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Nashville union and dispatch. [volume] (Nashville, Tenn.) 1866-1868, August 14, 1867, Image 1

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no. m
-Jt fJL M t itf a --to. !iLlL -V' S-a uU- glasrtrt ttt -a n ,.. -!i-'--Lia-M - ', ,u. u f. ?
van '.I. --'
(Old No. 0,) opposite. Colonnade Building
iu 1
line in a prompt
and firt-ci
.171 ii
- OnrWhdiiYflfil'e: ,
LEAD PH',E,.. .,. 4. j .
. , , 10 JLEAl,..
. - . INTERN, P
im rr TTT'-nlfTBlfciai
snteP.6amna cocks.
.XSTN-COCKS:'n6lE. '
MorwiATER boiiTbrs,
Public and'Privat Buildings. Store Heuse,
tc.. fitted up In the mojt JJ1,; 8ft t5! tr
wn re&Mriablbtertnfi. lhanaelirf. Hall Light.
Pillar Lliht. Drop Light. -Par&bla Stands
with He, Pendants, Brackets. Glass Glebei,
BmoVe Bellt Uatent and Plaid Shade. Wear
Lkhter-fl, etc..
u nt'os prp'E, 1
For Qaa. Water and Steatn, from aa eighth Inch
up to two inches. n ' 1
FitttnKH for.:tii Above.
Ti, Iflbowi. CroHelfcPltw, Bmhinif. Ke
duceril Lock KuU. lllk. Keturn Bend.
Unioni. ete. .
Steamboat, Faetorjr, Hotel and Stationary
Kncine work done. Steam Oauifea. Steam
WhiUe. Steam Traps. OlBhe Valyes. all Mic:
Guafo Oeek. Oil Caps. Air Cocks. Crhndor
Cocks, etc., ete.
A to Memnhlfc JlnraWoldt. Cairo, and all pojnU
Train leaves Nashville dally at o'eloek p.
m nnd arrivea at Memphis' next memise at
10:13 n. in. ,
The 5 p. m. Train inakei cloe connections at
Jlumboldt with trains on Mobile and Qhto Jiatl
road ftr nil points South. Aim. connects 'at
Ilnmholdt with trains for Cairo, Saint Louw,
and all points ost-
23fiW S5TineU,oMh SSSlr 2S' "if
prepared to trannporc piun-oiiuers uu u"i
with rohability anrt uiapaton.
Ocn'l Bnp t a. x naiiroaa.
Louisville and Nashville
Trains will ran as follows :
T...T. TJo.lirillB 3:00 P. M. ivoo A. M
Arrivoat LouisvilIeIl:0 P
1:0(1 P. M.
more. WnshinRton.l'Wlah, and No.wMk
Time from JJaihyillS (nTfor fdrk. rty-Fp
..n-,.r.r itralrn ticiurn nulcker than any other
T 1 -
rMorninir Train from NphviJU oonnecUi with
United States roMl lmb ftcamer leaving Loi;-
j.m u . Minnoctinc at Cinomnati wun
.rmnTnni? trains Biu't. BaOOAOK CI1KCKKD
fr.-.m Nanhrillo to St. l.oui. Chioago, Oincin
a- .1 Mii K.;nMinn1 Kaniarn ntiM.
-ra-Tho 3t00 pfcM. Train from Nahvjl.
doennotrun on fUKWAi. . v,
Throuch pawenrer train leovinffTranUlin at
Nashvirie at fcOO. and the throneh paMMsew
. .ri: vr.i.iiio it.mp u will wMimmo.
date local travel between Nasbvilbj awl Emnk-
jrTljr- Uen'l BUPCTintenaeni n. xr. n. -
R A I I Wi
Great OeutrolAll Rail Route
Two Pnlly Thronuh Iacnrcr Trnlnn,
Arrive Deeatur-
MO l. M.
TiM r. v.
llMft r. m.
!) a-M.
Innuritlo - 6H r m.
ti .t rr Mn1.A Jl.af MntlAAtinoH &t Deft
tur with M. A C. R. R. fcrMemphisSelHia. Ma
bile. Jnoksou. and VUlwburg. AUss.Wpw vr- I
lean, La., nnd nil intermediate points. .
r TlMtatiir TJtl A. V. "Tiu r. h.
ArrlvA Nashville ) V. V. 110 P. M.
Both Trttin cnnet Ut Ka-Mivllle wlthL. .t N.
R. R. for tne ltaw, aorm aim .loranwi.
Splcntltti SIocpiiiR Car At
tnclicd to nllNlglit Trains.
Columbln AceoinmoIntlnu Trnln
Dally, xcc'pt RnmlRyn.
r 11..... 1.1. .. &S8 A. X.
VS.'" i7".w?ii .T. - ft
0,r""nV'." 4:00 r. m.
rThnrah .irn. and at tne uroau ou.n
Depot, Nashville, Tennessee.
jan2T t . . Jeaedl Superintendent
NasKiiile and Chattanooga
qii'cr- of time.
Tim Dnliy Trains T.enve NiwhTlIlo
tor n'astilhirton, Jicw Torfc, nritl
nllPnlnlnEKKtnndSonlu. CIos
Connection Mnde nl CJbnttn
noopn torntiis: nnd Eto
ntu; for all Enstnrii nnd
Sonfliern Cities. '
Orriflxer GvKKBAt.SorxBWTBNBCNT.
- fTashvUlo. Tenn June K WX
V ) 1MV7 and unrtl further nftit-e. rencr
'Wl!fXrt. K,wTork.
. .Vca:-0 -??:Zn Montromtrv. AcuMa. Savan-
AanxJf;:;rBdldnbile at W a.. and
arrivinB in ChaUaoir at ftflO a. .
iXrH- both Trl waking clftw coc
nd n rr:" ...a nith Oast TenneMM -t
4 a. w.nw --
Elegant knlcc
hvlne far.
ii and lftIO r. w-, arriving In
1. 1
v. una zat r. . uov
rnu ism a. v. i i
1Kb S.f9 a. v. and 8- r v.
a-rivinc anww"'
ti Norllitrostom Itnllroiul.
TRaw-Leave. N.ylllo M0
10KJ0 A. IT. . - .. - ...
Both Trains mnko direct eonnoction at inj-
nLt...H Tnj nnnnn u 1 'inouinnii. it an 1-
us put fit.
Hardest Circulation iatjitjr and St&tei
I'nfHiuouH Attempt to. Miburn Vtneis
jOv'lUbnut rt tiiti pWitldent with tlitf
'rAaMlitttiou of Lincoln TIe Con-,
vletetl JPcIou, tonoycr, the Tool of
dUbley, Butler aud Otlir A Mo
ltrotui'PIot to Iepoie and Destroy
jtuxIreldcht thrpn&h iPerJury nml
' Lr the' Impcachnipat Cftbal.
