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Fer the week endins Sunday there were 103
deaths in Daltitaore.
Mih Anna Dickinson tbo Radical lecturer, ii
seriontly ill at Uockford, Illinois.
The United States steamers Hartford and
Wyoming were at Yokohama,' Japan, October
27th. '
The latwt report about Stephens, C. 0. 1. It., is
that bo is in Betlon, negotiating for ships to tako
arms to Ireland.
John V. Coekroft, of the "Nassau Bank, was
robbed of a package of $20,000, on Nassau street
New York, on Saturday.
The rejtetratien lists prepared for the New
York mnnieipal election, were clwed on Satur
day night. They contain the namos of over 123,
000 electors
Commissioners have now been apppointod to
assess tho valuo of slates enlisted daring th
war. for Missouri. Maryland, Kentucky and
Both branches of tho Georgia Legislature
adopted resolutions of sympathy with Jeff.
Dans, on tho 1st insU
The Fenian prisoners, at Toronto, who have
been sentenced to be hanged on tho 13th of this
month, will probably be respited for three
months. A new trial has been refused Lynch
McMahon, Slavin and School.
A convention of the citizons of tho Peninsu
lar .counties of Virginia hare mcmoralized' tho
Legislature to call a convention to framo a new
Constitution, adapted to the change in tho eoeial
condition of the State.
Tho Washiagton correspondent of .tho Cincin
nati Gazette says a bill has already been pre
pared, and will bo pressed upon the considera
tion of tho next Congress, providing Provision
nl Governments for tho States lately in rebel
At the annual meeting of1 (he Richmond and
Petersburg Railroad Company, held in Rich
mond last week, Charles 'Ellis was rc-olocted
President. Tho report of the year's business ex
hibits a net profit of SG0.703 71.
Mr. Joseph S. Bougher, .Most Worth Grand
MasUr of the Grand Lodgo of Maryland, L 0
0.;F..:and:MoH Worthy GrandU'atriareh of the
Grand Encampment of tho samo order, died on
tho 2d inst. He was an old and useful citizen.
Tbo election judgog at Baltimore have signed
a document to bo presenlod to Congross, saying
that they believed tho "loyal" candidates for
Congress from tlie city and vicinity received
majority of the "loyal" voto cast, and are entitled
to seats.
Hon. F. C. Beaman, of Michigan, called on
Gen. Spinner, United States Treasurer, on Sat
urday, aud paid bauk into the Treasury over Cvo
hundred dollars, received during the.Iast three
years for niilege as a mcmbor of Congress, in ex
com of what he believes to bo just.
Tho Universal Suffrage Awoeiation of Louis
iana. said to consist of thirteen men, has sent a
dclagation to Washington with a series of reso
lutions addroKod to Congress, in which they
ask the impeachment and removal of Andrew
JohnHjn, the abolishment of the present Stato
Government of Loaisiana, and the establishment
of a loyal Territorial Government, and recon
Etruction on the basis of universal suffrage.
Inspector Gen. Schnider, in alettcr to B vL Brig,
Gen. Comstock, A. 1). C. on Gen. Grant's start,
informs tho latter that tho Secretary of War has
directed that the checks drawn by Gen, ComstOck
inl961, while Treasurer of tho Military Acade
my, id favor of John O'Brien and I'rico Butler
King, cadets who left tho Academy for the pur-
pose of taking part in tho rebellion, bo not paid,
and that they 1 e cancelled, and the amount be
transferred to the fund from whence; derived.
The answer of the French Government to Mr.
Seward's noto respecting Mexican affairs is said
to reiterate the ascuronccs already given by the
French Secretary of State. It affirms that France
has nothing U change or retract in her former
declaration."; that the orders for the evacuation
of Mexico were long ago given; that she fulfills
all her promises, and thcreforo considers Mr.
Seward's noto ueclet. Tho French Government
cannot refrain from expressing its astonishment
at this new demand regarding a matter which is
Already in the w.ty of execution, and professes
itself unable to understand the real meaning of
the steps of Mr. Reward when he g well knew
the intentions of the Emperor.
