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akkivai. axi) nu'AitTvnr. or the
litvtilc nml XaihciUe Jlailroad.
Leaves Xashvillc nt - 7:30 A M
fS0 1" M
Arrives nt Louisville ............ Orffl I .M
"4 " Ml) A M
Loaves Louisville nt -.. . 7:00 A M
(:() j" .M
5:20 A M
C-.00 1 M
Arrives at Xashrillc-
EdpfirM and Kenfueiy Jlailroad.
Leaves Xohvllle .1:00 P M
Arrivo.it N.vliville. SWiQ A M
Lcavs Springfield.- fi:Ml A SI
Arrived at Springfield fr.S' 1' SI
A'athvitfc and ChaUanooga Jlailroad.
Leaves Xashvillc at 8:00 A SI
Arrives at Xa-shville-....... . 5:15 1' SI
Leave Cliattnnonca ............................. 0:40 1 M
Arrives at Chattanooga....... ........... C:1S) A if
Xaihrille and A'arthwittrn Jlailroad
Leave Xalivillo fcOO P M
Arrjveat.Iohnonvillo 110 P SI
Leave Jolinoiiviiic .-...... . iwj a m
Arrive at Xashville- -....-. 6M A JI
A'atkrille and Deeatur Jlailroad..
Leavo Xashville 7:15 A SI
Arrive nt Deeatnr Junction at MO P SI
Leave Decatur. Junction .... ..... 8:30 A SI
Arrive at Nashville 5:85 P SI
Leave Nashville 2:(0 P SI
Arrive at Columbia ............. 4:.T0 V SI
Leave Columbia tl5 A SI
rriv at Nashville 9:15 A SI
Montgomrrv and Wat J'uint Jlailroad.
Leaves Montgomery at.. ........... A SI
Arrives at West Point at 12.00 SI
Columbus at 6:45 P SI
Leaves West Point at 1:15 P SI
Co!umliuat........ .-. G:25 A SI
Arrives at Montgomery at 9:15 P it
.Tames A. Paci Esq- left this city, last night,
on a business tourto Louisville nml Cincinnati for
the Uniok and Amkricjix. He is fully authorized
to transact any business for us that may arise, in
cilhci of those cities, or intheStntes of Kentucky
or Ohio.
Sir. Jons W. Faxon Is our local agent at Clarks
villc, to receive and receipt for subscriptions to
the Union jixn Amf.uicax. Wo acknowledge our
obligations to him for the liberal assistance he has
already given us.
A little timely effort on tho part of friends at
different points would materially increase our cir
culation. AVeiOiall endeavor to merit such friend
ly interest, and have every reason to believe it
trill bo liberally extended us.
Men of l&TKitritisi:. If you wish to
know who arc the moil of enterprise look to
the advertising columns of the Daily Un
ion ANI Ami'hicak. It is the best city di
rectory that can he found. It kIiowh th.it the
hiinincsrt men of Nashville are determined
to keen pace with the Hjiirit of the timcsj
tli.it they aJc rapidly preparing to supply all
the want of the country and nrcdetennin-
fcd to keep the public advised where all these
wants can Iks supplied.
The render will be well paid by glancing
over our advcrtisBmcnts this morning. Ad
ditional advertliH-'incnta may be expected to-
'inorrow. It is an important feature of our
paper, and will prove profitable to those
who look to it.
Huxjaxt Gift Hooks W.T. Hcrry .t Co., the
veteran Iiookrcllcrs of Nashville, present our
reflcUrs with a display of books for the Holidays,
which mutt attract tho attention of nil who desire
lo make a Christina or New Year's gift, which
will increase in value by use. They offer the best
editions, both English nod American, of standard
works, ancient nml modern, and in mechanical
ylonnd rielinoM. up to tho highest standanl of
tbe present art of printing and binding. Look
over tlie lisf, in another column, and you will find
that these gi'iitleinrn enn furnish you with any
thing J'Ht may desire.
' nVRHlMtw Wjwii. This distinguished humorist
iiiidvortlsed to give one of his entertaining nnd
comical lectures, at the Masonic 1 1 nil to-night.
To those who have not heaid him, the following
rem ono of tho Louisville dailies, may provo in
terettittg :
"' Wo wont lo see and hear A. Ward last night
in the Masonic Tcniilc. He was there. Them
were several there, in frt. we might sny the house
WHS full lut it wasn't: Ward was lull of wit anil
humor. As a wilfi'f be is imr oxecllemc ; an
telJitt ho 1 Mr ejtei'llrnee. lie talks oil for u
1'OHiig man. Ho never laughs he can't; he don't
scoiinythlitg to bnigh at but bis pianist is good.
As wo mid once define, he drewe well. Ilium
great oiled " lress timkrs the tnan." The crowd
wore delighted with his lecture; he told some
ftum)' thing" tlir people laughed. Mis jukes and
pHiis were dry fur a ml night. They took well.
Sir. Ward "shows" to-night. His pianist is not
fjirk. The piano was kimllv lonned fur the ocen
lou bv Mr. l-'auld. who can't piny himself never
did. Vc t'Kjieel to see the hall tilled to-night. It
lias been filled onconr twice before. Adoot
CiVlL VS. Military. In our recent reports of
the liroeeediiws of tho City Council, mention whs
mailt) of a communication ici-civcd from John
Lawrence. Cimplaiii, ami Judge of tho 1'ieesl
in wis' Coiut. by onlrr of General l'ik, lelalive to
tho trial of colored persons charged with crime.
A committee whs appointed to wait on (ieucral
Fitk. ami consult in rognid to the beet mcaMircs
to be adopted. The report of that committee wo
gave in yesterday morning's issue.
Ycsfcrdny, Uuwcvcr, Judgo Lawrence and the
City lletorder had an rnUuiew, and it was deci
ded that all negroes arrested for thn-tuuimission
of crime within fho city; should bo sont to the
Kreodmcns' Court.
Tho various Justice of the pence in this city
have also been notified to scud oases of this ehar
ncterto Judge Lawrence's Court, formljiidicatiou.
The delay of the Legislature to pass tho bill al
lotting negroes to testify in tho civil courts as
they now do in the Supreme Court of the I'nited
Ptates rouse this matter to nsume some un
pleasant features, llndtho bill passed, this luis
undcrsknding between tho civil and military au
thorities would in all probability not havo oc
curred. StirrosKn Sli'iintnica Akbehtkh. Ycstcnlay,
by one 6T those fortuitous accidents which somo
tiutes occur, James llrecn, believed !o be the letul
erof the gang who murdered Sir, llrynn, tho toll
gate keeper, was arrested mul lodgeil in jail.
Three hundred dollars had been offered for his
apprehension, nnd tho detectivo police wcro
doubtless making vigorous exertions to find their
man, when ho was suddenly trapped in quite an
other way.
Jt appears that Gicn was yesterday driving
IKMiio sort 4if a chicle on tho Public 8iuaro, nnd
ran into n wnwii loaded with wood. He was
thereupon arrested, nnd broucht beforo the Kc
Hnler. After giving his name, ho was nkeil if ho
lind not been iu certain localities on the Lebanon
Pike, to which be replied that ho had. Prom his
statements, and the description furnished by Sirs,
llryau, widow of tho gate keeper, there was strong
reason to delicto that Green was ono of tho par
ties nho committed the murder.
Sir, llrynn has been sent for, to sec if she can
identify him.