' f 'VVjayeBterdaygave'n telegraphic syiiop-1
sw of the , jlisolpsure of a plot to suborn
mtncMes to-- testify to the complicity of
PwideoTJlBt&3nrwtIi 'tLgKMafnation'-
of JLr; IiincolHBfclmv we'givfe the 'dit-J
closure pi uoapYcr, ias juUQqau),-.uiiiuu;
allowing; th? eS; akeni
wiifoh Are without a.parelli
(i .j mi . " 'V.'.
.nit mim.
pare! lei in our nation'
at history. They pouie to ua in the form of
an ofBci,rerirr4ifroti J6hn M. Biuckley,
Ajwistant Attorney General, on thf appli
aatiB fipfynTiaTa to tWV'iehl ljir pit
den.-o'rfa convictfon of perjnry, Which he
igfnow expiating in the penitentiary.
L 'w1Cin.nTA- t..1t iQftT ti, rr;.
l&edtem Andrew Johnson, Prmidbit of the '
.United Stalet: In applying to your Excel
lency for pardon. I had not intended to offer
any disclosure concerning the plotting" of
your enemies against you, which coulu be
regarded as an inducement for granting my
application. I instructed my wife, in pre
senting the petition, to refer to the conspi -Jracy
of As.hley & Cq so far only as might
feeling that might have been engendered
within you toward me by the newspaper
reports; that I had engaged to assist your
oneniles in their nefarious designs, I adopt
eU this reserve in the belief that the cervi
ces I had rendered the government, as cer
tified by Judge Holt, the non. Mr. Kiddle,
and Mr. Ashley, would in vour view and
judgement, render me deseiying Executive.
clemency, and because 1 desired that it
jehould appear on the record, and on the
Lfaee of my nardon, that clemency had
ut'L'ii tuiiuiucu iu ui bojcijt in lxiiisiuerauuii
of my services to the government, nnd ex
closively on the recommendation of prom
inent Radicals, to the end that when I
should come to expose the atrocious plot of
Ashley Co., the Radicals would not be in
a position or'dile to charge; mewith doing
so in consideration of apard8n; brlhlf the
.President had pardoned me on condition
of my implicating his enemies in an infa
mous conspiracy.
i Prom the moment I was forced into as
sociation with these traitors and conspira
tors, I determined, as soon as I ehould be
released, to place in the hands of your Ex
cellency, orjlay before the public a com"
plete-exposure ot their diabolical designs
and most astoundinc proceedings. This. 1
(believed, would be my sacred duty, for al
though accused ot crime, 1 am not so des
titute of honor and patriotism as not to
feel -on wnteroet in and obligations t0 my
The interest these persona have felt, And
the uflbrts they have made, (which would
have succeeded ere this but for the blun
der of them.) and which they still propose
to make formy release, (F G,) I know were
prompted by the most selush motives, in
order tlmlhgymight ueq me as an iristnl
ment to aoeomphsh tHeir devilislhesigns,
nnd I juiall Jiet therefore be miiltr of in-
gratitede in abandoning and exposing fheir
lily wife has, I believe, explained to you
how Ashley, first through his man Fri
day, Matchett, and afterward in person,
managed to make known to me his wishes,
aims, nnd purposes, and enlist me as far
as a forced nromise would go in his en
terprise. 1 shall, therefore, only advert
here to some things which have been said
and done by the conspirators, which are
susceptible of hoing proved against them
by the most irreiragabie evidence.
After obtaining ray promise to render
all the assistance in my power, Mr. Ashley
explained to me the kind of evidence he
thought it most advisable to present against
you. (I must bo very brief. I He thought
it would be very plausible to prove:
1st. That Booth had on .several occasions
paid you laminar tisiib at uie lurKwoou
This, it was honed
mipllt be. able to IU- I
ducekstftholuf fthu. .
. O 4 J af .
L femu'ef SrvntaUh
testify to. If this could not be done, then
it should be proved by some of my friends
who happened, to be at theihouse at the
lime, who knew Booth, etc., and saw the
2d, That vou corresponded with Booth,
wutch should be shown by one or more
nefsons who had taken notes from Booth
to vou. and your replies (contents unknown)
thereto to Booth. The witnesses should be
persons who profess td'have Been intimate
wi(h Booth, and to have been enlisted by
him to take part in the assassination.
3d. Tlmt'thevplacing of Atrerodt with
weapons at the Kirkwood was only a sham
although Atzerodt was not a ware of it to
intake it appear that you were intended as a
-rictmi, Snd thhs diBtracwll suspicion frdrh'.
yeu ' of conniving at Lincoln's murder.
by 'persons who could testify that they had
heon induced to enter into the couspiracy
...III. D..ll mm! linl iiai.rnrni.r1 n nil rf in
ornanitingit, etc"vhifch persons, it was to !
. . . i . . i . 1
be unaersioou, were inuuceu iu icsiiiy uuuer
an assurance Irom the government that they
should not be prosecuted for any part they
had taken.
The resolution under which Butler's com
mittee was appointed, it will be observed,
provides fur the protection ot such persons
who arc furnished with a good excuse for
not coming forward before by offering im
munity to all who wore connected with the
conspiracy who will now conieibrwjrd
and dieclosc their knowledge on the sub
4th. Xhat lfootii, just auer.uie .'iin oi
March, stated to an intimate friend in New
York. Whom he endeavored to enlist in the
miirii rnev. that he was" actings wun me
L-nnwIodiTt. nf the Vice President ; that it
liml hwn orrantred to kill Lincoln on the
dav of the inauguration, whioh wonld ac-
nn,mi far Air. Johnson's strange conuuci
. ' - - --c . .
oh that occasion, which had provJKea so
much comment in the press: that you ex
pected the tragedy to be enacted I hen, and
had taken "several potations to compose and
nerve you for that event ; and that you were
jiot fto mwen imoxicaiea its ncrvuus nuu
ATflt fHl.
T fiel muoh UeliOftft'iiu-J'rriug,to tyqn
.fnntna. hut I " canriot roform you ol your
" - jr- A - i j XL a. w
enwnies' plans and projects without .being
plain, and 1 am ouugea to write in too
tt.atn tn hp choice in mv lancuage.
B. CU . W V U
l aspired ASliiey inai a nnuuiu uac uu
dilScultv in finding persons of good stand
ing and moral character to prove those
mattfm. nd it was agreed that I should do
so is soon as released, A, T, G.