Thr Radicals of tho Xorthnro attempt
ing to altor human nature, and rererso
the current of human feeling. Thoj
think to make a people towards whom
they arc manifesting a fiendish hate, and
?.t V - T "
lonaingwiui opprQunum anu. oppression
admird, 'imitate, fraternize and love them.
The New York Tribuno in one issue has
an article felicitating itself on tho poverty
of tho Southern people, and another
gloating over tho actual destitution in
souio parts of the Southern coun ry.
The McMinviilo Enterprise learns that
thero-aro upwards of four hundred per
sons registered as voters in Putnam
I. S. Forc-s not to;Meddle with Mexi
can Aflnlr.
Ixetv Orleaxs, Dec. 3. Gen. Sheridan
has ordered the commander of the United
States forces, on the Kio Grande, to refrain
from any interference in Mexican affairs.
Unless specially instructed to do so from
headquarters ot the department.
The Arms Soixpd by tlio Steamer
2UicItl(rin to bo Delivered to Owners
Buffalo, Iec 4. The weather is wet
and disagreeable, reman military com
panies are parading the streets with banners
and music.
The arms which were seized bv the Uni
ted States steamer Michigan during the
raid last summer, it is announced, are to be
delivered to the owners.
The Fenians are constantly drilling by
companies in different parts of the city and
Jtexlenn AinUr.
New OniXAsDec. 3. There are ru
mors here that Maximilian has acceded to
the wishes of the Conservative, party ,r and
returned to Meiioe for the purpose of car
rying on the empire.
Special intrutioas have been issued to
the commander of our troops on the Rio
Grande with reference to Mexican affairs,
tho purport ef whiah U mli to'bVtliat he 1
is to abstain from any interference whatever j
in the affairs of Hint country, unless ordered
from headquarters to do to. i
The Reform Demonstration With
drnivnl of the French Troops from
London, Dec 3. It is estimated that at.
least fifty thousand persons were in the pro
cession which formed so Imposing a feature
ot the iteiorm demonstration wnicu took
place to-day. Nearly all the trade socie
ties were out in full force, and inarched to
the place of meeting. Fifty-seven of these
organized bodies, together with various
members of the Reform League, were in
the line, which was composed of four grand
divisions, under the guidance of marshals
and led by bands of music, banners, society
Insitmia, etc. It was by far the largest and
most important affair of the kind which
lias ever taken place in tins country, not
witlistanding the very unpleasant state o
the weather. It is a fact worthy of notice
that the stars arid stripes waved above the
procession in many places, and was fre
rpiently and loudly cheered. The bands,
too, accrued to nave caueut the inspiration
of theiocoasion, and indulged in the pro-"
uucnon oi national airs ui a patriotic cuar-
The meeting took place in the grounds
of Ueauiort House, a most convenient loca
tion for a large gathering. Seven stands
were erected for theaccommodation of the
several speakers, a' large number of whom
were present on the occasion. The storc3
on Pall Mall, Piccodilly, and the other
thoroughfares through which the procession
passed were closed, and the trades people
thronged ttie streets all the way from St,
James tr&tK, wnere the procession was
formed, to the trrounds at Beaufort House.
The greatest order was maintained througli-
out the demonstration, and the most lively
enthusiasm prevailed. The moral effect
of the whole affair cannot be ov.er tsi
New Yonir, Dec. 4 The Herald says a
. .11 11 T
private caoie uispaicn irom I'ans was re
ceived in this city yesterday which aays in
ellect that no direct reply has been trans
milted bv the French Government to the
Government of the United States upon the
subject of the immediate withdrawal of the
French troops from Mexico, or in. install?
ments, as was proposed by M'. Druyn Do
rxinys. JUr. beward, m his dispatch, lias
remonstrated against the neglect, and asks
for the prompt fulfillment of the promise
which was received by IhV United States
in good faith and in the expectation that,it
would be unfilled, uis remonstrance,
however, was whollv free from threat.
though decided and earnest in its tone.
