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kiui ..... - ua lift tc. m.i. .1.,
su iuu, .eithei" bsiore or wiw .um ( uaj
ATlril IKHl V- i1lrorl TO -nOlLfjuL.lUli urrllHjlTlfLl
i lx juun"" " r It. ! j? r V 1
interest on the same, upon we b&lvv ver-jaia janacon' ;
ditions that ire provided by law l$r the paymerjl'
3fiS. lit. 1862, if not called for In tta toe pMKrtoe. j,7
""" ditions that k. Prided by law lJJf the p&ymedt 1wiU be '"warded to Richmond as dead utters, jetton,
Notice to Friends. -rt
-few feSeadi arriving from the dominion of King Lnt-
eeui who m have sopies of kie late louisville, wlaeinnati r
Xorthera papers, will reefer a special rarer cn both ourselves
sod the pnolie by leavin tkem at err oBce, la Kasaviiu, Trttt
tbe leat ddey ss!fc. Wt -will cheerfaUy pay any expense
Incurred In P!aS!fcg am-
Rf 9c hsf .1 ,r.k nf Anril lfifil.1
BJ Mr. BROOKS, ef Jackson: Ho. 254
For ths relief of Gierke of Courts in the Gdnfeder
ate armv.
By Mi? EHoSALLUU! No- 26S To prevent specu
lation in coin.
On motion of Mr. MARTIN, of Shelby, Home
hill, No. 243 to incorporate the Tallabola Jfrre
Arms and General Manufacturing Company, was
ktreeaMv f . r i i .i v, i,rt. flffir LlTTI
. Skctiox 5. And be it urthir tnatied, That Lists rs
remaining uncalled for in any Post Office, in any eity, tO"0, or
villaze. hm nM n ted. thill Dwffi4H(r hm
publish ad hirh beinf iSiOed MH
I or oftemr, ihall haTe th largest circulation within'the raaji of
k T 01 i4' fiM ba deoied by tb PiUaatr ef uii
Notice to Correspondents.
T?e will titeem it a rpecial &Ter if our friends and correepon- taken up and passed on its third reading.
iEts in the Tarioas divisions and campa r tQe Confederate v ' tue FBE BILL.
orces Trill f arniah ns with all the goslp aad nevrg propsr to be
placed before the public. We wlh to mase our paper both on
interesting and welcoae visitor to the tent of every aoldler
Cghtiag cur battles for independence. Their letters should be
adirtsaed to ca at KariHe, Tenni
Netice to Candidates.
Circulars of eandidatca inserted in the TJmew no Axxsicaa
Bvntbepoidfcr65tierfcueinenstices, and ths payments
Senate fimn,iment to House bill,
crnynd the fee bill, was concurred in.
On motion of Hr- SOMERVILLE. the House took
a rectBs until a qusrter past two o'elock.
Ladies' List.
AustinraUslIB Jinderson miss J D Allen misJ Mary
BohamOB HIM Htl "RrvArnrA mi-. Hfnllia TlrnTrn miiSlIiTy
Bra.dv mm Hilar. n..ttn. t m Tiindfarri mlssIollia
0. Lli, to -BonaurantrarsAlbertBIoodmrj Ellen Buchanan misJi a;
Bowraan mrs B
Blair rarsl TV
Carter mrs Mary
Campbell mrs t E
Carr mrs Jane 0
Senate's non-concurrence in House bill in lieu of Dardenmrs St A
rf la Vdvance of publicaUon. This rule niil bs enforcec Senate WU, No. 90, to provide for the families of im-
lnflsiiljly. Ko cirulars, eitter or canajiiatea or meir inenat.
viil hereafter be locrted in this paper on an7 other tcma.
For Slierllf,
KWe are authorized tn annunce J282B T. PAQE a candidate
for Eieriil of DftTidccn county jtt tie ecsuicg Match elecUon.
Jfatsrs Editors: In reply to the very flattering call pcn
twards mrs Jans
George mrs P A
oootdinre Uey kave heietfore rep in no, and to anneurce
a.E-lf a caiditste for rs cltction.
Ttry BapeUfully, JOHN K. 3D3IDSDS(HJ.
Wo aieautbri4 t ncur.ce J. H. B1KT4IT as a ndi
4&t far Steritfcf Bxvidseu Bounty at tie eniulrg March elec
aon decli W
For ClcrK.
" TTe are' urtfeciind U smiaumcc. G- Bi KSTTSOM u eand!
iate for Sounty Court Cierk of Davidson caoty, juthe ecsuicg
Much election jan25-dtd
Tf e are autsorirtd to acnouree Cspt TT. 1. 70STBB a candi
date fjc Sius.ty Ccrt Clcriai the ensuing March election.
"VTe are authsrirsd to announce JKO. B. KEELING as a can
aida'e for County Court Clerk of Davidson county, at the ensu
ing March election.
tt ire authorised to announce L. B- McCOHSIOO as a can
fixate for Cunty Ocurt ilerk ef Davidson county at the eysa-ia-
Marsh election. janl-td
"STe are autherlitd to annoanee JZS32 JORDAN, as a can
didate for County Oouit Clerk of Davidaon CountT, at the en
suing March eltction. decSKtd
T7e are authoriiei to announce KOSOICSKO BEilt tn as a
candidate for Oouaty Court Clerk ef Davidson county at the
caseins Mirch clectisn. decSl-td
Tfe areauthoriiel to aensunce LINDPtBT KIOHOL as a
candidate for Clerk of the County Court of Davidson county,
li the entaing March election. dec24 td
Far Constable.
We are authorised to announce Yf T. WKIGUT as a eandi
te fer ContUble fcr the Nashville district at the ensninjr March
AlocUon. jac2S-te
For JtcTcntic Collector.
VTe are authorised to announce T. C. LANIER as a candidate
fer Bevenue Collector of Davidson county, at the ensuing March
sctioa. jsnSSdtd
Tfe are authorized to announce JKO. A. MILES, of tho 10th
Kstrict, as a candidate for Revenue Collector of Davidson county
j3 tie ensuing march election. janl9-dtd
Tfc are authorized to announce Tf D.BOBEKTboa,r tvmie's
dieentvoluatepn.Tfas taken up.
The discussion of the qusstion was continued up
to Are o'clock when, wunout commir to a rote, relts mrs s A
On motion of Hr.ij&MiNlx, tne ilouse adjourn
ed to half past nine 'clock to morrow morning.
Specimens of Pilr.es,
Gov. Habuis hi3'eceived from Mobile two pikes,
specimsns of JIo workmanship, which were
manufactured expr-ssly for him upon the order of
Dr. J.H. YTooroocJ- They aro now in the Govern
or's Office at the ctpitol.