A a an earnest that I possessed-the Ability
tn do what I engaged, and in order to sat
isfy nome Ot their party who doubted the
existence of eviaenco to connect you wnu
the assassination conspiracy. Ashley and
Butler desired and pressed me to send for
two or three pereone of whose intelligence
and, qualifications they could satisfy theni-
I their incredulous friends.
rcememed, and Ashlcv BHtinlied tha
facta it wasnemrcd they ahonld know and
repeat, ami a lorwardcd them to a trusty
lricna. wun czpianaiions as to my
own purpoMa, and int ructions for him to
nrorure two" einer ineaas to commit to
Jnleniorv the alatemonta enolo?d to him.
arid", hen tnt Ibr to come here and repeat
tham (out not under oath J to such persons
as I, should indicate.
i n YT, .i i ' . 1 ' ' It
.V Lncif r-3.Jst..(V.:nn i:m!
in learn tlfeir parfa. the Rev. Mr. MatchfeU"
(HI wansent forlhem. in order that 4 1
michrdxi said that he, acent for the iml
peachers, had foundlhe witnesses, and that'
their character for veracity waK above snS
picidifi : " . ' ,
fr n rl t i n rr )idra f Ti Cm a noraAnc a'flrn in-
rtpeoted liy Ashley TnftpP 0 L n " - eX
lounu to poBse iiierequisfie quauucauuus
a toJntelHjnce-jpndi personal apj)ear
anceSulitMiuiSrttjnafeTy forlhe impeach-
ers.it'wadeejned necessarjf tp)hiak some
tionff tbtither portionti of their statements
befote presenin them to the InkSwarm
Tlnlt(Ia IlWhh fntptldfs! to inflame ft
hein'e ithnractinahle for "tlie men to ee toe 1
at the jail on isucb. buainew, and equally td J
fnimn tn minminti'sifc fft then! the desired I
!' changes and necessary explanations and I
infrirtinna-tn wrifirmr tft pnflhlp Ihpm to I
incorporate h6ae fch'angel in Jfieir original'-j'
siaiemeni, wnnoui jeaaing 10 comusiua i
or contradictions, it War tound necessary
,for 8omebodyel8e to Jake mypfficeof pje-
cepior, etc. inis, wun sngni neaiiauuu,
wxs done br Mf.vAshley.. oa my .assuranca
Wool," and men of honor in whom he
could safely repose confidence.
I hareJ learned, Jbotb Irani Ashley fand
were revised and corrected by Mr. Ashley,
and tbey were assured by him that in case it
should be determined to examine them be-.
fore the committee, they should be "splen-
ididly rewarded."
As,!le alB,. discoursed to them on the
proposed to pursue -to make certain of the
impeachment of the President. He de-
clarel that you were a traitor to your party
and country, etc, etc ; that there was no
doubt of your complicity in the assassina
tion conspiracy ; but that the evidence was
in the hands of your friends, and could not
all be got at ; Tthat enough, however, had
been secured to satisfy most reasonable
men of his guilt, but that, in order to sat
isfy the most exacting, the statements of
these persons before the committee would
be requisite; that the cud fully justified
the means, and that every man ivho con?
trfbuted in this way to the impeachment of
the President would deserve well of the
country, and that he (Ashley; would see
them rewarded ten-lold when your succes
sor should come into power.
i&nbsequently, the parties were presented
to, Butler, and, after being inspected and
passed by him, were introduced by him
add Ashley to several Radical members of
the House, who, it was understood, had
hitherto doubted the existence ot evidence
implicating yon in tiie assassination con
spiracy, and who informally interrogated
them as to the matters upon which they
had been instructed, A.J
iJutler desired to have taken the deposi
tions of these men at the time, but I would
not consent to its being done until I should
be released, as at first agreed.
'lhese facw can be proved by these three
persons, and also by my wife, whose char
acter for truth aiid veracity is not inferior
to'Mr. Ashley's: and I shall take pleasure,
if at liberty, in producing them before any
committee or tribunal tor the impeachment
of the impeachers.
15 ut the evidence of this conspiracy does
not depend entirely upon oral proof. The
letters from Ashley, herewith enclosed, in
themselves speak volumes. What state
ment B from me could he have wanted,
and for' what purpose? Anything it was
in my power to state to him could have
been stated to him orally a dozen times
during his previous visits to me.
Uhe statement he wanted was this, anu
for this purpose: There were many prom
inent Radicals, and especially among his
own consumems, .wno'were lukewarm on
the subject of impeachment; who were not
prepared to believe thatjyou were privy to
the murder of Lincoln, arid whose co-oper
ation was greatly needed. Ashley, there
fore, desired to beable to place Deiere them
assurances that the most unqucstionaDie
5 j r si. ..u 1 J., n
evidence 01 your gum uuuiu uc piuuuu-u.
nfe, therefore, requestid me to prepare an
elaborate naner. setting forth that such and
such persons could be' produced who knew
1 .1 . :f t 1 1. r. . nn ll.nntllAK
&IIU iCBlljy iu illlB, mat, auu uiuu
.1 . 1 1 r .1 t : T 1 1.
infng, inciuuing iu jitcieuaiuuo uiiu jjuuhi
1 .1 t.nnn n VVN.V. DanOF.l tllYIO.
UUU UCCU CCti ill juut iwym utivmi
that von had corresnonded with him and
with, parties in iiichmond; and that,tpe;
. . ... ...
nsrsons wno couiq lesmy 10 inese iaci
were of , the most respectable standing, and
1YUU1U uiuic lui n at u auu kii au ti.c..
. . rl . ... ... . TT - 1
. . 1 .1 r..flIA.J nn.l tt all 1 1 -1 tr l.naar
it protectea Dy me governmeni. xie witnuu.
me to put it in a style and tone that would
lin'aure to carry conviction with it. Hede-
'..o in o.lflWinn trt iho rinint nf pri
BUCU. ..... ... ..L.U...W.. ...w ,v. w- '
dence we had conferred about, my state
ment should contain others; and he gave
me a memorandum of other points which
lie requested me to incorporate in my state-
. r i -1 m, ? 3 . ' T 1
mem. lis. I mis niemorauuuoi j. eucioae,
and it6is-I believe, in Mafchett'a hand
wnting,.A.1. After preparing, the state
ment, l'sent it to htm afU'aledo, where he
wished to make useol it, 1.J
There is another note from Ashley en
closed, worthy of Attention. It is in pencil,
and was written at theofhee of Judge Car
ter, E. F. After the failure, through the
blundering of Matchott, to secure my re
lease at the time promised, I became angry,
anu used pretty severe language to .Mat-
chett. He went to Ashley and Butler in
alarm, and reported that I was going to
texpose the entire scheme to you.
After the "persons' I had sent .for to New
Ydrkas witnesses had' returned, Matchett
entl eavored, without my knowledge, to per-
suaue them to come nere again, ana in uis
letters to two of them he thoughtlessly
suggested some additions that it was de
sired they should make to their statements.
