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.ft V-. iJ I
Li 11
NO. 91
j. Notice to Subscribers.
' WnW you find y before your namn on
jour, paper, pleasa renew your subscription,
.u'it notice that the tim for which it
ibu beon, paid will ijiro in a lew ilayri.
lt'A terV tiMited mt in the Daily Bul
letin will be allowed for advertisement?.
Terms, $1 for each square, 1st insertion ; 6uct.s
'or each tubsequent insertion.
Articles of much length, intended 'or publi
ntion, must be handed in in the forenoon to
;au- publication next day.
Obituaries, Tributes of Respect, and Funeral
- inTitations charged as advertisement:;, bat mm -tages
and deaths published as news
Advertisements of eharitablu institutions at
:lf price.
Northern News. '
' Wo continue our excerpts Irorn
Northern' papers. The Nashville J)is
icttch, from which wo extracted largely
n our last, also mentions thai tho
Chicago Board of Tradahayo e, elided
tho Chicago Times from it- reading
room, and also tho Commercial ro-por
tor for said pa,er. Tho Times is a
democratic paper and opposed to tho
Gon. T. T. Crittenden, who nir.en -
A.l i a CUn Ifnrwl sit M url rees!) ro.
on the 12th of July last year, has been
honorably acquitted by tin Vmrt of
Inquiry in tho afl'.iir.
A lit'f tho deceased Confederates
who were wounded in ih battle 61
Perry fillo and capture i by t!e enemy,
i pnbltshod in the Dispatch They
number 1 1'3, , of wbqir.. 33 are Tonnes
eoans.aniong thorn the lame i to J Oapt.
11. U. Cardcn, 17th Tonn., whose obit
nary Ave have alre.Vly published.
' An-advertisement headed " Govern-
'mor.t ...CUims"' appears, in wliich
Messrs. McOlaih K Winham jiroposo to
collect Claims against yuvcnuui-iit
f the Unitod Statci entrusted t ) their
'care.' A'niong their references we notice
,lhe. name9 of lion. Jorttan Moices, or
Wilson "county; Col. Wm. li, Stokes, of
Dekalb; Kobt. Cain. and Geo.. J. Stub
blufield. of Warronj' E. L. Jordan and
Wtn. K. Tally, of Rutherford; Win. P.
'r ft. i r. 1
.yimpbell, of Williamson; Donj. ilarlan
und Jio. A. Campbell, of Maury; W m:l
H.rWisoner, of IJciltoril; AOncr ftteci,
Marion; and Hon. Eobt. J, Mc Ainney,
TT1'' Tt.'. last nit marl if u-n mitt.
Uili.UU. a i.u iow
take not, is holding an offico under the
Confederate Government, and thereby
htings'a' tale: His name is certainly
mixed tip with very black shcop.
We now leave the Dispatch and notice
the Cincinnati Enquirer. This journal j democrats, and they felt themselves on
U? bold in' its denunciation of Lincoln j titled to tho organisation by even-
and the administration. All its corres
pondents Write in a similar strain. One
"from' '".camp' near Lebanon, Ky.,"
talkf ip tljo most -withering terms ot
il. - vf finrrnminl mill
the despotism tf the Government, and
' ' thougti hoeulistod in the outset under j ho said :
-tho stars and stripes, says ho has been) I protest against him as being a trai
xieceived inUe object of tho war-that j -r to bis party, a reuega lo t. pnnci
n . ! ". . , ., . : pie, one who camo hero with the words
, xtk carried , on for the suppression of jt0 let- ,.lbo,0(1 cn his ,0!.y!l(5!l ,. j ,,,.
