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Griffith, P. C. Dnnnlngton, John C Bnrcli.
Leon Trcnidala an Tfaot. S. Marr.
Invariably In Advance.
January 31, 1SC2, J
Tho mortal remfiins of Gen. Felix K. Zollicofj ik
will reach the c spital tomorrow. As a well earn
ed tribute of rcjpect to the memory of him who
fell at the head of hia column, gallantly tattling for
. the independence and the rights of his country,
tha Executive Departments of .the State oi Ten
nessee trill be closed upon thaf d5".
In tho death of Gen. Zol.vicotfzr the people of
aenness2o realiza the los3 of ono of her brarest
soldiers, truest patriots and best citizens.
Isium G. Harms,
Govereor of the State of Tennessee.
The remains of the late Gen. Zollicoffeb and
Lieut. Bailie Petton will reach Nashville at 12
o'clock, M., this day by the L. & N. R. R. Herch
aits and others are respectfully requested to close
their houses of business at 11 o'clock, A. M.
T. B. Cheatham, Mayo
Tho Bemains oi the Heroic Bead.
A telegraphic dispatch has been received from
Gen. Johkstou at Bowling Green, stating that the
remains of Gin. Felix K Zollicoefsk and Lieut
Bailie P&ttox will arrive in the city tcsday, by the
Bowling Green train. It is only necessary that the
citizens of Nashville should be informed of this
fact, that they may en masse demonstrate their
profound respect for the illustrious and heroic
dead. "Wo refer to ths proclamation of the Mayor
EiilItiTnents and. ISo-Enllstments.
Hen of forethought and reflection now confess
that this is the question that should, moro than any
other, engage the earnest attention and evoke the
highest energies of every Southern patriot. It is
not a moment too soon to begin working and pre
paring lor tilling up the rnks of the army. The
crisis of our f&to will be reached in April, May
and June, The North are making immense calcu
lations on our failure to recruit men sufficient for
tho emergency. The South's zeal in the great
cause cf independence will now be subjected to the
severest test. How can men, worthy of freedom,
falter fcr one moment, when everything is at stake,
honor, liberty, property, existence itself. Let the
Legislature and the press and the people at once
take ths subject up and insure tho successful
accomplishment of the Jgreat object. Lzt it
1)2 done in time, even now.
The Memphis Appeal has tho following forcible
r3mark3 on the subject :
Jfe are surprised that tho subject of re ehlistinp-
old troops la Otlr- mmr, ..! , . J
.for the spring campaign, is treated br tho greater
portion of the Seathern press "as a tririal matter,
which will regulate itself, and from wbich we need
have no apprehensions of danger. It is well, per
haps, that all of us do cot sit in a state of dreamy
apathy and view this important and absorbing sub
ject in a similar light, waiting for the government
to nut a ball in motion whoso momentum is abso
lutely nothing if it fail3 to receive an impetus from
the patriotic heav;ng3 o: the great popular heart.
There is dinger in tbi3 mttter which can only be
avoided by being properly acknowledged and
promptly exposed- Nothirg that we can conceive
of will prove so disastrous to our cause as a failure
to let the people they who originated and are car
rying on this war b3 fully advised of the sacrifices
and endurance that are to bi expected of them be
fore it is brought to a successful termination. Chief
among other subjects, full of solicitude, is that of
securing the punctual re-enli3tment, for the war,
of every available mn who is now in the military
service of the Confederacy a consummation which,
if attained, will render the conflict comparatively
short and decisive, when otherwise it might be pro
tracted and pregnant with frequent defeat.
It is not the part of true wisdom for us to under
estimate the importance of this matter better by
far exaggerate it, and thus err on the side of safe
ty. We observe that the Northern press are plac
ing great hopes upon our inability to pass this or
deal, and are urgirg increased vigor on the part of
the Federal Government with the view of discour
aging reenli8tmenfs. A late copy of the Chicago
Trihunc, which we have before u, ventilates this
subject in a lcDg and ckborate leader, dwolling
upon it with a chuckle of the grimmest satufau
tion. It ventures the hoisting as-sertion that if tie
Washington dctpotism will press its alleged advan
tages gained in the repulsa of Crittenden with pro
per -vigor, the "rebellion ia dead " The givinja out
from Washington, too, arc quite similar in their
character and rpiril. We are informed by a late
dispatch that "all the intelligence which the gov
ernment receives ia to the fleet that the rebel
will have great d.fiealty in inducing their twelre
meatus soldiers to remain in service after their pe
riod of enlistment expires," and that nae march
homeward is likely to begin eoon, unless circum
stances unfoerseea prevent it.'i2We can here plain
ly sec what the enemy regards as our greatett
wesfcneE-s, and that he relies upon it as the sole
source of triumph upon fields where his armies
have been overwhelmed with continuous disaster
and defeat. Forewarned, therefore, we should be
Lrertrttns Rutntct of re-enlistment r.l .-. or-,: ti
he taken up by STery SouthernLegislature arm every
newspaper prees, and be ventilated until it ii
brought fully before the public eye. Particularly
should this be the case in the States of the Missis
sippi valley, whose people must ia the future
arouse themselves to a better appreciation of their
situation. With Sydney Johnaton and Beaure"ard
as leaders in the nexs campaign in the West, we
cannot believe that much difficulty will be experi
enced in organizing a large and powerful army,
sufficiently effective for all purposes, provided the
work is undertaken in time.
In risw of the circumstances that surround ut,
it hehoores the Southern people to be fully aroused
to the coming crisis. A few days more will wit-
cess some of the most desperate -flghtihg ever seen
in the history of the wond.
. Tho enemy are growing desperate from the delay
of their Gensrals, the defeats they have suffered
and the loss of prestige they have endured from
their much boasting and their poor performance.
