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Teniw at Nnisrrltl".
Dally. Ter ew- ""ZZZ "u(fl'
Oatfr, per month - - tgj
flj, pwweek ZZ'.'.- 5JJ0
WVMklr. ror year r$
7mkl7- per yew ""'
Payment Invariably in adranao. and the paper
tawnHnucJ when the time paid far expires.
Vduntary comrfnatrtttoin, ntrtBTg inter
tiislmprtantnew.ellUed "m r quarter
Sow letter from the varietu counties of the
State espeaially desired.
TI I IT US I AT, Al'Itll. 0. 1SGS.
.arscst Circulation In City and State
JVICWfei OF Til 3 2 WAY.
Tliore were -Beventyfivc death in New
Orleans last week.
The cold weather hag severely Injured
the peaoh crop In the vicinity of St. Louis.
TliPre were flixly-ninc Cream New York
laBt monthtDrolving lowea to the amount
of atiout half a million.
A few days ago a vessel arrived in New
York from Liverpool, having thirty-two
professional pick-pocket on board.
In Broadalhin, Fulton county, New York,
Mrs. Sander, of Albany, while on a visit
a fewdayg since, fell down Btair and was
It is said the Bishops of the Church of
Ireland have united in a note to Diaraoli
requesting hira to save half the Church
revenue rather than lose the whole.
A private diiip&ich from Hartford, Con
necticut says that it is highly probable n
Coneryatirc Republican will be elected
United States Senator.
The President lian declined to exercise
lirecutive clemency in the case of Wells,
rentenced to prison at Frankfort, Kentucky,
for ten years, charged with being a gueril
la, robber, etc.
Gen. Grant has forwarded to Gen. Bu
chanan the papers relating to the case of
Street Commissioner Baker, of New Or
leans, who it is rumored will again be re
niovml, and Peld, the 'Hancock appointee,
A suit brought in one of the courts of
New Orleans by Judah 1. -Benjamin for
recovery of fees for legal fcrvices before
the war, has been decided adversely to the
plaintiff, on the ground that he forfeited
his rights and credits by participating in
A child in the arms of i Ih mother was
killed in New Orleans on the filh inst. by
a ball from a Monte Cristo ritle, fired from
a garret window a square distant. The
police have arretted the man who fired the
shot, winch is said to have been nn acci
dental one.
Civilization is advancing with rapid
strides in the young territory of Montana,
JLuey have mat selected grouuda for a rem
tcntiary at Deer Lodge City, and the ncces
sary buildings are to be erected at once. It
is now costing $30,000 a year to maintain
the convicts.
The McConnellsville Herald announces
the death of John Gray, supposed to be the
last surviving soldier of the American
Revolution. Jt occurred 'at the residence
of his daughter, near Hiramsburr;, Nobl
county, Ohio, on the 29th tilt. Mr. Gray
had just completed his 10 lib year, lmving
been horn early in J01.
Mre. E. Widnor, aged sixty-seven years,
of Itutland, III., was brutally murdered on
the Sd inst., by a man named John r times.
who was working the farm of her husband
-on shares. He had a lawsuit with Mr,
Widnor at Elgin on the same day, and
killed Mrs. W idnor in revenge for his de
leal in me trial, rurncss has neen nr
lor the nrst time lor years the pnvi
lege of a member of Congress was pleaded
in tho courts of Washington on the 7th
inst,, in a case of debt. Senator Snrauue.
of Rhode Island, pleaded his privilege as
fceiwtor against his late gardener, Wm
McKcnna,who wanted to hnng an action
lor a small cicbt. under the privilege no
mombcr can be sued here or while coming
from or returning to his home.
John Reeves, a carpenter, was murdered
at Terrc Haute, on the Cth inst., by a for
mer omployc named John L. Stevens. The
cause of the murder appears to ho that Ste
vena claimed money which Reeves had
already paid for Stevens board, and on
Reeves refusing to pay it over, Stevens de
liberatoly shot him three times, killing him
. rt. t. . i
meianiiy. elevens was lmmeniaieiy ar
rested and is now in jail.
Mrs. Cady Stanton, who has been can
vassing among Congressmen at Washing-
ion lor her new paper, says she is surprised
to learn, on the best authority, that prob
ably two-thirds of the eet speeches read
from manuscript are not the production of
those who delivcrd them, but are prepared
ny newspaper reporters, anu me literary
gentlemen at ashington.
A corporal named Henderson, attached
to the garrison nt Columbia, south Carolt
na, who was tried by court martial, a few
days airo, and found guilty ol striking Col
Guenther, while on duty, wan sentenced by
the court to bo reduced to the ranks,
drummed out of camp, to have his head
tdiavcd, to forfeit all pay, and to be impris
oned for three years at hard labor in Fort
Macon; and during the term of his ini
prisonment to wear a hall weighing thirty
two pounds, attached to a thirty-six Inch
The Conservative Army and
Union of Washington are arranging for a
National Convention, which will be held in
May or June, when they may nominate a
tickot for President and Vice President,
which will represent the conservative and
patriotic ideas of the soldiers as well as
oitiipna, or they may recommend some
person to the Democratic National Con
vention as their choice. It does not neces
sarily fallow became it is a soldiers' con
vention, that they will express n prefer
ence for military men, &a their sole object
is to promote the succww and the Demo
cratic and Conservative cause.
Negro equality is not popular with sol
diors. A few days ago one Tucker ad
dressed tho negroes about Warrenton, Va.,
advising them not to work for any one with
out Ihoy were admitted to the familycircle
and otherwise recognised as equals. The
sflldiers there became so incensed that they
made an assault on him, and the officers of
that post had to escort him to the depot, to
save him from the infuriated soldiers.
