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to' subscribers at the following rates: Single copies, one
tew in advance. 2 60; within the year?3 00; at lhend
ot tl.e year 84 00. CWBsMJf live and upwards $2 00
per copy for one year. Clubs cf subscribers will be re
ceived for six months at the foregoing rates.
fce TRI-WEEKLY is published every Tuesday, Thursdsy
and .aUirdav. at 5 ncr nnnnni in advance: if cot tuia a
DAILY is published at Eight Dollars.
iieinitUnces of subscriptions mi bo uade by mail rti ocr
pai e.- will be sent eul of the Stale unless the order is ac
companied with the cash.
ti oco uiugc, Texas.
yXT ILL attend to the collection ot debts, and the investt-
y gauon ana penecting oi land title in Texas:
Hon.0 W. O.Torros, Uo:i. Natba.v Gesex,
44 KB. M'KtxKor, " Il.L.RiDLsr,
" F. L. CAnuTUEits, Aek Caucthkei.
Mobi fi, Urjsv, Governor Wm. 11. Camfbiij..
aiur 1 twly 14
EiAti ttilUW ItLXZttm:.
An Invaluable Book for 25 cenU. "Every Family
should have a Copy."
rpWENTV THOUSAND Copies sold in 1cm
jl yja o momns. A new edition, revised ,
nd iMpnived, just issued. C
AND HAND D001C for the AFFLICTED containing an
outlinSfihe origin, prCTes. litsitment and cureof erery
l.ii in :f disease, coutracted by promiscuous isexual iuter
coumc, by Foifabuseor by sexual exceso, tritli advice lor
uieirj.ievennon, written in a laminar stvie, avoiding all
UiedK.il ttchnicaiilies, and every thing that would olfend the
ear f licccncy; from the result ot soma twenty years success-
ui jiru:iicc, exclusively aevoted to tuo cure ot cueaises ot a
delios:e,gr private nature. -
To which 'is added receipts for the cure of the above dis
eases, and a treatise on the causes, symptoms aud cure of the
Fever and Ague.
Tsf niioxr or Tnn Tnor. or Obstetrics is Pexx. Col-
DAli. -The author of this work unlike the majority of those
work whnadrertisetccuix!thediscxsesif which it treats.
a graduate ol one ot tlie best Colleges in the United
Nata.. ItaUurdsme jilcaiire to recommend him to tho
unfortunate, or to the victim of malpractice, as a successful
and experienced practitioner, iu whose honor and integrity
uey may jMacc iue greaitfi conudence.
From A. Woodward, M. Dj.of'Pesx. Univbksiti", Puil-
sdkuiiia. it gives nie pleasure lo add my testimony to
Lai.'' XiiMiniTjw.r u;1,....r il.nXlnniinl Or.,.
owe of them of lon sL.din.r. W erne under my no!
lice.i.i which his Skill has been manifest in restoring to per-
6ctliilth, in some instances whn-c the patient has been
consi.tered beyond medical uid. In the treatment of Semi
nal W eahiess, or disarrangement of the functions,produced
y si if abuse or excess ot venery, I do not know liis supe
lor M tlie profess5on. I have been ncqualnied with the
Auth .rsomo thirty years, and deem it no more than justice
o hii.i, as well as u tiudneas to the unfortunate victim (
early .ndiscretion, td recommend him as one, in whose pro.
esiO:ial skill and intcrity, thev may safelv confide tbem
ielve. ALF. WOODW'AHD, M. D-
Ttn is, without exception, the most comprehensive and
Etclhible work published on the class of diseases which
ttiejs. Avoiding all technical terms, it addresses itself
o the i easou of it3 readers'. Itis frca from all objectiona
le n. alter, and no parent, however fastidious, e
o ph. nng it ia the hands of his sons. The author has de
votee many years to the treatment of the various complaints
rent d of, and "with too little breath topufl'and 'toolit
e p:ejumption to impose,' he lias offered to the world at
he cei-ely nominal price of H cents, the fruits of some
wen j ears most succeosful practice " Herald.
"Jio tcjcherorparent should bo without the knowledge
niptrted in this invaluable work. It would save years of
pmii. mortification and sorrow to the youth under their
liarb'c."-v-'c(i.V Ailceeau,
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, in writing of "Hun
er's Vledicat Manual, says- "Thousands upon tliousands
otouryouth, by evil example and influence of the passions,
- uavt been led luto tlie habit of self-pollution without realii--g
the sin and fearful consequences upon themselves and
po-t' titr. The constitutions of thousands who are raising
aim' . 's have been enfeebled, if not broken down, and they
do it 'I know the ouse or the cure. Auything that can be
Uoue so lo enlighten and iniluence the public mind as to
chei andtihimately to remove this wide spread source of
bum in wretdiedneis would confer the greatest blessine
next to the religion of Jesus Christ, on the present and
coining generations, lulemperance tor the use of intoxi
taUi f. dnnks,i though it has Mam thousands upon thou
indi , is nat a greater scourge to the Iiuuian race. Accept
my tnauks on behalf of the alUicted, and, your co-worker in
the j-.-od wink you ait: so actively engaged in."
O. e copy, (securely .envelope : J,) will be forwarded, free ot
post ie, to any jart ot the UnileJ States for 23 cents, or 6
oopiiloril. Address (postpaid.)
Publishers, Box litO, Philads.
H- .ksellrs, Canvassers and llook Agents supplied on
r-ovt libcial terms. scpf.tr ly
VEit CUliEu liY .SMlTUb lO.NIC SYRUP. This
relebrated-Medicine has for mauv lears maintained
lut ipenorlty over another remedies, tor me sale, certain,
t.e-J), and permanent euro of Ague aud Fever, or Chills
t.nd I-'erer, whether of shortor long standing; and in no
ci. wlllit faillo cure,irtbedirectlonsare strictly followed
aud carried out.
1 jl-i remedy has been extensively used throughout the
tta:e or Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsjlva
Lia, Michigan, Ii'a, WkcuhsIh, Illinois, Missouri, Texas,
Art ansos, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana; and hasper
ma eutl cured over riVK ui-snaiDTnnrsiMi cases, in all
lu varied rorins, many or which had been r from one to
thr -ejears' etanduif. and had resisted all the usual reme
die. known lu the conutr); aud In no case did thisMedicine
lull where tha directions were properl followed. Such Is
Its invariable success, lhala large number of respectable
Pncllliouersnr Medicine, in various parts of the country,
use and prescribe it in prelereuce to quinine andall other
rei leJles-
lacpublleare assured that it I snot only certain In its ef-
c as a Tonic, but being composed entirely or vegetable
mellclnes, is perfectly Innocent tn allcasesor clrcura
ata ices, and may be given to temalus. Infants, and all per-
i sof debillUtei auddelkate constitutions, without the
let.t fear whatever of any uupleasaut effect.
1 i.Is Medicine Is composed of articles of the prlmesl and
purest quality, and is always made by the proprietor lu per
toi , afoer the established lorms of pharmacy (which cannot
be isid of ihe many Tonics now flooiVhg the We-teru aud
tio ihwostern country) and in this roped alone is rendered
prmtly superior to the remedies usually prepared and sold
in the country.
P.y lis aperient and powerful diaphoretic properties, ad
dtxl t- its I onic qnaliues, H Is rendered eminently superior
lo quinine and other remedies as a general and popular
Tome tn alt cases whatever, where Tonics are proper to be
administered. The. proprietor, thereioro, respectfully lu
vit is praclltlonerAt.d tho public generally to ghe it but a
In! '-trial, aitd they will then be convinced uflls great supe
nority over jtl other remedies now in use fur the purpose
jVrsonsllviLg In districts of country subject to Ague and
Fever, hills and Fevcr.or ISIUous Fevers, would uowell
to Keep a auppl) of tills taluablo remedy alwajs ou hand.
't lie propri-tor has now in his possession thousands of cer.
til!, ales ol us value, given by persons who have used it, with
u my tellers from merchants who have sold It largel) in
tb ir country,as well as troiu many respuctab e Praclioners
wlio hare used it lu preference to other remedies, at'estlng
lu value. J. P. DROMGOOLK,
o 12, ColUge street, Vholcnale aud Retail Agent, rtash.
vi.le.Tenn decin .lAtri w.
'i it UTII W.HIl.IirV AM) WlLLl'ltEVAIL.
1 $ the most eirectual remedy for Piles, Sore or Caked
J Breast, Cuts, Ernies, &c, now extant. This medi
cine is prepared with great care, and never fails to givere-
h. fwhen properly admiuistered. Rememlcr
It Cures Piles speedily.
It Cnrei Sores or Caked Breast immediately.
It Cures CutJ, Bruises or Sores on man or horse.
The alUicted are in vited to gi ve it a trial. If itdres not
ei-eomphsh what wc claim font, then pronounce it a bum
I jit and demand vonrtnoner.
The proprietor has in his possession any number of cor
titiratcs tiom the hist citizens of Vilginia" and other Htates;
t-eral of which accompany each box, Ve give the fol
I .tingfioitt the heilil' of "ltottetourt county, Virginia
)-ir. ill at:
Fikcstli!, Dec. 21, 1853.
Mil lli-ri-nreov wr Sir I had beeii an almost con
t taut . sufferer trom Pile? fiir ten or twelve years previous lo
tuotimel hvnloi' ,iur iiiotiiienL I have giveu it a fair
tiial, und,tor ilielii-vt tnoveart have hud no cymptomi of
the d'eesse, ai d consider liivself entirely cured. 1 think it
mietoyou to make tin- statement, and to the public at
'arSe,"11 J"llr ''v:ilu..b!e ointment idiould be more gen-
i. rallrkiiowii. Yourrcipecilully, It. PIT7.ER.