Tm; following named persons, charged with va
riants light nnd henvy offences, have been released
by rpccwl military order, from contlncmcnt iu
tho penitentiary :
John llcdgoeotte, Osenr Soabongh, Ooo. Ward,
Jus. C Hodon, Chas. C. Hunter, Jas. Sletiennis,
Stephen Jones. Wm.Outland. JoeseSIilsai. John
Hanley. Paul Larry. Thus. ltoex. John Itiley. W.
II. Cannady, Ja. Kelly. Osaar S. 1'r.iley, A. Stow
nrtfel.). W. P. Crutchcr.
llBOORPr.n's Cot'UT. Hlctcn enstvtof drunken
neM nml dionlerly conduct wcro brought beforo
the Ueeorder yesterday, nnd appropriately fined,
CILIUmiI paid costs on charge of creating a
nuWnee. ami C. 0. Plaek. charged with driving
a dray without liceiv-e. was nNo let off on pay
ment of costs.
In the Criminal Court yesterday, ovcrfifty cases
of mWemeanor were hoard, sumo of which were
fined, and ethers reegHUd on Wods. No other
rsMes were tried.
Swrkmk CPRT. The casosof tkoSth Circuit
were henl yestenlay. In tho eawoftho State
W. DIsxkWH (law dtwkt or the 9th Circuit
lie CaH)ilt wiw revcwsl. ami e re-
Mtssscs. Prawsi- 11. l'tt. Nathaniel lh.xler.awl
Jiiiih 11. llwWMtrd, were )tsrday ailmMteAl as
linwtUltiK ttrwi.vs.
iuiii c.miui: Miirmv Ptiitrim Walker.
Cttarit Johnson. mC1tarles fHI" (D
tnt Htnl.v wvHghl iMrtore tuts toer. on n
(jittrgoof fonrery, cowiuittesl oouie tiioe sinc. It
jipinwicid frotH the evidence, that he furged a nMv
Ht awtr st Hawed Per Iawry. awl kW
. i i eft omI f firwrv m ii t' oreved
mu 1 1 1 ' i . - - - - - - - - -
itattittrthim. awd he was contMitted t jill, fr
furtW VHwrimc Wore the Crimiual Court.
Tfc faMaw IHC tall rMoreil) were trietl befarc Hie
m- h xttarsse of stealinc sHe sltaato
frtmi.Mw. HesTewan (widaw- of Wm. llaffwaaat
wi Sardny night 1 : Daviu nmiswi. . a many
'W kMlad the animal i Mm. ll's. preaM".
. . ... ... Ml r ..
mA tm tjariitsl thei i lc iinaiimw i"'""")
lt.i iiMlniit fntm their tracks hi
tliiw. Must the Wk1.
ttr..a.i lumW v im Mstrttif.il llratitley
iiat wily far tW 4frce, but aUa to isKve fsme
time in the wk kowac, train nhteh tie Wa lw
AHlhony and WttHam were rosjnlrcd to give
14, in the aum t,Weah. hMl thay ware an
nUetHpta, and vara MMxtuetly eemnittnt t
Mr. FiNGt-KToX. ucHsdealer, (KHtoSiecbulldiur.
box our thanks for Prank Leslie's Chimney Cor
ncr and other rapew.
The late heavy showers of raiti "liavo swollen
tho Cumberland to such an extent, that four ftct
of water was yesterday reported on the shoals,
At tho time this report vca obtained, tho water
was rising nt the rate of six inches per hour. We
may look for uninterrupted "navigation for'somo
time to come.
Yesterday afternoon, about four o'clock, the
pontoon bridge aboto Hroad ttrect gave way,
and a part went down tho stream. Wo did not
loam whether any of tho boats were saved or not,
As there is noother method of transit across the
river (except by ferry or on the railroad bridge
serious inconvenience will be experienced until it
can be repaired.
Tiik Louisville JJcmocrdt says thaC a petition i
being numerously signed by tho dress-makers of
Louisville, memoralizing Congress, to repeal to
mueh of the internal revenue law as. relates to
their branch of business. As the law now exists,
it is unusually oppressive. The class of ladies who
earn their livelihood in this branch of business,
aro generally tho most worthy and self-reliant of
their sex, and it docs seem that they should be en
couraged, rather than to have the product of
their labor oppressively taxed. The fact is, the
Oovcrnmcnt, instead of taxing this class of pro
ducers, should foster and encourage them.
Tiikeb will be a grand Slosqucradc Ball and
Soiree at the SlasonicIIall on Christmas night.
As members of the Committee of Arrangements
wo notice W. Matt Brown, Mayor, Gen. J. A.
Drury, besides many other prominent names. The
affair promises lo bo the most select of the season.
E, P. Conk has received tho Wavcrly, Army nnd
Navy Journal, Ladies, Boudoir, German Leslies,
Leader, Atlas, Albion, Lo Kcho D 'Italia, Blade,
American Union, Commercial Chronicle, Railroad
Journal, Nick-Nax, Merry SI uses. Ladies' Friend
for January, 1805, London Society Slagazinc, Ar
gosy Slagazinc, SIcWilliams' Magazine, Temple
Bar, Art Journal, Fortnightly Hcview, New York
and Sundny Slercury, late dailies. Chimney Cor
ner, monthly, part No. C.
The force Hint Invested Itlclimond
I.oc'h Army Only I'orty Thounnud
Stroiisr-IiitorostliiK: I'artlciilnrsi.
From tho Richmond Whig.)
The rciiort of the Secretary of War throws
light on the matter of history in regard to
which much interest has been felt by the
public. AVe refer to the strength of the
innyol the Potomac, under the immediate
command of General Meade, hut directed
by the Lieutenant General, at the two im-
lortant periods of the bpnng of 1804, and
the .Spring of 1803. General Meade crossed
the Jtapidan, on the 4th of May, 18G4, with
120,380 men. General Grant says, in his
report, that " by Rix o'clock of the mornintr
of the Gth, he (General Hurnnidc) was lead
ing his corps into action near the Wilder
ness tavern." Uurnsidc's force (the Ninth
Corps) numbered 20,000. Tims, in the sec
ond battle (Wilderness) after crossing the
Knimlan, Ucncral Meade liad, under his
immediate command, one hundred and forty
odd thousand troops. From the best infor
mation wc can obtiin, General Lcc'n army
commenced this scries of battles about sev
enty thousand strong, and received no re
enforcements, except the small force of three
or four thousand that came from the Valley
under Breckinridge, shortlv before the bat
tic of Cold Ilarlwr.
After the battle of Spottsylvania Court
House, rc-cnforecmcnts, in large numbers.
were sent to Gen. Grant from Washington ;
and upon his forming a junction with Gene
ral Ihitler, he was re-enforced by the whole
strength of the Army of the James. In the
mean time General Lee had been comjielled
to weaken himself by sending Itrcckinridgc
back to the Valley, and dispatching Early,
with pome fifteen or twenty thousand men,
to meet Hunter, then moving on Lynchburg.
This reduction of force was not compensa
ted bv the accession gained from the irarri-
son of Itichmond and the force hatwecn this
city and Petersburg under Hcauregard.
(Jn the 1st ol .March, imo, a month be
fore tho final and successful assault on Lee's
lines, the strength of the Army of the Poto
mac is Kiven by Secretary Stanton as 103,-
273. This was the " available force present
lor uiitv." The exact strength of the Army
of the .lames, at that date, is not stated ; but
the number of troops present for duty in the
Department of lrginia was 4o,yb(i. Ihese,
without doubt, were nearly all with General
Uutler. Added to the Armv of the Poto
mac, they make Ml),259. It was understood
in Kichmoiid that, in addition to the num
bers here given, General Grant was receiv
ing heavy re-cnforcenicnts all through
March, and it is known that toward the
cloo of that month he was joined by Gene
ral Sheridan with his splendid cavalry.