Citizens took no part in the difficulty. The
result of his teachings is the negroes have
left their employers, and are living on the
Ikireau. The lessee of White Sulphur
Spring, Virginia, lost fifty freedmen, om
playcd at good wages, as lis refuses to com
ply with their demands, as instigated by
At half past two o'clock, on the morning
of the 7lh inst., Darcy McGee was sliot'
dead by an unknown assassin as he was
entering tho lioiwe where he lodged, in Ot
tawa, Canada. The 111 ised through
McGeo's head ami lodged in the door,
whleh he opened. The son of the land
lady, who came up soon after, found the
body on the pavement, but saw no person
in the neighborhood, and heard no foot
steps. It was a clear, bright night, and
the assassin must have been behind the
funce of vacant lot opposite, anil made a
vary hasty retreat into the incisure just at
tke left of the Parliament House. Drains
imtraded, and the sidewalk was covered
with blood, indicating that the weapons
was bald close at the head. No trace of
the assassin has been discovered.
iMFEACHHRNTiBthc tan asm for the ills
that hmt Rndieulism, or rathor tho ob
steal that stand in the way of the usur
pation of the Radieal party. Tfcey nro
"new talking about impanelling Chief Jus.
tioo Chase. The Washington oorroe
psndont of the Baltimore Shh writes:
"We have further threats of -tho imponoh
ment of Judge Chose from the extreme
Radicals, One Radical Senator said
this morning: 'Wait till we get rid of tho
President, then look out for Chase. Wo
trill impeach him sure,'"
We print this morning what fpurporta
to be a revelation of thejoath, grip, pass
won, nnd objects, .of '4ho organization
commonly known as trie Ku'-KInx Klan.
Its accuracy is not vouchi'd for, for its
source is not authentic, but on tho con
trary is one casting strong suspicion on
its genuineness. Indeed, tve do not Touch
that there ia any such associattonjn ex
istence, and are far from regarding the
paper of the Memphis Superintendent of
Polico as reliable proof He prefaces it
with the story of the mode in which it
came into his possession, which the pub
lie will reoeivc for what they may deem
it worth. In publishing it, we do not de
sire to pander to prurient curiosity for
the horrible and mysterious, but to inform
the public in regard to matters in which,
whether this farrago be true or false, they
have deep interest 1W, if it be the
first, it imlioatoa a htnlc of socipty truly
appalling, and llU proper Hint it should
be realized atoiiee; and if it is a Radical
invention to excite prejudice and form a
pretext for tyranny nnd oppression, it
should be oxhiliitod and exposed if possible.
Wo have said it was fearful to contem
plate n condition of tmoicty that could
bring into existence ah organization of
the character imputed in Mr. Beaumont's
publication. If Jt exists, however, there
is a need for it, and the cause is ns bad
as the consequence. Sane and civilized
men do not bind themselves by such
oaths, and band themselves into such as
sociationa in mere wantonness. Nobody
of men in Tennessee, or any other South
crn State, would deliberately adopt such
moans of protection, unless they wore
mado deuperate by a ruthless and intol
erablo despotism. The world will refuse
to believe it possible that any considera
ble number of individuals, young, mid
die-aged or old, have leagued together
with such awful oaths and direful purpo
ses, without justification. If, then, this
be KuxKluxism, nnd a veritable thing, i
is a torrildo testimony against the mis
government that has wrought it, and the
most overwhelming condemnation that
can be adduced against Radicalism.
provesthat the latter has broken up tho
very foundations of lnw and ordor, and
sundered the ties which sustain the so
cial fabric ; nnd bus precipitated a con
tost between tho strong hand of a govern
mont seeking to oppress the superior class
beneath the domination of tho inferior,
and tho nggrieved who resist this unnat
ural and unjust policy, that if not soon
avorted, will take on as bloody a shape
as the strifes of men ever woro in tho
dnrkost ages of tho world's history.
tixi: rui-ci.ui:x'.s iiukkau.
Last full Gen. Howard reported that
thero was no necessity for the continua
tion of tho Frecdmon8 Bureau, and re
commonded that it be turned over to the
supervision of the military commanders
in the Southern States. But the Radi
cals, many of whom aro connected with
tho bureau in some capacity, who profit
by the negro vo'.o, became alarmed at
this suggestion,'nnd forthwith set to work
importuning Concross to continue tho
bureau for at least one year longer, in
the hope that "reconstruction" would
take placowithin that period, and that
thov Would bo eimbled to net the offices
rin the various States through tho negro
vote. But this political machine is main
tained at a heavy exponse to he people,
and the heavilv taxed in the Northern
States nro beginning to grumble at this
imposition for tho benefit of a few ad von
turcrs and political gamblers. The St
Louis Democrat, one of the most Radical
of the Western organs of tho Republican'
party, says :
"We find it very difficult to understand
the reasons of Congress for voting to con
ttnuethe Freedmen's Bureau anotheryear,
The bureau can hardly fail to do more
harm than good after the completion of
reconstruction and the admission of newly'
organized States, and the action of Con
gress, therefore, looks much like an ad
mission that its plan ol reconstruction is
nbt likely to succeed."
J he Philadelphia Aorli American
another organ of the Republican party,
whose radicalism will not be questioned,
says of this grand govornmont machine :
"The distribution of free rations at tho
South is a gigantic evil. The commerce
and industry of the whole nation earnestly
demand the rebuilding of the prosperity of
the cotton culture, while here stands a na
tional bureau readyto feed all the freed
men, whether they work or not. How under
such circumstances the cotton cultine is
ever to regain its former pitch of import
ance we cannot see. Gen. Howard attempts
to remedy the evil hy loaning to the plan
ters millions of the money of the bureau
on the security of their crops. But had it
not been for his ration nuisance, these plan
ters would have stood in no need ol such
aid ; and whether they do or not, we think
it is not the business of the government to
play the part ofthelmnker for the planters.
Ihe existence of the bureau should termi
nate with the admission of the reconstruct
ed States, (ten. Howard himself recom
mended the discontinuance of the bureau
at the time fixed by law. The courts of
tho South are now all open to the freed
men, who stand there in full equality, as
parties or witnesses, with any other race in
he country. I hey have the civil institu
ions in their grasp. The bureau is, there
fore, no longer needed. If it be abolished,
the idlers will all have to go to work to
earn their livelihood.
These nro only specimens of the pro
tests which tho more candid of tho Re
publican papors are uttering against the
continuance of this partisan institution.
But the Radical members of Congress
have decided that tho interests of their
party domand that the bureau shall be
continued, and that tho millions which
will lie required by this institution for
the support of the negroes in the South
must bo furnished by tho govornmont-
A standing army must be maintained in
order to see that those negroes are
brought to tho polls at every olection to
vote for the purpose of establishing a rot
ten borough systora of blaok supremacy
over tho whitos in tho Southorn Jstates.
