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i. n. . esxsx. s. x. e4aia
;Iroa the Motile Eesister and Advertiser.
XHo Battle ol somerset.
The reverse to the Confederate Arms at Somerset,
' Kentucky, while severe in "the loss of lite ana pro
uerty, ianot so discouraging as the first accounts
led us to suppose.' Our troops vrero beaten, it ie
true, but it was by greatly superior numbers, and
after a -whole day of hard fighting. There was
nothing in the retreat to show a loss o,f fighting
vreslige, or to impair the well earned morale of our
army. The general opinion in Kentucky, and Ten
nessee, in Southern ciclas, is that the.tack was a
serious blunder, and that that bane of the army,
liquor, had something to do -with it. There -were,
thank Heaven, no Bull Run features displayed in
the retreat The beaten army retired across the
Cumberland under a heavyv fire, and tho fact that
they took time to spike their guns and throw them
into the river, and to burn the stores which they
could notTeiusve, shows there was nothing like
The story that the Confederate force was in full
' retreat on Knoxville, Tennessee, turns out to be a
falsification. Knoxville cannot be nearer than one
hundred miles from the field of battle. It is now
stated that the army halted at Monticello, which is
in the county of Wayne, adjoining ariu immediately
south of Pulaski county, in which the battle was
Tne account states that only three Confederate
regiments wero engaged. None of the account
make our force over C,000 men. Yet it is stated
taat we lost 2,000 horses and 300 wagons. It is nof
easy to understand what a column of 6,000 men
was doing with 2 000 horses, unless a large part cf
the force was cavalry, and in that case the facility
of eecaDe renders tke story improbable. Let us
draw consolation from this.reveree in the consider.
ration that it may impart a useful leesoa. We have
been over confident, and itjpever safe to despise
an en;my until he is beaten. "We have been spoil
ed, too.by successes, and forget'luat the "best troop
and most -victorious generals are- sometimes liable
to dfcfeat and the casualties of war.
Undoubtedly the great loss suffered by the Con
federate cause in this unfortunate battle is the
death of the gallant Zollicotfer. It is not only the
Joss of the talents and bravery of this leader in the
field, but hi3 great political influence in East Tcnv
nessee that wo have to deplore. His name will
take its place in the story of this unnatural war as
one of its heroe3 and martyrs. Hij blood is min
gled ia the libation poured out to freedom and pa
triotism with tbst of Garnett, Bee, Bartow, Jones,
Martin and the rest. That precious blood ii to be
avenged, and Southern soldiers are the appointed
instruments of that sacred duty.
Ail Incident
The Rev. Wit' JI. Crumley, Chaplain of the Geor
gia Hospital at Riebmond, communicates the fol
lowing incident to the Atlanta Confederacy :
I always feel a deep interest in young men. Here
I have a fine chance to see them tested. Many are
worsted by the terrible ordeal of camp life ; but
some are hke gold, and shine the brighter by the
rubbing. Some time Bince we had a convalescent
patient fram one of the Georgia regiments. He
was tall, slender, with dark hair and pale face. Hit
eyes were deep and had a tinge of sea green, that
mado him look calm, deep and sublime, like the
oeean at rest. While in camp, after a day of heavy
picke duty, he fell asleep at his post at night, for
wbk'hhe was reported to the Colonel, who, to im
press him, and nuke an example for the benefit of
the regiment, called him in solemn pomp ta trisl.
He was found guilty, and the sentence of the
court was to be shot. The Colonel, hawever, in
view of his youth, and the extenuating circum
stances of the cise, commuted his sentence, and
consented that in lieu of being shot, he might be
tent home to Georgia in disgrace. The youth
drew himself up to his full height, and firmly re
plied: "Uoloael, if it will serve my country by ad
ding to the efficiency of the army, to be shot, here
I am, a sacrifice for its altar; but to go home to
Georgia, in disgrace, I neyek will!"
It was some time before he could be convinced
that it was a sham trial; but it showed what sort
ol stun he was made or. Tne world will, some
day, hear from this young man, if his life is
LcicoLsDou " Damned .and Done For. " We have
lately rcperused. with infinite amusement, says the
.Kew Orleans Picayune, some editorals of the Lin
coin press written at the opening of this war. At
a specimen of the spirit and hopeful character of
.. the whole, we culled the following from the lucu
bration of the Tribunt nhilosopher. It mutt be ad
mitted that the philosophic Horace has some claim
tn thn title of D.-onhet. for if ths United are not
"damned and done for," then the story of Troy, of
Carthace. &2.. is a mvth :
Shall we end the war? When shall we end it ?
Ave. there's the rub ! In thirty days t Perhaps so
In three months? Assuredly so, or 4 are damned
and done for I
in.ii iigiwiiiiili mmmm I . ii.Mimim
I am now idling my fins stock of clolhin g
f PONT wish to take adranfage of the bleeiade, and aa tril'
JL nag to sell my cloiaing encap. ii w oi me
All ttyles and sizes Made of the best and finest
Oent!rmenJwishing fins
Business Coats,
K07 !ive a ehin to set then at a
Ko. fiC,-- - Collcsc St
.KirkpatriJk old it ml, opposite K O McNairy t Co's.
Jan33-dtf K W R03B.
Carriago lor ai.
j.N Bsturfay. Pehru&ry the llv will be sold at publio aucMen,
for es.sh, on tne square at Kasnville, a fine, iifnt carriage,
In good repair. jsns-wtw4"
TOUMG & CRUXCHEK, Proprict.rs,
nashvilleTten essee.
TO the friends and relatives of ths members of ths 53d (Cel.