Altogether, it bCeins tirobable that the force
in front of Kichmond and Petersburg nearly
approximate!, if it did noi reach, 200,000.
lo meet this immense array General Lee
could luiihter not more than -10,000 men.
1 he number surrendered liv mm is stated in
the report as 27,S05; but we believe the
number on dulv, with arms in their hands
the morning .'("the day on which the sur
render was made, did not reach 8,000. If it
be said that -10,000 men behind such defen-i-es
as had been constructed around this city,
ought to have been able to resist 200,000,
the reply is that the skillful maneuvering of
General Grant compelled General Lcc to so
extend Ins lines that his works were at no
point suflicicnlly manned. Where his line
w.-w firht broken the men stood ten or fifteen
paces apart.
yir. (ireeley ojjd tlie ttndlcnl Cabal.
From tho National Intetlignuccr.
c announced yesterday thatMr. Grcelcv,
of the Tribune, was engaged in counselling
the radicals m Congress to abate their
haughty, not to say flighty pretensions. But
without this positive information as to the
course of tho parent of party abolitionism,
there were signs on every hand, that to the
experienced observer were confirmations,
that the Kadical party was in the throes of
a desperate labor. It is understood that the
great argument of Mr. Greeley the one
that goes right home is not humanitarian
ism, nor yet liberty, equality, and fraternity,
but the fact that tho. vuirlv would sim-lv be
divided, and certainly defeated at the jkiIIs,
unless the warfare against tho President ami
his policy was not nt least abated, if not en
tirely abandoned.
Having ourselves iio feclintr of party, and
nodisjsoi-ition except to support any Admin
istration in a just policy, wc could have
wished that Me. Greeley had exercised his
large and comparatively unselfish influence
to have prevented the evils that have liecn
precipitated, to the peril of the nation, by
the most completely concerted acts of what
would seem a cabal that our history records.
Mr. Greeley could hardly have been iinior-
ant of the following facts :
1. That Mr. (olfax was to come here just
alwnt as the President was to address Con
gress and tho people upon the state of the
Union, and do the unprecedented thing of
fulminating views known to bo antagonistic
to those of that high official.
2. I hat Slr.fctcvens would precipitate Ins,
mot extraordinary, anti-constitutional, and
destructive measure.-
3. That Mr. Sumner would, like a sorcer
er, let in upon the arena of the Senate tho
whole brood of tho hissing serpents of prac
tical disunionism.
4. That a reverend clergyman the Chaj
lain of the House would inject a political
Kpeccli on a lay Sabbath, that, in its length
and breadth, was inhumanly subversive of
the teachings of Him of whom he is a pro-fesx-d
disciple and follower.
We repeat that Mr. Greeley, if he knew,
in advance, of the proinisoil concerted de
monstration, could have more easily defeat
ed its designs by a thorough exposure of
thi'ir mischievous and dangerous . objects,
than to have awaited the result of their de
velopment. We have used the word " mis
chief;" but wickedness is often overruled
for good. Bounding ambition overleaps
itself. PcrhniM it were lietler that the con
spiracy should go on to its bitter end. There
are signs that such has been the effect.
Ouvm WuKnr.i.L Hoi.mrs recently lec
tured in New York city, on the " Poetry of
tlw ar." An old campaigner at our cl
Ihjw, says that's aliout all such chaps as he,
have ever takon the trouble to lenm of it.
Tm: Cincinnati Gaxrik i displeased with
the action of the Kentucky Legislature. It
The Kentucky legislature i still engaged
in undoing all that the Union party has
Kin aide to sHvomplUh during the war.
The U.t act has leen to retieal the law to
prohibit and prevent rebellion.
A public meeting vas held at Jackson,
Miiss Monday evening, over which the
President of the Senate presided, for the
jHiriose of providing for the erection of n
monument, at the capital of tho State, in
honor of the departed Kildicrv of the State,
Tin: Legislature of Kentucky ha done
another good thing. It has repealed the
law requiring, minivers to take a verv
fctringent oath before thev can perform the
rite of matrimony. This will bo excellent
news to many of our clergy.
A correspondent oflhc Cincmnali Enquirer
writine from Toronto, Canada, gives the fol
lowing interesting information concerning
several Confederate officers :
I met Gen, John Q. Breckinridge, Gen.
McCausland, Colonel irarrVGillmore, Major
John Castleman, Captain Hind, and others
who had been officers in the armies of the
Confederacy. GcneralBrcckinridgo looks
and is in perfect healthf It was represented
during the war that his hair had turned
from jet black to silvery white. That was a
mistake. . A few gray hair are perceptible
about the locke, that is all. He is keepinsr
i. - i i tt- ? P
uuum: in a uuuiMii, iuiiicu iy. jic is mucil
respected, by the citizens, and is invited to
two or three parties a week, at the residences
of the first families. He is a great walker,
walking from six to ten miles a day, while
the wcatlicr permits sucn exercise, lie is a
hard student, reading a great deal. I could
not but think that it is a misfortune that a
gentleman of his culture and intellect should
telost to h -8 country.
All the gentlemen here from the Confed
erate array conduct themselves with great
propriety, ana arc treated with respect and
attention by the citizens.
Treatment op Cnour. Croup is an in
flammation ol the inner sarfacc of the wind
pipe. Inflammation implies heat, and the
heat must be subdued or the patient will in
evitably die. If prompt efforts are made to
cool tho parts in the case of an attack of the
croup, relief will be as prompt as it is sur
prising and delightful. All know that cool
water applied to a hot skin cools it. but all
do not know and understand that hot water
applied to an inflamed skin will certainly
cool it off. Hence the application of iced
water with linen cloths, or almost hot water
with woolen flannel, of two folds large
enough to cover the whole throat and upper
part ol the enest; put these in a pale of wa
ter as hot as the hand can bear, and keep it
thus hot by adding water from the boiling
tea-kettle. Let two or three flannels be in
hot water all the time, and one on the throat
all the time, with a dry flannel covering the
wet one so as to keep the heat in to some ex
tent ; the flannels should not be so wet when
nut on as to dribble, for it is important to
keep the clothing dry, and keep up the pro
cess until the phlegm is loose, the child easi
er, and beginning to fall asleep , then gently
wrap a flannel over the wet one which is on,
so as to cover it up entirely, and the child is
saved. When it wakes up both flannels will
be dry. Hairs Journal of Health.
A letter from Paris, dated the 29th tilt.,
says :
"A celebrated character has arrived in
Paris, the ex-Irish rebel John Mitchel. I
have not seen him, but I am told that he
looks extremely ill a consequence, partly.
of his imprisonment, partly, it is said, of the
severe domestic bereavement he has lately
sustained. Apropos of Mitchel's presence
here, it will bo in your recollection that he
was released1 by the American President, at
the instance of a Fenian deputation. Has
he come over hero as a Head Centre? I
cannot say. I own It would be rather curi
ous if he were to meet in Paris escaped
prisoner Stephens."
Later advices gives a report of the arrival
of Stephens at Paris after his escape from
i. k. STEKCKK.
a. i mm & co.,
Nashville, Tennessee,
Dcnlcrs in
J'roduco ami 1'vovlsions.
Proinnt attention riven to Receiving Forward
ing Storins and
Consicnnicuts.and orders solioited.
Wo pay
for Cotton, Bacon and Country Produce.
A A SPENCER .fe Co..