"the Constitutional r.ights of the citizens, i tcst against him as one who has be tray -the
entire extermination of the white ed his trust, deceived those who sunt
' iace and I the' elevation of tho negroes,
In -' hUr and hnnnlor
w 1U( - 7 1 I
.ogdjOotltaa tho wtute slaves 01 tao
4 North. , He CaIIs upon Kentucky, to
' VisVaiid rend asunder the chains which
'lave' boon, rivitod noon her by Kin
; rlvitod npon her by King
iii' votaries. Says tk.it the
. Iii
itcls Government has dugra I-
: jibe and. his
United Btatcls Government ha
ed itself foirevef. and brought mto.rvj tt- deln-wm vit an 1 m i victim of corrup-iti6B-
ajliitar despoiism unproco- ting and base influences. Behold in
dented m tho unnals-of suvag.? warfare,
We ,vill, perhaps, publish tho entire
eommunioalkru in to-morrow's Bullet;i,
i t i' i
Another correspondence from rrank -
fhrt KV ,nMi.. (l, r i
lent, J) ., upeaUof the h, mucky Leg -
islature, and uses the following Ian -
guage :
The people- of Kentucky, I am eon
lident, aro almost u nrt n i mans in their
condemnation of Lincoln's proclama
tion, and this Legislature will retlect
their opinions. SnitaMe resi.tmns will,
indue time, he passe I, wai nii.g .Mr.
Lincoln to pause in his .aau career, and
asserting again in jJ-tb-Uuuco, ;u their
patriotic forefather :' Virginia and
Kentucky J : I in ITiL'i, : In- irrcat doc-
trmo oi .tlio rights .
of the people, and d
warrantable and inv
iwtl IV
ill..'- tin-
io i,:l en i
( iovcrn I
eroachuiunts by
To cour.toract
the ;
foolinh and wicked :i!nl i 1 1-:! p.- i s o!
Congress and the' iVciir it, y.i d he
tho aim ot every wcil wNhcr-ot lb"
Union anil its cause, of every love;- o.
his country and its-i,;-,' i'.u'i'iiis.
A correspondent IV.ru Wv York
writes as follows of ih: i re
light :
I hasten to give y : i a !"
fi'liiih'n news in relation i
v li.ern., o
,e de:
it ot
the s;r:nd
11 :i
i r:i -rjo at
Fivderiekburg. I'lc;
1 f" a" 0 -ig-'r.i ' i -
1 many I It'll- !
c!i; i-ael Ii il I I
s;i ;-:s i.iorti- j
i " i I !.;'!:. ;!
i :. -.'- -.'. t ft t j
li.tvu a etier iiuia t
inic, and vu cm vo.it
it r mes from i.r. .-.' t .
' .:v Arm; r , ,r,..
b.ttt't: L' s'av tie.- .
Army in killed an I w
tiivii';i fir-.: I thrt'j ll,'. ;
I'l.-'f (It ri'.iSMH' ;
t V: ,t I t'lUX'i I,! .
A deinoe;Mi.ie m" .
of tho New Yo: k J,.-:
the llepahlieai.s a- j .:
F e !
. .1 1 1
iii ;
i it
'. e.ui
to cri
j .Says he Fi and is a i
1 'hat
In the
:i Luis
j j)art v j, );lso 0il ,,.
j tJ-cn-- n nJ madn-s-.
j uaiM0 0f my country 1
I mc
('orrupiiou. liuiy the w'jote. p:.i!.mx
0f Uno lu's pimus. i et Ha scorn
j upon his foiU, his chains, and I
hero to I'isle:. my hand i i the throat
ot In.s liilanio is u suroa: i 1 1 -.. . J
he I
s;ieake: was eut!i:tsi.i-,tie.tl!
c!i cored
from tho gallery and th
Jlotise. A scene of tlse
iloor- of tho
I' ie-u oorii.i
f ,0I1 existed, consepie.i
; m tlio at-
tempt on tho part of t
; ti) make a .Mr. Uuliicott (peaker. Cal -
j Im, sold himself to the Ah diti jn party,
I 1 il... ff..-., . .. ..I i I ..' i..
