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Nashville union and dispatch. [volume] (Nashville, Tenn.) 1866-1868, November 28, 1866, Image 1

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rvchJtil. V ,1.1 J'l Jl'J ' i:iJi.LJop It Jtr t lliFiTnr: ZST
"''''"'' i. , ,.. j , - , i . tt ! i -- ' . , liji .-tat l(tiki,:'.v..i-
vw-X0.1IV" JX AoJl v IIjL'E, TENNESSEE. AY. XOVEMBF.R tsM: r:'r ' -
1 4 ii 4 A I-.-J. 1 ? ---i.i.-.-. - " ----- ' '"" "' ' ' TTT. ' " . - ,
, ' ' " ' 1
J TT- i 1 ' ;
Nine deUaflehoIera oeenrtedtinlGifleinnatl
uuring ia week.
Bistort hu msdo about $100,000 since herani
Val in this eonntrv.
Most of.tbaclcrgymenia Norpich.Conn.have
f lined a circular protesting against the practice
oi Having funerals on tho Sabbath,
Fort Itawlincn imf liMnn? V.i1rrnrr ! tn n
demolished, by prder of Con, .Grant ft tcok Jwd
mumaim men sucty aayi to erect the worlfs.
The cotton frauds, as crolved in tho invostiga-
Unn Ut tt, 1 .1-. '-1 41 Mil. i
i-uiucuoiujiuiera ieu new .
a . k
for various foreign and domestic porta, carrying
. T v . . . . ....
iroiffairainca at fix una & Half millions or dol
Fears frS&tiftAn&l ftlw 'drifts oVu'
financial and commercial cruis, owing to tho
failure In tho estimated ootton crop nnd tho
IMrrttv nf tnnnnv
In lSSSthPtbai Vafdeof property4 wSeWed 'ftf
tNew Orleans was ,788,185.. .tpriihoV present
year tne assessed Value is S12G,574,7G5 an In'
creaso of near S23.000.000.
Treasurer Spinner, on tho 23d inst., received
a communication from Louisville, Kentucky,
enclosing one hundred dollars,, which the writer,
who signs himself "Repentant," says, "justly
belongs to tne Government."
A collision occurred near Detroit, nn Friiliv
evening, betweon the steamer Lac La Belleand
Milwaukee, in which tho former was sunk. Two
lives were losL The steamer, was .valued at
S120.000. firidlrwaredJrorSSOMr; M U i
James Stephens has disappearpli Sleleftifiis
office inTfew Yofk a few days ago, in company
With fiytlV m 4. .1 .ll l m A Intnl.. n I n.l fM T
" amvu iiui uau iUlUij jUiiriUlUlil
land. lie took leave of his- friends, sjiscrin?
them he shouIdexebe.secn again fa theffiee.i
At M'est PfeS, IKwoll 'eounty, jlliaonrltlioi
other day, owmgtto a. quarrel about a.homestead!
suit, a man ifffl'ed Daker killed John IJinlajj
and his wifoWnd Mrs. Cousins,- sister of Mr
Finlay. i ' ' &
The total number gftTfamigrantajvhoja.isM
throush CoIuffllinsrOhio. last?
Of this number i2i will settle in Ohio. The re
mainderwero bound forothcrStatw, most going
to Missouri and IHinok l1, .
The Canadian' at-thoritloS Have received infor
mation that Stephens is not tn routoforTrelind',
but is organizing an cincdition to invadcCana
TroopSiePu piave rocevc Vrdes tgShblcJ
themselves in rqadinass to more at a moment's
The rfisbursfcnftuts' on. aeceanorthe blow
named Derwrt men ts during tho, weok-ending-tup
24th inst. weroM Ibllows: TTar "Department
27,619 83; Navy Department27,175 fe; Interior
Dopartmfcnt SMCSI. Aggregate S5;C10, JJ.
Captain C9IH3. or tho Unlts-l States stoamr
Sacraraen(a, whih iiled a few day il'ncd, has
been instructed to inquire into tho Cooliq trade
ana report to the Governmental Washington.
It is intended to suppress or at :lcast amelio'ratB
me tramc.
A. P. Stuart lato' Lioutcnant General in the
uonledcrate army, was paruoucdby ahe Preri
dont. UDon tho earnest recnmninfl!ltlrin nf er.
cral dlstlncuishod officers of the regular army.
headed by General Grant The Attorney Gen
eral also considered the request.
On Sunday, the 18th inst. the United States
frigate Susquehanna arrived at Havana, where
received with matkod attention by' tho" tulliorl-
?ic. It was understood that they wou Id remain
n Havana one week.
The Mtrquis tie Jlenihofon, tho Ffcnch Mint
lerai nasntngton, is said to nave received
nispatcn last week, from iUxuinlian.yannounj
zinz his intention t(5 abdicate fhn ttirnnn
;o at once.jisjundorstod thatthis fetter of
hal Baxaine. the teninorarv IlvrnnT.
The letter cf Sosfetary MeOulloch, .in regard1
:o tne reoempuonbr ine f ive-twenty bonds In
Told, was teleernnbdd sulittanHallv tn Kntlin.1
.ho day it appeared, and tho next .morninx the?
London Times had jin editortai on tho subjeet
Wednesday, Xovember,2Sth, (o.dUcuss the hen-J
iflts to be derived' from annexation v'lth thel
. mtca states, xno pcopio oi tho lower pro
inces rather favr tho ideaof annexation, and1
hould it be put upon a fair basis nnd submitted.
,t. 1 T 1. n n MA .1 A I. I k W J..I ! t. 3
atified by a Jarge majority, j t , , lf t
A bill has haen prepared by a leading Con
rcssman, Providian that an officer on trial un
.er impeachment, shall bo suspended from ex
rcising tho functions of his office during tho
rial nnd trllltllPKJltivtK"n u ilnn tnw.jl 4m
' . , . .. .w.tMH 1
caching tho President or not it is probablei
bat action will hi hnd unon this bill with a View
1 hit n jt. ... . 1 z i . e i .
