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nvraixalAxn cj.osixh' or Tiir.
v First Northern.
..":M A. H.
HI ! IH M " '
Ncroml XitrllKTil.
i . . . .:
J-IM.V WiwUlnsloii hiiU I Soulliorn vln
2Hd mMnWtt - M'
Ccoii.I lVn-rtiliiKn unU Nonlticrii vln
ti r - ...JW8 p. v.
1iUiir.9t-MiIUl ""X1 NWOril'"'t
12 midnight P'M-
Wsrrllclil nnI Hcntuckj It. IC
1WA. -..KWA..
Xorllmt'Xterii It- It
V, - lft80A. U.
H wWnight , -feW r. m.
Thointwllle vla'Stna-or
.2 jSwct Tuesday 8?l(r.
1, .f .irilnnts Storo via Slnxc.
MfnflfclSMW raWnlttlit liO0rf x.
WiareSlr 1 5"
Fridaf d d
OiHc IIourN.
from 7 . m. to6r M. SdndTtoft A. m.
CelumMa Aesemmodatien Train :
Arrive at Nav1fle
I eavo ""'
Mail.and Aaeemwdatten Train :
l.ceve NiiahvllToat . A. m
Leave Neville at
Arrive t Hitibvllle itwA.M.
Arrive at NashvIlIe-ut-.-4. P. It. aud 4.60 a. m.
PawwaerOar attached to tfreigni Arain
Leave tfMhYille at -
p. v.
-.11X0 x. v.
Arrive at sasoviiie.
I ave Nashville at W a. v. awl 5.00 p. m.
Arrive a" Sb"ll.yvlllo. 9.00 a. u. and$.05 P- m.
Arrivfat Chattanooga- 00 r. u. and , 00 a.m.
Leave T Ghatun0 7.40 a. v. and-f.40r.M.
Arrive at Kashvllle . 4 JO a. u. and4-g J-
I wives Bbelbyville .20 a. m. andl2. P- .
Artv atilaWnie,..n.lO a . and 4 JO p. .
'undaya excepted.)
Passenger Trains.
Leave Nashville at '
Arrive, at Jshwenville at 1 r.
Leaves JehusoBTille nt-a in .
.sin NafchvHle 8.WA.M..
Arrive at Nartvllle at - MOa.ji.
Leave Nahvllle at - ,-J" r-
roiiLic sTIIaiuno at the coiiirr
Invited ly many citizen, white and
colored, I will addrow the people of Da
v'uton county, next Saturday, June 15th,
jit 2 o'olfwk, tijwn the situation, Stale and
Federal. , O. B. Youxo.
Ciiakobry Court. Yktofday in this ,
court was cormmned in ltedring motions.
Base Balu1-In a match game yesterday
the Wcst Ntwltville Club scored 2S, fo 19
liy the Suriirto.
PnoDirnow. A mammotii turtle, from
Jiew-Orleun, veighinR two hundred .and
three twundj, was on exhibition lnt' night'
at Monftch'a, on Church streot.
Andhrsok, Johkson & SMmt sold, on
yeaterday, twelve lota in Humphrey,
Martin AHpueton's addition, at five to ten
dollars per foot.
DiyoiiARCJnDj Slunton Hill, colored
brought before Justice Moacham yesterday
on a charge of threatening the life of Caro
line "Waller, was diwharged.
1'mWOXAL Gen. It. AV. Johnson was in
the city yesterday, en route for Mobile.
Jos. H. Thompson, Esq., of the Shelby
ville Unim, in regixtered at the Commer
cial Hotol.
JbiuohD. l'ortor, Jr., one of the mewt
accomplished men in W"t Tenneanee is
on a VHtit to our city. We wish him a de
lightful sojourn. .
1'iCiciWG Ur. Carroll and AhvIiiiu
MtrecU are becoming two of the bet thUr
oughfares in South Nashville. Street cars
are to be put upon the former m ooon aH
Oa8 ih Sooth Nashville. Gwepipe
u now being hid from the corner of Mul.
berry and Chorry ctrcets to College, thence
to Center ptreat, thence to Market t eel,
and from thenco to Oarroll street.
Closing or the Rboistration OrricE.
-AVe understand that Major Alden will
tloscthe registration office for this county
on Monday nokt, and it will not be again
opened until the Monday following.
KnriHAHH op CiaARS. Forty thousand
cigar in possession of A. Slaughter,
against which information for violation of
the revenue law had been filed, were re
leased yesterday by Collector Norvell.
They had not been seized a stated by a
Kbcorder'8 Court The following
fines' and penaltlw wre imposed -4n-the
Recorder's Court yesterday :
Disorderly conduct Pat. Mnlloy. S10;
Calvin Thompson, Slifi; Frank Williams,
$5; Andrew Vow, $25 ; Calvin Bell, Moggie
Fisher and Anna Moore, charged with dis
orderly conduct, wer discharged.
Total of fines aud costs, $81.
National Division Sons or Temter
ANqKw dwaB Paul, Isaac Litton, Anson
Nelpn, W. Uryce Thompson and Joseph
9. Carls, dlegatea t the National Division
Sonsief Teuiporanae, which will held it
. 1.1.1 Hn..lranBattfri n WilifitrtAn
leave JBr IIIUI ma lu-uaj ui m-
uiotraw. It Is tUWJRlil tuo next session oi
theatlMifti utyison win oe ueiu.iu.iiii
citv- -r
National Crm etkrt at Mv'RrRr.ns
uoro. The National Cemetery at Mur
freboiw Ucowpleled, with the exception
of the Mlding of the suonttment, and the
placigtf the marble headstonw. Of the
eighteen hdrd treos et out by order of
Chaplain Rnhaw, all but thirty are
alive. Five tkotiind Federal dead are
sleeping bcwHH the green mounds, and
everything abotrt the place is the picture
of neatne mmI beauty.
Not 1!litk"al Instititioxs. Mr G.
W. Huklmrd mwU Mr. W. F. Mitchell
ns Aip'enatMMlmt i AMhmI'b of'the Amer
ican Srtdwa UnIoh ComniWioti ami
Agent of -'tlie vPnilvania KuMef As
nociatien, dar- thin Statu. The whoak
hore Aw1ir IB? reiialed in the Ml, and
coattttne 4ttII' lift- "l,a '"te t'1""
out iif tUe' liands oT Tlie CotiimWion.
Mr. Mitcliflfl aerU that the schools c
taWUlaHlby the society for which he ha
1k atitig aa Superintendent, have leeu
In hh way oed to influence the iwylitieal
opinioiw of the colored people, and that as
mmii as elty or Slate authoritiea will take
rharseef them, the oocictv will withdraw,
their enly oect le:ng the foundation of
cdHOAnonal irwtiiutioiiH lor me uiacke.
Mr. M. left for Pennsylvania yesterday.
Great 1xcitemi2t! It hxs at Ut
U-!ii dt-cided that the bt Bootit and Shoefl
can only begot at the Niihrille Shoe Store,
Na. 74 North College rtwt.
. .
fffltit note anil li tliir niier 'at 50 and
$44Kwoam. GuotlenvelopeflrHsrtiiou
Mtlu. UUek and'KUtionery tonally lew
VU. G ajhle & Co.,
janeS-Sw 46 Union street.
.ATTuifin-iNbi to; 'iioot. Edi "WJiilc
was arrested' yestcrdayc-u charge if lt
tempting to shoot a man named Wright.
nVwill'bc tried before Justice Wilkinson
this afternoon.
