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- .I- ' 1-" . -Trimmm Mauj
'1J.'J.I... I I Jl;
VOL. 1.
AO. 181
SltC ihltlU ItllpfiH I by l bitterest enemes as a gallant
VUV gIUtrUUiad consistent Democrat, who has
V. J. 8LATTEH, Proprietor.
Terras :
1.56permo:ith, m.
Notice to Subscribers.
Wsp.x you lind X before your name on
your paper, please renew your subscription,
us it u a notice that tho tinie for which it
has been pa ill will expire in u few ..ay:',.
Articles of much' length. in'ended f-jr pubii
cation, must be handed in in the forenoon to
insure publication nextdny.
IlatcH oV -(tlvorti.Miu,f.
this month, tho tejin! of casual udwrtising in
the Daily liullctin, will be as follows:
First Week J 1.00 a square each insertion
Sec-owl Week",'t cents square eaih inser
tion. Third H'trft r0 cent a square each in;ertin.
Fourth Wfk '2.r cents, a square each inser
tion. X:eond Month -At the rati; of So por month.
T't . .1 .... j r . r j . . . . i a i .i
i(7vtati &icn uccecmny .uomi .-vi mo
rate of $4 per square a month
Advertisements inserted once, twice., nr thri-c
times a week, charged us new advertisements ; whether WO will give till up, ourselves,
...-..ill VrW. 1 1
our lives, our property, our personal
bravely dared every danger, in declar
ing his cpinions. Yet Mr. Vallandig
ham i- of no moment, personally, in
this controversy. Tho puinciple rises
abovo all personal considerations, and
no true patriot will consider, tor a mo
meut, who is the subject of such ar
bittury proceedings. Certainly, no
Democrat can hesitate to fly to the
rpscuo of tin; very fundamental prin
lort of Republican liberty. If free
.i trsiun, the atmosphere in which
they uve, is not to be allowed, then let
us indulge no longer in 'he mockery of
a b:i'!;t box. Mou of America 1 Dem
ocrats ! you must, vindicate these sacred
!.:...; ,m. if r.ce! be, with your heart's
buK'O, 0'. t..iK'. not the name of liberty
upon ;iir polluted bps. Don't hypo
critically pretend you are free if you
are not. The question for us seriously
to consider is, whether wo will pre
serve and defend the- Constitution and
liberties thereunto pertaining, as "we,
the people," have ' rdained them, or
eaeh time
J.") pe r cent will be added t the above rat-;
for Special Notieet:.
10 lines make one square. No advertise
ments less than 1 square. Advertisement:1 that
make over 10 lines ami under l-" lines counted
ni one-and-a-half squares. "Advertisements
that, make over l' lines and under "0 lines
c'iltitel as two square
rights and political opinions, &c, ic.f
into tho hands of a faction. If wo do
not arouse, silence will give consent,
and tho heel of tho despot, betoro we
know it, will grind into onr souls tho
iron of oppression, and instead of
It will be a favor if advertisers will i.lense bequeathing to onr emiurcn ino nooio
jnark on their advertisements the number of heritage of liberty we received intact
square they wi-h them to. occupy. from tho hands of our lathers, wo shall
Obituaries, lUjUVf Notice u,l O,,n,,.uni j lb a j y fl flesp0iism ixm
cations for individual lent'tn, will U. ehar-d , . . ,, ,
: woo, lei-H iuiemuiu ui.ui ucawi, umy
M .,...,.,,..-. , because, like us, they may bo too cow-
araiv to inc.
'M ctnts per line
From the New Yi.rk lV.ic.i.ji:i!i.
Arrest of Hon. C. L. VaUandip;.
Our readers will doubtless b as
toundod, if anything in tin-se -lays ;
'apabb any long'!' of prodnc'.r.g that
'ttV(.t, at tho aniiouncivmcr.t v?e r -i-onl
tliis week of tho arrest of tho brave
;ind gallant Va'.landigbain, of Ohio. -Tho'
redoubtabio Gen. Unrnside, dis
tinguished in the aunals of this bloody
r.,-The iR.ndon Times of May 2.
pr'akirig of tho situation in America.
oonelitdes with the lollowing :
Tin- AuierieHTiM have only to do what
ei", bodv has Vt do some time or
, '
'1 h,
'i' what, according to tho theolo
tin1 human race has to d try for
(uv.ottd best, v.-hen tiie first is gone.