Soldwholesaleaiid retail, by
, . . ... JO. C. BROWN,
febll 5i-CmdIlnw Agent, College street,
l'repttrcdbv . Ilulcliison, ,V Cn, Amsterdam Va.
,- CrpHK BEST SON OF ot.l) Pal IKC, the broth
! L of OsTOMa, and tut Sire of Corset. Dm
ii cud. ' ollaire. and Solim, will &tuinl ibe emu- t
, inir season, at niv stable, at ei.V The cash illbeTw,,.",A
befere the' removal of the propeity. Mai es kept at 7; cents
ir week.
t EP31L0N is nearly sixteen hands hirh. a rich bav. nn.l
one of ibe tiAOit beautiful and tierfect horses ever teen. Rut
tivypC his cjilti le been trained; four of that number
- liave proved mhst excellent racers. What horse in Amei i-
rsa has done better? His jwdigreo is I'qual t any in the
liuited States. No rospon.ibility for accidents or e-,capes.
Feb. 177-oiwSm. W. (1. HARDING.
Sale, by J. F. Dunton, fiom R. T. Anderson's Nur
mtv. Hie Bend, Meade County, Ky.
To anv in want of tUUlTTRLES, it is needless to say
tiny thing lelatiTuto the quality of the Trees from that
Nurserv, for were it required, I could bring many to testi
ly that "there are none superior. All Trees are warranted,
and I would solicit an inspection of them at my store, No.
1 Pubhc tsquarc. Call Soon.
n,b23 J. F. DUNTON.
i ecoivea in bbls at. tenuis Flour. Urs .ic tiv
(Peacock I'loushs. Nos. I and 2, for sale by
jc5 W. Ii. GORDON & CO.
mi invaiuaoios.oiuiai,iBetracieu ironi lierbsand Roots
which have been found after jean of experience, by the moi
skillful FhvsiclansAo be possessed of nnalli!'. i: "
whilst It Ii presented to the pnbllc'asan efficacious remeJ.
ItUalso knowntobeofthal character on which relWe
may be placed as to lis safetr.- Inn... nf i . '".,CB
m'.i ' m.w u.abHv vi nuiui ills lecninmpnfTMi " ' v.
jnorrhages, Disordered Stertllity, Menstruation orRar.Ari
iou of the Menses, Plour Albusor Vhite,70rfor PP
l,lne.rrom nTe4"9i auch as weakness from sickness
where the patient has been confined to be" for some tlm"'
for Female, atUr confinement. AborUon orVisMrre. this
vfuiuiiu auiuot do excelled In Itssa utary effecta:orin loss of
Muscular Enererv. Irriul.iiiiv Kh.-i.Jf o.Jf
shoeaa, Decay or the Procreatlvo Function?, Nervousness,
r'i tV"." T0,"P Medicine is required, it will be found
equal, ir not superior to any Compound ever used.
'I1,, i.-".. : i
Henrr'i Inrlo-nrsllnw r.nr.;t i. . . u.
. . , , , - . .T -6 lauuDuiwo most TaiuaUlO
Medicines In the miuv Cnmnininf. in i?A,n.,i... ...
subject It assists nature to brace the whole system, check
excess, aud creates renewed health and happiness. Less
Suffering, disease and Unhltnntne.- nmnnplilioa wnM ....
1st, were they generally to adopt the Use of this Cordial
Ladles who are debilitated by ihoso obstructions whUli're.
males are liable to, are restored by the use of a bottle ortwo.
Youii!r Itfpn:
Thatsolltarr nrActlee. n fat! toiho-vLtpn-A nftn.n ...
it is tho loune who are most ant to become Hi vlcilm.. fr.
an Ignorance of the danger to n hlch they subject themselves
Nervous Debility,
vieaknestoi the System, and Premature Decav. Munirnr
;uuu,j mvj . wcBuucjiugt uinicu m in tuv cause or source
ofdlsease. To those, then, who by excess have brought on
themselvaa Premature lnipoiency, Iuvoiuntary Bemlnal
Kmisilonii. Wealrne.. an.l sT,rle11lA.nr. l.n..li. !...
I A'ervous Affoctlon, or any other consequences of unrestrali..
ed indulgence of the sensual passions, occasioning the ne
vNiij vi iDuuuutiug wo leiieuies Ul
lessening both mental and bodily capacity. Hold! Henry's
Invigorating Cordial, a Medicine that Is purely Vegetable.
win aid nature to restore those imtiorlant lunctluim tn
hoalthy stato, ana willprove ofservlce to you. It poeses
ibio virtues, iia general remover or uisease, anu strength'
ener, of tbesysteia.
As n Touic Medicine.
itlsunsnrpassed. Wodo not place this Cordial on a footing
with ouack medicines, and. a la euilnmnn'. Rntnnil n Inn.
llt of Recominendatlone. Certliicatea. &r,..lifliinnlno- w'i'i
. nni uie xreacner says, r anu sucn lice; it is not nec
essary, for -Henry's Invigorating Cordial," only needs a
mm fcu pruve isai ii win uccompusn all we say.
The Genuine "Ilenrv'.s lnvinorntin? Conlinl."
Is put up in 8 or Pannei Bottles,and Is easily recosuized by
mc Aiiiumaciurer'a&igiiaiureou iue laDei oi eacn liotue, (to
euumurieii wuicu lsiorgery,) as wen as me name blown lu
jij- sold for J2 per Bottle; 9lx for 48- SIS per dozen.
I'renaredoulyby ti. K.COrlKN. No.3 Frauslin Row. Vino
street, doiow f.igbtn, rhiladelpbla, fa., to vhooi all OR.
DURSmustbe addressod. For sale by all respectable Drug,
gists and Merchants throughout the country.
For Mile'attbe Patent Medicine Denot.Nn. 12 Coll.ce St..
oy j. x .urouigooieoz.i.0, wnoiesate.igeut rorlhe.stale,and
only agent In Sashville
uecii cm u.vtw.
TTT1THOUT the least shadow of doubt, tho Chinese
..'. IHicumaUc All tidotc, is the only tellable reme
?.L6.e'A.?.ui,."cJ ftfr lhu i"""-"J'"o and permanent re.
Chrnnir" II
Clironic Ilheiimntisin.
severe and excruciation Neuralgic 1'ains. llln.lUeraj.
all contracted and distorted Mrnbs, Paralyals, wasting and
decay of the muscles, swelled and enlarged Joints, painful
swellluzs. acute Kheumatim. Tie Djloraur. i: ramn Mini
Spasmv, .Vc.,Jtc. This medicine is truly the
King oflUicunmlivm,
and from the rapid sale and unprecedented satisfaction
which is daily eiven bv it. its astouishin? eiracti istitiot h
Severe Neuralgic Tains
aresp-edily removed by a few applications of this, won--'
derlul combination. The oldandoung need have no fear
of perfect restoration.
Dcnd Pnlst
Is completely cured in an Incredible nhorttime. Iivihn nn
ol this external application. So one need doubt It, for one
single Bottle will never fail to give complete and unbound
ed satisfaction.
Contracted and Stiff Joints
are perfectly relaxed and restored to 'their natural life and
actitlty, by Its use.
1'ersous in High Lite
who.rrom prejudice, or othir causes, are unwilling to re
tort to a medicine which is broueht to notice br beinrad.
vertisad, permitting themselves to suffer and writhe under
agonisingand excruciating Pains of Rheumatism and Neu
ralgia, would feel justly pruud, after rubbinr their limbs and
Joints with ooeboitte of this External Remedy.
j-.oss oi .uuscuiar J'otvcr,
wasting and decay of the muscles, numbnesi, weak back,
paluruljolnts, are ail spoedily cured by the use of this medi
cine. e respeatrully Invito the citizens ofNashville and vicin
ity, whoareaflecled with any form of Rheumatism, or other
diseases above enumerated, to call on ourazent and procure
a pa rphlet and a bottle of our medicine, and we confidently
A.S.YOUATTiSi CO.'. Proprietors. Maiden Lane. X. Y..
to whom all orders vhonld be addressed
Forsaleln Sashvillo by J. P. DKOMGOOI.K & CO.
tote tt liolesale aud Ketail Agent.
For sale In Franklin, bv
" .iurirees'joro' uy
1 Faye'tevllle,
' " Paducah, Ky., by
' " McMiunviUe, by
J. 11. STO.NE.
mart 'It d&trw
ATHOLICON, for the relief and cure of suflerinc-
Females, it stands rre-
eminent for its curative
powers In all diseases Tor
which It is recommended,
Female ComplninU.
Or these are frulapeus
Uteri, or Falling or the
Womb; 1-luur Albus. or
Whites; Chronic Inflam
mation and Ulceration of
the Womb; Incidental He
morrhage, or Flooding;
Painful, Suppressed, aud
Irregular Meustruation,
&c, with accompanying
evils, (Cancer excepted,)
no matter hnw severe orof
how long standing.
The Latholicou far sur
passes other remedies. In
being more certain, less
x pensive, andUavlug th
sj.tcm In a better condition. Let ail interested in such a
remedy call ana obtain a pamphlet (free) containing ample
proof, from highly respectable sources, of the happy ri suits
orits use, together with letters rrom first-class exierienced
physicians, who have used It lu their practice, and speak
rrom their own observations,
RkriKiNC.-P 13. I'eckham, M. D., Utlca, N. Y., L. D.