So wo go.
Hugh Wilson and John Barrier court
ed the same lady in Neshoba county, Mis
sissippi. Barrier married her, but idie left
the house of his mother immediately after
the corimony, in company with a brother
of her other lover, Wilson. Some days
flor, Wilson met tho parson who tied the
nuptial knot and manifested his displeasure
at that proceeding by beating the unlucky
preacher with a hickory (tick. He then
aoggCAted that if the reverend gentleman
had any friends around, he- would like to
take a whack at them. Barrier though
that perhaps he answeretLthat description
himself; a shooting-match followed ; Wil
son was dangerously wounded, and Barrier
was killed outright.
I .me irraj ana uimes, under mtorma--tion
brought to' its attention by one of
sForney'8 papors, and derived by this lat
ter from the Constitution of tho United
States, warns the faithful that impeach
ment of Andrew Johnson will not per
manently get rid of him. We presume
from the serious style in which the an
nouncement is made, that some Radical
ignoramuses had been laying this flat
tering unction to their guilty souls. Tho
Press and Times is careful to admonish
them f that this is a most "inexcusable
mistake," and to urge "caution." Be
wary, it says. Ejection from the Presi
dency will only unfetter a monster ; and
transported with fright, the editor's horror-struck
imagination pictures numer
ous calamities. First, he may becomo
Governor of Kentucky, and inaugurate
another war against "the best govern
ment tho world oversaw;" or lie may
tako command of things in Delaware, and
sitting at her capital "squat like a toad"
make untold mischief; or worst of all,
after swinging round an. immense circle,
may return to Tennessee, and squelching
out the gubernatorial aspirations of some
such "trooly loil" son as Stokes orMul
lins, finally land in the United States
Senate again, and thero bo a thorn in the
side of his persecutors for an indefinite
The opinion that Mr. Johnson would
be rendered by conviction, disqualified
for any offico under a State government,
is an error. Article 1 section 3 of tho
Constitution sayj :
' Judgment in cases of impeachment
shall not extend beyond removal from
office, and disqualification to hold and en
joy any office of honor, trust or profit un
der the Unilea States."
Membership of either house of Con
gress is not an offico under the United
States, and tho ex-President would there
fore not bo ineligible to fill such a posi
tion, and, of course, would be competent
to any State offico whose functions were
performed within the limits of the State,
This is a clear proposition.
"Wo arc not arguing it, however, as if
it wero disputed, but have alluded to tho
subject, rucroly to notice tho consterna
tion which Tennessee Radicals are suf
fering nt the bare thought of being
brought face to face again with that
tribuno of the people. Andrew Johnson
is still President, and if tho Tennessee
Radical ingrates who fed from his hand
for three years, will let him alone, he
may not disturb them in the way they
dread; but if they successfully houn
him to deposition, ho may turn and ren
them. Blood may not flow here, as the
truculent Stokes predicts, but the fu
would fly, they may bo sure.
Titk Washington correspondent of tho
Cincinnati Gazelle writes on the Oth inst
as follows :
"Ex-Governor Pierpont, of Virginia, to
gether with some of his political friend
arrived here mis evening to try and in
duce Gen. Grant to set aside the action o
Gen. Schofield in removing Pierpont. Gen
Grant heard the whole case, and after a full
examination oi the matter, positively re'
fused to interfere, and so informed Gen
Schofield, and his new appointee, Well
will be inaugurated to-day. It is also
known that Gen. Grant heartily approves
the action of Gen. Schofield concerning the
refilling of those offices where the terms o
present occupants have expired. Pierpon
is very much enraged, both at Gen. Scho
field and at Grant, and is busy repeating
stories concerning the former, among news
paper men to-night, which are known to
be whollv unfounded, and circulated deliu
erately, in order to create sympathy for
himself and cover up the total inelhciency
of his administration.
These Radicals seem to know each
other remarkably well. Pierpont was
very good Governor until he fell unde
tho ban of Schofield, when it was pro
claimed that he was totally inefficient.
We shall now see what Pierpont thinks
Jiitlirc WnlUrnit iicriileu no I in no
JnrWtlirf Ion in flic Avnlnnrlio Case.
From tho Memphis Avalanche, April 7.
At ten "O'clock yesterday morning the
Municipal Court room was filled with spec
tators, drawn thither to hear the decision
of J mice Ueorire V. alflran in the Am
lanche habeas corpus case, announced to be
delivered at that hour. Ihe proceedings
being somewhat delayed, the decision was
not delivered until nearly eleven o clock
It comprised only a few words, decided
want of iiirisdiction, ordered that the pcti
tioners be remanded to jail, and are as fol
"The defendants were imprisoned for con
tempt When a person is imprisoned for
contempt hy a court of competent jurisdic
tion, he cannot be discharged by another
Judge when brought before him on habeas
eorpui. Ihis court has no jurisdiction over
this case, and can give the defendants no
relief. The defendants are remanded to
The maionty ol the spectators, antici
pating a difcharge of the petioners, were
not a little taken attack hy the decision,
and for several minutes alter its announce
ment. a profound silence prevailed.
Finally. Attorney Ueneral Wallace aroeo
and stated that Col. Oaliaway had inti
mated that, in the event of the decision
being adverse to him, he desired a few hours
before the execution ol the sentence in
which to arrange some private business de
manding his attention.
Gen. Sale remarked that a little matter
of ccftiorari or supersedeas was contemplated,
which would carry the matter to the su
preme Court, now in session at Browns
ville, and prevent the execution of the
Gen. Griffin, Hunter's counsel, immedi
atcly sprang to his feet, and rather excited
ly insisted on the sentence being executed
at once, ile opposed granting any delay,
Judge Waldran, entirely ignoring the
anxious attorney, remarked that he was
exceedingly anxious to see the case settled
by the highest authority. It was one of
great importance, involving the rights of
private citizens, and to a certain extent
the rights of the courts. Although he
would not concede the rict of the petitioners
to an appeal, he was willing to suspend
judgment for a reasonable time, to give
the petitioners an opportunity ol present
ing the caf o to the Supreme Court on a
writ of certiorari and tupcrseda. upon
giving the necessary bond.