A. n. Aberoatlsj's) Regiment Tenneisee TolsnUers: I
vrill receivo and forward any article snipped by rail or otasmsa
oons'cred to me for theabo.e coL msnl without ie'ty. X do so
at the request of Cel. A. It. Aberta by
JariS-dim A. HAMILTON,
jLttcniion, Batialiou!
ALL non commissioned officers and privates, now absent from
their command, belonging to the 1st Battalion Tennesite
Cavalry, will report themselves to me,No. 53, Oollege street, on
B&tardav morning irexx aw iv u cit,K, to iciuru w uKuqmriers.
rt r iron i
By order or juuxuvn,
jinit-td Lieut Co, A, 1st Bat Tenn. Cav.
ITIacIiinery lor Sale.
A GOOD second hand Steam Engine, eight horse power, with
one of Warne Corn Mills, capable of grinding lOti bushels
sr meal per day; about 120 feet oi leather i-eliing; a wood Urn-
...h. torn oirrulir SawM. Jl? Saw. and shaftine, will all be
sold at the low price of 81 bbO cash. lh engine and mill are well
1 . ... .11, It.. l.Af.mu.liln.n iwinlJ
calculated rora coumry uisiuicjjjur iu uui.ui!ij
be used prtfitabiyfor manufacturing Purposes. Apply at thia
office, or at - - J. irt WiLgON o.
. !.. nprtnii'i1 Aid roofs
Improved re CIaT '
inati7 respectfully solicited.
Orders frora tat :
nSnfifiSo WANTED.
QC Na'hville, Jan. S6, 1802. J .
, T ... t. ,e-eivcd at this office until 15th
.100,000 pogB" noJaa 511C9, Wills.
Thn Tr.,' a? . -.a cf assorted sizes, leveled and fit
.JtwtooatoH&MiMamiichei on both sides, to
befrtoa . JSV..tronskeiscontaining not more insn
150 pounds eai t, u
xne nail to be nnclel K11 uc
InffSOnnnnrf.iL .,mireorle93.
The !'f:t &e exper.se of contractor. .
A. .vU SuUCJ
ume man three nnntMl"",A1& w
hMt. -iiT iJ-ur"y , ,h security proposed In their bids
Said proposals m-aU Bider teal, addressed to the undersigned
and endorsM'-pVopcEtlshrllorsespoes and Nails '
Jan26-dt!5fSh Assistant Quartermaster.
AT I'ranVllnOollKe)11''4 1315163 ast of Nishville, two Dv7el
Iinsiwith abont tnaty crel or goad garden ground Onj
f . 1 . . with at ... t 1 .... mrm a oh. wn rt
Ul tucu UgOOl jraiSt vG llllA "iiciftuii iaifju iwvwo o-JV i -
four cood h.o,-t Moms suitable for kitchtni dinins reom,
nt.nrA rnnmt.i.. Ait, rthpr .1 hrift!r llwellin?. with four TOOUJi,
ut.v.. 1 . f 1 Mraiotise.TnpALlionse. at&ble.
Tvill 1)3 rented witu or Tvltbout tni
grounJe. Jpp'jto
fieoYct ie355iru cf Manigers of Prsnilin Collcgei
jsnSJ-twSsr ' .
We Iiave si Full Faculty.
A Complete military Department.
THE SViiiHU xaaa cyecs 1S& Tebruaryi Al' the sxpen
sof a student raay be brocshtwifBin dnetv or onehnn-
orea aoiiirs, KUiJJ: A IUUMO,
j&n23-dSrt President.
Montoohehi, Ala, Jan 14, 18C2.
IRE (Japannefl) Roller Ruckles tnirm'ietureil snfl 1
sale by us at the following pricts :
Half inch
....52 50
. 3 00
3 33
3 50
1M inch $3 75
1 V
4 eon
4 50
X "
jan lb-dim
Order Ho. 7.
Nashville, Jasnary 54, 1K2,
ft LTj oSlcers and soldiers In the cltr frnm fltT. Crittenden'
army will report themselves to the eomtaanAinir offlccr of
W erder of Gam-. LINDSAY.
Aid to Gen. Johnston, commanding Poit.
T7. SAr,rot Adj't. janSS-dlw
emiatin, Tennessee.
Stakes Projtasedfor tiie Spring I?Sect-
ins of I62
Mile heats for untried 3 resr olds : 2100 entrntce : 850 fcr-
stass hs. 2.
Mile heats for 3 year olds ; 5100 entrance ; $50 foifeik
stakx ko. 3.
Per all afs, 2 mile heats -; $300 en'rance ; $150 forfeit
stake ho. 4.
For 3 year olds, 2 mile heats ; 3150 entrance ; 575 forfeit
etaez xo. S.
M'.le Heats For beatea horses that never have won a race ,
SlWMntrance: sau forfeit.
A. Barn a proposes to run Toodles against any horse, mare, or
gelding In Tennestee, the first day of the Spring Meling, four
mile heats fcr $500, play or pay.
All entries to be made to me at Gallatia, Tehcesxe, on or be
fore the 1st day of February, 1662, and security for forfeit, 3 or
more to make a race. JOHN lit MALOn JS,
Jan5-dtlfeb .fiee'y Asa
Attention Farmers.
H have 4000 Falted Hidesfor i8. Applv to
,P,l?S,3&5ia?i'?. & O. Olark street,
Corner College Ana CLarcb tret.
LlprUt, Xiigltt
B hare cn hand and for sale 1510 boxes J Boyle &
Tallow Candles
Or CUM1I1NG3,D0TIB & 0.
XiUbricatlnpr OJ1 and Tallow.
Z have on hard and Ur stie au bsis i.ubricaiuig uu
and 155 b" Is Tallow. Apply t
PARS Ribs, Bartbcnes, Eiusaje Meat, Hogs Brains and
Pigs Teet, lr sale ai auiazciui our racting aibuio on
Olark street. u faiffliauH, i;uiin a uu.