They were acconpanied by the following lettar:
OtfCE Mobile A Omo R. R. Co.
JiCEON. Tenn., Jan. 23rd, 1842. "
Eis Excellency, I Harris,
6gpjp!'. Of Tennessee, JfashvSle:
Sir: ' IforPSffdedby TSxpresf, on Tuesday last;
from Mobile, tW( pikes which were made to the or
der of Dr. J. H. Woodcock of that city, to be press
entsd to you. I hope you have recsived them.
Very Respectfully, Your ob't serv't,
L. J. Fleming,
Ch'f Eng. and S'p't M. & 0. R. E.
Holder mrs Caroline Hamblin mrs B A
Hundley mrs M B Heath miss L A
Hood mrs E B Hunter miss S T
Johnson mrs Mary J Jones miss Bah
Jackson miss Minerva
Lea. miss M J
Byer miss Mary Brown miss Lis
Cannon mrs Martha Corcoran miss Sally
Campbsll miss Sue Chester miss Carrie
Campbell miss MA
Danlell mrs Betty
Edmonds miss M
Toley mrs
Goodwin miss N C
Hall mrsMahala
Logan mrs Ida
Morgan mrs Tanny
UaKee mrs SAB
Moors miss Lett!
Bay mrs DB
Berolle mrs B C
Sweeny mrs M A
Sanders mrs M A
Moore Sarah A
Morris miss Mag
.Morgan mlis Sally
Russell mlu Sallie
Kown miss Blisa
Tweeny mrs TT m
Smith mrs Martha J
Davis miss Perona
Frssman mrs 0 C
Garret miss Amanda.
Hill missMsrtha
Haplock miss Harriit
Harris mrs 3 a
Hunter miis M
Johnson miss Bettte
Lang miss Ssster
Marshall miss S B 2
MrganmissMD il
IarkU city, jfckuary afctk', by Est. Jm'ss b, iefgufoa) llrt
vaua n.PatsT and Miis MIhtxi. A. Koatxs.
la this city, en Tridsy raornlng, of coasarspttoD, Mira Abb
laios Iatoa, in th 17th yesr of htr age.
Thj frleads and a.qnaiataii tf the family are respea'.fally
avitsJ to atleni her faaerai from tie Eeconi Presbyterian
Chareh to morrov (Sundsy) eTeaiag, at S oV.oek.
Divine sirvloe by the Bev. Dr. Brdwell.
Funeral NoUoo.
Thefri-cdi and aoqnainttcces if If r J. Eusaieth MoQavock
are requej'ed to atteEdher funeral, ather lata residence, In Wil
liamson county, oa Sunday evenicg next, at 11 o'clock.
Divine service by the Bev. Ji Bi McFerrin.
K7i.aVTi TSexva-TZe wnrnslde Pio..
t. t ii ..Tate New York nnr... T.'
been received at orioi. j ,t?'e. Gn
rnpnt at Waahinj ton, aay ha reached Hattoras af tP.
a foggy and stormy passage. .o of the smallar
vessels of his neet were wicly in the
harbors near that place everest portion
of the gale came on.
Destruction ol a portion ot ih0 Barnsido
. The propellor City of New York, loaded with
powder and riflid bomos ussu.
The steamer Louisiana i3faJore
Tfin onnrmat Kmiave. loaded witb Eeventppn ).
J dred rifles, three hundred boxes powder, thirty
Doses revolvers, grape h"i .u uumo3, tne
New Brunswick, with the fourm Maine regiment :
the, Pocahontas, with the RhoilaIand battery ; the
Tribute of i&esjtect.
Port Dokaisok, January 22, 1862.
The death of Sergeant Binjxhin Fkakklw having been an'
neanced, a meeting of the members of company P, 30th Tennei'
ee Regiment was held at their headquarters for the purpose of ""-"f "TiTrwPpTthirtv mfl i 7 ' W3
Pre,slagthelrprofouBd,.rIcvfatt;edea,hof theirmlhh I ibJS& W
!.,;. n.r r : ; r.:r rn ; : j . - po.uion of tno icet
L. Lloyd and Ssrgeant T. P. Shute were appointed a committee,
who rtported the following priamble and resolutions : ;
WnGRus, It has pleased an Allwise Providence to tars from
onrt mids our beloved comrade-in-arms,BEJAMuc Piankhx, andt
it, our Oonfeclericy a brave and gallant soldier, his father a da
tlfel and devoted son; and desirous of manifesting our apprccla
tion of his. many excellent virtue!, therefore,
Besolved. Th.it vhilme hnw mlmlsiivelv to this decree of an
Allwise Buler, we deeply deplore the lsss at our young friend, j fat& of tfae nrnsjd.e fleet. The report of trm no
and thecloom which so universally pervades cur company da- i .J, , aurusme iieei. v ui me pro-
fflonttrates how deeply is felt his untimely end. gaoie loss 01 a portion oi iue causes much
Moivea, urn we tender our warmest symnauiies io nis o- upevmauuu amune caoiiaiieus icKarQ to th
"" Aoiaiivea, iu mis, tucir sure&iuiubiuii.
Reialved, That a eopy cf there resolutions be forwarded to
the relatives of the deceased, ani copies be farolihsd the.Bepu-)
L Burnside has the largest portion of his flePt in.
side" the bar at Hatteras, awaiting reinforcements.
Col. Allen, of New Jersey, a surgeon and two
'others were drowned.
Efforts are beine made to secure thecarcto of thP
propeller City of New York.
Speculations inflow loik
In-New York great fears are entertained for the
lican Baaner and Uaioa amd Auzricah for publication
J. i- UAD, Ubtirman,
D. T. Cure, Sesetary.
Hillermiss IraaceA' ,Z2lL'
-"If -
Blehardson miss 8 t
Sturdivant miss H G Stevenson Amy L
Stimer mr3 M M Stevens mrs Martha
TUo "ZoliicoIIsr ATonsera."