Reoeivinr, Forwarding and Commission Mer
chants, Iio. . Church btrtot, Between jurni
and Front. deet
Arnold's Wrlllns I'liild t Copylngr Inlc,
Wcddinc. Visiting and Printer' Cards,
And the Latc5t;Literaturo of tho Day,
(Between Cherry and College,)
Ordsra solicited for every description of Printing.
J. & L. WH011LEY.
No. 32 .Market Street,
dect Sm
(Successor to Cliai. Licbcustcin,)
Cor. Cedar and Chcrrj- Street,
(Under Commercial Hotel,)
A heavy itoek of fine imported and dotaestis
Cigars, Tobacco, Snuffs,
Constantly on haoJ.
deet lm
roit s.vi.r,
L class two story llrick House, with all the 1m
nrovcnieuts. on t-umracr street, near Jefferson
street. Price $7.(U. ... , .
Also: A Lot on Jefferson street, improved by
two Frame Dwellings; rcntinc for iw) per an
num. Price $3.U.
Also: A It on Haslam street, improved by two
Rriek Houses, with four rooms in each. Pric
,1 cot If General Agents. College st.
V.i. si.MrctiN. aii.mi.m&ikaiuk vr I.
. N. Simpson, deceased, is hereby ordered to
give notice in the Vmon and Amkkicax, and by
written notiee, at tho Court JIousc door in Win
elivstcr. Tenn, for all eronbavlngrlsim against
said estate to appear and file the same with tho
undcrxigucd, duly authenticated, iu the manner
prescribed bylaw, on or befuretne 1st of April,
?86U; THOS. SHORT. Cleric,
Monetary and Commercial.
OrncE or the Union asd Avemcas,)
Wednesday, Dec. 21. J
Monetaet. Gold was 14G in New York yes
tcrday. Here the sales are very light at HI, buy
ing, and 116. selling.
Rank of Tcnnccc, from being very dull at lOt,
has again .declined, and, wo Euppose, 35c will bo
tho most it will command to-day. Large amounts
have been offered for sale, with no speculative de
mand whatever, which has caused this decline.
We heard of one broker selling, yesterday, fifteen
thousand dollars at -Mcents, and we hear of other
amounts being offered at the gamo rate.
Bank of Chattanooga has declined to 2022 ct.
Union Bank is still bought at CO cent", and
Planters at cents, with little doing.
Southern money continues dull and difficult to
sell. Large lots would not be bought by brokers
eicept at very reduced rates. The quotations wo
publish arc not to bo considered reliable for any
length of time.
Tennessee. Bankof Fulton- . 30
, " Savannah. -40
Bankof Tennessee, old " theStatoofGa2)
insue 40 City Bankof Augusta-4
Planters Bank .57 Farmers' and Mcchan-
Union Hank GO ics' Bank .13
Bank of Cbattanooga25 Jlechanics'Bank 12
Commerce 130 Merchants' and Plan
knoxvillc 40 ters'Bank JO
.Mcllllms.....S0 PImtcrV H.mk .IS
Middlo Tcnn...0 Union Bank .10
the Union
West Tcnn-
42 Bank of Cape Fcar..35
Iluck s Bank par
City Bank JO
Commercial Bank 85
Merchants' " .50
Northern ' " par
Ocoee " 42
Bank of Shelby villo80
Southern Bank .......25
Traders' Bank 25
Clarendon .12
N. Carolina-42
Washington 10
Yanccyvillo 10
Life and G cncral Insur
ance Company...
.50 Commercial Bank .. 15
soi-th Carolina. Carolina" ...Z..:.
Bank of Camden ...25 Merchants' Bank...2i
Charleston ..18 Bank of Roxboro'. ....25
" Cheater. 18 Miners' and Planters'
" Georgetown 17 Bank... ....15
" Hamburg 15 Virginia.
Carolina. 18 ,. F""""6.--"--30,
Commercial B.ink. 15 .. HowardsviIIe.10
KxchangeBank 15 . . tu0 0M u-
Merchants' Bank 18 "oc'i!)r"J,Kc-30
Peoples' Bank 40 .. Koc(VnF,ham-
Planters' Bank of Fair- .. 'v,T .tTf
field - 18 ,,. . .,ho aIlcr of:.
Planters' and Mechan- t, '"r:",'":;'
ics' Bank 25 Ba.nk of i, rBln,'.a -
State Hank- 12 .. Reeling ......2.?
Sonthwes tern R. R...30 - . '""
Union B-ink (V Central Bank of a .20
union B.inK u: Danville Bank 15
Louisiana. Exchange Bank of Va.20
Bank of America par ExchangcBankat Wcs-
Louisiana SX) ton 20
" New Orleans-.M Exchange Bank at Al
Canal Bank. .. ... 00 cxandria .....40
Citizens' Bank.... ....90 FairmountBank CO
Crescent City B.ink.. 40 Farmers' Bank of Fin
Louisiana State Bank.JO castle 30
Mechanics and Traders rarmcrs Jiankol a...2o
Bank J0 Manufacturers' and
Merchants' Itnk 40 farmers' 80
Southern B nk par Merchants' Bank .30
Union Bank JO Merchants' and Mc-
New Orleans Scrip 80 chanics 5
. ioriuwcsicrn jtanK jo
ALABAMA. Kn,,tl,..rr, llnnb... '!
Bank of Mobile- .70 Traders' Bank .20
Selma 2.")nl,l m
Central Bank -TO Silver. Dollars- 140
Commercial Bank.
....-TO ' Halves and
hastern Bank
-48 Quarters 135
Northern Bank.....
...JO Silver Dimes and Half
Southern Bank
.70 Dimes- 133
Vouchers ')
Central Railroad Bank 85 StoX
Georgia Railroad and Vf,1,1
Banking Company...S5 u and a-II'
. Tennessee Bonds 8
li.lnK Ol .MIlllllC ua-
U Iho above bonus arc
.65 bought with cou pons.
Cotton. Notwithstanding tho inclemency of
tho weather, the market was moro brisk on yester
day, with aslight improvement in prices, and may
be quoted at3940c.
AVcobscrve someof our city contemporaries, in
their last commercial reports, speak of tho down
ward tendencyof tho market "underdiseouraging
adwecs from New York," while the dispatches
from New York to the associated press of tho
samo date speak of cotton as "firmer and in better
demand." Either their private advices or our
dispatches wcro in error, and tho improved tone
of the market to-day would argue the former.
Groceries. Tho tradcin this lino has been very
active for tho week.
Coffee Transactions have been heavy at tho
market quatations, with liberal receipts.
Sugar Stock in market is reported heavy with
limited demand, but not quotably lower.
Molassf.s and Syrui's Aro in good supply
with light sales at quotations. Owing to tho largo
amount produced in tho country there is but a
limited demand.
Flour. The receipts in flour are liberal with
largo sales. Wo quote superfine at $9&9.50 "tl bid:
family at $10U: extra $11.5012.fi0.
Bacon and L.inn. In bacon tho transactions
have been small, tho demand being limited. Tho
sales of lard have been more liberal at 23(5.25 in
tierces, and 2527 in kegs and half bbls.
Nails. Continuo scarce, with niodcrato tales.
at $9.00 for 10 d. nnd 25 cents added for each small
er size.
Liquors per Gallon. Whisky. Bourbon. S.V-5
Robertson county. S2.75(a4.0U : Common. &.rjOu
2,75; Brandy, French, $l(12; Ginger, .1.754,50;
Catawba, 4,4(K.itUW : Apple, ift.&ttiw.W; Wine,
Malaga, i.5U 1,60; 6hcrry. J46o.
