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vl VOL. IIYL :r;. .; ... '-'.r
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- f j. ""'- ' i ' ' ' , . v." ' ""' "-'j ' i """ 5 ' ' r" - ' - i- t ' . i ... j ( -vw-.i ..r .. : ; ; ' 25
in T&o..terd. .
svi?B TAKnrf ' "
Ths tfcouirsil npba tht
a,Jj who are diUy using Mc
Leans treatf-feenln O "J11!
certify that i lis ahwluieljian
initiM rtrnedr for ranova-
S Ue giad In lffoiratlnif
There 1st OTljsnikc iSxval IS.
Tt.tii -. r.it acrmlalctr. Drseeceia. Diarrheas. Brian
lory. Headache, Da .rejilooof .Spirits Ferer and Ague, Iawan,
lonr Bud Breath, oi any disease of tte liver, Bioiaaek or Bo
0OBSTMMES,iioy6QirlrtQ bs Healthy, Strong and
viforoaj . .
IO LADLES do you want the Bloom cl H tilth to raoust
eurCfcteks again T then go t 'aea sad get
deLcanic strenctUontnfr Corilal and Blood
Bt'ij pot a noaseati It Is warranted to ptve ntli&clHR. I
iU sure anj disease of ths Kidneys, TVomli, or Blsddexi fiiiV-
ng, Obstructed Menstruation, Fulling of tha Womb, Barraa
Boss, or any diseas arising from -Chronio cr Herrous Debility,
t li an Infalliilj Bemedy.
Bo you wiat yoor-dellcaic, licilrSpany Children, tafcElCT
Stroo? tsi lloboat J tbta cive thua icLBA18 BTB3N3TII'
BNIHO CQIUHAL, (sa t!u dirtcaqni oa eich bttH) It lifl
Uetomtoteke. , .
Ono tatle-tpoosf of, uitnerery noralnj futlcsvli rat :
Any prenllla difcMe -
O" OAUlIOIUJBerare of rreeslit orDeileri ritoniy
try is film, opca 700 k battle oC Euten or Eantpirllls. (wfcioa
thiysiabay cheap,) bj tayla It II Juit u good. Tbera ft
en atn CASS enenjd tc ittat pirt of my oaore t dab the!
VTLEdewciioa" Avoid $aii iofiaoai .PiaATES aad their
TllllwoaiceBpoaadil Ask for Dr. J. II. MeLeln's Strength;
talag Cordial tad Blood Puriajr.' Tal nothing elS. It Is the
sir remedy that will Parity Jfiar UlotJ thoroughly, tai, &t
the esse ttsti.ST&BHaXEBX- sad XHVIQ0RAT31 At hole
orpmlctioa. It Is pat np la lart Bol'.lo? $1 par 5.6t'.!e, or
D31. Jfi Si ITcLHsU, gnls rrorrlrior,
Ootcerof Third sad PinMtreet! &t.Xsa!i, Us.
For zarex, CoaipIaJnta KlUonsBoea Hoad
ttciie,A:C. rglKBIlH hij nerrtr bua a CATHABTIO rasdfthw offered ta
ft the puMic, th&l om given rati cntlra satit-'atlloa sa Ho
r.Wi vsi fncnrntin t. rlr.T.!i
Etkig enHrely vegetable, ttey sxs perfectly lazoeeat uA csa
bt takeaby toiacst Under iafajjt; yet prompt tad povsrfel tn
rcacviny al'.Bilieaj ccrstloss, Aollor Iapers; leted Matter
ren mo atomics, in test mey are us oavy run i&aiscsiua
ssel la rtilirlcae dejtrir-
They rtoScce ao Grlplas, BiekueBir ViXS lfl the Stoaach or
Bowels, thoajh vesr asiva and ssrebiB? la their opentlaz,
proiaoting healthy tecreticas fUic Iiwx and. Kidneys. Who
will taSn frsn Biliemsess, Sesdicha sJid 'pol Stosaeb, when
so eS jtp a rtxedy can be ofctalced 1 Keep them lonstintly ca
Dicai s iag:s cctc, titea ta teswa, raay prevent noari, csyii
aadmoetii of sicknus. Ask for Cr. a. II. HeLean's TJnlver-
Us. Tais ca other. iia" ceiled they we ur-iiei. rra
oeats boii 2-1 can be seat tyaill toacy i-artoi
J.H. HeLBAH, SoJeTroprittsr,
Ccrnnef Ihird sad Piae streets, Bt.IioaU, Mo,
. .5 Extaraal in tbo "Woria lor Ittan or
7m . Boost.
fTWtoSAKM if br' v heia'er hire beta eared a Ufa of s
J arsplltode tad' nst of -this laralnabls Llal-
raejt: It sreif . .Hj:eit lastantaaeuuly, and-It
IU e!eaae.F Joolest GBS la an J3credlht
-vriSu OOktoctsti vjaSifr tUTccci cr" Vet?"
3su. uasei s, -or UTaosntav is wui never till.
SileaHcnsirlU cars Sm Throat. Eeadaehe orancb.
Wy JDCrna orcc&XDj.cr any run,' uu as mxauifiCs xtecoay.
-"rylt, ta 1 yes will had it as IcCIipesiibli reraeJy. Step it
; ivtjl cm nana.