Colonel Landon C Haynes mentioned
he vacancy on the Supreme bench, caused
by Judge Hawkins' resignation. It would
Ik iunioasible for any business to be trans
acted until the vacancy was filled.
J udge aldran further remarked that
the court could not proceed too carefully
n a case ol tins character, and as there
remed to be a doubt in the minds of at
torneys about the matter, ample time
should be afforded to present the case to
the supreme Court. He suggested six
days, as the writ desired could he issued
hy any of the Supreme Judges.
Mr. litillock moved a suspension until
five dava after the court commences trans
acting business.
Judge Waldran then stated that he
would erant ten days, and if it appeared.
after due diligence on the part of petition
ers' attorneys, that farther time would be
necessary, it should he afforded. Mean
while the petitioners would be admitted to
bail in $2000 each.
A transcript will at once be made, and
the case taken to the Supreme Court at
The indecent haste of Mr: 'Griffin was
tho subject of much ' comment by the bar
and iipectitors. It revealed a personal
feclinir in the matter inconsistent willvthe:
dignity and courtesy that should charac
terize nn honorable attorney, and wholly
belied his former and frequent professions
of a desire that simple justice might be
done. The dirtiest of carpet-baggers conld
scarcely have shown more exultation over
the pronounced opinion. . .
TnE right of tho new Sheriff and
County Court Clerk to take tho offices to
which they claim to have been elected in
Sumner county has been contested Tho
Gallatin Examiner says it was the foulest
election ever held in that county, and
that on the hearing of the cases, certain
grave questions will be presented having
Borne bearing on the matter in issue.
Washington, April 8. Mr. Wilson,
from the Military Committee, reported a
bill to continue the Freedmen's Bureau.
Mr. Horton called up the bill to exempt
the property used for school purposes in
the District of Columbia from taxation.
Mr. Howard called up the bill requiring
that the reports of the railroad companies
bo filed at the office of the Secretary of the
Interior instead of the Secretary of the
Mr. Trumbull called up the bill in re
gard to the qualifications of jurors. It pro
vides that the expressing of an opinion
founded on public rumor or the statements
of public journals shall not disqualify a
juror otherwise competent, and who shall
take oath he can give verdict according to
Mr. Sumner introduced a joint resolu
tion proposing an amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States. The pro
posed amendment is as follows: No per
son elected as President or Yice President
of the United States, who has once served
as President, shall afterwards be eligible
to either office. Referred to the Judiciary
Committee. Referred.
House ol' Itoprcsonlattvt'H.
Mr. Robinson offered the following as a
privileged resolution :
Resolved, That the resolution of im
peachment against Andrew Johnson, passed
February 24, 1S0S, and the proceedings
amendatory thereof, or supplemental there
to, be and the same are hereby rescinded,
and that the managers be recalled.
The Speaker ruled the resolution not
privileged, because it was pending the mo
tion on which the previous question had
been ordered, on the 31st of March, as to
printing forty thousand copies of Butler's
opening address, and no business was in or
der, except by unanimous consent, until
that was disposed of.
Sfetr Tork Items.
New Yohk, April 8. The various suits
in the Erie litigation came up before the
Supreme Court in the general term to-day.
On appeals from the order suspending Mr.
Drew from several injunctions, and from
the order appointing a Receiver. Mr.
Lsurneu openci tne case lor Lirew in a
argument against the legality of the ap
pointment of Osgood as Receiver, contend
ing the convertible bonds were authorized
by the general railroad act of looll, and
that the action of the Erie directors was
sanctioned by that of other companies, in
eluding the New lork Central and Hud
son. As to the proceeds of the stock, the
appointment of Keceiver was erroneous, be
cause the stock was in the hands of the
innocent third parties, while even were it
illegally issued and the proceeds in the
hands of the companv, no cause would ex
ist for the appointment of Receiver. On
these grounds the defendants demanded a
reversal of the order, with the costs,
contending the stock wasfradulcntly issued,
and that a large sum improperly obtained
therefrom, and the order for a Receiver
should be made permanent
William Field continues his argument
to-morrow lor appellants.
In the case of Schell vs. the Erie Rail
road Company, before Judge Barnard, the
answer of Jay Gould to the attachment for
violation of the injunction was filed. He
denies having any knowledge of the issue
of 50,000 shares in stock, but believes the
certificates of stock in blank were madc-by
the officers of the company before the in
junction, and that the ii-xecutive Commit
tee issued convertible bonds to the extent
of ten millions, half of which passed- into
the hands of Groesbeck, and half to Daniel
Drew. The same evidence on the subject
was submitted, but no conclusion reached,
and the argument in habeas corpus case
ol Jav uould takes place to-morrow.
A challenge from Coulter to Hammill,
for a five mile race anywhere between
JJrownsviIIe on the Monongahela river
and Wheeling, appeared to-day.
A German, name unstated, was arrested,
charged with an indecent outrage on his
own daughter, aged fourteen.
The corner stone of Booth's new theater
was laid to-day.
A convention of photograghers, number
ing two hundred and hfty, and represent
ing the profession throughout the country,
is in session here, and a subscription is
started to contest the extension of a patent
which is considered injurious to their
The A-Hitssimttloii of Hon. TIioiiiiih I,
New York, April 8. The World's Ot
tawa Bpecial of midnight, says the assassi
nation of Hon. Thomas D. McGee has
thrown the city into the creates! gloom,
No clue haa been got of the assassin. The
flags are half mast, and the event is freely
discussed in all quarters of the city. Par
liament it is believed will pass resolutions
to-morrow denouncing the murderer or
murderers, and profering sympathy to the
bereaved widow. All day long the House
of Parliament has been thronged with
people eager to get information in regard
to the crime. To-day 4on. Messrs. uait,
Mr. Speaker Cockburnv, Hon. Mr. Doran
and other members of thegovernment, col
leagues of the deceased, paid a visit to the
bereaved widow, who is almost insane
with crief, and sought to console her in her
trouble and affliction. The different vol
unteer corps met to-night, and great excite'
ment prevailed, and it was believed by
some that another Fenian raid was about
to commence. On Saturday evening Mr.
