu April next, and plead , answer or demur to,the bill, other
wise the same will be taken fur'conftased as to ihem and set
lor hearing ex parte.
nichy'.-4 tut
OSes 4-1 Cliff Strait, Hsw
O OLE Manufacturers under Goodve-ar's Pafents. oSTer to
I.J the Trade a large assortment of Tndia' Rubber Dress
ing Combs, LadieV 'fuck and Side Combs, Children's Long
Cotnbs, Ac., at the U:guest liaishand superior iu elasticity
aud, durability to combs ofany other .material. They feel
softer to the head tharf any other Conlb, are not affected by
moisture or grease, and warranted to stand any climate, and
not to warp or split.
For sale at the principal Comb Dealers in New York, and
'at the. llitwtl'i.rilii.'PAtnr.n Fail.. V-laa-amil
..... .r.... j,...
vXS!2? SltSA
A-gentleman in the South or IJurooe. an,l p,i..,;.a "
ISaO.Tieard so mdeh said in Ihe 7toS SSeTu"
nuraculous curtj it had performed, tbatbo wis induced ti
1ry it on his own person, for a Lung and liver AlSictioii.
the remoTal rj" which had beeu the chief objector hiaiou?
uey.but whichul resisted tbe genial aad delirious eUmek
He acconhegly applied a plaster on tbe right side of bw
.chest where the paiu was seated, another betwten do
suouiacm, and one over the region or the liver. In the
-mean tiifie he drank freely of an herb tea of laxative qual
ities. He soon found hii health improving, .and in a few
weeka his caugh. left hua; the sallowpeas t his skin disap
peared, bis pain was removed, and Fib health becasa pr
manentfy reinstated.
The following is Irom Mr. Worstell, editor of the Ia
sillioa(ja:etle: - "iSttTLKHd. During last winter and spring, 1 was so
troubled with pain in my breast as to render me unfit
for the duties of my office ; and hearini' jwrr JEW DA-
ID'tS or HEBREW PLASTER highly recouuneudeil for
similar cases, 1 was induced to gire it a tnaL 1 had worn
anlasteruDon my breast buta shorttime, when all paia
left me, ahd 1 was enablrl agiun to eng-oo in the labors of
the office. I would also slate, that my "sister, rssid.nz ia
Steubenviilein this State, has received much benefit fioia
its use. Yours, truly,
llaiisillon, Aovcaiber I?, 1S43.
It ban boon very beneficial in easts of Weakness, sach
as Pain and Weakness in the stomach. Weak Limbs, Lame
nts."!. Affection of the Spine, Female Weakness, Ac- No
female, subject to pain or weakness ia tha back or aides,
should be without it. -Harried ladies in delicate situation
find great relief from constantly wearing this plaster.
Ihe application of tlie Plaster betneen the shoulders Las
been fituild a certain remedy for Colds, Coughs, Phthisic,
and Lung AStciions, in their prun-uj stages. It destroys
indainrc-lticn by perspiration.
Beware of counterfeits and base imitatioual
CA UTIOV. Thesubscribers are the only General A rents
in the NuUern Slates fir the sale of this truly raluabla
Master; and in order lo prevent piirchasers bein; imposed
iiimu. bv a cnuulerieit article, sold in' this eitr and ein
where, flir the genuine, they invite particular atteaties to.
thu (olloirintr MaKks o.v ran Uxxvxxt;
1st Tie ittanmt it yut ip in tmouiA, tmjim iurnnJ
-!1 I :.t gtnu.ne 7.aa tit tajra! XitrJ rfjiw Dorif nS i
UfiisKtiont iriiao.l Ifo fax, tr.'it aecvmjMiyiity rvuirtl rf
aco viia x najuj,
111 Chartrcs street. New Orieatns. -
General.WhoIrsale Agents for the Southern Slates, to whbia
anoruers must tie addressed.
Sold al.. Wholesale and Retail br js
Janli dlwAtr Aetata.
For the cure of Painful aud Disrtrden.il Menstruatita, -Miscarriage
or Abortion, and the- relief of all those
Sympathetic Nerom AQectioQs attendant on -Pregnancy.
Much of the lU-TL-riui: uttt-adost upon.the lives of females
at the present day may bo traced t some slight Irnprudeuce
or oczlect during some uiticutpertod of their peculiar sea-'
sous, can.-ing obstruction., irregulatity, Aa, nhich,lf ootr
relieved, gradually weakens and deranges Ihe st stem, aud by
stmpalhy induces lh-e ihiviiic folios of disease Coo
iimptitiu, Dru-sy, l)yspeiia. Ac- which either hurrr thm'
to au early grave or render them invalids for liSe. Many cf '-'
tlie Toiresl aud loveliest of creation, at Uutaue when thebud -)
was just bursting iuto Mou, have withered aud died frota.
the elt'ecUof obstruction, auu the want of a remedy to assist
nature at that et eiitl'ul period.
It is not offered as a euro uf allillif that Dth !s heir to.
but as a remedy and preventive l,r a certain class o com-'-plaiuts,
iu which it- is warranted tu do, alt that is here Mi
toraU. or.th at medicine directed wilh experieuceaud skill eaa.
penonn. Isold oy nwuy iu A ill-All,
ill laUanres street, er tmeaos.
General Wholesale Agents for tlte Southern Stated to wltoc&
all orders must be addressed.
jonl'-t Ir dtwAw.
X yearsagobyDR-IilNKELlN. The oldest, surest and
best hand tu cuie all forms id secret diseases of the akin, acd
solitary lubiu of outh, is DR. K1NKELI.V", N. W. corner
of Third and Umon streets, between Spruce and Pine, one.
and a half stii.in.s from the exchange, Philadelphia.