A silk manufactory is to bo established at San
np. CHlifnrni.i. Twentv-fivp anrns nf ffrmtniT
i.ave been given to the proprietors, upon which
aey proposo at once to erect buildings tf(5rth
manufactory and for the workmen. Those will
!'o mostly German and Frenafc. Tha Cal'fnrnfii
apcrs urge tho raiting pf amtberry trees iml
, A law, completely reorganising the Treasury
ad will bo pressed upon Congresl&t an early
ty. Mr. McCulloch will use all his influence to
cure its passage. Its effect will be in a great
casure toTdlainHk-thoUsomdUeoPEo D'opart'
cnt to furthw-felitieal'-cntiirr andSrll1'rery'
atcrially increase tho efficiency, 'of all, its
A AVashinglgu difph rays l"Thefcadiiig
cpublican jJuncr0Maen are maturing a. plan
r the government of the Southern Statos, in
ew of the urobable indefinite dMnr nf tL
'.option of tho constitutiQnal amendment by the
to insurrectionary Staics. It provides for tiio
ccutionof o-.l4ing.nd .prospective laws? of
ingress, independently of respective State or
tidoral Executives. It is ther -old ernlBriair
n, modifiet wc'OsUnclrcuiusfances.'
The Prcsbyto'riah Goaeral AKcmbly atMera
liAm 'VAutiv .intiAnfl iA M?ri-mnnrjtr"lv from
his capital, and take up his abode on a planta
tion owned 'by him, soino sixty miles 'south of
R.H T.Va C.i(v Yn-n-lAr. tin roini rif 'irhvernniBnl
in the, hands of hU son, Brigham junior. Tt is
said that a full council of elders have advised
flit. tv Ttrfrr1rnv 4lii lli m,iluAr nf Ilf!p
"palrfarch shall be inducted inTo the affairs of
hfara ,nn ntt am irv i d innuvnTrriMrM.
VimfAni tlir, nf Vtim fntliikr snflll rindor ftnnl I
any steprwnicn may oo aaopteu in regaru to tno
succession. j -
Wendell Phillins!aelivercd;an oratiorSfnfpliU :
aaeipniaon xnaay: mwniea no opposegiae i
impart i4 suCg anojement saying ijThJi 1
read or wuo nave property is dismissing the
question from-o unpolitical issucs-.Wo Joso-that
advantage and at tho samo tlmo add to the
lUpion-' political strength of the South only a
small nereenrncfl m fhn nurmM. 1 1, nnnn pmhi.
ing impirJia'l'uffragH'Oji Bafo esijmesbt
sovereignty, 'it-wdld Jjfpf'Jouth, Carilnjft;io;
. - l. r. 1 . t : i. t i i k -
driven uny.&am thcLoina bthe If TENNESSEE LEGISLATURE,
m 1 in? York, Kpy, 2S. The Post's Wash
ington; speciaL says prominent Northern
men have urged Secretary- McCulloch to
recommend to Congress a reduction of the
Lit nn.m-iffnn
i i iwui.iwiu.ij jXiuy.,- ifUt rlUX-X4etet 1
QenEd. 'Jb'h'rison ' "having befn "recently !'
pardoned by the President, to-day called '
uw"ui.ciwurer opinner ior tne payment n
House of Renresentnt A-eo.
TTiA TTnnsn Traa nlliw1 a in n'U-V
rrr.T""" ",-" w I lay tne reaalnlinn tu- L,
iur. vpiTiiie, memoer elect Jrom arren coun-1 motion was anrnVrl k -lrVV iaoie, wiucn
was quauned and took h s seat Sonnti iViI Tifh .nes j.
tarr of Stain f .i.n-i .i . .
cheal,w. which lavarS
Sir. Powell
y. was auallfied and tnnk hU pat-
The credentials of Mr. Ledbetter, member
aa f-mn W, 1 1 ; -. t : i nr..
iresenUd andrerre ic th Committeo on
Mr. Woodcock offered a resolution authori-
ig tno l0mptroller.to issue his warrant to N.
Jiutu iur auicmj-itYO uoiiam. xor aamacea rji-
,1 l... k -ll.J i; ' - i . l n
- To CoBsninpUTcs.-ThAdvertlser.hW- '
ingbeed restored to health in a few weeks, by a... . .
very simple remedy, ailerhavinsr
years nith a lerera Inn ffr .i.i Wji I
dread disease. ConsumptTon-Ts anxioui to'maka
shall acquire property or own land,"
i ClncinZaiCommorcisi's Washingfonfc
rcJDOrident telecranhs that tho followinc is the
truestato of the Franco-Mcziean nnr-itinn .ni
AJieertnined fmm rfanhiisiblA AiifTinrilv ' A 1vm f
the rniddle of October tho French Minister of
btatO addressed .this eovernnienE. nrnnnrfn, n.
change n the programme agreed on in Juno
last, between the American Minister and
Drouyn d6l,Hutt..forthd:evacuatib"n of She"
French troops Sr6m ilfcxicc ' Insteaa w, rembvs.
ing them in detachments, commencing in A o-
VpmtlAr 'find rtnAin wittiin it. mnnlk. It
prppoiod that they should all be removed inrono
feody bn oraboutlhelst of January. This gov
ernment replied through Minister Bigelowjthat
it adhercd.to thonsinalmnderaUndint.mado
,in;3ttne and hoped thatnherc'would'be no
... ... ... ...
aciay in tno sauinz or the first de
tachmont durinar the,' torcstnt: irihnth: 'On
Elbnday last the Marquis de Montholon commu
te icaTed to Mr.i?e wards a dispatchircftn Uis gbv
uruuieui. inuuiaung mat -tapoieon ucsirea mora
tlnwfor ft general evacuation, and proposing to
f1nTr tf fVi. Cm, mnntlia T'l, . TJ-..: .1 f.
. .- . . . . . 1. - . . " . !
jiaeonsiacrauon with the Cabinet directed Mr
a e ward to reply to tho t rench Minister thatthis
government saw no food reason for accepting
,'W ItllAnM VlTlf Tl.l.f. hn I. A in.s n ...
M " . iu.un.u kuo iviUU VUIUU1UU1
cated, of, J urie' 6th Iastfbeing fully carried But.'
