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'G- neral Booksellers,
LIFE IS nJlAZll.1; v ; -L;4, r .. .
Or. A Journal Cf a visit to tKelindof tie Cocoa and
the Palm, with an appendix, contammg lllustrstions
of ancientScuth America) Artsln recently discovered
implements and pr.-ductsor domestic industry, and
works in Stone, Pottery. Hold, Silver, Ac. By Thom
as Ewbank. with over one hundred illustrations.
vauisiaa' sights, 0
And French Principles, seen tbnnh American Spec-
"j FRIDAY MORNING,: I s : APRIL 17, 135-
And Papal Principles, seen through American "Glass-
eJ. lit James
. The Pearl of Peari(River. By Emma D. E. 2f. South-
t.uii ir. w Pitiil'i Y:if.i.v kvirsj i:nmi'
JJUIilfcAV , . - " " T
la uiwuiu ...... v """a " trf, . ,
. .,?..3 nfnrftMffilinn mthirp Jet. AI Vnut TrrflK&Du
11)11. UIUUCJ - t t- . , - . - -
Shrubs, with descnptions of nearly all th8 varieties or
fruits cultivated in this cuuntry. Notes of adaptation to
: ... . i ;t. i . t . - -i . r f ; - -.irtVi
localities RUUfcUii; uuu UUHI a cuuipieie liai. ilk 11 kilt.
uf cultivation. iy r . it. r mow. .rricB eupo-
mm w a v
. . r in rela-
tioo to stablinr, grooming, feeding, watering aDd working
construction tf etab.ts. ventilation, stable appendage
tnngenienv oi meieei. uj .mu. oiet V , . . u
...Mitiiinii" nrtintinr. It tot Amfrimn food and climate. Of
. l .11 t nr
rorsaje an uaiiaaere uaoe writes,
anil TOUy. AELSOj a CO.
TilE LlllllAlil OF srAiiUABO LKlTKltS.
iv i t nnnrnEIlS. NEWTOIEK
fcJ w J( v
n itittij A V . R! it STII.
The Letters of Lady mary Wortlcy
a.M.TT r TTilfV
cfWoeian's Boordr "fortlnrood," "Vigil ot
otc'Ac, beinKVol ILof the "Library of
X vol. izuio. n f-b" . , ..
The wort can scarcely Jail of interesting deeply the
Airerican reader I.ady Mary lived and wrote in the first
half the ei 'hteenlh century, when our land was a com.
. rtl-. iiritifh emDire. and conseauently her
:.i.,a J.n.i her fime are ours by inheritance. H cr Letters
.wfll be found valuable as well as amusing, aiding the stu-
. ' i . . aai1i ,li mnnn.M nni fminifms (if Knf
uenis oi umi.v - -
Iish society in high lif4 then Ihe dominant piwe ot the
l ealm. at tne time Uenjamin Franklin and his co-patriots ia
lhis western world Wire workipgont the problem cf Ame-
. i j . t - enA...:.ttr "
Ybi LmBits' or "jrADAMi de Stv;aK. to mr Daughtes
T'....-r.a IMiio.I K- Mn Sirali J. Hale. 1 voL
12u3o. Price SI ST.. Being Vol, 1. ot the "Library of
Standard letters." ,
'i'ui Comic Poeihv cr Tin EsGUJnliAXCUAai. By Jas.
ihnr nf ibe "Life of Horace Oreclev." X voL
Watsids foxes. By E. 0. Goodwin, Author of Hamp
ton Heights." 1 vol lflnio.
h ViSflV KROTHKRS Publiihers.
arrS-Aw os 10S aJd 110, Daine.Kt.. N. i".
" -rc-nr TTrrn rR WBT1RF.W PIASTER.
nru. r t n.a.t fnr RhikiitiintUiil. (inill P&ln In thO
L Side. Hip- liact, l.lmbs and Joints: fecrofula, Rlne's
Kvtl, tVhite si welling, Hard Tumors, fctlll Joints, ana all nx
t:.l nuns wnaiever. ...
It hai been beneficial iu cssea of weakness, such as 1 tin
kliJ WeaViii'Mln the Stomach, Weak Limbs, Lamcncss,Af-
JainesLlicsd, Pickens district, South Carolina, tesliires
that, by its usealone he was cared ot UheumatlsDi In both
if his knees. r several years standing. ..
Tho following was banded us by a respectable 1'hysician
"MMsrs'fscovil & Mead- Gents: I haveien using yonr
UverwortaiMlTar Hebrew Plaster very cxtensiely In my
.... . . t ..cf .ml It i. vllh nlpAftnra thall
Jute my belief in their eapensrlly over all other arttclee,
with wbicb I am aeoualnted, for lai-purposes ior wnicu uiej
rri.A tr..Krta Ainllv- Is An
are recoiamm'i. ..vwcn . . v.r.-..j,
universal isnaeca for local pains. 1 have also lonnd It a inns
vcel!ent application fdrBrirains and Bruises. ltFlvesunl-
Mrnleatiefactionwhereverused. !it 03I.1.,.M I
KUOXVIlie.ua.,-'"'".-"-"".'"'-;, .
... rryMinl.rruh. .ml lilUt Intlt.tlnil t.
'1 he cnuiu win i ium nc uo
jor on the steel l'late engraved on the labeloii tho top of each
"arclnwrs are aJ Used thai a mean counterfeit oJ'tBis ar-
rsr urchrVnrally are cautioned against buying of
- but our regular agruu, ; i r All
h" u. v.orlhle-s artifle. SLO II. &. MLAU.
.jii.v V"" ..... i.i . 11- ctnpn Arents for
111 C. r.nestatfS. to whom all oruers must Invariably be
addresMKi. win brothers, Kerry V Deraovllle, A It
Said also hy Svui and I. W Henaer.huJt, Natlmllc,
rlwscoa 1 nomas . t llrui-ists throucb UiebtaU!.
0B.,and byanou'" "b
29 803
7,009,889 9,098,275
140.G84 113.982
718.C84 570,020
914 514
No -'J.Juuc:'lu. rir.lrom this date
r pO enable me tn """Jed on credit shall be
I r.llscwunt lir sundries puri" . .
;dred due when kre Presented
i.enW will DC expect
Comer of P.rJad and Cherry street -Neville. Tenn
ianS'Sfl tt -
Wl'IMiSS iJAAojt..
' a. .11
fit .VII i.r.aiv.1 i.'""
.1 l ' ' -
,.im,i .uiMPANV'havcmiderr-
press Lint
l-'riielit. 1
?tfto ta imwardcdby Expre.U be called
for wilbout extra charge ' Agent
VTToTT oTTTTl's -Iteceived by Adams' Lxpreas.
r....-, rr small lilttits, and Utes. s.jicj u.
Mo pints, rorsaicu)
V -rTr.'ii,"s!iandirr'. Paris
Made s-nd Uriusa v,oi". - M,G1Llj
. - . .'l' l;ir.irft an
UA. Mft5Bi.S. Thread and
1 i oi nau awe, v.
every variety ot Cotton
-. . . . . : . t r
O ULUvrp. ,oves yorsalebv
LIe Thread, Linen and Cotton uloves. -,rMcGIy
UandkcrcbitU, at various pneea. j McG1Ui
IV of L.dUlovesCl various l-l'Xi?Xe b?
tor Chambisse Duval, Uumort, PeteR Ac
8'ibvlVn.S AND LAND W A IU tAIV '1' -'
r SHALL leav,. .Nashville, about the lWli of May. on a
V ffpw Missouri, le, a and Minrc fcr ttap
Thaviie Land Warrants wb1Ch they dcsiio to locate,
iibviir "" ' , ., . , .,ii H that iooa-
d do well lOfenu ' ":"' - ,.
and ih . ,",-,.,. the lands, urecuring patents for
i :ll " .
" . oaviPS taxes, -ie. ....
ibesatru charge ol anv otb-r business in mat re
lwi,',, irinctbe attention otnuuirenl. I expect to viw
irion. rel. ,7. ii pinnum and St. Umis. lor fur
it Lewvm . T)erSonally. rby 1-tter. u
the. inf Jrm. l,10' 1 JJ Q. FELLDWES.
Jfo. 89 Cherry st,ahville.
aplO lm tniion CAveJobmHHJ.Hon. eil S.Brown,
. ;.T J relet " , w uUanafd. .loeiti Vaul.