Baixk. Senator Bainc was yesterday
witU, himgelf as tohetherjic
su Gallatin to-Qay, !o divide time
with Trimble, but up to a late hour had
come to no aatisfactorv conclusion
Still Anotileii.-:oL4M. A.Price ha$
come out as a Radicafcandidate for Con
gress in thisdislrict, indppcnition.to JIason
arid Trimble.
A W'aShixoton dispatch Htaies'thal the
Postoffice Department has commenced a
suit against James R. Ifood, late pctmas;
iraiChaltanbogaand his sureties, for al
leged non-perforniance of duty.
Bishop Quintard. The Rome Qturier
states that Uhis , much beloved. Prelate il
the Protestant Episcopal Church is now
rejoicing thcJiearts of his numerous friend
in that vicinity, by his personal presence.
Off at Prosecutor's Cost. Huldah
and Margaret Douglass were arrested yes
terday on charge of stealing stockings from
M.Abrahams, but were discharged after
trial before Justice Wilkinson, and the
prosecutor was taxed with the coats.
The M bxdelssoux Concert Labt
Night. The expectations of the music
loving portions of Nashville were more
than realized in the splendid musical en
tertainment given by the Mendelssohn
Society last night. The lateness of the .
hour lorbids any further notice till to
morrow. Rev. Robt. A. Youxo was announced
to deliver ai address Wednesday night to
the- graduating class of Iluntsville (Ala.,)
Female College. He was unable, .however,
to attend, ranch to the disappointment of
the class, and his numerous friends in
Stealing a Hoa. Jackson Vaughn
was arrested yesterday and taken before
Justice Dillahunty, charged with stealing,
killing, and carrying off" n. hog beldnging
to S. L. Mayo. In default of bail he was
committed to jail to await trial before the
Criminal Court,
Refitted. "Norvell's Folly," the
large block on the corner of Broadband
Cherry streets, which so narrowly escaped
the llames that consumed the Broadway
Varieties, has been fitted up into magnifi
cent stores, and a heavy coat of rich red
paint has been put upon it.
Nabbed Again. G. II. Gibbs,the indi
vidual who was released from jail a day or
since after trial on a writ of habeas corpus,
thus escaping the twelve months' imprison
ment to which he had been sentenced by
the Recorder, for contempt of court, was
arrested last night In the 10th Ward, for
walking with a prostitute.
New Councilman. M. B. Howell,
Esq., was elected yesterday by the Common
Council to fill the vacancy in the repre
sentation of the 10th ward in that body,
occasioned by the resignation of Mr. Bolles.
This selection adds another to the number
of able and efficient members for which
the present Council is distinguished.
City Taes for the Present Year.
The new tax law, enacted by the Common
Council, levies ten mills in the dollar, on
personal and real property, for the general
uses of the corporation ; three mills for an
interest fund, to pay the interest on the
funded debt of the city; and three mills
for seheol purposes.
Mischievous Boys. A Deputy Marshal
was yesterday set upon the track of a white
boy who had hurled a piece of rock at and
sevorely injured a colored woman,
upon one of the principal streets. Only a
skillful dodgercan avoid the flying missiles
constantly llying in the air from the hands of
young :rqwdie, anil the thing ought to be
stopped.' ..
The Street Railroad Question. A
oar of the South Nashville Street Railroad
came out yesterday with the significant
words " White or Colored," in large black
letters, upon the side. If this style is to be
kept up, all will have a chance to choose
their car, and everybody ought, therefore,
to bo satisfied, and stop grumbling.
Thore's no mora political capital to be
made from the thing.
Within Limits. The City Council au
thorized the establishment of a City Dis
pensary in connection with the Health Of
fice, providing that it should not cost over
$2000. It has been organized and put in
operation at an expense of $316 67. So
the Committee ou Hie uispensary report 10
the Common Council. This is an honora
ble exhibit for those who did the work. It
is an exception to the rule for spending
public money.
7 n
Circuit Court. In this Court yester
day, the jury in the case of A. G. Winkler
t. theeity of Nashville, brought in a.
verdict of $1,500 damages for plaintiff. Mr.
Winkler broke his arm by falling into a
culvert on North Market street, and sued
for 20,000 damages.
Bowling limbry t. Thomas Hancock,
and G. M. Fogg and A. V. S. Lindsley,
executors of Win. B.Lewis, deceived. This
suit is brought to recover from the execu
tors of Mapor Lewis $2000, on a note in
dorsed by him. The case is still pending.
The War on the Cyprians Arrest
of Nineteen Colored Street-Walkersh
In accordance with the law recently
pawed by the City Council, the police last
night commenced arresting all prostitutes
found strolling upou the streets, aud the
following perMins, all of whom are colored,
were arrested up to midnight :
Virginia Jackson, Nauoy Duke, Jane
White, Molly Johnson, Eliza Roach,
A nwnila Evans, Amanda Thompson, Mar
tha Matlock, Ellen Morris, Sarah Turner,
Victoria Stanley, Sarah Ball, Mary Bas
kette, Ellen Taylor, Jenny Xewis, Julia
Thomas,"'Sarah Wilkinson, Amelia Arm
strong, Alice "Roberts.
Of tlicnc, all but three were lodged in the
Meeting TotNIkIiI.
There will bo a meeting of colored citi
zens to-night at the corner of Broad and
Market streets, at eight o'clock. A fine
band will be in attendance. Speeches will
be delivered by Elias Polk, President of
the Colored Conservative Hub, and ethers.
Every body Is invited to attend.
PIKD. Dr. Jambs K. McCall. yesterday, at
9 alelc p. M. The frieudi of the deeeared arc
requested to attend hi funeral at 4 o'clock thtr"
afternouu, from tfae reideiKo ef his father, Dr,
Alex. .McCall. Ke.tt&mth Ofeerrr afreet.
SiH-viee by Rev P. S. T-'aM.
Xhviu.k, June 14, 1SC7,
To the Puulic IN General.-Your at
lontioo is XfSjicctfully called to the daily
arrival by express, of custom-made Boots
AtidSluMM, at the Nashville Shoe Store,
74 North College street.
Rich. ag-8m. M. MOROANSTERH.
Till? I'miDiTM ae. u. ......... tr r.
.... , uakiviau, jiuw in li
that ihtf National Ranks nake their enor-4
.... ill-:!..-,!. v .... . .
nious uiwucuun, nen u la known they da
. 3 : a. i . . i i . . . J
UUl UIMVum ui ilu lO mo puoiicr '
They makethetr profits by investing the, i
money of their depositor in United States
Bonds, and thus make about 8 per cent, on
Other i.seQple's money.,. Invest your uiouey
in SK and make the interest for vour-
peivcTt. MAiuiu AApiw, uxunciis wraer I
of Union and College, treets, havca.irrg
amount for sale at low rates.
junto ddrwlw
Tue Aldcriiicu I'ass it SitlTriisc Kin
l oiirlli iff" JhIv-DoIcViI Petition
from n City Contractor FInitl Pas.
snjjo or the Colored School Bill A
Ten Tax in Proxiicct-Elcctlon
Elc. Etc
The Board of Aldermen held an adjourn
ed meeting yesterday afternoon, and in the
absence of President Cheatham, Alderman
Brodie was called to the chair'.
Present; Aldermen Creigliton, Kinney,
lurcher, Sloan, Thompson, "Chilton and
Mr. Thorapepn,prese.rited a petition from
.J as. Doyle, asking certain water privileges.-
Referred to-Water Works Committee, with
power to grant.
