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" ' ''' ' m TT-TUCJW SI..-.....
d: p. smith,
now Story on an old
TnE AUTHOR, in presenting the foUowInrwork to ibo
public csn not but feel that be has on arduous tack, to
penoim m Tsiering to ine pBouciancena nas ramp wont
ujresea irom ineesi&buanea rales, and. customs joi an
and thn advice herein contained. followed, the ambition of
taeautuor will be gratined to its utmost extent, ana me
"J "...". ,
money wiry pocket and to give to the carefnLBnd indul.
sEUt w?"r7 ireai. """'"g11 "e ?Sea- ',".7.7. fh.t V Fevers. Agce and General DebUity, resulting Irom ex
uve organs. It miht perhaps .Be necessary -to sUte, that or,-'cUmatic. influence. These are renaered per
the most of the mannsenntx from trhich this iala was I 4 ' j i ..1 1. m.. ?
fonnded a tnlron fVnm ui nU ftrem nocket found-in a
o " f..7.u.f. yj. vv I quense 01 lueacienunc manner m wnica mey are com
ind (hand Clothing Store a few 'n',. Slned. In this medicine no metalic salu cn be found by
&!'?L&J&&W$i the most delicate ehtmted analysis. In each packsgeare
thataiainihar-be JxpecteiHomnghe Knd and
QuiReni puouo w,u excuse any a
n'rcnm, ; eye upon mj 'temble P.fcr
u(m lti, 0 cLesis 01 xmpenai bdhuw 'era, unesi
crer branch! in ibis market, end not UD in Each a ahane
Ticw that philanthropic principle which actuated me to
purchase of the importers a choice selection of Mocha, Old
Gov. Java and Baltimore Rio ColTeca, I must not digrc3j
so far from my subject as to forget that I also laid in a
bountiful Euimlvxit Biker's Uroma and.Freneh Chocalate.
cn excellent uornicg drink for my nervous reader in these
wm k I Bhall " iiZt" pretty extn nsiveiy-on the merits of
" TtFv " The following "extracttaken from the "imy".
letown Fassett will convey some idea of the attention paid
to that valuable insect :
" We take great pleasure in announcing that a celebrat
ed author from one cf the Western States is now in onr
city collecting specimens for a forthcoming, work, upon
which he is engaged. We notice a large invoice of the
cenuine "Beidtick ClAmiiayr.tV. Together with a'full
assortment of choice Wines and 'Liquors, among which
tne lustiv celebrated Tcnernav uranav, an orwmca tne
liberal author intends to treat his many readers, to or as
many of them who have the inagnamity to pay for it ' We
wish the author success to his new work, which is to be
called ' JsHtr"
As the autner feels Incqmpetect to proceed in lb at
r wvrj Biy ;e so common wtm writers oi ine present aay,
he begs to say that In its proper place in the work be will
erve up oju osga ci mat inaespensaoie arucie in -a, ti)
zai 100 lb. bags, thereby leaving it t. the option of the
readers to Flour to their own tasie. For, " ftar" (and yrhat
cuthcr is without it ) that this stupendous enterptise might
cnair. "imok-e - me amnor nas careruiiy lata in a large
and choice collection of "before," which will give each
reader an opportunity of tustaining the author by giving
him a "pvf." and furthermore, in order to veryity the
oldProverb of where there Is so much smoke Ihete must be
tome fire, the compiler of these valuable manuscripts has
addtdaheavy stock ot " iiaUhei." As aaotber digres
eion, for which I beg pardon of all authors who " spice"
their concoctions with brilliant showers of wit and humor,
I have employed a substitute, which I cannot bnt believe
Is of a moi e substantial nature, Viz : a choice assortment
cf Nutmtgs, Otvjjtr, danatsm. (Xovei, French, Ei,gluh
and Ktnlitcly Sfuttards, Allspice, Pepper, ground and un.
ground, Gittups of different varieties, JVorctstcrthire
John Mu'l and Harvey Savcet, and in the place nf sweet
nmg the miny beautiful tiisnges, which will occur from
time to lime with roofiA( rayi, zjihyr bree$et, and tie
T.tcUirtip'd from the pure hpi of xnnotence, 1 have em
ployed the more powerful argdment or Powdered, Crush
td, Loaf, CUrifiidarA Oranvlaled, and different degrees
ct if rmcn Sugjrt, combined 'with the more liquid streams
of JuloJtJ, Sugar. Jloate and Plantation Molasses, and
the bT.Kbt 'and Uowine Qdlcn Svrwtu How beautiful, in.
dulgent reader, does Pope or Gulliver (the author does not
distinctly remember) express himself in the following
"Mimtg d Strains : .
How do:b the little busy Bee.
improve eacn suming now
And gather Honey 1 here beg leave to
say maun oraer more luuy to carry out tne objects, oi this
same work, I have provided myself with a large stock ot
coney the author above (peaks of, which will be used in
its natural state or " ttratred" to suit the taste of the
reader, as " strain ivg " is a too common error among au
tucrs. which too very olten rjlaces tbem in a tiosilion
where they are compelled ta make a "raise " I hare in
.. :r .. ;ul, . ,j .-..' . . i . - . - .
jrder, if possible to avoid that" unpleasant predicament,
alien thr precaution tj provide a large supply of Pieston I
fc Morrill'- T,1d To,t. vhraanlainn . 7,. Mti'o . I
1 1 J t 1 1 -. r - - I
uuLiteiuui iuuueia uaie piuouuiy juruteu bums tpiniou.
As a bright and shining " light as I intend this work to
be. I shall substitute the actuev of Star. Adamantine.
Sperm and 2'oUom GinJles, and to "cleantt" the .mind
ut aU'impurities shall resort to Gutile, Odn and Common
Mar Soap, which together with ltash Board. t, Tubs,
uctti,JSroom!, and Scrub Brushes, I have procured
on abundant supply. As it is a time honored custem with
compilers of great works to first 'poluh the understanding"
cf ib!r readers, I take pleasure in staling that I shall tor
this lurpose brine into it quisition a full supply of "Black
intf - nnd "St Brushes, and in order that the reader
may more fully appreciats the sweet and choice selections
above mentioned. I shall preface each chapter with a full
description of different varieties oi PiclUs, Gross A
Biackwell's Chow Choaand Pkcalli, (ferkin'e prepared
Herts fiadish and pure Cider Vinegar, for as a wise nun
once said, every sweet big its sour, or something to that
effect. As th:s work will, undoubtedly, fall in the bands
of a great many highly educated persons, who will look
Ior the more dignihed or tlijf" portions of the work, I
shall iotroduce a heavy stock of' Colgate & Foxes' Pearl
Starch, whose stiffening qualities none can cay cugbt
ngainM, and another class of renders' who are too tasily
gulled by n large class of "MeaVj" mouthed authors, and
aro never willing to acknowledge the " Corn," shall be
amply supplied with exiracts from a large Bin ot Corn
3itall Bye Jl-a', or unlo'led Four. As the forthcoming
work will be attended with enormous expense, owing to
the sudden ndvuece of Taxes (the cause of which has never
been filly ascertained) the author is compelled to forego
the publicities until a certain amount of subscribers are
obtained, (the amount of subscribers limited to 20,000;but
specimens of the promised literary hash can be seen at his
htudio, No. 80 Market street, every day, and fall instruc
tions given to tho.-e who will purchase the inzredi cuts and
are desirous of embarking upon that " Tempest loscd
ocean," an author's life.
1 forgot to mention thit all snch old frgy authors as
Lochcand " Bacn" will be ignored, and "clear Sides,
Country and Sjgar curtd Hams, Shoulders, dec, , will be
Institute!. "1 tcillalsu itate" that " that" Pony will still
hct in the capacity of assistant editor, the " shortness of
his ears'' not being sufficient to pronounce him ineligible.
ept2 lin Yours Truly, D. G. RUMabY.
N. U No delinquent 8'ibfcribers need apply-
TO take effect on and afterSATURDAT, 21st of June,
IBM. Day Passenger leaves Nashville at 9.05, A.M,
arrives at Chattanooga nt 6.05, 1'. M.
Night Pas.isger leaves Nashville at 5, P. M arrives nt
Chattanooga nt it 33, A. M.
Day 1'as.seager leaves Chattanooga at 6, A. M, arrives
nt Nashville at 2 40, P. M.
Night Passenger leaves Chattanocga at 9.15, P. M., ar.
rives ut Nashville nt 8.45, A. M.
june31. II. I. ANDERSOB, sept.
AS the Nathville aad Chattanooga Railroad Company
has notified and reminded the Central Railroad Com
pany of Goorria, of their Summer Rate, and it does not
seem to have been noticed or re cognised in tbo hand bills
of that Company rccantly distributed in our city, we take
this method of informing the Merchants and Snippers by
that line, that ibe rale will be $1 35 per 100 lbs on 1st Class
Goods, and not $1 25, as th hand bills represent I 25 is
the average through rate on First Class Goods Irom the
Heaboard to Nashville, but is eubiected to tbo 10 cent: ..d
ditiiraal mtbeSumTscr and a deduction ot 10 cents per
100 lbs. in the Winter, which make the rate as per our
advertisement fl So from June to Decembe. and fl 15
from December to June. U. I ANDEBSON,
june SI Superintendent
AC, ArC, AO.
'I he well known first class Steamships
Hcystono State.