" TA ?h U Sprhtg Be kind .0URb. Reader,
rpO be taken i in w ne moment, and voit w ill learn
X lopvey-wr t. r,.1!eJ,i, Hitters are pxxl for.
tait the Uniewabt - . ,m Cxtinsiro medical practice
Tbev have been t . f f ,rt Jftlrs. Kor e pht yearn
inSrW..rktrupw aI,d nMe nil great
ibev bava been iwd d hel thousands of ernes ol
trulVUiev have cure Ucranj-tinentot Ihe DigM
iBdigwti.. X'":. -esu'on of Mmd and tp.r.t. Op
tjestno Functions. Hep- . s5lflBUC,, Nek llcidache.
liraoKKin tJier Ijvticg. .w tcri.rjfli, Humor. l..ds and
.ctesattheSlMuc.li.' ObttruCixr.
iVififcuts Flatuteiicv. ;,1(le and Torpor ..I n-e uf
li,.!...! Ap-.R-liic,
bu1BowIs , ,oc,vn,ts:Iv. Uo'tmy. "it 1
Ileadci' ltmsr:.r -'-- 1 have H..e 'l theauova
eia, ar.erit.PS Tour tuoi-' ct
wasle, or Tiwrrtrcnpu i ' - T(,u hae ditliculty
,utBeKH hadun" aw a.pect " J nJ fU
in lylngon our lett Ride-it your , 'tje. :mJ per-I.psenret7deti.e-irv"Hrwime
j ,iatc
yourelii hw" iriH vor dearest b. pis
JL W ut.dX'but " iucalth and :rer.,.h
bat? tlworld lm w,U. thoueaudsol
r!Xt'g HealthJiitt" g.v
LowUre." n,-JiciE is put up in jmekee atsS
ceuuoa. EV.1!. rticoction. For fw uv till Urug.
invigorating ?r ALEX MACKENZIE,
iatbcctatewdl.y 17ge street, Sa&hviile.
The almost, settled fan of a speedy peace in Eu
rope, ia already haying a perceptibla effect upon
"the commerce and finance of the oounUy-money
becoming easier and importations larger in the va
. r.,n The reasoas tht pre-
nea ocpa.imeuis ui -
sent themselves to our minds for tha are, that the
necessity for.large European loans wiU no longer
exist-qold and silver wiU no' longer be needed to
be transfers to the shores of the Black Sea in or-
j.. r.irt the laree armies there recently en-
gaged in battle-the restoration of public confi-
decce wtitsei irec mo . 1
iu seasons of panic and distrust, are boarded ana
hidrlpn away the large receipts of California and
Lold. still continuincr. will seek their ap
mnri.ite channel in the development of the com
mprcH. arts, and sericulture of the United States
andGrfcftt Britain, and achieve a more glorious re
alization for nations than they ever before enjoyed
of tbe truth, that "peaco hath her victories no less
renowed tnan war.
A statistical table, carefully prepared by the Com
mercial editor of the New Yorfc Herald, shows Bn
acoreffate increase, for five years, of sixteen per
cent in the population, and fifty-three per cent m
the wealth of the United btates.
Much is beine said and published of the enor
mnns imnortations that have been made at New
York during the present season. They amounted
N . ,i T . T.l -w ahJ Ifnpiirt
during the montnsoi January, reuruary nuu vu
n $-.1:171305. or sixteen and a half millions
inoro than last year During the month of March,
alone, this vear. the imports weic over fc2U,UUU
000. while last veir they were but $10,000,000.
But there is a per contra side to this exhibit, which
cannot be furnisned in completeness yei; because,
though the great buik ol our imporU are entereu
at New-York, the prreat mass of our exports are
shipped from" other points. As an indication, how
eve'r. of what these aggregate exports will be, as
compared with the figures for last year, lake the
r- -rr :...
following items ot exports irom new iur& wiy
for the period between January 1st and March 17th
. TT iV.
cf the two years respectively, as given in xiams
Magazine :
Export from N. York.
WneatllMir, oms ,
Wheat, busht-ls,
Rye, bushels,
Com. bushels.
CittOD, balee,
l'ork, bbls.,
Beef, bbls ,
Cu: meats, lbs ,
Bulter. lbs..
Cheese, lbs ,
Lard, lbs.,
Tallow, lbs,
K:ce, tierces,
Tobacco, pokg.i,
JUanur&ctureu tobacco, lbs..
Such are the comparative figures ot tne quanimts
for the two veaw. to say nothing ot tne mcreaacu
values oT tha latter over tho preceding year.
The increase' in both iuantity and value of ex
parted cotton in the fiscal year 55 G over that in
'51-5 is csoeciallv encouraging. Tnts grear, stapio
of the South; which lurnishes the. great bulk of our
foreign exchanges and of our means of paying for
forei 'U importations, sold at low prices, ana wa3 a
sunll crop in the y( ar 1854-5 . In addition to, this
f ict. tho los3 in sha os of reclamations on cotton, re
sulting from a like smallnes3 of crop and low prices
in the preceding year, was enormous. All ourKoum
ern cities were stag gering under the load that well
nigh destroyed them.s Tne present crop 13 larger
and the nrice much m advance ot that ol last year,
acd it is safe to estimate that the value of the crop
now coin" to market will exeeed the last by from
535.000.000 to S40.000.000. When cotton se h
well, the South prospers. Iu fact, cotton is the
preat barometer of the financial condition of the
country ; and this improvement in the case ot tnis
single article settles the question against panic ana
As thi3 is a nucstiou of vast interest just now
with all clas?e3 of our readers, we will conclude
this article with a general synopsis oi wcai tne
W'lmo- Commercial iournals think of the financial
v a
prospects of the times:
The money writer in the New York Courier and
Enquirer of April 4, writes thus:
Ihe market show3 largely accumulative capitate
i rnmhin riip fnr lnnn on call or on a
wort time. In some instances loans on stock col
laterals hnve been made this week at 5 too per
, ...I J.,11..,,.. ,.n.
csut. laere is, neveriuiesa, a uuuumj tjr uu-
i t ..ann r,f thf vpnr. and we are daily
uuai ub ui u .. v.. J 1 -- . -
looking for what the western men term "the spring
The Liverpool Times, March 12, says of the En'
i.liaL mnnpv markets:
b"-" .
irun n.nnoiimtrl-pf manifested SVmDtOmS 01
ILiU il J .
increased ease, consequent upon the feeling that
peace i3 certain to result from present conferences.
m . .)...,, l fnr mnni.ir ia Ipaq antiva while the
AUC UBiunuu w. ...ww
supply is more liberal. Bank of England ha3 re-
OUCuu lueir .jit. u.uu w j
c , ,.o Knintr now ft nercent. Tne discount
UUUUIUi laiv. o w - L
i hum dnimr n larce Iftisraess. nor
Iiours uoc r" ' o , ' .
has the Bauk been pressed for accommodations.
From which it is inferred that the trade of the coun
try is not only sound, but that it will not, when
peace ui csiu'cu, niu..v "... j j -r
ul as seems to be even now suspected, inasmuch as
lare reserves, put Dy in a uw ui uiauuai, i
r..i,i-f. pmnlnviTipnt. At the same
time, it is considered by cautious and experienced
men, that the present casts uuiy iclujju.u. 3.
die Bsltimcra Patriot, ol April 4, cas tne ioi
lowing observation :
The banks negotiate liberally, and are quite anx
ious to obtain desirable out-town paper. Exports
ol "t ecie have been comparatively moderate-whilst
imports 01 gom iruui '""'""
imports of produce irom Europe have been large
acd are increasing. Our exports, at present, are
limited in breadstuff and cotton. There is, howe
ver an abundance of money in the country, and no
apprehensions of difficulty in financial affsirs.
Uecen European advices render it almost certain
that peace will he speedly ratified. When this event
absolutely established, it must have a favorable
effect not only in Euiope, but throughout the
The New Orlcan Price Current, March U, has
tlm fnll lwiiic:
, Mnpy Maiket.-No change whatever has oc j
,-urred ia the condition of the money market since
; it, hMintr Rtill a large a-
OUr prfVIOMS iciioi'i u;"v -.-o -----
mount of capital s.-eking investmdnt in good com.
im.ic.al paper, of which theie is only a moderate
quantity to bo had.
The same paper, April 2, continues in the same
Thvr - continues to l.e the same abundant supply
ol luotey t.l..ie ntioeJ, anil ihe current of capital
necking luvenwout is, cunscq lently, much in ex-ca-a
ui' the . intimity offering out dooM.
Iu the siiiie s ram tue money-writer of the N.