A petition Jroni Jas. Craighead, col., was
President Cheatham arriving, took the
A resolution, giving Geo. Coleman the
use of a coffee stand-in the niarkethouse,
free of charge, was adopted.
A bill nerniittir.tr the water works to
extend pipes three hundred.feet beyond the,
corporation limits, passed a third reading.
-i -rr- a-' i.i 1...:
;ir. xvinncy ouereu a. rtsuimiuu jjciuiii
tinK the use of Burnhata & Wand's patent
ronfini? within the fire limits. Referred to
Fire Department Committee.
Mr. Thompson ollered tue lonowiug,
whiclpassed, three readings:
lie it enacted. That, hereatter, it snail be
lawful for no person to exercise the right
of suffrage within the city of Nashville,
at any municipal election, unless having
hrst paid the tar nxea by law mr saia
nrivilpffP and exhibit n recti Ot for the
came, signed by the proper officer of the
A report of the establishment of a Citv
Dispensary was" received and filed.
A communication was received irom the
Mayor, embracing an invitation to the.
Vliy council anu uuiera 10 uueuu uicicuiu-
tibn on the Fourth, of July. .
'Mr. Brodie moved that the Kecorder be
notified that the Board could not attend
political meetings in a body.
President Cheatham said he had.under-
stood that the celebration wasbeinggoften up
exclusively by members of the Radical par
ty, but he hoped this report was wrong and
mieht have originated Irom non-atienuance
atthe preliminary meeting called to make
the necessary arrangements. The Fourth
is a dav of which we should all be proud.
It is our duty to accept the invitation. Let
us show we are still proud to participate in
celebrations of the anniversary of inde
pendence, though that day is not what it
Mr. Thompson thought the invitation
could not well be accepted in absence of
any knowledge, by the Board, of the par
ties tendering it.
Mr. Brodie said that lie had never been
to more than one political meeting in his
life. His lungs wr6 diseased, and he
could not with safety mingle with a crowd.
He hoped he would not be compelled to
attend. Jrle believed that everybody wa3
Radical now. The would-be Conservative
leaders were all Radicals at heart. The
country would be better off if there were
more industry and less olfice seeking.
President Cheatham'said : Wc are radi
cally in favor of American liberty, and I am
m favor of joining in the celebration.
Without more debate, the invitation was
then unanimously accepted.
The accounts. ot Nestor and Uillice,
Martin Dalton, W. H. Haslara, and John
Hnllorau were allowed.
A recular mectine of the Common Coun
cil took place yesterday afternoon, Presi
dent Cotton in the chair.
Present, in addition to the President.
Messrs Cdltart, Rhea, Morris, Edwards,
Hudson, Leitenberger, Dunnivant, Walsh,
tlmbrose, ilaslam, iiagcy, Moore, uuncan,
"Wilson, Winston and Lellyett.
The following communications were sub
mitted by the Mayor:
Nashville, June 11, lotw. lion. V.
Matt Brown, Mayor, etc Slit: At a
meeting of citizens to make arrangements
for celebrating the approaching Fourth of
July, it was voted that an invitation be ex
tended to the various brandies ot the city
government, and to the different city offi-'
cers, to take part in the celebration ; and
that an appropriate place be assigned them
in the procession on that occasion, in ac
cordance with the above vote, which I have
been directed to communicate to you, I have
the honor to extend to you, and, through
you, to all the various branches of the city
government, a cordial invitation to unite
in the proposed celebration. Requesting
of you the favor of laying this invitation
before the bodies and individuals concerned,
and asking a reply thdreto at your earliest
I have the honor to be, very respectfully
secretary Committee ot Arrangements.
The invitation wasunanimously accepted.
. Nashville, June 13, loC7. The if on.
W Matt Brown, Mayor of Nashville. May
it pleaBe your Honor: Having completed
the ivork of numbering the houses and
vacant property vcithin the city limits, and
complied with the law in reference thereto,
as well as with the instructions of the City
Engineer (as may be seen by the "report of
the committee appointed by the Board of
Aldermen and Common Council to inspect
and investigate ' said work, 1 shall now
lay before your Honor the record said
law or act requires the contractor to de
posit with the Mayor j which record will
plainly show by referring to it, the amount
of numbers affixed and assigned within the
city limits, as well as on each individual's
property, eo far as I have been able to as
certain the ownership.
The numbers, as may be seen, are re
corded as follows: The odd numbers on
one page, and the even ones on the same
sheet, on the other, together with the oc
cupants of houses, owners of property and
the amount of money paid. By referring
t& the record with your Honor, you will
find as follows :
The numbers aBred are 30-25 ot 2fc $ 93125
The numbers assigned are 13.S15 at lite.. 1.3S4 6U
Wbioh if paid would amount to. . ..$2,365 75
Out of which I bare collected TO! IS)
Leuvinc a balance still, due me of $1,701
1 have several times applied to parties
whose amount for numbering is very trivial,
and on being .positively refused payment
by them, 1 applied to theRecorder for war
rants for the amonnt, but was denied them
on the grounds that it was beyond his juris
diction. Having then been necessitated to
take legal advice in ths matter, I was told
the whole thing was unconstitutional, and
that I could not under said law, collect one
single dime, not having been legally ap
pointed or elected tax-collector hence my
reason for not presenting bills to extensive
property owners, feeling assured that pay
ment would be disputed.
Now, having spared neither pains nor
time to accomplish this work in a satisfac
tory manner, and incurred considerable ex
pense during its performance, I trust your
Honor will -take- the matter into earnest
tonsiueratinn, and recommend payment of
I have the honor to be, str.your obd't
servant, 'CirAttLEs Mdkley.
The letter wasJaid over
The reitoits of the several city officers
were read and filed.
W. have, already given-- a synopsis of
each ot them in ourreport ot the meeting
of the Board of Aldermen held Tuesday.
' The recommendation of the Auditor in
his. report that sundry accounts be paid,
was agreed to.
Mr. Coltart called for the ayes and noes
on the adoption of the report of the Fire
I l ....... t ..... .iiI...i.....IT ill..lr.n.
the-oall, and the report was adopted.
Mr. Duncan submitted a report from, the
Finance Committee, laying before the
Council the following accounts for its ac
Kecter Qilltee ,S3,2d 30
Martin DaHSuT..,....',. l.aS ,S
V. 11. HaalawiZZ 6Bt,&4
John HotlSraaSJT-ir Z!j;lo5
- $678 52
On motion thcaccounlsHwcre ordiredid
e paid.
A report from the Health Cfficer, Dr.
"Jones, was ordered to be filed.
Mr. Winston. Chairman.of tha,Commit-
teo on the Dispensary, made a report
touching the organization otVthe(Dispcn-
biaij, ll WIIILII WU3 t.m
Mr. Duncan. Chairman oTflie-Select "Com
mittee ou the petition of M. G. L. Clai
borne, niada a report .recommending mat
the prayer of the petitioner be granted, and
the streets imnrnved br the force now em
ployed, and not by contract. Read and
Mr. Rhea offered a resolution providing
for rradincr nndj Macadamizing Spring
street from Wharf street to Fairfield
avenue, and Murray street from Fillmore
street to Spring street, which was adopted.
A bill fo establish a system. of public
schools for colored children, gave rise to
considerable discussion, after which it passed
three readings, and is now a law. The vote
on the third reading was unanimous, un
der a call of the roll.