Teas ' vf.v. Phiinii. linocrinl. .t1.T.ri(ff.9 ?5
Young Hyson, $l,G52.00;Gunpowdcr, $l,5bijl, 75
iOBACco. rer pounu, iuc(a(j,i,t)U.
ts.iru tai J.irvv ru.nj.
matocs. 2tb. 3.0O3.25: 31b. i4.505.00: Sar
dines, quar. box, 323c; Brandy Peaches,
tJ.50iSiS.00; Brandy Cherries, $7,50S,00: PincAp
ri.. tin rjisvi o oo
rRuiTs, Ac namns, per dox, m. jt.,jiya o.&u :
qts., .OOiat-iO: pts., l.SOSSrCandy, assort
ed, V n. 31(i3lc; Rice, lb, 12M14c; Soda i
KCgS, i;iinc.
fcriCKS. Pepper, tD4o; Allspice, do. Jo; Gin
ger, do. 35.
Kitvnmra. Tnli. Knl.tlS Tn 9 i.M Vn .7
t-13,50; do. in Nests, (8) $55.50; BuckcU, V dor.,
S44.25: Washboards, " $4: Blacking, small, 50c;
largo. $1; Wrapping paper, S, $1,1(X1,20 M,
1.5H1,), L. 2,l.i2,25,- Starch,? lb, 1012-$: Can
dles, Star. 2lfrf26. Summer Mould. JlSWlUtl Box;
Soap, lb. 10S15; Fancy. Box, $2.25500; Indi
go. ? lb, $1.5001,75, Madder. 1S20; Copperas.
4(3o; .aails, X9 IU lor cu per keg adUitional
for each diminishing size.
Mackerel. In barrels. 17.00OS?! . hnif bar
rels, i,104;ll,50; kits, $3.00$30.
SEEns. Kentucky lllucgrass, 30$'5; Clover
fl2$l5, Timothy, $OQ$(i.50i Orchard, $3.50;
Hcnlsgrasi $3.75.
1.EATHEK. van coie, tuiaou cis; iiemi"CK, o;
Country. 40: Cal&kins. tier doz.. i3l"iS75: KiD
do. per doz., $72tci3; Tanner's Oil, $2 per gal.
IOtiisvillc Itncon nnrt JIor JInrUcl.
Decemrer 19.
Bacon Is rather firm, with a demand equal to
the supply, and sales of 3.000 of M.A. s new
sugar-cured hams at 75c: tho stock on hand being
pretty well exhausted, New shoulders 15(15(c,
and clear sides 2020, with steady jobbing salesi
Lard. new. in tierces. lSe. anil in keffs tiOtfile.
Mess pork is held nt $23.
Uwing tothe unfavorable weather, thoslaughtcr
has been checked, but tho market appears to bo
fully sustained, with salci of two choico lots. 3fX)
and 200, from pens, at Uanily1 cents on foot. Pur
chases of some C,000 head have been made in the
country, on account of packers here, at 8 cents
Sew York Jloncy Market.
IBy Telegraph,
New York, Dec. 20. Tho loan market is less
easy, but there is a fair supply of disengaged cap
ital seeking investment. Call loans 7 9 cent.
Commercial bills, first class, VA ? cent. Stock
market animated, with considerable activity.
Cincinnati Market.
By Telegraph.
Cincinnati, Dec. 20. Flour Quiet without
chango in prices.
Grain Wheat is quiet at 1,951.97 for prime
old rod, and $1.0031.70 for tho best grades of new
red. The receipts of corn are more liberal, and
the market quiet but steady at 50e for new car, and
55c for shelled. Oats, quiet at 44c in elevator. Rye,
steady at 7578c for prime.
Hogs In good demand from packers at $11.50
nctt, but holders ask $10.GO10.75. Receipts 7,000
Meats Mess pork dull and prices nominal.
Bulk meats nominal, it lljc. lljsc and 16'icfor
shoulders, fides and ham;. Green meat) firmer,
and prices a shado better, closing firm at S'9c,
and ll?314)c for shoulders, sides and hams.
Lard In demand at 16J4 for prime city, but
holders ask M3i higher.
Cotton Steady at 4(5 for middling.
WuiSKET Dull and prices declined to $2,25.
Itlvcr News.
TiTTsnuno, Dec. 20. Tho river is rising very
fast, with 9 feet 2 inches by pier mark. There was
a heavy fall of fnow this morning, mercury two
degrees above freezing point.
CoNsuMrnoN or Gas ix Tiin Cm-.
Darin? the year 1SC-1 the number of cubic
feet of pas consumed in Cincinnati was
1SS,6S7,81.1, anil the amount of revenue tax
paid bv consumers thereon was 335,991 17.
In the year lSGo, the amount conumed in
nine months was 169,207,200 cubic feet, for
which tax was paid of $i6,S54 -15.
Kor the year 1S03 the revenue tax paid
amounted "to $2-3,123 79, at the rate of fif
teen cents per 1,000 cubic feet.
FcnniEn news from Kingston, Jamaica,
says an address to the maroons, which had
been issued by the Colonel commanding, re
fers tc the way in which the Sepoy rebels
were disposed of, saying they were blown
from the mouths of cannon penned into
their very forts and slaughtered like tlieep,
swept in fact from the face of the earth, and
significantly adds that romc of the heroes
who pci formed these brilliant deeds are now
in Jamaica, ready to re-enact them, if necessary.
urar ey telegraph.
Florida Elections.
;iotniy Accounts from .Georgia
Murium Advices.
ov. Z:tles Released.
Proceedings of Congress.
Gen. Howard's Jtcport.
Xmv York, Dec. 20. Mr. James S. Ba
ker, a wealthy oil merchant aged 45 years,
doing business at 148 Front street where he
has been located for the last 2-5 years, com
mitted suicide yesterday morning in his of
fice, by shooting himself with a pistol, while
laboring under temporary mental abcration
produced it is supposed by recent heavy pe
cuniary losses.
New York, Dec. 20. Times Washington
dispatches says it is probable that the ap
pointment of New York collector will be
made this week, and the chances are in favor
of Van Dyke, the present assistant treasurer
with Mr. Conkling as his successor.
The World's AVaihington special says that
Capt. J. "V.. Vanderbiltof the 14th hifantry,
cashiered recently, has been reinstated!
The Tribunes "Washington dispatches
says Gen. Carleton commanding the milita
ry district of Mexico, lias been designated
by the "War Department to command an ex
pedition against that portion of the Apache
Indians who have been for a long time hos
tile to our Government. Gen. Mitchell has
just been appointed secretary of New Mexi
co by the President.
New Y'ork, Dec. 20. The Tribunes
Washingtondispatches contains the follow
idg: Owing to the inefficiency of the force
of Revenue Officers enployed on the Canadi
an frontier for the collection of Customs
smuggling is still carried on to a considera
ble extent along the borders. The collector
of Customs to-day 'read pcveral communica
tions from officers stationed on the St. Law
ranee, all of whom complain of a lack of
force to thoroughly- execute the Revenue
laws. In many instances officers have been
personally assaulted by bands of smugglers
while in the performance of their duties, and
the communications recommend the posting
of United States troops along the river, to
aid in the detection of the Contraband
traders. Another commissioner refers to
the fact, that a large number of Canadian
merchants arc engaged in swindling the gov
ernment, by means of false invoices, thereby
fradulently witholding from the govern
ment a considerable amount of tax due
under the general law.