He made these suggestions by letter, as
his letters explained, because it was not
certain that he would be here when they
should arrive, or they might meet Judge
Bingham or some of the persons they had
been introduced to when previously here,
i ii . . i i - i
oeioro ne couiu see iiieiu anu give mem
their points, and he therefore wanted them
Alter my talking to turn so severely on
account of the failure to have me released
at the timenromised ID. F.l. Matchett be
came frightened, and seemed to get the idea
.i i. i i .i i
mat j. naa nis juuera iu iuum: uwm. auu
hatl sent them, or copies of them, to you.
He therefore made known his fears to Ash
ley" and Butler, and Ashley endeavored by
this note to obtain the letters.
I have iu&t been ordered to get ready for
the penitentiary.
i nry respecttuuy,
The following are the' several papers
which accompany Jibe above. The letters
of reference inserted in the foregoing, and
annexed to the succeeding, are not upon the
originals, but are introduced solely tor
yonr convenience in perusing mis repori.
lue siiDjoinea paper, neaueu memorans
ilhm," "by the hand that wrote it, bears in
tprhnl evidence of having been furnished
s n mide to some person or persons who
were expected to labncate corresponamg
o . . . " 1?
Shortly before the inauguration of Lin-
colp a'nd" Johnson, the lattr, through or in
connection with Booth, sent several letters
to the Confederacy, one of which was in
tended for Jefferson Davis. These letters
were borne by a messenger named Allen,
who had been acting as a scout or spy for
mm nf the Union Generals. Allen was
I -picket lines, and was supposed to have been
sent on scCTtduty, in connection-with his
command. Ho was also provided with
papers from a Rebel emissary at the North,
to ensure him proper treatment when he
should enter the Confederate lines. After
delivering his mail in Richmond, he re
turned, bearing several letters which he
received from J. P. Benjamin. These let
ters were enclosed to Booth. On returning
to Washington, Allen called on Booth and
the parties themselves, what was said and
done'bj'andtween .thcrajnth'matteft
rfflie.ta1eme1nWtieywefe desired to jnafefc
delivered' the package, and Booth, after j
pxamipingBopiff of the letters; went out,aai
he eaid, inrcli of hia njegtenger. The
messenger .could' not he found, and Booth
askecLAUen if (he was too tired trgo- ja far
ajthc-JKitkwood Howe. Allen, replied in
(he negative, when Booth, (drawing forth
the package brought frpra.Richmond'.POt i
jected a letter addressed to i"Androir Jobn-
an, vice i'repident elect ol Uie unitea i
states, ' nu asKea Alien u aeiiver u
Allen promised to do so, and then accom.i
panicdiBnotlito the bar-room, to first takda
drink- Here Allen met si friend, who was
nvited.tojoin therain-taking 3ilrinkr.and.
afterwanlaccompaniod himtatheKirkwood .
and heard him inauire u Air. -jonnson.
waa in. and saw him EOsfor his (J ohnaon's)
room. Thin friend waited, until Allen
nm down stairs, when--he asked him,
jocularly,, what in the! devil a business he
hurt In i n with JOnnBOn II Jie was Hi
?eady begging for an office. Allen, can be;
Braawm as weu w mr ku huuau.,
panied him to the Kirkwood from Booth-
Allen, before oing to Richmond, had
laA hv 'Rnhih-tA rseHeve '"that he was a
Confidential and secret agent for the gov
ernment, and tliat tneienersDonm dj uim
had reference to peace propositions, which
would speedily lead to a suspension of hos
tilities and the restoration of the Union.
And, also, that it can fnrther'be proved by .
two persons; formerly isaoei sciater?, mat
Booth, on the first or second day before
his death, fell in with them near, Garrett's,
and asked their advice, and assistance in his
efforts to escape. He informed them that
he had killed Lincoln, and thereby made a.
good Southern man President. One of the
partic, whose name is uawson, said to mm
that if he meant that he liad made Andy
Johnson President he had done the worst
possible thing for the South, as he was
more extreme in his views', and a greater
enemy to the South than Lincoln. Booth
replied that it was a mistake that John
son, as a candidate and office-seeker, had
to say a great many things, but that as
President he could do what he pleased;
that he was bound to be a friend of the
South, and that if he went back on him
(Booth) he would have him hung higher
than Haman. These men belong to good
families and bear excellent characters, and
can be produced as witnesses.
Here the paper ends; but the iollowing,
which was originally the final clause, and
is now concluded, is still legible :
For the names of Dawson and Allen,
used above; leave blanks, or substitute the
names of such persons as you know will
take their parls.
Thursday Moknino, April 18, 1807
Deah Sir : A telegram calls me to Phila
delphia, and 1 go on the eleven o'clock A.
sr. train. I, therefore, send you an en
velope, in which you can send me by mail
ypur statement.
I hope you will be able to put in the
office 'this evening, eo that I can get it by
next Monday.
Wishing ypu every success, 1 am truly
yburs, J-. M. Ashley.
At and alter the word " statement"
above, the words " incorporating the
verbal," are stricken studiously out.
Toledo, Ohio, April 28, 18G7 My
Dear Sir: On my return honie to-day I
found your favor, and the promised state
ment enclosed. I expect to be in Wash
ington on Thursday, and will see yon that
day or the next morning.
Truly, your triendj J . jtt. ashi.ey.
C. A. Dunham. Esq., Washington, D. C.
This letter seems to nave come here in a
common envelope, superscribed "C. A.
Dunham, present," which is much pocket
soiled. The same applies to the follow
ing: LD.j
CiwioniV A -r Tuna 1 af -
Dear Sir.: xbiir noteisnst. received.
Let your counsel act as they-deenv best,
taking advantage of every legal point
which may be presented. I think the.
course proposed by them ,is all that we
Truly, J. M. Ashley.
Next wo have the following :
House Reps., July 8, 18GT. My Dear
Sir: I have just seen your wife,
and have your letter, x.ou may rest
assured that I do not credit the false and
stupid reports made against you. If you
had theletters,Iknow you would never send
comes fo J . If you can put the
orioinat3 in my hands, 1 will see that no
-one shall take or destroy them without
your express order in writing, except you
are released. Will pee.your ,wie . again
.1 ' " .
mis evening.
Kespectlully, J. M. Ashley
C. A. Dunham.
This note is not written in ink, but in
nencil. and. though dated "House Reps."
is upon a half-sheet of plain riote paper, I '
apparently torn from some note which nadir'
lipcn Carried in the Docket. It comes here
in an envelope, superscribed, in pencil, u.
A. Dunham, isa.. Prison." 'Ihis envel'
ope shows, also, some apparently idle scrib.
Ai'Rrz. 2C, 1867. Dunham: It Is all
right. The matter will rest for the present, j
or till the thing is argued in Alay.
You will not leave the city ad interim,
Mr. A will return next week, when: any
other matters will be adjusted.
x ours, W.U.M.