A bill regulating the rate of taxation
passed three readings. The bill levies a
tax of ten mills on the dollar upon all real
and personal property for general corpora
tion purposes r three mills on the dollar for
an interest fund for the payment of interest
on the funded debt of the city ; and rAree
mills in the dollar for school purposes.
. Mr. Rhea, from the committee to whom
was referred the bill relative: to the pur
chase ,of grounds for a new cemetry, re
ported the bill back with amendments
which were adopted, and the bill as amend
ed passed third reading.
The resignation of Mr. Bolles as mem
ber from the 10th ward was read and ac
cepted. -
M. B. Howell was elected to fill the
Mr. Cotton offered a resolution to per
mit Geo. W. Coleman to occupy a small
place in the market house as a coffee stand,
which was adopted.
The Council then adjourned to Monday
at 8 p. m.
Fisk School Examination Fourth
Day. Yesterday the grammar school, in
charge of Mi&s Spain, was examined in
McGuffey'a Fourth Reader, Mental Arith
metic, and-Geography. The examination
did honor to both teacher and scholars.
We do not remember to have ever heard a
class composed of pupils having had no
more, experience in school than they, excel
them in the clearness of their pronuncia
tion and correctness of their inflection.
They also exhibited a very correct under
standing of the words and sentiments they
read. The classes in Arithmetic and Ge
ography were a little dull; but did well, and
gave evidence of having obtained considera
able knowledge of the rudiments of these
In the afternoon three classes from the
High School were examined by Miss
Bella Buchan in the Third Reader and
Mental Arithmetic. Much care and labor
on the part of the teachers and very fair
progress, on the part of the scholars were
evinced. Some very excellent music botli
vocal and instrumental was interspersed
between exercises, much to the entertain
ment of the spectators. Miss Josephine
Moore performed two pieces on the piano,
very creditably. The examinations will
be concluded to-day.
We are in the midst of a revolution.
No more premature decay of teeth. Sozo
dont renders them indestructible. Nay,
more, it makes the enamel as white as Pa
rian marble, and the breath as odoriferous
as "the Sweet South breathing o'er banks
of violets." Neither the teeth nor the
gums can become diseased, if it is used
Maimfacturiug Company,
. .
-i .
Cooking aiid--Heating Stoves,.
Hollow- Ware,
Sugar and Bark Mills,
Portnblo ami Stationary Engines,
On hand and made to order.
' NASI'!. I- jfOXES, Pres't.
Garpenters and Builders,
Frames, Moulding, Flsoria;, Ballusterg,
on band and made to order, at and below Cln.
cinnati prices, for cab.
Corner Summer, Madison mid Cherry
Street, .VutlivlUc, Teitn.
may9 tf
W. P. II X If X ,
No. 27 Crhldlo Street,
(Near LoaUville Railroad Depot.)
L quantity.
II envy I.nUc Ice. 81 OO per 100 pound.
Lnko Ice -1 too Inches tlilclc, 73 cents
per 1110 potindN.
RettMuable deduction made to Trlidlesile
JAS. OI.OVEIt, Agent.
may292w B. and GJ
JTj Day I'upih. 1527 and 1S29 fiprucc
Streeu PHILADELPHIA. Pa., will re-open
on THURSDAYteptember 19.
Freneb is the language of tbo familjr, and U
constantly jpoketi in the Institute.
iuay313m Principal. ,
i known House in future will be conducted by
J7 G. BLKD50K. who bai jpent more than
twenty yean in tfu businejs io. Louisville, Cin
cinnati and oiber cities, in connection .with it
F. BELL, of tbl .rity. and S.Ji. HARE, one of
its former proprietor, who once ktpt the (Join
merclil Hotel, of ihu place. Ve hope by (trict
attention to bnsintss to recti va a liberal sharef
pubiie patronatre.. Our table, aball always be
funpiied with the best tbe market afiurdu, and
bUU very reasonable.
Buvr28Sm. ' Proprietor.
Dntchcr'sj I.I
j LlKhluingr, Ely-KJlIcr -will
erminafo Ihese' riesk.'ifTts'iise la
certainly exterminate
persevered in. Beware of bogus Fiy-Papcr,
which some dealers keen bceansn tbev can cct it
for nearly nothing. Don't bo swindled. Ask
:-foi DITCHER'S, wlnch is sold by all IiveDrng-
(riit?. may2S lrn
O. JUoIunc, Trlmmlns nuI Vnrletj
Storo, iaf Chnrch Street. The latest
NorelUes cf Trlminiiigs nint Fancy
GoimIk received every few days. My expeeta-
.tions. that tbe ladies would patronize an estab
lishment not easily surpassed in the Eastern
cities being fully realized, I am now enabled tq
'compcto with nn' respectable house in the
States or Territories. may23 tf
Slecllcnl. Not only in this city, but this
entire country has become familiar with the
..nnt.h.rn.' r,.i .. x. - zi 1 ! 1
and successful practitioner, in his speciality, in
the South. Perhaps no physician has given
Jraore attention to, and applied himself more
earnestly and assidaoualy to discover the most
speody and positive cure of Diseases of Fc
males, Diseases of a private nature,
Manhood's Debilities, Self-abuse, N'er
von.H,ebiHiy, Sexual Intlrmitles, etc,
than he has. Patients who reside in the country
can have the remedies applicable to their sev
eral disorders forwarded to any part, carefully
secured in a .portable .compass,, and in every
respect 'of convenient -use. LadfSr need not
licsitato in applying for advice. A personal in
terview is not always necessary. Medicines,
with instructions, can be administered through
the medium of correspondence.
Dr. Colcnmn may always be found in his
Office, in the rear of his Druir Store, on AIc-
Lcinoro street. His medicines are carefully ana
accurately compounded by educated and accom
plished pharmaceutists. Address,
c L.'L. Colkmax, M, D
aprll tf : 210 Church St.; Nashville, Tenn.
.Special Notice.
Room it is generally tbe custom, as every
ono knows, to nave several champions present to
entertain the public tor a fkw llotras; but on
account of go much suffering among our people.
We thouuht nrouer-to iriro tbe ornhana of tU
city and poor of Chattanooga that benefit, which
wo nave uone lor me last two weeks. Ana
again, as it is pometimos the custom ot giving
premiums, such aa watches, etc., aud having
proof of the last two weeka' busi
citizens of Nashville appreciate our efforts to
help the needy, we have therefore concluded to
give ten per cent, of our profit to tho poor of
Nashville, from tho 1st day of April. 1SG7, up to
October 1st, 1S67, (six months,) which amount
will be remitted weekly to" the Mayor of Nash
ville. We hope that tho amateur billiard play
ers and the public, in general will appreciate the
cause and .sustain it.
,marM tf Colonnade Billiard Hail.
I will positively Sell Cluan for Cash.
tho'fullowingrgopds 1
Men's ewed and pegged Calf Boots.
Men's fine sewed and pegged Calf Gaiters.
Men's Balmorals and BroganlShoes and Boots.
Men's Oxford Ties.
Ladies' GIovo Kid Gaiters.
' " " Balmorals.
' " and cur Kid side laco Boots.
' Drosscd and undated Moroco laco Boots,
' Cloth Gaiters and Balmorals.
' Buskins and Slippers.
Misses Cloth Gaiters and Balmorals.
' Calf and Kid Eewcd laco Shoes.
' " " pegged
' Glove Kid Balmorals.
Child Gaiters and Balmorals, sewed and pegged.