These terms irere nrnnofnd tvhnllvKvInn Vponuli
iMinwtcr.at thittitaeAandlwefo .acccptig th
VumodinptiSn t,W EQvcrnmentn loircon,
wvuuuua,i.v vu t.tkumaj tu IUU
MarauiS Tha iroTcmrapnt b nTintTininl infm..
troops did sail Jron? ctclTillciic"o&ontnl5e
i ..i r x ' i
i!iui i.iuexuucr.
. By t'nble-iitK
iNmv ! York, Kov. 27.-A. .letter is pub
Ushed in the London Daily Ifewa, of the
2(Jth, stating that the Gov'ernmentJhas vol
untarily re-opened the case pf the privateer
Alabama. Mr. Seward' irt behalf of the
American Government, dernandetLajjettle
mentofithe claims fort ?aVgesibyU hit
vessel, some two months ago.
OV. 24. A tplpwrnnV rrtm
tyPTPt of il'is datev a-eportshe market
for petroleum inactireaf' '68f583fper
100 kelos, showing a decline since last re-
ofa check for three or four hundred
Jars, due toWm in sefflement asmafor in
the United States army in 1861. just before
lyyoined the Southern army" The 'Treas
urer reiuseo. . ,
The ' Crorernmpni. hna in -, T....
about S100,000,000'in gold and certiScates
JTrf. t0'day- a-c?S!??. a law- : A numW of iiSffi 2S., ., ...
iun ci iub cuii 1 1 Luii uuiiiuiviuT power i rcaaimr. --wv wuui?v
haSn TA ianeN)a(ha.an.;nA:nl..Art.tn:.:. 1 I '
SonatA ,V; SETK" ft "oei 7. ae. uonsumptron-Ts a
mil. wl iv u over under the I Known to tus relIow-nffV.r.. v
iil'iT.ir'4."''. t .,vV, . '.. . -
amendment was IosX 1 -oquire." which - cu, Ureoi charge), with the din
v e Y " luosame.wnica. ,
ihey wiu find a ansa Cckk tor Coxsoiipnos5.
rA, uaojcams. 4e. The only object tofl-t J i
benefit the afflicted, and spread information . ,
which ho conceives to be invaluable; and' hopes'
every sufferer will try this remedT. -nr
,1 . "
Thresolution was then adopted by ayes 10.
MMfiesW of tho
ard to the election fo
iiosi, aiiuning n majori
On mntiot' r ar. OI Elections,
ienate bill kZ'xa i.?e2.l5f Tte re ecting
it , i
Tt.t,- a: e : . . 37" :.
iitaua ui LiiK uen:irimpnra nnwdrni- i wikidk Duner
are attending sinplv.nt thVr, zA b&nx to senara
.in Jhe orderlhatnhVaFeirnTr
rresiaent jso other viai tore arc received H?'.
by the President . - 1 ' J
"' unui'uu iuuuuuccu - resuiuuun solicit- I un motion" or Mr QTT vL .
m iuuiiwi w jiass a iaw lormmg an inucpon- I senate bi IAo. 364 ww j ,l S:otl.,P
inf inuin.iA t kn.n. ,.. ,. c... j I . i v" . as ircconsiderfiil. T,o v;ii
"j.viiuitiij, ivMii, wncou tun iu umiu AUU I was CW1. 3Dd t&S f nrt H i. . . V , , mv l , ,
warai autnonties as. common Judrt. lleferrcd I same Dostnhn vuuaiueratioa oi the aaarcas
H!S?jte,??P"5.. ThAoforthe consider r c... v.
ii uiuiiuB ujij iac resolution: I no. isn, to incorooratn fh iT..- , Iir"u"!.
i 'hnrint. thn ripnnln in hnxitd nf i rr-A "rppraie tho national Bank-of
A universal interest each df which is Sovereicn ndstnoned tn . "v.oni,,Ul thosame was
mra.noininj. and may prove a blessing.
wuningiae prespription, will jleasa , .
iddross Her.T.DffAlin i wtt oA- - "I "
, A 11 AJjOVJit, I
b other, and the faw-making power to do 0f Publf?nfitho Slal?' M, Superintendent
Protect ana aevetop ihem , Vgp gugw
ufxir 6 uu" uere- xie leaves I of
to-mon'ow -fnr hnmar
t . --- fe - "la,uuuJuTWvl,neenulB3l3lea"d'ae united
an agitattofiyionhSir Undostnab fntereaU SJ, an independent and disinterested judi
insteadof polhicarquesfionar S't1"011"1' 5 t5e. ntituon-maWngr
instead of poIUicarqueifions."
ifsusp cii'sior? llVi'cI 5 o at Clncfunatt.
J u uucuiuau, tiresiromo
GciHKATr,, Nor. 27.The great bus- Ms'
9084 bridge over the Ohio river at Cin- ffi If
.ciqnati, two thousand two hundred and eUfe all di
jlPcrsonnl. I Wo am ld tr. . ,u. '., ,'
. 1 i'.uavuur.0iar
nend. K. D. Tsr.nvu hi. . j i... , . .
. - . ' . " lo-viivuim uu Business r
at No. WAorth Cherrr utri.t f. !?... '
mi&u luaer dv lira prpat H.n n . - .
1 , - - " Mil auwL.. . 1 r
X . . imvimi U..T m roannn.. iUK JO I W .-!! 1! I 1 j ......
ai I ' rf : "11 ."Jtu a resolution of th Sni. 1 " especial attention of hij frind .
Y'k ... 1 . ..i.t.,!. t..J . I 1U3UBIE'9 llWlot. W.r, . .. .V 1.1 .... .... -
TL.-; -ul"u-olf 'w powers 10 27. lm-Hon. J. ri iwS.-""' fowmber i'uuuc gonerauy. to tha fact of hls'havimr.