That any difficulty will grow out of it is
not ueneveu in quarters nere wuere tue
lengthy message to Mr. Bigelow, so far as
it general character is coucerned, u fully
London, Dec. 4. noon. The Police
Justice of lork have sent teleirraDhic dis
patches to the authorities here asking Ibr
more troops to preserve the peace of that
city, ihe enrollment ot loyal Irish in Ire
land has been ordered bv the Government
The Government is determined to crush
out the jebellion the moment it breaks out,
.LONDON) Uec 4. noon. Accounts have
been received of the failure of Messrs.
Trooeh & Son, of Manchester. Their busi
ncss was art immense one, and it is reported
that their liabilities are heavy. i j
Rome, Dec. 4. Tho evacuation of this
city by the French troops has commenced
.London. Dec. 4. noon. Consols 834 s
American securities firmer;;U. S.5-20s, 70J;
Illinois Uentral, 77J; trie, 4bj.
The Associated X'rcss Qnrrel.
New York, Dec, 3. The Associated
Press quarrel excites little interest here.
The policy of tho Association has not
changed. The World announced this
morning that it would take Craig's newsj
and it was then immediately dismissec
from the Association. The Herald, Times,
and Tribune, it is understood, had a con
ference to-day and agreed to interchange
special dispatches and send them over the
country. They also agreed to advance one
hundred thousand dollars each during the
next three ruontli3 towards" strengthing and
developing the facilitiesof the Association,
At this conference it was felt that the con
test is not with the country press, but to
prevent the creation of a one man tyranny
over news like that exercised by Mr. Beu-1
ter, of Europe. The most liberal arrang-
ment8 are being made with all papers that'
remain true to the Associated Tress.
Delegations from the est are here pro
testing against the action of Messrs. Hal-,
stead & White. The action of the Herald.
Tribune, ahd Times, of course, ends the
contest, and it is now said that Mr. Uraisr
will continue to send only commercial dis-
patchs and ship news, abandoning the vol-
i ..it;
cciiua ui genurai intelligence.
Rnllrond Accident.
Cincinnati, Dec. 4. One span of a
bridge of the Central Ohio Tail road, over
the Muskingham river, atZanesville. Ohio.
gave way about nine o'clock this morning
as tho eastern bound express was' crossing,
precipitating the engine, ternler, two Ad
ams Express airs, one baggage and one pas
senger car, sixty feet to the rdckv, bottom of
it T . . 1 " . ,
tne river. is not Known yet mat any
person was killed, but many were seriously;
and perhaps, some fatally Wounded. At
the time of the accident two emotv engines
were crossing on the down track, one of
which escaped with tho Josa of its tender.
This train contained passengers from St,
xiuuia anu iinunnau, utaiuieu lor iam
mare and Washington, and was the reimlar
connection train of the Baltimore and Ohio
road, ria Bellair. The body of Caldwell.
of Sherman's staff, latelr deceased ht New
Orleans, was on the train, but was recov-
erea wnnoui damage. It is consideied
miraculous that no persons were killed out
right. Destructive rire.
New York, Dec 4.A lanre lire took
dace on Walker and Canal streets, last
evening, two houses were completely
burned, and five others more or less injured.
Total los about 5250,000. Five men, en
gaged as workmen in one of the houses,
are jafeoing, and three of them are sup
posed to have been burned to death. '
CoMgrcasioiinl JProcecdlngs.
"Washinojn, Dec. 4. Senate. Mr,
Sumner gave .notice of his intention to in
troduce. to-rqorroWj a series of resolutions
declaring tbe-entire control of Congress
over the subject of reconstruction, and the
right to exclude the late rebellious Stales
r.. . . '- " i
iruui representation in congress, anu irom
voting, on amendments..
Amotion to takeup Mrj Chandler's rcso
lution of yesterday callingior information
about the Mexican affairs, was lost.