PIiANI2BSvrAaiI2Sfl, cr &ay one bavlag eharga of heme,
will s&td raoaeyby'csiajc McLim's Yoleaaie Oil Iilnimest. It
Is a tpeeSy and fniilItle care for Galli, Eprtins, OhafeS)
EwjUlBK, Ltneaes, fvoeay, Bora, Wocadi, Beratchei, or any
asternal wans.- -rj at, ao i yoa.nii M ciariacM. ,
tl- Jjji, J.. u.ieij:Air, Sale Preprfsior,
aint'Lonls, Uo,
r4rlctIiprUtcr: prhtsby Srry& DeaioTllla and 6
Pi Ilesd-cnhttt. ras,r-;9d-tw6wl7
" Cam TecA stUd iisuftofi SIIll.' 7'
all t li3 on aar.3 aal eade t CTder,ecia
e,-KII Oearllag, Bolting Cloth of al
praad, biltlHg, fiolitlcg, and reRnlatlni
' and piaster Paris, end Itaposud rrosu
aablsstsstoseHbettirfielsitt lo
Pa.,e"rcBffhlj cntestioJiBs
latrrsst to tx'Mfsts.aj'tto.Ls
jCftait taKxhbctjJ
"." - i
dlecovsrles In Ui vrUU itarfanr, Uinn .ai eitiulr
fiitf .Rd ihvfntt mrthod cf rn rft. lnresaetiva of ajl th& yi-d
wem cat sTsteras pebllshed by aocompltoed jait to the isr
lag, r Dr. Wright, will know lag the deoettoa praetlseM epea tab
DinlHated, felt tt his dntyateaoe to hare ttijEUiir tested by
MeiThava 'riven ta lh VM:IJSS
control ver the whole. Ehrslcsl maa when his frame has beea
redieo!.. and. when all other cedldnes known to the'Phanaaea
eteUhavs been tried la rain ' Loag-thoaget yearr of patient
irowaed the Doctor's tSortx, end he cow oCers tts BlMr ta laf
fcrtng toraanity u the only thlaz that eta cars tht foniwla
cueaata naaeiy
Qsaeral Debility,
Ksatal and Fhyncal BecrtfteBi
Determination of Dlocd ts Ui Esil,
Ooafused Ideas, " '
BniieesaHs and Bteeplesznea at Kljbt,
Ateence f ftoaitrac;ency,
Loss of Appetite,
.Low Bplrlts,
piscrnnlxatios cf lie Orrias ei
'Geaeratioa, t
ral?i!cUsa- of the Usui,
Aal, la faot, all the oonscEaltaab of a nezroasaad .dnhUlUtSd.
stats of the systerai
Ab ss. Stimulant,
Ills qnlts different frca ileohollo prsslratlo'cs. Itls acl saVI
est to reactions in any shipoi' It eoatlcats to fstrt Its laCoaca
grailnally azd eaeleatly, cm Icse as th least zittarJ? tUa (U.
As a. Ceinclc ItZcdlctnc,
It'll eqaally powirfcl and elective, and resScres Uis cqallibrlaai
(ooserand safer than all the other raedldaet which for years
htiTO Hooded the market, aad which are only laarlcas. tn plsti
of assistingor renovatiag the eaaslitallcn . fora veryguaru.
toa, too, that taey -srs only raade from the tSsdcss cf at lads
Caoraatcf tha Medical proesslsn altogethar.
T1o ITllncrnU'f
Er, Wright thinks it well to etaketls rrotesticulhsrsctei
os the fact, that no minerals whatever form, tbeieasr ccaipoasst
Dutsof the Iczredleats of his IUinvensUie Elixir well know
Ing what ruin has been entailed on the oaaaiczity by opiant and
Qererally, to the debilitated, Dri Wrlg&ti woald say, Njver
despair. II o catter how worn down ysa tai7 te, norastter how
weak yon are no taatter whet the cease fia7 hare been fersake
at onea wnattver has led yen to depart frca uygiealo priaciplts
ItcJuTCunting' EMiIr,
And yea will soon Cnl vcanilf a nrrr raan a rrlde Instead o
the reverse, ta year friends, aad & healthy, ionad,aad wcrthy
UCTrer ot uo anraaa laauiy.
TO Price 2 per bottle, cr three betties for 55, aad" forward'
sd by taall to all parts cf the United States.
Sold by all respectable druggists thresghect the TJalitd Slates
ana ua&aus. xao trade sappued at a liberal tusoocat.
Tor tal by the proprietors.
3. WltlCIIT & CO.,
SI and 151 Ohaiiressirai,
Hew Orleans, Lai
fold la Nsshrllls by S. W. Hendenhott, Berry & Demovills,
wng e rssaietoa, ana sji rtrpoacuis aicggiass. oi
rsmDISB dclidaas and far-fanied Biliers are recommended 1,
JL the sTrxt Physician of the coaatry, oa sccaantof thtlr
hrjaTd olcaeaat as nectar to the tftate. aad in frGn5nr4
ha Iwit Tonic and Stlmniaat ever eScred to the pnblls.
aucix .carauvs powers is caecs or ueaerai attnlixj, LtOU c;
ipprtite, Ooaitlfitlon, etc., are oop&ralleled, end as a gseraa
te that we fee warranted in elalminr whet wa do. we te? kavi
to jtste that oar asstrtioas are aadcrssd by
rroi asii.Ti.v, oz vaio C'oltcsrci
t'rol. JIAVES.oI DSaxsB.liuaaTB.
ed haadreds ef otien
Vvt mlo Uy Grwci vlao r, tad ErajiJtJ . aitroU
rdvisal Csau. 14 Tftltt Ht Tor. '
-Vt. tSO.sfitsemtrcTXauxrrt CKS pittx Span
oSiii tl2V by Pfra on Ball
s, Gaols, Wares aad AlerchtalT&Enji-. AIl,
--agslErf less or dtni by Seas s tf '
' aa Kegrces agaactths daattra cf lis Elm
Tins, JsnxII. Jtwat.
yonra Eawissa,
Izst ilalsjji,
v saalT
llircbiR'icated to
Miated to President
Nieces published in
Xa'each or three
to Gea. Ifo
xrnijiof the
Hdj r;cdll6st. ueor GSnit-cb
KSZPU caattantly on hand a large stock el. all Undt sT
rrodace. -Ordeig filled at ths shortest neUee, at tea low
ecteh,prlc4. "' sepJj;
A N T E"fi t
S0,0S3 Eus&cls tsliiU Potatoeo,
frnrJ-iiwi will periiiiliheitaiirtetcrlcfi. '
lejl ' Ko 5 Oollxe strtst.
