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Winchester daily bulletin. (Winchester, Tenn) 1863-1863, April 14, 1863, Image 2

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r 'i, .it' "i
. "'I
I ;
i 1
it. :- u
H 1 V
ill . . ! ! e
1 4 id'til !''i;tt immense, resource ot men and monev ; tror me I'aiiy iiuUetin.
Uv ImUcIJ ili.il itlU ! freely given by the people have bsen dlipated ! Dimmer.
' J v . without fa.voruble result. J The Southern people bnvo cause to beware.
' ' I -,i . . i ... . I n'l. . 'ii i ...
i J niruetn resolution says : Under Itioso cir-i i ne umu win come, vvneiioiir enemies wju piv
e'lmsnmce v deelurn fur i.e-ie, i Ci reat Hose Hence. Tlui i.i nur duioier '. Mime will
. . j - t , '
t Ii .. i Tl. t . u .) n. i . ........... .tl. ' tin .:.. !.,l t. .i.s 4. i ...n... mm t.n..u ,? ', . I. ... . I.
.v, t , 4 . ' itn i i 1 i;- i 1 II nuiluiiiTUiUIUU (Ulliie- i v. i. i n-uo i"i ik.iv.i7 vii tint i'.t mo, wiiuuiil,
l'rcdav Lioriiiiiff. April 13tli. ; ... ,,...:...,.....:..
ii' they couiil. Tim warhus jiroven to he uiisuc- ; jwiiIo who have so bruttilly nnJ lnliuinaiily
ovi.-ful, anl we titvor pence ami conciliation iu j dealt with in. J' nit id nrul deecit will he their
' thf only mode left to restore thu L'nien. j terms. -Many of our Southern citizens will
I lVrnundo Wood first .'poke. Ha said if j be betrayed by the word peuei Conditions
asked what a democratic successor ( Lincoln ; will be propped which cannot be accepted bv
' should do, he would answer, cease ho.-tiliiies ' the .South. All who sympathize with the
' and obtain conference ofliciallv or nnoH'n iallv
V i ti ii h o s r. f! v :
. t-.rc
:' ri
,.4, ,
ia:-;i t'
. J-'i
n al'icr
i . ..
shy :
kies !
jre not
'orth will (TV iieace. neace then will he our
. '..
ii j ,. . , . . ... , : uanirer. Are not some ot our lieopie wi nur
"""" '"" ' " tor peace so that thev mav uniu teed and lat-
ran never !. comiuerud, and this war can only ton on Yankee notions? 'Ve are not vet 1'iillv
end in the thorough exhalation of both acc- 1 prepared tor peace, vv bile so many de.ire ain j
at liie sMcntice oi independence. H e are tVu' .throw 1
i. ,, , . ... S''par;ition final and tor all time, from a poo-1
1 a-en,er.s from Mcmplu, arrived at ( a.ro ' w)li) our throats to make us t
on the 7th. Thev reuort t w irooortant e.viw- I lovo I hum llmi-'irn dt' thntu Iivhiiwiw .,,.,ll. ll-ETWKPV U A wf 'ij .r .
...... . e ....:.u . . . . l.' i,,ii,..l,. ,....j Tl,..i.. .,. i ; I . !...... m. .,n,l.. a . -n i. Ai
can get. and will pay the hi;
tor t iun. lift every one why tvm.
ik wnat lie or sne may have. f,t
ei raso . v can et no puivr i,
lowing letter, which explai'j.j1
i'.o.VEKK J'ArR "
Aiiiess. April! (
. d. Sl.A-m:u. Eni-.-Petr&r.i
the th ult. 13 at bund, euclosiui, '
are m-ai'lv out, of r a ':;. and t i, a
cash orders. It you cun .s,.n,. u,0(ld ';
delivered at Athens free of chaiv ',
chaii-e one pound paper f,,v 1
liespectt'ully, ALI'ON (JH .SK
. Send to the Ilulletin all the
... i.e...... U'IIH.1 u .... ...
who will take the trouble to ret us .
lot. Five cents per pound irivYn tl
it. Uin,.t,.. l... "
Their obiect is. and
vviH4hc, to betray us by the words of peace.
Jit ANTl-ri'lUTAN.
,,. .. .'!
I.eM'd II.
; :.- in ,'i i
!'.Ii!'-!lt -;
i.iil-t h.i
p: i n ' :,i
"lil.ht ;
I'llMhi riv.
ivurl: I,,.
1 1
a'" o! hi
1 1 1 i 1 1 1 !-.
;' '.!tv.