: Vnited ;;'tatf;S know how much
war for the useless sacriii'v r.i sever
thousands of brahmen at Fredericks ;
burg, wa t he creature who was base I
enough to issue the order for Ins ar J
rest. At tho hour of troing to press
we have only the. brief particulars:
which " the Administration telegraph",
(,,n:;!:i",,l rav- up last, century, and how
I T L t T i - 'die h is rcidiy losl by it.
Franco is an latensivevprospcrous,
:!':: 'is ;inJ most formidable empire,
but she lias fallen in sevcra1 attempts
at universal empire, and now occupies
less territory than de did a thousand i
' ' ' TTiVH'U nrrn At 'll t.b bftiri II n i n If Of this
.: that he was arrested;-' f . . ftf Tt. hnUnt. fWl.
" - ' ... ... . ., (' 1, I V. i'ill." IIV.U UIV
byapossoof soldiers from ineinnaM, , not tho lianpier or
'that, they broke down u-o or f hree , f,nhnA noj. Ai)Htria for
doors of his bouse before thry suc-eed- j (k (. . KnRj.ind ,)as pe.
od in curing him. that , u smm as ;s flllltJ0il many congests when she
friends were aware of it tho fire Mis . of iMny, thotlli if iho
of Dayton were rung, and an attempt Xmcn,.(ns flrR tno high-minded to be
mado to rcscuo hiiu, which, however advNl,j hy perhaps they will take
we regret to say, did not succeeck and two'lVom oUP history, which
that bo was hurried away t-v rauroad. . t0 bo mnsl t0 tho poit when
a prisoners in the hands of the v.1'"-' ; it 5., thoil. hi.tol.y :iH well as ours., We
wretches who thus disgrace America bayo beon ;tc M d of tho United
and her free institutions. 1ms us tlc ; Stato3 ;ml havft found them quite as
brief story which relates how a bold )hov wai!ed t0 bo our own.
bravo and truthful man, wan would ' ,H p"omo t0 tn0 conclusion
not bow his neck to slavery, has lxM'n , ha(( lll(.v h.vj aright to he indepoa
seized, dragged from hi? ihome, and t vvus )(,st that they should
subjected to tho highest indignity that , 0. (,au wrt ,,s(.apft the inference
can be visited upon a freeman. . j tJnat tho pe,-jcr:l3 will one day. come to
We aro not awaro of any recent, 0 C0T,nusi0ll with regard to
causo for Mr. Vallandham s arrest. . Htat0d-
unless in a speech which ho was an- -
nouncod to deliver at Mt. err.on, )hio, , Uu.irM0N1)t May 18. The New
at which vlaco, it if paid, there were I fl(jrad of tj,0 2ith has boon re-
20,000 people present, he toi-k occasion (,civCjJ porter's ofSeial dispatch to
to hold up to deserved and eternal re Secretary of tbo Navy gives par
probations, the infamous Older of den. tjcuiars 0f tho capture of Harris' Bluff,
Bnrnsido, No. 88. This order we ;nvp &n the 18th ,vjtll tents, and
this week in onr news column, as we,i. ,
ofuinafo of all kinds, ammunition
;s several others 01 mo same tn; .-
and it is no wonder that tne sp.11. o
From Nassau. TEL K G 'I I. A 1 1 ill C.
The steamer Atlantic. Captain Thoa. , .. .
Lockwood, came into this port YOSt?i' v ".'lAl i lJ M? I's i j 1 .-4 jtr .v i ;n CS.
day, havinjf left iNassau on Friday; - ; -
evening last. " ' I ; The wire i- down bctv.-'--n r?ul-'t: and Atlai.-
eft'at Nassau the , steamers Cuias ta, and also b,,t 'n i.e-heri.-:! Tullah'.-ma.
and Bansheethe latter having just ; therefore n t, - lf-.r: a:r ! r Br;i.n;.v.
arrived from Wilmington, N C "V '
The Atlantic was fired at with much i"'" 'in- i.miujviIIp Jonrpai we
severity by the blockadera, but she bad oako the fulhnvin.- extract
yie gooa iortune to pasaiuem unuara- inr. ti'vr.vo ft:.ivo'--t
od. . - The gi atid army !' h"ov
The Yankee gunboat that captured organized nt, !:: tne i.'oi
tho Eagle was the Octorara. Van of passed b the las; ! o;
the crow of tho prire bad been sent bo in tin- ti.-id. Facb day
into Nassau. batch to th'- app-daf uii-i'ts, and quiota
The steamship Onon, Capt. P. N. tho ra:enous apjetites of hungry patri.
lionneau, arrived hereon I'naay night, ots with tho i.hiims am! cinolnments
is a J'rovost.