Bsfsr salc,ly
s s ccimoa t sao.
:iuvi .
Hales srhae Ttoiiiv for tils b7 ,.
sep3 ' B B COHHOS . Blip.
g0TleirtIsIor salsbl
Country Residence for Sale.
A VEST desirable pUt.one hanr's ride, from Kashrllla
hocseDearlvnew.eon'aJninsten roams conveniently aa
aaged. Four acres of rich land 'with UO choice fruit trees ol
all kinds Possession giveti at any tlct.
. Address P? 0., Bo 191, Nashville. HfSl '61-d3i3
fXAUB tttilaa if sI'Ai'i, stringers; aad others Tidtlng
l ll&ihvllli, reonlrlcj lotdieal aid, Is rtipectiTally esUedio
C&3 cSea, No aiDomSericS street, iscoadCoorjbetweea Cherry
tan uu square.
, Dx CoLiMiIsanoldDiictltl5atr f jasdldner hlrsibaoit
cxUnltl er&vieace aad latteries: sneers for taany rears vast.
ta lhatreataivstof jrivai t Dia jrs hi, lnjaced bin ta devote
hla KuavtCcd cUsa 1 sa ta all d teases cf this nttnre. Many
cszsiof the ttt luvtta-'iliiiiiTitsr have p.omptly yielded to
Lis Kpjova 1 kKiuoii u triamri u
Frzean. fiswaiiw. ttl lUw sod Jlerefiiiary EtvhhalU; Oaa-
crrh&a,Ulattcndali ftessts of.il geijl and nrinary orgaaj,
ce t rtthortsistanet')liis recsedies.
All female irregal rlties and raacusai derasgemeati or the
(voob, and all disuses ancng iron uesutuin aad til sasnared
Brerr case of Eedaefiila Eaptore. aad of Piles, aad Prolap
ens of the Uectoa, and raont caes of flstala, can t oared by a
process neuly paiams. tr either or the latter cases is nnder
takea br Dr, Oeieman, a cure Is invarlaUu warranted, as a
careful examination always presents the necessary indictloz.!
of tuccM or railurt. by tn improved method of oeerauog.
Tcrsonsol either sexaDPlyinzia person or br letter, (deacrl
blaircise) oa tha first simptom's of any aeenate spedCo disease.
can be cured, ia rasst eaq by the abcrtlie method In forty-eight
Btrict oonfideace, prompr attection aad modenta' eh&rges,
will coven hla kith his nitr-m
Iljr'Xo mercury used In the treatment of venereal ilteau, ss
se ceiieves lio nso;t casesj -i proaaces a .worsa aiscasa uu uai
it is given to eure
03ce hours from eight ill the msralaj till nine in tha eTin
to'. oct9-d3si
A KE made Simple and. ol aar Attain
m mem oy
Whoee Icnc cxserleaeo eaibleshbaereatlr to lessen the labor
of tae learner. Pupils ' from the country can
complete their lessors frf-Tps ia Writing and Pbaaog
raphy in one wees. If wCT incaa rr.n atx to sixty
man's buddias. ooner or
u -Kie!S2eiei.rwoJiisiji iia
to J r. Al.. mad 7 Co 9 at ncBt
Ur. j i mods of teaching has loar received the coramedstlen
of the iblesi judges la Aaerica, tt largs circular.
C9VJ a
IkUncjrt. Bccxac, Wsstssji DxraKTiuctT;!
Bawling urea,Kv, Oct. 22, lEfil. j
To my Professional Brethren.
BBd leavo to ask a favor cf you. Many of y-o will bo able,
to eraot it certaialy'ncno will rettue. In the new rezi-
meats woich a-e notr eelng formed for the Confsder Elites
Army ja the West, there is.a defldeoey of Surgical Instruments
7ou, mo'a than ether men, are senriole ef tie eoct which each
a waa't If ,'eft una applied must exercise upon the lives of those
cf our Datriot soldiers who are woanded in buttla I therefore
appeal to those ef you who are not In frequeptseed cf ysatam
puut n,j, trephining amcir.fr or the larger rostrn meats, to
forward them to the UetLcal Pcrreycrs ehherhere or 11 en pels,
Tena-, or to myself. Pair prices will be allowed yon for all
(uchinstrameats as maybe received, I speak to physicians
I know what their rtspsaie ill be. I am very truiv.
u. ,7. ia.tvLO,
Kedleal Director Weslera BepartmentO-S. A.
Eor iaie.
A LOI cf WeIea Ciruy and Llcsey
L0S000 S
VoTralvr 27 "61, 1m
a SO. 0, DCOEANAir,
M7TMt. Ttnn
HALES OSSAttUJIGCIS. far sales by
UeJ Aa.W6-r.0:,"U a 00.