Fleming, M. D., Canandaigua, X. V., M. 11. Hill, M. D.,
Rochester, S. v., D Y. Foote,M. D., Svracuse.X. Y., ProL
Dunbar, M. D., Baltimore, Md , J. C. Orrlck, M. 1)., Balti
more, Md., W. W. Reese, M. D., Kew York City, V.'. I'res
cott, M. D., Concord, X. H.,J. P. Xuwland.M. D., UUca,
X. .
Pamphlets had gratis at J. P. Drokooolk t Co.'s Patent
Medicine House, College street, Wholesale and Retal
Agvue Xashville, Tenuessee.
ALSO. For sale by
Da. F. S. Woldridoi, Franklin,
IshakA. Hcslis, S ringlleld,
JaMkaT Uiiiiiiv, Gallatin,
Cook & Owin, Lebanon,
Ckockit & Riddle, Murrreosboro'-
Ltlttr addrttttd to .traarj. Bench S; BrotcnfonJIgtnts at
JViicbtrry C. 11., S. C, by Rev. C. S. Beard, ef tame stale.
Glsnx SmiNos, Jan.Ulb, lf."i3.
Messrs. Reach dr Browkok Sirs: 1 send for anoihe
ottlo or your"Marchisi'8 Uterine Cathoilcon." My wire
has been afflicted Tor eleven years, and a variety or means
has been resorted to for relief, but none was obtained until
I received this medicine from you. Its influence aemial
most magical: there was a manifest impioveinent from the
day It.waa taken.
As there are a great many females in our country laboring
under the afiliction for which your medicine proposes a
rumedy, 1 feel it a duty to reconiineud it to ail such.
(Signed,) CLonon S. Beard.
UJ J. B. MAUCHIS1 A CO., Proprietors, Central De
pot, 304 Broadway, X. Y. novSt.
W. F. GRAY, Agent
DR. DROMGOOLE &CO., lias just received at No. 12,
College st, Nashville, anew and complete assortment
of Family Medicines, Perfumes, Toilet aud Family Soaps,
shoulder Braces, Supporters, eve, which he oflers lo the
at prices warranted to suit the times.
J lie louoMing comprises a part ornlsMock, viz:
130 doz Mustang LiuUnent,
43 do Extra Toilet Poaps,
43 do Family Pojps,
Uhi do Common Cukes,
7t do Rusleton, Clart &
Co's. Cod Liter Oil.
IKi do William's Wood
HI do Ajer's Cherry Pecto
ral, do Chinese Rheumatic
do Lynn's Kathalron,
Dr. 1). Jayne's Medicines.
do lloopland's G. rman
man Bitters, j
do Bull's Sarsaparllla, J
do Dromgoole'n Female
do McLano'& Fahncs-
stock's Yermifuee,
do Fiuo and common'
Colognes assort.
do Hair Pomatums, .
do do oils, j
do Assorted Extracts for,
the bAudserchlef,
do 1 rausparenl Wash
do Transparent Cakes,
do Saponaceous Com
pound, do Fine Honey Soap,
MolTatt's and lirandrelh's
Arnold's and Houses Pills,
Smith's aud Soul's do,
Wright'i and Coi.k's do.
JayneVaod Peters' do,
Carter's .Spanish Mixture,
Urban 'a Aidl-Barbaiialiaii,
Elixir for Intemperance,
Urban's Ar.tl-Djjpcptlc Ex
celsior, ladles'. Children's & Cents,
Shoulder Braces,
Hebrew Plaster,
Houghton's Pepsin,
Alnrcnttp's Uteiino Catholl
con, Fniitn'a Tonic Syrup,
Uraeffenberg Meditines,
who need nnyaitlcle In onr line, would do well til call and
piatnlup.as the .lock is tresh and co uplete, and the prices
and quainy oteach article iu the Houto, will give comp'ete
satistactlon. '
Forsuchartielesa.you have to purchase, which we have
for sale. It is to be hoped that jou will eivo usacall, as this
it. Z,l'Tr "lo',-v House of the kiudotcr establlshedio
uhl, Urugglsts and Merchants cau purchase
attbis House, many ankles at much lets prices than they
n"nd nWo iV 6 ' or!l". Y5
can nnu nsal .No. i. College St., .Nashville, Ea.t side.
"iar4':i4 J. P. DROMGOOLE & CO.
' tlsfiV.f V,,,B Kire!
ceived lOOcasesof PoUsl. m ,wder for making liard or
soft Soap, a receipt for making accon,panie9 eactfcftn. At
least 50 iier cent, is saved in the use of this article. For sale
cheap by V ORVY
jan'22 'Si CornerofHroad sndMarkets'ti
FOR LL.VAL. A lot on Fiont street, Uolleze Hill
for a term of years-suitable to build a Carpenter
shop or Stable ou. Apply to W. L. BOYD Jr
marS9'M Gcn'iAge'nt.
.iiiniuie, i i-erry uavis-i-aiu Ivlller,
12 do William's Sarsparilla : Parrell's Arabian Liniment,
11 do llrnrj's lut igrut- llouck's Panacea,
Cordial, j Graj'sOinticent,
12 do Morse's Invigorat- House's Medicines,
p VIGORATING CORDIAL, a Phenomenon in Medicine.
J- Health Restored and Life" Lengthened.ty
For centuries, Medical science has been, raneaciing the
vegetable and miueral kingdoms, In search of somethincthat
should restore tho lost or decaying energies of the nervous
and muscular systems, without the drawback or subsequent
prostration, wbicn all stlmuUi.ts', tonics, and narcotics had
heretofore entailed. That something has been found Itls
a vegetable production, brought from the sterile deserts oi
Arab.atheStony,by the celebrated ProfessorM. Morse, well
known as a distinguished member of the leading scientific
societies or the Old World, and equally dlstlngSiKhed as a
physician, achemist,andatraveler. Tho Juices of this herb,
concentrated and combined with other vegetable medicine
VIAL were deemed fabulous. The public often deceired
could not believe tho simple and sublimo truths' announced
by the discoverer. Lut tacts, undeniable facts attested by
witnesses or Ike- highest class and character, aranowirt
.W.!j!?5v0Ier sU d,mbt- ISCRKDULITY IS OVEIU
I Til " mUSJ OF t89tlmouy whlc,, ls perfectly Irro-
:orevcrv delicate rti....imn nnnniA .iii.
tv,u,. com pound agency or matter and mind, necessary to
tin-ro.productiouothumau life. To Demons of feehln mn-
lkli' ''', or deficient in vital power, ills recommended
as the only means of communicating that energy which ls
necessary tr. the proper enjoyment ol all the natural appe
tites, as well as the higher menial attributes. Its bonencial
ouects are nntconflneirtnAltlinraA-n in " r...
ble girl, tho ailing wire, the lUllosa,ernevated youth, theover
i .. .. . vuot"c, woiittiiuui nervous uepreasion, the
individual suffering from general debility, ir from the
weakness ol a singlo organ, will all find immediate and per
maneutrelierrromthu use of this Incomparable renovator.
Tothose whohavca predispositionto paralysis it will prove
acompleto anduiirailingeereguardiizalnstthatterrlblemal
ady. There are many, perhaps', who have so trifled with
their constitutions, that they think themselves beyond the
reach of medicine. Lelnot even these despair'. The Elixir
doals-wtth disease as it exists, without referenco to causes;
aud will not only remove the disorder Itself, bat
Rebuild thollrokcn Constitution.
The derangements of the system, leading to nervous dis
eases, and the forma ofnervous disease ilself,are so numer
ous that it would require a column to euumerato the mala.
dlC) for which this preparation is a upeciflc. A few, how.
ever, may be enumerated, "viz: neuralgia, tic dolereaux,
headache, Incipient paraljsis, hysteria, palpitation of the
heart, spinal affections, muscular debility, tremors, flatu
lence, a pricking sensalion in the flesh, numbness, torpidity
orthe liver, mental derfresslflu, weaknessoUho will, indis
position to move, faintaea afterevurfi.A i.rn(-.n .iA t
terrifying dreams, inahjlity to remain in one pliice or posi
tion, weakness or tha procrc-ative orgtns, sexual incompe
tency, melancholy, monomania, fluor alhn. int-inn- t is
stomach, romale lrregjilaritics, a chronic tendency to mis-
rrplnivt uiiw..l.ilfr,i .'Im.l .ii ......... i .. t . . . .
e l I , ii iui1iiiim growing out or a
freo lndulgeuco or Uie passions, and all barrenness that
does not proceed rrom organic causes beyond the reach of
ttiienever the orsrana to beuct.d iir.oM pa r. en. ..t
formation or stricttiral diseases it is averred that
Alorsu'sluvlifiimf in-r I'livlr.
will replace weakness with strength. tncatiarlu' wttii m.ln
cj, irregularity with uniform and natural activity, and this
no', only without hazard of reaction, bnt with a happy effect
on tho general organization. JO" Bear in mind that all
maladies, wherever they begin, flni.h with the nervous sys
tem, and thattbe par-lizallonor the nerve of motion v.i
tenatii)U is phsical death. Rear in mind also, that for eve
ry Kinu oi nervous unease tne Kllxlr Cordial Is tho only re
liable prepe.-atiou known.
uure ol JNcrrous Diseases..