. . . - - - wwv ,anrat r i i r f v.i luu i iiitHnni ntyfim . i a j j
.o ... m M weuito roauiu- i . i. ji , . '
' t . Ar??u.r(!r. as Superinten- 8lBae cuitiug. orands for whisky am
folTnwtni nay tho honorto
condemned and
4n vuiiEumuuauJWhlU LiiU LlilJiiCltV OI ai i i , I. , ' v j , auiuuaL 01
SV"SfSfftttAsff.. ??." 0ctobe7i7-K WPS1 tvaiKtfr- 50
;iw ; ,ne,n n1 condemned and
sold in Rutherford county . amZt
.K.vm4 o narrantia- 1.' 1 ajn hn
I vauVm.m. W 1 b ii u iiiuiiiuuuu.uianiiix
pojw.to be composed of twelve menbers. dkich
1 pVUI
tl if from one of twelve district coraposinz tho
wjij wwv- puuuiu wo uiiwcu iu iua puillical
pctyreea mo local and universal .into-
ea pommon and duintere?tcd judgo to
-----uitftuiMii uwin cuu
V w ui ouu uuiir oar ' ti ,
relr.'gcals for court ,,1.1: .1 -n
otacr descnotiona of Trortr !n VMMnt -
- vunuu, A.) Oi .4
snortnotfee, and in tbo rcry beat andmostithorrt
ough manner. Mr. Blusim. owing to his miafor- ,
tune, peculiarly decrrinff of patronafe, and. i.ui T
wo trust he mar receirft thnt
,bi3 merits so well deserve. He will attend toi -
the repairing of clocks and watches. &i.heretpTiii2 v ;
.ciqnati, two thousand two hundred and
A r..j. 1 n .
illLY-LlVIl IPHL llintT Will HA nnflnnrl f rv
triana on Saturdajr, Decembrist. trJth an- t J$8,
propnaie ceremonies. It 13 the- largest lare Wh hereby requested ta appoint k com-
ti uuew uuij ib Buan 00 10 prepare anu
hfiriff nnlAvn (Yinir rAjnoiiivA K.ltna .1
' " 50
Mato Treas'r and Sunt. Piih Tt,,.,
fore, to the entire satisfaction of all.
iiots tm
. ii.
tions tornorwii ii?S.,"?'1',tn n?truc- Watkins'. tenmilej fmm N..T,v5ii !.- v.i..
n0n Pike, just ODDOsitO thn TTrm!f,n 'IIA,''
hold Furniture of every kind; Farming Imple
monts.eonsistinsof Carpenters' and Blacksmiths'
''"' rai'k tney do pass such measures as may bo necessary ,i.iaI0.eDalc mec " 2 o'clock, tho Sneaker fn Tdols, Plows, hoes' axe - W.n. .4'
laid ovr it spans from c,entrrT5rcentre of to enable the States, through their LegitureZ thTifhor' . 1 l:KM, 7u m f ' W!fn5.ani
thotowers, adislancoof VthondnjlJ''eople in conventions, to amend the con-LJAScnateYMjencipally engaged in eon.,,1- 5 ;arncs3- Al3.0' ome Mules, Cows. Hogs, and
fifty-seven feet . 1 i0?';?0 natt?Pf0Ple wjio have.two' in-p'h generally. Terms exclusively cash
A nmlt t a i- . i-Rrtl.. an? na.T? estao- D--T- t communication from nora-t' w E. Wati
. . r ' J " " tu wyuiv viuciuuatt I ''"ir.! io protect laese two interests.il tl " s ; "-"' " ainner to a resolution frdnf I
With, pure" jra(er ironi th kittle--Miami L to protect tho local, and a United thSina& r . e. . .. ,rDl m,hllSl,i.-,. r
. ?:!?l-r. 5omm,unlcation t, . v Hstn"
"" f&wiijiiixnii neit, j. win sen tor Ua3a
sinele-suan hridiralh iliorwnrlf? fnaf tnr torn mittee whose duty it shall be to
million. of iddfiaW. Tlia-' ra hr trn.l- Ki",?!.'0.'.0. L60'0 boli. i that
...... .iriu iiomii necessarv.
nntfl?, T ofMr- Uathe Senate adjourned -
innxooy sxssio.v.
The Senate met at 2 o'clock, tho Sn.nVrU
.- 'ini.-i
u ;
It"' '
9iit i
'i jn
Knpiera nas entirely disappeared from
lie citvi
IT- S. CircnltlCourt fapcision..
BAtTIMOnE. Wnv. 97 .T
.1 TT A -- "J" lOt. V
me ii. r. i:irnir i 'y-utnt ha H(HAri i
ftirr VBOVIC waSentitled rtOirernnrpr -ih
amountinf Inrm nS?iVK- HinAn V
: x vs- saico Ui
tobacco grown in 1862-3, as the Internal
rwvftinR not ni i.Nrtnntn nntmnihntH
rrmnn wAwrn 4 t Of 4
hivu ii iiicriuu.i lii in i'.
An nrrlJnnfa rwna Ufswri rv riMHi
ored people... ? t.
Neav . YohK. Kov. 57 Tdo
Augnsta, Ga.,,. special says; A
Mr Wright introduced a bill which passed
jucurpuraunif mo ourancr county
AgricIturat.and Mechanical Association.
i Mr. Sheppard introducol a bill providing that
tho bUt&ghall pay for all losses of loyal citizens
lDClirr'! rtllri.l lha ralialltnn T.....l
Mr.tJtlmenintrodacedabill establishfnsr Iba
r margin.; ."""u'.1.'"'.',"JJnca ni
1 ' aauuAcu ui sjw nnnrnn trv ih H .f n t . -
Senate. . "u WAWNS. at the Toll Gate, one milo - " " - -
ntaKlfc?" Salecomin
--...uobwbv 1 meuco-ai 'tea owioci. and eon!mi fmn
. liT jZ-iM ,r',li? "ilJCU"nue irom'day to
SPECIAL NOVirc rnrfi.i
M Mr.fmmerrintrodaecdabhl estahliiIlifT.!r Ibn'l ;T ,' w
I?1 tcnth.ifeSry lli vision ofThe State. Passed. ln re Spices, Etc!, Freh at r VT tt MOW CJ1KI SO Pabllc
he plr.'iHBllins introduced a bill establishing a Smiths T)n7, t;f, I t . i. Bnnnro. eonsequenco of a confemDlatwl
f Hoard of jPublio Works, whoso duty it shall Tie , . St0T0' corner Ourth and change in my busing Tfr, Lk I ?.
of to .xorjls'e a general supen ision over tho inter? streets- PPr. Binger. cloves, cinnamon. &ee. nl !J ,V le,t ,5ile?10a
ai nalimqremenUOfSUtjiJtosaindnformai patmegg and a&plco; soda and cream' tartar S i Z at greaUr reduced prices.