McGee was present at the dinner given by
Mr. Cockburne, the Speaker of Parliament.
and it was noticed that he was somewhat
gloomy, and reserved his U3ual flow of
iveuness and gaiety, as if he had a sad
premonition of the terrible fate about to
befall him.
The murder has created an intense feei
ng against Fenianism, although it is not
known whether he was assassinated by the
rishor not. i heUrangemen are jubilant.
and threaten vengeance against the Irish
residents. At a meeting of St. Georee's
Society to-night, great excitement was man-
fested hy the members, and it wa resolved
to attend the funeral of Mr, McGee, which
promises to be a moat imposing demonstra
tion. The assassin must have been within a
few feet of his victim when the pistol was
ischarged, as Ins brains were scattered in
fearful manner all over the sidewalk, and
is blood had also bespattered the pannels
of the doors of his residence.
The Herald's Montreal special savs. the
feeling isalmo.it universal that the assassi
nation of Mr. McGee must be charged
upon the Fenian emissaries from the United
Slates, who are supposed to be the precur
sors of another gigantic raid upon the Can-
l- rrM . . e r
auas. .mere is a great ireiing oi uncer
tainty existing ; no one knows whose time
t will he next, the murder is the subject
of conversation everywhere, and many al
tercations have taken place between promi
nent supporters and those of tho Irish pop
ulation opposed to Mr. McGee's course.
A Montreal special says that the McGee
murder haa created intense excitement.
Erominent loyaltlrish citizens are vjry un
easv. as:a plan of: general assassination, in
5wl,irh 'those concerned in Fenian nrnsprn-
' tion there, is reported. 7
The American Consulate s flag was tow
ered, and the Consul officially reported the
matter to the United States government.
The body will be met to-morrow by the
citizens en massee, and the funeral will
take place Friday. The body is to lay iD
state Thursday, and a grand funeral car
is being built. The funeral is to be a great
popular demonstration. Sixty thousand
persons is expected to be present. The
polico are on the alert, and the outlets to
the States are closed. The Royal procla
mation is placarded everywhere. The Fe
nian leaders here are very quiet
Ottawa, April 7 Evening. The ad
journed inquest was resumed in the after
noon, and a large number of witnesses
were examined. 1 he evidence taken was
mainly in connection with the finding of the
body after the murder. The case againBt
Whelan deepens hourly. Thegovernment
detectives are in possession of a slron?
chain of evidence implicaing him, and the
Crown reckons confidentially on his being
the man. a loaueu revolver was lound on
his person when arrested, and a cartridge
in one of the chambers was evidently new.
This chamber bore traces of having
been recently discharged ; other chambers
were bright and clear. The bullets with
which it was loaded were exactly the same
as that which killed Mr. McUee. It is
generally believed that a gang of ruffians
are mixed up with the assassination. Two
or three parties, against whom there is
strong circumstantial evidence, were ar
rested as accomplices of Whelan. In order
to expedite the trial, the Crown will proba
bly take the case out of the hands of the Cor
oner to-morrow, and then it will be brought
before the Jfolice (Jourl.
Toronto, April 8. A man named Jas.
Ryan, formerly a member of the Execu
tive Council, was arrested in this city by a
government detective, and was brought be
fore a police Magistrate to-day, who re
manded him until further orders from Ot
tawa. Montreal, April 8. A public meeting
of the citizens was held at noon to-day to
express their indignation at the assassina--rion
of McGee, and condolence for the fam
ily. The most intense excitement has pre'
vailed all day.
Counctictit Election, etc.
Hartford, Conn., April 8. Complete
returns from every town in the State have
been received at the Courant office, giving
English 1571 majority. English's majority
last year was y.
The Times' Richmond special says it is
rumored that Gen. Schofield will remove
Mayor Rice and other officials.
Cominuiilcntloii from tho Commis
sioner ofliullmi Affairs.
Washington, April 8. The Secretary
of the Interior sent to the House to day a
communication from the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs, who says, referring to
official reports of the 20th and 21st of
February last, in which reference was made
to the necessity of certain appropriates
being made at an early day in order that
the faith of the government and the prom
isea of the Indian Peace Commissioners
may be kept good. I desire to say that it is
evident to my mind, unless immediate ac
tion is had by Congress upon the estimates
referred to in said reports, and the neccsa-
ry funds appropriated to enable the Com
missionera to carry out and fulfill the
promises made with certain tribes, we shall
have trouble with them. I am led to be
lieve this from various rumors that have
reached this office of the feelings and in
tentions of certain bands and tribes on tho
plains. If we expect to keep the Indians
friendly with the government and at peace
with it, we must fulfill our promises.
otherwise we can but expect, as would
be the case were we dealing with white
men and Christians, and a renewal of the
troubfes of last summer. Besides, if our
agreements nre not faithfully carried out,
the Indians will soon loose all confidence
in the government; they will believe no
thing told them by its officers, nnd 'an al
most endless war will be the result, which
will cost millions of dollars to suppress,
and to avoid which thousands are only
asked. This question has become of so
grave importance that I deem it my duty
again to invite your attention to it if we
are to have another Indian war this sum
mer. Washington Items.
Washington, April 8. In the Senate
this afternoon Mr. Wilson, from the Com
mittee on Military xVflairs, reported the
House bill, with an amendendment, passed
March 19th, 1808, to continue the Freed
men's Bureau. The amendment consists
of an additional section by which the Com
missioner is empowered to sell for cash or
by installments, with ample security,
school buildings and other buildings con
structed for refugees and freedmen by the
bureau, to associations, corporations or
trustees, who now use them for education
or relief. It also provides that funds de
rived therefrom shall be returned to the
Bureau of Appropriations and accounted
for to the Treasury of the United States.
Gen. Hancock will establish permanent
headquarters to-morrow at the corner of
Nineteenth and G streets. No business is
being transacted at his headquarters be
yond the ordinary routine of affairs.
Judge Curtis, who will open for the de
fense to-morrow in the impeachment case,
will speak only from notes, not having
written his remarks in advance of delivery.
There was a greater demand to-dav for
tickets ofradmission to the Senate than on
any previous day since the trial becan.
Some members of Congress have promised
or given orders for their tickets for a week
to come.