They have made great preparations to encircle us
with their gigantic fleets and armies. Upon the
first opportunity they will march upon cur line;
ana endeavor to carry oui meir piang. in view of
AT. - .1. T) .1 77V . ,
-nun-mo uitumuuu .omjuircr uunciuues an able
article with the following stirring appeal to tho
patriotism of ths people :
In,the threats that fall upon our ears, and in the
great neets ana armies wnicu tuey are sending to
-our various frontiers, our enemies am uivinw . .
call to arms that should rouse every spirit in tho
land. Their g eat boasts and sraill performance
heretofore, 'u tho true style of Mexican grandilo
quence, have tendeeed to make us careless and al
most lethargic. We have learned to deipiae our
enemy al aya a source of danger. We have heard
hk battle tcund so often when there his been no
battle, that we have ceased to uottco it. Thero ia
peril in this ! The enemy know that what they
purpose to do, they must do quickly. Their own
fade k, W&aSX
f01" ebd iruitl5,7nJ 5 f he funde are fast faih
the dilatory proc- of siting, and will
J. Europe.he inereat!' of corn
soon mterfereta J vig0r is absolutely ne
SSy - anUureni frcm out-
1TJS Confederacy !
should onnd.ggberBTiTerf. We want war
peonlP ,lSse up and organize as one man,
SSSS-to determined war. Sec ye
not the So Are tbat is uniting around you?
Hear T nnMhe tramp of the enemy's advancing
linee, and waush of his coming amps : ine
Bhock-of ' frawsfow strife is upon lis 1 As a free
and indeT,PmIentpeoPIe we havo either conquer
or t - are resolved not io die! The
timo is eprnefften every one who has the spirit of
a man, must tho it. '-The men who carried me
to Mp4sJ .U the men who have kept me back from
Richmond"-! Scott ia rePorted t0 bave eai(1 t0
Lincoln. Lt ifcClellan's experience be made as
bitter ! Seolti a traitor to his State. McClellan
s a traitor to tic principles lie lormeriy avoweu.
ComnatiinnS fa infamy, let them be consigned to the
ft Huwship of defeat.
Tjto So ii tli cm lUonltily.
In gome rpects the inauguration of a Literary
Monthly in the South at the pressnt time haa been
chosen at 's most unpropitious time. There never
was a neriod when publishers were more torely
Passed to get the material for carrying on their
baHinj3''Kper is difficult to obtain, and rules at
exorbitaJrPricc8- ho same ia true of printers'
J"i(1Vtrlo.l for engraving -and lithographing
canncVjJ; detained at any pi-ice, except in limited
qaantnipa &nd of very inferior qualities. Firat
claso engravers also cannot be secured. What with
theno ana otlur similar annoyances, a publisher's
Dual-ass 13 notriQinc; task. Yet in another aspect,
it is a moat excellent period for inaugurating such
an enrerprite. The Yankee blockade has shut out
all ths sensation literature and magazine publicas
tions which the Southern people, from habit, had
exclusively patronlzsd. The times, it is true, do
not favor inQch reading, unless it pertain to the ex
citing scene! of the wa:
Yet there is a mental hiatus, which it ia necessary
ta nil, ana lrom this the demind for reading mat
t2r, of a literary, philosophical, historical and mis
callaneous character is sufficient to encourags, suss
tain and nurture the growth of a periodical equal
to the most excellent that ever flourished in the
We shall not discuss the question of the existence
of literary talent in the South sufficient to sustain
it, as the expression of a doubt on lhat point would
involve an absurdity so gross that we shall not per
petrate it. Ihe'Siuth has been foremost in every
lietu ner leading mi nds have ever entered, in poli
tics, science, invention, agriculture, war. Her
literary talent has never had a fair field and favor
able encouragement, yet her sons have achieved no
mean success as ftferafeurs
The Southern Monthly ha3 demonstrated the ex-
tence of thi3 literary ability ia tho South duriug
its brief career. Its pages sparkle with brilliant
sketches, and entertaining essays, romances and
cnlici3m. If it is not all that our ideal of a rcpre
sentative bouthern Monthlv should be. it hnn nt
least made fair progress in that direction, and every
succeeding number is an improvement oh the last
ouiMiiu nut uu juugeunarsuiy, oecause in aim :
high, and any criticism at all should be conter.t
witli tindly euggesiions and encouraging hints. A
word a? to the engravings. We know that Mr.
MC73.Tr is a genuine artist,, but the materials at
hand are not favorable for a faithful execution sf
his sketches by the lithographer. The wood cannot
be obtained for.engra'ing. The lithograph has to
be all that we cild
Wa chancs to kooit that if energy and skill, eu:
tamed by a generoui public can do anything, the
time is approaching, when cur Monthly will present
an tppearanco in this, as in every other respect,
that will mike the Southern people proud of this
enterprise, if3 literary contents, its engravings, its
every department. As it is, we accept it thank
fully as being quite as good as a people engaged in
an oxhausting war, who have stdly neglected to
foster the arts and literature among themselves
heretofore, and irho arc blockaded on all tids
from procuring the material to inaugurate the arts
among them, can expect. It ia the germ from
which we devoutly trust, will, in good time, spring
a noble and refreshing stem thit shall bo the beauty
asd the ornauieat of-Southern homes, and shall
cause other scidbs to arise to gladden tho heart
and cultivate all that is good and true and beautiful
among us.
dunged and missiria:, B M GlvmgS F R3y: WnhT,
4i, H Crenshaw, J TF White. m'
Oapt; trooch'a Company .-Killed, Sheiton Crciti
wait, T Griggs, J T SanderjuS Stanfleld ; wonndJ
Capt. Gooch, Mark SandersiD Miller, T Neal j T'
Sheiton ; missing, J Robertson and Andrew M
Corporal Patterson, the color guard, was iW
down while gallantly . carrying the fl)g jn ft
charge Trigg Jones was then shot down with it
in hand ; and then Adjutant Battle seized it tBj
bore it to within ten or fifteen steps of the enemv'a
line, and there planting it, called tho men to iu
folds. They camo, but it was shot from its galliat:
bearer, when it was seized by Lieut. Frank Len
der and borno offin triumph. It was finally Cir
ried by McGrith, of Capt. Dyer's compaay. Tie
banner has 13 holes through it. W. M. ClL
Captain in Battle's Eegimc'nt.