Infant Shoes in great variety;
At tho Nashville Shoe Store, 74 North College
street, M. MuRQAXsrERy.
marSG Cm
A Card to Invallils. A clergyman, while
residing in South America as a missionary, dis
covered n safo and simple remedy for tho cure
of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Diseases of
the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and tho wholo
train of disorders brought on. by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured
by this noblo remedy. Prompted by ft desire to
benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send
the recipe for preparing and using thismedicine.
in a sealed envelope, to any one who needs it,
FRVKOKcnARoK. Address
Woskpii T. Tnius.
Station D, Bible House, New York city.
fcbU-3m' .. . - -
llaolii'lor's Hair Dye. This splendid
Hair Dye is the best in the world. The only
rue and perfect J)yt Harmless. Reliable, In
stantaneous. No disappointment. No ridicu
lous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies
tho ill effects at Had Duet. Invigorates tho hair,
leaving it soft and beautiful. The genuine is
signed William A. Bulchclor. All others are
incro imitations, and should bo avoided. Sold
by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81
Barclay street. New York. deadly
Selliiiyr Out at' New Yorlt Cost.
To close business, we are positively closing
out at New York cost prices our stock of Fine
Groceries, Wines, Brandies, Havana and Do
mestic Cigars. Pasdolfini & Riva,
janlO 12 North Cherry street.
.An sligiblo front portion of an oflieo on Church
street, in the Maxwell House, can be obtained
by applying at this office, or at No. 79 Church
street, next door to the Masoniallall. febl tf
'Error of Youth. A gentlemen who suf
fered for years from Nervou9 Debility, Proiua
ure Decay, and all tho effects of youthful indis
cretion, will, for the sake of suffering humanity
send free to all who need it tho receipt and.
directions lor making the simplo remedy by
which he was cured. Sufferers wishiSg to profi
by the advertiser experience, .can do so by ad
dressing, in perfect confidence.
Jons B. Ooden-,
may2 lyw No. 12 Cedar St., New York.-.
To Consnmptlves. The Advertiser, hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks, by a
very simple remedy, after having Bufforod several
years 'with a severe lung affection, and that
dread diseaso. Consumption is anxious to make
known to bis fellow-sufferers tho means of cure.
To all who desire it, ho will send a copy of the
prescription used, (freo of charge), with the di
rections for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sure Cure for CoxsuurTiox,
Asthua, Bronchitis, Ac. Tho only object ot
the advertiser in sending tbe Prescription, is to
benefit tbe afflicted, and spread information
which he conceives" to bo invaluable-; and hopes
every sufferer will try this remedy, as it will cost
them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription, will please
address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON.
Vt iluamsburg. Kings county, New 1 ork.
oct23 lydiw
Tho Healing- Pool, and House of
Jlercy. Howard Association Reports, for
Young Men, on tbe CRIME OF SOLITUDE,
and the Errors, Abuses and Diseases which de-
troy the manly ppwers. and create impediments
to Marriage, with sure means of relief. Sent in
sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address,
ciation, Philadelphia, Pa. mayl9 3m
11 111 iiiii iwn urn imaMsirnnfTata
39 North College Street.
Frock and SaGk Coats,
Duels' Xinen Coals,
Beautiful Whito and Fancy
Tbebest madeand best fitting, at Veryiow prices,
Gentlemen Underwear,
A large stock of Cloths, Casimeres and est
ings, fiae.DuckaLinens of rsrioaaxolors., 5M1 of
which will'be lnido'tS ocder-ln"the best mfcnner
Gold is without change, having opened
in Xew Yorkryesterdayat 137 Jy was 1S7
,at 11, and closed at 137J at 3 p. e. Our
brokers wecr paying 136, and holding at
Government securities .were quoted in
Kew York yesterday a3 follows r
5-203, 1st serie?,.- ........
5-20s, 2d series, coupons-.
5-20s, 3d scries, coupons-.
5-20s, new issue
" 2d and 3d series
London advices of yesterday quote a 20s
at 73.
I Exchange on New York was bought at
par 'by tlie banks yelterday.4!"iSoIdat
, But little was done in uncurrent funds.
Bank of Tennessee was dull at.33c. South
ern monev wa3 very dull at the advertised
rates. :" - - -
Nashville Corporation checks were
bought at 14c, and sold' at 13c discount.
These checks can be used in payment of
any debt due the corporation.
Tennessee bonds sold in New York on the
10th a3 follows: $1000 with all the cou-
1 - " v
000 new at 6Sc, SlOOOjiew, 2dt,call, at CSc,.
$10,000 new at 63Jc, and $21)00 at fJJc.
Tne New York World says in its review
of the uiarkefon'the 10th 'instant : "The
stock market reflects the improved tone in
financial circles by greater activity arid
more buoyancy than has prevailed since
last fall. The transactions at every board
were large aud very generally scattered
throughout the list, including themiscclla
neousjshares. Many of the purchases were
made for influential operators,-and some of
the leading brokers reportorderstobuy from
their- s'trougest; Customers. EheJpinirJt'i
that the market has jint commenced an
upward turn likely to continue for some
time to come is held by those who lead
public opinion in Wallstreety.'andtthey and
their friends are acting upon it by purchas
ing their different specialties in railway
The'stateinentjpf the Njw Y'rk
banks tor the week ending Saturday last,
June 8, compare as follows . with the pre
vious ' week, and with the corresponding
week last year; to which we add the specie
and.'currency'ba'lances in the New" York of
fice of the United States Treasury at these
dates respectively :'
June 9. '05.
Nat. capIl-72,807.700.
Local '.:.-. 9.2C2.SO
June 8. '(! . Jun 1, '07
$73.457.7iX $73,4.S7r7W
9,002,500 9,002,600
Total capital $32,070,200
Limns 2J9.538.959
Gold & gold
notes 15.S12.fKii
Deposit r02.503.94f.
Circulation- 25.9T7.21
In S. I'res'y.. S0.013.41i
i The following are
the changes
the pfeviotia week'si;tatement
Decrease in loans
Increase in sue& -".
. S2.324.21C
. 1.031.978
Decrease in otheriegal tenders
.1 .
In Chicago, corn that sold for Si 10 prr bushel
the third week ra May, fell to 9ft; per bushel on
tho 5th of June a difference of 20c in less than
three weeks. Good I i4 ,
Oats, which sold stPOc on May 28; fell off" to
OOo on June 5 a difference of 39c in a few days.
Better and better.
Ryo, which sold. fur SI 57 in May, wanted pur
chasers in June at $1 02 55c difference. Splen
did this.
Wheat No. 2 Spring, which was quoted atS285
per bushel in May, sold as low as $190 in June
a decline of 93c. Hurrah, and a tiger.
Nashville, June 18, p. sr.
Cotton. The cotton market continues
quiet, and prices firm. Sales to-day as
follows 9 bales at 21A, 33 at 21, 2 at 19,
and 1 at 13c per lb. , .
... none
... 19J421M
Sold ...
' Price ....
' The following commercial
received at the Chamber of
show an Improved tendency in cotton in
Liverpool and New York:
t New York, June jlG Gold opened at
; 10:30 a. m. Gold 137g.
11 A. M. Gold 137J. Cotton dull, but
p'rice4unchahged..2GJ(28 foHi'iplands. ,
; 12:30. Gold 137J. Cotton quiet but
J Liverpool, June 13 11:15. Cotton
quiet but firm. Sales 12,000' bales at 11,
11 J, and 11 pence. ,
NW York, 2 p. M.r Goll37g, Cotton
demand moderate ; prices .firm, at 26J27.
i!3p. m. Gold 137. Demand for cotton
moderate. Sales to-day 2000 bales at 27
for uplands, Mobile 27, Orleans 2S.