Y i:in!( v.rnts uuUr date of 7lh luslant:
T ie nii'.t!i of Mured liiiviog pass id away with
ou'. t!ieuia' utritietie in the money market, pub
lit: onliJen tin become strengthened, and the
djusiuoD to expand individual crrdit 13 daily ex
tending Tl c month of April will about close up
tte evr.ng traJi with tne interior, out it win open
tue tiade wilu tho sa port markets. We shall
piobibly lwve, belbri' the dose of this month, a
(till aud perfect resumption ot internal navigation.
This will "i a yreal impetus to all kinds oi busi
ncS and Toad our railroads with produce for trans
portaliou to Eastern market'. The immense am
ount of grain, it , m every part of the Western
country, will move forward rapidly" as the crop now
in the ground approaches maturity. As soon as it
can be dearly seen tint the growing crop will be a
i . Koii linen nn enormous rush of pre-
...ni Mi.5i.iies to tho seaboard. Tbe old crop must
com iorwatd for consumption, and we looK lor an
immense business on our Westsrnvrailroads during
! he n of this year. Cheap food will give an im
i nalie to all niauufacturingand mechanical pursuit?,
1 , i ii k..Aii.i ni imloatrtr more remunera-
atKi inase nn i"""" j -- , . .
tire Money ii likely to ba more abundant than
ever. Tbe promulgation of peaco in Europe will
let loose a vast amount of capital, and we havo no
j t. tin nlfiftnpr irmh'hftq hoen knoTOii for
IUVUVU ib 1 w-w. - - - -
-yearsIt-Tiaa fpr-Bomemma'pastrbeen ouropjnon
tuat lac fiUUUUUlXUlCUb w. yvvv viww.m uwiv
demand throughoutEurope for American secunties
equal to anything ever before known, and the ef
.feet upon prices and upon our own makets, 'cannot
be otherwise than favorable.
fc7- Gov. Johksoh left this city on yesterday .on
a short visit to his family. . -Such, ha3 been his en
gagements that this i3 jtlte fir3t opportunity he has
had of visiting his family since last summer.
Since the burning ottt of the Inn, Gov. Jons?os
has taken rooms at the Verandah.
gT" We learn from our Mechanic friends that
there is an unusual demand for carpenters in our
city at this time. Preparations are being made for
the construction of more houses than ever betore in
flnr biatorv as a citv
j j
Nashville is in pressing want of a large Jo. i
Hotel: our nreaent bui'dintrs of this character,
, j
thoueh well tent. bein? exceedingly defective and
unsaual to the demand. This is a matter invhich
every citizen and every calling are interested
Will not our capitalists and men of enterprise give
speedy attention to the subjectf
UA Treatise ok Milch Cows, whereby the qu3n
titr and Quality of Milk which any cow will give,
mav ba accurately determined by observing naiL
ral marks or external indications alone: tho length
f time shfi will continue to eive milk, &c., by M.
Francis Gsresok," has been placed upon our taoie
by Haqan&Bro..
Wa ontisfiprl that this is a most vaioaoie
book, and intend" to give it a careful perusal and a
more lenethy notice, for the intormaiion oi our
country readers, so soon as wo can una suincieni.
leisure from other duties
As a Medicine Horley's Sausapaiulla. This
, nna nf fhn benefits which the
llC.ll.tUU " " - ,
sciene of modern chemistry has conierrea tn nun
kind. Its distinctive peculiarities and superiority
consist in its purity, speed acd unitorm emcacy,
and entire Jreedom from those dangerous ingredi
ents which form the major parts of this medicine
ia so fully dcnonstrated by unsolicited testimonials
from persons .in every rank of life, that public opin
ion proclaims ttis one of tho most important uis-
eoveries of the age. During the spring it is a mcst
valuable remedy, and no family should bo without,
a good supply. ot. Jjouts.
Mr. Scovil keeps thi3 medicine tor sale.
RrtARpa K.1FLE3. We aro informed that Messrs
Fall & CoNNiNcnAM, on the north side of the
square, near the " n. trnt District nave jusi re
ceived a small number of the Sharp Kifles direct
from the Patentee. Oar readers can now have an
opportunity of providiig them3elve3 with these
iWrllv weanansfof whic.i we have ueara so uiucu.
Companies emigrating to Kansas or Nicaragua
can be sunnlied with .the.19 puns ot any oesireu
calibre by giving a few weeks notice to Messrs
F. & C, who have made arrangements to thai ei-
Fannv Fern, in her "Peeps from under a
Parasol," which she contributes to tbe New York
Ledger, has taken a peep at herself. Hear her rat
a n.i l.oro lur tho mad. conies Fanny Fern! Fan
... i -. n ixnmlln HVIP TIIHr MIU l I1UL IU
thou"h since she first found it out, she has never
. .... i i. .rH e
ceased to deplore it. ane raigni ue
;o sho mTfrbt hp better She inisht be
a ... m t . I -,nieA1 nnil ntrnt
.e-v vha hna hson nmn u vlrT" uia ocu uiiu
nbiiRPH. anil those who have abused her worst have
imitated and copied her most.
f 1 n M Ihinrr mHV nP KHH1 II lUiUl Ul A ailUI.
was not. thank providence, born iu the beau'iful
i i i ..f . : nn:nlia clnmlurinrr. clean.
uacK oiling, uuiituuiuu"""! w...---.-0F
contumelious, pharasaical, phidtlle.-dfe, peck
measure tity ot Boston
Ppnr.Wnon's Uais Kestobative. The testimony of
n i, ,nir thnrnn-hlv tested the virtues ot this celebra-
0j- ,.L ......
ted article, is, that it will restore tue gray, auuiueua.u,
erirtiriteM dipease of the Scalp, prefcerve the hair falling,
j .u i- n.rfontlv tn Ttrmie nltl a2. It is
aua preei vc mw utui j - -
now put up both wilb and witnoui seaimeniy. - uu..-
tiKement. Ij3"
Dmnnrin sr If. II. HARIU30V.I
Eiver still declines fast, considering the present
low stage. Now on Harpetu shoals, Uirte lect iv o
Weather oppressively warm, with indications of
Unlit. Rhnwers.
-o , ,
Stpamer Cumberland is hourly looueu ior aiso,
ria.lnv, T.otwU nnrl Alida. from rauueah. Jhe
Aiau.uu '
Cumberland will meet with immediate despatch for
tb firpBL-ent City
For St. Louis Tbe side-wheel steamer, tame
West, with courteous and attentive otticers, will
' . , , .
be this evening's craft for tho above and all inter
mediate points, at G o'clock, P. M.
For Paducah. St. Louis and .Louisville, oy con
nection, that is guaranteed certain, occupying less
than three dav3 to either pomL
The popular and favorite packet boat, Aiiaa,
leaves this evening, at C o'clock, precisely. Fare,
For Carth'aire The regular packet, Monticello,
Couch, Master, leaves this evening, at 4 o'clock, as
Arrived Rock City, Paducah; IIart3vi!li, do.
Departed John Simp3on, Memphis; locic tuy,
PaiI ucah
H.iQinew of the landint: sliuhtly active.
The present water having caused the detention
n! several steamers now due. Shou.a it conr.nuu
k the it nfthrt week all the packet boats, except
the Smithland and Paducah line, with other light
nl steamers, will be all that will be able to tr
verse the waters of Cumberland, with any degree
of certainty.
ntviiiii' Ln
1 nbwAsAlbV U
ttt . .m inrii i J. Stnrkell. Russian Min-
ister.got himself ihto d fficuhy by ergaging the
1-4 services ot eminent Burgeons io.- w c x.uoi-..
aim'y aad, now that peaoe is nb:ut to h i cecjare i,
informin? thcaa that their services ate no.t want
ed. -
New York. April 15. Advices from Bermuda
to the 3rd. tta e that the British S'eam'r "Ar-
pui" which had arrived from xlavtnna na ne
t-. Gallock. wi'h ths
X U ItUf IT AOU. uwi " ,
assistant Sureean Daily, and six others hai died in
JJemeiaa Order na3 Deen resioreu auer iud .
were filled with Angel Gabriel riotcts, and $200,
00Q worth of property destroyed.