!l hi'avv
. full pa
ibn ti
Cob. u-1
.-d by
c- n;'1'
i r-i:t
'ditions, the objects of which are not made murderers of our peoph
. i . i.i .. i...
plt Ilr.
I he Herald's Wri.-hiniiton ei,i resindent o
ti.e 7th y that the l'reiid-nt, ami the party ; ,
1 who ai eompanied him to the annv of the l'o- : V7 , "
..,,. :, ,,,, . , O.N TI riSDAY USth OT Al'IlIL flnsl.'i
'mac, will return 1 uesdav or .... nesdav. . ,i . . n .. i i . i i
at the residence ot alien Johnston, deceased,
! I he municipal elections in .Maine, and Co- : will be ortered at public sale for ca.-h, or on a
I'.imbu-, Ohio, wiit favorably lor the liepuh. ' cr-dit, of twelve months if the purchaser
Ill t
:!.-: :il
pr.-! ran, in
ih- int.
d t.
I on h'h ,, ti:;at !t.
! . I :.' :;n
;1 i;vii!e
. i. ;a:il e
-f rl',- l.e
iwiie : i .ii
it M
vv .
n. ' ;"it".i
: , .- i 1 1 1 i'j
and done
We c:,-i
III i.'.-m-m the
it battle.
illiOt ill I'
t.Uio.i";;l rail
I'.ou t : ai li.
iliii seit' ;J;.
i road. ;,,
other ,!i v,l-
, t
wi-lies. feveeiit all sums of SKI or less whirli
i i; . , I, . , .. , , , ,, will tieca.sli all f le horses, catt e, liie's, tarui-
A special dispatch to the Philade pi ia I rci. i , m i , i , . i '
' ' ' ' in utensils, household aiud kitchen furniture.
.""in beading. 1'a., speaks of the arrival of a 1 Ac , belonging to the estate of said Alb-n
ir.'c mob of the K r.ii'hu dt' the (lnlileii ("r. ' .lohrnl"Il. deceased. Those litirchasinf on n
censpirators again.-t ' icuu hiu.m tm; n.ne wnu ajipnueu .eeuruy.
i ... i:. . i,:.e i: ' r. r.. rui;r.Aia.N,
... ...... . i. ,,e in. i liicuil le- ( 1 lie oiuuiarv
ill that town to rescu
,-g i i..r .ioepiune .Joimston, .Ad uanistrafnx.
fiprl t did
This morn-1 1 ''at ion "upon the estate of Allen .lohnston,
laifl ot i' riinkiin coiitii v, lenue-see, iiave been
granted to the subscriber, all persons indebted
to the said estate are iyi nested to make inune-
e ha viug elairu.s or 'ie
, will make known the
aine without delay to
1-. h. MHtMA.N, Au-t f,,r J..-epliir,e
apr.14 did
ituothe harbor, was chased bv Ax blockades 1
and shot at, and received sevJr.l Mmts through ! , LK THE Sl.'hSCUl HKU one
i Sorrel horse, about litteeii hands hu'-h, heavy
tier tuitl. ( niitain It luck. ISndiri.T it imnncJ. i.. .!... ii i. ..i. .. r ..
i o r I none, mi- fitr.i i.iii. ooin ,o,e jeei wan
Lie to 0S(
chariifter are apj.reln.-ndvd.
Oold in New York, l'.'j.
I)urii)g yesterday all w as quiet
it;g the entire iron-clad fleet departed, throe
oine; north and four Smith. The Ironsides
wa-1 t, nved over the bar. The impression ; diate payment, and t In
urevails. however, that thev will return soon ! "utnds against the sam
to renew the attack.
i . . . i . . . ....
i.asi nignt me Earner Stonewall Jackson, Johnston, Administratrix,
.rmerlv Penoard. utiil.i ni'..m,.t!,i. n i . . .
1 and burnt
ape, ran the steamer on the beach i and a bla.e in the face. Stolen from the resi
t her. The crew and ims-nn-er-i took i llw"''' r (;- V'- Kitc hens, on Kik river,. 12
1 "' I mil..! .......1 .-.1 W;....l.... i i. . r. .
.t:iii-.. i
the .',-
-te t:
I'l I
!!Ue;i- '.III,
la., th-
a !
I - a. I
' 111, 1
A cut ;:
ci't-- t!'a! l',e dev
nil-; ..I' " I.il-i'i ,'
copper ceni... Say
the si -lift that the
Hack k ,
I'Cj.t (,'le ill
.nir.wi that
! to boats and have reached here in safety, V
ittle saved except the mail and passenger-.'
it in
...!.... . 'CI. . ....... 1 . . .i
I -ii.-. I-. i hi. steamer nijrnT lo Ilie water Settee
in sight of the Yankees. Her cargo cnnsist.-d
of several pieces of field artillery, two hundred
of .-a
Itpetre, furty thoiisHiul army ahoe,
a :i
I a large assortment ()f iiierchaielise.