The Herald's Savannah correspondent, of
the Sth, savs the late city election was con
ducted witli great quietness. Affairs in the
country present a gloomy feature. The coun
try is represented as bare of provisions and
the road nearly impassable. It is extremely
difficult to induce "niggers" to labor for
any length of time, continuously, and both
they and the whites arc indulging freely
in extensive marauding, thieving and other
vjces. With the purpose of restoring order
bands of selfstyled regulators have been
formed, who are guilty of worse crimes than
those they pretend to be engaged in suppres
sing. Their shooting and hangings of ne
groes arc of such common occurrence as
scarcely to excite remark. Thanksgiving
day was a dismal affair, the people not clear
ly perceiving what they were to give thanks
The late elections in Florida are repre
sented as having been attended with much
excitement and frequent disturbances be
tween the citizens and colored troops.
A special Washington dispatch to the
Tribune says, a large gathering of citizens of
Ohio convened in the Senate lobby, yester
day, at 8 o'clock, Chief Justice Chase in the
chair. General Schcnck in a few eloquent
remarks touching the character of the de
ceased, moved the appointment by the
chair of a committee of five to draft resolu
tions embodying the sentiments of his fellow-
citizens of Ohio. Mr. Chase named Gener
al Schenck, George Denison, Senator Sher
man, General Hughes, and Representative
Spaulding on said committee, who reported
the lollowing:
Jlcsoltvd, That wc have heard with deep
est sorrow of the death of Thomas Corwin,
of Ohio, a man whoc eminent abilities as a
statesman in all the various positions of leg
islator, governor of his State, Cabinet minis
ter and diplomatist, whose surpassing elo
quence and whose great services to the Gov
ernment and people, secured for him a
reputation broad as the whole country, while
his personal wortli and character endeared
him to all who ever enjoyed his society or
his friendship.
Iicsolred, That from a sincere desire to
show a mark of respect due to his memory,
wc will attend his funeral obsequies accom
panying Ins remains when removed lor con
veyance to Ills home, at such time as may be
Jlesolved, That a committee of fire citizens
be appointed by the chairman to make suit
able arrangements for the occasion.
Resolved That a copy of these resolutions
be communicated by the chairman of this
meeting to the widow and family of the de
ceased, with the expression to them of our
warmet sympathy and condolence with
them in their creat bereavement. Col. Wet-
more, Gen. Wood, Judge Jewett, Mr. Slade
and Major John Coon were appointed a com
mittee of arrangements. During the absence
of the committee on rcsoliLsions, addresses
were made eulogizing the deceased by Itev
crdy Johnson and Senator Davis, Senator
Sherman responded to the resolutions after
their submission in a very feeling address
Secretary Seward concluded in an earnest
tribute to the worth and memory of the de
ceased and craved no prouder distinction
for his own name when dead than that which
by universal accord will lie given Mr. Cor
win as a humanitarian and patriot.
Mr. Corwin's remains will leave here for
Lebanon, Ohio, to-day, where they are to bo
sepulchred. Ills son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Gage arrived yesterday mor
ning, A special delegation of Ohioans will
accompany the remains.
Manchester, N. IT., Dec. 18. This
morning a fire broke out in the New Hamp
shire house of reformation, near this city,
and destroyed all but the brick walls. The
inmates, 120 in number, were rescued, The
most of them were asleep wlicn the fire com
menced, except seven or eight who made
their escape. They were removed to the
Stark House, connected with the farm build
ings. Insuredsfor20)000. Loss about 40,
000. New York, Dee. 20. The Cbmmcreiars
Washington dispatch says : The President's
action in restoring to the Southern States
which havo adopted the constitutional
amendment, the eniovmcnt of ali their con
stitutional privilege, except representation
in Congress. This paralyses the action of
the Radical Republicans and prouuecs an
intense interest. An exciting contest may
Ixj expected, however, between some of .the
radical and conservative supporters ol the
Toronto. Dec. 20. Hon. Geo. W. Brown
resigned his seat in the Cabinet, owing to a
grave diflerencc of opinion on important
public questions. Particulars not tran
spired. The PosCs Washington special says : Sen
ator Spraguc has started a movement in the
Senate looking to an increase of tariff on all
goods that can be manufactured in this
country. Western Republicans generally
say they will not vote for an increase.
New York, Dec 20. Havana advices of
the 16th inst.j states that Gov. Zales, who
was arrested in Havana as an accomplice in
the Ortego murder, in .Brooklyn, has been
New York. Dec. 20. Gen. Howard, in
his official report, states that on entering up
on the discharge of Ins duties he separated
the Bureau into four division, one of lands,
another of financial affairs, one of record,
and the fourth a medical department; to
each of these divisions he assigned an offi
cer, and secured the requisite number of
clerks by appointment and by detail from
the ranks of the army. Before the organi
zation of the Bureau freedmcn's afiairs had
been entrusted to different officers of the
Government thereby causing a diversity of
svstem in different localities. A few As
sistant Commissioners were appointed, and
sent to different States to organize Bureaus,
complete work already begun, and nettle
questions of labor, just as far as safety of ef
fort would allow ; procured a citizen and
military officer for each district, comity and
parish. The evident hostility of a portion
of the citizen", and their ability in the ab
sence of troops and civil law, to take the life
of an agent, caused the extension of opera
tions by an occasional inspection bv an offi
cer in connection with a patrol. The Gen
eral acknowledges the hearty support of most
of the Department Commanders in .organ
izing and carrying out plans of the Bureau.
The tenure of the Bureau upon abandoned
property U regarded the same as that jws-Msv-ed
by an actual owner, except that caid
projicrty may be restored by comjietcnt au
thority to its former owner. A compara
tively insignificant amount of property is
used for quarter for teachers and officer
connected with the Bureau and hospitals.
With these exceptions, all property m the
hands of the Bureau is held as a means of
revenue by order of the President, Resto
ration has progressed very rapidly, and it is
probable that when the war terminates little
or no propertywill remain under control of
the Bureau. By this policy of restoration,
the expectations of frecdmen that lands
would be assigned them have been dis
appointed, and mueh difficulty has arisen
thereby, but has been overcome with com
coraparative ease. Much embarrassment,
much actual suflering has resulted for res
toration of property in use. Much more
will result from the curtailment of the Bu
reau. If about one five hundredth of the
amonnt of land in the insurrectionary States
had oven been 1 d, and the plan of assigning
it to frecdmen carried out, the Bureau
would have been able to furnish an acre per
family. Experience has shown, as a genera'
rule, that it is better to leave the price of
labor to be regulated by thedemand. "Schools
have been established, but the hostility of
the whitepcople to them is undisguised. Con
gress, when it created the Bureau, made no
appropriation to defray the expenses, but it
has, however, received funds from mis
cellaneouss sources to the amount of $478,
363. Deducting the amount held as re
tained bounties, 115,236, and the bal
ance on hand October 31st, 180o, avail
able to meet liabilities is 5313,796. The
amonnt hejd as claimants bounty is merely
that the rights of the frecdmen-to rent and
purchase real property, should be guaran
teed to them beyond questicn. It is esti
mated that the amount required for expen
ditures of the bureau for the fiscal year, com
mencing January, 1860, Jwill be 117,450
Fortress Monroe, Dec. 20. A fleet of
upwards of 200 sailing vessels are in this
harbor wind bound.
A row took place in Norfolk vesterday be
tween the 29th New York and the 30th U.
S. Colored Infantry. A volley of ten or
twelve muskets was fired upon the colored
troops, which was about to be returned when
their officers arrived and put an end to the
disturbance. At one time it threatened to
be very serious, but only one colored man
wa? injured.