. Florida Leaf Tobacco,
8 arentsfor th'esaleof mostef tha Florida Leaf Tebaaeo
we oSer fa' sale a larire itoek, la cses of ataut fcur hen
dreioouDds each, of :; adei suitable for fillers and wrscrers
These Xobacco are nrccm'menly Cat thliytar.aid we adjlst.
the manufacturers of cigsre, or speculators-td sindea' tljef
oraersatan early a.te. o. w rau a uj,;, .
II ov. S, 1SC1. od3a
it3 rut liar.."-
Irm TJiJX jatOEIYKD and far sale at
Lonsvutx, Ky , October 30, 1S61.
WE be; leave to advise our friesds and correspondents In
the Confederals Hate, that our llr.BaHcn Qwte,
has removed bis residence ptrmawntly to Ksatrnu, Tennto
ahlch point they will pleasa direct all coamunlcatieas. Ad
dress as f Hows: GARVIN, BELL &. CO.
Kov3-d2m lieu pais, Tena,
For Balos
of QooJs baloagug to the old firm, and will
roasyene who trill buy "the let. Tte doods are packed and
ritrSlyan Invoice of which can be seen by callltg on me at the
re of.si. uuwens, Ito. ,coiua me auDus cquare. auajt
sjtciifDiy oi
nrNiCiosdS. Varieties. r-CIoths,
ilHgV, WIsite Cfood;, ac.,
eSs r stand of lamaa c Oo.
1 Vl' .
' irsoss
r lxtz trjfma statu xrairrrjt ax camaxraorut
ilDl'JM eaUrs' proflts of all tales are to ta Jevotsa to tie
relief cf the deklaad woaade 1 souferi'of &e CeaJeCent ar ray
'tmdcr'thadJreorioa and tpectalohirgg cf the, "Indies ..EtliHwi
Belief Society ef Tennessee
Letters, on slavery: Irani tiio Oia "VTorid,
Tfrltten daring thacaavass for tterrei!deney cftSe TJaKed
States la 18U; to which are aJed a'letter to Lord BxoceitliC ea
tha Jam Sasivs'nlJ. and a LHtf refsen ta ths malt ef ths
. Presides tlal election aad Ita (jonaeqnenew, by 1 Jatoa .Wru.i i ws,
"Tor single coptesveaco-
Booksjlls'iwmu furnished at wholesale at till per doiea,
A reuoasila discount will be saade upon lare orden from
wholesale dealers.
njUnygtnUmacrlidj Inthe0onfederate8tates,or!ertir
for a club of ten persons (810) will be faraidud with a eoasll-
taertary copy ot the work, with tha tfaaks of tha Ladies Soldiers'
Belief Society.
Editors of newspapers tn tha Confederatetates who r re nub
ticity to this will no anryprcaste the benevolent aad patriotic
lurpeso to wi.lch the entire proflU will he apprcprUted, bat they
will aid. in tha. drculallonof a work which oczht to be la tha
(utads cf every Southern, family.
ICPOrders for books or other eomnanfcatlonj relating thera
to, may be addressed to Mrs- Txiicta 0. PosTxk, PrecHeat of
the ''Ladies Soldiers' Eenef Socier," or to the .
SoutUornMctliodlitrnbli.iiina; JIobsc,
. ' Hashrtlb, teaa.
In s sole to one of the Sdltort of the Chion aad American,
Jfn.JiKis'K PeLK.towhaaelaspesUcn the, proof-ihcU were
submitted, expresses thefoUowia2.eplaici.
"I have rtad, with much pleasure, the r-rccf-skerta of anew
work, nowlnrrtss: "LelUraoa slavirr troiBtLe OU -WoriJ."
With a letter addressed to Lord Broegham, writtrn bylioa,
James Williams, late Mitliter to Conitailcctae It u crsrk
.wriueawlth viiorof thsught on the sutj ct sw eccepyifig the
attention of the whole world a valuable eostrlbuUoo. lo ooota-
cra uiixnLuza, ana win ce resa wrui great inserts ax tae pr aest
zxraacn ntox toksoticzs o tsk xxshtuu reass.
From tKe Ka&stSi Union and American.
"Such a work as this was needed, not onlr 1b Ara.Ttia. fcst
in Europe, to atrest tha atlealida ef tbt critic, tbdtusl nrtjs
"dice, to at-ract the general reader, to conioooi the oliUcUa,
' and to Interest the raiad by no, el ih! stlrrlsg pa aureb, by
"overwoehaing and earnest tinlh, and by a pu e and pleati- g
"style. U)ey make act th- slightest reftreie totbeparty rant tt
utheday,aad are exclaslveiy cSrected to tbe vtte uttoeary
"aipect. of theect oaal Usae forced upop us by the North, aa
"seen by a philosophic Histesaes and patriot aeees the sea, and
just tar cnougc ossiani to sear ana aucern us low rem tu.g
'of the comir r surm It laarroiouad. TttopOiit
"inr, work, the mors so frora'lU direct beatioe neon the umi
"revolution now n progress." .
"Ihs bookls proaouacrd by critics to be the cost phtlosephl
Slavery, and themost powerful vindication .of. Southern civil
ration that has yet appesrei from the nress. it Is written "in a
itylsof fiawinz ease that readers It highly attractive to every
Intelligent reader, and gives evidence, of deep thought, exten
sive research, large acquaintance with the sophistries of the
Abolition a.hool, both la Europe aad mirict,andesthca!aasUc
devotion to the lastltaUons of the South.