Special Corrtsouience of ths Nashville Union atd Amttian
Ciiir Oaklakd, 12 Miles North Bowlixo Gbees, '
January 25th, 18U2. j
Eii'ors Union and American: Believing ths; r
letter from the 2nd Battalion of Tennessee cavary,
commanded by Lieut. Col. J. B. Biffle, wouldsct
ba uninteresting to a portion of your readej,!
venture to send you the following iten.s : 4
Owing to the fact that this Battalion has he! no
"correspondent," its movements thus far haveeen
almost entirely unknown to the public ; andt)agh
varied and numerous', and tho scens through hlcb
hhas figured -furnish many items of ioteroiljt:,V
to attempt to giro tliera in full how Ttou1o"'&m.
lees ; for it. was the first cavalry that camo v thp
State.Sept. 17, 1SG1. and has been ectively emjoyeil
over since. j
There is tho Hopkin3ville expedition and s:irm-
ih. ia which we lost one man and had Anther
severely wounded, (being first action in this Sate)
the trip to and scenes at Brownsville- ad
vance to Green river, where wo remained near
two months, scouting and picketing heavy al the
while the skirmish ne!.r Bacon Creek driviig in
enemj 'a pickets and giving them splendid 'right
alarm" in their camps at Nolin the expedifca to
ijsoor mtierial at. that. Bjs and
Cartlcnlars of ilie Battle
Filters Union and American: Knowing that the
friends arc exceedingly anxious to learn the names
of the sufferera in the late battle at Fishing Creek,
I hava put raj self to considerable trouble to get a
correct list, which I send you, and the officers and
men have kindly csshted me. Some of the wound
ed are very slightly injured, and all that are with
us here are ia Sue condition, notwithstanding the
severe ordesl through which thev have had tn n-.
since the fight. Numbers have walked all the way
with severe wounds. One in particular, in Capt.
Akdsbsojj's ccmpany, with broken forearm' and one
rib broken by a Minnie ball, and a grszs on the lej.
walked nearly all the way to this placs and never
murmured. I don't believe any other set of men
in the world could have endured the cold, mud,
rain, hunjar, fatigue and wounds, so cheerfully an
ours have. Arrangements are being made for ths
lafe and eaaj transportation of the sick and wound
ed on stsamtsats to their friends. -
-5:iA-.Cmpanyi Killed Lieut. -Bailitr-l-.-T- Tn
reytoa, i-owery, John Cathey ; wounded,
Henry Graves, Wm. fjpencer, John Poarch,
GreensVurgh- the attack upon and breakiqgEp of
camp Jce Underwood, &c , 1&3., all affordingsbun
dant miterial for letters of interest; but thtpen.
though "mightier thaa the sword," in this intance
remained idlo, while the latter scarce repd a
Our Battalion, having been on Jheavy dut on
'advance post" with Gen. Hixdman, near ill's
Tavern, ever since the 29 th of December last, and
being considerably exhausted by labor of that
position, was recently relieved by the Missstippi
cavalry and ordered back to this place. Te are
now with Gen. BRECKiSBioaB's Brigada near Oak
land Station, 12 miles north of Bowling rcen
And as we ware ordered to this place for tb pur
pose of resting ourselves and horses, we wfl pro
bably remain some time, unless the "Yankeer' will
accommodate us by making movements thst wiD
causa ua to bo put in motion again soon. Weiave
a fine place for encampement plenty of w:ter,
wood, JSC. convenient, and with but two piket
posts to 'filh we hope to have a "good tisie." )ne
of our picket stands is within three miles ofthe
enemy near Brownsville.
One day last week Col. Biffle with a detachnent
of 100 men, went over to Brownsville to seo'xhat
"Yanks"'" were d-iag there. He fcuiid the tiwn
deserted rivt'r "past fording" skifft and hats
destroyed, and a company of enemy oesupyiegjp--
posite banks. Shoti were exchanged freely for
some time, but owiug to distance between she
parties, were of but little effect; their balU wiis-
tled around us ,tnusicalbj, but "nobody '
!.... 33 I1 1 , f, -j ...
h-n-r-v .XiiS i?,r"iz. uuuacu, uui was ivrr-r. r.
aomeuf ths "tallest cussin" imaginable. Col. Busts
ctlled out in very kind and persuasive tones toon
of them: "Oh, my fripnd 1 Sy, my friend! Ering
over your canoe !"' Reply with a vim, "Go to h-11
you d u rebel you I" and other language notrery
refined or polite. After remaining there about two
hour3, we bid our "friends" good bve with J full
Tollty ani returned to camp.
The enamy have not crossed Green River, at
Munfordville, yet though their bridges hsTewen
completed two weeks ; and it is doubtful whether
thoy intend to advance by this route soon or nst.
But if they do advance hero, they will certainly
have no easy time of it. With railroads torn up:
depots and principal buildings destroyed, vrter
rendered Bnflt for use, by carcas3es of cows, hog:
&a , thrown into it, roads obstructed by felled tree;
their progress can but be slow and tedious giving
our Generals ample time to complete cvary arrange
ment that may be neceesary to give thsm s "warm
But we fear that tho programme of the enemy
has been chanced, and that they will advance by
other routes, disnppointirg ui here in cur antici
pation of meeting them soon.
The sad news from the lamented Zjllicofkrs
command cat a gloom over our camp, being accu
tomed, so long to rejtice ovor victories. This, our
first defeat, and auc7i a defeat is received with a de-
gres of sorrow though keenly felt, not easily de.
a :rib:&. But we still hop; that it is not eo a s&j-
trous as the first news indicates. Seversss are but
tie fate of war ; and arc probably for our goad
We are not discouraged; but .still trusting in the
'God of our fathers," and firmly believing in the
final success of our cause, we nsrve our hearts
anew for the coming confiict.
I will close this letter, perhaps already growing
too lengthy, by threatening to trouble yoa when
convenient, with another. MiLtoN.
JRTEWB aha BAGS uou Arrfcnc mrar
CorreipoBdsace or tha (Jlefc1 Wiicta!,r.