IIH.1 as LUC ixou-i- Mvm ot uu:iio.;i .,ls
und 01 aholit'ouists, his tivachery gave;
I,rt nhnlilmnkt.- nno ro.oorov Hot. 1 1,n
democrats would not allow him to Ik.
elected. The S'nlo had given 1U,0'J0
majority, ou tho popular vote, to the
handed justice. The action . of the
.democrats may have been .slightly in
temperate but was natural. Mr. Hughes
gave Callieott the severest scathiru' we
havt ever road. Pointing to Cailicott,
him here, has left his district unropro-
sonlC'J b' rCil30 ot' '' :lP l'- ll ls
rt If ni'A1'ltWlL t. ... . .....! I'm I I tt
. ft,r wh(J (Iiffo-r
from mo in princi-
; pie, loathe and frown with scorn on
j tho placid faced renegade who would
1 otVAy his trust. - ih.r. ho sits, with
! s tlu- 1111 mcs, wun
tranquihzin- but - cowardly s.,ri,iacy
playing over his attenuaLe'i cnee!, at
J,ric6 tllJ .u noilt ,,f his own self-
him the political Arnold of tho times !
i Ho has bartered away the rights of his
' constituon ts, committed political per.
jury, joined the enemies of his coun-
i. . , . ...
I t'Tf Constitution, and raised the stan-
, dard cf fanaticism, insanity and usur-
1 nation against her liberties. Choers
in the gallery.
We will continue tho news from
Northern papers to-morrow.
-- - i ' Tollahoma, Jan. 28, 1803.
rarewell to "Winchester. ! Gt neral Orders, No. 13.
I imit liid then farewell! sweet haven of rest! I. When an officer or soldier fails to
(Tlio' gi-iicnms friends still welcome me here,) rejoin his proper station at the cxpira
To v:ck other scenes, in memory Meet- tion of a leave, whcthci ordinary or on
To seek other friond.i, fond, loving aiilmr. sick certificate, he Avill bo rcportod as
Eaijcr hearts aro now waiting to greet me at absent without leave.
. li.nno, i Failing to join or -oxplain satisfao-
lm;,utieiitlvcon!itingtlielongclrnginghours; ! torily 1,13 bsonco for HOVen days, the
So l bid tl.ee farewell! turning from 'thee to . dct 'V ill bo proceeded against as a
r!Ull I desorter The officer Avill be liotified
lnth..f,irsunnv s.,uth-in thldn.l..f iweet i ?nd U'T immediately brought bb;
fl iHV s - i fore the " JJoard to Kelicve the Array of
,,. ' I I isqualifiod, Disabled and Incompetent
1 areweli ! ' . .... 1 ,, ... . ,,r
i Olhcers. Tho names will m all casoi
,, . . , ,. , , ,. i ba published in the-newspapers near
(,,.d bye ! my kind fnends, to each an n.heu, j tho rC(jklenC0 of the delinquent.
1 purl from you all with a pang t regret, I n parffl . l)8 on(J and Q Qf Gfln.
And fervently tha.u you with gratitude true i q,. , Adjutant and In
For the geaer.us kindness which I ne'er spCctor General's Offico, are republished
shall torget. j or in('ormatioQ of the Army:
May (led ever bless you and keep you tlirough u commissioned ofliccrs and en
lltl' 'listed men. who aro now absent fiom
tar from you ruda cares and
rough woe.
Voueh-iitiiig protection to your lioinej in this
From tlu hands of our cnu-l und dastardly
Farewell !
Wuchesteu, Feb. Cd,
Should you ask me wluuee tliis liipior
Wio ure this di-ar, delightful whisky,
I With the odor of the corn-plant.
With iti long-remomhi-red "go-down ;"
. And the pleasant consfimenee.