Star Candle and Nails,
kegs Nails, assorted sites;
150 boxes Btar Candles, for sale by
Xjttid asd Grease.
Uercts prime Isrd(
-..rt 1 T 9.
sou tiercs urease n r saic; spiy i
d:c21-tf Or JUilMINGS, IOYLB it. CO.
tTh.TBS, Jewles and Sump Perk, fcr sale by
Ifydranlic Cement & Laud Piaster
TJ5T B3CEITJD and for isle, ICO barrels Cenent aad 1S5
ordersWo. 1.
Bovlinj Gieen, January 12, 1352. J
AN adjutant Piovost Manhal will travel 01 each and every
passenger train, pasiisj between Bowling i reen and Nash
ville, aid Clarksville. It shall be his duty, before the cars leave
Nashville, cr Clarksville, to dsirand and examine the passports
of all the passengers not offic:rs or solsiers and to remove
from the cars all who fall to present written passports.
2 The same examination will be repeate after the Naihville
train has crussed the Ccaberland river, and any persons then
found without proper passpcitt shall be put out of ths cars at the
flrjtsiation,or in case of gnve raspieion, be brought under arrest
to the Provost Marshal at this place.
3. No person will bo permitted to enter the ears at any way
station for Bowling Greca without tpassport from a military of
ficer. 4. An OI3cer of the Quad, or Assistant Provost Marshal, will
eumins all passports at the depot at BoTrling Green, aad the
RUttdsw.ll prevent any person from enterintta car.exieptat the
iloar, or doors, at which sich officer or Provost is stationed
5. The comrr&ndmg omceis at Clarksville and UusscJlTllle,
will put a guard on datyatt.o railway stations and take in
charge aU passengers who leva the cars at these stations and re
quire them to report to the Irovost Marshal, echis Assistant, at
the depot.
6. Citizens arriving at Barling Green, by the cars, rill imme
diately report to, ind be restored by the Prsvoet Marsha!..
7. No person willfe remitted toenleror leaveBowliug Green
cn freight trams) , '
100 Seward.
tANAWAY from tht sabicribers, about 1st January Kffil, a
, negro wom.t, nnestee,40 years old, tall amd slen
der, eopner colored, or brown; has a Iarje n ie, ne or two front
teetn missing, emoV?. trAnxo and dnnw wnissy, loots ypung.
band, Cyru., hvS &TAtn Bichardsou's, in nart.ville Wtewill
pay $50 rnward rcr htr if canght and lodged in Haynes negr
yard; and fifty dollars will topaid for evidenee sufficient to con'
. L. . ' Mil t I . . Vain hi.lvMlntf Yitr.
r- T1.
Bavidssn countyi
9 AKGB accuEulsUon of superior stock of every scrip -1
A tion, Call 1 B3NJ ' SH1KLBS & CO'B,
del9-tf Central Auction Booms.
J'orYoaug Ladies. . -
rjpna sext sesiita ,f wheel will commence the 224 of
Janliwim7' J TT NIOHOLLS.
A Liberal proposition.
cxtalogue prices, and UieCnttJa (Ulddlirs; lair) in tx.hange,
Undln. rnr:iA??.' i?a M mC
Descriptive and PfnSnes sent to all applisanh &e
or harte ACdrets, v" i&GBBS, HiBDBtt uu.,
Jan5-dlm ' cirt to Peters. Harden tt 0.
Nashvll'e Union aad aam copy one-manth, daily, and
u imce. jji.'ofifii w'i H" '
FWc nine, E . pjasuvllle.
fTnhe seeotd irrr, .... . .,:n nf this InstitUo
Mr. Yf.S. Ilswkins EnM? i ' Classical School farboyf
1d the Immediate vicinity present placed in charge af
theie well known P'dfaniages tot their Ut
The BcardW -7" "Penor "'T, through the Sum
mer month,. rwiment if , . . ,t
For lull par Jculars, adlrets
'si WTOXMVOX 520, -8
r .ibvlllef Tea
i Ga , in conddwioa ofTe aepressad state .f the ket
for our great JtaplsSntropose to' ti Planters ef B.ufij
Carolina, fcorgji, a"' ffisslppi and xenaesse, t, Kll
them ffSUTT Ww.;8' r' Nursery at the rejaltr
lto.. o Ualoai stroat
Hardee's Infantry Tactlc's,
LculsTiila dltton S Toll, 89. Fins LltBOcrsphlelllnitratltei
IibO 3 V UJ t UUi
HARDEE'S TAOTIOS, Memphis e-iltlon, S toll In ta
51 ay By mm 17.
Instructed for.
HEAVY AKTIL2B.Y j prepare bj a board r Ann? Offlotn-.
Price 54 00-yraaIl 4 50 '
HE TROOPER'S MANUAL I er Tactics for tight Drsrotai
T and Mounted Kiflerasn. Ued throu:h tks Boath. Pries il 75
by mail 5 00.
PLYINQ ARTIILBRY J or, Golds for th Jleld ArtUlerlri
Price 32 50 by raatl 3 00,
Works da Payonet Exeerzlis, Array Bezalatloca. Jorliflm.
tioni and Engineering, expected daily.
Biaps oi tlic Scats of War.
Map Ko. 1 aize tit fcet reprejsnttag all tha Southern States!
Very complete. Erics 52 00.