VVASniNCTON, April SO. celuie. Aku3cn,
.u t nn; nMnmittpn fn wliieh wa3 referred
tue A US, V liiV.U w ' ...... -.
the memorial of Vanderbilt and L'vmgstou, re
sponded ia a bill to encourage new steam naviga
tion lines to provide tor tne transportation oi iiiau.
and other purpose;. ,
TTn.. r,..o3,l Senate bill BUthoriZIOST tho
payment of Jacob Dotson for cervices a3 a volun
teer troin Ualitornta in tne .Mexican war. n-n
.nln,ii rvn nnrl t V, r In w nnt nermittintT him to 4n-
ter the army, a special act was necessary for bis re-
New Orleans. April 15. Cotton, sales y.oUU
bales, advanced i: fair qualities improved most;
Middlings quotea at aoj; oujj if, v
Corn 4 Gr keg Lard lOfallr Pork unchanged; Cof
fee Hi.
Freights Cotton to Liverpool i, outside.
Sterling exchange
Sales of Cotton for three days 10,000 bales.
All nccr.unts from the Central American battle
are from Costa Rican sources.
It was renorted that 90 Americans were leu
dead on the field. The Costa Ricens lost several
officers. Accounts are probably ona sided. Ihe
steamer Cortes with 90 recruits for Walker 13 yet
unheard of. She has probably gone to ranam.
The Empire City brings a portion ot tne crew oi
'Sea Witch." the New Yoik clipper which was
lost at Havana.
xr no, .. inrll Ifi The Aoeot of the
Ni'norotninn irnvernment denounces the story oi
, . r I t . 1 ITa oatto ait.
achlesssnger s aeieai as a miseuuuu. j -
counts are received irom neau-quariers u.v... c-
that Schlessepger had only 250 men and was at
tacked by 3000 Costa llicanf, when Schlessenger
retreated to ban J uan.
Pittsebro, April" 1G. si. River falling with 15
feet and 8 inches water in tbu channel.
New York. April 1C, m Flour improving
straight State SGiU '.to; Uhio o izhu uo; oouuiu
r; nr.T io. vvitpf firm - mixed Corn 63: Mess
Pork 17 00; Beef dull; Lird firmei; Whisky im-
' .. Tt f .11
proving; sterling mcnange
Cincinati, April 10 m. Flour $5 25; Whisky
20; Provisions quiet; Mess Pork $14 50; Groce
ries unchanged.
River risen 12 inches. Weather warm.
Locistille, April 1G River rising slowly with
G feet G inches water on tue iai:s.
New-York, April 16 Evening. Cotton firm;
. .. . , Tl i- tf..-n T . 1
.i.,ti Mo oa i fit mi hnieB. r lour uiin. uieia
17.12J Beef dull. Coffee Rio IU Sugar, Or
leans, 8h. Molasses quiet.
fliscissATi. Anril 16 EveniDg. Flour very
dull 5 25. Bacon, sides 8c. Packed, prime, Lard
9jil0. The nrer has risen 5 inches
Hats, Gaps and Gaelics
NO. 23. 1'UULtC SUOAKE. Nathvillo.
rim iiio.vr iiisAUTiMJi.
Head Ornament
EVEK WORN UY HU, ls u.t. ur
Francisco's "
U moia reputation urn, A CBof
taste writ) wisu a mi - - -r .
ttose elegant TlUSHjo.1 IsX
-r to. 29 ruoirti .-u.""f
-rrrr-. r:., ...... . ,-vi u- 1NI1 CUL-
UAlSt r.vr.n.1 .i . i , e
r : I 1.. Cnraei A irP.tll hUli l lit
1 , HIE. JDMrnXlIKU u ...... , - - -
thosa celebrated Flench Boft UatB, which are now open
for inspection at FRANCISCO'S Uav uaiaar.
-ww m X'O
Men, DoTs.und Cbildren: nowTa!f"Kf.
tion.at tbellat Emporium or VV'
nni. w"
THE LAU1KS wilt find everything tasiy-and benim
inRforBojs, Children, Infants, and litile Misesat
the Store of a j r it j . v.
aprjj- aa ruunc oi'mc
large and
Well Selected,
And my facilities enable in to offer
In every style cf UATst to suit the
Heason. A. j. rniinuiauu.
aprS HO as. J-GMic s-quare.
' Growth of
. 1 1 a vi ftPVlIIVI? rM-irp 1 fit the Mm
Jj ant Mortar on Market optwsite Uuiou s,treeu ash-
vine, ay
URASM OreUrJ Graf Received bv T. WELLS.
-T TT-T T T:..Z.7.. wi lil'J ",",nH MHIU'KI.
Eox Shears, rruainj An tt, Pbumnq f cions, Ac. Ro
ceived ana lor sale low oy o
apr9 irlwlm T. WELLS
II. B. M0BRI3.
HOUK13. I ..,
Commission Merchants,
Nos. 13 and 10 iHnrket Street, Kanhville,
&om m t r c i a I .
- Nasuvilli. April 1C. u. 186. 1
TOUACCO Sales for the weet have been liberal at fair
prices. The quantity coming forward is sniolL About
lEOhrgiheads sold, varying according to quality from 4
75 toll 00. Sale3 of to-day at Johnson & Home's 2 hbds
t r.n r. so. At A Hamilton's 14 hhds at 5 80, 5 . o, & . &
701 sm K7O.770.fi00.7 75. 9 00.0 00.7 35,8 25,745.
-fvrriwnnminie in more freely withia the lost three
.I.- Hnr,nn.ivhieh time it has steadily advanced and now
,1.4. fh liiohBat fis-are of the season. Market actiie
LUU.-..""" tt O .
,;i,-,t lint it is doubttal if tbe prices will go beyond
the fiuies paid to-day. Sales 25 balesai 7K.2 atS, 9 at
si.' j nt 93 at 8 30a9c
frnriijirnnnin'rno lrnuirv tor smnmeni3-aci
tUUUtt . w - j . -
'A i.. .
' nAffiMTlieDrica of Pork was a shade more than
conld be realized for Hacon, and holders have not been dis-
.,i is. firre th markcL The last stexmer brings news
... r- I : : nt na
nr.r, ticjnejt. nndto-iiav laeraisaireueraiiuH""
. n. nx Volnc a full V advance. Stock
aivacce. uvg lu.uu 4 , c ' -
r.T!Hftnitnt TfaSc.
SUGAR Is without chinge, and remaining so till this
lt will nnt elter soon laluc.
....r-T--i- n clonHr t'ni-V lnl.-nor to
Crmmon22c, RtcUfied 25aS0c, Old Monongahela 50a7oc
MOLASSES Quiet 33a40c.
GRAIN No market here for shipmsnt Wheat 70al 07
Corn 20a25c. Oats 25a33c, Kye 60c.
REEF - OnfootnaSc gross.
HOTTER 12alSc.
Rokrlsou Association
A punctual attendance is r- quested. Rv order of the
PresideDt aprl7 JO. W. WALKER, Secretary.
South-East corner of Church and College streets.
Nashville, Tennessee.
j i: . rt. nnni.PHE Wfll.F latelr
.1.1 autcitiacujcuiut uti. "
published, as I suppose. Intended for the protection ol
his Schiedam Scnapps mglust counterfeiters, has come under
my observation, and being engaged in tho manufacture 01
shie'dam Scnapps, were I 10 Ict it pass wlihout notice
through this medium, I might be considered among those he
denominates "PirzUtuid Vtndert of Ptin?' bat the Im
mense patronage and success that has attended the sale or
tent iudzesastoiu qualities as abeverae and its medical
. '. .t? Kn.-tKtilt t,ft iitpit thnt 1 am In-
virtues, Pi " H.""'"'' , "--v- Vh. ,,B
daaeaamons wvrv ttiai(u. t-.
, . a .. , t. u,,,tnn Aftt,. .tiln nfhl Rehnanrts
leeis argnuTeu ittuouoi,icn..t. - . . . 1
which is manifest to all, since mine has been brought In
...... . 1 . 1. u . . v.t..l.l.al.i,M.M n rnmTtetl-
.. . ' i. 1. -iit Kt IhA rt,tn, ftntl inrrc&jtiner de-
Uusr wim miu iu ( , u. - o
' r .1-1. h..nnhlattmtn ftlrnl.h It at a less
hBn 11 r nnM.tT 1Z IKJ 111 L11B UUUtH ....V
i .. . k.llannn tuvnmlt MtllR.ll ttlflt llLS TiUliOIl
iuiuciuiitio,uo"'".v" - : . . . c . ,, . , ,
to. the citizens of the "boutnem ana western obics wm
: ,li 1 ... ,nr,n,.,l. fnr llin rhiracter
of my Schiedam ScnappJ is too well established in those
sutes.iooa mjureu uj uhj r .- --
The motive of his a tvertlsemcnt U obvious tn every one, and
. .. ... ..J .1... lt mf.allM llirrtUI, Si ITt-. lltT
him will fall harmless at my feet, I will here, for tho satuw
facllon or tne pnouc, puoiiau a myr '"' "i-V'i
tered in the Southern District of ftew orlr,onthe 2eth day
of December, 1S54: ,
jrateni Atieai-i
not- nt? urtv vnHir. s. K
.. .. . 1 ti...... ,h&t..nt -hi), it., nf Ila.