! Coll.-.t
ia' p.: !
The M,
'a. I, l
w rd.
ce i f I.i- " 1
a- i: lip :ir
the ader:i.
tVi-nds of t-
u t.
i .FA(TvON lnth
! i-'ifty-thre" transports and three iron-eimk 't'
haded with Yankees, have gone up C,.( j
ter. The Yankees have abandoned ami J,.ri-
tii.v. I ihe iimiith of the Amite- '
I rnih-s west ot Winclie-ter. "nii' in the din e-
j tioii of Shelby v ille. Was taken on the I Ub
inst- SA.M'L A. KITCUK.NS.
j ajii'.l f -dlw
! Sri'KlUSTKNIil-MsOlUCK. N . A C. 11. U.
! C'liattanooga. March l',, m'.::.
i borers. Liberal wage- will be -mid
K. w. coi.i;
lahoma, on Sunday, April nth, 1H3, on(tti
Hold Cross- The tinder will be liberSr?
warded by delivering them at Adam Hancock',"
or at Mr. Vi.,sh,vC, ew3 Depot, Tullah,,"
apr i.
notice" """
S. A. HANDLY. AYinchester, Tenn r,(
JAMKS .1. IMtYOU Atlanta,
tlion.cd to receive and receipt f.,r (,H Pajm
due Ir by .Morgfin Co., Nashville, Term
All persons indebted to stud "linn will t,iejJ.
call and .settle their indrbtedness.
marl't tf IKCY MOKGAX & CO.
A SMALL IJ A Y MARK, suppcl t u
and La
, Apph
: V,'
i " II loll '
M. iiij.hi.s lines closed for si.vt v d.tv
, ile-r cotton i. r contrn bands admitted.
VIC KSlM.ri:(J in,),,
i -Nothing i.ew here. Two iidditiona! tran;
. port.-, went up to-day loaded with troops. -
mar'J'e, m.
T()hac(!( Si )!.
.M. (1. OSUOILVK has constantly ,,
i..'!il a i
I extra assortment of tobacco of different grades I
verv tine cigars, i.ines. A-,-, to which 'he in- i
I ites the attention of the public Store at tin
I old stand of Noah Crane, Winchester,
i mar-ii dim.
Vfirj ,,l li.u .i... ...i . .
..ic .yui Ut.lt ill L W ft t,l.t i
aboi, t La bands high. The owner is rpqm'sM
to call t Addison Temple's, Franklin comity
prove the property, pay expenses, and tub i'
p-lw 11. L. UYIiUM. '
In the house tWinerly occupied by Wiley S.
Lmbry & Co.
The undersigned have just opened and on
hand a tine assortment, of Ooods, atnuig whiclj
may be named the following:
Hoes, Stock Locks, l'adloeks, Buggv "Whit
Fishing Tackle. f
;no c:a:u:s.
Coilcc, Sugars. Lice, So,),,, I:!,,c!i P,Tp,.r
Tehaeco. all kinds ,f fine Ci.'ai's (..,,,11,.,'
CUKCs, i,e.
i) i: v g o b a ,
fresS (joins. Calicoes, lie Ln ines, Truvi lit,
Coi.i!-. Linen HdktX. Silk lldkts.. bhek Silk
Ti. -. JLtlf Hose, 1, ;M,d J.aii,..,' dauntl,,'..,
line Sewing Thread. Sevvii'.g Silks. ll kdnb
and color.. : S. vsiiig '1 vvi.-t. II. ...p Skirt.-, Hat-,
llj.s, SilO-s.
Oray Cl-tlw, nild a variety ot ether article-,
all on small advance 1m- cii-'h.
Oic ih a call.
"I'1 lll'SSKV ,V KlK.iHKS.
bile Ad vei !,-ci' and
will reijinre at least ;;,iH'i,(ii.i
!,el f.ul !(. i lire bacin for ol
pie. and not ! than J ,gu.i,
.". nMitiipli-.il t',11 tin,! time. J
that fie: lici'ioiioli :fj i j,r.- :
iiiea.-iii-e. f , i gi
I 'i-ir hand.; V
will charge a
of bed year.
e'Vi.-t r .-'av--' it
a-h.-l, of Milt '
' . n!.jn r.- a ml
-ill !-..- nei'al 1
i; i.wt ob; ions !
a'r-ady taking '
the ..-alt in th.. ram,-- Po ,
Wii-ii thev have got ir tn-v 1
igg'-r price for n than that of
, 'tilers preparing to g.