Liverpool, June 135 A. at Cotton,
demand good ; prices .tending upward,
dales to-day 15,000 bales ' at! llffHS
. Corn. No change, AVJiite $1 per
bushel j yellow 97 .
Hay. $2C27 per ton.
Bacon. Clear sides ,13c;' shoulders
10c; hams 14c,
Groceries. Market steady with only a
moderate demand.
Nontliern Cotton SlnricctH.
CiiARLESTfix, June 11. Cotton lias declined
XA cent. Sales 135 bales. Middlinca 21K25
cenbs. Receipts, 76 bates.
Acocbta, June 11. Cotton marker quiet.
Sales 72 bates at 2rertK for miiMlinri. RecciDtl
30 bales. ' '
Savan.Vah, Junall. Cotton dull nnd nomi
nalr Low Aliddlings 23 and market closed
with a downward tendency. Receipts 320 jales.
Mobile, June 11. Cot ton sales 4iW bales. The
market quiet at 23 cents. Receipts .320 bales.
New Orleans Marlict.
New0rlea.n8. June 12. Cotton firmer; 2000
bales low middling at 2l2U$c. Recipt 12S
bales. Groceries Louisiana molassess 09$70c;
Cuba, for distilling; 50c for fair. Louisiana
Slgarl2c. Flourdull; sunerfine 810 50ro7
double extra 12 50; choice $18 00,
Sew York Money mid Stock Mnrkoi.
Nkw York, June 13. Tbe money market is
decidedly eauier, and the market is freely sup
plied at y on governments, and ( on stock
collaterals. Sterling steady at 10 10,'-,. Gold
dull all day. opening at 137K. fell to K, and
closing at 137. Governments active and firm
in the fureiieon, anil clotedSess doing butsteadv.
Tho closing pricjw were : Registered "SI 108Ii
do coupons 1123& 5-2tte registered 103; 6-2U
coupons '02 110; do 'CI ltlC?; do '05 107; do new
109f,,: 10-40s 100; 7-304 first saries Ooti'rt second
and third series
Cliicliutittl nfnrUet.
Cikcisxaii. June l Flour unchanged and
steady; superfine 1310; extra $1023311; fami-
'M. U beat in good
rejected: S2 26 for
(Vittnn nnebanred.
and a shade nrmor. but there is na demand.
middling 24c. Gold 1 buying-nd 18TJS sell
ing. Xew York IlryRoo!s2)fnrKef.
NittroRC. June 13, The drygoods market
remain quiet, but production curtailed aud
pricej sustained. .Limited encjiifirj- prevails for
petfgop&ble styles Cotton gootli : nnblewbed
Mu-Jins selling at 18c for the best. make, 'i ard
wide sheetings, l.i417k for second, and l'jU for
cummon light, and 10j4Uk for light and heary
shirtings. In bleached musIinn,'no change, hart
tnnlrikc uitrAa nml hlirh.wliilM milium KOli infe
rior qualities are plenty and ttepretsed. Light
ground prints in set figures are. firm, hut poor
colon. Stripes sell ejowly at low rate, liing
hama best brands, firm, and in moderate
request: inferior makes not in.
quest, though they do noteeem.tlepres.ied. De
tains sell slowly. 10c for regular make.. JnlmJ
16Q13X. the latter .rats for Amaskear end frr
Jlar Maker and Union.
Xew York Market.
Kkw YoEt.Juae 13. Cotton leu active and
very firm i uplands 27. Flour. IeM active. lti20c
loner; superfine Stat and western tlKf'i 50;
ex. western $3 5&S10 30, rheat'du!l and bary;
nominally 23e lower. No. ZChieago, i2 IS;
No. I jiilwaultM, S3 30- white CalilCrnU,
$2C02 65; while toulhtr&t S225. OaU doll
n,l lower. itMX342c Pork lower. 21 .' 21 .
New mess pork closing at 21 cJhi:
old mesa $19 ttxam tor prime, and $-1 f7
22for prime meia. 1
Havana, Cincinnati. '
Gen. Sigel, Jaducali.
departed. .
Havana, Gincjnnati
Ali'lia, raducah.
leaving to-day.
Nashville, Cairoi
Tlie river is still slpwly receding, ami
three feet scant are reported on the hoak.
yeatliersuitry with occasional rains.
. The Alpha sailed-for Padccah, with 50
The, Havana brought a good trip, but de
parted with rather a light load.
The Sigel brought 380 oil barrelsr and
a lot of freight lightened from the Havana.
' The swift and certain Nashville, with
Capt. Simms and Johnny Harper, is the
regular packet for Gairo to-day at 4 r.-M
She takes passengers and' freight for St.
Louis, Memphis, and New' Orleans.
The-St. Louis Dmoeraf says: A heavy
rain washed the streets yesterday. River
falling, and is soon to. rise. On Saturday -
the river at bt. Paul was rising rapidly,
and a large number of logs wera sweeping
past. At Minneapolis, above St. Paul, the
river rose three feet in three days, and the.
tributaries still father up, were higher than
this year before. The rains had been tre
mendous. The river at St. Cloud had
swolleu seven feet, aud tho ferry boat was
romiielleu,to.stoi.running. -All .tueabridfies.
on Sauk river were swept away. The Min
nesota was overflowing' its banks Away
.below all this there is a swell of large pro
portion rushing on to the South, and the
beginning of it maybe at St. Louis to-day.
The Muscatine, which arrived from the
Upper Mississippi yesterday, reports " big.
water; coming' behind." Now, wc turnj
anxiously to. me Missouri, anticipating a-
freslii t from the mountains, aim nn okt
fashioni i June rise generally.
For Cniio, Nt. I.otiN, MeitithlH nml
New OrlcntiM.
Cjerk, will leavoas abovo on FRIDAY, the
14th Tnlt.. at 4 o'clock p. v.
41 and 42 Front street.
iunel4.lt or HARRISON A SON.S, Ag'ts.
Ben. L- Goad, will hereafter
run as n regular semi-weekly
iiackct-between Clarksvillc and
For freight or piusago, apply on board.
maygS lm .
Tiios. S. Mars, Pres'r, L. G. Takbox, Cash'r
Corner Union and College Streets.
L for V. S. Securities. Compound Interest
Notes, Goid, eto by tbo Natioxal Savings'
CourAXV, corner of Union and College slrfeots:
5-2ils coupons ........... ...109
5-20 2d series coupons - a... luo
5-20s3d series coupons H
5-203-New Issue .-.loakl
10-lOs ' 'J
7-913 . . . ieew
7.30s 2d and 3d 105)2
Compound.Interest Note, June, 18V1 USU
' " , July, isct H3
' " " Aug., lSlVI UTA
OcR, 1S64
" Dec. 1801.-
.May, 1S&5 115
" Aue..-lSS5V 114
" Sept.. 1S05 W4
Oet., 1S05 115
Tnnesseo Bonds : K
Coupons .. .. A.. .... 6)j'
Louisvillo Jfc Nashville R. R. Stock 83
Louisville t Nashville R. R. Tax Rcccipts.110
N&flhville .t Chattanooga R. R. Stocks 26
Nashville Corporation Cheeks- S"
South Nashville Street R. R. Stock - 40
Suspension Bridge Stock 92
Davidson County Bonds "..-.-.75
Gold ............MM-.-rtllr7
Silver 1SS
On London .37 IM) per pound.