IV tion'cfitha wsrkinn Vif rnrMninm .ml ... cream tartar: The buyer bo"h n mhhim.. . i.. .
Cpld Cream, and! Compound
1 Ulycerinaibf ehapped hands,
Bqnnro. In eonsa(,uenco of a confemplaied .7 '
boll n cnnitunn. . 1 . l!"
V tlTofit n.m.'.l. ...... i
before uppIyln-liimSoir, as I am nulfe la,
give bargains. Mir. r-flnrrvrt.
s?P-tf Nd. 20 Publi Snni..
ftoVenrfSt." rVr,n i .i wmr fcTrtn Ulycennes chapped hands.
iA.ijrE.Vi. "i s .-s-r-VJ" " i sora liDrmh nni..i n tit - : . . s.
iuwlWraju cumpanies wnicn nave received I 0. '-"''" i pmita s xiru.i Jiiuesji- .from the Loso worth vii,M . j.
aidromtheStata.!ihll Jirvr n.., fn,i. .i,.:. I Storecorner Chumli -,n,l vi ... el tj ivr ',r 77 . """""H meyard4-j rt
nta .
. ....... ... ..... mm, o iunuc ui vuie lueir I ' ....... viiuiku uu v mo su.
proprr proportion: oi votes in tno dirtnrv nr
. - l-wicn ri!i.l. -il'Awirt.
World'u 'SA-memorial fmm Mr Xf , ir""li"". " ' WB4-. , (.'oldri. rMMl.w --iij1'L'jZS?'
- " ------ 4i. u u i ii n r ri'ne'i ivno ith Hn.i i . . i- " ---w --MujuMkniinir ui.'iirnn
, i u-cuiuriui i rtli:
"uS""ui says; j out lias r wasarew anu rcterred to the Commit.. , . ' " " """"m Miracis,
passed toe Georgia Legislature "to provide i5? Pa4'ection?,-gtrjffotesU,againsl. the Pomades., cosmetics and oils- tha finest iMfit 1. 7 ii
i 6 .. . F"viuc mission f .Mr. DaridiKin. hi mmniiii., ; th. I s,d. hm.SM ni n ... v aretarnlihed at muchiowor ratri
Bier unuer unpypm Of late eleetfon. and Present membw from Jackson and Chemical Stort irth ,t,irt w 2r f eoods' anJ for P"11 "i boqet
feTPSt.jSS- ffiffbJJRfetS? 0raT- reCCiTCd 6 no,ealStrt'ChnrehStreet'-y0-8f- nonc-elthernaUve.rr.reig'n.
. - 7 ' VMVUUU1.
A hr2e:attortmfrit nT IVrfiim... t.f.. , I S '. B. A'F. P. A-ipaasos. Pronrietora.. ..k-.
port o
VRP. Nnp. 97 . nnnn Tliii'n'miiiiiiu
-1 . 7 - , 1 V - - 1. -.w...- 4iiu J- i M 1 1 .. u .
o cbcauiur Hllicil icu ll ew
v i . i - ... i ...
iorK on tne mains,, ior inis portramyed
this morning.
: i TOVTOW. Knr 97 nnnrr ii-Tlm T?,:
troubles have assumed considerably .import
tanrp. nnd tt ? f(rA4 f Imf n 00110 .
I - jv.. w un lVUi UUkT
breakjjhas taken place. Three regiments
of national troop were ordered to Ireland
u . 1 . 1 . . . , .
j asiKiuay , iuu irunspons were oeing pre
,Pared last .eveninir. -larce. dptanhmpnt.
- . . w - n ...
. .. . .1 . . . .
ivi.iuieu ere aiso gent to iueensto.wn on
the steamer PJvmoiith. A. mmUmt
wuiiuuiuiu m iciv di. ui jv,aim turougiioiu
llThS Lnd0n.'Time3 ,'ot. tlifeieveiilr&lsaVk
Chief Stcph'ensAfM :sbbhHirrivet atlthl
scen&. if lie'JiMjhbLn rGaMvl !
every Gborgia soldier
acre, maimp.n in m
-non at me otaie university, tree, provided i7nt3-j il TLe7.- ,. . T, t
lie win teacn a use time alter Jeavintr thp .y,zttY.r.xr?:ri"Z"'"V'"? ":. u.
tt 1 . . . o . 1 ","ii5u w lu-jiwti, ua uc was lexaiu elected.
uiiiverauy jvnumDer ot propositions Juesules.tiraves had, been in the robel army in
couraging immigration are-Wfore'the ?e6.- jwfpart-of.Lhe war- ,
peaUaws prohibiting.aUenwfrom'Ebldrrijr I AdjouraeU until two o'clock
TPill pstnfo
Indian Trnnhln.
New" VntAr'- -W o?Tt r-ij. Alrde3termen3
-- " ;. ! M e 1 namsonj and Jlaury. 1
Chicago special saya that the Sioux City and Ir, liedbetUr was
Journal has news that the Indiana- are be- seifcT? 'I Z T
.' T-1 'v.. rl
MP. i nArnhiinih . w m I. . ri.nTl..
Jblecjions, reported in faror or tho ndmission of
MriMdtervrmembereleBlfr'Dm Lewis, Wll-
xuu rciiun was auonieu.
qualified and. took, his
Edffeflelf! nnd Kcntncbv llnll-Ami'
Chnnge of Time.-On .and after Nov, 26,
18C5. pasenret1 train on t!, t.j e'.i.i j x- .
-- - - i.ii.Mucui;mBuuAeai
tucky Railroad will arrive at Nashville t 8:30
a. m.. and depart at i:i5 e. . nov27-lw
- -ailow pneej, cor
ner of Crawford and North Summer sts. tf
uoming;trouDiesome aiong tua river abovo Iviaeion
II..I T CI f I . . - ' IT. ' . . " T
.aeYerai ooaia oi miners have I tmns or,jurpr.
that ooint.
st i p-- v. uuwa uaii
been attacked, and some passengers mur
,ho3;th last., defining the qnaUfica-
Scosjoned opulnr I.nmber.