Nap Ho. ii, site 20x30 Inchei, representing Pcaarylama, Ke
' itswaio, iji4i.u iusiuui uwa uiu ccniusiy,
thowinz every post ciSce, village town and city, Prico 31
Map No. 3, 0x30. Uepreaentinc U the States North
10x30. Renresentlnz Kenlcetei'. leanestsi tail
fcAloimng eiaiej. rrice xi.
iiap Kp, a, siuxJu. Representing Maryland and Virginia with
a diagram or Washington Uity and ueorgetown. Price SI.
OLD TONEY AND UI3 MASTER ; or, tha Abolitionists and
tae Lana-i'iratd rosnusa on racu. a tale for ths ticca.
Pdta-Sl 55. AddKK
(JIli'EN k. CO.,
Trill nair receive Pupils ia
s 00 b: EJ H 3P X
Over Smitli'a Drur fStcro. Corner Ciinrcli
and Viae Streets. '
Those who are belt qaalifi:d far buiiness Trill obtain the best situ
ations, while those ttbo ' tail lo qualify thenr
selves far bus ness must jffscnatjjt mi w ouiain cooa citu'
atlons. HoursJtoll, :l u 5' p- M-
and 7 to Oat night. Ho J JSf&zzi pupil received lor less
than the lull course 01 lessons. . jamti
Cnmmlngij Doylo & Co , Ctimrniiijia & Gil
Jxeson, and J T- Cuniminss,
C.S, A.
Offica Removed to Market street, tenth of Church street, Am-
strong a. Co. a old stand.
rJ10 hire for lerviee on the Hashville and Chattaneoga Ball
R road for the jerl8C2. forty negro men Apply atones
to a- W. COLB,
dN tf ikb Supenntendeat,
At ISis Post Again.
THROUGH the urgent solicitation f friends, DrIW CON
KBh has rtsumed the practice of medicine His former
success in speedily and eluCently naUring Ms patients is all the
commendation he fftrs- He only irithes to im:nd the puUic
that he treats snrcefsiuMy all manner cf Diseases without tneusa
t Mercury or its kindre possens Sjpmliue ccmplaintsnot ex
cpteil .) Office on the c:rner f Union and Cherry, immediately
Ttr the Trader's UsV. Residence, City Hotel.
jaalS die
iu ctioncer & Commission BSercSiant
Ko. 53 Collego Street,
(Betwsea Union and the Square,)
CONSIGNMENTS of Dry Goods, Turniture, and Merchan
dize generally, solicited, jaa!9 (ly
"vS Satunlav. the S2d f Febraary, 1K2, we vrill tall t tka
V hixhatt bidder a house and lttin the tTri of Murfreociiort,
fermerlr the mii.nce of Mrs. C. M. Smith, e'd. S-.iJ resi
dence Is a large and wimmocliocs brisk buiUinr, has two splea'
iid e'uterni iui aa lee houit in the yard, a garden and ther
useful appurtenances, all of whisk will fee said ts tke bignast
bidaer on the day ahore said.
jana4-dlrs OROCftBtT k StAKSOM and tkers.
Special Orders K, J.
EiAVrKTEEs TbxaBaxxsii, Oaup LwBocr,EAr. 0akla5,)
t X.X. oflScr nd.oldltn tuhed t. thii mdbmI, ttm ar
fa, t for datj, an hsrtby ordered So rJf tkeir resjiestive
eom?Miies immediately, or they will b deai guilty ef diioke
ditnee of ordsrs and dealt wjth tosordingly. Euehasare salt
for duty will riport to ice through eertifioilei or iwi e s i at
tendance on them. By erder, JOHN A. WHARTftV.
Cel. eoniBtE Jint lexas J-aijc,
Tot: XTuren, Acting Adjubat. e jaaXl-dtv
Desirable Cetsntrr SSecldcnce &or Sale,
B have for tale a deslxablegilaoe In the aonatry ti miles
from tke ci'y. containing 15 asres rcoi xardea land.
It Is well improved and convenieaUy located, Apply ta
bains & bsown,
dec31-tf Ita. 19 Public Square.
SOESSt irilOItlPSOBs 8z CO;,
(Successors to Thompson, Sperry & Co.)
Ks. 21 ITIarXcl Street, K2.clivillen
nov3-tf BOBflET THOHPSOll & OS.
Fresh Peaches-
DOZ.1V Fresh Fetches (In 3d Cane) In etors and for sale
ky aov2-tfl KOSHBT TKOUP30N lb. OQ.
Tea. Teac.
CUESTfl Gresm and Black Tm, frora the omuont t-s
ab finest quality, for ale hi
nov2 tf r.03JfKT TH$M?B0N t CO
5fk AAl'l CIGAKS, all gradf s, far wis by
y9iFUy nov2-tf BOBBRT SHftiiPSON fc 3.
Almonds eihS Kuts.
BARRELS Almons, Filberts and Pecans in stars.
PA0KAGBS5 BAISIN3 for sals by
nov2-tf rOBar.T THOMPSOW Ik OO.
ESousc for Kent,
tj GOOD Brick DtI1Ij3 with x store sttschsd, a IilKs hslow
the i;uar, on North Market strt. Axplyt9
novS-dtf EOJ!E.T TJlOUf SON It. 09.
Eqr5SnT,SSBS ,mt.JrHtC!irwToid-maaxB i Onloa.b
se.1' iwieirviierry ana Btunmer.sp'eeiaj an prcparctio an"
'ta Janertli t all times, witli, wooden CoSSns, plats or colered.
us jisuiua uuria: uasxen ana u&scs oi secpenor qiiiiij.
ranariw!tn.-Hy V Vasvhall k Co., in ihls .city. Prices to sl
n.ir v .inviiLx Gas Liokt Compart,
January 7, 18S2.