No language can convoy an adeauate idea of the 1mmn.il.
atesndaliaojtiniraculous change which it occasions tn the
diseased, debilitated aud shattered nervous ststem, whether
brokeudnwn by excess, weak by nature, or impaired by sick
uessthc unstrungat.d relaxodorganizatlonlsatoncebraced
rn.viviliedand bulituo. Tno mental and r.hta1ei .r,ni,.
or nervous disease vanish together under Us influence. Nor"
islhe tffect temporary; on the coutmrv.thu rnliui is n.
nerd, for Die cordial properties of tho medicine reach the
constitution Itself, and restore It to its norma.' condition.
new may me preparation oe caueuine
lUcUicitinl IVumler.
oftho'nlneteenth century. It is, as the flratsclen'tiflc man In
the world would have admitted, that miracle of medicine
beretororosupposed to have no existanco
-. Mimuianl mat Untails No Re-Actiou.
Its force ls ncverexnanded. as is ihtcasV) with r,n,.
holle preparations, and all other excitants. Tim irlt t
these is brief, and it may well be said ofhim who takes thfm.
Ine last staleor that man ls worna than thn ftt it rti it.
Elixir is au exbilcrant without asin?ledrawh.iet .nrninii.
operation, perpetual lu Its happy influence upon the nerves
tueiuiuu,auu tiie enure organization; it will also remove d
pressions, excitement, a tendency to blush, sleeplessness
dislike ot society, incapacity for study or business.
Loss of Memory,
Confusion, giddiness, rush of blood to thehead. melancholy.
mental debility, hysteria, wretchedness, thoughts of seir de
struction, fear of Insanity, hypochondriacs, dyspepsia gene
ral prusir&uou, irriiauiiity, nervousness, inaDiuiy lo sleep,
diseases incident to lemales. decav ol the nroDoatlnfunr.
tiotis, hysteria, monomania, vague terrors, palpitation of the
neari, liuiKiieiicv, constipation, etc., etc., Iroin whatever
cause arising it is, If there lsany reliance to be placed ouhu
taan tcstimouy, absolutely infallible.
A trcnt .Medicine lor I'cmnles, I
The unparalleled effects of this ereat restorative. In al I
complaints incident to females, mark anew era in the an
nals oi lneoicise. j noasanas or stimulants have been in
vented tUousands of inviirorants concocted all nunmrttn
tobe Sfieclfledin the various diseases and derangements to
wuivu lueuciitaic ioiuiatiou oi woman renuer ner liable.
Tne resnlt has heretofore been uniform. These nostrums
have indeed imparted a momentary vivacity to the nervous
sj stem, a transient and delusive vigor to the muscles; but
this flash of relief has been succeeded by a depression and
Pfostrition greater than before, and the end has too often
been uttcrl) to paraltzethe recuperative powerof thenerves
and the vitalorganizaUon,and dually to destroy the uuaappy
Jlor? c's Inviiroratiii" Klinr.
Is presented as a phenomena in the materia medica hitherto
unheard ot a stimulant without a reaction.
Iue herb which foiins Its main ingredient, has been ad
mitted by nil the great medical and pharmaceutical instltu
tionsof Europe to beta tills respect tul generis. Dr. -Morse,
whose name is an undisputed authority in sciences, discov
ered the production In Arabia, where his attention was exci
ted by uie wohderluliy invigorating eseets It produced ujn
the natives, lu fact the wonderful powerof endnrance, the
exhauslless vigor exhibited by the Arab, or both sexes, iu
their desert pilgrimages, isattnbuusle to the use or this vi
talizing herb.
An appeal js made to
Every Woman of .Sense,
who suffers rrom woakness,derangemeut, nervousness, tre
mors, pains in the bucl:,oranyotherdl&order,whetherpecu
liar toner sex, or common in bothaexes logive the lujigo
rating Cordial a trial
.Slurried Persons,
or others, will find this I ordi.l alter they have used abottl
or tuo, a thorough regenerator of the system, lu all direc
tiOLS ate tube founl the happy parents of healthy offspring,
who would not have been so, but for this extraordinary prep
aration. And it Is equally potent for the many diseases for
which it is recommended. Thousands of young men have
been it-stored by usiagit, and notln a tingle instance has it
ailed tobcueSi them.
Persons of 1'ale Complexion,
or consumptive habits, are restored b) theusuof abottleor
wo to bloom and vigor changing the skin Trom apale,yel
low, sickly color, to a be.'ulilul florid complexion.
To the .Hisgititled,
These aresomcorthe sad and melancholy effects produced
by earl) habits of youth, viz. weakness of the back and
limbs, pains in the bead, dimness or sight, loss or muscular
power, palpitation ol the heart, dyspepsia, uervous irritabil
ity, derangement ol the digestive luuciions,gcnetal debility,
symptoms or consumption, A;c.
Jientally, tho fearfal effects on the mind are much to be
dreaded. Loss or memory, conrnion oHdeas, depression or
spirits. evil fore-bodiugs, aversion to society, self distrust,
love ofiolitiide.tlmidi'.v, cV-c, are comeof theevils produced
All thus afflicted
JJcIore Contemplating Jlnrrhtge.
should reflect that a sound mind and body are the most nec
essary requisites to promote connubial happiness; Indeed,
without these, the journey through life becomes a weary pil
grimage, the prospect hourly darkens tho view; the mind be
comes shadowed with despair, and filled with the melancholy
reflection Hint tne happiness ol another becomes blighted
with your own.
Parents and Guardians.
Are often misled with respect to the causes and sources o
diseases iu their sons sod wards. How nfieu do they ascribe
to other causes of wa-tiug of the frame, idiocy, madness, pal
pitation ol the heart, Indigestion, derangement ot the nr
vouss)stem, cough and symptoms indicating consumption,
when the truth is, thalthey hato lieen iudulgiugina perni
cious though alluring practice, destructive both to mind
aud bodt.
Dr. Morse's Inviooratino Cordial has been counter
feited by some unprincipled persons.
Infuture all thegenuino Cordial will have the proprietors
lac-simue pastoaover ine corEoi eacn uottie, ana me loi
lowing wordsbtown inthogla"s
JTp The Cordial is put up highly conceiitiScii, in pint
Price $3 00 jwr bottle; two for $5 00: tlx for$12 00.
192 Broadway, New York.
Sold by Druggists throughout the Unitsxl Slates, Canada
and West Indies and also by W.F.tJSSA V, successor to
t'artw right A- Armstrong, corner otMarkctand Broad streets,
N2hvilIe,Tenuessee. loctiC d wditfim
J. M. Zimenmn, Market st, Nashville.
J. W, Nelson, Murfreesboro'
A, Jl. Goodloe, Woodbury.
Jas. B. Stone, McMinuvifle.
Deery & Majors, Shelbyville.
FORSALE. I oiler lor sale Dr. Geo. Thompson's de
sirable Farm, containing 533 acres, abut 2J miles from
Nashville, and 3 or i miles from Smyrna depot, in Ruther
ford county. Said farm lies on both sides ol Stone's river
and the Jefferson Pike 300 acres in a hih state of culti
vation, balance finely limbered. A comjortable dwelling'
vtitli seven rrom, negro cabins, cotton gin, horse mill, Ac.;
several cxrellent springs. Persons wishing lo purchase a
desirable farm will do well to examine the above, as a bar
gain w ill be given. Apply to or address
Real Estate Agent, No. CS Cherry st
mar21) Imdtwiw
Ranaway from our plantation near Thibadoux", Louis
una, a negro man, named SAMPfcU.N, about 25 yeais
old, about 5 feet C inches high, light comp'exion, has
u uonu iu"n, nuns, ne uas atcarou ins loieneau,
enn read and wiite some and probablvhasapass. He
wa brought from Xashville, Tenn., two years ago, and
was owned several years there by Sam!. "Watkins, Esq. He
is a bricklayer, aud he may try to get to a free State. The
above reward will be given if caught outofthe State an
delivered to m, or lilty dollars il caught in this State
lodged in any jail so we get him.
mar23 '51 w2m NELSON & D0NELS0N,
" EO. DUKY has returned to this city and cany.:K
VJT be found at his Rooms, over the Store of W.teUgi
. A R. Freeman, on College Street, where he is prepared to
execute his art m rutiiiiAti I'Ai.tit.iu. lie willalso
give instructions to Ladies and Gentlemen in Artisiical
Painting and Drawing. GEO. DURY.
many 1m.
"VTOTICE. The business, as heretofore, win be cou
O. x ducted by the undersigned. All business entrusted
to me will meet with prompt attention.
mar26 r W.L.BOYD, Jr.
o g
i a "ii
i . fl CtS .-S3
Q-c " a s S '-rjW 5 : 3Q
-ij If, a 5 S- "c-S Si Ci
5 c 3j
fe; o
o a o
jw t tJ o
41 tc.
w , " rrr r-. s a
a m !b - a ZcZ .i
rjHERE are so many specifics for so many diseasen which
J. '"flesh is heir to," that it is of the utmost importance
that we should be very particular iu making our selection.
From the remakable cures which have been effected bv Dr.
Williams' Pulmonic Ualsam or Vild Cherry and Wood
Naptha,and from the bijeh order and vast amount of testi
mony which is adduced in its favor, wo aro decidedly im
pressed wlih the opinion that the afflicted will And iu this
nw and valuable discovery a mot ITcctaal remedy for all
diseases of the Lungs. We say to you who arj laboring un
der Coughs, Colds, and all disej-es of tho Lungs, try it at
once, do not delay a moment, and you will be atonihed at
tlie rapid and favorable results w hlch this great remedy will
secure tjjon. Trj it by all means, if it does not help sou
nolhiugwill. r
For fulldescript'onsonu merits, virtues, &c., see Paraph,
lets lobs had or the Agents.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, and on Agency by J.M.