State of -Oeorgisj,
Will hereafter form a Weekly Line to Philadelphia, sal tint
evert Saturday, ulteiuoldly, Irom Savannah aod1 Chartes
ton, as follows
'fne ht)sUme Slate will sail from Savannah the hallow
ing Saturdays -July 19tb, August 2d and 1 6th, Septem
ber Cth and Stub, leaving Philadelphia alternote Satnr
dats. TlieSute tt Georgia will sail from Charleston lbe fol
lowing Satui days July 12th aud 6lh, August 9tb, 23rd,
cad 80lb, September lEth and L'7tb. Leaving Philadel
phia ths alternate Saturdays.
In strength, sjieed and accommodations, these ships are
fully exjualto any running on the coast Inland naviga
tion, loimnUs uu Defaware Riverand Bay; two nights al
Thee;Lines both connect al Philadelphia with the Great
Northwestern Railroad Route through to Niagara Falls or
BuS'ulo. in 16 hours from Philadelphia. Through Tickets
with the privilege of stopping at Philadelphia and Intermediate-points,
tor Bale by the Agents in Savannah and
r-Fare to Niagara or Buffalo, f2S: to Elmira, 26;
t'j C&nandatgua; $27.
. Agents at Philadelphia, HERON A MARTIN ;
Agent at Ssvannah, C. A. G REINER.
Agents at Charleston, T. 3. A T. G, BUDD.
jylO'fo fcnd
.Fever and Ague Remedy.
rrvHE cheapeafand best cure for FeTer and Agoe and
X aU
Fevers Incident to the season -HEAR
We hewbT-eerctif.that wa hare submitted the Grafen.
berz Fever and Acne Remedy.to .a close inspection and
scientific analysis, and baps also tested its wraUre quH
ties in several cases orintennittent fever. We take great
pleasure in saying that it-has proved completely success.
.i w ft u n aftst skitllnllr compounded reined p.
. ' " . -! rtK, t.t fr.ffisan. t- OI si
lt must exert iawiw" v-., 1K
tonic properties are Immediate and highly Bolntary, and
it Is richly 'dcserwg' the confidence of our brethren ot
thomrdicu iacuity?Hu
smnel H Mabrcr. M. D . New Tork.
Charles W.-Revilosn, M. D., Wisconsin,
Win. IL Simraington. at. ii., Illinois,
Ml. T T.Vkkah t V fi.l.AnM
Win, C. Kittredge,M.D New Hampshire,
James 1. 21011. ai-at-, maiana,
JohnY". Terringtoif, M. D., Canrornia,
Wm. Y. Asliton. M. D.. Louifla.ua.
1 Euostanccs irmcn ezpenencea pnjsicians nave lone
goncd to lorspscial action onthesrstcm when deni
'" . "tr-ZrVy"!
'rSm, 7i
Prevent its recurrence! or rif takeain time will remove the
SuVes that Ste its first anoearance. Price for the
cariVcs that promote its firtt appearance. Price for the
package 50 cents. .For sale by oil druggists in the State.
AULA. iuavxullLEI,
septS Gen'l Agent Qnol Company.
;lf AKKFNIIF.HIi V Kfi KTA 1 1 1, K lff.I,S.
rnilESE crlebrated rills are In gonoral use throughout the'
-L' wcolo west, snout iw,uuu noxes aro soia annuuir in
Thev are Invaluable In the followlnzdlteaiei.allof which
I Acid
Acidity of the Stomach;
Fevers; :
millous Gomplalnts:
Want of Appetite;
Cramps and Cliolic;
Bowel Complaints;
Nervous Affection ;
Liver CotnDlalnts:
Kausea and Vomiting: . ,
from rhyslelanj from every section of the United States, who
I have used these Pills in their practice, may be sten, by call
lns uu " "HUS "S."1"?.
of which he has Just received from New York, 50,000 copies
for gratuitous attribution.!
angCT 17 CoIlsest.,SaslivIIle.
-1- (JKKAT !)ICOVJiKi .
JAMES' NEURALGIA LIQUID A cettain cure for Neu
ralgla, KbeumatlsAi, Local Pain's, &c.
This medicine has been bat Istely Introduced1 Into Nash.
vlllo,but has already acquired a gret reputstlon.
The Ifon.'A. P.8hemwell,M. H. R., certifies that be was
attacked with inflammatory Rheumatism, and had the ter
vlcesortwo Physicians. who afforded him no teller. Ug was
unable to turn himself in bod, when this powerful linlmen
cured him eotlrely In 21 hours. -This fact Is certified to by
three members of the Leglslatare, who were constantly with
Price 81 per bottle.
angg7 .Nashville.
WE have been appointed by S. C. Herring & Co.
Agents tor the above Sifes, which we will sell for
cash or negotiable piper AT THE MANDFACTDRERS
PHIPR Iff NEW YORK, with freight BTiOinTum n.l
.. . ' " ' " .
insurance added, we nave now an assortment on hand
ana request an mosc wno are iniresieu in me matter to
examine tne eviaences mat go to prove, mat this sale, is
PROOK as far as valuable papers, notes, or money is con
8everal of these Safes have HALL S PATENT POW-
DKR PROOF LOCKS, which at the World'd Fair in Lou.
don, in 1851, and at New York inlS5S,,was awarded a
medat. as being the most perfect lock in the world, nivik
nivixa bn picked or blown by Powder.
ii . i . r.r 1 ; n . AI.A f ., 1 1 .. . r .v.
world, in which valuable papers are shown to have been
Vn frnm thuca Safpa
many hours, and sometimes for days, exposed to the most
intense heat.
Call and examine them.
eept24-tf 17 College ptreet
Christmas Dinner.
f inis lOjiAiuiss.
TF you would have the above delicaeies in perfection for
JL your Christmas Dinners, put them up in the
lnH.r..lHMlUn. nrtitnVi nntv.MI "t i -I f . -K
Manufactured by us. which give universal sitisloficSon.
are very easily managed, as cheap tbe cheapest as good
as the best mads of heavy tin. very carefully soldered.
Those who want them had betterciike early application,
as tbe demand is at present much greater than the supply.
1 OFFER for sale the valuable Farm on which I now re
side, situated 27 miles south of Nashville and 14 miles
south-east of Franklin, on the Nashville, Triune and Fay
ettevilie Turnpike. Said farm con'ains 750 acres or land,
of which about three hundred ate in a high state of culti
vation, sixty acres in grass lots, and the balance well tim
bired. This is one of the best stock farms in Williamson
county, as every field and lot is accessible to water
throughout the year. The improvements aro of the very
first class, consisting of an excellent brick dwelling with
eizht rooms : also, brick kilehen. smoke bouse, rood ne
gro houses, cotton gio, griit mill, barns, and stables.
There are several never-failing enrirgs on the place, and
a well convenient to the bouse. It u situated in an ex
ceilent neighborhood convenient to schools and churches
The farm is susceptible of division so as to make two
desirable places. A four horse stae coach runs tri-week-ly
to Nashville directly by the place.
Terms One third cash, the balance payable in one and
two years, with interest. Nolea with good securities re
quired, and a lien retained forthe purrhue mnney. Come
all ye who want good homes and look fjr yourselves; as I
am determined tn sell.
For further information apply to me at Jordan's Store,
or op the premises.
I AM manufacturing daily at my Eclipse Stovo Foun
dry in this eity, a good assortment of STOVES AND
UOLLOW-WARt:,viz: Ovens. Pots, Skillets and Lids,
Sad Irons and And-irocs of dillerentpatters, for the whole
sale end retail trade, at small profits.
Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, ol the best qual
ity, ct low figures. A few fine chamber retts of Brittanis
Ware, and No 1 Refrigerators, ou hand nnd for sale low.
Particnlar attention paid to Roofing and Guttering with
Tin or Copper.
Old Copper, Pewter, Brass and Scrap Iron taken
in exchange for my manufactures. U. P. D0RRL3,
atigl urn No. 6 Collcee St.. near Church st
rPHK Groat Ccmcdv lor Rheumatism. fJnnl p.tln n tv,
X Sido, Hip, Back, Limbs and Joints; Scrofula, King's I
Evil. WhitoSwollinz, Hard Tumors. blilTJoinn. and all m.
ed pains whatever.
Whero this Plaster Is applied paincanno exist.
It has been beneficial in cases of wcaknoss, snch as Tain
and Weakness in the Stomach, Weak Limbs, Lameness, Af
fection of tho Lnns in their primary stages. It destroys In.
flamation by perspiration.
James L Boyd, Pickens district, South Carolina, tcstiges
that, by Us usealono he was cured or Rheumatism in both
of his knees, of several years standing.
Tho following watbandedus by arcspoctable Physician
In Georgia:
Messrs. Scovll ct Moad Gents: I have been using yonr
Liverwort and Tar Hebrew Plaster very extensively in my
practice for throe years past, and It la with pleasure thatl
stale my belief in their superiority overall other articles,
with which I am acquainted, for the purposes for which thoy
are recommended. Tho Hebrew Plaster, especially, Is an
universal penacca for local pains. 1 have also found it a mos
excellent application for Sprains and llruises. It gives uni
vorsalsalisfactionwhorevorused. SS 03L1N.M 1).
Knoxvtlle, Ga., March 4th,lB53.
$y Beware of Counterfeits and bao Imitations.
'lbe genuine will In future have the signature of B.Tjt
lor on tbe stoel plate engraved on tho label on tho top of eaco
P jrchuers are advldsed that a moan counterfeit of this ar
ticloii n existence.
Tbo genuine Is sold by us, and by our agents appointod
throigli he South, and co pedlar is allowed to selllt. Dcal
ennJ P uickasers generally are cautioned againttJhtrying of
any bulcur regular accnls, otherwise the willbeunposod up.
on by a worthless article. SCOV1L & .Hi: AD.