Uapt T. B. Fep.sis, of this city, proposes to raise TaUole 111x5 Loa E
a company of cavalry, to bo called by this name, I word mrs E A
which is to be attached to an independent battal
ion. Capt. Fcbrb has the authority of the Secre
tary of War. This battalion will not be kept in
camp, but will constantly be employed in the most
daring service. All expenses for the outfits of men
will be provided for and the best equipments fur
nished. Gipt Fehsis 1ig3 been in service for Beve
ral months on the advanced posts, and has proved
himself a capable and efficient officer of such a
Ths name" Zollicoffer Avengers" which ho has
chosen for his company, will inset with a raspon
sive chord in the hearts of Tenne3teans. Z lli
Turner mrs Susan O Tranter Madame
Seat mrs Eliza
Scott miss Mary
Smith miss Lis
EearcymissE M
Thomas miss M 7
Word miss E A Wilsonrmiss A R
Williamson miss M DWilliams miss L D Woodruff miss EES
Word miss Bliz H Wilson miss Matilda Wilson miss Delila
Watts miss Mary S Wade miss Martha Waggoner miss M B
Williams miss M S Wand miss Jan Wright miss Martba
Webster miss Martha
Anderson C A
skew Taos
A skew John
Aahbura G W
Alln Lieut B H
Adkine Harvey
Aday B B
Adams B W
ertek, as acandidate for Bevenue Collector ef Daviison county, I COFFEE will be avenged, and a corps of gallant men,
-he .tsuing March election: jan9-dtd . . . . --. .f. AnMn
couragj before an enemy. Those wishing to join
the Atengsra, will apply at No. 40 Cherry street'.
T7 are authorized and reuestM U announce JISSB C ABBI-
CAH a candidate for Eevcnu Collector frDavidS9n county at
tie ensuing March election. jasS-ctde
We ar autherizel to annoance Jons B Daouooouas a can
diale ft r Bevenue Collectors! Butierfcrd eiunty at the easu
Ug March elecUon.l dtd
rfe are autbcriiei to announce M. L. ALXAKBSB as a
candidate ftr Bevenue Celitctor. Election la March,
We are authorised to tnnonnce B. 7. avSBBxrasa can-didat-forBeveaueCelltcter
tf Baxld-on coonty, at the en
suing March electin. iec29-td
We are autheritcd to annsunre ANDBBW GBXG0RI as a
candidate !or Eevenu Collector ! Davidson c ounty at the en
suing March election. dec29-td
We areauthcrlz-dt. aanoence Gio P. Ifeavria. asacandi-
Baldwin A B
Barnes N
Bailey Hugh
Baiter S W
Baldwin Dr W H
Beasley BBS
Birins S A
Bird W A
Blakely SargtJW
Cadman G II
Carter Thos J 3
Gentlemen's List.
Arnold Simpsen
Anderson Jesse S
Arras J B
Elaekwell J W 2 Browning Ohas
Blankenship Winton Byrrn Tim
Bowie J 5 & L Burnett Hon T L,
Boyd J H BurchLem
"urrough Jn Butler Nobl J
Boyd S J Buster Isaac
Browning E J Burke B W
Bridges P Brownson Thad J
Brewer J W Butler fc Peters
Cashier Central BankCalvert M P
Lieut. TTJI.6. DaTIS, Of Capt. McWhIRTER's Com- Caldwiek JohnM
, , . Carter Wm J
pany, CoL riLMEit'd regiment Tennessee volunteers Castieman Jhos J
who has been on detached service for several 9.tl w:?
months since, m the Transnortation Ouartermaa. Carter a a
ter's office at Nashville, has been ordered to rejoin
i . .1 !1 1 t r T, .
ai3 regiiuuui, wm reave lor uowung urean, Dann S S,
todar. Lieut. Bath is eminently capacitated for DewsC
, ... . .-t.rt t . , . . DunnavantTTT
the position to which Gsn. Johxsto.v assignad him. Duggan Jas
date fcr Eevcnse Coliettor, of Davidson ctunty, at tte ensuing rfe has made inanv warm frienrln bv bis nnnrtKUTr Dougherty M 0
Mann election. dMlS-dta.' ... . J J Donobon x U
We are authorised to announce B C3 DWELL, the pre. ana Uiwearisa auention to tne wants 01 tno Set-.
ect Coliesior, as a candidate for itevrnue Collector oi David vici: and m common with many frienda in the
army, we rejret that his valuable services are to
be transferred to another Said of action.
.oa eiunty, at the ensuing March elecUon.
Circuit Judjre.
Tfe ere authorised to say Judqe Baxtee will serve the cflce
f Circcit Judge another tern if tie people dcenre it.
Tie are anthoriied to announce TTJBNBR S. TOSTBR as a
candidate sr Judge of the Ciicuit Court, counties WiHiuarcn
aad Davidson. decS3-Jd
For Circuit Court Clerk.
tTh rr authrriieJ to SDnoar.ee J r,D O Lots as x candidate
i c-c lection SO IL. .Cntcf OUcmit Court OJvrA tta ei-uipjLis1,
isurcEi ciclia.
For County Trustee.
f?e are anthsrized toanneucce C M Cowakbis as a candidate
fer Ocuaty Trustee of Bavitstn ecunty at the eniuing March
drctloa. "ltd
We are authcrised and requested to announce W. J. TAYLOR
x candidate for re tleciien lor Ceunty Trustee eftkis courty, at
She enaoing Match election. jan3-d.d
Far Judge cl the 7tti Circuit.
We are authynsea to asnsucce JAMES L. SCUDDBE ai a
easUiiate fer Slrcoit Juige ef the 7lhJucieial Circuit. Wee
ties Sti Thursday ia May, I36J. ja13-itd
la rotpsnse t ixqures and sslieitatiens al numerous persons,
I announce zayaelf acaaiifiate fer re-eUcHoa as udge of the
7th -aiicial C-rccit. Sleeken the 4th Thursday in May next,
ttaS-dtwtdi H. L. DAVIDiO.
Chaney Charles
Cleary O
Chandler A
Olark Dr Thos M 2
Cruise B
Cross Dr Jes
Crook L D 3
Cameron capt Watts Croek James B
Downs C C
Davidson Saml
Davis M
Davis T R
Davis J G
Davis JD
Xnnis Jas
Bsteile maj Wet M
Ham Henry
Everett Jno
Evans JnoO'
Col'nsGenUS 2
Coisvue II
Cook F M
Conner G W
Caebert Wm
Culpepper JB
Curie W W
Cunningham A H
Davis J L W
Derhatn A B
Drake OH
Dickinson J B
Daltoa If
Embrey T J
Edwards J Tf
Transportation for soldiers and supplies to Gen.
Ciuttexden's command, will be furnished on appli.
cation at the Transportation Quartermaster's office,
in Nashville, on Saturday morning, February ltt.
There are at present one hundred and sixty-one
officers and men of the Confederate army, confined
as prisoners of war at 3amp Chase, Colambas
Ohio. In the lht of names wa notice the following
Tenneaseans acd Kentuckiacs :
Dr D Hooper. 1st Tmnpstee Resinunt.