Jiiitcd states
. -li'.f ili.ii
iel, ; :a'.d reii
hiiigti'h c ,ri
eo M:a!. :,(.
Upp'dM t
!-MiV), ui i.'u
mo" rl?
.! .iKSUAIil
i"d 'i"n Act.
V, Will lUJOt,
a,!.'. ? a ivy,
having left in assau on Wednesday. or ouice. 1'iirt. ihrr-
She was fired at by the Yankees off Marshal Oeneval the
this harbor, but sustained no (iaiuago. The;), U ere i" -i .('i-ve.
The Orion is a beautiful vessel, and each (Jui.or; s-iorni .!,'.'
;l rsh
has every qualification necessary to bio info; :
make her a successful blockade runner, veys to i. : .
The British steamor Flora, which Provost M
had left Nassau, it was feared, has been deputies, r me
taken by a Yankeo gunboat, as she aries of no: mm
was cliased, and firing was heard in the each ; four s; e ; 'M . ::::.'
direction which sho went. Wc are and arrentinir sj : ;u, - - . : : i.
gratifiod, however, to report her safe from lf tj u.- . , ...
arrival at Wilmington, after passing pending oa their us'jru:-;:- ' .
through a heavy firo off that port.--- 'dlicers, at not over ;'. per oiem iu
Courier. ! time actually vmplovod ; and ..
. ; guards fnr deserters, at nut more than
From Vicksburg byway Of the H per diem, besides their actual ex
North. i penses. All t he.-e apoint.ineiit.s aro to
PF.TF.RSni:rm. Mav '.iS.-Tho ovonin b ' ,0 "", :MTvul of the
edition of the Pi.iltiniore Ame.ican of
t! e 20th, has been received.
Under date of Yieksburg, Friday
night 9 o'clock, May 2-d, 1SG3, an ord
nance) ofliccr writes as follows :
Our loss is not very heavy for the
position wo have gained. The robe's
make firm resistance, but I think we
shall have the place to-morrow."
We have completely encircled 1h"
tow-;, and to-night our men haw heir
(::! ' -.cited on the enemy's works
and .; tl tho exterior slope.
"The -!i;i and mortar boats are in
front, of Vieksburg working away.'
"Wo have captured thus far G.OOO
prisoners and Td pieces of artillery."
"(rrant is in good spirits."
"If we take V'ieksburg we Khali po-
Provot Marshal (.ieneral, who will tin-
qu- suioiably bo guided by the repre-se,-i:.-;
:ives in Cngress from the dis
trict. XewUsi: i,,n Iji.'aow.s. Wo h.-atn
that on Sunday, -'2d inst., the eiti
.ens of Selma were thrown into the
greatest excit'-men! by reason of a re
port, winch reached there in the aftor
r.oon, to t he o.. el 1 1 ; :i t a largo force of
Yankees were, perhaps evt n then, en
route, for the purpose of dostnving
tho goveriiiiicnt works, and laying
waste the privaie projierty of individu
als. A eons puny w as oo:i formed,
a'nd in a short time tho usually quiet
eity presented qiiitu a martial appear
During the. orga.nizuf.ion of the com.
cure to,uuo prisoners with remoerton . puny, the qtiesuon of arms, aminuni
i Co.- lion. itc. was boiii" d scusMed. when an
; - 7 - '
old gentleman, very much excited, and
toweriii ' a head and shoulders above
(.Signed) 8. C. Crutch field
Approved by .7. G. French.
the ciowu, e.T.elaii!!i
voice :
Ain't, theni no o.irnnn-i
on the Rappahannock with the Otb the-city?"
rennsyivaaia, in wnicn me uuter got V oice from th
A Brief but Expressive Letter from a
Yankee Girl. In a skirmish Saturday
tho worst of it and ran, ono of the thovareuot mounted
''napsacksot the lanuces was cap
tured, and in it a letter from " Martha,"
his sweothcart, who lives in Philadel
phia. We copy a portion of it, spelling
and all:
" John, if I cold sea you 1 think I
cold amnse you awhile. You spoke of
seaiturlots of fun runing tho Rebels
in a stentorian
(o defend
Yes, but
er;n '
hey mounted?"