The land office has official information
that 390 farms, comprising nearly 32.000
acres, have been added to the productive
areaol fionda under the homestead act of
June, 18GG.
Messrs. Hlodgelt andParrott.oftheGeor-
giaConstitution Convention wereappointed
to proceed to Washington to intercede in
behalf of some five hundred Georgians
under political disabilities, publish a letter
in which to inform their constituents that
everything depends upon the result of the
coming election in their Slate. They say
if the Constitution is adopted and recon- I
struction safe, and. the officers elected from
true and loyal men, then the homestead and
relief measures are safe.
Cable I)!m)r1c1iih.
London, April 8. It is said that Mr.
Cranbourne has been otlered the Governor
ship of Canada, and Earl Navs that of In
dia. Lord Fitzgerald, Lord Justice of the
Court of Appeals of Ireland, has resigned
Ihe Irish Hierarchy will soon petition
the Queen in person against the change in
the Church.
Deeds of violence are of daily occur
rence in Uork.
The grand jury has brought bills of in
dictment against all of the prisoners except
O'Neill, who is charged by the Coroner s
jury with complicity in the Clerkenwell
outrages, their trials will commence next
London, Evening, April 8. AH doubts
as to the safety of Dr. Livingstone are dis
pelled. Sir Roderick Marchison to-dav
received a letter from a distinguished tray
eler. which came via Zanzibar. Dr. Liv
ingstone writes that he is in good health,
and his journey of exploration has been
suecesful, and he will soon return to Eng
land. Virginia Convention.
Richmond. April 8. In the Convention
to-day the resolution prohibiting the Legis
lature from eatabtiftliing separate schools
for the two races wan defeated, 67 to 21.
AH proposition for relief, including tho
homestead extension, vcaadisciifised to-day.
The 9peaker refused to give way to allow
Sergeant Bates, who ia here, to be invited
on the door, taying he did not want to see
the flag brought in nnder Copperhead
The Republican State Executive Com
mittee, have resolved to call a Convention,
on the firet Wednesday in May. to nomi
nate Stale ofiicers.
Thrftter llnrnnl.
New York, April 8. Butler's American
Theater was burned last nirhl. Tha ntnra
lose about all their wardrobe?, valned at
www ; io on onuaing ana other proper! v
" Miscellaneous.
Memphis, April 8. The committee ap
pointed by the Arkansas Convention for
that pnrpo3e,j;havc declared, tho Qonstitui
tion adopted. -No order hai been received
fromlGen. GiJIeoi announcing tho result of
tho election. ' r
The late high prices of the staple ha
induced many planters to prepare for put
ting in much larger crops than was in
tended. New York, April 8. The Photograph
ers'. Convention adjourned to-day, after
action looking to the appointment of conv
mittees in each State, town and city of the
country to collect funds to contest the ex
tension of a certain patent, which they
consider inimical to their interest.
Hartford, April S. The full vote of
the election in Connecticut is 99,323 ; larger
by 5000 thap over before. Governor Eog
lish'swnajority is 1735.
Washington, April 8.The special bill
relative to jurors, was before the Senate to
day. It will allow the courts in the case
of Surratt and Jeff. Davis.to summon jurors
from any State in the Union.
The impeachment managers met to-day
to consider some evidence not offered, con
cerning the President's intention of de
feating the tenure of office bill. No decision
made. Another meeting takes place to
morrow, Ottawa, April 8. The body of McGee,
after funeral services at the Catholic
Church, was taken to Montreal. The
family of Mr.Gee will be amply cared for
by the government. Two men, named
Wheelan and Doyle, were arrested last
night on suspicion of being concerned in
the murder of McGee.
St. Loots, April 8. Accounts from the
plains state that Indian depredations have
been going on to a fearful extent. They
'are murdering men and boys, carrying off
women, stealing horses ami burning
ranches, etc.
Minneopolis, Minn., April 8. This
city has elected a Republican Mayor by
240 majority.
Chicago, April S. The great match
for the billiard championship of America,
between McDevitt and Melven Foster,
commenced to-night. On 35th inning,
Foster, 791; McDevitt, 200.
St. Louis, April 8. The entire Demo
cratic ticket was elected here yesterday.
The Democrats have eight out often Coun
cilmen. Botson, April S. Dickens gave a fare
well reading here to-night and made a
brief speech of adieu. The audience gave
three cheers as he retired.
Jackson, April 8. In the convention
the franchise bill was under consideration.
The day "was occupied with debates.
Wilmington, N. C, April 8. The
registration here is as follows : First day,
whites 50; blacks 19; second day, whites
103 ; blacks 105 ; in the middle sound pre
cinct for the two days were: Whites 50;
blacks 37. The excitement is over, and
registration is very great, but there has
been no disturbance during the remaining
three days. It is thought the whites will
outregister the blacks.
St. Louis, April 8. Sedalia and Jeffer
son City elected Radical tickets. Kansas
City and Leavenworth elected Democratic
Mayors. The city of Carondolet, Mo.,
elected a full Democratic ticket.
CnicAGO, April 8. In the forty-fourth
inning, eleven o'clock, Foster had SG4, and
McDevitt 481.
No. "71 North Cherry .Street,
York, where be personally selected a stock
01 goous. consisting ol
Cloths, Cnsiinpi-K nntl Vesting",
offers to his frienda nnd the public generally, the
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Now ready for Canvassere,
Clinrntcr, Conilnct nnd Itesnlts."
Send for Circulars, with terms and a full de
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A. notice of Jus appointment as Assignee of
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lilncg, r. .Mitcbell. Henry Jtedlsbeimer and
A.J. mow Dlrter, 01 raihville. in th county ol
Davidson and State of Tennessee, within eaid
District, who have been adjudged bankrupts
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apr52ra tB.j
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IT at 10 o'clock, Wednesday, April 15th, a
largo number of
on and around St- Cloud, and near the Depot of
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Terms uuin.
apr7 td Assignee.
Eleventh Quarterly Statement
or THK -
Fir.sf Monthly of April, 1SC8.