Suddenly, on the 16th inst, at Cherry Shade
Lavcrgnc, Tenn., with Congestion of lirain, Claud
liOiirimoro McConncll, infant son of C. C. and II.
L. McConuell. Aged seven months and eleven
da vs.
Pittsburgh and Cleveland, 0., papers please
The Kltxedge Estate. This valuable prop
erty, on College Hill, will bo sold this day. 21st
in.t., at eleven o'clock on the premises, by Messrs.
J. L..VK.1V. Brown.
These lots aro the most commanding sites that
have been offered for sale in the city. Omnibuses
leavo their oflico 3SK Union street at ten o'clock.
dec 20
Foa Sale The furniture of a private sleeping
room, with privilege of room for ono year, at low
rent. The furniture is new, and worth $200. ,- Lo
cation, three doors from tho Post OIBco. Apply to
Jesse Hale 'o. 7 Cherry St., opposite tho Post Of
fice. dec21-tf.
Foa CuiusTMAS Presents go to McCIure's
Music Store, and get enc of those beauti
ful Musical Boxes, Musical Toys, or a handsome
Martin Guitar, and if some of tho abovo will not
suit you, tako a fine Piano or Parlor Organ, after
which, stock it well, out of the immense stock of
New Music, to be found there. Prices low during
the holidays. dec 20 lw
Fair and Festival Orand Tableacx. The
Ladies of Dr. Goodlct's Church will give a Fair
and Festival, at and for tho benefit of the Church,
corner of Summer and South Union streets, Thurs
day and Friday, December 21 and 22. Doors open
atTo'clock. Tickets sold at the door.
dee 20
Boots I Boots. OenU Calf Boots made to or
der at short notice, warranted to fit or no sale, at
dec 1!) lw Xo. -t? Union street.
Tho Rev. Edward A. Wilson's Prepared Pro
scription for tho euro of Consumption, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and
Lung Affections, has now been in uso over ten
years with the most marked success.
The Remedy, prepared under Mr. Wilson's per
sonal supervision, also a pamphlet containing tho
original Prescription, with full and explicit direc
tions for preparation and use, together with a
short history of his case, may be obtained of
Corner Cedar street
and Square,
Xashvillc, Tenn.,
Solo Agents for Tennessee.
1G3 South Second Street,
Williamsburgh, X. Y.
r Price of Rcinedy, $3,00 per package. Pam
phlets furnished freo of charge.
dec CO col m
For Christmas. Thoso in want of Toys for tho
holidays will save money by calling at tho drug
store of R. P. Jenkins Co., sncccssors to T.
Wells, Market street, fronting Union. They have
a goodly stock for the little folks, including old
Santa Claus himself. Everything of the kind in
now offered at cost, and during tho present week
wo expect to sco a rush at their establishment
dec l-3t
Lone Jack 111 A largo lot of this SUPERIOR
Foster Brothers.
A fine lot of PURE SPICES, suited for Chris-
mas times. For sale at
Fosteh Brothers.
I'or Circuit Court ClcrU.
Ha visa been solictcd by a large number of old
friends, M ill. I. Foster has consented to an
nounce his narao as a candidate for Circuit Court
Clerk of Davidson county, at tho ensuing March
Wo aro authorized to announce the name of
I vlil '. IO vc as a candidate for re-election to
the office of Circuit Court Clerk of Davidson
county, at tho ensuing March election.
Tor County Cotir' ClcrU.
I.lndsley Xlchol is a candidato for re
election (second term.) to the office of Clerk of
tho County Court of Davidson County, at tho
ensuing March election. dcclTdtd
We arc authorized to announco the namjo 6
Win. S. Clicnllium as a candidate for tho office
of County Court Clerk of Davidson county," at tho
easuing March Election.
We arc authorized to annonneo V. O. Knln
as n candidate for County Court Clerk of Davidson
county, at the ensuing March election, dect-tc.
Wo 3ro authorized to announce TIioiiiivi C.
Crunk as a candidate for County Court Clerk at
the ensuing election.
Wi arc authorized to announce Wrllcy TV.
riilllp as a candidato for County Court Clerk,
at the ensuing election. decl-to
We are authorized to announco W. C Hall as
a candidato for County Court Clerk, at the ensu
ing election. dcc4-te
Tor Criminal Court Cleric.
We are authorized to announco Clinrlo E.
DlKonn as a candidate for Criminal Court Clerk
of Davidson county at tho ensuing March elec
tion, dect-te.
For County Trustee.
We are authorized to announce FhlncnJar.
rrtt as a candidate for County Trustee at the en
suing March election. dec-le.
We aro authorized to announco Thornns
Mitilc, of tho Fourteenth Civil District, a a
Candidato for Connly Trustee of Davidson County
at the ensuing March election.
We are authorized to announce T. TV. Ilnllcrr
as a candidato for County Tnuteo of Davidson
county at the ensuing March election.
Wc arc authorized to announce Captain John
YViKoii, as a candidato for re-election to the of
fice of County Trustee at the ensuing March elec
tion. Tor Sherlir.
We aro authorized to announco A. O. llngey,
as a candidate for Sheriff of Davidson tounty at
tho ensuing March election.
We are authorized to announce Itolwrt F.
t'nl tie, n candidate for Sheriff of Davidsun
county at the next March election. dec4-te.
We are authorized to announce Korluko
Rrnncti as a candidate for Sheriff of Davidson
county at the ensuing March election, dect-tc.
Wc are authorized to announte V. ('. Shaw,
m a candidate for Sheriff of Davidson county, at
the ensuing March election. deet-te.
W are authorized to announce TVra. WlUon
u a candidal for Sheriff, at the coining election.
Nashville, Tennessee,
CottonTarns and Sheetings
i. a xv it n x o i: nvKo,
Gallatin, Tennessee.
nnu nave pcriecteu arrangements with our
Old Oil ManufacturcrM x
for unlimited supplies of
Specially prepared for
and have now in store a largo stock of
Differ cut Kinds of Oil,
superior to any wo havo ever kept before.
Wo also havo on hand a good supply of
Metcalfe Bros. & Co.
deel 3m
v war. boyb,
(Elite or Iloyd fc l'ei'lilpij
A. Hamilton A Co. II. S. French .V Co.
.1. A. McAllister k Co. Ilillman llro'a Son.
John W.Terrass.l'rcsid't Chamber of Commerce.
dccO Im
john j. ran,
O 532 CD
Commission Merchant,
JAquors, Wines, Ciyurn, Tobacco.
Xo. .15 South Sidft Brojidirny,
100 Ilhd.s. prime Xcw Orleans.
SO do do Porto Rico Sugar,
SO do do Cuba Sugar,
1(W Barrels Crushed and Powdered Sugar,
20 do Uramilatcd Sugar,
100 do A. and Ii. Co fee Sugars,
75 do C. extra assorted Brands,
200 do Yellow Sugar,
500 Hags Rio Coffee,
2T Mats Java Coffee, ,
20 do Laguira Coffee, . ..i
10 Hags (linger, .fJ , ,
10 Hags Allspico,
20 Hags Pepper. , , t
75 Harrcls Mackerel, r ,'
MKbbls.do. " .,
SO Kitts do.
50 Boxes Soap, - JVJ ?!.
150 do Starch,
100,000 Cigars, assorted brands, , ' :
300 Boxes Candles,
100 do Basins,
60;Cases Sardines,
SOU Cases Oysters,
lOO.Doten Buckets,
MjNcsts Tubs,
Together with everything usually kept in Whole
sale Urocery Houses.