Wa are Dleasel ta learn that the asthoi bat. MttiVrent mr
allty, tecdered Its entire; proceeds, alter pajlsg'tbe cost or pubf
Ilcation.to tbe ladies of the. bet lers Qcrpiul BeBefJiccitiyot
Nashville, and that the proposition hastima accepted by Ural
Sxucia. Q. PoKTist, President fit tha Assocuiloa "
XronVU HMtociZt TMricii '
"In these letters, wa have all tha tirxntire et if thsr'i
lecant aas lucid ryle, his ex te alive laformstma. -asd rfcHa
sophleal InvestUatlon He has closely studied the- aubjtct of
slavery, In all its bearings, tie refutes the idt a o the sinfal
-neat of slavery, Tortraya the-adtantatces.which Cow (j oa It, and
toe nwesa ty oi m oonuacauoa. uorrectly apprehending the
policy of the eppencnta of slavery, nd the daagers wkich
wcuia roiiow the ssecets ox tee atepobikan party, fr.oilspjtt
In thetJIoyWoril", far ra. ovcdfnsutha embilteredcsntfii. bi
rarne his fellow eouatrxmen sea,nst the beakrri itr.eh sar
rounded the ship of e tate. Tht nsclt which he spfrtfeeMal
aad foretold Is upon as."
ran tM XakAviXt Sar.ner.
"Ur. Wllllans'haj nresented In the srane a- tMi -r?o r .hi.
letters a succinct -tittory of Usf lasttfatjea of slavery oo. the
American Oentinent, its influences upon-thegeaeral weliaie of
tte country, tracing tha dements of onrosition tolt.xseahMM
byjioithern tan. tidsia , culmlrating at Lut In the crgthlxatioa
ef a sectional par.ty designed U ovtrUrew that lcs3iutiea,aBd
by whleh-thtdixeiabermeiit ot the Colon was eCeeted. , ihe
author has treatea his subjeot as a phllotopbie statstean, asd!
the result of-bis labors will nroTS an Inestimable addition U a
genuine Southern lUeratsre'
Jrort the Sat&tKe Clritllan Advocate.
"Mr. Williams has made a bcokwhien we tbmtd like to hare
reach Europe, and be translated and re-B lato their laaguatts,
and do its work ia raasinj sp and corrtctioj pchfic Oklsloo,
which theliEg Ish and Northern press have palmed. If open tha
world- The reader should bear to Blind that tt.ese setters
were writ' en la S'onstautiaop.e. tneukb pubilstedlo "NaahviHe
AsthewrrUrtoierurateIyrndiet8d many oteatslhathave trans
pirad, since the in cf the manuscript Grid, vecsauct but h-ve
confidence la. his. general speculations as ft a ati in a true
philosiphy. Uis bone l. calm and thoughtful; bis U-rlton clear
and wide Tba partisan is sunk in the nveilcaa. Bis position
abroad, moreover afforded him ADMirtcrtltlcs uwiAttbv but
i" mm ,ou.w cuuairycn,icr aoquirtBg an ini?si law"
all JFL O C3. -
Cnange of -5 isae-
Totaia efect AVednesdar rfov. 12Ut,136l.
Leavtog Nashrilla at 2:30 P M.
Arriving at Bowleg Oroen ate:3fiPM,
Eirtmuraa- -
' fare Bowllsg Green at G:CO A M,
ArriTiagatKuthrille lO AU.
leave SashvBle li 7H3 A .
Arrtre at Bowling Oreea at 2:30 PM.
Leave BowllagGrten at 1O4.1AM.
Arrive at NubrilHat 5:00 P M.
novl3 tf Ass'stant Ecperin.ei.deot.
rtAPTAlNS I coBpaa'es orgsnlzedfor the war, laanytf
tha Coafederata Ftalts.wil- have arcs tarnished tbeat by
attachim their eoimanies to my reitfawat'scw fonaUicatSt-
vannah, Hardla cecal y, Teanesue, at whl ia place I ran be ad
dressed. J ! UKEWB. .
dec 1 dim qoioiwi- uomm".
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10 boxes SeovillC Usee, "'-
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lai also a tergs stockof Oozamoa. VtMtji Aniitoaa SntMjt
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it about to tapir, by a cams Haax-on lAefr paverti flni tin
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XH-Wctllf TJxiox an Ajuizci 95 per annum bt At
JO Satscribers 'istirlcjttiwlr Fipjrsciiixedaiaftritttfei
taeTast'OSee rem, si well as the on to,whici .thsy dtslrs. tha.
Oplnlonar oC-tne a?rcncb-Tress.
PrCm thaO;Inieo Natlonale.
If tte F'.cncU. fijg bad receiredench an insult
the whole poantry would h&re ruea as ode zsantri
dcmaird striking situiactiotl. - -
- Yrfa the Courier da llxvre.
Udiier car local Head will f omul the ciraum,
atdntial dstatts tf -tbat auJioiouj violation , of. the
righu of cation, against which tbe ESjInb officers
protested with energy, while trie 'QawiH'e GaVerLi
meat U taking crrtca?iotu messare'd avaths
outraged honor of the British &g.
What will Lord Joha HuselL and Lord Palmers
tdn dB they who ara ordtasriljeotiHiehj con
cermagthe rights sal prerogatiwg, cfte.n.so con
tetabW, ef England abroad. .Will they, be contest
with backing up the protest of ihi ofifcra of th
Trent b diplomatic trdtee tor Which other 6otea wilt
rc ply, and which. altSr -several .month - paua in
tbexcbnge of Aitpatehea, will end in a-disavowal
ef .the act f the commattder of the Sah Jacinto?
Jt will.be. if it should S3 occur, to" slidw frerell
very &ccomm6iiiagi and if the- icB jfre of Xra
cbceter aad of Bn'SMaglflMa be aBffiuMBtly.nawejrf.ul
ta deteriBioe tbesglishGoyerceotto i accept sttch
a reparation, it miiat be a matter of 'ft j- icing for j
.the trace of the world, because it will clearly j
'prove tbat peae C any price will hereafter ha an
integral par: ot IQ pouocah. progrAmms ot the
Kaclteh Goverciaent.