MCkpordstillb. Ky., Jan. llWhen I hat Wr8te
you I littla tnougni inav wouiu oe
written at the same piace, aHon mat eve
rything seemed almo3t ready tot 'a fornard move
ot fn, thio nninfc- Will you oe sumriaetl nh
I tell you that Gen. Buell's great array ha3 begun
intrenchincr itself on the aouta bank of Green
frota "Vera.
ffm. KcAlister anu wm. u. Stevens; missing, J.
T. Davidson aad David Anglin.
Capt. Clark'a Company. Killed, G. A. Keith
wounded, R. B. Vaughn, James Watson, L. S. Hamer,
J- F. M033 and U- H. 13 3tick; mnaiag, J. M. Crocker
Capt. Rice's Company. Wounded and missing,
H. Dandy .Sergt. L. L. Gray and James Cooper;
wounded. George Kouert3, A. C. Goss, T. J Goss,
James Austin, A. E. McLaughlin, W. A Jones, Wm
Madlick, T. Brown and A. Montgomery.
Cant. Rnnker'a Company. Killed.'Josiah Martin ,
mounded, C A Crenshaw, J WHyde and JAPettus;
musicg, jj jj Hane3, G D Uughea, D S Jobe, R A
Jordin, J M P Tibbit, A G Hill, W U McDugal, J L
Waltoa. R J Fleming, D S J Wood and T J Redman.
Capt Nimmo's Company Killed, Lieut Johnson;
wounded and missing, Wm Davis, D Y Caldwell, F
ntton, R Hodgers and J S Stewart; wounded, M
Brown, W Mason, R WHillman, b nippy and Robt
Morria; misslcg, Buck Carter and John McAdams.
UaPt Anderson's Company Killed, Et W B Lax
ton, Lt G Pedigrue, W,R McCann, Wm Royal, G B
Wood, jJmcs Dean, J M Iean, C E Miller, T J
Clark, S L Clark, J G Gordi3g, T J McCallum;
wounded, a J Rowlan, Wm Homer, and G W
Capt Djer's Company Killed, J.'d F Shram, J
S X Cannon and F M AlexEuder; wound
ciM mining John O'Reilly; wounded, II Tcrp
le7, A J g ji'Caborn, T F Duncan and G F
CaPtain Dofiaon'a Company-Killed, T A. Jpncj;
wounded.L p pWtereoaand J W Goodlett; mija-
lnK. R A Wright and A G Gant.
uaP5. Degraffenried's Company. ixiuau, a y
Intcrestixii; a.nl Imyoriaai
25r The- BteamBbiu Otffllnbiiir
from Havana the 28th, arrived this eveninir. Rnt7s.r
dull and declining; stock 25,000 boxes ; mo'aejia
moderate demand, .hxenango declining. Kfo-iino
exchange 12 3 1h2 premium; onJNew York la2J
Mexican nws to the 10th. Communicition with
the interior is cut off. A regiment of Sp-nih
troops, which started forth an the Medilleoa " road
iur a rcuuuuuia.ui:c, uvu uueu uriyea Dack after
pruceuuius a muu, uy an unseen ioe. Una corres
pondent says that Vera Crus is surroanded, inland-
HUfu, uu ua' uesiegeu. vegiuoieg or fuel
roach the city, and many articles of prime necessi.
ty are sadly needed. Many Spanish troopi are tick
uu lucre ucc uiuy ueteruuiu.
There are great fears of an attack cn Vers Cruz
Several Spanish sentinels have been shit wua
American steamer Start had a-rived at Vera P-r2
with four thousand guns and three hundred oonnds
of powder for the Mexican Republic. This was
seized by the Spaniards, aa was also a small lot of
amau ocms uu uunru me unjf ru301a. HOre IrrJ
snd nAiild ?nn tin i tier
The Encliah. Fpennh. and Snniah fl.
the castle of Sxn Juan De Ulloa, the French
English flaets having arrived. Gin Prim
among the French and English at a want of cam
tesyin the xllied expedition, not having hoistM
three fiajs first. ea Uie
Three thousand men wera to make a sortig to
deavor to clear the environs of tho city, that 11"
market may be supplied with fresh provisions
Host of the French troops have diseabarke d
Nassau dates are to the 12th. The EnoHnt, J .
of war Conqueror will be a total lass. Tlee cr
reached Nassau, also forty cannon. The Gladi,? "
was still in port with a cargo of arms, &s.
Com.McKean nsnt the Massachusetts tnnir. t.
schooners loaded with sand to be sunk in ir-"
Island pass. The health of the troons cf st,i-cP
land was excellant. Great activity prevailed amnnL
the troops of Havana, and rumor says they wiU hf
sent to Vera Cruz. Several cases of subordinr&n
have occurred amonft thsm. and three nen pnn,l?
sioned officers -had been killed amonir thpm: mi
1 murderers vrere publicly garroted.
firkl lloporfi of tHo SitUlo of
WH. - r
The following is Gen, Thomas's ofHciaf'account
ofthe battle :
Somerset, Jan.t. me route 01 ine enemy was
complete. After succeeding in getting two pieces
of artillery across the river, and upwards of fifty
wagons, they were abandoned with all tho ammu
nition, in the depot at Mill Springs. They there
threw away tneir arms ana aispersea tnrougn the
mountain by-ways in the direction of Monticello,
bat are so completely demoralized that I don't be
lieve they will maue a stana snort ot Tennessee.
The property captured on this side ofthe river
is of great value, amounting to eight six-poundera
and two Parrot guns, wiu.caisoonsfilled witffam-.
munition ; about 100 four horse wagons in pretty
good condition, and upwards of 1,200 horses and
mules ; several boxes of arms which have never
been opened, and from five hundred to one thousand
muskets, mostly old flint lock, but 'in good order ;
subsistence stores enough to serve the. entire com
mand for three days ; also a large amount of hos
pital stores.