This is written on a small scrap, in ink,
Superscribed. "C. A. Dunham, present."
On a still smaller, and much soiled scrap,
in pencil, but evidently by the same hand,
is this memorandum, or explanation
1. The " court'' cannot act without being a
"particeps criminis."
2. Congress will, at the proper time,' exer
cise its power.
3. Witnesses will be first called before
the committee.
For this despicable service Conover,
alias Dunham was to be pardoned out of the
penitentiary. The following recommenda
tions shows that Holt, the Chief of the
Bureau of Military Justice, and Riddle as
well as Ashley, the impeacher, were alike
interested in procuring the pardon
Fortieth Congress, United States
House op Representatives, Washing
ton, D. C, July 22, lSC7.-;QENTi.E3r2 :
I suggest that a petition, something like
the enclosed, be prepared and signed by yoa
fofr the pardon of Mr. Dunham. I think
he is clearly entitled to it, and hope you
will aid him all you can.
. Respectfully, J. M. Ashley.
Hon. J. Holt, Hon. A. G. Riddle.
The next paper is the following, from a
a late Representative in Congress Irom
Ohio, now a- member of the Washington
Washington, July 23, 1867. lb the
President of the United Statef SiRt 1 was,
early in Anril last, retained to aid thegov.
crnmcnt in the prosecution of John H,
Surratt, and took the general management
of . the preparation ot the case.
Tbfflabor and difficulties of the case were
great, and the government is under great
obligations to Charles A. Dunham for ranch
r.alnahle information, both as to theiacts,
and witnesses for the United States, and for
the history of and facts concerning the wit
neaies called for the defense. Although in
iail. he managed to keep informed, of the
progress of the case, and from time to time
mmmiin!fttl Jmnortant faclS'And sugges
tions, and seemingly for the sole purpose of
a fair investigation ol the case, wnemcr iv
feould work for hU benefit or not. It seems
to me that for hia services in thia behalf the
government should mark iU appreciation
of them in a way not to be mistaken.
Respectfully, A.G.Kiddxe.
Nothing is among the papers from the
office of the District Attorney, or from any
tot the' counsel in.the'Surraktriale'xcept-
fugTr. jRiidle. ' '
The. next recommendation' is from. the
Bureau of Military Jtistfcer
j WASriiNOTON1, jtfly 1867. I concur
jivith the'Hori. X Gt Rifldrein his estimate'
of thc'valu'dand Importance' of lhe services
rendered by Charles A. Dunham, as set
forth in thetJregoiiig,eiter to the .Presi
lient. A principle pf public policy leans
tofcernradntaf to' encourage, by all'honorable,
means, those1 charged witk'?crime to make
lisclfcBures which' may, drid bfteii do, re
mlt.iri unmasking even greater offenders
.han those who make them; and hence
When they are found to have acted volun
tarily, and in gopdjaithj.thq highest public
considerations require that 'theirponduct
Ihalj be generously appreciated. The ser
vices, of Dunham, with the details of which
Mr. BiddhVmust be entirely familiar, aa
ode of the counsel in the case, seem to have
beentterformed .without solicitation! and
(nifty interests of truth and justice, in con-
netiAn With one of the most important
criminal frlaUi which has occurred in the
t:..V-i. -r. ii J -1.1 .1. t,r. 1
uiHiury vi lue yyuiurj i uuu. .nuuuueii urn
disclosures were not directly connected
L r.ij? .'i r' i? ir T.'rt t. t .'-ir
wun uie criminality ,oj wuiuii jio iniurai
' L? J 1 - -t t.T J 1.t
has been' convicted, yel It is believed that
they do npt" the less bring his case within
the Bpirlt and reason of the rule of policy
referred to, and hence it is for the Executive
to determine hpw far they shall be accepted
at once as.a proof of his repentance, and as.
an atonement to the law, for whose viola
tion he stands condemned.
J. Holt.
A new hog disease, it is reported, has
broken out among the hogs of South Mis
souri, which, is killing off nearly all at
tacked by it. At first the disease wa3 sup
posed to be hog cholera, but close observa-
tion shows that the symptoms and actions
are' quite different from that disease. The
animal has mucli the appearance of having
what is known among farmers as " blind
staggers." As long as warmth and circu
lation are kept up, the animal shows no
signs of disease, but as soon as it is quiet
and inactive the suffering appears intense.
Ih many instances the eyeballs are turned
completely around, and frequently burnt.
The hog attacked generally lives from two
to three days. All remedies yet tried have
proved ineffective, and many farmers, are
in dismay at the ravages of the disease.
Judge FisnER, who materially assisted
the prosecution in the recent trial of John
H. Surratt. inliis speech to the jury, gave
vent to the following Pharisaical exclama
"In a cause involving the life of the pri
soner upon the one hand, and the vindica
tipn of the outraged justice of a nation in
mourning upon the other, l aeemea ii my
duty to cast not an atom in the one scale
o the other which might by any possibili
ty) tend to prejudice either side of the issue."
,Any one wno waicneu me iriai, anu saw
the extraordinary manner in which Judge
Fisher ruled against the prisoner, will be
surely tempted to place the Judge in the
same category with the witnesses whose
character for truth and veracity was so se
verely questioned by their neighbor's testi
mony. Philadelphia Age.
"W E II 8
rll-UUtUAC vVAt A Ajr.. UAl.UAilCiU,
J West of Cumberland Hospital, near Broad
street, is prepared to supply we cnoicesurianis,
Btiuanets, and cutl'lowers, suitable for Festivals
ana I'arueg, hi muuoruiu ui
invited to examine the stock
unces. Fames are
i at the Garden : or
orders left at the dru? store of W. J. Ac C. W.
Smith, corner Vine and Church etreet3. will
eccive early attention. ,
mayzsam sp. - --
3IIIS. r. G. S3I1TH -..Principal,
Assisted by an able and experienced corps of
egins on tho
First Monday in September
Mnnv imnrnvemcnta will be made- dnrintr the
Vocation, which will add greatly to the comfort
ana cmciency oi mo ostaunsamenu soma im
portant additions navo been maae to our corps
nfi tnaphprs. which will enable as to offer as
many advantages aa any scnooi in tne aoutu pr
Our Boarding Department will be so much
enlarged tnat we can easily accommoaaie one
hundred more pupug man we naa iasi session.
Terms of heretofore. For catalogues or other
information, address
1 Secretary and Business Manager.
J ' Columbia, Tean.
jy21 dAwtiljepl
NJB.W .,11131.
Late of EwingiCO. Latenf Evans. Files Co.
