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VOL. 1.
NO. 9
aIT!2,JLia I&Sa 22t5ff SPIES
Notice to Subscribers.
When you find before your numo on
your paper, plcnso renew your subscription,
as it is a notice that thu timo lor which it
has been pnij. will cpiro in a lew ilays.
" H'A very limited space in the Puily ttul
llin will be nllowed for advertisements.
Torms, $1 for each square, 1st insertion ; GUets
for each EubHequent insertion.
Articles of much lem'th. intended for nubli-
- - - - --- - . i
cation, mrst be. handed in in tho forenoon to
inure publication next day.
Obituaries, Tributes of Kespr-ct, and Funeral
Invitations cbargod as advertisements, but uiai
riages hnd deaths published as news
. Advertisements of charitable iiutitutions at
Lalf pries.
, j , !. i- . ". -...mi
ju;ir.i:;iN 11
-.:z-Z"jz tl.
23d tihi burnci tho bri j
M.iino. Shortly
:um i two more Ui'i!'.) wem
I au-.l destroyed on t!io morning of
The Ovoto was scon titer
: .-r the Bihamai w Lh tho British
Middle Tennessee.
Tho situation of tho Abolitionists in
Middle Tcunesseo is daily growing
more perilous. 1 Ins section oi the Con-
faderucv. it is knovu to our reauors.
was exhausted ol" its supplies by Brad's
army, and no w tint Roseoraus' commu
nication with Louisville is cut off, so
far as the railroad is concern, d there
remains no jingle chance for him to
supply bin arm v " except by means of
the Cumberland river and this, by no
means offers an encouraging proved
Sinc tho Cumberland has ri-ori, our
cavalry havo given their attention to
the business-of capturing their wooden
transports and .hurra-sing iron-e'al
gunboats, Tho idea of light drag 'mm?
taking their mailed gunb u into I' in J,
used to wear an aspect the luoieer-
ou ; but that is no longer the case
ft II in 1.''. U t .
Cur TflcraiJis. i '!
Whethor it id from neglect, or there; He-- living,
bo corruption somewhere, we don't.; G .d I ehso I in Now York on tho Ikkh
know, but sure wo arc that so far as ult. at 15s -
tho fulfillment of its contracts with the j -Gen. Sterling Price h is arrived here
Bulletin is concerned, the Associated j YJCivSIVURG, MISS., Feb. 2.
Pres3 is a cheat. Tl has nearly uhve;. 'Til0 Mobile Evening Xows has a di;
happened that when a batch of ui.in-j .. i!a!oj VicksbtiV- Feb. 2, which
tcreating stuff is on hand wo get full 1 s. vs: ; ( !!0 0f the enemy's iron cdad.
reports, but the taoment tho tele -rams j f,,,",,. p.q j passin g oar batteries at
aro interesting, ar. i l )ok tike the (ih
pro quo for what we pay, that nio.v.ont
we tail to got any dbpalehcs at ail, r
if tiny, only a part. We hope this wiil
meet the eye of some one at vho.v.j
door tho injustice ivU Pay the b-a-t, uf
it) lies. I'iioi'
mniMoxb, i- 'j,.
Keliablo inteIiiu"Mi',i from S'liVul-i,
says Corcoran cvirn i'! b1 1 t!ie Vat ;.i;ee'
in the recent '. 'I'hey admit, a 1 ss
of five hundred. i ! i.nd wv.-u:idd.
(Jen. (Jribbs v;as rn ;;:v w-iundc!.
six c '(!;(.;: this morni::Lr, under heavy
i lir . Sm was prote -:j ! by a heavy
arm r cotton bale -, and attempted
to ..iii'i t'.io .-itoamor VicUsburg, bat was
dra.vn oil' by oar batteries. Soveral
sh'.its L file elToct on but the result
cannot !: ascortaiae 1. Sho now lies
b.'l ' .v the mouth of the canal.