As soon as I receive the report of the brigade
commander I will forward my detailed report of
the battle. Our loss was 39 killed and 127 wound
ed. Among the wounded were Col. McCook, 9th
Ohio, and his aid, Lt. Burte, I8th U- S Infantry.
The loss of the rebels was Zollicoffer and 114 oth.
ers killed and buried, 116 wounded, and 45 prison
ers not wounded, five of whem are surgeons, and
Lieut. Cl. Carter, Seventeenth Tennessee Regi
ment. Respectfully, Ges. Tnoma.
Additional Particulars of t&e Batllo of
Fishing CrceK-
Troia tho Louisville Democrat, Jam 23i
Col. Green Clay, a volunteer aid of Gen.Schoepf,
.""lr. i"taaeit in tiia ncht of last Sunday.
s.rnveu m ttio city last evcniDR as the bearer 01
aispaicne3 to lienerai liuell. Ho left the tattle
grouEd bundsy mailt, and Somerset Mondav morn
ing. His report of the engagement gives tho fol
lowing tacts :
On Sunday morning, about half past six o'clock,
tho pickets et ine lOtn Indiana were driven in giV'
ing the first intimation of the enemy s approach.
and 111 a very lew moments alterwards the enctco
ment be-j an, by an attack on the camp of that regi
ment. This fact, and tho other that they fought for
a short time unaided, accounts for the heavy losses
m the 10th , but they were very soon remfocced by
the 9th Ohio, ths 4th Kentucky, and the 2d Minne.
sota, and Wolford's cavalry. These bore the brunt
01 the light, and their conduct gave the moat per
feet satisfaction to the General commanding When
the fight begai tho Federals had 'no artillery, but
shortly afterwards Cap'. Kinney's and ono ether
battery company came up.
Opposed to these were 10.000 infantry, 1,500 cav
alry and two batteries of artillery. In the hottest
of ths fight, Col. McCook, of the 9th Ohio, gave or
ders to hi" bravo Germans to fix bayonets and
cnirge. xney aia so, witn tno lorcg 01 an ava
lanche, and the reaulc wa?, that the enemy's lines
were completely broken anJ his forces thrown into
inextricable confusion. About the same time. Zol
licoffer, accompanied by one of his aids, galloped
up to Uol. b ry, 01 t"i? 4th Kentuofey, in mistake.
and ordtred him to quit firiai? cn his own men. Col.
L" . replied that ho was not firing on his own men
On receiving that reply the aid drew his pi3toland,
aiming to shoot I'ry, hit his horse, killing him. Si
multanpously, Col. F drawing hia pistol, shot and
killed Zollicoffer. The body of the rebel General
was recognized by very my who knew him when
alive, ana at tue time Uol. Ulay left the camp was
awaiting the coming of a fljg of truce, which it
was supposed wJould bo sent for it.
When the principal fighticgwas ovor, other re
inforcements of Fsoveral regimen ta camo up, among
them the 12th Kentucky andlSSSJhd 2d Tennessee,
but there was very little leftijfimthem to do. ex
cept pursue. In tho fight 'CoJjfilcCook received
a painful but not dangerous Wound, and Col. Wol
ford lost ono of hia commissioned officers.
It was no5 certain that Bailey Peyton was killed
bat a sword was found on the field hivi-ghis
name on it.
The behavior of Wolford's cavalry.agaiast which
there has been some hard talk, was declared to be
all that could be desired they went into the fight
with determination, and fought liko tigers, doinj a
great deal of damage.
It is known certainly that the steamer and all the
enemy's floats but ono were degtrored-hr.flra;- but
.l!f5rj-'nxSt'th"STiroa:rnr iz nnTTrnntm Hnl
Oly left the bittla ground before tho flisrht of the
rebels acroiS tho river was known, and cannot state
any particulars of the pursuit of Gen- Thomis
The engagement took place at Login's Cross
Koaus, aDout eigne miles tromZjliicoflers intrench
ment. and the losses on beth aide3 are put by Col.
Clay at about the same as mentioned in the dispatch
trom Oteneral Tnomas, publUhed in yesterday's
evening eamon. rrisoners wm na-1 arrived in
Somerset state moat positively that Gen. Gso. B.
Crittendea was in command, and Zollicoffer acting
under bim.
In tho intrenchmen,,3 was found a rebel flag,
which is now in this city, having on it the following
inscription: "Presented to the Mountain Rangers,
Company A. Capt. F. II. Aehford, by Mrs. W. N.
river! TSurpriso or ns 8urpre, 13 nevertheless
true, and thousands of men are now engaged every
hour in the day in throwing up .mtrenchments with
a3 much haste as though the whole Southern army
were marching towards us uapS was impos
sible. I of course do not Know me me3n;rs of j
th?se movcmenti. but presume the oH-et of the I
fortifications is one of three, J
1. Tn Tirnrenfc our infantry iram an attsck bv tha
suDerior cavalrv of the Texscs and Arkansas Ran-
gers.wfiila the army is crossing.
Z. ;i Ojt all DaCK upon in kv uemas at iiow
ling Green.
S To establish a post lor uk protection sf the
hridge across Green River at tuis point, and also
for protection of stores wften arc being tempora
rily established here. .
From tho extent of the vows, 1 muat think they
are for the first or second purpose Time wdl tell
wnetner ine policy 03 wise or ana it is not tor
me to criticise the sctions'of others.
S 11111 Pox In(Was!iins:tcn.
The Washington correswndent of the New York
Evening Post, writing on tfc 7tb, says:
The smallspox is iocreaaas in Washington to an
alarming extent. It i3 cmpg high and low, and in
all sections of the citv. ffhe numoer of soiuiers
down with thi? disease is liethy-one. the number
havinsr doubled in a fortniht. Oao of tho conv
lescent soldiers from thisiosiitil same into the
War Department a dav orMaeinse with the marks
of his disease fresh upon aiajspd very qtick-
ly driven into the street, l-'ei.relessnese ot tae
hospital physicians and keeper3 i notorious, and it
is m thii way lhat tao disease ha3 spread among
Gdaeral Ordcrs-Ko 8.