A T a saeetinr of the Board of Directars held this dav. a divi
a dend of six per sent was cade, payable to the stocVholfers
of the Nashville asXight Company an and after the 15 Ui iret,
aad tke following resiluston was paued:
Beselvcd, !Jhat the high price of coal, scarcity of labor, and
general trier ease in value of all materials used in manufacturing
eaal gas, is just cause for an increase in the price of gas, and
that the price be raised fram three and one-half to four dollars
per thousand cubic feet, from the 1st January.
jan9-dla ,.' r-o JA8 H KBNDRICE, Sec'y.
Sarin Mills.
F 5 HJB best Improved donbIe-gricding.Zark Mills yet Invent
il ed, Is'no7 belag nanufactnred, an will ba raady fcr ds
livery by ths first or October For sale at
J. LUU3DBW & fj.,
Rt 11 Sotth earkst street, Nsshvills, Tens,
LUlSD3if & MAUN,
Bfjtl-tf Ho 55 Mrslxs' strait, Nw Orleans,!.
rgHS.eiltbratad Oculist of Frankfort, Ky, was coelIuii
H leave home oa aceauut oliis Bau,ern vrinaiplts, will
practice in lUurfrteifesrc. lie coming winter, where he kp?j,
meet til that r disused in their eyts J II soldiers dismlosd
on aacouat af disease4 eyes .n'te treted without fee, except
medicines, which they ean get for a stall sum. -
Rates to tke aitisensof 'K est Tenners and Unrfreasboro, as
well as these af .Rentncky Eovl4-d3a
For leut,
A BSICS HOUSil , situated on ths corner of Gay and High
rtreots. Apply to A. TUBSBK.
Nashville, October 10, 18H dtf
A Fine Coasatry Residence For SJ.$.
JJT AVIHG detsrmlnsd to carry my Negroes to th
3"5 South, I will sail boutTiree or i'aur
tlursdrcd Acres ol iisuia. being part of
ihi tract u?pa which I nsw rasidt, situated cn a
cod tcrcsiks Road, about thirteen miles frcss
. j,shville, la ens of the best neighborhoods in Wil
' 1 i n I i . n . ..
ittiuou cuocijr. ou cqaai 10 &ny in iqo otatei cor painss
Isrs apply to me, oa tha prealtes, cr to A. V. 8. Lindsley, ia
Uiitvlia itpO-dU P.A.PIREINff. '
.HAosnra oil, -
' oofrdji'aQPs,
1 " ., 0SHASCI13BAin)Sn32riJ?OSr
Wfl refer by rsmisrfGn to Gn. fii Pi Jhtte. PrcsijiSst Sstsi
Ci i'iaxc, Jcnn A. O&shler, do
t 'MV PTrt Ufa -r. Ft.-Tt nf-T gmtts T?r.!lr0 4
psapsay, Pslashi, Tsnn.
lio ta lus followics whesljaleMerehaita la this tlij i
iabdiMb & 00.,
Wholesale Grocers,, Fruit dealers
No, 34: MarUcS NCroct, Naahville
A MONO our present stock: vrill be found the ftllaving arH
iSL cles, to which we invite the attentitn if bija., aad vhisll
vs will sell ia lota to suit customers aad atI7Hrketprit3i
n. ii. urcers cinnot be executed except th isrfgfOittuJsMd.
tt hhds Sugar, all grades; 1 pipe psre jt OIb;
50 this Molaiies; do c PrekdS2randyi
3d chejtt Black and Green Teas; 20 hbls it Souikon Whisky!
la bacs Java Uoaes; 5 ( ie Rot :oaua do;
100 packages Layer Raisins, in 35 d to Newsom'a ds
lioxM, Halves and Quarters: lw Giacer Brandv:
aOcart'nsRaitiasforfftjoily use; !0 it R3fld Whisky;
liu boiej Stem Prunes; 5iW) seanjonns;
SOOdcaOystcrs ia ltSdoscsst; SJ5 ca;es Usska;
TO boxes Wo l line Crackers; 10 at Bar Tumblers;
libfcu Almofis andJMuts; 12 d it 3eiaters;
25doien I'rrper Sauces; 5 rross tnle;
u co 'tomato (jatsuni; 15U tgt Bn:
10 do Fresh Peachj;
1C0 do SxtrajTlour:
50 d-xen pickles;
15 ne ets Bsdnted Tus.
ltt do doughton Bitters;
50 Uo Mustard;
OSaurcli Strcai, bolstjr JL03i-0rs
. PAN! have this day declared a dividend f ihrta dollars a
tk, payable on and after the 10th inst.
M7-Ua JAiJlB WAL3E3X, Sscre'taiyi
iiine grade line or the road In a ashvllls.
Th contractors want to contraot far SO,COO Wiilte
Poit' Oah Tics, of ths cams size as above, to ba delivers
catillne of ths road in pllss from eeclioa 14 to csctlon ii,
tcuh oh each section to supply ths rims.
Ffrsccf wishtar to bid will dlraot to th9 Pretldinta-.il HIm"
oricf ths Naihvllls snd Vcrth-xsura Ballroad Company?
t HAYB removed mj Shoe cstabllskmcct to Market strci,XTo
.60, iear the public square, next door to J Xerrew k. Sob
wtere I would be pleased to see my former austomera and Mend
And shall endeavor at all timcc to keep an hand a general assort
meit of Home IMa.de Boots and Shoes, In as grsa
variety and at as low rates as thepriea of materials will justify
Amy boots and shoes, and all kinds ef heavy vrork ks? t la Ja tors
ornade to order.
Highest market pries paid far Hldss acd Leather!
irp80-tf JAMBS If. HAMILTON.
lilad News for the Unfortnnatel
Aa KHlTaiUnK Specific Sor all JDIssasca os
tli Urinary Organs, and a. aoneralt' .