Mr. Chandler called .up the bill passed
oy the Jttouse yesterday; repealing the sec
tion of an act oi 1SG2, giving amnesty pow
er to the President. The motion was lost
and thaSeuatc adjourned.
Messrs. Buckalew, Henderson, Redde,
Cl. a 1 TT 1 T 1 .
oiewari anu xienuricxs, aoseni yesteruay,
appearea iq tueir eais.
Mr. Sumner gave notice that on to-mor
row he should introduce resolutions declar
ing the true pnnciple,of reconstruction, the
jurisdiction of Congress over the whole
subject, the illegality of the existinz Gbv
ernment and the rebel States, and the ex
elusion of such States with such illegal
governments from a, representation in flie
tJongress of the United Slates, and frpm
voting on the constitutional amendmend
Mr. Cresswell offered a resolution, call
ing upon the Secretary of the Treasury for
! 1' ll 1..
luioruiauun as ionic amount oi money paia
since the 18th of May last for, advertising
in the various naDers of the District of
Columbia whether the law reauired the
advertising to be given to the two papers
having the largest circulation in the Dis
tnct. Adopted.
Mr. Chandler called up his resolution
offered yesterday, calling for certain infor
mationabont Mexican affairs.
Mr. Sumner hoped the resolution would
be referred to the Committee on Foreien
Affairs. Se had doubts a3 to the propriety
of the resolution, and that at any rate.it
should be referred.
Mr. Chandler stated that it was tncrcjy a
resolution of inquiry, and as such there
ought to be no objection to it.
Mr. Spalding hoped the resolution wouid
not be adopted. It contained language our
Government onght. not to use toward an
other. It asked if the French Emperor had
given any apology.
A motion to take up the resolution did
not prevail. '
Mr. Chandler called up the bill passed
by the House yesterday to repeal the 13th
lection of the confiscation act, which gives
the i'resident.power to grant a general am
nesty to those lately engaged in rebellion
Mr. Sherman called for the reading of
the section proposed to be repealed, and it
was read.
Mr. Johnson did not know whether, if
the section reterred. to were repealed, the
x'resiuent wouia not sun nave power to
pardon every man who stood ui a situation
to be pardoned. Over that power Congress
had nb control. At any rate he thought
the subject ought to be referred to some
Mr. Fesscnden would express no opinion
on the merits of the bill, but was opposed
to the passage of any measure until it had
been considered in committee.
Mr. Howard said there were grave doubts
as to whether, by the constitution, tiie par
doning power rested in tho President.
Mr. Chandler said hundreds of millions
of confiscated property had been returned
by the President and it was alleeed that
pardons were for sale around this town by
women of at least doubtful reputation, and
millions of property had been restored
through this channel. If the President
had power to do this thing under the con
stitution in God's name let him exercise it,
but in uod s name let no power be given
him that is not in the constitution.
Mr. Trumbull said he should probably
vote for the bill, but he teaw no pressinj
need Jor it; ana that there was great force
in vhat had been said by o'thers, in favor
of a reference to a committee.
The yeas and nays were demanded, with
the following result; Yeas 21; nays 21; not
voting 1U. ine bill did not prevail.
Senate adjourned.
House. The bill reported last session
from the Banking Committee, to amend
the national currency act, came up.
r tt "i r.ii
mr. xaooper uiuveu ns recommittal.
Mr. Randall, of Pennsylvania, objected
to its recommittal, arguing that the com
mittee had given the matter full considera
tion for six months of last session, and that
the lipase was as competent to consider it
as the committee was.
After some discussion Mr. Hooper with
drew his motion, aud the bill was postponed
till the 3d ot December.
Mr. William, from the Judiciary Com
ruittce, reported a provision for a separate
bureau for the Comptroller of the Cur
rency. It was made the special order for
lhursday next.