C Bowling Green, Jan ST, 1S63.
-g itL C&zcto and Fclditn fcel -tJlDe to this Army, coir aV
3 snt without liT, will 1ejo.11 their respective camnsaniK
without delr.
Jt OdiimnilfD;c CScers sf Brigaif s tni BeIinenti w 1 1 e
U tia ttrUt extcutlon of 1'qIj Otdsr., and reptrt ircnptly alt
eae wher nnneceisary Selayi ccur
,JtH AH w fail to report promptly in compllraee with tt
"inier, will be pnblih;d ia Ue neiripaperi as d(serters,and dealt
wiihieonUmriy. drord-r iiiJ GZJHAHpSE.
iiT. D. Picrrrr, Aisi- Adj fe.
Tor Sale.
EFT w-'lhrte fori als
1,000 Jlier fe Go's . Ko Ma 3 SewiDjireeilfS
' Alsa f rtIaIoto Boiin
Also. 5 car boja Oil vitriol
23, OOO Yards luiperiai
Ccusrsl Order on tlxn Victory at Fialiltjff
Crcult. 1
The following order, received from the Yankee
War Department, ia published to the army :
War DEnuTKEXT, WisaixaTOK, D. C. J
January 22nd, A. D., 1SG2. f
Tie President. Comraandcr-in Chief of the Arntv
and Navy, has received information of a briiliact
victory achieved by the United Statc3 forces over
a large body of armed traitors and rebels, at Mill
Springs, in the State of Kentucky. He returas
thanks to the gallant officers and soldiers who won
that victory, and when the'cfiicial reports shall
have been received, the military skill and personal
vaior diiptayea m the battle, will be acknowledged
m a Acting manner. Tho courage that encountered
and vanquished the greatly superior number of the
traitor lores, pursued and attacked them in their en
trenchments, and paused not until the snemywas
completely routed, merits and receives racommen-
The purpoe of.thi war, ia to attack, nurtus and
destroy thu rebellious enemy, and to deliver the
country from ihs danger menaced by traitors.
Alter ity, daring, courageous spirit, and-patriotic
!.:, 011 ad occioii. and under every circuav
?nce, are expected from the army of the United
states. In the prompt tnd oirited m jvementi and
darioe in the battle of Mill SDrmtr. tho nation will
re&liza its hopes, and the .people of the United
States will rej jice to honor every soldier and officer
wno prove ins courasra by charging with the oav-
onet, and storminj entrenchments io the bhaj of
the snemy's fire.
By order of the President.
.dwim li. bTASioK, Secretary of War.
Kaw Yoax Jan. 2S. The special correspondent
of tho C)mmercial has the following :
Hilton Head, Jan. 20, 18G2. A report has juit
come mat fort ruiasia nas oeen aoandoned by
1. . 1 . 1" - .. .
tua reei. I'ruoence was consmerea on tueir part
the bettsr part of valor. It was only a question of
a very snort time, as tue tort was thourouslv
. tl J 1 T
invesisa, ana wouia iiavo Deen laKtn m a very few
A movement will soon he made m another direc
tion, and you wiiinear enough to satisfy all croak
ers, 30 iar as least as oaerman s expedition is con
SntcrcBtintr Jrura the Rortk CarHna Caixai
A'copic jLiuiisimcnia E3ciraora,il"f
Through the kindness sf Lieut. Woodbury Wheel
er, now in the city upon a special mission, we are
in possession of a few facts which miy not prove
uninteresting to our readers. Ho reports that on
yesterday week Col. George B. Siogletery went
down the coast in the steamer Albemarle upon a
reconnoisance, and returned last Saturday, having
on Wednesday overhauled a pilot who had just es
caped from the enemy. From this source he learn
ed that on Tuesday 173 Yankee vessels were cer
tainly essaying a passaga over the bar, and heading
directly into Pamlico Sound. In addition to this
information, the pilot aver3 that he saw three of
the Yankee gun.boats wrecked and stranded at
Pit contra, however, Commodore Lynch, of Nor
folk, having ju3t returned from a reconnoissance
of the enemy, declares test there was no appear
ance of these ships at Hatteras. He Baw, it is true,
a number of crafts huddled up and close in shore,
but gives it as a correct opinion, that they were
merely transports, or coasting craft, taking shelter
from the rsging storms that h&ve lately blown over
that pai t of the coast with so much violence.
The rumor so curmt on the streets yesterday,
and so eagerly devoured, to the effect that ono half
of the Yankee fleet bad gone to Davy Jones's locker,
appeara to have had its origin in the joking humor
of a Government cfScid whs succeeded, by his
prank3, in "playin? off' uDon raore than no wi3c
Newbem, N. C. is in a ferment of excitement in
expectation of an atttck ia that quarter. The town
13 under martial lar, ard every preparation maue
for the early intelligence of the enemy s mora
ments and for his repulse when he does come.
The Proareis. of Thursday 'ast, saya :
Several reports hare reiched U3 recently to the
i:!lict that Ursre natntihe3 01 gun-boats nern ia
tho Sound and thit a simultaneous attack would be
made at four cr fire important points, this being
one of the places, at the gams) time, the lecitima.e
result of which has been a panic here. We. how
ever, are not exactly prepared to call it a pacic
for it resembles more, a cool and delib3rato deter
mination on the part of our male citizans to place
their wives and children ia a safer position out of
town preparatry to eivi? .the vandals s fisht fi3
man seems determinea ts aishaf-axa advance ot
the enemy inch by inch to the very last extremity,
should he venture to set foot upsn land. There is
a fixedness and determination on the countenance
of every one that seems to say, "if he comes we
will kill a3 many of him a3 he" can of as."