Ill Chartrrs street, New Orleans, Solo General Aj'nts for
IheSoutberc States, to whom all orders mutt Invariably bo
bold also by Bwin Brothers, Berry & Demovillo, A R
Hoseoo Thomas Wellj and G W llendorshutt, Nashvillo,
"leun.,and by all other Druggists through theState.
HAVING full possession of my Austioa Rooms I am
ready to lecetve corsignmenls.
!' -' No 42 Public Square.
Ill tA t a td lot of Negroes for sale Among tbem
ver.ilS. 1 C.t:s,nn evcellaat Black Smith, aShoe
and Ikrit Maker, and a gool '.iirbrr, and an extra fancy
lioy C11 quick it jou wunt gjodbtrsuins
sfftu-ti REES W PORTER.
. 11. I alto wislito rent uoti ristinas next, a fine
tum uiidtrUdJ Fellinvs' IUII PORTER.
N ASBvii lit, September , 1SJG j
rpllE Droyneu of Nat-hville having discontinued ro-
L ctiving'g.KjJs at the Depot, Consignees will hereafter
be noliiied of the arrival of their goods aud furnished with
a bill (.f freight due on same. Anyone presenting the no
tire and paying the bill will be recognized as the autho
red egent of the Consignee. The responsibility of the
read terminaies with the delivery of the goods, and claims
for deficiencies and damages will uot be allowed after de
livery unless by consent, Il being the duty of the agent
to have in bis possession evidences of delivery, consignees
or their agents will be required to receipt for all articles
as delivered. Notices for all consignees whose place of
business or residence is not known, will be sent to tbe
Post Office. CUAS. W. ANDERSON, Agent
N. B The object of the ab:ve notice is not to give
Consignees any unnecessary trouble, or compel draymen
to assume responsibilities that do not legitimately belong
to their business, but simply to define the position cf tbe
road, leaving merchants and draymen to make their own
arrangements. sep!13-tl. C. W. A.
TWENTY THOUSAND bushels Rye wanted immcdi
ately, for which the highest market price will be
pid. H.S FRENCH 4 SON.
aag27tf n
Itates of Frcighf on Produce to
AT a recent meeting of President and Snperintendenb
of the various Roads connecting Nashville with
Charleston and Savanah, the following ratis f Freight
were adopted:
Feather?, Wool, Flour in Sacks and Hoots, per 100 $1 40
Beeswax, Ginseng, Pink Root,- Cotton. Rope'and
lulling, ucrap, star i.anaies, ooap, iara ana
Iiinseed Oil and Window Glass, per 100 $1 00
Leaf Tobacco in hhds, per 100 80
Whisky, per barrel $8 00
Ucef and Pork, per barrel 2 60
Flour, per bbl.-- 1 40
Broomsin lot of CO dozen and npwaids 1 00
To pMvontovercharees the Acrent of the N. & C. Rail
road is authorized to sign Receipts for the transportation of
me anicies autre at me rates as epecinea, uniu innner
mayl b pq Superintendent.
Steamers to alljort3 on the Northwestern Lakes; making
the' most cfireci, cheapest and' reliable route by which.
SECOND CLASS. Rooks and Stationery, 1
Dry Goods (in bales,) Hardware, Lea- 60c perl00Q
! ther, Ac )
THIRD CLASS. An vils.Bagging, Racon, I -n
and Pork (in bulk,), Hemp, 4c, f 50e Per 100E,
FOURTH CLASS Ceifee,. Fish, Racon,
and Pork (packed.) Lard and Lard Oil, f per 1001b
) -m . . . . . . .ii- ...
riour ti p:r oai. unui mriuer notice.
Grain 50 ct3. per 100 lbs. until further notice.
Cotton J2 per bals, not exceeding 500 lbs. weight, until
further notice.
r5?" In ahitmine Goods from anr coint East of Phila.
delphia, be particular to mark package " via Philadelphia
Railroad." All Goods cohsigned to the Agents or this
Road nt Philadelphia or Pittsburg will be forwarded with'
out detention.
Fexicht AGXjrrs. Harris, Wormlev & Co.. Memohis.
Tennessee; R. F. Sasa & Co., St. Louis: J. S: Mitchell &
Son, Evansville, Indiana; Dumesnil, Belland Murdock, and
l"arter JewettLoutsmie, hvy-.jK.tj'. aleldrum, Madison,
Indiana; Sprigman & lirown, and Irwin t Co., Cincinnati;
N. W. Graham A Co., Zanesville, Ohio; Leech It Co., No
b4 Kilby street Boston; Leech & Co. 2 Astor House, New
Vork; No.l William street, and No. 8 Batter.! Place, New
Vork; E.J.Sneeder, Philadelphia; Magraw 4 Koons, Bal
timore: Geo. C Franciscus, Pittsburg.
II. H. HOUSTON, General Freight Agent, Phila,
U. J. LOMBAERT, Sup't.AUoona.Pa.
jan3 '56, tlslj '57.
I rw- 1 1 ij I.' l' : l ni .v. ni . i l i , i i n
I I jmuuu huiu, uecu x-uuausipuia
leaves Philadelphia for Pittsburg at 7, A. M., and Pitts
, A. M.. and P tu-
burg lor fbiladeipnia at 7, A. il. Ti:
leaves Philadelphia for Pillsbarg at 1, P.M., and Pittsburg
for Philadelphia at 1, P.M. TUB NIGHT EXPRESS
TRAIN leaves PbiiadelphiaforPitUburgatll, P.M, and
Pittsburg for Philadelphia at 10. P.M.
rne auove tines connect at nusDurg witn tne Kallroads
to andfrotn bt. Louis, ilo.; Alton, Oalena and Chicago,
I"-; braofctbrt, Lexington, and Louisville, Ivy.; Terra
Haute, Madison, Lafayette nnd Indianapolis, Ind.: Cincin
nati, Dayton.Springheld, Bellefontaine, Sandusky; Toledo,
Cleveland, Columbus, Zanesville, Masillon, and Wooster,
Ohio; also, with the Steam Packet Boats from and to New
Orleans, St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati.
Through Tickets can be had to or from either of tba
above places.
i!oriurinerparuouiard,Bee uanaDius at tne diuerenl
arting points. Passengers from the West wiU find this
the shortot and most expeditious route to Philadelphia
Baltimore. New York or Boston.
THOS. MOORE, Aoexr, Passenger Lines . Philada.
J. MESKI.MEN, Aoext, Passenger Lines, Pitteburg.
Philadelphia, 1656 janS ly
Central Ohio
ISaltsMfiore simi Ohio
rpHE ONLY ROUTE by which through tickets to Wash.
JL ington can be procured, to which point as well as to
Baltimore, it is the shortest, most direct aud in every re-
spect tbe most reliable route. It is tbe only route by which
purchasers of Through Tickets to New York are enabled
10 reach the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York, at the cost of a Ticktt to New York only, thus en.
abling Business Men and Travelers for pleasure or Infor
mation to visit fuur of the principal cities in the Union for
leis cost than can be afforded by any other route.
And it is the only route by which Through Tickets can
be had to Richmond, Noifolx, Winchester, Fredericksburg,
and Petersburg, Va, Charleston, Savannah, Macon, At
lanta, Auginta, Berkley Springs and Bedford Springs.
PaseeDgers from Nashville take the Stage Coaches of
Carter A Thomas, or steamers on the Cumberland river,
to Louisvillx, connecting there with the United States
Mail steamers to Cincinnati, or with the Jefisrsonrille
Railroad to Indianapolis, Ind., make direct connection at
Columbus. Ohio, with the Central Ohio Railroad to Wheel.
ing, whence close connection with tbo Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad is made to Washington City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New York.
fcgT Passengers holding Through Tickets from Mem
phis aro transferred at Cairo to the cars of the Illinois
Central Railroad, from thecce passing through Terre
Haute, Indianapolis, Dayton andXenia to Columbus. Three
Daily Trains Iei.ve Columbus, nt lu A. M., 8:30 P. M. and
12 P. M.
J" Travelers era requested to notice that while this is
the only route sffirding Through licketsto aWtbe Eastern
Cities at the same rate ns charged by other routes to Ifm
Turk or.ly, il is nlso the shurtest, most speedy and direct
to all the leading points in the East. The distanco from
Columbus to Baltimore is only 576 miles, beinc ahont inn
mijes shorter to New York, than by any otberroute. Tbere
are less changes cf cars by this route, and consequently
t3f The road is ballasted with broken stone and ia
entirely free from dust.
For lurlherinforraation.plcose apply to D. G. RCMSET,
Agent, Nashville, Tenn.
For Thiongh Tickets apply in Louisville at tho office cf
the U. S. Mail steamers, or at the Jeffersonville Railroad
Office. Main street WM. S. WOODSIDE.
Master Transportation B. 4 O. R R.
JOHN M. SHARP, General Western Agent '
junc 25
WE desire to call Ihe attention of Merchants visiting
Nashville for tbe purpose of purchasing their Fall
Stock of Goods, ta our very complete and extensive
stock of
We are gratified in being able to offer tn the Trade a
most complete and extensive assortment of TABLE AND
POCKET CUTLERY, cmbiacing every Tariety of style
and quality, which is daily being increased with fresh ar
n ruls imported direct from the principal manufacturers
in Europa, yvhicb we are prepared to sell at' very low
Our stock of HARDWARE in all the varieties is prob
ably more complete and extensive than any that hare ever
been offered in the Nashville market. We also keep a
large St-ck of Cotton, Hemp and Manilla Cordage of all
Hies, Oufour's Bolting Cloths, Machine Belting, Steam
Packing nnd Hose, Rivets ot all kinds, Iron, Brass and
Copper Wire, Sheet Zinc, Block Tin, Farming Imple
ments, Corn 8iellers, Straw-cutters, Wheat Thrashers,
Page's Patent Portable Saw Mills, Ac , Ac. All are invited
to examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
rept7 . 47 Coliege street.