Bill nnd notes dlseountedSSt!.775 16
Leans on collaterals 133.&S 7U W16.7OT 85
U.S. Bonds deposited with
Treasurer of U. H S&.UM CO
U. S. Bonds on hand 3S1 00 00 U6JM) 00
Compound intereit notes, M.VJ) 00
l'remlum Aseount 7,771 ui
Due from Banks (sight
exchange) - 1W.151 92
Legal tender notes lfti.180 m
National Bank notes 69.800 00
Fractional eurreney US0 38- 222.360 33
rn 8UW.961 11
Capital stock SHOjOOOOO
Surplus fund 20,000 CO
Exchange Aeeeant 1,02! w 21.033 07
Individual deposit and
certifieatesof danoslt I.W3.SI7 79
Duet. S Treasurer-. J -1.H7jMO 21
Due Bunks and Banker. 2J87 88
EDGAR JOXr.S, Ca.'hlir.
State op TM.twsEf, I
Davidson Ountv. I
Sworn to and subscribed before me. April 6, 1?W.
apri lw A. U. KUKVJIH.. ft- f.
ON hand;
I Of, barrel best Family Flour-
Some Whisky eijear; orj consignment.
pr5 lw TU03, PARJTB3 i 00.
Middle Olrtlricl of TcnneHMcc.
-- notice of by appointment aa Assignee of
Miles II. Mayea, A ireu u. renuieion, wavia
Humphrey. Lewis Karger. Ben. h. Brown,
Ieaae Cohen, Phillip Ulumentbal and Hm-
P. Elliott, ot Nasnville. in tne county
said District, who have been adjudged bankrupt
upon thair owp pstjtioas, by the District Court of
laid District. ' . .
.' Ti.i-trit.in ana ncaia ol i ennesflcc. wiimn
a-a. t-'iiAuisuuttni-;. Assignee,
apr21aw3t Office, 62$ Church street.
In Bankruptcy.
1st da7 of April. A. D. 18G3. a warrant
in bankruptcy was tssuwl agninst tho estate of
Isaac Oppenhcimer, of Nashville, in the county
of Davidson, and State of Tennessee, who has
been adjudged a bankrupt on his own peti
tion; that the payment of any debts and deliv
ery of any property belonging to such bankrupt,
to him or for nis use. and the transfer of any
property by him. nra forbidden by law; that a
meeting of the creditors of the said bankrupt,
to rjrovo their debts and to chooso ono or more
assignees of his estate, will be held at a Court
of Bankruptcy, to be holdenlon the 3d day -t
May, A. D. 1863. at 3 o'clock r. v.. at the
office of the Register in Bankruptcy, No.83H
Church street, in Nashville, Tennessee, before
Alexander & Bradley, Esq.. Register.
aprO 2t 17. S. Marshal Mescnger.
2d day of April. A. D. 1S63, a warrant
in bankruptcy was tamed against tho estate
ofC W. Brown, of Nashville, in the county ot
Dnvidson and State of Tenno.wee, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt on his own petition : that
the payment of any debts and delivery of any
property belonging to such bankrupt, to him or
tor bis use, and tho transfer of any property by
him are forbidden bylaw; that a meeting of tho
creditors of said bankrupt , to prove their debts,
and to chooso ono or more assigneea of his estate,
will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to bo
h?ide.n, on ,uo ,,,n Jay of Mav, A. D. 1388.
at o clock p. v., at the office of the Register ia
Bankruptcy No. 82k Church street. Nashville.
Tennessee. berro Alexander S-Bradley. Kwj..
api9 2t U. S. Marshal. Messenger.
. U dar of Ap' A. D. 1S8S, a warrant
in bankruptcy was issued against the estate ot
of V m. fc. Johnson.of3d'District.inthecountyot
Davidson and State of Tennessee, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt on his own peti
tion: that the payment of any debts and de
livery of any property belonging to sueh bank
rupt, to him or tor his use. and the transfer ot
any property by him are forbidden br law; that
a meeting of the creditors ot the said bankrupt,
to prove their debts, and to choose one or more
assignees of his estate, will be held at a Cenrt ot
Bankruptcy, to be holden on tho 24 day ot
May. A. D. 1S63. at W o'clock r. -tat the
offico of the Register in Bankruptcy. No.
Church st-, Nashville, Tenn., before Alexander
S.Bradley, Esq.. Register.
aprO 2t t . S. Marshal, Messenger.
the 2d day of April. A. D.I 1S3, a warrant
in bankruptcy was issued against tho estnto ot
S. S. Halljof District No.l.Tn tho county of Da
vidson and State of Tennessee, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt on his own peti
tion; mat the payment of any debts and
delivery of any property belonging to such
bankrupt, to him, or for his use, and the trans
fer of any property by him are forbidden bv
law: that a meeting of tho creditors of the said
bankrupt, to provo their debts, and to choose
ono or moro assignees of his estate, will be held
at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden en the
4th day of Mny, A. D. ISGS. at 2J o'elook
p. 11.. at tho office of the Register in Bank
ruptcy. No. 82K Church street. Noshvllle. Ten
nessee. before Alexanders. Bradley, Esq., R
apr9 2t U. S. Marshal. Messenger.
1st day of April, A. D. 13t8. a warrant in
bankruptcy was issued against the estate of James
T. Deonart, of Nashvil te, county of Davidsen atd
State of Tennessoe, who bos been adjudged a
bankrupt on his own petition: that the pay
ment 01 any debts and delivery of any property
belonging to sueh bankrapt. to him or for hH
use. and tho transfer of any property by him are
forbidden by law that a meeting of the rred
itors of the said bankrupt, to prove their debts,
ana to choose one or more assignees of his estate,
will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be
holden on the 2d dny of May. A. D. 1SJ.
nt 2 -S o'clock p. u..nt theoulceof tho Register in
Bankruptcy, No. 8S)4 Church street, Nashville,
Tennessee before Alexander 3- Bradley, Kin,.,
aprO 2t U. S- Marshal. Mcengr.
A- tho ltt day of April. A. D. 1963. a warrant
in bankruptcy was issued against the estate of
Albert O. Garrett, of District No. 21, county of
Davidson and State ot Tcnnetseo, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt on his own petition; that
the payment of any debts and delivery of any
property belonging tocuch bankrupt to him, or
for his use. ami the transfer ot any nronertr bv
him, ore forbidden by law: that a meeting of
the creditors of he said bankrupt, t prove
tneir ucDts and to cnoose one or mere aiMgnees
of his estate, will be held at a Court of Bank
ruptcy, to bo holden on tho 2d day of .May.