In -every part of the Old North State, her sons
are rousing themselves. Wa h,ive heard that in
Wayne county, when it was proposed to draft the
militia, every man instantly volunteered for the-
war. This unexpected response, was o universal
that contantions resulttd upon ithe quistion cf
remaining at homo, and thae upon whom thia lot
fell, were loud in their expressions of disappoint-
t. T! .1. 7 TV- 1-1 r -
"A Voice Irs tUe WUdsritc'' r.ieolm
and ills C&bint Bcuouuctil by Itls owb
The edittr of the Cincinnxti Times is evidently
dissatisfied with his present habitation, an is ssek-
ing quarters in Frt Lafayette cr seme one of the
other Federal priiens. near him :
We are losirsr time; we are rasidiv losini? castr
in the world; it is 'mpossible to mistake the senti
ment in WastiinRton city. The most dilatarv Cabi
net that ever devised infamy for a republican gov
ernment is, bejoud question, preparing a grave for
Liineom a administration, impervious to the remot
est brath of national honor. Why cannot oxr
people se and understtnd this tremendous fact!
And why cannot ur people understand that tho
North is contributing more than the South fo thit
feed of infamy! It we cannot risa above tho atra-
sale br th:ps3ia3.
ii) icniiijiiiaiexi, wm atarzs
ty of Press Ga-ds, Jat reeaived'aDd fur
BEXJ P gniEM)3 & CO.
Auction Sale Tliis Ifloruiuff,
IL-t aided to our sale tlis morulas
A cask of VamUh;
Kew Orlaans Snzir hhdi;
tuperinr old Piaet Brandy oaiis;
Holland Qia;
Old Re WhisVy, very laperior:
Jamaica Knn, 3 cheats Blick Tea.eto,ti.
B8.1J E 8UI2LT)3 &; CO.
no. '.o, pcnijic SQZTAnu,
rum 01 mis norriDio curse, re cush: to 1
sleep that knows no wakine !"'
Let not Mr Lmcaln be deceivad; ha bu men
around him who would sell their wedding ringe.and
uib meir motcers ci Id tiiem bv. if thiv
1 X . T
coui, mereoy, piace gold in their pecketj. Let
this wretched miserable conch of unwashed poli
tical sp3Pdthrifts be sent adrift. All the nestitlencei
A -rlre' frsni 1'ort Koyal.
Naw Tour, n. .'.' 'Vhen tho Atlantic left Port
Royal military fi... 'ero in stuiu guo. No
forward movement lias i-ten place.
The British gunboat tf.cwr has arrived here this
morning irom jbermusa. bn8 states that thp
Rinaldo arrived mere oa the 11th. and sailpif.
1 m : .1. ni'jit 1 ,r ,
as. xnomiaa viwi onueii aim iiaaou on Doard.
The steamer Atlantic from Port Koval on th r.
ercoon of the 0:h, bas 1.S25 bales of uncinned
anu uiiu ui jjiuutu uunuu uu oaara. ana & lartra
1 1 j ' -
nuuiucr ui pbscuia uu ujaru.
Supreme Judge Appointed.
Ntw Yon-, Jan. 22 Special dispatches state that
tne I resident naa sent in the nomination nf .Tn-icr.
Swsin. of Ohio, to the Supreme Court RcnnT, tJo-
Judge llcCletn deceased.
XtifAiBons order ot a xbca Colonsl.
Col. Deitzler, of the Kantas Firat. in command at
LexiDjrton, announces by General Orr. tht
rebel asatsins lurk in ambush and flro upon Union
oitiiers. xau 11-, lusreiore, ordered t be arrested
largo number of wealthy secessionists, who aivo
aid and comfort to Price's army, whom" he holds
fesDonsible for- th? good behavior nf their hi.
ding, andssythe asaassination of one man of his
commanu in mis manner will be followed by the
hooting or Hanging of fire of thesa wealthy rebels.
mat ever infected the Nile -all the' Greeks that
found an harbor in the " LoTver Empire "would
"pale their ineffectual firas '' before the rascal "-ty
and politicil importance that combine to consiituu;
fceeretary of War and a Secretary of the Xa.vr
for the United States of Amoi icft.
We-vs had talk euoueh: thosa binsd shnnl. hf
dijmUsed, and dismissed at once. Jcffdraon Davis
may conquer the Republic, but Cameron and Welles
certainty steal is. L,et uP. Lincoln tmt on hit
thick soled boots, and admintsr to etch of them
the well known arguments and a monument will
ri3e .tQ.hia.nemarx ut.r.ljj.felicgics the pyramids,
xxjb Tl"c "r"auttee on corruption
ai0TT3 luauBB uw vvormij entirely ignorant of
: m. V "'&"iuuo 1 robbing the public
Europeans are only schoolboys ia
fuiiuui nave sent an example
which would be a valuable Ie3nerea t0 the .Eob
oi ae iiountain rass.
Importaiat Irorn EMror.
RicaMo.ND, Jan. 29. The Eurona
fax from Liverpool, whenss she sailed on the 12th
Preparations for war continue in Encrland,
Tho London limas unds'stsnds that England re
turned an answer to banara expressing gratifica
tion at the disavowal of tns act 01 wnxes m cap.
turinz Mason and Slidell.
The Post announcss EagUad to be fully satisfied.
The Aetcs (the Lincoln organ; denounces ths pol
iCT Of the T.tom r.nd Post-
Franca is generally satisfied at the rendition of
tha Commissioners.
The Paris Jfonifiur siys there is t feeling of ro-
2ret and indignation mruutnous tojiand and
h ranee, at the vindictire s-1 01 tae tederala to A
stroy the Port of Charle'-on-
'i'tie frivateer JSaauTiiw cioseiy watched b
the Federal steamer Turcrora. The nrnine. n"
a battle between them i "-nticipated
The Sumter, it is replied, Lad sailed from
Xbe European Poweri sicacriously disecujsinsr
tho propriety of recognising tha Confederacy.
Probably it will be doxe in six:y days:
Etrl Rui:sll predion tno Lincoln Govern
ment will b8 hoptless Tr"nou' chieving hcillisnt
victories during me hm""" "urxArj:
Inni!Tiv"i AftT.TTiRT CHiSas. Wo li. i:l.t
authority for making th fous wine statement: Goa.