ALAHGE lot of Circular Saws and Mandrills of all
sizes just received by MACKY & HAMILTON.
JUST received the very largest assortment of Planes
and Braces and Bitts ever offered for sale in Nash-
SAUSAGE- fiiTi.s,-tti '
WE have iust receivJl.. iH J "S' r.
srioartfcle h 0 . t"31 Sa""1
superior article every honse-keensr should have
can oe lorwaraed to ana jrom toe weal nest; I f - j r. , jr' '.; e""" tuuiiaci ior ma i -"y ",",t1"4 umimiuh vcsaois i "nomajnoiaavefTeceivei
Eates between Fbiladelchia and Pittsbursrt I -qsou county, ana soucit orders. navy m cimgn porw, tmat-uunareu ?" "i0?1 accrueaeaabedne
rl. set's Rnntc hnna lir-ri.i .... . laioruiaHou concerntflg atate and Uountv ri?hls. can ha I . ? ""'""".'""!""' nre ) uwaaiio. uamunaer enactea, laati
ulWZ' J r75cperl00Ib I had by applving to tpiiViMR viaea. inat the pe,unuree hudor tli-ror. going appropil..- G.rcaner peerderedtn and. received by
TTHJRsaleat my Plantation, in WBliamson, county. fb ble that are less than one hundred ret by one hundred 'niriy-one mousanu nva nundred; dollars, appropriated by
Jb cash or on time. FIYE BLACK JACKS, three years feet. JAMES GOTHRLE, d??Sla,IKUo",toKe,U,e "i'J"!0'
0',vsTm1tTrrom on. O0 .Secret Ttsury. &SgjS2& K?
jyS 6mil4rt7. JAMES H. WILSON. TAsaI5GT0X, D. C, Aug. 29, '57. contingencies of tho marine corps," thsro be allowed and
County and State Hi-hts for Salp. Tho mlt
n..i.Mn.i.: .i Mil-" V'.V y1'
- "
mOE entire ar.r5!.rtn,;tm!n;M v.,:,
I T. T.tiU ;r;.77f;7l Y'""1"':"?10"1"'
.a'n'lts.1"! practical operation at Header-
J 471 aCTu ,. tl . t
loSTm ,r T 1 irs. ' 7 uguicu can oo Bnp
an? 21 rham
CONSISTING of Ladies' and dentlemon's
I will sell mv entire Stock of Jen-elrr T roT on
lhr. anrf ri mrntha .il-s r J'tweity oal, on
rTiSfrf?-; r a Cred,t' f?rRPid B0te' Sitls-
lactonly endorsed. A. OfZOT,
uugot un commission aietccant, ftp. 5S College St.
1500 "
Robertson &BashieIl,
WE have now in Store "a very large Stock of Boots, Shoes
and Hats, to which we wNu to call tie attention of
lyuuuuy lucrcuams ana me paoiio generally, and which we
will sell low. Our Slock is mnch larger than has ever been
offered by the housn, and wsll selected.
6 leel confident that merchant lvin inihoirP.n
Winter Stock, will llndUo their inteiest to call andexamine
I ou.r s,oct before purchaoing elsewhere, and we pledge our
8e,'Te l0.K"e general satisfaction to all who may favor us
w0" stock halbfien vv ..,.
feel no hesitancy In faying thai those who purchase in this
line, will be pleased upon an exainlnatlotiof oar Stock.
We ait you to call and examine some of iha flnm fttrwt- in
the market.'
Oar Stock of Brogans for Plantation use is very full and
can'tbe beat. .
We respectfully Invite the Planters to give us a call.
ang30 2m a
Snyder & Frizzel!
I a RC now recelTlnz and ODenlnir fresh .nd dsir.w. i
A .nitaMihSirrn desirable goods
corsistiso or
Ladies' fine Kid Sllppers,'plaln and trimmed.
wun neeis,
" " Kid Fropt Lace Galtert,
" Kid Side " thick and thin soles,
" " Black Lasting Gaiters, " '
" " . " " " with heels, 1
" " Congera Gaiters,
" Kid Boots, thick and lliln soles,
" " " " " - with heels,
" " White Kid and Satan Slippers.
' Toilet Slippers, plain and fancy,
' Children and Misses sboesol every description,
Oentlemans' wear of eveiy description.
Thuir.tru.k-.if .-, i. i. t..m .-j I
In FhorUall per-ons wishinzarods In their lln wmi i, V I
their Inlere-t to call at So.SH. Public Souare
i. t . . , ii ... x- 1o'n..i.i.-I. ..
No 17K South Front Street,
AB. COOK, practical Bell and Brass Founder, succes
sor to Weller A Cook, is prepared to manufjeturj
to or er, Bells for Churches, Steamboats and Piaatatiai ,
Also, 8team Whistles, Oil Globes, Cylinder, G.. i P,
Fountain and Stop Cocks, Hose and Salt Well Joint i (;rD
Monuting, Anti-Friction Metal.
All workmadebymewithneatnessanddisp - , of the
Pest material, nt low prtccs, ana warranted. ani 8 ly
General Commission Merchant,
&c, itc, &o.
itrin TO
C Wallace, Knoxville, Tcnn.,TooIc, Bro. A Co., Mary
ville, TentL, H T Cox, LouisvtUe, Tcnn., J Donaldson,
Union, Tenn., Johnson & Hair, Madisonviile, Tenn., Brab-
Bon a uro., eerier county, Tenn., iams a rung, llan
dridge, Tenn,, Vaugn & Pickle, Swoet Water, Tenn, II
at daexBon, Atncns, tenn., a ouuain, Jennings & uo An
gusta, Ga., John Cunningham, Greensboro, Gx, F W Lu-
cus, Afcueus, via., uuuu rviaguciu, juaaiauo, ua., taruart
Roff. Macon, Ga.. F T Willis, Savannah. Ga. novT ly
abbak coxlst. e. l. Jonxsos
(Successors to McCIure A Moore.)
No, 10 Brond, and No. 91 South Market St,,
Nashville, Tpnn.
KEEP constantly eu hand all kinds of Cooking and
Heating Stoves, plain and Ornamental; also, Tin
ware, Grates, Ac-, Ac.
ftoonugand spouting done with neatness and despatch.
uh..i YMn .'.a t -i- r,. - ... i i t : n : ii -
trTO., nvir.jo. b-ti.;..r,j anu:. J. Ti. '
Furnaces, Foundries, iactonesand Sttlls, doneas cheap as
.upvmyej.. jauiaij. i
No. 0 Broaowat, Nasfjviu.ii, Txnnissex.
Next Door to the Hanlc of Nashville,
(Successors to Hart A Hollingsworth,)
Ho. 5 Market Street, Nashville,
oct23 B&rw
apr23 uiscarrTiox
TTIA Tennessee and Alabama Railroad. Columbia and
V Waynesboro. For seats apply at the GcneralStage I
uuico. licatca iiusuviue ounaays, weanesuays ana rre I
days, at 6V a. m.
dec22 tf.
being translations from the French, new edition, beau
tifully illustrated. Catalogues sent free, on enclosing at
uiree-ceut stamp to 11. o. U. asm U et uu.,
may29 w6m. Box 42)0, New York, P. O.
,,,.. , IHLUL.
CJEALhD proposals will be received bv Jesse Thomas
O Esq., SurTeyorpaamnelB. Anderson; Efq, PosCJaster
and Jacob McGavoct, Esq., untU the twenty-BItt, day ot
September next, for i suitable site for a building' for ths
jii i it,. r.n u. o., nm.. rr.it.j
, A sim Bri lZ'r, 7 r?..hii.
States Courts, and Steam Boat inspectors, at Aashrille.
l ean. v;orner low wiaoepreierrea, ana none are eiigi
.Public (G.I
AX ACT matin; apropritloafor the naval errleoTot U
vesr eDain g toe iniruetn oi j une, cigntctin auactrea
iiiij seven.
Be It enacted bv the Senate and Hous)
ofthe United States ot America in Congreis
beroIloing,3mslMndtherare hereby apprjpriated.to """W a now provided byrawfor twosea
epadoutoran)-rar.neylrith3 Treasarytnot oerwlse.p. wly, to t,. p,id m maaaerroUowinj, to wife on too
li"?1! f?.rJheJye.sr eJ,:iiB ,1,n tWrttethof June.one f,";"'? .on, each slator. Kepresen"-
tboasand f Iffht faundred nnd fiftV4tTen:
Fur nay oi cojimij!on. variant, and oettv nfflcerjan J sea'
men, memding the engineer corns of thesavf, threa lullllon
fourhundredaod tweoty-ooe tboufand seven hundred aod
f orprovUlocn for eommlulen, warrant, and petty otacerj
andseamenVYnr TaM7.. rS' sTiS
vessel, lo, s'ea ,c: e.ght hundred ,and Jo.ty thousand
fjurtndflttyhiiadred dollais,
dred dollars.