. . i. tJt ten ll..nn1 1. Rlmnsan. nf thft said
... . . . ... a 1 1. it,t. nttt.-tt,.i il.nra tiTtnl nrlt.
Uisinci, nam ueiiusiwu i - ,- -
. . . . r '1.1.1, 1. Intl.. w.rrf.nrthM fa nwino.t(tWU
'Birnard L. Simpson's Arematic Schiedam JuniperSchnapps
t ;. t niMti..nt;. Tnvl.nmTtiiit Cnrdial." tha
a superiur ttiuit iwH-wrr. -- --r. ----.-n -
riht whereor he claims as author and proprietor, In con
. . ... -ntltlajl . n Apt tn antand
lormity wi.nau.ni "s"i
he several acts respcxunSv.u,.j ,.u.
nt .1, r Un Cnntham Tiiatrlrt nf NftW Vnrt
i-A-i 1 Anitiii.teniiiAri tn tpmlr hit HiOcertf
.. . . .L . "...t n.i MAr.iVl 411.1 tn mv t nam ill In nartieu
Ur.for the Wad litwralitf with which Ihey h&Te patronUed
jDe irOIQ Hi J CUluiuciiMiiuvus w " " a 1
them, inal 1 BnaucoQuauc fcu uiwuc - j -
T" AN AW AY from the undersigned, living ia Co
"4. lit'mUa Tniie.si- a uecrq vroinw named
tutttv j ... .... ..... . larTO lliel lnf dtO-,.
. , ' r ..J. ...t..l.,tMt-nnilt,W.-liP.(lt
Iter color, uas & iuii -ui. uuiat. - - j
ugi etas, y rjiaer unuer a:, wen .c,.
ana hands . .
I bought her trim Utncbev Pelwar, cl uavitifoo cttus
tv, in Auuust lf4, and th.nk tie is about NashvJle.
1 iviu gi ie me uoot e roaru iur ucr n .3..ru....
ne set. and tpritr.1 n that 1 mn tret her. or 550 if taken in
Tenotfsee, pri:-tri'f JdSFPHC ltY
iii.li iuit.i.i.i r.ii jy) i au ii.jx r.n 1 .
A f USUOLDSToN woald inform ih ladies of !ash-
1 j., .. . . . j . , ull
aii vim aua vicipiiy. uui mii lias cpeoea. uer
krmnir tu ,.ikiii.w ... . 1 ... 0.. . ,1. t.-K.citiui
.J.-'U.. V.. UWW1M U UUCU .IIB kllUIClittVUIIJ J U I. .
under the Odd Fello-vs' Hall, ami isnowieadv to furniih
iMiuucta -wtu Kiiiituery yi, any uescrigiutn. 3ue wn. aiu
carry on Dresv-makini:. and the public may be assured tbat
alt r .. ..-ill tA.mnii.M - . .. . 1 ' O . i
veanesaar,.ipriiia, juo. .. aps im
TI'ST UECEIVEU -Per Dr. UoDertsou and E.
If ntvirA
700 bags fins SJItfitrar
2s5 lt.Jtimora CctTee;
73 bbls prima Molissea; , ;
10 bbls 8 8 Almdnds
And for sale by
Time Tfei-eiveil
vmm v. Vnrt a small lot cf those celebrated patent
WBPV7V.R9 hr which n nllon of tha lut.naoothitt and
" ..... 'l?lt. -I A
UjhtiK ICE CREAM can be madam tee lncreaioie soon
r n ice of six minutes. For Bi'e by
.......... . tiTitctrtir
nl5 MAUh.rJ.ir. a vtmuj.
wathii cnoLElts.
We h-. J ou nand a good supply of jdain and elejintly
dtnrated Water Coolers, ot various sizeauuu out
ricej, MACKENZIE & Wlluj.
Kl- Illt A TKII itli:i CAtES
Wa bam nn hand 100 Canary Cieea of all the most ele-
... . . i- i . t
iHtttAmaihitcan heobtaiBeUin new ion. ior eaie
u n vair intll oHrAns.on Kistern Prices
aD3 MACb.ti.i.lK S lu.t.
We have a few Uritannia Pitches, not liable to bresk tr
be injured, with moderately reugh usage.
Consisting of three pieces of various patterns and desigcF,
punted in the best style ot tne art.
w. r ilailr rRceivinr from New York creal additions to
our stocks of articles eisential to the comfort of House
Keepers. To all of which we most respectfully foliclt'
public attention. MAtvr.tti a wilu.-s
-T-tl It VAKIN. firmerlvcf Xaihville. has resuat'd
fl tha practice of IdSv in lh several Law and Equity
(Jourts of Itedfortl, Cotlee aad Frantun counties.
KST Post Oflice and residence at Warirtce Dipot, Bed-
. ...io t r
i.irn cflunir. ...... ..
.1 LOU ...LJ, " .... -r
Chartered by tho General Asssiably ol the SUte.
Tat. above Iast.tnti.3 a pr--aca-y ocawa, ana
not urt jssed by any r.mi-r establishment ia the
United States, w point ormethtresfcrtapurungithorongh
practical knowledge of the duties f the Accountant.
n a r .mrnadtafl. frnTTTiHIOn tl
this uepanmcni ia unuci - - . -
Xhi Frwiacnt of the College, who is a practical fPr
taring had many years expericcce ia sonie- of thMrgeat
buuutiui:uuu3i;A iu nc J"'v
VU14VAA4' v -
m.:- It l. 1 . .. Mitiiifnti nf JOTtV A.
kuvs unjcu is uaucr ub any
xr.t? i. yi l r v.tiwiUa whn rt ten
widely known a a lawyer aad oraior to require any further
MA... ... .M.I...J.
uwtiw a. uut UMttu. ,
Thn CVmrtui r,t Tnt'mrtin- Mohraf eM koth Keadlntr and
Lectures will ba ddirered at nigh', bo aj not to interfera
j with bis prciessional engamenn. t '
MLIUllliO bttiUHIilllwu? ft.
ty u.Ytss.tL,Xil. Under this bead i a embraced f very
species of calcclitions necessary fer a rk-IIpex1)Dl.U3r-
nbultttn tn nnitiit.nf4 . i . Utu.t luAitnt fiallthTlfi
Gain, Equations, Exchange, Ac Ac. ,
iiiDisoi luitiun. v. ?j
Boct-Keepinj ,by DoublaandStofta haUf, tsapp JfiJ
to erexy Variety of business, both pvtm rMi(Kd
adrerse, Conimereuil Calcutaiincw, kjwt Oommerctal
l.nv T j.tnrt.q irtflnrtint- the nf luilzd SLlil fkl
Penmanship For twenty fssocs, $5
r : 1 1 - l- -. . . n : .
ror lessons ttiuihu. umit, .... ........ ....... .sxy ia.
wntS . . . Ui. ' - - ... . nU.i...
1 Ue luipuruiucctJIUII. IIUCUI.MJW uuttwucuituucut.
enter for an unlimited period, wiui the privileges of raTiew
inZ at any time dnrinj:hfe, without eitra charge.
hence students msv en'ort aay tsine and ponme their
studies without interruption.
Merchants and business men wiH l supplied with com
petent booi keepsrs by applying at this establishment.
uoou Doaru anu lotin o w, v ....
v. .titj.nt irill hn taken for Ire than a fall coarse. iu
whatever branches he pursue.
Tims required tor a toll course iron i:x u wa wccia.
rzf Address Southern Comm.-rem! CWlmiv.f.aslinlle,
Teen.'' apS7-diw.Swiy
j nunnf. UTS.
3. No.2SCheTrTst,,2ilo6rafroaiceinerUBioal
V Cl'ivil.l.t' TKXNK-WICK.
COD I.IVEll OIL. HnfflAU,Uttrs UO-dCoti
LtvrrOil. just received, warranted fresh and genuine.
. " liKUIlVfl I.K HULf,
ror itiie ot . .