Mr. Williams, from the same committee,
reported back adversely to the House a bill
to create the Northern Judicial District of
. A bill to authorize the employment of
additional counsel in caes of the claims
pending against the Government and the
House resolution to repeal that portion of
the act .of July 17th. 18G2, which limits
the forfeiture of real estate for the" crime of
treason to the life-time of the. owner, were
laid on the table.., The Speaker proceeded
to call the Stales for the resolution.
Mr. Cobb oflered a preamble and resolu
tion, setting forth thatthesectionsofan act
of last -session, for additional bounty to sol
diers, were prepared and passed in great
haste and, without due examination, and
fell far short of the equalization of the
bounties; that the sections of the same act
increasing the pay of members of Congress,
were also adopted in great haste, and were
of questionable propriety, as well in sub
stance as In form, and referring the first
legislation to the Military Committee for
amendment, and the second to the Judiciary
vommuice ior repeal, .adopted.
Mr. Paine Introduced a resolution direct
ing the Secretary of War to communicate
tie names of all draftedaiBn who failed to
report to the proper authorities. Xaidoveri
one day under the ruleJT
Mr. Price introduced a bill to repeal sol
much of section 51 of the internal revenue!
act of last session as imposes a license tax
of one hundred dollars on retail grocers
who grind their own coffee or spices. Read
i i . . ...
iwice ana reierrea to tne uommittee on
Ways and Means.
On motion of Mr. Ferry, the Committee
on Commerce was instructed to inquire into
the expediency of making appropriations
for such harbors on the western coast of
Michigan a3 were surveyed thia year by th
General Government.
Mr. Ingeraoll offered the following reso
lution :
Resolved, That the President of tho
United States is hereby respectfully re
quested to inform the House, if not Incom
patible with the public interest, how near
the verge of the Government the present
body called a Congress is at present, and if
it is not nearer the centre than he formerly
supposed it. Laughter. The yeas arid
nays were demaded and the resolution re
JUr. iventworth offered the followingreso
lution: Besolved, In response to that portion of
the President's message that relates to those
communities which claimed to be the Con
federate States .of America, that the House
finds in the many acts of disloyalty which
have transpired in these communities since
its last adjournment, as well as in the recent
elections in the loyal States, additional rea
sons, for insisting on the adoption of the
pending constitutional amendment, before
it will consider the propriety of giving
tnem Vongressionai representation.
ii was movea to lay the resolution on
the table. Lost, yeas 32; nays 110.
The resolution wa3 then adopted without
On motion of Mr. Orr, the President
wa3 requested to communicateany infornia'
tton or correspondence relating to the at
tempt of Santa Anna or Ortega to organ'
ize armed expeditions in tho United States
for the overthrow of the Government of
On motion of Mr. t Farquhar, pie Ser-geant-at-Arms
wa directed to pay to Mr.
nasuDurne, ot Indiana, the difference be
tween, his pay as a member and what he
received as an officer from the 3d of March
I860, to the'date of his discharge.
Mr. Julian introduced a bill to equalize
uuuiuies. jveau .twice ana reierrea.
Mr. Spalding- introduced bills which
were read twice and referred as follows
For the protection of Government piers.
break-waters, and other harbor improve
ments for commerce: to provide a navv
yard at the naval station for the upper
laices 10 Cleveland, Uhio. Referred to the
I'. x 1 1 r
w)iuuunee,on iavai Aiiairs.
3Ir. Lawrence introduced a bill to repeal
so much of the naval appropriation bill.of
1 .
last session as increases the compensation
01 members, to which JVlr. Schenck otlered
an amendraentprovidingfor the refunding
of the increased compensation. Read twice
and referred. '
3Ir. Lawrence also introduced abill to re
duce the mileage of members. Referred
I ml In 11 ScprednUons.
San Fiiansisco. Dec. 3d. A letter from
Lapaso, Arizonia, dated November 22d,
says the Indians have blockaded the road
between Hordeysville anJ Prescott, pre
venting the transmission of the mail for
about two weeks. The Indians also attacked
a train between gPrescolt and Aqua Frio,
lurcujiien. anu Durning several was:'
ons, and drowning fifteen yoke of oxen,
They were committing outrages in other
parts 01 the territory.