'i'lio boat which ran past our battj.
i this nvirning i) said to be tho (aeen
d' 'ho West Bam. S'.:o attempted to
The Philadelp;
w:ts snpnr
turo ofni: transport st.e.4.r.cr a
All tho homititN in ;''i':'oll:
v.Ti:,h the wotin lc !.
1,. 'i.l;0,
t'I-u,. Sc
pib!i.hiug a long cdllorial
Pavis' message as tr.itbf d ;
in contrast with l,;n"l:V
In his speech i t
N apo'eon t,.ii 1 : i'ho c
! oa
C;:-pi 1
. o:irm
...': f..
I n .'- c
I si n
! 'L'i
1 1 ,.
veritable gunboat at Jlaipeth Sho'Js,
tho most fruit!'! ' t
Tim Ijoii iri "hi r
be scarcely d-jtjht--:
Cmnire wold In ;1 ;c ; l-i
that the cm olovi!!i"!t of on.' cavalry on j., Amori''.!i ha! n: -
tho banks of the Ou-nhorhmd i a pay
ing busincvi. Happily tor us this
rive:' is lino i wiui iiigh b!ad np.on
which onr men ::r i'airly .'"(. oi the
rang of th guns on their boats; and
being furnished with light artillery,
which can bo move! with ftcibty ffm
one point to another, their woo Ion
titoamers are completely at o if mercy.
It is only ehot-prool gunboats tlmt. c.i.i
run this gauntlet, ami tluy -of eour.-c
cannot carry sappuci t.i .- enemy
Selma llqiorter.
I I' ll Ol I:
; if th w
of -y.i.-
steamer Vic'csbnrg, striking
: -uvily on tliO larb '.a'd side witti
da'., i age.
;e:ters from tiio lilst Wiscon
icnt arrived bote lal, evening.
state that great dissatisfaction
tho lankco army, iiioy eon
arrival of (.Jen. Grant's army,
llii- cil'eetual for x fifi.y or sixty
I men on the penin-ulit. ( i rant
Ijs McCiernaii I .iml takes mi
the w'nolo
tioii being on tho amendment liiiiiting
the j urisuiction of the Court.
Tho Xe.,- York Herald of the 81st
has bocri received. The Washington
correspondent says: ' Littlo expres
sions in tho Senate debate on Thursdny
upon tho subjeet of emancipation in
.Missouri, betrayed something like des
pair as to tho result of tho war.
Greeley is playing a big gamo to bring
about recognition outside hia newspa
per." All hinds of mcrchandiso continue to
'advance- in .New York. Stocks ad
vanced three lo five per cent, on Fri
day. United States Sixes declined to
editor ot the Columbus Sun, in Bomo
remarks upon Mr. Yallandighaiu's lato
epeech in the Yankee Congress, Hays
tho speech has much of "Yankee ingo
unity" in it. It may bo that he is sup-posr-d
to bo a Yankee by many persons
' : tho South. Such, however is not tho
fact, lie was born in Maryland, and ij
of the best of tho old Maryland stock .
The pun.st Southern blood courses his
Yi-inV and thero is not a single Yankee
idea or instinct in him. Wo aro person-
Ai-.t'i i:
il til
ally acquainted with him, and havo tho
of himself and his ancestors
;is own lips, lie is a man of high
a : i -i l o
s w
an n -
Lno w;
will use evcrv ul
I ) a -:1 )se.
The Pa-is !loidte:ir suvs it can no
; xpeailioa.
l'i;-; :- !;.:;hi!;f;, Feb.
'o:-i: dates of tho .'loih, say tb-
tie.- c !itf)r ot the Philadelphia
cause i great c:;citem('i.t.
udiow, or' Philadelphia, mad"
,t the subiect ol a -;nec;a:
cl::. racier, pure morals, and is a giant
!e i, i eiieet, with a mind richly stored
with the treasures of history. As a pro
in 1 thinker and a etatcraan ho has
bat lew equals nnd no superior in
America, considering his ago, lor ho is
qui! e a young man. Atlanta Con.