ZIMMfcRMAN, Wholesale Druigist, who fa the General
Agent for this popular and valuable preparation at the city
or Nashville and surrounding country. It is also Tor wale by
the roliowing Druggists :
11. G. SCOVKL,
JO. G.liKOW.V.
J. H.CUKREY, Nashville.
F.S. WOLDKIDGli, Franklln.T.
HAWKINS & lOWLER, Columbia.
And byall Druggists in every town In the State of Tennes
see, and all the Southern and Western States.
April 1 "SJ lmdtw&w
. FOX & POLIlEJlt'Jj,
0 Eroad Street, Comer Beaver, New-York,
Oferfur Sule the Mowing Jfean CUlon Fabrics:
numbers, bard and soft; also all the various widths of
canvass macuiacmrea at tnisesiaousnment comnrisinir ev.
assmacuidciurea at tnisesiaousnmeiit comnrisinir ev- :
ery variety knottntotlio trade, and o&ered at the lowest
Jloiint Vernon Extra. A lull a3-.ortment of this superior
abi ic.
inch, ull numbers, hard and soft. This fabric was awarded
the highest Premium at Hie London World's Fair, also at
our own State Fair.
SHIP AND BEAK MARK DU0K Plain and twilled,
manufactured by the Gieeutiood's Company, a superior ar
ticle for light sails, tents, awnings. Ac; also, Mount Ver
non Twilled Ravens. Howard Ravens, Pioneer and Phoenix
Mills; Light Cotton Rat ens, plain 22 to 27 inch; Heavy, do.
COTTON SAIL TWINE A lull assortment
PAPEK PELTING BO to 72 inch, made
expressly for drier felts.
very heavy,
CAB COVFJUNG Cotton Canvass, all widths, lrom 60
to ido inches, and all numbers, made expressly for cover-
ingand roofing lailroad cars, is perftctly and permanently
water-proof, and more enduring than the car itself.
ENAMELLING CANVASS-TO, SS, 40, 45 and 50 inch
plain and twilled, in every variety.
BAGS AND BAGGING-01 every description. Scam,
less Rags, woven whole, all size, in bales of lbd, 200 and
COO; combining strength, utility aud cheapness, for grain
and meal, are unsurpassed.
Also, htavy Cotton Sacking, 40 inch Canvass, S thread
Warp and Filling, heavy twilled, do. da, 20. 22. 40 and
44 inch.
WOOL SACKS Woven whole all sizes, a new and desira
ble article. feh25'04 lyd.
ONE 1116 OWN PHYSICIAN. This is the only
Work treating on PRIVATE DISEASES, common to
MALE and FEMALE, and that contains RECIPES for the
cure of the same. It gives the symptoms of the different
diseases, follows tbem up in their diuerent stages with re
cipes, wntten iu plain English, far their cure." From this
w rk the unfortunate can learn their piecise situation, take
their pencil and make out a prescription, (which can be
procured at any Drug Store) and by following implicitly
the instructions, be cured aud ave exposure. The author
ty, than any other Physician iu the country. It contains a
beautiful Lithographic Figure of a Femal, showing the
lorniallon ot the Generative O.-gaus, with proper explana
tions, .tc.
Address HUGHES A CO., Publishers, Post paid.Phila
delphia, Pa. Price 1 per Copy Free of Postage.
morSO '51 diiw3m
O ES, of various Sizes and auahties.
Folio Traveling Trunks; extia qiiality; all Sole I;allier.
A great variety of Irn & Wood Framed Leather Trunks,
of all sizes and species;
An Excellent assortment of Leather, and Carpet Hags and
Satchels. Jmt received by
42 College St.
ian Cloth (heel'd) Gaiters,
Indies' fine Italian Cloth plain, tip d and fox'd Gaiters,
do do color'd Cloth do do do do;
do Elegant Embroidered col'd Glove Kid Slippers,
Ac, Ac. Just received by RAMAGE A CHURCH,
mara 42 Co'lege St.
A GOOD assortment of "HOE A CO.," and other brands
of CIRCULAR SAWS, from the smallest to tho lar
gest sizes. Just received and far sale bv
tnarS, No. 47 Collece street
Ulutcher's celebrated Razors, amonr which a tine as
sortment of WARRANTED RAZORS, in cases of one pair
each for private use; also a further additional stock of Bar
bers Razors; ulso, 'Wade Butcher's Razor Strops, a new
and very superior article. FALL A CUNNINGHAM,
mart tf Collo ,'8 street
ROXES of the above in good order;
175 boxes Cheese, suitable for the Summer;
iuo cocoa k ms, just received;
20 boxes assorted pickles, fresh;
10 " Macaroni, "
5 bbls Cranberries, 44
5 boxes Lemons, 41
For sals at J. G. A C. ROBERTSON'S,
marchS '54 . Broadway.
K. nnon&i, II. T. UAGEX, W. B. CAXON,
Late of Tenn. Lite of Nashville, Late of Columbia
So. 34 Syiamore Mreet, tint siJt, lelow SeconJ,
Will give special attention to Forwarding Goods, Pro
duce, etc ; also to the purchase and sale of all kinds of Pro
duce, and articles of Ci.nci.vkaii and Pittsbcro Manufac
tures. Rerer to Nashville Merchants generally.
JAMES COLLINS A CO., Pittsburg, Forwarding Agents.
jant d t wA w Cm.
WILL stand the present reason at my stable,
4 miles north of Nashville, on the White's
Creek Turnpike, at S10, the insurance for mares,
ana tor jennets.
First rate pasturage gratis. All caro taken to prevent ac
cidents but no liability tor any.
Pedigree Hawkeye was sired by Elliott's imported
Jack Bebis and out of a Jennet by Sherrod's Jack, a son
of old Sir John, who was not inferior to any Jack in Amer
ica. The dam of Hawkeye was also the dam of Cyrus,
Davy Crockett, and other tine animals.
aprl w2m M, R. COCKRILL
f -3 &
Eh j
a w
" 525
rioi 3 ss h i a JT.ri
W ft O Oi K XI. O, X fu X r- m 2
55 S E-.
E3 w
" o
A.PKIL 13. 1851.
CIOMMISSION MKRCUANTS, for the. sale of Flour.
J Grain. Bacon and Produce cenerallv. corner cf East
Bavand Union Wharves, Charleston, S. 0.
RtrsRsxci-c-John Caldwoll. PriMdent S. C. IL It : R
Ihilin. Eso . Charleston: Scanlmi. Kevmo-ir A Co.. Auirusta:
-' ... "mi a tfc w, ui l... ii iu j. a cit - .v v-i i. . Atlanta;
V II t..b. f. n.. t ..... tir r, r- tn. . I
French 4 Yan Epps, Chattanooga; A. Bell, Cnnoeaj
Orme, Wilson, A Co., Loudon; Josepti Polton, Charlesloa.
In presenting the above ctrd. we would be doinrr inius-
uce 10 our iceungs not to express our gratitr.de tn our nu
merous friends .in Georiria. Tennessee. North and South
Carolina, for their nast unwaverinrr oatronaire since our
commencement in ibis business in lb4r. it c have nursed
this business from its infancv. labored rear after vear to
ueveiope tne resources oi tae back country. N e nave bat
tled with the different lines of ruilro.id and have been in.
stmmental in reducing the freight of produce to reasonable
atcn. it e nave menus- in r.urope ana tne nonn. ana are
priajcuiuiiiiiiic auvaiice uu kuipmeuts ui euner marxeis.
We would say to our friends and the public, that it will
u iiicii iineit-st iu consiiru to us. as we par our wnon
atteulton lo Hie business alone.
t e will make liberal advancements on consignments.
tested.'durini the oast vear. bv man vnf tho most iy.
TuwluKTAA;,:flna ,.i'V 1.-1II-. fri."i..i ; ,
.i..hiuigvi.imu3ui iiasuv.ue- i lit. .1 1 ; v t-i 1 1 v.1 r 1, nprmuiw
wicieriu jir. isaniuei t aixins. wnose servant witu rnrrl
r. r ... LI , . .
nfa most inveierate Scrofula. Also, the servant of Jlr. J.
Collins of the same disease. Five cases of Cancer have
wen curea; twenty cases ol Done Pelun. Mr R. II. Jones's
sou was cured of "Sore Eyes, aflo- having been under the
uotuiieutoi 1 wool tne most distii-imiatieil hn Biiir
t-jguh inuuiua, aiuiost totally D'ltni.
At least one hundred rp ru. Lib;., nprenna in Va.h;i1A
ri. ,u , 1 . . 1 . . . c j - .
and its vicinity, ean be seen who wiil vouch for the great
oeneutsci nis course of treatment, wnhout the use cf the
Knue or mercury.
Cancer, fc'crolula. Rheumatisni. Mitnbi MMm,ril nij.
euu',. DieerH. 01a t. 1110111c ljisea-es Mori" Kim ,m oil ;.,.
P ,1 .. 1.1 . , ' ,- -V-
t.4i.ii.- ui iue ui.mu.
Twenty yenrs el constant Practice, fifleen in New Orleans
ptiortocomins Ui Nashvidc. 'lhose inlerttted. :.ie lea'
pectltillv invited to call, eiannnf. :m.1 n.r.i. li iir.r. ..r
ol.-v,,,' ' ""-i
utuce 4i Umou st, near Cherrv.
novlO iv. EfWARl THOMAK
7 e Je r e u c e s .