AltcraUTa aad Blood Purifier.
it Is astlrjly nnlike ovcry other aeiicins pressribrf for Ten
till DItaists, as It contains n mfaeral poison or naussoas
lraz,bths prepared from roots, barks and leaves, In.thafera
ti a plsasant asd delicious Syrup.
It i: " nsturo'g own remedy" for CeaorrhsM, (Clip) Slse,
Crivel, Strictnrs, and is especially recomsiendad ff r Ilnor Al
ta:, (TThits in Tea!ales,1 far this complaint it is Invalusbla.
As a gts?raj alteratlYS find blood.punAer, it has no s?ual, asi
l;:s net fail to euro scrofula, sicandary tvphilis, Elandnlar
spellings, raercuriil and all imytir diseases, earing thsn
B:ro ape;il!y aad aernaaeatly thu any clhsr medl
tie kowa. It dots this by purifying and cleansing ths
Vxi I Gwalng it ta Cow la sll Its orijlnsl parltr and vigor,
f.zt rf ncTinj frc?K tha system a!llm?3r? aad piralclsas c&xis
riich ' stt iuauced dlseo.
In all 'Ai c&sss of floncrrhos. ju4 Cissi, that ha-i tsfled
tsdlcjl sBU, It ia sspeeially recommscded In old tins
S7tr fsilr, icdreoest cn It cures fram one to thrse davs. A
f djggi !jwUxjzjzxji? tj ,.1 11. s.-Ktg- ht, chorasmraan
' It dees sot ezect tht bzasth or lntirftrs with aay laca
It nqrlrsi no assistance frora othsr neildn.
It cr.a lay oa tie toilet-tible, or la Ins couatlaj-roert, trlth
c Ijj ev;r bsisg- ssrpactsd as a " remedy'" fr prirtti dis
eas, A Trsillct sh Teaircal Dliasa;, BiU nil rSrectloiw for iholr
t triia-entxar;, accompany each bottis.
?cr full directions sst a Olrsular frsf! from any drusSSN
ijUnitcd States.
It Is told at retail fcr $2 par soltls, or thrss fcetliisfor
Ttllrsrponsibla drtgjfirts and dcalws ii aoJIcInes.tiroBihtx
iMTJaittd SiaSss, and at wholssala by .all srtiolojils irsjgista
"C-KIt a SZJZHst IK, Sola Proprietor
- vaUPHIB,-2SKS.
" :,.dnhtt,"5erry Sen.-
U' nsponsible druggists"
& Pendleton,
stable i'lnaTBtioat and tTIostrta-g
Kill SiHeEstallfsEima.i.
3'C3aiJ!n-StoniCf aIlsl5eson hand, an'd &adatoordez
1? aact Mills, of the latest Improved patent Mill Bpixdles,
"16si,u. c.uim Olaths: Boltinz, Holjt3u?aEd Becnlatinr
6stte Boltlnr Oleths; Bolting, Hoistiug i
?! -fcr.a Wire. Uilf Piths, and- Plastsr
and Ssgulatla
?.lsh4 rrMtadof it quality and to give satisfaction
' W'riwiscaaaaieaUcas promptly attended to.
- :- J-M..-T7ABNEI
i.fW, Bdw ni.,ar 5 k AB B, Bre itro,
iej,:iiwt( , , Huhvilis, TsiJ
l Zni. Mil
r fftlR Nilhvllle and North Weotsra Railroad Coapaay WiA
)i to contract for 40, COO Cottar 'Croiis-arien. 9Jfeg,
S&H'&iirro bMOfeeTtolt; aoaad, ia ha dcUvs
PBAOnOSla tht Oearte of af JS sosatfarj
SpedalicnBoa will b toJ9eollscaais
proaot rssaltUaw of all tla5sstrMtd to itsirfcisdc
imnArtant Notice.
THB nsderslgne hereby lafomj petpie tf Hu Oonf-d-.rat
States t Antrim At U It folly Ptepared to far
ilmm 11 tne Siitci. Hollow-'". iil Ganng, ir
Wise Is and all other castings taat taey my aeei, and alio d
any MOat-f machine Trsrk for rates, at his ex-
tonsiTS Jtuadry and Mtciins hoP i0"' KnoxviUi,
Inji. - A. 1j ilAXWBLL, Ja.
de13-dly .
- a?
Warclioitaoj 87 Eroat Mow,
Special Attention Paid to Sales o! Fiourj
r EFJEBEMCES.-J W Smytiej Oi He'jretJ, Norton
JK & Co; O; B Dufleld, SOiJi fisher, fashier Bank
Tennessee, Nashville; Allison, Anderson & Co, NMh7ille; W P
R S Young, late with McOIure Ooarts, atC arts-rille, Is In
this house. novS-dSaa
3tl3 wsll fcaowa to the prcf ssslon tit Bloaif lelty ij fas great
viitor'vf Ue, Bvtry reuedy Tthich really tn;u dlssas
so-becausa of Its oleetricai tdaplitloa to the rsnta of ths
BCftd By the us cf sneh remcliM and warns Stscrsw
in which tutienta.sre bathediln currents o elecirlciv
35m being attenied by a Lady. i tsx curing all Hnds of old
SlInato complaints which fcavd rsisted ail other means
if sttim "Coasaraptivca rccsive nei life, but in such easea,
tSssrs'TJatientJ are ioo 3 m ii.Bt, x uj
gssaud lung, rijlit at th seal ol ths dinase. (Ssd two
etoaps fr a paaphlet.) Other patihU who cannot coas to
fes "nrjuiKQ Watki, ean, by tecdeg tfea thei age ses
sail full description of syxptoms, hatVraedicijea sext to theasi
ifi,r.t tmr c ririr.l Ths Slectrlo &w exet ill silseral
LiMtaneoa Ukea xt iadicin. or oth.rwUttJrbe- Tb" ex
&riiiar over twenty Jax In too treataftt 3 1 many thsss-
tats arniciseand Vomsn's oistwna win
ft rs juried ts a raasoaafis cnaranies oi
7g Boosis ssstft Bsardisjg Farai
E22I0IA33 wis nay wish t avt'i 6rsiilf of this val
aaila dltcoviSTy in BlJstrio Baths an haftvj to c!l at 27 oHlzt
at Ro- us, sonw ftcmnir sneti.