On Dublin - - 7 m- "
On Edinburgh 700 " "
On Berlin - 1 08 tier thaler.
On Frankfort : wk"" guilder
And on all the principal cities of Germany:
The following are the rates paid for uncurrent
Bank of Tennessee, old
issue ..- 33 I
Planters' Bank 99
Union Bank par
TT w 1 f'n.t'.
People's Bank. 43
Planters' and Me
ehanicsVBank. .. 17
State Bank 07
Southwestern 1UR- 5
Union Bank.. 55
uuivuu.uAvvi. f ...
B'k of Chattanooga. 10
Bank of Commerce.par'
Bank of Knoxville, 00
Rank of Mobilo.
B'k of Montgomery,
Bank of Sclma .
Cent ml Bank .......
Uommerciat Bank-.
Eastern Bank
Northern Bank
Southern Bank
Central H. R. B'k-
iiantot Aiempnispar
B'kofMiddleTenn, Vi
Bank of Paris par I
Bank of the Union; par
B'k of West Tcnn - 45
Buck's Bank par .
City Bank 61
Commercial Bank 93
Merchants' Bank-.par j
Northern Bank. par i
Ocoee Bant . 10
BankofShelbyville, 85
Southern Bank. 25 I
Traders' Bank par
Life & General In-
surance Co . 10 '
nnirrii mpnr.TVA. I
Georgia Railroad i
Banking Co , 95
B'k of Mid. Georgia, SO.
Marine Bank 9B"
Bank of Augusts 42
Augusta Insurance- C&
Bank of Columbus j. OS
Bank of Couiraeree, OS
Bank of the Empire
State 20
Bank of Athens 40
Bank Of Fulton.. - 4S
Bank of Savannah,
Bank or tho State of
Gedrgia ... 10
City B'k of Augusta, 25
Farmers and Me
chanics' Bank OS
Mechanics' Bank. ... 02
Merchants' A- Plant
ers' Bank 05
Planters' Bank 12
Union Bank 05
Bank of Camden - 3." '
Bank of Charleston, 15 j
iianK oi unesier. iz
Bank of Georgetown 13
Bank of Hamburg 1"
Bank of Newberry 30
Bank of the State of
South Carolina.. C7
Commercial Bank 02
Exchange Bank , 12
Fnrmcrs' and Ex
' change Bank 02
Merchants' Bank 12
Planters' Bank of
Fairfield 05
Jas. G.0oDKf. PresL Chs.T. fi so, Cashier
Corner Vnlon nmt C'lierry St., Opponlto
Ilanli. of TenniNtee. Jlealt In Gold,
NUver, tJoverniiient NtockM, Com.
Iionnil Interest Notes. ijiiuIH'nrrantu
nml Houtuern Itnilk Nolen. '
U. S. Bond W 111 ;ftoU
o-ao'j 1st series 'G2 100
' 2d " '&1105
1,1 " 65 WC,
40s, WOX,lS12S 40
so, m
120, " Mno
100. ' $140
V. not 1812. $135
New(JaniJulyJ loM
Coup.lO-40's w
Aug7-Mlslst series J05'
June " 2d " a
Jnlv " 3d " I
Hunk TennOld. 3Bi
Comp. Int. Notes,
' June, 18C1 .
! Aug "
! Oct
Dec "
Aug -
Sept "
. Oct
Jenn-Bonds "
"" Clou pons )
ll.HU Pliinters Bank ifo
nt jl'nion Ilk Sc. Cert's 99.
llVMBaok Chattanooga 10
llOvil.' Knoxville KJ
11SW " Alid Tenn,
lirTW' M"cst'fenn
114T;" Shelbyville
irti City llanlc
US ICommemal Bank
yi .flu... ll.nlr
781 EauUiern'Bank; k5,
L&NRK'tarrce 110
.ITb x Geri Ins to 'VET
Corporation scrip
Also the highest
pnee paid fur all kinds ol
Southern BantoNotes. RrintednPrice littfnr
piBbed whftf -dwired. ' '
WbaRC 8EI.LI50 U. S. Revenue 5Ump,atGor
ernment rates of Dineeunf.
Selling,. ' Selling
$5ptoip02per centdls.iFrance., 1 Francs
W to 5C03.per tsntrdis. ;SwiUerland 1 per
500 to ll04 percent dis. Belgium JI didlur
N. Y. Exchange, K pr. oermast.
Cineinnati 1-lU pr. (Bremen $1 I, perl gold
i s.,evilU " 1-10 nr. ThIr.
Memphis " H prem. Berlin, J1OT per 1 Prui
Small Drafts.
tan i baler,
Eoglanl I S7 on per
rranklort vt
per one
Ireland f one Kuna
jcotland J Sterling,
amj G
Cnofntin cheeks 11
per cent discount.
Denosits received and colleetions made on all,
aceesible points. 1
umce boon, a a. K. io o r.
Second Chancery Sale,
I n.....ianrthitUniM ofW.GroenAeM
therTA. X.M.WhIt. wjTwilt Otf.r At
pubiie auction on tb prmiea. at 11 ocib!..
Seven Lot. W W 8J u7j1 Z,,W'
on Smiley itreot. m Fettr Additten. Thea
loU he near the rwidenee of Gov Brewn, and
within a short distwee of the O.ltolin Pike.
Therate-most jchoiCa lots, and are beuutiiully
TERMS A credit of sit. twelve, uhteenr
and twraty-fjiuc mtinths, with Interest. Notes
with approrwl pnnal settorlff required and
lien retained. hle free froa J1Ie'n")-,
Rn find fin rroutSt.. near Kroai!.
D Cbfraneys aritt Ylt&edt nhit to Order..
aUended U-& m i
apr203ffl ' t
Valuable Warehouses, .Kci- .
tlcnccs, toLx, Tobacco Siem-
mery antl Hotel, " n
at crvKissvii.r. tk.xiis.seit, on
SATCUHAY, 2ail JUNK, 1907.
Wm. M. Daniel vs. Htira and Creditor oi
of T. J. Pritchett.
X this cause, at the April Terra. 1SS7, 1 wilitMtr
for sale at the Courthouse in CUrkrII!e. ain
22d Jo.vr, 1S67. the large BRICK WAREIfBC
situated on the corner of Water and CtameM
streets in Clarksvillc. and now ouhbMI s
Hutchms & Gnnter; and also the BtMAu t
. . I. a 1 . T . rr f-
r whUfiAiii -This t.
monly known as the Forbes & Priteeett Var-
ifviuc, mil uciuk nnj nwiou tiiu WMjfOt
access, it is probably the beet warboM, )r
pertyinthecity. Txrus or Sale Cash enough to pay mL ad
the balance on a credit of six, twelve, uTuBhiji.
twenty-four and thirty months. Notesnmfka
good sureties required, and a lien rUMMi kr
the purchase money. Sold without th rtrftt of
redemption. A plat of the lots n bfefjeeiM
my office. W.T.SUACKBLFORIir
5W-JtlJ Caadjtfv
P. H. Thurston et ak, vs. Hairs anUCru
ltore of J. P. Williams, deceased.-
rns 22d Jcsk .next, at the Courtluiiweiat
Tine, me valuable n AKKlIOUSKbelw
;uo o.ieoi j. r. niuiams. inu is a
largo brick arehous e. situatal an th
of Water street and Main street, at the lettfc
comer of the wharf.