Ia regard to the America Governaerit, winch
.cana-ot acquit itself of the repoBglbthy' of the act
committed by the commander of tbe San Jacinto,
because1 thU war vessel, cruising at hot a.bort dis
tance from the coast of the. United Btates, meat
hare reef iTed recent and format instructions We
admire Ua .boldness. And if .t.supceedr it will be a
new conrlmation of the Latin maxim tntjacey for
tumfitval. Regarded i rom the point of "via of
tha "TigOt cf nations' the act of the San Jacinto, is
altopptber urjustiiMe, Icia.in ijtct, Edmtlfcd.J)y
the Utiited States themselves, that ia time of war
the neutral Use covers the goods, even the geeds
belonging M VHreau, prwM. they be Bot,aa
iniband ef war. JS'aw the Trent carried tho Eaz-
Iwhflig; itwia aotorisus th&S she did not carry
goods qoaiioed as contraband of war : and coming
from Uavana, a neutral pott bound to St Thomas,
another neutral pert, she cotrkl not; irrplain jaatice,
hare been the object, of searut on the part of U
. On what ground, tbeD, oes the commander Of
the San Jacinto who. until 'tha act 'is disavowed.
represents' tho BrderalG'6Tbrnnlent sustata hia.,
aet or Doaraurs-tce' ireac, ueoer tco nrtng o -.-.a
non, and talcing on some of bar .patseagera by
force t Oa tb supposition t?nt imax; the ptssea
gera there were two Confedarata atabissidors on
thair way to EaropeT Bat M nifntern'atioBal law
interdkt a maJateiiaer fret? Carry ioft passengers,
be they or be they not oalte ambassadarr, the sub
tle Yankee commandkr, declares that he conelsfered
these, ambassadors coniraband of war, and as such
he arrested them... What prtldigioas logic 7 The
wolf seeking for a qaarrel with the' Jfcmb who
troubled' the water of the streamlet twenty feet be
low Ik Majesty was but t novice to the Oimmaa'
dor of tb3aaJiqinto. .nut as ne awo na at ius
serrics) the strongest argument, the right remained
with htm. foe tee tune being.
' We say ' for the tieie being."' because we
MMnvalunil Iiav Tvr(.Wnii ran rtneuer,
f Jf-t8b5cw7tdDS0 e mutt, under the
iSSriiv of bwhw castrota the high position which
she ooenpi js ia too. world, take up the matter wit h
a high fcaad aad do justice to Tjerself. This l for
her entirely a personal matter, oa which she has
net ta coBautt her allies and her friends ; tbe duty
oi' avengisg her outraged honor concerns berself
only, ami if the Federal Government hear this cx
travagint act, should find that is has precipitated
th recegmtiea of the Confederate,' States of the
South by &glartd,itwiiilmvenootie trot iteelf to
As Kgards France, personally diriiertcd in
this cem plication, she will sot seek to meMle with
it, but will patiently await a solution which tbe in
cideat of the -Trent may fierhaps have th fflect of
s roia ao i-.r3a a-nn.
The relations of England, and the TJnlted States,
threaten to asMime a. eharacter'of 'ereafgravity.
They had become, very cold since the ba3! advisod
-rtpresectatiooa which Lard Lyons belrevied it to
be his duty to address to the Cabinet at Washing
ton on tha subject of a process, whose solution be
longed solely to the coesta of justicd- They have
sow becoma complicated by sn.aet which cannot
iail to cauw-th most energetic reclamations, and
in which all the- wrong ia on the side of the Amec-
1CThe pr.tetot.r-M.SliJeH were
seiaedia "cSntiabiad of war? could" only te ad
muted if tha envoys, of the South Vpsbed t6 make
use of the Trent to induce arms or ammunition into
America; but they were, oa the contrary, leaving,
America for Europe, aad .there, were no arma oa
board the steamer. The eramisarlv or agent of a
government have, never been regarded as -'contraband
of- war," consequently there'haa ben a man
ifestvtelalionof the English flig.and it te to be
fecrad that it was ordered by the pablnet at wash
ingtea to its desire to seiz3, at all risks, the dia
pateboa of whifih tha enroya f.tio South wero
tae bearesa. .Faderaay-circumstances, the British
GovernmeBt caanot cispenae wua excuog,aa a w
paratien the dstmissal of the officers of the iimM Jka,mttUU.mUmls KaVlrmHa.
Jacinto, the liberation Of the pasaeBgers takep fi r ,,-, K4esrUleTarBS-wia , hrUt srvslHnr.
Jacinto, the liberation of the paiaeBers
the Treat, and an indemnity ior wem..
w.h ,1. rvKtiu, r.f Waahms-ton'tfe able to maae
.ut ; fp., of th htaM ol irritation ia whwhr
. Im. . . . .. V- ,..f,'An. TK,t?rtn ftHHlf.
i Easrland 7 iviVinereiiAie w"""
tvrrrZld and the KnUed States, and w per-j-
.i i..,. n,i ka lainnuion the news nrodtteed
oa thetamlea Stook Eichiwity, Reinforcement
for Canoes, were aUeady ia foroattoo, and -WJ
We yetteraay reetlvea the meet seriens inteL'u
gence. A WruedeMte'Vteet-ei.-ivsM-, an iM'uio,
entered Sesrtbeapten rterhavtaarseehedatidbarnt
at tbe v'rv'gs.trn or Kagtaao, a mereamni orig. ur-
rMe the t'eaerai riasr, aoa smsteBwerawwi.