For ordoicce andordnace stores and small arms, Including
'niui:uuiipases,wo nuaureaanu iweuijine tnuusasd
For contingent expenses that may aecrne for the following
purposes, viz: frelgntand transportation, priciinf nnd tu
tbnery, advertising lnncwspapers oooks",msps, rnodeli, and
drawings, purchase and repair of Are engines and mach nvif ,
ciiia ui uu stienuing to steam anginas ia navj jinn, pur
chase and maintenance of horses aod oxen, and dMwinsr
teams, carts, timber, wheels, and the purcbaseaml r.-plNor
I 7,knln'i tools, poslsge of public Utters, foel.oil.-andcan-
I dies lor navy yards and ibbrii ststions. i arurwaiebuKin and
i . uvt wiaiftfio w uj wmjvi afiviJiiauvu,
."""CJ"." ."5" """"""u'n"c r.S1 P.":
;:,,;.l u"Ju"'nu"D,M' ""an". oMe,aao
otherservices authorized by.law, pay to Jucges-udvocate,
- i ynongo ana towage oi vesJeii, anu assistance ta vetsuls
I toatcoucioa ioras i .:ow iuj u.ourcnwsnu
ToenabletbeSecietaryotthe.Natjt pabli-h tne cbaru of
the explorations of La Platte rlver.and UVj chart! of tfie snr-
veys or Behrinz Snails exneditltm. ttveutr ix thousand two
hundred and eighty-six dollar.
( I amallJtr limn fpita tfnll 4iilntlf(7Ml Ia stiiuilnt t M.rk
In lieu of the Stewart heretofore allowed, sublv-ctto the an-
proral of the commanding officer, ,01' scch teuel; and such
clerk shall hare the privileges air&wd tn the clerk or the
commanding officer, and bU) early coiupens&iioa shall be
four hundred dollars and one ration per day.
tuaiac coars.
For pay of iha officers, non-commissioned oScers, rami
clans, and private clerss, meaiengurs, stewards, aad er
vauts for rations and clothing for servant?, subsistence aod
additional rations for tire jears' service &r officer, ffir un
drawnclothlngaad rslion. bo miles fur re-enlistments, and
pay for unexpired tetini ui jei. Ui seivlce, three hundred
I W 'or unexpired term, ui -ei..Ui seivice, three huadred
I ani twentj-threelhouiaaJ to Dunlrod aad thirty three dol-
larsandnlnety-fourcenU. '
For provisions for marines serving on shore; forty, thou-
sandhine hum red and thiny-fjur dollars, aui.erenty-flvo
Kur clothing, fifty-five thousand two nundredand sixty
four dollars.
For fuel, twenty thousand one hundred and elehtv dollars
and sixty two cekts.
For military stores, repairs of arms, pay of armorer, for act
coulremenls, ordnance slnres, flags, drums, sfes, and musi
cal insrainrni3,nioeinoaanauoiiaxs.
For tranjportalion ofntHcers and troops, and expensessof
recruiting, twelve uiousana uonan.
For the erection and compleiluu of marina barracks at
Brooklyn, New York, ninety-six thousand di. liars.
Fortho erection and completion of marine lurraeks at Fen-
sacoia, fiorida, sixty thousand dollars.
For repairs of barraccs', and rent of temporary barracks and
onloers,o!gbt thousand dollars.
For contingencies, slz: freight, ferriage, cartage, and
wharfage, compensation to judges-advocate, per diem for
attending courts-martial and courts of Inquiry, lor constant
laoor, nouse rem in ueuot quarters, ouriaior deceased ma-,
rlnes, printing, stationery, postage, apprehension of desert
ers.ull, candles gas, lorage, straw, furniture, bed-Jacks,
spades, shovels, axos, picks, carpenter's to,.ls, keep of horses
forthe messenger. Day of matron. washer-wouran. and Dor
ter at the hospital headquarters , and for the building of
two cisterns at neauquariers, tnuiy-iwo tnouiana nve nan
dred dollars.
For the construction and completion of works, and forthe
curreDt repairs at the several navy yards, viz:
roRTsscourii. rrzw eaxpsKiac.
For completing launchlng-wajs to ssip-honso cumber
I lour, pucn nouse, tooisior macninuts ano smiias, ttmoer
lour, pucn nouse, tools ior macninitts and amlltis, umber
numberroar.repalrsol all kinds, seventy eight thousand two.
hnndrod dollars,
For stone wall and filling arour.d machine shop, battery
and ordnance quay, paving, plle-fharf, gas pipes and burn
ers for yard and orhcers' quarters, cleaning out Umber docc,
braiding machine, fittings for hide cutter, bobbins for rope
walk, and strop gauging machine for block shop,- dry dock1
engines, (deficiency,) completing share wharf.engineforguni
carriage shop, steam pum p for watering, ships, and tor repairs
of all kinds, one hundred and twenty-one thousand three
hundred and fifty dollars.
For buildlngand completing storehouse, boildlng and com
pleting coal house.extendlng quay wall, launching ways In
ship houses Band E,dredging channels, repairs of cob wharf,
dry docK, tiavlog and nazglog, permanent sxlares for heal
ae miii.improvemeutoi newpnrcnaseiorsiteormarine
nrr&ui. ana miiHeT ur me :
barracks, and piling fur the same, IT necessary filling low pla
ces, completing water pipes, lightning conductors, ex tending
sewers, completing steaming bouse aud machinery, complet
ing oakum-picking machine and engine for tho same, stable
for commandant's nur-e, and for repairs of all kinds, four
hundred and iwen;r-one tnouiana tour nanareaaca tweniy
two dollars.
For deficiency for castings for engine house, one thou
sand focr hundred and sixty six dollars aad flfly.eight
I For tleam-lioute and stoves, dredging channels, repairs of
dock, basis, and railway, building ana completing guard
houses, bonding and competing offices, and repairs or all
kinds, sixty-four thousand five hundred and twenty dol
For completing: extension of boiler shop, completing con
version of old ordnance to macbine shop, timber shed, pave
ments, drains, and gutters, gradingand filling. dredging, ex
tension of Iron foundry, machinery aid tools, and for repairs
or all kinds, two hundred and twenty-one thousand and eighty-eight
Forcompletingtepalrs ofbrars foundry, destroyed by Ate,
five thousand five hundred and fifty dollars.
Forgradicg and draining, iron railway and cars, dredging,
continuing quay wall, timber landing and slip at saw mill,
masting share, engines, tools, cranes and lighters, com
pleting and extending saw mill, aud for repairs of all kinds,
two hundred and six thousand five hundreddollar'.
For completln g permanent wharf, deep basin and dredging,
completing rail tracks, completing removal of sunken
caisson, completing extension or granite wharr, dredging and
piers tu front of basin, matt shares, kilchun tu ordinary
qumtcn, ropairs or dock, basin, and railway, completing
wharves, paint shop, lightning conductors, and for repairs of
all klnds,one hundred aod seventy-seven thousand nine hun
dred and thirty-four dollars.
BIN raAHCisco.
For' four houses for officers, steam box, pitch kettles,
wharfs, with stone wall, mw mill, artes au well, grading,
completing smithery.julners' shop and timber shed, store
house, anu wharf, ihreo hundred and twenty-two thousand
For the construction and eoinplction of works, and for car
rent repairs of the several naval hospitals:
For bulldingand completing surgeon's bouso, and for re
pairs of all kinds, sixteen thousand seven hundred aud fifty
dollars. -
Biw roax.
For brick building, machineiy, and fixtures for warming
and ventilating hospital, for filling and grading cemetery,
repairs of laboratory buildings, repslrs of all kinds, twenty
thousand six hundred and fiuy dollars.
For painting and repairing main building, governor's and
surgeon's house, iron railing for soilhwe al vail, repairs of
furnaces, grates, furniture, cleaning and while-washing, gas,
water rent, and miscellaneous repairs, eight thousand nine
hundred dollars.
For repairs of all kinds, six thousand dollars.
For wall around burial ground, steam boiler, pump, and
reservoir, dralnlngand filling ponds, andfor general repairs,
eUhteon thousand live hundred dollars.
For the construction and completion of works, and for tho
current repairs at the several naval magazines.
For ordnance building, shell house for loaded sholls, gun
skids and shot beds, forty thousand dollars.
For repairs of all kinds, one thousand dollars-
-. .. , . . . .. . ...
't altering gonners to storenouse. snot oeas, snius, pow.
der bolt dreJging.and repalrsof all kinds, slxleen thousand
Forbuildicgand completing Iron thed for ordnance pur
poses, twenty two thousand dollars.
For repalrsof wall at Fort Norfolk, shot beds, gun skids,
and cralne, new machinery and tools, eleven thousand dol
For brick wall around shell house, and for current repairs,
two thousand six hundred d3llars.
For pay ofsuporlntendents,naval constructors, and all'tbe
civil establishments at the several navy yards and stations,
one hundred and twenty-fire thousand seven hundred and
eighty-two dollars.
For the purchass of nautical instruments required for the1
use of the navy, ror repairs of the earn e, and also ct aslronein
ical Instruments, and for tbe purchase of nautical books,
maps, charts, and for backing and binding ths same, twent
thousand dollars.
For printingandpublishingsaillngdirections,bydrograph
leal surveys, and astronomical observations, fifteen thoosacd
dollars: Provided, That the charts shall be sold when com
pleted and the Instruments used beol American manufac
ture. For continuing tbe publication of the series of wind and
current charts aud fur delraylcg all tha expenses connected
therewith, eighteen thousaud dollars.
For models, drawings, and copying,(postage, freight, and
transportation. for wortluglithographic presjncludingchem
limit. for keeninzzroundsin order.for f uel and liebu, and for
all other contingent expenses of the United Stales Naval
Observatory and hydrograhhlcal office, twelve thousand
For w.gfs of persons employed at tha United States Nava
Observatory audujdrographical office, viz: one Lthographer,
one Instrument maker, iwowatchmen, and one porter, three
thousand one hundred and sixty dollars.
For erection, Improvement, and repairs of buildings and
grounds, and support or the Naval Academy at Annapolis,
Maryland, thltly-ntnethouamd five hundred and ninety-fire
dollars aad .twenty-two cents.