Large quantities of goods had arrived at
The United States Quartermaster had re
ceived orders to buy gram at Prescott, and
it is believed that the quantity in the vi
cinity would bring $150,000 in gold.
Volnnfeer JJnUcrlcs ?fcwly Enulnped,
uttawa, u. w., uec. 3. ihe whole of
the volunteer field batteries in Canada have
been supplied with a new and complete
equipment in guns, carriages, stores, am
1 .
munition .ana Harness, winch has givon
great saiisiacnon to omcera and men, as
placing them in a condition to take the
held with enect at a moments notice.
Ampng those which have been thus newly
equippen, are the held batteries at .London.
" illard, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, Ot-
wwa, Montreal ana vueoec
Governor Mnrvln Re-elected United
M-nte.H .Senator from Florlcln.
-Tallahassee. Ful. Dec 1. Governor
Marvin was re-elected United States Sena
tor from this State on the first ballot. The
Judge, however, will remain at home until
the question or the admission of the South
ern Senators and Representatives has been
CJrcciivlllc State Army Works
Sold nt Auction.
CoLCiinu. S. C. Dec 3. The United
Satcs Mirshal has sold the Greenville
State army works at public auction for ten
thousand dollars, and the buildings is to be
uea as a cotton lactory.
jClirfetmn Trade. 17. T. Berry k Co
llookjellcn, Public Square, arc daily receiving
dditionj fo their tock of Christmas Good, con-
listing of Enjlih Bibles and Prayer Books, in
the newft and moat elegant binding? Devo
tional Booki ; all the new Illustrated Works for
the Holiday : Writing Desks new styles, in
wood and leather; beautiful Leather flood, and
many new leaner Articles. Their stock of
Children's Illustrated Books never was better.
Pnre Spleen, Etc., Treati, at C. W.
Smith's Dre? '.Store, comer Church and Vina
streets. Pepper, singer, cloves, cinnamon, mace.
niitmeis and nlipice; soda and, cream tartar;
extracts vanilla, lemon, etc.; Lexington and
Coleman's English mustard. nov2S-M
For Chrlitmrt Offts. Toys, Dolls. Faney
floods. Work Boxes, False Faces, and Wiilew
Ware, in great variety.
GrsTBAin & Scmrr,
deeC-aOt Union street.
Kcattergood, of Richmond, Yn.,
now at 0. B. Abbott's, No. 32 College street. He
hai recently bsn eniloyed in some of the lead
ing tailoring ejlaYiiibments in the Northern
cities, an I comet Vjhly rc-i'-mxended as a first
rata cutter. decl-lOt
Dos't fail to read the advertisement of .Myers
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Yellow Tine Flooring, at low-prices, cor
ner of Crawford and North Summer ats. tf
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cornerof Crawford and Iforth Summer streets,
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any lengths to suit, from Knight Bros., No. 19
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nov23-5t '
FdercOeld and Kentucky Hailrond
Change of Time. On and after Nov. 26,
1855, passenger trains on tho Edgcfield and Ken
tacky Railroad. will arrivo at Nashville at 8:00
A.M., and depart at 4:45 r. m. nov27-lw
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Knight Bro.'s, on Belling Mill Hill, for salo at
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rections for preparingand using the same, which
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evenuufferer will try this remedy, as it will cost
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oct23-ly ; .
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We call the especial attention of bis friends, and
the publia generally, to tho fact of his having
opened again, ne ls'jtrepared to do Engraving,
etencd cutting, brands for whisky and flour bar
rel, seals for conrt? notaries, pnblic.'ana all
ether descriptions of work in his vocation, at
short notice, and in the very best and most thor-
ogh manner. Mr. Bursty, 6wing to histaijfor-
tune, U peculiarly deserving of patronage, and
we trust he may rcjiva that patronage which
his merits so well deserve'. lie will attend to
the repairing of dock and watch ss, as hereto
fore, to the entire satisfaction of nlL
&0v8 lm '
Hoots and Shoe Cheap nt SO Public
Sqnarc. In censcquence of a contemplated
change ia my business, I offer tho best (flection
Of I! 00 13 and bboea at greatly reduced prices
The buyer be ho a consumer or a merchant-
will surely profit by examining my ttpok of
earnest to gtvo bargains. Hxx. L. Gcttmiix,
sep6-tf No. 20 Pnblic Square.