Terms of Sale Six. twelve, eight em ai
twenty-four months credit, aaidno tfs(f,I5
deinption reserved. Notar vcjtb goad iiiiii jCi.
bearing interest from date reqMred,nd alten
retained for the purohase money.
tnar31 td C. and M.
Wm. Fellows vs. Fellows & Co., and D. K.
Stewart vs. Fellows & Co.
X tho April Term, lSd7, oCtho Chancerx.CtttMt
at Clarksville, Ewill,roy tije 226 Ji'XBaaalnC
the Courthouse In the city of ClarksfiStK mhf
at public auction the following piopetfcy. to-wit:
The largo and commodious Brirk TOBACCO
STEMMEKY lonncrly owned by UrxceStewarC
and situated near tho mouth of Red river, a
Spring street, opposite the City Oeinctern HEc- ' '
tensive storage rooms and eight briet mldaa
arc connected with the Stemttibm rflwf atMnU '
and cistern.
'there ialso acomfbrtableFRAMK DWELL .
INGand out-houses, and a Una Uonlrn tai
sold with the Steuiinery.
The PORK HOUSE, situateil on tho eerneroi
uouege anu water streets. ,
The two-story BRICK DWBLLINO siMWe
to tbe Pork House, and knnwu m the.UunMi'iyt..
Dwelling. Also, the Red RiTer AVAKrtHTTtrSfti''
a large nnd spacious brick Warehouse atr A
uiuulu ui iveu river, on mo norm siue at saw
river, and now occunietl bv Smith Tnrnlnv.
AIso, a FARM on the south side of CnwWr
lnod river, about three miles from OtorlWi'fflHf
and opposite to Trico'n Landing, Tho Mflatiii,
Clarksville and Louisville Railroad rata through
mis riirm. wnicu contains HI acreaaf ladtf ,
most of which is bottom land. Also, tan iwtm
of land 'near New Providence, bought by Jt.
K. Smith of T. W. Atkinson. Thid will be di
vided into lots of convenient sites. And seVeotr
acres of land lying in District No. 4 of Matr
gomery county. This is all woodland.
Tkrais ok Salc On the Stemmcry and Dwell
ing five per cent, will be required in cash, and a
credit of six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-flwr;
thirty and thirty-six months will bo giviw w
the balance of the purchase money. On WS
Pork Ilouso and Dunlavv Iloiiso Imi tnmmii
cash, balance on a credit of six, twelve, mSwim 1
ami iweniy-iuur monins. ,t
Red River Warehouse live per cent, awl Mm '
balance on a credit of six. twelve, eighteen awti":
twenty-fuur months. Farm on ?uih side Cum
berland one-fourth cash, and the?hlarii M
credit of twelve, twenty-four and thwttf-ii
months. Lots in New Provfdeiiee fire ifereem.;J '
cash, and tbe balance on a credit of nx,4wlf..
and eighteen months.
Land in District No. 4 will be sold on iitfredit
qf six. twelve and eighteen mouth. No re
demption. Notes bearing interet frea tdHb"
with good auretie will bo rqquired, anda law
will be returned until the lAircliaso tSmwil
iaay.il M V . nud M.
Merretf it Fort, Adin'rs, et als., r. ljt.
ov J cnb skxt. oiti)r fur sole at pubHc auetkin.
al tho uourttiou'o in Ulnrsiville. tbe Hotel
Property in Clarksville known at the NA3Uj)N
AL HOTEL, and which is tiluatod on the rV
lic Square. This House is in good repair, fitti
popular Hotel, and sufficiently law fijr theriae,
of the town. . "
Tebus or Sale Ten uar eerif. atuh. nail uW .
balance on a credit of twelve. twetitv-HbW mI
thirty-six months. Notes with eeed eearfe .
and bearing interest from itate wiH be TIpr
of tbe Purchaser, and n II mi rutntnn.1 iHut !
abase money, io redemption.
may31 td
nf ft Letter from a
ras, to his bfotbec
at WoBrrar,
May. 1WW. -
Tell Lea A Per,
rins that their
and applicable to
Every Tnrlety
1 ' or
is highly esteemed
in India, and mv
my opinion, tbe
most ralatawe a
woll as the uwMit
wholesome Sxifcir'
that u made,
The snccsss of this most delieiousand unrirnlod
condiment having caused many unprlaelrKM
dealers to apply the name to Spurious
pnnsim. thfi PIIIil.TCii KEirrt TrtLLV aadgAR-
Kxsr'ir requested to see that the ntmM of I. tit A
' Manufactured by
LEA & PERRINS. Wsreestev ,
New Yoke, Agents for the United SUtei
; Orrws orNASnviMBiDECAwa R. RC-4.
NASiiviLLr, May 30, tsw. J
lYNoshvillo and Decatur RaLkogd CumjatjM ,
are prepared to issue CEIlTrrroA'nW
ST00K to the Stockholder of'the TetinMMu.
and Alabama Railroad, tbe Central SouTWHT
Railroad, un.l tho TenneMea nnd Alabama, Ohhib i
trul Railroad, whenever their Cartitleatei M.
Stock in said Companfes are liirrendereil, ul'lhoU'
mficeoftbeCompanyvU ,
L may) lm JB PJtT.l ... .M ilt
New Tailoring Establishmentr
XJ pleased to see hi friends at
KNorth of the Maxwell House.)
mar!2 3m
A Good Businoas Education't
can be gained at
.t. Y.
nertv on Commerce street. aJiainlnr.thR
J. give their children that ran never M UK
and that continually crows better nt utei W'
Goinmorclal Soliool,,
Corner of Church and Ylne 8ts., NaufcrlHei
"Where WrWInsr. lioaU-lleepinx, Vhn
iiOKxnpliy, Arllliinctlc, tie., are therot2lHi 1
ly taught. ... , '. . .
Wrltlnic. By thirty years' atudy and eifrf
rienee, the seven Dulbear Brother have re
duced l'eiimnnslilp to an pxhcS Nclcnce , o
that pupils ara not lelt to mere Imllnllim ol
nifileM, aud haro inventel a sttteu or linml
tritinliiK that removes all ntUCamn, rrnm p
lnic and tremblluir.ADd ehanaes tbe nt -sightly
hand into- lienliienv ad ele
irniict. IIOl-nKAirM Commerelnl Inellln
tloue are the oldest In Ameriea.
No. GoullroiiUwiiT, Now Yorlt, ent.nu-lleltf-d
I SM. ,
Corner Cnmp anil Common atreeit.
Nir lrlerin. itnbllHlira.Hac.
No- 203 Milii ntrret, Slemplile.
Corner of CUiirrlt anil Vine lrcMl.
.Nuhvllli. , "
rnartf dAwSrn 1P.AT.1 e.f
House-Fitmishinif GooIh, 'Bt&.,
Of .FRED. PHILLIW. No. 27 XorlliS&rS
Ur ntrrrt, win 1hj old rhMpferre6folMl
builne. ( f
mars' tr v. M I BCII E R, Tniftee.
1 Cemmtsston appointed braHtlftrityRvft
nf Oongress. to pus upeu the UiaitrIVe-yal
wre eoiuied or dratted Into the Un
iy, wjrthln.tUe State of'Tcnneesee Tt".
elon'in Aashville; and prepared trceive al
rncrt claimr, at the room, ot tho Comtnualfca
No. J34 Uolonnads" RttfUtTng. Cherrytreetr"
" o " ' .OrR-DXyi.frMldentf
U. S. Comnunion for Suto or'Xeanwe,
NMhville, Tnnsee.- .-q
decS-rtt 1

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