TBASjrx Ornce, X. A C.K. R. )
Nashville. April 12. 'oC f
nWINO to the departure of Night Kre'ght Trains at
..M lr V.. V.villA Cn.ti.hr tl.nnt will It. rVuM nn.
.V:. .t .- r -..i.-u i i -r k;i. t.l.t-
til lurtoer nonce a. auciut.., nu.uuiitifiiiw
will not be admitted.
Those who would sava trouble and extra drajages must
b r i-.ii ac vr Avnccmiv
pl3 l.enerarAcnt
HOI'S. reali tluvo reiv aiM c " tv, .
IOTA&II. iieiveUant kr sale hv
RATH IJUlUKWRecBivednikltorailoby
M-T ,
fil'OS li ES Fine Baihing Sfjenge; twneona' Spoag.,
O wni9 extra tine; received and tor nala by
mar til
J-LfJ.3 J-' ' -'
I AM now getting in my SPRING STOCK cf HOOTS
AND SHOES, which is large and well ussurted fir
1.,: in .1 tf:. Inra nn.1 r'VtlMrttn
iiuies uau utcucicutcu, .i.taasj, it --- ....
arpC 42 College St.
I ' t 1 1 r.,.e.L.l.v
"VTAKNlNllES, OILS, Ac Gupl. locnaadJa-
l r I T I 111,. Wt , t . Tm.I
twn varum, Ajaseeu anu uuu ..rr-
Vlraall.hr 1JIUIU V11U.C, i litAJ..
t E K 1 1 IS 11 LEECHES A Urge supply recetveJ
X. . r t I.L'UIIV If I.U1 A IlUt.f.
anil kit saie uj
-... .t .-t,..r.ffr leiiii'l. i It ilfif.v-
TOHN RAM AGE, 12 College street, is now receiving
I - .......In. aV nr ltatid s) i ru. an
Brngans lor City and Country Trade, and reipecl'n'Ty to-lii-iu
r rail and examination cf his Stock, which bas teen
axloftAl nf tin. h-st mincfactu-e and latent stvles fix La
dies and Gentlemen, Misses, Boys and Child:. n, and will
UC tU IttlCIJ lu'l t'liv. ."--
SJ" Trunks. Valiccs and Carpet Bags cf the best Phila.
, r3;. c . , .i u.. . t
uttunta manuiaciure, cuuaiauujr uu u.uu.
aprl2 J RAMAGE.
-vl.; rir.AVKl.I.lrU; 'J'llUN'KS. No. 1 Sola
J Leather, Black and Kuswt Travelling Trunks ; Ash
land Yulices. Sola Leather Yatices, and Buegy Tnnks,
onl 1 41 College street.
n.n.ti.-t. i in.tttliluti.L' nttULVTWV J. V I k IT
L1VA1UCI., II A ...111 IWVi , ItlfUJ.itt ..- ww
perior Velvet Travelling Bags an Satchels, just re.
, . i 1 1 1 r t t ii i nt'
oeivea oy juu.i luxnauu,
apll 42 College utreet.
p OLD FOIL Abbey's GW Foil always on hjind,
anaioraaieoy Bftr,vM,.
.V.VD S.v HITS Just re
tvlMOES Pewer. Giocei-. AUpK, irace. iuui'v,'.
O Cinnamao, Ctorert, IaingttiQiw, Ac. 4c.
h;aks, toiiacco
J ceived-lcll tanplie
For sale by
marl I' IT
N.. Cherrr t.
SLlPi'tltS KlD oLIPf EKa FOtt EADlbS.MlSSbS
and childien; Kid Heeled Boots, very -npenor, and
Kid Ties,ju received by JOHN RAMAGE.
apl 1
42 College street
t UlLDliEVS rtUUES. ;bildren'e Kid and Morocco
J Angle Ties; Children's Kid and Momcco Boots all
Hires; Childrens Kid and welt iioots; rrencn ijsimf
Buttoned Gaiters. Just opened by JOUA l.AMAUc.,
apll 42 Collcga street.
Groceries at Auctiosi
500 bags Cofiee;
100 hhds Sugar.
120 packages Molasses;
1U0 boxes Tobacco;
UK) boxes Cigars;
160 dozen Brooms;
S50 bbls Whisky, various brands;
KCgs iiutis, i- i.,
150 bbls Vinegar; with numerous other articles.
.. . -. - I : . K ; llnH
Ule pohuive, uuu iit.ut"
r Tarmsnl Xfllf
..tnit ...i .mii fiililivs; over S500
bums over -vvf ..uu "--"-- i - - v . - . .
and under 52.100, .0 days, and over S M,h
aL.-jtw.v- v-
r.rtni ui
TSTOFFEE. C50 tacks prime Baltimore and New Or-
C . . .r - J unla Kir
-O n cans "'--cn"u'YS FRENCH & SON.
TTU(Ta.i.-100 hhds tatr to prime Sugar in store ana
S'lOLASSES.-lwbbls Molasses; 100 Half bbls Mo-
1 lasses tnstora ana lorsa.e &
ri llNUKIES. 2.0UO kegs SBtenbergerNails, all sues;
O 200 dczen Painted isuckols; ,
2(K) boxes 1 ID narsj rre-icutt. i" .
200 boxes lletitree'a Mould Tallow Candlis;
50 bbls Golden syrup; .
10 bbls Sugar House oiaea. . ..
sale uv t ii uut.wvt.i v "
ICO bblsaugar
In isloreand lorsa
TAJs.-20O o.
i .iii each. 2K bushel uuany
100 bundles, 50 each, 2J " " '
r r r.ii attTt a.
in -dor. and for saleby u .i c0
TTfoTTCE. The inu'rat of Mr. U. P. BltYAN m our
1 bus.ness.l.asexp.reu.to -".5,00.
Cash for all kinds of
W "W-l .
S. E.'Corner College and Church stB.
. ...itrmm.-iltrTrir- IIMIY
ONE HUNDREJJ TUnsriiiBiviuiiM.'i".
assorted, now in atore and lor ale low for cash by
janS'SS s R. 0 KANE.
rf BBLS received and for.sale low by n,KVNT
r I KJ Rill
ltUJ , ,
.. . . . . t... ..... f!nftintrs marked
ItavP 111 Biurotttu u"'- &
to JOHN ROBERTS, Na'hville. Knowing no man
by tbat name, we take this method of inlcrmtng 'r
erts that the boxes are subiect to'his order, and that if they
?rapnr9-lw Tl. S : fbeV6Ti SON.
itUiNOJllliS. DU1B "1uu'a
O 175 boxes Star Candles;
10 boxes Tenn , uj., anu a. louatint,
hOO EacKS Salt;
2u0 boxes Melee Cigars;
400 Demnolin , .... , r t
ISJJIf'-1'000 kCgS iN,1"J 'uSS FRENCH 4 SON
i t - - -
For sale
TSlDER VINEGAR exprefsly torlamily use. For
Ij br, janS'6o -y
Poiimls Well Dried
maris tf -
London Lady Potatoes.
1 OH BDSHELS-received and for sale hyR
1WU upiu
T.M-.M-Sr-.o "Runt.
A GENUINE ARTICLE, warranted pure, suiUble ur
XV Wed ical purposes, ior saie oy
1 IV. v
.1.. C?U eirV,l D.iklU W..f. W-llPT-A tHPC TTlII
keen & constant supply cf the TtryUdSt articles fjr Umily
ri 1 rr .1 nna(.a..l in hiv liAtlM'
ygg 1UB MIC Ul JUliuuia uj wic uuun
on the latinstfand hrealter tbe Tery best Uqaora cn
Only DC ODia.UeU IU 4U4UMMCB UW 'too uutii n .
Believing we shall be able to please, we solicit a ehare of
1VJL for sale by
-loo bblslresh Mackerel in store and
11 S FRENCH ?U3.
-ni .vi i ie .(M r.ltl Flour iuit received and fjr sale by
I-j ' ii vaiivrMl a Kliri.
X apru
,.... u.i
A DWELLING HUUSK, wunirooaitsiui- utc iu.
. .t ..!.; .. .hnrt vi-ttllrnf lirnad itrcet- A
eaod tenant, liberal rent, and prompt pnvment will bo
iiliH.r Cllf It
APPOSITE theGraveyard. FOli RENT, large and com-
modiousaud in good repair
fall at
Broad street
. . . ir. f .
TTTE have just received and have in store the following
VY articles wnicu we win Bcin."",.