100 Barrels Robertson County Whiker,
50 do Bourbon do do.
20 do Rye do.
135 do Rectified do.
S Casks Hennessey Brandy,
S" do Otard, Dupuy .t Co'. Cognac,
10 Barrels Apple 1!., very old,
10 do Peach dn.
5 do Sherry Wine,,
la store and for sale at
o. 35 Uroatlwuy,
deet-lm. NA5HVILLE. TKNX.
V. -t t, o x ii o y tit lit n. -r ,
Prompt Attention Given lo Collections.
Carnthers A Cooper, Xashville, Tennessee,
(luild. Smith Jc (luilil,Xahvillr. Tennessee.
Hon. Italic Peyton, Nashville. Tennessee,
linn. J. H. White. Xashville, Tennessee.
Ilillman, Brother & Sons, Nashville. Tennessee.
Hon. M. E. Gallaway, Memphis, Tennessee.
dce5 ly
IMiblUhcd nt the Nonllirni Hvtlitxlint
I'ublltlilni; IIonM, under the auspices of the
Methodist Episcopal Church South. Its issues
will be resumed 1st January. 1W. Teems : Till
1st July, invariably in advance, $2.00. Under
$10 may sent by the maibi at our risk. Sums of
$10 and upwards, by Express, at our expense.
Subscriptions are made to end 1st July, far the
following reaions:
1st. That is the end of our fiscal year.
2d. Daring tho time our (lentral Conference
will hold its session, and iu newly elected officials,
editors, Ac, will by that time be at their pouts.
3d. The price of material, and expense in
volved in its publication, may, by that time. mod.
ify or more clearly indicate a permanent subscrip
tion price.
As most subscribers will doobtle. desire to be
gin with the litisiuc, we will strike off large
Our frlendn will send n their name at once.
Brethren of the prera who will aid in extending
this notice, will rtndrr such a ftvor as will be
highly appreciated, and at any time cordially re
ciprocated. J. B. McFERRIX, Ageat.
NAauTU.tx,Dee.W, lS05.-tf
nAUPTOir J. C11E5ET,
nsxj. r. rot.
For the sale and purchase of
Cotton nml Tobacco, Wheat, Flour,
Xon. O nml II Broad fitrc-et
I and well selected stock of
G It O C E It I i; s,
7q barrels ROORBOX whisky.
. CO
Robinson Countv Whi.kv.
Old Rye do
Rectified do
Cognac Brandy,
20 hf bbls
no ua
10 barrels HoIItnd (5in,
10 n t DDIs do do
20 hf bbls Xcw England Rnm,
20 hf bbls (linger Brandy,
20 kegs do do
20 hf bbls Cherry Brandy.
20 kegs Lemon Cordial,
20 kegs (linger do
IV) baskets Ileidsie, (pints and quart.).
20 boxes Sparkling Catawba,
100 sacks prime Rio Coffee.
75 barrels Xew Orleans and Island Sugar,
50 " Crushed del
50 " Powdered do
CO " Coffco do
150 " choico Irish Potatoes.
15 " Table Salt,
25 " Molasses,
25 hf bbls do
25 barrels Syrup,
?i0 hf bbls and kcgi Pyrnp,
0 kits Mackerel, Xoi. 1 and 2.
25 hf bbls do
25 ar bbls do
50 boxes Cheese,
SO do Candy,
50 do Star Candles,
50 hf and qr boxes Star Candles,
50 boxes flerman and Family Soap,
50 do Pickles, (qts and nts)t
10 gross Prcstou k Merrill's cast Powders,
50 boxes Starch.
10 cases (4) Sardines.
25 boxes Raisins,
50 hf and qr bxs Raisins,
50 dozen Painted Buckets,
500 reams Wrapping Paper.
100 dozen Brooms,
20 dozen Sieves,
500 kegs Xails.t
To which wo invite the attention f the Mer
chants of Tennessee, (leorgiu and Alabama.
Strict attention will be paid to receiving and
forwarding, and tothe sale of (Iroccrics and all
goods on consignment.
Being in the large and commodious store and
warehouse, so long and favorably remembered as
the house of Johnson .(Smith, and nllerwards as
Fisher, WheelessJc Co.. with the immense shcd
and storage rooms, we feel prepared to handle all
Cotton, Tobacco and Ucnoral Pro-luce, or goods
on consignment, on as favorablo terms as any
house in the city; and expecting to establish our
business upon a permanent basis, wc promiso to
do all in our power to merit a liberal sbaro of
public patronage.
BAUUIXU AXI) ROPE always on hand.
dccG lm
Liberal Advances Made on Congignmenta.
Liberal Advances Made on Consignments,
.(Successors to W. F. Gray 3c Co.)
WhoIcil nml Rotnll Dcnlcrs In
Drugs, Medicines, Oils,
Southwest Cor. Broad and Market Bts.,
teutien ot the trane lo our complete siock oi
Perfumery, Fancy Articles,
K. E. A. JIAItltritT Will be fund at the
Old Eland, and ready to serve all.
il4-lra I.rTTEKEIt st- CAI1I.EIL.
1")HR?OXS wishinr Building Lime can hsvo
. their orders flll'jd.by leaving them with ma
lrr Ilnxhr!. "
Xo. 25 Church street,
dea 19 lm. u
XK hundred Coal Miner tthe Mine !n Par
J wlue, on Ui
Bowling Qrecn.
adise, on Uretn River. KTCnty, mile from
uecii .w-
B. L. DXUomUC.
(Opposite Post OtSce.)
Dealers in l)rii8,
Metlicincn, Chemical,
Faints, Oils, Iyc-StuflB,
Feriunicry, Toilet Articles,
I assortment of the above named articles and
invito the attention of our City and Country
friends and dealers to them.
HOOSE PAIXTKRS and others ara invited to
tho large stock of Paints (Dry and in Oil) of every
FARMERS AXD GARDXERS are respectfully
invited to bear in mind that wa will shortly havo
in storo the largest stock of
ever brought to this market. Also,
A largo stocli. of
We invito country dealers and otnert to call and
examine our large stock of Goods suited to their
trado before purehasing elsewhere, feeling assured
that wo can give entire satisfaction.
PHYSICIAN'S will always Qnd on hand a large
assortment of
And prepared to fill orders punctually, and on the
most reasonable terms.
Prepared carefully by competent PrescriptionlsU
dcot lm
Corner College and Union St.,
"We hsJjiut received from Now York
markets very' largo addition to our former
assortment, ami would call tho attention of
the public Ui tlia largwt and most complete
stock of
Ever brought to this .city.
SO lbs Blue Stone,
f gross Drake' Pll iU--10
gross Codron Xllti . , '
IO grow Iiwtettsr's ki
5 gross Rebaek's Bitters,
15 gross MeLane's VerraMhge,
10 gross Fahneatoek'i Vermifuge,
3 grow James IixpociMSt.
B grow Ayeri Cherry IMtral.
IT ,
0 barrels Coal OIL
lo barrels i Varnish, assorted.
10 barrels Lard snd Linseed Oil.
A largo Stock'of
Fine Wine anil Uquorn,
A very large stoek of
Garden Seed, growth of
18 6 5.
20,000 Papers. a)rtel Seed,
10 bbls Onion Scttu
2 bbls Pumpkin Seed.
All of which is offered to tho Trade and the
Public generally at tho very lowest jirjcw.
roRBEH .fc wtepheS-k;
. . , Cor. College Cafoa tk.
UOsVS L31.

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