Evying &- Mc.Claagheriy,
Successor to O. EWISG & CO..
jfo. 18, Wonth Side Public Squaro,
THrEhare in store a large and well selected,
stock of IlAKlMYAtiis, to wmen we in-
tlia nttunfinn nfthe trade. e hare OUr
orders out, and will soon be receiving direct
from tne best J.ngusn anu ,Amencan,ninuiuc-
. ... .. ,l..l.i c.n'.!r JVi.. iha fall i TaAU
We hope to receive a iiDorai poruon oi ine
nnrrnnfii.ani me mercnaaii vuiunK (uuuiiuaci.
and respeciiuuy soiictiau iu caujuu ubuiuh
OUr SIMK Btiore ureuw ,rnn m,r
JnlyoU tittiau Jt mcuiiAuuucni i .
Shelby Female Institute,
Comer of Rroad and Tine Sts.,
this Institution will commence on tha llrst
lunndnv of Scntcmber. divided 'into two
terms of five months each. The advantages I
offered by this Institute are a sound and liberal'
English education, wnue- every opportunity is
oW,I.l nnnil, in Vncnl anil Instrumental
M(islc, Ancient and Modem" Language, and
Ornamental Branches.
In the Musical Department, the services of
the talented Lady Musician and Vocalist, whose
kill u in fullv aunrcciated last icssioif. hate
been again secured, and. in audition a resident
Professor. Who has .heretofore been associated
with the'Principal, will give first-
class instruc-
tion on the riAiNU.
TV,a Iiun.rimi.nt nf Mndftrn Lansnasss will
havo at its head & native French woman, and
thti French and German -will be taught as
spoken languages. t ,
Tim Hi-ntifiir llcnart mentis unnTftllea in the
South for the completeness ot its Apparatus,
collection of Minerals and Pictorial Illustra-
uons, and will continue to oo taugni oy iae
V?r Prinmnnl fnrmirlr Profflr in tue-Nash-
villo University, and who30 abilities are so well I
Known: ... , . ,
Thn nnritinn nf tha hnildinzs. formerly KOOWn
as the Shelby Medical College, is central, airy
and convenient, and tnq most carenu a.iienupn
U paid to the health, eomtort, naDiis, moral auu
religious improvement oi inepu
Thn Prinoinal ronEitentlv noi
o re-
suits of tho cast session for the bt certificate
of the character and success of the Institution.
TERMS Board and English tuition, session
of five months. $isu. . .
For terms of day pupils and other informa
tion, see Catalogue or apply at tne itut.it.uio.
hki). o. niiTi.KK. A-M frincmai.
GEO. S.BLACKIE.A.M., M. D Vice PrincipaL
jrzu diwztn
IB G.. P.AT. copy fn daily 2m .1
Mount Olivet Cemetery.
of i
lit at
friends or relativei m the Keceivinsr
t Mount Olivet Cemeterv ara rcnueeted
to attend-to their burial without delay.
Iy order of the Board of -Directors.
C. "W. ANOE, Secretary.
A. NELSON & CO., Agents.
'Clen. Grant's teftor to Stanton.
WashinqtoNj Aug. 3.VThq,'.follQivi.ng
is Gen. Grant's letter to Mr. Stanton, ac-.
cepting the war portfolio; j u, ., n
WashiNqton. "D. C. Aug. 12,! 18G7
Hon. E'. M. Stanton, Secretary of tyar
Sir : Enclosed herewith X havetthe honor
to transmit to you a copy of a letter just re
ceived from the President of the United
States, notifying me of my assignment as
acting Secretary of War. and directing me
to assume the duties at once. In potlfying..
you ot my acceptance, l cannot let we .op
portunely pass wnnoui expressing io you
my appreciation of ihe zeal, patriotism,
firmness and.,ability with whicK ypu, nave
ever discharged the duties of Secretary: of
i: War. With great respect, your obedient i
servapt, v. o. wtsant, uenerai.
The Keform BUI In tiie Prltfsu Par
- linmcni.
London, August 12 'Midnight, In the
House of Lords fo-nigjit the consideration
of the reform bill was resumed. Earl Der
by was present and moved mat uie tiouse
recede from all its amendments to the bill
except the one providing for the represeh-'
union oi uie minorities wuicu uau ueen ac
cepted by the House of Commons. After a
long debate the motion was put and carried
in favor of the governments
Humors nml Speculations about the
New" York, August 13. The Tribune's
special saysr The suspension of Stanton
has cresed some excitement, and many
speculations as to whose turn it will be next.
Randall and beward are singled out very
generally. It is the almost universal im
pression that both of these gentlemen will
sever their connection with the administra
tion for the reason that both are disgusted
with the President, reward has leaned
strongly-towards Stanton iri all his troubles
with the President, and especially in this
last one. This afternoon after the Cabine
meeting the ex-Secretary and Mr. Seward
were out riding, and this, witli other things,
has given color to the report, that Seward
will leave the Cabinet by his own free will
sootier than wa3 expected.
mi XT nr.' : - 1 .... .1 .i il Ti
me xieraiu s special siaies inai. me x res
ident desires that all of his Cabinet should
send in their resignations, that he may
make a general revision of his cbunciL
Sewaid and McCulloch are believed to be
in bad odor -at the White House, and re
ports were in circulation looking to the
speedy decapitation ' of Jndge Hall and
Gen. bhendan.
The Times' special stivs the President
intimated to night that he -will soon tender
the omce of Secretary ot War to a distin
guished ex-Governor of Hew England,
i i. ' tj l- iir.
prooamy meaning Anurena, oi mass.
Nheridnu Complain of Ronsiemt
ItOnlstnnn Afliilrs.
KeW York, Aug. 13. The I?ew York
Tribune's Washington special says: Gen.
Sheridan has written a letter to Gen. Grant
complaining bitterly of the conduct of
(Jen. Jtousseau in n ew Urleans, stating that
he exerted hisinnuence with liebel citizen?
to prevent the acceptance by them of Gen.
Sheridan's construction of the reconstruc
tion act, and also of his general demeanor
towards him. It is not true that the Pres
ident telegraphed to Gen. Steedman to take
Mr. Stanton's place. Gov. Flanders, of
Louisiana, has ordered an investigation ot
the connection of ex Governor Wells with
the levee bond swindle.
Nashville Blood Horse
X villa Course will commence on
and continue during tho week.
Thn f.illnwinz slakes are nroooseu. and will
close thelt5th duy ofAHBiist, viz:
year olds, that have never been trained previ-
nnb tn trim inn. l na nn.su di ik luiioi cu vu-
trance; play or pay. The Association to add
S100 if the race is run. To be tun TOESDAl,
the first day.
rtllPEV STATTE Vop three vear olds that
have never appeared iu public; mile heats; SSO
cntrancor Dlav ernav,
he Association to add
$200 if the race, is run.
To be runxutsuAi,
uie nrsi aay.