100 bbls Meshanock Potatoes;
200 pkgs Star Candles;
100 bbls Rectified Whisky;
25 do Old Bourbon do;
25 do do Rye do;
2t do American Brandy;
50 doz Brooms;
125 boxes W u & E I) Cheese;
25 bbls Pure Cider megar,
CoO bass Shot; ,
10 kegs Bar Lead. jiACREA & CO.
tnem, ma. i bu.u ' t- - -- - .
- j : ,;.i....r rl.l..l,-. SiHnm,-t.
genuine anu .uvwhm. ......... p r ViXtPflV
v!Ds. Th word Schiedam Schnapps is derived from a
town In Holland, called SHUdam," which is celebrated as a
place of extensive juniper tiiuiuouu.
merles oi mo uu.w .....
iiici.c. Hilprotnnrilertho Junlner
Extract (a principal in'tedlent of the Schnapps) from that
oe's It not appear now poor and deceitful when II. W Is
tn inc to mike a wrong and untrue Impression on the Public,
.,"& . . c,.n.nl.a K-lntty. ATrlnsivelv
ajlngtuaiine wuiu acii..i."i-i- ; ,? T i !
tn his article, and that all othersare CounterfelU and Inipo.t
li".'is''iv i...nnmnnnnnlv.nelthermore rizht for the side im
portation of Schiodam Schnapps than anybody else; and this
l" . .i.i.i. tn.anti.nnt nutth ilnnr r,racttsd
SecepUon on the public, shows too plalu that he feels and I.
. . . . . .n.l ,l.t.in i.tinniittinn-
cow aware ni suiuipuit.iiit""'"-""". -i-r .
iictia ieo iy.
rrQ THE MILLION. lirjAU Anu juuuo i
t7r....t.i..Unndnnbt the most wonderful discovery of this
age of progress, for it will restore permanently grey hairs to
original color, cover tne neaaoi ioo uum mm
. n.ih.mniin at once alldandruO and Itching,
cure all Scrofula and other cutaneous eruptions, such as
scald head, etc., It will enre as If by majic, nerviou. r
periodical head ache, make the hair soft, glossy and wavey,
and preserve the color perfectly and taenalr Irom fallinR to
extreme old ago. We couia give me wwmw)
one hundred thousands to the truth of every word we have
written See circular and the following-: .-,.
VJA1U.X1.B, Ilk., -tiktv Mi, Atv.
r i. trr,r n. .1. Wood's Hair Restorative, and
. . . . -. i r..l .,(T-..t AftrttairvikArvtrimillt-
have admirea us wouuciiu. ccv. j -i,- -
as I thought, prematurely gray, but by the use of his Kea
torativcithaYrcsumed its original color, JJifpgTp'' 00 A son.
doubtpremanently lovers of
Visciwra, lnd., June 10, 18j3.
. . . w A o .n,a rtt tl),C.tt li IT! H 1 II -
tKOr O.J. WOOD ir oiri 4" ju .v ,
u . . i t -.anlv ilismrrtriul Jlftlr
nLlurr extensively anu ruu juu
fcsiratlve will stale for whomsoever it may concern
ihat lhave u'ed itand known others to use It; hat I ha,
-,r several years been in thebabit of usinK other hair restora
tive" and tl.Tt I find yours vastly superior to any other
know. It entirely cleanses tuo head from dandruff, and
with one monllis proper use wm ici j i-;;-'- -o
the original youthlul color and texture Hlng It a hejnthj,
."ft and los,y appearance, and all this without diKusuriiir
the hand? thai apply It, or tte dress on which It drops. I
would tiiereloro recommend Us use to every one dosnous of
having annocolor and( W1LS0S K1SG.
A genllemeu of Boston writes to bis friends in Now
Bdlordthu: i,,s.,.h,t ter.inmne
lo vourimiuirn:!! i iruu.u
ed usine Prof. Wood's Hair Uestoratlve, my hair was almutl
fnd had been. ofr
hinonine lopoi Bjwau.Muieij . A ' r Ifr;
m. (which was eight weeks) my hair was ei.tlrslychanged to
Lorlcinal color, (light brown) and Is now fi a irom datidrutf
and "it to moist. I have had my hair cu hve or '
slaco the etiange and liave never seen any thins Ilka while hair
I.. w I-;,, , roots, and it is now a. thick as it ever wa.
anddoa rot come oat at all; I has proved In my ruu all
tbat I could wisn or asu..
July 1,1851. r i oo'ibw
r. n e.-. I n....! two oouiaa oi irui.
Wood's Hair Keslorallve, andcau truly say il is the great.
e.ldittcoTeryofUMagefurresumngand changing the ualr.
Ueforo using it, I wax as gray as a man of savesiy. T
has now attained tu orig.ual color. Yen can
to the world wilhoutme lean isar y mithpHV.
worst kind. vours, c, "kt
Paor. Wood .-My haircomn.e..ced Wlln?ff
ta use to all similarly awicis". - second btreet.
.. .... in, nrikv hair, netsuns
forothcrpurpososlliac earisa, good augl9J
4&Trt.ruCMo.7and 810. Broadway, New
For sale in . " EW1N BRO'mERS.
ia r wJe ran4nl SirtiT( l.inl
Also for taio i nn. i ouuo .
cent and Vegetable Magic Life Pills, warranted better
iv.- nP iht rrmnpT in all cases refunded. Wee
man buj vll4-4 w . y , . -
circular for all neceasary intonnation with agenU.
fPHE enterprising Hattrrs WATERFIELD 4 WALK
I i? o ....w.v. hnncfiocr nut nomethin? new in tbe
bit, .in t.t.. - -r-" fj r, .
i... ti.rtortmi.iit- For SnnnkT and Summer wtar their
Iieht elastic Moleskins, their Rocky Mountain Beavers,
. .i -1 ... I itniitnarai atrtnrl Tiri-r.prni n rnt KIDOSf?
ana co u uuu j r-
the Hats of the season. TheyhaTea full assortment ready
rtr their alea xf. WATERFIELD A WALKE1I.
THE finest article of soft Cassimere Hat ever manufic
turod can now be hvl at Watertield and V alker s.
Those who wish ti ething extra fine, easy and comfort
able to the bead, shouldcallas earlyas possible and sup-
. . i t .. uav trrrtrifl. r.rTrnrtrillv.
. noKM, s-s. wtuJAafi. jro. a. rfsiiin.
. . . TtrMtt.TT n Tl ft r-"n r t
VHUUi5Al.t. mtU AU.11111. uuutiijvi,
CamjahrioiacdFcnTardiag EarcltaatSjiVii. 8tortrsof
,1... . .-1 ".1i..M
ttuttuii am. .......I . -
'Mrofitarhttni rod t., .NiMrai-. Tmi.
WE have a Wagon rnon.ng thr.gh xke principal
s4refl c citv dehvenng food sold at cur boose.
AH orders handed to tlio drmr will reve prompt at.en-
tiyn JUVT. hi pw, st juits.i
1RI."U I'OTATOhiii Ml tws l!S hed Ptau,. Ul
receivad ami fr nafe bv t .
FrY bags Meshanwct at lmwoo Lady lWioea
Just iwived ami fcrrV 1W hr
ONE huodred bag Piimr, ! receiv.d irom lor.
Roval and Muoa's MHl. aa.1 Sir sale bv,
- . . . . i srsa . a - ii n i i T. - mT
JUl.vr, fi x I... r . .iuiix.,1.
DiarK No.li.WwiwBy.
IRISH I'UTATOKS-lT htHkH-.XTA lot- jiesiau
nnek and PraksETe Peteroes jnat r-erivetl flam Cincin
nati and forfate by JOY.VT, BYRNE A NOL.EN,
. .. 1 L1 I 1 kC
ADDED tc tfreir already targe woes oi oapifl ana raa-
rv r,. J - iinlaMityrLlii on RAtf rpst nTK."
dailf lurce ndditinns, nukiar itmH nnly tbeLARGES' .
,.J. bZ- .ii.citDeiLHrj? AVI. HVTKVSIVRI.Y AS.
nut aiito me itiu.-i i ot v - .