For preparing the American Nautical Almanac, twenty-five
thousand seven hundred and thirty-two dollars and .lily
lour cents
For fteven's war steamer, eighty-six thousand seven hnn.
dred and seventeen dollars and eighty-four cents.
For completing basin and railway al the navy yard at San
Francisco, 1h.ee aundred and lira thousand dollars.
For completing coal depot at Key West, Florida, twenty
five thousand dollals. I
Bee. 2. And be It further enacted.That .out of the tum of
paid aaT exsenies vhleh h
ff0?"1?? "Inlthoqartarj and hospital headquars
Approved, Aajut 16, 185S.
A5 ACT to regulate the compenj'aaaa of membsri of Cos-
rth c T . siDaM "ad "oa,e of Represontativei
nr.n......(i... I Two. r . " . ica in. vooereis asserob
andoatbo,.tTi7r.K 'Tec" "niieajreror oaetin.
w paid; and attl.e beelanln-of 7i 1,a"'"
receive bJamltea,, for sach swiond uloa and raon'thlr da
six tboa-and dollar, not tereto fore vMbZuZ
ln.talemT,isasabovedireeted. t
Sec. S And b It further ensctf d.Thct thn PitoMsnt .ifii.
6ento pw.tempore when there shall be no Vice President,
ror the Vkm Presldeni; and iheSpeaxer of Ibo HoaseofKep
resetiuttvcs shall receive double the compeasitlon ahore
provided for reDreientMlTvm. iinhla t lis ilmi n,l in
the manner above T)mvl(!MlfnrTUtm,n1nftS.flnTRni1n.cllnn
, r . , I J . . J .
I Bee. 3. And be It funber enacted, That thh law shall an
I ply to the Present Comrreu-anrfaarh s,mur. Runnuni..
i r . . w vauuiw hi recede mt) aisereoca
'"Jf.?". alBm compeDtttion already receivea
---;"Horitt ,0rce ana ina coapeBsauoa provided
her enaeled. Tht. In ih ant nfth
Kpresentatlvj.or Da It cite ntior
rthe first session of the Cncgress,
I bis reprssontaUve shall be entmed,to receive so much ofhli
In, I caiajwnsaiioo, computed at Uie mtejofthree thousand dol
f any books shall
members of Cm-
i "j a losoiuuon pi eillieror bota Uoiisesot Concrete.
I pensation tu-telab- fore provided for such member or mem-
I bers: Provided,however,Tbitthts shall not extend to Mots
I ordered to be nrlnted bv tbannblln Diint.r Hnrinii,. -.,.
I Cress forwhich the taldciembersball hare been elected.
I of IheSerran nt At - A rm r.t lha li,... . . n .4 i.-.
I oec.o.jina Doutantier enacted. Thai-It ahallbd tb duty
..i.,v..ifijiu ucusvitivHi use moniaiy paymetitsol
V , piimemur uieaTioanioi ail curapanaa-
llOnfor irsca davtbat a.lfh Mim)h.r ill h. .Knnt r. ..
House or t-enl respectively, unless s'ich Kepresentative,
t-cuBwr, or ueieeaia saall aisicrr u the r.unn m. mrh .h.
sencethesicktesorbimselfororiome members ofnU faml.
uee,7.Anaio Itfanher enacted, Thitall acts or parts of
tslnconjIstentTiilhor repugnant to the piovWans of thU
1 .be and theiamaare hereby repealed.
Approved, A wrust 16.1820,
f Public So. KJ? I
AN ACT to. amende ttis.act.regulatlng tbe faesrcotts, and
JUUI1.IS1 o.jue vi uie uorernmeat. in tne States,
Territories, aud Lltrict of Columbia, and for other uur-
It enacted bv the Senate and Ilmtm nf RMr.ni,iui
of the United States of America III lnnPM. c.mmMa I
That hereafter, before the accounts of the United States mar.'
shale, district attorneys. aLd clerks are nratantait.iiv 11... ,-
counting officers of tbe Treasury Department for settlement
they shall be examined and certified to by -the district ladre
of the United States In Ue district la which, tho officers pre
, sentlng the accodrltJoiaclate; whether lu the States or Ter
ritories, and the same shall be subject to revision npoo their
merits by said accounting officers, as in case or other publio
accounts: Provided, however. That no accounts or fee or
costs paid to any witness or juror, upon tha order or any
jadgeor commissioner, shall be so re-examined as to chares
any marshal lor an enormour taxation or such fees otcmu.
SecS. And be It further enacted. That the accounts of loo
commtf loners ,ot the United Statoa circuit conns shall ba
examined and certified to by the district Jddge or tho district
tn Which they are appointed previous to their presentation tn
or revision by the accounting officars of the Treasury De
partment. dec. 3. And be It farther enacted, That in do rase shall
tbe fees of more than four witnesses bo taxed against the
United States In the examination orcriminil cases ceforo tha
commissioners of the United States circuit courts, unle-s their
materiality and ImobrUoce shall firuk ha annmreif nnrt li
ned to by tha United States district attorney for the dutrkl nt
which the examination shall take place, subject tn revi-.iou
as In other cases.
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, Tial In all these wi
beforementlanedanappealsualllie front tho decision of the
accounting officers to the Socrelaryor the'inteilor.
See. 4. And belt further enaetid, Tat the Judges or tbe
supreme court in each or the Territories, or a majority or
them, shall, when assembled at their respective seats or gov.
ernment, fix and appoint the several times and places ot hold.
Ing the several courts In their respective districts, and limit
uuunuuiiui.iiiownm worooi : x-roriaea, tual inn salu
courts shall net be held at mora than three places In any one
1S$&X:Z SiS8. o'uV iayal
ij um. wciuio mo (iiiauua 9i sucu lerms, wnenever In
bis or their opinion the farther continuance thereof Is not ne
cess try.
Seed. And ba It farther enacted, That all costs and fes
forservlees rendered by the clerks of tba several courts in
tbe District or Columbia, chargeable to others than the Ucl.
ted States, shall be payable immediately after the services
are performed, and shall be collected bj such rules and regu
lations, not incompatible with law, as may ba prescribed by
iha courts In which tacit services are rendered, out shall in no
casa be paid by the United States.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted. That tha aeTeral circuit
and district courts-of theUctted States, the district con rts of
tbe Territories, and the criminal conn or tha District of Co
lumbia shall have the power to discharge tho grand Juries of
the ratpactlre courts whenever they t hall be of opinion that
the public Interests will not be subserved by a further con
tinuance of tha session of said grand Jury.
oec. c. Aouoe manner entctea, inat no officer or tho
'fnited Siatcs courts Including- the bailiffs, sroardi . tor dnnutla
of Iha United States marshals, whether iu iha Slates, Terri
tories, or District of Columbia, shall ba entitled to wlmeu
fees, either before a court or commissioners where he Is offi
ciating. bee. 9. Anc be It further enacted. That tha United Stales
shall hereafter ba liable to the lastlets and eonitblm ar iha
county of Washington, In tha District of Columbia, ror their
fees andservlces In cases or felony only; and t much or tbe
fifteenth section of tbe act of Mey seventeen, eighteen hun
dred and forty-eight, entitled "An act to continue, alter, and,
amenftha charter of the city or Washington-, as provided
otherwise Is hereby repealed: tald fees shall bo paid by this
United Slates marshal, upon tba approval of tha Judge of tbs
criminal court or tho District of Colnmoia, sutject to tbe re
vision by the accounting officers of the Treasury and to ap.
peal ta the ieeretary ot tho Interior.
Sec. 10. And belt further enacted, Taat itshsllbe the duty
or each of tho tudresof the suorema court or the reinortlrri
Territories or the United Slates to designate aud appoint one
person ts dork or the district over which be presides, where
one Is not already appointed, and to designate' aid retain
bnt one such clerkwhere more than on els already appointed,
and only such district clerks shall be entitled to a compensa
tion from Iha United States except for fees taxable to tba Uni
ted aulas.
See. II And be it further enacted. That to much nftha
section of the act of February twenty-six, eighteen hundred
and fiftv.tnree. entitled An act to recntaia tha rA ami
costs to be allowed to clerks, marshals, and attorney! ot Iha
circuit aim u.atnci courts ot too u ititea, oiaies, anu tor olnor
parposet,t'ai requlrrihat when tha 'compensation of any
clerk shall be lass then five hund'ed dollars per annum iha
difference ascertained and allowed by the proper accounting
officers or tba treasury shall ba paid to him therefrom," Is
hereby repealed.
See. 13. And be It further enacted. That all accour u ot tbe
United Stales district attorneys forservlees r ndered to cases
Instituted in tba United Stales or State courts, when tba
United Stales! a paity in Interest, but not of record, or m
cases Instituted a alnsi tbe officer of tha record, or In cases
Instituted against the officers or the United biatea or their
duly appointed agents, ror acts eommlUed or omitted or -ui -fered
by them- In the lawful discharge of their dmiw, ihs.ll
be audited and allowed at In other cares, assimilating; the
fees, as near as may be, to those provided by ta id act ef Feb
ruary twenty s!i,el;hieen hundred andfi ity-ihrce, for like or
similar services.
Sec. 13. And bo it further enacted. That no nurshsl or de-
guty marshal or any of tha courts of the United States shall
old or exerclso lh duties of commissioners or any or tald
courts nor receive compensation therefor.