Ilr.acl (iuaiters, Army of Tennessee,
', Tcm.AtioMA, Jan. 28, 1863.
Hern'- Or' Iris, No. IS.
l'. l. oe
SicKsess Scarlm. Ihvcr.s tissiirain
nhriostun epidemic form in this city,
and qniic a uuirii)er of persons luve
died of it.
Therp a now ahutP one hundred
cases of sin.'.!' pox in the city, besides
those fit the small pox hospital. Q-inr-nntine
is .ibandoncd, li-in g an inipes
sibility. Every body in town nnd
countrv, who is not well Vaccinated,
will have the Small pox. If is broke
lnntt. and wi I no.v snrea I useii
! . 1 .
13 fa real V aouuto J tnat m
wiil use. ovry ui:.im t l-ring the v;:-. '
to a close
Tha Paris Jfoni yir sr.- ',':i-"M i-: :
decided move..i:'ni in l'.vo- ot p.'.ie;
taking place in tho United oiatcs. Th-.
recall of B a tier is regarded with .satis
faction by a majority of too Kaglisl
journals. The Morning Post Vkv.- :iiiieolr.'.
vro'jlama'ioa tho dsjath warrant to th
United Stater,.
The Star says r, ri'v- 'ho dead,
knoll of biuvcry.
I. When an officer or soldier .fails to
I .... L . 1
rejoin Lis proper biaiion at me oxpira-
e to tho Grand Jury. U'o says : ,
ii,ne ha-, sirrived when we can no
v i.old oar peace when obligations i iq,,u of a leave, whothei ordinary or on
1 by o.iths of ollice compel us at .
I ; ::;ird to direct tho grand jury
;-.! :m int-.t and determine by whosfl
, aad by what persons this arrest
Leon made." In the Pennsylvania
. I . I 1 1. - A - 1
si' ceiaiti.'ate, no win do reporioa as
absent, without lenvo.
Failing to join or explain satisfac
torily his absence for seven days, tho
joldier will be proceeded against as a
deserter The ofheer will be notified
... I 1 , 1 1 A. .1
. . . . .... Mr..i..-.iihmiinTti tt linn ii r r r n..
"i.-laturi-. a resolution autlioriing : aim ms inimc nmm-iian- uiwim
, ,. , t ir i i lore ho " uoani to Welicve tho Army of
the Governor to go to Y ashmgton and - J , 1T , .
,b . ! Uisqualiiied. Disabled and Incompetent
demaMd the release of the editor, Was 0llil.01.s xl0 names will in all cases
red to the Committee n Folcr:tl : e j,ubli.Iiod in the newspapers ne-av
h:n Toe Common branch of tho ! est tho residenco of tho delinquent. '
ros. i Tl. Paragraphs one and two of (.ton-
eral Orders, lo. Wi, Adjutant and In-
i i .
ia Commercial adopted
speetor General's Ollice, are republished
loose, ana uui now nea. n...., Ootlori advanced a half to ono penny.
Nothing but vaccination will save, - of ;,,;,(
von. You had better not depend on x ,
dodging it, lor you cant-Atlanta and tho II,ra d ot tha,M have bee.
Tribusb ;' SrEctiiEvs. The New
York Tribune, of the lGih inst. , opens
its summary of news vvitu the foliovv
ing Jeff. Davis 'Message to his Con
',gress is printed in Fie. Richmond pa
pers, of yesterday, and an abstract
reaches us by telegraph. Its key
ote is the entire independence ol the
.so-called Confederacy, and upon that
stipulation only cas there be any at
; tp.mnt at neace. Ho has no idea of an
armistice or arrangement on any other
. jMroaTANT,iP True.- It was reported
: yesterday that Commissioners from In
diana.. Illinois and other Western
i ( jStates, arrived in Richmond the night
previous; for' the purpose of ncgotia
' fih'gwith the Confederate Government
Upon some method of bringing the war
to a close. When it is asccrtsined that
. Ithis extraordinary intelligence posses
pes'the merit of truth, the newspapers
will losn no time in communicating it
to th public-Kiohmond Whig.
i .i:ui.-!,- denouncing itits a nv.jt usiiti
1 f .