Haihrille, Sns.
IBasiicrreotypcs, Aiabrctypss-
Ko 44, TJniaa Street nsxt deer to ffttial 6Thonspa'f
(1AT1 OKSATOR AT DXsazi' iklLXlt.)
tnTATINO fitted u? rooms as stovo, sxslneivtly for list
vMilvia Tart iff 3
iMtlixisn f Nashville and make faaxinilci cf their faces, Is
ka Uraest ttvle of ths Art. N tiwsza hsa been snared either
a rurnlssing ms spariiaenis cr prccarlcg the latest ana bism i
Btproved apparatus and X3ateriali,cdthesuticriberccnCdrt- 5
Ksfactlea in evtry case.
TBPSatrancs next door (West) 4o T7sel fcEaoaxpsiS.
&-l nAL Filiies
W'K ate pleasrf to losra ihst a! tea ;rcat ""fTorW'3 FsAr,''
held this month 1? t'us c'5? of Kison, Georgia &s cair
nricins Baltimore Firm, Wra. Kaa't & Co., were award! thj
Sint rrocniuzH over all coiup.i.itl, for tkeir ctlebratid;6oi
Piaxoi- This Fair bela; hdd cEdsr the direction, of the
Southern Cotton Planters' Assc.at sn, t gtiga and inauentssl
bodr of men. ths importinca tttiched to reeelflagl ha honors
'of their Fair, produced, asw2tsrn, in unuaual degree ofconi-
.patition on tne part r rainy or ua nao forte sianuiacrarws
of tha country. Eareral very Cns InsVamests were on sxhibi
tlont but after a most patient s-.d thorsash esiainatin f their
rccpectiTC merit:, ths jud;ss uaaa'aoaiy iscidd that the one
front tne Manufactory or tvm iicatsa mi was tss
lior," and awarded tht Medal acsordinjlyi
Without wishing t a?isarlnviist3,wowiHadd thai the es
tamrise, ublie spirit andectiringsnerey with which the Messrs-
Ensbt conduct thsir business, entitle ttcm in an cmiaat d:grt?
v all tba sonars and satcets wcicx utj navs at&ievea in taeu
lira. Lavish la the expenditure of tics aad money to Prodan
a JXrtt Qvolitjf Piano, and sdrertliirg extensively to make
their esUblishmsnt known, tksy havttheirrsard In tho pe:ses
stsn af a Iarrra and constant!? increaciniMrlcesi.arid the furUt-
riaaosso a "Rxceiaon aaiiiaera nt, ci yooKansr ssi,
? B. A rtbply of th above is now t!ng received b7 A. Hi
HcOlura, S3 Union rtnet, tha (file A;-.nt for Middle Tcnnesss.
who will sell at oerfjetsry jrlas.
Land fos- fe'&ie.
1" l.&'.fcolbt avis Scra Ui Jtacirt , lvl sIl ca mms-
UII ttrns, ii"orly Acres oi i-and, three mlleo
nfti CarDtratloslloiU, ai Mill Cmk.csncdteMsl. GoSs.
l axe of the net; bftautiful locations in Bavidioa county.
Atat e-hilf of tha land Is In limbs?, the baltnts In cultits
Stji Chsrs ars on the premises coafortabls cabins asd s n
ysaci orchard. AjpfytoMAJ Con, nesr tha f!i!s,cr to ny
BifforpartUaltrs. 0HAS, Z. SJSTOKi
At gu Man and Mortar, cn Market slrtti, cpposUt
Union sired SaslnnUe,
Si3 for sals FFE3H AND G2HUIHS
"wnmow GLASS, glass wahjx,
STOjSjS WARS, &c:, Ai-
vFIass, 2raadies, is., Imperlil, Tosaj HjnssjCclwsraaal
Gunpowder Tss.
Slae OolosnjJ, SrfrwSa, Cocssatlcs, Hal , Hair
Dyes Pdraatsaag, 0s Mtrroi?s, WUris
Zwizt, i'co th and f.hivin z actpa,
Ersishw, aUklBds, P. .k
Surtlcsl, Dmtsl, Cnrrayins sadMKwicy,'IJ!rs;a!Jr!.
-"istaslcs, .yiowar Pc
ssraiagffiuiu, . f.wxas,
Qztraoi of CcCsa.
t Plosphetc!'
. Plxstirlsr!1'
Bristol BAA
I'caiij ohiit
t'afce Pafefc
SoId.Ettla, Oak, VslveS, Classd, Plabj t4 Flat 2oj
dsred PJnta, CsatreK
t Statuary, Papers. -Asscrtoii.
Mlsd Fsists," &&mL
cm Earicct strset, opposl" siiaja,
eaehtllls, csin?ssa?3.
ooaftrx-uiiEcj 480 ao-Zs
a a 2 s.
ol CultlTrsitlo:'.'
IJaSFara Ha one alls from Jpa'fiS!?rvVS?
fi. ehastsr and Alabama FaIlrMd, ahs ',!.tf, Wnohes
k; end thrw mils from Salsa, in Franklin fF. Oa ths
ftcm tt acmfartahle dvalllri:, good nS -f j aad all
3rTOtkocss. OlcMtoths dwelllBB.wj 5S?prtrw, a
teilrnTaaaylsnty cf csvar tsS ZT
YiMa, 5mvUl, ?exn.. r
tut re; r ti sx; 02 the prt&be
Tlrcitstir. Sf.