I he enemy at Ulack liaymi arc return ng
I State of Tennessee, Franklin Co. !
nine miles of the Si
'ii-yton Hati
W. Hatchet
Ii ,1
and others vs.
find others.
towards the river, laving waste the whole of! T" "'"'dicmo to adc-reeof tie-Count y Court
tl,,', ,.,,. trv ' " I"1' l'ril"1,lin county. Tennessee, pronounced f
-',''.. ,, I April session, si;:;, I Acill sell for ca-h at
1 He (.renada river patro have seen gunboat.- the Court House door, in Winchester. TVniies-
convoying live transports of eavalrv un theisee. ON TILL V I KST MONDAY IN MAY
M .Ss'i.-.-ii.ni Also l'.i trntKr...pt-i ..f inf.mtt.,
. , - s- ...in , ,
.y-if ia r : n w.ry-i mm-at, h t.
nr. l .'III freight boats loaded
Ltiemy reinforcing all depots on the Mem
phis and Charleston rail road.
W agon train and tents went cat of Mem
A special to the Appeal, dated at S-natobia
,.... '! I I.. .... . .. . .! 1.1 I . 1
.-.I... in.,,,-, inn, i gunooais nave gone up
. i'.. i , i:ie loUowing Slaves: Jwzn
years-, and two children, ar'-d o mul
aged ''")
i Veal-S.
.. , i. ' , , ...
S aim ivacliel, ageii in vears. 1 lie bidding., to
commence at.SoiK) for Lizzie and two children,
j -j'.iiMi for ibielieil.
! JOHN (i. KNDClfS,
np'.t-td Clerk.
STOLI-'N from theua-ture of (in-en lir.-.y.el-
from Mernpbi.s to operate in the Cumberland ! ,,n' '"'I- firce. miles west of Winchester, ori
! Heavy s!,ipmenis on the M. & C. bail Load! j VioPUk 1? i -17
'!1. IT lni" TIl' tirpiriv'. "M'"B,"S S"M,P'". norm, r-uuers . om. s1Mecn JiaiuH high, paces and foxtrots
u iiljAl JvLJlUUIl.V I l; M vA'jL I Mr emg their WMgoini. A grand strategic move ! '''H. has rather art old looking h.-ad. with a
... .. .. ...... ... . . .. : blelllLh i n h i. ri irlif i,i .. iti..l. Ar.. rf ..ir....i
I ' II l 'I ', , ' . fc. ., . . . . , i ,,i, it ,i,,s ij.'i 111' ,
I ,fA,,v ,,,, j the fight, 1 will give the above reward to
.MUMll.h Iltll. Unvr,i.-,mili,a,,ill.l..i;m.,. tl. u,..,
, , , , . I ,.,. ..in ,i. iim.i in,- iiui-r n;;
An officer from a Jtritish ship which wii oil": in Winchester, or give me such information
Resolutions for Peace.
GiUl 198 1-4
! the bar la-t night, reports the capture of the :l- ""''le me to get him,
I city uf Mexico by the French.
Ij attest!
:rM hT'r: ,t0 lhn a' ; State of Tennessee." Fmnlclf;".
,,i mil i.l,i t. eu . ' . and N . K. Martin, Adin rs, vs. The
, ' " "'"-i'P"'S it, v.ms heirs of N. K. Martin, Sr.. dee d
hist suuinier. , t.. -i: ... - .,
oiieuu-iice.io a decree ot tne t ounty Court
I of Uranklin county, Tennessee, pronoiineed at
jits April session, 'l will offer for sale at the
Court, House door, in the towrwof Winchester,
News of a partial victory over the abolition-, , 'V llw'1 LNlJAV LN' MAY. for
:. . . , . , cash, the Houses and Lot situated on- the west
.sU. -ear as a, ngt.n reached us to-day. COrner of the public square, i bv W
It Hppears that the lankoes, under Foster, j pleton & Turman, and W. j. Skitter a'ml oth
marched to the relief of Washington now in-1 Prs' '' biddings tn commence at !?2.'ni.
.st,"it to- our tp.i.lt.c n ,! .10H.N (!. KNOCIIS.
N-Iioaitormevpringaniona,-', "(T; ., ; . J " 1 T . I ' ' Clerk.
i"V tut),-. firnin;vt,..,,; "' 'r iMona 8 I reek, bv
, . . ""'u,ml' Ctiierall'ettigrew. .Notes
IMf'HMOND, April Ll
U h: ' I' a nin-iii.-.v,, ,. ... ii... ii.i.