'alKivnar nerw wo -
inWetairaeesaM ea ttse e. ef braktsg throe;h
.Tn'rlewof 'a"fiiet "efsaeh a naturewe abfltkla,
Slleomi5ent, and awattedaewi; details, JlTBre,
bare beta orderetl by the JSagliaa UOveioran. k i Hi,, V Lt 'rta-K4G frtt . Saath Caioo it.eetadolk.
Mil forthwith. t thssWreiet.198 feet 4 wltbaMWy. DwlUnsv ooatahisa;
Tr.tlP.r'4Piy,K!3 SttSSESSSfc. ia tw.Uoeaas.ts. with . bait
not to Ui&7P '.afitraiynTai".
I .
lw 4llA IdlAnuL
that "VP MultM grave hia basa committed oe Uie
untisli flsg oyjra American Bteaniertht wsnlonot
? ,sc'li5?ese(1 10 preSeS cf toicraaee
'Tha Federal-war. veaMLlhaSeJ'aciatOjTisi ta
ken Mesara. Uason-aad SlideH by force frtm a
boArtl iSo Hogfea raairsleiajer TrecL,
I V? Wnn- ntfhih,Kil. r - ?
tber', all tho trravity of this violation of tSf rWbta
t-of naion: Enjlacd has maaifested hersTfeoaAfei.
Lmoro or less lively, for Use South, "but until fecbaifair.
un iiuuimuw utroF was IHf Suppose
that aho-wouH decide. It mast be that the Cabwet
at Washington hu been, struck with rtira &3ats
I a Power whiea- hsa only oawtTcd afetraato.ti
iDTHry ot rta malarial, iisxij
' Was tho arrest of Ihs Ooafederate ambassarlen
of such great lbpOrTeace .to atriBhtiarthey
shaaldriskavfcrytnisfito obteiait? r .
Did ilrLkiQola believe that the Southern eBvoyt
coastitated what interaational law calls coababaad '
of war. and that therefore he woald be TSflrskitd
f to eixa thta ou board of a foreign venL. w. .
Wo do aotEaewuiwnat f&sbioathe iedeiaiCioj-cnsae&t-wiil
explaia this usquaUSed actcomatteeu '
by. the Sta aointo, but we believe We are ableteV
assign, aa the first caute. tha exaggerated geutte-ne-whfch"Bilindhas
alwaysmaaifsated tajrard
titiJloiieaiatatci.of Amcrioa. .
haughty, before the coMntutkmai powers -tria- ,
blea and becomes small before her traataHasttsbre-'
thren. There is no sortot isank waiefe- theiFJ-.
eral Government has" not isSicted on her, aaJ"et,
thcEo insults hava always, been accepted bjrSKr
with perfect.resjgnation. ' ' -j
Tnia conduct aas exalted the ptwe of the abut
at Washington, which has ceae to believe.that it.
csa dira everything.
Cat the United States are mistaken. If Bsgtand.
has undergone so much humiliation it was becatse
ahe dreaded a war which would dose tlia Ameri
can ports against the cxperUtioa of cottoa.u,was
becauee she feared Ihe disturbances and. interior
revolution which, would be the fatal consequences
of a prolonged stoppage of 'her m.wufaetories ;
it was because she feared tbe ruin of her com
merce. '
' Bat new the qutstioa has changed Us. face. Tbe
North has nothing aore to give, but oo tbe contra
ry,, e very tiling to receive. It is the 3obth tbat poeK
seMescottoo: it is the S-.'uta that wtil -hav tbe
rfght nf diets ting cboditieas with Koclami, astite
UoHt'd States will do well to correct their error
if they hare believed for one jBoeteat Unt;tleir
militarv force and naval temr eesia irasBtea
Europe.' l -
" lb tratrigicsr'tbe Brkisih 4ag the Seckrala, nave
perlwsw not rtUctd oa tMs that tbe sailatiB
tereata f Bztnd iraoel 'her to aa alfkjw'ff'witJl
tbe CoeftderaCB-Srates. -..
We hope. aotwtbeU4iiig, tmCtbia rssrrtabJa af
fair will sstlriaic bef a oectflio wjneji wajreald
ktbe first to deplore. Wa hope ato tin: ttic
American Minsrterd. Mr. Seward lafctae9twKl
learn, bat not at theif expeaee.tMt ia politke w
ia diplomacy, dweesey and reseeeter the xigJita,of
rwnoBfc ar very-aeful tbiBgs.
Wa have already, toe. opiaions of the EagtvSiftar
asls, whkh are not of a nxtare to elaita tUeVHsn
we hare entertained. ' i-jf '
The Morxh; Pew asserts that ne rftfuratjajuvyiil
nets .vielently foreed from the prwectSa or tHa
British flig. "t'
While v-fcely reservfeg the fwt efi.rht,
the E&glhh press is general exeraea a prflftand
resentment at the affiroat whieJi Eoglaed haJetst
suffered. " '"
Tito Feeling Irs. tao IVeat ladloau .