Wlucs ! 1 From the Loxowobtit Vineyard
JU1U II 110U5B, inciiiiiaii.
1 n ' ? . tt r: r ,.
W. P. 4 F. P. Akdxesos, Proprietors,
Golden Wcrtd!n;?,Spnrtf(nff Catnvrlia,
JJry Cntawba, Isabella, etc. These Wines
are furnished at much lower rates' than Imported
goods, and for purity and boquet are excelled" yb
none either native or foreign.
Archer CnEXTiUit k Co.
Klixe J: SukbiIa.v.
K. B. Ciieatkau Sc Co.
nov2 3m
C'lioleeOrocarles nt TottenS. Arrived
at last, the following carefully selected and
ichly prepared goods, which he is selling very
low for cash, at wholcsale'and retail: Frosh can-
n?d fruits, crtfen pew, com, egg plumbs, green
gages, shaker-preserves, guava jelly, calves-feet
jelly. Cox's gelatine, , aerated crackers, dried
plumbs, blackberries and currants, oat meal sags.
tapioca, satinslftjs starch, Java, Lagnayra, Mo
cha, Alarieabo and Rio coffee. Also, imported
and domestic wines and brandies, at W. W
Totten's, 21 oad 23 College street, Nashville.
For Attorney General Elrcnth Ju
dlclnl DjKtrlct. We are antherired U an
nounce A. C. Hicxkv, -Esq as a candidato for
Attprney General, for the Eleventh Judicial
Ditrict, cflmposed Qf the counties of GiiM. Jfar-
nball. Maury, Lawrence, Lewis and Hiekman.
novlS td
A Sure Pile Cure. Da. Uilrest'b Pils
I.NSrsirHE.Tr positively cures the worst cases of
pes. Sent by mail on receipt of ii. Circulars
free. Sold by DniggisU. Agents wanted every
where. Address J. B. RoMAixr. Manager. No.
75 Broadway. Kcw Tork. InovlT 3m
A Splendid Residence For Sale
On a Credit of Ten Years.
X Street Pike, with Twentt- AnrM of c-rnn-d
attached for Fifty Thousand Dollars, payable in
Ten Fqnnl Annual Payments,
each bcarini interest, with ?ood npr.onnl nr ,t Jir
seeurity for the Erst five payments.
a aesenptton 01 the property u unnece&ary.
Coaie and examioeit.
l'niiesMoit Given Imiiiedlntely.
Nashville. Nor. 2", U'A.-lm
YaluaW'e City Property,
On tile 5tli Bcccmber, 1866
December, we will ofi"er at public outcry,
several pieces of chowe Central City Property, as
follows: .
TWFJjrrV-riTKFEKron the car. of. Bread
and Cherry etreets. Seventy feet deep, part of the
Tobacco Manufactory of Morgan Jc McDaniel. oa
which is a three story Brick House,
TTl-EXTT-FITE FEET adjoining, game
S.cpt,h;rontln on Broad street, with three story
Bnck House.
, FI F17EE Jf FEET, on same street, adjoining
the above, with three story Brick House.
TWEXTT:FITF.'FEET adjoining tho above,
game improvements and same depth.
TWFW-FIYE raET adjoining, running
bactcone hundred and thirty feet, more er lbsi.
The above one hundred and fifteen feet em
braces all the three story building, and good brick
walls are run. up from the foundation to the eaves
of the roof, and constitute five stores.
routing on Cherry street, near tho cornerof
road and Cherry, with small improvement.