5 A HHDS Prime Sugari -
SJfj5S'l!sjreU.Molassssi . jv
rBarraMotaswilastert'Si. ..
axax miwi aa axwa-swaswatl-j
Silver OiBijiS?, '
Kxirsi jSAs-Iy Iihs,
fcarge Marrowiat do,
. Talemti22s Beasas!
SagarFarsaip 8ceifey 3se pound
Sa5sM Scl " "
H.;c.ion of Oarelnrj asd dlimz. -
Cosctry Merchants, Phyrisfaas, Planters and cIoMesihhffE
sill find it 7ery much to their interest to call -r?
iced! at tha OJicap Ca.K2i Brasr Mots.sz ai
Linseed Oil,
Window Glass
Scaiga and Madder,
Bird, Seed,
Wises and Br&a&'sa,
Pore Whi.ksa.
Puis VThltBlioaJ,
CMtile Box?,
Alum asd Glue,
Cioves and Hutrasgt,
Garrett's Snsffr,
Artists 2nwiu3,
Tine Teas,
En-eedish Lc'chcs,
Art slae SatsaslTa Eealirs la
a.BaJrssr?ej iHsIstUrotypo, PlioSssyrjtpaa
ff Artuts Appsrr.i3osil Cfesislcile of trery dMcripltcn' ei
New.Tork 3111s dipltet: te svtry ai CotI asd Oar-
Aisa keep oa iK-.no fj largJst sad asc s"oc2 o
'ras33s ana Snppcssssrs
wcr offered In this CU7. Whatavir m7 be ths tlx of tha pa
Meat, or tha kind of herala.ha can certainly be sultsd by caliicg
at ths Cop. or Coliihe amd Uaiea Srxirrs where can be
bcadasocdassortmeat of Surgical and Dental lastrosenu,
&k Stcoklags, Eaea Saps, Anilsts, tc
febS. r
3f?I5S HJ'1'8t Coraar oi the Pnbllo aar- Willtaij
? r.c2&-.sj Ui; or diffirre by ays 03 Bc-eUiajj and dh
SiBtes, Gaadsia 6.7v.ir : v iiaria aad Eivar taiar&i
t? froas all pitr Ai. .
tiie txivor.
7032PH TAUT. a,
;aS3S JLL1S,
W. 8 SKI1,
S 3. fASES33.
.V. BUS L35, Secretary
5AE3 plesjvr is acasaaelag to ay oU frisadsJanJ ssa-,
Somen that tJtvaa akseaa oi two Tears. X hava anla re.
wrnea ( .rsioae cae fr&ewce 01 us A-aoi9rapaie An
!x all its ranche:, havii j pnrohsEtd the Interest of my brathsr
Ui tho eld established Gallery ia Union Strest, aad having spssi
oar msaths ia Now York th put Summ-i to obtain fully all
h.t late imjtrarenterite in the art. I have painted, renovated and
dirzed lit suite cf Boems threaghsut. That say fadlitin ars
3i7 better to roduc firsVclass wirk thsa most Gallsrics eaa
. ast of, and conduce to th comfort of aor patrons. I trust aot
ewJy to stutala iho proud BositIon the Gallery has heretofore
$ZAtexcd,Vit to elevate ItTo. a still hlghsr standard. I have.,
ly.i esgtjsd the Kiziz cf Mr. CCOK, oxe af the best Photo
atevar; ia ths world, whs took tie Pictures which obtained the
S?K?rsxiina at the World's Fe.riB London, ia 1851, and I tra.
4;4ermixed cot only to maka-'thia U.s leading Gallery in t
3ate, but cy prh. thall actb Pirpa'.el North or S3
rd now intrcdasa to the public the tollcslcs Itjlsai
' inperlal PhotogfApU, India Isii 1
Sssetts, plain or o3cnS -v--
KToryt7peB, ctlcrtdl
Jatsi Pictures, lifacii-ii
Bfetosrcphs 03 Canvass, Ufa dit
"iistan: irds, fall leastSc, plain:
teg'Srph h&? schs, la fcakajt st oes ritHag.
rfceraswspes, on glisa or papsr.
Y aosrfaxs to make ths Melaixotypt tail Anbratype is hr4F
v-o. ?y. abov6 styles ara all entirely octt in thla city, eseepfc
ft AutorrajiOerd, whiih vras only aida ono at a tin. All
ei. x isaasfiiiytklajlnmylinaarfpclitelylavltedtogiTS!
s. n call sfsrcTisitli2 eleawhsre, rfcwl Till Frova by oeselt?
WtnsirsVis Uifiov aix. Ssfvifally,
:?l-i' . J. V. HUGHS2.
AM no-r prepared to maks Flsgs of eitharof the sicva goods 1
in any sial er style desiistl. ' .
aneiS-dtf S Union streat '
annuel for sale.
Kicnaderilzredwillsel S'splaat-
laa, called Oawtai. VKvr.lymgoa
Sasuorthaldeof Camberlaad Blver,
fireeiallesfrom theCityofKa&vilie,
ctaing about Tiirec Ktm-
Za mi. Xa will cell It all
Uctther or In sBall tracte or lets, toj ai nroom w
will axotenza It for well improved property m tha city. It Is o
tta Teryst quality of sell 5 it vrell vratersd ; about half 0
ssrs are two good awsiiing coasesj" v-t.- '
For lafcrsuMJa ?'y to ths s?drriis3 1 cato tojta- -
.5tsstch & mmm

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