Afi.r drinking of the critter,
! With the jovial ruby color,
I (-.MiiHling us. of heavenly nectar)
i 1 should answer, I should tell you,
!-'roiu a land unto the westward
I From a State there called Kentucky
' From a county called Old Uourbon,
Where tiie green mint and the sugar,
I Mixed wich anti'juated "Uourbon,"
! (.'lever folks, and hospitable."
Old Abe's Last Joke.
' ('' -''1'll1's fl w'ondrous wag, but his lat joke
j I s, by all odds, the very best e'er spoke.
, sinct; to the slaves he can not reach nor see,
iu 'J'''y y
lie nolilv says, Consider ourselves free!"
While unto those beneath his very eyo
"Slaves you were born." savs he. "and slaves
1 yonildioi"
j Which shows. that Abraham has a most invin-
1 cible
, . , trt ,t,nf !,,., nll notVr.r.
it. k.
" n auerapi, ccruumy ran i m.i-
'Tis to put salt upon Jelfiiavis' tail.
The capture of four thousand prison
ers by Gen. Bragg places in our hands
probably a hundred and fifty officers:
including two or three Brigadiers.
These servants of abolitionism have
before them the comfortable prospect
of remaining in "durance vilo" till the
end of the war, as the proclamation of
President Davis declares that "No
commissioned officer of the United
States, tak"ii captive, shall be releas
ed on parole, before exchange, until
tho said Butler shall have met with
due pumVimentibr his criinea."
Siiinpl'astkrs. The following joke
is curnmt at Peoria: During the grand
jury's investigation of the shinpluster
nu;s nice, a day or two ago, a witness
was interrogated as to what he knew
in regard to these shinplasters, when
Im deliberately pulled from his pocket
a lot and exhibited thern as having
mien issued by one of the jury them
selves. fiST Yesterday was, , according tho
"oldest inhabitant," the coldest day f
tho season.
if I
tf 'W P I f fl I H D tl
j O f
kxhikssly roit the daily hvlleti
C&y- Ihero Ave
Ave re no
ceived at this offico last night.
1 Head Quaiteri, Army of Tenneste,
! their commands from any other cause
than" actu'il. disability, or duty under
orders from the Secretary of War or
from their Department Commanders,
will return to their commands without
" 2. Commissioned officers failing to
comply with tho provisions of the fore
going paragraph, within a rcasonablo
length of time, in no caBe to exceed
twenty days after the publication of
tli is order, shall be dropped from tho
rolls of tho Army in'disgrace, and their
names will bo furnished to the Cora
man hint of Conscripts for enrollment
in the ranks."
The Commanding General expects a
rigid and efficient execution Of this
order. Commanding officers will drop
from tho rolls of the Army the names
of all commissioned officers who have
failed to obey this order, and will ro
port them promptly to thwe- Head
(Quarters, to be forwarded to the War
Department und Superintendent of
By command of Go a. Bbao3.
A. A. Gonl.
Minnie, one day, talking to her littl
class in Sunday school about God's
great love to man, .nd wishing to
impress upon their minds, and to know
whether they understood her, she ask-.
ed : "Now, children, who loves all
men!"' The question was kardly ask
ed, before a little girl, not four years
old answerd quickly: "AU women." .
Gen. Van Doan. Tdiis gallant av
airy officer with a large number of his
invincible men has rtaehed Tullaho-
ma. He had a grand powwow with
all the other cavalry chiefs, and they
are all again in the saddle. "Look out.
tor the engine when the whistle blows.
AtChristianburg, Vs., on the 17th
ult,, two negroes, a man and girl,
were sold for the round sum of 95690.
The man brought $3,150. These are
the highest prices ever obtained in
this or any other country.
Beast Butler in his recent New
York speech and palaver said: Who
ever believes in God, must believe in
our ultimate victory." Whoever be
lieves there's a hell must believ it
was made for such men as Butler.
Yankee papers are getting to be
very popular, bocause they contain so
much good Southern news.
On Tuesday last snow fell in Wytho
villo, Virginia, to the depth of foerteep
1 inohes. '

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