Advieea frcmJamalM;Weaf IwJBsay 4hii tlie
r M'isos-EHMH.'afiAinwas' ciyiaj pabl?8,.attea-
tlon there. ThtV fyHBet cmsaesonc etvtse
(inestiaa isys - ' . t
It n'dak5.efeo sea and. wer.&ll waawitk
the greawat arxisty to learn witt cen5 'the
British Garernmeot will adopt ia the rnattervThat
it .wHIdemtnd tip anstios and apology fOftie
outrwKe to the national flig is eeibmr ; but rwili it
bt addition, require of tbe Amerieaa Gereramest
ute surreaoer ot toe capuves . jiucq win aepeau
on this ; lor should it do so, and thoaki the Ameri
cans refuse to give them np as it k cfirtoiodtey
will We ilo netsee how k is poi'.a for war, t
tneea the two powers to be aveidd. - If rve are
to judge of too. preseot tBsper of the Amerkan
mind lrom tbe toee of the Northerapreeathen
war mui; be IeoleU toi aa iswvitabte' aaeoldttihe
Brlnsn Governmest insist upon
saraessiar,. of
The Guardian eeatintiea :
HBtriEr the iintasti utrveraoteat WaU.tjJMIigr
4ated by the .boastful and defiant sfrarMnNbe
Americas press, yet to be seen. Jx&n mtm, n ia
well known, is not easily fHkhteonJ, - sLtn '
be flrsgoeced. It Brotbar Jamlairrg
or hemay eooafiM to his ea- TSrS. ,
,nn mt. i-j,- At any late, tr-Mrk
clouds of wnkn Have rrarW Mw We'
u .tMrre aef m as n user were anmra ra aMaxt.
f-a. more gloey aspect aid to srva4 thcsseelve'i
over a widir nsjjo- u sky. use eaesyp. yelp
feeling asrtJietHive for the fate ef tWs ateosT sk
fenceless island, khookl the prcioatoittwaC the
Carribean be rudely brpkea by the irmaJarz or
wsr.-'Screly itia tis rbrW4h ism iraeTarul
local 'geversraeac to tak efL-ctoal steps ftrBvi
d ing some means of defence agues: tha foreipt iu
vision of our shores. --'
Whelosalo Grocers, Frnit Doaloro
IVov 21 market Street, N'astVrlUe.
A JtOaS oer prwent itoir -will SJwni is-i''f4wki j utt-
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wewtllwll la lcU tn mtt cajteorrs ai at !! Euketprlea:
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6WitiaSa??ir.all rad; . 1 pipe pan Bail'S-rfln;
59 bbls UolassekV. , d o rreaea'Braady;
3o chesu Black aadCresa Tear; ax sbh d "BaatboteSrThiskyt
tS bags Java Oa4e; tte da BaVa 0 do;
100 packages Layer. Bsteiss, lafi ) It Newsam!, d(
Bxw,Iialvea sedQA'rra; S do Otager Brift
KOoart'nsBaldaafor'aaBycse; M da BeoMtd WbJtty;
IMkuiri r-e h.Prns; 888 tia'jui;
100 boxes Not Pine Cackers; H d tar TteMsrj;
albbla AlaotdaaadSats;
as oa ixaastf-K
3 doaea Pepper Manors:
5 do Tomato Oatsapjx
10 do Prsab. PrfP
,n JWBgatea Blttars;
11 da Moiuid,
Srress laslest
aOO do Bxtra floury.
M drsea'PteUes;
is win tataf msi
Warrons and Teams Waif ted;
JT71LL Hire coastast capteyatest to twe gocStx-msla
teams, hauUse to aid. treex Uaawfeester Perso;s;w!ata
smplojment la bvJtog aadjaavngrgeed wagoas asd teats will
please call Liaedmtely. W B WiUTJtlidN.
.Far Sale. Is cat orExthang-e.
SHALL Para, three Biles from Ihe city oo ttfcaaJ1,1?""
pike, eoDtateteg rlihty aerea.r JSrtfi,lJa,
Dsiryor flardealar Wr'fW2E!2f
wll watored.eeBitonab welkac .S,1,!oc:
areharf. he. ApjKjtoX. w. - ' J',.Z
BajttianoiB Bnija Ltt
"iyestriti'to Meat tMate 14 resile.
a- Attalas Ut sale, oa litil t nu, the Wsshrjag Beal
aad otlr Dseessary BH-aowes. aatl eod-ta e Mvjk fal'iag
Brtotti nd outnat rannL t erwk iaa thrmt-k aft, reran
yud m adjaeen. lo lodge W 0 HSaBhnrjs ravtae'East, t K
lia'asoa S"Otb,Mrj 6uT A V SrB oataNnh, Cr A U
cage on Weti .
v AlM.atrwCf J X acres, two aad a ksf oallaa &sait9ws,a
tbeVaacbj Xuropiia, dja eattoOen Br Siscsasaad -near
the late reiace of -i M HrMS leA Wr Wesaaty a vary
un'sosaa lot iBeieaes im bubkkbob.
also,a Lot la tae alsbtb.1
A fatllBuia3 MK, f w
'ard of Hokvttaft, vraer at Vta
and ?oata0nja3 Mr. f,U3g oa Vise stVcet T30 fet,
roathQalra xtrtetM foet.
traaJC aweiitBg wts'SU
.flwrocBi;n'acltfaeeta)t,cs theeerDer of-Sevsa Dalsa
aad Htcs streets a roolkulr. aeairyarri
AiTa Lot of W feet, on. to Wr,.ski pS Hasir sbreat. (a
li rrurth ward i " oky, HTPi h .Vifte''"
smsJIdoaaleframstaaeieaCBa H OUa Let fl 171 test derp to
l2WkaTmry br tsaH 8mw aad Lotat vsotlot ta
derettparUof tHy. Varan dira, to Mrehase wOI
eTn bo mi at-No. 50 ebarry strerfjUS stoaw T reajbo st
his P.etnru KoimvonUaloE, street, er oa B 7 Woodwara oa.
""rtrr"- n -nr. v-iwrm
! m.k.. tmt, boo. tte ear late. mUram.
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