Hon. A. II. II.- Stuart, Stanlon, Ya.
llr.JackShiickelh-nl, Couitiaiid, Ala.
Hon, J. J.Oriuond, Tuscloo.a, Alabama,
Dr. J. Purice, Mobile, Ala.
J. J. McMalion, Lvp,.New Orleans
Col. I!. C. Ruri-etL 1
H. JI. Rnulford, Esq., r Aberdeen, Miss.
Hon. S. Adami, )
Hon. J.A. Wilcor, m.-..:..-Uou.
H.S F'txite. I il''I'l".
Tarnpa, Honda, Jan.il '51 - Jy.
WALL PA Pi": it! ;Y"ALl
ON HAND, a fine asnoiliucnt of
French abil Ainerica'i Pater
Hangines tor Parlors. Jj!N. Di'ihiil'
Rooms. Chambers. Ac.
ALSO, a !argd( lot of cheap unglazed Papti
a-uu .-?tiL-cii?, it iiiuott t-uiiallis, iXC , ut
Nashville Wall Paper Store. No. t Colleges'
k. H. Paper HaiisriiizDromntlv attended to. wariaolei!
done in Ibe best maiiiur, auiy ol.j -
i in. 11. uuurittouA n.ivii;gie.i.-ediera term
LA of years l!u.-ti
cutnl Hr.us Mtu.tie.1 on Ibe cimer i.f Summer "Ix.-J
toiiiiiiotiioii nnu eeiiiriiv ni. iii.it
andLhr.rth slieet, convenient lo the Railroad Depot, is
now piepaicl to accommodate tho tr-iellir (r public, aud
'from liiiy In one bdiidreil day boitders. He iilnlres lun.
self to give entire eaiisfactuni to all who mav favor him
with their iiatronage, Ieb2 i inwAtvtf
i j iit Piiu .si :.ijjL.i. mcUE :
I bbis. CloVerrieed:
10'J bbls Hour;
200 .bag;. Duck heat Fl.Mir.
FoTKile loty lor caU by jlebii
iVDitlTil'.S CAKDL.I MiEDft.
i'or 1N5I .
I nAVE received a l.tree st.k . f the abure reeds, and
am selling al rales reasonable enorg'i ti phure alt n ho
are in want. The stock lift over last yeur. was very lar,f,
consequently theieareery fewfiihiie'eJs in Hie market
birt if jou want a genuine article call at
W. F. (!RAYV
feb24 .'i4 Drttrr Store. Corn, Ilri-ad ut:d Vp.rket sts
A Nliaolbs ol rnaip fur I.i cent., can lie mat! by,piu-
--Jt- cnai
arti tie iu this it ariret, ," it of which have been sold in the
lasttwowteks. J-or sale onlr br W. F. GRAY,
(ebii V.l " Cor. Ilroad and Maike( st
LOOK AT Till. Having tnken out Liceu&e un
der Ihunew corporation ltw,ife:;ie,oow prepared to
sell negi-oes on Co:nmis.-,ion, and will make 1 ibjiiil cx-li ad
vanccsou ..eroea left wi:li us for sale, and pledge our.-ehes
toobey insttuciions, unless it be In separate families. Eiht
or n likely girls nauleJ. DAtHW A PoRTfiR, "
f.-b 4'5-t No. : Cedar street
11 rt-ceittd , cheat' rolu a,n and X&Tai&SZ-,
hue Gold, Silver, .Saiin, Ac, per X-1 AC3
steamer l caiman. f'IliWC-'.uiW
3,2v0l4ecvs unglezsd Walt PsrrCtjCl
new atierns.
2,150 pieces glazed Wall Paper, latest de. g:is.
lieaut.ru! tanety if Borders and Mculd.ups large lot
of Fire Screens 'and Window P-jers, low for cx-li, at
Whole-sale and Retail. W. W.FINN,
No 41 -Market street, beitveen Union and tberfpuie.
N. U. Paper Hanging doiie m tiie best maiicti'.
LAJiD AliKA.VJ. Weare buying and paving
the very highest pneet lor I-VNi WARRANTS. Per
sons at a dUtance iiAviug uanauN tostll bvser.dipgto us
by mall or otherwise may tlepeud on getting the "highest
priwsat which tlieyar4selhng.it the tiuit-in Nujhvilie, and
the caih reauttcd or paid to order.
jul"21 V EKPK.MIL A CO.
on the MiildieFruukiiiiTiiiiip.kc IUtid, tire niJesoiuh
west frt.tn Naihville, c-mtaii.ing 47 acres, D.i) or 7o ot
wbich isin Moodiand, the b.ibu.C2ia a bigli state ol culti
vation, with a coniloitib'e brick dwihing and o:hcr t.tevs
sary Hit buildings, with tlueeneverfaihugsprlcgs of most
excellent water. Any one wishing to bee 11, e faim can do
so at any time by calling on me, where I will always be
ready to conduct them overit
inrl2 wlm JOHN JOHNS.
WANTED. Wanted to hire or buy a likeiy Negro
Girl, from ninp to tnclve years of nge for such, a
good cash price will be given. "For particulars, enquire' at
J.G.AC. ROBERTSON'S Confecttonarv, No. 21 Broad
i-treet. "(marS '54 2tv
Acoustic Oil. For the cure of Deafness, Pains, and Dis
charges ol Matter from the Ear. Also, (ill thavi disagree
ble noise, like the buzzing of insects, falling of water, whiz
zing of steam, Ac., which are symptoms of approachim
deafness, and al.-o generally attendant w ith tlie disease.
Many persons who have "been deaf for ten, fifteen, and
twenty years, and were obliged to use ear trumpets, have
alter us ng two or three bottles, thrown aside their trum
pets, being made jierfectly well. Physicians and Surgeons
highly recommend its ue.
A gentleman of this city has just received a letter from n
friend of his, physician ot eminence in Hanger, Me , and
has kindly allotted us to make tho foliowingcx'ract :
4,I have obtained a bottle of Scrapa's Oil for Deafucsii,
and find it so valuable a medicine, that you will much ob
lige me if you will try and procure me one dozen bottles."
Have you ever tried it? It not. do not delay another day,
hut send immediately; if you have been one .f the wife
and prudent, and already bought a bottle, the question is
settled; you have recovered your hearing. Scrapa's Oil
for Deafness never fails. It is the only medicine that will
cure. Thousands ol deaf persons will give their testimony
in its Javor. The beauty cf the thing is, that it cures with
out producing any pain.
This medicine has cured more persons, and is now used
more extensively than all other medicines combioed, for the
cuteot Diseases ofthe Ear. The certificates are numerous
and of the highest authority. Also
BROCATION. This may be considered a specific, and it
wairanted loenre. It not only immediately allays pain and
inllamation, sUips all bleeding, subdues teat intolcrate itcb
iucr; but it effectually cures, in a very short time, persons
whose lives have been rendered miserable for year! lu
application produces no pain, but rather an agreeable anil
pleasant sensation. Call, or send lor a list of cures, and
you will be astonished.
1ST For sale by S. W. Uendershott, Nashville; Beli,
Robinson & Co., Louisville, and J.D. Park, Cincinnati.
inarl7-'54, 3m. d A w.
-TONE SO EFFECTUAL. The lessons of experi
J ecce are the most reliable, and, if not too costly, are
sought after by the practical. The following is the volun
tary testimony of a worthy and well-known physician, rela
tive to his experience of the elBcacy of B. A. Fohnestock's
celebrated VLRMIFUGE, during a practice of twenty-tiro
years: Grenada, Miss., Mav 23, H53.
Messrs. B. A.Fau.vesT0ci: iCo. Gent: I ainouenf those
individuals backward in giving certificates, but in the pro
sent instance eonsider it due to humanity lo say that I hare
been engaged in the practice or medicine for twenty-fivc
years, and have never met with any remedy so effectual for
WORMS as your VERMIFUGE. Inadults, even in cases
of FEVER. I sometimes use it to carry otT calomel taken
the previous night, and often find bilious evacuations and
worms to follow. 1 useuo other VERMIFUGE in my prac
tice, anu uesiru uu uetter. iveapectiuiiy.
(Signed; W. JL HAWKINS.
Sold wholesale and retail by all the principal drui-m'sts
and country merchants generally throughout the United
States. mar28. tv
offering for sole a very Valuable Farm, containing
750 Acres, fronting on the .Mississippi River, one hundred
miles below Memphis, Coahoma County, Miss. Any per
son wishing to purchase a first rate Cotton Farm would do
well fo call soon and examine for themselves. A bargain
will be given. I also wish to sell all the Stock on the place.
Ac. For further particulars see advertisements jn the
Nashville and Memphis Christian Advocates Ac
mar25 dtw&w2m R. A. ROZELL.
DISSOLUTION. The co-partuersliip herefotoreex
istimj between the undersigned was dissolved on the
17th day of March last, bv mutual consent Wm. L. Boyd
alone is authorized to settle the business of the firm.
mar2S W. L. BOYD, Jr.
JUST received 250 gross No. 1 MATCHES iu wood
boxes. fjn22J W. F. GRAY, Broadway,
T. J. JIOCLTOV. jxo. j. Bf.Ecn D RPdSELL
Nos. 52antl 51 Urondwny,
A large stock, of Grocerieaand Sundries, vii ;
CO hhds prime Sugar;
ItKl boxes Star Candles?