Crawford and North Summer streets
'corner o
npkfnniithul ( Mn.t. I . .. . .n: -
-...aw)UucuiBwor rat man imported. ' jjtsum
are excelled yb jr iirutq
...uana vnnTnJI Ot WO. J .
jnovSm R. B. Chituam ,fc Co. .
Cbolce Groceries. a( Totteii'M.-Arrivod rfJ
ui io?(. ino lOUOWinir rarrnll olant.l -ji, .i
ned fruiu, groen peas, com. egS plumbs. seen J! J
sreilovr Pine rioorinsr, atiow prices, cor-J f'h,r '"Pwed goods, which ha is selling very i
tf ' 'cwipr cash, at wholesale and retail: Fresh ai- iti-''.
Uuctien, M ezpUinod (hat the lair as now in
uao Y0uHyn certain criminal caoa in -JDaYidson
Bnlldlnar tumoer 0r all kinds, corner ot
wuirioru ana iNorta anmmer streets. ftf
. o to Farnsworth fc Clnrk'n to get yoru
Cotton Gins insarod; Office, corner of Union and
uuerry streets. . novl6-lw
iiiuiiiici u-ci:iiuiiLi n.i v s i 1 1 :t i rnnia vrtAn a rip.T nn nun nrnaf mi ntmi uni...i
-- "J uivu iUVU ' -t- jwtf vuxa w X iuaut( auu ic
wprp mnrrlprru, rntitlv nno T?A.i- c.li i I ieiTCa to JtWieiarv Unmoiif tfti.
IndUU and apprehen'sioui are enter Jne5 JKriidiri
0 tan. extension of .the tranhlAin tba noIo-Vi. I make B&tfitn
i.i.u r .-u - inTtTsr;...iir- ir:c-:"..?.v." t" uu "q nim
uuauwu xauuiuii. . -i-vHiiiU1u.i,fe. ji,ibi luuai. PCUUUU3 re
1 wrong, to Ahe Bank of Tennessee had hnnn
s 1 1 . . I stricken OUtrDassed thinl rnndinir.
i I i.f,f f ,? terenne -fy-lem. Scnat?;bMt(nnake tc suitable disposition of
in?. Seny2 nmP. Attorney xieri.l-.Etvcntl, Ja
iges, shaker preserves., Ktiava iellv. MlTivi.f.t-fc
iellr. Rnxr4 imlntinA . ..i , 1 . , , i J
plumbs.blackberrics and currants, oatmealsagd.
tapioca, satingloss starch, Java. Laguayra, ilo-t . iw
cha, MaHcabo and Rio coffees Also, imporied' '-sb nsj
and domestic -wines and braadisj, at W. TV jNrtli! i
Tottea's, 21 and 23 Coliegq slreet.'iiajhville.' . i nwi .
octf-tf ,mA
.1.. T-.A 1 rm I In. 1J...:I . .. 1 1
1 9 xhjsiuu sneciai savs: inero i I jhupmu, iiaja smonu resume
.1! ir..i:. - " t . .1 Adjourned until ten oVIiwmt tn-mnrmv
grUlng dis.,anection in regard to the Ln . 48;
TTIirKIIlir OI LI1R rPVPnilB BVQtnnt A ah.
was brought on in th6 Circuit -Court to-day,
TniMDXTrov. S7,3-iTfie Semite metfiu ,f,
TKor Mornintr -IiVraM HAd$ UJn,J
- - - 0 , ,w vr O
TT.. rt. . ar... "
unjiea niaies .minister Adams has re-
rVtred thelabaina.case. A cabinefcnieet
inc will soon'be held", when iTir mho arifi
receive tHe consideration whirb ita imnnr.
Tlv 11
Is Ova Scotia from Liverpool the 17 ih' and
r . .t in.t ... '
vuenstown tne loin, naa arrived.
The London Iorninf.ITprflllifirI
tlm Arth.M.MitA r .1.. . 1;
me wuiiaiuciuviuu ui me Liciiuing questions
between the United States arid Cirrit Mrtt.
ain. even by arbitration. , . .
i"hr,ofidon Times says' feer J6eity's
Qovernmenf contemplates to impower a
Commissoner to innnSrn intn tbo nnmiu
Of the neutrality lawtt iind tn wnhrt 'nn (l.a
possibility of amending them so as to bring
themin1o more complete-iconformityitu'
,...tiiuviufiiMuiiui.iuiia, -xin inquiry
Will not nhvlllflfi flltliro item Tritli riunivl
tn tbp nrliiletmpnt nf tKo Al.lnim. ml.'in.i.-
whin flrv. at ill itniln, MMiiiil.M(mn 1.- 4 1.
vpyernraent, ana musf oe eniextained gn
thei r'own meribi . 1 r ? i 3
8 b
in ijancastersmre..
eendone bv a flood
is hiut u. InnirkriH intermtlnkrMpba
y, on the relatiup of the frcedmeo to thei t New Yqrk. Nov! 27. Therorld's'Bal
Mrch, and finally decided by a unanimous vote J timore special feayg ; The New Orleans
it they t nouiu oo rceeivcu into iuii leuowsmp , papers received this afternoon contain later
tli thn rhitreh. tulB vinnl trrniimtt i l.rntTi. . ilfitpa frt-.tn Tn. . . T .UMta.HMt.K. . X ... .
th the church. u1b oqual grounds as broth-, dates from
; in Christ. Tho assembly adjourned yestcr-
y, to convene m ahville next year.
t is etatcoi
msw1 In InA
nnstGen. Sutler,
in whih Jahn TT T.Aaai n ! MrnsftH Kit il irrtI'A
Texas.: LanreTinmbers of mii!