TuUa I'nrticular Notice Tier- a a babit which
boys leach vaoii tidier at the acodeiny ur college a habit in
dulged in when by themselves, in st'Iifude, gmwingup with
the boy to uianhuod, and which, if not abandoned in due
time, not only begets serious obstacles to matiimonial hap
picess, but gives rise to a serves ot protracted, insidious aad
devastating atFectiot-s- Few tf ihce who indulge in this
pernicious practice are aware ot tbe coocqucoces, usttl thej
nnd ibe nervous system is shattered, feci strange and nsac
countablefceltupij rogue fears in the wind. The indirldosf
becomes feeble, he is unable to labor with acai-.tc2.ed vig
or, or tu apply his mind to f tu Jy; hissiejiw tardy and wesiu
he is d nil and inewdute, tlie countenance ia downcast, the
eves without natural lustre, slumefaculnesa is aparenl
2.Vsf an tymjitom teUkh thrull airuitn tit attention, ? f
thru timtiarly afllieteJ. '
If tiie rictiui U cttnM.-kHaS of the cause of his decay, aad
having relintjiiisiied the odious practice, he suffers under
thusts terrible nocturnal enusaioU9,vthiclt weaken and shaaie
him, producing mental and physical prostration. If ha
emancipate himself before the practice lias done its worst,,
and enter matrimony, bis marriage is unfruitful, and his'
senses tell him tliat'lhisiscaai-edby his early follies.
Tjio many think they will hug the secret to their owa
hearts, and cure themselves. AU-sl how often is this a fatal
deliuion, and how many aprunusinyouth, who might bare
been an ornament to society, baa faded from Uie earth!
Yonnu illen Let no false modesty deter you fruta
making .tour case known to one who,from education and re
spectability, can alone befriend you. lie n ho places himself
under DK-.KINKEL1YS treatment, may religiously confide
hul.onor a-s a rentieictm. and in whose bosom will be) far
ever Ircked the secret of Hit patient.
Country Invnlids. Finding it inconvenient to maka
personal application, can, by stating their case explicitly, to
getherwitn all their symptoms, (per letterpost-patd,) nar
forwarded to them a chest containing lrr. IC's medtcinea,
appmjiriaied accordinglr, and be cured at home.
Stncturesof lhenreiiia,.tveaknea3 aad conatitutiooal de
bil'ur, promptly cured, and full vigor restored. AU letters
fott jMrui.
A remittance of 25 cents in a letter, post paid, ad
dressed to Dr. Kinkeiin, Philadelphia, will secure his book
on the Secret Infirmities of Youth-. eepH wly
S U P P 0 RT E K. A new remedial Agent, or -a
new method of appoint; in old an most popular one, is
now presented tame Proteuion, and throuja tt to ill who
are afflicted, with diseases requiring tbe application ol CAL
VANtS.tI,sneh as Amesorheo; l.'blorotli; Lrysmeoorehea;
Prolapsus Uleru Leuchornea; Hpleria; Lambat; orpsln
ia the back, Dyspcp.ia. ideudant on atony of the stomach
weakness from an cau.e of ihi narvona or raaecnlar sys
tem, and all kindred affeetiot-a. To tha Physicians It Is
enough to say, ibis Instrument la so constructed, that a gen
tle (talvaniccnrrentiSQiade to pa,s through an organ, a
roninand tllTiutatmr; It to heallby action, thus assisting
tuidoft nsnpercedin olbttr raiaedleaa. (Se opinions of
best authors of tho day, Mt.-dieal Journals, and M. D'l. ia
Nashville arid other cities aaln the Instrument.) UU Uta
mostscleatlrlcally constructed Abdominal Fupporter. Jt
Invented, whickwlll bo-apparont to any aclenUBe man cm.
inspretion It It in constructed that either Its galraBie 6-r
mechanical support may b-tdhtpented with, as may belsaHa
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baiting's ine of the tiio,t troublesome of Qlsoajos, which oj
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.Seymour's Obstetrical Snpporter.
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de 11 add rested to E. D. PAYNE,
rare or Kerry k -Jemoville, Nashville, Tens.,
from tli Stales of Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ala
bauiv,Ceor;ia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, lews, or
.rWun.'a,:oreiineroiino aDoveinsiramenii.wiiimeet wbi
prompt atlrr.llon.
I uet can aiso oe naa at ins lonotvm nouses:
CO. ES", Xo.3 Xorllt Market st, and U. A-IJUBl.tOU."
mart m 6m
TIIE Subscriber resnectfullT return- ri!
thanlcstotne puouc ior past lavors, and so
licits aeon tinuance of patronage in the above
lice-, also 4
Together with every description of Metal; Turnings Metal
ic Packings. Balbit Metal and Castings.
Soda Founts, Generators, Ale Pumps, and Pumps of era.
17 de-o-ription manufactured to order, or repaired at short
Cash will be paid at all times for old copperaad brass.
june22 ly -3. COLE.
-ICfif tfttf OQflH rnr1
. Wt 3B5ei W
Ilh, the Passenger Train will leave Nashville atS o'
clock, A. M-, (instead of .1, as iu present), and arrive st
Chattanooga at 5 P.M. Returning, leave Chattanooga st
1 P. Mand arrive at Nashville at 10 P. JL
Accommodation Train will leave Wartraca at V3ft A. if.
Arrive at Nashville at 10.15. Returning. leavs Nsshvills
at 3 P. M. Arrive at Warfrace at 6.10 daily, fSandar ax
cep'ed.) mvS H.
!aii33RT COOK & COv
mareh2 Sm.
mvi v .SEED One barrel Fresh Canary Feed,
1A3AIII : . c I.V. CTDITTPnrl.r.Bll
it inst Kavirsa sou wi t1 v.' Miiititwu
maris Comer CoUeg & JJpion H

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