Aaron Livingston.
Keadintr Ittitttar ass Every Pago.
Fkidat, Jan. SI, 13C2.
s SPEAKER called ths Senate to order at 9 J A.
.M. and the jounal was read and amende!.
House bill iso. lBSTo lay t,S the Stats into Sen.
-jitoriai and Representative district, wax taken up.
yiad acd pasted upon its first reading.
Tbe mot;n to reconsider the vote adootin? the
bill relative to distilling grain, was taken up, snc-
en io, ana nonce given mawi wouia De callea up
lo-morrow, and then a motion to pass over it uni
Jormally was agreed to.
House bill No. 104 For the benefit of Dr. Slay
den, was considered and rejected by ayes 7
aoes 11.
House bill No. 9 To amend an act ta abata suifci
of alieas, was tabled.
House bill No. 6G To reliera Commander 11. T.
Haury and W. L. Rogers, was rejected.
Senate bill Nc. 107 To improvathe public roada
from Knoxvil'e to CumTorlanl, amendment prop8s
cd, and btth tabled together.
Ssnato bills 117 and 118, wsro referred to ap.
propriate Committees.
Senate bill No. 12S To. repeal the act impressinx
tho arms ot the State, was taken up, discutted at
some lenjth by Messrs. aarrnn, Hildreth and Max
well iavoring ths repeal, and by Messrs. Bstmpass
and Hill,tc?pozing, and then the vote was takea, re
sulting, ayes t, noei 9. so the bill failed.
Senate bill No. 12 6--For tho benefit of the Ten
nessee Blind School came up, passed first reading,
.nd was referred.
On motion of Mr. HILL leave of absence was
9-racted to Mr. Anderson until Tuesday morcinr, a
.member cf his family being Tery ill at home.
On motion the Senate adjourned till nine A. M ,
Saml L RichS3,
J D King.
C E Wedliny,
Lewis Nastauer,
Sam'i Hope, 17th Tennessee Rtgimont.
J 11 Hill, 7th Tennessee Regiment.
Captain M Y Diniel, Kentucky Regiment.
Captain Jno V7 Foster, Gen Marshall's command,
Jno W Cummings. Kentuckr Caralrv.
Jos P Dejarnette, Capt Foster's Kentucky Cavalry, Johnson Wm
V7m U Itespess,
r7m Tiche,
Wm R Karsner, Capt Foster's Ken,
Taidley II
Pairweather Jas
Irush J
Gatlln J G
Grand A
Garrett J J
Green James
Gardner Waa
Gentner J J
Genter J
Hughej Dr J A
Hughston Robt S
Hurst Allen
Hughes D 0
Hjer W K
HagbesJ MS
Henderson Lt H X
Ilutton James
Hails P B
Iluckers E L
Hall J M
Harden James II
Harden J D
Hamilton Robt S
Hancock C S
Haydon Thos
Harris C H
Jackson J C 3
Jones T L
James S Hcks
Wm S Childress,
J P Jones,
Jno Barnes,
Wm M Jones
P S Jones,
B A Jones,
Nelson Jones,
Wm H Melton,
Wm C Jacobs,
David J Linn,
Wm P Chrisham
Wm H Mason,
James W Osborne,
Geo B Jackson,
Geo W Blackbura
Samuel Robinson,
Elijah Knightly,
Franklin Little
Thomas Murphy,
Jao TRoso,
Jao W Fields,
Dudley Robinson,
Jossna Fields,
Thomas D Fields,
Wm H McCabe,
Newton Gartner,
Zich Clarke,
David H Hichney,
Jarvis Heydes,
L H McClunf-
- ' '
itt- -ii
ii -ti
' - r , .
? it -
r 5
it '
V .
. TT '
ii s
Feidat, January 31, 1882.
Ths SPEAKER called ths House to order at a
quarter past nine o'clock.
On motion cf Mr. SOMERVILLE, Senate bill, No.
105. for the relief of James H. Cockrill and Charles
H Hill, was taken up and passed on its second
TbS House resumed the consideration of Senate
amendments te House bill, No. 190, t regulate the
levy of executions and prevent the sacrifice of
5rOariaotion of Mr. MOSELEY, the voto rejecting
Senate amendment making negroes sold under exes
cation redeemable within two years, was recon
sidered, ayes SI, noes 27.
Kr. MEEK moved to non-concur.
Jlr. EDWARDS moved to lay that motion upoa
the table, which motion failed, ayes 29, noea 29.
Tho motion to concur was then concurred in,
ayes 32, noea 28.
kew snxs.
The following bills were introduced, read the
flrst time and passed:
By Mr. FLEiHNG: No. 261 To provide fer
summoning anu compensation of judges and clerks
By Mr. FLEMING: No. 2C2 To abolish the grand
iury iOf the County Court of Knox county.
By Mr. EDWARDS: No. 263-For the relief of
the holders of the bonds ot the State of Tennessee.
Repeals the seventh section of the ct of July 1,
1S61, to authoriza the Backs of Tennessee to re
ceive and pay cut the Treasury Notes of tho Con
federate Slates and for,other purposes, and provides
thstair,bona jWe citians of the State holding the
iendsof.?tfa.3 ititate,- who" purchased tho aame ia
Es. D.uK2$?s;-Welearncfroai reliable sources
that our talenfcd fellow citiz3n,f Dr. D. B. Cliffe
who had been, previously to the late battle of Fish
ing Creek promoted from the pesition of Surgeon
of the glorious 20ih R2giment of Tennessee Volun
teers, (Col. Battles) to 'Brigade Inspector, is now
voluntarily a prisoner of war in tb.9 hands of the
Yankees. He coiad easily have escaped this fate,
but he remained on the fisld of battle, attandinz to
those heroic sons 4f the South who fell upon that
ill-fated day.
We knew Ihomta before, and we knew that he
was capable of performing just euch an act of dis
interestedness. The whole community honors him
for this nosle and glorions deed. If the Yankees
will "swap," we will give a car load of the best
material they hare hero for him. Franklin Btvitie ,
t7ai 20.
In civilized warfare surgeons occupy a different
position from either .officra or men. It will be re
membered that Yankee surgeons taken by our ar
ray in th? battle of Manassas, were discharged on
parole whan their services werso longtr seeded
by the sick and wounded Federals. We presume tho
Federals wdl discharge the surgeons taken 'at the
battle of Fishing Creek upoa the same principle .J
The Stbamer Calhoun. We now learn that the
reported distruction by lire o! tne steamer Ual
hotin was incorrect. When she was abandoned,
the Captain set her on fire, but it appears that the
Yankees shortly after boarded her and extinguish
ing the fire tonk nosseEsion of tbe boat and cargo.