Sec-. 14. And be it fnrther enacted, Ttnt whenever, from
any cause.it may ba Impossible lor the di.titct attorney to at
tend at coort. It shall be his duty to see that a mml and pro
per person, learned fntbe law. residing as near the placo
where the court-Is haldas possible, does attend tn inch Cxtst
neat as msy appertain to the duties of bis office, and la all
auen clses the fees and chsrges to ba paid shall ba only sum
as the dhtr let attorney would have been anthorlzedby law
tochargahad he personally attended aad performed tho
service: Provided', however, Thit before any nicli substlln.
tlon Is sanctioned, or psyment made, the necessity thereof
shall ba shown to tha tatUraction of the Secretary ol the lu
terlor. Sec. IS. And ba it fnrther enacted, Tnatall prosisions of
law Inconsistent with this act erehereby repealed.
Approved, August IS, 1S5C.
PubUe No.C9 J
AN ACT maklog appropriations for fonlfintlons and other
works of defence, and fir repuirs or barrach't and luarteri
ror the year ending lbe thirtieth of June, eighteen buunrtd
and fifty seven.
Ba It enacted by tha Senate nod Houioof Representatives
of tha United States of America lu Congress assembled,
That the following sums bo aad they are hereby appropria
ted, out or any money in tha treasury not olherwlso appro
priated, ror tbe construction, preservation, and repairs or
certain fortifications, barracks and quarters for tht year end
lngtha thirtieth or JuDe one thousand eight hundred and
For FortMonbromery, outlet of Lake Cbamplaln, twenty
fivo thousand dollars.
For Fort Knot, at tha Narrows of the Peuobtcot river,
Maine, sixty Uioitsaud (lo'lars.
For Fort Wintbrep, Governor's Island, Cotton harbor, ten
thousand dollars'.
For Fort Biehmnnd,at tbe Narrowt, New York harbor,
tesenty-HvB thousand dollars.
For Fort Warreu, Boston harbor, twenty-thousand dot-'
For Port Delaware, Delaware river, one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.
For Fort Carroll, Baltimore haibor, one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars. ,
For Fort Calhoun, entrance to Hampton Roads. Vlrilnla"
fifty thousanddollars. i . ' Il""a
lot Foil Sampler, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, fifty
thousand dollars,
Fer Fort Pulaski, Savannah river, Ceorgla, nineteen thou
sand dollars.
.For Fort Clinch, entrance to Cumberland Sound, FUrlda,
twenty-flue thousand dollars.
For Fort AleBte, and preservation or Its site, Florlda,'
twenty-flvt thousand dollars.
For Fort Barrancas, Pensacela harbor, Florida, twenty
ffse thousand dollars.
For Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama, fifty thousand
dollars. '
For PortTaylor, Key West, Florida, one hundred and fifty
thousand dollers.
For Fort JenVrsoa.Tortugn, Florida, one hundred and flf
tj thousand dollars.
For fonlfioatioat at Alcatraz Island, San Francisco bay,
California, two hundred thousand dollars.
For fortifications at Fort Point, entrance of San Francisco
bay, California, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
For repairs of Castle Pinckney, Charleston harbor, ten
thousand dollars.
For repalrsof Fort Jtckson, Savannah rivjr, fourteen thou,
tand dollars. -
For repairs of Fort Morgan, mouth of Mobile bay, Ala
bama, twenty-five thoasaud dollsit.
For extension af btueryat Foil Jackson, Mississippi rtror,
Un thousand dollars. ., .
For reptirt and extension of Fort St. Phillip, Mlssiaslppl
riverirttytliousand dollars.
Far tonUBgeal' expenses of fortifications not herein men.
timed; thaprererrauoa. CO .sites, tha protection or titles, and
repairs olsadden. damages to forts, thirty thousand three
hundred doHarsi"- ' -
Approild, August 13, 13SC.
i mono .io.7u.f jjw
ANiACT to continue toe Uod oCew at Viaecat, Mlana.
ana to ascertain and adjust the Udes ta certain Undala tte
Slates of lrxl!ittiatt I'ttaois. ioraiflrlT li"lHdrj.tin,
the Vioem.ej land diaries.
B -it enacted by the Senate and Haute -of He;reetst!TM
1 h" the rsjsister antrceivercf the lsad oS at 7tneB!
sd. I ' "ppomiec. icxcer witoa at zsa aropcz.penos.
mmtajiuaerstaafcertsln and adtBtttta tftJeef any'euS
' ay trtof lead?oran piitor iaodlrla ttTwoft
abated bytbe rejclanoo .ofCeoSiJof mViwety.DlrS
"SPi Jevtatesa iaridred ana alnBtronev entiled -A3
nn: ,n7X JZ; .5:!"B?t ""every auefc el -
Va O A . t . - . . . .
thrrtUi; wtm1n1arVe!m3 wbUi?S
- tl kerela r-' ,ai?hie!alm ia wrSjrwf tW
oa, iira(t in ie Jrotrueitoos the Comols.
m nonrof TBeti-uerslLandOC-o: frovMed. ThtinB
t. . 1 C1M nrrtih t i ....
- -iim ThVISSVefcB'lS
presented and acted uooa at nPAlm bS?, -J52ii?
of the com miss to a.
r 4i . - r - w -uuwtt
8. Aui bufurtheraaacVJ, Thatsach rerirter rrano
erst newrparer of cnersr r--"!rter'on ..u ...i..
tb. viclcltT ot snid land err nnbtmtlnn e.r hi. ..t.
'o aV,etioajoicIaunsnUt' which noUrethsll
of tMslct toe4ttKrccUoao U Coraaiisaooer atd a copy
eral'rfli.i17"1,inet,1 That raid eommfilloa
neh ri.i2? 'llf'?d'lelran:er the lime allowed or Sllsr
!a-.Ul?:,a,,l,a "d their sessto... .trie towrTof Via?
i "7,7 .--j .aanuare poverxultjue suranas and co
J"V; - wunetsea, adralalsf.r all neeisirv
I "-'"V01" '..",""aa!CKIe.'''aiarytnanser.atlmi.
..fnuui mo ri.ni. Mlnu-et of ttta rr.ceeQlnM.
I decisions, meetings, and sdlnr.im.i. r .t. -j ' ,!
to I regularly eoted tn a oo. kjot for ihntnatoMn ?uo"
he I eo-5. AudbUfurtberenact-d, That eTorv. elitaanlto
I frr!? tnert2iDale.Dr;raot.evtdoreto hlmself.or who l
- I snowm yieir :rttictittaeintliiuoas and cciiected posse
I of twenty years or more, ceil precd!rs;taolU ngof hlsclaln
I ?r "t shur such a tlalmor titio aswosld.in tbe eouna of
I iodianafkearaa aetionjsf tijectoeat, ssch. claimant ahaa he!
I coaonneu in nis im.
I hair,li oneyerrromthdsteaf oranlxtngiald commlssloii
I "Oder this aet,orooner If the case oa-thetr doeset are all
I disnosed nf. trsnnmitt.i thn roTT,mi..i.,n., nr .h i.,...
i Laod Ofllee. a trjnecrtpt of fbelr decisions In favor of cfaun
I nn nrhtiK -.K lt ... ... . . .
I ants, which ehsJl conuia a fair staUmeit of the orldecca
I luirurcmocs axsinit ciaimanu. with a 4ike llate
I " u'JeTiaence ana tne reuounr 3ea rejection.
I hecT. And Id It6k.. ..... TV.. l . 7"i .
I of UieOoneral Land OiSc. upon the receint of such Irani.
I eriproi tnelrdsetSin- na!l i.j,i. - ...-. .1.1 .
I soconarmed u his tit;9 by too said, ommissioaen.-ani
I wh an such cUunsii.v been rlled. Utoaald CBmmia.
I S'oaer, upon applWtnnof tha pmper oerion. tbatl hav
I power to rev.se acn deeistoaof iha salI board. aad tsav tf
W his oplntonthedvHeiKewaritslt.reversesoehdecisron.
iCZ " I.. rw ma. ruimant; rroviaea, Ttst
tbi4 right to revt so shall not extend to tflo-e claims refected.
here the siat lands have been conarmed by the said troari
to somwother claimant: And provided farther. That tha rr
Uou to issued ehalt only be a retlEqalshmenC oT tha title -cf
the United Stales, and aball notbo considered or conilrntkl
law an abildgmont of the rights of tsfc-d penoer.
Sec. 8. And be it runner enactdt That immediately after
Vie passage or tan aet tho Commissioner oflseiGen'eral Land
OiAce snail glYS directum to the register and receiver of. lite
land offl..walIidiaRapoU forth with lo transfer to tbe-aanl
oftces at V ineanes the books, documents, maps, plots, tar.
vets, and all other papers and writings deposited In the laadt
oHces stlndUHapoii,, by therrgliter aad ireelveroflh land
ofilceaa; Vincennns, and which originally wera deposited In
the land oSieesat Vinceanes, and were tratuftrred from Mid
oalctMtol.ioImd oSI'-esat Indiana pi 'Us, Under tha provisions
of tBeaoi'Toraboluhinglnid offices under certain efcxnm
stanees, and for other purpose)." aDDroved June thatwairtk.
eigbteeo baadred and fortv; and the stid land ofices al Vla-ceaues-ite
beroby re-established and retorgsnlxad, at fttfly
ahd feiTictusll) forthe tiansactmn of busmess and the sale
or the pabHe lands within said Vincennes and districts as I?
said laml-oOcea had cot been abobahed bj the provision, af
lbe act last aforesaid. - '
Scc.S. Aiid be it further enacted, That the commits loner
appointed mijec Ws.actJ)i.lhaPnnident.shtU.tecaly,ai a
full eompensauon for his service, a salary at tha rate f thresi
thou.anudoHanper annum, payable qaartstly oht of tbo
Treasury; and tho register and rtceiver shall rtccivf suck
compensation f.r their services under this act at may be Just
aad proper, tu-the discretion or the- Commlasloaetof thev
General Land Uthce.
etec. iu. And be It further enacted, ThstltsSxIIbathedaty
of the tommituooer of th General Land OSe la praserlbV
sneh rolo and regulations as may be necessary to gtvo fall
tuecttolaeproiuionsof taisact. "
Appriived. Aagut 18, ISil.