1M bags ICio Collee.
100 bbls jfolawes;
50 14 bbls do;
20 bbls Crushed Sugar;
10 " Powdered uo;
20 bags Pepper;
10 " Alsnice;
20 doz can esters;
12 " " freah PeJchei:
00 legs Nails, assorted;
LiO.OOO Cigars, common and
150 boxes Glassware, assort
3,000 galls Stoneware, ts-
1,H kegs While Lead;
ft.r0 4 boxes Window Glas;
1.0W lbs Putty, in bladilers;;
1,000 lbs Spah Float Indigo
1Ofrlbs Dutch Madder;
20 bbls Clover Seed;
100 boxes Ground Spicis;
bo doz Legs Jlutard;
60 boxes best Chewing To
ds ceo;
10 " Tiinotiir;
lOkegsFig Tobacco, very 00 bushels Ulu-" Grass;
fine article:
GO " Millet Seed:
J50 gross JIafcbes;
' 10 casks'fine Brandy;
10 44 American Brandy
10 44 8 M. Wine:
i hbU WhisVv. r.'l grac'ei;
150 Reams Wrap Paper;
io uoz umueis;
40 doz Iliwms;
marl .
Tax moit powerful Kine on the face of the dab. now
rtigus luprane In the American KepuMie. The pover
of the crowned heads of Kurope sink Into Insignificance
when compared to that of our American Kiu
.European King emploj the ponvr vested lo them to
Increase the riches of the rich and lordly, and to red oca
tc greater xnberj- and degradation the poor and depen
dent Our American Ktu goes forth with equal willing
ness to the lord! v man lion and humble cabin, ready alike
to administer relief and to offer health and happpiucss
u the lofty and lowly, the rich and the poor.
la the TxsTrt WosDia er THEtrosiD.and thepvateat
blading ever offered to afflicted humanity; to the suffering
millions, the Doctor can aay, relief 1 at your command.
You hare Only to us this magical, remedy. AU tho,
who still suiTer, and will not acecptthe proffered balm,
deserve not the pity of their families.
This wonderful medMee, during the brief period sine
Its Introduction, has carried happiness to the hearts of
thousauds, and made life a charm to many who heretofore
rriaru-a u only as a pamrul and miserable exuunce.
To the winds with all Llnimenti, Embrocations, Pain
Killers, and 1'aia ilx tractors, and jet millions of gUtd
tongues proclaim the merits of ths great "American
King of Pain." a preparation ccmpoatd aolely of vejeta
bles and roots, produced by America's own rich and.
bounteous soil.
We would mk the Lanrrj, who are always eompnept
Judges of what la and what is not a valuabl family medi
cine, to do us a (pedal favor by giring tha King of fain
a tingle trial, and If tatisfactory. exrrt their inflaenra
ia its behalf, recommend It. apeak welt and often of it,
and Me that it is used by their afflicted neighbors. The
Ladies are always chariubU, and when they induce their
suffering friends to use this really valuable medicine,
they will be doing an act of benevolence that they can
well Le proud ot Thl) 1) a powerful and truly magical
remedy for all external dfoiasc. ore, swellings, burn,
&e., and for many in'eraalaiakuoa it isa certain care,
yet it is perfectly lirut-ei, and incapable of prc-ludnj
the least injurious ehrcts in the mo?t dalicate casei or
the weakest constitution.
It ls entirely useless to follow the old and worn-out
system of publishing to the public thousands .f eenifl
caus of wonders performed by- thid medicine. It costs
but twenty-five cents to try It ; and Dr: Hull stakes his
well-earned reputation on th King of i'ala doing all and
mora thui he claims rvr 11.
It's would ask, bare you. the 2heumatin or Gout :
vthase are not pleasant companions, and we know that
'you would like to drive them away as soon as poiaible,
then use
Would yon be cured almost imaiodiitelr, of Bowel
Complaint, DjMntery, Summer Complaint, Oholer Mor
.bus, Cramp Colic, iiead Ache, Tooth, or any oO.tr ache
cr pain, the remedy is simple aud the cure certain.
Would you have your Sores, Swellings, Cut, Burns,
Scalds, Bruises, or any other wounds heahxL w repeat
It, on the
Would you ba cured of Scald Ilead, Stiff Joints, Bora
Throat, Neuralgia, Sore Breut, Lumbago, Tetur or King
Worm, Salt Rheum, Bites of Poisonous Insects; Chapped
Hands, and all other Sores, either dry or running, we
uy again and again, zoca arxior Is Dr. John Bull a
Would you ba cured of King'a Evil, Cancer, Tumors,
Eruptions, or any disease of the Skla caused by lmpurw
blood, then us Dr. John Ball's Sanapariua Internally,
and the King of Pain externally, nothing can b mora
certain than a l pedy and effectual cure.
Flint Cxoss Siaxrr, O.tx Dooa axuir JUct,
EWiNG BRO'.Agjnt
W. F. GRAY, Agent.
Orricr Coio;el;Scmms2 and Uxiox Siekjis.
EESIUENCENo. 23Summerstreet, next door but one to
Odd Fellows Hall.
Cases of Remedies and Books for family use constaatly on
hand. fjanlS 1m
HASremovcd to No. 3 Cherry-street, next Ooor to Dr. H
W.Hall. Residence Fewauee.
l'an2a V4 ir
IL I'. S. WOODWARD. Otliee No. Cherry street,
three doors north of Church street, has on hand Yacine
Matter of the verv best quality, t hich he will supply In the
profession Kener.iIIv. clit lv
CARO. Dr. T. W. CONNER, I'hysio.I'ailiic, or
Botanic Physician, having remrne d "from a recent
tisit of bti3incs to California, actin oilers his Medical Ser
vices to the Ailtlcted Public, trusting the genera! sati.-fac
tiouheha,': heretofore given will restore fcini his former
liberal with increased Patronage.
Clfice on the corner of Union and Summer streets; Resi
dence 27 Summer street, between Broad and Church.
Nashville. Tenn.
IMNUAI, I). .UcliAUibK,
office is cool-Kit's block, ounitur stkeet
Nashville. Tonnetsee.
illnrclf Term , 1651.
Wm. Walker and his wife Catharine against Geo. D. Hara
lett, Adm'rj and others'.
IT appearing to the Court at the preseuttenn ot'theCoun
ty Court ot said county, from proof in the above cause,
that S. Johnson and his wife, Patsey Johnson, formerly Pat
scy Earhcart, are non-residents of Hie Statu of Tenncsse, bo
that the ordinary process of this Court cannot be served cn
them. Itis therefore ordered by tho Court that the Clerk
and Master of this Court notify the said defendant Johnson
and wife by publication in some newspaper published in the
city of Nashville for tho space of thirty days, requiring
said defendants to apjiear at the May term, lfJW, of this
Court, to be holden at tho Court-house in Nash viile on the
first Mondar in said May next, to plead, answer or demur
to the bill tiled in this cause, or the said wiil be taken for
confesied, and set for hearing exnurte at giid term of this
Smiley aud Mitncy, Solicitors for Complainants.
marlO In. C.AM of Davidson Countv fluiirL
.Jllarch i'trm, 1831.
James Wrigbtund others, 1
s- -Order of Publication.
Agne3 btarkio and others. )
IN this cause, it appearing that two of the defendants, to
wit: William Hurt and Joseph Hurt, have left the State,
and that the usual process of the court cannot be served
upon them, it was ordered that publication be made in somc
newspaper for thirty days, requiring said defendants to
appear at the Courthrti-e in Nashville on the brst Jlonday
in April next,"and plead, answer or demur to,the bill, other
wise the came will be taken for ciinfea-scd as to them and sat
for bearing ex parte.
mchu '54 lm F. R. CHEATHAM. Clerk.
Office 44 Cliff Street, New York.
SOLE Manufacturers under Goodyear's Patents, offer to
the Trade a large ass rtment q'flndia Rubber Dress
ing Combs, Ladies' Tuck and Side Combs, Children's Long
Combs, Ac., at the highest tinish, and superior in elasticity
and durability to combs of any other material. They leel
softer to the bead than any other Comb, are not affected by
moisture or grease, and warranted to stand any climate, and
not to warp or split
For sate at the principal Comb Dealers m New York and
at the Depot of the Company. feb5 '54 3md.
NO. 27i.
White Swellings, Hard Tumora, Stiff Join and lu td
pains whatever. Where thU Plaster ia aDniied pjn cannot
A gentleman in the South of Europe and Palestine, in
1&j0, heard srt mdeh said in the latter place ia favor of
JEW DAVID'S PLANTER, and of the (as be considered)
miraculous cures it had performed, that he was induced to
try it on bis own person, for a Lung and Liver Affection,
Uie removal oC which had been the chief object of his jou r
Bev. but which bad resisted the genial and deliciouj clima.
lie accordingly applied a plaster on the right side of bis
t i?1" ,ns P3'" wa3 sea'etL another between the
shoulders, and one over the region of the liver. In tho
jnean time ha drank freely of an herb tea of laxative qcaL
UlSt ?esoon 'ound his health improving, and in few
wem his i cough left him; theaollowness .t his skin disap
peored, his pain was removed, and his health became per.
maneutly reinstated.