Jtier cargo consistea oi uuy mousauu puuna6 oi
powder, ten thousand pounds of saltpetre, four
hundred sacks of coffee and a quantity of block
tin, etc. Mr Frank "Scott, one of the passengers,
o btained a Viassport from Gen. Duncan, at Fort
Jackion aad boarded the U. S. steam-frigate Colo
rado, ior tha nuco3e of demanding his biggage, he
vessel treated Mr. Scott courteously, sent him ia his
Eney John
Laws John
Landford Charles
Laguira Jos W
LeggettP W
Ledman J TT
MarphyA D
Murphy Thomas
Moses L
Morgan P
Moore GeorGe
Munroe Jas Q
Morgan JohnP
Mitcneii r
Manly John
McBntire Prank
McGuire B M
McGonigill JW
Turvis J M
Prie Jno C
Pries T D
.Powell A P 2
Powell Wm
letty J
quarles B M
Rhody B H
Rhea John H2
Kalstonjv H
Jtainoy J W 2
Rackley' John
Bawlincs 0 M
Ragsdal B
Eutton J S
Steele J
Stone E M
Spencer ThosH
Smith GD,
towell J S
Tate capt M B
Taylor J -Tell
Telgler J
Test R T
Williams WmM
Wyatt James
Williams J O
Williams W W
Williams Jacob
Young J F
Torbes Jas A
lord H C
Gerden J T
Gibson J S
Uritlin Wm A; " '
Greea TV M
Gwynne D W
nam SB
Harrison Dr J H
Hawkins L
Hays B D
Hamilton A H
Hall J A
Hamilton J S
Hall Robt
Haydon 1 M
Harrison Dr J I
Hays H N
nales G R
Haddon S G
Hall John
Harris J A
Hardin A BI
Hill T S
Jones J W J
Johnson B 0
Johnson JDS
Kirsh J TT
Lewis John B
Legg J 3
Leslie Br AM
Levy B
Lovell X M
Massey Henry C
Mahoney M
Maloney Martin
Martin it Branch
Mahoney P T
Martin master R K
Martin Jerry
Metton B M
Metrars U
McGuirs J
McKney O
McKutliff Owc
Teuhvre J B
Page V
Vetway Wm
Tarkers Dr 3
Page J J
Patterson Alex
Patterson T M
Qaarjes David
Eamsey Wm
Richard J A
Richard J W
Riddle J A
Robertson 0 D
Bobiason L A
Saiith W P
. Smith B
Smith harley
Smithwich A A
Slayton W
Toole B I
Tyson B P
Taylor David
Talor t Eersh
, V
Wilson J W
White W M
White Henry
Whaylin S
White D J
Welch Jo
Wetworth C H
. lounger PaulB
Scad Tnis,
As an inducement to some good man, a very fine
strong horso.good cot bed, and a good comfort will
be furnished to a good man volunteering for twelve
months in the cavalry service. He shall draw the
pay for tho horse, 'which is twelve dollars per
month which with.kis own pay twelve dollars
per month, will pay him twenty-four dollars per
month. He will also bo furnished arms and equip-,
ments complete by the Confederacy, clothing for tho
year by Confederacy, rations, etc. Ha will be at
tached to Col. Goroo.vs Battalion at Camp Weakley
near Nashville, Capt. Wm. Rouxdtrse's company,,
the crack company of the battalion. Apply im
mediately to Capt. Wm. Roundtrss, at Camp Weak
ley, or at 85 North Market street, opposite Hjs
pital No. 3
For Sale.
A No. one 12 inch cylinder Engine, 24 inch stroke,
on cast bed plate ; also, two new Boilers, 20 feet,
long, 42 inches in diameter, britching stand pipe,
pumps, chimney, flro front, and in short, every'
thing necessary to render it complete. The whole
of the above machinery was manufactured by us
in this city and has not been in use over six months.
Guaranteed to ba perfect in every respect. Also a
CO by 36 Circuler;Saw Mill, Lane & Bodley's patent,
which is the best in the country. For further par
ticulars, apply to Ellis & Moobb.
There are several boxes of Guns marked to S. D.
Halb, which will be delivered on application at the
Tranapertatioa Quartermaster's office in Nashville.
I They havo been in the Quartermastor's possession
some time.
amount that has been fruitlessly expended in thin
and other expeditions.
The ship merchants are greatly pleased at the
result, aa it opens up a new markst for their old
3toTago of Letters by Ila? oi Truco.
sued n or-liwiwuiS-" rJ5K "i"; "J" L
I the bearers cf flags of truceTv-seli as are
directed to prisoners of war. f
Zfrobable itasrpnatioa 6f Welles.
In Washington the indicatiosj a that Mr. Sec
retary Welles, of tho Navy Rpartment will soon
Tlae Small Pox.
The email pox is raging to a fearful extent
Georgetown, D. C.
Tlio Advaaccs oi Dcsnotlxm.
A billhas bsen passed by the Federal Senate aus
morning i-incoin to tats potion of all the tele
srapn lines, when he shall deem it neces3ry, and
to impress the agents and employees into the ser
vice. ( iae Dill prescribes death as the penalty for
interfering with the use of the lines while in the
service of the Government. The Senate .has also
aaopted a resolution authorizing trip Federal an
thorities to take charge of all cotton lands, and the
cinjjiuying negroes to cultivate them.
Expulsion off Abolitionists.
"A p'etitiou has been presented to the Federal Sen
atftlrqa sundry citizens of Illinois, praying the
expulsion of all who voted in favor of the abolition
ot slavery in the District of Columbia.
cue rat itcport or the Capture or Jcir
Chicago, Jan. 2S A dispatch from Cairo reports
iiuw au eiUButuau aaa leit Hird'a romt to attack
Jeff. Thompson. It was also reported after the
ugus mas rnompson uaa teen taken prisone:
Federal Reports.
KicaxoND, Jan. 31. Reports prevailed at AVash
ILL sell; on Tuesday and Wctlnuday, February 4th and
uio, tee largest and moat desirable stock or
Shoes', I tc. Etc ,
offered during the seasoa. We oa'I the attention of the trass tk
thU sale, as the goods will be laid In lota to silt th trade only.
Jac3l Central Booms, College st-ett.
On Saturday February lst
Trader's IBasik.
janS9 dlw
Trader's Bank.
liteh ML f
Titihugh J n f
Tester J W ?
Gems A L
GramlingB J
Green Saml
Gorden J w
tiodshall espt 20
Hughes 8
Hnghes James M!