! :-tid uncotisttttitional measure. , , ,;mi lte ti10 ,rmv:
I Tito New York World says the coun-' li 1. All commissioned officers and on
! try is indignant and choked at tho ar-: H-tc-l men, who are now absent flora
I ' ? . , e ! their commands from any other causo
b.trary and fyramcal exercise oi pow-. th;m t!is:ibjlity 0 duty umbr
er. j.n iricims oi uie v onsiuauun ov.CVii ivom th0 Secretary ot ar, or
vl'l henceforth resist; all illegal en- from their Department Commanders,
ero u-hments on individual liberty and , wiil return to their commands without
(Veo discussion, with the firmness of ; doky. ,
' . i 2. Commissioned officers failing to
conscious strength, and tho vigor and . comply wilh lho provisions of the foro
detennination of men thoroughly in . going paragraph, within a reasonable
carneot. length of time, in no caso to oxceod
,, tm i i r. i twenty days after tho publication of
The Honda wis pursued after leav-. ,,. , . 1 , .
ing Mobile
Resolutions have been offered in the
New Jersey Lrjis'.ature, calling on th -Government
to restore McCiellan to
tho position of commauder-in ehi.jf,
Reports of a reverse t tho French
arms in Mexico from Havana. On the
18th ult., 800 Mexican cavulry surpris
ed a French force of -1000 near Kio Set o,
in tho darkno?.i of the night- Th
Fronch shot each other ia .Ihrcrimi'iatc-
rr,. I . . . : . ! .. , 1 00. I
v rnoir. io:iS is cm . c i au k-l-v. .j - . ., .,i.
ly. xnviiu. j -, , .i;c.,M,i fi,of ei. u n,-i tn in the ranks.
Gon. Ncgrosto with 10,00.) Mexicans j , iq,0 Commanding General expects a
mado a fortie on tho French from i ceas0 I"11'31111- . ri,q and efficient execution ot this
Puebla, and routed a division of Mod The World says tho exploits of tho Ol'.dor Commanding officers will drop
j Florida created great excitement in ' fro in t,ho rolls of tho Army tho names
stron2' . . . . ... ., I v,H- Vni'L- on Tupsdiiv. ! of all commissioned officors who havo
There is great excitement minna- , ( f .. , , opde- and wj P0.
i iio army ot tno rotomac is uiae- ' ; - - j n it.vi
, port them promptly to these Uead
t.vo-snow e.ght inches deep. . 1q11.u.1oi.Sj t0 'bo forwarded to tho War
Gov. Ilunlcy has resigned on aceonnt Depart meat and Superintendent . of
of the emancipation proclamation. Concripls.
i.ririi avn i,'.t. 1 Bv command of Gen. Braoq.
y tho Federal steamer )l3 of tho Am in (iiHraco and their
Cuyler. Mailil hauled to and gave hor 1 names will be furnished to the Com
a shot cutting away her foremast. Tho maudaut ol Conscripts for enrollment
dolphia over tho arrest of the editor of
the evening Journal. Judge Ludlow
directed tho grand jury to enquire by
whose order tho arrest wars made.
Tho Oveto sailed from iiavaiuon the
22d. and tho same day captured and
burned on the coast of Mantanzas, the
brig Windward, with a cargo ot Mohis-
1 Another day has boon occupied in !
tho Senate in tho discussion of the bill ,
to organize a Supreme ( -onrt, the ques-
A. A. Gul.

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