;rants -were iibdririg rntSlhfrinterioJ'of ihe
birth. bf the 'majorily of them were from
become Vfcry scarce) and
- ' . , , . "W.U1V lUISMIVVfUlIU
ident of this city, charges him juta Stlsoum- j in Ensh countyit was impossible to get out
sonmcnt, the damages being laid at S100.QPQ. j lumber fast endpgh to provide shelter for
1 with frau'nUttijf 4rawion of p'crty. J the hew comers. ,'
nagea laiilatSw.wJ. Lester, it may be re- The Federal troops stationed-at-Waco
L.1.amw1 faniiu n tVa Tvnstf tVatvi !saMton i WPPD amnetrHi fhnnienl - . if'
fe North durigagtb Trar, but Butler ,dltt$;! Once" taken, were-never-returnei ! -
Vo have fjroBJSit"Iie' 'report'thitt1
o4,uii- . y"u. luivtu, ntc.invcr.ieiunieu, i -t- u -1-
j iMa'ny of the settlers, in MontaffueJack. 1 8tltuUc
.,Ht'Brte-Wise,Md Mlan'esville 'MBhtTei i Hcl Veeni sabjet
" ' "it... -. j' A -i -i -'
in which a party had been indicted for sell-
BSV.Jl'i05 wunout a Lpited btatea license.. ; -lb ohairTl . i "a TH "
Ppeakr Prieon,n f
1.1. I
nueen momoers
TlA mil" u:.. 7i7.T . a Bu"K uiwaucctjoii m regard to the narai.iWjt .T.-
. r7tlr jiiuin mat more senou")
trouble with the United States ii!iAl IV nt
the bqttoni of the Fenian outbreak.
London, Eoy. 7 A telegram ATsa're--;
ceiyed yeytefilifvrom' WasJilngton,bVJ nhe4
L'nited,State3 Minister at Paris. Tt 1p- a; a. tTfJ 7 " . " ,iAiL rr.
lieved tliBt it relates-tp the, Mexican nues-J.carrvin.T nn WKm.. l,tu L ViT" The spaakerdirecte.1 the door-keeper to pro-
tion. . Jt ; lit ! V-rf V frfi ,ir
a quorum oemg present, the minutes of the
01 f i. In .f Un Cl . . 1 .. 1 . . 1
in. by tho lady managers of tho Nashville Omhan
iFyoa wintthebest CUEWINO Tnn s nnrr:-
the city, go to Jt L. Whorloy's. Net S3 South
iuarKtt street. ., ... . ... .,
ler streets. J UlcIiU BJstrlct..-.-VVVare aathorixed to 'an-'
4tt I nounce 4. iO. HicKrr, Es.i.,"aa csndHat'1fo-";"'
Attorney) General, for the Bleventh Judt'olal"
if uwiccoBor s jf ikp.
fnit.frfliiwtftrt' yv. C-....X ,n :
1,-1 ir.
- - ' . V UH1WIIH - .
DutricUcomposed of the counties of Oili. f-iV-- 'iwt
rsball. ilaury. Lavrenca. Lew2i. sml nIhVmi
ria td '
i i w
nsfltceclvcil. a Innrf.
iress urs and ilaU at Li.vdr & Usds,
4 g far
41 North College strict.
Asylum, nrkvinir fur thn Ajtnhl!jfitnnl nf n Vi.iA I
Orphan's-AiTlum. for the.benefit of lha orDhan I stroet-
ariruments he Riihmitfprl- Jn wi-;tin fn tl.
Supreme Cpb'rt, thfe Judges of the Circuit totewSrM'
t5.eingQaple to agree omthexiuestion. , Jlr. Bosson presented a petit
7,i , , ber of eitiitns of the State, am
Yiio I;enlnn Prisoners.
Toitojnjo, C, yV,, JTpv. 27, No decision
has hepn Vivon 5n jlin Puirt nf rin aa'
tv i P. " " t""
ljencn or
iiftirlnp rn
Counsel forFenian.4undersont(nrpnf-iUlit).
T. . .....
jij,is,ru.norea mat tne neavy concentra
I inn nf f nviiu n ,1.1. .t ? . . 1 . .. 4 4 .
s wiu,3 uy 19 auuuii us; cum- I wnicn, amount tosomeio
jnenp. ,im vinw nf tha' fisniix nnni.U nrlsahi'el'
the IStli n rTs(wmU u, aiotioaof Mr. Xction. tho petition wa,
T -vwwuMWii VMV -T UA.UU iUl I teM-ndm:!. 1. - II ... J 1
tht5execution of Fenians. ter of the Tm referred ta the Committee n
Wood for sale by. Knight Bros, TJ''P fine stock ofal:
street. " ' ' , I forTflnlw dross goods, shawls, cloakj, blankets
Thk best felMOKINO TlOAC
do naa at jj&l, U horley's.no
2SSutii AUrVpt
A'Snro Plln Cure Tic ir. rt.
lIxsTltPlfSXT positively
fat&. Sent by mailea receipt ofSlT Circttlars.;
fifte. Sota hy ljriiggMU. . AgtnU waatdd.every
where. Address. J. H. Snrnm rnnA.
U'J JJIUIWKritf.ieTT lOfK. nnTl7.ii I 1m
Ex'ainlnp our fine stock of fall
1 itU
o I children in blferrrjl rirttinijir the KtiifASI,n.l ' . T '
Common- PJesis to-davas to mini- filico!,i.? t? bavrf the right to send children Go o-FarnsWOI.tu tV lfrJt'ao gcVyeur
bootsana shod, ete etc., which ir Cy-rapel'led to
bf'aO' the fiiit -of January, oa accountiff'
uuiuiui.ac ortn9 una. i,. Hrrt? .t- r."
Collega' street
J- h,)l;il. Pmlul..) J 1
, - - " . . iiwivciiiiik V ! 4. ii Ai AaJUlU
Diefitra znfima4ftivi4 tn iin,,thi, m.t iniiAn 1... ...
tablished hi the State, to blend their .interests.
T!'PV TniWlifi.lf nAtln. r.t T J ?j
r.iT: " . " V 7 : taonsneu nt the State, to blend their .interests. .... x ,urau pruviao a supply
, .. uvjw w juis un is auuui. to; com- wntca, amount to some Slo.OW to 530,000 with the morougniy seasoned 5T0 VE WOOD, cut i
SAif FitAscisco, Nov. "20. Placarville,
I any lengths to suit, from Knighr'BrosrNp,
Church street. - 4- ,U j.i -
s.txlJ1,,0 liloorlnS manttfiiStufcdjby,
RnightVBfoa. on Rolline Jlill 11ili.fni-.i.f
reduced prices., pffice, 2o. 49f ChurcEisVeeVtl
-r :r--'Br-ii wuw1...i,uqMv.:i si-ntr biur.ii Snnni. hill j-o 1
dollars woj-tli loose gold wa3 picked up establish thi efeth Chancery Xivision,of:th"
utii iuc euiiuutj.4 ' -. 4 - 1 ik.,4.1.4. in WAK44J v?ivi.liu uiirv cauuiK.