Beauregard, the distiDgowd offi-er of the Army
of the Potomac, takea command or A
Columbus, Ky., and Gen. Jvus W. Smith suc
cseda him-in tho position no tus so long and accent-
ably ec'cupied. At ooiuiuuuj, we understand, he
is subordidate to no --v-tut uen. a.' Sidney
Johnston. This change go mio effect without de
lay .Biehmoni J9ispateh, Jan. 27.
2j GlilliSAK iOSS,of ths but itylea
53,000 yardi Frtcch Chint:
13,003 jart's .English Print:
,003 yatd Sczl'ah Bl3CS:d Dotnejffc:
10.C00 yari3 French Silk Popiiii aeir style;
2 Onewat -la sili Dresses:
00 yards superior silk lrliS'Popl'ns:
y,W dozen uperior jVIa"iraas IIBdicerchItfj;
15 OJfl yarda Frscch Organej aad JackeaiU-maltlSiarerj,
2 000 yarda all Wil Opera Kanael;
5,iC0 yard Linen Checks:
2.C03 dozen Thite cotton IIoss aai Half Hse;
2,501? jardi superior A proa Cheeks;
2,080 dGiennvory Jine Ccmtj;
2,t.G0 doiea DrcS'insCoaibi;
1. WiO doaca Tanr'y soap;
4,000 doxea Spool thread;
10!) uperor French Bed B'acksti;
2, BC0 'reach PhaTlt aapirior quality;
2 3 oxea Snjpenders;
10,0 '0 ytrds Jaconet. Strin and Caeiitie ajUru;
SOI dozen Linen Handkerchief;
S,000 yards EcliihBerege;
7icen Table Cloths and r-aplini;
Brilliants, etc., e'e, e c
We will be recriiins bv Trpress, da ly, the above goods,wh'ca
we niH sell at Ijit prices te the trade
ftl-ii2T No 70 PnbH; Square.
22 1 gfJJ o BToti c e.
S iTnTSs. or TtftTcx,;
jantaryi letrj. )
h N election w'.ll be held at the Btnking House, in Kashville,
t oa llcndiy, 3d Match next, for eleren Dir?tnr!, i
ice nsuing year. By orJer of the Stard,
janJI-dtde D. WEA.VEK, Caaahr.
500 SSewjtrd.
fWlLL give any purchssir 53tfl whs will piy rae a fair pries
for my t.ock Crei-k far, SU!J acres, cne mile fr.ra Tniii..
m, as I wish to Kan Ihs means t3 Ua soTernmsnt.to a'td iatta
acquisition oi cnriiDerusj. C.C CAKTili.
Two ThousaKU ?onr.ds Feathers
r fH K subscriber wishes to buy 2 L re Geese 7atari,r?
a whlciagoodpricj'ftiliasgliei
j.3I-.t Corner Clnrch and Hnitt stre-ti.
For Kent
?e"BE Pt3M on which I nir reside, comer of Woodlaa ani
B Tulip treeta. EJireCtid. will he rrr.tn tn . .iuj
with Isrce yard aad canlin. scrvantu r.nm. c.i.r.. ,?
Sod clsteras. ip.Iyto THOi L BSXNSJOKD.
jatSl-dlm Wo 3 Inn ut.
KSG J Nails, aisorted sues, fron 3J np ti SI.
i CO.
.nd Brand,
-A t KEGi ti Uch Ipikti,
C fi KHD3. rnsari3loieandtosrnT.
3J Lia3iJ JAKE3&CO.
Bi2LS andialfbUsalusei
ctirin; daily. 1A7L, .
a store aid rz
iUl3 3c CO.
BOI J! S 1C K Raiiins, 53 do Layer da.
lJir.31 - PaiKZ, JAJ115 JtC.
BBlS. extra family Fltur,
TATMB, JA3fa3 A; CO.
t i B"zgS fine Vi:Sin;a Tobacco.
6U Ija.i.311 PAl'HS JAM23&00.
-fl fifn BOXES fioe count
iViP ljan3ll
y Toiacco.
500;000 'T&co,
KBGS and fcoxea Cherry, Giner and Bisekberrr
Braadies. PAYNK, JAMIS fc CO.
fT TV EEG3 and koies i'eppersiint and Leraon CerdiaJa.
V CAS CS.halTea and quarters, Treach Brandy.
cJyj' -. LUa3i .-HjTn.Ja.-viyaALca.
t?(f CAtEhilTejacd2rtcrs,Mne:rs,Prtar.d3fa!iia
BaYXB, JiH33 & CO.
!Zf KC3 Ginger. Cherry, Blackberrr ani Orange Wine.
iU IjaoaiJ rYSB, JAKJSS i CO.
, CASKS pure aad coraraon Gi
20 "
pare Peach Biandy, 7ery Cne.
fjau3- PATSJi, JAU2S 4 CO.
2jf BBLS. pare apple Brandy very lite.
J Jin31J PAXK2,JiM3
9 i ECLS- Try Sne oU Bye and Bourbon WhisVy.
Tirjinii cured Bacon.
PaIXB, JAK2Jit.Ce.
IK BBLI- coantry TVhisky.
KEa3 WhiteLeaiinoil.
-tf Bnr..
Linscel Oil.
r ATH J, JAU2S t CO.
EOI23 SterUa Caadl
EOIIS Tallow Cmdlts,
Core Oysters, to arrive.
Ijn3i PATXB, JAME3 & CO.
BBLS. Dried Apples and Peichei
S. Texas Pecaui, to ani re.
1 i KSAUS FolKap aad Latter Paper. t write.
2Lf? Ijar3'l PAYNK JAMS? fc 0.
A FEW dozen ides, ihatels, trace cci. ami umts. less,
Kit and Jata Coffee. PAYNE, JAME3 & GO.
t!niinistator's ftctjse.
ALL persons infoted to ths estate, of tire ate Nathl 3 Eed,
of Kutherfo.-d county, w 11 eim - hmnl .ml iri.v.tjimsnt:
and those hating claims agatmt (he eetate will preient taeo car
tified according ta law, tt , at 'He lata rcidecse near Enyra.
j iw-wniD irajar bat An, AtaT.

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