Huggins WJ
Holms J
-Hodge Biehard
Hooper Dr Jo
Hewlett Wa
I.arten Dr
Hogg John R
Hooker Dr E P
Eewell Jno L
Horpeback Joha
Hinron J Q
Hickman L
Biggins Thomas
Henry M
ington of a skirmish on the Upper Potomac in which
thirty Texans wers killed. Tbe Federal loss is not
Movements off stone Wall Jacltsos
Stone Wall Jackson i3 reported concentrating at
onaneaion, v a. it is tfiouglit he will immediately
move aown nearer :o Harper's l?erry,
3Ccporto not ConJirmcd.
Neither the Government nor the news offent has
received Any intelligence about a battle at Bowlirg
V A. . 1 t - .. m
urrecu, exucoi. a panic report aDou; aucu a Dattle
having occurred at that point, whicb is contained in
tne jxortnern papers.
The Government ha3 received no official confir
The undersigned continue to write Policies in the I mation of the battle at James' Island, near Apala-
Insurance Ajrestcy.
Capital and Surplus $383)870.
Lynchburg Hose and Fire - Insurance Company,
AiB-in8ure1.the,UvfeaiofLtTsJemployed:in."jhe river, -without beir
1 Affairs about Savaanaii
Awqusta, Ga , Jan. 30 Tho Savannah Bqmlliean
of this morning says all was quiet yesterday in that
vicinity, jx neet oi steamers went aown ana re
turned after strengthening the obstructions in the
various occupations
H. IL & P
College street.
P. Pacr, Agents.
misfortune I?iitiy;a ted.
W. J. Marb, Insurance Agent, No. 25, Collego ,
street, has paid me this day Eight Hundred Dollars,
the full amount of insurance on my dwelling house j
near the Chattanooga Depot, which was destroyed
by fire yeBterday morning. A. Kocais.
Jan. 10th, 1862. janll-tf.
For the War.
I am, by authority, raising a regiment roa tbb
wae. It ia to be hoped tkat the struggle will be
, I. , " mw Clirinv.
"Mo.i-ori.r-ok!e vesseu had hn.n .i: rx
from tho position they occupied the day previous
Seventeen Federal vessels were ware seen in the
sound yesterday, and heavy firing was heard there,
the cause of which is unknown.
-Augusta, Ga., Jan. 31 The Savannah Republican
of this mornina; says tha steamir Lee3burg went
"down to Fort Pulaski yesterday and returned safe.
Three shots were fired a; her from Tvbee, all of
which fell short.
pnar AnalacuicolaTltc
erutcs victorlaua.
The Savannah Republican has a private letter
from Bainbridge, Ga., dated the 27th, the writer of
which says it is reported a fight occurred at James'
Johnson Dr MM
Johnson J DC
Kimball O 0
Look Wa
Lovell k MeDeamoi
Logan D
Long J
Lyndssy RM
Lyons Jack
Miller RE
Miles JA 3
Mims Saml
Miteheil RB
MUler P
Miteheil D B
Miller JW
Mitchell D 3
MeNeil Henry
McKay BP
Page J
Payne P M
Pannell Jl
Paino T H
Patterson JM
rage Jno
rattersonW N
Quitt J H 2
Robinson HSiijj
Bobinsoa W D III
Ross O M
Rowlaud Jaaet
Botter MS y
Rogers J C l
Shaffer Eobeit
Shie Matthew
Satter G J
Bingletery Tioaisl
Sinclair AX
Tayler W J
Taylor Geo B 2
Tejlor P
short, but whether lonr or short it ia now evident 1, r A?S"niu f-s which sixty
, . . . , , . , Jeueraia were iinoa, mirty-nve nrisoners talrpn
,h.t , nanl. nf thn Smith litt-rn to floht U thrmurh I j ..1,.'. . i,l.4Buii5r3 'feil,
t"-t" " I nu laa enemy vutauy rouiarl. ( inp n7 ii f Jiirr.on
or censent to besoms tne obedient slaves oi XNortn-
ero despotisra.
I will gladly asaept tho r;ppUcationa cf such
companies aa aro willing te devote themselves to
ths cause e-f our Confederacy until its independence"
is recognised.
I will furnish good arras and all that tha regu
lations allow.
Thoo dsslring to join the regiment will address
ms by letter or telegraph, or apply in parson at
this place.
Fifty dllars Bsunty is given by the Government,
to each volunteer far three years,' or the war.
John C. Bubch,
C. S. A., Aid to Gen. Pillow.
Columbus, Ky., December fitfe, 1881.
dee 11 "
Fifty Dollars Bsunty I!! 1
VoLutiTsaita yos 7H2 TTar te bs attached to
Colonel Jons C. Bcr.cs's Regimant. Good arms
and everything famished allowed by the Regula
tiorw. Appply at H 21, Bread way Nashville, Ten
nessee, ace. 20, l m.
Talriai eopy, cud ehar ja this ofileo.
Order Flo. 4.
Mashtillb, Tenn., Jan. lfth 1S52.
Capt J. M. Hawxixj ia hereby appointed Provost
Marshal. Ho will have guards sufficiently strong
to carry out the above order.
Citisens are requested to complain to the com
manding officer of any insulting conduct oa the
part of soldiers.
Officers having charge of public property in the
city arc requested to report any neglect of duty of
sentinels placed over it By order of
Capt. Lumat, Aid-de-Camp to
Gen. Johkstok, Commanding Post.
T7. Laffht, Post Adjt.
Jan. 17, ISflS dtf
AFrenca IHan-of-War Coming: to If err Or
New Orlsaxs, Jan. 31. Is i8 reported
French Man-of-War is coming up the rivsr.
Hollin8 ha3 dispatched to that eilec:.
that a
Walrer S B
Waker John
Ward J M 53
Watson J
Wickly Dr Frank
WareTy S
omci BUBS.
Open at 7 o'tloik In ths morning, and sleiis at 6 In ths Ti-
On Sundays Open at 7 to 9i in the morning, and eye a Ua
half-past 1 to 6 In th srta'.ng.
W. B. OTcWISHs P.tl.
Attention, Soldiers f tlic dtii Hch
tiiclt? Bcg:imcut.
4IL the slei saltier of this regiment who art able Is
about, and those on furlovgh.nre rrquesttd to oil between
ine nours oi ab ana 3 o clock, P. ii , on Lieut, x. vu.ua, room,
N. a, St. Cloud Hotel, and report th-mselvos. Those ho are
t rordaty will be farn'shed with tranipirtaUon is ineretuaent
This rer will te rigidly enforced,
ryorder.of fJaL3il 2t Col.B. P. TRABpg.
in tmSaUixy car for Seminal Wsa&neoe, Nee
Faim in li Sack, SUiu in tht Mltddur, GbttruoUi
end Difficult ZfinsiruaiCoi, and all Distant eauttcl
by deviating frsm th path of Jfaiurt, and indulging
i aur-fouutioti.