A. U. ms, at 5 o'clock p. y., nttheoflko ef the
Register in Bankruptcy, No. S2fcChureh street,
Nashville. Tennessee, before Alexander S.
Bradley. Bq., Register.
apr9 2t U. S. Marslml. MeMenger-
rpilM IS
x tho 1st day
of Annl. A. V. 1S8H. a warrant
in hnnkruntey was issued against the ootnie of
Solomon B. Scligman. of Nashville, in the eeunty
of Davidson and Slate of Tennessee, who has
been adjudged n bankrupt on h'w own pe
tition: that the payment of any debts
and delivery of any property belenging
to such bankrupt, to him. or for hw ute.
nnd transfer nt any property by him are
forbidden by law ; that a meeting of the ar ed
itors of said bankrupt, to prove their debt, nnd
to choose one or more assignee of his ertate.
will be neld at n Court of mnkruptay. to bo
holden on tho 2d day of May. A. D. 1S08.
at 3 o cloak F. at tho offiee of the Register
inBankruptsy. No. 82 Chureo street. Nash
ville. Tenn-, beforo Alexander S- Bradlef, Bq ,
aprO 2t U 3- Marshal, Meesenger
- 1st day of April. A. I). 169. a warrant In
banCruptcy was issued against tne estate of bam
Jackson, of Nashville, in tho county of Davidson
and State of Tennessee, who has been ailjadged
a bankrupt on his own petition; that the pay
ment of any debts and delivery of any property
meni 01 any ueuis ana aenvery 01 any property
forbidden by law; that a mooting or the ered-
itors of the said bankrupt, to nrove their debts.
and to choose ono or moro assignee of bit estate
wilt be held at a Court of UanUruptey. to lie
holden on tho "nd day of May, A. D.
1363. at 4 o'clock r. r.. at the office ef the
Register in HankruDtcr. No. 82i Chureli street.
Nashville. Tenn,, bofore Alexanders. Bradley.
Esq-, Register.
apr!) 2t U H- Marshal. Mewenger-
.'Hit rlnv of Afnrrh. A. f). 1S(W. a warrant in
Imnkruptey was isued against the estate of Tbon.
Uriggs. of Triune, ouuuty of Williamson and
Stato of Tennessee, who has hen adjudged a
bankrupt on his own petition 1 that the pay
ment of any debt and delivery of anypreperty
belonging to such bankrupt, to him or for hli use,
and the transfer of any property by him ore
forbidden by law; that a meeting of the eredt
tnr nf the said liankmnt. to Drove their debt.
and to choose one or mere amgneea of his es
tate, will be held at 11 Court of Bankruptcy, to
be holden on the 3Mb day of April. A. D. lSf.
at Id o'clock a. 11.. at the offieeot the KjMkter in
Bankruptcy, at the LourtIinue in franklin.
Tennessee, before Alexander S. Bradleey, Bs.,
If. It. (ibAHUOwK,
apr1-' 11 u.n. .Marsnai. Ale
the 111 day nf April. A. D. 1H08. & war
rant In banCruptcy was huueu against the estate
of Robt. T Bush, of the county af gun
iter, and State of Tennessee, who has been
adjudged a bankrupt on bis own petition; that
the payment of any debts and delivery of anr
property belonging to such bankrupt to him, or
for his use, and the transfer of any property by
him, are forbidden by law; that a meeting ot
the creditors of the said bankrupt, to prove
their debts and to choose one or more nMzniM
of hU estate, will be held at i Court of Bank
ruptcy. to De nolden on the tith dsy cf May,
A. D. 1803. at D o'clock a. at tho e ffiee of
the Register in Ba.kruptoy atibeCevrtbetMe
in Gallatin. Tenngasoe. before Alexander
Bradley, Bsn., Register.
aprO It U- S- Marshal, aleatesger.
31st dav of March. A.D. i8tti. a Wurtant ia
bankruptcy was Issued against the astute ef
I j ham L. Mathews, of Dist. No. 19. m Ink earn n-
tv of Williamson and State of TennetM.wiiah
been adludged a bankrupt on hitetTBltetiUeti :
that the payment of any debts asd delivery of
any property belonging to such bankrupt, tebtui
or for bis ue, ami the transfer ef any preperly
by him are forbidden by law ; tint a meeting m(
the creditor ot the said bankrupt, to prove their
debts and to choose one or more oMigneea f his
?.-., :n l. I..I.I . . i1..., . r it l
to be holden on the ma day of Anril.
183, at 9 o'clock, a. M..atthefBeoTthe j
ter in rianKrupiey, at tne uourtnouse tn Frank
lin. Tennessee, before Alexander Bradley,
Esq-, Register
gpr9 It U. S. Marshal. Mesener-
j Public Square- Nprlup Joois mow
rcmly. In Cloths. Casimere awl Venting!.
the assortment.! unequaled. Style elegant
and nriees lnw. CentaiM the bmnU oxttBseva
stock of line goods in the market, eaeroalftgsll
the nereltiM r.r gentlemen's wear, te sw be
mils the attention of his friend ami the itvMie
generally. , .
gprl ira tit" itHuwAI't
IsGS. signed FA- HuMe. ami indersed .
M. Ba.. ha been lMt. The nte k the tirm,.
rrty nf Jno. M. Bam. The pubtte are hereby
warned against traillHir fur it. A retranl win Wm
given to any one who will bring the ate ft the
u.hok ixn I'ibpatch nmee.
aprl tf
AdmiiilMtrntor'M Notice.
,re hereby nuMid t brinr'Ame
nu anu utnuiiU i.ri(i.l'ntLM
their aeow
eated. within tfce time pnnerJbeJf by UmT ir
ther will be forever barred in law al, eHt?.
and all penons indebted to him nre heeler re
quire.! to ome ferward and pay, or theesalm
nut no piaeeu in course ot eolteMMa.
No. 5S Pnblie SqnkrerNalrte.'rfe.-
December 21. 1R7.
Engine and Boiler.
Can be seen. land
A. D..

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