- ii . - - i , ,ii i , 1 1
;' ' u':''' ' 'i;ig of the Denioeraey of
w YofK was held at Cooper's lr-stittife, on
!i;h Ad"pf
n ,- I
i rifed t!:e i.-!ie.i,:.trMion hostile to the i
toratien id' the Cnioii. ."ubvorsive of th:
sa on our eide,
i "
. iiia
i'V ,
l&T Tho Richmond ranoi," bnv. , '7U! AKAXSA.S
i ,,,,K,olVll , , , ' , 4 1 i ji.v.ti'.s, h i ii in a lew- nours rule ot .uemphis,
" lepie. 1(.(.n C'Oliipellod tO aiivanco their prices can bw bought very low for otitVderate Xot,
"r""V, ,,.:",,Kr,r r l'iuirer andExarainerhuvc ono'wgnk ""
:, ii, t to cm rv principle ot ni.'-t ice and ca - 1 tu,JU i
.rinciple ot ju.'-tice and cal
ed t.-i -trf :ig:i,e-i the Southern States, and
oinently orfabli.-h the ki called Confeder
ate d.dare that, the war as coinlm.fed
p. tlie
een a
np to $1G for twelve months, and 88
lor six mouths. Theso rates are high,
hut do not begin to correspond with
tho advance- in every tiling else.
1,000 (iAI.LONS jii-r recHivcil and for
Agt. for A. K.C..
mhJT-Sw" M,,ch(stcr, T.'nn,
N TliK i;TH UAY np may. 1 )?,. nt
Cowan, in Franklin coutttv, Tennessee. I will
--ll the equity , ,.;,,,, '' ,v,eriii.t ion which
t til' N-VVallCe . lliillir '. ,tri i .,, ri . !, I., llw. fir. I
V.'.VOee Mii.lrnr f i m I ', Tl i
l.a'.i lo.ad, wbieb ext-nds from m ar ihe Tim
md. ia l'rankliu county, to the 1li-.,t Coal Iin'ik,
a distance of nine miles.
This side j.. mad,, under a decree of the C'lian
cery Court at inchest, ,r, made at its Fehni
ary term. lSi;:, i the case of 15. V. .M-lh-ler
and John V. Could turn i n-t tin- S.-Manee Min
ing Company, Thomas Kichanbon and .b.lin
(.rviji-r. J h.. said nine rnih-s of road lia v ing
been heretofore .-old by decree of .-:,id Court in
favor of the sume parties. The sale will be
made for cash.
!'I'--td C. and M.
ON THI-: 'iTH OI-' MAY. W- at the So
wanee Cold luniks, in .Marion county, J will,
sell for cash to ihe bjghest bidder, , lie e.uitv
or right of redeinptfon of the Sewnnee .Minim,' '
Company in and to the (.:,.,., 1 Hanks, Ileal Y.i
tate and Kail Load, extending from tlie lirst
Coal Ibmks to the mines, being iX distance of
ajiout twelve miles, s.id equity of redemp
tior, is in what is known a- the Wooton land-,
heretofore sold in the ease id' 1'. F. Metieliee
and John V. Gould vs. the S. wanee Mining
Company, including th.e Coal Lank, being
some .Mm aers more f,r 1.. ;,, ul..,-, the equity
of redemption in the Hail Kond af,.rc.niil, s 'l-i
in the same es
This sale is ,n;,de under a decree of the
Chancery Court at Winchester, at its Febru
ary term, IK:;, jt, n,,. rHSt, ,,f .shvilie
and Chattanooga i;;i c,,m;.a;iy aai""'
the Sewanee Mining Company, Thos.'r.ichard
son and .John Cryder.-
If this sale do'es ju-,t pay the debt about
$1o,ui!ii I will, on the next day (the Cth of
.Mav), at Cowan, in Franklin cuntv, sell all
the interest -which the said Sewanee Mining
Company has in and to three ti ve-thou-aiid
acre tract of land in Franklin eoutitr, entered
in the name of M. l'ort,r. T. S. Li'gim mi
"Walhs Lstell, ilnd eiinveyed to said Sewiime
MiningCompany, and' which land lies in
Franklin and.Grundv cinmtics, on top of Cum
berland .Motiutain, "being entries No. l',-,;
l'.'-T and u'Hi'.l in the. otlire of the entry taker
of Franklin coutitv.
!1I'--d C. and M-
Splendid Ciicwing Tobacco.
ION'S Stwre in Winchester.
Nov. L'fi tf.
v: ' y 'A-

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