By tht use of this "Oua-a" all hnnrcrar dlscharirei utroaov-
ed, the weakened crgani of generatitn arss ydllj enrw!, and
iuu vigor restored-
Either sex, contemplating marriage, should reflect that a so aad
nlnd and body are necessary to promote connubial happiness.
lathe "Chernlea finre" tha noor daMIitited. worn dawn
despairing devotae ef sensual pleasure will find relief.
It is life aad pleasant In Uite,bnt immediate In Its action',951.
talning no mineral poison, but Is prepared from sur vesetablk
extracts, in the form of a delicious syrup i
Price 52 per Bottle,"or three bottles fer Ji, and aad forwarici
by express to all parts of the world.
Bld by all respectable Druggists everywhsr.
POTTER & MEBWIN. Proprietors, Uemphli Ina.
Salt In Nashville b? Hwinp tc. PendlotOTi. Cim Sr. TUnnviKs
J- W. Hcadsrabott, aad by Drcgglstatverywhers.
vessel treated Mr. ocon, courieuuB.y, urns . NYBODT having afire and burglar-proof Safe to seilorrenf.
boattotimfiiihoun. where he .found hia baegage & -mAntun:,??t?
ana Drouffhtit UD W uiu city. .iiciu vneww,-joitKwjn, tern wivwwn, u, b, a, siasonie l'Hnaie, ura B',"5 flash
(Ton. 28. " - vlUe. " - ' ' ' .i-it
Wsdso A?lace Soutli nd;o2 Framstrcat
D -trrru,
KaecawAT, M
X7. WH. Eras, Wavten
Mi BxTAjn,-
Tlio Battle at Middle Crceli.
Trom the Louisville Courier, Jan. 31.
'We are permitted to make the following extracts
from-General Humphrey Marshall's report of the
battle of Middle Creek :
"My loss in the action of tho 10th inet. is accu
rately stated at ten killed and thirteen wounded.
ine losS'Ot tii9 enemy was severe, estimated by the
oiuuera oi wy comniami, wno had an opportuiitv
,to see them dead, at over two hundred killed and
more man tnat wounded. The firing was kept up,
with some intervals, for about four hours, and was
occasionally very snsrp and spirited. Aiy troops
'behaved remarkably well ; had decided advantage
m the situation and maintained it throughout tbe
day. The enemy came into the valley of main
Middle Creek helow the m3uth of the left fork of
Middle Creek. I occupied tha mouth of the left
lorn my arniiery in tno gorge my right wirg be
low and my left wing above the mouth.
The enemy did not move me from any one po i
tton l assumed, ana zz mgnt fall withdrew from the
field, leaving me just where I Was ia the morning.
After he had withdrawn, I called my troops down
irum tue miia suu jjieueu we march which 1 was
executing when the enemy came in sight. He
came to attack and did attatk, and his force was
far superior to mine. He dio.n0t move me frsm a
single pesition I chose to occupy. '-t the close of
the day each man of mine was ju?1 where ho had
been posted in the morning.' r cue to attack,
yo$ came so cautiously that my Jett wing never
fired' a shot, and he never came up sufficiently to
engage my centre ocmy left wiog- His force was
fire'difoon by the 12 pound bowitzar, and at once
cleared my front but concealed by a point of the
hill, confined his further e&r t0 assaults upon
my right wing, by which be was repulsed threi
times?. Finally, I found that he was re.
iriforbjhg heavily, and I rnd"e Trigg'
regiment to cross over tho creek and "to make the
work-short and decisive, with tne bayonet if ne
cessary," but before tbe Yuginia Mth could cl mb
one.siae of the hill, the enom had entirely with
drawn from the scene of acoon, leaving my force
in full nnd oniet possession, fe withdrew from
,Vnt nr.,! did not then dispute tne ground on which
General arScrs No. 1.
Ekadqcartees, CniBxaaaKD Gap,)
January 4, IStS. j
LI. abloot otactrs anl solJtorj hslantrtnir t. th. ..-mmon
J' JAMB3 H Rii:i3,'Col. com. Post.
Howell Webs, Adjutant. jan29
A SMALL bay Hone, about four years old, left my premises,
fiL in Edgefield, on Prlday last. Any one who will return him
to me, or give me snowhdge of his whereabouts, will be liberally
rewarded J BTaBBTT.
Sorrel Poney Found.
ROME onelefthitchedin front of my dwelling, on Triday last,
a Pony of above description, with saddle aud bridle. The
owner will please call, pay for this advertisement, and take him
jHESS tf
No 7 Broad street.
CHANGE O 1 8 C 1141 D TJ A.E .
ON and after Sunday, Janiary 2Gth. 18C4, Ps awnser Tolas
on the Nashville tc Chattanooga Railroad wfll run as fol
lows: ooixe east:
Leave Nashville at 8:13 a it and 2:30 1 k.
Arrive at Chattanooga at 1:30 a it and 5:13 r k
coaijco west:
Leave Chattanooga at C:S0 a and 7:20 r it.
Arrive ai Nashville at 7.3d a x and 4.S0 r k.
The trains levrlnsr Nashville at 8.15 a jr. connct at Wart-fl
with Shelbyvllle brans.1, at Tullahoma ith McMinnviile and
Manchester Railroad, and at Decherd with Winchater and Ala
bama Railroad, at Cowan with SewaneeRallroaJ,aGd at Chatta
nooga with Western an Atlant c Railroad.
The trains leavinc Nashville at 2:3S t n. connect atWtrin
with Shelbyvllle Branch, at Btevenson with MempsIs tt Charles
ton Railrcal, and at Cha:tanooga with East Tennessee awl Geor
gia and Western and Atlantic Railroads.
J'nwQ - B TV COLB.Snp't.
Xnmlrcth's Gstrdeu Seed.
E are now receiving a large stoec of Landreth's genuine
(Jirden Heed, embraeinir every vsnetr. In nan ers. with
Beans, Peas, Oab'oaee, Badifh, farsaln. TurniD and Oniaa seed
by the pound and tatf.ei. Also, white, rej, end yellow Cr.icn
elovts. SAINS, BhOffN t CO.
cstrublc fr ?:ilt
HaVE for sale, eheap, a numberof Lots in Msury and Glal
bornc's Addition to Nashville. Persons d?sirins: to iateot
their surplus money would do well to examine these Lets. 1 do-
sire to close them out and will give bargains for esh.
tor terms, apilyto A v 5 Jjindsiev. 33 folleue street, vat
will show the lots, or to myself at Pranslln, Tennetsee.
janfJ-dim A P AlAURX.