'THR'RVflRPTlON STAKE Two mile heats.
fprallages; 850 entrance: play or pay: free for
..11 Avnnnlinr. ' f limrin. ' 'fit llM mil fin flHMnil
day of meeting. Association t6 add $300
race is run.
niIMRF.rtr.ANn STATUE NO. I For three
year olds; milo heats; $60 entrance: play or
pay. tne Association io auu tsw ji, iuo n
run. To be Tun on the third day.
nl.ls; the dash of a mile: 850 entrance;
.play or pay, Association to add 3200 if the race
is run. To be run on the fourth day.
year olds; two mile heats: $50 entrance; pla;
or pay. Association io cau iiu u iuu ics 1.1
run. xo do run on nun aay.
Five or more te fill the above stakes. To
name and close August 15, 1867. Entries .ad
drssed to the Secretary.
V. A . ioiaaiaa.l., rresiuenu
GEO. TV. D AIID EX, Sec'y ahi Treas.
iulyI61m . i
Seminary for Young Ladies,
A Superior Boarding" nndiDay School.
Xolnt In -tlxls SoUOol:
1. EiiRlUb nml Mntlicmatlcal Conrie,
the same with first-class colleges.
8. Pare French ly a Trench Teacher.
German and Spanish next session. Our
rates for these, though lower than other
schools, will be continued.
3. Entln nnd Greek, without' charge.
Latin Is vital to scholarship. " It is," sat
George P- Marsh, "a petrifaction of the
principles of articulate language." .
4. Music mnde attractive, by new seven
octave Pianos for practice.
5. School Deak.H thenew,ntt-nl Atylo.
6. jEstheilefStndlp!.
The beautiful Paintings nf last year speak
for themselves.
7. Good Health. .
The bill for drugs for ten rnapthrwM 51010.
Result of good diet, thlfough -venti.latI6n
and filtered water.
8. Moral Influence.
Sacred music in chapel free to all Pupils
worship in the city Churehes of thMr choice
. on the Sabbath. . -,
U. Homo Influence.
The Society of the Hause the Etiquette of
the Table the many iesaons on polite cul
ture are indispensable to many nnd valu
able to all-
The next session will open o& thi
Catalogues, giving full particulars, furnished
on application-
ItEV. W. E.' TTAilDl i 1
Princi pal .
bank: notes.
Legislature of Tennessee passed December
12th, 1866, entitled an art "To expedite the dis
tribution ot tne efiects of jiaau. which cave or
may make assignment amonir their creditnn."
notice is hereby given; ia tho holders of thoaotsl
ot xHi usioxiiAXx or xxxytssES tofiictbem
with tho undertipod, at the -Bank in Nashville,
between now and tha 1st dav of Jmnirr. irh-
teen hundred and sixty-nine. (1889.) and receiTO
certificates therefor, err thn- triu ha forever
barred from any participation in the assets of
u cuis. xne cenincaics win do reewveu i
?AK m payment for debts due the Uanic wneia
er tendered before or after the 1st of Janu
ary, 1869. JOS. W. ALLEN, Trustee. .
Dec a5,SfiG.-21-6m
Is- I " i ' ... j.
W.V. Berry. ; 5K Barm..11 :-
John Eirkman, Jaa; P, Klrkmuv..
D. Weaver. Edirar Jone. '
62 Don't F. Carter, A. J . Duncan
Alexander tan. -ass. r.. uinman,
Edmund Cooper. ' "
Government S.e.uritiei.
i uraics arawn in sums u sun on xiuuuua, now
York. New Orleans. Cincinnati-, St. Louis, Louli-
yillo. aicmphii.ietoi Hr lit i
0-20 Bonds and 7-30 Treasury It ote always
on hand for sale. " "
j Hishest premium paid for Compound Interest
W, W-BERRYi President: T - i t, '
JOHN KIKKM AN; Vfc President;
i717 . - i :
I N S U K Ai'NO'Ei"-'
Marine and Fire-
ulNSVBAKOC company;
ler the new charter, is now open for busine
Next door to corner of Union street.
JOSEPH W. AXI.EN, Prciideut.
A. W. ltinT.EU,Sccrctn.-x.
John M. Hill, Watson M. Cooke,
(C. A. R. Thompson, D. Weaver,
Daniel V. Carter, John B, Johnson
K, B. Cheatham, John W. Terrass.
Q. W. Uendershott, A. Q. Adami,
Josepn W. Allen.
uect ly
Capiut and Auttts Sl.410,118 60
Paid up Capital and Assets S1G0.00O.
Cash Aaet - SI.SOO.OOU
Traveler's Accident Insurance Co.,
Capital and Asw'j .. . $736,00)
Risks, and Losses promptly adluate-l at this
Office. Also, applications far Lib ami Aeeidant
rials in the above first class Companien.
V nf tbMnflinj 40. .V) andifiO saws. All cot
ton fictors know the, superior finish, and style
that the Oarrer.niii ffivojto every samcloof cot-
top. It does. no'P'obop. or. nap the staple; but
snows tne iint.iisiuu lengin, una preserver iuo
style. ,
Serid for circular. .
Agents for El CARVER & CO..
Corner Colleze and Sroad sts.
TT Flour, in barrels and sacks, which will be
sold on as favorable terms a? other first class
brands. Every package warranted in tho com
mon acceptation ot tne term, ana. men warranieu
not to De scut DacK to tne mercnani.
jy7 6m sp.
Corner College and Broad sts.
1. Vnnnrn Ilnuia in fnturn will be conducted by
J. G. BLEDSOE, who has spent more than
twenty years in this busineu in Louisville, Gin
..innntl unit nther cities, in cofThection with It
F.BELL, of this city, nnd S.E. HARE, one of
its tormer proprietors, i no once sepi lueuom-mcn-lul
lfntnl. nf thin nlace. We hone by strict
attention to business tn receive aliberal share of
publio patronage. Our table shall always be
supplied with the best the market utfords, and
bills very reasonable. . .
may 28 3m Proprietors.
isOTDSIsl-Y & STEfiER,
Attorneys - at - Lcviv
.OFFICE 2 77
North Cherry street
(up stairs,)
unc tf
JL koo! pay In f hnslnesi will send for
ciruuiar cuu(Biniairiniorinii(iun re-ipectinv iqo
manufacture of an ILLUMINATING OIL sim
ilar to Coal Oil. which can be nrodtteed with but
very little trouble or expense, and will yield a
nrnfit ttf ft V tA xiv npr AAnt Dnlva Rmall
capital reiulred to MnunDee with, are
ofienng Town and County Rights at 923 to
$200. A county right is a fortune to an enter
prising man. AddreM. enclosing sfamp.
No. 65 Second street. Baltimore. Aid.
tar Circular! may be seen at this office
fulvlS 2awlm
Eight Giles County Homes.