T?u3J T1 on, ct,t.n7 ?l-sd dp'h. ne3tt
north of Captain Stockell's resldence.'and near the
first mentioned property.
FORTY FEET oa Chery street, a littla south
of the last mentioned piece.
TWENTY FEET on Broad street, one hun
dred and thirty deep, within one hundred feet of
tha Morgan A: McDaniel property.
To ail 6f which we respectfully invite the atten
tion of persons wishing safe and profitable invest
ments. . ,
Terms One-half Cash, balance in sir and
twelve months, with interest from date, and liea
retained. A. NELSON i CO. ) .
J.L.&R. W. BROWN, ; Agents.
Insurance Agency,
Corner Cherry and Union Sts.
Hartford insurance Co.,
Cash Assets .$1,572,480 69
Arctic Insurance Company
Cash A$ets. 625,000 00
North American Innrance Co.
or JIT TOBI, , -
Cash Assets- $7Si;653 57
Columhia' Insurance- Co.
Cash CopiUl $500,000 00
.Continental Insurance Co.
- -fiL'' or saw tore:,! 1
Cajh'Ats. $1,603,624' 00
Sccnrity Insurance Company
''" ' orSSWTOBS,
Cash Assets. v. ,.$1,548,964. 62
Northweaterri Xife Insnrance
Cash Assets.,.,.,...., $1250,000 00
J J paid at this office. Mann and fira .Risks of
all classes accepted at rates graduated to the haz
ard involved.
We offer 1 medium of cifn ami nv.SI.KL in
demnity second to none. . !
S-WfapolicieatLOWrSTRATE3 with
restri.tioas as to travel or latitude.
nov.o-tr. , .. . j 1
rR03I 10 TO 25 PEK CEiT.' SATED
turroondmg Country will plau tarln mind,
th. NEW TOBK 8XOBK is tHnrr-orfrla .kl orn!
leg a new and very attractive itoct of
Staple and Fancy Drygooiis,
Which bit been bought for Cmh In tb. nry.best
Eastern market., tail will be WifMl 'it th yt
lowit,retailpricf4. -'in,,.
Tba itodt consliu la pert of ' ' : ' ' 1
Black Silks, all price j
Colored Silfci, all ihad n4 prk ;
lloiro Aittlqae, all clr ; j :
Best English and German PepUsjr '
English and freneh Xerfaoi ;
Empreaa 01eth,'aH erikn;
XJie Sacking Ckth. j
1 1
t Tin White aad BUek At(wa- '
Lutrtt, all esters ; '
H and alt Woo) rWli"s.ll'col9n:
All Wool J,lannelsrall eoiara ; '
Bmtcts, Broadcloths, and Qutimerasr '
I)okJns, IweeJs, aad Jhdi ;
aglkh and Ara.rkaa Prlatsv ' f
Brown aaj Bleached Deswistlei ; ' w
5-, 6-i; 7-4, 8-1,34, asdlM Stuetlaji; '
Table Llans,.TowLj, and KapkrsV;' '
Ailgrcles Irish Lkuns; 1
A fall aswtHTDot of Whit GoalW;
Ladies' a nd Children's Iletlery aa4 Clove , 1 '
Comran and FrBb-KaibruWrtI Corsets; ' '
Dnplex Eiiiptfe IlMp SklrU ;
Ladies' EhavW, Clonks, aad SoaU3 ;
EHiboaj, Trimmings, A raacy Goods;
And miDT other Goods teo Btaroai to raeatten.
It.mralr the place SEW YORK STOBENo,
13 Union Street', (t,ery & Co.'s oRstand,),
Berry. Demoville & "Wliarton,'
Kos. 5 aad 6 South Side Publlo Sqtutre,
oocctry friesJs aad taa bsilneu ersmnnltr
that tbay are ooz.Uzulni the buslnesc at the old
ln4 ol w. VT. Berry D-mo-J!. cd woald be
isj to st? tnir old pttroas. Tney tftp eon
uatiT 00 ami erery rad. acosra to the trade.
1 .rlT.o

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