Fo 5nlc.
&1X Hundred an! Ten Acres of Land in the 4 th civil district
Sfs of Coffee county, abounding with rree-stone Scrims, ani .
moit ot it oovertd wiia very Tolaable Timbor. Tor farther in
formation, inquire or E BCJtPHHUi.
janx-3dw" at Sewanee arousr, or at this on?sa.
OTlie " Spirit of tne Times."
THE undersigned respectfully informs his friends, oorrea
pendents and subscribers, that he will at tho
present war
lEevlTc tlio "Old Spirit"
in one f the large cities of the Confederate States. Is the rseaar
time Mr. Jones will be located in Naihvlile. and wilt r. rii t
hear from his old friends f tbe,46ylrit Family."
Letters may be addressel to him at tne "Union and Ataprlaml'
office, Hashville, Teas. b. B. JOnES,
Id. and Prop. Spirit of the Tunes.
11? Brethren cf the press 17111 onfer an esneeial favor bw
giving tte above one insertion, or a nodes la their Bdltcrlal cs-
umns. !anl3-d8a
Commencing xyedncsdayjJan.'sBt 1862.
Teaiss willBkk as roLLows ;
wehadfougnt Not omyvi ;ua"' ?ut eTery
officer and soldier in my , without
one exception, then understood that the enemy had
been signally and untabiLWJ1nlpPe nud
the repulse, was final. BPft"1' r he has
never since that day sought many manner or form
t0The'enimy hadsome if. Mo 0 men on the
field and at least 600 cavalrf. vftr that i nnmber waa
counted 1 I had some l.00 i" for duty and
rrSonthffleld. He tjyjd probably 26B0 ;or
3 000 of his men : I about 300 or 1 000 of mine."
MMEsnnu BxpRssa runs daily; zaat-ss
. eontee'ion at ClarksviHc with F
Line to liopkinsville; at Tennessee River Crossing with St.
toats to Port Henry aud other pelnts; atMchensiewitaiaaah
ville and Northwestern Railroad; at Humboldt with Mobile and
Ohio Railroad; at Memahls i lih Mississippi acd Tcnnes3, and
Me.-.pWi and Little Bock Bailroads. Arrives in Nashville daily
at 11:30 AM:
Freight Train leaves Nashville, Kendajs, Wednesday! aai
Pjidays, at 12 o'clock noon.
Arrives Tuesdays. Thursdays and Eatard'ys at 1.-30 P M.
Through Tickets for saie in College S'reet Depot to Hopkins.
ville, Memphis, Humboldt, Hickman, Columbus, Mobile, Jack
son. New Orleans and ether places.
janiS-dtf A ANDERSON. B-welver.
'jpIIH best and most reliable route to Huntsville, Corinth,
d. Qnnd Junction, Memphis, Mobile, New Orleans, and all
po nts South and Southwett quick time aad certain ccnnectloai.
Express Train leaves KSihvdle daily at 7 P M
Returning, arrive at Mashvilie 1:25 A M.
Mai and Freiyht Trains loaves Nashville daily (Sun days ex
cepted J at 4:30 A M
Returning, arrive at Nashville at 5:2? P M.
Local Passenger Train leaves Kaahville daily (Sunday ex
celled) at 3 PM.
Returning, arrive at Nashville at 10 A it.
By an arraneeaif nt with tbe Kew Orleans roads Trticht la-
tended for Holly Springs, Jaeitsas. Coston. or New Orleani.
will bs lent through wltnoat breaiing bulk or eaaniag oars.
Also Frelgbt will come throusb ta Kaalivllla without chanra
of cars W O'l. tSajilMS.
Jan4 dtf Gjaeral Buperintendeat.
onlilrte Luan
BRfONS having money to lo.n are informed that they can
S procure at tne Treasury at RlehiLoad. or fiom the Assist
ant Treasuier, or Depositary at Wilmington, Oharttrston. Savan
nah, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston. Memphis or Nashville, or
from any Aaert of the Loan. BoLds. cr tfe?ist-.red sice- nv-
ble at any period of six months intervenirg tetoeen three je at s
and eighteia years with Interest at the rata of eight per cent
per annua, payable semi-annually in ecin.
Holders of Treasury Notes can at any time prceure -nm tha
same Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Depositaries or Agents,
Bonds or Registered stock in exchange for Tieasury Notes ; tha
said Bonds or Stock to here convertib.e ai the pleasure of the
holder, into Treasury notes, and ta bear Interest at the rate of
six per cent per annum, until so re-converte 1. and thus eons Ba
ting x deposit en call, leaving six per cent interest
(oignecg u u Jiuiiiiiii una,
jan23 d3ir See'y of the Treasury.
a ttravsain to lie Had.
S AO RE 3 of Band, if the city of Nashville,
A 1 t- U milium-- . r-t-vu xu nniie. Hor.rt
land.gTod water, toft rtJs " d poadi fcr lee.
75 acres in cultivation, balance we t bine an doT4r.
f.5 to SO acres of timber ef gxfd "f.Uw location.
A young.orch.rd of bothapP I g sw p other f;uitrees,
and as 1 am
T.osine and for Sale.
IHATE on hands a ,u ' " 1 teeesaary fixtures
n Iran
&c, which 1 will sell lo
SB. KING, fonuerly ef Hew Ttrk, fez the
oar rears of Laaisvlllei Kentucky, aad who has
.irootrf htiattontion to the treatment of crivato diseases fer over
thirty yerrs, flatters himself, havinr attended to a practise fer so
many years, and cured so maay thocxaaij, h is enabled to ca
all diseases ef a private nature, no matter how bad they may ba
from lajadicious medical treatment, or from neglect cf their omi
Dr. King's Dispensary is ho. sej jvcaancic street, Between ukci.?
and the Square, where he cures all iscaacsof a private aatarti
GsiioaniA airzi withoat uaaeloos stdleina ?r latirfswiitt
frca basiaoss.
Stsictcxk of old or recent date, tZtually eared tea few
oays,by an operaUon which eaassi no pain. Where a tWetsrs
exist, health cannotbe enjoyed Perhaps no disease aasa!s:M
hshief and undermlaes the constitution so much.
37rnru, with all the diseasas of the skin, growing ont I B
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