;ii!?.?rU"f.TiBgi3from 5r.WorsteU, editor of the Mas-
,"P7LE?crD?nPK4Mt winter and spring, I was so
troubled wirn a pam m my breast as lo Vender me unfit
for the duties of my office ; and hearing vonr JEW DA- "
saniiar cases, 1 was induced to give it tnaL I bad worn
a plaster U'tia my breast but a short time, when all pain
left me.and I was enabled again to en gage in the labors of
the office. I would also statu, that my aister, resicUng ia
Steuben villoia Ihis State, has received much benefit from
ia use. Yours, truly,
Massillon. November 12, 1843.
It hag been very beneficial in cases of Weakness, such
S3 Pain and Weak'ness in the stomach. Weak Limbs, Lame
ness, Affection of the Spine, Female Weakness, Ac No
:emaie, sUDjec: to pam orweeicness in tne DacK or sides,
should be without it. Married ladies in delicate situations
find great relief from constantly wearing this plaster.
1 he application cf the Ilaster between the shoulders has
been found a certain remedy for Colds, Coughs, Phthisic,
and Lung Affections, in their primary stages. It destroys
inflammation by perspiration.
Ucware of counterfeits and base imitations!
C A UTI ON. The subscribers are the only General Agents
in the southern States lor the sale of this truly valuable
Plaster; and in order to prevent purchasers being imposed
ii-on, by a couutcrfcit article, sold in this city and else
where, fir the genuine, they invite) particular attention to
the lollouiug MaBxs ox tux Gescuik ;
1st TmC ijtAuteit u put up m tmooth, tnjin tureud let
totned tout, fct sMerrd vu
ii. 'Vit;inui).ehuiAHiujrin-tiilu!idof Jew Datii on
the JiruUifn lrn'jnd Uu Ate, toifA uompinyiny record ef
tVttrf toK. XSylur, Hoehetter.
J 111 Chart res street, New Orleans.
General Wholesale A etnts for the Southern States, to wham
i all orders must be addresaed.
,Soid a!o. Wholesale and Retail by
janli Jtwiw Agnncr.
For the cure of Painful and Disordered Menstruation,
Miscarriage or Abortion, and the relief of all tbowo
Sympathetic Nervous Anectiona attendant on
........ u. - .. . u . h.iuuw.. v'u " 1. J w. NUIMM
at the prv-iit day may be traced to some slight imprudence
or neglect during soi.te critical period pf their peculiar season.-",
causing obktructior.s, irrrgnlarity, Ac, which, if" not
relieved, gradually weakens and deranges the system, and by
sympathy induces those chronic forms of disease Coo
s iinption. Dropsy. DyRpewta. Ac nbich either hurrr ttumi
to an early grave or render them invalids for life. Many o t
the fairest ucd loveliest ot" creation, at that age when the bud
was jusl bursting into bloom, have withered and died from
tlie effects of obstruction, and the want of a remedy to assist
nature at t'oat eventful period.
It, is not offered as a aire of allilU that flesh Is heir to.
but as a remedy and preventive for a certain class of com--'
plaints, in which it is warranted todo all that is here set.
forth, or that medicine directed witb'experience and skill can
perioral, aoiuuy suu IL.X ilriAll,
111 Chartres street, Nw Orleans.
General Wholesale Agents for the Southern States to whom
all orders must Le addressed,
jaaia IvdtwAw.
years ago by DR. KINKLLIN. The oldest, surest and
best hand to cure all forms uf secret diseases of the skin, and
solitary Iiabit of youth, is DR. K.1NKELIN, N. W. corner
of Third and Union strceti, between Spruce and Pine, one
and a half squares from the Excitauge. Philadelphia.
Take I'urticiilur Notice. There is a habit which
boysteuch each other at the academy cr college a habit in
dulged iu when by therrclres,in soiitnde, growing up with,
the boy to, manliood, and which, if not abandoned in due
time, not only begets serious obstacle!, to matrimonial hap
piness, but gives rise to a scries of protracted, insidious and
devastating ahVclious. lev of those who indulge in this
pernicious practice are aware of Ibe omseuuences, until they
ncd the nervous system us shattered, feel strange and unac
countable feelings, vague fe-ors in tLe mind. The Individual
becomes feeble, he is unable to tabor with accustomed vie
or, or 10 apply niinj to study; hissiepis tardy and weak,
he is dull and irresolute, the countenance is dntrncist, the
evesnithoiit natural lustre, shamefacednrss is apparent
TS.CM are tymjAnji viieA thuitld tnruiei, iXi attention of
tins, timilirlj a$titltd.
If the victim be conscious of the cause of his decay, and
having relinquished the odious practice, he suffers under
those teinb'e nocturnal emissions, whit!, weaken and shame
htni, producing mental and physical prostration. If he
emancipate hunstlf before tlie practice has done its worst,
aod enter mm riciony, Ins marrvie is unfruitful, and his
senses tell him that this is caused by Ins early follies.
Too many think they win hug the Secret to their own
hearts, and cure themselves. Alan! how often is this a fatal
delusion, and how many apromisingyouth, who might have'
been an ornament to society, has faded from the earth!
Yoiiug JIcu ! Let no false modesty defer you from
maiingt our cast known to one who, from education and re
speclahibty, can aloue befriend you. lie who places hirnselt
under DR. KlXKEIJN'Streatoent.imiyreligiooycouflda
his honor as a rentleroan, and in whoee bosom will be for
ever lucked the secret of thejmtient.
Country Invalids. Finding it inconvenient to mala
personal application, can, by stating their case expUtitly, fo
getherwitu all liicir symptoms, iper letter poet-paid,) have
forwarded to them a chest containing Dr. K.'s medicines,
appropriated accordingly, and be cured at borne.
Strictures of lbs ureiha, weakness and constitutional de
bility, promptly cured, and full vigor restored. All letters
A remittance of 25 cents in a letter, pott paid, ad
dressed to Dr. Kinkelin, Philadelphia, will secure his book
on the Secret Infirmities of Youth. septt wly
SUPPORTER. A new remedial Agent, or a
a new method of applvlngan old an 4 most popular one, U
now presented t. the Proieeslnn, and tarougn It to all who
area&licted, wiiihdiseases requiring the apptieatlon oi GAL
V.MS.M,suth as Amenorbia; Chlorosis: D;meoorela;
Prolapaua Uteri: Leuchornea; Hysteria; Lumbar; ; or pain
in the baclt, Lysjepia, (dejiendsnt on atony of the stomach)
weakness front fl'iy cauee of tho nrvous or mopcalarays
toru, andall kindred affoctlo. s. lo tho Physicians lilt
enough to nay. this In'tracut Is so constructed, that a geo
tle Galvanic current i mads to pt: Ihrongh an organ, a
roiisiiijaud tl-nuUtin it to healthy :tlou, thus ostlstlnx
and oft- n superceding other reraedUe. (See opinions ot the
best authors of the day. Medical Journals, and M. D'j. In
Nashville and other cities nfln the Instrument.) Itls the
mo'tseleulitleaUy constructed Abdominal Supporter, yet
invented, which will be apparent to any tclcsUSe man mi
inspection It Is o constructed that cither lu galvanic or
mechaiilcalsupportmay bedispenscdwlth, at may balaiil
catedby each cud. Hbystclans hall it as a potent ally In com
battings rae ofthe moattrooblesome of diseases, which of
ten tax their patieucoacd skill.
Seymour's Obstetrical Supporter.
This Is used to brace and suitain Ladles' in that moat try.
In: hour of llfn 4-Ltbor."No Lady anticipating thU ordeal,
would thtmc of dispensing with Its u,lf they knew one half
its-dviiita-es. Il places under the cunlrolofthe pttleotoll
the aid pb rcquirei. No accoucher can maintain his arms
triral practice.whodoesnotuse it, when Its efficacy has bees,
ma le known to the public.
Si-YMoUR'rf PLACES TA FORCEPS. This Instrument
has on!, to b seem, to bo approved and appreciated. (3o
M. D'sin Nashville and other places uilng them ) All or
ders add reised to K. D. PAYICK,
care of Berry ti Demovllle, NaihvllIetTenn.,
from the States of . Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ala
bama, Georgia, Florida, .'.In, Utlppi, Loulalaua, lexaa, or
Arkanaas.for either of tho above iuslnimenta,wlllueol with
prompt attention.
They can also be had at the following houses:
J.G BROWN'S. II. G. SCOVE. 's.W. F. GRAY'3, J.
CO. Ei', No.C3 iortb Market k, and C. A.BOBLN'SONJt
n:ar3 'ii Cm
TIIE Subscriber respectfully returns his
HI thanKs to tlie purjiic tor post nttrirs, ana
JiL licit a continuance of patronage in the above
copper and sheet i ron ma:, ui- actubing.
Together with every description of Metal; Turnic js Metal,
ic Packings, Balbit Metal and Castings.
Soda Founts, Generators, Ale Pumps, and Pumps of e va
ry description manufactured to order, or repaired at short
notice. . .
Cash will be paid at all times for old copper and brass.
june22 ly B. CQLK.
fth, the Passenger Train will leave Nashville at a &
clock, A. M., (instead of 5, as at present), and arrive at
Chattanooga at 5 P.M. Returning, leave CtatUnoog at
I P. M, and arrive at Nashville alio P.M.
Accommodation Train will leave Wartrace at fi.30 A, M.
Arrive at Nashville at lO.l.l. Returning, leave Nashville
at 3 P.M. Arrive at Wartrace at 6.40 daily, (Sundar ex
cepted.) marS '54.
march2 8m.
-n V in SEED One barrel Fresh Canary Seed,
AN Airi E.fcir- STRETCH A uRR.
V j just recetveu - . , ?- - 4 rj ,

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