Mininp atneka !,hlnJ olW finm air. uossoa prMenteu oenate. Dill .o. to
jiimng 8iockg,aturdayf filosed prm, H 1 nrovlda.a2hd.me fot orphans, and to incorporate
S?? ( the manazeMof the Tennessee OrDhan'ji Ilnmo
UiSEBAt of the Northern conserrative SwJ?fe
journals aj-d dxpressWg apprellnsiorias as teoi, wkyj and Mmiw.
f: "wbjj prc9ciiiru ctquuiv iiu ,aiu
ininiwa -- 1
500,000 IJitiltltDff.nna Prtviiis-'Brlclt
canbo bad.In lots to suit emtamrm V. lann;-
, -J J V4. 1414J
, . T . T. I
rvj"v '
Ksioht Baos.,
No Church; street, ij
.. ... 4asIi
2 ''il-j'
.' i.E lltllr
.i''il 1 449fl
- : a II i -. v
tqhe objecW and purposes of" the organi-
zation'known as the Army of the Re- JV. 1
puonc.j- it is, so.iar as.wprCanlearnj-a sel Areasarer otrtho state, as superintendent of nub
Tr'u: n$XiiiMl -u". '3 I W"irractiaa-,e,andheishercby directed, to
cret. military orfcwiizatidH, with' Dartlsairldisndstof tha.hnni vum in hu fi.n.i. irA
political aengn
Thk largcsV stock of TOBACCO and CJGABS. m . V- V. ' ' i ' '
in the city ii to be found at J.I4L. Whorlcy's. irilllKS, .YallSeS. EUiJS. T Ete,
Ko. 32 SoutKMarket street. nov20-lw .. .,., ( ; ,r . : .
of copartnership, theentijctoek of BPCtds-atrol
uucea prices, at u. biCE 4 Co.'s,
ocWO-ltn 39 College street.
...u.-..... iiU iaiii9iiu 1 u-spuncoi taoocnooi runu in nis nanas, Kaown I -r.. . . t. ,. T.
TBd resofuliorii nSnnf 7-3.amoantins to S618.000, and invt the I f o'-Kcut-BuildinglTo. , Union streeCbe
X no resolutions adoptW ProceedithercoWt' theUonds fthe5fatef NWeenCollego and Cherry, now occupicdraf
ipohs bythem.nublished SPowsec. . . . t.hoe tore hvP. T) Tht t im .f- P T. L"'
MfZ rZ'Z "."r aajBe It farther enacted : That when
4aiuu uiiiii. Ajy xAovAxyu ui uiu oio7i Me&cuool Jfutm irrctnTCStca, ns provided by
I tho firdt section nf thi Art.itha!I Jbn thnMnM
ia u b tiicii uuiiuLiu uiiumiTLf r. f no rn 1 1.. .1 - h.- . . ' - - , --r-z -
, . . -1. Smi l.j lreasurer, s superintendent of public
for the conVention.publi3hed' it few Tveeks rntf?ction. to inveit the interest of all bonds
i .Ij. Vt.. ii ... I aeiaoy him, as School rund bonds.
M. ; f "' I t 1 Ijf - ul H,I CitUII Mao t,UV.k UUIU uuu
shoe store by F. p. Pcllku & Co. Possessossioa
given immediately. or terms, apply to lYD,
4171.CEK Co., to. 42 Union street. novl&-tf
I " " " I
the military character, of the .body. The $Xf
Till. , . V -h" 15c bill passed it
question which gives rise to the fears ex- rs4rv?v!'-)n. as
-i" . .1. Oh Public Schools,
pressed, 13 whether such an'orgaHizatiotr is Senate joiat resol
For Choleo Groceries Prmumrb. T.tu.
Ifresh Fruits, canned and bottled. Wines,' Bra'ni
dies and indeed any of the delicacies offered tn
ikhi iu mi. i(4uuih ouuyu uuugu 'ucit urs raaritei, can DSiound atTnTrrv'a 4
.i.u referred to tho Committeq I ifos.a, and'HTCbilego street NashVllf.
?jfi ...... i
passed ill first reading, and onraotion
t 1 -.
Anlrlshor Gcrmnn Wnmn.. n
. I . . r I t n c.i 1 13-
B resolution on I eommanrifvi mti imt crruA r...... i !
I-" CU'.v' thele. The question was taken bfvrn i Vnd as iSdL wier .dTnni-f j .
its Upon the noes, and decJded'in the aifirmative r.tyes- 10- , watl.6nQ ronor, for a moderate
inoesS.'Wt ' " family; by itomctlfato application at this
-I Senate rejolation'No.9, to require the -Secre-1 ofllc, 4 "" ' ' inov21 tf
O , , r ,
I '! .if J
... im- ... 1
ix - .rl SSSMKSl '
!oct7-tfspj I
made'to orliriiad' warrant! tbt. ''.afcO
J. Ohiinccry (Mart in the'ease'ofBJj
and othersuvs. AnnaMoJTdlrv aad Wtl
nnn nl
ereo7 ziven mat tne r,winirt .,n,
by nib.at Public Saio on November l.iiJ, r
I . M '
eo lbelotsJ hVa-4
bWHirtgJ u
.n V .....
Istoe Meltany propey. on .Summer street, aro.
peBorl..nd will remain open until 1? o'clocicV.r,
'ednesdayf xpvembor as, 1S06 .
fi4 rifil nn Tla Vm i : H9l 1 4
on Lot No. 2 at 8305 per foot, t "r 1,001 and '
The highesbbiddeiiit thaex piration of the timfe
abovn nm1 will r.i -.ij .1! luc tH?e
i3ureha7er7 ta" ai'8
nowdtd. MORTON B.U0WBLL; a aad k. "
'v'A "srsjsft

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