SORTED STOCK they have ever befora had m their pow
er to utfar to tha retail twrohast. ,.. t
mar29-dtf ' IbBegqoire
rILL stand ten mile weat of Columbia,
I HAVE commenced tbesaleof ICE, and amseadingroy
Ice wacon daily to furnish customers at their houses,
at a very reasonable price. I have also a stationary l)e--x)t
atilr. W. L Peete's, corner of Church and V ine hts.
i issue tickeU forthaconveniencact change
ON th 2d dav or Miy ecu. 1 will open nd boM an
election, in tha vanoas precincts of Davidson county,
for the pnrrosa of elec.irga J.i.IK or ib0av Court,
this, the 9th of April, IS .5. JNO.K. EUMONUSON.
apll-dawtd ""L.
Soda Water. .
have fitted up i.urSoda.Ai.jkiram.1 firthe fes-
i.i .,.,r,llr, r.t'l th.. r.ttHrtlioa of tlta
BOH. nsttuuiu icti';.'.."! -
lovers ofthis inuocent bnd g-attfjt b.ver.re to our loeo
taio, where we will be h-ipy to du-petuie the cjoIim:
draught to ill who may favor us with their piti-in-sgi. YV a
are coctident with cur increased p-.,Scieiicv m ihe yrepar.
at-on of both soda and Syraps, none will be dtMHrfJiuteJ
who nijy give our .-von "'"""',
WILL stand ten mile weat of Columbia, -fy
Maury coonty. Tamee, at jft the set.- ffl
" IS
bn S rttfirv ntreeL
MlFnnVtal election of OtEccrJ to manage the affairs
T " th Broad Street Bridge Company tor the ensuing
itr i be T held at the Citv fiotel on Monday, 23th inst.,
Particular attention given to GRAIN, and all Southern
rrVKcter to R.U. LOWRY, Esq , Cashier Bank of the
Kepuouc, ri
iL,.-nt tvvtiil'Mll-'NT Of STItAW
I I till. k k.l ikOWt...".'-
X OODS that has ever been offered lathe city, are
at Watertield A Walker's. They have all the new styles
tor Men, uoys and Children.
Premium Hat Emporium,
f.prl2 26 Public Bcjnare, next to GcrTdcr'i.
JUST received on cons gnuieoi, to be wW ut Aucurn,
without i eM rve, overi.ee thous-ind (.o!.l and si.ver
W arches'. Amorg this larg asvirtiuent w.il befviind
Watches from thSbest makers in 1
Johnson. 23 Cl.nrch ctre,t, Liverpool; .oper London,
M. J. Tobias. Briudle, Steveuev Dimier.of Iudou, Lup.ex,
1 t&ollX -im cf tine Gold Jewelry, among,
wl..ch will betbund ...meofthe richtstseus of . old Stone,
ttUA.t,3fld .1 Aueon, a large
Notious, Ac Sa.e t-fcew
mar2t.-dtf lLHi
LOUIS, 2IilIEHlS AND fcEW u,tifl.ii-
r-M N ALIDA, HARMON, Maaler,)eveNatli
UjiS. vine Mood.iv and Thursday at C p. oi.
CU1IA. This fine pasjengcr tteamer, MATHhNh,
Master, leaves Nashville Tuesdays and Fridays at rt r,
ROCK CITY, This splendid steamer. BEN EUAf,
Master, leaves Nashville WtdnawJajs and Saturdays at C,
These boats tre light, and have excellent aocOmmoda
tions. Bv them passergra can get to Louisville. St. Lou
is, Memphis or New Orleans quicker thin by any other
route. For freight or passage apply on board or lo tha
Airrntii. ' A. lIA.MlI.AUrl,
ap"j J1JIrHARiUSON. Agenta..
riHB reenlar New Orleans and Nash.
I "h.i.w.1,1 P.rV.tTIfT.iIHOLDT
designed exclusively ror carrying irciKu.aiEfe
drawing only at! inches light, and carrying i.l-w u, td
fVrurferioinducemenblto Cumberland BwKR
WM STRONG, Commander, and JNO. U. TAYWJlt
Clerk, are experienced steamboat men, and will spare no
trouble in protecting the interest c t f"VP- .,.,-., on
The Humboldt will leave Loutsv, "er New (Wean tv n
the 1st November.anu remJin nm'.. 0 ,
Cafpt.B DUFIELDAgent, New Orleacwm at
tend to filling tf orders tor her. . .
Wcsel & Thompson.
OV 20 CO a--. cfaerries.
'- uu
aatane fre of charge, nnle tra feeding is reqjujed
jlaies not in ioai ma etc icu. ...u wr. .... ----- -churge.
STACKFOt is one of tbeUrgwt and best bred
sons of impirted Iv1atbB. dam by old Stockholder -The
folkiwicg w a list or tbe rpoted Weeded liorsea, and
the winning if their eotU from lSKil to 1851, taken from
J.J.Sklnnor'aTurt Raglater: . n
Imported Merraan, ' -
" lhiUtf,
" Glenewe,
" Priam,
" Lazboraugh.
. ' Mecb
OU XaTios' Stoekboldar,
' Old American Ectipne,
.OW Ilacific.
. ......I T ..H.nltiatt .
iinuoiicii i.ci !... . ..
Itwifl be mob from the above the great iwpsnorUy or
lie horw lvktBan.aver ay lft rewd. -Liko pro
duceTlike." Stackjote iaov-a h hwsjt
soa 1 bMnfa lrh, ie blrod on dim JdJ. and
nnou thewh tleis a fill htod and ?bca!ders above anr
nitive hk-rsemthe Stale. H "ie '? old eoita itook
,mmmit the Fair in C'irmb,a-r. three year old also
s a lm7 haw S-asfcpok. was a sapermr racer, bari ng
wwithrw pfhl races at two bmli e-ti,eTer tha NanhvUla
aBd.(iaat Coarse. For f 'rther iniVmalKm se advert
tiMtroentmOolumbKi M.rrr. WHPciTPa
r A VI 1 A I.T. .V- J O IiS'
Hand Cora Planter
WtTH thU Machine, which .-..t-i
hcht and eav to. handle an a
rlta one mau wijDROPAMXOV
KUtea acres a day. in straight n.n,
M,lh way, anl ' weH. The x
irienee of many of the best ptm
.. n ... in UnLkHiBM Ldit season, h ji
r.,.l.lt.luMl iu eliaraetar ail a t'.r-.
rues igncultmal iapiient. Icanr'
warrant it to give entire .icifceii' a.
aru w ot? trecnreiiij ittprtHit .
.... .... . . t . V .
littler I'laoter, r l writ tava n ca-a aaa wmi me kiuubt
Price ofthelMfvirrjwPtoBter, f.he best) J.o-, one row
Planter, (if desi cd.) ti.
Full rwrtc!raBt eriwrau!s aregivrn in ray c.tii
tar. which 1 will send by mail to ay one who wishn , i
AeWre-a E Lf.lOH,
fity Hotel Nashville.
Arrasaratrjr. 4 Oft, AgeRts in Nashville.
apS ltw.
Tczsnsssee "fc2iitcQtiary.
T OriCK i heraby given that hareifter kc counts tiadst.
J at ihe Teaneasee Peoit-ntiary will ba rup-im d to o
paid on tbe 1st of Jaiy aattl tbe lat ot January w each,
jear. All persons indebteil to tbe Pe; iientwry at itua
Unto are notified lo mak ayeeat bv IbelH of Jy
o'h-rwfee tlttiraajoiHrta wBI be placed in tbo jwd -l u
anr!3 lwn W1' .
200 pkgs Miiain1;
10,000 bwBegatafcigg & TH0UPS0;(
Union ntrset.
TS-reeeiviogcoBsUat adinimts to lis atoak or CAR
' llnsek No 1, aw York nU, Coaehas, cheaper
eredbere. ,..at'. ..
J7n?Tj7xfnrriNt; uecrkicatuiisi
Sfciir j.'itUIT FRESER ERS !
J. WOYIiE & CO.,
HAVING become Proprietor-! f tbe IVent for tldl
SERVER, now offer them to tre 'ahvy,i pob.ic.
This article ia bound tpgopweedaererTtbiagof lhaklndV
in use. itigrCTtsdrontege l"uK too akocgly appareat lo
be doubted. By means of tbe veotitaJioo, Uie,pnserrjB
chamber i warrjnted to be niwi'-- urv anil snlirelv lre
f rem bvwUI. must or impure tUvor, wuu a catruxt of cold
ilry airtiHkicg through it oonUBual t J all uccetaf Uitea
rtih :li uiuai .loaatity of ice.
Every house keeper ahoaLi gira limsitiele a, trial, anil
ii., one will coaseat to be without it.
ap?0-.f J DOYLR & CO
CAN. d at S3 CeBage atreet. anldiuiortment
K ....

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