Ayer's Fills.-
Are Cnrms sue mck to nn extent never bcfrjxw
Khowu ot any AlcUlcuie.
Invalids, read and judge for yonrselFea.
JOLKS n.UTEL, Esq., the well known perfumerof Chesaut
Street, fhlladelphiivw&oaa choloa product an found at
almost every toil-t, says t ,
"I am lmppy to ty or jour CATtunTrc Pitts, tilt I have
found .them a better fa-alu medlcliM for common use. Una
any other wrthln my knowledge, danyof ray friends hava
rcalii'd mnrkesl benefits from than, and coincide wlti"m
In beliulo that lhy possess extraordinary virtues for dri
ving out diseaa aad curls; the'tlck. They are nut only er
feetual, but - fe xid pleiuuii to be uioa, jaalijea ijcii
mu.t loaka tlieut valuta try ilv public, when thty art'
Tbo vetwrabla CianefAlor 'WAKDLAW, wrltetfrom Biltl
more, ISA Anl, ISM : -Dr.
J. C. Aim tr: I havo taken your Pills with great
benefit, for tbe fW!eine?s,laiigor, loss of appetite, and bll b
iuua beatbtahe, which Das of late year, overtaken mats tha,
spring. A few lines or yonr Itlls cured me. I have'saed
)uur Cherry 1'i-cloral raany years la ay family for coagiut
and eoM, with nnuiiliag success. Yua make medicine
winch cure, and I fl it a pleucra tooonnend yoa Tor lie.
ynod you bsra done aud ar doing."
JOHN F. HBAiTV, ;tq., Secretary of tha Pecntjlvxnia
KiilrvidCuuipauy, sajs i
Peunrylviara Railroad OOce, 7
PbHadelBhta, ftvxwJir 13, leij. (
Kir : 1 take pVurara in addtog say lettlmosy to the eScsey
of jour medbiuft, htviog tfVrlfod very materia beMfit
from the usoef yaitr-t'ertnralaBd eathattlc PUlj.
am tievr v,lluitiuMu hi my Ueoriy, aor shall lefsreon
cntto be. ttbiL) i means wrll pr curihea.
Tha widely roiuiweed S. S. SltVLAa, AUD.,Of Wtat
worth, ew Hwpblra. writes :
- Hcmatr tu-l 5ir CAtHAaTte Film ru my prxixtee, I
carut; Irciu -Tiriuoe, tnat ttiey aa an fuvaldabld purga
tite. fn casee of dtmnrere"! faoetloi.i of the liver, eausmx
liiMdaerw, ti.ditrtsstWH, rotlvee9, ouu tha , root variety of
uueun (Mi i"iiTm,in siiiiNiii latuoay man any otner
lu ad easea wtsare a purvjairva rueeedt is required, l'cood
dooiiy ia.iiumrcd locaa Pule i lae Hc as superior to
any otbT 1 bar" aver fonrsd. ln.y are sure tn their opera
I lou, &udpiciry aat-, quabijet wbteh nusatham an tnvatV
uetearflcterovpnWte use I have tor many ears knowa
jour Csrfcrvy, fervnni av taa b-st cougit medicine la th
world, tad theao fill, are in no wib lhterior tu that adralxa
Mo praptUFAUoo fer the treauneai or disease."
AaTP-", Mataa. Nov.25, 1SSJ.
"Pf "J. (.. Arr- ?Var '. 1 have bean s-ffllcted fron
my buki Hitujcrvfala iu lu word farm, and nowt after
twenty years' tral.and an no told jruouT or.uCcrtaj, hnva
been toroptesaly cure4'la new wdekt by yu.i i'JisrtVlti
what feoliiigs oi lejoiciac I wni', can only be Iruajlued
vhiiaiN realise what I eaa)teiJ, aad ussr luogt
Ner,auiil mo, bavo. 1 beau Ira Irom this loathtoma
dleeat in "ma taapa. At tlntee 11 attacaed my eyu,Lsd
made ma aline bhod. bsnedM tn utiAadurabla ualn r al
L others itscu.t-d 1st tha teal- of my bead, and detlioied my
uair,anm sn aavakitw pamn nit wj i. . , auiaeuuaaait
cam a out iu ny uce, Aid kept it fir cx-ataa a raw tors.
Ab o.e wej t'. T . n.anaesiltiktnfyourCatcaT'
tic Wls.aii-l m au autirety lraa troai the complain w Nj
eyatSrw '". and :ay tirili relr. hcl lay hair has com
maaced .i ue.iuj growist, alt ot wlut.li makes ma feel al
ready a new paiMSB. ,
liotastf tirU ttateffleat may ba taa maana of eonveyiig
liif-jiuUvxi tuai rtu.it dugooa w utaais, lata, wUh,,vtrT
aarttiraerHof reatKede, Yours, Ore, -w
"1 ha v Known tha above aamad Dtaria Hteker from hit
childheod, aud hertuteesta strtcUy ho. H-'..
Ovarsear of the PervsoMMiiii Afanu acturing'Oo."
Capt. JOKl. PKA'lT',uf lhaijipilarioa,wrtiesriocaik-wn,
SShh ,tltll,Kt:
" Your fills bv curoa ma from a bMiom attach which
arose irom ticranxsuaaat- of tl.it. lavair ithua aad become,
very Bsrnuy. I smU lAilod or any raiiat b toy physician,
and tram every rxtn-'dy 1 cmid trj, but a law dotes or
your PilU uao eoiaplctely rotwd ma to health. ' 1'fiaTu.
srivvn Ineai u uiy ciiildreu fur tiOrau, wilii tto basteHaclA.
Iheywuro promptly eared. 1 rocnm mended tham to a
rieud tor O-Miveno-vS, whictt had troiiblad him lor raoulht
ha oht rao in a raw dajt they bad enred bun, Yon'maka
tao bait ciadtcuw iu tba worM, an., i am ftte to say so.1'
Kead Hit Irons Iha ditiBgassha Solicitor ul tho finprema
Court, wIwhh btHHahi "s,b)Miaa hate mads, him, to wall
kuown, uot only la this but. Ue nelfiboniig Males -
Maw Uiuu, April, 13H.
' Sir : 1 have great nU-fection iu si.uiluj ynu tkatojtelf
and fsjaily base ooau very much beueuiied oy ;tiur,s;dl
cinea. My wife wmcured two earastnC3, ot asevara and
oaugerous coutcb, by your Cherry Pacioiai, aad tlnctf Uien
has enlejed ptct iieaiia. M eaildran uavo wjersl tloia
benn cured Ir'jin atucks of thalofiaanza and croup by IA,
It Is an InvaMabie remedy for tuese complaints. Tour Ct
luUo Pills ktsti cured-raa true! a dytpaptta and cotUrs
nas, wblcb ka grown uoa roe foi was years lai.
ibis enro Is maeh more ItuporVtst. Irom tha tact that l'B4
railed to at tetief Irom tha bast physicians which tabs' set-'
Hon of tha country aJ-irus, aod, from any of ths numeroa
remedies I brid luiea.
'You seatiitous, DoctorlikaB provldtntlal blessing r
oar family, and yo may well rappota we are not unmlot
lutofit. Yoars, rosjiuctfally.
StnATA Chambsb, Ueio, April 3th,-lSH.
Da. J. C. Area flonoied sir: I cava made a thorough:
trial of tha CvUurMe Pill, left me by jourageat.aEd tu,rJ
been cured by Ui-M of Urn drtailful Khtumatlsoi under whb
he feund Hie salTerlog. Tbe fl d relieved ma, and a
few tubseqUBOt dosea base ecllraly removal ue disease.
I reel In IxHlrr hetlth new Ibtn for tome year beforo,
which 1 attribute entirely to tha eCeelt of yoar Catuaxtio
FttU. Your., with great 'g M5JrCAL1i.
vrp Tha above are all from parsons woo ate publicly
kaown where they reside, and who would net rathe these
sialemenu lvithout a thorvuia lonviulan thai lhaj war
true. Prepared by '
FaacTiOAt. aisu Akalvtwal CaamrT,
AprifSS.'SS LsrwelliMasi-
SKA LED jmmosaU will bo reset ved until the 1st of 0(r
tober, for lie Grading ,iad Jtaionry, on ssicttens U,
It, 13. 14, 16, Id, IT, 18, !,- and 2l of Iha' HtlgcfleJct
and Kentucky Kailroad. bceoiSeaticES, Prcfi.e. Ac- caa
bescaaat our OtSea in SprregSeld, Ilobcruon county,
Tenn. Ksiimitei will bt atada every thirty days, aitj taw'
on tbe day promised. , .
septll e.dAwtoOet1 . STARK A WttLlAHS-
LAiVUXlUiCiik. -Sc. jVUJHMAl."r
tA IlO.XLS Langhotne A Artnuiead's Celebrated To.
0J bacoo, just racetved.
aogI7 lw Sep JOaNSO.V. HORNK CO
jnecea 25 eetjt pjj,er just re
ceived; fire crteni. farce vanety:
TriodxJ Paper Tenters aad CenUr
Pircs.oa baud aad for nale bv W. vt. eAi'.l.
as Pnellesqi-tra, corner ieaaep;i.ss
de;6-ly NEW OltZiKANS.
i ia-",''''!'''''stJterB

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