wo have no
Old Geiit-'YY hy ain
Voice - ' 'b.-eau o-
Old Cent- -; Still b-ader and more ex
cited) Then where the devil aro all
the luijiies .'" Clti;ton
Vallandigham chafed uidor it, and
that. i... dfWl it then and there. a
( free American citizsn, be had the rig!,'
to exnross-his opinion of it, and -ho
could not find language in ta --nglsh
M.i,i..- inn novero to be- uttered
en- ugh to last for a long scigc. As the
gun carriages might again lau into iue
hands of the rebels, they were burned,
tho magizines blown up, and the works
"on crafty destroyed. Lieut. 'Walker
was sent up tho Yazoo with a sufficient
force to destroy all the rebel property
i- ;nnliwl!n ihn VjtV
in that ciirecuon, uu-u, -"-'y
against it. Let it bo understood now ( yard &t Yaz00 eitv. 0n tho 19th six
and -henceforth, that uemocraw w... mnrl,
speak, let the consequences bo what
!hSe never seen the people more
excited than over this arrest of Mr
Vallandigham. On all sides the , fcehi g
isdeepandpojyerfa!.- Mr. alland.g
' ham is loved by bis friends with rn
11m devrtion.and bo b rr-eptctrd oven
mortars were placed in position with
orders to firo on Vscusburg mgni anu
day, as they could.
BST-The New York Herald says
nothing but stupidity can prevent Jefl
Davis from being a prisoner in three
rr at'r.r and the rebellion fubdued-
BifrT A Cautain Dwight was killed
trom tno Jtappernanociv out i uon t ru.ar i3:iyou Constabluo, as is alleged
think it is much fun when half that by guerillas. On his death bcingknown,
went off in tho 93th is killed and near- p,;in;v-3 issued the following order:
ly all the rest wounded, l'ou said you! "Brigadier General Dwight will
did not get hurt in the Battle--you causo aii whito malo persons, to tho
bad better watch for the Rebeid will number of ono hundred, in tho vicinity
shoot you, they have killed lots of our - 0f tho murder to-day, to bo immediate
Friends that you use to know. I y arrested and sent under 'a strong
heard that they bad killed onkul guard to New Orleans, whoro they will
Joseph ana nearly all of his rogt. is be kept in close continement, till. i'urth
killed and wounded and missing. Tho ftr orders, aa hostages for the delivery
regiment will be rouined. John I hai?.t 0f tho murderers into the hands of the
got any fresh news to write, times aro military authorities of Iho l.'iutcd
dull heare and no fun for us girls at States.
all. 1 want you to como home and ;J i - .m . !;'. jj'.l"." i' ' vl
let the rebels alone for you can't whip, iAs: iAiitl IiAiK!
them no how and wc can live without j we wam as many itA'os as vi:
them. You will Stay theare until all t,Hn ,,ot, and will t.av th-.J hie!u- mro kot pri.-e
of yOU get killed 1 am afraid. , lor them. Let ewrv (,ne who reads thi-
i us what he. or Mir may have. Unlers w
Advice to Husbands.- Tho best way : gut nigs we urn g-t i,0 pap. r
to ascertain whether your wife is
iealous, is. to lace up another lady'8
shoe, and let her See yOU at ltl ii Jot. Five reriL; per pound given, if deliver,, i
that don't make her round shouldered ; in Winchester. apr-n.
n f
Send to the Bulletin all the ce-tton rag.- yen
can get. A libenl bonus will be p-wd any on,-
who will lake in,' trouble ! get us up a. large
notbingj.vill. Splendid CiicwiT Tobacco." '
a- The correspondent of tho New I TO HE had AT DANIKL nuv.U.
York Times writes, that tho new of , TON'S Btero in Winchester.
Hooker's retrogade made men silent jNov- '. .
and thoughtful beyond ny thingl havo ; OFFIC22VS PAY ACCOITN
ever seen in Washington. Richmond o.N HAND AND Jtv.K a t. U a t Til B
Sentinel. ai1 Bul,ct"ia ofllct.

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