J publiely, to the highest bidder, about Eleven
Hundred Acres E1U Klvesr- Land, divided
into eight tracts.-varying in tze from, one bun
ArA tn f wn hiinilrad anil fiftv acres. These
.lands are twelve miles south of Pulaski, and
tbree from micioD,-nn ine rayeuoviue roaa;
ari in one of the best neighborhoods in Middle
TennesJee. fertile, healthy, welt watered, suited
to the growth of cotton, eraM, grains, ete. One
division contains a gin. elegant residence, cis
tern, outhouses, etc.; and other Iota hare
buildings necessary for the comnirt of a family.
Bethany High School and Church distant about
a mile. Terms liberal, either for those who
desire to buy for cash pr on time-
Nashville. Augusta. 17 -aOgl eodtd '
. 0. IV. Gibb vi. G. W- Lance et als.
the complalnant's'biU, which 1 worn to. that
the defendant. O. W. Lanee. Is non-resident of
the State of Tennessee: it is therefor nrdered
that publioation bo made inaniwipaper tor four
weeks, requiring said non-mietent to appear at
our next term f the Chancery Coo.t. to bo
holdcn in the Courthouse in Spartn en the third
Monday in September neat, to plead, any tveror
demur to said bill, or the Sime will be taken fur
confessed and et for heoring ex Pjrtfl. et- . ,
ng64tw P.THRWEY.aand M.
Leftwich 4 Dibrel! vs. E- 0. Thompson Heir
: ef bM-
TFTIIliJ whieh is a-om to, that
I compUunanU b". jpWn'a h.irs. (whose
"rnVlVaall nn-reil.nt of the State
ift52Si-' i " therefore ordsred that publL
,lWJE&"ta nei.r tw four weeks.
'uWCW nemreklsnt.U aPt-eur at our
nt utm of tho Chantcry Osurt, fc be halden
lathe Courthause in tpartn on thathird Monday
ini5eptcmbtr nt, and pjead aniwjur nr demur
tojaid bill, or ihe same will be taken for con
fessed and set for hearing ox parte, ete.
augfi 1 4tw P. TUIINEY, C and if.
i . ti
The OenlrtS Organ o? futile Ssu:
timent in Tennessee1!''1 ' .
Subscription IJrice Reddr
; , . sFOUTllX JEOP1K.. ! . '
t -
Nov. fa : tfie 'Time' to SubsoriBs.
DISPATCH, and by the generous and united
support of tho Uxiox xsd Distatoh by the
patrons of both the former papers, the Proprie
tors are enabled to present a Newspapcrhlthe.
tq unsurpassed in thw eity or State.
(EWS, our paper will compare favorably Rli
tiie best in the entire country; and in saytnc
this, we only repeat the expressions of many
our patrons, who ara moat capable of judging; In
uch matters.
In the Political Interests of
the People,
fore, will take the Constitution and laws fijr its
guide: and in the discussion of all the new and
intricate questions and issues arising out of the
extraordinary condition in which tho country i
placed, it will adhere to the prineiples aa
teachings of the founders and expositors of our
government and institutions. It will endeavor
toiguard with vigilance and defend with unwa
vering earnestness and faith the rights and Inte-
sts of all tha States, and the essential princi
Iss which constitute the basis of the Republic.
We shall oppose all invasions of these, and
uphold, to the utmost of our ability, the anten
of the States under them. Feeling that they
are endangered by the revolutionary sehemea ot
the Radical politicians who now hold thejLegls-
lajivo power of the Government, wo shall abate-
siaing or our past opposition iu uijir uim
jr With these views, whieh are no lees than.
ryiound convictions, we ennnet'and will ft
hesitate to defend the unfortunate Ssuth.frB
the aspersion! and impiMltiens heaped upinlte
people, and urge that JuaTlci and RlQH? sEall.
be meted out to them.
Our Manufacturing and
mestio Interests.
We shall constantly admonish fh&
neonle to be self-reliant, and shall ttwBfW'
may bo ablo te induce the oMabrUhEaent M
manufactories in our midst fer our heme pro
duct. Terthis end wewill pay speekl atfenltla
to the cost and statistics of manufacturings
and exert ourselves to encourage the diversifi
cation of Southern industries and the devolep-
-nent of Southern resources.
Our Financial and Commer
cial Column.
Every department of business has an imme
diate interest in the markets of the country, add
in its financial fluctuations and condition. The
man who fails to keep himself properly ad
vised aa to the rise and fall of the markets, as
controlled by the laws of demand and supply. .
and the relative condition of tho currency, if
exposed to constant toss, and must neeeasarMy
fall behind his more intelligent and enterpristag
neighbors. In ordw to mako our paper valu&Wo
as well as interesting, we shall continue to
make this a si-ioial fkatobk. Our Dally
Market Reports, domestie and foreign, by tele
graph, and our City Reports, gotten up at heavy
expense, have challenged the eommendatUa ot
out-best business men; while ourenrrent Finan
cial Reports from all the leading. mener centre
of )the country are fuller than hare ever e
published by any other journal in Tennessee..
Upon the Subject of Agrioulirire
And kindred toples, we shall also give an ex
tensive variety of valuable and Interesting rat
ter the best adapted td the farming ases Oi
our State, which will, in a great measure, sup
ply the place of a family agrieultural paper.
For the Family Circle,
And for the special pleasure and pr'At ftlfe
young, each week we will rive a general literary
and religious miscellany, riething shaft MK
lu wty Into our columns unfit ftr the perwal
the) mothers and daughters ef We land. Deprer
eating tho demoralising senationalism f many
contemporary Journals, we shall estiew ttmt
character; striving to give the'reader substaotfal
matter, preferring to- be ufulraiher tfran
Deoisions of the- Supreme
1 .
! Court.
in view o the necessities of the legal profes
sion, and thotgeneral public interest attasMsg
to ha many new questions earning befrro our
Judicial tribunals, wo wUl publish all tie im
portant deeUtona of the Supreme Court, from
o5cial eoorees. which may be reHed MH
entirely trustworthy.
Ife are gratified bin ab,e t0 sblie at
the! very larg inereaso in the number f eur.
Dally and Til-Weekly subsaribera eaaU us U
reduce the price of sabseriptloi. to these edMM
We do to the more cheerfully I xxwwe the neces
sitfes of the people, in the im leverMed oondl
tion of our striaken leetion, t nuirea snoh apai
oeuionj aj can be reasonably I Jade in their ie
terpU. From and after the lKt January, there
fore, oar
tl 00
3 00'
And for shorter periods at the same rates.
3 We learnettly appeal to our friends to aW
ia xtehdfng our etreulattan: and In therehy is
(reasiss our means of cscfuInAss. A epy of tha
jiapcx will be f ent gratnltoastr to. any ne tend
lis 'tea nbicriben to eithnraf theeditienf.:
j. W. BROWN, aca-irM.Acw
jaa2& tf.

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